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    @Janet Thank YOU, so cool to now some of his Essence Profile, I knew him in his early days, really a great guy. @Uma It is all in the conscious matrix, that Michael mentioned in Janet H post.
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    So then he didn't figure all this out himself, he just doesn't know it's Michael providing the info? How does this work? When great thinkers like Einstein contemplate and think about stuff, their ideas, which seem to them to be their own, are really coming from Michael or another Causal teacher or that realm of ideas that we all have access to?
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    Never heard of him, but when I saw the picture he seem familiar somehow.
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    From a POF on June 17, 2018: MEntity: WILLIAM = 6th Level Old Artisan-Cast Sage from Cadre 1, Entity 2. Yes, he is a long-time student, of course. Note: William Buhlman has written several books about what he has learned from his out-of-body experiences. He teaches workshops on methods of self-initiating OBEs.
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