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    This material was obtained by Geraldine on July 1, 2013. How many Harmonies does our Design have? Within the Design, how many Spheres have cycled off or nearly so? ... I've calculated that a Harmony is about 1.64 billion. [MEntity] Our Design is a full 7 Harmonies of over 12 billion Fragments. The cycling off process is not as orderly as the arrival process, so there are no complete Spheres cycled off, in terms of sequential or mathematical organization, but in terms of quantifying the number of cycled off, this would be approximately 6,000,000,000. Nearly all fragments who can incarnate have been incarnating. A Harmony, by the way, is approximately 1.8 billion fragments.
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    This material was obtained by Geraldine in a session on May 6, 2013. MEntity: Because the planet already has two established species of Sentience well into Soul Ages, Gorillas must contend with a vacuum-like effect that prompts acceleration. There is little room on the planet for Infant Soul lifetimes, and soon enough for even Baby Soul lifetimes, so they may be experienced within a drastically different context from what a struggling new Sentient species might do its own. The Design that is Human Sentience is actually fairly "late in the game," and has evolved extremely rapidly for the same reasons. The average Soul Age of the entire Universe is Mature. It has been moving through Infant, Baby, Young, and now into the very beginning Levels of Mature for nearly 14 billion years. This vacuum effect, if you will, could be most easily understood with a simplified scenario: Imagine the differences between a village that is populated entirely by children versus a village where there are adults in place when the children arrive.
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    This information was obtained by Geraldine in a private session on January 23, 2013. 1) One thing I'd like to pin down with a clarification would be "Is it standard for Essence to burn all ribbons of a Soul Age before moving onto the next Soul Age?" MEntity: In response to the first question: no. There is no standard. As Soul Age progresses, each Essence tends toward that as part of transition. This is, in part, because the Karma requires less and less strategic logistics and Agreements and conditions for burning. After the mid-Mature Soul Level, a great deal of Karma tends toward the Emotional and Intellectual, and thus can be burned either between Personalities in waking state, or Astrally. Though it is not a standard, many Essences do prefer to burn as many Ribbons remaining from the Young Soul Age as possible before entering the Mature Soul Age because those Ribbons from earlier tend to carry with them conditions that require more strategy, logistics, Agreements, and bodies for fulfillment.
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    [Excerpt from TT: 2007-04-04] FROM MICHAEL: The dynamic that we have always seen among our little groups of students has been a dynamic that is as ancient as your commitment as students. It is not amiss to state that your creation and resolution of these scenarios are, indeed, a PART of your commitment as students in terms of your implementation of your work with the teaching. It is also not amiss to state that to the extent that your groups understand our teaching is the extent to which your groups are not repelled from one another. There will always be various groups with various angles of emphasis and to understand this is to grasp the true nature of “true community.” We do not require a close-knit group of students across the world, but as your world is “smaller” now than it was when we began teaching, the fantasy of a global community has been met with the reality of different approaches, methods, expressions, digestions, and implementations of our teaching. True Community would find a cohesiveness only under the umbrella of a general, overall “mission statement” that is carefully free of restrictions and details, but encouraging of variety and creativity in the implementation of that mission. All who wish to contribute to, and exist within, the True Community of The Michael Teachings would find this mission statement to be inspiring and unaffected. The “mission statement” could be said to be the WHAT of a True Community and offered as a kind of banner of invitation across the board. It would not be complicated or difficult for all of our active students to generate this with ease and find meaningful agreement among all. Within the True Community then, it could be clarified by each group who wishes to form, either by intention or natural gravitation, an eventual description of the HOW that the group brings to the WHAT. It is usually a fairly clear pattern that can be seen to emerge from a formation of a group, and more specifically, from the source of the formation of a group. Those who create, guide, and nurture a group are more than likely the source of the HOW. Having this clarified can bring great peace to those who wish participate in a group by implementing their tool of CHOICE in the matter of HOW one wishes to contribute and interact toward the WHAT. In other words, while the True Community has a shared GOAL, each group defines its own MODE. More accurately, it could be said that a True Community shares an AXIS of emphasis related to one of the Goals on that axis, as well as a shared Axis of emphasis related to one of the MODES on that Axis. Our teaching at this time in the 21st Century tends to create True Community with an emphasis on the EXPRESSIVE Axis, with an emphasis on DISCRIMINATION. Within each group there will be a bringing of philosophical stances (Attitudes) that explore the HOW, or MODE. In most cases, all 7 Philosophies/Attitudes are represented to some degree, but a primary axis of philosophy will become the general atmosphere, with a dominate divide representing one of the axis: SKEPTIC/IDEALIST (expressive), CYNIC/REALIST (action), STOIC/SPIRITUALIST (inspiration), OBSERVATION (assimilation)/other. Again, as with the Mode, the creator and nurturer of a group will most likely set the atmosphere for the primary philosophy, in turn generating the general CENTERING of a group as it relates to that philosophy. TRUE COMMUNITY of The Michael Teachings would easily find common ground in the understanding that this teaching (at this time) emphasizes a strength in DISCRIMINATION, in the refinement of choice, in the ability to discern materially, intellectually, and emotionally, and to find peace in the expression of that in the world at large, as well as in the most personal circles of your world. For the next 100 years or so, our students will more than likely have the emphasis on living the teachings as a means to explore TRUE CHOICE. In the 1900’s, our teaching had its emphasis in GROWTH, exploring TRUE COMPREHENSION. TROY’S GROUP, for lack of a better way of referencing this channel’s students and agreements that have come to form as a group, is a PASSIONATE Group, with an emphasis on true self-actualization as a means of increasing strength of choice. Nothing within this group will ever be “neutral” and nothing within this group will ever be “simple.” Passion Mode as a means of exploring Discrimination is a turbulent and exciting path, and in the end, all involved know EXACTLY where one stands on an issue of choice, exactly who one is in relation to an issue of choice, and feels inspired to own one’s self fully and lovingly, leaving the false aspects of self behind. In addition to this, our teaching will never be presented in this atmosphere without an emphasis on its being a source of inspiration, transformation, and meaningful depth. Nothing will be presented as a simple subject of observational study. It must be deeply explored, lived, and experienced before this group can move beyond that particular aspect of study. This can often feel tedious and tiring, with a repetitive review of “old” material (sometimes seen as “ad nauseum”) that is less-exciting than ever-new material (from us or from you), but that is simply the nature of Passion and Discrimination. It is not just a matter of learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn, but building on the comprehension gained over the last century as to exactly what has been chosen and the how and why of it. As Passion is Exalted, this group will also strive to be all-inclusive in its inspiration as a method of refinement for Choice, but Passion with Discrimination can be tricky because Discrimination will emphasize a discerning eye against all things not passionately inclusive, which can seem to create bizarre conflicts of interest, since one cannot please everyone, or cater to every wish or demand, but must also allow room for all of those differences. What we have described is mostly the higher end of what this group has as potential, but this same combination can fall prey to what would seem to be the extreme opposite, with an emphasis on exclusivity, superficial nods to concepts without encouraging depth of experience, and such a strong investment in an identity that the nature of community is lost altogether in the shadow of a fearful agenda. All of this is made even more interesting by the philosophical atmosphere of Idealism, which is the key to his successful or failed group. When the group has moved into a Naivete and has presented grand arcs of direction without understanding the actual steps needing to be made as a path along that arc (Coalescence), the group will fail to live up to its ideals and lose all sense of inspiration and choice. When the group is failing against its ideals, it may slide into phases of Rejection (being rejected, or rejecting), Identification (experiencing loss of self, rather than exploration of self), and Rationalization (offering excuses and defense, rather than insight). Contrary to what many students may believe, Troy’s Group is an Intellectually-Centered Group with an emphasis on EXPRESSION, and not an Emotionally-Centered Group. For those involved with his group, any curtailing of EXPRESSION can be experienced as tantamount to an absolute removal of validity of self and soul. DAVE’S GROUP, for lack of a better way of referencing this student’s group and agreements that have come to form, is also a PASSIONATE group. The first many lines of what we have said about Troy’s Group can be said for Dave’s Group, as well. This is often why both groups are so strongly repelled and connected at the same time, depending on each group’s place in the spectrum between positive and negative poles. When one group is emphasizing exclusivity while the other is emphasizing inclusivity, there will be repulsion between the two. When one group emphasizes self-actualization while the other emphasizes an investment in an identity, there will be repulsion. The philosophical atmosphere of Dave’s Group is rooted in Cynicism, creating a natural environment of high activity and constant debate, which is the nature of this Moving-Centered Philosophy. Cynicism at its best keeps all levels of reality in check with a healthy contradiction to all presumptions and assumptions. Contradiction will always be a natural element within Dave’s Group, as the basic philosophy is to look beyond the obvious, and this can be invigorating and provocative. However, when Cynicism has moved into a state of denigration, there is no longer an emphasis on looking beyond the obvious, but in controlling what appears to be obvious (the nature of denigration). In addition to this, Cynicism is often carefully misrepresented as being Realism, but this is usually when Cynicism is in the extreme negative Pole; it is quite common to dismiss the impact of a denigrating philosophy when one can present it as simply being “realistic.” The success of Dave’s group would be in its open debates and encouragement of contributions that contradict the common-denominator of assumptions involved with this teaching. The failure of this group would be in its efforts to control debates, and present false realities as a way to impose a common-denominator of perception, losing all sense of productivity and choice. When failure is impending, this group would fall into phases of Rejection (rejecting, or being rejected), Identification (losing self, as opposed to exploring self), and Freneticism (repetitive behavior that yields repetitively-unproductive results). We wish to remind you that we have no investment in one group over another as we can see the whole of each and while each move through phases of failure and success, each are valid contributors to valuable experiences in relation to our teaching. It should also be noted that each group has its own teaching as it relates to what is offered to your Personality for the lifetime, which is part of your attraction to one or more group’s energy. Troy’s Group emphasizes a teaching and process of a spectrum of experiences related to SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, while Dave’s Group emphasizes a teaching and process of a spectrum of experiences related to SELF-KARMA. Although we can elaborate on all of this, we believe this is a wide-enough response to current dynamics that would allow the opportunity for healthy exchanges among Personalities, inviting a movement from False Personality to True Personality, not only on an individual level, but on the collective levels of your groups within the true community. We also realize that there are many more groups than these explored here, and we can respond with our perception of any other group if there is an interest.
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    [Excerpt from TT (Private Session): 2011-05-26] [Geraldine] You mentioned a great civilization about 1 million years ago. Where was this located? [MEntity] Most sprawling cities have always been along coastlines, having various portals and centers, but connected, nonetheless, allowing for them to be “one city.” Most of the coast lines where these existed are no longer coastlines, but could be said to have existed on nearly every known continent at this time. [Geraldine] How did they integrate their farming/food needs with this type of urban sprawl? [MEntity] Having the coastal sprawl allowed for easy access via water, air, or land, along with great resources of energy and food from the sea. Foods and “farming” that could not be sustained on coast lines were simply further inland, and in fertile lands that acted as resources. The concepts that were in place at the time were for the coastline cities to be the end-result of the infrastructures that support the populations, so that the “cities” were where life was lived, and the inland or sea-bound resources were only there for those resources, and then funneled into those areas of living. These networks were very much modelled after what might be seen as a “chakra” system and its meridians. This would usually show up as the various centers along the coastline “specializing” in various relevant contributions to the whole, with a “spiritual center” a “sexual center” an “entertainment/communications center,” etc. and those who were skilled in those contributions, naturally, would be at the core of those, traveling to the other centers for needs beyond their skills. [Geraldine] Civilizations don’t begin during the immediate period. There is a several hundred year period where population explodes, technology rapidly evolves, and changes happen. Since I’ve been told about the level of human civilization at the 1 million year mark, were there pivotal changes that caused this level of expansion? [MEntity] There is always an intervention factor for every wave of civilizations that have come and gone; even the current civilization (or mankind) as a whole is a result of intervention. Because the human species is a hybrid, there have always come periods of instability in the bodies that make up humans as hosts for sentience, and these usually peak in large cycles, then collapse, and have to be stabilized by intervention, and then rebuilding begins. The interventions happen in two ways: through caretaker intervention, which might be seen as “aliens,” and through the bringing of the Logos through the Infinite Soul manifestations. When metaphysical instability begins to be profound, the Infinite Soul manifestation occurs. This metaphysical instability would include emotional, intellectual, and “spiritual” instability of the collective bodies at the time, and the probabilities that those bodies would give rise to even further instability without intervention. [Geraldine] Oh, so the list of Infant Souls that I have, along with times, are each an intervention to stabilize [Note: “Infinite Souls” was meant here. GLB] [MEntity] Infant Souls do not usually create the intervention, but are part of the population of those who are intervened. When physical instability begins to be profound, such as self-destruction, destruction of great parts of the planet, and degradation of capacities for evolution, then “alien” intervention occurs. On the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels, Intervention happens as necessary and has happened multiple times throughout the history of your sentience. However, “alien” intervention has occurred only 6 times, including the last “upgrade” that occurred approximately 300,000 years ago. In other words, the bodies that now make up Human sentience are the 6th “version” of Human on Earth, with gaps in the evolution between those leaps because of the interventions. The civilizations of approximately one million years ago were the result of approximately 750,000 years of evolution. Each “upgrade,” so far, has brought with it an acceleration of productivity and rematching of previous degrees of cultural and technological developments, albeit in quite varied variations. The next “upgrade” would be one that allows for the human body to travel beyond its Solar System, which, at this point, would destroy the bodies that are currently being used. [Geraldine] why do you use aliens in quote marks — are they something else, rather than alien species from other worlds? [MEntity] We are putting quotes around “aliens” as these non-terrestrial beings have long been involved with humanity, and while there are great aeons of time that pass between these interventions, they are no more “alien” than those who exist on continents other than your own. Because of the initial causes behind your species/sentience being redirected to Earth, the investment and passion in keeping your species alive and viable for sentience has been a long-term, profound commitment by a network of species beyond your Solar System. This is a rather unique and fascinating experiment. [Geraldine] Surely they’ve nearly cycled off? [MEntity] Some have. Yes. Some responsibilities have been “handed down” from one species to another species over time, but most are still the original species. It is not unusual for the incarnational cycle of a species/sentience to be the equivalent of what you might see as 10,000,000 years.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: February 2009] [ocean-cheryl] I find myself stuck second-guessing the past, even as I wish to create a better future. Present issues bring up things that I thought had been long resolved, creating a feeling of insecurity. Do you have any specific suggestions for accepting and releasing the “rope of the past”, so one can move more confidently into the future? [Michael Entity] Cheryl, when one realizes that one has not resolved issues from the past, it only serves to hold on to them longer when one chastises oneself for not having already resolved them. You distract yourself with the self-chastising or exasperation and do not simply allow for the reality to be dealt with. It is the equivalent of a friend “bringing things up again” as you roll your eyes and begrudgingly give your attention to her or him. You are simply not present at that point, or at least, there is a delay in your presence. When issues from the past come up “again” it would do you well to remember that if it is up again, it never left. It would also do you well to remember that these things are not imposed upon you, but are a part of your life, a part of your creations, choices, fabric, and are just as valid as any efforts to create a better future. In fact, often when one decides it is time to focus on creating a better future, it can become daunting to find the anchors that are in place that have kept you from doing so all along, but your attention to these is Good Work. It is not punishment or failure. [luluaussi] like the “flaws” found in a handmade rug, see by some as undesirable but are part of the intrinsic beauty that is the rug? [ocean-cheryl] yes, the irregularities are what makes it unique [luluaussi] and do nothing to diminish the beauty of functions either [luluaussi] not sure if that was on point but the image popped into brain… [Michael Entity] It would not be amiss to use the weaving, or crocheting, as an analogy for your process. If a stitch or loop is left out or tangled, it is often desirable to return to that stitch or loop, even if it means unraveling to that point, just to ensure the pattern is to your liking. Often the overall fulfillment of the intended pattern is more rewarding than the frustration of returning to the tangle. It may be annoying in the moment, but if you choose to return to it, it is because you feel the reward of the finished creation is important. So our response to your question would be to remind yourself of that overall reward and fulfillment and that your attention to issues of the past is a part of your creative process. [ocean-cheryl] you could not have used a better analogy…. and i need to remember that often I am the only one who knows where the flaws are [Michael Entity] We have more to say about repetitive patterns arising from the past, but will return to that subject at another time. In the future.
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    [Excerpt from a Private Chat on December 5, 2017.] Claire C: Would you say that chemistry between two people is mostly about Essence Recognition, purely physical, or a physical thing that ignites Essence Recognition? MEntity: When there is literal chemistry, it can can come from any number of triggers. This chemistry is important for completely new relationships and ancient relationships. The chemistry helps the new Personalities have an immediate common ground upon which they can then explore and choose from there. As important as chemistry is for establishing a common ground, it is not useful to count on this as the bonding factor for any relationship. This is because this chemistry alters over time and was always meant as a launching point for choice. Most meaningful relationships must be nurtured by choice, not by chemistry. Claire C: I also think of lack of chemistry and whether it can develop later. MEntity: Chemistry can be activated in the middle of a relationship, as well, and activated off and on, depending on various tiers of the relationship. Claire C: Okay. MEntity: We can elaborate on the chemistry of relationships in further exchanges.