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    This came through my feed from the Monroe Institute this morning: TMI Copper Wall Research. The article states: "It was a design originally used by Tibetan monks as an aid in developing what they called 'lucidity.' Researchers at the Menninger Institute extended the concept to engage in the study of electric fields generated by the human body and found that energy healers were producing quite large electric fields, too large to be explained by currently accepted physiological mechanisms." The Monroe Institute follows Bob Monroe's ideal that psychic and metaphysical phenomena should be validated and investigated where possible using scientific methods. The article says those in meditation can sometimes generate these fields as well. I know that in some classes they put participants into labs and connect them to various measuring devices during the class exercises. I have one of those classes on my bucket list because I'm really curious about it.
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    Mmm delicious. This year has been all about anger for me. For a long time I thought growth meant releasing the anger , becoming peaceful inside. I now see it differently. Anger shows us our values. Anger shows us what really matters to us and it also shows us how we expect others to comply to those values or how we are ignoring these values altogether as a very important part of ourselves. Anger shows us what is important to us. It also shows us where we have yet to set boundaries with others or where we have crossed far beyond the boundaries of what we have control of. When living with others, I would often pick just anybody with the mildest of connections. I would tell myself “ I will mind my own business and heal whatever wound comes up...my anger is my business and I’ll use the anger to traaansceend”. So they would cook bacon or something in the kitchen and I would watch how angry it would get me and I would go to my room and breathe...telling myself to use the opportunity to own myself and stay out of their business”. SO COMPlICATED and UNNECESSARY! the anger just rose and rose and rose until finally I am at a place now where I acknowledge anger is here to inform us what is important to us. It is not here to transcend. We can use it as information to put our power towards situations, relationships, contexts that matter to us. Michael said that anger came when we felt our rights were being violated and it diminishes in intensity when we realize that in 99 percent of situations, we are violating our own rights while giving the other the power/ permission to determine how we feel/ think/ do/ evolve/ learn. I think true anger just looks like a responsibility to yourself to be living in your own authenticity and no longer holding others responsible for you living in your own authenticity.
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    I watched The National's new song Oblivions on The Tonight Show last night and loved it. It's been a while since I got lost in a song -- the way it builds. It felt transcendent. It made me seek out more. That's when I found their new short film/album: I Am Easy To Find. It's almost like you're not afraid of anything I do How I want you here You don't know what it's like to be around you I still got my fear It's the way you say yes when I ask you to marry me You don't know what you are doing Do you think you can carry me Over the threshold Over and over again until oblivion? It's the way that you're gonna stop needing to tell me You want me as much as I want you to tell me I'm over the threshold Everything is gonna be totally okay until oblivion I still got my fear I still got my fear It's still always you every morning I think of no matter what How I want you here I know I am easy to find but you know, it's never me I still got my fears It's like a tide in a city lifts me and carries me around And oh, my mind is made up out of nothing, now If nothing scares you about me and you, never put me down Oh my mind is made up out of nothing, now You won't walk away, won't you? You don't walk away, don't you? You won't walk away, won't you? You don't walk away, don't you? I still got my fear I still got my fear I still got my fear I still got my fear This short film is a brief view of life... with a haunting soundtrack. It's poignant and sweet, distancing and watchful, and a wee bit neutral in some ways, as love is wont to be. It shows how much we capture, and how much we miss at times, as we roll through. Article on NPR: The National Premieres 5 New Songs With Stirring Short Film, 'I Am Easy To Find' Upon the announcement of The National's I Am Easy to Find — due out this Friday on 4AD — the band promised a short film that would accompany the record, starring Alicia Vikander and directed by Mike Mills (who directed the 2010s movies Beginners and 20th Century Women). The short film is here, accompanied by reworked versions of five new singles: "Quiet Light," "Rylan," "The Pull of You," "Oblivions" and the album's title track, in addition to the already-released "Light Years." I Am Easy to Find carries some of the emotional resonance of a Richard Linklater film — think Boyhood or the Before trilogy — condensed into a tight 24 minutes. It finds Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) in all the stages of a middle-class existence, from birth to death, and briefly delving into each stage — as if watching a supercut of home movies. Rather than pinpoint the emotional heft of a single big life event, I Am Easy to Find takes a sprawling glance at life's totality, each subtitled and carried by Vikander's expressions. There's an emphasis on the cyclical nature of life: the temporality of close friendships (of which she has four), the turmoils of marriage ("Arguing ... about the same things," the film warns), financial crises and the remembrance of the past. The National is well-suited to soundtrack these weighty dramas in brief. Sometimes, it plays as mere background music and other times, it accentuates and amplifies Vikander's joys and woes. It's engrossing, lovely and at times droll, as a short film from the National should be.
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    Tex would be interested in this and I'll show it to him. He has played around with copper for years because one day he noticed that copper reflects chi/energy. When his back used to go out, he made a copper shirt by gluing copper foil to the inside of one of his work shirts. He would wear this while working, and it would keep his back from going out. Eventually this became just a piece of copper strip with magnets attached that he would tape to his back if it went out. He's got a story about the copper shirt that he always tells, but I'll let him tell it. The "theory" behind this is that energy leaves the body at certain spots that are "stuck" (he can feel this with his hands), and putting copper on that spot reflects the energy back into the body. This can tend to bring back the emotions that the person was avoiding which caused the energy to leave the body in the first place.
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    It is worse than that. You are actively mocked if you state anything like that. Seth does an annual ghost story show around halloween. He is considered a leader in the Atheist community. He gets crap for it every year. At one point, I was going down the Atheist rebbit hole I began to question what I had learned here. I felt myself closing off to part of me and it hurt. That is when I began to see it for what it is. Just another hierarchy similar to religion with purity tests and everything. I think the thing that finally did it for me was listening to Matt Dillihunty, Rationality Rules and Sam Harris all sit there and make the arguement that free will doesn't exist. None of them realizing that they were making the religious argument that god has a path for you and it is already chosen. To me, the argument that there is no free will is straight up denial of the power choice. Their logic falls apart there for me. I have lived without embracing choice and I have embraced it at times. I have found my life to be better with it. Anyway, I am rambling well of course. But yes @Maureen the doctrine and hierarchy of a church are very much there.
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    Hey, I'd love to read some sessions on Anger, how to confront and release it, and what it is specifically. Apparently as I move through this phase of my 4th IM I am starting to realize how FUCKING MAD I really am about so many things. Any personal work with anger would be lovely to hear as well! What works for you guys? I just lost my shit and punched my pillows for a little bit and feel somewhat better LOL.
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    @Stickyflames Oh man, thank you for this. I've been intuiting about it today myself which is why I even asked and I arrived to a very similar initial conclusion. I think I'm confronting that so much of my anger is an extension of suppression. Either being suppressed by others or suppressing myself for the sake of others so that I could not only "keep the peace" but "be liked". Pre-4IM Ree was very much so a concocted persona, a carefully constructed performance of charisma and niceness and humor as I desperately tried for likability in every single social situation. Now I'm realizing that I don't owe it to FUCKING ANYBODY to be likable all the time. I don't have to be open and receptive, and willing to drop whatever I'm doing and/or feeling in order to be "on" for people. Not even my friends. Not even my family. If I'm having a bad day, fuck off leave me alone. If you do something I don't like, I'm gonna trust that I can tell you that I'm upset and if you stop loving me because of it, also fuck off leave me alone. The anger is just coming up as this sort of righteous indignation, and exactly what you said, the realization that I have violated some of my Rights (as well has had them violated by growing up in an abusive household), and I'm just now starting to feel it. There's a lot to be mad about in the world. People are shitty, even people I love are sometimes shitty. It's okay if I'm shitty sometimes. I don't have to just take it. I can stand up for myself. I can enact boundaries. And I can be a bitch if I'm in a bad mood. All the people I love through their bad moods and shitty decisions and atrocious defective ass chief features. Why can't I allow myself to be me and do the same?
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    Here! Here! I noticed this Seth Andrews speaking engagement was here in Toronto. I love his way of thinking and his humour. So many things are so obvious... once you can see them. Some thoughts... I consider myself to be an atheist in the purist sense ~ "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods". This was arrived at during an interesting phone conversation with Geraldine where I, literally, backed my way into it. It had us both laughing... it still does. What can annoy me, at times, about "atheists" is when they take their new beliefs (yes... it's all about beliefs no matter what you believe) so far away from "God or gods" that they can't/don't attribute anything beyond the physical as having any merit. They not only cannot see the beauty (order, pattern, etc.) in the metaphysical elements they cannot see them at all. So atheism, if taken to extremes, can be (almost) as restrictive as many of the religions are -- in their pursuit of truth, love and beauty. Wasn't it reassuring to hear this from Michael about the Compassion Timeline -- to know there is at least one where we "got it right". MEntity: There is no pollution or overpopulation because there is no religion. MEntity: Infinite Soul Manifestation were reframed and stripped of their "bibles" and left as represented by very simple, single-sentence Truths.
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    Bumped this because reading it again today made me feel better. Hope it does the same for you.
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    I know Seth Andrews. He was a raised in an evangelical Christian home. His parents actually honeymooned in the Holy land. He worked in Christian radio in thw 80s and 90s. Became an atheist in his 40s right at the time that Dawkins, Harris, hitchens and Dennett were 'the four horseman'. I have followed him for many years and met him in STL. Lately, I have become disillusioned with him and others of the new atheist movement. Hitchens died. Harris has turned in member of the IDW and hangs out with likes of Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin. Dennett basically read the winds and stuck to his professorship. Seth, AronRa, and Matt Dillihunty became major figures in the athiest community. The biggest issue I have is a young atheist youtuber Rationality Rules post a video on trans women in women's sports. This man actually said in the video that he didn't want to see a day when women's sport is doniminated by Y chromosomes. The internet called him out on it. RR went to an event where Matt was at that was sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin. The ACA is kinda looked at as a leader in the Atheist world. It was only AFTER the event that the ACA was informed about the transphobic video. The ACA denouced RR. RR whined about it on YouTube The ACA had a meeting and the board retracted their denouncement. Half the board resigned on the spot and many of the members at the meeting walked out. Matt is a founding member of the ACA. Dillihunty made a statement of support for RR via Twitter. AronRa did the same on a podcast and then later admitted he hadn't watched the original video. Apparently, Seth also show support for RR. A trans youtuber going by the name Essense of thought broke the down exactly why RR'S video is transphobic. And also why his apology videos aren't. Steve Shives also commented on the drama in a video. Seth has done some amazing work. Lately, it really began to feel like his work was getting stale. Similar subjects talked about many times over. I haven't watched a full video of his in months. That disillusionment combined with this, made me realise what Essense of thought stated in her latest video on this issue. The atheists seem to care more about their cliques, or clicks, then they do about people they have harmed. This particular video is pretty good. Just thought some more information about the creator might be useful.
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    This 2005 session is an why I use the Mystery Links. Otherwise I might not have come across it. The questions are still relevant today, and Michael’s answers - timeless. I’m glad to have read this. A.good example was reading Michael speak on Older Souls attitudes towards Younger Souls. Another part I’m glad I read is the part on channels. I’d wondered why I’m comfortable withTroy - not just as an excellent channel - but also as someone I’ve come to feel a closeness towards even though we haven’t met in this lifetime. [M Entity] Channels through whom we work, (and channels who claim to work with us, but do not actually channel us) are all in some kind of Agreement with the students who are attracted to them. Some channels and teachers have Karma among their students, and the dynamic of their attraction to each other is based on that Karmic structure. Those who are attracted to Troy's channeling of us are in some way linked to the exploration of Perfect Imperfection; or put another way, “absolute comprehension, compassion, and acceptance of Self and Other.” For other channels, a student may be attracted to Empowerment themes, Relationship themes, Reality Dynamic themes, etc.  It could then be said that each valid channel attracts three kinds of relationships: Monads, Agreements, and Karma. These Monads, Agreements, and Karma would be among the students as well as between channel and student.
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    I'm looking forward to checking this out. Funny this band has been coming up in my shuffle in the car almost daily lately and more often than not they get a replay and volume raised!
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    I’m actually finding their new album kind of meh. I also am not sure how I feel about them having so many guest singers. It’s funny tho because this album isn’t *that* different from their previous albums. Could be that by now i’m beginning to become bored with their sound. Still, I like the lead singer’s voice. I find it soothing, and I would like to see them live. Now that I know how to get to the stadium where they tend to play while they are here by subway I probably will try to see them next time they are there, assuming they don’t sell out before I can get a ticket.
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    I never addressed this issue with MIchael so I do not know what they would say but I will tell you about my experience with anger. I remember that before embarking on my journey of self-knowledge, which began long before I entered TLE, I really thought good people did not feel angry. I could not even see the anger in me, she was totally repressed. I think one of the reasons for this is that I've never felt free to express myself emotionally with my parents. After all for them I was always exaggerating .. IoI I think my parents never knew how to cope well with their feelings and emotions and consequently did not know how to deal with mine .. And I think I'm finally seeing that this understanding of my feelings is something they just can not give me .. But I think my reactions are exaggerated (be it anger, sadness, crying) because I'm not reacting just that moment .. it's that moment added to all the moments when I did not allow myself to feel and express myself .. I think It can not be repressed forever, it explodes at some point.
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    CurvyWords, Hope this helps—in my Michael definitions file I have the following: Anger: unmet expectations. Anger could be said to have BOUNDARIES as the Positive Pole and DEFENSE as a Negative Pole. The sense of the daunting tasks, actions, time, energy, etc. that is realized is necessary for fulfilling responsibilities and sense of purpose; it can feel quite overwhelming and one can feel helpless, which is the underpinning of Anger. Part of this is from a private chat posted by Maureen several years ago. I couldn't find it on the current TLE website to link to, so here I what I have on my computer: Growth Potential via "Shadow" Fragments Posted by Maureen September 19, 2014 Originally published on October 4, 2013 I love Michael’s dream interpretations. Michael even gave us a new term in the interpretation – “Shadow" Fragments – that may be interesting to follow-up on in a public forum. From a Private Live Chat on October 4, 2013: [Maureen]: I would like to review a dream I had with you that I think may relate to a past life I had with my brother and my mother (in this life). I haven’t had the easiest of times with either of them in this life and I was wondering if that difficulty relates to any unfinished business with them from that life. September 29, 2013: Dreamed many dreams, like I was sorting things out or tying up loose ends. It felt like bits and pieces that I was trying to make sense of – even going across multiple lives to “sort-out”. I’ve had a few nights like this in the last few days. The last full-ish one I remember is I was a young woman and I came home or at least I came into a room near the front of the house I lived in where there was a bed where I knew my lover had been with me. I saw that there was blood stains – especially on the pillow. My sense was that the blood was my uncle’s and he had killed my lover. I had the strong sense that the uncle in my dream was my brother in this life. The time period seemed to be in a more distant time and it seemed to be in a middle-eastern culture. I was very upset but I wanted my uncle to “pay” for his crime so I took a pen and circled the blood spots/splashes on a pillow case that I thought were his (which I then stowed away). I have no idea how I knew they were his and not the victim?? Also if the time period is as far back as it felt – there is no way the authorities could do DNA testing or for that matter if they would help me at all – so I’m not sure “why” I did that. This was one of the details that felt overlapping with this time period. Then I went deeper into where I lived (the room where I collected the pillowcase seemed to be at the front of the house – near the front door) I could see then that my mother (in the dream and also in this life) had switched my bedroom with another bedroom to “punish” me and that all my personal belongings were gone – completely – and I was left with “new” furniture – all white without a trace of familiarity or connection to my own energy or my “past”. Also the furniture and personal belongings seemed to fit into this time and place (now) – they didn’t feel like they belonged in the past. I could see my mother off in another room dressed in the all the layers of middle eastern garb. She had really stuck it to me. I felt trapped because although I was “older” (I wasn’t a very young woman – I sensed that I may have been in my late 20s or 30s) I had no way to support myself financially – so I had to continue to live there. I felt like I couldn’t reach out to my boyfriend either (which was strange because at the beginning I thought he was killed off??) because he was poor. I felt really stuck. [Maureen]: Your comments would be appreciated Michael. What is this overlap about? Is there left over business between with my mother and myself that was carried over? Is there left over business with my brother who I felt was the uncle in the dream that was carried over? [MEntity]: As with most dreams, the primary medium of communication is symbolic, even if drawing from very real events in the current life or past lives. Many of the literal parts still contribute to the language of symbolism. [MEntity]: First, this is drawing from Instinctive memory, so the reference to the past life is valid. [MEntity]: It is not unusual for the Old Soul to sift through memories in the Instinctive Center, looking for any reference to issues that were not resolved or may have a chance to find balance in the current life. These would tend to be issues that were not "necessary" for balance or resolution, and were addressed in some way already, but still carry with them a mild charge. [MEntity]: Issues such as those tend to be addressed in the Astral, or even "saved" for the reunion of Entities. [MEntity]: In simplistic terms, it would be something similar to someone slapping you, then you slap back, so the tangible aspects were balanced, but some of the curiosity for motivation for the original slap may remain. [MEntity]: In the life being referenced, it would appear to have been during the Young Soul Age during one of the peak pockets of modern civilization. The "overlap" is probably not from the current life's familiarities, but more that this time period was just similar. [MEntity]: The more literal memories here were of the murder that was committed, and the subsequent process for pursuing justice. This is easily one of those experiences that left several threads of "why" open for further exploration. It would not be the cause of, or the source of, any current stresses among fragments involved in that life, but current stresses may bring up that past, of course. [MEntity]: The symbolic aspects here appear to be speaking to the subconscious exploring this lifetime's potential causes for current issues regarding intimacy, affection, and comforts of union. [Maureen]: that makes sense [MEntity]: Because these issues are in the Higher Moving Center, or the Sacral Chakra, they are not only "close" to the Instinctive Center, but broad in scope across time and space in terms of resonance. [MEntity]: Hence the mix of the past and present. [MEntity]: Of course, the present is the more relevant element here, so we would speak to the concern for how these two fragments may contribute to your blocking of, or lack of, fulfilling intimacy. [MEntity]: Or, rather, how you may feel these fragments have contributed to this. [Maureen]: I can see that Michael – it has been an issue with these two people. [Maureen]: I have had a very hard time trusting either of them. Both of them have gone out of their way to "hurt" me, in ways that I haven't always understood. [MEntity]: Keep in mind that this would be because of experiences and dynamics of the current life, and not because of a murdered lover 500,000 years ago. [Maureen]: I can see that it's a resonance that I picked up on – because of happenings in this lifetime. [MEntity]: Yes, but you also "picked up" on something else: [MEntity]: There are various fragments who set precedent in early lives where their challenges to the Personality were so advantageous toward evolution, there can tend to continue this dynamic, and they are, ironically, some of the most loving of relationships on an Essence Level. [MEntity]: We do not share this with you so that the actions of those fragments are excused, but simply for the information for why the challenges can sometimes be a pattern between fragments, even as they move away from being Karmic. [MEntity]: Knowing this can also help you to look beneath or beyond the superficial aspects of the relationship and into what there is for you to gain from your dynamic. [Maureen]: Interestingly, I have always viewed my brother's "abuse" of me in this lifetime as his targeted (if somewhat clumsy) attempt to be more intimate with me. [MEntity]: For example, someone may have a brutally critical sibling or parent who seems to constantly point to flaws and what is wrong in the self. This can contribute to a myriad of other issues that stem from that kind of input from someone close. [MEntity]: But, in addition to seeing this from the position of "what is wrong with them," or "what is wrong with me," or "this is why I can't be close to someone else now," etc. the entire dynamic could change if seen as a coaxing toward full ownership of confidence and acceptance of self. [Maureen]: I can see that. [MEntity]: For some fragments, a loving, accepting, and nurturing environment is far more suspicious (to the Personality) and gives nothing of obvious substance against which to measure the growth of the self. [Maureen]: That sounds so fucked up – but I get it. [Maureen]: We often need something to push against – in order to grow. [MEntity]: However, when enlisting these fragments to naturally challenge the Personality in the life, it gives potential for that pivotal moment when the Personality launches into a complete ownership of a trait that has been elusive for several lifetimes. [Maureen]: What has been that elusive trait for me? [MEntity]: Keep in mind that "the plan" is not for abuse or devastating events, but as with any good idea from the Astral, once the incarnation begins, it is a gamble, if you will, for how the Personalities will behave and choose. [MEntity]: These fragments with whom there is this kind of pattern tend to be those with a mathematical dissonance that we can go into another time. We could refer to these fragments as "shadow" fragments, or those who follow us through lives to bring out the "shadow" elements of the self. [MEntity]: This trait for you may be Anger. [MEntity]: And all that the term entails. [Maureen]: That makes sense. They did help with that – in this lifetime. I mean that in a good way. [MEntity]: They may have helped provoke it, but you did the work in owning it. [Maureen]: This is very clear to me. I remember my huge shift -- when I finally owned it and applied it. It was liberating. [MEntity]: Anger is one of your least-favorite signals, yet most pervasive and insidious elements of your "shadow." It has haunted many of your Personalities. [Maureen]: I hope I have moved closer to freedom (as opposed to liberation) – within anger – now. [MEntity]: We say this as a matter of spectrum. Anger can be quiet, even as it trembles under the skin. [MEntity]: We have commented on the dream, but we can look at in specific ways of interest to you, if you choose, or move to further questions. [Maureen]: Does Anger have negative/positive poles? [Maureen]: I sensed it as a form of Liberation/Freedom [MEntity]: Yes, Anger could be said to have BOUNDARIES as the Positive Pole and DEFENSE as a Negative Pole. Because Anger represents a spectrum, it can be broken down by those terms, as well. [MEntity]: The liberation/freedom you sense would come from the dissipation of Anger, or the processing of the helplessness that is underneath that anger.
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    Makes me think of that future lifetime of mine where Michael said they relayed info about this lifetime and the Infinite Soul manifestation... MEntity: Oh Gawd... he JUST won't stop speaking!
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    Must be all this pivoting that is causing the friction that we feel. Nothing like signing up for exciting times. I'm counting on Essence to register this info so that next time it comes up ... who am I kidding? As hard as it gets, I'm glad I'm here at this time. I just have to keep reminding myself of the big picture. So much to remember. AND there's always more.
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    Beautiful, Maureen. I love this band and this actress.
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    Thank you, Maureen. Loved listening to their music - Oblivions is great.
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    ENERGY REPORT June 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE arrives with an emphasis on an Observation or self-awareness of personal and global patterns of weakness, exhaustion, and blind spots that cannot be ignored or assumed to break by waiting for some future point to arrive. There appears to be a slow realization that “something” must be done in terms of action and employing the Moving Center to move away from Frustration (the negative pole of Moving Center). It is a slow realization that action must be taken, that you must do something. You cannot wait. You must get on board with your impulses to move and to take care of what is necessary and important to you and others, both personally and globally. This is not about impatience or being rash in your behavior or reactionary in behavior, but yet another wave of realization that there is still work to do and efforts to be made that seem daunting and/or uninteresting, but must receive your care. You have been in a waiting room lobby watching for the door to open for far too long and it may be time to go straight to that door and open it, yourself. What is on the other side is yet to be discovered, but the pattern of sitting, waiting, watching, and hoping may be over for you and a return to active, even if begrudging, participation may return in June. It could be said that Observation is sliding to Passion over June. We think that many of our students will begin a move away from the hope that “something will change” and that you should simply wait out or endure until things are better. This is a year where the importance of participation and creation come forward in ways that may never have been revealed to yourself before. It is always helpful to observe and step back and watch and learn, but this must be followed by effort, action, and direction. We think that many of our students may reach a point in June where it is realized that it is better to do SOMETHING that is meaningful even if the bigger picture remains unclear or still uncertain or disappointing. We suggest that our students allow their passion to come forward and rise in them and aim for what inspires you. Even if this seems to be a distraction, it is not. If it inspires you, it is never a distraction. It is a fuel for life and when inspiration is ignored, you lose fuel for life. This realization of the continued need for effort and action mixed with passion and inspiration is going to be helpful for when the ATTITUDE OF REALIST moves into focus in July. The more you allow yourself to nurture your passion and inspiration along with continued efforts and actions that focus on even the little things that matter to you, then Realist would come into the Positive Pole of Objectivity sooner so that you can sense of a clearer picture of your present and future. Give yourself permission and acceptance to seeing where you may be waiting for something and not actively participating in your life. Give yourself permission and acceptance for not knowing what to do or how to do it. Give yourself permission and acceptance to take a chance and aim for what inspires you, even if this means an indirect path toward an uncertain future. The future is created from the moments when you are present and active in your life NOW. The future is not something for which you must wait and hope to arrive. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): June 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- AGITATION - June may start off with an agitating wave of energy that marks a return to the use of one’s Moving Center and the shift of Observation toward Passion Mode. Depending on one’s resistance to or lack of action and inspiration, the agitation may be so intense that it exhausts the body and sinks you into bizarre fatigue. Others may simply feel restless or annoyed, while others may feel a sense of motivation and curiosity about renewed efforts for solutions or directions. JUNE 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - Another merging of parallels where inspired actions have increased and returned individually and collectively with a renewed enthusiasm for a better future. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: WAITING VS WEIGHTING - There are many points in life where one must simply wait. One must be patient. One must understand that what one wants, desires, aims for, etc. takes time and energy and resources. It is important to know when you must wait. This is different from slowly being sedated and halted from any participation in life by the weight of existence. Both Waiting and Weighting can feel frustrating and painful, but Waiting still allows for participation. Weighting halts participation. If you find yourself withdrawing from several areas of your life as it disappoints, challenges, or hurts you, then you are Weighting yourself with the assumption that if you simply stop moving or participating, then the disappointments, challenges, and hurt will subside. This is a lie. Only participation allows for the transformation of disappointments, challenges, and hurt. This participation can come in terms of action, thoughts, inspiration, or understanding, but there must be some participation. If you find that you are under the Weight of life and not just Waiting, it may be helpful for you to just do one thing good for yourself or for someone else. Just that single effort can help lighten the weight and then you can do one more good thing, and then one more, and so on, until you are out from under the weight of life even if you still must wait sometimes.
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    https://www.secondhalftravels.com/german-tv-shows-netflix/ Came across that today in case any of you are interested. I highly recommend Babylon Berlin and very glad to see there will be a third season. I also really liked Generation War, if such a show can be liked, but it's really good. I still haven't watched Dark but went today to put it on my watchlist and saw it was already there. But it's going to have to wait until I watch the final season of Jessica Jones!
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    I remember watching this one and very much enjoyed the non-linear aspects. I can't wait to see the second season!
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    As I know that many here liked the series .. I'm passing here just to warn you that on June 21st NETFLIX will finally release the second season .. And it has already been confirmed that it will have a third and the third will be the last ..
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    @Uma, honestly the best I can tell myself lately is to just take it one step at a time. That's one of the few things that have helped me keep going rather than sinking. Might as well make Dory's "just keep swimming" my 2019 Motto. My Essence says we're en route for more Convergences than Divergences in the decades ahead, which makes sense as the IS is said to collapse parallels by ending or merging them altogether. Plus we're in the Generational Karma of Collapse.
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    Thanks to this thread, this song popped into my head today: I wracked my brain trying to figure out which album it's from. Even tho I've listened to all their albums countless times I can only remember the song lists from Boxer and Alligator. I finally had to google the lyrics to figure it out. The song in my head is from their last album, Sleep Well Beast. Also, the timing of this post is syncronous I think, since they played right here in Brooklyn the last two nights I couldn't go to either show. Whaaaaaa. Sad face. My friend went and texted me while she was there last night. She said it was a good show, and it stopped raining just in time since it was an outdoor show. Really sad I missed it. Decided today I'm going to play all ten albums in chronological order to see how many I can listen to before I need to switch to something else. LOL
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    For those who've grown up in the Christian culture, you will likely highly relate to this
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    I'd have to study some more of their teachings to figure out what they're trying to say, and since they seem to have a school structure, I'm not inclined to put in the effort. Remember that Michael's comments about the planes is that they're all present - they interpenetrate. They're just at different vibratory levels. The higher planes encompass more of the system. The astral is just Earth, the Causal includes more and so forth. (Not sure exactly where this is, so I can't give a reference. Sorry.) Given that, it's not at all surprising that the Sun should exist on multiple planes - everything else seems to. I can't say I'm incredibly surprised at the tone if they attract mostly Priests. The "special mission" stuff is what triggers my bullshit detector - but then that's Priest stuff. The notion that we are simply one Sentience among many, and that there is nothing particularly special about us, is one that a lot of Priests would consider anathema.
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    "for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars." "My, my, time flies, one step And we're on the moon Next step into the stars My, my, time flies Maybe we could be there soon A one way ticket to Mars" ... Listening to Enya ... I will ask Michael about connections. I wonder if she is an active Michael student.
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    @Luciana Flora I just watched Episode 7. This is an extraordinary series. Did you watch the whole season? No spoilers, please. What is it about Germany that disturbs and intrigues me so deeply? I have always been enthused by books and movies about time travel: 'The Butterfly Effect', 'Somewhere in Time', 'Sliding Doors' (parallels), 'Time Cop' et al. They shine a light on the intricacy and subtlety of causality and karma. I'm already excited for Season Two of "Dark", provided 2018 or 2019 arrive, and there is never a guarantee, of course. We woo and romance and nurture the Now like a lover, yearning for the Now to favor us with good fortune and fulfillment, but we can only provide this for ourselves when we make peace with the Now and give it our complete devotion.
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    From Michael Speaks: November 2012: [Janet] During a recent POF you gave me this: MEntity: There are vortexes on the planet, 'power spots,' as a result of valid 'ley lines,' if you will, that tend to be gravitational points for Essences. … The ley lines of a planet tend to develop along the same lines of the geometry of sentience calling that planet, 'home.' The area of Greece was a birthplace for many archetypes of consciousness." What exactly are ley lines? Are they part of our world's design, or the physical structure of the planet? From the response quoted above, it seems they may be somehow created in association with activities or design of the sentient species? [MEntity] "Ley Lines" is an arbitrary term to describe a valid network of circuitry that exists as part of a planet's chakra system, if you will. In much the same way that a body is still alive, even if not sentient, so can a planet be. However, in the same way that a body then changes because of the Sentience, so does a planet, each reflecting the design of that sentience. Once Sentience becomes a part of a system, it must have a circuitry through which it can manifest and be sustained. This is immediately in place on a rudimentary level upon first incarnation of Sentience, and more often in place previous to that through the work done collectively exploring the Kingdoms of that planet. This circuitry is not imposed, but does evolve and change, and eventually degrade. The first structures are based in what is available, and this quickly evolves. In this case, the carbon molecule was used as the starting point. Cetaceans gave rise to some strengths in the network before human Sentience arrived, lending some comfort in the transition from the Sirius system. As incarnations unfold across the planet, then, this network grows in complexity and strength, based on civilizations, cultures, societies, that rise and fall. Imagine this circuitry as something similar to how an atmosphere works for the body. This must be in place for the body to function, and so this circuitry must be in place for the Essence. That atmosphere MUST be compatible with the body or it will die. This circuitry must be compatible with Essence, or it cannot incarnate at all. This circuitry acts as a kind of gravity for the soul, if you will. Over the course of incarnations, Configurations, Working Groups, Essence Twins, Task Companions, Entities, Cadres, Energy Rings, work to develop various points and lines in this network. That "work to develop" is simply a by-product of incarnation, and the use of the matter of that part of the planet as cycled through the body. This is how one might begin to then find oneself strangely attracted to geographical areas of the planet that have never been visited, or to be moved by those when visited. "Your" matter, literally, is a part of that region, a part of the cycling of matter local to that region. Exploring the carbon molecule and how it functions can lend insight into these "ley lines" and vortexes that is reflective of Human Sentience. We have more to say on this subject, of course.
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    Check with me on MSG. In the DA system, Anger relates to the RED ESSENCE. The post by Antinius is 'right on'. In fact all the posts are right on.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. The 21st Century is a pivotal century. There are pivotal years throughout history and sometimes there is a century that is pivotal. This is one of them. It could be said that every year and even every century is pivotal in many ways, but what we mean by this is that the Human Race will move in a new direction that is unlike any direction in the past and is changing in way that is a point of no return. One would think that such events as war and great catastrophe may change the course of humanity, and these do have their effects, but the effects on direction of which we speak are about something more insidious and pervasive. If war, famine, and catastrophe could be said to redirect humanity's physical direction on Earth, then the effects of which we speak are about a metaphysical direction. For example, the last pivotal century was the 1st Century AD with the onset of organized religion, particularly monotheism. This changed humanity in unalterable ways that would shape everything, including war, famine, disease, and catastrophes for the next 19 Centuries. The effects of that pivotal Century remain intact, but will quickly be replaced by the 21st Century events. 2019 is a pivotal year within a pivotal Century and we think this is the year in which the more profound anchoring of effects will take place. It could be said that 2019 may see the "final blows" to key institutions that have been long overdue in terms of their holding back progression of humanity, as well as the "successful launches" of various key patterns that are part of the pivotal shift in humanity toward living as Mature Souls. This kind of pivotal year is not always obvious or dramatic, but it may be fairly dramatic as that is part of the Mature Soul world. All great changes will likely come with a fair amount of flourish. As this is an Artisan year, the key elements at play here would be in the collapse of the Delusional and rise of the Creative. The problem and challenge of Delusional is that it can look normal and be normalized. The very nature of Delusion means that those who are delusional cannot see the delusion. For most Delusional patterns, a crash is necessary. A complete shock to the system. A full disruption of patterns. The irony in the spectrum between Creativity and Delusion is that Creativity will be used, no matter what. The difference between Creativity as a Positive Pole and Creativity as a Negative Pole is the depth of harm done with the Creativity. Creativity as healing is Positive while Creativity as harm is Negative. The difference between Destruction and Delusion is that Delusion does not see the destruction. This is why Self-Destruction is the Chief Feature for this year. The Delusional elements of society are headed toward Self-Destruction. And they do not see it coming. When we speak of delusional elements of society, our Older Soul students are not exempt. There are layers of society within which each of you participate and exist in various ways and you may be wide awake and creative in many areas and quite delusional in another. We do not see a single student moving through 2019 without confronting one element of delusion in the life that has to collapse and change. The "State of the Planet" at this point is in a place where the changes that are necessary for humanity to survive MUST be implemented to some great degree as soon as possible or it is suicide for the species. We do not see the patterns leaning toward suicide, but your species is playing out the ideas in many ways that are helping with your survival. It is of no coincidence that several films have come in the past 5 to 10 years where the masses either turn on each other in unprecedented and mindless waves of violence or turn on themselves in unprecedented waves of violent suicide. Films are the equivalent of waking dreams to process probabilities. It is also of no coincidence that beloved and popular series have come about regarding time travel and the effort to steer and wake up humanity before it is "too late." These themes are not new, but there is a relevance and resonance to them on a new scale. If this year could be described in a phrase, it would be RAPID REALIZATION. This is why the Attitude of 2019 is that of Realist. This is a year of realization, of waking up, or falling so deeply asleep that one does not wake up, so to speak. Many of our students are well ahead of this pattern and have been working on this for some time, but you will now see this happening on a more epic and obvious scale in the world around you and among people whom you would never have suspected were interested in waking up. These awakenings may be mocked or shunned or said to be "too late," but it would be valuable to everyone to embrace even the most vile of individuals who suddenly speak to having a realization. Most realizations come from OBJECTIVITY. Surprisingly, Objectivity fosters Empathy. Objectivity allows for one to see oneself relative to another thing or person, and vice versa. The Overleaves in place for this year are the Overleaves with which most of humanity determined as the fastest and most definitive route toward the greatest probabilities. CREATIVITY, ACTION, FREEDOM, CLARITY, and OBJECTIVITY. What we have described above is quite broad and even vague, but that is because it is just that. We do not know the direction this will go and this will be one of the years in which the patterns we see have the most surprising and spontaneous shifts away from what we thought would come. We do know that this pivotal year and pivotal Century are all about SOCIAL EQUALITY. On the most metaphysical and subatomic levels of humanity and reality, the aim is for reality to be SHARED, not COMPARED, for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars. We will leave you with this rather broad and open look at the State of the Planet for 2019 because for all of its mystery and intrigue or ominous and concerned tone, it is fairly simple: Humanity is waking up again in a new way in a new time with new power on a new scale. ***FLOOR IS NOW OPEN FOR QUESTIONS*** Uma: Michael, last January 17, you said that impeachment/indictment for fuckface was between 56-58%. Does this still stand? or now that there is a Democrat majority in the House, has the probability increased? Does impeachment still appear to be the more likely? And what is the probability for indictment for his family? Ivanka? Don Jr? Jared? After that lofty session, I'm still here in the weeds of all this and hoping we are on a good trajectory. MEntity: Probability for Impeachment is around 70% but probability for re-election is at 3% so there is a range of options here that will work across the board in halting the influence and power of this tyrannical individual. Probability of indictment for the individuals listed are at 78%. This is a most unpredictable year and time, in general, on top of the usual unpredictability, but we give you the numbers we see. Uma: Great! Thank you! NEXT Daniela: Hi Michael. In July 2017 I asked you about the Putin/Trump Pentagon Configuration. You said the Configuration's Task is Global Unification and you identified the positions as: Daniela: Position 1--Love-- Steve Bannon Daniela: Position 2-- Knowledge-- lesser-known or unknown Sage close to Putin Daniela: Position 3-- Power-- Putin Daniela: Position 4--Support-- Donald Jr. Daniela: Position 5-- Revolutionary/Eccentric-- Trump Daniela: Can you speak to how the Configuration has fared over the last 18 months? For example, has it stabilized or is it still highly volatile? Have any of the positions been vacated and filled by others? MEntity: The Configuration is still intact but more volatile. Positions remained filled by the same individuals. Death of one member involved here will be the end of this Configuration for the lifetiime. NEXT SusanF: Michael, Are there any specific arcs of experience, from the planet perspective will likely come to close during this year? And are there specific new arcs being initiated ? How long are those arcs? MEntity: Organized religion has come to a close. It will not disappear, but that arc of influence and status that shaped the world is over. There will be transition, but it is over. Oppression as a form of power is over. This may not seem possible, but it is over. Oppression will always exist in some form in some relationships, but not as a global form of power. Again, this will require transition and it will not disappear, but it is over. Prosperity inequality is over. Again, this may seem absurd, but we are speaking in terms of massive arcs coming to a close because they will not work. The practical implementation and stable reality around this shift away from these arcs would likely not be seen as fully anchored until around 2050. But you are alive in a time that is a part of the ending of those arcs. As for new arcs, we would say that SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is locked in as an arc that would shape the world for centuries to come. This started with "political correctness" and grand experiments in "social media" and exploded in social justice and moves rapidly toward such things as resource-based economy. We can explore the ending and beginning of arcs in further detail in more exchanges over 2019. NEXT DianeHB: From Tex: I worry about the gap between the current economic system and the resource-based economy. I worry about the confusion and instability. What are our probabilities for transitioning from one economy to the other? MEntity: From what we have seen, this begins to shift in small, closed communities first, then cities, then states, then countries. The transition is slow at first and requires a great period of time for true verification of its promise, but comes far more naturally than expected. The results are quite appealing and desirable which makes it easier to propagate, and the systems we have seen are scalable and interlockable, so to speak, so that larger communities and cities have an easier time of implementing. If this were to be implemented now, it would be shunned and even ignored, and in fact that has been the case, but presentation and attempts for implementation in 5 to 20 years comes to a new generation where social responsibility is fully understood and considered a valuable direction. DianeHB: Tex says thanks MEntity: We will have much more to say over 2019 regarding pivotal events and energies. We are quite excited, though in our own way. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Ok but I love this so much!! Honestly, I've never been much good with online forums for whatever reason! I'm probably going to be (and already have been) more vocal on a platform like discord . Y'all nerds should check it out!
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    I was raised as an Atheist, but gave it up when things happened during my teen years that made me more philosophical and less satisfied with a purely materialistic view on reality. I have to agree with @Christian, there is a definite sense of dogma that comes along with Atheism that makes it more like a religion in some senses than an open philosophy. Many things have happened since that have opened my mind up to a more spiritual understanding of the universe and I have essentially outgrown Atheism as I knew it and doubt I could ever return, even if I entertained the idea.
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    OMG ANOTHER place to shitpost and get attention? Troy, you spoil me, truly.
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    "On the most metaphysical and subatomic levels of humanity and reality, the aim is for reality to be SHARED, not COMPARED, for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars." I came across this song recently which made me think of how beautiful our Universe is and how much we have to look forward to in our launch to the stars.
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    I'm gonna post a few things here that I talked about in the chat: 1. Realism is all about what IS real. It is a philosophy based in seeing whatever is presented to you, or appears to be as TRUE. The difference between Subjectivity and Objectivity though, is how much the Realist is invested in & defined by what they have determined is true. Subjectivity can go one of two ways. The first is where the Realist believes that the only thing that is real is how they feel/think, so they become defensive and justifying of their perceptions, while believing no one gets or can get them. The second is where the Realist believes that they (or another) are taking things too personally, and tries to distance from and dismiss that wrong/uncomfortable feeling to keep things from getting too real- so instead they allow themselves and others to just become things that things happen to, because "it is what it is". This Realist does not acknowledge the value and meaning of their experience, thinking it must be less real than what happens outside of them. The Objective Realist does not get caught up in what is more or less real. They know that everything they and anyone else feels, thinks or does is real simply by the fact that it was experienced. It is all a part of the same reality, and a part of the same universe. Every dream, fantasy, illusion, fear, lie is just as real in its validity as what we see with our physical eyes and ears. This Realist emphasizes the validity and legitimacy of what one is experiencing because it IS REAL. However, the Objective Realist prioritizes truths based in how sensible, appropriate, necessary, honest etc. they are. They are impartial in their perceptions and do not get caught up in feelings of what is true, but rely on truths that have proven to be trustworthy and reliable sources to act upon. This Realist sees all interpretations alongside each other, listening to them and making choices from there. So if any of you start feeling consumed by the overwhelming feelings of what is happening, remember that your feelings ARE VALID, but they are not the only truth. There is more to see beyond just your perceptions and experiences and reactions. 2. Regarding the trends of SOCIAL EQUALITY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & the end of patterns involving ORGANIZED RELIGION, OPPRESSION and PROSPERITY INEQUALITY: The 21st Century contains THE MOST PIVOTAL choices we have ever had to make as a species within such a short 100 year time frame. Let me go over everything set to occur in the 21st Century that the Ms have mentioned and more: Turning Points in ENERGY SOURCING (renewable energy), ENERGY CONSUMPTION (consequential consideration and adjustment), WASTE MANAGEMENT (recyclable/biodegradable packaging and organisms that breakdown waste), CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT (climate change proactivity & disaster aid), INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (info glut and transparency), SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE (Being Involved) and DIET (Flexitarianism and Veganism). Shifts towards PROSUMERISM over Consumerism; RENEWABLE, FREE ENERGY over Fossil Fuel Supplies; RAPID SPACE EXPLORATION (once we learn to take care of the Earth) and a RESOURCE-BASED ECONOMY over a Debt-Based Economy. Breakthrough Realizations of our Global Oneness as Humanity through one or more of the following: CLIMATE/ENVIRONMENTAL CRISES; WIDE-SCALE POWER OUTAGES (of any source of energy we use); WAR; ET CONTACT/REVELATION/INTERVENTION; and/or a CRISIS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Strong Focus on overhauling issues involving ECONOMIC STANDARDS; FOOD SOURCES & SYSTEMS; CUSTODIAL ENVIRONMENTALISM; POLITICAL FACTIONS; and PRIVACY CONCERNS. Particularly from the following nations: United States, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan and Japan. --- In Relationships: shifting from Detrimental Comparisons to INCLUSIVE SHARING, and shifting from Co-Dependency to CO-CREATION. In Perspective: shifting from thinking we live Separate Lives that have no affect on each other, to BEING A PART OF OUR LIFE; and shifting from Organized/Oppressive Belief Systems towards FLEXIBLE PERSONALIZED SPIRITUALITY that is intertwined, enriching of and grounded with our physical existence (as in: not about ascension, recruitment or proselytization). The implementation of AUGMENTED & VIRTUAL REALITY (which will drastically reduce the amount of stuff we need to make); LOCALIZED 3D PRINTING (which will mean everyone can make what they physically want/need at the touch of a button); and a complete AUTOMATION REVOLUTION in the next 40 years (which will render much of our labour (hard work) and computation-based workforce out of jobs in the name of better worker conditions and basic production efficiency.) All of this will require that Capitalism shift into DEMOCRACY. It will also lead to the end of needing Money, because with everyone capable of having what they want and need, we will need no corporation to privatize resources we have to pay for. It will just be available if it is plentiful. Any Corporation that does exist will create quality of life resources, products and services for the sake of contributing to the well-being of all that do and don't purchase their products. This means young soul nations like China and Brazil will not compete based on Rugged Individualism but based on creating the most/best SOCIAL BENEFIT. The key to all of this is to find something you love to do that benefits the world, and then actually DO THAT. No Change above will come, if we don't do something to implement the ideals and values of a Mature Soul Paradigm. Based on my explorations of how a species evolves through the Soul Ages, it seems to be that by the time the species collectively reaches Mature Level 2 and 3, any concept of privilege, debt, exclusivity, standardization etc. is replaced and updated by those of accessibility, sharing and inclusion. By the time we reach that point, everyone will be able to have and create what they physically need and want, without forced conditions, inheritances and artificial scarcity. If the 21st Century is this revolutionary, then we will likely enter 2nd Level Mature by a fair margin by the end of this century. For a personality, the 2nd Level is all about comparing young soul values and mature soul values- and so it is for a collective.
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    OMW - Jul 21, 2012 - Personal Cycles of Life MEntity Channel: Troy Tolley Began 9:56 AM 7/21/2012; Ended 2:37 PM 7/21/2012 (Approx. 4-1/2 hours) The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan. [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin with a discussion about the nature of cycles and the potential benefit of understanding these. In every Universe, Planetary System, Planet, and its various life forms, there are cycles in effect that affect all who are a part of that dynamic. Many of these are obvious and observable, and many are on such vast or minute scales they are either missed, or nearly impossible to be concerned with from the Personality's point of view. Today we will discuss with you as many of the cycles that are relevant to the Personality as we can thoroughly discuss. The cycles of relevance tend to develop systems around them as a means to help measure them and track them, such as Astrology and Numerology, which are both valid systems for such things, when applied in legitimate ways. We will not go into the effects or measurements of such cycles that are most obvious, such as the hours of a day, seasons, lunar, etc., except in how they may apply to the cycles of relevance we will discuss. It is not that these more mundane cycles are not relevant, but that they are more useful as markers than as having actual effects. They are more reflective, than causative. There are 12 Cycles of Relevance, as we will call them for now, that may be of use to each Personality for understanding the cycles of his or her life. These are not predictive cycles, in terms of telling you what to expect in detail, but can be predictive in terms of their emphasis. Considering these as predictive only of emphasis in context is a more useful way of understanding these. For example, you know what time tomorrow will come, and that it indicates a new day, and that these days can be measured, mapped out, and counted on, but you cannot predict what each day will contain. To start, we will look at the most intimate of the Cycles: your Relationship Cycles, Comprehension Cycles, and your Life Plan Cycles. Relationship Cycles (Astrology and M/F Energies) Relationship Cycles are often run by your Male/Female, or Focused/Creative Cycles as measured by the ratio of "male to female" energy in your Essence as it is then reflected more mundanely in the Body. Bodies without Essence are either 100% Male/Focused Energy or 100% Female/Creative Energy. As Essence moves through a Body, the body shifts in dynamic to reflect the ratio inherent in the design of your Essence. Until the 2nd Internal Monad is completed, the Body tends to hold its emphasis relative to the gender of the body. After that, the ratio shifts to reflect Essence. Once the hormonal wash that often accompanies the 3rd Internal Monad is activated, then the Relationship Cycles, or M/F Energy Cycles are in effect. Regardless of your Male/Female Energy Ratio, your Relationships will tend to play out the cycles of both Energies, and because your Bodies are directly involved with relating, the body tends to reflect those cycles in fairly tangible terms. Before we elaborate, we will point out here, as an important aside, that there are 3 measurements of cycles that tend to be the most relevant and meaningful, at least in our system. These are measurements, or counts, of 7, 9, and 12. Measurements, or counts, of 7 are relative to Propulsion Cycles, or Evolutionary Cycles. It is a propelling force. Measurements, or counts, of 9 are relative to Completion Cycles, or Wholeness Cycles. Measurements, or counts, of 12 are relative to Expansion Cycles, or Empowerment Cycles. So in terms of your Male/Female Energy, both of these are in effect through your body, regardless of gender. Your Female/Creative Energy works in cycles of 28 days, divided into two cycles of 14 days, with the first cycle being an Inspirational/Emotional Cycle, and the second cycle being an Expressive/Intellectual Cycle. If one has a female body, this can often be measured in terms of the cycles of ovulation and menstruation. If one has a male body, this can be more difficult to measure, but can most often be measured in terms of "mood," as the Expressive/Intellectual Cycle can tend to be the most telling for both genders, as both will either be comfortable in their skin and social during that cycle, or "bitchy," sensitive, and reactionary during that cycle. The more moody and sensitive the Intellectual/Expressive Cycle, the more that individual is working through honesty and trust issues with the self or with others, and finding the voice for that. The stereotypical woman "PMS'ing" is an example of this, as the Intellectual/Expressive kicks into high gear for "getting out" what normally does not get a voice. Men do the same thing. Two weeks of every 28 days during these Creative/Female Cycles helps to relieve the body and the Personality of restrictions on otherwise suppressed feelings, thoughts, words, etc. [Bobby] Does the indicator you gave me, Transiting Moon opposite Natal Sun, match this 14 day period? [MEntity] Not necessarily, Bobby, but may be an indication for various individuals. Though these cycles are valid in terms of measuring by days, they can tend to fluctuate for various reasons, and some "weeks" may be shorter than others, or some cycles may go longer than normal, etc. For most, the cycles are most simply noted by when you notice you are inspired vs when you are suddenly moody "for no reason." The Male/Focused side of the cycle of one's Energy Ratio moves in cycles of 54 days, divided into 3 sub-cycles of 18 days each. Those sub-cycles are an Action Cycle, Expressive Cycle, and Inspirational Cycle. These sub-cycles can be most notably observed by their corresponding names, in that the Action cycle is quite active, sexual, aggressive, more outward in focus, and the Expressive Cycle is more thoughtful, communicative, expressive, and the Inspirational cycle is sleepier, more introspective. These two cycles, and their sub-cycles, are both moving through you at different paces, so that the mix and match of energies is constantly in flux. Combine this with the mix and match of others around you, and there is a great dance of energies happening among you at any moment. This adds a great amount of variation and variety to all forms of relating, and thus this is why we refer to this as your Relationship Cycle. Male/Female Energy Ratio describes how one navigates the life in terms of seeking balance, and this applies to relationships, as well. Depending upon where you are in your cycles, this tends to bring in a balancing set of cycles from others, or similar cycles. Taking responsibility for where you are in your own cycles can help you to relieve others of the responsibility for balancing you out. However, it can also help you to allow others to be in your life as a way to help you balance those out. Regardless of gender, if your ratio is higher on one side than the other by more than 65, then you may tend to relate more, and require balance more, in regard to that cycle. It may also be the side of the Ratio that is most easily revealed to you in observation. So if you are in a male body with higher female energy, you may actually sense your cycles of inspiration vs expression even more obviously than your male cycles of action, expression, and inspiration. Keep in mind that the expression and inspiration cycles overlap in terms for male and female energy, but their implementations are quite different. The male expression and inspiration cycles will be about structure, planning, and all other "focused" qualities, while the female expression and inspiration cycles are far more fluid, open, unstructured, and "creative" in quality. We realize this is a great deal of daunting information and we are only on the first of cycles to consider, but each will progressively require less detail, and we will continue to increase in speed of delivery. To help make the information we have shared so far useful, here is a quick synopsis of what to do: If you are female, make note of your ovulation/menstruation cycles. This can help you map your Creative Energy cycles. If you no longer ovulate or menstruate, or if you are in a male body, you can make note of when you feel the most inspired, with ideas flowing, and visions upheld, and increases in dream lucidity for when you are in the Inspirational cycle of the Creative Energy. You can also note when your mood turns in a noticeable way toward being sharper, more sensitive, brooding, or "moody," mind racing, and a sense of "facing or saying the truth" (even as it may be completely inaccurate), which may indicate the Expressive Cycle. Both of these cycles tend to be about one's mood, so keeping an eye on those distinct patterns can be helpful. Are you in the mood to construct, or in the mood to deconstruct, may be the easiest question to ask in mapping this. If you are male, you can map your male cycles by noting when you find your scent to increase, your sexual urges are amped up, and your distraction with attraction is obvious. This would mean you may be in your Action Cycle. Mapping from there could be fairly easy. This is also the easiest way for those in a female body to note where they are in a male cycle. As it is distinctly "male." Those with high male energy, whether in male or female bodies, may find it easier to note when they shift into sleep mode, introspective and maybe even escapist. This would be the male cycle of Inspiration. We know that these may be difficult to discern, but once one has found a mark, the rest is "just math." From there, you can actually mark your calendars for a general mapping of your cycles so that you will know the most sensitive spans of time, the most aggressive, the most exhausting, etc. This is an amazing way to get to know your body in a way that you may never have paid attention to before. How you feel in your body affects your relationships. Understanding the cycles that affect how you feel in your body, then, can help you to understand your relationship patterns. You cannot map everyone's cycles around you, and you do not have to do so in order to gain understanding. Giving yourself permission and understanding when you are in a cycle that is prompting you to be introspective, sensitive, and expressive helps you to keep from blaming others for your mood, your feelings, etc. It also frees you from expecting others to understand you when you have not done the work of understanding yourself. This, in turn, helps you to not blame others for their moods, processes, and states because you now understand that there are cycles involved that are beyond the control of the individual, except in how one understands and manages these. Offering understanding and insight when someone is in a rough cycle can be much more beneficial than offering disgust and anger. For those working on relationships of any kind, whether in a project, or in a marriage, this first, most-basic Cycle of Relevance can save the day, when it is understood. Noting these on your own is the most efficient means of getting into the accuracy of the cycles, but if one wishes to compare this to Lunar and Martial Transits, there may be a pattern unique to you that helps map these cycles. Lunar being relative to Creative/Female Cycles, and Martial being relative to Focused/Male Cycles. The patterns these make in Astrology are not on the same scales of measurement as the cycles of the energies, but you may still find some correlation that is useful. Before we move on to the next Cycles of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions. [Bobby] what exactly is it about any planet that matches these energies.. I know it isn't gravity [Bobby] if the answer for this is too long, just say so and we can come back to that another day ? [MEntity] The use of planets in Astrology is purely symbolic and relative to the developing Sentience and its exposure to, or awareness of, a planetary system. The planets are reflective of cycles in the psyche, bodies, etc., but are not causative. For instance, Mars Retrograde does not cause electronics to break down, or communications to falter, but, instead, reflects when the psyche is more attuned to, and affected by, those areas already weakened in that context. Think of the planets as various flashlights. In the same way that they reflect light in the sky as relative to your perspective, they also reflect patterns back as relative to your perspective. [GeraldineB] Are biorhythm charts a good way to monitor these particular cycles? [MEntity] If one wants to use a biorhythmic calculator for monitoring cycles, it is a good idea to do so, but only if there are calibrations made for what you observe vs what is calculated. For example, you may find that when the calculator reads that your Inspirational/Emotional cycle is critical, that is when you feel the most inspired. Noting this, you can then translate the calculator to accommodate your cycle in a more meaningful way. One would need to watch the calculator vs personal observation for at least 3 months to see what patterns are in need of translation. [GeraldineB] if they don't volunteer -- you said you'd biorhythms in more detail (but I see their cycles are completely different, too, other than the one 28 day) [MEntity] As for biorhythms: these can be used in the same was as Astrology. There are distinct measurements already locked into the patterns of biorhythms, as in Astrology, and therefore some pattern correlations may be found if observed long enough. In the same way that you can measure your M/F Energy cycles in a scale of weeks and not hours, it may take some larger arcs of observation to see the correlations that can be measured by these other systems. Biorhythms will come in handy for monitoring another Cycle of Relevance coming up (Comprehension Cycle -- see next topic) [Maureen] This is all very interesting Michael [MEntity] As we discuss each Cycle, we will mention any correlating system that is most relevant and helpful for monitoring that Cycle. Comprehension Cycle (Frequency and Biorhythm-like) Next up is your Comprehension Cycle. This is directly related to your Frequency. This is not an easy pattern to map, but a pattern that is easy to observe in effect. This oscillation not only describes how Essence processes experiences, but also describes how this is reflected in how the brain gathers, processes, and archives experiences. In fact, all of which we are describing to you, in terms of Cycles of Relevance, is reflected in some circles of known Physics by the term "oscillation." For example, the Relationship Cycle and all of its breakdown between Male and Female Cycles is what might be explored further as a "coupled oscillation," whereas the Frequency is a "harmonic oscillation." And then there are "driven oscillations," which we can correlate to other Cycles. The Frequency describes one's rate of comprehension. It does not describe one's capacity for comprehension, simply the rate of comprehension. This is the rate of speed through which one converts experience into knowledge. Understanding one's rate of comprehension, or Frequency, can help one to free the self and others from forcing comprehension when it simply cannot come faster than expected. To understand this spectrum of Frequency, we will describe the more obvious extremes of high and low, first. A higher frequency Essence and fragment will tend to be similar to one collecting shiniest objects of experience, first. They can collect many, and this contributes to a wide range of knowledge, as they have collected from so many directions. However, to thoroughly comprehend a single experience, it must be returned to, over and over, working through the "duller" levels, until there is comprehension. Each level uncovered is like a level being brought into the light (shiny enough). A higher frequency person might be similar to one who notices the beauty of the light reflecting off of the bumpers of several cars, and comprehending in a flash that these vehicles are truly beautiful, before realizing they are standing in the middle of traffic about be run over. Their cycles are fast, but brief, and broad. They may be "run over" several times before comprehending all that is involved with crossing a street. This does not make them slow learners. Learning and comprehending are not the same things here. Collecting experiences that contribute to wisdom is Comprehension here. Because experience can tend to have many layers for comprehension, having a higher frequency or rate of comprehension can help to gather a great many experiences at once. When one has a lower rate of comprehension, or lower frequency, it means that one is more likely to focus on one experience, and all of its layers, before moving on to other experiences. This might be similar to the person standing at the edge of a street of traffic "forever" before actually crossing the street. But when they do, they will probably not be hit by a car. They notice all of the shiny, but also the rubber, the pavement, the patterns of driving, stopping, etc. Each layer is thoroughly taken in AND THEN put together at once as Comprehension. Once there is Comprehension for a lower frequency, it is fairly complete in the explorations of layers. However, it can take a long time for that movement through layers to finally come into a state that allows for comprehension. [Maureen] Michael -- being at mid-range -- I feel like I'm all over the map -- it's mess some days. Sometimes I get hit by cars -- sometimes I don't. ...and I like to play in traffic. [MEntity] So while the higher frequency may be run over a lot more, he is crossing a lot of roads along the way. And while the lower frequency may be stuck at the side of a road for a long time, he may never find he is run over. These metaphors are crude, but helpful. Another way to understand this is to think of how one might work through an onion. The higher frequency will slice off what it needs and eat the sandwich into which he intends that slice to go. The lower frequency may peel the onion, layer by layer, working through blinding tears, so that the entire onion can be used in its soup. Those in the mid-range will tend to lean in whatever direction is most natural for the experience. The Frequency, or Comprehension Cycles, are basically Cycles that be described as those of Distraction (higher), Interaction (mid), and Attention/Extraction (lower.) Those who are Distracted gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Those who are Interactive (able to pivot more easily between Distraction and Extraction) tend to gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Those who are Extractive, tend to gain experiences by paying attention, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Societies tend to move in these cycles of comprehension, as well, relative to the dominant Frequency of that culture. For instance, much of the occidental world is in a Distraction cycle, so a great deal of its comprehension is gained through distracting avenues (reality tv, twitter, social media, abbreviations, etc.) Understanding these variations in Cycles of Comprehension can bring great relief to the individual and groups aiming for collecting experiences for wisdom. Those who are autistic or "ADHD" or "ADD" tend to have higher Frequencies, for example. Before we move on to the next Cycle of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions on Frequency and the Comprehension Cycle. [GeraldineB] No, I think I "get it" at this point -- may have followups in the future [Maureen] I just realized that mid-range is a really great frequency to have as a therapist Michael -- Thanks! [GeraldineB] I'm mid-range, too (55) I think -- anyway it helps to keep me balanced [GeraldineB] it's when I get Passion as a Mode that I go nutso ? [Maureen] LOL -- me too! [Maureen] I guess [MEntity] This is why there is such a limit within the range of your Frequency point, because there is really no altering one's rate of comprehension. It is not necessary for everyone to be at the same rate of comprehension, or sharing the same Cycles of Comprehension, but there will always be a necessity for understanding and bridging the differences. [Martha] I'm 40 but love social media and I multitask a lot [MEntity] If our symptoms of Frequency are out of synch with your experiences, we would suggest looking at your Frequency point again. It may be incorrect. [Martha] Troy got 40, Jose Stevens got 30 [MEntity] We think you are hit by cars much more than you remain standing by the road, if you will. [Martha] maybe it's 6th being level? [Martha] being 6th* [Maureen] What is Martha's Frequency then? [GeraldineB] I dunno -- I think Martha is extra careful due to an even higher frequency child [Martha] she's 78 [Maureen] Your daughter doesn't make you "multi-task" and like FB Martha! [MEntity] If you relate more to the higher frequency symptoms, we would suggest a correction of Frequency. [GeraldineB] well, what frequency do you see for her, Michael? [Martha] no she doesn't, Maureen ? Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology) [MEntity] Next up is the Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans. We will look at that for her if that is requested, but for now we would suggest a process of validation, first. If the information here is cause for correction, Martha will probably know. [Martha] I feel like I process big stuff slowly but can handle lots of things going on all the time [Martha] I don't know if that make sense to anyone ? [MEntity] Her mid-range is not unbelievable to us. [GeraldineB] maybe she IS a 40 but functions closer to 55-60 to cope with others [MEntity] That is correct. [Martha] may be why I need to get away from people regularly ? [Maureen] my Sage sister is at 80 -- and she's like that Martha [MEntity] The Cycle of Life Plans is fairly easy to map and to measure, and has a direct correlation to Numerology. This is one of the few Cycles that has such a direct means of measuring and mapping of it. Every life moves in cycles of completion, which are mapped in cycles of 9. However, this is not the case of the first year of life counting as a first count of 9. Instead, one would use Numerology to calculate his or her "Life Path Number" as an indication of where in the cycle one has entered into this incarnation. Using the known birthday and year is enough. It is not necessary for this to be accurate to an actual birthday, if that is not known, such as in adoption. It is the adopting of the birthday and year that is significant here. This calculation is probably familiar to most of our students as adding all of the numbers of your birth month, day, and year, and then continuing to reduce those numbers by addition until there is a single number. Using Troy as an example, with January 20, 1968, this would be 0+1+2+0+1+9+6+8 = 27, 2+7=9. Using the interpretations already set in Numerology, one can get a sense of what Essence was planning for this current lifetime, and where in its cycles of exploration it might be. To understand where you are within that greater context, then one would use the month and day of birth, added to the current year. So for Troy this would be 0+1+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 8. [GeraldineB] Michael -- since my adoption was completed when I was 7 years old -- and I can't remember the date, what would I use? [GeraldineB] just the current extrapolation based on Day/Month/current year? [MEntity] We suggest using whatever you have been using as your birth day, month, and year overall, since having to choose one. [GeraldineB] ok [MEntity] What we are doing here will be applied to a different Cycle we will describe in a moment, but doing both now is helpful. Troy, then, would be described as having a Life Path Number of 9, but is in an "8 year" of his Cycle of Life Plans. We invite each of you to share your results, as well. [Maureen] I'm a birth 6 in a 10 or a 1 year [Maureen] does the 10 become a 1? [MEntity] Always reduce to a single digit. [GeraldineB] apparently, I am 5 birth and 2 current [GeraldineB] and both Martha and Diane had to leave [Maureen] Is there any significance to being a Priest and having a 6 Lifetime? [Maureen] Or being a Sage and having a 5 Lifetime? [MEntity] Maureen, no, because you will also have every other number as a reference over your incarnations. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] sorta like Astrology -- you're probably never gonna duplicate any birth chart again [MEntity] What matters here, for now, is your number as it reflects your Cycle of Life Plans, or "personal year" number in Numerology. [Maureen] OK [MEntity] This Cycle is based on cycles of completion regarding themes, and anything related to those themes. These themes are described by the overall Life Plan/Path Number. Exploring the interpretation of your Life Path Number in Numerology, and where you are in your Cycle of Life Plans, can shed great light on the layers of themes being explored within the lifetime. In terms of where one might be in a Cycle of Life Plans, the numbers might be easily referenced as: 1 = Initiations/Beginnings; 2 = Cooperations/Nurturing; 3 = Productions/Expansions; 4 = Focus/Troubleshooting; 5 = Respite/Playtime; 6 = Intimacy/Resonance; 7 = Analysis/Learning; 8 = Empowerment/Harvesting; 9 = Reflection/Closure. These keywords are suggestions, but you may find other interpretations that resonate more. [GeraldineB] And this would be for the birth number? [MEntity] These keywords, then would be used to describe where you may be in your exploration of the theme described by your Life Path number. [Maureen] would concurrents be a different Life Plan number -- or the same? Aren't they usually the same Theme? [GeraldineB] yea -- I'm on a theme with my concurrents -- Revelation [Maureen] would the numbers also describe your Life Plan number? [MEntity] In answer to Geraldine: Life Path Number = MM+DD+YYYY of birth; Cycle of Life Plans = MM+DD (of birth) + current year YYYY [GeraldineB] ok -- that clarified it [MEntity] In response to Maureen: Concurrents may share a Life Path Number, regardless of when each was born, as the math would be what matters, not the numbers, but where one is in the Cycle of Life Plans might be different. [Maureen] I can see that [MEntity] There is no consistency that we can see in terms of those being the same across concurrents, though. [Maureen] so the same "theme" would be expressed through the Life Path Number -- but the different experiences would be collected for Essence through different Cycles of Life (i.e. what number year you are in)? [MEntity] The keywords we used above are relative to the shorter cycles within the Life Plans, but are not fair to the greater arc of the actual Life Plan. So being in an 8 year has a different context than being in an 8 lifetime. Think of the year number as the Casting and the "Role" as the Life Plan/Path number. Troy, then, would be described as being in an 8-Cast Year for a 9 Lifetime. This is yet another crude way of explaining, but it works for now. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] I cannot validate that my "Life Plan" number of 5 (Respite/Playtime) resonates at all with how my life has gone [MEntity] We suggest that you look up "personal year number" vs "Life Path number" when exploring your numbers here. [Maureen] OK - Thanks [MEntity] Geraldine, that is our point. A 5 year is very different from a 5 lifetime. [GeraldineB] I'd have to look closely at the 2 (Current) -- it seems a lot softer than I am (but I've got to look at it in context of my now Personality) [MEntity] We will help each of you in this for now: Give to us your Life Path Number (based on your entire birth date) and your Personal Year Number (based on your month and day added to current year). We already described the numbers as part of the Cycles of Life Plans (based on current year), but we will now describe the Life Path Numbers (based on birth year): [Maureen] Life Plan Number: 6, Personal Year Number: 2 [Maureen] Correction: Personal Year Number: 1 [GeraldineB] lol -- ok there we go again -- Life Plan Number 5 [MEntity] LIFE PLAN/PATH NUMBER THEME KEYWORDS suggested are: 1 = INDEPENDENCE/STRENGTH; 2 = INTIMACY/SHARING/PARTNERSHIPS; 3 = CREATIVITY/SOCIALIZING; 4 = GROUNDING/STABILITY/ENDURANCE; 5 = CONSTANT CHANGE/FLEXIBILITY/EXPANSION; 6 = HARMONY/PEACE/HEALING; 7 = SEARCHING/CURIOSITY/OBSERVATION; 8 = HAVING/LEADING/CONFIDENCE; 9 = ABUNDANCE/HUMANITARIANISM/HIGHER PURPOSE [Maureen] That is great Michael! [GeraldineB] that actually resonates [MEntity] Comparing these simplistic keywords between the Path Number and Year Number may help validate, but exploring each further in the context of Numerology can help expand upon that, then. Taking the numbers you offered: if Geraldine is in a 5 Lifetime, then the themes would be around Change/Flexibility and Expansion, but if she is in a 2 year, then it would mean that that greater theme is now being explored through having to work in Cooperation and using Nurturing. [GeraldineB] good, that makes sense for me [MEntity] This means that approximately every 9 years, the theme of 2 = Cooperation and Nurturing repeats itself in a new layer of the Life Path of Constant Change/Flexibility/Expansion. Maureen would be in a 1 cycle of new beginnings and initiations aimed at helping further explore her themes of Healing/Peace/Harmony. Keep in mind that we are referring to a completely different system from our own, but it works here in understanding this Cycle of Life Plans. [Maureen] that makes sense for me as well Michael [MEntity] We might more accurately describe these numbers, then, as Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans. Again, the only number relevant to the Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans is the "year number" based on the current year. The Life Plan number (based on birth year) is a part of a greater cycle we will describe in a moment. [GeraldineB] Is it possible to have a quick answer as to why someone like Holmes, the man who just killed 12 people and wounded 56 others would deviate so far from any of these descriptions? [GeraldineB] These would appear to be purely "positive pole" [MEntity] In response to the question regarding "negative" lifetimes, it would be correct to assess that these are more neutral, or aspiring, themes, but each can fall into negative states. A 5 Life Plan can bring great growth, expansion and flexibility for the individual, but can also fall into wreaking havoc, chaos, and suffering upon others. The craving for stimulation either attracts the constant change, or imposes it. We will not go into all of the negative states, as this is thoroughly covered in competent Numerology texts. REMAINING CYCLES As we have gone extensively beyond the time frame of this workshop, we will describe the remaining cycles briefly. The three cycles we already described are the most-immediately useful, with tangible references and impact, if you choose to understand and map them. Those first three cycles describe patterns that emerge as a result of what Essence infused into the life before "you" were born, and how those emerge. You will always have a choice in how those play out, regardless of their repetitive emergences. We realize, however, that it would not be useful to add on the remaining cycles, but to leave this exchange with the focus on the three that have been discussed. We will cover the remaining in another way through this channel. The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan. The next tiers are the: CYCLES OF EXPANSION, which include one's Cycles of Learning/Resistance; Cycles of Harmony/Discord; and Cycles of Creativity/Destruction; CYCLES OF PURPOSE, which are Cycles of Humor, Cycles of Discipline, and Cycles of Focus; and finally CYCLES OF DISCOVERY, which are Cycles of Healing, Cycles of Surrender, and Cycles of Acceleration. (Note: Since this session went 4-1/2 hours, Michael and Troy decided that the other Cycles will have to be done at some future time. Maureen and I have already discussed it with Troy -- hopefully, we'll be setting up another session in August that isn't an OMW, but will continue with this Cycle information. glb)
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    In a recent session, Michael stated that the Holocaust traumatized humanity in ways they said they have not yet begun to explore with us. They also said that NOW is when it is coming back to be addressed. I would really love to see this as a dedicated topic. Just give me a heads-up if you decide to do it, so I can plan to be home for it! Thanks!
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    I now have some Profile information on Meghan and Harry and they are Cadre Mates!! MEGHAN = 1st Level Old Priest-Cast Sage. from Cadre 8, Entity 4; HARRY = 7th Level Mature Sage-Cast Artisan from Cadre 8, Entity 1.
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    "The study of infinity is much more than a dry, academic game. The intellectual pursuit of the Absolute Infinite is, as Georg Cantor realized, a form of the soul's quest for God. Whether or not the goal is ever reached, an awareness of the process brings enlightenment. INFINITY AND THE MIND has been written with the average person in mind." -- from the introduction. Infinity and the Mind is a book by Rudy Rucker written in the early eighties, 350 pages, paperback. It is one of my favorite mathematics books, influential. Yes, it is mind-blowing. There are levels and types of infinity.
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    @Cong -- Perhaps there is something to that article. I was surprised to see the 4th Chakra shown on the map as 'Glastonbury and Shaftesbury' (though the text refers to it as Stonehenge). Here's what Michael said to me that made me begin to investigate a trip to England in the first place: MEntity: You may seek exploring the nature and history of Glastonbury and Shaftesbury of England for the simple surge of delight in the Heart Center. I find it interesting that these two places would be mentioned in two different contexts in connection with the Heart Center/Chakra.
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    http://foreverconscious.com/chakras-earth-ley-lines have you seen this article? It specifically listed the 7 chakras' location. Although some of them seem cliche, they do make sense to me. I will say I am indeed drawn to a few of the locations mentioned and had made trips there. Mt Kailas being one. It's quite difficult to get to but totally worth it. Words cannot describe how mysterious beautiful and sacred the place is.
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    @Terri Benning -- Actually I only posted this today because this is the topic suggestion forum and I'm suggesting this topic for a future session. At the end of this 2012 segment on ley lines, Michael said "We have more to say on this subject, of course." No big surprise, since they say that a lot. But there have been a few sessions lately - primarily around the topic of Stonehenge -- that made me search for what Michael already had said about ley lines, and I realized that it is maybe a deeper topic than previously thought.
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    I've thought about this, too. They said, "We have more to say, of course." Unless there is something specific which jumps out at us, we could simply ask them to 'say more'. The topic seems to need some more unpacking before we can start polishing.
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    She sounds like more trouble than she's worth. Easy to say from my cushy seat in the peanut gallery, I know. But if you, the 'boss' in this scenario, need to go to such lengths to accommodate her personality...well, is she really worth the trouble? Is she that integral to the morale of the company? The most you can do is remain patient and avoid allowing your own feelings to amplify the situation if you want to keep her, or set some boundaries and cut her loose if she continues to cross them. You're a very kind employer, I think, to allow her such leeway. But if she keeps dragging the company down, you'll need to make a hard choice.
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    Negative poles in goals start to show up in the body as blockages of energy leading to frustration. I've noticed those in Acceptance around me feel the most defeated and frustrated when their efforts to be liked or likable aren't working. It's hard to communicate with them because they're so bent on being accepted and accepting; they want to be, but they constantly find reasons for why they or others are not or can't. They often deal more with what they don't accept by forcing themselves to accept, than actually genuinely accepting. It sounds like she might fear change, worthlessness and inadequacy, but who knows?? Anyways since I have family members with this goal, reassurance, openness, gratitude for their help/support, recognition of their efforts, and honesty have always been vital. Sometimes they get so angry and defensive, blaming everyone and everything and themselves to compact their own guilt. I have to focus then on composure, communication and de-escalation. One method that might help is to look at what center she might be missing, and helping her to develop, tend to, or nurture that. If she's missing the intellect she probably isn't thinking much, or analysing, assessing, differentiating, gaining any insight etc. and that's where you could help. If it's the emotional, she probably is shoving her feelings+inspirations to the side, and this is coming up in bursts where she'd need to recognize the validity+support from intuition and trust. If it's the moving, she's probably not letting the energy flow through, isn't taking any risks or actions that can help improve anything, and agitation+anxiety+depression is taking over. The other method is to focus directly on either your attitude and improving the quality of your own choices around her, or to focus on her attitude and see what it is she might need to do, think or feel. Well it would involve both sides, but maybe a focus on how she's listening might helpmore than how to change her interpretations directly. That's the best I can offer for now.
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    *This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions. GOAL of FLOW When Flow is chosen, there is an interest in noticing the subtleties of life, in learning to relax and take a break and trust in Essence, Intuition and Surrender. Flow is about learning where you have control, and where you must navigate what life “throws”, rather than strain to sustain control over it. As such, Flow often struggles with high levels of stress, anxiety, control issues and panic very easily. In -Inertia/Momentum/Stagnation, Flow feels stuck in a rut,” doing a lot of nothing”, and keeping up a momentum that never changes; or he feels he’s being moved forward/halted against his will, moving in, or being pulled into a direction that he knows is impending as an obligation, resents having to negotiate, or wants to distract from. Otherwise stated, this is the feeling that life is going nowhere, or is moving in a direction he would rather alter. He is being pulled against his will, against his plans and trajectory. Flow can use any other Goal to Struggle against Inertia/Momentum/Stagnation or Bring Peace/Freedom- Re-Evaluation would simplify to the key struggles, reducing life/activity/focus in order to bring clarity on what's wanted/needed for freedom. // Growth would feel confused+overwhelmed, turning those struggles of inertia into opportunities for meaningful growth. Discrimination would want to make better+more refined choices, rejecting until there is a sense of resonance to some means of bringing freedom. // Acceptance would feel ingratiating, removing the pressure to accept something keeping him inert, so that he can truly accept an experience/relationship because he means it and wants to, not because he can or has to. Submission would realize what his struggles are amplifying, redirecting himself to more replenishing(freeing) directions. // Dominance would take charge, dictating direction until turning his challenges into opportunities for leadership. In +Freedom then, Flow can surrender to the forces that sway him, but also work within those forces greater than him to the best of his ability; he no longer tries to control his speed or direction, but makes small changes to create a cumulative effect. When he surrenders, he relaxes and adapts to the flow of life to realign himself and move at a more comfortable pace. He embraces the space between experiences to catch up with himself and just be, feel, do, and live without apology/proof. -------------------------- SOURCE MATERIAL: 7 Stages of Flow Member: Cong- Freedom is the path of least resistance. Equality in Relationships- Flow Member: Nicko- Anxiety and Flow Member: Jana- Flow Sliding Member: Jana- Moving Forward with Flow How -Inertia needs Surrender and Permission Member: PPLD- Flow, Spiritualist, Scholar Member: Karine- Essence Report(Slide to Acceptance/Discrimination) Validating your Profile- Flow Tidbit(Slide to Dominance/Growth) March 2009 Energy Report March 2011 Energy Report January 2013 Energy Report February 2013 Energy Report March 2013 Energy Report
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    Ask Michael Open Floor Chat August 3, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley [Ty] I've been interested in the not-so-commonly held Historicist interpretation of the Book of Revelation lately: Could Michael comment on their perspective of what exactly is the deal with that piece of writing? (like what it means, etc) [MEntity] To examine this writing, particularly in terms of its reinterpretations of reinterpretations, would be quite a task, as there are such personal and nuanced symbolism within it that builds upon itself within particular contexts set. For example, if one were to explore the meaning of a dream where one sees a red wand that is suspended by light while swimming in a lake, one would have [MEntity] several elements here to explore before fully comprehending the symbolic language in its parts and as a whole as a message. [MEntity] So for simplistic purposes, we will say that, overall, the writing is a personal account of this individual's sense of his world ending, or transforming. It is not prophetic, and was never meant to be prophetic. [MEntity] It was never meant to refer to the world beyond his known world. [Ty] So things that appear to match up quite well historically would be coincidence? [MEntity] To apply this individual's dreams to relevance in time beyond himself is about as useful as reading any one of our student's dream journals in your community as a means to gain insight into your own life. [MEntity] Historically, there may be significance, but not beyond his own time. [MEntity] Depending on the version one is reading, the altering of words to retrofit more recent history (relatively speaking) can be fairly high. [MEntity] It is natural for imagination to find patterns, and then this must be navigated with intelligence to sort through which are valid. For example, there are many who feel that there is significance to a particular time seen on a digital clock when that is rarely the case. It simply happens that it is a pattern that you can extract from your experiences. [MEntity] Some patterns are ignored because there is intelligence involved. For example, going in and out of your front door of your home is not a startling event of significance, even though it is far more likely a pattern of signifance and consistency than a digital clock read out. [MEntity] And though a digital clock read out will never amount to more than an amusing synchronicity, many will impose mysterious significance upon it. [Ty] Sounds like you're talking about Angel Numbers [GeraldineB] 11:11 [MEntity] We use these more accessible examples as a means to point to the same process being used when interpreting writing, dreams, and records from the past as seen as prophecy. [Ty] Some of the writing claim in themselves to be prophecies, such as he book of Daniel from the OT [MEntity] We once described a "future" to our students as including homes that were partly triangular shape, connected by strands of light that were used for instant travel. This was met with oohs and ahhhs until we pointed out that we were describing the roofs of homes currently on the block, connected by cables of electricity and television and internet, which allowed for instant "travel." [MEntity] Our point being that our description of the present in more poetic terms could be interpreted outside of time and in any number of ways. This is how some historic writing is in nature, as well. [GeraldineB] I'd like to ask for followup information about how wide-spread Transcendental Souls are spread out through out society. You've alluded to it previously as many are unknown people outside of their local area. Recently, you said that several comedians were TSs -- is this in the full sense of being O6s or in a particular way they are functioning? [MEntity] We do not think we referred to these fragments as Transcendental Souls, but as teachers/channels for Entities. [MEntity] These are distinctly different contexts. [GeraldineB] ooh ok -- I thought the term TS was used -- [GeraldineB] then, please explain what you did mean [MEntity] For example, Troy is not a Transcendental Soul, he is a channel for us. Troy is not of our Entity, and therefore will never be a Transcendental Soul representing us. For us to be a Transcendental Soul, a fragment from our own Entity must incarnate. A Transcendental Soul is born, not channeled, though the fragment born does act as a channel for his or her Entity. [GeraldineB] oooooh [GeraldineB] But, you are cycled off [MEntity] Many comedians, healers, dancers, artists, etc are teachers/or channels for Entities with a teaching, just like us. [MEntity] Different Entities teach in different ways through different Centers. Our Teaching is Intellectually-based, while including the Emotional and Moving. More Movement-based teachings require channels who move, use the body more, and/or have more direct access to students, such as dancers and healers. [MEntity] And so on. [MEntity] All True Teachings include all Centers, but are based in different ways. We do not provide healing energy, nor do we inspire through a pirouette, but we still heal and inspire. [Maureen] Which center did Seth teach through? [MEntity] Intellectual, of course. [MEntity] If the teaching is vocal, it is Intellectual. [MEntity] All Entities as they pass through the Causal will teach the Physical Plane in some way, so there must be a multitude of channels and methods of teaching. [MEntity] The variation of Parallels allows for all Entities to have sets of parallels that are focused on their collection of students. Within that set, there will be at least one parallel where the incarnation as Transcendental Soul is fulfilled. [MEntity] As for the state of Transcendental Souls on the planet, there are very few in this parallel. [Kurtis] Hi Michael, in the OMW section of this site I found some nifty information on how Aggression and Power Modes evolve intimacy. [Kurtis] "...Aggression is an exalted action Overleaf. Aggression evolves intimacy by way of constant change, movement, activity, progress. One must be able to "keep up." [Kurtis] Intimacy is nearly impossible with someone who might wish to slow you down, tame you, or fault you for constant change of focus and directions." [Kurtis] "...Power Mode is about Being Present. It is an Expressive Overleaf, not an action, so it will be about making your presence known in some way. [Kurtis] It is about owning your presence, being comfortable in your skin, "being yourself." [Kurtis] In other words, how you might evolve intimacy is in how much of "you" can be present, be permitted, allowed, without shame, silencing, etc." [Kurtis] I was wondering if you could provide the same info for how the other modes evolve intimacy like those examples. [Kurtis] Particularly Observation, Passion and Reserve, as most students here are or slide to those modes. [Kurtis] I don't want to take too much time off of others questions so if all other 5 can't be fit in, just cut some off of course and I can ask for them another time. [MEntity] For Observation Mode, it is a matter of truly seeing and being seen. The key, however, is that it is not a static state. It is an evolving, shifting, and adaptive state of seeing and being seen. Intimacy for Observation Mode is killed if someone locks him or her in one version of himself or herself. If the one in Observation does not allow for the variations and facets of others, but locks them into one preference or expectation, this begins to repel the other. [MEntity] For Passion Mode, intimacy is evolved through each being extensions of the other. This can show up in a range between co-dependency and co-creation. Co-dependency expects the other to represent himself or herself. Behaving in ways that are outside of the range of Passion's own behavior can be startling and divisive. This can still lead to intimacy, depending upon the relationship, because some are drawn to Passion precisely for that context of personal transformation. If this is not an understood dynamic, it can be messy. [MEntity] This is usually the case when Passion is used or sought for teaching. [MEntity] Co-creation is a dynamic of inspiration that feeds from one another as Passion learns about the self through other. This is more appealing, as both are learning then. [MEntity] Both are teachers. [MEntity] Reserve evolves in intimacy through layers of reveal. It must be experienced and processed as layers, not as a dive into a deep pool, but as a cool or warm sip at a time. [MEntity] As you can see, the reason Obvservation cannot be static is because it can slide to any of these, and each of these are valid paths of intimacy. [MEntity] We can eleborate upon all of these as a topic of focus, if that is requested. [ViP1] Why is it necessary for an Entity to reunite before cycling off the Astral plane to the Causal plane, as compared to fragments being able to reside on, or move to, the Causal plane without that happening first? (Or even before that, if I remember correctly, possibly by the 6th level of the Astral?) Is the sheer amount of input on the Causal plane too much for a single fragment to process without the bonding and resonance with the rest of the Entity in place? [MEntity] There could be two valid responses to that question. One is that your latter suggestion is true. To move through the Causal as a fragment would "destroy" the fragment. The density of the Plane is such that the physics would disintegrate the fragment. There may be more accurate words to describe this, but it is fair enough in terms of understanding it here. We can only speculate on this, of course, as no individual fragment has resided in the Causal. [MEntity] In much the same way that your Physical Body could not be sustained in the Astral, neither can the Astral Body be sustained in the Causal. At least, not in the way it was used in the Astral. [ViP1] ok (I thought individual fragments also had Causal bodies, but perhaps these are built such that they must "hook in" to the Causal body of the Entity as a whole?) [MEntity] Your response here leads to our second answer. [MEntity] The reason one is referred to as a fragment is because one is already a part of a whole. That whole already exists, and as one moves beyond the denser planes, that fragmentation is naturally left behind, even if the "individual" is not. [MEntity] Your "Causal" Bodies ARE your Entity. [MEntity] It is a field shared across all fragments of that Entity. [MEntity] As a Physical Incarnation, this may be more nuanced in its relevance to the fragment, but it is still connected across all fragments. [MEntity] Imagine an ice cube tray that could produce 1000 cubes. Your Entity is a perpetually-replenished pitcher of water poured into that tray, divided into cubes. When frozen, that is like an incarnation. When thawed, that is like the Astral. When poured back into the pitcher, it is the Causal. [MEntity] So it is not so much that the fragment would be "destroyed" as an individual in the Causal, but that the very nature of progression to the Causal, naturally, requires a different state. [MEntity] As an ice cube, "you" are destroyed. But everything that made up that ice cube is never lost. [ViP1] and all ice cube shapes are stored in the Akashic [MEntity] We realize these are crude analogies, but they work. [MEntity] To include how the Akashic fits into this, we would have to move to a different analogy or metaphor, as it is not a Plane in which anyone resides, but is only accessed. [MEntity] It is more like the center of a vortex that exists because of what is spinning around it. A donut hole, if you will. [ROYCEonROIDS] Art as I know it at its best is a reflection of the mysterious, the wonder, the beyond words . As the world begins to approach an old soul paradigm in a few hundred year or so...how would art change. would it still be necessary in the ways we know it? as more PEOPLE become the reflection of that WONDER that art encapsulated, what place will ART have in that world? [MEntity] Though this varies among Old Soul worlds, Art escalates in range and importance among all of them. It is often no longer confined to a specific range of media or obvious creativity, but comes to include the entire life of an individual, how he or she creates his or her day, etc. This is already being glanced at in your current paradigm, though colored heavily by Young Soul filters. [MEntity] "Reality TV" is, at its heart, a glimpse of Old Soul Art. [MEntity] Becoming a celebrity only because one has become a celebrity is also a distorted form of Old Soul Art. [MEntity] These things may be repulsive to older souls as they are being presented now, but these hint at an undercurrent of acknowledgement of the LIFE as ART. [MEntity] In many Old Soul worlds, Art is entirely experiential and temporal. Exhibitions are sunsets that can never been seen again, or gatherings where spontaneous suggestions are matched up with random individuals who must then perform, create, or do the suggestion, even if it is well outside of their talents. [MEntity] This leads to great rounds of humor and levity that is often at the core of Old Soul arts. [MEntity] Interactivity is highly important to the Old Soul world of art, as well. For example, one installation we know of is something like a steep hill of xylophone-like panels that are carefully arranged in ways that an individual could dance down this hill in any number of ways to create his or her song of spontaneity. [MEntity] Collaborative art is highly important to the Old Soul world of art, as well. In many probabilities, holographic-like galleries are "online" for contributors to create projects that can be altered by anyone from anywhere. No walk through that gallery is met with the same version of the art. [MEntity] Interactivity, Collaboration, Temporal/Amorphous, and spontaneous are key traits for Old Soul arts, though we caution against presuming these traits are definitive. There is more we can say to this subject. [Maureen] I just realized that my question may tie in (indirectly) with Royce’s question. [Maureen] "The "rise of the selfie" is pretty well accepted now as a big part of our culture, but I can see the “darker side” of it representing a self absorption and self-indulgence that seems "boundless" some days, especially on facebook where some choose very little actual dialogue and over-posting is like an epidemic. It's a one way blast of "me-ness"." [Maureen] Do you see that so much “self-interest” is related to 1) incomplete 4th Internal Monads, 2) the average Soul Age being Mature (including manifested Soul Age as well), 3) narcissism, 4) pure, unfettered self expression, or 5) all of the above, 6) something else? Any comment on this would be appreciated as I would really like to understand this phenomenon. [MEntity] At no other time in your history has there been such a shared space of celebration of the self. This is a transitional state between Young and Mature. It is beautiful to us. There was a time when it was sinful, shameful, and even evil to look in a mirror, as well as dangerous to be photographed. There was a time when disowning the self in disgust was Holy. Now you are in a time when the mundane is being celebrated. The self is being allowed to be seen, not just in terms of how others see that self, but in terms of how that self wishes to be seen. [MEntity] Yes, there is a clamoring of noise in this celebration, but that is the nature of celebration. [MEntity] You are in a time of liberation, which often comes before freedom. True Freedom. Liberation is the relief that comes with surges of noise while still anchored in some restrictions or extremes, often with great displays for the external world, while True Freedom is owned, experienced, and known, often in quiet, internal ways. [MEntity] It is beautiful to us because it is a step in the direction of acknowledging that you are important, that the mundane is important, that a moment is important, that context exists beyond preordained contexts. [MEntity] Our Species has long been subject to the notion that only the next world is important, or that *things* are important, or that only that which is deemed important is important, and those things are important, but not at the expense of the singular joy in sharing, of expressing, of being, of capturing a moment of mundanity. [MEntity] The species knows that privacy is a concept of the Young Paradigm, and that a Mature and Old Paradigm must embrace a lack of privacy in a healthy way for evolution to continue. [MEntity] Willingly offering up yourself in the most mundane of ways may seem to be a bumbling or chaotic, self-absorbed step, but it is a step in the direction of evolution. If the emphasis were to remain only on privacy and protection, then true invasion is much more likely. But in the same way that hackers teach systems better how to manage its delicate systems, so does constant exposure help the species to learn better how to manage its delicate identities. [Maureen] If Liberation is the "negative" pole and Freedom is the "positive" pole -- what are they the poles of? [MEntity] Among your options for describing the motivations of those contributing to the visual cacophony of "selfies" and other related sharing, we can say that "all of the above" would naturally be included because those motivations are reflective of the various fragments and Personalities among you. [MEntity] In response to the last question, it could be said to be the poles at either end of whatever was being oppressed: innocence, power, sexuality, etc. [Maureen] Thanks Michael. That was an interesting answer. [MEntity] When any of these oppressed states are liberated, there is "noise" that then moves into a more peaceful state.
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