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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we respond to the request from Troy to shed some light on the deeper inner processes that are happening for our students, particularly those who may be struggling more. In general, it is fair to say that every Chief Feature that could be triggered has been triggered for nearly every fragment extant. When this happens on such a scale, the world can seem to be upside-down, surreal, leaving you feeling deeply disconnected, even as you go about familiar routines. The first insight we would share with you is that when such an unexpected event happens and leaves one lingering in a persistent state, your Centering tends to shift. In most cases, this shift is a reversal of your Primary and Secondary Centering. When you have lived for so long in one way, this flip can put you immediately into the Negative Poles of Centering. This means that the world will suddenly seem overwhelming, too loud, drowning out inspiration and making no sense at all, leaving you struggling with REASON, the negative pole of the Intellect. You then put yourself back into the world with no voice, as the Emotions have no voice. You are left with the emotions and your only means of bringing yourself back into the world is through Sentimentality, or desperately looking for something or someone to represent your voice. If each of you take a look at the negative poles of your Centering, flip that Centering, and then consider how you now navigate the world and how you put yourself back into the world, you may see validation for your sense that things are "upside, down." This one simple key can help you to recover the awareness and tools to make more conscious choices in navigating and being in the world. One way to help you put your flipped Centering in perspective might be to say, "I AM STRUGGLING TO PROCESS [insert negative pole of of new primary] and GENERATING [insert negative pole of new secondary]. e.g. I AM STRUGGLING TO PROCESS REASONS AND GENERATING SENTIMENTALITY. I AM STRUGGLING WITH SENTIMENTALITY AND GENERATING FRUSTRATION. I AM STRUGGLING WITH FRUSTRATION AND GENERATING REASONS. Etc. Discuss among your fellow students the range of details that have been shared regarding these negative poles for more insights into how your flipped centering is in effect. The sentences we gave above are baseline words, but can be customized to make more sense to you, such as "I am struggling to make sense of everything [reasons] and attaching myself to anything of comfort [sentimentality]. In light of the above, none of you have been wrong for sensing that your world, particularly your inner world, has been turned "upside, down." This same experience happens on a private and individual level when recovering from trauma. Your solution and relief to the above Traps are to either consciously choose the Positive Poles as often as you can, or choose the to add in the Tertiary Centering's Positive Pole. For example, if you are stuck in a Trap of the Intellectual/Emotional Negative Poles, you would want to bring in PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center. NOTE: this technique is to be used as a form of healing, not escape. You are not in need of being fixed and you are not in danger with your centering flipped. It is simply new to you to sustain for such a length of time. Bringing in the conscious choices and/or the aim for the Tertiary Centering is a solution and relief, but not an escape. Before we continue, we would ask each of you if you find validation in this idea of your centering being flipped? ***OPTIONAL RESPONSES*** Uma: I can see it, but I don't feel like that has happened to me personally. Luciana: I'm not sure how to evaluate my case... I think for example my frustration is against the pandemic... and moving is my third center I don't know if it applies aq Royce: not too sure. I am emotional center with intellectual part. the closest I can validate the flip is almost dedicating my entire life to delivery, phone apps , sleep and rehashing old guilt ( seems like comfort to me) Wendy: I sense it is happening but I don't understand enough to be clear. Brian: Yes, although I actually feel like I'm doing better during the pandemic and only had a slight disorientation in the beginning. Perhaps that is because I'm used to the flip for reasons you've mentioned and focused more on being productive to help Brandy: I am in the intellectual part of the emotional center, and can relate for sure - definitely in terms of seeking comfort, and also in how good I feel when I set aside trying to reason it all and just go do something productive. Ro: I'm definitely taking advantage of compassionate and gentle Productivity. Brandy: Nice Eric: My question on that would be if this flip is the same across the board or is it affecting some more than others because of the patchwork nature of this event Bobby: I've been very busy with work so seems more productive but I can see unnecessary reasoning coming into play with some things Brandy: Encouraging gentle productivity in myself makes me more inclined to do it, since moving is not very strong impulse for me, but very healthy for me. Diane and Tex: I think I was definitely flipped the first 2 months of the pandemic, but I've been emphasizing my Moving center the last month and feeling a lot better Eric: i.e. if it's more pronounced in those going through a more stressful or more upended situation compared to those less directly affected MEntity: We would add that all of you will relate in some way to all of the terminology that we use to describe the negative poles because you still have every center in you and the terms are broadly used outside of our system. Regardless of your centering, you will know frustration and you will try to reason and you will attach yourself sentimentally. However, we are speaking about a fundamental shift in how you take in your experiences and how you put yourself back out into the world. Brandy: This is inspiring me to go for more walks in nature - just get my body moving - listen to birds, smell blossoms, get out of my head Ro: that's wonderful, Brandy!! Uma: Yes, i feel more and think less these days Ro: same Uma Brandy: Thank you Ro Kasia: I really relate to what you've described Michael, and how disorienting it is when how you've always experienced the world is no longer how you experience is, and all during a pandemic, no less Wendy: I feel like my productivity is all out of balance now, and it's something I really depend on. Now everything takes twice as much effort and enjoyment of accomplishments is missing. MEntity: To EricM, we can say that there are degrees of intensity, yes, but nearly everyone has been affected. Even those who are protesting when they would otherwise not move to take a stand. Their centers are flipped and they are Moving when they would otherwise, not. This is, in great part, why many are seeing a rise in outward behaviors that are disturbing and unsettling. Brandy: I can definitely relate to that wendymae59 Jeroen: I am Emotional Centered / Intellectual Part. I can relate to struggling with Reasoning in terms of understanding people in my life and ongoing events relating to the pandemic. Juni: @wendymae, same-this much free time would normally have my house spotless and a lot more things/projects organized but I just can't seem to get started on anything bigger than everyday stuff, mostly, even during days when I have more energy Jeroen: Productivity does seem to help. Jeroen: Brandy, the walks in nature help me too. I have been doing quite a bit of that. Brandy: Yes, can relate to that Juni - I've been trying to figure out why I feel so much more inertia than usual - why just getting my dishes done feels like a mountain sometimes Brandy: that's great Jeroen I need to make it part of my daily routine. Really need routine right now too. Brian: Michael, how long does this flipped effect last? Is it temporary, just for the duration of the pandemic, or permanent? MEntity: To wendymae59, we can say that if Productivity is your Tertiary Centering's Positive Pole, it will be helpful to understand Productivity in terms with which an Old Soul can relate. Most of you know Productivity as defined in Young Soul terms, but the older soul experiences the use of energy in different ways. Maureen: Oddly, I noticed this yesterday... I asked my husband a (big) question about the "why of Trump" and he kept on answering me and I got confused because I "knew" all the answers he was giving me. Then I shook my head (I'm feeling quite dull these days) and realized I had asked him a rhetorical question. I hadn't even thought whether it was or wasn't when I asked the question. It was more out of frustration. I’m ending up with feeling that I have to accept that so much isn’t making any sense these days. Wendy: I'm emotional/moving part though so isn't Intellectual my tertiary? How would that work? MEntity: There are many who have been forced by limitations or restrictions of the mind and/or body and they have had to come to terms with how their Moving Center's Positive Pole works. (we will circle back to your specific question in a moment) For those who have accepted and seek to manage and build upon their so-called limitations and restrictions, the Positive Pole is something understood as "spoons," a term that has become familiar as a way to describe knowing one's limits and being kind in response to those limits. The concept of "spoons" is derived from an anecdote that each of you can search for on your own, but the concept is entirely valid. In short, "spoons" describes how much energy you energy have to give to the day, to others, or to yourself. For the older soul, Productivity is not about how MUCH you get done or how MUCH you produce, but about how well you feel at the end of your day. Brandy: I love that Micheal MEntity: We suggest that this concept be explored as a new way to bring you into the Positive Pole of your Moving Centers. We can elaborate more on this in further exchanges, of course. This concept allows you to get done what you can when you can and not expending extraordinary amounts of wasted energy on guilt, shame, frustration, and policing of yourself. In response to your specific question, Wendymae59, your flipped centering would be I AM STRUGGLING WITH FRUSTRATION AND GENERATING SENTIMENTALITY, or I am struggling with frustration and seeking comfort. My solution and relief are found through Insight. Insight is the capacity for one to see or intuit the essential truth of a situation or person. Put another way, the willingness for one to see differently from how one is seeing or used to seeing. Wendy: Thank you that is so helpful Michael MEntity: Before we conclude today, we will also quickly offer up the consideration that all fragments have now had their Tertiary Chief Features triggered to some degree that is greater than usual. In addition to this, ALL of you are experiencing the collective Chief Feature of Self-Deprecation, or the fear of being invisible, being inadequate, ineffective, not being able to make a difference or do anything right or good enough. We have never seen all of our students in the same Chief Feature for so long at the same time before. You and we are moving into unprecedented territory and we will continue this discussion in further exchanges along the way with you. For now, we can suggest that you explore how you may be experiencing your Tertiary Chief Feature, which the Chief Feature that triggers reactions and defense in the body, as well as consider how you are navigating Self-Deprecation along with everyone else. We know that many of you do not know your Tertiary Chief Feature, so we can suggest for now that you trust your own assessment. Your Tertiary Chief Feature tends to be reflected in how you FEEL in reaction to events. We know that most consider emotions to be "feelings," but we speak of the literal feeling that moves through your body in reaction to events. We will dedicate time with all of you to explore this soon. We must conclude here for today as our channel is losing focus. He is working on managing his "spoons." Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Session Type: POF Date: April 22, 2020 Hello, Michael. Over the course of several sessions, I would like to ask you about my Grand Cycles with Essence Mates that you have shared with me previously. (Inspired by Uma and a session I read from Maureen) You shared the first Essence Mate I know of as a fragment of your own Entity. “One fragment of our Entity was an Essence Twin of yours in your 2nd Grand Cycle.” Would you describe this 2nd Grand Cycle we shared as Essence Twins, the life cycle, significant things learned, the species, and planet? Is there a lifetime shared in the Grand Cycle that might have led to a significant contribution to the species? You previously shared my role as Sage in this 2nd Grand Cycle. MEntity: This 2nd Grand Cycle would have been one in which the Sentient Species was bipedal reptilian and was highly philosophical and creative. They lived rather closely with the Astral Plane. This species communicated only through the use of color, either that which emitted from the body or that which was carried on the person as a kind of palette for use when exchanging. Communication would come in a multitude of ways using surfaces and skin to paint expressions and ideas. It may seem as if the use of color might be limited as a language, but not only does the spectrum of color make for a rich language, but the species could also hear color, so the music that was generated was quite complex. The entire planet was a technicolor wonderland of sound. Jeroen: That is fascinating being able to communicate and hear color. I have had some dreams of a bipedal reptilian species earlier in my life but I am not certain if it is related. MEntity: The species evolved over time to live lives "straddling" the Astral and Physical Planes so that the dynamic of their world was constantly shifting based on mood, emotional processes, etc. MEntity: The planet naturally generated what would look like massive shards of flat glass that were once used as a means of communication and archiving, but eventually these natural structures had their crystalilne energy harnessed in a way that created a constant sort of "holographic" layer on the world that augmented experience. Many who lived in that Grand Cycle have carried some of this forward into your current Grand Cycle and are trying to implement something similar that is called "AR" or "Augmented Reality."
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    I had never heard of the contemporary definition of "spoons" related to energy before although I had heard of "running out of gas", etc., so I looked it up online. What does it mean to have spoons? A person who runs out of spoons has no choice but to rest until their spoons are replenished. This metaphor is used to describe the planning that many people have to do to conserve and ration their energy reserves to accomplish their activities of daily living. I like this video as an allegory of how we can help ourselves and help each other during these tough times. It brings up Self-Deprecation (Inadequacy) but also shows Emotional Centering creativity (Higher Emotional and Emotional Centering) through the positive poles of Perception and Love and validates how Submission can work really well when we move into the positive pole of Devotion through Self-Devotion (as an Older Soul) and Devotion to "the many" at this time. We need to remember that no matter how alone we may feel we are all in this together -- today and always.
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    @Maureen I had an interaction just like yours today! We both must have needed to reach out and be reached out to. Thom, tech company rep.: *left me a voicemail apologizing; after from an email he realized he used incorrect pronouns in reference to me while on a previous call* Faye: *sent email back saying* I accept your apology and I appreciate you for thinking of me. I want you to know that I took absolutely no offense. You had no way of knowing my preferred pronouns for sure from our interaction. Thank you for being an awesome human being! Thom: *email back saying* Thank you! I appreciate your patience and courtesy! You’re awesome for letting me make a mistake and it not affecting you negatively. To be honest I really needed something nice like this today, so you have made my day! Thank you so much! A lovely human being indeed! P.S. A lot of people, especially on the phone, do not even bother apologizing. Or even admitting the mistake.
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    WOW, @Jeroen what a GRAND inspiring Session, thank You very much! Big Hug, Love and Kisses, You are so precious!!! There will be a session coming up that I devoted to Color, whenever Troy is ready, we will know more about it. This species communicated only through the use of color, my mind does triple cartwheels in imagining it!
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    Damn, Jeroen. You time traveled and snuck off into the future to attend this POF and get that channeling!
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    @Faye, I love it!! That is a beautiful exchange. I think there are many levels to these experiences that speak to the complexity of our times. I see this year's Goal of Submission (+Devotion, -Subservience) also coming into play for many of us. Submission is (also) my Quick Preview Theme this year. I remembered this from the January 2015 Energy Report. Submission is the process of determining where your energy is best directed and RECEIVED. It is a process of exploring where one is most-needed and most-effective. When Submission is in the Positive Pole, it is Devotion. It is an active contribution toward something that is receiving the benefit of that contribution. When Submission is in the Negative Pole, it is an active imposition of one’s values in a direction that does not actually benefit from that imposition but is only to serve your own benefits, or it is exploitation of your values in a way that actually serves no one. This is Subservience. Subservience is not just about the one with the Goal being exploited, but can be about how the one with that goal extracts false benefit from others, as well. The key here is in the RECEIVING and the GIVING. If the action is not actually being received, it is being imposed. If the action is being taken through obligation, it is never truly given. No circuit has been made.
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    Alright, between official declassification of UFO reports that no one even cares about anymore, and the New York Post reporting on parallel universes, 2020 is just fucking with us at this point. https://nypost.com/2020/05/19/nasa-finds-evidence-of-parallel-universe-where-time-runs-backward-report/
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    Everyone has a Tertiary CF (and more if you want to explore the other realms) you just need to ask Michael in your next session. It's a quick question. From Michael: Your Primary Fear was developed to protect you from "the world," and affects your aspirations and Goal; your Secondary Fear was developed to protect you from intimacy, and affects your relationships and Mode; your Tertiary Fear was developed to protect you from physical harm, and affects our Health, Body Image, and Body Type. The Tertiary Chief Feature is related to the CENTERING, and therefore usually affects the Body. A few people have posted their Chief Feature Reports so if you're curious you can look at a few personal blogs to see how they play out in other students lives. Here's mine: CHIEF FEATURE REPORT for Maureen.
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    UPDATE, May 24: The governor has laid out a four phase plan to reopen the state. My county is in Phase One and was allowed to apply to be fast tracked to Phase Two. Counties that were under a certain number of cases per 100k people in a fortnight were eligible.The paperwork was submitted yesterday. Except. Except a food processing plant in the city has an outbreak of COVID-19, and we are very close to the fortnight limit after a day and a half of testing. They don't have all the results back, even. So the paperwork has been put on "pause" by the state pending further discussion next week with the county. We stay in Phase One, meanwhile. In the week after Easter, there was a bump in cases. In the weeks after the May 1 protests, there was another. With the neighboring states opening, the numbers will probably continue to rise, barring the safeguards that are needed. We went for a walk today and saw a not-insignificant number of people parked in their cars on our road, not our neighbors. No one else had masks on, so we crossed the street any time we saw anyone. The stay at home order has been extended twice now. It's likely it will be yet again, although some businesses have been allowed to reopen-mostly those that do primarily outdoor work and/or can do curbside service. My work remains closed, but now we are doing three hours of remote training a week and having weekly meetings that center around logistics for when we are allowed to open again. I suspect with this new outbreak it might be July before that happens.
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    I have not had my Secondary or Tertiary Chief Feature channeled. Giving some thought into it, I think my Tertiary Chief Feature may be Impatience in terms of being impatient with myself for not moving forward quickly enough in reaching my goals and impatience with others in the response to global events we see now. Patience came up as one of my Essence messages too. "Patience is as necessary as the space between planets." It has come up in some other ways for me too in terms of inner guidance. That is what I can see for now. I was reading this session again on Transforming the Chief Features that might be of benefit to others. https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/2600-teamtle-transforming-chief-features-updated
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    Well okay. I am not overly affected by this pandemic. Still affected of course, but not as much as others are right now. I processed my last Turning Point in 2018/19 so I feel like I'm in a fair position atm. I'm Intellectually Centered, Emotional Part and have validated that. So in this Pandemic I should be more so Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part. I think I can validate I've been processing more in terms of intuition and inspiration, but not overly so. This session does remind me of how I felt when Swine Flu was happening in 2009 though. I was definitely struggling with comfort and seeking reasons then. I think this session is helpful for understanding ourselves in terms of major personal life shakeups too, and how we can become "completely different" in crisis situations. I can vouch that productivity is keeping me going. And I do more so assess it in terms of how satisfied I feel at the end of my days. I think my Tertiary CF is Impatience. My reaction to many events has been a physical feeling of agitation or disappointment that things aren't moving fast enough. That time has more control over me than I do over it. I mean I can't meet up with many people in my life that I wanted to, nor can I do many outdoors activities or change jobs at the moment. So I just feel like I'm waiting. And my waiting is dependent on how quickly stupid people catch on that they must start caring about physical distancing. So yeah, that frankly pisses me off, but I'm managing. I sort of apply the same rubric to how annoyed I am at how slow and how much it takes for humans to realize we've gotta change and stop holding onto old shit, patterns, institutions.
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    It all feels heavy and sad, and my Tertiary CF is Stubbornness, so the Positive Pole is Determination. At least I'm not in the Negative Pole of Obstinacy, although perhaps I'm obstinately in denial
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    Oh! I created a species just like this in one of my fantasy stories. I havent carved out the story, but they're a bipedal lizard like species that express themselves through shifting colour palettes on their skin.
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    While I can’t remember seeing the words ‘we miss’, I do remember them commenting, when speaking about intimacy, that the intimacy experienced while in a body is something special. And that the incarnations as transcendental and infinite are vital not only to teach, but for the closure it brings to be back those few times. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something along those lines. I can’t remember which transcript this is from, though.
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    This is amazing! However there must be several reptile species, some nice, some a little evil. Many meet reptiles during Ayahuasca sessions, could be this species, if they live close to astral. Also, we need a grand cycle section to keep track!!
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    I've been working on my innate priest-wariness for a while, and from that I suspect that at some point over the long arc of it all the perception has become little bit wired-in and even instinctive. One will buzz in and I still flinch reactively like ruh-roh, what thing is going to get claimed to be Our Lofty Cause now -- and will I NOW have to deal with all the conflict around while they just glide away sanctimoniously, leaving some mess behind for us warriors have to clean up (or worse)?... Total stereotype (or maybe idiosyncratic or just a warrior-thing), based in nothing but me I'm sure, but it's still palpable. I'm actually trying actively to appreciate priests more as potential healers now, not just see trouble coming ;).
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    I think my centering is intellectual/moving. And I can see that I have been frustrated for the past few months. It's not normal for me to be this frustrated tbh, I thought maybe it was because of how my dad didn't talk to me as much (struggling with reason) and I let out my frustration at him with tears lol I felt better afterwards. About CFs, I can think of my primary and secondary CFs as self deprication and arrogance, no clue about the tertiary
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    I'm inclined to think FUKIN AWESOME ONES but hey, you know, good ol' physical chocolate, pretty good stuff, you never know..... On a serious note, i wonder if they have mentioned anywhere if they do miss something from the physical plane. (Is that possible, i don't know?) I do know though they have said that if there is one thing they would do differently, it would be to worry less. (I suppose that could be liberally translated to eat more chocolate)
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    @AnnaD you'd probably like the Mentor Timeline, cause there Younger Souls look up to and revere Older Souls, rather than the Older Souls just adapting to and living within Young Soul behaviors.
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    One stereotype for me for which seems to be stuck in concrete, is my perception of young souls. I find them incredibly trying. Roles I don't mind at all, we all have negatives and positives, but the most intolerant I can be, the most triggered for me, is someone, normally a younger soul person, who hasn't yet learned Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My family had that Norman Rockwell painting up in our house, and I was reminded of it, by my parents, my siblings, and others reactions, all the time. The gap between how I am showing care and attentiveness and consideration for someone, and they piss over it, put a pipeline through the garden of eden, rape and exploit your community, and take what isn't theirs. That triggers me no end and sends me spinning into my darkest sleeping revenge fantasies which dammit I am too mature and reasonable now to indulge in. But the level of triggering is there. I cannot stand young soul exploitation and values. I am triggered now. I went there didn't I. How I choose to respond to young soul "infractions", well it depends on the size of the infraction and if in fact I can do anything about it. I tend to not have young souls as friends, unless they for whatever freak of nature, demonstrate applied and intrinsic understanding of mature and old soul systems thinking, and Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I cannot handle much of the facebook posts coming from some TLE people who are American residents, who live amongst such obnoxious entitled young souls and their disregard for anyone beyond their own wealth hoarding and dismissal of people they "Other". Young Soul hideousness seems to be so in ones face in America.
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    052420 Michael Speaks has been right on. With business as usual flipped upside down, more and more local restaurants are keeping revenues up by maintaining their usual supply chain...but packaging and selling smaller quantities on to the public as grocery items (via no-contact pickup or delivery). For many things, it means they've got a more consistent inventory, and more consistent quality, than the regular grocery stores. Seriously, if there's anything you're struggling to find, try asking nearby restaurants if they'd be willing to sell some...or help set up an order with their supplier. I regularly cook and bake from scratch anyhow. But the extra work does add up when so many family favourites are increasingly out of stock. I FINALLY got instant yeast from https://supplybox.ca (which caters more to the restaurant sector).
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    I'm sorry to hear you've been having a hard time, @zahra. I hope things get better soon. Eid Mubarak to you and your family.
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    That was an interesting session... as I said not you how to apply my code when it comes to the centers. The only thing I see in me is difficulty with the tercenary center... because even before the pandemic I was already feeling frustrated... Because I couldn't get my relationship with my parents better... and because of the difficulty in putting Michael's tips or even other people's tips here at TLE into practice... which sometimes leads me to fear that people here and elsewhere will start questioning my willingness to change... but that wasn't something that started with the pandemic I've been feeling that way since last year... My tertiary CF is impatience... and I've been really impatient... thinking I'm taking too long to make progress in my evolution... I'm gonna add something... I'm curious to get my QR/QP. I'm curious to hear from Michael about last year's theme... because to me the theme seemed to be... frustration. IoI
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    Always liked this one. It speaks of remembering our past and how we have been here for a long time.
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    Update 5/21/2020: The next reopening phase was announced Monday of this week. With the exception of schools, summer camps, and communities like nursing homes, most businesses and areas are basically open again in some way. While there are nominal guidelines or restrictions, such as partial capacities, distancing, cleaning, mask rules, etc, they're largely implemented and enforced in a rather patchwork manner. There's little real consistency, so while many places are adopting social distancing guidelines and many people are following them, some are not or have not and people have and are busting at the seams to get back out and about. Even if not "back to normal," I'd say the state is effectively "open" again. Over time, I've heard more people around me subscribing to the ideas that the virus is not-that-bad/overblown, or that it's just a political ploy/propaganda, or that it'll die back in the summer months, etc. I think it mostly stems from complacency (we've not had a locally impactful spike in cases yet) and/or confusion/frustrations from the closures and stay-at-home period. More than that, though, it's concerning how easily more conspiratorial ideas and misinformation have spread and I fear it'll make it harder to act and adapt to what is happening as a whole. It's just going to show that our society is better at reacting to acute disasters than more protracted crises. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, and that would be great, but right now it seems we're not really out of the woods, but rather in the calm eye of the storm. In other news, massage therapy businesses have been cleared to open again as well, so I will be going back to work in that. We had mandatory training yesterday on increased cleaning and sanitation protocols and on the rules and changes that have been implemented to try to be as safely effective as possible. The team and owners at the franchise I work for have been super supportive, understanding, and flexible, even as they've been hustling to keep their heads above water economically, so I feel fairly good about working there again even in the face of flux and uncertainty. The therapists are being allowed to decide when they're comfortable to return, so I voluntarily picked up a few hours next week to get a feel for how things are going to work. Fingers crossed!
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    As you know I love watching series... and most of the serials I watch have characters with magical powers. In one of these series I saw a scene that caught my attention... as I imagine most of them don't watch the series I'll talk a bit about the scene... The character in this scene is called Josie... and she's a witch... during the series she had to use black magic to face some problems... it turns out that the black magic took over her personality turning her into Dark Josie. So hope enters her mind to help her. And to try to free the real Josie she says that this issue of Dark Joie being stronger than good Josie was just a story she was telling herself... and that she could change the story... in that scene Josie could change the story she was telling herself... that scene caught my attention because that's what I need to do... tell another story about who I am...
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    I love watching series with characters who have magical powers too!! I love how magic is portrayed a lot of the time as an outer expression of the inner character. It is always so unique and interesting. The character's journey with their magic is a physical manifestation of who they are. But something you can never fake. I love that idea. I wish something like that existed. I also loved the scene. There is so much truth in the stories we tell ourselves. This series has been on my watch list for a while. Hopefully soon.
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    YOU CAN'T STOP ME LOVING MYSEEEEEEELF!!!! AHHHHH LOL I feel my Instinctive Center on FIRE!!! Thank you @Faye !!! When I saw the email notification I initially thought it would be an ethereal cover hahah!!! But hey, this is super good!! Thanks for sharing. And you're never "intruding"!!! And since you seem to like that vibe, here's Dionysus , one of their most "raw/earthy" songs
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    That would be a really interesting way to evolve!
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    Wait so @Leela Corman they start out as Old Souls and become Infant over time? Tao is amazing hahahaha!
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    Hm. I'm sorry, @AnnaD that sounds hard. Culturally in Aotearoa the stereotypical "young soul" traits are so NOT COOL too, or it's all disguised as just having ENERGY (which is still sort of exhausting to keep up with, isn't it?) Personally, it's mature soul traits -- stereotypical and/or valid -- that I can find challenging and even a little exhausting at times, in terms of what I often perceive as an expected social PERFORMANCE around relating, sincerity, being in the "group," etc.
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    Which is really funny and ironic, right? Because you have Spiritualist as your Attitude which means you relate to people... ahem, like a Priest! LOL Ain't the Michael Teachings grand?
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    @AnnaD You know what's funny, Anna? I appreciate and am often amused (in a good way) by other SAs, even when it's a drag. I've worked hard to develop ways to navigate and relate, see the resonances as aspects of myself. Just saying, I worked a lot on it for many years, maybe feel like I had to because I'm a teacher (read: in America lol?) But Troy's initial question on the thread here reminded me, my work on ROLES has really lagged. I was checking in with it and was like, check, check, I'm cool with everything, let's move this forward with some new information and then -- wham, I come up with an internal block on just one role (and the role I've interacted with LEAST overall, possibly because of avoidance). Interesting! Got next steps all cut out for me on this one I guess.
  36. 3 points
    @AnnaD and @KurtisM I know we are sailing of here and are outside of thread. Thank You Kurtis for bringing up the Mentor Timeline. As a Scholar-cast Scholar Anna, you fall in love with this naturally, it is the Energy 4. From our Energy-Ring 2, our Cadre 4 has already cycled off (Mentor, guides, counselors, role models), and in a way we miss their guidance, but now they are coming in as Transcendental Souls, and I can only wish it is affecting us, more than ever. You know I was in health care most of my life, and I would truly be so glad, we would stop the jumping of a cliff method! Yes learning not get lost in the hustle.
  37. 3 points
    @Meg It is "US", as long as there is, trying to appreciate "THEM" we are business as usually fucked! I have still to see the one Human that is not leaving some big or small unnecessary mess, no matter their Role.
  38. 3 points
    Yesterday when this came in I wasn't so sure about the center-flipping bit. But today I think I get it. I am working on the main idea they led with, "This means that the world will suddenly seem overwhelming, too loud, drowning out inspiration and making no sense at all, leaving you struggling with REASON, the negative pole of the Intellect. You then put yourself back into the world with no voice, as the Emotions have no voice. You are left with the emotions and your only means of bringing yourself back into the world is through Sentimentality, or desperately looking for something or someone to represent your voice." OK, validated, especially on "voice" -- and this is very helpful at this time. THANKS for the report, and thanks , Troy. I am indeed struggling with SENTIMENTALITY and generating REASONS. (I'm not feeling any more "emotional" than usual, however.) I can see this in others. It had not occurred to me that the whole thing could be triggered by overall pandemic disruption in the way M describes, or that this could represent some ot-of-the-ordinary iteration of the usual state of things: being thoughtful and feeling out of step with the wider world. I sort of viewed it all as a "time out" to reflect on the Big Picture, which it may also be of course with mass death and suffering, a disruptive global shutdown, big nexus, illness & recovery, etc. -- and time to clean out the closet as it were. But they nailed it on Sentimentality. Part of the validation for this report for me too is the utility of shifting in Productivity (not the same as being busy with "work"). It's also just good, enduring folk wisdom and a Warrior go-to adage no matter what's our centering : don't just sit around, do something . (I can also validate what others report on increased phenomenal vividry -- but I also haven't stepped out of the house for two months until this weekend, and spring's in bloom.) Aside: Yes, "everyone" seems a LOT cooler in some ways -- but everybody's also a LOT more in CFs, even I can see that. Me too? Who knows, sure, probably. I haven't really noticed a spike in self-dep or anything else that's out of the ordinary, but why not? These are extraordinary times, times of extreme stress for many, bringing out best and worst alike. Thanks for this session!
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    As I was reading this session again, a song came to mind I remember listening to a while back. I looked it up on YouTube and it is full of color visualizations. I thought that was funny.
  41. 3 points
    @KurtisM That is pretty cool that you wrote a story about this species. Based on your story, I would think this Sentience and species is one of your past Grand Cycles too. Perhaps we knew one another during that Grand Cycle.
  42. 3 points
    @petra Thank you. I am blown away by how this species communicated through the use of color and could hear color. I would like to be able to remember what that experience was like. Looking forward to reading your upcoming session on the topic of Color. Here is a big hug for you too.
  43. 3 points
    Or esrevinu. Now that sounds like some kind of an Indian god. There's something cool about the thought that their universe would end in an implosion. Or the Big Gnab.
  44. 3 points
    Do they call it the "Benjamin Button-verse?"
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    The video seems to have disappeared from this thread but I searched for it on Youtube. I haven't listened to this till now although I thought I had heard all of Einars music, strange...! Maybe I just stepped into a different parallel (seems to happen a lot these days) The runes ᚠᛟᚱᚾ (elder Futhark) spell out FORN or ancient. The first lines of the song just sends shivers down my spine. It seems to touch on those crazy times we are living in. Elves in my view represent harmony of nature, trolls the destructive forces and giants the primordial creative/destructive force of the universe. Ríst ek bótrúnar ríst ek bjargrúnar einfalt við álfum tvífalt við tröllum þrífalt við þurs. I carve a healing rune, I carve a saving rune, once with elves twice with trolls thrice with giants. The runes do speak differently to different persons and in my experience relay or reawaken wisdom beyond words. Thank you for posting this!
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    In fact, Michael said just this in one of Geraldine's sessions. Can't track it down at the moment though. The Infinite Soul is the 7th Soul Age. For all of us. So it makes absolute sense that each sentience would have its own IS. Exception: The first 2-3 IS for humans were from the Caretaker lines. Which is logical since few humans had cycled off and reached the 7th Soul Age.
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    I've been perusing some of the excellent archives on TLE, because -- quarantine! I now see this is not the first time M has used the example of chocolate in their instruction here. (Just a wee bit Willy Wonka lol?) Maybe they've been missing it all these years, I mean who knows what desserts they get ?
  48. 3 points
    @Troy OH, NO YOU DI'INT!!! ;)
  49. 3 points
    For me it was always Artisans who got my epic eye roll and exasperated sighs. When someone is flaky, scattered, demanding, entitled, making others do the work of thinking for them, ignoring instructions, and always complaining about life but resetting back to square one even after lengthy and deep conversations about how to improve life... I presume they are ARTISANS. I thought this was how all Artisans were until I started paying attention and realized that Artisans could actually be entirely the opposite of this! I think it's a matter of Positive vs Negative Poles, but now some of the most inspiring sources of structure, discipline, responsibility, calm, balance, consistency, self-reliance and ethics are Artisans. I discovered I wasn't *wrong* about how some Artisans show up in the world, but now I never presume I know an Artisan just from the term. And for for me it isn't Sages who can dominate a room with a neediness for attention or long-winded stories that force the whole room to endure endlessly... it's the SCHOLAR! As soon as a Scholar starts a tale I brace myself for an hour of courtesy nodding and only listening. Conversations are over at that point. Just listening and nodding and waiting for that one magical moment when they take a breath and you can escape! LOL So those are my confessions. I confess these with total love and affection and apology to my beloved Artisans and Scholars! It's true that prejudices are usually based in some sort of truth, but never the whole truth. So I always prefer the whole truth of a person and aim for that even if my experiences have told me something different. Michael calls that "experiential differentiation." It's when we actively remember that a new person or experience is entirely new and its own thing, not condemned to the past.
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    Not sure if I am intruding on any fandoms here. But this cover by Lauren Babic moves me in a different way than the original. It has a raw/earthy vibe that I think complements the song. It could just be her though. I am 100% a fan of hers. She is amazing!!!
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