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    I feel so much better now! It's really weird, just one week ago I thought I wouldn't be able to get out of this horrible, grieving, desperate state I was in alone. I even started looking for a therapist. Then, about Wednesday last week, this heavy and confusing energy started to disperse and I felt much calmer and more centered. I felt like me again. I went to see a therapist yesterday and she was basically like "Yeah, I don't think you need therapy, you've got all the tools and you're doing just fine. Just be patient with yourself and your patterns." So yeah, I felt much more stuck in old patterns than I actually am. I'm so glad I'm out of the woods. That was terrifying.
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    I've only really seen Adam Driver play Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movies but just recently watched this movie, What If, on either Netflix or Amazon Prime; I can't remember which. This scene had me laughing so fucking hard. Driver's comedic timing is fucking excellent and he really does the whole matter-of-fact comedic delivery so well. It still makes me laugh watching it. I WANT that kind of enthusiasm for any moment one day
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    I felt quite good yesterday and I wrote it off as getting back to a reasonable routine and saying goodbye to a house guest! I will have another look at the timing.
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    I was doing the WoS question of what inspires me, and wanted to share some quotes of BTS. they are my muses of pursuing what I love and helping others along the way. I love them so much! I feel they are helping anchor the mature paradigm with their message of self-love. Through their music and storytelling, they talk about the problems of my generation, like mental health, society, school & parental pressure, uncertainty for the future, etc. Their fandom is a huge movement, with people of all ages. I’ve found them to be incredibly loving, encouraging and wise. In some ways reminds me of this community, only emotionally centered and super SUPER passionate LOL "That was the promise we made right before our debut in 2013. We promised two things: We have to talk about what's inside us, and we want to be helpful to the world" - Yoongi "Actually, it’s really simple. We are one. Looking past race, country and language, in this moment, we are all one heart" - J-Hope. "From the day of the universe’s creation and on, through the infinite centuries and on, in the previous life and maybe the next too, we’re forever together" - DNA. "It’s alright to not have a dream. If you have moments where you feel happiness for a while. It’s alright to stop. Don’t run without knowing the destination. It’s alright to not have a dream. All the breaths you breathe are already in paradise" - Paradise "Now promise me, several times a day, even if you feel lonely, please don't throw yourself away"- Promise. "So thanks. For believing in someone like me. For dealing with these tears and wounds" -2! 3! (Hoping For More Good Days) "Why did I want to hide my precious self like this? What was I so afraid of? Why did I hide my true self? - Epiphany "Dream, may your trials end in full bloom. Dream, though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous" - So Far Away. "When it's time to vote, the people turn to mannequins. Challenge that" - Change - RM & Wale "I believe in me, I believe in myself. Even as time passes I'll be livin' in myself" - I Believe - RM "It will pass, eventually, for sure, definitely" - everythingoes - RM & Nell "I'm the one I should love in this world" - Epiphany. "Even the stars that were formed from my mistakes are my very own constellations"- Answer: Love Myself "You know it all. You’re my best friend. The morning will come again. Because no darkness, no season can last forever" - Spring Day. "You found me. You recognised me. You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you" - Magic Shop
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    I'm still feeling that sense of shifting energy from the old into the new, where it's a little uncertain and old patterns still float up and dissolve and then reassemble. It's a bit annoying for me, on a personal level. Something new that's emerging for me is a sense of needing to recreate some boundaries for myself, and it's currently manifesting in my life as a teacher, where I just feel like I want to take less b.s. from students. I'm feeling it in other areas too. I need to be careful because sometimes I can come across as scary when I'm setting boundaries, and that''s another thing I'm trying to work with right now - expression of personal power. On a much more personal level I spent a lot of last year allowing my boundaries to completely disappear in certain situations, and now I'm feeling the repercussions of that, so maybe that's one reason it's coming up. My two poles of boundary-setting seem to be, on one end, a hard stance, and on the other, feeling extremely guilty and anxious about even attempting to stand up for my needs. The hard stance tends to manifest at work and the anxiety and guilt in personal relationships. Ha. Ha ha. Ha. Argh.
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    Beautiful people and quotes. These two quotes especially stood out for me: "From the day of the universe’s creation and on, through the infinite centuries and on, in the previous life and maybe the next too, we’re forever together" - DNA. and "Why did I want to hide my precious self like this? What was I so afraid of? Why did I hide my true self?" - Epiphany
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    Lots of great ones there, @Rosario but I'm hanging on to this one "Even the stars that were formed from my mistakes are my very own constellations"- Answer: Love Myself
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    I always err on the side of going with more information rather than less. I mean, you don't need to give this person's life history but full name, connection to you, and location would be helpful I would think.
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    Adam represents the Driver Clan brilliantly.
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    He's also in HBO's 'Girls.' If you don't hate Lena Dunham like some do, it's a great show and he's awesome in it.
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    Hello and Happy and Healthy 2019 to all! i have coming up a session with Michael and I plan to ask about agreements with certain persons in my life past and present, my question is do I give the full name ( first, last) of the person or first name is enough? Or should I also add more details about the person ex** Jane Doe from Germany born in the 1980s ?.. suggestions anyone? What would give clarity or is Michael just going to know by first name and association to me? thank u !
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    These are all lovely, thank you for sharing! From what I know of the South Korean cultural love affair with plastic surgery, it comes across as especially powerful to me for these boys to be sharing the phrase "Love Yourself." I also agree with Bobby, that constellations quote is wonderful.
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    @Leela Corman, I'm also feeling the residue of last year. I'm still Revolving and Looping around issues, thoughts and ideas (Revolution was the global theme of 2018). But the difference between this and last year is that now what I'm looping around over and over are positive, constructive affirmations that support my intentions and keep me clear in my efforts. I've kind of realized that I have spent a lot of my daily energy in anxiety and needless stress. Now I know those states are just comfortable lies I've gotten used to that in truth are what keep me stuck more than anything else. I actually get a lot more done if I just call myself out and do things anyway. Distress and anxiety are a lot less productive fuels than I used to believe. But I would ideally like the looping to end.
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    I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety recently, especially around travel, and I happened to be traveling this past Friday. At some point during the trip, we went through a tunnel, and I was feeling my usual pre-anxious tenseness... but then, halfway through the tunnel, I felt my emotional body suddenly shift. It felt a little tingly, and freeing, and I remember thinking: "Well, this is quite silly, isn't it? This is a silly fear. I don't think this is necessary. I can live without this perfectly well." And the tenseness went away like that. I almost wanted to laugh. And then the sunlight streamed in, quite literally, as we had reached the end of the tunnel. My anxiety hasn't fully left me yet, but I've been able to easily get through some situations this weekend I had worried I wouldn't be able to get through. I think the message about what the energy shift is bringing for me was pretty loud and clear, though (I'm laughing at how hilariously poetic it seemed): for me, it's the end of letting fear block my way, and the beginning of living a life free of anxiety. It's funny, my QP for the year is Adventure. I was excited to read that, as I've been craving some bold and wondrous experiences these past few months (goal of Growth kicking in), but I also had no idea how I was thinking of going about being adventurous, as my anxiety had really paralyzed me this past year. I guess now I know.
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    I always give enough information to ensure that Michael can determine which specific Essence I'm asking about. I might give full name and location if the person is far away from me and hasn't interacted with me in person for some time. You don't have to be too specific about people who have a close relationship with you. For instance, you can say "my mother" rather than giving your mother's name and location. I suspect Michael can rather easily find Essences that are closely tied to your own, and it's only the more distant connections that it might be useful to provide more info to help them to locate an individual. Even so, if they are in doubt, they may provide qualifying answers. For instance, they might indicate that the person they've found has a small dog or is fond of pet rocks as a method of validating that this is the correct Essence.
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    I happened upon this article and find this excerpt helpful: "On the positive side, we have a mass of fragments who recognize that a momentum is in place that is headed toward catastrophe on many levels. Their response is more along the lines of “steering” as a means of returning to control, but in order to get this steering under control, “the brakes” have to be put on. Hard. This has shown up in many ways this year where those who were at the mercy of a momentum that was not of their obvious choice have finally put on the brakes and are redirecting the momentum as best they can. This will most likely be seen even more so in the months ahead, where those who would most suffer from a harmful momentum are taking responsibility and doing what they can to help halt and redirect. It is the beginning of a revolution, and not in just the obvious ways, but in psychic ways, as well, and across several countries. On the negative side, a minority of fragments are digging in their heels from a paradigm that refuses to accommodate change, evolution, prosperity, sharing, empathy, etc. In short, they refuse to accommodate the shift from Young Soul paradigm of “there is you and me, and I’m going to win” to that of the Mature Soul paradigm of “there is you and me, and I know how you feel.” Furthermore, they refuse to accommodate the inevitable shift from the Debt-based Society of the past 100 year Platform to a Choice/Resource-based Society of the 21st Century Platform. Those fragments refusing to participate and adapt to this inevitable change among the masses of consciousness on the planet will most likely continue to do all they can to ensure their paradigm is not disturbed. Ironically, their paradigm would not be disturbed if they would not presume it should also be the paradigm of the masses. There is a way for them to carry on without too much inconvenience, but this is not particularly attractive to these Younger souls at this time. The scenario at this time is similar to that of a group of teenagers who have won the lottery because of tickets bought by the adults around them, with the teenagers not only refusing to share, but refusing to acknowledge that their winnings are precisely because of those who did not win. It is their right not to share, of course, but it is also their demise, as there is little value to anything that one does not share or exchange, from the wallet to the smile. Money (resources) has little value in the Mature Paradigm, unless it is shared, so a new system would either come into place to completely remove the value of money as it is currently understood, or a new way of distributing the resources and money of the world would come into play." It appears that 2011 could have been themed in REVOLUTION with a -Pole of Circling/Repetition and a +Pole of Evolution just like 2018. We did have the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and the Fukushima Meltdown. It appears Steve Jobs died, Burma Democratized (although our version of "Democracy" is more like a Republic), Federal Health Care reforms were issued, the Royal Wedding occurred and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was repealed in US Military back then.
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    @Christina Lily Pedersen I have ended years of feeling that my life and problems do not matter because I do not suffer enough compared to others. I ended years of feeling that I have to hide my true self- I am now coming out far more with all that I am, bit by bit. I have ended a self-karma I just realized today that ensued between Collapsing or Enduring when faced with challenges. All I knew to do for years when met with the unknown was to collapse and implode and hide away, but I felt ashamed that I was not being responsible and strong. My Essence tells me I collapsed so many times because it was the only way Old Me could know he mattered and was real, even if it meant the only way to prove he mattered was by destroying something in that collapse. But above all I have ended any need to define myself by what anyone else says or does around or about me, or by any fear that comes up in me. I simply do not define myself by those things anymore. As for Beginnings, I am starting to live life far more Freely. If nothing defines me but me, much of the pressure I used to live under can dissipate and I can make choices confidently, without fear of being wrong or selfish or even stuck in hurt and shame. I simply do not find my mattering and meaning when I am stuck anymore. I find it by what I choose to do, create and nurture. I have relinquished much of my control issues. Whenever I get antsy that I have not done or can not do enough to feel happy or accomplished, I tell myself to "take it one step at a time" and am easing into telling myself that "this will pass". My 2019 will be defined by EMPOWERMENT, HARVESTING, MOBILIZATION and RENEWAL. I still have issues with feeling stuck, but I do not define myself and potential by them. I am aiming to be more involved, authentic and self-expressive.
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    I don't normally post my dreams in an Energy Report, or without an interpretation from Michael, but this one seems to be so obviously about the ending of the Healing Convergence (for me) that I thought I would post it here. January 12, 2019: Finally, this morning, I had my last dream (been having them for nights) where I was away, sort of, staying in a hotel complex in a foreign country with other people on my team where we were transporting people and data. It seemed was so complicated ...and complex and secretive. I’m glad we’re done. We had all this subterfuge, technology, and equipment... literal old tapes, boxes of them. I’m not sure whether I said a joke or not at the end to everyone that we had now transported everyone using a Star Trek like transponder. It felt like we HAD done that but in a different way that felt more like a mix of “old school” hence the old, literal boxes of recorded “tapes”, communicating with screens that looked like mirrors, and handheld phones. It had been so “complicated” and entangled but we did it well, as a team, and we could all go home now, everyone had a clean up job. Our team said goodbye to each other and we quickly dispersed. I checked to make sure that all the tapes (in boxes that looked old shoe boxes), etc., had been removed for disposal (because they had been successfully transported wherever they had been sent) and everything looked clear and clean to me so I was on my way back to my hotel room. From there I could get on with my life with my own family who seemed to have been with me but not during the actual work of the transport of people, data, etc., which we did secretly all over the place in different locations around and in the hotel - it seemed. It was considered highly successful and we were done!! High Five all round!! ♥
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    thanks @Bobby @Jeroen those are also my favorite songs! DNA, Love Myself, Epiphany. @Becca the Student yes! Fun fact, people were saying RM gave Obama vibes. I really think he's a MStudent...Here's his speech at UN.
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    I don't usually have this kind of sensitivity, and have always been fascinated (well, since becoming part of this community) with those scenarios in which people do. But I totally had this happen with Marc Almond, the musician, from the 80's duo Softcell. They were kind of my first "favorite band"; when I was 10, their Tainted Love 12" was the first vinyl album I ever bought, with like tooth money or something. I could have sworn that he died, possibly sometime in the early 90's. Then all of a sudden a year or two ago he's on Twitter, talking on social media, being a public figure. Why do I remember him being dead? I have these vague-ish memories of musicians I came to love later, like Thurston Moore and Lydia Lunch, speaking of him with admiration, and being surprised that their subcultures had crossed paths (though that isn't surprising to me now, now that I know more). I have been having some interesting experiences with personal parallels lately. Some feel so close that I think I'm getting emotional bleedthrough. And I observed a cadence mate of mine describing what I'm pretty sure was a bleedthrough experience with me. In fact I'm going to post about this separately so that I can hear about other people's experiences with this, because it's under my skin right now.
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    @SharvariJ, here in Denmark many women choose to have babies without men.?
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    I usually give the full name, sometimes I mention the relationship to me and sometimes not. I would say if you don’t use the full name, then give the relationships to you. I’ve never given their location.
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    @Maureen I'm actually not sure if or when I have read the channeled piece above that you've shared, so I wonder what the original date was for it, and if it was a personal session? I could not find it here on ourTLE in any separate post, but I really think it deserves it's own posting somewhere because that actually says so much about this community. Thank you so much for sharing it
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    We sure see this happening
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    Representation matters. :)