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    One of the things I thought during this pandemic was that "you cannot get any virus from broccoli. Broccoli does not cause pandemics." So, it is a fair sign that we should change our lifestyle. Still, I think it is not realistic to expect from people to stop eating things that they have been eating in all of their lives from one moment to another. It will be a gradual process, and not without resistance. But it is coming and it is inevitable.
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    That is a fair assessment @Bogi. I dont expect millions to just... stop eating animal products from hearing someone else tell them to. Not one person has gone vegan because of me, though Ive gotten lots to question their eating habits and cut back on the amount of animals they eat. They'll have to make a personal connection and see that there's a reward to doing it. I more so expect it to be a slow process of painfully cutting back until enough people recognize we don't need it. Given current human contexts it's no longer necessary or natural to kill animals for food. It's an addiction to eat animals. But it's built on a bunch of lies we tell ourselves to avoid the bigger truth. So we gotta expose those lies and point out new directions that are more appealing.
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