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    BACKSTORY: As most of you already know, I live with a chronic immune system condition that is mostly known as A.I.D.S. I am “perfectly” healthy and in a state they describe as “undetectable,” meaning they can’t find any HIV in my blood at all. I live on a cocktail of medications that supposedly help keep me alive, and my own vegan diet helps tremendously in countering any serious issues. But I still struggle with ups and downs of health that are often vague and oppressive and include headaches/migraines, extreme fatigue, low-grade constant cold symptoms that sometimes explode into severe colds, and then sometimes I fall flat into some scary states that have yet to be diagnosed or understood and these knock me off my feet for days. This isn’t how I live my life every day, but these things often disrupt my life and my focus on work. Add to this the weight of depression that has slowly crept into my life since Trump got elected. It may seem silly, but it has truly affected the quality of life for many of my friends. I’ve never experienced depression before and finally had to accept that I endure it now. I think it’s pretty mild compared to clinical depression, so for those who suffer clinical depression, my heart goes out to you. It has exacerbated the health issues above. And I have to admit that my diagnosis of A.I.D.S. 12 years ago still haunts me and weighs on me every single day. It’s not something that is easy to live with psychologically. I am as healthy as anyone else, but it’s like a ticking time bomb that keeps you living in a state between life and death. This actually helps my relationship with Michael and improves the quality of the channeling, so there’s that! When I was dying of pneumonia in that hospital bed in The Netherlands in 2007, I actually got to “meet” Michael before I fell into my 5-day coma. It was surreal and disturbing and beautiful, and it was one of the most comforting moments I’ve ever experienced. I think it calmed me down and helped me trust in my existence and let my body do its work of recovery. I don’t know. But I survived. When I returned to NYC from The Netherlands, it would take me 5 years to breathe normal again and I was very lucky that New York State has health programs in place that help those with no insurance to get the healthcare and prescriptions necessary for survival. I have been gratefully living with that healthcare since 2007. So the good news is that I’m surviving and thriving! And on paper, I am healthy and have nothing to worry about. These random states of health do not define me or my life, but I also can’t ignore them, so I eat as best I can, and take my medications, and use the Michael Teachings to help me understand and create and evolve all through these ups and downs. But my healthcare is essential... which leads me to 2019. FAST-FORWARD TO 2019 As 2019 approached, I was alerted that I would no longer be eligible for my healthcare. I have been living with profound stress and uncertainty for all of 2019. I fought to keep my healthcare and lost. Eventually I was free-falling. I could no longer get check ups, bloodwork, and my supposed life-saving medications were running out. This was so stressful for me that my health and my optimism took a nosedive and I’ve been struggling off and on all year. It has affected my work for all of you, not in terms of quality of channeling, but in terms of my keeping up and staying on schedule. I honestly felt like I was having to get my private life in order and prepare to die. If not soon, then at least sooner than I expected. Suddenly the past 12 years felt like borrowed time and I had run out of it. To be perfectly honest, I was terrified. Truly scared for my life. It never matters how much you understand and work with the dead... dying is a big deal! But I kept it together and continued to research and ask for help from sources that could help me. I’m self-employed and do not make enough money to cover health insurance on my own, but I also make too much money to qualify for the Medicaid I had been with for all of these years. So my focus has been heavily directed toward saving my life and this distraction has disrupted a lot of my schedule and plans. I’ve been doing the best I can to juggle all of this... And it finally paid off! I GOT MY HEALTHCARE BACK! My advocate directed me to a program for which I qualify and I am in the process of restoring my healthcare! When my advocate told me this, I broke down in tears. I had been carrying the weight of this for so long, mostly privately and alone because it was too heavy to share. I just wanted to focus on solutions. And I finally found one. BACK TO WORK So if you have noticed or sensed my distance and distraction, now you know why. And I’m very happy to say that I can once again reclaim my energy and direct it back to thriving and not just surviving. Please be patient with me if you are in my backlog of sessions. It’s not a big backlog, so it won’t take too much time, but thank you for being patient. I can also return focus to Wholeness of Souls, TLEGG, our Michael Books, and other projects in the works! Thank you for all of your love and patience and understanding and kindness. I’m back. Troy PS - a special thank you and deep gratitude for TeamTLE for helping me keep it together. I could not have survived this without them. I love you all so much.
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    ENERGY REPORT February 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY comes with a strange mix of calm and chaos as the energy begins to shift away from Delusion and toward Creativity. Personal, Community and Global Delusions are starting to break down and collapse and find little support, while Personal, Community, and Global Creativity begins to gain some support, traction, and momentum as a solution to the array of delusions that have been anchored in various populations for decades and even centuries. For most of our students, February and March may feel a bit like a “hurry up and wait” energy that has a calm anxiousness about it, a frenetic and frustrating energy but also a sense of progress. This comes from the mix of Flow and Moving Center in effect as populations dance between the negative and positive poles. We do not have a lot to report for February but can say that it will be helpful for our students to keep in mind that progress is happening and is moving toward desired directions in personal, community, and global terms, but this may not be obvious in this wave of calm chaos transition. In other words, a helpful February phrase might be to just “hang in there.” DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): February 19th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ENERGY BOOST - This looks like a wave of energy that may amplify energy, events, an intensity in some area of the personal life and world events. We do not know how this will play out, but it is a sense of acceleration. NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: BE BEYOND - There are times in a life and on a planet when events or people or relationships seem at a standstill or terribly disrupted or unending or boring or too intense, even too painful, but it will always help you to BE BEYOND THIS. What we mean is that it is okay to know you exist beyond whatever you are experiencing now. You need not escape into that future, but you exist in that future. For example, there is a future when the King known as Donald Trump is no longer in power. It exists. And you exist there, as well. It is okay to know this and to connect to the anchor of this truth. There is a future where you have the job you seek. There is a future where you are happy again. There is a future where you fall in love again. There is a future when your pain is relieved. And so on. Let yourself BE BEYOND the moment without losing yourself to the moment. Let yourself be in the moment, but not lost to it when you are overwhelmed. Let yourself connect to the greater patterns of your life so that you can more easily navigate your way toward more desired outcomes. Be Beyond.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. The 21st Century is a pivotal century. There are pivotal years throughout history and sometimes there is a century that is pivotal. This is one of them. It could be said that every year and even every century is pivotal in many ways, but what we mean by this is that the Human Race will move in a new direction that is unlike any direction in the past and is changing in way that is a point of no return. One would think that such events as war and great catastrophe may change the course of humanity, and these do have their effects, but the effects on direction of which we speak are about something more insidious and pervasive. If war, famine, and catastrophe could be said to redirect humanity's physical direction on Earth, then the effects of which we speak are about a metaphysical direction. For example, the last pivotal century was the 1st Century AD with the onset of organized religion, particularly monotheism. This changed humanity in unalterable ways that would shape everything, including war, famine, disease, and catastrophes for the next 19 Centuries. The effects of that pivotal Century remain intact, but will quickly be replaced by the 21st Century events. 2019 is a pivotal year within a pivotal Century and we think this is the year in which the more profound anchoring of effects will take place. It could be said that 2019 may see the "final blows" to key institutions that have been long overdue in terms of their holding back progression of humanity, as well as the "successful launches" of various key patterns that are part of the pivotal shift in humanity toward living as Mature Souls. This kind of pivotal year is not always obvious or dramatic, but it may be fairly dramatic as that is part of the Mature Soul world. All great changes will likely come with a fair amount of flourish. As this is an Artisan year, the key elements at play here would be in the collapse of the Delusional and rise of the Creative. The problem and challenge of Delusional is that it can look normal and be normalized. The very nature of Delusion means that those who are delusional cannot see the delusion. For most Delusional patterns, a crash is necessary. A complete shock to the system. A full disruption of patterns. The irony in the spectrum between Creativity and Delusion is that Creativity will be used, no matter what. The difference between Creativity as a Positive Pole and Creativity as a Negative Pole is the depth of harm done with the Creativity. Creativity as healing is Positive while Creativity as harm is Negative. The difference between Destruction and Delusion is that Delusion does not see the destruction. This is why Self-Destruction is the Chief Feature for this year. The Delusional elements of society are headed toward Self-Destruction. And they do not see it coming. When we speak of delusional elements of society, our Older Soul students are not exempt. There are layers of society within which each of you participate and exist in various ways and you may be wide awake and creative in many areas and quite delusional in another. We do not see a single student moving through 2019 without confronting one element of delusion in the life that has to collapse and change. The "State of the Planet" at this point is in a place where the changes that are necessary for humanity to survive MUST be implemented to some great degree as soon as possible or it is suicide for the species. We do not see the patterns leaning toward suicide, but your species is playing out the ideas in many ways that are helping with your survival. It is of no coincidence that several films have come in the past 5 to 10 years where the masses either turn on each other in unprecedented and mindless waves of violence or turn on themselves in unprecedented waves of violent suicide. Films are the equivalent of waking dreams to process probabilities. It is also of no coincidence that beloved and popular series have come about regarding time travel and the effort to steer and wake up humanity before it is "too late." These themes are not new, but there is a relevance and resonance to them on a new scale. If this year could be described in a phrase, it would be RAPID REALIZATION. This is why the Attitude of 2019 is that of Realist. This is a year of realization, of waking up, or falling so deeply asleep that one does not wake up, so to speak. Many of our students are well ahead of this pattern and have been working on this for some time, but you will now see this happening on a more epic and obvious scale in the world around you and among people whom you would never have suspected were interested in waking up. These awakenings may be mocked or shunned or said to be "too late," but it would be valuable to everyone to embrace even the most vile of individuals who suddenly speak to having a realization. Most realizations come from OBJECTIVITY. Surprisingly, Objectivity fosters Empathy. Objectivity allows for one to see oneself relative to another thing or person, and vice versa. The Overleaves in place for this year are the Overleaves with which most of humanity determined as the fastest and most definitive route toward the greatest probabilities. CREATIVITY, ACTION, FREEDOM, CLARITY, and OBJECTIVITY. What we have described above is quite broad and even vague, but that is because it is just that. We do not know the direction this will go and this will be one of the years in which the patterns we see have the most surprising and spontaneous shifts away from what we thought would come. We do know that this pivotal year and pivotal Century are all about SOCIAL EQUALITY. On the most metaphysical and subatomic levels of humanity and reality, the aim is for reality to be SHARED, not COMPARED, for humans to return to being a part of Earth before launching inevitably to the stars. We will leave you with this rather broad and open look at the State of the Planet for 2019 because for all of its mystery and intrigue or ominous and concerned tone, it is fairly simple: Humanity is waking up again in a new way in a new time with new power on a new scale. ***FLOOR IS NOW OPEN FOR QUESTIONS*** Uma: Michael, last January 17, you said that impeachment/indictment for fuckface was between 56-58%. Does this still stand? or now that there is a Democrat majority in the House, has the probability increased? Does impeachment still appear to be the more likely? And what is the probability for indictment for his family? Ivanka? Don Jr? Jared? After that lofty session, I'm still here in the weeds of all this and hoping we are on a good trajectory. MEntity: Probability for Impeachment is around 70% but probability for re-election is at 3% so there is a range of options here that will work across the board in halting the influence and power of this tyrannical individual. Probability of indictment for the individuals listed are at 78%. This is a most unpredictable year and time, in general, on top of the usual unpredictability, but we give you the numbers we see. Uma: Great! Thank you! NEXT Daniela: Hi Michael. In July 2017 I asked you about the Putin/Trump Pentagon Configuration. You said the Configuration's Task is Global Unification and you identified the positions as: Daniela: Position 1--Love-- Steve Bannon Daniela: Position 2-- Knowledge-- lesser-known or unknown Sage close to Putin Daniela: Position 3-- Power-- Putin Daniela: Position 4--Support-- Donald Jr. Daniela: Position 5-- Revolutionary/Eccentric-- Trump Daniela: Can you speak to how the Configuration has fared over the last 18 months? For example, has it stabilized or is it still highly volatile? Have any of the positions been vacated and filled by others? MEntity: The Configuration is still intact but more volatile. Positions remained filled by the same individuals. Death of one member involved here will be the end of this Configuration for the lifetiime. NEXT SusanF: Michael, Are there any specific arcs of experience, from the planet perspective will likely come to close during this year? And are there specific new arcs being initiated ? How long are those arcs? MEntity: Organized religion has come to a close. It will not disappear, but that arc of influence and status that shaped the world is over. There will be transition, but it is over. Oppression as a form of power is over. This may not seem possible, but it is over. Oppression will always exist in some form in some relationships, but not as a global form of power. Again, this will require transition and it will not disappear, but it is over. Prosperity inequality is over. Again, this may seem absurd, but we are speaking in terms of massive arcs coming to a close because they will not work. The practical implementation and stable reality around this shift away from these arcs would likely not be seen as fully anchored until around 2050. But you are alive in a time that is a part of the ending of those arcs. As for new arcs, we would say that SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is locked in as an arc that would shape the world for centuries to come. This started with "political correctness" and grand experiments in "social media" and exploded in social justice and moves rapidly toward such things as resource-based economy. We can explore the ending and beginning of arcs in further detail in more exchanges over 2019. NEXT DianeHB: From Tex: I worry about the gap between the current economic system and the resource-based economy. I worry about the confusion and instability. What are our probabilities for transitioning from one economy to the other? MEntity: From what we have seen, this begins to shift in small, closed communities first, then cities, then states, then countries. The transition is slow at first and requires a great period of time for true verification of its promise, but comes far more naturally than expected. The results are quite appealing and desirable which makes it easier to propagate, and the systems we have seen are scalable and interlockable, so to speak, so that larger communities and cities have an easier time of implementing. If this were to be implemented now, it would be shunned and even ignored, and in fact that has been the case, but presentation and attempts for implementation in 5 to 20 years comes to a new generation where social responsibility is fully understood and considered a valuable direction. DianeHB: Tex says thanks MEntity: We will have much more to say over 2019 regarding pivotal events and energies. We are quite excited, though in our own way. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT November 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) NOVEMBER brings a deep dive into Greed as introduced into emphasis in October. Greed is the fear of not having enough and it tends to fixate on what is feared to be lacking. This year the Greed is directly tied to and fixated on POWER. It is fairly easy to see how this is playing out in the world around you, but it is hitting our students in quite painful ways, as well. Even if you are not inclined toward Greed and have never had this as a Chief Feature of your Personality, it is likely that you are struggling with the fear of lacking power. This is a year of great challenges to the concept and application of Power, both in terms of the Overleaf and in terms of influence in the world. We have discussed in depth the concept and application of Power in our previous reports, and it would be helpful to review those exchanges for insight. The earlier part of the year had a focus on how better to understand and use your power of presence in your choices and actions, but October, November, and December bring an emphasis on exploring where you are lacking power. Keep in mind that GREED is the FEAR OF LACK. It is not about actually lacking or not having enough, it is about the FEAR of lacking or not having enough. There will always be times when you do not have enough of a thing and this is something that one must learn to navigate as a part of life. But when you fear this lack, you will tend to overcompensate, fixate, hoard, and panic. There will be times when you do not have enough food, not enough water, not enough heat, not enough sex, not enough money, not enough creativity, vision, clothes, ideas, compassion, etc. Most of the time when there is “not enough” there actually is enough, but you have to use what you have in a way that gets the most out of it. Other times, there is legitimately not enough and you must find or create alternatives or endure through scarcity until you have more. There are times when you must be thoughtful and practical and budget what you have so that you can reduce the effects of scarcity. All of this is very different from what Greed brings. Greed is never about legitimate lack or scarcity, but about fearing that lack and scarcity, so Greed convinces you that you do not have enough even as you have plenty. Greed convinces you that others have more and that is why you have less. Greed convinces you that you must take from others as a way to have more. Greed can be fairly obvious in how it shows up in the world through younger souls. There are many who have plenty of money yet seek to take more money from those with less money. There are many with plenty of security and sanctuary who seek to take away the security and sanctuary of others as a way to feel as if they have greater security and sanctuary. There are many in power who have plenty of power and yet they seek to take even more power from those with less power. Greed shows up for the older soul in more abstract ways. Most older souls will know that any lack of food, money, and even water are parts of the gamble and navigation of being in the Physical Plane, even as they may wish for more or seek to obtain more. Greed rarely shows up for Older Souls for this reason. You may not enjoy lacking these things, and life may become perilous because of lacking these things, but most of you do not live in fear of lacking in them. This is not said to undermine the very serious impact of lack in a lifetime, but we point this out because there is a difference between navigating legitimate hardships in life and living in fear of them when you are under no threat. For most of our students, Greed is likely to be showing up as a fear of lack in power, not as a power OVER others such as the younger souls fear to lose, but more as a lack of power WITH others. This is important to note because most of the dread and anxiety and fear that may come up around Greed is because the older soul fears that there are not enough people taking a stand, standing together, standing for the same things. There is a fear of not enough cohesion and community and commitment. The older soul is so used to navigating life on her own and being as responsible for that life as she can be, she tends to miss out on the inherent trust that can extend to others as a network of power that can bring change. As you move through November, it will be important to remember that you are not alone, that you are not carrying the weight of the world alone, and that you are surrounded by millions who wish to stand together and share in the power necessary to bring great change. Many are scared and uncertain and need help and guidance and access and information, but you are not lacking in power. As you move through November, it will be important to remember that those who take power from others must continue to take power and this cannot be done for long, though we know this is not comforting. It will always fail. It will never last. It is not true power. False power can have a profound and deep impact, but never in a beneficial way, The power you share with others in the face of false power generates effects that heal generations to come. The power you share with others in the face of false power creates the paradigm shifts that dismantle false power. Our point is that you are not without Power. If you fear that you lack power, it is because you may have forgotten that your greatest power comes in the sharing of power. Find your empowerment family. Create your family of empowerment. Invite others to share in your power. Look for others who are inviting you to share in their power. Make your choices and take actions as a contribution to the greater spectrum of power rather than assuming you must make choices and take actions that carry all of the power. October likely pointed out where you feel you have the least power, and November will likely be the invitation to solutions for how to nurture, sustain, and share in ways that help increase your True Power. The rest of the world will look to be consumed by Greed, but our students will likely be focusing on improving their relationship to Power and how better to share in that so that false power can be dismantled sooner than later. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): November 5th - 11th -- NEXUS -- UNKNOWN - This is a powerful Nexus that will likely result in being a Divergence, but we are not certain. This looks to be either a surreal shift toward empowerment or a surreal shock of reassessment of power. November 11th - 27th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- COMPOSURE -- This looks to be an Energy Shift with a focus on regrouping, refocusing, and bracing for a new level of intense focus as a means of moving forward. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER NOVEMBER: CONTINUE TO STAY AWAKE - This will be a theme of thought for the rest of the year. It is important to stay awake and not “check out” or abandon your power of choice and action and contribution. Stay awake. However empowered or challenged you feel, it will be vital to stay awake. By “stay awake” we mean that you allow your feelings, your passions, your frustrations, your anger, your pleasures and joy and moments of brilliance and darkness. Allow the spectrum of who you are as you focus on where you are going. Stay awake. Stay alive.
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    This was a rough week for me. I fought with a migraine headache for about 4 days and then found myself crashing into flu-like symptoms and shivering and then nausea and, well, the nasty stuff that comes with nausea. On this 4th day, I was just trying to ride it out by sleeping and my Apple Watch started buzzing me like crazy. I was trying to ignore it, but I finally gave in and looked. The Cardio app was warning me that my resting heart rate had accelerated dangerously. I was sustaining a resting heart rate around 110 - 120, spiking at around 130. I immediately looked up what is a dangerous heart rate and it said anything above 100 is worth being concerned, but anything above 120 could be something pretty serious. I decided to go to the emergency room. My alert was around 6pm and I was at the emergency room by 8pm. I was admitted and got an EKG test and then they took blood from me and then I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. SIX AND A HALF HOURS LATER... and only after finally pushing the issue and asking if someone could PLEASE give me an update, they told me that there was cause for concern because of my current diagnoses that I carry (AIDS, DIABETES, BORDERLINE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) can cause the heart to work harder. This is also causing my left Ventricular of the heart to be enlarged. They wanted to keep me for 24 hours and do an echocardiogram on me, but I said no. I will schedule that through my primary doctor. I tested negative two times for some test that they said made then assess that I was 92% safe enough to leave and be fine. 7.5 hours later I was on my way home at around 3:30 AM. Cyprus and BF Bobby stayed by my side the entire time. I love them so much. They really helped keep me calm with levity and love. In those 7.5 hours, we were surrounded by what the staff called "Frequent Flyers" who were a bunch of drunk men who came nearly daily. We were surrounded by people projectile vomiting all over the place and one drunk man stood up from his bed and decided to pee all over the floor near my bed. The stench was so bad that I almost added to the vomit-fest. I had to get up and leave. It took them 2 hours to clean up the vomit and piss, and when they cleaned up the pee, they just used sheets and hospital gowns to sop it up and didn't mop or disinfect. It was disgusting. This contributed to my decision not to stay the 24 hours. I was feeling sicker and sicker just being in that environment. I had to leave. I am happy to report that my heart rate is fine so far today, according to my Apple Watch, and I am feeling good. It was a long and scary night after a long week of not feeling well. I hate reporting these kinds of things, but I think it is only fair and kind of my responsibility to keep all of you in the loop about my health since it impacts my schedule and our time with Michael. Don't worry, I am okay and will be making follow up appointments to ensure my well-being. I love you guys. If anything ever happens to me, I need everyone here to know that you made this world a better place for me and everyone else around you. Thank you for being such bright sparks of light in a world that can sometimes seem so dark. Okay, back to work for me... Troy BELOW: tired, disheveled, exhausted, anxious, scared, but rockin' the hospital gown after many hours of sitting and waiting.
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    ENERGY REPORT July 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) JULY brings with it the move of focus to the Attitude of the year, which is REALIST. The shift of focus away from Observation Mode and onto Realist Attitude may come as fairly jarring for some of our students. The shift may be of such surprise that students find their dreams amplified in bizarre and even disturbing ways, or find their bodies suddenly processing a burst of old raw pain and grief that has unknown origins or meaning, or find that there is a sudden snap into sharp focus the reality of the demands of existence while also struggling against an almost hypnotic and sedating drone of reality that is just too much to keep taking in at once. In any case, most students will note this shift because the shift dives from the more distanced experience of Observation Mode and straight into the Negative Pole of Realist: SUBJECTIVITY. The Attitude of Realist is all about the perspective of WHAT IS. There is no interpretation, no speculation, no extrapolation, no embellishment or projection. It is all about seeing what IS, even if one would rather not. Most of our students are fairly clear and aware of reality as it exists independently from interpretation, but it is still difficult not to color reality with one’s own method of making sense of it. In many cases our students make sense of reality by distancing themselves from the areas of reality that are less interesting or more intimidating. July may change that. With the dive directly into Subjectivity, it means that you approach WHAT IS from the negative poles of the intellect and emotions. This means that your attachments (sentimentality) and your reasoning are triggered in defense. There is a blurring of reality between what is, what is not, and where you are in that mix. You simply react with reasoning for protecting that to which you are attached. Reasoning, the negative pole of the intellect, is a process of justifying and explaining one’s interpretation of experiences and events. Sentimentality (attachment), the negative pole of emotion, is a process of hanging on to and protecting only the symbols (not the reality) of what is important to you. SUBJECTIVITY, then, is all about being too close to What Is and trying to make sense of what is and your feelings about what is. This is where opinions come in and personal feelings and preferences and tastes, but not reality as it exists on its own. Subjectivity is a Negative Pole because it means that one is “too close” to What Is and has lost perspective between what IS, what IS NOT, and where you are in that mix. While the Realist will always see what is, Subjectivity makes it difficult for the Realist to see all of what is. July may be fairly draining and exhausting as you climb up and out of Subjectivity to Objectivity. Feelings can be overwhelming while in Subjectivity because they are only about how one feels about what is, not about what one can do about changing what is. It is all about reasoning and explaining What Is without fully understanding What Is. What we can suggest for our students over July is to keep a journal or record or mental note of your reactions to personal and world events that feel too close to you or so close that it is difficult to know how to respond or what to do. Note what “triggers” you and explore any patterns you see in your notes. When you can become aware of what keeps you from effectively dealing with What Is, you can more easily move into Objectivity, the Positive Pole of Realist. We will speak more on Objectivity in the weeks ahead. Depending on how our students experienced their exploration of Flow and Observation in the earlier part of the year, we may find that Objectivity comes sooner than later. This would mean a more rational and streamlined approach to What Is. When in the Positive Pole, the Intellect helps sort reality into what is, what is not, and where you are in the midst of that. The Negative Pole blurs these together in mix of feelings and confusion. When in the Positive Pole, the Emotions inspire and bring clarity of perception to help sort what is, what is not, and where you in the middle of that. In general, we can say to “ride out” July and “hang in there” until August when there is more distance between you and what is and what is not. NOTE: there will be some students who have moved almost directly into Objectivity and these students would likely have a minor struggle at the end of June or beginning of July and then a burst of motivation, enthusiasm, and focus for changing something important to them in their personal life. If you recognize this, you are already in Objectivity. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): July 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- MORE AGITATION - July may start off as June did but with even more of an agitating wave of energy that marks this shift of focus away from Observation/Passion Mode into Realist Attitude. Depending on one’s resistance to or lack of expression and inspiration, the agitation may be so intense that it exhausts the body and drops you yet again into a bizarre fatigue, or restless sleep or hyperactive dreams. Others may simply feel annoyed, while others may feel a sense of motivation and curiosity about renewed efforts for solutions or directions. JULY - NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JULY: PATIENCE IS A NOT A VIRTUE, IT IS A NECESSITY - Continuing with the theme of June, there is a pattern of “waiting” again in July; a sense of going about your business as events unfold behind the scenes as you patiently await. This may bring up anxiety or distraction, but patience is a necessity. Patience is not about remaining civil and dignified in the face of delayed satisfaction, it is about holding your space and your focus as a form of satisfaction. In other words, enjoy yourself as best you can while you deal with the reality of what is.
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    ENERGY REPORT May 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY arrives almost unexpectedly and with some surprise as the months of 2019 begin to “blur” together with little to nothing differentiating them. This is part of the effect of Flow in the Negative Pole. Until there is a “slide” into meaningful Acceptance or Discrimination on a collective level, this will continue to be the case and the sense of inevitability and point of no return will escalate. As the Mode of Observation continues to be emphasized, it may seem to many of our students that there is only a Negative Pole position of Surveillance in relation to events in the world. This is a position that feels as if one must simply watch from a distance the unfolding of events and have little to no effect on them. Because of the lack of collective Positive Pole navigation of the first few months of this year, many of our students may find that they turn their attention back to the details of their personal lives and focus on what can be done there. Many of our students are Observing their lives from the Positive Pole of Clarity and improving the Flow of their lives from the Positive Pole of Freedom as they increase Productivity (Moving Center) and Creativity (Artisan). Ironically, this is precisely what is needed for many to do as a way to contribute to a collective return of navigation through the Positive Poles. We think that most of our students are in a process of deep and personal reflection regarding their more immediate necessities and care and this is helping free up energy and power that can then be directed toward grander visions and projects. May has a strong energy of support for self-care, self-reflection, clarity, and calm recollection of yourself. Some of you may have felt a surge of intensity as if “hitting a wall” with your patience and flexibility. This is not a bad sign. For those who experienced this over the end of April and beginning of May, it is an experience that is reminding you of your limits and/or an unlocking of permission for your power. Many are in a state of inner conflict over how to navigate challenges in life and in the world that force them to behave in ways that are unnatural to them, such as “getting angry,” “drawing a line,” clarifying boundaries and redefining themselves in terms of ethical and compassionate choices and actions. We think that most of our students will have “that moment” over the next 30 to 90 days if they have not experienced it, yet. As you navigate May, enjoy your moments of calm and embrace your moments of power. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): May 4th -- Energy Shift -- GROUNDING - A shift toward calm, patience, and persistence that may prompt students to step back, pause, reconnect, realign, and focus on something that brings and shares joy. This shift may carry in effect for the rest of May. May 18th - 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are focused on emotional closure, emotional peace, True Grounding, and being “done” with unnecessary struggles and challenges, all while reclaiming a certain amount of collective power and pleasure through revitalizing social connections and directions. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: TOGETHER, WE STAND; TOGETHER, WE SIT - Collective forces are not always about moving forward, but about taking a moment to authentically look at each other instead of looking ahead. Our students may feel a desire to reach out, reach back, and truly acknowledge those in the life who are of meaningful and vital love, friendship, and kindness. Allow yourselves to sit down together and look at each other even as you know you must return to standing up and looking forward together.
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    ENERGY REPORT January 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) As JANUARY opens up a new year, the energies of the Artisan, Moving Center, and Flow are activated and emphasized. This is a fairly jarring shift from the baseline energies of the previous year. Many of our students may have found themselves thrown into, or sliding into a chaotic state that is a mix of the new Negative Poles, Delusion (Artisan), Frustration (Moving Center), and Inertia (Flow). This might show up as a burst of feelings stirred up in the body that have no place to go but in circles and generating a range of unfounded or outdated and previously-resolved experiences for processing over and over. For those who had the most difficult time adjusting to the shift in energies for the new year, it will be helpful to understand that most of what you are feeling may be the equivalent of a calm lake bed being stirred up by a storm. The murky waters are not permanent nor do they represent any issues that have returned to stay. It will be difficult to see clearly and it may be disorienting, but it will pass. When it passes, it will likely be as startling as it was when it washed over you because you will wonder why it felt so overwhelming and felt so “real.” For those who more easily adjusted to the shift in energies, you may still have found yourself challenged by the shift affecting some particular area that may have been thought to have been resolved to a greater degree than it looks at the start of the year. In both cases, it is important to understand that even when one has made great progress and evolution through issues, challenges, and patterns, they do not simply go away once they are resolved. They do disintegrate, dissolve, transform, etc, but they rest in the “sediment,” so to speak, of the lake bed of your greater body. Those challenges, issues, and patterns will always be a part of you and they may or may not be “stirred up” in any future wave of energy, but this does not mean they have returned or that you did not resolve them. Energy transforms and evolves, but it does not “go away.” This is true of the “worst” of who you are and for the best of who you are. You do not go away. You transform and evolve and grow, but you do not go away, and neither do all of the parts and patterns of who you are and have been. If you ever find yourself immersed in a return to old patterns and challenges, use your experience, wisdom, and understanding as best you can, and move through until the energies settle again. From what we can see, this immersion in Delusion, Frustration, and Inertia will likely be short-lived for our students who started off the year in this chaotic state, but this may escalate on a larger scale in the world. This is not a prediction, but a comment on the likelihood that the Negative Poles will be emphasized for the first 3 to 6 months and may or may not move to the Positive Poles at some point. From what we can see in terms of these energies on a larger scale, we think there will be a great deal of over-anticipation, misreading of possibilities, high expectations met with great disappointments, and a great deal of frustration as patterns continue to repeat so that “nothing” seems to be changing or getting better. This will not be true in the long-term, but it may seem to be true while these energies are swirling and murky and unclear. Regardless of how you have experienced the start of the year, and regardless of how the world may reflect these energies, it will be helpful for you to focus on the healthiest use of your imagination as possible, the healthiest use of your energy and actions as possible, and to foster as healthy a motivation and intention as possible. This will help you to move toward the Positive Poles of Creativity, Productivity, and Freedom. We will elaborate upon these energies over the year, of course, but for now, it is enough to know that if you feel like your focus and energy have been lost, it will return and you are not as lost as you may have thought you were. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): January 11th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ENDINGS - This looks to be a shift that brings about the “beginning of the end” for many patterns that will not survive 2019. This may be in your personal life, but it will also be in terms of world events, as well. December 31st - January 3rd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE -- This looks to be a convergence drawing together more parallels aimed for collective recovery and healing. A Healing Nexus, if you will. [NO OTHER NEXUS] HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JANUARY: THIS IS IT - On a personal and global scale, it could be said that 2019 is a pivotal year for everyone on the planet. It is a Moving Centered year of great changes, endings, and beginnings. Grief will likely be a great part of the energy in this year, as well as relief. Allow room for both of these states because you may find yourself moving between them on a regular basis. On a personal scale, it will be helpful to determine that this is the year you will do what you have been meaning to do, and actually, do it. Own your strength and motivation and use your imagination and action and intentions to truly follow through with what you know will improve, calm, and fulfill you, even if this may seem to be a very minor thing. On a larger scale, consider your part in the collective patterns and follow through with any changes or practices you know will help “the world.” Be a part of the world and not apart from it. Own your place in the collective creation of freedom for your fellow beings on your planet. This is it. We are not being dramatic when we say that “the world,” and even your personal world, are in a pivotal state during 2019 and the greater your participation, the greater your contribution to the more fulfilling direction.
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    ENERGY REPORT December 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) As DECEMBER brings the year to a close, the emphasis on Greed was at its highest in November and the consequences of Greed are being emphasized in December. It is important to note that Greed is not when you acknowledge that you do not have something that you want or need. Acknowledging what you want, need, and do not have is a healthy and valid form of information and insight that can help you to make better choices. Greed is when you fear not having enough of something you already have to the point where you become fixated and controlled by that fear. Your focus shifts away from “creating” and falls toward “taking.” Most of our students do not struggle with Greed, but as part of the patterns of this year, there may have been an exploration of all of the areas of your life where you are lacking. This means you are likely exploring how you respond or react to all of the things you need and want. November may have helped bring into focus what you need and want, and December may explore how you respond to those wants and needs. Do you Create or do you Take? Surprisingly, December brought with it a burst of Positive Pole energy from among the collective consciousness and if this is sustained, the year would “end” in the Positive Poles of Warrior, Dominance, Power, and Pragmatist, supported by the Higher Emotional energy of Love. Greed is being uncovered and dismantled and all of those who would be locked in the Negative Poles would have the support to shift in their perspectives and actions but would deal with fairly significant consequences of any harmful perspectives and actions. This is slowly being seen on a global scale among those in power, and this emphasis on consequences is likely to carry over into the new year. If you made it through this year with your emphasis on the Positive Poles of the collective Overleaves, you may be having a better December than expected, even if only in mood and levity. If you are finding that December is dark and heavy and difficult, it may be helpful to read through the previous reports of the year to gain insight and memory into how to align with the Positive Poles of the year so that you can bring some of that levity of mood and increased empowerment to yourself. This is not a time for you to resign or give up or give in. This is a time to own your right to this life, to your love, to your energy, to the truth, and live fully in that, regardless of what you still want or need. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): December 3rd - 10th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- EMOTIONAL HOUSE CLEANING - This looks to be a deep and thorough “house cleaning” of the emotional body before moving into the new year. Many of our students will likely find heightened dream activity or deep sleep, heightened sensitivity or numbness, heightened energy or lethargy, heightened enthusiasm or despair. Regardless of where you fall on the extremes of this Energy Shift, your Emotional Body is being purged and this is going to unearth emotions and dreams and symbols and perspectives that may feel as if someone just dumped out a world of boxes from your storage unit, attic or basement. For many of you, this is exciting and you sort through with enthusiasm for your journey, regardless of where it has taken you. For others, it can be daunting and overwhelming and act as a reminder of how exhausted you are, compounding your exhaustion. If you fall into the latter scenario, it can be helpful to remember that it is okay to need and want rest, but that this is not a defining state. It is a healing state. If you feel exhausted, you need rest. Let yourself rest. That means your mind and heart, as well as your body. Give yourself a break. Give yourself credit. Give… yourself. December 31st - January 3rd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE -- This looks to be a convergence drawing together more parallels aimed for collective recovery and healing. A Healing Nexus, if you will. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER DECEMBER: YOU ARE NOT DONE - If you have found a plateau of bliss and joy, you are not done. If you have found a plateau of despair and depression, you are not done. You are never done. Ever. This may sound wonderful or terrifying, but this is the nature of existence. It will never serve you in any way to assume that you ever reach a finish line of success or failure. Knowing this truth when you are happy helps you to embrace and bask on that wave of happiness. Because it will change. Knowing this truth when you are in despair or depression helps you to know that this is not a conclusive or defining state. Because it will change. It can be difficult to remember that you can be happy or that you can be so sad when you are in one of these or the other, but you will be ALL of this because all of it is you. BONUS 2019 OVERLEAVES [preview, subject to change] ROLE: Sage or Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec)
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    ENERGY REPORT September 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) SEPTEMBER brings with it a strong and clear division in the world between those who are choosing to emphasize Efficiency and those who are choosing to emphasize Dogma, the Positive and Negative Poles of Pragmatism, respectively. We were looking for a leaning in one direction over the other regardless of which Polarity one had become attached, but it does not appear to be that this will be the case. There is a clear divide and the rest of the year will be a kind of showdown between the two Polarities. Although there is no collective leaning in one direction or the other, there is a majority who have shifted toward Efficiency and see that the world cannot progress within the confines of any Dogma. It may come as a surprise, but most fragments prefer progression over regression, and for those who are locked in Dogma, progress has been learned to equate with something terrifying and it must be stopped, regardless of the cost. This makes for a rather precarious time over the next 3 months, depending on how threatened those in Dogma come to feel. For those in the Positive Pole of Pragmatism, solutions are all about Efficiency, and this means exploring the range between flexible compromise and clear boundaries. On the world stage, you may begin to see a move into clear boundaries before considering flexible compromise. This means that while Efficiency is the priority for those in the Positive Pole, it will still come across as threatening to those in the Negative Pole. In other words, conflict is fairly unavoidable at this point. In your personal lives, our students are likely to align deeply with one Polarity or the other and find themselves locked in Dogma or unlocking a wave of Efficiency that frees a great deal of energy to be used for something other than cocooning defenses. When one moves into Efficiency, it means being able to slide to all of the Positive Poles of all other Attitudes. On a collective level, this is a slide to Spiritualist, a move toward Possibilities and potential. For many of our students, a sense of unlocking your potential and the potential of progress and relief can be seen as a sort of light at the end of a long tunnel. For those locked in Dogma, the early emphasis on Greed will likely spring into focus and feel as if it is taking over all perspective. It is likely to come suddenly and blindingly through reactionary defenses. We will discuss more the force and function of Greed in further reports, but the main emphasis will be that one determines that one does not have enough of something and this becomes a fixation. The mind and body become locked on that which must be taken in order to have more. Greed does not seek to create or find solutions, but to take because one is entitled and “deserves” to have that which is lacking. Greed mixed with Dogma is the stuff of wars, both in the world and within. See our previous reports for more details on how to help move yourself out of Dogma if you feel you have locked yourself into this perspective. The “lock” only remains if consciousness is diminished, but if you make the effort and enlist your awareness, this lock is powerless against your consciousness and power of choice. September will seem to be a coasting along toward October. A brief respite before taking on the challenges of a world struggling with an emphasis on Greed to cap off the year. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): September 5th - 7th -- Energy Shift -- Mood Swings - This Energy Shift looks to be a wave of emotional static, so to speak, that many students may feel and find challenging over these dates. Agitation, distraction, annoyance, wild dreams, exhaustion and even aching in the joints and muscles. This is a strange fluctuation based on your adapting to the climate of stress in which you must still function as healthily as you can. This shift will help those who are in the Positive Pole to unlock the slide to Spiritualist and begin to see possibility and potential. For those who are falling further into Dogma, it is bracing for impact that will have one landed in a heightened state of agitation and distraction that will either become the norm or be transformed away from Dogma over the rest of September. September 25th - 27th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - This Nexus appears to be all about unexpected obstacles being brought up for examination and either be remedied or to branch realities in directions that deal with the obstacles in very different ways. Over this Nexus period, we would expect that these obstacles would not be minor, but sudden and solid that force a need for immediate solutions, both on the world stage and in the personal life. To the extent that one has moved into the Positive Poles of Pragmatism, these obstacles would find readily available solutions, but the more one has been locked into Dogma, these obstacles may be life-changing/altering in the long run. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER SEPTEMBER: JUST STAY AWAKE - As you dance between the polarities of Efficiency and Dogma, the inclination to simply want to fall back asleep, metaphorically speaking, may be strong. You may feel more than ever that you would rather opt out and focus only on a minor circle of responsibilities, to disconnect from reality and cocoon into a world that feels safer and calmer. This is your choice and it may be important for you to remove yourself from the cycles of stress and exposure to world events that are overwhelming. Or you may feel more motivated than ever to contribute and help make a difference in the world. Regardless of which direction you go, you can fall asleep, lose consciousness, and find yourself enduring and dispassionate and weary, leading you toward apathy. We suggest that whichever direction you feel inclined to move, permanently or temporarily, that you JUST STAY AWAKE. By “stay awake” we mean that you allow your feelings, your passions, your frustrations, your anger, your pleasures and joy and moments of brilliance and darkness. Stay awake. Stay alive to your life.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH arrives with a short burst of chaotic and frenetic energy and then rather quietly settles down for most of our students and carries with the days a fairly steady tone of improved mood and energy over the month. We see most of our students finding a Flow that works for them and moving out of Inertia and into a more sustained state of Freedom, the Positive Pole of Flow. This would likely carry out through the rest of the year, so it will be helpful to remember that any chaos or frenetic bursts or derailments can be helped by looking at how better to Flow with anything that seems overwhelming. Keep in mind that navigating forces greater than you is not the same thing as agreeing with or liking those forces. Flow is about owning whatever force is your own and focusing on that rather than relinquishing all choice and control and giving up or giving in. The “hurry up and wait” energy may still come and go over March, but we think it may be less agitating. Some of the relief and calm that many of our students are beginning to experience, or at least feeling that it is within reach, is because Flow is sliding to Acceptance for most of our Students and Flow is sliding to Discrimination for most world events. Students are not only starting to accept and adapt to the flow of the year and settling into what works best for them, but they are also seeing some justice and accountability and revelation happening on a larger scale. This frees up a great deal of energy that has been locked in worry and anguish over world events and lets them focus on more personal and local concerns of well-being. It helps that Observation Mode is coming into focus over April through June. This year is unique in that there will likely be a very brief dip into Surveillance, the Negative Pole, but most are shifting quickly into Clarity over April. We will discuss this more for April’s report. For those students who may feel no resonance to this slow but steady move into a more calm and focused state, you would want to look first at your Moving Center and what it needs as a means of balance. What you need is likely some form of increased movement or stillness. If you find yourself panicking, constantly rushing, agitated, fidgeting, restless, etc, you likely need more directed movement. Try putting on music that you love and moving gracefully in some way to this music. Let your body interpret the sounds in movement and get your energy moving in a way that is lovely and elegant. If a dance with yourself is not appealing to you, then a nice walk can help. We do not mean a rushed walk that you squeeze in and then use that to add more worry to your day. We mean take a walk. Let it be a gift of moments that you have a right to claim and own your right to enjoy it. If you find yourself lethargic and distant, lost and even depressed, we suggest that you may require more directed stillness. Sit up, sit straight, hold your arms out in front of you with one palm up and the other palm down. Move your arms and hands as you feel the intuition to do so as if you are manipulating invisible energy. Create graceful moves or geometric shapes that feel right. Imagine that you are packaging your energy in these movements and shapes and setting the packages down around you on the ground/floor. Move your hands across your body in ways that you can imagine picking up energy to package, then magically package it in a pleasant shape, and set it down. As you do this, breathe, breathe gently and let any tears come that may suddenly rise. Let yourself sense a stillness and calm within you that is not oppressive, but lighter and kinder. Leave your packages on the ground as energetic art and go about your day with a bit more light and settled energy. Neither practice above is magical or miraculous or a quick fix. They are practices in connecting to yourself and using your tools and environment to bring YOU back into focus and presence. Nearly all instances of such frenetic, frustrating and panicked states come from removing yourself from the equation of your participation in your life. Nearly all instances of such lethargic, distant, lost and depressed states come from removing yourself from the equation of participation in your life. These practices above help you to engage again and in playful enough ways that it helps remind you that you are alive and have a right to be a part of your life. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 1st - 5th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - Parallel branches with more interest in “worst-case” scenarios have branched off for their own exploration, leaving “this” parallel with some relief. March 28th - 30th -- Energy Shift -- ENTHUSIASM/OPTIMISM - A burst of enthusiastic and curious and optimistic energy looks to be generating among the masses in a way that might reach many of our students. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: BE YOUR OWN PRESENT - You are the meeting ground of time and space and consciousness that creates your interpretation and experience of reality. You are the reason you are here. You are the reason you live and love and walk and breathe. Getting angry, upset, feeling lonely, depressed, confused, agitated, frustrated, sad, etc. do not erase you or reduce you. You are still here. If you feel less and less a part of the reality you live, it may be because you forgot that you are the gift you came to be. This is not a string of pointless words to console or distract you. It is simply true. You would be someone else if you were someone else, but you are you and that is who you came to live for and through. Bring yourself back to the present and allow yourself to be the present, both in terms of being a gift and in terms of owning your right to be a part of the equation that shapes your reality.
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    We had no time to recover from TLEGG before diving into our NY Comic Con so things have been pretty non-stop around here, but things should settle down in the week ahead. Energy Report will be posted soon! I miss TLE and I already miss the TLEGG peeps so much. Despite the horrifying news in the world, I am comforted by the deep gratitude and awe for the people who make up this community. There was a time when the Michael "Community" was a devastating disappointment of chaos and in-fighting and back-biting and everything I would never have expected to be in a Michael Community. It was so depressing. But, instead of leaving, I stayed and decided to create what I most wanted as a Michael Community. I decided I couldn't wait for others to figure it out and create that space. So I took a chance and stuck around and TLE was born. Many many years later and now I am constantly in awe and in love and learning and growing and basking in kindness and compassion and intelligence. This is the community I had envisioned. You are the people I remember and love and knew were out there. Thank you for everything you bring to this community and to the world. This gives me strength for what we need to do with our world around us. We have to stay. We have to create what we most want to have as a world around us. We can't wait for someone else to do it. It's exhausting and scary and takes time, but as you can see from TLE, it will happen. It. WILL. Happen. And we are going to keep doing the work to make it happen. Thank you for already making the world a better place by your being in it. Love to all of you. Troy
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    ENERGY REPORT April 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) APRIL comes in from an Energy Shift at the end of March that brought with it a burst of enthusiasm, curiosity, and optimism, and while this was received well by some students, it does not appear to have landed well for many of our students. Instead, this was a disorienting and agitating energy shift that had many of our students unsettled and disconnected. We think this is because of the “seasonal” shift of emphasis to the Mode that has many students left with a mix of extreme agitation and disconnection. April moves into an emphasis on OBSERVATION MODE and this has many of our students entering Observation through Surveillance, or the Negative Pole of Observation as the month begins. The combination of a fall into Surveillance and a burst of energy that would normally inspire enthusiasm somehow mixed into a scenario that may have felt more like a relentless demand and taunting that required retreat and recoiling. Those in Surveillance were not quite ready to be so engrossed and involved, so they retreated to a distance that was both a sense of protection, but also a sense of defeat. As the burst of energy subsides, students may begin to feel they can come forward and be more involved again because it would feel as if it is on their terms, not prompted by a burst of collective energy. We thought there would be a brief dip into Surveillance at some point in April, but now it appears that most of April may carry with it this sense of Surveillance, or this surreal sense of being apart from life, rather than a part of life. It is a sense of watching a river flow past you and a sense of daunting overwhelm to think of being a part of that flow. This entrance into Observation through Surveillance is normal, but it is also intensified for many because there is a deep desire to NOT be a part of the flow that seems to be in effect in the world at the moment. Many older souls would prefer to sit this out until the water clears. Many older souls see the collective river flow as muddy and rocky and moving too rapidly, so they want no part of that flow. It feels like it is not their world anymore or their flow or their story. The older soul may retreat and recoil into Surveillance to savor a tiny sphere of life that can be controlled and can be their own story. This can briefly feel comforting, but older souls also know better. They know this is a false comfort. And because they know this, there is a bit of resentful dread that can come up for the inevitable moment they know will come when they return to take part in the world again. Some of you know this more clearly than others and you “rip the bandaid off” and go back into the flow of life. Some of you are more resentful and dreading and prefer to hold out as long as possible, keeping your distance from the mess of life and the mess of people and the mess of evolution. However quickly or slowly you move back into participation, our students will likely begin to see the value in the Positive Pole of Observation, CLARITY, by the end of April or beginning of May. This is when the older soul may begrudgingly return to the truth that while they may not always be part of the pain and mess, they are always a part of the healing and clarity that is necessary to bring. When older souls opt out of participation in the world, the river of life shifts away from being a force that forges new paths, and turns into a force that erodes and entrenches old paths. This is not to say that older souls are responsible for forging new paths for humanity, but they cannot forge them at all without being a part of the collective mix of pain and mess and healing and clarity. For many of our students, this move through Observation over April, May, and June will be another fairly intense self-examination about how to balance caring for the self and sharing of the self. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): April 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- PRESSURE - What could have been a passionate and enthusiastic sense of participation in the life has turned into what could be described as a PRESSURE to participate in the life and a deep resentment for that pressure, resulting in agitation, retreat, and disconnection. April 19th - 22nd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - A merging of parallels that are in the process of “cleaning up” patterns that have gone awry. This may translate into a need to, literally, clean your own home, address any outstanding issues in relationships, and generally sort through anything that could use some sorting. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER APRIL: YOU ARE NOT FORCED; YOU ARE THE FORCE - You are the force in your life that determines its direction. You are the force that contributes to the flow of collective forces that you witness from what seems to be a distance. What you see at a distance is a part of your force and not something to avoid, dismiss, or reject. To reject the collective force diminishes your own force and to withhold your force from the collective flow is to muddy the waters of that flow more than you may think. Remembering that you are not forced to participate, but that you are a force that chooses how to participate, can be helpful when you find yourself in retreat and defeat.
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    February 24, 2019 TeamTLE Note: This session is essentially a continuation of the material supplied in Michael Speaks: Education, and that session should be read first. It contains the information Michael mentions about how the likely Centering of a child is revealed. The format of this session was set in a private session in which Janet asked for information about the education of her young Artisan granddaughter. The Artisan information is referenced by Michael and, for convenience, has been dropped into this transcript following the introduction and before the start of the material about Sages. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. As we have covered in previous exchanges, the Centering of a child is the first consideration for nurturing during development. We have already described the symptoms that can help reveal the likely Centering of a child. It is safe to use those symptoms as a starting point, but Centering is not static and can change over time, so it is helpful to keep this in mind as the child grows. In addition to this, each Role will have a tendency to favor a Centering and will naturally nurture this even on their own. It can be helpful to know which Centering would help in bringing balance to the Role as the child develops. ARTISANS The Artisan will tend to, naturally, nurture the Expression or Intellectual Center, so it can be quite helpful for the Artisan to have an emphasis put on the Moving Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Artisan will require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for most of her successful creations in life. Many Artisans will tend to fall into the Negative Pole when they have not learned how to funnel creativity into form. The Moving Center will tend to be rejected by the Artisan in many ways, so having positive reinforcement for its use can be life changing. Artisans who embrace the Moving Center tend to be able to create from start to finish the projects that are so important to them. When the Moving Center is experienced as a distraction or burden, the Artisan can get stuck in a world of Emotion and Thought that forces fantasy and delusion. This includes sexuality and sex, so the Artisan who is informed in healthy ways about the world of sex and sexuality, and the fluidity of gender, can be helped tremendously to develop healthy creativity. As toddlers, it can help to have toys that exhibit the dynamic of cause and effect, action and results, consequences of creativity, such as interactive puzzles. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide media that can be shaped, such as clays, paints, etc. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide meaningful activity that is tied to creativity, not just to exercise. For example, rather than teaching the child to do routine exercises, a playful obstacle course or treasure or scavenger hunt can help the Artisan stay comfortable with the Moving Center. The Artisan will readily connect with the Higher Moving Center, so it will be important to avoid any imposed gender identity that forces the Artisan to choose between Focused and Creative. Artisans are the least-binary of the Roles, regardless of Energy Ratio, and imposing a gender role identity can lead to extremes or dysfunctions. So the key for Artisans is the healthy relationship with the Moving Center and Higher Moving Center. In terms of education and development, this would be something to consider in any "lesson" for the Artisan. Furthermore, indirect teaching tends to work well for Artisans. For example, for an Artisan to learn arithmetic, it can be helpful to have it tied to the arts in some way. The count of music, the scaling of images, the use of a canvas, the structure of architecture, the rhythms of dance, etc. Using these artistic connections to math as a means to help educate the Artisan can help greatly in their comprehension and application. These are basic considerations that may come in handy in the early formative years. In addition to all of the above, it can be helpful to allow the child to lead you toward what she wishes to learn and experience. SAGES SAGES will tend to naturally nurture the Expressive/Intellectual Center, so it can be helpful for Sages to have emphasis put on the Inspirational/Emotional Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Sage will almost always require PERCEPTION, the Positive Pole of the Emotional Center for the most successful communication in life. Sages can fall into the Negative Pole of Oration when they lose their capacity to Perceive, to gauge their audience, to understand the impact of their words. Oration is born of Sentimentality. Sentimentality is attachment to symbols, so Oration is an attachment to words. In the case of Sages, this would mean that it is more important to talk than to listen. It is more important to be heard than to hear. It is more important to say what needs to be said than it is to hear what needs to be heard. There is an attachment to one's own words and what they mean to the Sage rather than a broader perception of what those words might mean to others. Sages can fall into Oration for great periods of the life if there is no understanding of the Emotional circuit that is necessary for words/communication to be sustained. The Emotional Center is usually not rejected by the Sage, but is often nurtured in the Negative Pole and can take a long time to undo, depending on other factors in the life. This can set a Sage child up to learn to only communicate as a way to get a response, not as a way to create an exchange. This is why many Sages grow to be Comedians and class clowns. Because Sages can often have attachment to words and simply express them to express them, those words can land in a lot of ways that gain attention. It is often thought that Sages do and say things just for attention, but it is more often that the Sage simply learns how better to navigate the attention that comes from all of the noise they make. Attention is not the goal of the Sage in most cases. When the Sage child is introduced to more holistic ways of communication, they can develop Perception that allows them to not only see the impact of words and sound, but to also anticipate that impact better. To help a Sage child develop Perception, exposure to music is key. Music for sleep. Music for play. Music for everything. This prompts the child to learn to listen. The melodies mean something to the Sage. They listen. They learn that there is an exchange that is necessary for sound to not simply be noise. As toddlers, the Sage can do well to be taught sing-along songs, call and response songs, having access to musical instruments and an encouragement to sing, in general. All of this will help encourage the Sage to listen, not only to external sources, but to the self. In terms of education for the Sage, IT. HAS. TO. BE. FUN. Sages of all Soul Ages and physical ages can learn anything as long as it is fun to do so. The fun must be determined by the Sage, not the educator. Ask the Sage. He will tell you what is fun. We chose to cover the Sage to complement the material for the Artisan already delivered. We will invite Janet_ to choose the next Role. Janet: Priests PRIESTS MEntity: The Priest will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center and tend to require greater emphasis on the balance from the Expressive/Intellectual Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Priest will require INSIGHT, the Positive Pole of the Intellectual Center, for Compassion to be true in the life. Priests who fall into or get stuck in the Negative Pole of Zeal do so because they lack Insight. Instead, they can get locked into REASONING, the Negative Pole of the Intellectual Center. Zealousness is born of Reasoning. Reasoning is a means of justifying, defending, and generally excusing all further input that contradicts current understanding. With Priests, this can often show up as it being more important to be right. They will appeal to your reasoning, to false equations, to "the obvious" and to what already makes sense to them, but refuse or reduce or slow all input that counters them. The Intellectual Center is often rejected by Priests because they would rather jump directly into doing what is right based on what they have decided is right, rather than slow down that process with thought and insight. When the Intellectual Center is embraced, they can go straight for Reasoning and need to be redirected toward Insight on a regular basis. Insight is the process of being open to the truth and further input that may expand on that truth. Reasoning is when one determines what one knows IS the truth, and that is that. The Priest who use the Intellectual Center as a distraction instead of as a balance can find themselves in great mental stress as they overthink and overanalyze and generally short-circuit themselves if what they have decided is true is not obvious or received well. For the developing child, it can be helpful for the Priest to have no structured schedules, for them to have changes in patterns on a fairly regular basis that invites the body to adapt. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Priest to continue being surprised, to be exposed to new things on a regular basis, to be introduced to new people, to see art, to see animals, to have changes in routines. This helps the Priest to develop the capacity for Insight. The truth becomes something softer and more malleable and not rigid and always completely understandable and obvious. In terms of education for the Priest, logic puzzles and thought experiments and discussion about the effects of art, along with surprise exposure to the new can help bring a healthy capacity for insight that can help the Priest always have True Compassion and not fall into Zeal. We think we can deliver on one more Role through Troy today and then we must conclude. Bobby: Since you're on the Inspirational Axis, Server? SERVERS SERVERS will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center like the Priest, but has a great need for the Moving Center to be emphasized and nurtured for balance in the life as soon as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Server will almost always require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for any fulfilling Service in life. Servers can fall into their Negative Pole of Bondage when they lose their sense of being Productive, or lose their sense of seeing results from their efforts. Bondage or Subservience is born of Frustration or Freneticism, the Negative Pole of the Moving Center. This is the practice doing just to do. To the Negative Pole Server, doing becomes the emphasis and who you are does not matter. The more frustrated and frenetic the Server, the more they tighten their state of Bondage. It becomes more important for the Server to do the right thing than it is for the Server to be the right thing. For the Server, to not be doing the right thing is to lose all sense of tethering to meaningful existence and this compounds the frustration. This is why there are so many angry and depressed Servers in the world. They never learned to include themselves in results of what they do. Many Servers will reject the Moving Center and simply recoil from any intimacy and sense of connection with others, considering their existence to be on hold or only matter if they find a way to do the right thing, though many Servers do not have a clue what that "right thing" is. They would rather simply inspire and touch lives without the mess of considering results. They would rather assume their existence is enough to bring the good they wish to bring to the world. When the Moving Center is embraced, they can go straight to Frustration and Freneticism and tend to go from "zero to 100" in terms of temper and mood because of this. The Server who uses the Moving Center as distraction instead of as balance can find themselves in great physical stress and in great panic over how to escape the pain of existence. They may find themselves at once drowning in the weight of obligations while also losing all grip on important responsibilities. So for the developing Server, it can be important to include pleasure as much as possible. Servers need affection. They need their presence validated by contact. They need to be held. As toddlers, it is helpful for the Server to learn to reward themselves. Activities that involve sharing are vital, along with post-activities that allow for personal pleasure, such as a choice of treats or tv show or one on one play or being held. The key here is in teaching the Server that it is okay for her to balance out her generosity and to validate her presence by giving herself as much as she gives others. These general practices teach the Server that Service is not a one-way circuit of obligation, but that True Service is a pleasurable responsibility that includes her and can be fulfilling to some great degree or it will burn her out. In terms of education for the Server, there must be some element of giving and receiving involved. This means helping each other with class work, having group tests and challenges that invite both the giving of help and the receiving of help. As much as the Server is designed for service, the giving and receiving ratio can be of their greatest challenges. Creating a state of permission and confidence around what they can give vs what they need can greatly increase the chances of your world having loving Servers instead of angry Servers. We will continue exploring the Roles as children in development in further exchanges with you. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. Essence of Children Continued for Warrior & King Roles March 24, 2019 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are asked to continue exploring children and Essence development. WARRIORS The Warrior will naturally nurture the Moving Center and tend to require an emphasis on the Inspirational/Emotional Center early in life as a way to focus all of this action and energy. Though the Priest and Server are on the Inspirational Axis of our Overleaf system, Warriors tend to need Inspiration more than the other Roles as a source of balance and direction. From a very early age, Warriors are looking for direction, structure, and how to focus their energy. This is often found in whatever Inspires them. The Positive Pole of the Warrior is Persuasion, which is the process of igniting action in a person through their own volition. It is a process of encouraging actions through conscious choice and participation. The Warrior knows this tends to only be possible if the individual is inspired by how they PERCEIVE themselves and the world. This is true of those the Warrior seeks to Persuade, but is also true of themselves. They cannot or will not tend to be Persuaded or in Persuasion if they cannot see themselves as part of the picture, as a meaningful part of the puzzle, solution, project, etc. Warriors become paralyzed when they cannot see themselves IN THE PICTURE. This is why Warriors tend to be drawn into structured dynamics that have a clear and tested order and system that allows them to slip into the machinery of movement and action. It does not matter if they are only a part of the picture as long as that picture is clear about them being IN that picture. This is why they are drawn to the Military, Judicial system, Police force, etc., especially in the younger Soul Ages where slipping into secure systems and structures is a relief. This is also why some of the deepest and more immediate bonds formed among fragments come between Warriors and their Comrades At Arms . Within a structure that is secure and of which one is unquestioningly a meaningful part, the Warrior's Emotional Center is wide open to bonding, especially under pressure. The older Warrior tends to no longer be about Persuasion of others and Coercion of others, but about a quiet (or not so quiet) inner battle between those polarities toward the self. The older Warrior who is still experimenting with inner security will tend to be in a constant state of shifting tactics between inner Persuasion and inner Coercion. They do not need for you to be hard on them. They are very hard on themselves, especially in terms of their growing need to create and own their part in the picture they see of themselves in life. If a Warrior finds she is in a constant state of inner Coercion, or if a Warrior finds she tends to boss people around, bully, or Coerce others, it will almost always be because they have lost touch with the Emotional Center and are no longer inspired. These Negative Pole Warriors can be motivated by bitterness, resentment, anger, and depression if Inspiration is lost. So for the developing Warrior, it is not just about sports, high activity, movement, and structured systems, it is all about the Emotional/Inspirational quality that gives meaning and value and presence to themselves in whatever activity or structure they navigate. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Warrior to be exposed to art, music, and anything that goes straight to the nurturing of the Emotional Center. Warriors tend to benefit from affection and contact more than most other Roles. All children can benefit from affection, of course, but for the Warrior, it can often make or break their capacity to see themselves as part of the picture, part of your life, part of your value system. The Warrior child can benefit greatly from understanding the balance between boundaries and intimacy. When to touch, when not to touch, when to ask for affection and when to say yes or no to affection. One of the greatest questions that will carry into adulthood for nearly all Warriors is the question of who truly loves them and whether they have truly loved. Many will have this question in a lifetime, but the Warrior tends to have this question all the way to the end of a life as a kind of assessment of the Inspiration that will be carried forward from that life. This means that the education for a Warrior must include emotional bonds. There tends to need to be "that one teacher" or that one classroom, or that one friend, at least, who satisfies the Warrior's Emotional Center and gives meaning to the structure, order, education, progress, etc. The Scholar can dive into a subject and learn about it all day long by himself, but the Warrior does better if someone is with her. The Warrior may be designed for action and movement and strategy and order, but if there is no affection, no bonding, no inspiration, the Warrior is either a rudderless boat with no horizon in sight, or a ballooning of pressure that may burst into uncontrollable spiraling. KINGS The King will tend to naturally nurture the Action/Moving Center while needing a higher emphasis on the Expressive/Intellectual Center as a means of bringing balance to their development. This is because the Positive Pole of the King tends to require INSIGHT as a necessity for Mastery. A King without Insight is a King in Tyranny. The King will try to master everything in every way at any time that it is put in front of her. If there is no Insight provided for how and why, she turns that drive for Mastery into Tyranny. This is true from the ruling of Kingdoms to simple hobbies and everything between. A King aiming for Mastery "for no reason," or by only using Reasoning, the Negative Pole of the Intellect, she will tend to destroy or sabotage or otherwise derail the focus of that Mastery. This tends to be done through Tyrannical means, which means motivation fueled by cruel, oppressive, unreasonable, irrational, and painful pressure. Though the Sage is the king of communication, so to speak, the King's very quality of life, and often the life, itself, depends upon COMMUNICATION/EXPRESSION. The King who has learned how to communicate, listen, exchange ideas, share, and speak up is a King who can understand and own the focus of her Mastery. For the developing King, soothing voices can mean everything. Hearing human voices in various forms helps to stimulate the curiosity for communication that will be key for the King. As toddlers, the King would do well to know the difference between SHARING and GIVING. This helps the King to learn that she will not lose what she is sharing. This may start with toys and events, but this will make a difference in adulthood when it is fully understood that sharing who you are is not the same thing as giving yourself away. Many Kings who either had to share too much or not share enough as children, tend to navigate life with the question of what will GIVE TO and what will TAKE AWAY from the life. There is no Sharing. There is no sense of exchange, communication, and insight. There are only instances where you get what you want or lose a part of your soul. As for the education of Kings, they would do well to have their curiosity encouraged. One need not simply impose a set of lessons for the King to learn, but find a way to associate any lessons with how those lessons bring insight to life and how that insight helps the King to share in life rather than only dominate it or be dominated by it. Curiosity and Communication are key for the King who is growing into adulthood. One does not need to coax or put the King on the spot to express herself. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is curious because the King naturally likes to communicate about what has captured her curiosity. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is sharing insight, leading with insight, mastering a hobby she can share. When the King grows into adulthood with a healthy nurturing of sharing, curiosity, communication, and insight, she knows that nothing she focuses on at the moment is stealing her life away, or that something is being taken away from her by having to share more of herself. This King knows that she (and others) can share, give, and take as is appropriate or necessary and none of this is any longer a threat. ******* We will conclude here for today. We know that Troy is still recovering and may have some complications in receiving and delivering our words, so if there are questions or need for clarification, we will respond to those in further exchanges. We will cover the final Role in another exchange, as well. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT August 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST brings with it a deeper dive into Realist Attitude that may launch August into rough territories of the heart and mind as the negative pole continues to be emphasized. Realist Attitude is about seeing “what is,” and learning how to navigate through what is by keeping in perspective the whole picture, but when Realist is in the negative pole, Realist Attitude still sees what is, but loses the ability to see the whole picture and can no longer navigate through what is, and gets trapped in it. Rather than having the broader context, distance, and Objectivity of the positive pole, Realists in the negative pole fall into Subjectivity and this often means that “everything hurts” because they can only see what they can see. This can often lead to the creation of a loop of Subjectivity that assumes that what one sees is all that there is, and a process begins where the person in Subjectivity looks only for more evidence and support for what the Realist has decided is “what is.” We see August pushing deeper into this Subjectivity with even the most conscious of students having a difficult time seeing beyond what they see as “what is.” On a larger scale, you may see this play out in various ways that reveal how others see “what is” and how they work hard to continue to insist on their version of “what is,” or they do little to change what they have deemed as being “what is.” Groups will continue to form around their versions of “what is” and either push for more proof of what is, or resign to “what is.” On a more personal scale, our students may be feeling something similar in their own perspectives and philosophies about “what is” true about their lives and be locked in Subjectivity. What we can suggest to our students is that you must consciously choose to see more than what you see as “what is.” There is no magic or passive way about this. You must make that choice. You may not be able to see beyond what you can see at the moment, but you must make the choice. This means “sliding” to Cynicism, the partner Attitude on the same Axis. Cynicism is all about contradicting “what is” and being willing to see “what isn’t.” This does not mean making things up or seeing false realities, but being willing to see what you cannot so easily see. For example, if you see yourself as lonely, this is fair and valid, but it is not all that is true. No matter how much you insist on it being true, there are other factors and people and perspectives and actions and communication and care that can relieve loneliness. Contradicting your loneliness does not mean you are not lonely, but it opens a door to a broader possibility. The above is also helpful for looking at the world, politics, relationships, etc, that may sometimes be locked into Subjectivity in 2019. If you find yourself spiraling into a perspective of yourself, the world, relationships, etc. that convinces you that this is just “what is” and that you cannot change it or you find yourself looking for more evidence to support “what is,” you may be in Subjectivity. Some of our students may find that none of the above is relevant and that they have been able to sustain a distance and Objectivity that allows them to see all of what is. We can only suggest to these students, if they choose to do so, that they consider helping others to see more of what is so that they are not lost in Subjectivity. It is not helpful to insist on or preach or tell people that there is more than what they can see, but one can gently invite them to consider that there is more. And we do the same now to all of our students who may be locked in Subjectivity. There is more than what you see as “what is.” There is more. There is always more. There is more than loneliness, more than destruction, more than hate, more than violence, more than war, more than pain, more than illness, etc. Being willing to see more does not mean ignoring what is, but means that you allow and invite and create more to be alongside what is. For example, a catastrophic natural disaster may strike a population and there is no denying that this is “what is,” but it can be a life-saving choice to be able to see recovery, healing, resilience, kindness, community, etc., as part of the greater truth of what is. Be willing to contradict your accurate but limited perspectives and invite, create, or allow more so that “what is” does not consume you. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): August 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- EXTREME AGITATION - August starts off as June and July, but at a more extreme degree of agitation. Some of this agitation may be an undercurrent, but there will likely be an obvious extreme of agitation that triggers a burst of reactions. We can only suggest “riding this out” and getting to a more calming break around August 9 - 11. August 9th - 11th -- Energy Shift -- COMFORT - We see a short window of emphasis on comfort, kindness, patience, celebration, honor, etc. during these dates that may be on a personal scale or collective scale. AUGUST - NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER AUGUST: REALITY IS MORE THAN WHAT IS REAL - Reality is not only made up of what you have determined is true, but includes what you do not know to be true, what you have ignored as true, and what you may find as a new level or angle of a truth you already know. Many of our students are quite open to reality beyond what they know as real, but this tends to be true only to a certain extent. Some of the most painful perceptions you may have about yourself, life, relationships, the future, the past, etc. can often be a resignation to “what is,” or a devoted and persistent effort to gather evidence to support only what you have known as “what is.” Be open. Be willing. Be Real.
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    ENERGY REPORT June 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE arrives with an emphasis on an Observation or self-awareness of personal and global patterns of weakness, exhaustion, and blind spots that cannot be ignored or assumed to break by waiting for some future point to arrive. There appears to be a slow realization that “something” must be done in terms of action and employing the Moving Center to move away from Frustration (the negative pole of Moving Center). It is a slow realization that action must be taken, that you must do something. You cannot wait. You must get on board with your impulses to move and to take care of what is necessary and important to you and others, both personally and globally. This is not about impatience or being rash in your behavior or reactionary in behavior, but yet another wave of realization that there is still work to do and efforts to be made that seem daunting and/or uninteresting, but must receive your care. You have been in a waiting room lobby watching for the door to open for far too long and it may be time to go straight to that door and open it, yourself. What is on the other side is yet to be discovered, but the pattern of sitting, waiting, watching, and hoping may be over for you and a return to active, even if begrudging, participation may return in June. It could be said that Observation is sliding to Passion over June. We think that many of our students will begin a move away from the hope that “something will change” and that you should simply wait out or endure until things are better. This is a year where the importance of participation and creation come forward in ways that may never have been revealed to yourself before. It is always helpful to observe and step back and watch and learn, but this must be followed by effort, action, and direction. We think that many of our students may reach a point in June where it is realized that it is better to do SOMETHING that is meaningful even if the bigger picture remains unclear or still uncertain or disappointing. We suggest that our students allow their passion to come forward and rise in them and aim for what inspires you. Even if this seems to be a distraction, it is not. If it inspires you, it is never a distraction. It is a fuel for life and when inspiration is ignored, you lose fuel for life. This realization of the continued need for effort and action mixed with passion and inspiration is going to be helpful for when the ATTITUDE OF REALIST moves into focus in July. The more you allow yourself to nurture your passion and inspiration along with continued efforts and actions that focus on even the little things that matter to you, then Realist would come into the Positive Pole of Objectivity sooner so that you can sense of a clearer picture of your present and future. Give yourself permission and acceptance to seeing where you may be waiting for something and not actively participating in your life. Give yourself permission and acceptance for not knowing what to do or how to do it. Give yourself permission and acceptance to take a chance and aim for what inspires you, even if this means an indirect path toward an uncertain future. The future is created from the moments when you are present and active in your life NOW. The future is not something for which you must wait and hope to arrive. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): June 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- AGITATION - June may start off with an agitating wave of energy that marks a return to the use of one’s Moving Center and the shift of Observation toward Passion Mode. Depending on one’s resistance to or lack of action and inspiration, the agitation may be so intense that it exhausts the body and sinks you into bizarre fatigue. Others may simply feel restless or annoyed, while others may feel a sense of motivation and curiosity about renewed efforts for solutions or directions. JUNE 21st -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - Another merging of parallels where inspired actions have increased and returned individually and collectively with a renewed enthusiasm for a better future. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: WAITING VS WEIGHTING - There are many points in life where one must simply wait. One must be patient. One must understand that what one wants, desires, aims for, etc. takes time and energy and resources. It is important to know when you must wait. This is different from slowly being sedated and halted from any participation in life by the weight of existence. Both Waiting and Weighting can feel frustrating and painful, but Waiting still allows for participation. Weighting halts participation. If you find yourself withdrawing from several areas of your life as it disappoints, challenges, or hurts you, then you are Weighting yourself with the assumption that if you simply stop moving or participating, then the disappointments, challenges, and hurt will subside. This is a lie. Only participation allows for the transformation of disappointments, challenges, and hurt. This participation can come in terms of action, thoughts, inspiration, or understanding, but there must be some participation. If you find that you are under the Weight of life and not just Waiting, it may be helpful for you to just do one thing good for yourself or for someone else. Just that single effort can help lighten the weight and then you can do one more good thing, and then one more, and so on, until you are out from under the weight of life even if you still must wait sometimes.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Luciana: I noticed that I rarely see myself on energy reports. So I wonder if there are people who are less affected by these energies? Why would that happen? Is it a disconnect from the outside world? MEntity: Our Energy Reports are descriptions of collective energy that is shaping the direction of the population and events of the world. There will be times when one is plugged into this collective energy and other times that one is not plugged into it. The more one lives a life of engagement with "the world," the more likely the energy report would have relevance. When we say engagement with the world, we mean that there is some exchange of energy in some way with events and people beyond your personal sphere. This engagement with the world includes searching for deeper relationships with others, or simply paying attention to events of the world, or full immersion in relationships and events that are part of the collective experience in some way, such as politics or creative projects or having friends in distant places, etc. If you feel you are engaging with the world but still do not find resonance with the report, it is likely that you are plugged into factors that were not mentioned in the report. We can only describe a certain number of patterns in a report but there are hundreds more at work beyond the ones we highlight. We try to highlight the most relevant to the most students. If you consistently find no resonance to the reports, we would suspect that you are focused more on your local patterns of existence and doing work that is not hooked into collective patterns. NEXT Maureen: I’ve been wondering for some time whether there is a distinction between Essence and Soul as these terms are often used interchangeably. Then it struck me when you gave me the following message from my Nephew’s Essence – MAUREEN – WHAT YOU SEE IS HIS SOUL – that the Soul is more likely directly related to the Personality even more so than Essence. I could see that Personality, whether as Parallels or Concurrents, may each have their own Soul that sits closest to them throughout their “Soul’s Journey”, throughout their Grand Cycle, with overlap from Personality and Essence creating their own Trinity – of sorts. There would, of course, be less and less distinction between Essence, Soul, and Personality as the Soul ages. Please comment. MEntity: You are on the right track. Essence is its own unique thing that exists before and after a lifetime, but the soul is what is produced between Essence and Personality within a lifetime. This is why we give a name to you that refers to your "Oversoul," as this Oversoul is the collective energy of all of your Souls. The Soul is what survives your lifetime. It is the only way that a Personality can survive beyond its biological anchor. The work of a lifetime creates a home, so to speak, that is your Soul and this carries "you" forward in your evolution. The Soul is a bridge between the Physical and Astral. It has substance. It is like a gossamer web of energy that acts as a kind of matrix for the existence of what you create as YOU within a lifetime. We tend to use the terms interchangeably because they are really only different in technical terms, but they are different. It could be said that True Personality is the Soul. We can elaborate upon this subject in further exchanges, but this is the short answer. NEXT DianeHB: Hello Michael. Could you discuss more about the effects of the most recent "healing" Nexus and how it was experienced collectively and among your students? Seems like some of us had old fears and wounds get stirred up with more intensity right around that time. MEntity: Most of the healing that we described as part of the Convergence would be related to collective paths seeking to align more toward Mature Soul values and priorities and strengths as a way to help dissolve the momentum of Baby and Young retaliations against evolution. For many of our students, the sense that these collective patterns were being addressed freed up a great deal of energy for work on your personal patterns. Many of our students found themselves diving into their personal issues because they felt that they could, but what we see as even more consistent among our students was a process of grieving that was triggered by the end of the year. There are two reasons we see grief being ignited: One is that 2018 is likely the final year that the world will be seen as having been on an arc of familiar patterns that have been in place for generations. 2019 marks the shift toward a very different world in the coming years, politically, economically, environmentally, etc. The uncertainty of that future is terrifying, but also quite exciting. It could go in any direction at this point, but the aim is for the highest values of the Mature Soul world. However, even if "things get better," it does not reduce the grief generated by the loss of comforts and familiarity. The other trigger for grief could be from the Convergence that took place. Many losses have been experienced across these parallel realities that merged. Devastating consequences and losses on a large scale. The healing convergence could come because "this" parallel was one that was headed in similar direction but can now learn from the other parallels that were so close. Many of our students may have tapped into the grief and loss of those Converging parallels. In those parallels, it had come to be a profound reality that life was forever altered in ways that had to be grieved. In "this" parallel, many of you know this same feeling or sense that "something" irrevocable has come and that the world will never be the same, but that you still have some amount of control over its direction. If you experienced a more vague and confusing wave of grief, it is likely you were tapping into the Convergence. If you experience a sense of grief and frustration and defeat that felt specific to your personal trajectory, it is likely that you simply turned your attention toward the work you have been doing on yourself for some time. NEXT Rosario: Hi Michael, perhaps this ties in with Diane's question. You said 2018 was themed in REVOLUTION with -Circling/Repetition and +Evolution. What themes are we exploring this year? As students and humanity. Thank you! MEntity: 2019 could be said to themed in EMPOWERMENT, with the Positive Pole in Unity, the Negative Pole in Rebellion. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. We know this is a new year for you and we are here with you in that. We will continue to remind you of the tools you have for navigating and creating this life, and continue in our support and compassion for you. We have much to say in the year ahead. You may choose to hear us or not, but we are here with you.
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    I am so sorry for the constant health updates. No one enjoys health updates. But I feel I have a responsibility to keep you in the loop as host and channel for this community, especially because it affects my schedule and participation with you so much. I don't know what is going on with my body, but October swallowed me whole with all kinds of aches and pains and a severe cold and that weird accelerated heart rate and nausea and headaches and... and... it's just been ridiculous. Every time I think I am in the clear, I get hit again. I was excited about how good I felt again for THAT ONE DAY and then I got hit again with nausea, stomach issues, headache, extreme fatigue, vomiting (sorry), and I lost my whole day again. I'm stable today, but weak. But I'm okay today. I know others here who suffer from various ailments and know this life-sucking state of existence all too well. It really sucks. Especially when you don't know the cause. I've had so many theories and every one of them have been proven wrong or inconclusive. I have more theories, but I don't know. I will update you as I work with my doctor and figure out what is going on. It's probably just related to Trump and the very real physiological and psychological toll this is taking on me and my friends and loved ones. Because I am terrified. Truly terrified. I just wanted to check in and say that I am alive, I am okay, and I will just keep riding this out. I'm very sorry for the schedule being disrupted for you if this has affected you. I hope my focus can return to normal this week. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and kindness. I love you guys.
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    I've finally made a list I wanted to do for a long time. But where should it be shared?? @Janet @Troy The 7 Choices The 7 Basic Rights -- from OMW - Tending To Your 7 Basic Rights The 7 Circles of Abandonment The 7 Circles of Conscience -- from a Ask Michael session The 7 Degrees of Chaos (might be posted later) The 7 Degrees of Risk (might be posted later) The 7 Emotions The 7 Facets of Mastery The 7 Facets of Role -- NMW The 7 Forms of Guilt -- from "Guilt 101" The 7 Forms of Social Change The 7 Kingdoms of Lifeforms The 7 Levels of Choice The 7 Levels of Essence Contact The 7 Levels of Mind The 7 Levels of True Community - from "Community" The 7 Metaphysical Strengths & Living Without Fear The 7 Methods of Choice The 7 Nobilities -- from OMW - Choice vs Circumstances The 7 Phases of Manifesting - in "Manifesting" The 7 Planes of Existence The 7 Points/States of Wakefulness/Sleep -- from OMW - "You and Your Realities" The 7 Rings of Love The 7 Spheres of Awareness of Essence The 7 Stages of Committment -- in a M Speaks session The 7 Stages of Fulfilling a Life Task The 7 Stages of Goal -- NMW session The 7 Stages of Internal Wholeness -- Maureen's private session The 7 Stages of The Next Step -- from OMW "The Next Step" The 7 Types of Dishonesty and Honesty The 7 Waves & Elements of The Michael Teachings The 7 Ways a Body Can Die or Be Wounded -- from M Speaks On Healing & Healers The 7 Goals, Modes, Attitudes, Body Types, Centers and Chief Features -- in Overleaves & Personality The 9 Circles of Community The 9 Karmic Sequences (Stories) The 9 Needs - from April 2009 The 9 Needs - from OMW March 2014 The 9 Pillars or Trues The 9 Potential Seeds of Sub-personalities The 9 Realities The 9 Strengths and Weaknesses The 12 Components of Healing The 12 Cycles of Relevance - in OMW - Personal Cycles of Life, July 2012 The 12 Forms of Intimacy - in OMW - Intimacy and me, Feb 2014 - Here's a summarized version The 12 Agreements The 12 Positons in The Support Circle
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    Note from TeamTLE: As part of the TLE Books project, TeamTLE agreed that this session needed to be completed, providing content for both Mature and Old Soul Ages for all Roles. On February 1, 2019, we started the project to do just that. And, now it is done! This transcript contains the original material as duplicated from the 2010 session, but new material obtained this year has been added in blue text within the transcript. Information about Priests was obtained on February 1, information about Kings was obtained on March 1, and information about Mature Warriors, Scholars and Sages was obtained on April 5. Some editing has been done to smooth out transitions. Essentially, this version of the transcript is the working version of the content intended to be published. This material originated with the March 2010 Michael Speaks. Special thanks to BrianW for posting his copy of the session or the content would have been lost. Although this session suggests that the missing content will be added, this has not yet been done. The roles originally covered in this session are those that were represented by session attendees. MEntity: Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin with a discussion on the topic requested. Before doing so, we would like to point out that while it may seem to be the case, it is actually impossible to misrepresent, misunderstand, or misapply our teaching. When we say "impossible," we speak in relative terms that describe the fact of so many nuances and dynamics that go into representation, understanding, and applying our teaching. Our teaching cannot be misrepresented because it is either represented, or it is not. Beyond that, it cannot be misrepresented because if the student is not discerning and questioning beyond the representation, then he or she is not learning anyway. Our teaching cannot be misunderstood because this implies that there is a standard method and means for understanding. The only time this teaching is "misunderstood" is if one standard is held up against another. You will understand this teaching as you understand it. However, we will add to that statement that your understanding is never complete, and to presume that it is would be the end of learning. Our teaching cannot be misapplied, as again, this would imply a neat standard that describes how it "should" be applied. Even when our teaching is used as a platform for justifying behaviors, or to seek a sense of specialness, it is being applied on your terms, and those are the only terms we encourage. However, we would add to that statement that your terms are never fully understood, and to presume that your terms are static is to halt growth. When we say "halt growth" and "the end of learning," we mean these as temporary conditions of the Personality, and not permanent on any meaningful level for Essence. Though Troy's introduction was not intended to provoke this clarification from us, we do think it important to distinguish our channels' opinions from our own. That being said, there is validity to the fact that there is little recorded from us through our channels about the distinctions among the Roles in how they manifest through the Soul Ages, and we can address that today. We must point out, though, that anything we describe about any aspect of our teaching will, by necessity, be "generalized," as there is simply no way to describe ALL Old Sages, for instance. Numerous factors go into the manifestation of a Personality and Essence within a lifetime. Our Teachings can best be understood in both CONTEXTUAL and HOLISTIC terms. Contextual in that each phrase, term, or polarity is distinct within a specific context, and that context is an entity in itself, so to speak. Holistic in that this is a system that works dynamically, "organically," and when understood as a system, comes to life in a way that cannot be fully understood in its parts. For instance, if one were to be described or dismissed as being only a Kidney, it would not capture the full humanity of that individual, but to understand the functioning and purpose of the Kidney is vital on its own. Furthermore, lacking comprehension of the full humanity of that individual leaves one lacking understanding in how that particular Kidney actually functions for that particular person. We say all of this to you before delving into the topic at hand because what we will describe today, for the most part, is CONTEXTUAL. Within the time limits, we will cover Mature and Old Soul contexts for each Role, but will complete the subject with Troy so that Infant, Baby, and Young are included in exploring each Role. Each of the Roles through the Soul Ages could best be understood as manifesting more and more Essence through the Personalities that are created. Essence Manifestation can and does happen within all Soul Ages, but the degrees to which that manifestation occurs does grow. What we will describe today are what those degrees might look like for the Mature and Old Roles, in both positive and negative ways. Keep in mind that regardless of your technical Soul Age, you may be manifesting younger Soul Ages at various points within the life, or for the entire lifetime. For the most part, manifestation of various soul ages is proportional to the various contexts of your life, so that if you work within a Young Soul environment, you may call upon the Young Soul aspects of your Essence, and in Intimate circles, you may call on more of your actual Soul Age. "Manifesting Soul Age" is not static, and is not a description of limitations. It is simply a description of emphasis and resource for the lifetime, a relationship, a career, project, etc. What we describe today is a Role manifesting its actual Soul Age. Because of Personality, this may show up wildly different among that Roles "in the world," so what we describe may only be obvious to you privately. The progression through the Soul Ages for the Roles could be described as a progression of emphasis from DOING to HAVING to BEING. Infant and Baby emphasize DOING. Young emphasizes HAVING. Mature emphasizes the reconciliation between HAVING and BEING. And Old emphasizes BEING. Understanding this can help lend insights into the various Soul Ages and how the Roles manifest. Now we will walk through the Roles as they might be understood in Mature and Old Soul contexts. MATURE SERVERS Mature Servers tend to find themselves struggling with the reconciliation of Having Recognition, and Being Helpful. Over the course of the Young Soul Age, it finally occurs to the Server on a profound level that it is okay to be recognized, praised, rewarded, and that a reciprocating circuit of energy is vital to sustaining Service. Service is not a one-way circuit. One cannot serve where it is not received, and one cannot continue to serve without some form of exchange of nurturing at the very least. For many lifetimes previous to the Young Soul Age, this nurturing is either neglected until it cannot be any longer, or it is found in breaks between Serving. The Young Server then tends to use that entire Age to "catch up" on self-service to the extent that it can. In the Mature Age, then, the reconciliation begins between having that necessity of exchange in nurturing, and the core Being that seeks to serve in meaningful ways. Mature Servers, then, tend to be extremely busy, pulled in many directions, internally and externally, while they struggle with issues of utter availability and ineffective over-extension. The eventual reconciliation comes when the Mature Server only offers service when it can. OLD SERVERS The Old Server now emphasizes Being, and in this case, Being Helpful. At the very core of the Server is the design to HELP. (An aside: At first, all design in the early Soul Ages is manifested as compulsion as the default design is relied upon, but eventually becomes impulsion as the capacity for conscious choice grows.) Old Servers often do not "serve" at all in the capacity that one would think of as serving. The Mature Soul is ACTIVE. The Old Soul is PASSIVE. In this case, the Old Server "passively" Helps. The Old Server then begins to use exemplification as his or her means of offering Help. The entire life, self, and Being become the manifestation of Essence in that the Old Server WILL NOT allow himself or herself to suffer. If help can be gained from that by another, then the Old Server may extend upon that, but it has learned that suffering is a useless experience and will refuse to Help at the expense of self, but will unconditionally Help those who are willing to give up suffering. That may sound conditional, but it is not. It is simply a hard lesson learned that those who suffer most often choose not to be helped in any meaningful way. We define "suffer" here as that state of intellectual and emotional overwroughtness that leaves no room for solutions. Those who suffer in that way eventually learn that they are the only ones who can transform that experience, and all other influences are merely salves or addictions. The Old Server does not cater to that endless dynamic. MATURE ARTISANS The Mature Artisan has just come from an Age where it experienced being able to create and have everything it could possibly imagine within the constraints of resources at the time. The Mature Artisan now enters into an Age that must reconcile Having What It Wants and Being Who It Needs. Previous to this Soul Age, simply wanting something was often enough to have it, because it could either be created, or it could be discovered, and most of what was wanted was tangible and all "new" to the Artisan. In the Mature Soul Age, nothing tangible is "new" anymore, and what is most wanted is often intangible. This causes a struggle for the Mature Artisan so that cravings can often show up as a distraction with "things" as a means to compensate for the intangible, or as rejection of "things" as a means to hold out for the intangible. Mature Artisans can often find themselves in desperate relationships, devastating patterns of collapse and destruction, and manipulative methods for finding ways to be special. More than any other Role, this Role, in general, struggles with the inner battle between Specialness and Uniqueness. What the Mature Artisans eventually realize is that it is THEY whom they crave, desire, and want more than anything "in the world." Therein lies the reconciliation between Having and Being for the Mature Artisan. Artisans tend to develop patterns that leave them functioning only as conduits, often feeling as if "they" are left out, or left behind. During the Mature Soul Age, it is the first time in a long time that they "come home to themselves." And recognize their vital part in the equation of their desires and wants. Until that realization has been comprehended, there will be many instances where the Mature Artisan develops symbiotic relationships that continue to enforce the loss, or blurring, of self with environment or another. OLD ARTISANS The Old Artisan is often no longer concerned with creating tangible things, but struggles to make the entire life the creation, the work of art. Everything around the Old Artisan becomes symbolic and every symbol has meaning in relation to the self. The Old Artisan, then, is often tireless in the effort to showcase the life, the Personality, and even the relationships as symbolic extensions of the Soul. They become extremely sensitive to any deviation or distraction from their own symbology, and can often find themselves bewildered, hurting, and profoundly confused by these things. They develop systems of symbology that work, but often do not realize that these are not always the same symbols or meanings that others will tend to use. Eventually the Old Artisan realizes that there are a multitude of symbols and meanings for symbols that cannot be truly standardized, and this is when the Artisan is finally free. In conclusion for the Old Artisan, if the freedom is not found through the realization of various symbolic systems, then that Artisan may find he or she begins to tunnel-vision into a closed network that only supports his or her system of symbols, and anything beyond that is either a threat, or is ignored. MATURE WARRIORS Of all of the Roles, it is the Warrior who tends to take the deepest dive into the Physical Plane and then has the longest swim back to the surface, so to speak. Previous to the Mature Soul Age, the Warrior is driven by Ambition, Success, and Productivity. The Young Warrior tends to have a standard of determining the value of one's existence by what that existence can show for itself. The Young Warrior strives to prove and justify his existence not just by using force, but by being a force. But the Mature Warrior begins questioning the nature of Ambition and Success and what it means to be Productive. This questioning leads them through a long inner conflict between HAVING AMBITION and BEING SAFE. The Mature Warrior begins to long for rest and affection and family and friendship. The Mature Warrior begins to wonder if relationships can be forged by choice and not simply by circumstances as protector, guardian, provider. They begin to question if it is possible to ever have both SAFETY and SUCCESS. They no longer want to be on the outside, looking in at those whom they protected. They want to sit with you and be with you and hold you and love you and be loved by you. They ask if it is possible then to have both Love and Success? The Mature Warrior explores an arc of evolution that goes from defining themselves by how much they can produce and contribute, to defining themselves by how much they can connect and participate. The Mature Warrior no longer seeks to fight for you, but to fight alongside you. This means that the Mature Warrior can tend to be quite opinionated and staunch in their determination of what is important and what is not important to fight for. They are battle fatigued and choose their battles carefully now, encouraging you to do the same. The Mature Warrior will still protect you when necessary, but you can no longer expect them to fight for you. This is because one of the ways that they learn to connect is by trusting and encouraging you to determine and wage your own battles. Eventually, the Mature Warrior redefines "ambition" and "safety" and discovers that there is no conflict between them when these are evolved concepts of "enthusiasm" and "love." They learn that one need not choose between Success and Love, but that one can choose Success as a way to support Love, or choose Love as a way to support Success. It is not one or the other, but which one you choose to use to support the other. When the Mature Warrior understands this, the launch into Old Soul Age begins. OLD WARRIORS The Old Warrior has now moved through the Mature Age that helped to reconcile the struggle between HAVING AMBITION and BEING SAFE. During the Mature Age, both of those terms become profoundly redefined so that "ambition" becomes "enthusiasm" and "safe" becomes "loved." The Old Warrior then begins to naturally generate enthusiasm over emphasis on accomplishment and ambition, and begins to persuade circles of love from the self and from others as opposed to circles of protection and safety. Protection is no longer seen in terms of defense against physical threats, but as a transformation of strengths through the capacity to love. This may go counter to what is often understood as a Warrior, but the Old Warrior is done fighting, and seeks to share what it has found to be the most bountiful resource and strength in the universe: Love. Of course, this can show up in many different ways and to several different degrees, but when the Old Warrior is manifested, it has a profound sense of safety in the world and seeks to extend that validity to others. If the Old Warrior has not comprehended that sense of safety, he or she will often show up as emphasizing warnings, concerns, preemptive strategies, and constant over-anticipation. MATURE SCHOLARS The Mature Scholar is in recovery from a long addiction to Experience. It is impossible for any fragment to avoid Experience. Some fragments will struggle to avoid Experience, but Scholars cannot get enough. When we say that they become addicted to Experience, we mean that the drive to gain experience is no longer confined to their participation, but extends into others so that the Scholar learns to live vicariously. This drive for Experience and the shift into living vicariously leads to an awakening that shifts the Scholar into the Mature Soul Age. This is because the drive for Experience and turning others into objects of study or extensions of study leaves them far away from Intimacy. The Mature Scholar begins to desire Intimacy in a way that she never expected of herself, and this can trigger a long inner conflict between Experience and Intimacy. The Mature Scholar may find that she uses Experience as a way to avoid Intimacy and to justify its lack in the life. As the Mature Scholar evolves, she allows herself to become more and more involved in the world of Intimacy and this tends to leave the Scholar determining that Intimacy is more a distraction than it is worth. She is perplexed about how to reconcile HAVING EXPERIENCE and BEING INTIMATE. This becomes its own fascinating new study and the Mature Scholar finds that she can maneuver through the world of Intimacy as long as she keeps her distance. What happens over time is that it is discovered that "distance" and "intimacy" are not compatible concepts. It is discovered that when intimacy is valid, distance is lost, no matter how distant one is. And it is discovered that this strange world of intimacy is an experience in itself. When the Mature Scholar discovers that she can study and experience Intimacy intimately, she begins to shift into the Old Soul Age to fill in the details of what it means to willingly dismantle walls and boundaries and to redefine and update many misconceptions about Intimacy. OLD SCHOLARS The Old Scholar has now moved through the Mature Age that helped to reconcile the struggle between HAVING EXPERIENCE and BEING INTIMATE. During the Mature Age, the reconciliation between Experience and Intimacy is a long, often painful, road for the Scholar. Much of what is considered necessary by the Scholar for Experience is to have as "clean" an experience as possible, which often means leaving others out of the inner world that processes these experiences. QUESTION: Could you define intimacy in the sense of your meaning? MEntity: Intimacy here is meant as any form of Resonance, from sharing common ground to sex. The key being that it is INCLUSIVE, in that what is shared is not only mutual, but experienced as mutual. More than any other Role, the Scholar struggles with issues of Intimacy, of feeling connected to others, of finding common ground, and of feeling embraced. The Old Scholar has realized that Experience and Intimacy are not mutually exclusive, but Intimacy has been put off for so long for the sake of experiments, exploration, etc., that the world of Intimacy as an Old Soul is entirely new for the most part. Because the nature of the Scholar is to observe objectively, then this search for Intimacy may often be approached from the angle of provision, in that IF it exists, then it must be something provided for the Scholar, and not something he or she must work to generate from the self. Intimacy is such an amorphous concept to the Scholar that in the Old Soul Age, it will either feign intimacy as a means to have any kind of human contact at all, often leaving it to others to sort out the details, or to nurture that intimacy, or it will finally realize that he or she IS the source of intimacy, and begin to develop this from "the inside, out." The issue for the Scholar is often that if it is not found externally, then it is not a valid Experience, and therefore is not to be trusted. Ironically, anything that is already deemed as so amorphous that it cannot be trusted when generated within will also be deemed suspicious when generated from others. Therefore, the key for the Old Scholar in his or her embrace of Being Intimate is to begin comprehending TRUST. Trust is a mix of anticipated results and past experiences. It is not blind, and therefore it can be used by the Scholar. When the Old Scholar begins to recognize his or her embrace of himself, he or she can then begin to embrace others. If the embrace of others is attempted before the embrace of self, then there will always be an equation that returns the Scholar back to the beginning. They are highly mathematical that way. Trust comes in as the gathering of experience grows to show the Scholar that he or she will not die because he or she reached out, and that one is not alone just because one might actually like oneself. In short, the validity of Being for the Scholar cannot be proven through others, but the validity of others can be proven through the embrace of Being. MATURE SAGES The Mature Sage is the Sage who has suddenly or slowly realized what a mess they have made. Having fun, saying what you want, manipulating the truth, etc. are accepted as being within the range of vital personal expression during the Young Soul Age for the Sage, even as the evolving Young Sage learns better how to refine and improve upon authentic communication. Eventually the Young Sage realizes that along the way of learning to unapologetically celebrate the range of personal expression, there were patterns revealed that showed that the Sage being free in personal expression did not always mean being seen or heard. The Mature Sage comes when there is a shift away from simply HAVING FUN to BEING HONEST. This comes because the evolving Sage realizes that performances do not always mean being seen, and that making noise does not always mean being heard. Communication is much more important to the Sage than any other element of existence and while this will have been explored from many angles, the Mature Sage begins to see True Communication cannot exist without Authenticity. The Mature Sage still wants to have fun, but to have fun WITH you, not for you. The Mature Sage still wants to play with the truth, but to do this as a way to entertain you, not as a way to convince you. The Mature Sage still wants to talk, but to talk with you, not at you. As the Mature Sage begins to see the effects and value of Honesty, he discovers a new level of Fun, and finds that Honesty and Fun work very well together. Eventually the Mature Sage no longer seeks to be seen or worries about being invisible, but shifts into assuming he can be seen through and through. This prioritizing of honesty and transparency shifts the Mature Sage into being an Old Soul. OLD SAGES The Old Sage has now moved through the Mature Age that helped to reconcile the struggle between HAVING FUN and BEING HONEST. Now the Old Sage begins to emphasize Being Honest, even if it means at the expense of Fun. Old Sages often begin to withdraw from the "stage" and move into tighter circles that value honesty and true communication. It is no longer appealing in any way to simply perform the life. For the first time, the Old Sage values the importance of truly being SEEN. Even if there are a myriad of personas from habit and skill, the emphasis will still be there underlying every relationship and every opportunity: PLEASE SEE ME. This starts out as a kind of panic for some Sages entering the Old Soul Age, in that their existence depends on the utter honesty and rawness of being SEEN, and this can show up in desperate attempts to be understood, clarifying themselves, over-explaining, etc. This eventually levels out to a simple state of invitation. The emphasis moves from needing to be seen exactly how the Sage sees himself or herself to an emphasis on understanding how others actually see. This comprehension frees the Old Sage from the panic and loneliness of not being seen, and moves him or her into simply BEING HONEST. Once the Sage realizes that he or she cannot control how others interpret others, then Being Honest stands as an invitation, not as a prompt. QUESTION: How much of this "role in essence" material applies to casting? MEntity: All of what we have described can be extrapolated to apply to understanding Casting and Imprinting, in terms of Roles. INTERJECTION: I've never thought of Imprinting being a co-equal on use of role descriptors MEntity: For many who live as the Role that most influenced them, it can be helpful for freeing the self by transforming the dynamic that keeps the imprinting locked in place. Imprinting will always supersede Role and Casting, as Personality has the most control and influence while Physical. We should say, Imprinting will always supersede Role, Casting, and Overleaves. INTERJECTION: So, that's why it's especially important to figure out one's parents' profiles MEntity: Not necessarily. What would be more important is honest self-examination to determine just how conflicted one is within himself or herself. When Imprinting is useful, there is no conflict. When Imprinting is harmful, there is often pain ranging from apathy to tremendous turmoil. Harmful Imprinting ALWAYS shows up as the reprimanding voice that undermines your efforts. ALWAYS. Harmful Imprinting ALWAYS shows up as any conclusive voice within that divides you and defeats you. Your inherent nature, when free from harmful Imprinting, is truthful, loving, and energetic. When weighed with harmful Imprinting, you become divided with a dishonest, shameful, and undermining force against that inherent nature. However, it must be understood that Imprinting is NEVER PERMANENT and can be shed at any moment. If one struggles for any length of time with that Imprinting that is harmful, then some part of the self finds some value in it. We define "harmful Imprinting" as any Imprinting that has been kept beyond the 3rd Internal Monad that does not serve the Personality and Essence in any helpful way. QUESTION: why and how is it that a personality tends to manifest more essence as it progresses through the soul ages? QUESTION: still don't understand this... QUESTION is personality designed that way by essence? MEntity: The progression of Soul Ages is our way of describing a regaining of consciousness that allows for bridging between the Essence and Personality. That regaining of consciousness is done through experience. Therefore, in early lifetimes that have less experience, then it goes that less consciousness is involved, and thus less manifestation of Essence. Even the Oldest of Souls must regain consciousness within a single lifetime, yet that regaining of consciousness is accelerated because of the sheer weight of experience previous to that lifetime. It is not that manifestation of Essence does not happen within earlier lifetimes, but that the manifestation is specific to the degree of consciousness, relative to the degree of experience. So an Infant Soul can manifest Essence fully into the lifetime, but most of that manifestation would still be within the contexts (or degrees) of Survival. When an Old Soul is born into a body, that infant body is going to drool and wail and poop itself as it focuses on surviving. To that degree, that Personality's consciousness can manifest Essence. As that body grows, so does its capacity for consciousness. In that same way, the ROLE grows for ESSENCE. The Role and Essence are two different things. Therefore, the "body" that is the Role must grow over lifetimes as a means to manifest more of its Essence. MATURE PRIESTS Mature Priests tend to find themselves struggling between HAVING POWER and BEING EMPOWERED. The Young Priest has discovered the value of power and control and seeks to use this at any cost to deliver compassion or to fulfill zeal. As the Young Priest evolves, so does the relationship with Power so that it is not a force for them to capture, wield, and impose, but is a force that is shared, nurtured, and invited. Mature Priests realize that Power is not unique and sacred to them in a way that must be protected, guarded, and reserved for their own ideals, but is a resource that can be brought out of others to help create a matrix of empowerment that many can use to effect and affect change. The Mature Priest must reconcile this relinquishing of individual Power for the sake of shared Empowerment. This can come as a relief to many Priests who thought they had to "do it alone," or save the world, or rescue the lives of loved ones, etc. There can also come a great resistance to this as the Mature Priest has been in control for so long, or at least thought she was. This resistance is usually met with a breakthrough when the Priest has a pivotal life where she is suddenly dependent upon the Empowerment of others for her own Power. In other words, the Priest experiences receiving the generosity and willingness of others to support a cause rather than she having to push or impose or force an ideal upon others. Eventually, reconciliation comes for the Priest when she learns that inviting and harnessing the willpower of others is more pleasantly powerful than to merely control and impose power over others as a way fulfill ideals. OLD PRIESTS The Old Priest is now all about Being Empowered. The Old Priest can no longer direct you, rescue you, save you, or push you toward what is best for you, or an ideal, or a great cause. She cannot function without your participation. Though the Old Priest may sometimes revert to the use of Power over others, it is almost vital for them to share in power, to Be Empowered, or they feel they cannot affect or effect change in any way. It is probably more devastating to the Old Priest to see and experience a lack of Empowerment in the self or in others, than to any other Role. It is physically painful for the Old Priest to watch a life or love or even the self not nurture personal power to bring about desired changes. This can sometimes trigger them to revert to old methods of using Power and come across as pushy, bossy, imposing, meddling, and manipulative. This is always a sign for the Old Priest to look at how to nurture the sharing of power rather than being the only one having power. Being the only one with power does nothing for the Old Priest. It is empty and breeds futility. The Old Priest loses almost all interest in TELLING others where they are going, or who they are, or how they are, and finds she is deeply interested in helping others to REMEMBER where they are going, remember who they are, and to remember how they got there. MATURE KINGS The Mature King has come out of a long stretch of lives where she must sustain a distant and broad view of every moving part of the life, in particular all of the relationships and people in the life. To sustain this distant and broad view, every relationship and every person exists as an extension of the King. There is nothing about any other person that does not in some way reflect upon or represent or fulfill or carry out some element of the King. As the King Matures, she must reconcile the tactic of LIVING THROUGH PEOPLE vs LIVING WITH PEOPLE. The Young King learned how to fulfill great and sweeping movements of change by seeing all relationships and people as moving parts of the same machine or vehicle being driven by the King. The Mature King begins to notice that these moving parts of the machine of change and direction are actually people. The value of any other person or relationship for the Young King is entirely based on the value they can fulfill as part of the machine of momentum. The Mature King begins to notice that the greatest method for moving forward together is not by hoisting the most powerful and most contributing to the top, but by looking for the weakest and most fragile in her kingdom and doing what needs to be done to carry them with her. The Mature King learns that sweeping and powerful change can be accomplished by gathering momentum from the most willing and able, but she also learns that she has lost many along the way with this tactic. The Mature King then begins to walk among the people instead of walking ahead of the people. This is a horrifying challenge to many Kings because everyone moves. SO. SLOWLY. compared to our King. She is used to calling on her forces to fulfill a need for movement and change, but when she steps down to walk among her people, she begins to do a lot of that work, herself. The Mature King will often have quite an inner conflict to resolve regarding the desire to be closer to people, but also resenting them beyond measure. She must learn to LIVE WITH PEOPLE instead of THROUGH PEOPLE. Eventually, the Mature King will resolve this and make a breakthrough when she realizes she is A PART of life and living and loving, and not APART from life, living, and loving. The King begins to shift in focus from a distant and broad view of existence to see the details of living, loving, and life. The Mature King will recoil and cringe at how messy and dirty and even ugly life and people and loving can be when living with people, but the Mature King also finds it oddly tantalizing and exciting. OLD KINGS The Old King has shifted gears tremendously from those earlier Ages when the view was distant and broad and now exists WITHIN the Kingdom she has always known. Everything about the Old King is about how to live with people and exist within her Kingdom as one of them. The Old King can no longer tell you what to do, or direct you to do what needs to be done, and can no longer gather impersonal forces to create a momentum of change in her life. The Old King now has to ask for help, ask for advice, ask for patience, offer patience, share in support, share their space and time and energy. The Old King cannot function in any way that could be deemed healthy if she does not let herself be close to others, to be with others, to work with others, to account for others, to consider others. The Old King realizes that the Kingdom they have always known was never only outside of themselves, but was carried within themselves, as well. This leaves the King with an entirely new view on life that is all about uniting the parts of herself within and becoming the King of her inner being. As with the external Kingdom, she must approach each area of her life as a kind of territory over which she must bring unity and peace and harmony. The Old King finds herself working in smaller circles and dealing with challenges of intimacy and networking and mutual support and cooperation. Leadership is no longer about being on top or above or in the front, but about being beside others who may or may not share in her momentum. Again, this is horrifying and challenging to the King. Of all the Roles, the King has the greatest recoil and cringe reactions to touch and being touched and anything that reminds them that they exist alongside you instead of above or before you. This can often leave the Old King resorting to old and broken methods for keeping her distance from others, ranging from righteousness to indignation to insidious and relentless condemnation (of others and herself). The Old King cannot help but see how the greater machine of existence could flow so much better if they were distant and directing that greater momentum, so they can often fall into waves of constant complaint, bitching, and even whining as a way to express their disgust and dismay at humanity. Eventually, the Old King surrenders and takes a kind of intoxicating pleasure in sharing a better quality of existence rather than controlling the direction of existence. It is no longer about a destination or finish line toward which you direct others to follow you, but about sharing with others in a journey that has various plateaus and pleasures. The Old King loses nearly all need for distance and direction and finds herself embracing intimacy and delights. The Old King realizes the difference between stimulation and true pleasure because the Old King has learned to live with people and not through them. Do you have questions about what was shared today? Uma: Just an observation that the arc of Soul Ages seems to run from the Negative Pole of Chief Feature to the Positive Pole of Role. MEntity: Uma, this is a valid observation.
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    Ok this going to sound backwards and weird, but I usually have to canceled events or move my schedule around because I have a headache or feel shitty, but today I am canceling Michael Speaks for exactly the opposite reason. Ever since the stress of my healthcare/insurance issue has been relieved, I have been feeling pretty fantastic. Both in body and spirit. I had no idea how much stress I was carrying for so long. But I’ve been feeling so much better in almost all ways. I still have my chronic issues I have to navigate but these are made so much easier without stress. I spend nearly every every day either feeling good but missing out because I’m in trance half the day or feeling crappy, so this weekend I just wanted to take some time to enjoy being with friends, playing, reading, doing some admin work, etc. So, for the first time ever (I think?) I am taking the day off just... because. I hope all of you have a great day and that you know it's ok to take time for your own self-care and grounding and just letting your brain and heart and body rest and/or play for a day. Don't worry! May is a busy month full of new Michael events and social events! Love to everyone!!
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    This is the first energy report that I haven't resonated with in years. My week since the March energy shift has been the polar opposite of this report. I've been optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy. Like I mentioned in the March discussion, I sometimes have to be careful to have intentional rest when my energy starts to crash, but other than that, this week has been the best ever. People have been happy and energetic at all my networking meetings. I'm getting more comfortable talking about myself and have very little anxiety anymore. Work is falling into my lap left and right. I love meeting new people at my meetings and connecting them with others in my network. I feel this huge sense of connectedness and part of the flow of life. It is utterly incredible how much creative potential there is when you become a business owner instead of an employee. You make a million choices about how to do your work, what tools and processes you use, how you market yourself, who you want to work for, how you talk to clients, how big you want to get. It is completely daunting at first until you get used to it, and then it becomes completely liberating. You no longer have to comply with anyone else's standards and ideals (within limits of existing laws, of course, but even those can be changed). Wow!!! How is it possible to be doing the same line of work I was tired of a year ago and feel utterly alive and happy?
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    WORK IN PROGRESS All Overleaves for the growing list of Presidential Candidates for 2020 United States Election. Ongoing updates will be noted. NOTE: All Overleaves in the original post are channeled from Michael through Troy Tolley. Any additional channeling or sets of Overleaves for cross-reference and comparison can be posted in this thread with credit to the channel. NOTE 2: If any of these names below already have a profile posted for them from me, please feel free to copy/paste that into this thread for easy reference when I update this post. New! Graphs for Democratic candidates for whom we have Overleaves: Democratic Presidential Candidates 2020 DEMOCRAT Candidate Soul Age/Level Casting/Role Cadre/Entity Goal Mode Attitude Chief Feature Other Bennet 2nd Mature Sage-cast Server C2E7 Growth Passion Pragmatist Impatience Intellectual Center / Moving Part Biden 2nd Mature Scholar-cast Sage C2E1 Growth Perseverance Skeptic Arrogance Intellectual Center / Emotional Part Booker 5th Mature Warrior-cast Priest C2E4 Acceptance Passion Spiritualist Arrogance Emotional Center / Intellectual Part Bullock ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Buttigieg 3rd Mature Scholar-cast Scholar C2E2 Flow, slides: Acceptance & Discrimination Observation Pragmatist Stubbornness, slides: Arrogance Intellectual Center / Emotional Part Castro 7th Mature Server-cast Sage C2E3 Flow, slides: Submission Observation Stoic Arrogance Self-Deprecation Intellectual Center / Emotional Part Manifests Young to Mature de Blasio ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Delaney ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Gabbard 2nd Mature Warrior-cast Warrior C5E3 Discrimination Perseverance Realist Arrogance Arrogance E-Ratio: 65M/35F Frequency: 38 Intellectual Center /Emotional Part Gillibrand 3rd Mature Warrior-cast Priest C2E1 Submission Passion Idealist Impatience Gravel 4th Old Server-cast Priest C2E7 Submission Passion Spiritualist Arrogance Stubbornness E-Ratio: 55M/45F Frequency: 75 Emotional Center /Intellectual Part Harris 4th Mature Warrior-cast King C2E1 Discrimination Observation, slides: Perseverance & Power Realist Arrogance Emotional Center / Intellectual Part Note: Anna received 5th Mature, Server-cast King, C3E6 Hickenlooper ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Inslee ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Klobuchar 2nd Mature King-cast Warrior C5E1 Discrimination Observation Cynic Double Stubbornness Slides: double Arrogance Intellectual Center / Moving Part Manifesting Young to Mature Messam ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Moulton ? ? ? ? ? ? ? O'Rourke 7th Mature Sage-cast Priest C2E7 Growth Passion Idealist Arrogance Impatience Emotional Center / Moving Part Manifests range of Mature Ryan ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sanders 1st Old Server-cast Sage C2E1 Submission Passion Idealist Arrogance Impatience Warrior Essence Twin Balanced Centering: leans to Moving Part of Emotional Center 5th IM completed in Positive Pole. Sestak ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Steyer 2nd Old Priest-cast King C2E4 Submission Passion Idealist Impatience Martyrdom Emotional Center / Intellectual Part Manifests Young to Old Heavy Sage imprinting Warren 5th Mature Warrior-cast Sage C2E3 Discrimination Observation, slides: Perseverance & Passion Idealist Arrogance Moving Center / Intellectual Part Williamson 5th Old Sage-cast Priest C2E4 Dominance Passion Idealist Arrogance Stubbornness E-Ratio: 28M/72F Frequency: 80 Emotional Center /Intellectual Part Yang 1st Old Server-cast Scholar C2E7 Acceptance Passion Idealist Self-Deprecation Self-Deprecation E-Ratio: 30M/70F Frequency: 78 Intellectual Center /Emotional Part REPUBLICAN Candidate Soul Age/Level Casting/Role Cadre/Entity Goal Mode Attitude Chief Feature Other Trump 7th Young Sage-cast King C11E1 Dominance Observation, slides: Aggression & Power Pragmatist Arrogance Stubbornness, slides: Greed & Martyrdom Warrior Essence Twin, Moving Center / Intellectual Part Incomplete 3rd Internal Monad. Weld 7th Young Warrior-cast Scholar C11E3 Flow Slides: Dominance Observation Pragmatist, slides: Realist Greed Stubbornness Intellectual Center / Emotional Part Manifests Young INFOGRAPHIC U.S. 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES' OVERLEAVES
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    This is the transcript from the 2018 Michael Speaks at TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering in the format of "Ask Michael." This was transcribed from a live recording by @DanielaS. Enjoy! TLEGG 2018 Ask Michael 2018-09-30 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We understand we will receive a series of questions organized from your contributions, and we can begin. BFBobby: Okay. Our first question comes from Connor. "Michael, I talk to you a lot. Sometimes I invite you to join me for walks. Sometimes I share bits of my day with you. I'm sure I'm not the only one. When we speak to you on our own, do you hear us?" MEntity: We have no ears or legs, so we do not hear in the conventional sense that we could easily describe. But we do develop our individual relationships with you and individual lines of communication. And this is stored locally in your consciousness, in your brain. It is very difficult for us to come up with a way to validate any conversations that we have had privately with you, either through your intuitive processes, your creative processes, your psychic processes, because it is stored locally, and because of the dynamic of privacy, for lack of a better term, your own direct line to your own Akashic Record. We do not have a way of, for instance, speaking through Troy to reveal private conversations. It just simply does not work like that. But we DO hear you. We DO walk with you in a figurative sense and we are completely aware of this and will find a way to incorporate often the conversations that we have without revealing these or explicitly and unquestionably confirming that contact through a separate channel. We like to incorporate insights that we may have gained from you indirectly through the channels. But yes, we do develop our own individual lines of communication and teaching with each of you. Does this answer your question? Connor: Yes, it does. BFBobby: Okay. This is also from Connor. Not sure it's the same Connor. "What is it about felines that make them such a viable conduit for astral fragments to observe and interact with people who are still extant. Is there a way to distinguish between natural feline behavior versus how they behave when someone is 'checking in.'" MEntity: Felines, particularly domesticated felines, are often zoned out. [Laughter] This allows for a great line of connection for remote viewing, for communications from nonphysical presences, simply because of the cats' tendency toward a trance state. The normal feline behaviors and these moments where communication is actually happening are often indistinguishable, but we have found that some indications are when a cat stares at a wall or stares at an individual for great lengths of time without breaking contact. There is usually, in those cases, we would say 75 percent chance that you are being observed beyond the cat's awareness. [Laughter] Do you have further questions about . . . Student: Is the cat aware of it? MEntity: Most of the time, no. The remote viewing and the communications beyond this plane, for lack of a better way to describe it, sort of piggyback on their trance consciousness. It does not take over or permeate the feline, but rides on a sort of frequency that is generated that allows for that kind of contact. BFBobby: Does that contact interfere with the hive soul? MEntity: No. Next question. BFBobby: This question comes from Janet. "In reviewing the content of our TLE Book 2 draft, Cary pointed out that there are repeated references to that Axis associated with various Overleaves, but no where is there a succinct definition of what an Axis is or how the Axes work. It's just that over time we have accepted the concept that is culled piecemeal from a wide range of sessions. We could put the definition of Axis in the glossary for the book, but I found that I really didn't know how to explain the concept for the glossary. Can you please provide a brief, general description of the concept of the Axes: Expression, Inspiration, Action, and Assimilation. MEntity: The Axes in our teaching are most often relative to the dividing point between Cardinal and Ordinal. That is the center of the Axis for any part of our teaching that has an Axis. For instance, in the Overleaves, all of the neutral Overleaves are the actual Axis, the actual center point, the imaginary middle, so to speak, around which the other Overleaves orbit or revolve. And so, the Scholar is at the center, at the hub of the Roles around which the others then are connected by an imaginary line on their particular Axis, so the Expression Axis, Inspiration Axis, and so forth, the Action Axis. So, to define that in the simplest terms, it would be the dividing point between Cardinal and Ordinal. When it moves further or more specifically into an Overleaf such as a Goal, it is of a similar . . . this is when we start calling them Polarities, but it is very similar in that the dividing point is that difference between the more expanded and the more contracted, the more Cardinal, more Ordinal part of that Goal, for instance. And so, once again it is that dividing point between the more Exalted and the more Ordinal. Does this answer your question? Janet: Yes. MEntity: It will always be the dividing line between a broader, expansive state and a more constricted, restricted state. BFBobby: Okay. The next question is from Michael. "In a recent session about Casting, you said, 'That is one of the reasons for the Casting process to be the way it is. There must be an active rhythm or beat in place that carries the fragments out and then back.' Does the Design, Cadre, Entity, Essence, all the way down to the physical human level, have the same rhythm or beat? Are they all unique? Also, is it possible to capture and express this rhythm or beat in the form of song, for example?" MEntity: This channel does not have the proper vocabulary that would be required for conveying to you a definitive or clearer answer. But yes, this beat continues in many ways and in many layers throughout existence to and from Tao. The most persistent of these is the Octave or the seven count. If there are musicians in the room who have a better vocabulary for describing this, you are welcome to contribute here. There is also the counts of three and the counts of 12 and some counts of five. These are what create a layering of composition that creates the music of existence, if you will. Student: Like harmonics? MEntity: We think so. As we said, Troy has some limitations here, in this particular instance. Yes, the beats will . . . they overlap one another in a way that works in harmony. There is no dissonance involved, but we do not have the vocabulary to describe this as well. But yes, these beats continue through existence to and from in a Grand Cycle and beyond. And they are in beats that are Octaves and beats that involve the number 12 and the number nine and the number five. We may require a dedicated session to break this down in more definitive terms, and also have a discussion with somebody who can give Troy the proper vocabulary. BFBobby: Is it possible that you're speaking about polyrhythms or polyrhythmic? MEntity: It is quite possible. Yes. These rhythms act as a sort of beacon or homing frequency that helps to coordinate the different levels of your being that are evolving at different speeds, so to speak, so that there is a rhythm that incorporates the individual fragmentation that occurs for your Essence in the form of your Personalities. and then the rhythms that are associated with your groupings as Entities and Cadres, and then there is the rhythms that are associated with your Cadences and your Roles. It is quite complex and a little bit too large of a topic for us to get through this body at this moment. But the answer is yes, these rhythms are persistent and continue down to very small scales and all the way back to Tao. They are quite literally a part of the system that helps you find your way back home. Next question. BFBobby: This question is from Petra, and it's about shorelines or coastlines. "What are the effects on the physical human body, as well as the etheric bodies and Essence, being, living, walking the shoreline or coastline where air, moving water, and land meet, and how does it differ in being exposed to higher elevations? What did Human Sentience know about this when solely living on the shoreline or coastline 1 million years ago? What is the 'happening,' so to speak, at the shoreline or coastline?" MEntity: For the most part, all coastlines are where the three Centers, particularly the three Primary Centers, are most capable of finding balance with the support of the environment and climate, so that the Emotional, the Moving, and the Intellectual are represented in these elements that are combined at the shorelines. And this is very conducive to the body's part in a healthy hosting of your consciousness. So, the shorelines are quite often where fragments are drawn to the most, especially those who seek to evolve in a particular lifetime. This is not to say that those farther from the shoreline are not evolving, but that there is an acceleration, so to speak, on shorelines for groups, in particular. And that is another component. The tendency to group at shorelines is also part of the dynamic for accelerating a lifetime of evolution because it is far more likely that you will evolve in a lifetime if you are a part of a group, a part of a society and culture. We do notice that the . . . the longitudes of the planet closer to the equator, say from zero to 30 in either direction, tend to focus a little bit more emphasis on the Moving Centers, while 30 to 60 longitude in either hemisphere tends to emphasize as close to a balance of all three Centers as possible. And 60 to 90 would be where more emphasis on the intellect is involved. There still is a balance, but those particular parts of the planet tend towards emphasis in the areas that we just described. Janet: Michael, do you mean latitude? MEntity: Yes. We keep you on your toes. [Laughter] Did this answer your question? Petra: Well, you didn't go into, did they know that? MEntity: No, the bodies that were drawn there . . . the drawing towards a geographical area tends to be on an Instinctive level. They are not necessarily conscious, the individuals are not necessarily conscious of this. Essences may aim towards a geographical area that will emphasize a certain balance or a ratio, but for the most part, the Instinctive drive for that balance is what brings tribes and groups in cities to develop along coastlines. So, in one way you could say yes, they know this. In another way, it was not necessarily consciously known. BFBobby: So, over centuries, because obviously most of the world's largest cities are usually right around coastlines or major waterways. So, I think we would justify it out of convenience of shipping, transportation, or commuting from one destination to the next. But is that just an extension of that Instinctive Center? We instinctively know that we, like, we may want to travel or we may need an escape route or something like that? MEntity: It is an extension of this because it helps to incorporate all of the things that are necessary to cater to those Centers. So that travel is involved or importing or resources from different areas that are within reach, so to speak. So it is an extension of those interests in that balance, if that is what you were asking. BFBobby: Yes. Petra: So, growth is faster between 30 and 60. MEntity: We will say that it can, we know of . . . Petra: Yes. It's an environment that helps you TO. MEntity: Yes. We would clarify by saying that individually you will grow fastest where you grow. It is quite unique to the individuals. However, there is a draw to the shorelines for the support for the possibility of an accelerated evolution. And we use that term--it is a misnomer to some extent because there is no actual acceleration. There is growth at your speed, but the amount of experiences packed within a lifetime are often what helps an Essence to grow, and the opportunity for this is higher along the coastlines in groups. But we can say that we know of many on coastlines who are quite stagnant. [Laughter] Petra: Thank you. BFBobby: Our next question is from Maureen. "How is it that using our imagination to create fiction, whether it'd be through writing, visual media, etc., can capture the Truth or a truth so profoundly in a way that reality can miss it at times? This is evident to me while it also seems paradoxical, as you would think that what we know as reality would be a better indicator of the Truth than what we perceive through our imagination." MEntity: One of the reasons that Truth is often more accessible through Art is because it bypasses your reasoning. It bypasses the attachments to mundane symbols that you have grown to associate with certain smaller-case truths. Art can bypass the realm of logic and get to a part of your consciousness that knows the Truth despite having been taught something otherwise, despite having seen something otherwise. And that is why Art is so powerful in that capability. Also, it taps into the Imagination, which is the highest . . . the only way we can describe Imagination is that it is the highest frequency that any human is capable of sustaining on a regular basis for access to realms such as channeling, such as the Akashic Records for Instinctive memories of past lives, and so forth. That field that is often called Imagination allows room for the Truth and is often more inclined towards the Truth, and so when Art goes directly to the Imagination, it is already primed for accessing the Truth that the Imagination is already seeking. Some of the limitations that are on reality or your experience of reality is that you try to make sense of it, whereas Art allows you to not worry about that. Does that make sense? Students: Yes, it does. BFBobby: Okay. The next question is from Diane. "You said in one of my private sessions, 'When you can no longer hear your True Voice, use your eyes. This is what we will refer to as True Perception.' Can you elaborate on what True Perception is, and how to use our eyes when we can no longer hear our True Voice?" MEntity: This is tied to the previous question in that True Perception is not confined by what makes sense, what is logical, what is limited to reasoning. True Perception allows you to see without . . . allows you to comprehend without understanding. That is, that may not make sense on the surface, but you can bypass the need to understand something and move directly into comprehension because you . . . one fragment has coined a phrase or a term that seems to capture that quality of processing and it is called "grokking." The capacity to grok something or to see the Truth of something without having to understand, make sense of it, reason, justify, permit, is what True Perception is. For instance, you can be a beautiful individual, and this will not make sense to you because you have been told you have failed. You have been told that you have to earn your place, that you have to move into a position of some status, that you must be in a relationship where someone proves to you that you are loved and beautiful. This will not have anything to do with the Truth that you are a beautiful and loved individual. True Perception allows you to get that, allows you to grok that, to comprehend that you ARE a beautiful, loved, and loving individual regardless of all of the things around you that are telling you otherwise. True Perception is the honesty that you are willing to give yourself regarding the truth without having to justify, earn, or even understand it. Does this make sense to you? Diane: So how, if I'm, for instance, if I'm drowning in all these voices around me, how do I use True Perception to come back to my True Voice? MEntity: We would have to speak to you individually to help hone any specific paths to this. But, in general, you would want to look at your circumstances or look at your life and see the Truth. This would be specific to what it is that you feel you are drowning in or that is an obstacle or challenging you. And if you would like, you can offer an example so that we can respond to it here. Diane: Okay. For instance, I'm trying to start a business and I struggle from time to time with listening to other people about what, how do I set up a business like this and how I work with other people in coaching and versus how do I do it. And I tend to get sucked into trying to do it the way everybody else has done it. MEntity: Okay, we understand. In this case it is a matter of your being hung up on the HOW and this is keeping you from seeing the Truth that you WILL. The Truth is that you CAN do this, and when you enlist True Perception, you remember that you are still getting to where you need to go despite the branching or the experimentation or the conflicting ideas that you will have to process on the way. So, the True Perception here would be holding your vision, so to speak, your aim, and knowing that the process of getting there is not an indication of whether you will get there. Do you understand? Diane: Yeah. MEntity: Focusing on your goal and remembering and holding that vision intimately with you and allowing yourself the processes of whatever is necessary to get there. And we can say that often those conflicting inputs of how to do something is part of that process. This may be challenging and annoying and frustrating, but it has nothing to do with the Truth that you will get there. So, the True Perception is that you will get there. And this can bring some comfort and it can help you to anchor yourself in a probability that is aligned with you and the intentions that you are developing in the moment, as opposed to your planting and emphasizing probabilities where clearly you are failing and not going to get there because of these conflicts of input in your struggle to determine the direction. Diane: Thank you. MEntity: So, your True Perception helps you to filter the probabilities and aim toward the one most aligned with your intentions. We can also add that there is True Sex that would be a part of this triad, and this involves your levels of intimacy and recognition of each other. Essence Recognition is a part of True Sex, because we have used the term "sex" to describe moving in unison with something other than yourself. So, sex can be in literal terms that you are familiar with, where you are stimulated in pleasurable ways with another by moving in unison, but this also extends, sex extends into Essence. You do not stop having sex in the Astral Plane. In fact, it gets better. [Laughter] So, it can be helpful at times to enlist your True Sex when there are challenges between you and a loved one where the recognition of the value and innocence of that Essence is not lost to the challenges and obstacles. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be close to the individual or endure bad behavior or violent behavior or abusive behavior, but that part of you that recognizes the intimacy that you share or shared with another in a way that matters or mattered to you does not have to be lost with bad behavior or distance or breaking up or falling out and so forth. That is what True Sex is. Next question. BFBobby: Can I ask a question in relation to True Perception? MEntity: Of course. BFBobby: Can or do our Chief Features get in our way of having True Perception? MEntity: We will let you answer that. [Laughter] BFBobby: Next question. [Laughter] This is from Janet. "When I was 16, a teacher introduced me to material channeled by Edgar Cayce, and that provided my first ever introduction to the concept of reincarnation. My search kicked off and eventually led me to Michael. When I first read Edgar Cayce, I was still attending church and the excessively biblical content and wording of Cayce's sessions didn't bother me. Now it does. What source was Edgar Cayce reaching during trance?" MEntity: This fragment was, from what we can see, had a direct link to his six non-incarnated or discarnate Cadence members who acted as a bridge between him and Causal Entities, and it was not just one. But because there was a chain of communication, this allowed for a grand spectrum of access for one individual to access, but also left the individual greatly dependent upon imprinted ideas and terminology and words to convey what was being accessed. And so it was quite colored by that. This was not necessarily a bad thing because this was also built into the teachings of this fragment so that there would be a bridge between religion and higher perceptions, between religion and independent exploration of consciousness. So, there was a dynamic here that was fairly intentional, but also simply a byproduct of that chain of connections. JanetH: What is his Soul Age Level? MEntity: At the time we think this fragment was First Level Old. JanetH: A Michael student? MEntity: Oh yes. Next question. BFBobby: Johanne has a question. "What would be your advice regarding the translation in other languages of the three TLE English books? I would be interested in working on a French version, and I know other TLE members have done translation in other languages." MEntity: Oh, we would give the same suggestion that we have given to our channel, and that is to start. [Laughter] There is, in other parallels where this project, these similar projects have occurred, there were variations on the projects occurring where, such as in your case, the translation began on individual parts that were then compiled together to match the English versions. It did not have to wait until the English versions were in completion for it to begin. And so, the individual translations of our various transcripts that are on record was the start, and then from there, the compilation to match what was happening with the English version occurred. So we can suggest to simply start, and start with what is interesting and what captures your attention, because these will come easier as a way to start. Does this help? Student: Yeah, thank you. BFBobby: Okay. And then the final question comes from Ann. "You have indicated that some of the UFO sightings have come from future events so cataclysmic that they broke the space-time barrier. Are there other instances of time travel, and if so, could you give a few examples? I have more. I just have to remember them." [Laughter] Ann: I have more questions. [Laughter] MEntity: Read the question again. BFBobby: "You have indicated that some of the UFO sightings have come from future events so cataclysmic that they broke the space-time barrier. Are there other instances of time travel, and if so, could you give a few examples?" MEntity: There are many instances of time travel that we probably have no real way of referencing that would make any sense. If you were speaking of the time rifts that occur because of a cataclysmic events, we would need more focus from our channel to get the details for these. One particular instance would be what occurred in your time as 9/11, and this created a time rift that showed up in your past. We do not know, we do not see any record of this, but cars, people, shifted into that rift for a long enough moment that it was recognized as a vision or an anomaly of some sort. This mostly shifted into the timeframe that you would describe as the medieval times. That is one example that happened in your time that created the rift in the past or a link in the past where what you consider your present was the future for the medieval. Student: Would Nostradamus have seen this? Is that where he got some of his visions? MEntity: No. That is a different story. Student: There are a few paintings, though, that may indicate that. Am I correct? MEntity: There very well may be. Yes. We know that there are some paintings from time periods that try to capture those anomalies that occurred. Yes. Cyprus: What is the link between the two times? Like, why would it be from 9/11 where it creates the rift? Is there a particular reason it goes to this certain spot in the past? MEntity: There is. It is difficult to describe, but there are cyclical factors involved in the way time rolls, so to speak, and when the rip happens or the rift happens, it happens to connect to a part of time that is rolling so that it opens briefly between the two cycles. And again, this [Troy laughs] is a fairly difficult subject to convey through Troy in such a brief time, but we can dedicate a session to how these work. So, if you were to imagine two cylinders rolling next to each other and a tear is made in one so that it affects the roll next to it, that is the closest we can give you as a visual as to why it connects to a certain period over others. Ann: Can I ask a follow-up? Have actual people traveled in time? MEntity: Yes. Ann: Okay. Can I ask you about, this may be insane, but John Titor? Was he actually traveling in a different parallel? MEntity: We are not sure who that fragment is. Ann: John Titor was someone who started claiming, this is in the nineties online, that he was from the future and he had come into this parallel and was explaining what was going on with history. There are many who say it was a hoax. The people in Florida came up with it. It very well could have been a hoax, but I was just curious about that. MEntity: We do not see evidence of or any records referencing this individual. Most of the travel has been discreet except for some of the major events that, such as those that involve the pyramids, which we have given information about in other exchanges. Ann: When you say discreet, it would be individuals? MEntity: Yes, or small groups. We will say that is the case for now. If you were to ask us in 100 years, we may have more instances that we could describe to you. [Laughter] Ann: Do any of us plan on participating in that in future lives? MEntity: Oh yes. [Laughter] Ann: I think I'm one of them, right? [Laughter] MEntity: Yes. It seems quite fantastical and quite impossible to some, but it becomes fairly normal in the future, but not necessarily accessible to a wide range of people and it is not in such a fashion that history can be altered. That is impossible. Student: So people from the future can be popping in on us through our cats. MEntity: It was learned fairly early on that to do anything to disrupt a timeline progression simply created a different timeline. It did not correct a timeline. This was attempted on larger scales, such as we described regarding the pyramids and the catastrophic earthquakes that occurred, and it DID fix the situation but not the timeline that the original travelers came from. So, for instance, if you were to go back and try to change history, your future would simply become a different timeline while the one you left still remains. So, you do not help that timeline. And this became a factor in the rules for any access to the past, that it is primarily only through observation. We will conclude here then for today. Good day to each of you and goodbye. We will be back.
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! This has been another wonderful and wild and awful and horrible and rough and beautiful and gross and growthful year! Here's to all of us who keep on keeping on and turning to each other with kindness, compassion, patience, support, and love for the best and worst of us. HERE ARE SOME UPDATES ABOUT TLE AND WHAT TO EXPECT IN 2019! NO MORE "MONTHLY MICHAEL WORKSHOPS" - Although the popularity of Monthly Michael Workshops was so high, we had a few people regularly disappointed that not every workshop included dedicated time with Michael for every attendee. This was something I could not promise or provide or guarantee on a monthly basis in every workshop because Michael makes that decision (not me) and not all of the topics required their personal feedback. The focus was supposed to be on the work and sometimes that meant doing the work on your own. Some workshops naturally included feedback, some did not. Since I don't plan these workshops and left them up to Michael to teach, I could not build into every session the individualized feedback that some people wanted. So we will no longer have Monthly Workshops. HOWEVER... NEW! FEARLESS LIVING SERIES - Understanding Who We Are, and Choosing Who To Be - Taking the place of the MMW's, I have asked Michael to work with us on a series dedicated to "Fearless Living." This series is inspired by a famous life coach I used to love long ago whose life work is all about "fearless living," except her tactic is to "fight and overcome" fear, whereas Michael's approach will be more transformative and about harnessing that fear as a tool rather than approaching it as an obstacle to destroy. This is a series of Monthly, Intimate, Channeling Topics designed to help us transform and heal our unnecessary fears in various parts of our lives so that we can grow, love, and create as we wish. Each Month brings a new area of life into focus and each of these builds upon the others. Michael will share information and insight into topics regarding these key areas of life, the universe, and everything - Each event includes deep exploration of the topic with Michael, homework assignments for us to work on, and Q&A if time permits - FEE = $25 NEW! FEARLESS LIVING SERIES TRANSCRIPTS & COMMUNITY SUPPORT SYSTEM - For the first time ever, I will be charging a fee for access to a series of transcripts. This is to help foster a dedicated and serious extended study program with community support where you can privately publish your own "homework" related to a topic if you choose. Each Transcript entry will require a fee to access for study. The fee is waived for a transcript if you attended the Live Session for that transcript. Each Transcript Fee = $20 SERVICE RATES HAVE BEEN RAISED... SLIGHTLY - You may notice that all rates have been increased, but only slightly. The expenses of this community have gone up and I have to account for those fees in my services. SERVICE OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED... SLIGHTLY - After great consideration and a closer look at the patterns that cause me to get off-track in my schedule, I have now eliminated all services over 60 Minutes. There are no more 90 or 120 Minute Sessions available. I have also removed several email Report options. This should help me to stay on track and have more health-friendly days of work. This will help improve scheduling, focus, and efficiency so that I don't get overwhelmed. NEW! MICHAEL TEACHINGS SCHOOL - I have added a new part of the community that is an LMS, or Learning Management System. This system will be used for our Wholeness of Soul Course and if it is successful, it will be opened up to the community for courses in Channeling, Studying Overleaves, and for all students who wish to offer courses of their own. More details to come! NEW! The Return of FRINGE & WHACKADOODLE! - Fringe And Whackadoodle will now be scheduled quarterly for all of us to get our fill of all things weird and wild in the known and unknown universe and hear what Michael has to say about all of it. These will be Free/Donation-based and the first one will be in March! Details to come. MORE TO COME! This is all the news I have for now, but more to come! I am looking forward to all that we learn and share together in 2019! I love you guys! Troy & TLE
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Maureen: How do our other sentient “selves” in other Grand Cycles experience their IMs, EMs, etc. Do they (or do we as them) experience duality/polarity in order to grow in awareness and consciousness? MEntity: Monads exist across all Sentient species. Internal Monads are always relative to the length of a lifetime and affected by Soul Age. External Monads are universal and while there may be variations unique to a species or phrases used to describe them as unique to a species, the 30 "Classic" External Monads are the same across all Grand Cycles and Sentient species. More directly responding to your question, yes, there is always the duality and polarity as part of the process of growth, awareness, and regaining of consciousness. This is because those states are inherent in the Physical Plane and that is where every Sentient species incarnating in any Grand Cycle begins the return Home. NEXT Johanne: Please can you talk about the Deer working group: their working theme and how I can/did contribute (broad term). Any people here, from TLE or close to me also in that Working Group? MEntity: DEER Working Group is one of the first Working Groups set as part of what we would describe as POD ONE of Working Groups. This Working Group is Configuration Seven of Pod One. All within this Configuration are focused on COMPANIONSHIP. All Working Groups in this Configuration are themed in ideas around the intimacy that builds from routine, familiarity, and proximity. In the case of DEER, the theme focuses on CAUTIOUS SENSITIVITY. Deer Group is all about the experiences of navigating with full vulnerability and innocence, but with the capacity for great awareness of boundaries and necessary caution. This is the Group that helps each lifetime and others within the lifetime to remember that vulnerability and kindness and play are strengths. They teach that vulnerability and kindness and play are not invitations to others to harm or take advantage. They teach that the reason vulnerability and kindness and play can be strengths is because they have clear boundaries and limits that must be honored. We will leave it to you to assess how you may have contributed further to this Working Group, and we can say that there are a handful of Deer Working Group members as part of "TLE." NEXT Luciana: I would like to know the soul age prevalent in Brazil. The amount of old soul here. And if such a mature paradigm is happening here too. Because I sincerely see almost nothing of the paradgma mature soul in Brazil. It's a lot of corruption and it seems to me that politicians only want to get rich. They do not want to improve the country. MEntity: You are correct. There is an entrenched paradigm of rulership and culture that is rooted in Baby and Young Soul Ages. The paradigm shift is between Baby and Young. There is a large Mature Soul population, but they are immersed in the drama and intensity that the Baby and Young Soul paradigm provides. There are small pockets of Old Souls in Brazil. Old Souls make up approximately .00001% of the population, around 21,000 in total. As the greater paradigm shift of the planet continues to take root in Mature Soul Age, this will help bring relief and direction to Brazil, eventually. The dominate Soul Age of a planet will affect all Soul Ages. NEXT Uma: In July, you said in response to a question re fuckface treason: Uma: The situation is currently quite volatile and unpredictable with probabilities ranging between accelerated action over the next 3-6 months that resolves the situation and returns collective momentum to a healthy trajectory, to continued endurance and collection of evidence that may take years, to disruptive devolution of democracy on a scale unseen before, to nothing in particular ever "bad" happening despite the extreme threat and urgency and all returns to "normal" in a few years, etc. Uma: Can you comment if any of those scenarios is closer to happening now than at that time? Could this election turn things around so that maybe the IS coming is averted? MEntity: The probabilities that have come to be most emphasized of those described in July are now "actions that resolve the situation and returns collective momentum to a healthy trajectory" vs "disruptive devolution of democracy on a scale unseen before." The middle grounds are all but gone, though because they still exist as probabilities, we cannot rule them out. Probabilities can shift in an instant. We can only see the current trajectory from your moment now. It is true that this American Mid-Term Election will be a Turning Point that indicates the direction that would likely affect, at least, the next 5 years or so in terms of return to healthy trajectory or bracing for and working to divert extreme disruptions. We do not see any indication of alteration for Infinite Soul Manifestation at this time. NEXT Miizle: Hi Michael, my question is about photocatalytic oxidation as a method of eliminating harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and other VOC's. I'm interested in a 1% solution of nano-sized titanium dioxide that could be used as a spray-on coating on most surfaces in the house, turning them into air-purifying surfaces when UV light is added. Miizle: wonder if this would be a safe way to make homes healthier for chemical sensitivity sufferers, children and pets (well, everyone really), and if it is among the more efficient ways (apart from renewing surfaces etc). Thank you!! MEntity: In response to miizle: This is a direction that we see comes to be beneficial in about 3 years, but from what we can see, it requires more experimentation and testing that would allow for a clearer picture of both the benefits and the potential dangers or failures. We would suggest keeping this on your radar, so to speak, and look for research and experimentation that covers a wide range of scenarios and time frames. Miizle: oh ok so the products available now are not something you would recommend to be used? MEntity: If you do not mind being a part of the experimentation, then that is your choice. Otherwise, keeping an eye on the development and various testing scenarios would be useful. We do not see this as a viable solution at the moment, no. There are "hidden" dangers that are still being sorted out. NEXT Bobby: I realize that Essence is always the student of yours whereas with Personality, it can be hit or miss. So what I'm curious about are the dynamics between you and our Essences as far as your teaching works. Would you describe the manner in which this takes place? You once mentioned to someone in a POF "We also wish to note here that the Priest has updated us that there are now negotiations for crossing paths in March of 2019, if possible" so it appears that perhaps real time communications are at play at that level then? MEntity: The greatest difference between our relationship with you and your Essence is only in terms of "real time." Your Essences are in contact with us as they please and we are always available. Personalities are not always in contact with us and cannot always access us or understand us or even want to know us. That being said, every Personality your Essence will ever have is a student of ours and eventually works with us in some way, even if only after death and Review. Your Essence is vast and while it is technically true that we are in regular contact with your Essences, certain Personalities come to be representatives of your Essence and they work with us on behalf of your Essence. They attend classes, study, help update and communicate, act as guides or points of contact for other students, etc. In many cases our relationship with you as a Personality is left to be its own unique thing, and Essence stays back, so to speak. Essence can update us regarding negotiations, Agreements, Life Plans, etc, but the Personality is our focus because this is how your Essence learns. Not from us. But from you. NEXT Diane_and_Tex: From Tex: I have noticed a slow progression from total isolation in the feeling of Baby souls and Young souls, to inclusion in Mature souls, to openness in Old souls. After taking MDMA, everyone was felt by me to be existent in a love substrate, and their lives to be whirlwind creations within this "soup" of love consciousness. Are we actually this love consciousness? Is matter composed of it? MEntity: We can take this question and one more after this. Yes, Tex. That is a fair assessment. There is nothing NOT of Love. There is a great deal of forgetting and fear, but this will never negate or destroy that substrate of Love that bonds every bit of matter that exists. This is why "Love Wins," even if it takes time for the forgetting and fear to fade. Forgetting and fear can diminish and completely vanish from a universe, but Love cannot unexist. Love will always prevail, not because it squashes or destroys fear and forgetting, but because Love knows that fear and forgetting fade back into the "soup" of Love. Love is the gravity of relationships, planets, orbits, galaxies, universes, molecules, etc. This is not poetic. This is simply true. There may be more scientific terms used to differentiate these various forms of gravity, but all of it is Love. NEXT Gloria: The apartment community I live in has residents that dislike me intensely and the work I do to rescue abandoned felines. Basically their hearts are closed to distressed animals.I have a feline, Gray Boy, who has lived outdoors for most of his life and who I saved from starvation. He has been in my care for four years. I am working on helping him to adjust to indoor living, though no guarantee he will accept living inside 24/7. My concern is his safety, as he is considered an undesirable. What can I do to keep him safe and mitigate the rancor towards him and me? MEntity: From what we can see, you can only do what you are already doing. He can and likely will acclimate to indoor living if enough time and patience is afforded him. You are correct in that there is no guarantee of his safety or even of your own, but probabilities look quite low for any harm or danger at the moment. We cannot speak to that conclusively, of course. You are already quite informed about how to nurture his acclimation, but we can suggest that there are olfactory elements that can be added to the environment through various diffuser methods that can help soothe the Instinctive Center, if these are not in use yet. Gloria: Thank you! MEntity: You cannot control the reactions of others, so our suggestion here is to either continue navigating this as best you can with as much kindness and patience for these "feral people" as possible, and/or offer invitational education to the community to help them find a common ground with your motivations. They may not understand your love and care for felines, or the sacrifices you make for their well-being, but they may relate to how your work helps improve the community, if you can find an angle for this to make sense to them. We would have to work more directly with you for further depth into this personal scenario, but this is what we can suggest for now in this format. Gloria: Thank you! MEntity: We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Michael Speaks - August 26, 2018 - Accessing Higher Centers MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand that the subject is a focus on accessing the Higher Centers and our perspective on the various ways in which this is claimed to be done through certain practices and spiritualities. First, we will comment that no practice or spirituality is ever needed for accessing the Higher Centers. Access to the Higher Centers is a natural phenomenon and one that happens in both mundane and extraordinary circumstances. The Higher Centers are always functioning and can never be "blocked" or you would die. They can be distanced in effect from the Personality so that the Personality does not recognize or use the benefits of these Higher Centers, but they are always in effect and functioning. As we have mentioned many times before, there are biological reactions that indicate access to the Higher Centers in your most mundane of circumstances and these can be seen as "practices" or even as spiritualities in themselves. Tears are the biological reaction to Truth. Pleasure is the biological reaction to Love. Laughter is the biological reaction to Beauty/Energy/Oneness. These are events that happen to each of you in various ways and can indicate which of the Higher Centers to which you have the most regular access. In more extreme circumstances, trauma tends to bring the Personality into direct awareness of the Higher Centers. As you can see, this means that every fragment, regardless of spirituality, practices, beliefs, etc. can experience and access the Higher Centers. This is built into the design of Sentience because no Personality can truly reject or block these Centers and the access to them at various points in the life help with the evolution of the Personality as well as the Essence. Most of what we have shared here is review for many of our students, but we think it is important to repeat that these Centers are not elusive or mysterious or even magical, and certainly not out of reach. You cannot "live" from these Centers or you would lose all capacity to function as a contributing and fulfilled human being, but you can access them as needed. It would never be of benefit for one to strive to live from these Centers. The experiences of the Physical Plane require far more nuance and detail that these Centers cannot manage. Imagine if you were walking around maniacally laughing and crying and writhing in pleasure. There are some sanctuaries that encourage this, but it then requires that the individual remove themselves from the reality of human experience. We will open the floor to our students now for questions about any practices or spiritualities that may be of interest to you for us to comment on, or any questions about the Higher Centers, in general. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Luciana: You say that crying is a biological reaction to truth. People often cry because of their feelings. Because they feel sad, frustrated, or angry. What would be the truth in these situations .. would it be the truth of how the person feels? I find it difficult to understand this because it has also been said that feelings are never the truth MEntity: Tears come as a result of one processing the truth. This is true even if you stub your toe and cry. Even pain is a truth. When one cries because of how one feels, they are also facing or processing truths. We point out that feelings are not the truth because feelings only tell you how you feel about the truth. They do not tell you the actual truth, themselves. For example, if a parent discovers her daughter is lesbian and she cries, it is because she is processing this truth. However, she may FEEL betrayed, confused, angry, regretful, sad, etc. and those are not the same thing as the truth. The truth is usually buried somewhere in one's feelings, but the truth is always a separate thing from how you feel about that truth. If tears are involved, there is some level of processing of the truth, regardless of the feelings around it. Sometimes the tears are about processing the truth of how one feels, too. You may feel betrayed and you cry because you are facing the truth that you feel betrayed, but whether you have actually been betrayed or not is a different truth. We know that it can be confusing, but if it is understood that how you feel and what the truth is are different things, then it makes navigating difficult experiences less complicated because you can ask yourself what is true and still allow yourself to feel what you feel, without blurring the lines so that they give the illusion of being the same things. NEXT RayB: What about going past the higher centers? If I did the simple "trick" of visualizing a stream of energy from my head going up to a golden orb (Essence) above me and seeing that stream getting deeper and wider, would that kind of meditative practice help align me to Essence and strengthen my Intuition? MEntity: It is a bit of a misnomer to say that one can go beyond the Higher Centers. The Higher Centers are only a management hub for energy exchanges and circuitry and communication between Essence and Personality. In other words, saying that one can go beyond the Higher Centers is like saying one can go beyond the phone used to call a friend. You are already "going past" the phone, if you will. However, we can say that such visualizations helps strengthen the circuitry and exchanges and access between Personality and Essence, and in that regard is quite beneficial. RayB: Yes, that is what I was aiming at! ? MEntity: Yes, any practice where one "sits with" or "in" Essence helps one to learn to live as Essence. This is not always what it is expected to be or feel like, so one would do well to approach it with curiosity and exploration rather than expectation and presumption because living as Essence is not always "pretty." RayB: So in Michael's analogy....this practice could bring about a greater exchange of information....Kinda like the whales....they can send a simple song and in that brief snippit of song and sound could be symphonies and epic novels! MEntity: That is a valid comparison RayB: Thank you Michael! NEXT Toni: Do the recent converging parallels allow us to more easily access appropriate higher centers and turn use those experiences to more pragmatically navigate these trying times? MEntity: It is not the converging or diverging of parallels that have effects on ease of access to certain Higher Centers, but the collective momentum of use or access to certain Higher Centers can lead to parallel convergences and divergences. The collective momentum always comes first. In years that are set in a Higher Center, that particular Center tends to be key to the solutions and the challenges of that year. In the case for 2018, the focus is on the Higher Emotional Center. This means that most people are navigating how best to use the Higher Emotional Center. It means that solutions to challenges will rely heavily on Love, or in more practical form as empathy and affection, focusing on nurturing and going beyond one's limitations to what one can care about. Higher Centers have Negative Poles, but they are not "negative" in the same sense that all other Overleaves are Negative. In the same way that Chief Features cannot truly have a "Positive" pole, Higher Centers cannot have a truly "Negative" pole. The Negative Pole of the Emotional Center is Intuition. This is only a "negative" pole in the sense that Intuition is all about the coming together of parts for synthesis. Intuition draws lines and connections and pulls together a picture, so it is a path to Love, but because it is focused on the parts, it is a "negative" pole. Toni: So then would it be a fair assessment that if one actively sought to move to more Love related moments and choices that that those parallels more in line with this would lean toward converging? And this gives clues to the problems that may be at work during a year in the Higher Emotional Center. There are many parts involved where lines cannot be drawn or connections made to make sense of a bigger picture. Toni: so that which you -Intuit lays groundwork for + Empathy? MEntity: Intuition is a tremendous challenge for many of our students at the moment. Because there are so many parts that cannot easily find connections or lines, the trust in Intuition is challenged. We digress. We can elaborate on this in another exchange. To respond directly to your question: Convergences will not be a factor in whether one can more easily access a Higher Center. Toni: Thank you Michael NEXT Kathryn: When someone channels, whether it is words, music, dance or art, does one reach that access through one of the higher centers? And if so, is it the same for connecting with one's own Higher self/essence and with a 'separate' energy focus such as you or other astral/causal beings? MEntity: In response to Kathryn: When one is authentically channeling or creating, it always involves a Higher Center, and to the degree that there is clarity and impact from that channeling or creativity it may be that all three Higher Centers are involved. It is the same for directly accessing Essence/Higher Self or us or your guides. However, keep in mind that these same sources can be indirectly accessed, as well, and not use the Higher Centers. Kathryn: can you provide examples of indirect access? Kathryn: or are you specifically referring to Essence/Higher self or guides? MEntity: For example, one can be a musician and make music, but it is not always music that is created. One can be a painter and paint a portrait, but not every painter is creating. One can teach the teachings of another while not being the creator of that teaching. One can access us or guides or Essence in many different ways without having to go into trance or meditate or deliberately access a Higher Center. Kathryn: ok, thank you. That makes sense RayB: That's kinda what I was trying to ask. Lol. MEntity: Indirect access would be your flashes of insight, or a hit of intuition, or even a "gut feeling" can sometimes be indirect. But in terms of art, music, and other creative realms, one can tend to see and feel and know the difference between those who have accessed Higher Centers for creation and those who have used talent and skills to rearrange sources that already exist, but in new ways. NEXT - This will be our final question today. Maureen: Michael, when we experience Vividry do we access all the Higher Centers, at once, or do we access a specific Higher Center like the Higher Intellectual Center that is “activated” when we enter the 5th Internal Monad? MEntity: It is difficult for any one Higher Center to be accessed without the other Higher Centers being activated together in some configuration. Vividry is one of the ways in which that range can be experienced "all at once," because this practice can bring tears, laughter, and pleasure. In fact, any event or experience that has you cry-laughing-happy is an example of all Higher Centers working at once. Vividry is helpful to accessing one or all, depending on what is needed. This is why we encourage the practice of Vividry, because this practice helps trigger what is most useful at the moment rather than your having to sort that out on your own. Did this answer your question? Maureen: Yes, beautifully. MEntity: We know this subject is far from being exhausted. We can explore specific practices and spiritualities based on your questions if you seek that exploration. Otherwise, it is helpful to know that access to Higher Centers is not that complicated or mystical, and that it is not the ultimate goal. Understanding how and why they function naturally in your life is more important than aiming for living in them. Uma: Can you expand on the practice of Vividry? MEntity: The practice of vividry is the use of your consciousness to bring to life any moment in which you exist at that moment. As you sit here, now, it would be the practice of suddenly noting the colors, the tastes, the sensations, the air, the sounds, your skin, the chair, your clothes, the screen, these words, and as much of the moment as possible. Bring that moment into brilliant clarity and find the awe in that moment for it existing at all. This is vividry. This is a practice in owning your existence and the beauty, love, and truth of it. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    @Troy!!! Oscar and I want to express our gratitude and compliment to the accuracy and consistency of you in channeling Michael. We found examples from as far as 16 years back, where the same question asked, in different times, from different people, was answered by Michael via you, in the exact same wording!!!!! Thank YOU TROY for Your Great Work!!
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    Michael Speaks - September 23, 2018 - Advanced Casting MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand a topic is to be posed so we invite your question now. Janet: In response to a question about casting in a 2008 session that discussed the practical use of Overleaves, you said: Janet: MEntity: We will say that we do have much to say about how Casting can be more tangibly explored…. Casting is another context that helps bring about an understanding of how one relates, but from the Essence Level, not the personality level, and we would add that "casting" would include not just the primary position within the cadence, but the cadence numbering, itself, and the entity number. These three numbers can be discussed in terms of how one can bring a conscious awareness to how one exists as Essence in relation to other Essences. Janet: Please provide a topic-length discussion of casting based on these comments you made earlier. MEntity: We will begin. It will be helpful for our students who already know their Casting Positions, Cadence Number, and Entity Number, but if you do not know these at the moment, they can be discerned over time and with study, or requested through our channels. In our system, Casting is a broad term to describe a relative position within a group of 7. This means that Casting can refer to your Position within your Cadence or your Cadence position within a Greater Cadence or it can mean the Entity within its group as a Cadre, or it can mean your position relative to your Traveling Companions/Essence Twin. In most instances when "Casting" is referenced, it refers to one's Position within one's Cadence. A Cadence is a specific grouping of 7. Cadence can refer to the smallest grouping of a Role within an Entity, or it can refer to the Cadence that is the group of Traveling Companions/Essence Twins across a Cadre. For example, the first-cast fragment of the first Entity in a Cadre is mathematically bonded to the first-cast fragment of every other Entity in that Cadre. That "Cadence" is a Cadence of Traveling Companions, with most paired up as Essence Twins. However, "Cadence" is most often used to refer to the specific group of 7 fragments of the same Role within an Entity. We share the information above because we wish for you to know the broader uses of the terms, even as they are more often used to refer to one thing over another. For today's elaboration on Casting, we will be focused on the more common uses of the terms. One of the reasons for the request for elaboration on this subject of Casting to explore how these factors that are of Essence play out within your individual lives as Personality. Casting is a dynamic that is specific to Essence and does not describe any element of Personality. CORECTION: Casting is a dynamic that is specific to Essence and does not describe any element of Personality. One of the reasons for the request for elaboration on this subject of Casting is to explore how these factors might show up and be identified and useful for your individual lives as Personalities. Though Casting is specific to Essence and the relationships of Essence with other Essences, it will tend to show up in effect in some way in your individual lives, especially as you grow more aligned with and Manifest Essence through True Personality. The factors that are usually limited to the navigation and relationships of Essence then become a part of the dynamic of your daily life. Studying Casting and its energies and dynamics and relationships can bring great insight into the beautiful structures of Sentience and the cosmos, but can often be elusive in how they might serve you in your daily life. There are three Casting elements of your Essence that may have an effect in your daily life. CASTING POSITION CADENCE POSITION and ENTITY POSITION Your CASTING POSITION is the combination that you receive in your profile that describes how your Role is Cast. For example, our channel here is a Server-CAST Sage. Your Casting Position is so prominent in its effect in your life as an Essence and as Personality that it will likely show up even before your Role is clear to you. Your CASTING POSITION will continue as a powerful element of your being well into the higher planes even when your Role no longer defines you. It is not that a Sage is no longer a Sage, but in the higher planes when Cadences and Entities are merging, then a group of Sages is a group of Sages and you become more differentiated by your position within that group of Sages than by being a Sage. In your daily life, your CASTING POSITION describes how your role is EXPRESSED. It colors everything about how your Role shows up in your life, how your Essence focuses its core. This is fairly common knowledge to many of our students. Your Casting often shows up in the world even before your Role. It is often how you introduce yourself to others. For example, Sage-Cast Warrior will be a goofy and charming comic before revealing the more grounded and "serious" elements of protectiveness and loyalties. Later this same Sage-Cast Warrior will show that their Warrior-ness of loyalty and protection is expressed through knowledge and teaching in some way. We think it is archived where we have delineated all of the Roles by Casting in other exchanges. We will not do that again today, but every Role will "show up" differently, not just because of combinations of Overleaves, but because of Casting and how that Role is expressed, how that Essence reveals its core. This understanding can help you to see that you are not always going to be shining as your Role. You will often be navigating as your Casting. This can cause confusion sometimes for those self-assessing their profiles or can cause some channels who rely on their intuition to get information that is not quite accurate. The easiest way to tell the difference between your Role and your Casting in your daily life is that your Casting is how you live and your Role is how you shine. Conditions often have to coalesce into specific scenarios for your Role to truly shine, but your Casting does the daily navigation and management of the life. Every Entity is cast in a rhythm that is a count of 7. These counts of 7 are grouped into groups of 7. This continues until an Entity is "full." Another way of saying the above is that Cadences are grouped into what are often referred to Greater Cadences. Your CADENCE POSITION/NUMBER is your Cadence's relative position within a Greater Cadence. As you may already know, the 7 Roles correlate with 7 numbers/positions in this order: 1 SERVER, 2 ARTISAN, 3 WARRIOR, 4 SCHOLAR, 5 SAGE, 6 PRIEST, 7 KING. So if a Sage is in the first Cadence of a Greater Cadence of Sages, then this Sage's Cadence Position is ONE, or SERVER CADENCE. Again, this Casting has more relevant and meaningful effects as Essence relating to other Essences, but as you Manifest Essence in a lifetime, your CADENCE POSITION can show up in HOW YOU RELATE TO OTHERS. If your Cadence Number is FOUR/SCHOLAR, this means that even if you are a Sage-Cast Sage, or an Artisan-Cast Artisan, you may find yourself building relationships with others through the ways of a Scholar. Your Cadence Number can help you understand how you assess, navigate, build, dismantle, and nurture most of your relationships. There are many factors that go into the dynamics of a relationship, but as you Manifest Essence, you may find that your Cadence Number sheds some light on what is important to you and what appeals to you and what is a challenge for you based on your Cadence Position. If you know your Cadence Number/Position, reading up on the correlating Role can shed light on how you navigate relationships and relate to others. The reason this shows up as how you relate to others is because that is also how it works for Essence in the higher planes. Your Cadence works within its own Greater Cadence and its position within that Greater Cadence determines the contributions to the collaborative evolution. Your Greater Cadence also has a position, but it is not as prominent or defining in any plane. And finally, your ENTITY NUMBER/POSITION describes your relative position within your Cadre and how you contribute to the evolution of your Cadre, but it can show up in your life as helping to color how you relate to THE WORLD. "The World" here is literal, but it also includes how you relate to your community, to a project, to the workplace, etc. It describes how you relate to any larger group that is outside of your intimate circle. So if you are in Entity TWO/ARTISAN, you will relate to the world in the broadest of terms as an Artisan, regardless of your Role. Anyone from a TWO Entity will tend to be expressive, creative, chaotic, focusing on either creating or destroying "the world." Everything that is Artisan will apply. Again, this is in quite broad terms, so it can often show up as a cumulative characteristic. The more you participate "in the world," the more this might be obvious to you and shed insight into what matters to you, what methods you use, what is important to you, what challenges you, etc. Casting can be an elusive concept that depends on a grand understanding of the structure of Sentience, but what we shared above can be helpful for bringing some tangibility to these intangible concepts. We will open the floor now to your questions: ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** (note, we will not be able to deliver individual details for Casting in this format today) Uma: Do we choose these positions between Grand Cycles? Uma: Do we have an understanding of this from previous Grand Cycles? Uma: What was I thinking when I chose to be a 6th fragment in a 1st Cadence in a 6th Entity in a 2nd Cadre? MEntity: A Grand Cycle begins when the decision is made to return to fragmentation and explore the universe again as an independent consciousness. This means that a Grand Cycle can begin long before Casting is set. Once enough fragments have agreed to a trajectory for exploration, then the Casting begins. It is difficult to explain the paradox of oneness and individual consciousness, but it exists. The vast collection of consciousness that is the oneness is similar to how drops of water are the ocean. It may seem a drop of water is lost in that ocean, but those drops can form again at any time and carry that independent awareness into separation. So the choice to return to fragmentation is made and a massive number of fragments agree and then the Casting begins. In the same way that an individual Essence learns better how to design a Personality and lifetime over a series of lifetimes, so does the individual spark of consciousness learn to better coordinate for maximum effectiveness over a Grand Cycle. In other words, a fragment's first Grand Cycle tends to take a Position wherever there is a Position or randomly, and this determines the Role and Casting, etc. It tends to take 7 Grand Cycles before one begins to grasp the far-reaching relevance of one's Casting Positions. The Casting of the Role tends to take priority in those initial efforts and then this expands to include consideration for the Cadence Position and Entity Number. In your case, there may have been grand vision of exploring the Inspiration Axis by emphasizing the Priest and Server elements of Casting. NEXT Kurtis: Hi Ms, thanks for this topic. I know my Casting Position and Entity, but do not have my Cadence Position; I think I am in an Artisan Row and Scholar Block though. Kurtis: In that case, I would like to know about how Artisan Cadences would relate to others? Perhaps I can validate my theory through your description here. Kurtis: By Row and Block I mean Cadence and Greater Cadence MEntity: The same description we gave for how the Artisan Entity might relate to The World would apply to how the Cadence relates to Others: Expressive, creative, chaotic, focusing on creating or destroying bonds. An Artisan Cadence tends to find relationships quite chaotic and confusing as they work their way through DELUSION and into CREATIVITY. These fragments will tend to have to strip themselves of any inclination to project and learn to see people for who and how they are (as opposed to how they wish to see others or how they wish others to behave or how they wish to be seen by others) so that they can build more appropriate relationships from a real common ground or navigate in more conscious ways toward those relationships that are healthy and away from those that may not be healthy. NEXT Janet: I have to expand on Uma’s question. Are there pre-planned Entity structures to join when Casting begins? Or are the Entity structures built based on how the participants want to play the game after deciding to play? I doubt that the structures are essentially the same for every Grand Cycle, but I could be wrong. MEntity: For new fragments, preplanned structures are in place and tend to be quite stable and "classic" in the design of 1029 fragments for each entity with no Wild Cards or variables. These structures are determined Cadre by Cadre. For example, one Energy Ring (group of 12 Cadres) can have a Cadre or two of fragments with 10 Grand Cycles under their belts who generate the design of their Cadre and even the Energy Ring, while also having a set of fragments making up other Cadres who have only 1 to 3 Grand Cycles. The higher the number of Grand Cycles for an Entity, the more likely it breaks out of the "classic" structure and begins to vary in number and include Wild Cards. As the average number of Grand Cycles in this universe is 3, most Entities and Energy Rings are quite stable and classic in structure, while Cadres like your own where the average Grand Cycles are around 10, the structures are far more creative and nuanced. And intentional. The infrastructure of a Design (our term for the whole of Sentience that will aim for incarnating as a specific species in the Physical Plane) tends to be mostly in place before the actual Casting. The actual action of Casting is in the simplest terms a matter of then taking your "permanent" seat for that Grand Cycle. However, to be a responsible teacher we must also say that this Casting process is, in fact, a rhythmic count that is an official process of "casting" one in the Position that one will take for the Grand Cycle. It is not as slow and as linear as you might imagine from your position in linear time. In fact, an entire Design is "cast at once," even as there is a rhythmic count that sets the design and fragment in motion. We have compared this to how a baker may make an entire batch of cookies "all at once" even as each cookie must still be formed and place individually. Janet: Is it a rhythm that continues through the Cycle and maybe provides a signature of the Cycle? MEntity: Yes. That is one of the reasons for the Casting process to be the way it is. There must be an active rhythm/beat in place that carries the fragments out and then back. That beat is at the heart of the beauty you seek and resonate with over lifetimes to find your way home. It is the Energy part of the Truth, Love, Energy building blocks of every universe. Uma: Is it similar to the way all our lives exist simultaneously? our lifetimes are like fractals of this process? MEntity: Every Grand Cycle will have its signature rhythm that is permanently stored in the core of Essence and Tao. Though every Grand Cycle is "forgotten" upon starting a new one, it remains on record and accessible to Essence through the Akashic Records and deep in the Instinctive Center that evolves over time for a Grand Cycle. Casting as "all at once" or simultaneously even as there is a rhythmic count is similar to how one lives all lives simultaneously even as they are individual lives within various time frames. Yes. This is because perspective makes a difference here. If you look at a calendar that shows the entire year, you can remember that year as a part of your life and how it shaped your life and what it meant to your evolution in terms of THAT YEAR, even as you know you had 365 days that comprised that year and can move your awareness right into any one of those days through your memories. So you can live your 365 individual days, but still see these in terms of a YEAR (simultaneous days). Does this answer your question, Uma? Uma: Yes Uma: but it blows my mind too MEntity: We will conclude here for today. We know there will always be more to explore regarding these terms and these parts of our teaching and we will be here to do so. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Ask MIchael, September 2, 2018 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. KaterPotater: Are we developing a talent or skill while incarnate that helps to build or strengthen a talent or skill used when astral, perhaps one that cannot be done fully when incarnate due the limitations of the material world? MEntity: Though it is fairly well understood that skills and talents developed while Physical serve as resources while Physical, it is true that skills and talents developed while Physical also serve as resources when non-Physical, or between lives. This is true both in terms of the persistence of Personality and of Essence. The level of acuteness and the variations of nuance that are gained when Physical in such a unique Space/Time context serves to refine skills and talent that then serve quite nicely while Astral. What happens is a circuit that weaves between the Physical and the Astral and creates themes of development and evolution for the fragment. The talents and skills you are developing that serve the Astral can often be seen relative to your impulses in life. The quiet and gentle voice that suggests directions and actions and interests and hobbies, etc. can often reveal that which will also benefit you and others between lives. We can elaborate upon this concept in further exchanges. ConnorB: Hello again Michael! Last December, you were sharing fascinating material about non-incarnating Personalities, or Unborn Personalities, and at the end of our discussion, you said, “These Personalities count in terms of lifetimes for Essence. We do not count them for our students because those lives extant are woven together differently than those that are non-extant. We can elaborate upon this in further exchanges.” Can you elaborate on this a little bit more? How are they woven together differently? MEntity: As we have said in our previous exchanges, once something exists, it cannot un-exist. This includes any Personalities that are generated in the Astral as experiments or as the result of various other necessities such as acting as a guide. These Personalities act as supplemental "lifetimes" to those that experience the Physical Plane. Those Personalities that are born of biology are uniquely different because of the immersion in that Plane. Imagine the difference between watching a documentary and being the subject of a documentary, or watching a movie vs BEING the movie. It is profoundly different in intensity and depth. However much a non-Physical Personality might evolve and grow and emphasize with being Physical, it will never know the threat of danger, pain, suffering, fear, guilt, anguish, worry, claustrophobia, etc. that sets the Physical Plane apart from every other Plane. However much these qualities are avoided at all cost while Physical, the mere existence of these dangers while in a fragile body that lives only once is a terribly unique and horrible and wonderful experience that no non-physical Personality will know except by proxy. That unique thread of survival and endurance while in a body that will bond with loved ones and live only once is something that ties each incarnation to each in a thread that is very different from other dimensions of existence. Again, we can elaborate upon this with further questions, but this is the basic difference. ConnorB: Thank you! Aksoren: I wanted to ask what are common characteristics of the members of Cadre 6, entity 5 MEntity: Cadre 6, Entity 5 could be said to be "THE UNTAMABLE." There is a theme here of being unexpected, contradictory, challenging, and even incorrigible. Cadre 6 is all about helping others to learn how to care for those who need guidance and kindness and care, while Entity 5 is about pushing the boundaries and capacity of those who seek to care and give direction. They are themed in being "untamable," but none of this is "bad," it is simply a way to experience the fine balance between responsibility and play. EricM: In past channeling, you've mentioned that Scholar essences tend to act as “hubs,” “routers,” or “drop-boxes” for their entities, in that they function to gather and/or upload the experiences of their entity mates into the collective record. Can you elaborate on this? EricM: For example, does this function have any effect on a Scholar essence's Personalities, or is it a totally separate function of essence? Also, are there comparable functions that other roles perform? EricM: update: i see the other roles functions have been covered in another session. We can focus more on how the Scholar function works and/or how an essence function affects their personalities MEntity: Yes, each Role will have certain functions for their Entity, and each individual/Personality will also have a function for that lifetime. Most of these functions that serve the Entity are processes that Essence manages and do not touch or affect the Personality, but the more conscious the Personality, the more aware the individual may be that this function and processing is occurring. For older Scholars, this often shows up as an exhausting effort to remain neutral on all counts and in all experiences. Though the state of neutrality is natural for the Scholar as Essence, the Personality does not have an easy time of being neutral. The older Scholar who is aware to some degree of this function and process of collecting and sorting data then will tend to experience conflicting positions in the life where he or she knows she should or could speak up, take a stand, offer an opinion, make a choice, etc., but feel quite painfully conflicted about having any right to interject. This is a result of having to process a great deal of data that would often conflict with one's own ethics, morals, preferences, etc. so when there is any degree of consciousness involved in the function as Scholar for the entity, these ethics, morals, preferences, etc., are assumed they must be neutral or the data could get skewed. As for the functions of a Personality for the Entity within any given lifetime, this is different from that of the Essence as Role. The functions of the Personality as they serve the Entity tend to show up in terms of Life Tasks. Juni: A previous question asked you to rate the total comprehensive human knowledge of the universe on a scale from 1 to 100. Your answer was 2. Using this same form of measurement, where are we on understanding the human body? Please comment on where the biggest lacks are, if time allows. MEntity: The comprehension of the human body stands at around 4. The greatest lack comes from the gap between Homeopathic and Allopathic and Holistic and Subtle Energy concepts that remain either in conflict or have extremes in misunderstanding themselves. All of these contexts for understanding the human body are valid and have strengths and weaknesses, but rarely are they seamlessly combined as a way to understand the body. Beyond these basic areas of understanding, there are the multidimensional realms that remain barely explored. This includes the various bodies that exist as stacked "within" and around every individual, such as the etheric, and emotional and intellectual bodies and the combinations of these that created the "mind." The next major breakthrough for understanding the Human Body looks to involve cellular regeneration and/or the tangible and quantifiable element of consciousness that animates the body. By "cellular regeneration" we mean that unlocking of the capacity to regrow organs, limbs, etc. MikeClev: Hi! There isn't a lot of info out there about the topic of Tri Bonds (three people who are in the same position on each of the 3 "sides" of an Entity). Could you please give some examples of famous or historic people we might know who were Tri Bonds, and how that relationship played into it? MEntity: One example of a famous Triad would be the literal triad of "stooges" known as The Three Stooges, made up of Larry Fine, Curly Howard, and Moe Howard. Their relationship was a constant dance of Positive, Negative, Neutral in their "real life," though the fictional characters tended to stick to one of the positions. Another example would be Steven Jobs, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak. Again, the dance of Positive, Negative, and Neutral are seen here. As well as that of Truth, Love, or Energy/Beauty. MikeClev: I thought Jobs and Gates were different entities? MEntity: There is a discrepancy in our delivery. We will remedy this in further exchanges as our channel is losing focus. We suggest marking the final delivery here as pending validation.
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    As I lie here riding out being sick and reading through strained and swollen eyes , I stumbled across a great article... A couple of times over the past few years and even as recently as a month ago, we have witnessed what is called "Bad Faith" arguments. These "arguments" are distraction tactics that seek to diminish valid positions in science, politics, life, and even communities like this. Some Bad Faith Arguments that have been showcased on TLE and if you were lucky enough to be a part of these, you will recognize several of the tactics below. The article focuses on politics and science, but these Bad Faith arguments come up in many online "debates" and arguments. One of the reasons I shut down a couple of these "discussions" was because they were drowning in Bad Faith. Recognizing that you are being dragged into a Bad Faith Argument can help you to back out and back away. And if you recognize that you may have unintentionally been using some of these Bad Faith tactics, maybe step back and reconsider listening more. *** ORIGINAL ARTICLE LINK A Field Guide to Bad Faith Arguments Once you recognize these weak tactics, you can easily outwit them by Aaron Huertas Bad faith arguments are common in politics. And while they’ve always been part of political culture, they’re much more rampant on social media. It’s easy to fall prey to bad faith arguments and waste time engaging someone on points that obscure rather than shed light on how we’re all affected by policy and politics. So with that in mind, here’s a field guide for spotting and responding to bad faith arguments and staying focused on the real-world issues that matter. WHAT'S A BAD FAITH ARGUMENT? The hallmark of a bad-faith argument is that it disguises the core point of a debate rather than addressing issues, beliefs, and values head-on. Bad faith arguments aren’t “real” positions; they’re proxy positions people take for rhetorical purposes. In some cases, a bad faith position can be intentional. For instance, Sen. Mitch McConnell made up a “Biden rule” to justify stealing a Supreme Court seat. Instead of arguing about the merits of refusing to hold a vote on President Barack Obama’s justice nominee Merrick Garland, McConnell made a proxy argument about Democrats being hypocrites for complaining about his power grab. And indeed, many Republicans and independents came to believe that the “Biden rule” was real and that McConnell was simply playing hardball politics just like the Democrats. But most bad faith arguments aren’t from wily, professional politicians like McConnell. They simply come from a place of not wanting to confront the actual arguments someone else is making. For instance, climate policy advocates point to scientific evidence that burning fossil fuels and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing seas to rise, more wildfires, and disruptions to rainfall patterns on which we rely. They argue these risks are severe enough to warrant dramatically reducing fossil fuel use and switching to clean energy. But anti-climate-action groups will often say the science is not certain enough to justify action. Climate advocates will respond by citing more and more scientific evidence demonstrating climate risks. But there’s a problem: The advocates are responding to a bad faith argument because anti-climate action groups never say what level of scientific certainty would be necessary to justify climate policy. Indeed, if you ask them to name the level of certainty they need or the type of evidence that would win them over, they’ll never do it. Although their argument is premised on the idea that more science could justify climate action, they can’t actually define a world where that’s true. Instead, they tend to oppose climate policy for ideological reasons—including an ideological commitment to exploiting fossil fuels—but they choose to fight policy in bad faith on scientific grounds. Similarly, many anti-climate action groups have evolved from outright climate denial to acknowledging that climate change is real and a problem but say they’re against “climate alarmism” and don’t believe in “catastrophic global warming.” But what do these terms mean? Again, they never say. If I think business as usual means the Earth is going to warm 4 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century, am I an alarmist? How about 10 degrees? Don’t waste time responding to these arguments on their own merits — they have none. Their actual operating definition is that “catastrophic global warming” is the precise amount needed to justify policy action, and, by definition, we will always fall short of it. An alarmist, meanwhile, is anyone who says we need to act on climate change. There’s an important distinction between types of bad faith arguments worth making here: Not all anti-climate action advocates are making these arguments intentionally. They’re not consciously thinking, “I’m going to pretend to say one thing but really mean another.” Indeed, many sincerely believe that climate alarmism is terrible and must be combatted even though they have not bothered to form a coherent definition of what the term means. In this case, these bad faith arguments are often best described as a form of “agnotology,” a term historian Robert Proctor has popularized to describe the cultivation of ignorance. Proctor studied how tobacco companies spread doubt about the link between smoking and cancer. Rather than directly criticizing the science, they spread messages about uncertainty and doubt to cloud policymakers’ judgment. They say maybe something else was causing the cancer… or maybe the scientific links were there but weren’t, uh, direct enough… or maybe people who are more likely to get cancer are actually more likely to smoke. Agnotology—and the popularization of political ignorance—cuts across a variety of issues, not just scientific ones. Indeed, I’ve come to see it as the most common form of bad faith argument in political debates. For instance, why are NFL players taking a knee? To protest police violence. They’ve been absolutely clear about this for years. But Fox News tells its millions of viewers that no one knows why they’re protesting. With that in mind, here are some other types of bad faith arguments we run into every day online and in public policy debates. Don’t waste time responding to these arguments on their own merits — they have none. They exist to distract from core policy issues and the actual effect they have on our lives, our rights, and our planet. THE CARTOON STRAWMANNER The cartoon strawmanner has no need to ask you what you believe; he already knows. How does he know? Because he already has a number of counterarguments to your position. Not your actual position, of course, but the one that his favorite propaganda outlets have told him you have. For instance, many scholars have pointed out that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, which is optimized to push people to more and more intensive information about consumer products, has the unintended effect of pushing a minority of conservative viewers further and further down the rabbit hole to white nationalism. This is a problem because it seems to be playing a key role in helping a small but committed number of young white men to become violent reactionaries. But conservative YouTubers and their defenders will often make two arguments in response to this: Not everyone who watches these videos becomes a Nazi. (No one is claiming that they are.) You can’t just call everyone a Nazi. (No one is doing this.) These bad-faith arguments mean to distract from the core point, which is that bad actors are abusing YouTube’s platform to promote racist ideologies and encourage political violence. We can have a debate about how these new platforms and the people who use them respond. Are companies like YouTube more like utilities or television stations in what they owe to their audiences? If there’s no such thing as a politically neutral algorithm, how should companies consider the political consequences of altering recommendation algorithms? What, if any, role should the government play in regulating social media platforms? Do conservatives whose videos get remixed by people even further to their right have a responsibility to take them down? Is debating a fascist ever useful, or does it merely mainstream their ideas? But bad faith responses avoid these points entirely by cartoon strawmanning the people bringing them up instead. The best way to respond to these strawman arguments is simply to inform someone that no one is making that argument and point them to a book or long report to read (they will never read it). Eventually, the cartoon strawmanner evolves, like a shitty, annoying Pokémon, to become the lie detector. THE LIE DETECTOR The lie detector knows what you really mean. After all, they already know what your position is. But when you say your actual beliefs are something else entirely, they have a choice — except that they have not accounted for the full spectrum of human belief about a topic or accuse you of lying. The lie detector knows The Truth. Do not challenge the lie detector on any of these points: They know more about your beliefs, your life, and your work history than you ever will. You should ask the lie detector what you’re having for dinner this evening. THE FREEZE PEACH ADVOCATE The “freeze peach” advocate is a fake free speech advocate. They confuse disagreement with silencing, delegitimization, and censorship. While they believe in “free speech,” it turns out what that really means in practice is promoting their speech and the speech of people they agree with. Jordan Peterson, who came to fame for picking an imaginary free speech fight over transgender pronouns in Canada, for instance, recently sued two professors for criticizing him and his views and even sued another university to boot. Additionally, climate deniers might say they’re shut out of the debate because scientists won’t sit around discussing their ideas with them for hours and hours. But flat-Earthers are shut out of debates with geologists, too. The truth is that you don’t have to meet someone in an online or IRL structured debate to grapple with their arguments. Indeed, scientists have cataloged and numbered bad climate denial arguments for easy reference. Further, free speech and platforming arguments are often used as proxies for actual arguments. “These cowards won’t debate me!” is an easier sell than “Let me tell you about why I think 200 years of science is wrong even though I can’t get my ideas published in a scientific journal.” Freeze peach advocates think that they and their peers deserve a platform, but they never recognize that platform space is actually limited and contested. In fighting for airtime or seats at congressional hearings, they shut out other voices just as their voices can get shut out, too. The truth is that no one is entitled to a stage, a TV spot, or a book deal. Or as Alex Pareene hilariously said in response to the New York Times covering another stop on the freeze peach college campus moral panic tour: “If You Truly Care About Speech, You Will Invite Me to Your Office to Personally Call You a Dipshit.” Even when supposed free speech and civil debate advocates go on to run their own platforms, they rarely talk to people to their left. Instead, free speech and fears of suppression are used as marketing tactics, not core moral values. That’s why you never hear them advocate for lefty protestors who are unjustly jailed, students who face expulsion penalties for their free speech, or government scientists who face routine censorship of their research. PICTURED: 200 activists and several journalists were unfairly arrested as part of protests against Trump’s inauguration in 2017. A judge finally dropped charges in July of 2018. Not pictured: free speech defenders defending them. (As an aside, there are plenty of civil libertarian groups that do a ton of great work on actual free speech and academic freedom issues. When fake free speech advocates don’t show up to these fights, they show that they’re in it for their speech, not anyone else’s.) The freeze peach advocate should be reminded that no one is entitled to a platform and no one is actually preventing them from speaking. More importantly, their attention should be refocused to the actual policy debates at hand. THE PURITY TESTER The purity tester would like you to know that Al Gore uses airplanes (so troubling for an environmentalist!) and that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wore a nice outfit for a photo shoot once (what kind of socialism is that?!). The purity tester isn’t here to tell you a policy agenda is wrong; they’re here to tell you those are bad spokespeople for their cause. If Gore swore off flying, would the Koch brothers suddenly come to Jesus on climate policy? Nope. And if Ocasio Cortez pledged to only wear thrift store chic on the House floor, would people like Charlie Kirk finally accept the need for universal health care? No way. These are goofy bad faith arguments that attempt to take the focus off policy and put it on advocates instead. They’re a form of concern-trolling that should be dismissed out of hand, although asking the purity tester to name an advocate whose arguments they’d be willing to listen to can be amusing. It’s rare that they’ve ever considered the idea of a good advocate before, which demonstrates that it’s just agnotology at work. THE LOGIC NERD The logic nerd has a very clear argument. The argument has multiple parts, each of which is impeccable and internally consistent. The logic nerd has his facts straight, too, and has a number of counterarguments ready to deploy should you try to poke holes. In fact, the logic nerd has three rhetorical questions ready to go to expose your fallacious reasoning and will ask them, in turn, regardless of what you say or do. I have some love for the logic nerd. If I had less empathy and less of a sense of just how much damage shitty public policy does to people, I too could have grown up to be a logic nerd, dear reader. But I came to realize that politics isn’t a dispute over which facts are true or whether your logic is valid. It’s a dispute over which facts are the most relevant to a debate and what logic we should follow when setting and enforcing laws. For instance, a logic nerd would love to debate you about the pay gap: Are women really paid less than men? If so, by how much, and in which industries? But what about this industry where some women are paid more? Should we not examine the data? Okay, look at my data! Do you deny my data, sir? It is the best and only data! Sir, by your own logic… What the logic nerd fails to realize is that equal pay laws give people the right to sue individual companies and institutions for pay discrimination. You can make all the societal-level arguments about the pay gap you want, but the actual law (and lawsuits) exist alongside that discussion, which is much closer to the reality that people live with every day when fighting discrimination. Responding to the logic nerd is a joy because if you fail to play along with their game, they will ad hominem the shit out of you. Failure to answer rhetorical questions, even by pointing out why the questions are not relevant, will result in persistent sea-lioning. There’s only one way to truly defeat the logic nerd. You must introduce him to the Fallacy Man. (Read the whole thing, please.) THE TONE POLICE AND PERSUASION PUNDITS When people have truly bad positions to defend, they often attempt to make a meta-argument about tone and persuasive power instead. This is endemic in Washington. For instance, a Daily Caller editor went to a progressive rally and was shocked — shocked — to find that people there were angry about politics. Well, yeah, a lot of people who show up to political events are upset about something and want to change and fix it. But instead of responding to what they were upset about (sinking wages and crappy health care), the editor focused on their tone. Not surprisingly, the same publication would never be shocked at right-wing anger, such as Tea Party rallies condemning Obama. That’s because their anger is always justified, but yours never is. Similarly, conservatives will routinely criticize NFL players for how they’re protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. But they’ll never suggest an alternative means of protesting. No tone is the only tone they want to hear. Meanwhile, many #NeverTrump conservatives are often trapped in persuasion punditry when they argue with liberals. “Medicare for all? Don’t you know Midwesterners are skeptical of big government? That’s not gonna play well in Trump country,” they say. Well, that’s certainly an easier argument to make than saying millions of people should suffer from a lack of health care and that you’re fundamentally okay with that. But in removing themselves one layer from actual policy, pundits can appear savvy without actually committing themselves to a real position, even as they justify the status quo. Bret Stephens, a conservative New York Times writer, wrote a column about how climate advocates should be more persuasive to him and other conservatives by not being so strident and certain about climate change being bad. But when another writer asked him which climate policies he might ever support, he couldn’t say. When people are really making an argument about persuading someone, they actually try to persuade them. If not, it’s just more bad faith. The solution to tone policing and bad punditry is just focusing on the issues. If someone wants to keep distracting from that with what’s fundamentally a political tactics discussion, ask them to help get your preferred policy passed. If they say no, congrats: You’ve found their real position. THE "BOTH-SIDERIST" The both siderist is very reasonable. So reasonable, in fact, that people who care about politics actually look very unreasonable by comparison: Did you hear about the bad thing Republicans did? Well, Democrats did a bad thing too once, and it’s all quite unfortunate that everyone can’t be as reasonable as me. Has "the both siderist" ever taken any actions to try to improve the political system? Well, it’s funny that you ask; no, they haven’t. What they have done is ask everyone, very nicely, to be civil and take it easy and not get too political with all that politics. But in insisting on being the most reasonable person in the room, the both siderist has failed to read the room. Their postured reasonableness obscures the political realities we’re dealing with: rampant Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, human rights abuses, and anti-democratic power grabs from people like McConnell and Trump. Nearly all the Republican moderates have been voted out of office. Redefining “moderate” doesn’t make them more moderate, it just drags the debate to the right. The both siderist has a lot of political opinions, but their most important opinion is that both sides are bad — even if one side is doing objectively terrible shit to millions of people. It’s because the both siderist desperately wants to be off the hook for having to actually do anything to improve our political system. As the Republican Party has gone off the rails in the Obama era, this has led to a deeper and deeper stretch of both siderism logic. For instance, Amy Chua, writing in The Atlantic about the decline of democracy, equates Trump threatening to revoke people’s citizenship and strip them of their voting rights with college students asking a university to stop venerating a slave-owning Founding Father. But one of these fundamentally alters the realities of American political life for decades; the other is a campus debate over a statue. The committed both siderist must never admit that one party or one side in a debate is worse than the other. If they did, they might have to do something about it. DEBATING IN GOOD FAITH It’s worth remembering that the people who respond to you online are usually less than 1 percent of 1 percent, and the reason they’re writing is that they virulently disagree. In the broader public sphere, it would be good to see fact-checkers, pundits, magazine editors, and TV hosts actually try to pin people down on real positions. As Matt Bruenig has noted, political debates often function in two different universes. There’s a “take universe” with columns, opinion pieces, and think tank reports. Some of them are hot takes. Others are lukewarm, and if you dig into them, they’re just the same circle of people citing themselves as the source of The Truth on a given topic. Then there’s the real universe of actual data, actual outcomes for people and actual structures of power in society. In Bruenig’s case, he introduces hard data about public ownership of industries and worker control over businesses into fuzzy ideologically rigid “take universe” debates about capital, labor, and socialism. I’ve loved working with scientists because reality is real and scientists are responsive to it. The political class should be too. We’re drifting further from that precisely because conservative authoritarians attack sources of information that help us see reality: an independent press, science and academia, and public employees who work for all of us. They cultivate ignorance as surely as the tobacco companies did. It’s the only way they can hold onto power. They exploit the proliferation of online media to make the world too hard to understand. They make agnotology a certainty to obscure obvious realities like the fact that countries with universal health care have better health outcomes and the obvious ethical argument that no one has to die from lack of medical care in the richest country on Earth. Some of the best writing on arguments deals with the overwhelming amount of bullshit and uninformative information available in the modern media system. Neil Postman, the author of Amusing Ourselves to Death, argued in his later books that we must become “loving resistance fighters” who focus on our lived reality and core humanist values rather than media representations that can never truly stand in for our world. Even though I work in communications and media, I’ve tried to live up to that. I go to organizing meetings. I canvass and knock on doors. I show up for protests and direct actions. I’m a member of two unions. This stuff matters; real people matter. The real consequences of policy are life and death for millions of us. So we should focus on that relentlessly and never get distracted by bullshit, bad faith arguments.
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    I was very sick for the last month and had now 3 good days in a row, yes, yes, yes!!! Therefore I wasn't able to follow everything here on beautiful TLE, nor could I participate actively as much as I would have liked to. It seems though, that it will take me a while, to engage more fully. Aside from my above mentioned illness, that is nearly overcome, as it seems right now. Something else is developing rapidly, that was genetically in the cards, that I have chosen for this life time. Both my parents were inflicted, so I have the double whammy, only that they developed it much later, than I am. It is called "Celtic hand" or "Viking disease" or" Dupuytren's". Only North Europeans carry it and rarely get it. There is no cure and little help, so far. If anyone here knows something that might help, I gladly want to know. To use a keyboard and a mouse nowadays is a slow, painful and exhausting thing to do for me, as of course a lot of other things that have to do with using my hands. I will keep up my high spirits and deal with my life in the most hedonistic way I can imagine. I am very grateful for having all of YOUS in my life via this precious TLE community, I love to read and contemplate everything, that MEntity, Troy or any of You have to say. So, if you don't hear from me that much, you know now why, plus I granted myself a longer journey to Europe in the near future. I will go regularly online to read all that is presented, and will learn from you. Big Bear Hug to everyone!!!!!!!!!
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN JanetH: As I understand it, Working Groups were formed in the past as a safeguard to preserve knowledge in case of some kind of catastrophic event on Earth, and many or most of us on TLE are part of one or another Working Group. What does it mean for someone to be "Active" in a given lifetime in the absence of such an occurrence? Are some individuals the ones actively collecting information on behalf of the Working Group, while others are not active in that function in certain lifetimes? MEntity: When one is active in a Working Group, it means that knowledge is being retrieved for its value in a project or for sharing for those who need it, or new knowledge is being gathered and preserved through experiences in the current lifetime of either the self or through those around the fragment. MEntity: An active Working Group member means that there is some kind of circuitry active between the bank of knowledge and the activity of the lifetime. JanetH: Thank you! MEntity: This is not always conscious, but can show up in patterns. NEXT Luciana: I'd like to know your insight into asexuality. People who do not feel sexual attraction for any. Are people born that way? Is there a cause for this? MEntity: There are no Sentient Beings without sexual energy, but what most refer to as "sexual" in a lifetime is a fraction of a fraction of the spectrum of what is truly Sexual. Asexuality is a misnomer to describe those who do not have a need to stimulate their genitalia as a means of connecting or bonding to someone. However, those who are asexual are in no way disconnected from a range of affections and attractions and energy exchanges that can be shared and mutual. Asexuality is similar to any other sexuality in that there are genetic elements and environmental elements that coalesce to contribute to where one lands on the spectrum of "sexuality." For most who identify as Asexual, there can be a mix of wounding that stems from a chronic sense of distance from others and/or genetic elements that simply affect the "libido," and/or a simple choice of priorities. Asexual does not equate an inability to bond and share affection. NEXT Kurtis: Hi Ms since this is an Open Floor now I'd like to ask for more elaboration on the Saturnian Nature's struggle and strength- like you did for Jovial last time. I'm guessing its struggle and strength revolves around something like VISION. MEntity: The Nature of the Saturnian Body Type has as its primary struggle and strength its constant and careful navigation of life in terms of ENDURANCE, or the constant weighing between when to continue pushing and when to pull back. Saturnian Body Types are in a constant flux of assessment regarding how far they can go and when to stop, especially when issues regarding righteousness, perfection, justice, and being right are being processed. Kurtis: I have definitely sensed that. MEntity: In the Positive Pole, the Nature of the Saturnian is able to pull back, slow down, pace and even stop even when they know they could continue. This Endurance is not just about themselves, but about their assessment of others and their endurance, as well. This Positive Pole uses Endurance as a way to cultivate the energy of inspiration being shared. In the Negative Pole, the Nature of the Saturnian will push and push long after there is any benefit from it and will emphasize the necessity to be right over being effective. Kurtis: Thank you! NEXT Juni: I remember reading years ago your saying something like "some wounds aren't able to be healed until reaching the Causal" Was this accurate, and if so, what sort of wounding can and cannot be healed while on the physical plane alone? MEntity: The wounds that tend to remain until the Causal tend to be collective psychic wounds that have "damaged" the Causal Body. These are wounds that cannot be healed by making sense of them or understanding them or seeing them from a higher perspective. These are wounds that there is no capacity for healing while Physical or even Astral. Only upon full integration of the Entity and the beginning of the merging of the Cadre can some events finally gain the perspective necessary for full healing. The forced move from your original planet is one example. The Holocaust is another. Healing can be done to a great extent while in a life and across lifetimes, but the full healing for such events would come only when all knowledge from all perspectives involved can be shared, understood, integrated, and comprehended. Juni: Thank you NEXT Uma: Can you give us your perspective on where we've landed post-election and post-nexus/divergence? For example, will the Mueller investigation result in getting rid of fuckface? If so, what timeframe? MEntity: We still cannot and will not predict. We can say that probabilities continue to grow in favor of dismantling the power structure in place at the moment, but we are still uncertain as to how that will come about. 2020 still stands as the pivotal year for many converging Sequences that can become much more tangible and obvious Vectors from there. NEXT DianeHB: Tex: In a previous session, you said, “There is nothing NOT of Love...Love is the gravity of relationships, planets, orbits, galaxies, universes, molecules, etc. This is not poetic. This is simply true. There may be more scientific terms used to differentiate these various forms of gravity, but all of it is Love.” If I understand correctly, we have 3 things here that are equivalent: Love, Consciousness, and Energy. I would like to know, how does matter/physicality arise or get created from this Love/Consciousness/Energy? MEntity: Matter and Physicality do not get created from these. They ARE these. Though we know this is not quite the correct term, it is only a matter of frequency/vibration. That is misleading, but fair for a quick response. We may have limited terms, but we can explore this further and more specifically when the channel has more consciousness and energy, himself. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
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    Thank you @Troy for getting this out! Remember when you once wondered if people found these energy reports useful? Now we're eagerly (desperately) awaiting them like a lifeline. For those of you who find these energy reports and other free channeling helpful, please make a donation to support Troy to continue sharing sessions for free. The donate button is under the Service tab.
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    Martha shared this content from a private session that took place on December 7, 2009. I've gotten some interesting responses from Michael recently about my primary Chief Feature, Self Destruction, that I have not really seen covered before. I have chosen to share some of my personal work with Michael and Troy on this topic. In the past, most of the information I had seen about Self Destruction seemed to apply to suicidal people or addicts – extreme behaviors. While I have had both kinds of people in my life, I am not personally suicidal, etc. I did have a long term intimate relationship in my late teens/twenties with a man who was both an addict and a successful suicide (his secondary CF was Self Destruction). So the theme is there, but most information about dealing with Self Destruction that I have seen out there in the general Michael material floating around is mostly about dealing with that overt, extreme manifestation of it. Troy has some good info here on TLE about the theme of “sacrifice” in relation to Self Destruction, and it has been very helpful to me, but I won't repeat it all here (go search if you're interested!). In asking Michael about some themes I seem to have going in my life, and about future relationships, the responses included some fascinating (to me) insights into how Self Destruction can manifest in a more subtle way. It's not that I didn't notice some of the things Michael describes, but that I attributed them to just being an out of step with the world, Old Soul, or Self Deprecation (my secondary CF) or a result of certain agreements or karma I had chosen to pursue this lifetime. All that applies, of course! I've very much become “resigned” in the last ten years or so to going it alone, struggling as a single parent, and not really having anything on the horizon in terms of a mate agreement. The Hopelessly Loved/Hopelessly Loving monad has been in play for me this lifetime, so I am wary of repeating it. I spent from about ages 25-35 actually doing it with one person, and have had a theme of loving from afar, or loving someone who is unavailable, etc. Once I became a parent I withdrew from other relationships completely, and have finally begun to poke my head out in the past year. I have asked about several past relationships, or non-relationships as the case may be, and some of this came from those questions. At this point in my life, while I long for a relationship, I don't want to go back to aching for someone I can't have and I'm trying to make sense of what went before, so to speak. I don't want to go it alone anymore, but I have never met my ET, or TCs, etc. I have had a major “Essence recognition” with someone, but he is not available in any way, shape, or form at the present. I was afraid this recognition was possibly me heading down the tired old road of loving from afar again. Here is some of what Michael has had to say about all this. Plus Michael's beautiful voice through Troy can be downright poetic, and it would be a shame to keep it to myself :). MEntity: This is part of the subtle effect of Self-Destruction as it has taken its toll over your adult years, in that it tends to move one into isolation away from any sense of support or help or guidance from any external source. The conclusion that one must "do it alone" becomes the "sacrifice," and in order to alleviate oneself as a bother or burden to anyone else, the circle of support begins to close. This particular "brand" of Self-Destruction then tends to seal those doors of closure with deep disappointment in nearly anyone having made contact with the life, while also moving the question of "what is wrong with me" into the daily weight of things. The burden of this weight can be acclimated to, but it is never "light." We will say now that it is Good Work that this is changing, even if only on subtle levels. Most of your truly significant "mathematical" connections have simply been waiting for your sense of value and self-esteem to rise to a point where contact could be celebrated, and not necessarily subject to the same criticisms and disappointments that have come to other relationships in your life. In short, it does not appear that you have met some of your most significant, intimate Essence connections, but they are with you. We see your next 5 years unfolding a rather bustling wave of new connections and inspirations that you now feel you deserve. We choose the word "deserve" carefully, as that is exactly what has moved you into higher levels of self-value. It may have been the case in the past that you wanted and needed more intimacy and resonance with guides and support, but now you feel you deserve these relationships. Your emotional development is catching up to your physical, intellectual, and spiritual development. That alignment opens many doors. Regardless of your having had contact with these fragments, or not, you were never alone. For part of our response, we could say that this is simply another way that Self-Destruction manifests, in that one will "fall" for someone out of reach and then use that failed relationship, longing, and distance as some sort of ammunition for proof that something is "wrong" with you, or that what you want is inevitably out of reach, that the things you value will never recognize the value in you. These relationships, then, are part of your self-karma as you sought to find a balance between your personal sense of value and your dependence on others to provide it for you. Another part of our response is that these fragments are some of your "closest friends" in terms of Essence, and had Agreements with you to explore such subjects as Integrity, honesty, and True Love. These subjects are not ones that can be defined in terms of "black and white," and these relationships helped to explore all of the nuances. Your craving for these fragments comes from your craving those very qualities, which ties back into your self-karmic exploration of just how to NOT ONLY sustain, nurture, and cultivate those qualities within yourself, but to recognize that they are part of what you value about yourself at the end of the day, so to speak. It is true that when you meet up with your Mate Agreements, you will not have the issues you fear in terms of measuring one relationship against the other. Your maturity allows for you to distinguish between a fantasy relationship and a present, intimate relationship. When we say "fantasy," we do not refer to the very real Essence connection you share with the Artisan known as "XXX.” We can validate that your Essence has known the Essence that is now known as "XXX" over a number of lifetimes. He is one of our students, though that is not manifested during this lifetime. Though your current Personality enjoys a great deal of Body Type attraction to this fragment's current Personality, that is moot compared to the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual attraction that you find in the Essence Recognition. Owning that recognition as valid is evolutionary and contributes greatly to your path. We have mentioned in our previous responses that much of the distance and longing between you and that which you crave has long been a manifestation of Self-Destruction, and knowing this key factor may shed light on many things, including your next choices. Although we cannot remove for you the anxiety and concern over finding, nurturing, and enjoying a long-term intimate relationship, we can suggest that those concerns are unfounded. We can further suggest that once you stumble into your next relationship, the time that it took for you to find it may very well have seemed like valuable, personal time that you used to your advantage, which in turn became exactly the force needed for your healthy relationship. Finding and keeping a mate is far from simply being a shopping experience, or an internet download, or showing up because one wishes to be affirmed as valuable and lovable, especially when one has refined what one wishes to have and to bring to a healthy, intimate relationship. Unless you now choose to add an unknown loved one to your pattern of longing and craving, it would do you well to consider that you are worth the time you are spending on yourself right now. We have found that most of our students tend to find more fulfilling relationships when one has invited another into that shared space and time, rather than having anxiously hunted for, longed for, and even feared.
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    Michael Speaks: The Four Pillars of Choice 2018-10-01 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2018 Transcribed by DanielaS MEntity: Okay. Hello to each of you. Group: Hello. MEntity: We are asked today to speak about what we would refer to as the Four Pillars of Choice. We have spoken fairly extensively in other exchanges about the Seven Methods of Choice, but what we will speak about today is the Four Pillars. And we may come up with a better terminology for these in other exchanges, in future exchanges. We will call them Four Pillars, for now. These will act as guidelines and infrastructure and strengths for upholding major choices that you are making in life. Understanding these Four Pillars can help you to make the right choice one-hundred percent of the time. We can say this because when you address these Four Pillars in your process of making a choice you cannot go wrong, because on the other side of whatever choice you have made, you will know you have assessed the process of the choice that you were making and will make the best of it. It will work for you in a way that would not be regarded as a wrong choice. It will be regarded as a choice. And what you do with the consequences of that choice would then also be a matter of choice. One of the reasons why many of you have trouble making major choices is not just because of lack of information, which is a contributing factor, but also because you are remembering how to trust yourselves. You come into your lifetime with one-hundred percent natural trust in nearly everything, and over time you lose that trust or it is taught out of you and then you must remember it again. Trusting is far more natural than distrust and trusting is based on experience, not blindness or lack of experience. And when you begin to trust yourself in the process of making choices, you will not just be drawing from similar circumstances in the past of this life, but tapping into the larger arc of your exploration of trust across lifetimes and remember that you have done this before. You have survived this before. You have taken risks before, and you always come through. This is part of how you begin to remember how to trust yourself. But as you move forward in your life and you find yourself at a place where you are having difficulty making a choice, considering these Four Pillars may help you. We would ask now before we dive into this if any of you have had moments in your life where you have made difficult choices. [Laughter] We will also ask how often you have considered the benefit of the choices that you made or made the best of those choices, regardless of whether you knew for sure they were the right choice or the wrong choice. How many of you made the best of those choices? [Group expresses agreement that they have made the best of those choices.] MEntity: Then we are done. [Laughter] Martha: Sometimes, yes! Sometimes, no! MEntity: We can only tell you what you already know. So, some of this will become or be recognized as familiar to you as a process that happens more naturally than you might have realized, and we are just giving a vocabulary to it and giving a more streamlined method for processing the more difficult choices. And the First Pillar that we will point to in your assessing what choice to make is whether that choice serves your Goal in your Overleaves. Having the knowledge of what your Goal is in this lifetime and asking if a choice will serve that Goal is one of the most important elements of what turns out to be an okay choice at worst, and a great choice at best, of course. Asking yourself whether it serves your Goal in some way. So, if you have Growth, does the choice in any way bring meaning to your life? Does the choice in any way move you beyond what you consider the limitations or the comforts of limitations so that you can evolve? The same with all of the other Goals. We will probably not delineate every Goal, but you can do so in asking yourself this question relative to your own Goal. The Second Pillar, then, of course, is to ask if the choice aligns with your Mode. Can your Mode participate in this or will you have to in some way work around it or against it? In other words, if you are in Passion Mode, will the choice cause you to be more repressed, contained, restrained when you are passionate? If you are Reserved, will it force you to be in uncomfortable positions that would be more aligned with Passion? So, asking if the choice aligns with the power of your Mode, of strength of your Mode, can help you to also determine whether the choice is right for you or not. These questions that we are bringing up regarding choice involve everything across the spectrum including career choices, moving choices, geographical locations, whether to take a trip or not, whether to pursue a relationship or not. The Third Pillar would, of course, be to ask whether the pursuit of the choice allows you to continue to see clearly, to see the world in the way that you see it with your Attitude. Ask the question as whether the choice can be seen clearly through your natural perception, your natural perspective. So that if you are a Skeptic, for instance, does your engaging in investigation help you in making the choice? If you are an Idealist, are you able to pull together the parts of a plan to manifest the choice that you are aiming for, which is coalescence? If you are a Pragmatist, does it allow you to move forward in a way that feels efficient and direct? And so forth. So, the Third Pillar is whether the strength of your Attitude can contribute or not, or do you have to look the other way or ignore the natural way that you look at the world in order to pursue the choice. If you have to ignore how you normally look at the world, it can be very difficult to pursue the choice and to feel that it was the right choice. We are not speaking of challenges to your perspective. We are speaking of betrayals of your perspectives. And the Fourth Pillar is to ask whether the choice in any way contributes to the healing of your Chief Feature, contributes to your moving beyond dismantling and calming your Chief Feature. This may seem like an odd question to ask, but as most of you will know from your stating that you have made the best of it, the reason you made the best of it is because you did the work of whatever might have blocked you or come up in your Chief Features as obstacles to the choices that you are making. Do you understand? Group: Yes. MEntity: Asking the questions, these four questions--whether it serves your Goal, whether it enlists your natural perspective, allows you to go about things in the way that you naturally go about them with the Mode, and whether it helps to heal your Chief Feature--asking those four questions helps to prop up, depending on the answers, helps to prop up the strength of the choices that you are making. And what we will do now is open the floor to any of you who feel you may be in hard-pressed situations regarding a choice, and we will see if we can offer some perspective, or if your fellow students can do the same. Hani: Everybody's encouraging me to ask, so. I am in a tough situation trying to decide [whether to pursue] a relationship or not, and I have reasoning not to pursue it, and for some reason there is, like, a part of me that wants to pursue that relationship. But, I can't make up my mind, so. I don't know if you need more information or if that's enough to go on. MEntity: We are here to help facilitate your making the decision. We will not make the decision for you. Hani: I'm just saying, do you need more information about the situation? MEntity: No. The first question is whether pursuing the choice or pursuing the relationship would serve your Goal. And what would your answer be? Student 1: What's your Goal? Hani: Discrimination. MEntity: We will give you a moment to mull it over as to how it may play into serving your Goal. If you pursue this relationship, how will it encourage your process of refinement, the pursuit of refinement, creating a state of refinement in your life? Student 2: Is he a slob? Bad taste? Got poor table manners? You know. Hani: I don't know! Well, I have enough reasons to say no. So. Student 1: So, you need reasons to say yes. Hani: Do I need reasons to say yes? Student 1: Do you? Hani: Yes. [Laughter] Martha: [Indiscernible] to say yes but you don't see reasons why to? Hani: Yeah. Kerrin: If you aren't so enthused about and you're asking the question, probably not. Student 1: If you said yes, you can say no. Student 2: Yeah, you can always change your mind. Student 3: Even marriage. Maureen: The only way to true refining is to do it. That's it. That's the root. Martha: If you say no, then you might wonder later what would've happened. If you say yes and it doesn't work out then at least you know. MEntity: Keep in mind that those who have the Goal of Acceptance, ironically [Laughter] . . . You have said your Goal is Discrimination? Hani: Yes, yes. MEntity: Keep in mind that those who have the Goal of Acceptance will eventually . . . they will naturally learn how to say yes even if they do not mean it, and they must learn how to say no. For Discrimination, it is the opposite. No comes quite naturally even if you do not mean it, and you must learn how to say yes. If this is an opportunity that will serve that risk to say yes then it is serving your Goal. That is as much work as we will do. [Laughter] You can continue with the questions, the Pillars, on your own and build from there. Look at the . . . see if the infrastructure is strong enough for you, and if we need to work with you more directly, we can, of course. Hani: Okay, thank you. Cyprus: We'll have a meeting afterward to discuss. [Laughter] Anyone else? Cong: Um, so, I recently made the big decision to move to another place and start a new job, which is quite different from what I had been doing before. I would say while I was assessing the choice . . . Student: Could you talk a little bit louder? Cong: I definitely feel certain that it supports all the Four Pillars that's associated with the choice. I'm very happy about the decision. But when I actually moved and started this new job I [indiscernible]. The situation can go against all of the things that's more natural associated with my Overleaves. I don't think I regret my choice, but I'm curious. How do you deal with the situation where I was seeing the limited information you have when you're making a choice? You think it's good enough, and then when you learn more about it, you feel it's a more complicated situation. MEntity: If we understood your question, and we will ask it back to make sure that we do, you are asking how does one make a decision with limited information, and how does one deal with the potential of regret after making the decision? Cong: Yeah. Or, I think, will you agree that when you're actually making a choice, it can well be that you don't have enough information . . . MEntity: Oh, yes. Cong: . . . to understand if it goes along with your Four Pillars. MEntity: You can always tell if . . .you can always tell or at least answer, to the extent of what knowledge you do have, the questions that we have posed to you regarding the Four Pillars. You can always answer those if you think about it, if you feel about it, if you play around and move around the ideas. You can always do this even if you are limited in the actual tangible world information. Because the point of the Pillars is to find out where you are in alignment with the choice. Find out where you are in your willingness to pursue the choice and to help you find out whether you are trusting enough in yourself to continue forward. Because it is quite common to make choices without all of the information that you need. You cannot see the future. You do not know what will come of your choice. So even if you have all of the details down, a comet could hit. The variables in life cannot always be accounted for. So, the Four Pillars are not to help you assess intangible world details, but internal world in alignment and to help remind you or at least to assess where you are in your trust with your choice. Because one of the choices is to not make a choice, and if you find that your infrastructure is unclear or weak or that you cannot answer the question, then the choice is to not make a choice yet. Or it can be. Does this answer your question? Cong: Yes. Can you also speak a little bit about the potential of the regret? MEntity: Yes. Regret is useless. It is an undermining of your processes, your path. It is a method taught to you based on reward and punishment, ideologies, paradigms that you should have known better. You should have made a better choice. But what you can do if you find yourself feeling regret come up is to let this be a signal to, rather than remain focused on the past of what could have been different, what should have been different, many what ifs, then take it instead as a sign that you must focus now on the choices that you have in front of you based on where you are. You cannot always avoid the feeling of regret or the self-punishment that comes with it, so you will still have to process those emotions and wounding from it. But separate from this and contributing directly to the healing of it is to say, okay, but where do I go from here. And to begin the process again. The process of choice does not end with regret and you cannot undo the choices you have made. You can only move forward and make new choices and to learn from what you have experienced. This is one of the reasons why asking these questions as Four Pillars for your choices can help you to, upon finding out that you may have regrets or potentially have regrets, you will have remembered that you assessed in a way that built an infrastructure of trust in yourself, so that when you get to the other side and you look back and say, maybe I could have done this differently. Maybe I should have done this differently. The kindness that you have with you at that moment will help you to turn back towards your present and future and then make the choices again and build from there. So, rather than simply ignoring regret as useless, which it is, but it cannot always be ignored, rather take it as an invitation to make the choices that you can make now to help realign yourself in a way that heals the regret. Does this make sense? Cong: Yes. Well, we agree. [Indiscernible] MEntity: We cannot hear you. Cong: Will you agree I made the right choice? MEntity: Do WE agree that you made the right choice? We will say that you have made the right choice because you think you have made the right choice. [Laughter] Student 1: You wouldn't have made it if it wasn't the right choice. MEntity: The goal is not to get to a point where you simply throw all discernment out the window and say, well, I'm going to make the right choice anyway. So whatever happens, happens. But to be a part of the process of choice and building it and building it, that process, on trust in yourself. And the concept of making a right choice will come naturally rather than as a defense or as a stamp of approval. Any other questions? Kasia: I have a tendency to find these in most of my choices, but not all choices are the optimal ones. So, I'll find lessons. Either choice was the best one. How do you make better choices that maybe--it's almost like Idealism comes into play where, well, whatever choice I will make the best of it. How do you learn to be more Realistic as opposed to Idealistic? MEntity: This is what we were speaking of regarding the second or rather the third Pillar. And we are assigning numbers purely for convenience, not because they are stacked in any sequential way of importance. But, that is how you see the world. Making your choices and aiming for a direction where you will make the best of it regardless, is your way. It is not something that needs corrected. It does not need Realism. It does not need any other Attitude, but your own. And your attitude is, I will land on my feet somehow. And so this does not undermine your choices. It gives you greater range of choices. Do you understand? Kasia: My Attitude is Skeptic, so technically it should be where nothing's going to work. [Laughter] MEntity: If you have an Attitude of Idealist, then that is what will work for you. As a Skeptic, you are asking how not to be more like an Idealist? Kasia: Yes. I feel like I overcompensate Skepticism by going into Idealism on steroids. MEntity: In that case then, you're going about it all wrong. [Laughter] We wish to clarify that we are not giving Troy access to all of your Overleaves at the moment, so that your providing them will help in the exchange. But your Skepticism, in order to enlist your Skepticism, yes, you would simply have to actively investigate. You would need to get the information that you need to make the choices so that you can let your world shape itself around in a way that you see it. It is not an imposition on the world for you to enlist your natural perspective. And if you move forward toward a choice using your natural perspective, which is investigation or the positive pole of investigation, you will find that you are not having to overcompensate when you land. But you will not always be able to have all of the details you need, as we said before. But if you have investigated enough then what you are doing on the other side when you land, you can slide to Idealism as a way to help soften that land. Anything on your Axis will help you to soften a landing, but start off with your investigation. As long as that is served, as long as you know as much as you can know, then you have served the element of your Attitude enough, and then you can use your Attitude on the Axis as a way to help support or buffer the landing. Does this make more sense? Kasia: Yeah. That actually is, I think, what I was doing. I didn't see the investigation part. I focus more on landing and making the best of it. MEntity: Yes. This is where you could refine your process, is to not emphasize so much that, oh, I will just trust that I will land and figure it out from there. You can have that in your tool belt of strengths, but the first part is what you want to emphasize and that is getting as much information as you can that satisfies you and then move from there. Kasia: Thank you. BFBobby: I have two questions. And my first question is kind of related to the previous one when we were talking about-- maybe you are successfully incorporating or asking questions of the Four Pillars when making your choice, but you realize in the end it wasn't the optimal or it didn't maximize. Is it possible, because maybe for one or all of the Pillars you did successfully incorporate your Goal, but maybe you were in the negative pole. And maybe you would have optimized your choice or the outcome if you would have done it through the positive poles of each Pillar. MEntity: Ask that question again. You do not have to rephrase it. We just need to hear it again. BFBobby: If you realize after making a choice that you maybe didn't have the most optimal outcome, but you did successfully incorporate the Four Pillars, is it possible that it was because in one or more of the Pillars you were in the negative pole and not in the positive pole? MEntity: Not really. If your assessment previous to the choice was enough to bring trust to the process of the choice and then on the other side you see how you could have done better or that you may have slid into negative poles that compromised the process, then on that other side of the choice that you did make, you will not again go back and think about how you could have done it better or differently, but learn from that and build from that to say, now I know to look for this pitfall or this distraction and go from there. But you will not always have . . . you can assess and get a golden conclusion that you are on the right path with your choice, and then get to the other side and see all of the ways that it could have been better, and that you were mostly pewter in your choice instead of gold, and find your strengths from that experience to then go into the process again for the next choice. But having done the work before the choice is what makes the process on the other side much kinder and forward looking. Did this answer your question? BFBobby: Yes. And so my second question, without any specific choice or decision in mind, I'm trying to understand the Pillar to, for me, my Observation Mode. And for me, I'm trying to imagine a situation where I'm not bringing . . . I feel like I'm always observing and then taking it in. So, when would I not successfully ask the question of my Mode when making a decision? MEntity: If it is not enlisting your Mode in a way that brings clarity, but is putting you in a position of distance through surveillance. If you are having to detach yourself from the process. If you're having to feel as if the process is out of your hands and being watched/happen before you, or that you are not particularly a part of the process. Then you are in the negative pole and you would find yourself reconsidering how you can bring more clarity by being a part of the process rather than apart from the process. Did this help or do we need a specific example so that we can be clearer? BFBobby: No, I get all that. I just thought, maybe I misunderstood from the very beginning. I thought it was a possibility that when you're making your choices, you're not thinking of the Four Pillars at all, so there was a way that you were making a void of the Pillars. But for me, whether I'm in the negative or the positive pole of Observation, I feel like I can't help but incorporate. Am I making sense? MEntity: Are you asking us? BFBobby: No, I'm asking the group. Ann: Sort of. It has to do with, sort of, because of clarity, it also means your participating. MEntity: Yes. Ann: Whereas, surveillance means you're sort of standing back and not really participating. BF Bobby: I get that. Michael: Does the positive pole for whatever Pillar you're looking at contribute to the amount of trust you have in a choice? MEntity: Yes. We may have not delivered that clearly or at all in our information, but the point of the assessment is whether it serves these parts of your design, and when we say serves these we mean that it enlists the positive pole. And so, if you are looking at one of your Pillars and assessing a choice as to whether pursuing it can be done in a way that brings more clarity to your life, then it is a go. If it is going to put you in a position where you still have to stand back and feel separated from the events of your life then it is likely not quite the right choice to make. Diane: To rephrase it, is it also like asking myself, am I in the positive pole of my Goal regarding this situation? MEntity: Yes. It could be asked in that way if that works for you. Yes. You cannot always know if a situation will prompt you to behave in certain ways, but you have choice over how you behave. And so, in your assessment of a choice in looking at whether it will serve your Goal, your Mode, your Attitude, you are looking to see if this is bringing the best out of you. Will this bring the best out of me? Will this bring more out of me? Will this bring evolution to me in some way? And if you can anticipate that it will in the most simplistic of terms, whether you use the Four Pillars or not, simply asking, will this potentially help me grow and be a better person, in my opinion, in my standards, by my standards, based on my relative position and path, then we say, go for it. And then you can build from there. Kerrin: What about when you're affected by other people's choices? For example, my landlord decided to take back the apartment I was living in above them. So I had to move and it was, like, a financial burden and kind of a headache. Is that just the way it is? Was there, like, an Essence Agreement or something to . . . was there like a bigger . . . How do I want to word this? Martha: It's not like you were given a choice. Kerrin: I wasn't given a choice. But was there, you know, maybe there was an Agreement between our Essences in order to make me make a choice that I had to make? MEntity: Not necessarily. That is just simply a part of the variables of the Physical Plane and the multitude of choices bouncing around among you that you are bound to be affected by the choices of others. And that is part of the learning process of being sentient and in a species and being human, is learning how to navigate this sea of choices being made. If you think about how many choices are being made on your planet at any given time and how you are still managing to be alive [Laughter] without having to be concerned with all of those choices. [It] is quite astounding and beautiful to know that you are actually, regardless of what it may look like at certain periods of time in history, working beautifully in harmony and evolving on a scale, a collective scale, continuously. And that is because you learn how to work with each other, whether you are near or far from each other. You learn how to make better choices. The more you work on making better choices in your personal life, the less they affect other people in consequential ways that are harmful. But, there are some still learning how to do this and you will come across them. What matters more in your case is how you managed the impact from the choice of another and what you did to take care of yourself in that and how you managed to do that for yourself. It is important to give yourself credit, for lack of a better term, for all that you did to care for yourself in a way that countered the effects of another person's choice. Kerrin: Let me ask this. It seems like sometimes things are for, like, there's a good reason. Like, you know, that maybe there was a . . . Essence had to, like, make other arrangements because I wasn't doing it myself, so . . . MEntity: Sometimes that . . . Kerrin: . . . Essence has to do that? Get you in a certain direction? MEntity: Sometimes there are orchestrations of that nature. But it will always . . we have always found that regardless of how much Essence orchestrates events in a life, it is one-hundred percent dependent upon your choices in the life as a Personality. And so, what might turn out to be a good thing because of something that happened, whether orchestrated or not, is still in your hands as to whether it turned out to be a good thing. And this is important because Essence is not a savior. Essence is not in any way invested in whether things turn out good or not. There is always an aim for good in the general sense, but Essence learns from everything. So, there is no investment in what you choose to do with the impact of others' choices, but you learn how to do this and how to grow from it. And if you find yourself in a good place, that means you have learned a great deal. Janet: This is not a question about a specific choice, but about whether there is a difference in the interpretation of a decision versus a choice. I had a session with you in which you said, "Pivotal points in the life that generate parallels tend to come from a path of 12 decisions that lead to the choice that creates the branching." That seems like it distinguishes between decisions and choice, but it might have just been the context. So, I'd like some clarification. MEntity: No, there are differences. Decisions are the points in your day where you make inconsequential choices. We will call decisions inconsequential choices, such as whether to take this route or that route, whether to buy this toothpaste or that toothpaste. These inconsequential choices or decisions that you make create a pattern in your life that accumulate. These are cumulative choices that then reach a point where a choice must be made or that lead to a place where there is a pivotal choice. So decisions are the path to choices. And we can break that down more succinctly in other exchanges. But, yes. Every decision you make is not going to have consequences, but they eventually will depending on the patterns. Janet: Thank you. Student: Is there ever a, um, for the Personality to choose against Essence or maybe in a direction that Essence, um, if one is feeling something higher, pushing them towards something, but they choose the opposite route. Is there ever, like, um, a good reason to be doing that, or is something . . . What good can be taken away from that? Or if we are not sure if we're choosing against Essence, how might that feel? MEntity: That is a tricky question because Essence, we can say in so many words, loves it when you go awry. [Laughter] Essence gains so much from the rogue Personality in a life that the earlier lifetimes are primarily where this occurs, and a great deal is learned and a great deal of pain is experienced, of course. The reason why we can say the Essence loves this is because Essence can have all of the ideas for how to set up a life in a way that is optimal, and then the Personality [Troy laughs] surprises the Essence with completely different routes, and it is a rather exciting experience to go off the rails. Especially when parallels started exploding out in all directions [Laughter], and new depths and stretches of evolution occur because the Personality did not align with Essence. That being said, it's exhausting. And as you grow older in Soul Age, you [Troy laughs] would rather not do all of those painful and exhausting directions. And because you have done that for so long across your arc of incarnations, it is actually rather new to say, oh, what did Essence have in mind [Troy laughs] that would work better for a lifetime? [Laughter] And so we can say that as an older soul, when you reject Essence, it is dark. It feels quite dark and isolating and painful, and we could describe it as a halting to the life. It will feel as if the life has halted in some way, that you are not going anywhere, moving in anyway. So, if you are ever in that position, it may be important to assess whether you need to open up more or to center yourself and listen more closely to the impulses that you have. And it may even require intervention from outside sources such as loved ones and friends or support groups. Because rejecting Essence as an Old Soul is far more painful than rejecting Essence as a Young Soul or as a Baby Soul. Because that is when it is exciting and that is where new depths are explored and so forth. But as an Old Soul, it feels quite terrible. But aligning with Essence can sometimes [Troy laughs] feel just as exhausting and startling and terrifying because you are having to trust more. You are having to risk more. You are having to be vulnerable more. You are having to let go of the defenses that Chief Feature have had in you or that have been built in you. And that is quite terrifying in itself. But that is where the excitement comes now, when you open up and align with Essence and you realize how terrifyingly tiny you are in the universe, but how much you matter as a spark of consciousness making choices. It can be quite a powerful and terrifying process. But you get used to it. Did this address your question? Student: Wonderfully. Hani: So, you sort of talked about the Pragmatic Attitude, but I just wanted more clarification, because I'm not sure if I understand. MEntity: What would you like? Hani: Like, how would this apply to making a choice? MEntity: Are you asking this in relation to the scenario that you are considering? Hani: Sure. MEntity: In general, for the Pragmatist it would simply mean asking whether you are allowed to move in any way that will work for you. For the Pragmatist it has to work for them. So, it is important that if you are considering a direction that involves another person in some way, that this is communicated, that there are certain things that you need to do and processes that you have that have worked for you and that you find to be efficient and you want to be upfront about that. And if that pursuit of the choice allows room for this, then you may be on the right track, if the reception is good from the other party. If, on the other hand, you find that you are falling into Dogma because you will not risk losing any of your routines and what you find is best and what you think works and you are not open to variables, then you may be seeing the . . . the pursuit may be challenging you to either move into the positive pole so that you can pursue the choice, or is telling you you are not going to do well in that direction because you are not willing to. Do you understand? Hani: Yeah, yeah. Ann: I just had a question, being a Realist. So, you know, decisions can be difficult. At least for this Realist in Realist Mode, um, with a Realist Attitude. Um, so how would that work for a Realist, in terms of, you know, the Pillar using the Attitude? Because it is all, you know, all, all aspects seem cool. You know, I mean, you're like, yeah, that's cool. That's cool, too. So, um, you know, the seeing all sides can be a little . . . MEntity: In the same way that we were speaking about the Idealist, and it might seem a little reckless to say, well, I will land and get up from there. That is how an Idealist works. The Realist will also . . . it is okay if you can see all of the different directions and you simply have to make a choice because you can see all of these. The indicator that you are not . . . the Pillar is weak is if you have become subjective. You have lost your perspective. You have lost your ability to see those variations and see it from a distance that allows you to see the possibilities in different choices or the benefits of each choice. If you've lost that ability, then you are in the negative pole and you might want to hold off on making the choice in that direction until you can see realistically again, objectively. Michael: I'm understanding the weakness and strength of the Pillars is on the positive and negative poles. My question is, is that when it comes to challenging choices, when you say yes to it versus saying . . . a challenging choice you may say yes to, that you have trust in yourself to make the choice versus saying no. Is there a way to determine whether you should say no to a challenging choice or say yes? Does that make sense? MEntity: Are you asking, sometimes a choice will be challenging whether yes or no, and just because it is challenging, is that an indication to say no? Michael: Yes. [Laughter] More or less. MEntity: No. If you have a challenging choice ahead of you, which we would say most of the examples here would be in that category, the question still stands as to whether it serves your positive poles of your Overleaves. And specific to your question, we would say that the most important Pillar would be whether it would help you to dismantle, would it bring awareness to your Chief Features. If it brings awareness to your Chief Features and you know that it's going to trigger them, you know that it is going to . . . potentially a part of you will rise up in defense and protection and warning if that challenging pursuit is addressed with the knowledge that that will happen, then it is still a benefit to go in that direction because you were ready to take on that challenge. You know it is going to happen. You know it is going to try to protect and defend and possibly undermine you. And then you can work with that. So, we say to say yes to all challenging pursuits, if you wish to. MEntity: Any other questions? We will wrap things up soon. Student: Sometimes you make the distinction between decision and choice. Do we have distinctions to make, or what you said is whatever decision or choice . . . MEntity: You'd need not assess to such a degree the decisions you are making. Decisions are the smaller, inconsequential choices that you make in your life that accumulate over time and lead you to pivotal choices. What we've described today as the Four Pillars, it's really only applicable in the moments where there are pivotal choices to be made. The decisions you make along the way that lead up to it are simply a part of your creative processes and preferences and these decisions reveal . . . out of decisions that you make in your life reveal who you are and how you are and where you would like to go regardless of where you end up. Your decisions are part of the dynamic that reveals to you what you want to do, whether consciously or not, reveals to you what direction you would like to go, whether that was conscious or not. MEntity: So, the more consciously you can make your decisions, the more this improves your capacity to make choices. But that is all it takes, is a more conscious process in making decisions. So, when we gave the example of one toothpaste over another is inconsequential, that is true. However, if you consciously choose this toothpaste because it is more environmentally friendly from a company that cares about health, whereas this one is something else, that conscious decision contributes to the path that leads to more consequential choices later. Does this make sense? Student: Yeah, yeah. MEntity: So even your inconsequential choices are shaping your life and shaping the direction of your life. But the pivotal choices are what shift the direction. Student: So, sometimes we run into [a] situation that's . . . where your relationship with another person goes will depend on the other person's choice, but that person don't want, choose not to make a choice for a really long time. And I'm wondering if you can provide me some insight on how to deal with this kind of situation. MEntity: You are asking, if you are in a relationship with someone who's not making a choice and in not making a choice impacts your ability to make a choice? Student: It's more like, for instance, I met someone and I want to make this personal, but this person is not sure if he want to meet me and this take long and he still haven't make a decision. Is there anything I can do to change the situation? MEntity: No. You cannot control, and you would not want to control, the choices of another person. So, your choice would be whether to allow room for the other person's path or whether this is something you simply do not want to endure. So, the choice that you can make is whether there is value in the waiting, whether there is value to you in some way. Does it serve your Goal? Does it serve your Attitude, your Mode? Is it helping you to overcome any Chief Feature elements in you? If it is in any way benefiting you, other than the disappointment of waiting for someone else's pace to catch up to you, if it is benefiting you in some way, as an older soul, you will be able to honestly assess whether that is the case. Sometimes waiting helps you to see the blind spots that you might have in your eagerness or the blind spots in your expectations of another that you did not realize that you had. It can also reveal to you the needs that you find are far more important to you then you might have realized, and this can help you in some ways. So, the waiting is not a good or bad thing, but it does make a difference whether it is serving you in some way and then you can decide whether to wait or not. Student: Thanks. MEntity: Any other contributions to that dynamic would require communication. So, while you cannot control the other person's choices, you can communicate and help the other person know where you are in your capacity to wait or care or if you are ready to move on. Janet: This is in pursuit of the topic of parallels. In approximately what percent of the cases do pivotal choices generate one or more parallels so that your Essence can explore all variations of that choice. MEntity: You are asking how often a choice will spin off a parallel? Janet: Yes. MEntity: Every single time. Student: Oh, gosh. MEntity: There is at least one additional reality generated for every pivotal choice you make. Martha: Is that how you tell the difference between a decision that doesn't generate parallels where a choice does? MEntity: Yes. Student: How many parallels for each choice? MEntity: A minimum of two. Student: What's the maximum? MEntity: We see an average of 12, but there are no rules to how many branch from there, from one single choice. There can be a quite a lot, but the average tends to be towards 12. Student: Does that have any significance? MEntity: We think so. We think that the maximum being at 12 is part of the support dynamic that we have described, the support group positions. When choices are going to branch to such a fractured degree, it helps track them and gain from them to have one focused on a contribution to the whole arc of the entire spectrum of the lifetime if that parallel is a Love Parallel or a Compassion Parallel or a Knowledge Parallel. And the focus in those different parallels will emphasize whatever the support group position is. Student: So, that would be an interesting study to, if one was interested, to see what parallel different choices [indiscernible]. That's just a comment. MEntity: We would agree. If there are no other questions then we will leave you here, and wrap up, and say goodbye. Group: Thank you! Goodbye. MEntity: Goodbye.
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    MMW - September, 15, 2018 - Your Self-Assessment Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand today is a focus on self-assessment regarding various contexts and states. Suggestions that we know Troy listed include Happiness, Pain, Suffering, Peace, Compassion, Consciousness. What we suggest as our first step is to either come to an agreement on which of these you would like to prioritize. We will assess from there how to move forward. You may also suggest your own ideas for context or state. MichaelE: Consciousness and Compassion are a priority for me. Bobby: The C's for me too for now SFlow: Suffering, Consciousness, Pain but any will be fine with me Michael Maureen: Peace Uma: I'd like to understand self-assessing and how to approach any of those consciously Luciana: Compassion and consciousnes is fine for me DianeHB: Peace for me MEntity: We see our delivery was compromised in one of our sentences above. For the record, we meant to say: "What we suggest as our first step is to come to an agreement on which of these you would like to prioritize." This does not require new responses. The correction is only for the record. Part of your self-assessment has already begun in your response to what you prioritized. If you had a singular priority, it is likely that you are at a place in your life where that priority dominates your focus already. If you suggested multiple priorities, it is likely that there are demands on you from various layers or directions, either internally or externally, and you require multiple facets of you to be functioning at once. If you were quite flexible and passive in your suggestion, it is likely that you have taken a "back seat" in your life and are quite uncertain as to what you are doing or need to do. Though you are far more complex than these simplistic assessments, they are likely to still be relevant and specific to you. To be clear, for those assessed as taking a "back seat" in their life, this does not mean you are not participating in your life, but that you are likely in a more observational state regarding your life at the moment, Before we begin, do you feel these assessments regarding your preferred priorities are relevant? Uma: I do, for me MichaelE: Yes SFlow: Observational yes, passive wrong parallel.. Luciana: Yes DianeHB: Yes Maureen: Yes Bobby: Yes MEntity: Based on the combination of responses and flexibility, we will begin with a self-assessment regarding COMPASSION. For purposes of this self-assessment, we will delineate Compassion into 7 recognizable forms of compassion that you may see in yourself. You can then determine which form you find yourself resting in the most and which forms you tend to land in otherwise. You will see yourself in each of these forms, but your self-assessment today is to determine your resting form and your support forms that you visit frequently. It could be said that you will have a Primary State in which you rest as a means of navigating your life, in general; a Secondary State that tends to come up most often in scenarios regarding relationships; and a Tertiary State that comes up in relation to the world at large. You may find that the same form of compassion is used to describe all three of these states. There is no negative form of Compassion. There are only concentric forms of Compassion that widen. First, there is the SELF-PROTECTIVE form of COMPASSION. This is the circle of compassion that is not so much about self-preservation and survival, but about simply caring enough about yourself to care for yourself, to add to the quality of your life, to do the things you need to to do to improve the health of your various bodies. One can easily be in survival mode and not care about themselves or have compassion for themselves. In that case, the instincts have taken over and preserve the life, but Self-Protective Compassion CHOOSES to live, to care. You think about what is best for you and you aim for this, and you are willing to adjust and redirect your aim as you learn more about what is best for you. This is the only form of Compassion that is self-directed. All other forms of compassion build from this because when one learns to care about the self, the work of caring for others is built upon this. Some may argue that one can care about others and not care about the self, but that is an impossibility. One may still have destructive tendencies or take risks for others that harms the self, etc, but that has nothing to do with the care one has for the self. If you care about another person in any way, you care about yourself. Once you have learned to care about yourself, you then expand into Sympathy or Pity as a form of Compassion. This is a kind of experimental circle of compassion that does not wish to get involved or be involved but is learning to care about others. It is an acknowledgment and nod to your compassion, but not a dive into it. It could be said that it is only helpful for you and never helpful for the other person. Sympathy is your way of learning how to be more Compassionate, so it is an extension of the Self-Protective Compassion. It is prompted by external events and relationships, but does not affect or benefit anyone but you. This is vital for the development of the greater circles of compassion. The next circle would be CONCERNED COMPASSION. This is yet another extension of Self-protection and Sympathy in that you now are practicing playing with ideas for how to resolve and help others. Sympathetic Compassion acknowledges that others may be hurting, and Concerned Compassion bothers you that someone else may be hurting. It bothers you to the point where you play with ideas for how you could or would help or what you would or could do if in the same situation, but as with Sympathy and Self-Protection, there is no benefit for the other person. This is purely another developmental stage in your Compassion. Next is EVASIVE or OBJECTIVE COMPASSION. Evasive or Objective Compassion is the first form of Compassion that has benefit for the focus of Compassion and not simply for the development of your own capacity to care. However, it is a Compassion that hires, expects, or directs others to do the work of that benefit. This form of Compassion donates, uses hashtags, is vocal, is quite on board with the actions necessary to help another, as long as it does not affect you in any way. This is the first form of Compassion that benefits both the self and other. It allows you to remain safe while expressing your Compassion in a way that has beneficial effects for others. This is one of the most common forms of Compassion in any society that has collectively evolved into any initial form of maturity in both Soul Age and in capacity for True Personality. It is most often implemented on a wide scale in newly-forming Mature Soul societies. Next comes CONTEMPLATIVE COMPASSION. This is a form of Compassion that begins to blur the lines between the focus of Compassion and yourself. The lines between Other and Me soften and the first signs of Empathy begin to emerge. Now you begin to ask, "what if that were me?" but not from a position of "what would I do?" but "what would I feel?" CONCERNED COMPASSION plays with ideas about what one would do if in the same situation and this can often lead to the assumption that if a person is not doing what you would do then they are not helping themselves. CONTEMPLATIVE COMPASSION loses the expectation that a person behave just like you would and you begin to consider an experience from a different point of view. You no longer impose yourself over the experience, but integrate the other person into the dynamic. Contemplating what someone else might FEEL expands your capacity to see more clearly the range of what can be done to help. Next comes DECISIVE COMPASSION. You have now contemplated how a person might feel in his or her experience and you make a decision to help, you take action, you get involved, you are no longer an observer or contributor but a participant in the dynamic of compassion. You use your strengths, resources, freedom, power, kindness, choices, etc., to help. None of this is seen as taking away from you, but is seen as a natural position to take WHEN YOU CAN. The lines have blurred further between yourself and that which is the focus of Compassion so no action is seen as a loss to you, but an organic and natural response to one in need. And finally there is INTUITIVE COMPASSION that loses all division between the Self and Other and dives fully into Empathy where there is no longer a question, no pondering, no analysis, no hesitation regarding the choice and actions that will benefit others because these are known to benefit yourself as well. The dynamic network of life and value and caring is seen as something that can no longer be rationed and dispensed or based on willingness or convenience, but shifts into a "no-brainer" that when one CAN help one DOES help. This includes knowing when one CAN help and when one cannot help, there is full compassion for that, as well. This is not the same thing as choosing not to help or care, but about knowing that one CANNOT help. It is not based on convenience or willingness but on sheer capacity and resource. Summary of the 7 Circles of Compassion: 1) SELF-PROTECTIVE 2) SYMPATHY OR PITY 3) CONCERNED 4) EVASIVE or OBJECTIVE 5) CONTEMPLATIVE 6) DECISIVE 7) INTUITIVE MEntity: SELF-ASSESSMENT - Which do you feel is your PRIMARY STATE of Compassion by which you navigate most aspects of your life? Which do you feel shows up most in your personal relationships? Which do you feel shows up most in your participation in the world beyond your intimate circle? Maureen: INTUITIVE COMPASSION SFlow: Decisive, intuitive, Comtemplative Luciana: COMTEMPLATIVE COMPASSION I think it's all about that compassion. I often wonder how I would feel if it were me. But rarely then in action. Most of the time I do not think I can help anyone. Uma: Decisive/Intuitive mostly in all three MichaelE: Decisive Compassion DianeHB: I think I rest in contemplative and get into decisive from time to time Bobby: Evasive, Contemplative, and then Concerned (struggling with this though) DianeHB: Oh, looking at the contexts, I would say Intuitive for personal relationships and contemplative for participation in the world MEntity: In what way do you struggle, Bobby? Bobby: Oh, just trying to figure out which one fits more precisely in the 3 areas MEntity: We understand. It can be difficult, especially when honesty is included in the self-assessment. It requires quite a careful and close look at how often one determines compassion based on willingness and convenience. These are factors that can be difficult to see or accept that often dictate one's state of compassion. EXPANDING ON YOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT - Do you recognize these forms of compassion in your lives in terms of how they have come to stack upon each other and build upon each other? Do you take any of these for granted because they come quite naturally to you? SFlow: For me, they seem to come naturally, even though I find I don't have compassion for every one or every situation Uma: Yes, it seems to me that I rest in Contemplative and quickly move to Decisive or Intuitive when the need arises MichaelE: As I widen my sphere of compassion from myself to the world. That understanding helps me build to the next level for myself and so on out. I tend to forget that others do not have the same spheres of compassion that I do. Luciana: I think with me it comes naturally too. I see the previous forms in me somehow .. but I do not see me in action . DianeHB: I also think I go to Contemplative easily but often struggle with how to help, and my actions often end up in the Evasive/Objective category (on a world level) MEntity: Susan, we will address that in a moment. Based on responses here, we have two things to say: One is that once one has begun to develop Compassion, it cannot be undone. Once one has built upon one form of compassion to open up to more expansive compassion, one does not leave the previous behind. The other thing we would like to say is that as one progresses in one's form of Compassion, it becomes clearer and clearer as to which form of Compassion is most relevant and effective and meaningful to a scenario. In other words, even if one were to be resting in Intuitive Compassion, and ESPECIALLY if one were resting in Intuitive Compassion, then it will make sense to you that in some cases you must move to Self-Protection as a form of Compassion or Evasive Compassion in other scenarios. When you are facing dangerous, threatening, abusive, oppressive, painful situations or people, it is not required that you have compassion for these threats or abuses. The greatest compassion you can have in scenarios such as these is that first ring of Compassion, or Self-Protection Compassion. There may come to be a position you are in where you can expand to compassion for the abusers or threats, but this tends to only come when one is no longer abused or threatened. And you cannot get to that point before Self-Protection. Maureen: This makes sense. MEntity: It is not that you do not have compassion for those who do harm, but that you must build from a place of Self-Protection, first. This is not a lack of compassion, but a proper and healthy use of Compassion. Compassion cannot be abused or fail. If you have compassion, regardless of the form, it is compassion. This is also true of world events in which you simply can never be a direct part of in terms of helping. It makes complete and healthy sense to use the Evasive form of Compassion. It is the highest level of Compassion you can use and still be effective for those far beyond your circle. DianeHB: That makes a lot of sense CORRECTION: Objective Compassion. Evasive and Objective have the same effects, but Objective is more in terms of it being the most effective form of Compassion while Evasive is more in terms of it being the most protective. We cannot possibly cover the range of states for self-assessment in one session, of course, but we can say that while you are assessing your forms of compassion, you are also assessing your states of consciousness. Your state of consciousness is directly proportional to your state of compassion. One cannot be conscious without compassion. As soon as one learns to care, one has begun the evolution of consciousness. There is a broad spectrum of consciousness, so we must be clear here that we are not speaking in terms of that broad spectrum that would include all species or even all humans. Instead, we are speaking of a specific spectrum of consciousness WITHIN this broad spectrum of consciousness. All humans are conscious to some degree, but there is a specific range of consciousness that is tied to one's capacity for compassion. This is most often not activated until the Mature Soul Age. MichaelE: Does that mean compassion is not activated until the Mature Soul Age as well? MEntity: All fragments of any Soul Age are capable of kindness, nurturing, and self-preservation, but there is a profound shift when one activates the capacity for compassion. Compassion can be activated at any Soul Age, but it is most often activated in the Mature Soul Age because it is the first time one begins to consider how others FEEL. It is the first time one begins to feel the suffering of others as one's own suffering. It could be said that Compassion is entirely built from the capacity to recognize suffering and the actions necessary to relieve that suffering. The more one can ignore suffering and/or participate in the causing of suffering, the less one is conscious and the more restricted or absent the form of compassion. This is why each of you are so affected by not only your own suffering, but the suffering of others. Compassion begins when you recognize your own suffering. And then you build out from there to include intimate relationships and then extended relationships and eventually your compassion includes all species and life. Consciousness expands with Compassion because both of these states are all about a field of inclusion. Most of our students aim for Intuitive Compassion/Consciousness, but cannot rest there because it would mean recognizing the suffering of all species, ecosystem, environment, community, planet, etc and aligning the life to help as much as one can when one can. This is not an easy place for one to live until there are more around you who share in that same form of Compassion/Consciousness. If you aim for Intuitive or have assessed that you rest there, it is vital that you consider a network of support that shares in the responsibility that this degree of compassion and consciousness processes. Luciana: I don't think I'm in Intuitive Compassion MEntity: There is no shame in not being able to rest in that Intuitive state. The more alone one is in this form of compassion, the less it can be sustained. The greater your circle of compassion, the more it begins to aim for interdependence. This is one of the reasons behind "activism" and education regarding various scenarios in the world. MichaelE: If some people choose not to rest in Compassion where do they usually rest? MEntity: Michael, before one activates Compassion one tends to rest in a range of development/evolution that could be described as the CREATION/INVENTION states. This is where one focuses on creating/destroying, inventing/deconstructing, problem-solving, problem-causing. It is a process that evolves one's relationship with the life, but not necessarily with the self or others. It is not a black and white process of evolution, of course. There are natural stages that one must evolve through to get to a place where one can be conscious and compassionate at the same time. There are natural stages that one must evolve through to get to a place where one can be conscious, creative, and compassionate at the same time. It is a beautiful dance of sparks throughout the universe. MichaelE: I left out a word. I was referring to your comment about some of your students not resting in intuitive compassion. What other level of compassion is usual for resting? MEntity: Most of our students rest between Objective Compassion an Contemplative Compassion. Did that address your question? MichaelE: Yes. Thank you. MEntity: Your mistyped question was valuable, as well. Uma: Can you give an example of what you mean by this: It is a beautiful dance of sparks throughout the universe. MEntity: Uma, we are speaking of the evolution of sparks taking on Roles taking on Personalities that then evolve through various states of awareness, consciousness, creativity, and compassion. From "here," it is like watching the fireworks of neural activity in a galactic mind. Uma: thank you! that's an incredible image. MEntity: Every moment of compassion, creativity, consciousness quite literally lights up in an organic living record that we get to observe in the Akashic Plane. DianeHB: Wow MEntity: There is a similar visual tapestry of suffering and sorrow and pain, etc, and while it may never be accepted as true to you while in the Physical Plane, that tapestry is consistently less active than that of compassion, etc. Uma: mind blown again. MEntity: One of your greatest acts of compassion in any given life is the capacity to own that MOST of that life was neutral, "good," peaceful, loving, kind, etc. This is not true for everyone, but for most it will be true, regardless of struggles and challenges. Owning that empirical ratio of "good" to "bad" in a life is often resisted as if it diminishes your struggles and pain, but we suggest that your awareness of the ratio honors your life much more. Give yourselves a chance. It is never helpful to strip your life of the good as a way to better address the bad. We must conclude here for today, but we can suggest that these various states suggested for assessment can be scheduled for us to then elaborate upon and offer self-assessment exercises. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    This material was received in a POF in October 2010. This was from October's Personal Open Floor chat. QUESTION: I had trouble verbalizing this. We've talked about my work with alternative realities, and my awareness of parallels and essence connection. I spend a lot of time thinking about them and how this life I am in, no matter how up close and personal, is just a “sliver”of Martha. I really long to know more of that bigger picture now, and how it can be lonely to “know” someone but not have them respond, or even know you at all, to sense things but not be able to act on that knowing in “the real world”. So I feel like so much of me is out of reach, but yet I feel connected to something huge. It’s as if I have expanded my awareness enough that I am becoming aware of how that expansion is really a drop in the bucket of what's out there. It's difficult to verbalize, but I guess I'm asking what is the typical progression along this path. I love it, AND it's frustrating. MEntity: What you are describing is what some experience as the final challenge of dichotomy between the sacred and the profane. How can one gather such comprehension of resonance to the vastness of oneself, and to others, but still be a pinpoint of consciousness "locked" in a Body? The key to resolving this dichotomy is to embrace it, of course, and this is done by turning that vastness of embrace inward, instead of outward. Everything that you experience and describe as relative to your feeling resonance with other aspects of you, or others, but feeling that sense of isolation and loneliness as well, is reflective of your cry to simply let you exist where you are, with who you are, and how you are. The Body that is "you" is so often demeaned, dismissed, and degraded. Your Body is its own version of you, as well as any other dimensional version of you. The loneliness and isolation that is felt when contemplating multiple realities and dimensions is merely a macrocosm of the microcosmic, singular universe that is shared between "you" and your Body. When you can turn to your Body and grasp it as being as fascinating a dimension of "You" as any intangible dimension, you may find those other dimensions even more tangible and within grasp on emotional, intellectual, and even physical levels. At this point, you are exploring your multidimensional self from the equivalence of showing a child just how amazing and phenomenal life is and can be, while telling that child that it is not apart of that, and that it will never deserve more than this. We realize this may fall into the category of cliché, but it is still true for us to say: it is vital for every fragment at some point to realize that it is revolutionary to Love yourself for who you are before trying creating who you could be, could have been, will be, or would be. We will never tire of reminding you to Love Yourself, as that is the ultimate Goal, and everything leads to that final challenge of the Physical Plane. You are at a Turning Point in this challenge in this life, and we can assure you that there is nothing to lose by being in awe and fascination of who you are in a single day in this single dimension. Therein lies the stable foundation from which to launch even more vividly into your multidimensional concepts of self and others.
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    Actuality it's "No Shit"... It's Cosmic Constipation.
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    This tweet yesterday, from David Hogg, Transcendental Soul, says "it all" by speaking to the bigger picture. Cryptic Message for everyone: Keep your eyes on the prize. Remember there is more to these messages than meets the eye.
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    Bakwe Chokoe


    This is my first post here on TLE. I actually came across this site circa 2015/2016, made an account and all... and somehow forgot everything Anyways, it's great to remember I'm a 23 year old South African studying psychology. love memes. Since puberty I've been seeking spirituality that's lead me to dabble in several religions and play with/adapt several perspectives. Right now I think I'm just me, but I'm definitely still influenced by some past learning ... So I first encountered the Michael teachings some years ago, after reading Michael Newton's Destiny of Souls, which I really resonated with. Can't really pinpoint an exact time period but it must have been just before or after I ended high school. I'm an extremely lazy and unmotivated student ( In general, academically as well as with regards to the Michael Teachings. My student tag needs revoking) looking forward to learning a bit from all of you thanks for having me
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    SUPPORT FOR OUR FELLOW STUDENTS AS TEACHERS & CHANNELS! I love seeing a few students take the lead and practicing their channeling, their interpretations, extrapolations, and their own teachings. I love this. I encourage it and support it. There are now three options available as part of this community for those who are taking the lead and would like to practice channeling and/or presenting their interpretations of the teachings or share their own teachings. One way is through creating a CLUB that can be hosted and populated with all of your content in one place for those who want to learn from you and support you in your practice. I think this is the best option for any serious attempts to build a personal community around your personal work. Another option is to use the iCHANNEL Club that is already in place as a support group for those practicing their channeling of any source and any teaching or healing. But now there is also another option: the new STUDENTS AS TEACHERS Forums. These forums were created for the more casual student and those less interested in creating a support group or audience for their work, but just want to share their detailed insights. This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to offer their take on the teachings. There are sub-forums to reflect all of the basics of the teachings, and then a forum for everything else. If you are building your own version or flavor of the teachings, your own channeling of the teachings, your channeling of Michael or your Essence, or your own insights on the teachings as a fairly serious endeavor, I suggest using one of the first two options, but please use any one of the options above that best suits you. These designated areas for sharing personal contributions to the teachings will help keep our forums and archives clean and clear from confusion over whether a post is from Michael or me, or your Essence, or your channeling, or your interpretations, or your teachings, etc. This differentiation of sources is important for all of us as students. Without this differentiation, a few things have come up as a problem that we have not been able to adequately or efficiently address in private, regardless of numerous quiet and patient attempts from TeamTLE to address these issues. As part of the network of support and encouragement, we need to ask the community to be on board and supportive of some constructive solutions to the issues listed below. If you see any of the issues listed below, gently bring it up and suggest some reconsideration or ask for some clarity. This will be so helpful for everyone! Thank you. We all want to be supportive and encouraging of personal contributions, but we also want to be mindful of some concerns that are important for supporting the integrity of the teachings, each other as students and aspiring channels, and this community as a resource. If you create a Club or post an article to the new forum, please consider these concerns when posting: One) Near-Plagiarism - In such a generous community using a Teaching with base concepts and terminology that are shared across a multitude of channels and teachers, it is difficult to call out plagiarism, so I'm not even going to go there because that would be silly, but we have seen a lot of "near-plagiarism," or the copying and pasting of actual work I have done with Michael that is then claimed to be original to the person posting or entirely unclear that it is not their original work. I would really appreciate more clarity and specific identification of my work as source material. NOT because I want credit, but because it does not serve the community to not differentiate between your work and mine. This is how students learn what resonates with them and what doesn't. If we slip in a few personal lines of material into a paragraph that is sourced from someone else, that's not helpful. Trust your material to stand on its own. Two) Personal Interpretations passing as Michael's Teaching - Please be mindful of material that is passing as words from Michael or part of the Michael Teachings that are not from Michael or a part of the teaching. Personal interpretations and extrapolations are awesome, but they should be identified clearly as such. Three) Speculation on the Teachings Passing as the Authority on the Teachings - Personal speculation should not pass as authoritative or definitive statements on the teachings, but credited as personal speculation. Those speculations may be incredibly insightful and even help build on the teachings, but they need to be clearly identified as personal speculation, not as a definitive part of the teaching. Please take all of this as an invitation to be even freer in your personal contributions to the community while also honoring the integrity of the teachings and the students who are studying. BONUS REQUEST: If you have posted anything that meets any of the concerns above, or that would do better in the new forum, please copy a link to your posts and open a support ticket for TeamTLE to move the post to a more appropriate position in the new forum.
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    MEntity: Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We can begin. The subject of how weather and consciousness of a sentient species are related can be quite an elaborate exploration with several layers that could be taken into consideration. What we will try to do today is to simplify this enough to have a platform from which to launch into further exploration in further exchanges. We warn you today that because this subject is so complex, there may be corrections in further exchanges. As students who understand the necessity and process of validation, this is not a new concern, but we bring emphasis to this consideration when delving into more complex and new territory. Weather is not created by or from SENTIENCE. Weather is a product of systems and processes that are inherent to a planet with or without sentient life. However, weather is created by and from consciousness, but consciousness exists to some degree for all things in existence and is not exclusive to sentient beings. Sentience has a unique level of consciousness, but is not unique in being conscious. Weather, then, is generated by and from many layers of consciousness that exists for that planetary system. What is unique to Sentience in terms of weather is that it REFLECTS the collective consciousness processes of that Sentience. For all other consciousness the weather does not reflect those processes. Think of it this way: A car exists and has processes that exist because it is a car. A person can have a car and even drive a car, but everything that happens where that car is involved, it may reflect what is happening for the driver, not the car. If there is a car crash, it is not because the car was processing something. For the car, there was a crash, but for the person driving, that crash means something. This is also true of weather. If there is a hurricane, it is just a hurricane. But for the people in the path of that hurricane, that hurricane means something. As it happens, Weather is composed of 7 elements that reflect the 7 Roles and their Axes. HUMIDITY, CLOUDS, TEMPERATURE, WIND, AIR PRESSURE, PRECIPITATION, and the SUN. The correlative order here is SERVER, ARTISAN, WARRIOR, SCHOLAR, SAGE, PRIEST, and KING. As weather reflects collective consciousness, weather does not always reflect YOUR consciousness. However, because you are a part of collective consciousness, considering what the weather reflects can always benefit you. Though we have associated these weather elements with Roles for convenience, it is the CENTERING that tends to be reflected. For example, a hot and humid day could be considered a Warrior/Server day and it may be of some insight to consider the Moving and Emotional Centers. The more discomfort you feel in relation to the heat and humidity, the more you may be processing your Sentimentalism (attachments/grief/past) and your Frustration (lack of movement or results). The more you enjoy that weather, the more likely you are in the positive poles of those centers. This can get tricky because bodies experience weather not just in terms of consciousness, but in terms of genetics, so this has to be considered, as well. We will explore that in further exchanges. For most of our students today, the concern is about extremes of weather and disruptive weather and how these may reflect the collective consciousness of humans. When there are extremes of weather or disruptive weather, there tends to be a reflection of a breaking point or breakthrough for the corresponding centers predominantly represented by that weather. As you can see, these are highly simplified interpretations because many of these extremes will have contributions and even stages that are related to several Centers, but this is a fair system from which to begin exploring how weather reflects processes of Sentience. We will clarify here that when we say processes of "extremes" of Centers, we are speaking of both extremes in the negative poles of those Centers and/or extremes in their emphasis at the rejection of other Centers, and/or extremes in their complete neglect. At the moment in your history as Sentience, there are a great many extremes occurring. Considering the correlative system we described above, our students can gain insight into what a region may be processing collectively. We will open the floor here for questions. ******QUEUE IS NOW OPEN****** Brian: I was wondering how weather patterns you have described would be affected by geography. As an example, hurricanes wouldn't form or hit in the mountains or midwest of the United States or the southern tip of Africa or South America. A blizzard or flood would not affect the desert areas. Or rather, not occur. MEntity: This question speaks to the various layers we mentioned that are to be considered in the long run regarding weather and consciousness. The Geographical layer would be a part of what is considered to be "Climate" and climate refers to the resting state of support that a region has for its occupants. Climate is basically the weather that can be anticipated and expected of a region over a long period of time and Geography plays a great part in this. Geographical elements that contribute to weather can be correlated to the Axes of our system: LATITUDE = INSTINCTIVE; WATER (bodies of) = INSPIRATIONAL; TOPOGRAPHY = ACTION; ELEVATION = INTELLECTUAL. There are combinations here that affect the long-term state of weather for a region and create Climate. There are 12 Basic states of Climate and these correspond to the 12 Support Positions. We will elaborate upon these in another exchange with you, but we will say now that climate change is real and when climate change is in effect at such an exponentially rapid scale, it tends to reflect a complete overhaul of all Sentience involved with that planet. This can be related to a Soul Age shift or resistance to a Soul Age shift, or both. But to answer your question, geography does play a role in weather, but more so in terms of climate and that speaks more to the desires of Personality or Essence and the support that climate brings than it does to the processes collective consciousness. NEXT Uma: Your description that there are a great many extremes occurring, is exactly what I'm feeling. Do you have some suggestions for navigating this more elegantly? Is there anything we can do as sentient humans to make things better? Uma: And is the Infinite Soul manifestation any more likely than previously discussed? MEntity: What we can suggest in response to your first question to focus on what your region of weather is reflecting, particularly in terms of extreme or disruptive weather. Look to the system we described and see if you can determine if and how it reflects your own processes and how you can bring healing, balance, and positive pole Center elements to that process. You may find that you cannot relate to what that collective process is reflecting. If that is the case, it may be that someone else, or some organization, or group who are a part of that process may be benefited by your support. In regard to your second question, see our response above. For a more detailed response specific to your region, we may require more focus. Uma: If I understand it correctly, the hurricanes we get in Florida are related to Intellectual Center breakthroughs. Is that correct? MEntity: As for the Infinite Soul, the likelihood remains steady at the moment. There have been no spikes in probability. The neglect of the Intellectual Center is at the core of the collective processes that those hurricanes reflect, though there are emotional and instinctive layers that are also involved. Uma: That makes sense. Thank you. MEntity: In this case, hurricane disruptions tend to reflect cycles of extreme neglect regarding authenticity, truth, insight, and clear communication. NEXT Janet: It’s been much hotter (and I think drier) than usual in the UK in the last few summers. What’s the correlation with Brexit, if any? MEntity: Yes, there is relevance, though it is not the only relevance. These disruptions are relative the extremes of complacency that others have harnessed or hijacked. There is a call to action here but with most results being confusion and paralysis. An exploration of the overleaves and Roles on the Action Axis can help shed light on solutions and problems to transform. NEXT Maureen: Why do some of us like hot or cold weather and others don't? MEntity: This tends to be relative to Body Types and genetics, but this can also be relative to the dominant Centering. We would elaborate upon this in further exchanges. The dominant Centering can create attraction to or repulsion from climates associated with other Centers/Climates. In addition to these elements, there is the layer of choice based in Personality and Essence. If one chooses where to live, it is the choice of Personality and the choice of Essence will align with that. If one is "stuck" where one lives and cannot leave that climate, it is likely the result of choice on an Essence level and that climate represents a system /element of support that was anticipated to be of benefit. Maureen: Thank you! MEntity: We will conclude here for today, then. What we have shared here is the skeleton of a system that can be fleshed out from here. Consider this to be a "cheat sheet" for considering extremes and disruptions of weather and how these may reflect collective processes. In further exchanges we can assess various regions relevant to our students and specific events that may be of interest. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    "Coincidentally," after reading Connor's response, I came across this session today: Michael Speaks: October 2008. Excerpt (there is more in the linked session): Most of our older students surround themselves by early Mature souls as a primary context, at best. This does not mean one cannot find support in that circle, or that support does not exist from a few older souls, but that your primary contexts are far younger in perspective. The older soul grows weary of adapting and adjusting actions, feelings, insights, interactions, etc to accommodate the younger souls around them. Older souls are more than willing to adapt and adjust, but this does not mean that you do not grow weary. Imagine the adult who happily accommodates the toddlers and teens for months on end with no other adults with which to relate. It is really no different. This process of adaptation can lead one to begin to question the validity of one's own identity, one's sense of self, and one's presence as it is expressed FOR the world vs expressed FOR WHO one is.
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    Ok, you CANNOT write that without some elaboration! LOL
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    Michael Speaks: Shadow Fragments 2018-09-29 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2018 Transcribed by DanielaS MEntity: We are here. Give us a few moments to come through a little bit stronger as we speak to you, but hello to each of you. You are welcome to . . . greet us back . . . Group: Hello. MEntity: . . . if you choose to. There may be some stops and starts as we come through. Bear with us. We understand that the subject tonight that we will discuss is based on the concept of Shadow Fragments that we have introduced a few times. This is a concept that we offered as a way to bring some insight and understanding to those relationships in your life that trigger you, especially as you grow into your Old Soulness. You will still have things that you want to learn. You will still have challenges that you want to face. You will still have growth that you want to pursue, and sometimes this requires friction. But you would like to approach these challenges and pursuits of growth and expansion and general experiences of discovery without Karma, and this is where Shadow Fragments come in. This is not to say that all Shadow Fragment relationships are Karma-free, but that Shadow Fragments in themselves and the triggering process that occurs in the dynamic between you and the Shadow Fragment tends to be Karma-free, regardless of how much it triggers you. There is usually no interruption or interference of choice to the extent that Karma is created, because that is at the core of creating Karma. There must be some form of interference of choice. In fact, Shadow Fragments tend to provoke you into a more conscious navigation of choices because of your being triggered and having to deal with this. Shadow Fragments tend to show up in three different ways. There are the temporary Shadow Fragments. These are individuals who trigger you on a random basis and often in public or in your environment that is not necessarily intimate, but still is shared enough for this fragment to trigger you. There are these symbolic Shadow Fragments that are far outside of your sphere of a shared environment, but still represent to you behaviors that may trigger you. These Shadow Fragments tend to show up on the public stage on a larger scale, in some way that triggers you and often many others at the same time. And then there are persistent Shadow Fragments. These are individual Essences who over time from the beginning of your incarnations start to notice that you are capable of triggering each other without harming each other within certain lifetimes, and your Essences begin to negotiate a relationship that is based on this entirely. And so, these persistent Shadow Fragments will show up in your lives, across your lives, and be that individual who pops into your life, pisses you off, and triggers you, and may leave or step outside of your intimate space at some point. Or they may remain. They often do not stay too close to you because of all of the triggering. But these are fragments that you develop a very close bond with, ironically, because the trust levels must be there at the core of your Essences in order for you to trigger each other to the extent that you take that triggering as an opportunity to grow, rather than take it as a form of harm or hurt. Understanding that these temporary, symbolic, and persistent individuals exist in the world can help you to navigate your being triggered in a way that adds depth to your reflection, adds depth to your self-examination in what your part is in that relationship. This does not mean that you do not have to hold the other individuals accountable. It does not mean that they have permission to do whatever they would like, but there is a difference, and you probably will be able to sense this as older souls. There is a difference between those opportunities where you are triggered and those experiences where you are harmed. And having that moment of clarity that this is possibly a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, can turn the focus back to what you can do to grow from that experience rather than what you can do to avoid or defend or fight. There may be times where you have to avoid, defend, and fight if the intensity levels get too much, but adding even a moment of clarity that allows you to use the opportunity for growth can change the dynamic tremendously. What is triggered in you is what we refer to as Shadow Elements. Shadow Elements is a phrase that we . . . or terms that we use to describe the parts of you that you do not like to see, the parts of you that you thought might have actually been outgrown, the parts of you that you thought were healed, the parts of you that you thought did not exist. These are the parts of you that we refer to as the Shadow Elements. They are brought to the surface and often surprise you and may even disgust you. And these can be compounded on top of each other so that you are so surprised and so disgusted by your own reactions that you make it worse for yourself because your focus then turns towards judging yourself, condemning yourself, feeling betrayed by yourself, out of control of yourself, and so forth. So, understanding that these Shadow Elements are an opportunity to see the ugly, to see the less refined, to see the parts of you that may still be broken or wounded brought to the surface. This is not an indication that you are failing or that you are someone different than who you thought you were, but it is an opportunity for you to find a part of you that may have been lost, forgotten, repressed, and so forth, so that you can bring that light and healing to those parts of you. Sometimes that healing and that light comes simply in the moment of your recognizing that you are capable of such surprising reactions. Honoring the fact that that was a part of you, a part of the spectrum of you, may be all of the healing that you needed. It may be that one final step needed to move you closer to a sense of wholeness and presence with who you are. Because as you grow in this world, regardless of your Soul Age, there will be parts of you that are taught to you are bad and should be avoided and behaviors that are not productive or useful. Possibly even dangerous. When, in fact, these parts of you may be the very thing that you needed in order to move forward or to heal or to grow by bringing them to the surface. Before we move on, we will ask you in general, and you can answer as you feel the impulse: Do all of you recognize that you may have a Shadow Fragment of some form in your life? Group: Yes. MEntity: We would invite two or three of you, whoever feels they may have a clear example to share, what that is in your life, how you recognize it, how you have responded to it, and what you might have discovered as a Shadow Element and what you might call that. And how you navigated this. We invite you to discuss this. Maureen: I already spoke with you about this, and I think a good example might [be] my mother and my brother who identified as being Shadow Fragments and, um, they triggered in me anger. And what they, what you do with it was, it encouraged my self-confidence, and it backfired. Maybe to some degree, to a large degree. And it felt abusive. Um, so yeah, how I handled it is, kind of not really well for awhile. And then I guess eventually I did sort it out, to where the anger, I think, in this lifetime is finally being dealt with. So, perhaps they did help more than I think that they did. MEntity: That tends to be the case. Often the benefits of the relationship that were so triggering and difficult are not seen until much later. This is . . . we wish to clarify here that relationships such as this are difficult because, especially if it is a persistent Shadow Fragment, because while the Essences have a tremendous amount of trust with each other and a deep and ancient relationship, your Personalities are completely new to each other. And when the Shadow dynamic is brought into the picture, the Personalities can be consumed by that and take it too far and shift away from the original ideas and intentions of Essence. Of course, as you all know, your Personalities can override any plans for Essence, and move into such territories that you described as abusive. Abuse was probably not in any way a part of the plan, but the Personalities may have taken it too far and moved into that territory. This is why we wish to make it very clear to you that Shadow Fragments are not harmful and their intentions are not to hurt you or interfere with your choices. But, if that gets added on top of it, it can become very complicated. And your working through that and rising above that, so to speak, is Good Work. And taking from it what your Essences agreed upon is a part of what happens when you manifest Essence and listen to the original plans and take from it the original intentions. That can bring its own form of healing to the relationships that were abusive. Are there other examples? Michael: I have a co-worker who is, who triggers me a lot, and triggers frustration and anger. And she has taught me to be more patient and helped me to realize that I thought I was a patient person, but I'm learning that I'm not as patient as I am, and she's also helping me to become that person that I thought I was. Or I want to be. And, like you said there, we are developing a trust in the middle of this, but there still is those triggering moments no matter how much I try to avoid them. MEntity: That is a good point, that if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic in your life, just when you think you have worked through one layer, another will come up. That will be a fairly permanent dynamic between you, and this is important to note because this is where you learn about boundaries and your limits. To the extent that you are able to say, I am done with this, and be okay with what you learned from it and walk away from it if you can. If you cannot, if the dynamic is something that is built into the infrastructure of your work environment, you will have to be creative and use some psychological tactics to let the effects roll off of you, if you get to that point. But you do have a choice in whether to engage in that or not. We tend to find that once you have learned what you feel is enough to have gained some insight into yourself and to have seen a part of you that you see is valuable enough to work on, so to speak, the triggering effect is diminished and easier for you to let move around you instead of hitting you. Do you understand? Michael: Yes. MEntity: But that is an important note, that you do not have to endure all Shadow Fragment relationships. Get what you can from it and then make the choice of how you would like to move from there. Another example? Connor: [Name redacted], my former asshole of a manager when I bartended at the Walnut Street Theater for a few weeks back in 2015. This guy would shame his workers when they did not have his desired availability, which was every day of the week. He would summon his employees like dogs, not by calling out for them, but by whistling and expecting somebody to appear. One time this guy decided to open a box full of M&M packets by tossing the box up in the air and letting it just fall onto the ground. He does this a couple of times. It did not work. And when he opened the box, all of the M&M packets had burst and they all come tumbling out. Anybody else had done that they would have lost their job right then and there, but he was the manager so he stayed. Uh, eventually I moved on, but he triggered anger, frustration, and I suppose helplessness because I felt like, well, it's the job. He's the boss. Got to do it. Um, long after I left, though, he emails me with another offer of work, and I didn't have very much money. I probably should've accepted, but I told the son-of-a-bitch, no. I think I did get what I wanted out of it. That was one of the first times I stood up and said no to a potential avenue of work, putting personal happiness as a factor worth considering in the decision. MEntity: That is another good example of the dynamic of recognizing that it is the helplessness that is being triggered, and making a choice that does not necessarily ignore your helplessness, but honors something greater alongside it. The helplessness and your concern about work and income does not disappear simply because you take a stand, of course, but taking a stand can help you to generate the energy, the inspiration, the value in what ends up being your next choice. So, that is one of the ways that you can gain from these relationships when you were done and recognize what you learned from it. It may feel as if you have to, such as in your case, go back into the relationship because of circumstances, but if you can choose differently and recognize why you are choosing differently, then it benefits the choice that comes after that. Do you understand? Connor: I do. MEntity: Any other examples? Diane: I also have a previous boss that really triggered me. He's probably an Old Scholar and not a bad guy, but he was a terrible boss because he was kind of clueless and didn't like his job. So, we were the only ones in the accounting department, and he refused to learn anything to do with my job, and just kind of dropped it on me. And that triggered a lot of helplessness and anger, and it also triggered my own difficulty with communication and with setting my own boundaries because I didn't really . . . I tried to leave three months in instead of setting my boundaries with him because it wasn't where I really wanted to work, but for various reasons I decided to. It actually pushed me to start my own business, because I never wanted to have someone like that have control over my life again. And in the end I did realize I had a lot of stuff getting triggered that was my own thing, my own difficulty with communication. MEntity: And likely the dance that you may have been having with the process of justifying your right to pursue your own creative solutions in paths. Sometimes a Shadow Fragment dynamic can put you in a position where you suddenly feel justified that, well, now I'm not going to do this again because I can't go through that again. Sometimes that is what a Shadow Fragment relationship will do as well, is trigger you into a position where you are motivated to fulfill something that you had been putting off on a regular basis before that. Diane: Yeah. That's true. MEntity: Do any of you recognize a symbolic Shadow Fragment [Laughter] affecting the world? [Laughter] What do you feel may be the focal point of being triggered within each of you? You can speak up in order or just randomly toss out your ideas. [Multiple Students express individual thoughts and feelings] Where to start! Yeah, really. It's a smorgasbord. It's more helplessness, I suppose. Our political assassination days seem to be over. And I don't want to see the inside of a jail. Fear and helplessness. Anger and injustice. Rage, and how he's just blundering his incompetent ass through all of our norms and setups, and he doesn't even want to learn. He doesn't care or want to learn anything outside of his own . . . I don't want to call it a brain. Anyway. [Laughter] It's triggering contempt, for me. It's contempt for all the people who validate him. I feel such contempt for him, but also for the people that support him. And that they are really rallying around him, and I feel this anger and contempt for THEM, which is an unpleasant feeling. It makes me suspect and dislike people that otherwise have been friends because they still support him, and it makes me very suspicious of them and not want to be around them, just because of that. I don't think there's ever been something in my life, other than say just a straight-up KKK-person or something, but I've always felt people could have different opinions. Makes me feel World War III. I'm hoping that it's like a big pus boil getting poked, getting punctured, bursting out all over. Hopefully that means we'll be in the wonderful, fantastic timeline down the road. I get triggered by his selfishness, too. And his destroying things that I value out of his own selfishness, needs, or wants. MEntity: We have a few things to say. [Laughter] This individual is a symbolic Shadow Fragment, not only for you but for the Soul Ages that are aligning with this individual. This individual is reflecting THEIR worst selves, their surprising levels of betrayal to themselves, and they are not protected from the triggering any more than you are. For you, for most of the later Mature and Old Souls, part of what you are witnessing is a shift not unlike a Third Internal Monad on a collective level, where there will be those who fall short of questioning authority and those who take a stand to question authority. So, it is on a collective scale, especially specific to the United States. There is a growing pain happening there to move from the Third Internal Monad collectively to a Fourth Internal Monad. But the way it is affecting you, aside from the rainbow of adjectives to describe your Shadow Elements, it was mentioned that you are feeling the need to draw a line between those who are aligning with this symbolic fragment and to step away from them. And this is new to feel such an inclination. But that is because part of the evolution of the older soul is to get to a point where you know your limits in your capacity to save the world. You can contribute to the world. You can contribute to your loved ones. You can participate in the world. You can participate in its progress. But at some point you must step away from excusing, ignoring, avoiding, being lenient, being polite, to those who represent some of the more reprehensible qualities of humanity that they must grow out of and grow through. And so your drawing these boundaries up in your personal life is not a bad thing or a harmful thing. It is part of the dynamic of growing up, not only for you, but for the individuals you are stepping away from. They must immerse themselves in the ugliness that they are seeing come out of themselves. Even if you do not see that they see this, and it is quite perplexing to see some possibly be even proud of this, but there are inner workings that are happening, an inner growth that is happening. You will not always be privy to that while you are alive, but it is happening. And your separating from them allows them to grow in the way that they need to grow. You cannot save them from themselves. You must care for those who can be cared for in the way that you can care. Do you understand? Group: Yes. MEntity: This is not that different from a parent who must step away from the child who has moved into states of rebellion that cannot be controlled and cannot be communicated through, cannot be removed from that person's trajectory in life and evolution. The parent must simply step back and create the space for the individual to make the mess that they may make, while allowing you to be as free from that mess as possible. It is not possible to be free from it entirely, especially on a global scale, if the mess gets too big. But the boundaries that you are drawing, that are surprising you, that are being triggered in you in a way that feels ugly and difficult, is the part of you that, as we said earlier, was taught to you was a wrong way to be, a bad way to be. But it is a healthy way to be when it is necessary, and that is what many of you are learning, however painful it is that sometimes you have to walk away and let your self-care be the priority. Do you understand? Group: Yes. MEntity: We do have a list of terms that we could use to identify the Shadow Elements to help you navigate more accurately, but we probably will not be able to get all of them through. But some of you have brought them up, such as rage. We will add violence, helplessness, defeat. These are familiar terms relevant to the Shadow Elements that are brought to the surface when one is triggered. Do you have any questions about these concepts that we can take to help expand on it? Cong: So, what's the relationship between our Shadow Fragment and those who play the Discipline Position, or to who you're playing the Discipline Position? Because I feel in a Discipline Position there tend to be triggers. MEntity: Yes, there is a difference, but a Shadow Fragment makes an excellent Discipline Position in one's life. So, the lines can become blurred. The difference is that the Shadow Fragment will trigger you, will provoke a reaction in you that you then must catch and identify, and then make the choice from there. Whereas, a Discipline Position tends to simply present you with opportunities to make a choice, to make a better choice, to determine a structure that works better for you, and so forth. It is more complex in its effect in your life. It is the position that helps you to learn how to say "yes" and mean it, and how to say "no" and mean it. But, it is not always done through simply triggering you so that you are provoked into a reaction. Do you understand? Cong: Yes. MEntity: But it can be. Janet: I'm going to ask a similar question about the connection and differences between a Shadow Fragment and interplay of Chief Features. Because I had a co-worker that I think was a Shadow Fragment. When I asked you about what is it I had with her, and you said it was an interplay of our Chief Features. So, how do you distinguish between, you know, just being triggered because your Chief Feature is in play that time versus this is somebody that's triggering you because they're playing the role of the Shadow Fragment? MEntity: There really is no difference. Janet: Okay. MEntity: The Chief Feature will always be involved. Janet: Okay. Ann: I have a question whether-- this harks back at personal experience-- but whether or not, like, it can be something that first that you're friends with? It seems like a friendly relationship and then it turns, and then something, you know, it's something that becomes triggered. Is that, can that be a Shadow Fragment relationship as well? MEntity: We would need more elaboration. Ann: Okay. For example, there was a woman I was friends with, actually a few women. And, um, and it was really fun and friendly and then it just got nuts, you know, where we became, I became very triggered by things that I felt that they were doing. And in some cases they were, indeed, doing them. And it provoked rage. I became enraged. And, um, and so I'm wondering if that can also be a Shadow Fragment relationship, where it starts out friendly, you're not triggered right away, but then you become triggered at some point? MEntity: Oh, yes. Yes. Often your most effective Shadow Fragments are those who slip their way into your life, and then--surprise. [Laughter] Kasia: I have a question about violence. Because out of the Shadow Elements that you mentioned--rage, violence, helplessness, defeat--is the one that seems to, like, hurt. Like rage, helplessness, defeat is internal. Violence seems like an external thing. I have trouble accepting that, as like the person who has trouble accepting violence being, like, acceptable under any situation. How do you accept something that is that unacceptable versus, you know, hurts other people intentionally. MEntity: Violence does not necessarily mean it hurts anyone. It can be as simple as feeling so compelled to break your TV or to throw something. We are not speaking in terms of a Shadow Element that crosses the line into harm to another. Even yourself, because rage can also harm you, harm yourself. It can make you sick, literally. So, we are speaking about the moment that you feel these triggers, these reactions, and then capture them and call yourself out on these or at least to question them. But, if it crosses into the territory of harm, it is a different story. Kasia: Okay. MEntity: And accepting the unacceptable is solved by accepting it. [Laughter] It takes work. Martha: So my question about the Shadow figures. One of my sisters, I think, is a hundred percent one of these. And over the past year I've read, reread, accepting the unacceptable like a dozen times trying to get--anyway. So, my question is, um, she sort of gaslights some of the family members and that stuff is just built up over the years, where she used to be fun and everybody loved to hang out with her, but now she's just sort of evil to people she's put on her bad list. And, so, I would think that the triggering is going both ways. Although I would, I think, I could give you a laundry list where you'd think I was right. The point is, like, she treats me like a child. All these things that she does that trigger me, she's clearly pissed off at us too. Right? So I'm hearing from her end, you know, she thinks we're the, I mean, she would say we're the Shadow people that are triggering her because we refuse to do everything the way she wants it. So, that's sort of my question is, is the other side of the Shadow relationship, if it's someone in your life, are they seeing YOU that way as well? Reciprocal. MEntity: It is often reciprocal but is not required. It is not a standard built into the dynamic. The triggering can be unidirectional, but it does often tend to be reciprocal, which is one of the reasons why it is very difficult to break out of it, because "no matter what you do," even in your best efforts, will be interpreted or land in a way that simply provokes reactions. This is why some of you have moved into positions to back away and draw a line as well, because there is an inner intelligence, an emotional intelligence in you that also recognizes that you will simply compound the situation by addressing it. This is not the same thing as giving up or ignoring or walking away, but recognizing the validity in breaking the dynamic that could become compounded, especially unnecessarily. And, so, you step away from those individuals that you know you cannot communicate with in a way that is effective. And that is precisely because if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, it will never land properly. Martha: Right. Yeah, and it just gets worse. It just gets worse as times goes on. MEntity: Yes. Understanding that that is part of what is built into the relationship can also free you from the anxiety of having to question whether you are doing something bad or wrong or failed. This is not to give you permission or to justify ignoring or walking away from any difficult relationships or conversations, but we know that most of our students will know the difference between when a Shadow Fragment dynamic is in play and when it is simply a difficult situation, and you are allowed to call it and walk away if you can. Maureen: If it's not too personal, I'd like to know if Troy's mother was a Shadow Fragment. MEntity: Oh yes. [Laughter] Student: As you're speaking about the subject, a question comes up. For me, I feel like a lot of the Shadow Fragments that I can identify in my life or other people's life experience, you know, you can find it in the family system. And family system is harder to walk away from, but at certain points you can and you mature. As I get older, I feel as though I have fewer. Like, I've dealt better with the actual Shadow Fragments in my life, the people that have served that, and now the bigger emphasis is on the symbolic ones and the temporary ones. Is that common as you age that you tend to manage the more intimate ones and then you find yourself dealing more with the symbolic and the temporary one? MEntity: Yes, because it becomes fairly annoying to have it so close in your space after some time, and you would rather work on these elements from an Old Soul's perspective, on your own terms. So, the symbolic . . . the evolution even within a single lifetime away from the more intimate and affecting Shadow Fragment dynamics and a move toward the symbolic, allows you to work on broader themes that are being uncovered in you that you would like to approach and heal and evolve and so forth. And, so, yes, that is a common pattern. BFBobby: In a recent channeling session with Troy, Michael spoke about there being two general types of people, proactive and reactive, and then sometimes people are a hybrid of the two. And not to put emphasis on Troy, but Troy is a proactive person and I tend to be more reactive and I'm probably closer to being a hybrid. I think proactive people can often be perceived as provocateurs or instigators. And I think he may have already somewhat answered this a second ago when we were talking about older souls or Michael students just having to use emotional intelligence to know the difference between a Shadow Fragment and someone else who's not a Shadow Fragment. But is it truly the Shadow Elements that we need to identify just to determine in a given situation, yes, that person is probably performing a Shadow Fragment role in my life, as opposed to just being a very proactive or provocative person in my life? MEntity: Yes. The difference between a difficult person and a Shadow Fragment is the level of intensity that is identified as foreign to you when it is triggered as a reaction. It is not the same thing as knowing where your boundaries are, knowing where your lines are, knowing that what you do and do not like. In a Shadow Fragment dynamic, it usually comes as a surprise how it strikes you and comes up and out of you, and that tends to be the clearest differentiation between those difficult relationships and an actual Shadow Fragment dynamic. Did this answer your question? BFBobby: Yes. I was not trying to define Troy as a difficult relationship for me. [Laughter] I think proactive people might sometimes get a bad rap. And I just wanted to make sure that . . . MEntity: We know who you are speaking . . . BFBobby: I'm not trying to make this about Troy. I'm just giving him as an example of a proactive person, and proactive people can sometimes be perceived as provocative or, like, why are you getting in my business? MEntity: He is listening. BFBobby: They're not the same as a Shadow Fragment triggering you. Martha: We're talking about boundaries, maybe, and somebody that is . . . BFBobby: There are some people good at pushing boundaries, and like, trying to open up space to create, talk about something that's uncomfortable and that's not the same as triggering. Martha: But it's an important distinction. MEntity: We will also point out that some of you . . . while all of you can be Shadow Fragments in other people's lives . . . Group: Oh, no! [Laughter] MEntity: Many of you will not be. It is a very specific type of role that an individual will volunteer to play as an Essence, and some of you will never be that fragment in someone's life. So, it is not a dynamic that simply randomly comes up. It is quite carefully orchestrated over time and refined over time, and some of you do not want to, as Essences, do not have any interest in that. Even if you are not interested in being a Shadow Fragment, it is quite compelling, however, to be at the receiving end of a Shadow Fragment dynamic because of the opportunities for evolution. So, while you may never be a Shadow Fragment, you will ALL find a Shadow Fragment in your life in some way. Cyprus: I have a question. Going back, I'm thinking of the same session that you are. When you start out in a relationship with someone, do you already have the plan to do the Shadow Fragment aspect, or is that something that could just develop because circumstances worked out that way and then it kind of went into that? MEntity: No, it is built in. Cyprus: Always? MEntity: Yes. Student: Is it like an Agreement? MEntity: Yes. It is a fairly . . . for the persistent fragments it is a persistent agreement and it will always be a part of it. For the temporary moments, these are built in. They may seem random, but they can be negotiated on the fly, and they are done, we say "on the fly" from our perspective, but it is much more carefully orchestrated from your perspective. Or rather, to be clear on what we just said, from our perspective it is quite quickly negotiated. But, it may look as if it's random in your everyday lives. Our point being that none of them are random in any way. They are built into the relationships. Even the symbolic ones. Kasia: So, with Shadow Fragments is it always a one-on-one thing? I mean, obviously for symbolic ones, for example, Trump triggering a group of people. But can there be, like, a group Shadow situation? MEntity: Yes. Kasia: And how does that work? MEntity: In most cases, there tends to be an institution involved, an institution that has become representative of a provocative element that can trigger groups of people. And the way that works is the Shadow Fragments who wish to contribute to that group dynamic will . . . it must be an opt-in circumstance. Such as, for instance, the Ku Klux Klan, would be an example of a group dynamic where the institution itself represents the Shadow Fragment, and opting into that contributes to it so that it affects groups of people. Kasia: What about on a more personal level? Groups of three or four? MEntity: What example would you have for that? Kasia: The reason I ask is, I found myself living in situations where I've been triggered by, like, neighbors, and it's been a consistent pattern in very many places that I've lived around the world. And I'm trying to figure out if that was, like, is that like a group of Shadow Fragments that just keeps always reappearing, like, all around the world? MEntity: We would have to look more closely at that to give you a definitive answer. But if you notice a pattern where you are triggered in some way that the individuals involved are not intentionally doing so, especially in a way that is directly aimed at you, it may be something different. Kasia: Okay. MEntity: We cannot give an example at this moment of what that might be, but it is not always that. If the pattern is in you on a regular basis, there may be something else to look at there. Kasia: Okay. Thank you. Maureen: Is there a mathematical component to Shadow Fragments? MEntity: We can get into that in another exchange, but the mathematical elements would have to do with the way the Overleaves work in reaction to each other, especially from the negative poles. To simplify a response to that question, we would simply say that if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, it would not matter what Overleaves were involved. There would be negative poles involved and when those negative poles are involved, there will always be clashing. There will always be a mathematical or electrical circuitry that is causing part of the effect. For Overleaves that are on the same Axis, such as Acceptance and Discrimination, when these are in the negative poles, these can tend to be even more abrasive if they're on the same Axis. But we can elaborate on that in another exchange as we are losing focus through Troy, now. Do you have any more questions before we head out? Student: I just have one quick question. Is Putin a Shadow symbol as well? MEntity: We will [Troy laughs] say yes. Student: Okay. Thought so. MEntity: We were going to turn the question around because we think you know the answer. Student: I just wanted validation. Thank you. Petra: For the Shadow Fragment, as I understand it, has the quality to go very deep, like, surprise, surprise. You thought you were done with that and this brings stuff out that I thought I didn't have carrying with me, or thought I'm done with. It's a surprise. And I cannot respond. MEntity: Yes. You will respond. Hopefully, you will respond after the reaction in some ways so that the choices that you make are yours and not simply out of defense or . . . yes. We think we have introduced the subject enough for you to ponder your lives and look at relationships in a different way that might bring some clarity and empowerment to your choices. And we can elaborate on the concept in further exchanges with you. But for now we will head out and say goodbye. Group: Thank you! Goodbye! Good to see you!
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    What we are seeing around us is the chaotic buildup to 2020 with 2019 being the pivotal year within a pivotal century. People who aren't sensitive to it, to Energy, are wondering "what's going on?". For the rest of us, who feel stuff, it's such a strong underlying tension, like a throb, it's very hard to disengage from. I think that's why there are so many "attacks" and endings of long term relationships, etc. We're ALL on edge, literally, on The Edge, on the precipice of change like we've never seen before. It's partly a waking up BUT it's also "just" an overload of pressure or tension that NEEDS to be released. If you listen, in a certain way, you can feel and hear the "buzz". I feel like my head, actually my whole body, is going to explode every single fucking day. I just got back to Pilates after 4 years away (after hip surgery in 2015) and it helps enormously to get the tension out of my body. I use it as a sort of a physical meditation (I turn off all distractions and just focus on giving wholly to myself) as I need to give a "nod to my bod" as it's the one who is bearing the brunt for all of me these days. I'm also needing to spend more and more time meditating to just feel "normal". So self care at this time is extremely important -- not only for each of us individually but also for each other. We won't get through this, well, or at all (notice how many suicides are being reported) if we don't take care of ourselves and each other. Remember we are all walking each other home -- so be kind. Be kind to yourself and kind to each other. Kindness matters more now than ever.
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    So after 9 months of being in and out of work after my stroke, and having heart surgery, today i did my back to work physical and physical agility test to return to full duty as a firefighter. I passed everything, and not only did i pass the agility test, i killed it, and had a better time than the young guy we just hired. I killed it on purpose to show all the naysayer at my work that i am still on top. I am excited to get back and to be able to show all the doubters that they can't keep me down. I start work tomorrow officially, woohoo. I know i am an artisan, but i must have some warrior in me, i got lots of fight in me, lol. Maybee Amy is rubbing off on me, lol.
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    In a session in which Michael gave me information on early education and nurturing for an Old Soul Artisan (my granddaughter), it was clear that the information would be useful for all roles, except that of course not every parent would be able to find out the role of the child via a channel. I had this exchange with Michael: Janet: I’d like your input on how you would prefer to offer early education/nurturing information. I think the Role might be easiest for new parents to somehow deduce. MEntity: Any persistent element is worth considering in the developmental years, such as Role, Casting, Frequency, Energy Ratio, Soul Age. Janet: Most parents won’t easily be able to determine all that information but I suspect you can provide some hints to allow parents to approximate what they are dealing with in their new infants. … Is that a question that you can address in a future session? MEntity: Yes, we have a system ready to share for assessing a child in terms that can be helpful for developmental nurturing and focus. … The Role and/or Casting can be helpful for those first assessments, as one or both of these tend to be most obvious as children. I propose a session in which we ask Michael to share this system.
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    I got some general info on the Nexus Bubble/the next Nexus in monday's POF: Nadine: Hello Michael, I have some questions regarding the recent Nexus Bubble and the following Nexus. You have stated that during a Nexus Bubble there is an increased feeling of pressure on the individual because there is no spinning off of new parallels. However, the last Nexus we had, as well as the upcoming one, were/are Convergences, without any new parallels spinning off, if I understand the process correctly. So I don't understand how these Convergences would relieve pressure instead of creating even more? Please explain. Nadine: Also, regarding the upcoming Convergence you've said: „August 25th - 27th - NEXUS – CONVERGENCE - This Nexus window looks to bring with it a further shift toward “strength in numbers” regarding altering the course of history regarding potential war.“ Is this a Nexus solely on a global level or does it play out on an individual level as well, and if so, how? MEntity: Parallels are generated on a regular basis by every individual. Whether we highlight a Convergence or a Divergence in our reports, all of you are still spinning off variations of your lives based on choices you make. What was unique about the Nexus Bubble was that this halted altogether for everyone. This is highly unusual and it had an effect. When the Nexus Bubble ended, the greater patterns point to a Convergence, but what has come to bring some relief is that each of you are back to generating your own variations and parallel branches. MEntity: The Nexus Bubble has ended, and all of you are back to allowing your own parallels, but that does mean you have generated any. For many of our students, the Nexus Bubble has ended, but no parallel branches have been generated. The relief may still be there, but it may be tentative and wavering until you generate a personal divergence that may bring more focus and footing. MEntity: What we focus on in our reports is what is happening collectively, so a Convergence or a Divergence will not have any bearing on what each of you generate on your own. Nadine: Oh, okay, I thought the different levels were kind of hooked into each other MEntity: The Nexus Bubble appears to have been a halt on all parallel activity as a way to reduce the "noise" of that process and help draw together all of the parallels that can merge in a form of solidarity for a better future than what was being seen in probabilities. The two Convergences that followed the Nexus Bubble are all about strengthening a focus on a future that is viable and more preferable to what had been on trajectory. MEntity: It is true that the different levels are hooked into each other, which is how a Convergence or Divergence is generated collectively, but it is not unusual that you generate a divergent parallel or two during a wave where most are converging. MEntity: The August 25th Nexus is global. We tend to focus on Global in our reports, but sometimes they are about a dominant theme of pockets across different regions where some may or may not see the effects.
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