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    ENERGY REPORT February 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY comes with a strange mix of calm and chaos as the energy begins to shift away from Delusion and toward Creativity. Personal, Community and Global Delusions are starting to break down and collapse and find little support, while Personal, Community, and Global Creativity begins to gain some support, traction, and momentum as a solution to the array of delusions that have been anchored in various populations for decades and even centuries. For most of our students, February and March may feel a bit like a “hurry up and wait” energy that has a calm anxiousness about it, a frenetic and frustrating energy but also a sense of progress. This comes from the mix of Flow and Moving Center in effect as populations dance between the negative and positive poles. We do not have a lot to report for February but can say that it will be helpful for our students to keep in mind that progress is happening and is moving toward desired directions in personal, community, and global terms, but this may not be obvious in this wave of calm chaos transition. In other words, a helpful February phrase might be to just “hang in there.” DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): February 19th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- ENERGY BOOST - This looks like a wave of energy that may amplify energy, events, an intensity in some area of the personal life and world events. We do not know how this will play out, but it is a sense of acceleration. NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: BE BEYOND - There are times in a life and on a planet when events or people or relationships seem at a standstill or terribly disrupted or unending or boring or too intense, even too painful, but it will always help you to BE BEYOND THIS. What we mean is that it is okay to know you exist beyond whatever you are experiencing now. You need not escape into that future, but you exist in that future. For example, there is a future when the King known as Donald Trump is no longer in power. It exists. And you exist there, as well. It is okay to know this and to connect to the anchor of this truth. There is a future where you have the job you seek. There is a future where you are happy again. There is a future where you fall in love again. There is a future when your pain is relieved. And so on. Let yourself BE BEYOND the moment without losing yourself to the moment. Let yourself be in the moment, but not lost to it when you are overwhelmed. Let yourself connect to the greater patterns of your life so that you can more easily navigate your way toward more desired outcomes. Be Beyond.
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    February 24, 2019 TeamTLE Note: This session is essentially a continuation of the material supplied in Michael Speaks: Education, and that session should be read first. It contains the information Michael mentions about how the likely Centering of a child is revealed. The format of this session was set in a private session in which Janet asked for information about the education of her young Artisan granddaughter. The Artisan information is referenced by Michael and, for convenience, has been dropped into this transcript following the introduction and before the start of the material about Sages. The February session supplied information on Sages, Priests and Servers. Information on Warriors and Kings was added in March, and the final Role of Scholar was added in December. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. As we have covered in previous exchanges, the Centering of a child is the first consideration for nurturing during development. We have already described the symptoms that can help reveal the likely Centering of a child. It is safe to use those symptoms as a starting point, but Centering is not static and can change over time, so it is helpful to keep this in mind as the child grows. In addition to this, each Role will have a tendency to favor a Centering and will naturally nurture this even on their own. It can be helpful to know which Centering would help in bringing balance to the Role as the child develops. ARTISANS The Artisan will tend to, naturally, nurture the Expression or Intellectual Center, so it can be quite helpful for the Artisan to have an emphasis put on the Moving Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Artisan will require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for most of her successful creations in life. Many Artisans will tend to fall into the Negative Pole when they have not learned how to funnel creativity into form. The Moving Center will tend to be rejected by the Artisan in many ways, so having positive reinforcement for its use can be life changing. Artisans who embrace the Moving Center tend to be able to create from start to finish the projects that are so important to them. When the Moving Center is experienced as a distraction or burden, the Artisan can get stuck in a world of Emotion and Thought that forces fantasy and delusion. This includes sexuality and sex, so the Artisan who is informed in healthy ways about the world of sex and sexuality, and the fluidity of gender, can be helped tremendously to develop healthy creativity. As toddlers, it can help to have toys that exhibit the dynamic of cause and effect, action and results, consequences of creativity, such as interactive puzzles. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide media that can be shaped, such as clays, paints, etc. When it is appropriate, it can be helpful to provide meaningful activity that is tied to creativity, not just to exercise. For example, rather than teaching the child to do routine exercises, a playful obstacle course or treasure or scavenger hunt can help the Artisan stay comfortable with the Moving Center. The Artisan will readily connect with the Higher Moving Center, so it will be important to avoid any imposed gender identity that forces the Artisan to choose between Focused and Creative. Artisans are the least-binary of the Roles, regardless of Energy Ratio, and imposing a gender role identity can lead to extremes or dysfunctions. So the key for Artisans is the healthy relationship with the Moving Center and Higher Moving Center. In terms of education and development, this would be something to consider in any "lesson" for the Artisan. Furthermore, indirect teaching tends to work well for Artisans. For example, for an Artisan to learn arithmetic, it can be helpful to have it tied to the arts in some way. The count of music, the scaling of images, the use of a canvas, the structure of architecture, the rhythms of dance, etc. Using these artistic connections to math as a means to help educate the Artisan can help greatly in their comprehension and application. These are basic considerations that may come in handy in the early formative years. In addition to all of the above, it can be helpful to allow the child to lead you toward what she wishes to learn and experience. SAGES SAGES will tend to naturally nurture the Expressive/Intellectual Center, so it can be helpful for Sages to have emphasis put on the Inspirational/Emotional Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Sage will almost always require PERCEPTION, the Positive Pole of the Emotional Center for the most successful communication in life. Sages can fall into the Negative Pole of Oration when they lose their capacity to Perceive, to gauge their audience, to understand the impact of their words. Oration is born of Sentimentality. Sentimentality is attachment to symbols, so Oration is an attachment to words. In the case of Sages, this would mean that it is more important to talk than to listen. It is more important to be heard than to hear. It is more important to say what needs to be said than it is to hear what needs to be heard. There is an attachment to one's own words and what they mean to the Sage rather than a broader perception of what those words might mean to others. Sages can fall into Oration for great periods of the life if there is no understanding of the Emotional circuit that is necessary for words/communication to be sustained. The Emotional Center is usually not rejected by the Sage, but is often nurtured in the Negative Pole and can take a long time to undo, depending on other factors in the life. This can set a Sage child up to learn to only communicate as a way to get a response, not as a way to create an exchange. This is why many Sages grow to be Comedians and class clowns. Because Sages can often have attachment to words and simply express them to express them, those words can land in a lot of ways that gain attention. It is often thought that Sages do and say things just for attention, but it is more often that the Sage simply learns how better to navigate the attention that comes from all of the noise they make. Attention is not the goal of the Sage in most cases. When the Sage child is introduced to more holistic ways of communication, they can develop Perception that allows them to not only see the impact of words and sound, but to also anticipate that impact better. To help a Sage child develop Perception, exposure to music is key. Music for sleep. Music for play. Music for everything. This prompts the child to learn to listen. The melodies mean something to the Sage. They listen. They learn that there is an exchange that is necessary for sound to not simply be noise. As toddlers, the Sage can do well to be taught sing-along songs, call and response songs, having access to musical instruments and an encouragement to sing, in general. All of this will help encourage the Sage to listen, not only to external sources, but to the self. In terms of education for the Sage, IT. HAS. TO. BE. FUN. Sages of all Soul Ages and physical ages can learn anything as long as it is fun to do so. The fun must be determined by the Sage, not the educator. Ask the Sage. He will tell you what is fun. We chose to cover the Sage to complement the material for the Artisan already delivered. We will invite Janet_ to choose the next Role. Janet: Priests PRIESTS MEntity: The Priest will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center and tend to require greater emphasis on the balance from the Expressive/Intellectual Center as early in life as possible. This is because the Positive Pole Priest will require INSIGHT, the Positive Pole of the Intellectual Center, for Compassion to be true in the life. Priests who fall into or get stuck in the Negative Pole of Zeal do so because they lack Insight. Instead, they can get locked into REASONING, the Negative Pole of the Intellectual Center. Zealousness is born of Reasoning. Reasoning is a means of justifying, defending, and generally excusing all further input that contradicts current understanding. With Priests, this can often show up as it being more important to be right. They will appeal to your reasoning, to false equations, to "the obvious" and to what already makes sense to them, but refuse or reduce or slow all input that counters them. The Intellectual Center is often rejected by Priests because they would rather jump directly into doing what is right based on what they have decided is right, rather than slow down that process with thought and insight. When the Intellectual Center is embraced, they can go straight for Reasoning and need to be redirected toward Insight on a regular basis. Insight is the process of being open to the truth and further input that may expand on that truth. Reasoning is when one determines what one knows IS the truth, and that is that. The Priest who use the Intellectual Center as a distraction instead of as a balance can find themselves in great mental stress as they overthink and overanalyze and generally short-circuit themselves if what they have decided is true is not obvious or received well. For the developing child, it can be helpful for the Priest to have no structured schedules, for them to have changes in patterns on a fairly regular basis that invites the body to adapt. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Priest to continue being surprised, to be exposed to new things on a regular basis, to be introduced to new people, to see art, to see animals, to have changes in routines. This helps the Priest to develop the capacity for Insight. The truth becomes something softer and more malleable and not rigid and always completely understandable and obvious. In terms of education for the Priest, logic puzzles and thought experiments and discussion about the effects of art, along with surprise exposure to the new can help bring a healthy capacity for insight that can help the Priest always have True Compassion and not fall into Zeal. We think we can deliver on one more Role through Troy today and then we must conclude. Bobby: Since you're on the Inspirational Axis, Server? SERVERS SERVERS will tend to naturally nurture the Inspirational/Emotional Center like the Priest, but has a great need for the Moving Center to be emphasized and nurtured for balance in the life as soon as possible. This is because the Positive Pole of the Server will almost always require PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center, for any fulfilling Service in life. Servers can fall into their Negative Pole of Bondage when they lose their sense of being Productive, or lose their sense of seeing results from their efforts. Bondage or Subservience is born of Frustration or Freneticism, the Negative Pole of the Moving Center. This is the practice doing just to do. To the Negative Pole Server, doing becomes the emphasis and who you are does not matter. The more frustrated and frenetic the Server, the more they tighten their state of Bondage. It becomes more important for the Server to do the right thing than it is for the Server to be the right thing. For the Server, to not be doing the right thing is to lose all sense of tethering to meaningful existence and this compounds the frustration. This is why there are so many angry and depressed Servers in the world. They never learned to include themselves in results of what they do. Many Servers will reject the Moving Center and simply recoil from any intimacy and sense of connection with others, considering their existence to be on hold or only matter if they find a way to do the right thing, though many Servers do not have a clue what that "right thing" is. They would rather simply inspire and touch lives without the mess of considering results. They would rather assume their existence is enough to bring the good they wish to bring to the world. When the Moving Center is embraced, they can go straight to Frustration and Freneticism and tend to go from "zero to 100" in terms of temper and mood because of this. The Server who uses the Moving Center as distraction instead of as balance can find themselves in great physical stress and in great panic over how to escape the pain of existence. They may find themselves at once drowning in the weight of obligations while also losing all grip on important responsibilities. So for the developing Server, it can be important to include pleasure as much as possible. Servers need affection. They need their presence validated by contact. They need to be held. As toddlers, it is helpful for the Server to learn to reward themselves. Activities that involve sharing are vital, along with post-activities that allow for personal pleasure, such as a choice of treats or tv show or one on one play or being held. The key here is in teaching the Server that it is okay for her to balance out her generosity and to validate her presence by giving herself as much as she gives others. These general practices teach the Server that Service is not a one-way circuit of obligation, but that True Service is a pleasurable responsibility that includes her and can be fulfilling to some great degree or it will burn her out. In terms of education for the Server, there must be some element of giving and receiving involved. This means helping each other with class work, having group tests and challenges that invite both the giving of help and the receiving of help. As much as the Server is designed for service, the giving and receiving ratio can be of their greatest challenges. Creating a state of permission and confidence around what they can give vs what they need can greatly increase the chances of your world having loving Servers instead of angry Servers. We will continue exploring the Roles as children in development in further exchanges with you. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. Essence of Children Continued for Warrior & King Roles March 24, 2019 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are asked to continue exploring children and Essence development. WARRIORS The Warrior will naturally nurture the Moving Center and tend to require an emphasis on the Inspirational/Emotional Center early in life as a way to focus all of this action and energy. Though the Priest and Server are on the Inspirational Axis of our Overleaf system, Warriors tend to need Inspiration more than the other Roles as a source of balance and direction. From a very early age, Warriors are looking for direction, structure, and how to focus their energy. This is often found in whatever Inspires them. The Positive Pole of the Warrior is Persuasion, which is the process of igniting action in a person through their own volition. It is a process of encouraging actions through conscious choice and participation. The Warrior knows this tends to only be possible if the individual is inspired by how they PERCEIVE themselves and the world. This is true of those the Warrior seeks to Persuade, but is also true of themselves. They cannot or will not tend to be Persuaded or in Persuasion if they cannot see themselves as part of the picture, as a meaningful part of the puzzle, solution, project, etc. Warriors become paralyzed when they cannot see themselves IN THE PICTURE. This is why Warriors tend to be drawn into structured dynamics that have a clear and tested order and system that allows them to slip into the machinery of movement and action. It does not matter if they are only a part of the picture as long as that picture is clear about them being IN that picture. This is why they are drawn to the Military, Judicial system, Police force, etc., especially in the younger Soul Ages where slipping into secure systems and structures is a relief. This is also why some of the deepest and more immediate bonds formed among fragments come between Warriors and their Comrades At Arms . Within a structure that is secure and of which one is unquestioningly a meaningful part, the Warrior's Emotional Center is wide open to bonding, especially under pressure. The older Warrior tends to no longer be about Persuasion of others and Coercion of others, but about a quiet (or not so quiet) inner battle between those polarities toward the self. The older Warrior who is still experimenting with inner security will tend to be in a constant state of shifting tactics between inner Persuasion and inner Coercion. They do not need for you to be hard on them. They are very hard on themselves, especially in terms of their growing need to create and own their part in the picture they see of themselves in life. If a Warrior finds she is in a constant state of inner Coercion, or if a Warrior finds she tends to boss people around, bully, or Coerce others, it will almost always be because they have lost touch with the Emotional Center and are no longer inspired. These Negative Pole Warriors can be motivated by bitterness, resentment, anger, and depression if Inspiration is lost. So for the developing Warrior, it is not just about sports, high activity, movement, and structured systems, it is all about the Emotional/Inspirational quality that gives meaning and value and presence to themselves in whatever activity or structure they navigate. As toddlers, it can be helpful for the Warrior to be exposed to art, music, and anything that goes straight to the nurturing of the Emotional Center. Warriors tend to benefit from affection and contact more than most other Roles. All children can benefit from affection, of course, but for the Warrior, it can often make or break their capacity to see themselves as part of the picture, part of your life, part of your value system. The Warrior child can benefit greatly from understanding the balance between boundaries and intimacy. When to touch, when not to touch, when to ask for affection and when to say yes or no to affection. One of the greatest questions that will carry into adulthood for nearly all Warriors is the question of who truly loves them and whether they have truly loved. Many will have this question in a lifetime, but the Warrior tends to have this question all the way to the end of a life as a kind of assessment of the Inspiration that will be carried forward from that life. This means that the education for a Warrior must include emotional bonds. There tends to need to be "that one teacher" or that one classroom, or that one friend, at least, who satisfies the Warrior's Emotional Center and gives meaning to the structure, order, education, progress, etc. The Scholar can dive into a subject and learn about it all day long by himself, but the Warrior does better if someone is with her. The Warrior may be designed for action and movement and strategy and order, but if there is no affection, no bonding, no inspiration, the Warrior is either a rudderless boat with no horizon in sight, or a ballooning of pressure that may burst into uncontrollable spiraling. KINGS The King will tend to naturally nurture the Action/Moving Center while needing a higher emphasis on the Expressive/Intellectual Center as a means of bringing balance to their development. This is because the Positive Pole of the King tends to require INSIGHT as a necessity for Mastery. A King without Insight is a King in Tyranny. The King will try to master everything in every way at any time that it is put in front of her. If there is no Insight provided for how and why, she turns that drive for Mastery into Tyranny. This is true from the ruling of Kingdoms to simple hobbies and everything between. A King aiming for Mastery "for no reason," or by only using Reasoning, the Negative Pole of the Intellect, she will tend to destroy or sabotage or otherwise derail the focus of that Mastery. This tends to be done through Tyrannical means, which means motivation fueled by cruel, oppressive, unreasonable, irrational, and painful pressure. Though the Sage is the king of communication, so to speak, the King's very quality of life, and often the life, itself, depends upon COMMUNICATION/EXPRESSION. The King who has learned how to communicate, listen, exchange ideas, share, and speak up is a King who can understand and own the focus of her Mastery. For the developing King, soothing voices can mean everything. Hearing human voices in various forms helps to stimulate the curiosity for communication that will be key for the King. As toddlers, the King would do well to know the difference between SHARING and GIVING. This helps the King to learn that she will not lose what she is sharing. This may start with toys and events, but this will make a difference in adulthood when it is fully understood that sharing who you are is not the same thing as giving yourself away. Many Kings who either had to share too much or not share enough as children, tend to navigate life with the question of what will GIVE TO and what will TAKE AWAY from the life. There is no Sharing. There is no sense of exchange, communication, and insight. There are only instances where you get what you want or lose a part of your soul. As for the education of Kings, they would do well to have their curiosity encouraged. One need not simply impose a set of lessons for the King to learn, but find a way to associate any lessons with how those lessons bring insight to life and how that insight helps the King to share in life rather than only dominate it or be dominated by it. Curiosity and Communication are key for the King who is growing into adulthood. One does not need to coax or put the King on the spot to express herself. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is curious because the King naturally likes to communicate about what has captured her curiosity. The King has no problem expressing herself when she is sharing insight, leading with insight, mastering a hobby she can share. When the King grows into adulthood with a healthy nurturing of sharing, curiosity, communication, and insight, she knows that nothing she focuses on at the moment is stealing her life away, or that something is being taken away from her by having to share more of herself. This King knows that she (and others) can share, give, and take as is appropriate or necessary and none of this is any longer a threat. Essence of Children Continued for Scholar Role December 15, 2019 SCHOLARS MEntity: SCHOLARS will tend to naturally nurture the Neutral/Assimilative or Instinctive Center and has as its greatest need for emphasis and nurturing to be in the Inspirational/Emotional Center in life as soon as possible. Though the Scholar rests naturally in this Instinctive/Assimilative/Neutral Center and can move to any other Center for focus, it is the Emotional Center that tends to be the least-nurtured and most-ignored, or the most wounded or neglected of the Centers for nearly every Scholar. Scholars navigate life absorbing "everything." They do so as a means to move, so to speak. Scholars move through life by absorbing one thing to get to the other. They do not move forward without absorbing. They may look far ahead and see where they want to go, but they must move from one thing to the next to the next to get there, like a sticky, rolling mass that carries something from everything it rolls across. This is why Scholars tend to retract as far into themselves as possible as a means to allow room for everything that "sticks" to them. What Scholars tend to do is focus everything on the Expressive/Intellectual Center as a way to balance themselves. They do so as a way to give form to their ideas and to give shape to the experiences that are generated, absorbed, or processed. They learn to depend upon this Center as their balance because it, at least, lets them engage with the world around them in some way. However, the high dependency on this Center means that they can also create a constant buffer around them that keeps intimacy and warmth at a distance, even as they talk and talk and talk, or invent, or inform, or educate, or correct. Talking is a lifeline for many Scholars as it is the only way they know how to be present after years and years of navigating from the Neutral and absorbing center of themselves. What tends to happen over time is that this Expressive element helps to offset the distance between the Scholar and people/life/love/intimacy, etc., but it also begins to diminish their sense of Inspiration/Emotional elements of life. A Scholar without a constant flow of Inspiration to balance their Neutral/Assimilative core can become a painfully sensitive and uninspired mess that loses their sense of center altogether. This is why it is vital to engage and encourage and nurture the Emotional/Inspirational Center of a Scholar as early in life as possible. From a very early age, Scholars are looking for someone safe. Someone close. Someone who simply holds a space for them and offers feedback and kindness about the ideas, thoughts, feelings, and interests of the Scholar. They absorb "everything" so they learn to distance from "everything," but when they are exposed to honesty, kindness, and affection, they learn that there are safe things in the world to absorb. And because Scholars are so Neutral/Assimilative in their sense of self, it helps them to begin a healthy definition of themselves to see a reflection/inspiration that is safe, loving, and kind. The Scholar may need many things and ask for many things and require guidance and resources and structure, but the developing Scholar, of all of the Roles, needs safety and kindness more than any other Role. This may seem to be a key element for any developing child, and that is because it is. The Scholar is at the center of all Essence Roles and therefore, what it needs most can apply to all other Roles, and what all other Roles need can apply to the Scholar. But of all of these, it is the safety and kindness that matter most to the Scholar. If this is nurtured, the Scholar grows into a person who no longer depends entirely on the Intellect as a long bridge to intimacy, but learns to trust closeness and learns to see themselves in life, others, and the world. NOTE: you may wish to refine the information in this exchange another time, but this is our response at the moment.
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    Actuality it's "No Shit"... It's Cosmic Constipation.
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    Ok, you CANNOT write that without some elaboration! LOL
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    That Convergence for revitalizing social connections is well-timed. Surely humanity's collective consciousness is aware that the series finale of Game of Thrones is on the 19th, and that many people will be gathering together to watch it.
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    "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU." Thank you, Troy. Always appreciate you and our Monthly Energy Reports!
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    What a relief! Thank you @Troy for the optimistic news.
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    Thank you! This is along the lines of my thought processes in recent days. I feel like I have permission now.
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    Hey, for those of you who are having a great burst of positive energy and didn’t relate to the report, I think I read the report differently than you. It seemed that the report was describing this big burst of optimism, enthusiasm, energy, etc toward the end of March that would carry over into April and then went on to focus on where that went awry for a lot of us. They didn’t elaborate on the fun burst of energy because that is pretty self-explanatory, but focused on understanding what a lot of us experienced as a derailing of that enthusiasm. I apologize for the focus on what went awry because I think my own struggle with depression was coming through. I’m going through a bit of a rough time right now and my approach to this report was probably like, “what the fuck is going on!?” Instead of my usual neutral, “ok, what’s the report this month?” So if you didn’t relate to the report, it’s probably because your part of the report was basically, “hey, enjoy this great burst of enthusiam we already told you about!” And then Michael was like, “but for the rest of you... here’s what’s up.”
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    I can't read through this entire thread, but I need to say something, as a Jew, as a woman, as a punk, as a descendant of Holocaust survivors: you don't let Nazis in the door. You don't argue with them, try to convince them of the error of their ways, appeal to the better angels of their nature. There are boundaries to tolerance. My humanity is not up for debate. The humanity of LGBT people, Jews, people of color, Muslims, women, is not up for debate. To suggest otherwise is sophistry that most of us don't have the luxury to engage in. When you allow a skinhead to have a seat at your bar, they return the next night with twenty of their friends and beat the shit out of everyone. That's a lesson punks in the US and the UK learned in the 80's and 90's, and they drove them out of their scenes by not tolerating them. You can read plenty about that; somewhere there's an oral history of people like Henry Rollins etc. talking about how they did it. It wasn't easy but they did it. We all need to learn from them. White supremacy is the danger we all face right now, locally and systemically. We need to be loud about that. A white supremacist murdered worshippers in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in fact I'm pretty sure in the synagogue where my aunt was a cantor. White supremacist violence is everywhere and has been for centuries; I encourage everyone to view it systemically and not fall into the trap of the "lone wolf" narrative, which only serves their agenda. America and Australia were both founded on white supremacy. We are barely out from chattel slavery. Mass incarceration is slavery by another name. The direct results of systemic, targeted racism are everywhere in our society, from the justice system to the economy to urban planning to education to who gets toxic waste dumped in their neighborhoods and who doesn't. Native genocide is still happening. We are fucked over by white supremacy all the time. Meanwhile little white boys strut around with torches yelling "Jews will not replace us!" and Rep. Ilhan Omar gets death threats for merely suggesting that we broaden out Middle East policy discourse. Fuck all of this. These people are toxic. We outnumber them and as my favorite Yiddish slogan goes, We will outlive them. But we won't do so by pretending there's any validity to their beliefs. Don't let Nazis in the door.
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    Note from Janet: In a bit of synchronicity, I came across this session buried in an old archive just yesterday, and was surprised to find it had never been posted on this site in the forums, where it can be discussed. (It is included in the Study Library, where no discussion is possible.) This morning I read a session that indicated someone had entered the 6th IM, and I realized that this session is important to post asap because Michael indicates an interesting thing about the 6th IM: it can be started and stopped. [P.S. Geraldine DID make it to the get-together in Seattle. She died in January 2016.] This material was originally posted by Geraldine on January 26, 2015. January 26, 2015 GeraldineB: Hello, Michael I'm going to be inquiring on a range of topics that all are part of the same subject: my health. I realize that some of my phrasing may seem to call for “prophecy,” and that probabilities are going to be the “best” result. First of all, let's start with: Have I begun my 6th Internal Monad? And, if I have, how much realistic conscious choice with Essence do I still have in terms of how long it lasts? MEntity: Do you think you have completed your 5th? GeraldineB: You've said that I have -- a couple of years ago in an OMW And, yes, I do feel I have. MEntity: Do you think you have? We see your response now. We asked this because it is one thing for us to inform you of where you might be in your rites of passage, and quite another to know where you are in your rites of passage. GeraldineB: I've made some profound changes in my thinking and behavior over the past several years. MEntity: That is due in great part to your launch into Transcendence from the 5th. You did not collapse. And no, your 6th Internal Monad has not begun. There are symptoms in place for this, but that is not unusual. Several rounds of symptoms can come and go before one launches into the actual passage. Even the profound and permanent diagnosis of a terminal illness is not necessarily a launch into the 6th Internal Monad. GeraldineB: oh . . .would you elaborate? MEntity: It CAN be, and often is, but in modern cultures with treatments and management, a diagnosis is no longer linked to the start of the 6th Internal Monad. It can be a peek at it, but not a launch into it. You have been peeking off and on for years. To know when one actually enters this passage can be difficult to discern until the 4th Stage of MANIFESTATION, showing up as PANIC or DYING. GeraldineB: And, I'm definitely not there now. MEntity: The 6th Internal Monad is one of the only Internal Monads that can be started and then halted. By "halted" we mean that it is not just a pause, or a great length of time within a Stage, but a complete reset. GeraldineB: remarkable Due to choice? MEntity: This is only possible when passing through the first 3 Stages in the Positive Poles. For example: Imagine one receives a terminal diagnosis and this is clearly a path toward the acceptance of one's mortality and imminent death. As part of those first 3 Stages, vast changes can be prompted in the psyche, diet, treatment of the mind/body, and a terminal diagnosis can reverse, or gain great stability to the extent that it may as well be reversed. These are often seen as "miracles," but they are often a halting of the 6th Internal Monad. And, yes, choice is entirely responsible. HOWEVER. This is not to say that everyone can reverse a momentum. And when a momentum through the 6th Internal Monad is not reversed, it is not a failure. But if one is in the Positive Poles, moving forward toward Dying is not seen as failure anyway. GeraldineB: I understand -- Death is a part of Life for all MEntity: For your 6th Internal Monad to launch, we think it would be associated with more conclusive information and less speculation, however sobering the speculation has already been. We can continue to check with you and help validate its launch. GeraldineB: I'm sure I'll be asking again Next, I've been zipping along in positive poles during this diagnostic period. One extremely noticeable Personality change seems to be a great diminishment of my Chief Feature. Since I've been told that I was 1) Arrogance; 2) Arrogance; 3) Self-Dep, I've noticed that I was sliding into “softer softer,” but my visit to the hospital had some very unusual behaviors for me, such as a complete loss of sense of self and appearance. The intimacy of nudity with strangers disappeared. Is this part of the Transcendence you mentioned? MEntity: Yes, Geraldine. It is one thing to have launched from the 5th in Transcendence, and quite another to see it in action. You have seen glimpses of this in your regular routines, but in your break from routine, and your move into extremely vulnerable scenarios, you get to see exactly just how far you have come. This is often not realized to such an extent until Review. You wanted proof. By "you," we mean from subconscious levels to Essence. You truly have transcended and fulfilled your Task. GeraldineB: And, it feels GREAT! MEntity: It is not that you are a different person, by the way. GeraldineB: No -- it just feels natural to me -- something I wouldn't have imagined MEntity: It is actually that this is you before the layers of experience piled on the defenses. You have come home to you. GeraldineB: I'm happy to know it's possible and can be a beacon for others. MEntity: That may seem a rather cliche or glibly poetic phrasing, but it is entirely valid and relevant. GeraldineB: well, I don't tend to be gushy -- so it is the best I can do on short notice Lastly, What are the probabilities that I will be able to travel to Seattle for a TLE Student group meetup in June? I realize my immune system may be severely compromised at that time due to chemotherapy or other treatments. MEntity: Geraldine, keep in mind that it is not a permanent state. It is a potential state. Just like every other. You can access it if you need it, and you may not need it or want it at times. You may "harden up" or snap to defense in familiar ways, but this will not mean you have lost access to that more transcendent state. It is just that you have reclaimed a facet of yourself that you can now access more easily. It can be sustained for lengths of time, and even feel as if it is permanently your state, but it may change, and that is normal. GeraldineB: thanks for the "warning" -- I am exceptionally open right now MEntity: This is helped by the Higher Moving Centered Year, as well. As for probabilities for travel in June, we can only say it stands at 50/50 at this point. It is certainly not out of the question. As for probabilities that a "meetup" will occur in some form or another is close to 90%. GeraldineB: good -- others will be happy, too MEntity: Our students seem to be hooking directly into the Centering for this year in ways that are likely to be quite pivotal. Many of our students will have unprecedented travels or major moves. So it is a "good year" for this to be on your radar. GeraldineB: Plus, I've got CHOICE on my side Plus, I think I'd like to surprise a doctor or two How about a Cryptic Message from Essence? MEntity: Our insight and responses today are not prognosis or diagnosis, and it is often very difficult to trump the momentum of one's body, but we do wish to convey that you have not received a "death sentence." We cannot predict, but we can say that you likely have plenty of time to still kick up some dust. GeraldineB: My specialty MEntity: MESSAGE: YOUR SKIN IS NOT WHERE OR WHEN YOU END GeraldineB: wonderful!!! Thank you so much, Michael and Troy MEntity: Good day to all of you. We will conclude here. Goodbye, for now.
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    Bumping this topic. I got more profiles today in a private session: Harris, Warren, Bennet, Buttigieg, Booker, and completion of info for Biden. I had forgotten that Anna asked about Harris earlier; please note that the info I received today is different. Validation opportunity! For what it's worth, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are my two current favorites. Senator Bennet is my own Senator; I'd prefer him to remain my Senator but have been pleasantly surprised at the experience and common sense he brings to the debates. It's also interesting that I now recognize the resonance I feel in Senator Bennet: my sister is also C2E7 and that Entity seems to have a certain "feel" for me. I thought Buttigieg and Booker did well in the debates but don't personally think they'll get far. I could be wrong of course -- see my question and Michael's response below: Janet: If there are current vectors with high probabilities favoring or disfavoring any of the candidates as receiving the nomination, I’m sure TLE members would be interested in the info. MEntity: There are no vectors at the moment that would indicate any significantly clear path to nomination. Probabilities at the moment only reveal that there is a high probability of "surprises" that shift the probabilities dramatically at least twice before any vectors are secured. We would think we could see more stable probabilities next year. Janet: An observation that you may not have time to respond to: Apparently Cadre 2 is prominently involved in US politics at present. Is this something that the Cadre has opted into more seriously? I seem to remember more activity from Cadre 5 and/or other Energy Rings. MEntity: Your observation is valid in that Cadre 2 has had a long-game, so to speak, in regard to moves into power for help in securing a Mature Soul paradigm.
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    Me too thinks you are the tallest tree in the forest Troy, everything , the accuracy , the nifty way with words, the depth , the grace, the pure generosity . And thanks Petra for bringing it up .
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    This content was shared by Nick in the TLE Yahoo group on April 9, 2007. Hi everyone. Troy and I thought that some of you might find this interesting. It is a question I recently asked Michael, and their interesting response... -Nick QUESTION: I'm wondering what Michael sees as the cause of hair loss - that is, if it's anything other than the simple "heredity" explanation. In light of the association between passion mode and the brow / higher emotional center, I'm wondering whether a fragment in passion mode, who does not live with passion / follow his passion, would see a physical manifestation of a "withering" at the brow (hair loss). MICHAEL: Your observations are valid in that those in Passion Mode who do not "follow their passion" can tend to manifest this as hair loss, but it is not always the case, so there is lack of consistency. What is consistent in those who lack a following of Passion is a withering and dwindling IN SOME AREA of the life, whether this is in the body, the mind, relationships, etc. However, more specifically and accurately is that certain qualities that are sought for a lifetime are often directly linked to a "gene" within the body that is simply a part of the body carries that particular quality. For instance, it is often the case that a fragment who seeks a higher intelligence within a lifetime will have to emphasize the "gene" that is also linked to poor eyesight. In that same way, the gene that is associated with "masculinity" is also linked to hair growth and loss. In other words, for fragments who seek to have a lifetime emphasizing an exploration of what it means to "be a man" or have an identity as a "man," the testosterone levels and connections to specific genes related to hair must then come into play for the body to house those experiences. In this case, it is often played out through the hair, which is directly linked to masculinity in various ways. We have found this evolution of exploration to be quite interesting in that the loss of hair has now found itself to be a "sexier," more masculine indicator than ever before, reversing the stereotypes and prejudices related to physical representations of what it has meant to "be a man" historically. It should be noted that women also suffer from hair loss and hair growth issues, and it could be said then that ALL issues related to gender identity are tied to the genes that control the growth of hair.
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    What @Troy said. To which I'll add, the equality I believe they and we are referring to here is equal protection under the law, equal access to clean drinking water, clean air, food, and housing, equal protection from harm, etcetera. These things have nothing to do with roles. These are basic physical plane rights of existence that have long been withheld from many under systems of oppression including but not limited to chattel slavery and the structural racism that upheld it and persists to this day, misogyny, greed, and so on. To which I will also add, fuck capitalism and torch the patriarchy.
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    Fleabag (IMDb link) is a series from the UK viewable on Amazon Prime in the US. Season 2 was just released a few weeks ago. I went into Season 1 a couple years ago thinking, oh here's an edgy comedy from the UK about a woman. I enjoy edgy UK comedy. But the end of Season 1 hits you upside the head in an emotional way you don't expect. I could watch Phoebe Waller-Bridge's face all day, the way she mugs into the camera and makes you her confidant. So I had great expectations for Season 2 and I was still blown away. This show is Art, in the way that Art should shake you and fucking make you feel, and feel deeply, in a way that seems to come out of left field. Season 2 is about Love, the joy and the pain. I've rarely felt such an emotional connection between two characters on a TV screen. I felt it in my gut and . . . in other places. How this show relates to Michael Teachings, I can't really say. I'm still trying to figure out what this IS on it's own terms. That's all I'll say, but if you saw it, let's share reactions below.
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    The whole "existential crisis" thing doesn't quite resonate for me, but I was also born after 1987 and was not forming coherent memories until the late '90s, so I've never known anything different. The Internet was a little dial-up baby at the time, and it grew up with me. So I don't really know what it is like to be in a secluded personal world without a strong connection to collective events, and I don't think most other young people really know either. I'm not sure I've ever had a major existential crisis, and I've always found them to be kind of silly, and easily remedied by temporarily adopting a more near-sighted view of reality. What is the point of doing anything? Chocolate, silly. The point is to get more chocolate. And to attend campfires.
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    Very validating...I've been going through an existential crisis for at least ten days. I'm stopping now.
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    Nope, we're at least two now The idea of the IS is really attractive and moving for most and it makes complete sense why it would be... but if we can get shit done there won't be a need for IS. I'd rather not be told the dishes are dirty because I can do them myself but If I leave them undone for too long my mom decides to do them herself clean dishes, and all is well, but I really could have done them myself (maybe a little simple, but does it make sense ?) We can do it
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    *I meant to add, above, that what I experienced feels resonant with what Michael said here in terms of "Being beyond" and knowing that there is a future where we are past whatever we're currently struggling with, whether that struggle is merely frustrating, or heartbreaking. There's a future where you're over the old lover, have figured out how to find a better job, have healed up from an injury, have found those boots on sale and in your size, where that budget neo-Fascist is no longer in the White House, and so on. I feel us waking up, I really do. It's awful to wake up and really be honest that you're looking at a mess, which is what we're doing - in our environment, our political systems, our horrible systemic racism and misogyny, but I feel like people are finally beginning to see it, myself included, and that's how it has to start, right? p.s. Your monthly reminder to Fuck capitalism and torch the patriarchy
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    I'm grateful for my family and friends, alone time, and this community, of course. Before I found Troy and his community, all I had were a few Michael books I cherished and read over and over. I remember reading MFM and feeling envious of that little group that would gather and speak to Michael, wishing I had others to talk to about it. Fast forward and I was able to do exactly that -- attend one of the Great Gatherings in New York and commune with not only Michael but many "old friends." I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    When people are suffering they do only one of three things: they fight for change, adapt, or die. Most people won't fight for change and most people won't want to die, so they adapt. Most people won't fight for change because familiarity is much safer than the risk of change, even if that familiarity is suffering. So most people adapt. And I don't mean they are complacent. I mean, they just adapt because that is the only option they can see. MOST people will take up the fight for change if they can see that they can still be safe and that they won't or can't make things worse. From very private and personal suffering to collective suffering, everyone tends to lean toward adapting until they either CAN or HAVE TO fight for change. I think this is the first time in history that so many can see that they CAN and HAVE TO fight for change. It's not just one community or one group or one person. We are coming together on a scale never seen before and it is going to take some time for us to get coordinated, but it is happening. We don't want to adjust. We don't want to adapt. You have to consider that there are a lot of people in the world who have never suffered in the same ways that you have suffered. What is so familiar to you is new to them, not in concept, but in reality. The concept of oppression among people of color is something everyone probably grasps, but the reality of that suffering is finally being shared and experienced as a reality along with you. It will never be experienced fully by those not of color, but just more accurately and tangibly than ever. So when you say, "everyone has had plenty of time to adjust" -- Not really. I think it's okay to give people the time and support they might need to grapple with the shift away from concept to reality. You have had your whole life to adapt to the suffering and it is familiar to you. I think it's actually BETTER that people aren't adjusting or adapting. Why would we ever want that except for as a means of survival? Let people wring their hands and worry and be fraught about what to do. Because now we have each other as resource and support more than ever and even if we are disoriented, we are ready to fight! Not adapt. Building on my previous reply about the world being very new to our having direct access to realities beyond our own realities, we are also new to taking up the fight for each other on such a massive scale. A lot of us are ON IT and IN IT and already doing all we can in our personal reality with our personal causes, but there are sooooo many causes being presented to us now. People are still grappling with this new experience of how to be meaningfully responsible for soooooooo much. Even me! Even you! We have to remember that most people aren't just suddenly discovering the reality of oppression for people of color. That's just ONE THING. They are also learning and seeing and experiencing more than ever the reality of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming, sexual assault, xenophobia, environmental destruction, climate change, animal rights, gun control, consequences of diet, and on top of all of that, we now have a gender spectrum?? LOL, can you imagine the average person whose lives used to be untouched by these things? And then there are those people whose lives have always been touched by oppression but now they are thinking about the oppression and harm that doesn't touch their own lives? Or even more challenging, having to consider the harm and oppression they may have caused others, themselves? It is amazing and astounding to me that so many people from all walks of life are processing and sticking with this agenda of waking up to so many injustices across so many realities! OMG, we should support anyone and everyone who is taking all of this on! I say, let's stay focused on the fact that people are processing this at all because it isn't just about LGBTQ or POC or Gender Equality or... or.... We are taking it ALL on. Let's fucking do it!
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    Oh wow Crystal this is relatable to me on SO many levels, especially during the October convergence! I'm a Spiritualist too by the way and I've been feeling exactly the same, with rage I haven't felt in years. I'm almost scared of Reddit these days, so many angry people with hatred of their own existence and the elderly. For a moment it felt like everyone had gone mad and wanted the world to be as depicted in Logan's Run, having a mandatory suicide at age 30 because life sucks and fuck 'the Boomers'. I used to be sympathetic of people who were angry at society and just wanted to end it all because I've had times like that myself, but you can't just go around blaming everyone that came before you, loathing existence so hard that you actually think government mandated suicide booths everywhere would be a good thing and scowling at everyone who dares give birth to a child, it's not realistic and not going to go anywhere good. A lot of people treat hatred of the Baby Boomers as a joke or even warranted for what they've done to society but it is very much a scapegoat for angst and lack of personal responsibility as well. I've seen all three of the younger generations partake in it, Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X - the last one being a surprise as many get accused of being Boomers themselves at this point, with the culprits sounding mostly like disturbed people with old wounds for the most part. There is also shared angst between the three younger generations apparent as well, and I'm wondering at this point if having named and defined generations was a net negative contribution to society by Strauss and Howe, it seems to have caused a lot of negative stereotyping and issues between young and old which have really become exacerbated as of late.
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    This month's report hit's home for me personally. It can be hard to figure out what is true as you try to suss out what is real and what is in your head. Kinda wish there was some guideline for figuring that out.
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    I recently came across a chapter from Seth and Jane Roberts in the book "The Nature of Personal Reality" that delves into the relationship between collective human emotions and weather events. I know there is interest in the topic of weather here so I thought I would mention this. Excerpts from the chapter: Chapter 18: "Inner Storms and Outer Storms. Creative 'Destruction.' The Length of the Day and the Natural Reach of a Biologically Based Consciousness" "You do not simply react to the weather. You help form it, even as you breathe the air and then send it outward again. The brain is a nest of electromagnetic relationships that you do not understand. In certain terms it is a controlled storm." "A rock in a stream will divide the water so that it must flow around the impediment. Your emotions are quite as real as rocks. Your collective feelings affect the flow of energy and their force -- in terms of natural phenomena -- can be seen quite clearly in a thunderstorm, which is the exteriorized local materialization of the inner emotional state of the people experiencing the storm." If you have not had a chance to read this book, I would suggest reading it. I was reading through it slowly and I found that nearly every time I started to read a new chapter, the material of the chapter applied to my life events, recent thoughts or recent interests in some way.
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    oy. oy. oy. oy. oy. oy. It never ends. it never fucking ends. the good news and the bad. Thanks, Troy.
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    YOU GUYS we need to talk about "Russian Doll" and more to the point you need to be watching it. Holy shit. It's so good. It's also so up the alley of anyone interested in multiple timelines, the post-death state, and so on. I kind of can't believe it got made and I'm so glad it's popular. It's really fascinating. I don't want to say too much; basically, a woman dies again and again, until she figures her shit out, but even that barely describes this multidimensional show. Here's a trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPELCYFK-Wg And here's a little press: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/russian-doll-netflix-tv-to-watch_us_5c58b876e4b087104756c03a
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    I hear you all... I'm a beginner at flygrossing and at yesterday's training even old timers were out of breath and unable to do anything much. As if everyone had felt "Today is not my day". I listened to sad music most of the day and even cried on public transport, which is very much NOT like me. If I could have the vulnerable, loving-and-having-faith-against-all-hope part of me fall asleep for a while -- maybe not a full hundred years of the Sleeping Beauty, but a nice while -- then I could actually rest enough to fully live again. I don't want to turn cynical or into a rationalizing brain circuit, but there are moments when feeling the normal spectrum of human emotions is just too much right now. On a global scale I feel "We have to go through this AGAIN?! I thought we already had this lesson." (I don't enjoy the repetitive parts of parenting, either.) Yet I still care, love and hope, and I am doing my part and trying to take care of myself. Heck, I didn't feel like exercising yesterday, but I went anyway, cried on the bus there, had no stamina, but did manage to learn a new movement. So I'm still doing the things of my life, but don't fully enjoy them as the part of me capable of child-like joy needs to cry under the covers for a while. @Paulyboy, same here: I haven't been able to take political news "straight up" for a while, so I mainly follow Trevor Noah who is surely an Oldie and perhaps channeling parts of his Entity... he has such deep, unshakeable heart and common sense and because of his multi-cultural background he has a very good understanding of the common ground that unites us all. Just heard a soul voice say: take heart and keep your heart in the right place.
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    Hello everyone! I'm prone to rambling so I'll keep it to-the-point! I'm Andrew, just a regular 30 year old guy with a nose for understanding and experiencing anything that I might be interested in; I'm also not afraid to share my opinions or philosophies with the right company I stumbled across the Michael Teachings around the start of this decade, and after reading up as much as I could I moved on to other topics. I could 'see myself' in some of the overleaves, sometimes in a frightening fashion. But at the time I had quite a bit of internal turmoil-- panic disorder and major depression. Self reflection was painful and I didn't like what I saw. Something 'clicked' a couple years ago, I stopped trying to aspire to things that didn't feel right. I started appreciating what I had, not in a material sense, I honestly don't know how to put it into words-- maybe 'contentment'. This isn't to say that I was stagnating, far from it. I'm 'big picture' oriented and love the interrelatedness of everything. I've been seeing this butterfly effect more and more often and have enjoyed the perspective and appreciate the complexity. I'm here to interact with others that wonder about the universe and what it all means. Anyhow! I said to-the-point, so I'll keep it that way!
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    Well, nearly dying of pneumonia must have been traumatic, and I understand if you don't want to revisit that. BUT. This teasing cliffhanger is just so CRUEL to those of us who love cliffhangers. I would love to hear more about what this meeting was like. EDIT: just saw that Bobby posted almost the exact same thing. Lol. Team work.
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    Not a fan. Generally too capitalist, too centrist, and too "status quo" for my liking. Particularly troubling to me are the points Troy mentioned, as well as his stances on Israel/Palestine and Chelsea Manning. Don't mean to be a downer or anything, just my honest impression.
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    @JeanneS Michael has stated that it would be easier for us as a species to learn through joy. Yet, more often than not we learn through suffering. They have stated before that suffering isn’t planned in between incarnations. Moreover, they have stated that suffering on the astral is of a different quality and it’s easy to forget what suffering is like on the physical plane from there. So given that it doesn’t make sense that anyone would plan to negatively affect millions of people while still on the astral. Doing that would mean they are planning to create thousands or millions of karma ribbons. Why do that? We’re over here trying to burn off karma ribbons. One of the things i’ve taken away from this teaching is to give up the idea that “everything happens for a reason.” Things happen because the physical plane is chaotic and messy. I’ve also given up the idea that bad things happen for us specifically to learn from them. Things just happen and how we deal with those things is for us to choose. We learn from our choices. 45 and co are making bad choices, not to teach us lessons but because they suck at making choices. It’s more likely they planned less destructive lives and will spend a good bit of time reviewing their lives when they leave the physical plane.
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    I agree that it's not their fault and they shouldn't be blamed or demonized. I do, however, think that "support our troops" is a cultural norm that needs to die. Soldiers are not, by and large, evil people, and through a combination of propoganda and perverse financial incentives, most have been essentially tricked into their service. But they aren't heroes by virtue of their service either. They're generally well-meaning people who have unwittingly contributed to a harmful force in the world. That calls for support in the sense of compassion, but not admiration as is demanded in modern American culture.
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    My daughter this morning: "Is that building new?" It's been there the entire year I've lived here and she's walked past it at least twice a week for a year. I suddenly feel like a brief relationship episode I clearly remember shaking me deeply didn't actually happen, but was a weird dream, instead... I could sleep forever and dreams are like a mish-mash of at least 17 different series I can't keep track of, too many characters, too much going on, I'd rather sleep deeper than in the realm where my dream life happens! I usually enjoy dreams, remembering them and mining for meanings. I don't feel depressed, though, instead I sense a gentler and more caring air, responding (instead of reacting from fear) seems easier to maintain, somehow.
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    Considering my bedroom and bathroom got flooded two weeks ago from a leak from my upstairs neighbor's apartment and I spent a lot of money recently replacing an exploded water heater at my mom's house and have several dreams regarding mass destruction of the nuclear variety, black one-way portals in space, etc, and have spent the past year consciously isolated myself from others outside of my immediate social circle as a means of rejection of the various forms of disappointment and rejection I have received from others during my various attempts to learn and enjoy socialization, I'm going to venture a guess I am solidly in the Subjective side of this. Not sure if I'd be so happy about that divergence nexus coming up. Perhaps I do need a bit of a reality check and not let my perceptions guide my judgment and choices. Anyone else have water-related issues recently in their lives?
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    Besides cleaning my home, I can definitely feel myself sorting through cording- the random urge to contact someone with whom I had broken contact (may be picking up on the yearning on their part), then a pang of regret concerning another relationship, only to have them show up in my dream that night massaging my head LOL. The relief I felt today may or may not have been the result of the end of the Convergence. All I know is that I'm grateful to be feeling better. I've been fighting against myself, but there was a break in the clouds today. I could enjoy the beautiful sunset and the smooth notes of a trumpet sounding in the distance
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    I think it is related to whatever will be spoken of about this month's Energy Report. I've noticed in people, especially ones that I'm finding VERY annoying lately, that they are acting almost frenetically, the negative pole of the Moving Center and I'm like fine, be that way or do that if you want just stay the fuck away from me with your craziness
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    Usually what makes me anxious in my sessions is the fear of losing the internet connection. IoI
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    Not until yesterday, we don’t know how serious it is. Previously, the available info. on media told us this virus would not transmit from people to people and said it’s much weaker than Sars which burst out in southern areas of China in 2003. No temperature test was set in public areas and no one wore masks at train station before yesterday. Then the news suddenly revealed the increasing number of infected people and 14 medical people have infected so far. Thus, they changed the claim to “it can be transmitted from people to people”. I lived far away from downtown Wuhan. It’s quiet here. I don’t attend much social activities, either. But I do think about buying some masks today. Thanks for the concern! @petra@KurtisM
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    Thank You @Troy and MICHAEL!!! Lets pump it up, I feel and think already rather BOMBASTIC!!! Lets flood this world with our Big Dreams and hold on to them no matter what! Miles of Smiles
  42. 13 points
    I was hoping for a convergence with a more advanced parallel, but the idea that maybe these assholes could diverge from this parallel is also intriguing. Either will do.
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    This session was posted in the Yahoo TLE group on January 2, 2007. Note from Troy: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I've been working hard to get this piece out to all of you, but it took a lot longer than expected, due to my being all busted up. In a recent live channeling in New York, we had posed a question to Michael about how we each may bring gifts to the world, and Michael's response was rather surprising. Our recording device was not working so I had to re-channel the entire session into text. Because of this, the writing may be a bit choppy or messy. ENJOY! MEntity: THE GIFTS WE BRING In asking us to speak about the concept of “gifts” that each of you bring, we did not have a system in place to present such a response. In our perspective, there is not a single moment of your being that is not a gift FROM you and TO you, if one must speak in terms of Gifts. In this case, we define “gift” as “the offering of a tool to another to use as he or she chooses.” In that regard, one can see how every moment; every choice; every interpretation; every exchange is, in some way, a “gift.” However, we can provide a system that allows you to perceive very specific ways in which one can naturally tend to offer inherent gifts to the various circles of one's life, ranging from the self to intimate circles, to the world, and even to Essence. Most of our students will recognize this system as a variation on what is known as the 12 Support Positions, or the Support Group. While there are definite connections to the concept of the 12 Support Positions, we suggest not confusing the concept of “gifts” with the concepts of “support.” The Support Positions describe a very specific dynamic of relationships among fragments for the purpose of networked support. “Gifts,” on the other hand, are not necessarily a part of a relationship exchange of any obvious significance, simply by the very nature of a “gift,” in that it is freely given and not dependent on feedback or interaction. It is important to note that what is often intended as a Gift is not given as a Gift. In other words, a well-intentioned offering may actually be, or turn into, a conditional exchange that defeats the point of its being a gift. The Gift, then, becomes an OBSTACLE, or Challenge. Gifts that have turned into Obstacles are quite obvious in effect on those to whom the gift is given and on the “giver.” We define a gift-turned-obstacle as being a gift that is offered with an emphasis on feedback from the recipient, or with an emphasis on reward for the gift being given, or with an emphasis on conditions for the gift's receipt. There are four areas of the life to which one will bring Gifts: THE SELF; SPECIFIC OTHERS (intimates); THE WORLD (people in general); and THE ESSENCE. Each of these areas resonates to a specific Overleaf category, with the GOAL relating to the gifts brought to THE WORLD; the MODE relating to gifts brought to SPECIFIC OTHERS; the ATTITUDE relating to gifts brought to THE SELF; and the PRIMARY CENTERING relating to the gifts brought to THE ESSENCE. ALL of these Gifts are a part of the fabric of Personality and each Gift can be brought to the life as desired, though you may find that you are inclined to give certain gifts based on your Overleaves or Role. The specific Overleaf within an area can lend specific insight into the exact gift or obstacle one tends to bring to that area. This is determined by that particular Overleaf's resonance to the Emotions, the Intellect, or the Moving. For instance, those with a Goal of Acceptance or Discrimination (resonant to the Higher and Lower Emotions) are more inclined to bring the Gift of Discipline or the Obstacle of Belligerence to THE WORLD around them. Those with a Mode of Caution or Power (resonating to the Higher and Lower Intellect) may be inclined toward bringing the Gift of KNOWLEDGE or the Obstacle of advice to specifically chosen individuals within the life. Here, then, are the facets of GIFTS and OBSTACLES that you, as Personality, bring to the various circles of your life: GIFTS and OBSTACLES BROUGHT TO THE WORLD ALL fragments offer as gifts to the world the gifts of Humor, Discipline, and Anchoring. When we state that this is offered “to the world,” we simply mean that these gifts are usually offered with less discernment as to who is the recipient. HUMOR/harm (Re-evaluation/Growth) When one gives the gift of Humor, one is giving the tool of levity to the world, bringing light and playfulness, even amidst the experiences of pain, disappointment, and struggle. Humor is a gift that encourages the reconciliation of apparent paradoxes. All humor is rooted in the emphasis of enjoying the space of reconciliation between what is expected and what is not. When one attempts to bring humor to the world with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or reward, that humor can turn to an Obstacle of HARM. This shows up as “making fun” of people, inappropriately emphasizing or highlighting another's struggles, failures, feelings, fears, etc.; drawing out laughter at the expense of another. Those with the Goal of Re-evaluation or Growth can tend to lean toward this as being THE gift or obstacle brought to the world around them. DISCIPLINE/belligerence (Discrimination/Acceptance) When one gives the gift of Discipline, one is giving the tool of conscious choice. Discipline is merely rooted in the heightened awareness of choice, and one can easily give this gift at any point in the day to anyone. This can show up as simply as your having difficulty moving out of a check-out lane in a busy store, holding up the line, thus bringing the opportunity to others to choose patience, understanding, kindness, or impatience, frustration, and spite. The gift of Discipline shows up as varying intended or unintended interruptions to the flow of unconsciousness to another fragment's life, encouraging the potential for more conscious awareness of choice. This is NOT an interruption of CHOICE, but an interruption of unconsciousness. When one brings this gift to the world with an emphasis on conditions, reward, or feedback, the gift can quickly become a form of belligerence, which is an enforced form of Discipline that is no longer a tool, but a form of control, with results often ending in harsh judgments, disappointments, and self-righteous behavior. Those who have the Goal of Acceptance or Discrimination tend toward bringing an emphasis of this gift or obstacle to the world. ANCHOR/chaos (Submission/Dominance) When one brings the gift of ANCHORING to the world, one offers a moment of solidity, presence, and footing to another amidst the movements of life. Anchoring is tool that offers one to find oneself rooted in the present, the moment, now. This can show up as a pleasant conversation out of nowhere from a stranger; as a kind smile across a crowd; as literal spaces inviting grounding, such as restaurants, coffee shops, churches, gathering places, etc. When this anchoring is brought to the world with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, and need for reward, the result can be an obstacle of chaos, leaving those involved to feel shaken, anxious, burdened, and focused far beyond the moment. Imagine the kind smile from across the crowd that then becomes a vehicle for a person to invite himself into your space; or the pleasant conversation that is not offered, but exploited as an opportunity to avoid loneliness; or the sanctuary that embraces you, but eventually reveals its hidden requirements for presence (many religious organizations can be seen as examples of this). Those who have the Goal of Submission or Dominance can tend to offer this gift or obstacle to the world. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to your INTIMATES ALL fragments offer the gifts of Love, Knowledge, and Compassion to those around them, but we find that most fragments tend to be quite discerning as to whom they offer these gifts. LOVE/Anonymity (Reserve/Passion) When one brings the Gift of Love to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages the ability to embrace and adapt to the spectrum of oneself, another, and/or life. This may seem to be a gift that all fragments offer to those whom they claim to “love,” but that is not the case. Most of what passes as “love” is actually a state of attachment that is far from being a gift. In this case, there is no attachment to the outcome of the offering. In addition, it is NOT necessarily the gift OF Love, but the gift TO Love. In other words, the giver is offering a tool for the potential to increase the recipient's ability to Love, but the gift is not necessarily that the giver loves the recipient. It could be said another way that the gift of Love does not have to come from one who knows how to love. Examples may be in that the giver has a strong charm and attractiveness that makes it nearly impossible not to want to be around him or her, but his/her choices and behaviors and experiences provide the opportunity for the receiver to truly learn to love beyond definitions, expectations, and changes. Often when one “breaks up with” another, the gift of Love is far more involved than when the couple was committed, however shocking that may seem. When the gift of love is offered with an emphasis on feedback, conditions, or need for reward, the result can be the obstacle of anonymity. By this we mean that the giver offers “love,” but with very little interest in intimacy, rendering the recipient to be merely another face in the crowd, or that the giver is never truly felt to be known in any meaningful way. Those who have the Mode of Reserve or Passion can tend to naturally offer this gift or obstacle to the intimate circle. KNOWLEDGE/advice (Caution/Power) When one brings the Gift of Knowledge to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages the ability to turn experience into wisdom. This gift may come in the form of shared experiences together, or the discussion about experiences, but the gift shows up as simply allowing room for the recipient to digest his or her own experiences into integrated wisdom. When this gift is offered with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the obstacle is advice. What would normally be a tool offered freely to the recipient now becomes the giver's idea of what is right, wise, correct, etc. While advice may seem to help an individual, it is actually an obstacle against the recipient's internal processing of experience and knowledge. Advice does very little to actually help an individual, as it is merely a showcase of personal preferences and opinions of the person giving the advice. The Gift of Knowledge includes consideration for the perception and experiences of the recipient, while the obstacle of advice is an effort to override those very things. Those who have the Mode of Caution and Power can tend to offer this Gift or Obstacle to those deemed close to them. COMPASSION/brutality (Perseverance/Aggression) When one brings the Gift of Compassion to a specific individual, it is an offering that encourages an individual to expand his or her circle of empathy, internally and externally. Again, the Gift of Compassion does not necessarily have to be from a person who IS compassionate, but that the giver's presence generates the tool of Compassion from within the recipient; however, when this gift emphasizes conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle is brutality. By this we mean that the expectations and standards of consideration imposed by giver on the recipient is a ruthless and insensitive form of “compassion” that lacks the reality of the entire picture of a situation, relationship, or person. When Compassion is offered as a Gift, the circle of empathy that is encouraged includes ALL involved, but brutality becomes the obstacle when “compassion” is expected as living up to a standard, or required more in one direction over another. Those with the Mode of Perseverance or Aggression can tend to bring this Gift or Obstacle to specific individuals. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to the SELF ALL fragments bring the gifts of Mentoring, Beauty, and Child/Innocence to those around them, but we have found that these gifts are often ones offered to the Self as a means to bring the Personality into alignment with itself. MENTOR/manipulation (Stoic/Spiritualist) When the gift of Mentoring is offered to the Self, it means a gentle offering that will allow experiences, people, life, events, relationships, etc., to be your teachers. It is the emphasis on what can be learned in each and every aspect of life. It is the ability to allow for the process of experiences so that one can extract what can be used for personal evolution. When this gift is emphasizing conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle becomes Manipulation. In this case, Manipulation is the distortion of the gift from being potential gain to being imposed “lessons.” In other words, one of the greatest obstacles one can bring to the self is the presumption that life, relationships, people, experiences, etc., are imposed within your life as a means to “teach you a lesson.” There are NO lessons imposed in life. There are only YOUR EXTRACTIONS of what is most important to you. To assume that your trials and tribulations exist only as a means to teach you something, then you are creating an obstacle of manipulation against yourself. Life has GIFTS, not LESSONS. What you gain from your struggles and from your pleasures is your interpretation of what is most relevant to you for your growth, but there is never an imposition upon you just for the sake of a lesson. Those with the Attitude of Stoic or Spiritualist can often find themselves bringing this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. BEAUTY/deceit (Skeptic/Idealist) When one brings the Gift of Beauty to the Self, one is offering the ability for the Personality to recognize the patterns of the life in a way that can be found to be awe-inspiring and beautiful. Beauty is the recognition of patterns and this ability is a Gift that can bring great freedom to the personality as it navigates the seeming complications of life's unfolding and creation. This same gift would allow the personality to see the beauty in others' patterns of life, as well, allowing room for many forms of expression. When this gift is given as a need for reward, with conditions or required feedback, the obstacle created is Deceit. In this case, Deceit can show up as having predefined ideas about what is beautiful, accepting only certain patterns as inspiring; deceiving the self into seeing all else as ugly or unacceptable. This deceit can be as personal as rejecting the body, or as impersonal as hating life, or other people for not matching the limited patterns. Those with the Attitude of Skeptic or Idealist can lean toward bring this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. CHILD/demands (Cynic/Realist) When one brings the Gift of the CHILD to the Self, one is offering the ability for the Personality to make room for the innocence in its actions, even when one fails oneself, or fails another. This gift would also encourage the experience of innocence in the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, as well, allowing room for child-like playfulness within the life. This gift would also include encouraging the personality to see this same innocence in others' actions, happiness, and failings. When one brings this gift with an emphasis on feedback, reward, or conditions, the Obstacle is Demand. In this case, the obstacle can show up as a distortion of authoritative action that can lean toward parental reprimanding and disapproval, or as rebellious behavior that borders on tantrums. This gift becomes an obstacle when the innocence, or the child, is expected to behave within predefined parameters, or to only exist within a segregated context. The Attitudes of Cynic and Realist can often find themselves bringing this Gift or Obstacle to the Self. GIFTS and OBSTACLES brought to ESSENCE ALL fragments bring the Gifts of Healing, Enlightenment, and Musing to those around them, but we have found that these are gifts offered to one's Essence as a means to bring alignment between Personality and Essence. HEALER/wounding (Server/Priest) When one brings the Gift of Healing to the Essence, one is providing the opportunity for Essence to be a part of the more difficult and challenging aspects of the life for the Personality, encouraging contact in a way that creates integration of experiences as a form of healing. It could be said, then, that True Healing is INTEGRATION and cannot be done without the invitation from Personality to Essence. Quite often the true healing for a lifetime comes AFTER the life is exited, but it not necessary to wait for astral review as a means to include Essence in the processing of life. This Gift is not just offered from one's Personality to one's Essence, but from Personality to the Essence of another. When this gift is offered to the Essence of another, it is usually as a result of the gift being exemplified in one's own life. Healing is not merely about getting better or feeling better, but BEING better, with “better” being defined, in this context, as evolving beyond an experience. When one brings this gift with an emphasis on conditions, feedback, or need for reward, the Obstacle created is Wounding. In this sense, Wounding is a perpetuation of distraction from the integration of experiences. Priests and Servers tend to generate Personalities that bring this gift or obstacle to Essence. ENLIGHTENMENT/anecdotes (Artisan/Sage) When one brings Enlightenment as a Gift to Essence, one invites Essence to help define a structure of understanding for the life's experience. True Enlightenment is merely COMPREHENSION, and comprehension is incomplete without the participation of both Essence and Personality. This gift can be brought to the Essence of another through exemplifying one's own Enlightenment, or Comprehension of life. When this gift emphasizes reward, condition, or feedback, the result is the Obstacle of Anecdote, which is a distraction from comprehension by the constant telling of stories about one's life. This is an obstacle when the experiences are distanced from the Personality through tales and entertainment, rather than embraced and comprehended within a structure of understanding. Artisans and Sages can often bring this gift or obstacle to Essences. MUSE/disillusion (Warrior/King) When one brings the gift of the Muse to Essence, one is inviting Essence to use its full capacity of energy with Personality to help motivate and clarify the aspirations, desires for the life. One's True Muse is merely one's ability to LISTEN, or more accurately, to listen to one's INTUITION. This gift can show up as following impulses and trusting the unfolding of one's life. This gift can be brought to the Essence of another, as well, through the embodiment of this gift in oneself. When this gift is offered with an emphasis on reward, feedback, or conditions, the obstacle is Disillusionment. In this case, Disillusionment is the distraction from desires and aspirations through disappointments and compulsions. Warriors and Sages are often found naturally bringing this gift or obstacle to Essence. Note: Following the post of this transcript, a student asked why the Assimilative Overleaves were not mentioned. Troy posted this addition in response: MEntity: The Assimilative, or Neutral, Overleaves are not related to the concept of Giving (at least, in our presentation of this system), but entirely to the concept of Receiving, as these Overleaves are, for lack of a better word, Assimilative. The more Assimilative Overleaves one has, the less likely one would be inclined to actively GIVE, but this fragment finds himself or herself to be in an important position of experiencing the process of RECEIVING. This is not to say that an Assimilative person cannot give, but that he or she is simply more inclined toward the difficult experiences of learning how to receive the gifts that are offered around him or her. For those who know a Scholar or a person with a great deal of Assimilative Overleaves, it is not surprising to hear this. The Scholar or Assimilative Personality does all he or she can to remove the self from the process of exchange, finding themselves with an emphasis on their ideas of self-sustenance, strength, and Independence, which can be as painful for others around them as it is for themselves, when this emphasis does not allow Gifts to be received. On a more symbolic level, what we have already described is as valid, with the Assimilative Axis merely representing the part of the equation of that is about the self and receiving.
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    I was looking at an old piece of transcript and Michael reminded me that one of my on going theme of lives is "care". And I start to wonder: what's the difference between love and care? If we are talking about love=agape/unconditional acceptance, then there's a clear differences... but when I asked myself the questions: Can you love without caring? Can you care without love? My answers are no and no... It's one of those concepts that, I know there's a difference, but could not find a tangible way to describe it. Can't wait to see your take on this topic! Or if you know Michael covered this before, let me know where to find them.
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    My dear Troy, I'm wrapping you in this big bubble of Love, Gratitude & Healing. Can you feel it??? :'= I'm happy you're happier now, and safer and thriving again :') What a relief must be for you, after all that fear & uncertainty. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!! As for the migraines and headaches...have you tried physiotherapy or chiropractic adjustments? I tend to carry a lot of tension in neck and upper body, and I manage any symptoms with yoga, pilates and some montly visits to my physiotherapist. They give me some exercises according to my needs. I also have a playlist of easy, safe stretches I can share with you if you want Lots of love my friend!!!
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    I feel the relief. It feels so good. Thank you thank you thank you Troy and Michael.
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    Michael had this to say on negative ions and how they help with (my) sleep and (my) True Rest. To get more even clarity, perhaps we should ask about them again. From a Private Live Chat on June 15, 2011: MEntity: In terms of True Rest, yes, there is always more one can do to bring that about. Our suggestions for True Rest, as part of your primary Pillars, can be of help, even if it is not obvious in effect, at first. In your case, reading something of value to you upon retiring is restful, as well as listening to the effects of wind (wind chimes, leaves, etc), and even hearing storms, can be restful. MEntity: All restful in a way that aligns Essence with Personality so that energy is used most effectively and restored. MEntity: These suggestions can be altered or extended to your liking, of course, so that, for instance, you are not sitting around waiting for a storm, but can listen to quality audio recordings and playbacks of a storm, or wind chimes. MEntity: One can also hang a small set of wind chimes within reach of key areas so that a quick brush or bump to them can emit the sounds that bring Rest. MEntity: Keep in mind that we are not talking about sleep here, but REST, which contributes to the quality of sleep, of course. MEntity: One can even conjure up a storm in the imagination as a means to bring about Rest. MEntity: For instance, the frustration that may come from lack of sleep can be turned into a beautiful, majestic storm of thunder and lightning so that the charge is "burned off," and True Rest can return. MEntity: Bringing an ionizing source into key areas of rest can also help, which is an extension of Storms and their physical effects on the atmosphere, which brings True Rest for you. MEntity: However, we suggest some research into the effects of ionization and the various sources for it, as the commercial elements related to this are quite messy. Maureen: Do you mean the actual physical elements in the ionizing equipment? MEntity: What we mean is that there are artificial sources of negative ions, and natural sources, and some are more effective and preferable than others, not only in general, but some may be preferred by you over others. MEntity: For instance, not all ionic air filters are designed well, and sometimes an increase in live plants can have a far greater impact on the quality of air and ions, and may be preferable. MEntity: Beeswax candles can provide effects that are similar to a "storm" when burned, as well as installed sources of the equivalent of sunlight, such as those used for terrariums and plants. MEntity: However, the sunlight equivalent may not be useful as an immediate contradiction to the ideas of a storm, but could go quite well with the sounds of wind chimes in an environment. MEntity: However you choose to implement these things, from what we have suggested, to what others are doing to help you, it would still do you well to have separate time for REST, that is not in the pressure zone of SLEEP. MEntity: The more REST that is a part of your day, which may require setting aside time just for that, like meditation, the more likely the benefit for actual sleep. MEntity: Combining our suggestions could provide rather surprising results: reading something of value to you, in the sunlight of the day, or during a storm, with the sounds of chimes nearby as ambiance. MEntity: The key would be in focusing on the part you enjoy the most at the moment: the sound? the material being read? and allow the rest to move around you, engulf you. MEntity: This is key, because it is part of the heart of your condition: that you cannot allow for distractions, but tend to focus on them. MEntity: These gentle forms of practice would do you well upon falling asleep, because your racing mind, or your racing cells, or your chattering heart can be left to do what they do, while you rest, while you sleep. MEntity: In addition to your conscious efforts, employing the substrata or unconscious elements through homeopathy and your other treatments could combine to bring great relief, eventually. MEntity: If all of this fails, you may be so exhausted from the various efforts, that you fall into sleep "naturally" after all. Maureen: LOL
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    My take on this is simple: The Boomers have held on to power too long, and they should get the **** off the stage and make way for someone in Gen X. Bernie's proper role is as a public intellectual, not as the President of the US. It's way past time for a changing of the guard. It's over a year to the first primaries, longer to the conventions and the election. If Michael is right, there's going to be a huge change in consciousness over that time period. I'm seeing signs of that in the small slice of the media I look at.
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