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    I don’t need to ask questions, I’m just a Michael groupie.
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    Many happy returns! Here is Hazel. Just imagine she's wearing a tiara in your honour.
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    Happy birthday and a long hug, Troy dear! Here's a tomato flower and a happy heart, both by my C1E3 daughter
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    Happiest of Happys...here’s some bday fun from Paris!
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    This occasion calls for a Birthday Neville! Happy Birthday, Troy, and many more! Have a wonderful day!
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    Happy 52nd, dude!
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    Happy Birthday beautiful
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    Diane, sure. I like to give Michael leeway in these sessions to layout the info as much as they are willing and then if there are questions, save those for the end.
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    @Troy I wrote a review for You, happy travels !!!!!!!!!
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    Happy birthday Troy.
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    Happy Birthday dear Troy! Hope you have a delightful day.
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    Have a wonderful Holiday, @Troy!
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    Anyone can attend this?
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    Happy Birthday Troy!! Hope it was magnificent.
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    Many hugs and all the best for you, Troy!
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    Happy birthday, Troy! Hope you had a great day yesterday
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    Happy Birthday Troy!!!
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    Happy, Happy B'Day, dear Troy! Love Deb
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    Happy Birthday, Troy!
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    Happy Birthday dear troy!
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    @Troy Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy birthday and loads of love to you Troy!
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    Happy Birthday, Troy!
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    @Troy HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! great friend and channel for sooooo looooong!!! Wish you can find my Birthday Gift, it is in 1 Review on this site.
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    Happy birthday Troy!
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    Have the happiest of holidays! Take good care of yourself.
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    Rest and recuperate.
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