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    I couldn't remember... so I looked it up. It turns out I had asked the question about Nelson Mandela being Magnetic Server on December 22, 2013. Nelson Mandela had died on December 5, 2013. Troy gave us (TLE students) Mandela's Profile on December 8, 2013. Nelson Mandela's full Profile is posted HERE with a commentary by Troy (originally on December 8, 2013) From MICHAEL SPEAKS – Open Floor – December 22, 2013: Maureen: Was Nelson Mandela (Warrior-cast Server, Level 6 Old) a Magnetic Server, a Transcendent Old Server (not Transcendental), or “something” else? MEntity: We do not know what the "something else" might be, but he was the former, yes. Maureen: a Magnetic Server? MEntity: Does that answer your question? Maureen: Yes it does. Thanks Michael
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    Well... they are a Scholar Entity.
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    I do love it when Michael nitpicks
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    I love Nelson Mandela so much. I don't even know as much about him as i should, but i have always had this love and admiration for him, i'm sure he has that same effect on many. Goal: submission Mode: power is such an interesting combo and he manifested that so perfectly, what a great example of how that can work.
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    I'm going to edit this to read 6th Level Old as Nelson Mandela was a Magnetic Server.
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    I feel honoured to be able to witness this transcendental soul's work. "Essences queuing up to be able to be incarnate and live in this day and age" (or however it has been worded by Michael) is starting to make sense to me.
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    I have this channeling from Troy, but I have 6th level...and that after this lifetime as Nelson Mandela, the soul would move to 7th level old...
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