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    @Janet, so interesting to see his Essence Dynamics and Overleaves. Not surprised by Dominance, Observation, that he's Mature 7 (teaching level), or that he has a Warrior Essence Twin. What jumped out at me, in particular, is seeing he's a Priest-cast Sage who happens to be a Pragmatist and one of his most quoted questions that he asks people is "How's that working for you?" You gotta love it!!
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    ************** Update from State of the Planet channeling in January 2019 ************ Daniela: Hi Michael. In July 2017 I asked you about the Putin/Trump Pentagon Configuration. You said the Configuration's Task is Global Unification and you identified the positions as: Position 1--Love-- Steve Bannon Position 2-- Knowledge-- lesser-known or unknown Sage close to Putin Position 3-- Power-- Putin Position 4--Support-- Donald Jr. Position 5-- Revolutionary/Eccentric-- Trump Can you speak to how the Configuration has fared over the last 18 months? For example, has it stabilized or is it still highly volatile? Have any of the positions been vacated and filled by others? MEntity: The Configuration is still intact but more volatile. Positions remained filled by the same individuals. Death of one member involved here will be the end of this Configuration for the lifetime. ****************************************************************************************** And it was @Evelin who suggested that Position 2 was filled by Vladislav Surkov. I saw this a few days ago that is making the rounds on social media.
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    I feel honoured to be able to witness this transcendental soul's work. "Essences queuing up to be able to be incarnate and live in this day and age" (or however it has been worded by Michael) is starting to make sense to me.
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    I just assumed that's his imprinting. Old souls aren't immune to imprinting.
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    Joe Biden is C2E1. Reference here:
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    Good guess, I would say.
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    I had not heard of this person, @Evelin. Thanks for brining him up! From what I read about him quickly on the internet, he fits the bill. He is certainly experienced in manipulating public opinion with propaganda and skewing elections in other countries, i.e. the Ukraine. As for the Sage reference, look at his quote from Wikipedia: "BBC documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis credits Surkov's blend of theater and politics with keeping Putin, and Putin's chosen successors, in power since 2000." When I first saw Michael's answer about the Configuration positions I was a little relieved because I was expecting more foreign leaders to be involved. I would have found this more menacing, more of a global effort. But nope, this is just a stupid home-grown conspiracy run by idiots. But then I got scared again because these idiots have already taken this pretty far and the Republican indifference to blatant attempts to collude with the Russian government is terrifying. I mean, Don Jr put it out there on Twitter himself! How much more do they need! It's like being in one of those nightmares where your are literally paralyzed from stopping the bad stuff from happening. That's why I asked for a positive message at the end of the session. I've been trying to participate "in the momentum of the collective consciousness toward greater peace" since 3am on Election Night. And I know you all have, too.
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    Oh god yes. With the Наши organisation and this sovereign democracy shit. Vlad loves Slava I'd say, and he sure is influential.
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    Yeah, and with that theatre background. Also, he's been Putin's main back-stage ideologist for a long time, from what I've read.
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    Surkov is definitely Sagely... Hm...
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    I wonder if this is Vladislav Surkov, although he's not that unknown.
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