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    @Janet, so interesting to see his Essence Dynamics and Overleaves. Not surprised by Dominance, Observation, that he's Mature 7 (teaching level), or that he has a Warrior Essence Twin. What jumped out at me, in particular, is seeing he's a Priest-cast Sage who happens to be a Pragmatist and one of his most quoted questions that he asks people is "How's that working for you?" You gotta love it!!
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    I feel honoured to be able to witness this transcendental soul's work. "Essences queuing up to be able to be incarnate and live in this day and age" (or however it has been worded by Michael) is starting to make sense to me.
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    I just assumed that's his imprinting. Old souls aren't immune to imprinting.
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    Joe Biden is C2E1. Reference here:
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