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    I unexpectedly talked about this in class tonight- in relation to how our use of technology has made us feel lonely. It generated some discussion, and now I dont feel like others are such strangers. I'm no longer so defined by my unbearable fear of Vulnerability. I no longer describe myself as shy. I am observant, introverted & attentive, but not shy. It's fun! A peer talked to me after class that I never met because I am making myself known.
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    I have a close friend who's going through a very tough break-up, among other problems. Fundamentally, her struggle now is in letting go of the people and things which she had come to rely on for identity, and forging (or reforging) her own. She's already aware of this; it was in fact a big part of the reason for the break-up. I think this quote encapsulates her experience: she identified herself by her relationship, she's experiencing loneliness now that it's over, and she's gradually moving toward a realization of Aloneness.
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