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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: August 2000] MEntity: Every year there is an opportunity at some point, a window, that allows the Personality to have a “break,” an ability to experience perception without Chief Feature. The next two weeks appear to be that window. This does not mean you are not going to experience your fears or Chief Features, simply that you are in a time frame that will allow you experience the enhanced potential of alleviation from Chief Feature, if you consciously choose that. In fact, you may be highly exposed to your Chief Features, but the energy available will allow you higher consciousness in alleviating their grip. We will suggest a few things that will help, if you choose to experiment. Over the next couple of weeks you can use your body as a tool in this alleviation. You can create any physical cue you find to be a reminder, but we will suggest simple cues for each Axis. These are to be used in any single moment when you “photograph” yourself in the potential throes of Chief Feature. For Sages and Artisans, the physical cue to help you dissolve a moment of Chief Feature, is to gently SMILE. Literally smile and generate internally a humor in the moment, an affection for your “trickster.” Smile, feel it move through your centers, and then proceed. We state here that this is not a solution, it is a tool. When the Sages and Artisans can see their Fears as children simply demanding attention, they can smile, “wink” internally to acknowledge the distraction, and affectionately “scoot” the Chief Feature on. Remember times when you, yourself, were a nuisance, but merely sought acknowledgment. For Warriors and Kings, we suggest a moment to bring your attention to your POSTURE. Kings and Warriors are either too rigid while in the throes of Chief Feature, or they are wearing down and slumping, protecting the Moving Center. In your moment, simply adjust your Posture. Just for a moment, sit up straight, feel yourself return to a place of empowerment, or relax, sigh out a relief and just let your posture go. When Warriors and Kings can see their Fears as servants and protectors that are overworking or without direction, they can easily transform them. Remember times when you became overbearing in your impact on someone, but merely sought to do what you thought was “right”. Priests and Servers can use the physical cue of taking their palms and gently resting their face in them, spreading the palms and pulling the hands back as if to wash the face. Do this gently and with a conscious realization that you were hiding. This symbolic gesture will literally have the potential to remove a layer of energy you carried as a mask of strength. If you are in public, using one hand, caressing one cheek then the other, as if you are wiping away a spider web, can do a great deal in reminding you that you are “human.” If Priests and Servers can see their Fears as Healed Events that have overstayed their welcome, they can encourage a release of them, making a decision that it is not necessary to nurture or uphold these things that were once important. Remember times when you, yourself, had completed a relationship in someone’s life, knowing it was time to “move on”. Many Priest and Servers hang on to fears because they assume their release will make them lose a part of their identity. Your physical cues, Priests/Servers, go a long way in reminding you that you have an updated identity to fulfill. Scholars, your physical cue appears to be linked to two body parts, your arms and your stomach. When in the throes of your Chief Feature, we suggest making an effort to unfold your arms. This will help you feel more like a participant than an “outsider.” We also suggest taking a moment to place one palm on your stomach, one on over your Heart. In that moment, simply remind yourself, “I am alive.” Scholars can alleviate many of their fears by seeing the Fears as navigational tools, not obstacles. Some Scholars can then allow the Fears to be indications as to what they are studying next, or an indication of what they are least interested in studying and let that go. Remember times when you, yourself, have overpowered a person with your “information” without realizing the need for it was unnecessary or out of context. Your fears behave similarly in their “informing” you. All of the physical cues can be handy to any Role, but we believe these shared here are helpful specifically. We encourage you to discern this for yourselves.
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    [Excerpted from Infinite and Transcendental Souls, the Logos, Pathos and Ethos, which is a transcript in the Fringe and Whackadoodle Studies Club.] [Geraldine] We'd like topic-length information on what the Infinite Soul/Transcendental Soul does and how the Logos operates. We've had 3 non-terrestrial IS and the remainder have been human. Have those all been from the human design? How does the Logos separate into Truth, Love, Energy. Why have some IS only been after disasters? Why are others apparently in the middle of prosperity? MEntity: The non-terrestrial Infinite Souls were not of Human Design, but the manifestation of the Infinite Soul as it is represented by another species' Sentience (Design) is rather standard for any early Sentience of another Species. This is because there are no cycled-off Essence or Entities from that "new" Design capable of hosting the Infinite Soul. However, because the Infinite Soul only ever represents Universal Truths, it does not matter that it initially manifests through a different species' Design. Every species' eventually takes on the responsibility for providing its own Transcendental and Infinite Soul manifestations, for no other reason than that this is a natural evolutionary process of incarnation for Essences, as in Soul Ages, for cycled off Entities and Cadres. While there is great emphasis on the 5 Soul Ages, there are actually 7, and all of "you" will go through those in some way, in some when. As mentioned in another exchange with you, it is fairly standard that any new Sentience is accompanied by a stabilized Sentience already in cycle. In other words, no new Design in introduced without the guidance of fragments from at least one other Design. Depending on the evolutionary "speed," population, and geography/demographics of the new Sentience, the caretaker Sentience/Design would host between 1 and 12 Infinite Soul manifestations as necessary in the beginning. We have not seen more than 12. 3 appears to be average. As you may have noticed throughout the Design of Sentience, there are a multitude of ways through which Fragments, Entities, Cadres, and Energy Rings resonate mathematically as part of the initial dynamics, which are then expanded upon through Monads, Karma, and Configurations throughout the incarnational cycles, all contributing to the gravity that will eventually reunite all in the high planes. It could be said that Designs are originally organized mathematically, but then build from that the musical resonances that compel the reunion. Musical Resonance is Mathematical Resonance, exalted. In that same way, Designs are also linked, both mathematically and eventually musically, in a way that draws them together in the high planes. The Mathematical Resonance is built in as part of another level of organization of Sentience that supersedes the system familiar to you now, and includes "Pods," which we will explore at another time; part of the Musical Resonance is generated by the relationships generated by the Infinite Soul manifestations in those early incarnations. This Musical Resonance among Designs is generated by the interventions that tend to save the species from extinction. This is a rather profound experience for both parties, of course. In terms of how Logos is brought to bear: Because teaching of a high order tends to require a form that is relevant to a species, the Infinite Soul tends to emphasize the Higher Intellectual, or Logos, the Truth, Higher Expression because there has to be a relevant delivery system. Most manifestations would then include speech, writing, or other form of Expression that delivers the higher knowledge. This is why we tend to refer to these manifestations as bringing the Logos to bear, but in other species, the Ethos or Pathos may be the primary delivery system. In ALL instances, regardless of the emphasis for delivery, Logos, Ethos, and Pathos will be built in. Or the Truth, Beauty/Energy, and Love, respectively. Every Infinite Soul manifestation brings one of these three THROUGH Logos, much like Center/Part might be understood. Because your species is rather Expressive/Intellectual, the delivery system accommodates this by being Expressive, Intellectual, The Word. Transcendental Souls will tend to be more flexible in this, and act as pathways or preparations to the Infinite Soul manifestations. It could be said, then, even if crudely, that the Transcendental Souls, or high Causal bodies, emphasize Ethos, Logos, and/or Pathos, as potential paths to the Infinite Soul, or high Mental bodies, if that manifestation would be necessary. As if Transcendental acts as "parts" for the "centering" that is the emphasis for Infinite Soul. Again, this is a crude analogy, but can work in helping to understand the dynamic. Though we use the term Logos to describe that delivery system, Logos can emphasize the Truth, Love, or Energy that are Universal and necessary for help of a species. For instance, Lao Tzu emphasized Truth, while Jesus emphasized Love, and Buddha emphasized Energy/Beauty. Logos, Pathos or Ethos are packaged and delivered almost always through the Logos as a primary delivery system. We would also clarify that though there are emphases on Truth, Love, or Energy as it varies among the Infinite Soul manifestations and as it comes through the Logos, there will also always be Truth, Love, and Energy combined in some way. The Infinite Soul tends to manifest in both extremes of disaster and danger, and in times of prosperity, much in the same way that any higher understanding finds a platform. Most species only tend to open to higher perspectives when faced with peril, or prosperity. Especially en masse. ... [Oscar] How long do ISs 'live' and how do they accomplish their goal in such a short time? MEntity: The fragments who host the Infinite Soul live as long as they choose, but manifestation of the Infinite Soul is never more than approximately 30 days. The effects are long-term, and not always as intended; this is understood as part of the dynamic of Choice, of course. The intentions are rarely accomplished within the lifetime of the host, or during the time of manifestation, but act more like seeds. These "seeds" are then dismissed, hoarded, destroyed, nurtured, hidden, etc as relative to the choices of those exposed to them. However powerful a manifestation of Infinite Soul, it cannot "save" anyone; it can only offer the Logos. [Brian_W] Perhaps this is more of a question on human nature than the TS / IS, but it seems with each incarnation of a TS / IS, a new religion is formed and much of the original ideas taught by the TS / IS are lost (perfect example being Jesus and teaching love, not dogma / rituals). Has there been a case where the original ideas taught were not "lost" upon those who heard the message from the TS / IS, or where the original ideas were continued to be carried down through generations? MEntity: Your perception is valid. When the teacher dies, so does the teaching, and turns into literature or interpretation, and as such is subject to the influences of those who convey that literature or interpretation. There tends to remain the original "seed," no matter what, but often clouded and distorted. Taoism remains the least-distorted of these seeds. [Bobby] Why did an IS manifest during Jesus' time? There wasn't any peril pending so was it because it was an especially prosperous period for mankind? MEntity: The impending shift from Baby to Young on the planet at that time was heading for disastrous consequences. The manifestation through Jesus was an attempt to bring the Logos of Love and Agape to the planet, not only for the sake of helping transition retain some sense of compassion and empathy, but to help those who would naturally fall into the lower economic or social positions create and nurture meaning in ways other than material. Christianity is an example of how those "seeds" were lost overall against the prevailing patterns of choices, and the use of such seeds by a Young Soul population, but remained intact for those who chose otherwise. However painful the transition was from Baby to Young, the alternatives were far worse. By "worse," we mean that in those parallels where the Infinite Soul did not manifest, or where the Logos was rejected entirely, all sense of meaning and empathy were lost to those who did not have a material means of reflecting personal value. This is disastrous, even to the early Young Souls, as the system and symbols for those material reflections must be worked out, agreed upon, and explored before being utilized. If there is no patience, compassion, and empathy along the way, a halt to any interest in "being alive" comes in. Mass suicides and genocides, along with a sudden drop in birth rates, ended some parallels of exploration at that time. Much of the biblical accounts are the struggles between the use of patience, empathy, and compassion as applied through Order and Authority (Baby Soul) while forging ahead with competition, oppression, materialism, and exploitation, often tied up in fertility rites and roles for propagating populations that would comply (Young Soul). These distractions with fertility rites and population growth/control were partially in response to the known fear that the species might have been affected by this shift. [Geraldine] Once the IS has manifested, and I presume has undergone Review after the death of its host body, does it remain separate from its Cadre or remerge back in? MEntity: The Infinite Soul requires no review, at least in the same way that we understand a review to entail. The Infinite Soul is Tao, manifested, but as such, is hosted first through the emphasis of the plane of Logos (truth, love, or energy), which can come from any three of the high planes, which is then hosted through the high Mental bodies (usually a Cadre) from the Mental Plane, which is then hosted through a 7th Level Old Essence in a body. This process is a means by which Tao can manifest into denser forms that can then be utilized by the densest of those forms. Though Tao is "everywhere," to manifest the Logos in such a way requires a kind of stepping down of the energy in a way that can accommodate the final host. As such, there is no real "remerging" necessary, but there is a kind of conversion or dispersion of the energy that was used in the process, and this becomes the "seeds" of which we spoke earlier. The host of any Infinite Soul would go through the usual processes of Review and reunion with Entity, etc. The period of time used for Manifestation is not a part of the Review. [Oscar] Does the host always die after the manifestation of the IS, or are there also cases where the IS leaves and the host continues? MEntity: In response to OSCAR: the host does not always die after manifestation, but this depends upon many factors. Often the manifestation is intentionally timed for the ending of the life, so as not to interfere with the choices of the fragment hosting, and sometimes the manifestation, itself, is rejected so profoundly that the host is killed. Often, there is no physical death involved, such as is the case with Jesus, but the rejection takes on symbolic form and becomes a kind of legend or myth, to support the rejection. It is true that there was an attempt to kill this fragment, but he did not die, and continued on with a "normal" life of study, teaching, and development of a family for many years beyond "the crucifixion." This is acceptable, as it frees the host from continued linkage to the Manifestation. [Bobby] In India? MEntity: In response to Bobby: the accounts of Jesus post-crucifixion survival are almost all valid in some way, and reflect the merging of parallels that have since come to be since then. [Brian_W] It has been said that in the IS known as "Jesus," the "Sermon on the Mount" represents the pure Logos from the IS. What were the equivalent teachings for Lao Tzu and the Buddha (Siddhattha Gotama) MEntity: In response to Brian: Tao te Ching in general is rather "pure" overall in its capacity for adapting to the intelligence of any individual for use as an oracle for guidance. In terms of Buddha, all parts of the teachings regarding the consistency of Energy, Change, and Cause and Effect tend to be "pure." [Maureen] So the actual Logos - as a Teaching - is aimed at the People and Time Period in which the IS appears? MEntity: In response to Maureen: that would be valid to some extent. The Logos, as a delivery system, always accommodates the overall capacity of intelligence and means of access for those incarnating at the time, but is always Intellectual/Expressive, and will always be True, regardless of time or population. [Geraldine] Since both Ra and Krishna appeared at about 6,000 BCE -- were they a) actually simultaneous manifestations of the IS; and b) what was the common core message that they were trying to teach? MEntity: In response to Geraldine: Ra and Krishna, each, were manifestations that emphasized partnerships and understanding of human origins as being from off planet, though from different angles. Ra emphasizing this almost literally, but through Energy/Beauty emphasis in the Logos, and Krishna through Ethos and Truth. Krishna is one of only a few examples of a Transcendental Soul manifesting Infinite. [AnnH] If Earth is transitioning again from Young to Mature, and we've had two TS manifestations since the last IS, and the Earth is in some peril regarding population and its health, why is no IS showing up now? Or soon, anyway. MEntity: In response to ANN: so far, in parallels of which "you" are aware, there has always been a precarious balance kept in place that has neither removed the possibility or necessity for an Infinite Soul manifestation, nor required one. This thin line continues to be walked. There are several candidates who continue to remain potential hosts for the Infinite Soul if it were to manifest, and at this time, this continues to be the state. In other words, so far, the species appears to continue toward using its own capacity for pulling up from peril, and does not require intervention. This does not mean that there is no need for some social transformations, and so the planet may see more and more Transcendental manifestations over the next 50 years or so. [Oscar] At which moment did the Infinite Soul manifest in Buddha? MEntity: In response to Oscar: the manifestation appears to have happened halfway through his intentions to be "enlightened" through persistent meditation, and then about 2 weeks beyond that, giving rise to the "four noble truths," which were then built upon.
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    [Excerpted from Human evolution, Overview of interventions, Kendre, Sirians vs. Non-Sirians, and Baby Soul Era, which are transcripts in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club. There are other transcripts in that Club that may be needed to understand some of the references.] Geraldine: I'd like some information about prehistorical TS & IS. For example, Ra is listed as an IS and was a long term "sun god" for Egypt — but what did he actually do that made him a legendary/mythological figure of renown? MEntity: In terms of prehistorical Infinite Souls and Transcendental Souls, there are only mythologies from which to draw references, as those who actually acted as Manifestations were only "recorded" in tales and stories for thousands and thousands of years. The reference to "Ra" would be one of those, having actually manifested approximately 6000 BCE, about 3000 years previous to the culmination of the cults who began to implement formal worship and recording. The original manifestation was focused on the transformation of fear regarding nature and the sky, in particular the Sun, into a means of abundance and resource. Even this reference as a mythological god is one of many "incarnations" of how this Manifestation actually occurred. The stories and myths became embellished over history as a means to tell the story of those telling the story, not of the history, itself. Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can "play" the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations. Geraldine: Are you saying that these TS & IS manifestations aren't part of the Akashic Records? MEntity: No, we are not. We are saying that it is complicated to give you a response with any tangible reference beyond what you have as a reference. For instance, we can tell you that in 4,000,000 BCE Ti'AT manifested the Infinite Soul as a means to bring the Logos regarding nomadal navigation, but the only reference to this in your perspective might be a few of the "alien" etchings of later cultures. ... And upon elaboration, possibly tie them to tangible references in your recorded history. The fragment known as Ti'AT was not a fictional example, by the way. Geraldine: I'm not familiar with Ti`AT MEntity: We know. Geraldine: LOL no one is, I suppose MEntity: That was the first Manifestation. ... The list of human Infinite Soul Manifestations would be: With approximate time frames Ti'AT (female 4,000,000 BCE), Khro'Te (male child 2,000,000 BCE), Ker (female 1,000,000 BCE), Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers 700,000 BCE), Tinet, TenTen, Tia (sisters 500,000 BCE), Shia (female 150,000 BCE), Kendre (female 75,000 BCE), "Ra" (male 6,000 BCE), "Krishna (6,000 BCE) "Lilith (female 4,000 BCE), "Buddha (male 500 BCE), Lao Tzu (male 4,000 BCE) "Christ (male 5 BCE). We think we have covered them. This was not an easy task for our channel. Many of the names are phonetic and rather insignificant in terms of references for you. Geraldine: So, Lilith was an IS, not a TS? Through Michael Toth, she was given as a TS at about 10,000 BCE. MEntity: In regard to "Lilith," this would also be correct. A Transcendental Soul manifested in a way that then became a thread that the Infinite Soul used for Manifestation. The mythology of "Lilith" includes two past peaks, one in which a Transcendental Soul manifested, and one in which the Infinite Soul manifested. The more recent Manifestation is the more relevant of what has come to be the myth of "Lilith." Geraldine: Her name and lore was really trashed after that manifestation MEntity: Most Manifestations do not take long to be "trashed." We refer to the Manifestation through Christ as a most-recent example. There is much truth in the cliche that the gods of the past religion becomes the devil of the new. That is often the case, particularly when it involves Baby Souls. ### MEntity: There are usually 2 kinds of Intervention: "Alien" or caretaker intervention, and Infinite Soul intervention. Both tend to be stabilizing, pivotal, and redirectional forces for the entirety of the Sentience being supported. These occur in two ways: hidden or presented. The greater the population, the more hidden these interventions tend to be. Furthermore, each of these are often Insidious and/or Invitational. In other words, slow introductions of change, and usually seeded within relatively small groups. In the metaphysical scheme of things, so to speak, there are pods of fragments who work together in Agreement for these interventions throughout the Grand Cycle, and there are many within a Design who actually never have contact with these non-terrestrial, other-sentience species. So there are many who will have these Essence memories, and others who will find them completely foreign. After the initial transfer, a period of approximately 3 million years passed before a return from the caretakers. We refer to these species as "caretakers" because it is a valid term. Every Sentient Species is a Caretaker, at some point, for the introduction and stabilizing of another Sentient Species. At this point, Human Sentience would probably care for the fellow primate Sentience of Gorillas as this continues to grow. 3 Million Years Ago: The return visit found the species in dire shape, in terms of breeding and mental stability, but with great packs of fragments having formed into working tribes that were thriving, otherwise. ... The first Infinite Soul was then introduced through the species, not through Human Sentience, but through one of the integrated caretakers of the time; an Old Priest. ... In fact, the first three were not technically Human, but were of caretakers' species. The second manifestation was King. ... The first of Human Sentience hosting the Infinite Soul were through three brothers in approximately 700,000 BCE. [Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers - 700,000 BCE] Using this approximate 3 million year point as the first of Interventions, we can say that roughly, each following Intervention/Interaction has followed a pattern: 1.5 million years ago; 750,000 years ago, 325,000 years ago, 150,000 years ago, 75,000 years ago, 30,000 years ago, 15,000 years ago, 7500 years ago, 3000 years ago, 1500 years ago, 700 years ago, 300 years ago, 150 years ago, 60 years ago. These are approximate, as it is difficult to pinpoint across timelines exactly when is "your" when, but these are fair approximations. Not all of these Interventions included collapses, or genetic stabilization, but usually include some form of Hidden or Presented Insidious or Invitational contact. Either from Infinite Soul or from caretakers. The reason for this pattern is because of the maturing species as well as the growing population and spreading of that population. ... In fact, the manifestations of the Infinite Souls through the brothers and the sisters in 700,000 and 500,000 BCE became part of the mythology of the Muses. The means through which these manifestations "taught" were through the capacity to sing, create, and compose music, but more, they were able to help those who listened, to be able to share with others a similar copy of that experience. The joy that this brought to the species is something we cannot convey in words. All survival issues fell by the wayside, and development began to center around these ideals brought about by music and song. ### [Geraldine] I feel that one of the most critical times for human evolution happened during the timeframe of the 7th manifestation of the Infinite Soul, Kendre, about 77,000 years ago, which seems to match up to an Alien Contact Event at about 75,000 years ago. I'd like to know more about this time period, in terms of any major events, what Kendre accomplished, and if I had any lifetimes present. [MEntity] The time period about which you ask was a time period where our Sentience nearly lost all stability of our species, with a mass exodus in several ways, including nomadically, but also physically, as we neared extinction. "Kendre" was a voice that helped direct a large group of peoples of that time away from further dangers, and into lands that would allow for population to stabilize. ... We probably would not have survived if "Kendre" had not pointed out pathways for travel, and revealed to the variations of humans a common language for partnering up. This Infinite Soul brought an Energy/Beauty Logos. ### [Geraldine] The answers that have been given so far for two different manifestations of the Infinite Soul (4th and 5th) have crossover information or a discrepancy. We have both showing as "taught through the capacity to sing, create, and compose music." I'm showing Sonad, Kin, and Serep, brothers, human beings at about 700,000 years, and Tinet, TenTen, Tia, sisters, human beings at about 500,000 years ago, doing exactly the same thing. Please clarify and elaborate. Also, please give approximate locale for each. [MEntity] The information is valid, as far as we can see. Infinite Soul manifestations can show up a multitude of times, close together, and use the same media for influence in conveying the same message, if that is what is necessary. The geographical locations that were involved with these manifestations were first in the areas known as England and the effects moved through Northern Europe and then carried further into the areas of what is known as Greece by the following manifestation. In both instances, each sibling of each set of manifestation specialized in 3 rather specific areas of arts that would eventually come to be the "9 muses" of mythology. Each set brought all three of the universal logos, with one sibling manifesting truth, another love, and another energy. ### MEntity: Once [cross-breeding among species, creating "monstrosities"] became rampant, this is when such civilizations as Lemuria and Atlantis began forming, primarily as a means to protect from the more dangerous of these. ... [This] development of the excelling enclosed civilizations came at approximately 2 million years ago, around the time of Khro'Te manifesting the Infinite Soul, setting the stage for the shifts that would come on a larger scale outside of those walls regarding diet. ### MEntity: The first major nomadic movements were around 4,000,000 BCE after the first Manifestation of the Infinite Soul. These may have been local, relatively speaking, but were nomadic, nonetheless. It was an exploration out of "Eden," so to speak. That was the first.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2004] Note: This excerpt is from follow-up that Troy pursued with Michael following the November session, which occurred just after the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush. Troy: United States’ population is approximately 303,000,000 (according to Michael). Soul Age Demographics: 17,450,000 Old (about 6%) 123,000,000 Mature (about 41%) 90,000,000 Young (about 30%) 67,850,000 Baby (about 22%) 5,000,000 Infant (about 1%) Note: Also from the November 2004 session: [Questioner] also aren’t many of the “older” souls still children, and not of voting age? MEntity: Of the 40+ million fragments we would refer to as “older souls”, it is valid that approximately 25 million of these fragments are under the legal voting age.
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    [Excerpts from Michael Speaks: 2010 Review and 2011 Overleaves] Note: Although this session was generally about Overleaves for 2010 and 2011, Michael made several comments about personal Overleaves as well. These are excerpted in this article. MEntity: As many of you already understand, the Overleaves that we use to describe a year do not describe energies that are being imposed upon a frame of time, but rather a description of the energies being generated collectively during that frame of time. The same could be said of your own Overleaves: your own overleaves are descriptions of genetic dynamics that have a spectrum of manifestations that are described by the Overleaves. You are not "confined" by those Overleaves any more than you are "confined" by the fact that you are human, for instance. In other words, Overleaves for a year, or for a person, describe patterns that are generated from within the structure, but how those patterns are used, directed, rejected, exploited, etc., are still rather limitless. ... When a student receives or deciphers his or her Overleaves, it will never truly matter if those Overleaves are 100% "correct" if the aim of that student is to aim for the Positive Poles. This is not to say that there are not correct Overleaves, but that it is the aim that makes the difference, not the words. If a Sage thinks he is a Warrior and aims for Persuasion instead of Dissemination, the mere act of aiming for his idea of a Positive Pole Warrior will make him a Positive Pole Sage. ... [Angela] Earlier you mentioned overleaves being a description of genetic DYNAMICS, can you explain more about these dynamics and their influences? MEntity: All Overleaves are genetic, in that they can be found in the DNA of every individual, and this is what springs forth in creating the body and Personality. There is more "nature" to a person than "nurture," in other words, even though there is a mix, and the choices of the individual can affect how either are emphasized. If one were to use our system alongside the study of genetic markers, there would be a time when Overleaves can literally be found in the DNA of an individual. Personality structures are rooted and blueprinted in genetics, but built from the experiences of the life. [Angela] could ALL overleaves be encoded in an individual's DNA? or only the ones specific to that person In the same way that a Body is predesigned to a great degree, but experiences such as food, climate, activities can alter that design, so are Personalities born and raised. The entire set of Overleaves could be found in every individual, but only certain markers to activate code combinations. We are speaking through a non-medical channel, so our terminology is limited. [Kathryn41] so this is how a walk-in can essentially 're-wire' the genetic markers over time to reflect the new overleaves - makes sense MEntity: Those Overleaves that are not the individual's would be dormant, and are rarely activated in replacement of others. When there is an alteration of the active overleaves, it is usually limited to the axis. For instance, a "walk in" might activate Growth over Re-evaluation, etc. [Angela] can beliefs be used to activate these code combinations? MEntity: The alteration of one's DNA by beliefs is about as easy as concentrating hard to change your hair color, or skin color. One can always mask or alter those things, but cannot truly change them.
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    [Excerpted from Sirans vs. Non-Sirians, which is a transcript in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club] Note from Janet: Michael's use and explanation of the word "timelines" in this session does NOT appear to have the same meaning as the use of the word in sessions beginning with Timeline 1: The Final Dedicated Session, which occurred 2 years later than this one. Likely Michael is speaking in this session about what they later called timelines for individuals, as opposed to timelines for humanity. ... MEntity: Branching in Timelines that lead to their "own" evolution (which is a misnomer that will eventually be cleared up in our exploration with you) tends to happen when the scale of collective events branches out the Sentience in a way that creates completely different contexts of evolution. ... And this might be where we would point out the first real considerable branching of Timelines, where the Sirians and non-Sirian groups had very different outcomes. In one Timeline the Sirian-related accelerated drastically beyond the average Soul Age because paths crossed, but continued on away from each other, and in another, Sirian-related managed to "tame" the non-Sirian. This would be, for simplistic purposes, 3 major Timelines. When the Infinite Soul manifests the Logos, Timelines tend to merge; they do not do so at any other time that we know of, and we will talk about that another time.
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: August 2014] Kurtis: Hi Michael, in the OMW section of this site I found some nifty information on how Aggression and Power Modes evolve intimacy. ... I was wondering if you could provide the same info for how the other modes evolve intimacy like those examples. Particularly Observation, Passion and Reserve, as most students here are or slide to those modes. MEntity: For Passion Mode, intimacy is evolved through each being extensions of the other. This can show up in a range between co-dependency and co-creation. Co-dependency expects the other to represent himself or herself. Behaving in ways that are outside of the range of Passion's own behavior can be startling and divisive. This can still lead to intimacy, depending upon the relationship, because some are drawn to Passion precisely for that context of personal transformation. If this is not an understood dynamic, it can be messy. This is usually the case when Passion is used or sought for teaching. Co-creation is a dynamic of inspiration that feeds from one another as Passion learns about the self through other. This is more appealing, as both are learning then. Both are teachers.
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    [Excerpted from Ancient humans: 6 million years of development and Overview of interventions, which are transcripts in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club.] [Geraldine] Civilizations don't begin during the immediate period. There is a several hundred year period where population explodes, technology rapidly evolves, and changes happen. Since I've been told about the level of human civilization at the 1 million year mark, were there pivotal changes that caused this level of expansion? [MEntity] There is always an intervention factor for every wave of civilizations that have come and gone; even the current civilization (or mankind) as a whole is a result of intervention. Because the human species is a hybrid, there have always come periods of instability in the bodies that make up humans as hosts for sentience, and these usually peak in large cycles, then collapse, and have to be stabilized by intervention, and then rebuilding begins. The interventions happen in two ways: through caretaker intervention, which might be seen as "aliens," and through the bringing of the Logos through the Infinite Soul manifestations. When metaphysical instability begins to be profound, the Infinite Soul manifestation occurs. This metaphysical instability would include emotional, intellectual, and "spiritual" instability of the collective bodies at the time, and the probabilities that those bodies would give rise to even further instability without intervention. When physical instability begins to be profound, such as self-destruction, destruction of great parts of the planet, and degradation of capacities for evolution, then "alien" intervention occurs. On the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels, Intervention happens as necessary and has happened multiple times throughout the history of your sentience. ### MEntity: There are usually 2 kinds of Intervention: "Alien" or caretaker intervention, and Infinite Soul intervention. Both tend to be stabilizing, pivotal, and redirectional forces for the entirety of the Sentience being supported. These occur in two ways: hidden or presented. The greater the population, the more hidden these interventions tend to be. Furthermore, each of these are often Insidious and/or Invitational. In other words, slow introductions of change, and usually seeded within relatively small groups.
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    [Excerpt from CF Report received on December 3, 2014; shared with permission] MEntity: First, we will discuss the Primary Chief Feature: Arrogance. Your Primary Chief Feature describes how one protects oneself "from the world," so to speak. It is often the most visible of the Chief Features, and is used as a defensive front/persona against any threats "from the world." Because the Goal of the Personality tends to encompass how one's actions interact with the world, the Primary Chief Feature affects the Goal. So the Primary Chief Feature describes your obstacles to being effective in both the world and in reaching your Goal. ... Arrogance is the means that one decides upon when it is determined that "the world" is looking too closely at you, or that you were exposed to the world in some way that threatened your trust in vulnerability. Arrogance often goes hand in hand with Acceptance because of the inherent nature of the Goal of Acceptance. Acceptance is the goal of second, third, and fourth (or more) chances as a way to try to accept someone, or as a way to convince someone that you are acceptable.This vulnerability is fueled by a form of innocence for a long time, but if that vulnerability is betrayed or brings too much attention to you in a way that leaves you exposed, the protection against vulnerability begins to build. For those in Acceptance with Arrogance, the shift tends to move away from BEING Accepted, to being Accepting. ... For those in Acceptance, the capacity to see everything is high, but this is not a skill many have. So it is easy to begin to show others only what you choose to show them. Arrogance then begins to make an art of appearing as personable and open as possible so that everyone thinks there is nothing being hidden. But for those in Arrogance, there is always something hidden, and it is a dark secret among those in Arrogance that they are just waiting for someone to see past the facades and into the dark. This is when they "know" they might finally be loved. But even when those in Arrogance are finally seen, there is defense is so entrenched that the love is not felt. This is most often seen in if there are symptoms where compliments are dismissed or shrugged off as if they are pandering or misguided social gestures. Arrogance/Acceptance learns how to keep others at a distance by turning the attention back onto others with kindness, compliments, or help, so any gestures of this nature in their own direction are determined to be insincere. Eventually, Arrogance/Acceptance decides that only he or she truly knows how to love and to accept others, but that others will never truly know how to love and accept them. For the older soul, this is how Vanity, the Negative Pole shows up. "I am better at loving than you are." A carefully orchestrated facade is constantly maneuvered between the self and the world and then it is wondered why no one truly sees you. When Arrogance moves into the positive pole of Pride, this often shows up for the older soul in his or her appearance. There is a certain amount of investment in taking care of the self so that it is presentable. For those in Arrogance, as soon as there is any streak of time when interactions decline, appearance, self-care, hygiene, clothing choices, etc., all begin to lose significance. Only if one is being seen, even if superficially, do these things matter anymore. ... For those in Arrogance as primary chief feature, it can be helpful to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE - go be around people; go do something, and better yet, interact with people. This is not the same thing as tolerating people and being superficial, but actually being a part of a group who shares interests, hobbies, goals, etc. Let this idea of "get out of the house" extend into "house" meaning anything into which you find yourself hiding. For example, it may mean "get out of your skin" or "get out from behind your children" or "get out of your routines." Anything that actively exposes you to the world again in a way that you choose. Another way that you can help transform Arrogance is to LET PEOPLE LIKE YOU. By this we mean that you actively embrace every kind gesture sent your way, regardless of its depth. If someone smiles at you, let that in. If someone thanks you, let that in. And, of course, anything deeper in meaning, let that in, as well. And, finally, for those in Arrogance/Acceptance, this one can be the most painful and difficult aspect to accept and transform as a way to move up and out of Arrogance: STOP BEING BETTER THAN THE WORLD We say that in a tongue-in-cheek way, but it is true that many in Arrogance, particularly in Arrogance/Acceptance, sense that they are simply not a part of the world, that they are simply enduring it, and that they are better than most. For the older soul, this does not show up in the same way that it shows up for younger souls. In younger souls, this shows up as blatantly self-indulgent and entitled, over-confident, offensive, etc. But for the older soul, this shows up as "why can't you see what I see" and "people are stupid" or "the world has gone insane" or "I guess I will do all of the loving, thinking, and feeling that others don't seem to be able to do" etc. So if similar thoughts or words pass through you, stop for a moment and put yourself back into the world, back into the picture, and embrace that you are a PART of the world, not above it or beyond it. This may seem a random exercise, but it can truly help one to make more effective choices rather than to leave the self dismissing any effort because it might not matter. ### end of excerpt This content may be discussed in the blog entry describing this report: Chief Features: Arrogance & Martyrdom.
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    [Excerpt from Membership Gratitude Event - June 2016] Janet: Hello Michael! What causes a 6th level Old Soul to become magnetic -- or not? That is, what defines which fragments become magnetic? MEntity: It is a cumulative process that tends to rise from lifetimes where the fragment has affected many lives that then affect many lives. As "word gets around," so to speak, about a consistent source of beneficial impact, that fragment is "activated" as Magnetic. The state of Magnetism is a kind of Philanthropic Karma. Those fragments who generated these effects upon the lives of others without conditional intention or particular awareness create a kind of imbalance that then generates a necessity for addressing. The Magnetic phase is a way for one to finally recognize and gain awareness of how one's actions and choices have cascading ramifications. This is why it is during the 6th Level where Karma is addressed. Even "good" Karma.
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: August 2014] Kurtis: Hi Michael, in the OMW section of this site I found some nifty information on how Aggression and Power Modes evolve intimacy. ... I was wondering if you could provide the same info for how the other modes evolve intimacy like those examples. Particularly Observation, Passion and Reserve, as most students here are or slide to those modes. MEntity: For Observation Mode, it is a matter of truly seeing and being seen. The key, however, is that it is not a static state. It is an evolving, shifting, and adaptive state of seeing and being seen. Intimacy for Observation Mode is killed if someone locks him or her in one version of himself or herself. If the one in Observation does not allow for the variations and facets of others, but locks them into one preference or expectation, this begins to repel the other.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2001] Entity Seven is heavily themed with INCULCATION, meaning that those from Entity Seven tend to be repetitive and instructional in their behaviour to a distraction, even to themselves. Highly self-conscious, most from this Entity are preoccupied with the feelings of others and their ability to feel comfortable and capable in the current life. They are usually preoccupied with what is most healing to those they interact with and what will bring the strongest lessons out of the current contexts. Not all from this Entity are particularly in positions where they feel they are “teaching”, but they tend to be looked at as healers and teachers even when they don't “want” to be in that position. People are generally irresistibly drawn to those of Entity Seven, even when the fragment from that Entity is in the negative poles.
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: August 2014] Kurtis: Hi Michael, in the OMW section of this site I found some nifty information on how Aggression and Power Modes evolve intimacy. ... I was wondering if you could provide the same info for how the other modes evolve intimacy like those examples. Particularly Observation, Passion and Reserve, as most students here are or slide to those modes. MEntity: Reserve evolves in intimacy through layers of reveal. It must be experienced and processed as layers, not as a dive into a deep pool, but as a cool or warm sip at a time.
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    [Excerpt from Maureen's session, Truth, Acceptance and Innocence, posted November 19, 2013] MEntity: Those who are on the Expression Axis of Acceptance or Discrimination can tend to have much higher (or lower) standards of what should and should not be expressed, both from the self and from others, as a means of being accepted. Telling the truth, or qualifying one's truth, is extremely important in this case, and when it is so sloppily expressed (by your standards), then it is seen as necessary to Reject or as being a form of Ingratiation. For the one in Discrimination, outright Rejection is obvious in its expression, but if the Goal is to be reached, it would mean returning to a calculated Refinement of examination. For the one in Acceptance, it can be a bit more difficult, because your negative pole response to accepting someone whom you feel is not acceptable can be Ingratiation, or being fake. Now the entire concept of truth has become a complicated matter, because how can you uphold the value of truth when you are "being courteously fake" as a means to not offend. Maureen: Yes – hence my extreme discomfort. MEntity: The more loving and peaceful solution here is not as complicated as the false courtesy. False courtesy requires you to override your own wish to express your truth, ingratiating yourself to the situation. That is exhausting. However, all one would have to do is express one's own truth to return back to a loving and peaceful position and comfort and wholeness. The key being that your truth is no more valuable than their truth, though. Your anger and agitation is not with this person, but with yourself for not knowing how to bring your truth into the exchange, and forcing yourself to ingratiate yourself. Assigning your anger to the appropriate place is the first thing to be done. "Okay, yes, I am angry at myself for not knowing how to handle this without looking like an ass." Now that this is out of the way, you can return to expressing your own truth, but in an invitational way, not in a way that is reprimanding, combative, or shaming. ... Backing off will help you to keep from Ingratiation, and that is a valid choice, but keep in mind that if you remember that your agitation is generated from within, and not actually from this person, then your exchanges could be fun, instead of so challenging. When your motivation is Compassion, and not Zeal, you will feel that shift away from agitation. When your Acceptance is in Agape, and not Ingratiation, you will feel that shift away from agitation.
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    [Excerpt from private session posted on June 29, 2016.] Justine: I have been wondering about what kind of work/job/career i can do for a living that is fulfilling to me. I remember having a session with you about my true work being that it had to do with animal communication. Does it have to do with my life task? MEntity: ... One of the reasons you find your directions confusing is because of your Goal, itself. Justine: The goal of Growth? MEntity: You have a Goal of Growth and this is the pursuit and creation of MEANING. When something means something to you, you feel Growth, you feel evolving, and progressing. When there is little or no meaning, you feel confusion, regression, recoil. Justine: That is pretty spot on to how I feel these days. I don't find meaning in things I used to do so I stopped doing those things. MEntity: But one of the greatest lessons that are inherent in the Goal of Growth is learning to shift from the PURSUIT of Meaning and move toward the CREATION of Meaning. Meaning is never already IN something, IN someone, IN a direction. Meaning is what YOU bring to it. Justine: I see. I haven't thought of it like that. MEntity: So what you must do before anything else is decide upon what matters to you. ... What do you care about? What moves you? What comes up and out of you when you feel inspired? These are clues to directions you could go for work. ... The more you take responsibility for the Meaning in your life, the less you will feel disconnected. ... Know that Meaning cannot be handed to you, and know that you can only create Meaning by exploring and nurturing what matters to you. What most fragments who seek meaning do not realize is just how much meaning is already in the life. ... The search for meaning often distracts from the very things and people and experiences that you have been collecting as meaningful. What and who and where you are in life is already meaningful. ... So look at your life right now as if it were just lighted up with radiance, that you are waking up to something that was always there, infuse your world around you with an awareness that increases your sensitivity to light, sound, texture. ### end of excerpt You may discuss this content within the original blog entry. See About Fulfillment and Meaning
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    [Extracted from a private session on November 11, 2007.] Geraldine: Do you see any particular negative pole that is especially impacting me? MEntity: In terms of the negative pole to which you most gravitate, we would see you as being slightly addicted to the negative pole of the Observation Mode of Surveillance. There is often a sense of disconnection from the world around you, or more accurately from the world-at-large. You have resolved the differences between your inner and outer world, but part of your experiences of incarnating are now focused on being a part of the world-at-large (for lack of a better phrase). Geraldine: Yes, I have become quite reclusive and thereby non-participating IN life. MEntity: For the most part, there has come to be a kind of glass wall, or two-way mirror, so to speak between you and the world, rendering you invisible to some extent, or at least removed. Observing, but ineffective; Observing, but not a part; Observing, but not inspired; hence your sliding into Passion Mode as your means to move out of Surveillance. ... When you move into Self-Actualization, the positive pole of Passion, you have found that meaning is created by you, not handed to you, and then what you are observing becomes what you wish for it to be as relevant to your Being. This is Passion. You may have thought that Passion meant excited or wildly enthusiastic, and while those things are part of Passion, they are not the only part. The core of Passion and Reserve is CREATING MEANING, but with Passion, it is CREATING MEANING and ABSORBING THAT MEANING as an extension of who you are. Self-actualizing. In other words, it is the circuit of energy that is created by creating meaning in what you observe, and observing that the meaning you create is an extension of you, a part of you manifested, actualized. Through Self-Actualization, there is then a movement from the negative pole of Observation's Surveillance, and a move into the positive pole of CLARITY. This happens for you because you no longer distance yourself from that which you observe, but find that you are a part of what you observe, as well, bringing clarity to your observation, rather than a disconnection. ### You may discuss this content in the private session post. See My E&P Channeling.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2001] Entity One is themed highly with a sense of PURPOSE, in that most from that Entity generate acceptable paths and initiatives for others or at least maintain a path that is apparently wrought with intent and meaning. Those from Entity One rarely question what they are DOING, but just DO IT, even if they are concerned that they might need to be doing something else, otherwise or in the future. They continue to DO what they are doing until they determine otherwise. They have a strong momentum. They create workable paths to accommodate the greatest amount of fragments to move through within a given period of time or to be left for other “generations” as well.
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    [Excerpt from private session by DianeHB, posted July 19, 2015.] MEntity: ... When you feel you are "taking things personally," it is because you have become Identified with something. Passion Mode is a means of relating that allows one to merge with what or who one is giving one's energy. In the Positive Pole, this allows one to learn more about herself, and to experience Self-Actualization. You expand in your form by allowing yourself to be another. However, when you lose your form, or lose yourself in that other form, you have become Identified. You are no longer learning about yourself, you have lost yourself. ... The key here is in simply not losing yourself in it. Let it matter to you. Learn how to navigate this new territory of negotiation and favors. Learn about your capacity to uphold integrity while adapting to difficult circumstances. This allows your Self-Actualization and keeps your Clarity. There is going to be stress, but when the stress shifts into pain and discomfort, it is likely due to your losing yourself in it, rather than expanding from it. You can shift your energy in a moment by reminding yourself that what you are doing is part of the work, which is part of you, but does not define you. ... I CAN DO MY JOB WITHOUT BEING MY JOB. I CAN DO MY WORK WITHOUT BEING MY WORK. ### End of excerpt You may see the context and discuss this session in the original post. See: Stress and Passion Mode.
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    [Excerpt from Energy Report: August 2016] MEntity: We will state again that the Cynic Attitude in itself is not inherently unpleasant, but for those not familiar with it or are uncomfortable with contradiction, even the best of Cynic energy can feel inconvenient at best, but when Cynic is moving through the Negative Pole, Denigration, it can feel like an invisible, heavy weight that strips the joy and life from everything and feels exhausting. We also repeat: Cynic energy is vital to the expansion and evolution of active intelligence and discernment when it is in the Positive Pole of Contradiction because pursuit of integrity and truth through questioning, challenging, and countering presumptions is healthy, but when Cynic energy moves through the Negative Pole it is the active use of intelligence to undermine or destroy integrity and truth. Denigration is countering, questioning, and challenging for the sake of defending one’s conclusive perspective, not for expanding or evolving in one’s expanding perspective. Denigration seeks to undermine, devalue, belittle, and destroy that which is questioned, rather than listen to answers or see the truth.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2008] [QUESTION] I have recently been involved in discussions with a few of my friends regarding political and governmental systems regarding which are the most effective. My friends would gladly describe themselves as “libertarian” whereas I cannot completely proscribe to such an ideology, if only because their description of “libertarianism” seems to give too much authority to the private sector and private interests; of which I am not entirely comfortable. They would likely label me as “socialist” or as “bleeding heart liberal” if they didn’t know me better! I guess the questions are: Is there or are there ideal governmental system(s) or ideology for the current average soul age we are in currently, based on what Michael has perceived from other sentient beings? What do these systems look like? Perhaps what the United States and the rest of the world is currently experiencing in their governments are pretty typical for our current soul age development? That would be my perception at least. Also, what do typical governments look like on worlds that have a majority of old souls? Or do they even have governments? [Michael Entity] : The politics of any given region or period of time usually describe the friction between the approaching paradigm and the current paradigm, each respectively defined by the approaching dominant Soul Age and the current dominant Soul Age. Many of the names assigned to the varying "parties" are tedious and unnecessary, so we will speak in broader terms here. It could be said that the following political systems are associated in this way: NOTE FROM TROY: Some editing was done from the original text as I asked Michael for clarifications and questioned a couple of the original details. Also, the true definitions and delineations for all of the political/governmental systems can really get complicated, so Michael's response seems to be exactly what they've said, a "broader" perspective, at best. They did explain to me that there are really only three political systems, but a multitude of systems within those systems. [Michael Entity] : Infant Souls have no politics or order, and are therefore at the mercy of whatever dominant political system is in place at the time. However, they may be most comfortable with Dictatorship, which would be implemented by Baby Souls. The Baby/Young politics have shown up as Dictatorship, Capitalism, and Socialism. The Young/Mature politics have shown up as Monarchy, Republic, Socialism, and Communism. The Mature/Old politics have shown up as Monarchy, Democracy, and Anarchy. Old Soul politics return to a state of no politics, but more of what might be considered Anarchy. We use the word "anarchy" in its true definition, not as the Young or Mature soul might exploit the term. The anarchy usually takes on a form that would be recognized as Tribalism. In response to your questions: We would say that the politics of your current world are exactly indicative of the shifts from the dominant paradigm/soul age to another. From what we can see of other populations dominated by Old Soul Ages and paradigms, there are no governments that you would recognize beyond being more tribal groups in communication and exchange with one another, but with no discernible leader or authority. This is one of the reasons our teaching is particularly attractive to the older soul, since there is no discernible authority beyond the self, and even the sense of self is held in question to a degree that allows for sensitive consideration of all factors involved in the life. An Old Soul world is similar. [QUESTION] I realize my background in government is obviously lacking when I ask this question, but: Is there any distinguishable difference between a democracy and a republic according to Michael's perception? By including both, it seems to be implied that there is a difference. [Michael Entity] : We differentiate a Republic from a Democracy in that a Republic has a more specifically-defined body of qualified voters or elected representatives, while a Democracy seeks to include all people, even those who might not be obviously qualified. The concept of Democracy can get confusing in some cultures such as in the United States because several forms of government are in place. Rather than a pure Democracy, the United States is far more accurately described as a Republic, which is a form of Democracy, but not true Democracy. In addition to this, the general promotion of Democracy is run from an Authoritarian perspective, or as a Plutocracy, to be specific. It could be said that the Physical economy of the United States is run by Plutocratic (authoritarian) politics, while the Emotional economy is run by Republican (Democratic) methods, and this is to be considered when looking at politics. There are Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual levels of Politics and Economy to consider in any system. The closest to an old soul political system that exists in your world today is what is experienced as "the Internet." [QUESTION] How are the Internet and politics related? [Michael Entity] : If "politics" is seen as a term to describe how a body of people govern themselves and resolve apparent conflicts, then the Internet could be seen as a system of politics. In this case, as would be the case for the Old Soul world, COMMUNICATION would be at the core of those politics, or the INTELLECT as economy. The Infant Soul uses Freedom; the Baby Soul uses Authority; the Young Soul uses Capital; the Mature Soul uses Well-Being; and the Old Soul uses Communication at the root of their politics. The "ultimate" political system, in the end, will have to utilize all of these factors to govern a mix of soul ages. Hence, the politics of a Democracy or a Republic will include previous political emphases to some degree, but with the more current politics being the emphasis. [QUESTION] And so, just as we are doing here in this chat, everyone determines for themselves, and then relates to the outside world through communication. but as an autonomous being similarly engaged with other autonomous beings/people? Something like this? [Michael Entity] : We think we have understood your question and we would agree. It could be said then that the politics of the Old Soul are CONTEXTUAL. Certain politics apply within specific instances, but are not seen as appropriate across the board. And each person determines his or her level of compliance within certain contexts, or freely moves to more appropriate contexts. We realize this is far from being deeply explored, but we will move on now.
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    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: March 2017] Kurtis: Hi Michael. I'd like to ask about elaboration on the King Casting ... MEntity: King Casting might show up in its default form as a kind of quiet power, quiet confidence that is drawn upon as necessary, much like being "under cover" as an observer and then revealing surprising authority and leadership "out of nowhere." King Casting trusts in and respects the inner authority of those around him or her, but will happily help make up for any lack of this on a regular basis.
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    [Extracted from Michael Speaks: Inputs] MEntity: ... First, we will define “INPUT” as a channel or frequency through which an Essence becomes aware, processes, and comprehends. ... 3 of the Roles in Essence have ONE INPUT; these are the Scholar, Warrior, and King Essences. ... The strange distribution of Inputs has to do with the Roles themselves acting as “sensory units,” so to speak, for Tao. Because the Physical Plane is of the most unique and densest of all Planes, three Roles in Essence are distributed with ONE INPUT so as to gain awareness, Process, and Comprehend FROM BEGINNING TO END in a linear fashion inherent to the Physical Plane. ... The Scholars (who are the memory cells of Tao in many ways) have ONE INPUT so as to maintain a direct link to the Akashic Records/Plane. Because Scholars are specifically designed as ambient, experiential “sponges”, this ONE INPUT allows them to act as excellent, direct, recording devices and conduits between the Physical Plane and the Akashic Plane. Although all fragments update their own records (usually having to be done between lives or through conscious awareness), Scholars do so for themselves, their Entity, and/or Cadre. Because Scholars, Warriors, and Kings are by nature inclined to focus on very specific themes for study, conquest, or mastery (respectively), having One Input allows them to excel in the Task at Hand (by standards of Essence.) With this understanding, it would not be amiss to say that ALL FRAGMENTS have at least One Input focused on NOW, or in other words, capable of being focused on the present, the task at hand, the moment, etc. The following information was appended to the original Michael Speaks transcript from which this material was extracted: MEntity: In general, Kings, Warriors, and Scholars, can "only" process one theme at a time, whether the Personality is submerged in several experiential themes or not. If needed, the focus of the Input can change for some lengths of time, but these Roles will not find the comfort and adaptability to be submerged in several themes at once. We are not speaking of their being capable of watching TV while sewing. We are speaking of actual life themes as they apply to Essence's digestion of them. Scholars, Warriors, and Kings move steadily and enduringly through their experiences until comprehension is attained. We say "comprehension" as it applies to ESSENCE, not necessarily Personality. Until the Older Soul Ages, Personality is not so concerned with comprehension simultaneously to Essence's comprehension. Question: This is a generic Michael question beyond just Inputs, but I'm wondering how Scholars keep "records" differently from other Roles. MEntity: Scholars not only manage their own Records, but as each Essence updates its own records within the Entity and Cadre, the Scholars update the Akashic Records. In other words, each Essence has its own "personal library", but the Scholar extends on that to make that information "universal". Keeping that information as up-to-date, so to speak, as possible allows many versions of consciousness and sentience to draw from it. This is the stuff of new universes. Scholars have One Input as having One Input increases the durability to indulge in specific experiences, rather than touching briefly on a theme, and then moving to new ones, then returning later with new awareness. Scholars complete their themes so as to have a "purer" experience.
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    This material was supplied by Ingun. Note from Ingun: This post is something I kept from the old ning TLE. It was posted long before 2013 in a discussion about my own C1/E4, and this Entity Mate has not been around since then and I still often think about her and wonder how she is. I'm glad I kept a copy of the session. <LML> I am from C1E4. It is my understanding that most of the E4s have cycled off, not only that but there is so little information about the E4s. how many are incarnate at this time? Is there anything you can tell me about what these last few still here are trying to complete? MEntity: Entity 4 is primarily Artisan and Priest, with 980 fragments, with about 150 continuing to incarnate while other fragments are cycled off. Currently, it appears there are about 120 fragments incarnated. Though there are many ways we can describe an entity, we can say that a dominant theme here from each fragment has been in the aim for combining systems, or resolving systems. This comes in many forms, but often in forms of art and creativity aimed to inspire. These "systems" can be as obvious as resolving our teaching with astrology, or as obscure as resolving one's personal chaos through the structure of art. In the end, the intent seems to always be aimed for inspiration through creativity, regardless of Role or Casting in this Entity. There are several well-known fragments from this entity who exemplify this. The fragments who remain incarnating are doing so simply because they are moving at their own pace, and there is no hurry. There is no deadline. For the most part, those from this entity have grown to love this planet, this species, and the evolving lives around it, so they enjoy this process, even if it can seem exhausting and tedious at times. One characteristic that we think is consistent among those from this entity who remain is that they have not finished saying what they wanted to say, so to speak. Their philosophies and teachings are still being honed and made cohesive. Most of these fragments feel a strong impulse to bring something to the planet, to the species, in some way that will exist beyond the life. A legacy, if you will. This is not superficially-driven. It is heartfelt and important, even if vague and haunting to some of the members. When the bulk of an entity is cycled off, the remaining members tend to feel the "weight" of the collective knowledge and motivation of the entire entity, and this can be difficult to funnel into a project or aim. But they find a way. Because this entity has a great sensitivity to the life forces around them, they can tend to anthropomorphize their surroundings more than other entity members. However, this allows for some rather magical and "miraculous" events to unfold in the life, because when one harmonizes with those forces around them, however it is done, it can be profound. We have much more that we can say about this entity, and others, but must conclude here with you today.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: April 2007] [Ann] Would michael say that surrender comes with more of a feeling of joy than resignation or at least pleasure? [Michael Entity] Often Surrender is ecstasy. The feeling of being consumed by a force greater than oneself, but also falling into alignment with that force, is a practice is surrender to Essence, Entity, Cadre, Energy Ring, and on through to Tao. Returning to the experience of being caught in the rain: one can complain and resign bitterly to the wet or surrender and turn the face toward the reality of the cool wash that is rain. Surrender is TRUST. It is the retrieval of experiences from the past that remind you that you will survive that experience. To turn to something more intense: if one were to find that one has a terminal illness, one can also surrender. This is different from “giving up,” or resigning. Often those who surrender to a terminal illness are the ones who survive that illness, because the alignment with that greater force then allows more empowering decisions and shifts within the body and mind that could not have happened from the struggling resistance or resignation. So, yes, it is often a pleasure to surrender.
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    This material was originally posted by Geraldine on 12/8/13. FROM GERALDINE: This is for you C1E2ers. I have been considering writing this up in a bigger essay, but it's remaining formless with shooting stars creating tangents. So, here's some of the basic data, and YOU all decide whether you are interested or not. The topic is Zhuangzi, one of the two preeminent founders of Daoism (Taoism). The interesting this is "most C1E2s were present writing the documents." We know about Martha, Troy, and BrianW, but apparently, it was most of the incarnating Entity. I would recommend starting with this 45 min. lecture of Zhuangzi from a Harvard Professor of Chinese studies. He does a good job making the philosophical concepts alive. Additionally, he makes it very clear how Zen Buddhism is derivative of Zhuangzi thinking. The Michael Q&As: QUESTION: What is my history with Troy? FROM MICHAEL: Your history with the Essence now known as Troy consists of approximately 47 lifetimes, with all Classic Monads completed, leaving only the Love Monad, which is intended to be completed in lives beyond this one. The most-resonant past life relative to these Personalities appears to come from the last time you came together for study,which appears to have been approximately 350 BCE when many of your entity members gathered to contribute to the book now known as "Zhuangzi." Reading the scripts of this may find comical and familiar philosophical loops, questions, and paradox. In the same way the much playful, yet serious, joy is being brought to study in this life, so was it shared in the contributions left in the scripts of the Zhuangzi. FROM TROY: I am so intrigued by this book thing that I asked Michael for another comment and they said that our contributions are in the "middle chapters" and that with some intuition we might be able to figure out which chapters are ours! They said we were "whooping it up" during the writing for this book, and that it could be likened to the circles that ran together during the more recent "beatnik" period. They said our chapters would have references to familiar Michael terminology because we tried to slip that in as part of our work with Michael. D'oh! LOL we were Chinese Beatnik Michael Channel Philosophers!? BrianW: The period in China was with Zhuangzi In a previous exchange, it was mentioned that my Essence "loved" my lives in China. I am guessing based upon the timeline that you gave me with my interactions with you that I lived during the time of the fragment known as Zhaungzi. Could you elaborate on this and any other details of lives that I spent in China, as I seem to have more than a passing interesting in it lately? <MEntity> In response to your first question: it is true that your Essence incarnated along with many of our students, not only during the time of the fragment in question, Zhuangzi, but in later lifetimes, contributing to the protection, propagation, and contributions to a relevant book. These were lifetimes where the Attitude of Skepticism was in full force by most involved, and the results were quite profound in terms of exploring the spectrum of that philosophy, with much of it being from the Positive Poles. Several of our students, including your Essence, contributed to what are known as the "outer" and "mixed" chapters of the Magnetic Sage, Zhuangzi's, book and teaching of the same name. Your resonance is valid, in that your Pragmatism slides to Skepticism on a regular basis, but falls into Suspicion, which keeps Pragmatism as Dogma. Some recall from those lifetimes where Skepticism was an hilarious and playful exploration of life is now coming up. There were a few lifetimes unrelated to the work of the Magnetic Sage, but even those were more like "in the field" lifetimes that sought to apply the Sage's teaching. FROM GERALDINE: A good link for some Zhuangzi stories. It's not hard to see Michael shining through when it comes to relativism and perspective defining one's truth. If y'all want more, you know how to do web searching. G
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2009] [Question] You’ve discussed “templates,” and in an answer to me, you said, “Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can “play” the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations.” You said you’ve played a role as both Ra and the Delphi Oracle. Are you using a template or playing a role when you work through channels at this time in your teaching history? [Michael Entity] We no longer have to play roles or use templates, except through those channels who wish to speak on our behalf, instead of allowing us to speak for ourselves. We do not mind, though. In those cases, it could be said that we are, in fact, using a template, but not in the sense that we were speaking about in your quote of us from a previous exchange. Our “voice” is just as valid among those channels who speak on our behalf, when the speaking is reflective of our teaching. [Question] How would you speak for yourself? What would that be like? [Michael Entity] When it is “our voice” vs the voice of the channel on our behalf, there is little discrepancy from the consistent build of our teaching, especially in a way that would identify a channel as unique to that discrepancy for any great length of time. There will always be new additions to our teaching in a way that only one or two channels deliver initially, but the valid additions propagate. This does not mean that those discrepancies are not valid as their own teaching, or that they are in conflict with our teaching, but it is one of the ways for discerning the authenticity of our “voice,” if that is of interest to a student. [Question] so is it just personal preference when we think something “sounds” more like you? [Michael Entity] How we “sound” is far less important than what is claimed that we are saying. We do have a kind of “check list” for validation of our voice through a channel that any student can use for navigating the various channels, regardless of what we “sound” like. We will include this in the final transcript for this chat. This check list would be one that does NOT reflect the validity of the information that a channel is conveying, as the information may have validity of its own regardless of it’s consistency or lack of consistency with our evolving teaching, but only as a means to discern the proximity and clarity of contact with us and our intentions. Navigating the validity of channels and their proximity and clarity of contact with us can be complicated; we have “channels” who actually do not channel us but who speak consistently and accurately on our behalf, and we have channels who work directly with us who distort the information to such a degree that this information only serves to distract from our teaching. The exploration of such topics as this can be “dangerous” territory for some, and it is not an exploration that can be undertaken accurately without a high level of intellectual and emotional maturity, as it can easily prompt the younger imprinting of hierarchy, competition, and conflict. When we say that it can be “dangerous territory,” we are not speaking in terms of caution or concern, because with or without our suggestions for validation, the younger imprinting will find its ways into our circles of students. We were merely speaking to the concern that some may have about any process for validating the authenticity of a channel if one were to be in place. There is great fear in that regard, though our students will eventually find it to be an important, and non-threatening process, at some point when the younger imprinting is shed. In other parallels where we work with you, the process of validation is as important and as uncomplicated as validating a surgeon’s claims. Without the process of validation, the door is wide open for us to work with a wide swath of students and non-students, but it minimizes much of the potential for actual learning. Without the process of validation there is also a consistent division nurtured among the various channels as certain groups form around the discrepancies that are unique to a channel, which then undermines much of the point of our teaching. Validation is vital on many levels, but only for those who choose for that to be a relevant ingredient in their process of learning and discerning. Many have not considered the possibilities beyond the current courtesies that increase such variations and gaps among the channels. A BASIC CHECKLIST for validating the clarity, consistency, and presence of Michael through a person claiming to channel Michael, regardless of the “voice” being used: We will never tell you what to do. We will never predict. We will never speak to you in ways that only seek to comfort you. We do not use affectionate language as a means of socializing, or as a means to appeal to you. We will never shame you. We will never do the work of your life for you. We teach a philosophy that naturally encourages study and practice, if that philosophy is going to be valid, but it will not do the work of your life for you, or make your life easier. Only your study and implementation of the teaching can do such a thing. We refer to Past Lives as a means to increase your capacity for choice in the current life, but never as a means to simply explain away your conditions and experiences. We will never teach that your current life is a result of, or an imposition from, your Past Lives, but that your most relevant Past Lives are because of your current life choices. Our teaching is an evolving body that builds upon itself, but does not replace or displace itself. We do expand upon concepts that are often previously conveyed or interpreted as concluded, but this expansion is not a replacement or displacement, and will only add dimension that is consistent to the evolution. When we introduce a new aspect of our teaching, it propagates among our channels and does not become unique to any one channel for any great length of time. We do not make sensational, urgent, or conditional announcements. We do not do healing, or “energy work,” as this is a form of interference and potential karma. We do not work with any other entity in any way as any means to communicate or convey our teaching. We come to all who ask, but this does not mean we are heard, understood, or clearly communicated. We come to all who ask, but this does not mean that we come through any channel who claims he or she is channeling us. We and our teaching cannot be misrepresented because it is either us and our teaching, or it is not; we and the teaching are either heard clearly, or not. We will always trust that you will hear what you most need or want to hear. We will never restrict our communication to only what you want to hear, and we will never impose upon you what we see as your needing to hear. We cannot access private information about any fragment. Private information in the Akashic Records is as private as the individual Personality deems it to be, until that Personality deems it otherwise. Individual Personalities will always be the authority over their own information. Overleaves are not private information. Accessing the Akashic Records is part of our study, and your questions help us in that process. You cannot ask your questions, or for Overleaves, too many times. We do not evade or avoid questions that seek to help a student in a process of validation. We do not require questionnaires, birth information, or photographs as a means to access your Overleaves; that is a tool for the channel, not for us. Our channels are never displaced by us, but only merge with us as a means of communicating for us. There will always be a percentage of consciousness of the channel contributing to even the clearest of information, accurately or inaccurately. Everything we teach extends from the premise that every fragment carries the primary tool of Choice. We will always emphasize the tool of Choice as your most empowering tool. We state that “all is choice,” but this does not preclude the responsibility of learning how to choose in ways that contribute to you and your species evolution. We make the statement that “all is choice” as a fact of existence, not as a statement of permission. We are not out to save the world, have no interest in recruiting students, and do not find it necessary to alter our teachings in a way that allows for consumption by the masses. We do not expect you to take this check list at face value, but we offer it as a means to bring to light the patterns of consistency that establish the strength of our proximity to you through a channel, keeping in mind that the lack of proximity means only a lack of proximity. It does not have any bearing on the validity, or lack of validity, of a channel’s teaching or his or her interpretation of our teaching.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2001] Entity Three is heavily themed with ENTERPRISING, in that most from that Entity are geared toward taking on anything skewed from from the acceptable “norm” and generating something NEW. These fragments, in general, are preoccupied with presenting to others a way of viewing life that is slanted and sometimes, veritably “kaleidoscoped”. Those from Entity Three are usually concerned with the “outcasts” and “eccentrics” of life, creating sanctuaries for small groups to find refuge, maintaining themselves as self-declared outcasts, or standing as an icon for “outcast” behaviour. We do not merely mean those who “feel” like outcasts, but we refer to literal outcasts that usually have very little ability to manage themselves in the current society. Though many old souls may feel they relate to this, it is those from Entity Three that tend to make variations of this work on an obvious level. Entity Three from Cadre One is held as the specialists in "seeing" the world through innocent eyes or at the very least, quirky enough to be considered independent from the impositions of environment
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    [Excerpt from OMW: Personal Cycles of Life] Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology) [MEntity] Next up is the Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans. The Cycle of Life Plans is fairly easy to map and to measure, and has a direct correlation to Numerology. This is one of the few Cycles that has such a direct means of measuring and mapping of it. Every life moves in cycles of completion, which are mapped in cycles of 9. However, this is not the case of the first year of life counting as a first count of 9. Instead, one would use Numerology to calculate his or her "Life Path Number" as an indication of where in the cycle one has entered into this incarnation. Using the known birthday and year is enough. It is not necessary for this to be accurate to an actual birthday, if that is not known, such as in adoption. It is the adopting of the birthday and year that is significant here. This calculation is probably familiar to most of our students as adding all of the numbers of your birth month, day, and year, and then continuing to reduce those numbers by addition until there is a single number. Using Troy as an example, with January 20, 1968, this would be 0+1+2+0+1+9+6+8 = 27, 2+7=9. Using the interpretations already set in Numerology, one can get a sense of what Essence was planning for this current lifetime, and where in its cycles of exploration it might be. To understand where you are within that greater context, then one would use the month and day of birth, added to the current year. So for Troy this would be 0+1+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 8. [GeraldineB] Michael -- since my adoption was completed when I was 7 years old -- and I can't remember the date, what would I use? [GeraldineB] just the current extrapolation based on Day/Month/current year? [MEntity] We suggest using whatever you have been using as your birth day, month, and year overall, since having to choose one. [GeraldineB] ok [MEntity] What we are doing here will be applied to a different Cycle we will describe in a moment, but doing both now is helpful. Troy, then, would be described as having a Life Path Number of 9, but is in an "8 year" of his Cycle of Life Plans. We invite each of you to share your results, as well. [Maureen] I'm a birth 6 in a 10 or a 1 year [Maureen] does the 10 become a 1? [MEntity] Always reduce to a single digit. [GeraldineB] apparently, I am 5 birth and 2 current [Maureen] Is there any significance to being a Priest and having a 6 Lifetime? [Maureen] Or being a Sage and having a 5 Lifetime? [MEntity] Maureen, no, because you will also have every other number as a reference over your incarnations. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] sorta like Astrology -- you're probably never gonna duplicate any birth chart again [MEntity] What matters here, for now, is your number as it reflects your Cycle of Life Plans, or "personal year" number in Numerology. [Maureen] OK [MEntity] This Cycle is based on cycles of completion regarding themes, and anything related to those themes. These themes are described by the overall Life Plan/Path Number. Exploring the interpretation of your Life Path Number in Numerology, and where you are in your Cycle of Life Plans, can shed great light on the layers of themes being explored within the lifetime. In terms of where one might be in a Cycle of Life Plans, the numbers might be easily referenced as: 1 = Initiations/Beginnings; 2 = Cooperations/Nurturing; 3 = Productions/Expansions; 4 = Focus/Troubleshooting; 5 = Respite/Playtime; 6 = Intimacy/Resonance; 7 = Analysis/Learning; 8 = Empowerment/Harvesting; 9 = Reflection/Closure. These keywords are suggestions, but you may find other interpretations that resonate more. [GeraldineB] And this would be for the birth number? [MEntity] These keywords, then would be used to describe where you may be in your exploration of the theme described by your Life Path number. [Maureen] would concurrents be a different Life Plan number -- or the same? Aren't they usually the same Theme? [GeraldineB] yea -- I'm on a theme with my concurrents -- Revelation [Maureen] would the numbers also describe your Life Plan number? [MEntity] In answer to Geraldine: Life Path Number = MM+DD+YYYY of birth; Cycle of Life Plans = MM+DD (of birth) + current year YYYY [GeraldineB] ok -- that clarified it [MEntity] In response to Maureen: Concurrents may share a Life Path Number, regardless of when each was born, as the math would be what matters, not the numbers, but where one is in the Cycle of Life Plans might be different. [Maureen] I can see that [MEntity] There is no consistency that we can see in terms of those being the same across concurrents, though. [Maureen] so the same "theme" would be expressed through the Life Path Number -- but the different experiences would be collected for Essence through different Cycles of Life (i.e. what number year you are in)? [MEntity] The keywords we used above are relative to the shorter cycles within the Life Plans, but are not fair to the greater arc of the actual Life Plan. So being in an 8 year has a different context than being in an 8 lifetime. Think of the year number as the Casting and the "Role" as the Life Plan/Path number. Troy, then, would be described as being in an 8-Cast Year for a 9 Lifetime. This is yet another crude way of explaining, but it works for now. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] I cannot validate that my "Life Plan" number of 5 (Respite/Playtime) resonates at all with how my life has gone [MEntity] We suggest that you look up "personal year number" vs "Life Path number" when exploring your numbers here. [Maureen] OK - Thanks [MEntity] Geraldine, that is our point. A 5 year is very different from a 5 lifetime. [GeraldineB] I'd have to look closely at the 2 (Current) -- it seems a lot softer than I am (but I've got to look at it in context of my now Personality) [MEntity] We will help each of you in this for now: Give to us your Life Path Number (based on your entire birth date) and your Personal Year Number (based on your month and day added to current year). We already described the numbers as part of the Cycles of Life Plans (based on current year), but we will now describe the Life Path Numbers (based on birth year): [Maureen] Life Plan Number: 6, Personal Year Number: 1 [GeraldineB] lol -- ok there we go again -- Life Plan Number 5 [MEntity] LIFE PLAN/PATH NUMBER THEME KEYWORDS suggested are: 1 = INDEPENDENCE/STRENGTH; 2 = INTIMACY/SHARING/PARTNERSHIPS; 3 = CREATIVITY/SOCIALIZING; 4 = GROUNDING/STABILITY/ENDURANCE; 5 = CONSTANT CHANGE/FLEXIBILITY/EXPANSION; 6 = HARMONY/PEACE/HEALING; 7 = SEARCHING/CURIOSITY/OBSERVATION; 8 = HAVING/LEADING/CONFIDENCE; 9 = ABUNDANCE/HUMANITARIANISM/HIGHER PURPOSE [Maureen] That is great Michael! [GeraldineB] that actually resonates [MEntity] Comparing these simplistic keywords between the Path Number and Year Number may help validate, but exploring each further in the context of Numerology can help expand upon that, then. Taking the numbers you offered: if Geraldine is in a 5 Lifetime, then the themes would be around Change/Flexibility and Expansion, but if she is in a 2 year, then it would mean that that greater theme is now being explored through having to work in Cooperation and using Nurturing. [GeraldineB] good, that makes sense for me [MEntity] This means that approximately every 9 years, the theme of 2 = Cooperation and Nurturing repeats itself in a new layer of the Life Path of Constant Change/Flexibility/Expansion. Maureen would be in a 1 cycle of new beginnings and initiations aimed at helping further explore her themes of Healing/Peace/Harmony. Keep in mind that we are referring to a completely different system from our own, but it works here in understanding this Cycle of Life Plans. [Maureen] that makes sense for me as well Michael [MEntity] We might more accurately describe these numbers, then, as Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans. Again, the only number relevant to the Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans is the "year number" based on the current year. The Life Plan number (based on birth year) is a part of a greater cycle we will describe in a moment. [GeraldineB] Is it possible to have a quick answer as to why someone like Holmes, the man who just killed 12 people and wounded 56 others would deviate so far from any of these descriptions? [GeraldineB] These would appear to be purely "positive pole" [MEntity] In response to the question regarding "negative" lifetimes, it would be correct to assess that these are more neutral, or aspiring, themes, but each can fall into negative states. A 5 Life Plan can bring great growth, expansion and flexibility for the individual, but can also fall into wreaking havoc, chaos, and suffering upon others. The craving for stimulation either attracts the constant change, or imposes it. We will not go into all of the negative states, as this is thoroughly covered in competent Numerology texts.
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    [Excerpt from MMW: You & Your Goal] Maureen: I want to clarify that I answered Yes to your questions above, that I do understand where I am at with my Goal, etc., because I am aware of "having" to work on Acceptance around issues, relationships, etc. Acceptance is never totally a "done deal". As Janet stated about her Goal I believe mine, as well, comes down, quite acutely, to Self-Acceptance. To get there, to Self-Acceptance, I have to move through accepting some choices of another, or others, and that hasn't been easy. In my experience, acceptance of others, of other's choices, seems to be inextricably tied to acceptance of self. It's often been a struggle to accept all the nuances a person or a situation to arrive at a state of Acceptance or wholeness for myself that also includes others. It's also been hard to "accept" the choices of another when you haven't been included or "accepted" in their choices. I just realized I'm talking about rejection, from an outside source, and that may be one of the hardest things for someone with the Goal of Acceptance to "accept". MEntity: When it comes to Acceptance, one of the final lessons of this Goal is that Acceptance INCLUDES accepting when you determine what is unacceptable. Acceptance is not a path toward mindless permissions and blank checks of credibility to the choices and actions of others. It is a long and often painful process of learning what is acceptable and what is not. When something or someone is unacceptable it does not mean that you do not accept them. This may sound like a contradiction, but for those in Acceptance, this can be a rather profound "A HA!" In extreme instances this can be clearly understood when something like rape, murder, incest, child abduction, abuse, torture, etc are put up for examination of their acceptability. Acceptance does not ask you to accept these. It asks you to know what Acceptance IS. It does not ask you to break your spirit trying to accept the most harmful of behaviors, experiences, and life. So Self-Acceptance is the final frontier, so to speak, in determining and accepting your bank of Acceptable vs Unacceptable, and knowing how to appropriately navigate the choices involved around that. True Self-Acceptance does not force you to accept the truly unacceptable. Your soul knows what is truly unacceptable. So as you grow in Soul Age and Manifesting of Essence, this becomes clearer and clearer, not from a superficial position of preferences and pickiness and morality and indignation and righteousness, but from a deep truth that grows from eons of Karma. Acceptance is not in opposition to Justice. The Universe is entirely aligned with both Acceptance AND Justice, or Karma would not exist. Maureen: Sounds like one of the last Paradoxes. The point is not to accept the choices of others if they are harmful, but to know what to do (or not to do) when the choices and actions of others are harmful. The point is not to depend upon an eventual world of acceptable choices and actions of others to find peace and acceptance of the self, but to find that peace and acceptance in the self by trusting the truth of differences in acceptable and unacceptable. The reason this is not an easy path is because you must sort through all of your own superficial and righteous expectations and conditions that misuse the power of Acceptance, Ingratiating yourself or others to fulfill false criteria for Acceptance, and learn to use this power of Acceptance from a place of Agape.
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    [Excerpt from Energy Report: January 2013.] MEntity: GOING WITH THE FLOW MEANS LEARNING HOW TO PADDLE “Going with the flow,” or the Goal of Flow, does not simply mean that one must be pushed around by forces one cannot control, but that one learns to differentiate between the forces that one can control, and those forces one cannot. There will always be both, however out of proportion they may be one to the other. When one recognizes where one has no control, there will always be some amount of control from within that. As the figurative river rapids that you sometimes come across move you along in life, you can use your paddle to stay upright, to keep moving, to avoid rocks and debris. In life, this translates into using your capacity to be alert, focused, aware, in conjunction with your most powerful “paddle” in life: choice. However diminished or limited it may be in any moment, you will have it, and it can keep you moving forward, past the debris and obstacles rushing toward you, owning any choices you make from within those limitations. If you “crash,” the same applies. One can only do so much in overwhelming circumstances, but even the most seemingly insignificant of choices within that overwhelm of greater forces can make all of the difference in the world. As you learn to “paddle,” Flow comes to be an ally, and a force that is part of you, rather than over you.
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    [Extracted from Energy Report: July 2017] MEntity: Realism is one of the 7 Primary Philosophies, or Attitudes, that describes how one interprets the experience of existence. Realism is the Attitude that focuses on understanding. Realism learns that there is always more to know, more information, more context, and that any moment of understanding is only an approximation of fuller understanding that can come with more time, experience, information, and context. The Positive Pole of Realism is OBJECTIVITY. Objective Realism says that you are not inherently defined by your experiences and that your reality is not defined only by you. Objectivity sees people, life, and experiences as they appear to be, but they do not presume that this appearance is all that there is. Objectivity can have experiences without being those experiences. Objectivity can sort through them as a means to understand the self, without losing the self. Objectivity emphasizes impartiality, fairness, justice, and greater understanding. The Negative Pole of Realism is SUBJECTIVITY. This is the assumption that reality, as it exists in the mind, is the only reality that exists, or how one sees reality is just how it is. How one feels about something is more important than the understanding of it. It is an assumption that how reality appears and how one experiences it is all there is. NOTE: the phrase “it is what it is” is often used to describe the Realist, but this tends to be the Realist in Subjectivity or the Negative Pole. It is a dismissal or discouragement of effort or interest to understand, see, and learn more. It is a resignation to reality as it appears to be, rather than a participation in broadening one's perspective. It is a shutdown of emotional reality rather than an understanding of its place in the range of experience of reality. It is a killer of curiosity. ... Many who are locked in Subjectivity will find that they “hate people,” or that “people make me sick,” etc, because they have resigned to their limited understanding and perspective, determining that how they feel about reality is all that reality is, or that how they feel about a particular subject that involves people is the entire reality that involves people. Those locked in Subjectivity may then be locked in a perpetual battle with inner and outer reality as they refuse to broaden their perspective, refuse to make room for time and context and understanding, presuming that how they feel about it is all that is necessary. These are the people who will either opt out of helping bring change to their lives or to the lives of others, or they will dig in and attempt to force their version of reality upon the lives of everyone. Subjectivity is an important part of Realist Attitude because one must truly understand the difference between FEELING and REALITY, FEELING and FACT, FEELING and TRUTH. Subjectivity allows one to fully indulge in the emotional realm so that one can carry that forward into the wider range of reality that will require greater intellectual understanding. Objectivity is not the absence of emotion or the indulgence of intellect, but a harmony between the two. Reality is then a dance between what reality appears to be and how one feels about that, but neither are presumed to be the same things.
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    [Excerpt from a session on March 15, 2000, possibly an Energy Report that has since been lost] [Arinna] Are we currently seeing the first effects of global warming and if so, how bad is it expected to be? [Michael_Entity] What has been termed Global Warming will have more benefits than expected. It is a healing that will create vitality for more than is understood now. It will also contribute to the exiting of several million in your species, but this will be more gradual than expected, mostly being a decreasing of births, rather than a mass of deaths. As the population drops, as shifts in patterns of weather continue, as climates shift, as people move and animals and plants die or survive, the adjustment will end in healing. When the body gets a “fever,” it is as beneficial; so this will be. The effects of this appear to be more and more prevalent, yes, and the impact will be seen to be growing over the next 1500 years or so. This summer will have the potential to be quite a shock to many. When you ask “how bad,” we assume you are speaking in terms of interruption of convenience to you as a human. In that case, there will be some very “bad” times, the extremes in weather being the most dangerous and frightening to those extant. The droughts of this year will be the most prevalent as far as we can see. This will impact food and water choices over the next few years drastically in the US and around the world. This, then, is the “bad” of this year, so far, that we see. We remind you that these are projections, not predictions. We do not have the capability to predict in terms that are stable enough to use solidly.
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    [Extracted from: NYC Michael Speaks: Wants & Needs of Essence Roles] MEntity: We understand that Troy has asked for us to discuss what we might describe as the WANT and the NEED of each Essence Role, so we’ve looked at this in a way that we hope will be easy to validate for each of you and your Roles. ... Next we will move on to the ARTISANS: Artisans are consciously motivated by the WANT for ORDER, for STRUCTURE. This may not always seem obvious for many Artisans, but they are always striving in some way to put things in order, to keep things in order, to keep things straight. This is mostly because of the multiple inputs that an Artisan has, so it becomes quite essential for the Artisan to navigate the life by keeping some form of order and structure. So what they WANT is ORDER and STRUCTURE. What the Artisan NEEDS and what they are subconsciously motivated by is RECOGNITION. More than any other Role — including Sages, believe it or not — the Artisans need recognition, need to be recognized, need to be honored in some way that validates their existence, even more so than the Server. We think this is because Artisans are so consistently straddling the creative forces that are churning, so to speak, beyond the tangible and working very carefully, or chaotically, to bring it into form. That recognition brings them feedback that lets them know that what they are creating or what they are putting into form is being seen, is being received. Are there any Artisans who would like to comment or validate these wants and needs? [Question] I definitely resonate with what you're saying. I'm wondering for me at least if there's, in my wants to create order, this inherent emotional connection to it … striving for the aesthetic, striving for beauty. Is it perhaps necessary, similar to a Priest, is it necessary sometimes — in order to make the best decision — to find some sense of detachment. Because maybe when you are so emotional, you are personally invested in what you are trying to accomplish that you are losing some objectivity, and that you do need to move yourself from it? MEntity: That may be the case, but not as much it would be for the Priest, at least in the context of your question. In the context of this topic and the context of your question, we would say turn to your need. Your want for order needs to be recognized. Once it is recognized, once the form that you have brought out of the chaos is recognized and honored and (we do not like this word, but we will use it here loosely) respected, it is far easier for you to let go of the necessity for order. It is far easier for you to allow room for the chaos if you feel that that necessity, that want for order, is recognized. It is only when that is not recognized, when that becomes more of a priority, more of a defense, more of an importance to you. Do you understand? [Comment] Yes MEntity: We want to pause here for a moment to say that these needs are also capable of being fulfilled by yourself. They're not dependent on other people. It's nice when others, other fragments, are able to contribute, but you are not stuck meandering through life waiting for someone to recognize you. You can also bring that recognition to yourself. You can also recognize that you have brought order, and that it is beautiful, and that it is enough for now and to allow room for some chaos. Order to an Artisan is the equivalent of Beauty, because Beauty is basically the recognition of patterns within chaos, and in the case of Artisans, often the deliberate maneuvering of patterns to bring that Beauty out of chaos. Do you understand? [Comment] Yes. MEntity: So to further respond to your question as far as detachment and stepping back: recognize that the order and the Beauty that you have sought to bring is actually there and not something that you must continually sustain at all costs. That is the form of “detachment” for you, is that recognition.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: October 2015] Question: When asking about a particular person, including oneself, is it helpful to provide you with a photograph of that person? If so, why is it helpful and what qualities or characteristics of the photograph are most important? MEntity: We cannot see you, so we do not require photos. Photographs are for the channel, not us. For some channels, the requirement of photos helps to alleviate two concerns: that there is a real person to focus on, and not just a fake name, and it helps the individual to launch into access to us via his or her own trusted intuition. Depending on the extent of the concern and the extent of the dependency upon individual intuition, access to us actually diminishes more with the use of photos. Photos, to us, are very much like names. They are convenient references, but tell us little about you other than one moment's snapshot of you. We find names useless for us, but they are important for the organization of presentation to use via the channel, and photos can be used in a similar way, as well. Names are functional and practical for our communication, but photos are solely for the channel. [Excerpt from a POF session originally posted on October 21, 2015] Question: In a recent session you said that you cannot see us and therefore do not require photographs. In addition, I am sitting at a computer about 1000 miles away from Troy. How do you know who I am? If I ask a question about a particular person, how do you know which person? MEntity: There are a few dynamics at work here: First, we depend heavily upon Trust. This is because we work with your Essences and Trust is an inherent strength of Essence. We depend entirely upon Trust until we have a reason not to do so. So when a person claims to be who he or she is, we are not determining if someone is lying. We simply begin the search. We cannot "see" you at your computer, but we have direct access to your Essence, and your Essence can help us to anchor our communication with you. From there, your words and thoughts describe energies that are not restricted by time, space, thoughts, or words. When you describe a person and ask for his or her profile, you are describing your conscious representation of that person, and that representation is linked to energies that we can access. Think of it this way: Imagine that we are in Hollywood among the celebrities. We mingle with them in person. However, you have access to these individuals through your television and movie screens as often as you wish. They are in your life, your living room, and you know them. Or, at least, you know them in pixel and light, and/or in ways that they choose to present themselves. You ask us about one of them. We cross-reference your description with those we know. So even when you ask about Luke Skywalker, we know that this is Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker is like the person you know in the current incarnation. Mark Hamill is like the Essence we know. To apply this to you as an individual: if you are Luke Skywalker in this lifetime, we know this, and we know you as Mark Hamill. When Luke speaks to us, it is through your own Mark or through the Essence/Personality of a channel. This is an exceptionally "clunky" way to describe this process, but it will do. Beyond this, each Personality has a "signature" in time and space that is allotted from a range of available signatures for an Essence. To help understand this, think of an Essence having a unique Frequency of 45. Every Personality then would have a unique sub-signature, if you will, of 45.00001, 45.00002, 45.00003, etc. Of course, these numbers are far more elaborate than this. Every Essence has a unique Frequency. No Essence has the same Frequency. Though we round to the whole number for convenience so that it appears that multiple Essences might have the same Frequency of 45, for example, the technical truth is that each 45 has decimal points extending well beyond that to reflect the profoundly unique Frequency, or "address" that is you. And that Frequency is then broken down further for each Personality. This is how we find you. How we remain with you across time and space. And it is also how you find one another again across your lives.
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    Michael says that we are always connected to the "Tao;" always residing within that source, even if we tend to forget. It's actually natural for us to "forget," since each lifetime generates a new body with a new brain in which our soul must work to rebuild, or return to, conscious awareness. As we gain experience over many lifetimes, we tend to regain that awareness more quickly within a lifetime. IN THE BEGINNING... According to Michael, the Tao brilliantly exploded out "fragments" of itself as a means to explore Itself and the universes It created. These "sparks" (or "Essences" or "Souls") are imbued with the same freedom as the Tao, to do what they wish, explore what they wish, experience what they wish, interact as they wish, and generally experience everything possible! This freedom allows the Tao unlimited creativity and exploration as these souls run around being creative and experimental out on their own! With all of this creativity and curiosity, a soul can easily get into trouble, go through painful growth, sadness, loneliness, fears, etc., but those experiences are part of the same spectrum of experiences that includes joy, happiness, abundance, passion, love,... Nothing is ever actually wasted or lost or bad from the soul's point of view. Because our souls know an absolute sense of safety in the universe, being in a lifetime is much like going to the Movies! While sitting in the theater, we can have a whole spectrum of emotions and experiences as we are pulled into the action and drama of a really good movie, but we ultimately know we are safe and can leave when it's over. Our souls experience the excitement of our lifetimes in a very similar way, except that as the soul gains experience, so does each Personality, and it becomes easier to create far more manageable and enjoyable lifetimes! If you think of the very basic part of your Essence as being a "spark" of the Tao, then think of those sparks as eventually choosing a kind of "Essence Role" to play in the universe. This "Essence" (or "soul/spark") chooses one of 7 "Roles;" kind of like choosing what kind of car or vehicle to use to travel through the universe on its own. These Roles are not limiting in any way; in fact, over many lifetimes, the ability to BE that Role becomes more important, fun, and easy! It's kind of like learning how to drive faster, easier, and you begin to choose even more exciting terrains! As you read more about the Michael Teachings, you may find that the terms "Soul," "Essence," and "Role," are used interchangeably for convenience. You will rarely hear the word "spark," but it's included here so you can understand how the Role is chosen. Your Role stays constant throughout all of your lives and beyond, but continues to improve its means of expression and its way of Being with the additional lifetime and experience. Now we will briefly cover the 7 Roles that make up the Souls of this Universe. This is a very simple introduction, so do not get too preoccupied with trying to determine your Role just yet, as it is a bit more complicated than the descriptions here. This is just a BASIC Introduction. It's very important to remember that the names used to identify the Roles are only used for convenience and they are not to be taken literally. For instance, a Priest Essence can be a farmer or a plumber or a murderer; a Server Essence might be a preacher, housewife, or serial killer. The Role describes the PRIMARY WAY OF BEING for a soul, but that can show up in many ways. Each Role will behave in ways that are terrible and frightening, as well as in ways that are beautiful and enlightening. Each Role has a Positive and Negative Pole, which helps describe the potential spectrum of behavior that a soul can exhibit, with the Negative Pole being more fearful and the Positive Pole being more loving. We will cover the Polarities, later. Sometimes the Role is hard to detect because of several factors that may inhibit expression and behavior, such as parental influences, cultural expectations, gender roles, and environmental conditions, so be patient as you study. There are 7 Basic "Ways of Being" (Roles) in the universe. In thinking about a "spark" leaving the Tao and choosing a "Role," it might be helpful to think of it this way: As a "spark" you are still swimming in the "white light" that is "home" (or Tao) and your soul is still very aware and connected to Tao. When your Spark chose a Role, it was a way of differentiating itself from the Source. Our souls never truly leave the Tao, but they "separate" themselves in a very creative way. Think of white light passing through a prism, separating that original light into 7 visible rays of color that made up that original white light. In the same way that ALL color is still a part of White Light, so are our souls forever a part of the spectrum of the Tao, or God, no matter how separated we may seem to be. Here are the 7 Roles in Essence: Servers & Priests: These are the Inspiration Roles. The Server inspires us one on one, while the Priests inspire us on a mass scale. Servers see the world as their honored guests, while Priests see the world as a congregation or "flock".Artisans & Sages: These are the Expression Roles. The Artisan creates and brings new things to the planet, while the Sage entertains and makes us remember how to laugh. The Artisan is more one on one while the Sage likes to affect groups. The Artisan sees the world as a project, like a sculpture or canvas, while the Sage sees the world as an audience or playmates.Warriors & Kings: These are the Action Roles. The Warriors stand as our protectors and builders, getting us motivated and instilling loyalty, while the King leads us into action as a group. The Warrior sees the world as territory or challenges, while the King sees a kingdom or realm.The Scholar: This is the only "Neutral" Role, meaning it is the centerpiece and mediator of all other Roles. The Scholar studies life and observes, sometimes in strange ways, but always submerged in something their soul finds important to study, ranging from addictions and fear to science and wisdom. This Essence studies so often that it is actually the life itself that becomes the study. This is the most versatile Role and can sometimes seem quite the chameleon. The Scholar sees the world as an object of interest or study. Although there are only 7 Roles from which to choose in the universe, this is in no way a limitation to the soul. There are many, many factors in addition to the Role that makes each soul so unique!
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    "Soul Age" describes one of the most immediately practical and useful aspects of Michael's body of information. The Soul Ages describe the very basic stages every soul will go through in the process of its evolution. Your Soul Age helps describe where you are in that process. Soul Ages can also help describe the average perspective of groups of people, communities, countries, etc. Understanding the Age of an Essence, or a group of Essences, can greatly increase your ability to be accepting, adaptable, compassionate, and constructive. Ironically, this part of the Teaching can also tend to be the most susceptible to abuse, misuse, and complete distortion among Students. Remember that the Soul Ages are not hierarchical and that one Soul Age is not better or worse than another. Before an Essence commits to a cycle of lives as a Human, it will go through a long process of energetically exploring the Earth and all of its kingdoms of life forms, along with all the other souls who are considering becoming Human. Some souls decide to move on to other planetary systems and some souls never even choose to incarnate. Since you are reading this, your Essence decided long, long ago that this planet and all it has to offer was just the right place for your adventures! The Essence enters its first lifetime! What happens next is an incredible journey of dedication, intensity, and adventure in the school of Earth and playground of life! Each lifetime gains more knowledge for the Essence and the use of that knowledge is continually improved upon when planning the next lifetimes. As the knowledge and experience grow, so does the maturity of the soul, and that maturity is described as a Soul Age. The progress through the Soul Ages is Essence-determined and no other Essence, or God, or Tao, or institution, or ANYTHING monitors your speed or level of growth. Your Essence is the only one who can determine when to move on, and how long to experience a Soul Age! There are 7 Soul Ages to the experiences of living life as a Human being. We will only cover 5 here as they are the most relevant to you in the beginning. There are 2 additional, extraordinary Soul Ages that are experienced after the completion of all of your lifetimes as an individual soul, but we will not cover these in the Basic Teachings. Each Soul Age can take as many lifetimes as the soul wants or needs to take, but there is an average of 49 lives per Soul Age. Infant, Baby, Young, Mature, and Old INFANT Infant Souls are those that are new to being in bodies and new to the planet. They are usually superstitious and fearful, choosing lifetimes set away from the chaos of modern life, or at least living separately from it, even if in the midst of it. The basic lessons of the Infant Soul are Survival. The lifetimes tend to be centered mostly on learning how to feed, clothe, and keep the body alive. Since the forests and other isolated areas of the world are all but gone, Infant Souls have fewer places to choose for being born and being "left alone"; therefore, they appear to be choosing to be born in more "concrete jungles" over the past 50 years or so. Infant Souls contribute to the rise in the homeless population in metropolitan areas as these souls are learning lessons of survival in the "new jungles". Infants can be as accomplished as anyone else, but there is an edge of instability and even insanity in their eyes. Most modern Infant Souls get into very big trouble, mostly through murders and breaking the civil, unspoken "rules" of a society. There are very few Infant Souls coming to this planet anymore since there are very few places left to incarnate without older soul ages interfering. The Infant Souls who are already committed to a cycle of lifetimes will tend to find it difficult to keep older soul ages from either exploiting them, or being compelled to rescue the Infant from its survival struggles. The Infant Soul Motto might be, "There is ME, and everything is just scary and threatening!" As the Infant begins to learn how to survive, it begins to seek experiences in groups, which leads them to the Baby Soul Age. BABY Baby Souls have fairly mastered the experiences of basic Survival and now seek experiences focused on how to behave in groups. Baby Souls gain experiences through supporting an authority, being civil, enforcing order, being clean, law-abiding, structured, etc. The development of most Religions is rooted in Baby Soul values and ideals. What better way to bring order to a large group of people and to encourage respect but through the mythologies of a vague, scary, parental God who can get angry and punish you if you misbehave? There are many forms of religion, of course, but one can see why Baby Souls would be drawn to this context. There is a security in the churches and the rules and laws are handed out by an unquestioned authority. Baby Souls will rarely question, they simply have the decisions handed to them from a trusted authority, which they will defend blindly. They do not ponder their individuality, except in terms of how they fit into the contexts handed down from an authority. All things based on order, structure and justice are Baby Soul concepts, like the library systems, judicial systems, and police forces. Baby's see the world only in terms of "ME, and NOT ME". This means if you are "NOT ME", you are wrong, bad, and possibly "going to hell". They see everything in terms of black and white, good and bad. Baby Soul's seek such order, it only makes sense to them that you behave within their own terms. Their world is strikingly "black and white", but as the soul grows through the Baby stage, it begins to gain an individual identity, which leads to the Young Soul Age. YOUNG Young Souls have learned all they can from being civil and listening to authority. This Age is like the adolescence of Soul Ages. The Young Soul seeks recognition, fame, excitement, stimulation, material rewards, and they are highly competitive. This is where the soul begins to indulge in the physical plane and really get into some trouble and adventures! This Soul Age tends to be the least spiritual, though they will use religious or spiritual groups for networking or help to maintain a position of authority over other people. It can be very difficult for a Young Soul to be spiritually conscious since the focus is so strongly on being as physical as possible. Young Souls are gaining experiences about individuality, self-expression, competition, self-sufficiency, strength, abundance, endurance, and prestige. They see the world in terms of "there are you and me and I am going to win." When an Essence has indulged in the physical plane, experienced all its riches, there will come a point of realization that "there is more to life than this", and that is the step toward the Mature Soul Age. MATURE Mature Souls have learned all they could from having everything they have ever wanted; they've been rich, been recognized, and extracted whatever they thought was important to obtain from the physical plane. Once they have all of that experience, the soul and personality figuratively look around and say, "now what?" It starts to seek experiences focused on emotional connections and spiritual intimacy, wholehearted trust. The Mature Soul finally confronts the internal sense of separation gained during the Young Soul Age and begins to reach out to others in pain. Most Mature Souls find intimacy through the sharing of intensity and emotions, seeking others who can identify with such personal, inner struggle. Mature Souls are the most intense and dramatic about life, which helps encourage the questions of "who am I?" and "Why am I here?" They begin to turn away from organized religion, preferring a more personal spirituality. They begin to recognize the sources of pain and oppression in society and seek to alleviate those influences in any way; therefore, the Mature Soul actively supports some form of "Rights", such as Gay Rights, Animal Rights, fights against Apartheid and Child Abuse, etc. They crave closeness and meaning in their life. This Age is where the soul begins to want to contribute and "count" for something. The Mature Soul sees the world as "there are you and me and I know how you feel." Many of the Students of the Michael Teaching who are drawn to this teaching are somewhere in their Mature Soul cycle. When the Mature Soul has begun to soften its boundaries, has forged some profoundly intimate relationships, and has built a sense of inner security and peace, that soul then begins to feel a gentle, but haunting, pull to find what feels like "home", and they know it isn't "here". OLD Old Souls now have gained the experiences to help them discover where they fit in, who they love, and they have answered some important questions about why they exist and "who" they are. They now begin to question everything on a larger scale. "Where do we all fit into the scheme of things?" "How does reality work?" "What is Love?" "How do I get Home?" The Old Soul feels a strange sense of being "tired", and knows that one of the last profound experiences will be in finally, utterly, accepting and loving this world, the people in it, and everything about it; the experience of truly unconditional Love. More difficult than discovering a Love for the world, is the final, most difficult experience of all,... the Love of You. That experience can be most terrifying because Old Souls have glimpsed the magnitude of the vastness of the Universe across all of their lifetimes and they realize their tiny place in it. The Old Soul begins to sense a need to understand what I like to call "home"; a vague place that is obviously "not here", but truly a place of oneness with the universe and life. They begin feeling a deep recognition of other people that is not limited by the current lifetime. Old Souls can see the entirety of a person, "remembering" other people from other lifetimes. A challenge for the Old Soul is to now draw wisdom from their souls, using the knowledge gained across all of their own lifetimes, and understand how to live and communicate with all other Soul Ages. They begin seeing past the veil that separates the Physical from the Non-Physical, which draws the Old Soul to mystical and profound spiritual experiences. Eventually, the Old Soul learns to experience life with a uniquely balanced sense of awe and familiarity, as it experiences its last lifetimes and seeks reunion with their spiritual family. A SPECIAL NOTE on Older Souls and "status": Some people may think that those who are claiming to be "Old Souls" are delusional, misinformed, and/or saying they are Old Souls just for attention or status. This is ironic because the people who are overly concerned with this subject are unwittingly revealing that they are the ones who actually interpret Soul Age as a status symbol. A truly Old Soul is not going to be preoccupied with status and labels. It has been said that if an Old Soul were told he is a Young Soul, he would ponder the possibility, but if a Young Soul is told he is a Young Soul, his defenses go up because there are obviously "better", "more advanced" Soul Ages. Soul Age is meaningless as a status symbol to those who study this Teaching as a means to gain an understanding of themselves and others. If someone really is claiming to be "old" as a way to seem better than someone else, you probably won't see them around this Teaching very long, anyway. Using Soul Age as a status symbol would only make sense if all of the students saw that term as indicating one soul age being better than another soul age, but the foundation of the Michael Teachings makes it extremely difficult to maintain that kind of superficial comparison. Another important consideration: Some students have a stereotypical interpretation of how an Old Soul "should" behave or not behave, describing how an Old Soul should feel or express himself, etc. The point that these people are missing is that the reality of being an Older Soul is that you have all other Soul Ages under your belt of experiences! This means you do have more flexibility in choosing how to behave, how to express yourself, what tools to draw from, etc. There will be times when an Old Soul appears to be a Young Soul, simply because he can or needs to use that aspect of himself. In the same way that a physically-aged Adult of 40+ years old can get rejuvenated and heal by playing like a child (or with a child) in that child's games, so can an Old Soul play the Young Soul games, if necessary. Being an Old Soul doesn't mean you avoid material security, living hand to mouth, resisting technological advances, and sit around philosophizing while waiting to die. In fact, since the Old Soul has all of those lives under the belt, it draws strength and wisdom from ALL levels and seeks to LIVE more fully! That means that an Old Soul may just WANT to play out a Mature Soul drama, or have a business that succeeds like a Young Soul, or draw from the Baby Soul experiences as a means to have order and respect within a household and family, and sometimes the Old Soul just might get silly and free with the Infant Self through dancing and drinking! The whole POINT of getting to a place where you are an Old Soul is that you have gained the perspective of each previous Soul Age and can use those perspectives as you wish! Musical Chairs I'd like to share an analogy that helps you to keep in perspective that the Soul Ages are NOT better or worse. Imagine you walk into a room with a stage in the center and 5 chairs all set up in a large circle, all facing the stage, and there is a lot of activity on the Stage for you to watch! The first chair in the circle can be likened to the Infant Soul Age. It's the first time in the room, it's the first time you are seeing the stage, so you sit and stare and fidget and observe and get as comfortable as you can. You watch the Play, but you also look around the room and shift in your own chair, nervous, but getting adjusted, and not really knowing what is going on. At some point, you begin to understand that the key is in sitting still, watching the play, and gaining some insight that way. You then move to the next chair. Now you are in a new position in the same room with the same stage with the same play. BUT, not only has your perspective changed but now that you understand where to focus, this makes the play even more interesting! Someone else has now seated themselves in the chair you previously occupied. You do remember what the room and stage looked like from that previous chair, and what players you could see better, and what activity on which you got a better angle, but now you have a new perspective from your second chair! You can see things in the room you didn't notice before, you now see different props, etc., while the person in the first chair (your previous chair) is observing from the angle you originally had. From your position you now have the memory of the previous chair PLUS the experience of this newly seated perspective. The first person is not better or worse, only in that he/she is seeing the room, the stage, and the play, from a different chair! You now move to the third chair, the fourth chair, etc., all the while learning to see the room and stage and play from a new perspective while also retaining the perspective of the previous chairs occupied. It is important to note that all of the Soul Ages you have experienced (all of the chair perspectives that have come to pass) are now within your grasp to remember and draw from! It wouldn't be very appropriate to turn to the first chair while sitting in the third chair and scowl or judge them because they cannot see from your point in the circle. You, yourself, sat in that chair at one time, and though you gained what you gained from that chair, a new person may even notice things you completely missed, so there can always be something to learn from those sitting in positions you previously occupied. ALL Soul Ages can be recognized for what they are: a different point on the same circle. Your point in the circle has as its capacity for understanding and showing compassion for the previous Soul Ages. For instance, a Baby Soul and an Old Soul in an argument will mean that the Old Soul may have to draw from his/her Baby Soul skills to help the situation along. The Baby Soul has not had the experiences of seeing the "room" from the same place as you, but you can remember what the room might be like for the Baby. This does not make the Older soul better than the Baby Soul, any more than an Adult is better than a Child, but one simply has the ability to be more responsible and adaptable, if he chooses. THE WORLD NOW If you look at the world in terms of the average Soul Age, you will see a much more interesting and compassionate picture than if you simply look at the world as a place of chaos, war, struggle, and division. Some populations will have a higher percentage of one Soul Age, which will give a culture or society a different environment and approach to life than another population. There are Young Soul societies, such as the United States, and there are Old Soul societies, as we can find in Holland. Within a Country, you will, of course, find "pockets" or communities of Soul Ages drawn together. The world is now officially and technically predominated by Mature Souls. This can be seen in the breaking down of boundaries and connecting of people all over the world with telephones, televisions, traveling faster, and even with the Internet. It can be seen in the Berlin Wall coming down, the environment being seen to be Global, not just local, it can be seen in the Human Rights Movements, Gay Rights, Animal Rights, Women's Rights, etc. Though the world is officially "Mature", the United States is just coming out of a long Young Soul phase and is slowly introducing the effects of a more Mature Soul mentality. There are still Young Souls in power making decisions that affect us, and even though it will take a while for Mature souls to find power and leadership appealing, they are making their way into these positions slowly.
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    [Reproduction of an article written by Troy in 2001. This content may be discussed within the forum topic that presents it. See Body Types: Foundation.] BODY TYPES Part One: Foundation Body Types are descriptions of the various aspects of the Physical Body as it relates to astronomical and astrological influences used in its creation. There are 7 basic Body Types: Lunar/Saturnine Mercurial/Jovial Martial/Venusian Solar These are paired on the Axis just like the Essence Roles and each Role resonates well with their corresponding Body Type, in general: Server 1 / Priest 6 Artisan 2 / Sage 5 Warrior 3 / King 7 Scholar 4 There are 5 additional Body Types used for very specific lifetimes, which we will cover later. Our Body Types are the closest to our Essence's "idea" of who we are in a lifetime than even our Personality and Overleaves. Bodies are the Karma for the Essence. Karma exists on several levels and most Karma is the result of being Physical and having a Personality, but the Essence has its own larger spectrum of Karma and Self-Karma. This is played out through the body that the Essence is profoundly linked to for a lifetime, as well as the Chief Feature. Karma is defined by Michael as "intensity" or "imbalance," which is what promotes the continuation of a Universe and growth. Karma is mostly created through the interference of choice, either in the Self or in Others. When Karma is created with Self, this becomes the larger Karmic journey of Essence. That is why Chief Feature and the Body are so fused and two of the greatest "strengths" behind False Personality. Interfering with our own choices may sound odd, but it's easy to see that when we make choices against what we truly want to do, we are setting up this wonderful game of imbalance and intensity (Karma). One of the first things an Essence learns to do, even before learning how to choose Overleaves appropriately, is to create Bodies. Each Body Type is "electrically" charged in a particular way in categories of Positive / Negative and Passive / Active. As you may have guessed, other Overleaves will either be in harmony with, or abrade with, the Body Type. Positive and Negative are almost literal in regard to Body Types: Positive Body Types come with inherent emphasis on a more optimistic, broader emphasis on life, focusing on expanding and building, growing, and embracing. Negative Body Types come with inherent emphasis on restlessness, dissatisfaction, narrow-focused and generally seeing the flaws and failures of life. Positive and Negative are almost literal in regard to Body Types: Active and Passive are also literal in regard to Body Types: Active Bodies are in some way preoccupied with DOING and dealing with the external world, while Passive Bodies are preoccupied with BEING and exploring the internal world. The combination of Active, Passive, Positive, and Negative are all in varying degrees throughout the Body Types. The most Passive-Negative Body Type being the Lunar, while the most Active-Positive Body Type is Saturnine. Solar, which is outside of the progression, is considered both Active and Positive. Lunar = Passive/Negative Saturnine = Active/Positive Mercurial = Active/Negative Jovial = Passive/Positive Martial = Active/Negative Venusian = Passive/Positive Solar = Active/Positive CREATING THE BODY There are three considerations the Essence makes when creating a Body: The primary physical appearance of the body (APPEARANCE) The primary psychological stance of the body (NATURE) The primary glandular resource of the body (HEALTH) Most bodies are comprised of two to three planetary influences, though there can be more or less. It is not uncommon to have the same planetary influences for two of the aspects. Keep in mind that all three aspects are intertwined and overlap. When you receive your Body Type, you will have a Primary Body Type. That would be the influence with the highest percentage of the two or three. Depending on your Karma, Agreements, life plans, etc., you will have your Primary Body Type rooted in one of the three aspects. For instance, you might have a 65% Venusian Primary Body Type, but it is not obvious in Appearance, but definite in your Nature, or your Health. A great deal of information about the Body Type of an individual can be found in the Astrological Chart of the CONCEPTION of the body, in the Mid Heaven. IMPORTANT NOTES: I will apologize in advance for not having completed my dialogue with Michael about the HEALTH aspect. Much of the information I have in this treatment of Body Types is based on accumulated information, but not necessarily from Michael. I'd also like to bring to your attention that I do not have the Body Types correlating to the Roles in the same way that most have them. If you care to bring to the discussion your arguments for or against this, that would be wonderful! I am very open, but I find the common correlation to be less relative to the Roles. THE 3 ASPECTS APPEARANCE The primary physical appearance is just that, how you take up space and appear in the physical world. Physical Body Type can be seen in one or more combinations of the SHAPE, SKIN, HAIR, and/or EYES. Here are some very simplistic physical keys for each planetary influence: LUNAR shape: rounded and fleshy skin: spongy, soft, very pale eyes: luminous, clear, light blue or gray hair: thin, light, straggly SATURNINE shape: tall and lean skin: rough, dry, maybe yellowed eyes: deep and dark hair: thick, dark, straight MERCURIAL shape: small, compact, trim skin: smooth, transparent, olive eyes: dark, restless, sharp hair: thick, black (or very dark), full JOVIAL shape: large, solid, fleshy skin: smooth, "healthy" pink eyes: expressive, clear, betraying hair: abundant, fine, brown to chestnut MARTIAL shape: strong, muscular, erect skin: thick, freckled, red eyes: large, bold, bright, maybe bloodshot hair: stiff, red, sometimes curly VENUSIAN: shape: voluptuous, shapely, curvy skin: dark, fine, velvety eyes: almond-shape, sympathetic, tender, dark hair: full, wavy, brown SOLAR shape: light, lean, fit, androgynous skin: clear, fine, pure eyes: sparkly, bright, large hair: thick, wavy, dark, silky NATURE The primary psychological stance of the body could be called your "body conscience." Think of the psychological stance as the basic, defaulted collective consciousness of the cells that contribute to your processing of life. Here are some very simple descriptions of the psychological stances: Lunar: internally emotional; aloof, pessimistic, secretive, wary, good for lifetimes dealing with one on one Inspirational contact (relates to Server/1) Saturnine: perfectionist, domineering, manipulative, judicial; good for lifetimes dealing with Inspirational issues for groups (relates to Priest/6) Mercurial: lively, deceitful, insecure, opinionated, artistic, expressive; good for lifetimes dealing with expression one on one (relates to Artisan/2) Jovial: Center-of-attention, jolly, entertaining, expressive, secretly shy, indulgent; good for lifetimes dealing with being in a central position of expression for others (relates to Sage/5) Martial: fiery, high-energy, angry, irrational, dedicated, impulsive; good for lifetimes dealing with actions affecting people one on one (relates to Warrior/3) Venusian: sensual, warm, charismatic, no self-esteem, inviting; good for lifetimes dealing with being open, approachable, and accessible to larger groups (relates to King/7) Solar: bright, spirited, airy, electric, childish, naïve; good for lifetimes needing to be in the center of everything. (relates to Scholar/4) HEALTH The primary glandular resource could be called its primary source of regulation of experiences, or the basic health of the body. It is also the primary potential for what will be used as a catalyst for "natural" death. Here are correlations of glands to Body Type: LUNAR: Pancreas (Islands of Langerhans); deals with the process of fuel and energy consumption/production in the body; if imbalanced, sugar-related problems SATURNINE: anterior pituitary; a primary, regulating stimulant for many of the other glands; if imbalanced, over- or undergrowth of body, and/or sexual dysfunction MERCURIAL: thyroid; deals with the center of communicating what regulates our bodies creating itself; if imbalanced, over-anxiousness, or lethargy JOVIAL: posterior pituitary; maintains the entire body's homeostasis; if imbalanced, loss of fluid maintenance and basic body functions MARTIAL: adrenals; a primary support for the system that enables strengthening and endurance, and amplification of body energy (emotion); if imbalanced, distorted pigmentation of skin, dwindling of body (Addison's disease), or muscle-shakes, bruising (Cushing's disease), distortion of genitalia VENUSIAN: parathyroid; deals with the regulation and processing of calcium in the body which supplies the information needed for muscle movement and bone strength; if imbalanced, spasms, extreme nervousness, softening and deforming of bones. SOLAR: thymus; produces and maintains immunity; if imbalanced, open to all disease FINAL NOTE: In addition to the 7 basic Body Types, there are three "eccentric" Body Types that an Essence can use for some of the more extraordinary lives. They are Plutonian, Neptunian, and Uranian. They are rare and specific. Plutonian is for lifetimes of great impact on a massive scale and is usually marked by unearthly features, with the hair or head being exceptionally striking. Neptunian is used for lifetimes of rare, exceptional psychic abilities, and is marked by the eyes in some striking way (even blindness). Uranian is for lifetimes of extreme eccentricity and can be seen in deformities, oddities of the body, and "freaks".
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2008] [Question] Since we acquire new bodies each lifetime, why do we still carry “memories” of injuries from past lives into new lifetimes? How does this work? For ex. my back pain has been channeled as being from an injury from a past life that I am working out. [Michael Entity] One only carries “memories” of injuries into a current life when those injuries or memories are relevant to the current life. They are never random, and never literal. For instance, your back pain is a manifestation of similar patterns being explored within this lifetime that are resonant to other lifetimes of similar exploration. It is not that the injury was literally carried over, but that you are doing similar things in a similar way that then resonate to that other lifetime. That resonance can help in healing the current injury only insofar as insights can be gained from experiences integrated by your Essence from that lifetime. The resonance to the other lifetime is not to give justification or distraction from your current ailments, but to allow a means of direct access to the wisdom stored by Essence from that lifetime. If one can imagine one lifetime as one point on a line, while another lifetime is another point at a distance on that line, and then imagine a line being drawn from one lifetime to another, that line CANNOT be “drawn” without first creating an arc through Essence, which is “above the line.” Often Personality can relate to other Personalities before it can relate to Essence, so it “remembers” (or receives through a channel) the reference to another lifetime of similarity, but this is merely a method for indirectly accessing Essence. Keeping that in mind can help the point of that remembering and resonance. However, to be more specific in response to your question, it is not the injury that carries over, nor the memory, but the PATTERNS that are stored in your Instinctive Center, which is pulled from one lifetime and then “inserted” into another lifetime. This is not a literal event, but the image is helpful. It can also hep to think of it as a program, or a collection of programs/software that is now available to the new personality. Depending on the choices of the current personality, certain programs/software/patterns will emerge for use, and many will not. In your case, Questioner, you have called upon a theme of self-esteem issues, and these issues are often ignored or overridden on the emotional or intellectual levels to a degree that physical manifestation helps in tending to that theme of issues. You will then find resonance to lifetimes where a similar physical injury or ailment was being explored for similar reasons. [Question] Could Michael suggest some energy-work on such an issue? [Michael Entity] The “energy work” for any given ailment would have to be relative to the ailment and the individual, but we can say that any chronic aching that is related to self-esteem issues would require “energy work” on the Emotional Body as a focal point, while emphasis of RELIEF on the Physical Body will help in allowing that focus. This energy work on the Emotional Body might be anything from cathartic expression to gestalt therapies to flotation therapies to singing therapies to permission therapies that allow for more of what one craves, etc. We wish to point out here that the patterns carried over from one lifetime to another are only brought into reality by the choices of the current personality. For instance, there have have been lifetimes for the Questioner that have been lived between the past life back injury and the back injury of this lifetime. Back pain was not an issue in those lifetimes between. A more poetic way to understand this might be that the songs heard from other lifetimes depends on the melodies played by this one.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2011] [tkmppi] Do others of the 9 Pillars have 7 alternatives as True Home does (wilderness, ocean, etc., with the usual M math I presume)? If so, what are they? [MEntity] It is valid that each of the True Work, Play, Study, Love, Core, and Gift can be delineated into 7 broader categories for each, but these would not be as personalized as our choosing more specific terms for you on an individual basis from within those categories. For instance, True Work *could* be described as being the same as your Goal, but this would lend no insight into that specific Life Task, or methods for implementing that Life Task, even as it may fall under the broader umbrella of Growth, Acceptance, etc. Or True Play might be understood as relative to your Attitude, and your means of forming Expression; or True Study as relative to your Mode, and your means of igniting Inspiration. True Love tends to be relative to the Level within Soul Age. True Core tends to be relative to Soul Age. And True Gift tends to be relative to Chief Features (or the means through which one transcends or transforms the Chief Features). We can delineate these in more detail at another time, but this is a start.
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    This material is an excerpt from a private session on September 15, 2014 for a student who is no longer on the site. MEntity: In terms of Self-Karma, there are really only 3 stages: Negative, Positive, and Neutral. Self-Karma is any division within the self that is fully aware of the positive stance vs the negative stance, and the battle between those until there is resolution. Usually one takes an extreme negative or extreme positive stance on the self-karma and is plagued by the draw of the opposite. For instance, a person may enjoy smoking (positive), but find himself pulled in the direction of knowledge that says that it is bad for him, unhealthy, stinks, and may be harming those around him (negative). The issue is not whether he stops smoking, or not, but the resolution of that divide within him. Resolving the self-karma (neutral) would be in either quitting smoking, or embracing the fact of smoking and all that it entails. Resolution always comes from the full embrace of either the positive or the negative aspect of the issue, which naturally drops the issue into neutrality. The best approach that we have found for discovering and resolving self-karma is to start with a list of three issues that you feel divided about. Once you've listed those three issues, you can then write out the positive side and the negative side of the issue. From there, you can explore which side is truer to your nature and preferences and begin the work of embracing that side. The more self-karma an individual has, the harder it is to be true to oneself.
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    [Excerpt from OMW: You and Your Centers] MEntity: The EMOTIONAL CENTER has as its Basic Functions the regulation of your intimacy, empathy, and sensitivity. In its simplest description for this exchange, we can say that is how one navigates between MEANINGFUL and MEANINGLESS. This is everyone's way of infusing or extracting meaning from his or her path/experiences in life. It is directly linked to the MODE. No matter what your Mode, in terms of Axis, it is your EMOTIONS that create or destroy your sense of meaning from your experiences. One cannot fulfill any range of significance in intimacy, sensitivity, without having infused or extracted Meaning. One cannot implement the Mode in any healthy way without evolving one's range of INSPIRATION. The more one limits his or her sense of Inspiration, the less-likely one can relate to others, to see himself or herself in others, and more importantly, less-likely to recognize others in himself or herself. By "others," we speak of any creature, sentient or non-sentient. In Positive Health, this Center could be described as showing up as GIVING/GENEROUS. In Negative Health, it can show up as RESENTFUL. The means by which the Mode is fulfilled at its best is when approached from this state of Giving/Generosity. The trick here is that no lifetime can be experienced without some experience in giving, but when one begins to keep score, to stand in righteousness, to give when not fully capable of giving, then Resentment begins to step in. So the evolution of Giving is a matter of one's evolution of Meaning. ... we will close on the Emotional Center by stating that the state of your relationships is a fair means of assessing where you are in terms of Health in the Emotional Center.
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    [This articles duplicates a post in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club and may be discussed there: Homo Naledi Species] [DanielaS] Recently a new hominid species, named Homo naledi, was discovered in the Rising Star Cave system in South Africa. I am wondering if you are able to tell us about this species. Specifically, 1) Was Homo naledi a species of Human sentience? 2) When did it live? 3) Did H. naledi intentionally place their dead in the Rising Star cave? 4) If so, why and how did they get the bodies into the cave? [MEntity] This was yet another variation (and there are many more) that were branching out from around 3 million years ago. This line of species did host Sentience, as did most to some degree for some time as we were still working out the most stable line for development. This line was highly intelligent, but weaker and more frightened in nature, developing superb methods for hiding, cloaking, and stealthy traversing, often using cave systems as tunnels if they were available. Tunnels were "honeycombed" throughout the regions where this line would settle, and they developed "slippery" methods for moving through tight spaces by using a kind of lubricant wax from native plant life. In much the same way that many animals will know when they are dying and then maneuver themselves into closed spaces, this line of humans would choose to die in much the same way. Wounded, ill, elderly would work their way into designated "wombs" for the end of the life. Designated caretakers would tend to and honor these wombs, or help the weaker to enter, but most were not "placed" there. We refer to these as "wombs" because they were considered symbolic representations of birthing canals and wombs at the time, since this is how it was known that life would start. It was considered to "make sense" that one return to the "womb" as a way to return to life. Some would choose to enter the wombs even when not ill, wounded, or elderly, but with the idea that they could be born again together. As more evidence of other lines emerge over time and with better methods for extracting information from the planet, we can help in filling in the information as best we can.
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    In the same way the "spark" takes on an Essence Role for its cycle of lives while adventuring from the Tao, the Essence takes on a PERSONALITY each lifetime when it incarnates! This helps create even more diversity and flexibility for the soul. The PERSONALITY is the vehicle for the Essence to experience life, like a space suit. It is the extension of the Essence, allowing the soul to experience the Physical Plane and all of its emotions, sensations, thrills and chills. There a number of ways to set up your "space suit" and as the Essence experiences more and more lives, it gets better and better at creating its life and Personality. The different factors used in designing a Personality are referred to as OVERLEAVES. The Overleaves used in creating a Personality are: GOAL: The primary motivator within the lifetime MODE: The primary way of approaching the Goal ATTITUDE: The primary way of viewing the life BODY TYPE: The basic genetic and planetary influences that make up your actual body These Overleaves listed above are chosen before birth by the Essence. AFTER being born, by the age of three, another Overleaf is settled on called CENTERING: your habitual way of taking in and reacting to the world and experiences. In your adolescence within the lifetime you then add one more element that makes life all the more interesting and challenging; your basic fear, called the CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURE. It is your stumbling block and primary challenge to all things within the life. Note: Chief Negative Features are commonly referred to as "Chief Features." Those are the basic Personality traits with which to be concerned for now. As with the Essence Roles, there are 7 Goals, Modes, Attitudes, etc., to choose from and combine for the lifetime. Again, as with the Roles, do not get too caught up being literal. Michael chooses the terms carefully. In studying the Michael Teachings, you will begin learning that we have tended to put negative connotations to perfectly neutral words. You will see that some words you used to think were "bad" now become empowering and make perfect sense. The 7 Goals are: Re-evaluation: the lifetime revolves around slowing down experience as much as possible, so as to assimilate past life influences. Growth: the lifetime revolves around gaining as much experience as possible, so as to use in future lives. Discrimination: the lifetime revolves around learning how to make better choices and decisions for yourself. Acceptance: the lifetime revolves around learning how to accept all choices and decisions, even the choices of others. Submission: the lifetime revolves around learning where and how you are most needed and effective. Dominance: the lifetime revolves around learning how direct and lead those who are most needed and effective. Flow: the lifetime is learning how to relax, enjoy life, and let it unfold, trusting in Essence. The 7 Modes are: Reserve: reaching your Goal by refining your emotions Passion: reaching your Goal by freeing your emotions Caution: reaching your Goal by refining your thoughts Power: reaching your Goal by freeing your thoughts Perseverance: reaching your Goal by refining your actions Aggression: reaching your Goal by freeing your actions Observation: reaching your Goal by observing and using the Mode most appropriate for the occasion. The 7 Attitudes are: Stoic: sees life as if they have seen it all before Spiritualist: sees life as if they have never seen it before Skeptic: sees life like it can always be disproved Idealist: sees life like it can always be improved Cynic: sees life as opposite to what appears to be Realist: sees life as it appears Pragmatist: sees life practically and through the Attitude most appropriate for the occasion. The 7 Body Types are: Lunar: rounded, pale, emotional; good for lifetimes dealing with one on one Inspirational contact (relates to Server) Saturnian: tall, durable, lean; good for lifetimes dealing with Inspirational issues for groups (relates to Priest) Mercurial: witty, quick, wiry; good for lifetimes dealing with expression one on one (relates to Artisan) Jovial: round, fleshy, large; good for lifetimes dealing with being in a central position of expression for others (relates to Sage) Martial: fiery, reactive, high-energy; good for lifetimes dealing with actions affecting people one on one (relates to Warrior) Venusian: soft, sensual, warm, charismatic; good for lifetimes dealing with being open, approachable, and accessible to larger groups (relates to King) Solar: bright, spirited, small and frail; good for lifetimes needing to be in the center of everything (relates to Scholar) *A note on Body Types: There are no "pure" Body Types. There is usually a combination of two to three influences. In addition there are three "eccentric" Body Types that a person can have for some of their more extraordinary lives. They are Plutonian, Neptunian, and Uranian. They are rare and specific so we won't go into those here. There are 7 Centers and you may recognize them as relative to the Chakras if you are familiar with Chakras. As you study the Michael Teachings, you will find that while there are similarities, there are also very different ways in which "Center" is used as opposed to "chakra". Though there are 7 Centers, a human body usually only uses one Center habitually. There are "higher" and "lower" Centers but they are not better or worse; the "higher" and "lower" only refer to the level they are sourced from and affect. The "lower" Centers are more of the Physical Plane and affect the body, while the "higher" Centers are more spiritual and affect our connections beyond the Physical. Since so much energy is involved in the sustaining of experience in the "higher" Centers, it is extremely rare to be Centered in a "higher" Center, but instead they are Centers accessed for specific purposes. The "higher" Centers are accessed through either practice, meditation, randomly, or through intense trauma. The 7 Centers are: Instinctive: this center travels with you from life to life like a floppy disc. It stores all of your experiences ever gathered and all of your areas of growth still needed and all the areas you have come to peace with. It isn't very intelligent, but is more a storehouse and protective device. It is where all of your past lives are remembered and even this lifetime's history. It is very automatic. Higher Moving Center: this is the Center relating to a pure connection and recognition of ENERGY. It is pure creativity and recognition of beauty as it is. It is experienced when you feel awe in seeing a landscape or piece of art, for example, or when you feel completely connected to everything around you, seeing its perfection as it is. This is the most accessed of the "higher" Centers and sex can sometimes trigger it. Moving Center: this is the Center that governs our body movements and actions. Those who are Moving Centered are action-oriented and take in life through their bodies. Emotional Center: this is the Center that governs our sense of connection to others emotionally and within ourselves. Those who are Emotionally Centered take in life through their feelings. Intellectual Center: this Center governs our beliefs and thoughts and communication. Those Intellectually Centered take in life through analysis and reasoning. Higher Emotional Center: this Center is your pure sense of LOVE, total, complete unconditional Love, or as Michael calls it, "agape" (pronounced a-GOP-ee). It is felt when you completely allow yourself or another to behave, think, be, in any way that comes but without fear or judgment. Higher Intellectual Center: this is the Center where absolute TRUTH is experienced, where whole complete insights and "knowing" reside. Although these descriptions are far from complete, they are good starting points and you will be most concerned with only the Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers at first. PARTS & TRAPS: Knowing yours or someone else's Centering is truly helpful in understanding how a person takes in life, but there's more: the PART of the Center. Within each Center resides actually ALL other Centers, kind of like a pie. So the Intellectual Center, for instance, will have an Emotional Part, an Instinctive Part, a Higher Emotional Part, etc., even an Intellectual Part (pure Intellect then). These PARTS are how the person puts their experience back out into the world after taking it in! They are also called TRAPS because a person can get so caught up in using only that PART that they forget to balance themselves with other parts. For instance, a person might be Intellectually Centered/Emotional Part. This means they take in life through what makes sense to them: observation and analysis; but then bring it back out into the world through Emotions, meaning they might get very emotional over their thoughts, but have no way of getting it out. The Emotional Center has no "voice", so the Intellectual Center can get caught in a Trap, thinking, analyzing and reasoning, leading them back to emotions that then go back through reasoning, giving rise to more emotions, etc. Eventually something has to give. What will then happen is that person might act out with their Moving Center. They might get angry and lash out, or they might actually cry, taking an action that helps get them out of the Emotional Trap. Most people have their Centering and Parts in the "lower" Centers, such as Emotional Center/Moving Part. Remember that many solutions are found in bringing in the neglected Center of the main three (Moving, Intellectual, Emotional). If you are Emotionally Centered, Moving Part, you will have to bring in the Intellect in order to balance yourself. This means that you need to add THOUGHTS and COMMUNICATION to your ACTIONS as you react to FEELINGS. To help you understand each PART/Trap, I will share the ways I understand them: INTELLECTUAL PART: This person will have lessons around how to take the input from their basic Centering and express that back out into the world appropriately. They may be excellent at communicating, but they will still have a spectrum of lessons and challenges in this area. EMOTIONAL PART: This person will have lessons around how to take the input from their basic Centering and how to process the feelings that arise from it. They may have deep emotions, but have little way of actually showing it. This is their challenge then in many cases. MOVING PART: This person will have lessons around how to take input from their basic Centering and how to actually behave as a reaction. They have a lot of energy, but they are learning how to direct that appropriately back out of their bodies. There are 7 Chief Negative Features (or fears) that you choose from in your teens. You usually choose two. One is your PRIMARY CHIEF FEATURE and the other is your Secondary. The Primary affects and challenges your attaining your GOAL, therefore affecting more of your personal experiences, and the Secondary affects and challenges your MODE, therefore affecting more of your relationships and intimacy issues. The 7 Chief Features are: Self-Deprecation: fear of Inadequacy; your not being able to live up to yours or someone else's standards, leaving you weak, insecure, and incompetent. Fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH. Arrogance: fear of Vulnerability; wanting others to live up to your standards, or fearing your standards not counting, leaving you vulnerable, judgmental, isolated, and alone as you are seen as not needing others. Fear of BEING TOO MUCH. Self-Destruction: fear of Worthlessness; feeling that you have no worth or value unless dead or dying for someone/something else, leaving you with ongoing sacrifices for others with no gain for anyone, even extending into getting a terminal disease. Fear of GETTING TOO MUCH. Greed: fear of Scarcity; feeling that you won't get all that is out there of worth to you personally; leaving you fixated on one or two things that you cannot satisfy as a way to maintain your sense of self. This can be food, affection, sex, money, even vague things like not enough "love". Fear of NOT GETTING ENOUGH. Martyrdom: fear of Losing Control; a strong need for being in control of everything in your space even though that is impossible. This leaves you feeling victimized, burdened, and complaining. Fear of LOSING CONTROL OF SPACE. Impatience: fear of Missing Out; you are always fighting the clock, trying to control before being controlled, leaving you intolerant and agitated. Fear of LOSING CONTROL OF TIME. Stubbornness: fear of Change; you cannot and will not deal with anything new and against your already-set opinions, ideas, and environment. Some people who have Stubbornness actually can appear like they are adventurous and changeable, but look closely to see if they are actually creating "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Constant change can just be a way of avoiding dealing with actual changes. Fear of ANYTHING DIFFERENT. If you have read through the entire Introduction, you have just touched on all the very basics of the Teachings! This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it gets more and more familiar as you start to apply it.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2004] [kittlekats41] This is based on a personal experience, but I am interested in an answer that everyone can relate to: when we moved down to Atlanta we stopped overnight at a hotel. Upon arrival here [to Atlanta] the energy felt off-centered and discordant, which it hadn't been before. One of the cats was especially vocal and restless. We determined that we had picked up a ‘stray’ energy that attached itself to us at the hotel with a number of others; we were able to clean the space and remove the energy into a better environment for it – an old tree that is grounded. The question is: a) how common is it for this type of experience to occur? b) how can we deal with it when it does? and c) are animals a common barometer to identify when it happens? That is my question:-) [M Entity] We would first respond that we would not describe any energy as “stray” that might attach itself to you randomly. We have rarely seen a case of energetic resonance that was not in some way “invited” or allowed. However, what you refer to as “hotels” and “motels” are full of what might accurately be described as “echo energies”. In other words, the emotional and intellectual imprints from the many fragments passing through a small space (which is assumed by fragments to be a sanctuary in many ways) can become literally “coated” with these “echoes” of energy. In the same way that there are “ghosts” of the dead, there are “ghosts” of the living, as well. “Ghosts” are merely echoes of energy, whether from the living or the dead. With all of that being said, your being affected by an echo is based on a particular resonance you must have had with that “echo”. It appears to us that you were in a space of deeper concern, worry, anticipation, and possibly anxiety, than you were in the previous trip. [kittlekats41] true [M Entity] This would naturally align you with any other fragment's concerns, worries, anticipations, anxiety that had left an imprint in that hotel room or location. This alignment then would naturally amplify your own energy, yet again, and because it then becomes disproportional to your original concerns, etc., it can feel strangely disconcerting and distracting. [kittlekats41] would that echo remain as a presence for a number of weeks afterwards and be detected by the animals? [M Entity] We will respond to your questions as quickly and as orderly as possible. The way you can “deal with this” is to consciously “clear the space” in any environment that has acted as a sanctuary for so many other fragments. Doing so upon settling into your room can greatly increase your experience of peace and temporary ownership of that space. A simple visualization of a colorful light of your choice sweeping through the room and clearing it of all darker or heavier energies is enough. It is not necessary to create an elaborate ritual; just a simple, conscious shifting of the room's energy to accommodate you is enough. We would suggest avoiding rituals focusing on “protection”, as this simply amplifies a contrast between you and your space and does not effect a peaceful, restful shift. Animals are more sensitive to these echoes than most humans, but they are even more sensitive to the effects of the echoes on their human companions. In other words, your animal companion was responding to your own agitations than to the separate “stray energy” you theorized. The “echo” remains only in the space in which is imprinted, but the effects of that echo upon you can last for weeks. It was Good Work that you created time to transform that effect upon you and to ground yourself again.
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    [Excerpt from a private session on December 12, 2014.] DianeHB: This is a question from Tex: "Whenever I put my attention on different people in our entity (C2/E1), it feels to me like the people in our entity have a lot of "weight." They seem to have this inherent ability to "get things done" with forcefulness. They also tend to hide this power behind a softness of the external personality in this life. It almost feels like they could swing a sword in battle (and probably have in past lives). My question is, is this just my perception because I'm in the entity, or is this a bit of a characteristic of those in this entity? By the way, is Hilary Clinton actually in C2/E1? Tex suspects not because she doesn't have that "weightedness" to her. MEntity: It is a valid perception. It is a kind of quiet power, that if blocked can churn into a storm, with still waters that run deep. These phrases are valid in describing inherent and persistent qualities among members of that entity. Hillary Clinton is, in fact, of this entity. IF the "weight" is not perceived, it is likely because of public portrayals, not from valid characteristics. Another way that this quiet power shows up, other than as weight, is in reservation or redirection. In other words, the more evolved this use of power, the more it is controlled in a way that chooses its battles, and simply washes over obstacles that would otherwise have been washed away. DianeHB: Hmm, I thought I did that (choosing my battles) because of Flow, but I guess not all of it is. MEntity: Think of it this way: You do not choose your battles "because of flow," but that because you are learning to choose your battles, you use flow to support this. Flow does not cause you to do this. Flow becomes a tool for your actions, not a cause for them. The Goal describes how you funnel actions and what is generated from that, but the cause comes before that. Think of another Goal, such as Acceptance. If you had Acceptance, you might use Acceptance as a means to navigate battles by accepting that not everything is actually a battle at all. If you had Discrimination, you might navigate by refining your choices and letting any unnecessary battles that do not serve you, but only distract you, to fall away. If you had Growth, you may take on every battle, but with an evolving capacity to only take the best from each. In truth, because you are in Flow, you can slide to any of these as a means of navigating battles, so every Goal's means of navigating battles might be familiar in some way. But, inherent in the nature of this entity is almost always a sense of navigating battles. DianeHB: That's true, I recognize all of these. DianeHB: Tex says that's the way our entity feels -- about navigating battles ### End of excerpt You may discuss this content within Diane's blog post. See Cadre 2 Entity 1: Quiet Power -- How Goals Work.
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    Throughout all of the lifetimes, heartaches, pleasures, fears, and pains, you are never actually alone. There are groups of souls connected to you on very intimate and deep levels. Your Essence develops varying levels of depth with other Essences as you would as a Personality within a lifetime.Though the dynamics of how Essences are all organized and connected can get very detailed and mathematical, we will stick with just a few introductory terms here.The first terms that will become familiar to you are CADRE and ENTITY.ENTITY: a family of approximately 1000 Essences who share a theme of consciousness. Think of an Entity as a busload of souls who come with you to Earth, and everyone on that bus is your Entity Mate.CADRE (pronounced either KAH-druh or KAD-dree): a group of 7 Entities (or 7 "bus loads"). Entities are organized into groups of 7 acting as "extended family", so to speak. Your Entity, along with these 6 other Entities, makes for a large family of souls sharing a very intimate and specific group consciousness. Everyone in a specific Cadre is called your "Cadre Mate".Why are souls organized into these groups? Because groups of souls are interested in certain themes and adventures, and before you ever start your journey from Tao, you find other souls of similar interests. Many of these souls are souls you have "known" a long long time and some are totally "new" to you, but the common thread will be in your specific themes of interest. An Entity will share a more specific theme among all of its members while a Cadre will have each Entity exploring aspects of an even larger theme. More importantly, the reason you choose these "families of consciousness" before you begin your journey is so that no matter where you incarnate in a lifetime, you will always be able to find at least one or two familiar souls with which you can find comfort and growth.There is a larger structure that contains the Cadre and Entity and that is called your ENERGY RING. This is the largest group you should be concerned with at this time. An Energy Ring is a Group of 12 Cadres.Here is how it all connects: 1 Energy Ring = 12 Cadres 1 Cadre = 7 Entities 1 Entity = approximately 1000 EssencesOf course, there are millions and millions of people in the world, so there are also thousands and thousands and thousands of Energy Rings, Cadres, and Entities. You will interact with all kinds of souls and people from all kinds of Cadres and Entities, but most of your important and moving experiences are shared with Entity members and Cadre Members. In addition, you have your own larger Energy Ring to work with! This gives you at least a total of about 84,000 Essences (12 Cadres, 12 X 7000 Essences) to work with over all of your lifetimes and that's if you chose to only work within your own Energy Ring!The Intimate ConnectionsThere are a few Essences that you work with on world projects and some you work with on specific internal growth. To help with these intense and amazing experiences across so many lifetimes, it takes commitment and dedication from another Essence.There are at least two primary Essence relationships that stand out. Any relationship can be profound and intense, but these are the technical terms for those Essences who have chosen to get to know you "inside and out" and to always seek to push you beyond your limitations.They are your ESSENCE TWIN and TASK COMPANIONS.The ESSENCE TWIN is the one Essence guaranteed to be committed to going through EVERYTHING with you, including all the worst and best experiences. This is not the romantic "soul mate" that the "New Age" and romance novels like to promote; instead this Essence relationship can be described simply as "intense". This is because this relationship does not allow for either individual to "hide" from himself, or to avoid the internal issues that block growth. The relationship with your Essence Twin (ET) can be intensely loving or intensely hateful, but there is rarely neutrality between yourself and that Essence, particularly within a physical lifetime where your Personalities are "between you". You each reflect in each other everything you love and hate about yourself. This "mirroring" ignites growth and encourages a self-awareness because you are so profoundly confronted with yourself, your fears, and your desires.Most Essences spend about 60% to 70% of their lives incarnated with their Essence Twin in some way. Otherwise, if only one of you is incarnated, the other might act as a Spirit Guide.Essence Twins are NEVER from the same Entity.The 7th Entity of a Cadre will usually find its Essence Twins in the 7th Entity of another Cadre within their Energy Ring.Essence Twins are the links that reunite a Cadre, and the 7th Entities are what reunite the Energy Ring (12 Cadres).Around 5% of all Essences choose NOT to even have an Essence Twin! See Surrogates and Traveling Companions, below for how this is accommodated.TASK COMPANIONS are Essences committed to working on external, worldly projects and experiences with you. Your Essence always starts your incarnational cycle with at least one Task Companion, but you also acquire as many as five as you continue to incarnate. You acquire more Task Companions because you "meet" and learn that there are others who are excellent work partners for you, too.Task Companions are always from the same Entity. This is because Task Companions are those Fragments we work with as a means to accomplish things in the external world, to manifest ourselves in some specific way on the Physical Plane. If two Fragments share the exact same Casting, and therefore approaching life from a very similar angle, there would be no balance to the approach of accomplishment. Because your Casting Position affects how you live your daily life, it is vitally linked to how you also manifest your accomplishments when working with a Task Companion. Task Companions will always be one Ordinal and one Cardinal in Casting. Having the different Casting is a complementary union, to help cover both the focused aspects of life and the broader aspects of life.The relationships between Task Companions are what reunite an Entity.TRAVELING COMPANIONSTraveling Companions are those Essences who reside in the EXACT same position as your own position within their own Entity! In other words, if you are the 127th Essence within your Entity, then all of the fragments who are in the 127th position within the other 6 Entities are your Traveling Companions. One of those 6 Essences is actually your Essence Twin, and the deep bond among all of you is very similar to the Essence Twin bond. In fact, it can be hard to differentiate a Traveling Companion from the Traveling Companion who is your Essence Twin. Those fragments without an Essence Twin will still have the Traveling Companions, which are quite similar in effect within the lifetime.CADENCE MATESAnd finally, although there are many many connections that Michael will explain, another good one to know is what are called your Cadence Mates. These are the other 6 Essences that are directly, intimately linked to you WITHIN your entity. This is the smallest named grouping within the Michael Teachings. A Cadence of Essences is ALL the same Role. If you think of an Entity as a Bus, then these are the other 6 Essences that are sitting in the same row as you!Though you will learn many more details about these terms as you study the Teachings, these are good ones with which to start. Be careful not to think that the love of your life is your Essence Twin or that your business partner is your Task Companion. It's not that simple, unfortunately, at least not at first. All kinds of strong relationships get created over time and your Essence Twin and Task Companions are just a few of many.
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    [From TT: POF session 2013-04-01] [Oscar] Hey Michael =) I think it has been channeled that the person and life of Jesus Christ as we know it (from the Bible and other stories) is an amalgam of several persons/stories. I would like to know which persons and/or stories, and how they were amalgamated into the stories which are in the Bible. I'd like to use my allotted time for this. [MEntity] We have two responses for this: limiting the event to the validity of the man who was Jesus, stories were spread and extrapolated and retold in ways that incorporated fantasy, hearsay, and eagerness to claim witness to significant events. It was not so much that there were any specific people that could be isolated as reference, but that, like any popular event, the stories will grow with embellishment over time. [MEntity] In addition to these embellishments was an overlapping, or imposing, of previous stories already known, but now attributed to a more personal icon. Those stories were of Osiris, already circulating strongly in the cultures of the time, and used to make sense of the evolving importance placed on this Manifestation. [MEntity] Imagine someone in your time (named "Steve") having a profound message, having it cause a tremendous upset and uproar, but your never really having had any way to meet this person. You hear stories that he can fly, that he can lift great weights, and that he had a hidden identity. The lore of Superman, previously enjoyed only as fiction and fun, now comes to be attributed to this actual figure. [MEntity] So the lore of Superman comes to be the lore of Steve. [MEntity] The lore of Osiris became the lore of Jesus. [Oscar] So what was the real story of his life? [MEntity] Most of the humble beginnings are valid, except for the virgin birth, of course, and the growing conflict within regarding the concept of innocence and sin, prompted by his mother's influence and teaching. [MEntity] Being amid the poverty and suffering while watching divisions grow in society that seemed geared toward punishing and oppressing the poor, or invoking wars among them, the notion of the simple solution of "love one another" came to be upheld as his mission to secure. [MEntity] This was not sappy, or without details, but a serious attempt to encourage responsibility for one another, not just the self, or those similar to self. [MEntity] Over his life, as greater conflict grew within over these anomalies of behavior among people, he turned to the influences of his parents' who were part of the Essene communities of the time. [MEntity] Through his devotion of study and mastery of the Essene school of thought, along with the teachings of his parents', his empathy and compassion was brought to extreme levels of sensitivity. This extended to animals, and the body, and not just to fellow Humans, hence the strict vegetarian diet, regular fasting, and meditation. [MEntity] The Essene were not as strict against the killing of animals for food until Jesus entered for study, so we know this influence was left in ways that were adapted further by later students. [MEntity] The difficulty with hosting an Infinite Soul is that, despite all of the various experiences and challenges that the Personality and Essence take on in the journey to understand, the Logos/Pathos/Ethos ends up as such simplicity that it seems an easy, obvious, and accessible concept for the host to spread as far and as wide as possible. [MEntity] The teaching of Jesus, then, in its simplicity, gave him some amount of confidence and courage. It was not complicated to him. And because he slowly grew to surround himself with those who practiced the teaching, it became increasingly difficult to comprehend the growing hatred for him. [MEntity] He decided to take on great powers beyond him for the sake of his message, and was willing to deal with the consequences, presuming innocently that there would come a realization, a connection, a resonance to his own suffering, if it came to that, because he had so easily grasped the empathy for others' suffering. [MEntity] This is how the myth for his "dying for our sins" came to be. He was willing to suffer so that empathy could be generated, but not for the sake of taking on the burden of "sin" for eternity. [Oscar] What were those great powers? [MEntity] He knew that animals had no choice, no voice to Humans, but that he could endure more and voice that suffering in ways that could be heard, trusting in the humanity at the core of every human. [MEntity] "Great powers," as in the great authorities at the time. [Oscar] ah ok [MEntity] For the most part, his life was spent only trying to generate empathy, for animals, for the body/self, and for each other. This was at the heart of his "love one another, " and his solution to warring, poverty, and social injustices. [MEntity] Keep in mind that empathy was a profound concept at the time, among a Baby Soul mindset. Though this shift was working toward Young, the Logos/Pathos/Ethos will never aim low, since it is based in truth, love, energy. It cannot be. So while empathy may be seem to be well outside of the range of the Baby and Young for implementation, it is not. No Logos, Ethos, or Pathos is beyond any Soul Age for comprehension and application in some way. [MEntity] For the most part, his life was spent only trying to generate empathy, for animals, for the body/self, and for each other. This was at the heart of his "love one another, " and his solution to warring, poverty, and social injustices. [MEntity] The start of the hosting of the Infinite Soul began as he moved through the region of Judea, drawing the crowds that were unprecedented. [MEntity] We can continue to break down the life of the individual fragement's life into further details in other exchanges. Our response here was from a broader perspective of key elements, but for the most part, he had a "normal" life, except that his consciousness would not allow for him to look the other way, to ignore injustices, or to presume that intentional or unconscious causes of suffering was an acceptable part of life. [Oscar] What was the manner of Jesus' death and at what age did he die? [MEntity] Most versions of this fragment died naturally in his 50's and 60's after retreating back to studies, sanctuary, and safety with the Essene, raising a family, and fulfilling all Internal Monads. The deaths were fairly consistently that of age-related slowing of the body and its functions. [MEntity] Some died from complications of wounding, but most did not. [Oscar] Did he travel abroad, or stay in the Palestine area? [MEntity] His travel was fairly limited and did not include any travel abroad. [MEntity] Representatives who felt inclined to pose as him, or to represent his teachings, did travel as a means to help spread the teaching.
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    [Taken from Yahoo TLE Article: Parallel Realities] MICHAEL: Decisions lead to Choices and Choices lead to the potential creation of Parallel Realities. As Essence has a great interest in all possibilities within a lifetime, ALL Choices are explored in some way, some how. Parallel Realities are simply variations of a lifetime that share the same TIME, but different SPACE. In other words, each Reality is as “real” as any of the Realities, but each exists independently and separated by what might be best understood as a Frequency. Each Reality has its own Frequency and Essence has complete access to ALL Frequencies/Realities of a lifetime. When a Reality is created from a Choice, it can be understood as “branching out” from the time and space of another Reality. As a lifetime is created and lived, many choices create “branches” from the original, Root Reality (Trunk Reality). In fact, it is not amiss to think of the process as a branching out from a tree that continues to grow throughout the lifetime. Many “branches” are even created from “branches,” as well, calling forth a grand scale of possibility for Essence. While Essence always has an “original plan” for a lifetime, Essence cannot anticipate all of the creativity, resistance, choices, decisions, fears, alterations, accidents, etc. of a created Personality. Personality has complete reign within a lifetime and it is allowed to choose to work with Essence or against it, contribute to the creativity, or to diminish it. There will ALWAYS be at least one version of Personality willing to explore the Trunk Reality, but no matter what the Personality chooses, Essence will gain experiences, many of which would not have been possible without the input of that Personality. In the same way that Parallels are created, or branched off, from a Trunk or Parent Reality, they can also merge back into that Trunk or Parent Reality. Parallels are created because the primary experiences of the “new” Reality require different enough components to warrant that branching. In many cases, once that primary experience has been gained, there is no more need for that “branch” and if it is still similar enough to the Parent Reality, it will literally merge back into the Parent Reality. A Nexus, then, is a pivotal moment in time that allows for a shift in consciousness toward a new direction based on a deep assessment of all “branches” to-date. A Nexus is a crossroads focused on either an array of new realities being created (DIVERGENCE), or on the integration of many branches no longer requiring their own reality (CONVERGENCE). A Nexus can happen on Individual, Community, and Global Levels. In the same way that Parallel Realities are created on an Individual Level, there are also Community Realities that are collectively created and agreed upon, and Global Realities that are based on a Sentient Species’ collective choices and agreements. There are several points within a year that can be described as a Nexus. Individual Levels occur most often. Our channels generally speak of Community or Global shifts. Each Nexus is usually an assessment based on a theme that can be described. For instance, a Nexus may be emphasizing MATERIAL SECURITY, so realities are being generated or absorbed based on where you are with that context of life. The process of passing through a parallel shift (NEXUS) is in three stages; a Triad: Negative/Positive/Neutral. Though some may reverse the Negative and Positive phase, the process always moves to Assimilation/Neutral as the conclusive factor of integration. Incidentally, it is quite rare to begin the process of a Nexus from the Positive stance. The triad we describe can be experienced on Individual, Community, and Global Levels. The “window” of time referencing a Nexus as indicated through our channels is always the general window of the “positive” phase of a Nexus. The Positive phase is most easily identifiable and marked, while the first (negative) and last thirds (neutral) of the Triad are less defined by time and more subjective. In a DIVERGENCE, the Negative phase (Phase One) has the Personality beginning to go through what some may consider a severe drop in energy, a sleep-like phase, sometimes depression or baffling disorientation and even a foreboding feeling. This phase is what may easily be considered a sedation of the Personality. This is caused by a more “horizontal” flow of energy and a time in which Personality must sustain itself on a basic instinctual level. In most cases there is a sense of disconnection from Essence, a sense of “just getting through the day”, and/or the dream state takes on a vivid life while the waking state seems gray or less-than. This state is due to the evaluation process occurring by Essence. Essence is “looking in” on all parallels, evaluating where energy has been utilized by all aspects of itself to-date, in all of its manifestations, measuring this against several factors. During this first phase many “realities” are being generated in a potential state. Personality is in a state of sedation, so to speak, since this process actually takes much energy that is usually available on a daily basis for creativity by the Personality, and redirecting that energy in a very specific manner. The very end of this Negative period is marked by a swift uplift in energy; a shift of sorts internally, marking the end of the exploration by Essence and an inclusion of Personality in the process again. This is usually where Personality now suddenly feels inspired, senses potential on a vague, but motivating, level. This is where Personality will then make its own final decisions in what directions to go through the shift, selecting from the potentials generated by Essence. In a CONVERGENCE, the Negative Phase is quite similar, but usually with a longer stretch of sedation, far less of a sense of confusion, and wildly vivid dreams including disasters, death, flying, large bodies of water, strange-but-utterly-familiar people and places, as the Essence absorbs the varying Realities no longer requiring differentiation. Shortly after the end of the Negative Phase of either CONVERGENCE or DIVERGENCE, the Positive Phase begins (Phase Two). The window of time for the actual shift in parallels occurs during this phase. This phase is interpreted/experienced differently by different Roles and is further affected by Attitudes and Centering. In general, the more fluid Roles (Priests, Sages, and Artisans) can feel giddy and inspired, confused, but uplifted and energetic, sometimes behaving sporadically and in bursts. The more solid Roles (Scholars, Kings Warriors, and Servers) can feel slightly agitated, introverted, and “serious,” feeling a need to “focus.” The more solid Roles will usually find “projects” that focus the energy for this period of time or find sexual arousal as a distraction. This is their way of “staying in the body” during the shift. The shift tends to increase the individual’s feeling of being scattered and this is not particularly comfortable for a solid role. These symptoms are highly general, but accurate for the most part. The Assimilative Phase (PHASE THREE) begins once the actual Nexus is finalized and stabilized (and an astrological event usually parallels this). Depending on the individual, community, or planet (and relative to the theme of the Nexus) the fragments now begin to settle into their new vein of experiences. This third phase can take as long as is individually required, though it is usually within 60 days from the shift. During this phase one begins to experience that which is “next on your agenda” as determined by Personality and Essence. Q & A Are these shifts “cosmic” events or determined by Essence or groups of Essence (community)? [Michael_Entity] They are determined by Essences, individually, and/or collectively. For instance, the Cetaceans have their own parallel shifts, though the Global Level is more likely to include all of sentience on a planet. So do the shifts happen mostly during Internal Monad periods? Like the 4th IM? [Michael_Entity] No, shifts happen all the time. More individual shifts may occur during personal revelations, but that is individually determined. Each year, there are an average of 4 Individual Shifts, 2 Community Shifts, and one Global Shift. They are all built upon by “decisions” that lead to the major “choices.” Can personality’s desires and wishes influence essence choices regarding a shift? [Michael_Entity] Personality is entirely influential. In fact, parallel realities would not be a necessity if not for the desires and wishes of a Personality. This is Tao, and an Essence’s way, to accommodate the wishes, creativity, and even rejections from the Personality. Just previous to a shift, however, a momentum has already begun long before by your Personality’s day-to-day reactions to experiences, your decisions, your thoughts, and feelings. All of this is fed to Essence as factors for consideration. Once the Negative phase has begun (Phase One), most of what is considered for your “future” parallels is already “collected.” As an Older Soul, one may begin to recognize these oncoming shifts, processing them more consciously. This awareness may begin a tendency for the Personality to want to “be a part” of the shift by trying to influence it through intense focusing during the Nexus. It is actually more empowering and influential to consider your daily reactions, responses, and decisions as what “matter” in terms of creating your future; not the actual window during the Nexus. We know of some Personalities being anxiety-riddled during the Nexus points, hoping they pick the “right” parallel. This distraction is completely lacking in validity. Once a Nexus begins, Personality is in a space where Surrender is the most empowering strength. There are some levels of processing Reality that Personality was not designed to do. Trusting Essence is a primary challenge for the Personality during a parallel shift. For Global shifts, all sentience on our planet experienced the shifts, but what about alien visitors here? Do they participate? I am curious to know if our shifts (parallel universes) have affects on other planets (or vice versa). [Michael_Entity] There are actually 7 Levels of shifting that might occur during a Nexus, including the Individual, Community, and Global. We remain dealing with only these basic 3 shifts until more off-planet concerns are a factor. The additional Levels are Interplanetary, Solar, Galactic, and Universal. We will discuss these Levels at a different time. In answer to your question: If there would be an alien visitor, it would participate in the shift relative to this planet. Local shifts for your planet affect other planets only to the extent that your off-planet exploration is utilized. This would fall into the Interplanetary Level of a Nexus. So far, most of what you’ve told us would apply to the Individual Shift, but I’m unclear as to the dynamics of a Community Shift? [Michael_Entity] The primary difference between what we would designate as “individual” versus “community” or “global” is simply that in Community and Global shifts, MORE of you are shifting together in one shared context. ALL shifts among parallels still occur individually, without exception, but there is a factor of agreement throughout a larger circle of fragments when it is Community or Global. This means that a group of fragments have agreed on a shared future that might include experiences of continued interaction, after evaluating Agreements, Karma, contacts, Sequences, Vectors, etc. When a shift occurs on the Individual Level, you may view many things differently, feel different motivations, all of which seem detached from the perceptions of those around you. You will notice that in a Community Shift or Global Shift, more interaction and/or media is involved, more gatherings, more impact from others, or more impact from you on others around you. The mundane effects of a Community shift are in the loss of people or the gain of people in a significant way to your personal social and support circle. A Global or Community Shift usually holds a longer Nexus time frame (“window”) so as to accommodate all of the Individual shifts involved. I had a dream where images were flashing in too fast to recognize. Was this some sort of “processing”? About twenty images in a sequence of flashing. [Michael_Entity] We would think so. This is not unusual. The Dream State becomes a meeting ground for Essence and Personality for some considerations of potential futures. This is usually the “uploading” of certain experiences that have not been “updated” for Essence evaluation. You may experience them as if they are being fed to “you,” but in reality “you” are feeding them to Essence since they are moving to a conscious level from your Centers where they were stored previously. It may be assumed that Essence already knows everything about your life and is involved in all activities and experiences and “knows all” while you are incarnated, but this is just not the case. Essence, of course, is involved on all levels, but in many cases “allows” the Personality its own terms for much of its life. The Personality will report or check in or make contact with Essence only when Essence is wanted or needed. This contact can easily be sustained so that Essence is purely manifest, but we rarely see a Personality interested in this, except in extreme trauma. What does the maxim: You create your reality NOT entail? [Michael_Entity] Though this is a rather “large” question, we can assure you that most mistake this as the Personality’s potential, when it is not. The Personality is highly limited in its “creation” of reality. Personality, however, is the highest consideration by Essence in terms of what to create. Essence constantly evaluates the Decisions, Reactions, and Choices of a Personality for a great length of time, taking these factors into definitive consideration as Reality is created. The Personality is a sensory unit for the Physical Plane, and though it has the definite potential and goal for pure manifestation of Essence, allowing Personality a co-creative stance, it will always be Essence that literally creates the Realities. This is why we encourage Essence Contact. The more consciously involved “you” are (as Personality) with Essence, the more influence on Physical Plane manifestations and abundance. A missing link in many endeavors for “creating your reality” is in the lack of actually “asking” for what you want directly to Essence. It is most often “left to the Universe” or “released” to a vague source or left to “God” for its manifestation. The most irresponsible and indifferent mantra we have seen used by Personality while in a lifetime is, “It will happen if it is supposed to happen”, or similar. We say “irresponsible” in its true sense, not in the judgmental manner this word usually entails. Since Essence (and certainly Tao) does not “think” in terms of “supposed to,” this lends little direction to an event and what results is usually another opportunity for ones fear to manifest. First, as I understand it, essence can split off and create alternate or parallel realities so it can experience different “what if” scenarios – right? [Michael_Entity] This is a valid angle, yes. Then can I through some form, say meditation, contact essence with intense desire that it try something else and then when it is finished, it will merge the split off fragment back and at some level I will benefit from the learning of the fragment? [Michael_Entity] You already do this; it is inherent in the process of a life. It does not require meditation. Frustrations, reactions, responses, decisions, emotions, thoughts, ideas, etc. all contribute to the diverging/branching of parallels. The merging is based on a quantity of similarities in certain parallels and the lack of need for those individual realities. “Benefit” is gained on many levels. For instance, a drive to have children might spawn a reality where that is the choice, thus lessening the drive in “this” reality, so as to focus on other agenda and the drive for children seems suddenly gone. Benefit can also be more consciously gained (though if there is benefit, it will come with or without your consciousness) through simple visualization and, if you prefer, meditation. Visualize what “you” are like in a reality that has done or is doing or having what it is you feel you are seeking “here.” We have spoken on this many times, stating that your imagination is all that is needed for this exercise. Though we realize it is highly mistrusted, the imagination is the highest frequency owned by a body and extremely empowering and practical. In your visualization of the reality that “has or is what you wish to have or be,” observe in your visualization long enough to see what simple habit, style change, or activity that “you” do “there” that you do not do “here.” Take this information into the life that you know and replicate the behavior, style, or habit. In the replication of this habit in “your” reality, you will create a link, or bleedthrough, if you will, helping to draw from you that which was drawn from another version of you. So that the direction to try a different existence comes from me and not from essence as such? I have trouble distinguishing between “me” and “essence”… [Michael_Entity] We have said before, but will here say again, that the dynamics of Parallels is designed to accommodate both the Essence’s AND Personality’s development of a life. The “direction to try a different existence” comes from both Essence and Personality, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in complete discord with each other. Essence will never interfere with the ideas of a Personality however removed they are from the “original plan.” There is plenty of “room” for “all of you.” Another reason for parallels is that Essence CANNOT experience all of the Physical Plane without the Personality since the Personality IS of the Physical Plane; therefore, Personality has an “edge” on what is important, needed, or wanted. Personality gives the Essence “feedback” from the Physical Plane (consciously or unconsciously) so as to help Essence make more and more complex, elaborate and meaningful choices, contributing to the Soul Age progression. I guess “I” am a creation of essence so if “I” wish essence to try a different scenario, then it is the same as essence doing it. Or am I getting confused here? [Michael_Entity] There is really no need to distinguish between “you” as Personality and Essence since as Older Souls you are seeking alignment more and more. If there is confusion in your life, it is best to assume you are thinking only from the level of Personality. In that recognition, this will allow a clearer path of communication to Essence when needed. When you have a sense of knowing and trust for the next moment or experience, it is safe to say you are in Essence. Either way, “you” have the same amount of impact available on Reality.
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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2009] [Bobby2] Since there are/were 3 of us present that are from Entity 6 of Cadre 2 may I have any Biographical information that you have easy access to along with perhaps a Theme or Task for this particular Entity? If that question is too broad, feel free to pick and choose what you think may be helpful. [Michael Entity] It could be said that a common denominator, or theme, among Cadre 2, Entity 6 is that of SENSITIVITY. This Sensitivity can show up in different ways that range from crippling sensitivity to profound healing capabilities. This particular Entity is “touched” by life and experiences in ways that are often difficult to understand by other fragments. This particular Entity is often seen as the “open wound” of the Cadre, where the greatest traumas and extremes are drawn in by the fragments. This openness to life in such a sensitive manner can also lead to an awareness of subtleties that, when harnessed and implemented, can come across as works of “miracles” or profound transformation for those within proximity of that fragment’s life. [Bobby2] Since this is a 6 numbered entity, is that reflective in its Priestly energies in any way? [Michael Entity] It is true there would be “priestly” qualities inherent in the dynamic of any Entity 6, lending it a deep Compassion or a strong Zeal. In addition to that mathematical dynamic, Entity 6 emphasizes the spectrum of experiences between the negative pole of Connection and the positive pole of Harmony. In Connection, the fragments of any Entity 6 may find themselves in positions that pivot other lives, or that they may move from one support or social circle to another throughout the life, always drawing a line of connections among fragments or groups like a “connect-the-dot” exploration. In Harmony, the fragments no longer find themselves splintered among various parts of the life, and/or fragmented by relationships to various people in the life, but find that everything plays a part in an overall Harmony. There is much more that could be said, but we feel this little bit will help add to the understanding of the dynamics of this Entity.
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    September, 2008 The 9 Pillars aka “trues” Many of you have heard “True Work (Life Task);” “True Play;” True Rest;” and “True Study.” These are known as the 4 “Pillars of Vitality.” They create a quadrant. These were the most immediately applicable for most of our students once there is comprehension of the Overleaves. In fact, none of the “trues” are very practical if the Overleaves are not validated, accurate, and understood. True Work, or the Life Task, is the core of each Quadrant. This is because the Life Task is anchored to the Goal for the life in the Overleaves and its fulfillment pulls from all layers and dimensions of the Personality, Essence, and Life. The initial triad of Play, Rest, and Study is the first ring of support for the Life Task or Goal of the life, creating the most immediate quadrant. True Work and Life Task can be used interchangeably, though some of our channels and students prefer differentiating the two. True Work is a listing of suggestions for how to fulfill the Life Task through action, but these suggestions often work against the idea of the Life Task because the list is taken literally and is often given as various occupations. All suggestions for any “True” are meant as just that, suggestions, and not as a limited list of assignments. All “Trues” are relative to the current Personality and its relationship with Essence, Others, and Life. “Trues” are not static, even within a lifetime. “Trues” are assessed as a collection of factors that include the history of Essence in other Bodies (past lives), the original intent of the Essence for the lifetime, and the current intent of the Personality. Considering all of these factors helps to generate a self-sustaining matrix through which both Essence and Personality can function and manifest within the Physical Plane. The first quadrant of “Trues” is the Personal Quadrant, or Pillars of Vitality, and they are True Work, True Play, and True Rest, of course (adding the Life Task creates the quadrant). If these are addressed, the Personality co-creates with Essence and feels alive, dynamic, and directed. The awareness and benefit is of the immediate well-being of self. While this quadrant is of use at any point in the process of lifetimes, this quadrant is usually of primary implementation and development during from Mid-Young Soul cycle through Mid-Mature Soul cycle. The second quadrant of Trues is the Community Quadrant, or Pillars of Harmony. If these are addressed, the Personality and Essence co-create in a way that includes consideration of consequences, impact, and exchanged effects on the self as it exists within a body, environment, and community. These Trues are known as True Home, True Health, and True Spirit. While this quadrant is of benefit to know at any point during the incarnational cycles, it is most often implemented and developed from Mid-Mature to Mid-Old Soul. True Home is any variable or element within the immediate environment outside of the Body that tends to create an exchange of harmony. True Home can be described as geographical locations or “zones,” or in terms of elements such as general weather, temperature, types of nature, colors, etc. For the most part, True Home may tend to be a combination of two Zones. There are 7 Zones: “Ocean,” “Desert,” “Wilderness,” “Jungle,” “Plains,” “Urban,” and “Mountain.” One does not have to relocate in order to implement the benefit of True Home. If one’s True Home is in the “Desert Zone,” for example, even if one is geographically located in an “Urban Zone,” decorative elements can be used in the immediate environment to draw in the energy of the Desert Zone. In fact, the type of nature, colors, weather, and temperatures that can help to describe True Home could be said to all be extensions from one of the 7 Zones. Creating one’s True Home can help one to feel in harmony with his immediate environment in a way that brings more of Essence and Personality into the community. True Health is a description using percentages of emphasis that one might consider for optimum physical health in terms of interaction with the environment. These percentages are suggested as divided among 7 categories that describe a physical body’s “diet.” These 7 categories are described by as Exercising, Feeding, Socializing, Sleeping, Schooling, Entertaining, Meditating. One’s True Health may have more of an emphasis of percentage on Feeding, Sleeping, and Socializing as a means to support health, over someone else who might have higher percentages in Schooling, Entertaining, and Meditating. ALL categories are addressed in the daily life of a Personality, but being aware of what most immediately and effectively supports the overall health, one can sustain well-being and balance within the exchanges between the body and community. We can suggest percentages across all 7, but a more practical approach might be to simply be aware that ones True Health could be described as a combination of 2 or 3 categories of emphasis. True Spirit is one’s medium within an environment for encouraging expression of Essence more fully. There are 7 media: Independently-Mobile Beings (e.g. animals), Dependently-Immobile Beings (e.g. plants), Ritual, Labor, Arts, Technology, and Communication. One’s True Spirit is usually a combination of 2 or 3 media. There are 7 “zones,” “diets,” and “media” in the above because they are on the level of interaction with environment and community, and this lends itself to a sort of structuring that is unique to this quadrant. The last quadrant could be described as the Planetary Quadrant, or the Pillars of Transformation. If these are addressed, the Personality and Essence co-create in a way that contributes to the evolution of the self, the planet, and sentience. These are True Love, True Core, and True Gift. While these can be important at any point during a cycle of lives, it is during the Old Soul Age that these begin to feel vital to comprehend. True Love is a way to help one grasp those factors that come together to generate Agape from Personality and Essence into the world. True Core is a way to help one grasp those factors that come together for embedding one’s Truth into the world. True Gift is a way to help one grasp those factors that come together for amplifying one’s Courage into the world. When any of our students ask us about these 9 Trues, or 3 Quadrants/Pillar groups, our responses are always our interpretation and suggestion, but we encourage our students to validate and discover their own interpretations and suggestions. Each Quadrant or group of Pillars would do well to have more elaborate attention.
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