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    ENERGY REPORT April 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) APRIL arrives with a solid slam into the emphasis on Power Mode after intensity has reached a crescendo in Submission. Submission has taken quite a literal turn in its emphasis, with the delineation clear between those who are devoted to each other and those who serve only themselves. You live in a Mature Soul paradigm now. The levels of intensity and dramatic change, revelations, and revolutions are global, profound, and no one is untouched in a Mature Soul world. Many of these Mature Soul events will be profoundly exciting and uplifting and some will be profoundly terrifying and exhausting. Many responses to this pandemic are bringing to positions of Power the Mature Soul concepts and values of caring and compassion and kindness for no other reason than for it to be the “right thing to do.” Responses to this pandemic are bringing to light the quality and value of care for each other for no other reason than to care. There are people trying to contribute and care in sloppy ways and others trying to contribute and care in ways that are painful and difficult, and others contributing and caring by simply stepping back to not be in the way or make things worse. However one chooses to contribute and to support the values of caring, it makes a difference. This pandemic is playing out in quite literal ways the dire consequences of neglect, lack of care, lack of consideration, and lack of connection to each other. Lack of care for others is quite literally deadly. This includes the lack of care for consequences, lack of care for education, lack of care for marginalized communities, lack of care for the vulnerable, even lack of care for yourself, etc. There is also an emphasis on how caring is a spectrum that covers a wide range between direct care to indirect care. You do not have to be on the front lines to help others. You do not have to risk your life to care. Caring ALWAYS includes Doing or action, but that action is not always on display, direct, or obvious. Now more than in any other example there are clear indications of how your care can make a difference simply because you care enough to do what needs to be done. In this case, stay home, shelter-in-place, reduce the spreading the pandemic. What you are seeing in this spectrum of care and lack of care is POWER MODE in effect. Caring can sometimes feel Oppressive if you care only if you can see direct consequences or obvious effects, but when you care because you choose to care, even if it is indirect with consequences that are far-reaching, this is Authority. When you CHOOSE to care and do what needs to be done, you are in Authority. When you disregard the necessity of caring unless it only gives you immediate gratification and personal consequences, then caring feels and creates Oppressive states. It could be said that the entire concept of Power Mode is one’s capacity and willingness to care. When one willingly cares, they are in Authority. When one begrudgingly cares or refuses to care, Oppressive consequences result. In a Mature Soul paradigm, a Mature Soul world, your capacity and willingness to care are your currency and Power. This is no longer about how much you care about that which is in front of you, but about the consequences that you cannot see immediately. This includes your care for those not like you, your care for those on the other side of the planet, your care for the animals and environment, your care for the future, etc. At first, the entire mental and emotional shift toward caring, or Power, on such a global scale is daunting. You have lived in a Young Soul paradigm for all of your life and you have been taught that you need only care about that which matters to you, to care about that which is in front of you, or that serves you or that has immediate consequences or effects. This is why Oppression continues across the globe. The capacity and willingness to care is dictated by the measure of inconvenience because Convenience is the currency and power of the Young Soul. If it is inconvenient, it is not worth caring about. If your care is drawn from you when you are not willing or interested or connected, it is experienced as inconvenient, oppressive. This is why many of you respond with defense or dismissal or denial to considerations for the suffering of animals, the destruction of the environment, the reality of slave labor, or racial, gender, sexual inequalities. The most important thing you can take from this move into the emphasis on Power Mode is that your currency of power is no longer the power of convenience but the power of caring. You need not and cannot care about everything, but you can care. We will define care here as “doing what needs to be done for the health, well-being, preservation, and security of someone or something.” You now live in a world where you must do what needs to be done, even if it inconveniences you. As the world evolves, the concept of “inconvenience” will fade. It is an artificial and outdated concept. You need not see the consequences of your caring to care. You need not be direct in your caring to care. In the current pandemic scenario, you need not even leave your home to care for others. Caring for yourself is caring for others, and caring for others is caring for yourself. As April moves forward and into May, the world remains in a state that could be described as a metaphoric pulling back of a slingshot. You are in the state of stretching that will reach a point where it must be released and “slingshot” humanity forward at an accelerated rate. What matters is not how stressed or stretched humanity is at the moment, but where humanity aims for when it launches forward. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): April 25th -- Energy Shift -- GRIEF OR RELIEF - This Energy Shift comes with pivotal energy that either leads to great grief for what is to come or about what has come to pass vs great relief for what is to come or about what could have been worse. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER APRIL: HOPE & DESPAIR and cries for CARE - It is important here to explore the state of Despair and the role of Hope. Despair is a state that comes when one is dependent upon Hope over Caring. Hope comes when one expects and/or counts on others to care. Hope is often framed as a healthy and beneficial state that helps one through troubled times. However, Hope puts the consequences of care or lack of care in the hands of others. For most, the concept of Hope is profoundly unhealthy. It leads to unnecessary despair for many. Your life can immediately course-correct if you reconsider if you rely too much on Hope and not enough on Care. That being said, it is important to note that there are individuals and communities and animals who are legitimately at the mercy of the care from others. They only have Hope. They care. They care deeply, but circumstance forces them to be dependent upon the care from others. They need others to care. They need others to do what needs to be done. They need you. Consider how you can or how you do make a difference for those who cannot make a difference for themselves, humans and animals, alike. This is your new Power, your new currency.
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    Troy: TOPIC FOR TODAY: okay, today will be pretty casual, but I wanted to request from Michael a kind of check in with where we are and where we might be headed regarding the pandemic and the Infinite Soul, followed by a request for insight into how best to navigate this phase of isolation, distancing, and general extreme patience necessary for navigating this time. If there is time and I have the focus, we can open the floor to Qs after that. Have a great session, everyone!!! ******* MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We have been asked to comment on the current pandemic scenario and its trajectory. At the moment and for the next 3 to 6 weeks, the breakthrough or breakdown of a collective Turning Point is being generated. As many of our students know, a Turning Point is a pivotal experience that is generated from either lack of awareness, neglect, resistance, or denial regarding a major change that is being created through choices, decisions, actions, and inactions. It is not that these pivotal moments are predestined or already in place. They are generated over time from collective or individual choices, decisions, actions, and inactions. For example, if one is eating in ways that are harmful to the body, there will come a Turning Point where one will be forced to consider how to respond to the trajectory created by eating in ways that are harmful. It is merely math. Humanity has been generating a major Turning Point on a massive scale for the past 300 years or so and it is coming to that pivotal moment now, in your lifetime, in this very year. Some Turning Points come rather quickly in an individual's life, but on a collective scale, these can take time to culminate. Turning Points are not magical or cosmic or imposed in any way. But they cannot be avoided once they have been generated. This is a scale where NO ONE can avoid the impact, participation, and contribution to the Breakdown or Breakthrough that comes on the other side of a Turning Point. The next 3 to 6 weeks determines a great deal for what direction humanity takes, particularly in regard to how you treat each other, yourselves, sentient life (creatures with the capacity for suffering) and Nature. This does not mean that all great choices and decisions must be made in that span of time, but that there are symbolic and emotional and psychological and physical choices, decisions, actions, and inactions that will contribute to this Turning Point. The greatest symbolic event during this time is how this Pandemic is navigated. For those taking it seriously and considering the deep, profound, and meaningful value of one's individual participation in humanity, a Breakthrough is highly likely, both in terms of collective scale and individual scale. Even a single and slight shift in awareness of your value and meaning in the vastness of humanity contributes greatly to the Breakthrough that may come. This pandemic is NOT a lesson brought to you or imposed on you and none of what has come is a matter of deserving or not deserving. The universe does not work in such petty, patronizing, or parental ways. However, you WILL learn something from the experience because that is the nature of existence and evolution and it can be quite fulfilling to learn how to choose and to choose what to learn. Over the next 3 to 6 weeks, let this be your emotional, psychological, and physical guidance. Ask yourself what you are learning. Ask yourself what you would like to learn. Ask yourself what choices have been made in your life that could use more consideration and awareness. Ask yourself how you would choose differently going forward. This time and this experience are YOURS. You are not merely waiting for the world to start again. You are alive. You still exist. And you are not alone. Own what you can from this experience as a way to be a part of the Breakthrough. There will be many who are not interested in or are resisting a Breakthrough, but that is not your concern unless you have the immediate power to influence those individuals or groups. Your concern is you and your circle of influence and power. It is not a contradiction to say that one cannot change the entire world while changing the entire world. At this point, we see all of our students moving toward a Breakthrough. This experience matters to you in ways that you have not begun to consider in terms of its impact on the rest of your life. We know of no student who does not want to and who is not actively willing to be a part of creating what comes out of this. All of you have a choice, and we have no investment in what your choice might be, but we have not found a student who is opting out. Even our most overwhelmed and confused and depressed students are in a deep search for what to make of what is happening on such a scale. Some of you can validate that you are holding grand meetings in the Astral as you sort through the emotions, ideas, choices, priorities, etc. that you may not have the energy or focus to do in the Physical Plane. Others are using "Zoom." However long this takes and however isolated and distant and patient each of you must be as you navigate the weeks ahead, find your way to connect to these three things: YOURSELF, EACH OTHER, and NATURE. We have said this before but will say it again, that if you are uncertain about what to do with or for yourself, each other, and nature, then all you have to worry about is being kind. By simply shifting your awareness to how to be kind, be kinder, be your kindest, you cannot go wrong. Sometimes that kindness will mean going out of your way, and sometimes that kindness will mean stepping back; sometimes that kindness will mean increasing your actions, and sometimes will mean reducing them; sometimes it will mean doing what you have been avoiding, and sometimes it will mean giving yourself a break from the pressure of doing anything at all. As usual, all of the above suggestions and insights are offered as choices, not as instruction or imposition. Your choices are yours. We only offer these insights and suggestions because you are a student who is interested in the power and consequences of choice. In addition to all of the above, and in more metaphysical terms, we can say that over the next 3 to 6 weeks comes the first influx of Infinite Soul Energy. Some of you may already be sensing it and tapping into this. Buddhic Plane Energy moves through the Physical Plane regularly, but when we say that "Infinite Soul Energy" is moving through the Physical Plane, we mean that there is a concentration and focus in that energy that is almost tangible in its effect. For those already tapping into this, you may have had your sleep patterns disrupted, your dream states escalated, your energy levels either agitated, scattered, and frenetic or focused into high productivity and need for creating. These symptoms could be from any time or event, so we do not expect that they should be definitive, but they are valid symptoms. On a larger scale, this Infinite Soul Energy has the intent to bring with it ALIGNMENT, for lack of a better term. There may come to be a domino-effect in a clear and distinct alignment among many who are aiming for a Breakthrough in this Turning Point. This means pronouncements from authorities in politics and other arenas in life, along with your own friends and family, to bring about important changes that would support a Breakthrough. Many who are currently denying or defying any effort to consider the responsibilities of a Breakthrough may begin to come around and even become strong voices of support. We cannot predict this, but it is looking like a high probability. It may not always look like it from where you are, but humanity is awake now. There is no interest in turning back. It is done. You and we are moving forward in our evolution. This does not mean there will be no screaming, fighting, and fear, but it is happening and we see all of our students are more than willing and ready for their part in this evolution, however quiet or loud that part may be. We cannot and will not predict the future, but we respond to your requests today with the truth that most of humanity is not taking this or your future together lightly. There is no evil, but there are negative poles, and there are many in the negative poles. There is no evil, but there is stupidity, which is not related to one's intelligence. We define stupidity here as an extreme dullness in awareness. It is true that there are many who are in the negative poles, stupid, and asleep. You may or may not be able to do much about them because they will have their own processes and paths of awakening and sharpening of awareness. We bring these individuals and groups up because as long as your evolution and progress do not have to be defined by or disrupted by these individuals or groups, we suggest that you define your own course forward with others who are sharing in that course. We have much more to say on this subject and we know that you likely have questions in response today, but we must conclude here for today as our channel is losing focus. We remind you that we are here with you. You are here with you. And you are here for and with each other. We will continue together. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT January 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional and Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) JANUARY continues a fairly clear wave of Self-Destruction carrying over from 2019, though it appears to have anchored primarily in the Baby and Young Soul populations. This continued wave of Self-Destruction is one that may be contained to specific populations, but the impact may affect many beyond those populations. When there is a complete lack of value regarding life, Self-Destruction can fall into the Negative Pole of Suicide, but this can mean taking or destroying as many lives as possible with that act of suicide. Over the months of January, February, and March, Self-Destruction may escalate and show up in ways that are playing out the Baby and Young rejection of Mature progression that may be seen as a threat to Order and Power. Regardless of how the Baby and Young are handling the changes in the world, Mature and Old Souls are likely to feel the relief and lifting of the pressures from Self-Destruction that had been fairly heavy over 2019. This relief has come because many of the older souls have decided to focus on inspired action and have embraced the challenges of the Goal of Submission for 2020. Submission is a Goal that is all about aligning one’s actions with a greater force or authority that has been deemed meaningful and beneficial. When this is in the Positive Pole, Devotion, those in Submission share in the momentum of meaning and benefit that this greater force carries. As the Goal of Submission takes hold for most of our students, it would mean beginning to sort out and narrow down your focus on what matters to you in ways that inspire Devotion to a cause or value or force that is already great and is made greater by your participation. This may be a broad devotion that is about aligning your life to various ways that help your basic choices feel more meaningful and beneficial, or it may be a focused devotion on a specific change or cause that you feel is meaningful or beneficial. Baby and Young Souls will also feel this shift into Submission, though many may jump directly to the Negative Pole, Subservience, and fall into blind faith in a cause or force that has an impact, but that takes away meaning and brings harm. January through March may be quite precarious in the world at large, but your personal life may begin to find some clarity, comfort, and commitment as you begin to access the Sage, Higher Emotional Center and Submission energies of the year. As your year begins, it can be helpful for each of our students to differentiate between world events and personal events. Devote yourself to the greater forces that matter to you as that devotion is what helps to benefit greater forces that bring greater events. It can also be helpful to take a look at how you may have come to be Subservient to greater forces in your life so that you blindly move forward in ways that disregard harmful impact and meaning. In general, we see our students awkwardly struggling to nurture and share in optimism, while also tentative and uncertain. January is a good month for experiencing the truth and love and energy that can exist in and be generated from what seem to be contradictions. It is healthy to be optimistic and uncertain, but challenges can come when one of these is rejected for the other. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): January 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- COMFORT/CONFLICT -- This shift will be different between those who have embraced the patterns of personal and collective evolution versus those who have rejected personal and collective progress. If you feel the comfort, allow it. Take actions that serve this comfort. It is vital to embrace comfort when this comes because there are long stretches in life where discomfort is a valuable means of promoting growth. Comfort is not an escape or denial, but a means of integration and comprehension. For those who have fallen into Conflict, it may be some of your Baby and Young imprinting working itself out. If you find yourself in conflict and chaos, ride this out and then look at it again from the other side. January 20th - 23rd -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - This Nexus appears to bring with it a bundle of parallels that have been in a long recovery since 1980 from the effects of climate changes caused by the eruption of Mount Saint Helen. In some parallels, this eruption was far more devastating, particularly in terms of its effects on the global atmosphere and ecology. The convergence brings with it a wave of vision and inspiration for correcting pressing issues regarding environment, ecology, and stewardship. It was realized that humanity cannot control the effects of nature, but can control their effects ON nature. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JANUARY: DREAM BIG - January brings with it a tentative sense of permission to return to upholding and nurturing optimism and dreams for a brighter future. We suggest that these be brought to the surface and held confidently, even as you may find personal and collective challenges continue. When we say to “dream big,” we mean to suggest giving yourself full permission to be okay with creating a better future rather than ONLY preventing or enduring an unwanted future. Dream big. The details for fulfilling those dreams can only come out of permission to have them in the first place.
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    Hey everyone! PERSONAL UPDATE: This post has been a long time coming and I am very sorry I have not been updating over the course of the past many months. It feels as if 2020 started out with a black hole forming on the horizon and it took all of my strength to fight the gravity of it. I really thought for a while there that I may be consumed by it. But I trusted myself and all of you trusted me and I found my way back. I started to get glimpses of my strength a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until this week that I realize I have been able to sustain a sense of grounding and focus for more than a few days. I am ready to get back to work and focus on doing all I can to make the rest of 2020 into something better than it might have been. It is really... really... scary to not recognize yourself, to lose yourself, to be swallowed by whatever it was I was overwhelmed by. I don't know exactly what happened and I know the only thing that kept me in touch with the core or spark of who I am was trust. I've been through a lot in this life and when I have no idea what to do or what is coming next, I do what Michael described in a few of our recent reports: I just keep moving. Forward, if possible. And I trust. I just throw all of my trust into myself and know that I will do what I need to do to get through. Because I always have. So that's the best news... I'm back! I mean, I still expect some ups and downs, but I am back to feeling myself more regularly and am actually excited to get back on track. Beyond all of my gratitude and appreciation for your trust in me, I also want to say I am very sorry. No one likes when others are hurt or affected by our own pain or processes. I am very sorry for that. BACKLOG UPDATE: As most of you know, backlog has been building for a while and I was really worried about how I was going to get back on top of it. Instead of worrying and being overwhelmed, I am just going to put everything back on the schedule! ALL overdue sessions will now receive an updated date for delivery and tracker ID and you will no longer have to wonder what is going on. I will be sorting out that schedule over this week and everyone should get an email when your session has its new date. These sessions will remain as email sessions, so there is no need to worry about coordinating time. TeamTLE is going to meet with me and ensure that I am on top of the schedule every day. This may take some time to catch up, but I *will* catch up and you *will* get the best and clearest channeling I can provide. ALL special reports, such as the Essence Reports, will also be given new dates for delivery and tracker IDs. NEW APPOINTMENTS: Currently, all new appointments will remain as email sessions so I can move things around as necessary. As soon as I have the schedule set and under control, I will reactivate all previous services, including live channeling sessions! Give me some time to ensure I am sorted out, but live sessions are coming back sooner than later! Details to come! WHOLENESS OF SOUL COURSE: Brace yourself for a drop of several chapters and a plan for a group event that will pull everything together and refocus your enthusiasm for the course, if you lost it. Details to come! TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering 2020 - Lifebridge It is not looking good for having a gathering in person, but a final decision has not been made just yet. We will be making that final decision in July. This final decision will require input from Lifebridge, the community. We will discuss this in more detail on Discord in the TLEGG channel. TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering 2020 - THE ONLINE EDITION Details are coming soon, but regardless of whether we have our local gathering, we are going to have our first annual Great Gathering ONLINE! This will be a dedicated weekend with a schedule of live events and contributions from members in the community for classes, lectures, Q&A, live channeling, readings, etc. There will be an application and approval process for members to offer up their own lecture, art, class, meditation, etc. We will even have a new Discord Server just for TLEGG that will have meeting rooms, reading rooms, voice and video chat hangouts, and I think we will even be able to have our beloved dance party! I am still working out the details, but I expect to launch promotion of the event after we have determined the fate of the local gathering. This is going to be awesome! Again, thank you for everything and for trusting me and I promise I will not let you down. I'm back! Troy
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. There are very few experiences that every student extant is experiencing at the same time in similar ways. In your lifetimes, this is the first time that all of our students are in a shared experience, both personally and globally. This could be said of the human race as a whole, as well. This may be the first globally-shared experience in human history. There have always been major events that, eventually or indirectly, reach much of humanity, but we know of no globally-shared experience of intensity that was shared in real-time on such a scale as this pandemic. Even World Wars did not reach as pervasively into so many lives as this pandemic at the moment. You are in a Mature Soul world now. If the trajectory continues, this is the first of many events that "bring the world together." We know that many of our students are distressed and concerned. This is normal and natural as there is reason to be distressed and concerned. This is a real and pressing threat that cannot/should not be ignored. Your fears are natural and normal. It is important to remember that while Love can heal and evolve and help you through many things, legitimate fear is never rejected by Love. There is a difference between unwarranted and useless fear that paralyzes you and legitimate fear that informs you of danger. The difference between Love and Fear is that Love includes Fear. The more useless and unwarranted your fears, the more difficult it is to tap into Love, but Love will never reject fear. Love understands Fear. Love knows when it is useful to be aware of danger. We bring this up because a solution to such a thing as a pandemic is not to ignore danger and simply Love the pandemic away. That will not work. So if you want to focus on Love and "Light" and these positive perspectives of this event, it can only be Love if you consider the legitimate fears. There are many positive changes being generated from the response to this pandemic. This is not because the pandemic showed up to teach you anything. It is because you are in the process of putting into effect what you have learned. Mature Souls who have been on the sidelines of humanity and outside of the structures of power are stepping into positions of power and out of the shadows to help humanity through this. We see a major shift in power over the next 20 years because of this. Mature Souls are owning their power rather than conceding it to the outdated Young Soul paradigms of power. Innovations in structural overhaul and integrity for vital systems that are shared among all classes in the population are likely to be a priority for some time to come. Concepts and practical implementations regarding economy, resources, and security are at a Turning Point that look more likely to bring Breakthrough over Breakdown Improved infrastructure of vital communication systems are likely to be prioritized during and after this pandemic as the reality of their fragility is considered and witnessed. Delivery systems are likely to be expanded upon in ways that seek to serve more directly those who are housebound, ill, disabled, etc. This is an example of a minor and marginalized part of society that is eclipsed by "able-ism." With so many dependent upon these delivery systems over time, it suddenly makes sense to improve on these for those who will continue to be dependent upon them. We point out these random scenarios of high probability because it can help reduce the stress and concern from being bombarded with dread and reports of bad behavior or bad news. There are a multitude of great changes coming that are beautiful. This does not remove the reality of the threat, but can help you see your fellow humanity as including humans who will do their best along with you. These are not predictions, but a glimpse of what we see happening around you. Rather than ignore the reality of the threat and the danger and use "Love" to avoid reality, we suggest that our students embrace the reality of the situation, but also the whole of that reality in that you are not alone in wanting to make the world a better place. Yes, there will be those who exploit an event like this, but there are others who are taking advantage in ways that bring long-awaited benefits and change. We think this is one of the most important things we can convey to you at the moment as this is an historic and pivotal event in humanity and most of the parallels that we see rise from this favor many of the greatest Mature and Old Soul ideals. We will open the floor to questions now. ****JANET/DIANE**** DianeHB: In previous sessions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, you have brought to light some possible scenarios that our current path of trajectory could devolve into. A few of these scenarios you have mentioned include: "cascading catastrophic collapse," the creation of an environment where there is a "100% probability of IS manifestation by December," a path where our economy becomes resource-based, and a possibility that if at least 75% of the global population practices true social distancing than it would be likely, at our earliest, the pandemic could level out by May. DianeHB: Can you clarify and flesh out the paths of trajectory that have the highest probabilities of occurring? Of the scenarios that you have shared with us, what are the probabilities of each scenario taking place in our current trajectory? Could you also indicate higher or lower probabilities of each trajectory by continent if they aren't the same globally? MEntity: Using the differentiated paths above, probabilities at the moment are: Cascading catastrophic collapse = 68% probability; Infinite Soul Manifestation by December = 59%; Resource-based Economy = 97%; Self-disciplined social distancing/Pandemic relief by May = 18%; we will add Enforced social-distancing/Pandemic relief by July, 49%. As this is a global pandemic, these numbers are global, though they may play out in varying paces and ways around the world. DianeHB: What are the current chances of breakthrough vs breakdown? Does breakdown correspond to the Cascading catastrophic collapse/Infinite Soul trajectories? MEntity: Collapse/Infinite Soul paths are Breakdown probabilities. Resource-based Economy paths are Breakthroughs. The timing of the pandemic and how relief comes are independent of whether there is breakdown or breakthrough. It will not matter if this is brief or long-term. What matters is that there is follow-through to actions that benefit humanity. The probabilities are much higher for Breakthrough at the moment. DianeHB: That's good to hear. MEntity: The probabilities for Resource-based Economy are so high that a Breakdown would only delay that, not stop it. Next question DianeHB: There are indications that the US Federal Government may be heading toward a national lockdown. DianeHB: 1. Could Michael comment on whether a U.S. nationwide lockdown is likely and could help us move faster to relief? Based on your 49% probability for enforced social-distancing, seems like that is necessary to bring relief. DianeHB: 2. Are there people in power in our government somewhere who are comprehending the situation now and beginning to respond appropriately? DianeHB: 3. What is the probability that we will now begin to see effective action towards testing and other measures to restrain further "peaks" of pandemic prior to availability of a vaccine, perhaps 18 months away? MEntity: Nationwide lockdown is likely and even two days in this state would make a major difference if truly implemented. We doubt it would be thoroughly implemented, but most would likely participate. 2 weeks would be minimal for truly gaining the most control and footing. DianeHB: How soon do you see this happening? Within the week? Or more? MEntity: There are many contemplating this enforced lockdown, but are considering how to make this appealing for the most effectiveness. Some are contemplating it for exploitative reasons, but most are considering it to be something that is unavoidable. There are people in your government who are comprehending the situation and acting accordingly, but many who are not. The many who are not make it very difficult for those who are. The probability for seeing effective action in testing and restraint look to be on the rise, so we assess that you would see better signs of this over the next couple of weeks. The enforced lockdown is likely within a week or two at the most. If there is not one in place by then, a lockdown would be fairly moot. Next questions DianeHB: Michael, you said this after 9/11 "We will comment for the Mature and Old Souls as to what might be able to be done to "bring some good to the situation". Would you please comment in the same fashion for your students at this time as to what we may do "to bring some good to the situation" during the pandemic and after based on Soul Age and Level. MEntity: To "bring some good" to this pandemic scenario, we can say to return your power back to TIME. One of the main resources that is lost in a Young Soul paradigm is TIME. Energy is prioritized over TIME. You push yourselves to stretch your energy as a resource and neglect the need for time as a resource. Bring some good back to life by giving yourself TIME, not as a gift, but as a right. It is AS important as Energy and when Time is considered with balance to Energy, you gain more of both. When the emphasis is on Energy, even when you have Time, you are not using it. You are focused on where your Energy must go next, or should be going. DianeHB: What does it mean to give ourselves time? MEntity: Cherish your time. Time alone, time together, time in this life, time today. Embrace it like money. Embrace it like a good rest. Embrace it like a good meal. Let yourself HAVE it, be in it. When you give yourself Time, it means you make a choice in how to use it, not just carried along by the momentum of energy expended to get through to some distant point in time. If you are working, be there. If you are at home, alone, be there. If you are spending time with us, here, be here. Let your focus be singular for the amount of time you need or want for whatever you want or need. Make the time to contact loved ones you rarely speak to. Make the time to watch a tv show you had put off. Make the time to read a book. Make the time to create projects or art. Etc. The Mature Soul world is full of emphasis on both Time and Energy because these are the main ingredients for the most effective and beneficial choices. You cannot do more than you can. You do not have more time than you have. You manage energy and you manage time. You never choose one over the other because to do so means making choices that leave a part of you behind. And no one, not even a part of yourself, is left behind in a Mature Soul world. This is the good that you can bring to your world through this: remember to bring yourself along in everything you do. We can take one more question. DianeHB: Without going into providing specific medical advice, is there anything we can do to help support our body's defenses if/when we become infected or prior to getting the virus? Would it be similar to general advice for improving health and the immune system? MEntity: All benefits to the immune system can be helpful, as well as reduction of stress. Stress reduction can come by focusing on the use of your time in ways that please you OR to focus on allowing yourself to be present and kind when you must do what you do not wish to do. Ironically, your best defenses are distance at the moment, but the use of that distance to reconnect with yourself and others is one of the ways to help set your body up for its best defenses. We will conclude here for today, but will have much more to say as this event unfolds. We will be here with you. You are not alone. When we say that "we are here, now" we mean that we are always here with you, but we snap into focus for your "now" when we speak with you through our channels. But we are here, always. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ENERGY REPORT JUNE 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE arrives with some amount of relief from the previous months. For many this will feel like a tentative possibility for movement forward in progress and for others this will feel like a chance to catch one’s breath and catch up with oneself. For those who experience this month as a sense of movement forward, this will be a time of discernment and clarity about what is a valid movement forward and what is a false movement forward. For example, there are valid movements forward in terms of racial equality and changes that have been long overdue, but there are false movements forward regarding the return to “normal” life in a pandemic. There is likely valid movement forward in your personal awareness and convictions to be a part of beneficial change in the world and in your life, but there may be false movement forward in the assumptions about how easy that may be or how difficult that may be. For those who feel as if this month is a moment to catch your breath and catch up with yourself, you may experience this in one or both of two ways: For some, you may suddenly find that the grief of the last 2 months to 4 years is finally getting a chance to move up and out and through you. This can be disorienting and unsettling but it is a healthy process that is happening. You do not have to understand what is being processed, but let the emotions flow and find your support in friends and loved ones. You may not be able to explain or talk it out, but let yourself be with others in some way as you grieve. It will pass. For some, you may suddenly feel as if a weight is lifted and that it is now time to “get to work.” This is a time of inspiration and activity that brings you back to your Life Task, Agreements, and updating your Sequences, and Vectors. This may be a month of higher energy and focus and clarity. For some, there will be a mix of both of the above. In general, June brings to close the emphasis on POWER MODE and this would likely come in a distinctly loud way or a decidedly quiet way. As the end of June arrives, this would likely be clearer as to whether collective Power has moved into the Positive Pole or the Negative Pole. The Positive Pole tends to be a quiet power that is all about the honoring of presence and authority as a dynamic that is shared. The Negative Pole tends to bring loud power that is all about demanding that others see your power and then using that power to put people in their place and keep them there. As you can see from recent uprisings, the Negative Pole is not a “bad” thing and can be used as a way to move to the Positive Pole. Those who have been under the thumb of oppression ALWAYS have to rise from the Negative Pole using “loud” power to get back to the Positive Pole of quiet power. This uprising is working. The protests are working. Your future has changed dramatically over the past 3 weeks. The Energy Shift on May 5th was fully actualized in the responses to the death of the Magnetic Server known as George Floyd. The Truth and Consequences of unchecked and ignored oppression became the unapologetic and crystal clear message that was streamlined into a momentum that has changed the future for everyone. It is not over, but the trajectory is clear and your lifetime is witnessing the very start of a very real world of racial equality. There may always be obstacles and issues, of course, but the Power has shifted and there is no going back. DREAMS may be taking on odd directions that may feel as if instructions, recipes, or directions are being shared, played out, or demonstrated. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): June 25th -- Energy Shift -- POSSIBILITY - This Energy Shift kicks in the emphasis of Spiritualist Attitude and the collective assessment of what is possible beyond what was once assumed to be permanent limitations, both in your personal lives and collective lives. It may also bring a wave of backlashes from those who are the most resistant to evolution. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: WE MATTER - Last month it was helpful to consider that the truth matters, and we often repeat to you that YOU matter, but June is about how “we” matter. Practice your awareness of what circles you are a part of and how your presence and power are shared among others. Talk to each other about what you need and what you want and if there are changes and exchanges that need to be implemented for each other and together. BONUS MATERIAL: THE WORLD IS FOREVER CHANGED FOR THE GOOD: An Addendum As a channel who feels with every fiber of his being a sense of responsibility for upholding high standards for clarity, consistency, and real-world applicable use of his channeling, I feel like I should add in a quick note about the amazing news from Michael that we are making a difference. In all honesty, I do not think I need to say this because all of you already know this, but just to be clear... we are far from done. FAR from done. We can celebrate that we are making a difference, but we are far from done. It ain't over til it's over. When I finally got around to reading the report, I cried. A lot. (Channeling a report is very different from reading it, by the way, and I rarely read my channeling. I'm awful about that.) Anyway, relief, inspiration, promise, and meaningfulness washed over me and helped further lift me out of probably the most depressing 6 months of my life. But I had to ask Michael, "Really?" A part of me felt this immediate cynical response to this good news and I feared it would be interpreted by a lot of us white people as... "phew, well howdy doody! ...slap ourselves on the back! We did it! We saved the Black people!!" LOL -- NO ONE here is reacting like that, so this is just backstory for why I asked Michael for further elaboration. I asked: OK...Where do we go with this? What do we do now? FROM MICHAEL: As we have said in several of our recent deliveries of reports to you -- forward is where to go, and continued action is what you do now. This is not the first turning point for this cause. The cause that is currently represented by Black Lives Matter has had previous turning points that were each in response to previous variations of oppression, such as abolition of slavery in response to slavery and integration in response to segregation. Black Lives Matter and the current turning point are in response to social and economic oppression. Though this movement was launched and fueled by the violence against Black Americans, it is all about a movement toward simply and finally being comfortable and safe while living in one's skin. Everything else is details. They are important details that cannot be ignored, and while this movement must directly address the practical and physical elements of existence, this movement is about a profound turning point in the emotional lives of those of you who are born Black. It is about the comfort of existence that is stripped from the life of nearly every Black life. It is about a movement forward into a world where every Black man, woman, child, queer, or trans enters their day with an assumption of safety and confidence, not the weight of defense, strategy, exhaustion, code switching, and perpetual readiness to fight or flight, fear of being imprisoned, discriminated against, or murdered. This turning point affects all people of color. So while you fight for the details that will improve the lives of each other, remember that this is, at the fundamental core of this turning point, a cause that will finally bring comfort to the mere act of living and existing. This is an important undertone to acknowledge in this fight and this cause. It is what is moving many to tears as they finally see the world around them declaring that it is okay and safe to exist together and that until it is 100% safe, nearly everyone will fight and stand for this cause. It is a return "home" to humanity on a level that has been all but forgotten as impossible. Every marginalized and oppressed group knows this feeling when the turning point comes, and it can become quite moving when it is a global turning point such as this. Every turning point is a leap forward, but as you can see from previous turning points, a leap takes all to a new tier that must be addressed. As racial inequality fades, and social and economic comforts rise, there will one day be a new tier to address, but with each successful turning point, the next tier comes faster and easier and with much less resistance. It may not look like it during the days in which a cause is heightened in emphasis and the fight escalates painfully, but humanity does learn and grow. We have yet to see a regression. Progress and evolution come to all, even to those who resist. It cannot be forced on a personal level, but it can be forced on a collective level when enough of you are willing. Those who straggle will catch up, but no individual or collective are ever obligated to sit and wait for everyone to wake up before moving forward. Our short answer then is to keep moving forward and continue the actions necessary. And we remind you that it is not always easy, but it never has to be complicated. ***
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    ENERGY REPORT November 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) NOVEMBER brings a deeper dive into Self-Destruction as nearly every student begins to ponder the existential point and value of living and life. Pondering one’s existence is not self-destructive in itself, but when one begins to question the value of one’s existence and the point of one’s existence using superficial, limited, and temporary values and points, it can lead one down a spiraling path of Self-Destruction. For example, it can become too easy to conclude that life has no value or point if you do not have a stable income, defined career, intimate relationship, status, recognition, enough praise, attractive body, stable health, desired material possessions, etc. Whether in the worst of conditions or the best of conditions, if one defines the value and point of existence by these superficial and temporary conditions, one will invariably spiral into defeat, depression, and destruction. As November increases the emphasis on Self-Destruction, some may find themselves having to manually and with great effort recover or recreate the seeds of value and meaning that are inherent in existence. The noise and chaos of life can sometimes cause one to lose a sense of direction, destination, meaning, and value, but all of that chaos and noise is a PART of life, not the definition of life. You may not have direct control over chaos around you or within you because that is the very nature of chaos, but most of you do have control over how you navigate through this chaos. Your own motivations, intentions, and destination matter and so you must recover or recreate these when you feel you have lost them. You cannot wait for these to be returned to you amid the chaos. You cannot expect the chaos to calm or end before you recover or recreate your own motivations, values, and meaning. The chaos surrounding a path is not the path, itself. The chaos surrounding a path is not the same as your destination, motivation, or your intent. Chaos exists. Beauty exists. Suffering exists. Pleasure exists. Oppression exists. Freedom exists. Life exists. Death exists. And amid all of this: You exist. There will always be some form of Chaos. There will always be some form of Beauty. There will always be some form of Suffering, Pleasure, Oppression, Freedom, Life, and Death in the world. And there will always be some form of You. You exist AMONG everything that exists. You do not exist AS everything that exists. In other words, take heart, take pause, take a deep breathe, and allow room for all of existence, including your own. All that exists is going to exist whether you like it or not. You are going to exist whether you like it or not. You can help relieve suffering. You can help bring pleasure. You can help fight oppression. You can help secure freedoms. You can ride out chaos and you can bring beauty. You can be full of life and, eventually, die. But your value, meaning, and point of your existence will be entirely independent of the value, meaning, and point of every other thing or person in existence. And so it does not serve you in any way to diminish the value, meaning, and point of your existence just because other things exist that have little to no value, meaning, or point to you. It can often seem that when suffering, oppression, chaos, and death are witnessed or experienced that the value, meaning, and point of life are lost. The truth is quite the opposite. The value, meaning, and point of life must be upheld and nurtured and celebrated even more when in the face of suffering, oppression, chaos, or death. If you feel you have lost the meaning, value, and point, it is only because you have defined those terms incorrectly. You have a right and a responsibility to own and celebrate your existence even as you navigate the best and worst of life. If you find that you are questioning the value, meaning, and point of you and your life, STOP. That is the only solution. You will never find a satisfying or conclusive answer to such an absurd line of questioning. Exist among existence and get on with your life and living. It is your right. It is your responsibility. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): November 12th - 15th -- Energy Shift -- GROUNDING -- This shift brings with it a wave of grounding energy that would be for “burning off” excess static and buzzing, if you will, that have been clouding and corrupting perceptions. This would be a biological grounding, so it would mean that the body would be most affected. For those who find themselves affected by this grounding wave, there may be extreme agitation, distraction, restlessness, and/or burst of vivid dreaming activity. If this grounding is successful, it would mean that in the days that follow, a sense of recovering focus and direction and motivation may come to those who have had a difficult time sustaining focus, direction, and motivation. November 25th - 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - Yet another shift away from Self-Destruction on a grander scale, and a more confined and defined circle of Self-Destruction emerges, particularly among corrupt Baby and Young Soul leaders. However quiet or obvious this shift, it is likely the “beginning of the end” for a handful of authoritarian fragments who can no longer sustain their position in a Mature Paradigm. On a more personal level, our students would likely find this Convergence to be one that brings about some levity, clarity, focus and even enthusiasm for “the future.” HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER NOVEMBER: I EXIST AMONG, NOT AS - Emphasizing our message in the earlier part of this report, it can be helpful to remember this phrase as you navigate all of your experiences, relationships, feelings, emotions, struggles, triumphs, etc. You exist AMONG these things, not AS these things. You HAVE feelings, you are not your feelings. You HAVE experiences, you are not those experiences. You exist among the chaos and beauty of life, and you can contribute chaos or beauty, and you can experience chaos or beauty, but you are not these things. When you allow room for all that exists, you allow room for your own existence, and then you can participate in all of these things in more effective and meaningful ways.
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    ENERGY REPORT March 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH comes with a rather deep dive into Submission for many as a collective process intensifies for determining a dedicated direction forward. This means that many will be determined more seriously than usual to commit to the most effective and reciprocal paths and/or people representing “the future.” This means that March may be a time of emphasized division and clarified devotion for many as they commit to the direction that they feel best represents their desired future. When Submission seeks a direction of Devotion, the Positive Pole, it often starts with Subservience, the Negative Pole, as one does not always know the whole truth or picture of a person or path before committing to it. This means it can be helpful to remember that many will be “blindly” devoting themselves in directions that may or may not prove valuable to all. The only way to know if one can truly move into Devotion is to know if full commitment creates a reciprocal benefit. As April draws closer, a shift of emphasis comes to POWER MODE and this is likely to come first in the emphasis on exploring Oppression, the Negative Pole. A wave of conflict or emphasis on the history of conflict between the oppressed and the oppressors, the conflict between those who are returning themselves to authority over their own lives, the Positive Pole, and those who seek to be authoritarian over others’ lives. The world may look quite divided over the coming months, but this is a clarification process where those who seek to nurture shared empowerment are coming together as those who seek individual power over others come apart. As long as those who can share and nurture empowerment continue to come together, Submission will hold its Positive Pole of Devotion. This is because the greatest and clearest and most beneficial path for all is the Devotion to each other. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): March 23rd -- Energy Shift -- Escalation or Calm - This Energy Shift comes with pivotal energy that either leads to an escalation and intensity of events or a shift into a sense of stepping back, pausing, and knowing peace and calm is not out of reach. This is true both on personal and global levels. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: BLINDLY FORWARD IS STILL FORWARD - There are times when there is no way or no easy way to see where one is going or where the world is headed, but one must still move forward. A wall may be hit, a curve may be met, a crash may happen, but moving forward is sometimes more important than how one moves forward, what one finds or creates as one moves forward. Those who are of the more progressive, inclusive, and loving know this. Our older soul students know this. We expect this same consideration will be needed when watching the world around you unfold over the year ahead. If you are moving forward, you are on board with evolution. Keep in mind that moving forward can sometimes mean stopping and returning to a path that has been lost. This stop and return is not a move backward, but a return forward.
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    ENERGY REPORT May 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY comes in with a “weight” that may feel heavier than the months before while carrying with it moments and days of great levity and joy. This weight may not be as obvious, at first, but as the month progresses, a heaviness may grow. The moments of levity and joy come in random calm and centered experiences that may finally be available to you as many adjust to a “new world.” As most are upholding the restrictions that must remain in place for safety during the pandemic, seasonal changes may bring a sense of weight and conflict to many as they feel the world is moving on without them, but these seasonal changes also bring a wind of freshness and life to many moments. Younger souls are reaching limits to how long they will accommodate a threat they have been convinced is merely an inconvenience, bringing to the public a rise or resurgence in a potential threat to those who are choosing to consider the well-being of others, but there is also a glimpse of recovery and “normalcy” that may bring with it some comfort. The emphasis of Power during May (and likely into June) is a shift of emphasis toward the use and abuse of communication as key to new directions forward. The amount of misinformation and disinformation to sort through may be quite overwhelming for many, but the likely breakthroughs in discoveries, science, and facts are also quite inspiring and encouraging over May. When an energy in our report is emphasized on a collective scale, the response tends to be either a resistance or a reception to that emphasis. With the emphasis on communication over May, many of our students may either go more silent than usual or be more vocal than usual. There may be an increase in isolation or an increase in socializing. Either way, it would likely be obvious that there is an increase in one direction or another. We think that most of our students will respond with a willingness to embrace more direct, honest, and clear communication along with some surprising reunions, but some may prefer to drop all communication for a while. If you choose to drop communication, it will be important to know that you can choose to return to increased communication at any point. If you choose to increase communication, you can take a break. No one is locked into a path here, but we can say that the more that you work on improving communication, which is the act of relaying AND receiving information and expression, the more you contribute to the clarity of direction, collectively. May could be likened to a waiting room or lobby where everyone is gathered to await news or verdicts. May is a waiting period. It will bring with it mixed energies that may seem in contradiction, but this is a period of examining a range of possibilities that can only be created from communication. The truth will always be true with or without hearing it, knowing it, or accepting it, but for humanity to move forward toward the best possibilities, it will be vital to hear, know, and accept the truth on a personal, community, global, and universal level. It will be vital to differentiate these circles of truth and how they work. As Infinite Soul energy increases in waves, the emphasis is increasingly focused on returning trust to what is true and how to know what is true. We will have more to say about this in June after exploration has happened over May. For now, allow yourself a range of expression that may help you to learn to be more comfortable hearing, knowing, accepting, and sharing truths. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): May 5th -- Energy Shift -- TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES - This Energy Shift kicks in the emphasis of Power on how truth is communicated. This brings with it a wave of clearer and clearer consequences from either accepting or rejecting the truth. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: THE TRUTH MATTERS - As we said, the existence of truth is not dependent upon its acceptance, but the impact of truth is profoundly affected by its acceptance or rejection. We are speaking of truth on all levels, from your personal truths that are accepted or denied, to the universal truths that were in existence long before and after you. AN ASIDE: Keep in mind that personal truths are not merely a matter of what you decide to be true. If you decide not to like chocolate, but you still like chocolate, you are lying. It is not a truth that you do not like chocolate. If you decide that it is okay to make choices that harm others because you cannot see the consequences of that harm or that you do not care about the consequences, it does not make it true that it is okay. If you decide that your life is not worth living because you have suffered or that you have not gained the fulfillment you expected, it does not make it true that your life is not worth living. However subjective truth is on the personal level, it is still about what is true whether you accept it, or not. It may not be true for everyone that “chocolate is delicious,” which makes this a personal truth, but you either like chocolate, or you do not. We point this out because when you are not accepting of what is true for yourself, it does not change that truth any more than the rejection of gravity changes the global truth of gravity. As soon as you accept the truth, even when it is on a personal level, the more you have empowered yourself. You may not like gravity, but accepting it and understanding it is what allows you to fly. You may not like your addiction to chocolate, but accepting it and understanding it can help you to find alternatives that satisfy you. You may not like your life and the pain you have endured, but knowing and understanding that the value and worth of life are not defined by hardships or even by successes can help you to be empowered to define your life rather than be defined by it. You may not like that your everyday choices in diet, shopping, conveniences, etc. may be causing harm to the environment, to animals, to each other or your health, but accepting the truth of how one’s everyday choices have consequences can help empower you to be in control of how and what you do to change those everyday choices.
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    ENERGY REPORT October 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) OCTOBER brings a new, but vaguely familiar, energy that is part of what might be considered a collective “course correction.” There is really no such thing as a “correction” in a collective course as every direction is a valid direction, but we speak in terms regarding a collective waking up to the consequences of one direction and realizing that a different direction is preferred. It is a fragile and precarious and weak shift, but it is a shift that is happening, and fairly unexpectedly. The end of September and beginning of October may have brought for many of our students a kind of deep fatigue that had no obvious or emotional element, only fatigue. We think this is because of the equivalent of a long-term bracing for impact and then realizing that little to no impact will occur. There is a relief, some disbelief, disorientation, and then the exhaustion that comes as adrenaline dissipates. For many students, there is a stillness that may have generated within as a kind of surveilling reaction to this sense that something is shifting. It is a distancing that is not willing to invest until it is clear that a real shift is happening. This shift is a slow and precarious and fragile return to a core parallel that would bring back a sense of broadening possibilities and choices and progression that has not been felt since 2016. The full shift may or may not complete, but it is happening at the moment. What we can suggest for our students is to continue considering the ways in which you are contributing to this shift. From big to small changes of action in life, every effort matters. This is a Moving Centered year that has had a great emphasis on witnessing the power of actual Action and its consequences that may have an impact far down the line of time and space. As October progresses, those who are spiraling into Self-Destruction will likely continue to do so until there is either an implosion or explosion. An implosion would be self-contained and affect only those within that spiral of Self-Destruction. An explosion would be an effort to take as many down as possible with the destruction. At this point, the probabilities are too close to call one as being more likely than the other, but we know from experience that most collective Self-Destruction events do tend to explode. As October progresses, those who have evaded or are rising out of Self-Destruction will likely continue to do so with an increasing sense of empowerment, return of curiosity, enthusiasm, and contribution, all with comfort in looking forward. When one has overcome Self-Destruction, it shows up as either profound and private relief after such a close call, or shows up as exuberant celebration and “good news.” On a personal level, if any of our students are struggling with Self-Destruction, there is great collective support for rising up and out of this, but it will still require your participation and contribution. The greatest contribution one can make to a personal or collective overcoming of a Self-Destruction spiral is to truly accept that “it is worth it.” YOU are worth it. WE are worth it. THEY are worth it. THE FUTURE is worth it. THEIR LIVES are worth it. YOUR LIFE is worth it. And so on. This does not relieve one of the challenges, struggles, and obstacles, but it does break the spiral of being convinced that nothing is worth it. The worth of something is not dependent upon how difficult or easy it is to care for it. Even if you do not care about yourself, you are worth it. Even if you do not care about others, they are worth it. What we mean by “worth it” is that caring and compassion benefit every living thing. Every living thing, including you, is worth the effort to care, is worth the compassion. Every living thing, including you, is improved and benefited by the compassion and care that is offered up. What that living thing does with your compassion and care is up to them, but contributing to that bank of care and compassion helps everyone, including your collective trajectory. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): October 3rd - 10th -- Energy Shift -- POSSIBILITY -- October starts with an energy shift that slowly, cautiously, and carefully sparks a sense of possibility for a return to what many may feel is a corrected course of trajectory for humanity. This is not a certainty and would not magically solve all problems facing humanity, but this sense of possibility is the first solid and collective wave of encouragement that most have felt in a long time. October 23rd - 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - This marks yet another shift away from Self-Destruction on a large scale. For those spiraling further into Self-Destruction, this may be a window that offers a glimpse or clear picture of where that destruction is taking them. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER OCTOBER: WHAT DID I CONTRIBUTE TODAY - Many of our students wonder and worry about what they can be doing to help contribute to the world in a way that matters and helps shift the world toward healing and progress. One of the easiest ways one can help is to consider what one is contributing to the day. If you wonder what qualities you contribute through your choices and actions, simply ask, “CAN THIS MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE?” This applies to choices and actions, NOT to your moods, feelings, processes of grief and anger, etc. It is only about the tangible elements that have an impact, such as what you DO and what you CHOOSE. Keep in mind that doing nothing can also be an action that has impact. The answer to the question may be that you do not know, and that is fair. However, there will be times that you know that your action or choice does not contribute to the world in a way that considers the impact. You may not know what to choose or do as an alternative in those instances, but that is something that you can work on if you choose to do so. There are going to be times when you cannot or will not choose the alternatives that may be of more benefit, and it will not serve you to respond with guilt or resentment. Instead, respond with learning. Now you know and you can look for alternatives. Now you know and you can consider different actions. The goal here is to simply increase your awareness of your participation in a personal, community, and global collective in a way that allows you to honor your worth. Understanding that what you DO, DO NOT DO, and what you choose matters, can be one of the most empowering and powerful realizations one can make in a lifetime.
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    Every time I feel a surge of enthusiasm and energy and think my head is above water, a wave washes over me and I feel like I am drowning again. What bothers me about this feeling is that I have no idea WHY or from WHERE it is coming! I hear Michael when they say that "everyone" is feeling similarly and that we are all plugged into this horrific mess of reality that we are trying to sort and set back on track, but JEEEESUSSSSSs...... I just feel so lost and disconnected and discombobulated. Instead of struggling, I just let myself sink and I'm starting to realize that's not the best solution. I am overwhelmed, paralyzed, and depressed. If I had a tangible and specific reason for it, I think I might be more capable of navigating this, but with no obvious or direct reason, it just feels like I need to be as still as possible and let it all pass by me until it is gone. But it's just not leaving! My one go-to source of joy that could always snap me out of any weighted issue was to game with friends and I find myself even avoiding that. I am just a churning mess of avoidance and mental paralysis. So the first thing I want to do is apologize to all of you for any collateral damage done to my relationships with you, my schedule, my groups, support responses, my quality of channeling... I keep thinking I've finally made it to shore and can stand up and get going again, but I'm still treading water. The other thing I wanted to say is that I've decided to dedicate this month's Michael Speaks to this very topic. I want to ask them about navigating collective and individual crises and get more details and insight into what the hell is going on with so many of us. The reason I am sharing such personal details about my private struggle is because I think many of us think that we should have it all together and be able to rise above these weird challenges of life because we have such a great teaching and teacher and a great community of support... but it just doesn't always work like that. We are processing something. Something big. Something personal and collective at the same time. We are dealing with age, health, life choices, loved ones, money issues, and then we have all of this collective turmoil happening... It just feels like shit. So it's not "you." It's not the teaching. It's not something we are doing wrong. But if we can get some insights together, I want to try because I need to snap out of this. And I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. I'm making active efforts this week to snap out of it and that won't come easy, but maybe we can do this together for each other as a way to do it for ourselves. If you are going through something similar, say hi and join in on receiving the support. If you don't relate to what I'm describing, jump in and give all the love and energy you have in support for our fellow students who are struggling. Love love love to all of you and don't worry... I WILL snap out of this. Troy
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    From a private session on 3/17/2020: MEntity: Hello to you, Diane. We are here, now. We can begin. DianeHB: Hi Michael. My questions today will be about the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic. DianeHB: 1. To follow up on Becca's question about disruption to the food supply chain this morning -- would this mainly affect US food supplies or Europe and other continents as well? MEntity: Depending on the extent of the impact in time from this pandemic, all continents would be affected to some extent, particularly areas that would be affected by halting of distributions due to stricter quarantining. DianeHB: Ok, thank you. DianeHB: 2. I get the feeling that this pandemic feeds into our Turning Points on individual, community, and global levels. Individually, many people are facing their fears and anxieties, precarious financial situations, or having the time to reconnect with themselves as they suddenly have the time they didn't have before. The systems and momentum in our society that seemed so intractable suddenly ground to a halt, and the consequences could be severe if this lasts more than a few weeks. But there are also some positive consequences -- there is less flying, less driving, and less consumption, which means we have suddenly reduced our impact on the climate. DianeHB: Could you elaborate on the "cascading catastrophic collapse in several areas of society and services and safety"? We are seeing pressures on the healthcare system, the precarious situation of people with low-paying service jobs and those living in poverty/homelessness, which are exacerbate by the lack of affordable healthcare. MEntity: The cascading catastrophic collapse we speak of is the potential for disruptions in food security, electricity, fuel supplies, and internet. These disruptions could cascade outward in several directions to prompt reactions that cause even more challenges, such as disregard for law and social agreements. DianeHB: Oh wow. MEntity: It is a low probability that we see, but it is high enough to be noted. DianeHB: What are the probabilities of these collapses happening? Is it determined by whether the virus continues to spread, or by quarantine measures? MEntity: At the moment this is around 20% likely. The greatest determining factors are the strictness of quarantines that may come and the length of time in these quarantines. A secondary factor is any exploitation or imposition from those in power, such as your President. DianeHB: I see. DianeHB: I would hope that they ensure the essential supplies are sustained under quarantine. DianeHB: But our country has not had great foresight so far when they could've seen this coming. MEntity: Competence and care are in shorter supply than food in some cases and that would have its impact on all securities. DianeHB: How about in other continents? DianeHB: Some of them have better leadership than we do. MEntity: The greater probabilities are in the United States. Other countries have lower probabilities. DianeHB: Ok good. I'm trying to get an idea for others on TLE as well. DianeHB: 3. You told Janet E: "There is a great deal of variables that could change that, particularly population willingness and involvement. Many, at this point, are still in denial. If that denial can be lifted, early probabilities for relief are May." DianeHB: Is the denial mainly about the necessity for self-isolation and social distancing? What would change the minds of those who are in active denial? Seeing people around them get sick and die? Not only has conservative media been telling people it's "just a flu", younger people in their thirties and younger are often still carrying on because statistics say it only affects them mildly. Could you also give more indications and potential paths we can get through this, both individually and together? MEntity: Social distancing is the only solution for slowing this pandemic. We see approximately 10% of populations practicing this to the extent that it needs to be in place. It would require 75% to 90% to truly slow this, and at least 40% to 60% to reduce deaths and impact on systems. At 10% practice, this may lead toward a mutation that would be far more challenging and deadly, which would then begin to have more obvious effects on more demographics, escalating this pandemic to another tier of threat. MEntity: Incentives and security would help. If governments and systems and individual exchanges would shift toward ensuring security, it would bring greater effort for distancing. For example, companies that can continue wages, or government subsidies for everyone under a certain tier of income for shelter expenses, landlords allowing leniency and waiving of rent, services provided without fees, etc. In short, removing money from the equation of human existence. DianeHB: Yeah, that has a lot to do with why a lot of people haven't been able to practice distancing. DianeHB: That ties in with my next question. DianeHB: 4. The U.S. government is having to look at all kinds of financial relief to the common citizens, which has not been done since FDR and the New Deal. But now even some Republicans are talking about some kind of universal basic income to get through this. Do you see this pandemic and the policy changes associated with it as potentially moving us closer to a resource-based economy in the US and/or around the world? MEntity: 100% DianeHB: Wow. MEntity: It may be a short leap or a large leap, but it is pivotal in shifting a paradigm. MEntity: Let us be clear: MEntity: It is NOT the pandemic or disease or virus "teaching" any of you anything. It was not sent or generated as a lesson, punishment, or opportunity. It is simply a part of the nature of the Physical Plane and the scathing that all risk by being alive. The pandemic and virus are no different from an avalanche, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, drought, flood, etc. It is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, but it is not an independent source teaching you or evolving you or punishing you. The short or long leap toward a Resource-based economy would be because of choices and actions taken by you in response to the threat. In other words, the lessons or teaching that come from a threat are not in the threat, itself, but in the response. DianeHB: Yes, I understand that, but it's good to make that distinction. I see a lot of spiritual talk out there seeing this as something about the nature of the pandemic, but it's really what it brings out in us. MEntity: More precisely, what you bring out of yourselves. DianeHB: Yeah. DianeHB: I'm seeing a lot of people individually facing their truths, and we are doing it on a societal level as well. DianeHB: How is this pandemic affecting the potential Infinite Soul manifestation? Have the probabilities increased or stayed the same? MEntity: If this pandemic is winding down around May, probabilities for Manifestation would lower. If this pandemic is escalated or continues through October, probabilities move closer to 100% Manifestation by December. DianeHB: And can you go back to address what we individually can do to get through this? Stock up, offer help if we can, ask for help if we need it? MEntity: On the most intimate of levels, allow this time to be one for you to SLOW DOWN. This is something we have mentioned to our students off and on for a long time in terms of what contributes most to collective anxiety. Slow Down. Do something different. Be with yourself. Practice giving yourself love and appreciation. MEntity: On the more interactive of levels, ironically, reconnect with others. Reach out to them in ways that you may not have made time for in the past. MEntity: Helping others and asking for help is a universally beneficial position in any circumstance. MEntity: As for more practically "how to get through this," we would suggest that you secure food sources and watch for any threats to supply lines, add some creativity to your day as you spend more time in isolation, find a way to exercise your mind, body, and emotions, and focus your attention on credible and specialized sources for information, not speculative or hand-wringing sources. MEntity: We will conclude here for today, then. Good day to you, Diane. Goodbye, for now. DianeHB: Thank you Michael and Troy!! xoxo
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    TLE is finally back, but the issue is still being addressed that caused the chaos. For now, it looks like we only lost a few days of general posting, but if you were affected by this, please forgive the circumstances and hopefully your posts can be recreated. This whole situation, on top of everything else, shows just how vulnerable and fragile we are as a community on a digital platform, but the good news is that we have everything backed up, archived, and even downloaded to various members of TeamTLE to help protect the massive library of communication with Michael. Let's hope we do not have any further issues. Troy
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    Please excuse the sloppy channeling. I have been struggling with the weight of stress, anxiety, and depression for weeks now and I'm trying to shake it off and get back to work with Michael. This report is acceptable, but not as coherent as I usually prefer it to be. I just wanted to get it out before we got too far into April. Thank you for your understanding.
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    ENERGY REPORT February 2020 2020 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) (and Emotional Center) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY brings with it a continuation of the Self-Destruction from 2019 for Baby and Young Souls who are still struggling with how to maintain strict and familiar order or power over others in a Mature world that is all but done with order for the sake of order and power over others rather than power with others. The Mature Soul world asks questions and looks for ways to share. If there is beneficial order that serves many, it will be maintained and improved, but order that only serves to keep some people in power while others are kept in subservience cannot be sustained much longer. Those Baby and Young Souls who refuse to allow room for variations on order and power find that they are willing to either destroy those who do not comply or destroy themselves. Mature and Old Souls may have a difficult time ignoring or avoiding the effects of those amplifying last year’s Self-Destruction, but this is showing up in many of our students as an early emphasis on Self-deprecation. A feeling of not being good enough, or that expectations are being failed, and that standards are too high to be reached, or that you are not being seen or heard. If our students are feeling this early emphasis on Self-deprecation, it would be helpful to remember that there are times when things or people will not be good enough, including you, and that expectations can be failed, and that sometimes people do not see or hear clearly. Those are natural and normal parts of experiencing existence. They are not to be feared or avoided. They are to be dealt with and navigated in a way that helps you to adapt, regroup, replan, or otherwise improve upon your own self-esteem and confidence. Disappointment and not being good enough are pieces of information that can help one to either learn and improve or choose a different direction, but they are not conclusive condemnations to be feared. This true if you are the one disappointed or if you are the one who disappointed. If someone fails you, assess the damage and make the choices that need to be made, or help support them in their improvement. If you fail someone, assess the damage and make the choices that need to be made, or help yourself to reach the expectations by using what you learned, not using it against yourself. The Goal of Submission may help as the year continues, bringing into emphasis an awareness of how best to participate in the world and in your life in ways that benefit both yourself and others, not just yourself and not just others. When there is mutual benefit, there is Devotion, the Positive Pole. When there is a one-way benefit, there is Subservience, the Negative Pole. As the potential turbulence of the year unfolds within our students and around our students, it can be helpful to return your focus to kindness, no matter what the situation or scenario. There is a way to navigate challenges and frustrations and fears while also being kind to yourself and to others. There are times when actions can seem unkind, but if they are actions that are taken to truly help benefit others and yourself, it is still kindness. Fighting for equality, shouting for rights and protections, and shutting down those who are out to harm others are all forms of kindness. Keep this in mind as you navigate your feelings, your choices, your actions, and your thoughts. IS THIS KIND? AM I BEING KIND? These can help you fine-tune those feelings, choices, actions, and thoughts so that they do carry with them any feelings, choices, actions, or thoughts that unnecessarily complicate or harm. If you are frustrated with yourself, bring kindness to your responses. If you are frustrated with politics, society, technology, corporations, leaders, followers, etc., bring kindness to your responses. In other words, it can be quite empowering to do all you can to not make things worse than they have to be or than they already are. Speak up, step up, correct others, correct yourself, inform, share opinions, share frustrations, etc, but bring kindness with you. If you can answer that your feelings, actions, choices, and thoughts are including kindness, it is likely that you can make a more beneficial difference than otherwise. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): NO ISOLATED ENERGY SHIFTS IN FEBRUARY February 28th - 29th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - This Nexus appears to bring with it a kind of momentum launched by an ultimatum and/or threat that brings clarity and focus. This is not an ominous prediction, but the best way we can describe a pattern coming to a turning point on a collective scale. The reactions to this Nexus would likely generate a divergence for explorations of different outcomes over the next 5 to 10 years. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: LOVE SAVES THE DAY - February and 2020, in general, look to be about a fairly challenging and chaotic year, but there are no circumstances that can prevent anyone from loving others and themselves and being kind to others and themselves. When you are at your lowest or your most frustrated and angry, or at your most fulfilled and prosperous, take a moment to love. Truly love. Love yourself and love anyone you can with as much sensation and affection as possible to share. Love quietly, love loudly, love in person or far away, but love. When it has been said that “love saves the day,” it was never meant that Love could eliminate all challenges and pain and struggle or suffering. “Love Saves The Day” simply means that you can get through another day, just one more day, and getting through to just one more day is how you can, eventually, “save the day” on a broader scale. There are no guarantees, but when you bring love to your day, it improves the possibilities for everyone. (NOTE: we know this phrase is cliche, but we are not above using the cliches that work.)
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    ENERGY REPORT December 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) DECEMBER brings a final but full dive into Self-Destruction so that those who are being consumed by this fear will likely collapse into extremes of Greed as a means of countering the Self-Destruction. Greed shares an axis with Self-Destruction as these are two “sides” of the same fear around one’s value and meaning in existence. Self-Destruction defends against fears of worthlessness, meaninglessness, and emptiness. When Self-Destruction becomes extreme it can slide to Greed as a form of amplified and extreme defense. When Self-Destruction slides to Greed, the experience is something like that of a “black hole” that consumes everything in its path as a way to compensate for lack of worth and meaning. Rather than imploding, this version of Self-Destruction seeks to destroy and/or consume that which has meaning and value for everyone else. We cannot and will not predict, but we can say that probabilities are high for some explosive display of Self-Destruction exemplified on a collective level in the world over December. This may show up in sharp bursts in local scenarios and/or on a larger scale where it becomes clear that the age of regressive values is ending and desperate lashing out escalates. Those who are interpreting social and political progress as a threat to traditional and established values are likely to be lashing out in final attempts to defend against their fears of losing their value and worth in the world. In most scenarios that we can see, these explosive instances are likely seen as a “good sign” in the scheme of things. Evolution and expansion of social value and meaning only strip out the limitations of those established values and meanings. Nothing but the limitations is lost. The values that support value and meaning are carried forward. For example, Baby Soul values of order, civility, and institutions are values that continue to be meaningful for every Soul Age. Order, Civility, and Institutions can develop systems of oppression, marginalized classes, and the imposition of ideals so when progress and evolution come, these limitations are stripped from the legitimately meaningful uses of Order, Civility and Institutions. For those who are invested in the limited values of oppression, marginalization, and imposition, progress is painful. For those who choose to elevate the values of Order, Civility, and Institutions, progress is exciting and meaningful. As the Mature Soul Age comes to be anchored and momentum increases, the meaningful values of the past Soul Age paradigms are carried forward and elevated, but the limited and restrictive uses of those values are left behind. It has become clear in many ways who are invested in and attached to the limited values of the past and who seek to move forward with elevation and expansion. On a more personal level, we can say that we see most of our students coming out of and rising out of any effects that Self-Destruction they may have had over the past 11 months or so. This may come slowly or in bursts of clarity and energy over December, but most of our students are likely to feel this relief. Any collective displays of Self-Destruction/Greed will likely be seen as a natural display of the last gasps of resistance to collective evolution, even if it is a difficult display. On this personal level of rising out of any effects of Self-Destruction, our students may see more clearly what systems have been in place in their own lives that have locked them in limited ideas and ideals about their value and meaning in life. Many of our students may realize the absurdity of their attachment, investment, and even blindness to their own patterns of behavior, choices, or paths that have served only to lock them in an outdated and outgrown sense of self. December may bring a sense of catching up with yourself in ways that forgive your sadness and confusion over the past many months or even years and open you up to inviting an updated and progressive system of value and meaning more fitting for who you are NOW. We suggest that you allow yourself to have December to catch up with yourself, and then go from there into the new year to explore who and how you are as a person free of limited and outdated values that no longer serve you. We will return to this subject in further detail in January. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): December 8th - 12th -- Energy Shift -- RELEASE/COLLAPSE -- This shift brings with it an energy that supports a final look at any investments one has in outdated and limited values and a new look at an elevated, updated, and more meaningful set of values that support progress. For those who embrace this progress, there may come a sense of relief and release as you allow those attachments to dissolve. For those who are desperately attached to these outdated and limited values, this is likely a shift that brings a momentum of collapse. December 21st - 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE - This Nexus brings with it a kind of Infinite Soul “check-in” that either contributes to the eventual Manifestation of Infinite Soul or to the eventual retraction of the Infinite Soul. This Convergence brings with it all of the parallels that are closest together in a collective commitment to collective evolution and healing, or those closest together in a collective trajectory of self-destruction and further wounding. This may be a window where our students can see or sense more clearly which direction humanity is heading. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER DECEMBER: THIS IS OUR TIME - December may be a good time for playing with the concept that this is not just your life, not just about you, and that life is not just personal. However private and personal a life may be, it contributes to the fabric of shared reality and collective evolution. No single life is ever an isolated event. Every life is a contribution. Every life matters. Every choice helps shape the future of everyone. However distant, private, and personal your life may seem, consider yourself as part of something bigger, something vast and beautiful, something meaningful in ways that are not always obvious in the routines and demands of being alive. You are part of a movement, a part of the world, a part of humanity. Whether you like it or not, or know it or not, or can see it or not, you are alive during a massive collective shift where your private and personal choices matter to everyone. This realization is not about adding another pressure on you, but about sharing the pressure you thought was only on you. Let others in. Talk to others. Ask others if they need help. Ask others for help. Play with participating in a broader spectrum of experiences by being experimental and taking risks in reaching out. In short, play with being more of who you are, not less. BONUS PREVIEW: 2020 OVERLEAVES (subject to change before January) ROLE: Sage (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Spiritualist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Deprecation (emphasized Oct - Dec)
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    THE WORLD IS FOREVER CHANGED FOR THE GOOD: An Addendum As a channel who feels with every fiber of his being a sense of responsibility for upholding high standards for clarity, consistency, and real-world applicable use of his channeling, I feel like I should add in a quick note about the amazing news from Michael that we are making a difference. In all honesty, I do not think I need to say this because all of you already know this, but just to be clear... we are far from done. FAR from done. We can celebrate that we are making a difference, but we are far from done. It ain't over til it's over. When I finally got around to reading the report, I cried. A lot. (Channeling a report is very different from reading it, by the way, and I rarely read my channeling. I'm awful about that.) Anyway, relief, inspiration, promise, and meaningfulness washed over me and helped further lift me out of probably the most depressing 6 months of my life. But I had to ask Michael, "Really?" A part of me felt this immediate cynical response to this good news and I feared it would be interpreted by a lot of us white people as... "phew, well howdy doody! ...slap ourselves on the back! We did it! We saved the Black people!!" LOL -- NO ONE here is reacting like that, so this is just backstory for why I asked Michael for further elaboration. I asked: OK...Where do we go with this? What do we do now? FROM MICHAEL: As we have said in several of our recent deliveries of reports to you -- forward is where to go, and continued action is what you do now. This is not the first turning point for this cause. The cause that is currently represented by Black Lives Matter has had previous turning points that were each in response to previous variations of oppression, such as abolition of slavery in response to slavery and integration in response to segregation. Black Lives Matter and the current turning point are in response to social and economic oppression. Though this movement was launched and fueled by the violence against Black Americans, it is all about a movement toward simply and finally being comfortable and safe while living in one's skin. Everything else is details. They are important details that cannot be ignored, and while this movement must directly address the practical and physical elements of existence, this movement is about a profound turning point in the emotional lives of those of you who are born Black. It is about the comfort of existence that is stripped from the life of nearly every Black life. It is about a movement forward into a world where every Black man, woman, child, queer, or trans enters their day with an assumption of safety and confidence, not the weight of defense, strategy, exhaustion, code switching, and perpetual readiness to fight or flight, fear of being imprisoned, discriminated against, or murdered. This turning point affects all people of color. So while you fight for the details that will improve the lives of each other, remember that this is, at the fundamental core of this turning point, a cause that will finally bring comfort to the mere act of living and existing. This is an important undertone to acknowledge in this fight and this cause. It is what is moving many to tears as they finally see the world around them declaring that it is okay and safe to exist together and that until it is 100% safe, nearly everyone will fight and stand for this cause. It is a return "home" to humanity on a level that has been all but forgotten as impossible. Every marginalized and oppressed group knows this feeling when the turning point comes, and it can become quite moving when it is a global turning point such as this. Every turning point is a leap forward, but as you can see from previous turning points, a leap takes all to a new tier that must be addressed. As racial inequality fades, and social and economic comforts rise, there will one day be a new tier to address, but with each successful turning point, the next tier comes faster and easier and with much less resistance. It may not look like it during the days in which a cause is heightened in emphasis and the fight escalates painfully, but humanity does learn and grow. We have yet to see a regression. Progress and evolution come to all, even to those who resist. It cannot be forced on a personal level, but it can be forced on a collective level when enough of you are willing. Those who straggle will catch up, but no individual or collective are ever obligated to sit and wait for everyone to wake up before moving forward. Our short answer then is to keep moving forward and continue the actions necessary. And we remind that it is not always easy, but it is never has to be complicated. ***
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We are speaking to you today under the general request for our perspective on "the state of the planet." This is a pivotal year for humanity. There are pivotal years for individuals, for relationships, for families, for communities, for nations, for continents, and humanity. For a year to be pivotal for humanity, it means that every level of pivoting is happening on a large scale. In other words, it is not just people here and there, or families here and there, or communities here and there, or a country or two, but many individuals, many relationships, most families, most communities, most nations, and most continents. We remind you that a "pivotal year" is a result of a pattern or patterns that have escalated in the need for necessary and vital change to disrupt those patterns so that one either makes a breakthrough or has a breakdown. We cannot say if this pivotal year for humanity will bring a breakthrough or a breakdown because that is yet to be seen. One of the greatest causes for this pivotal year to lead to a breakdown for humanity comes from the combination of INFORMATION GLUT and ANTI-TRUTH. First, if one is participating in modern society, one is taking in too much information, period. You are bombarded with news, opinions, perspectives, advertising, choices, decisions, threats, pressures, etc. that demand of you absorb and process all of it effectively. When one is in an Information Glut, it becomes noise. It no longer serves you in terms of making decisions or choices and tends to leave one paralyzed and waiting for something to distract, disrupt or change. When information turns into noise, the Truth then becomes vulnerable. When the Truth becomes vulnerable, then it can be targeted and dismantled. It is a bit of a misnomer to say that "truth becomes vulnerable and targeted and dismantled." It would be more accurate to say that one's capacity for discernment is compromised and that makes one vulnerable to manipulation. There is a difference between not knowing the truth, and not wanting to know the truth, or rejecting the truth, and ignoring the truth. There are more people than ever who are now rejecting or ignoring the truth. To help in this pivotal period for humanity, it will be helpful for our students to consider: WHERE AM I IGNORING OR REJECTING THE TRUTH? And DO I NEED A BREAK TO CATCH UP WITH MYSELF? We can suggest that while information can be compelling and important, trust yourself if you know you are taking in too much. By giving yourself permission to step away, step back, to give yourself time to process, you strengthen your capacity to invite, discern, and sustain the truth. These two factors: Information Glut and Anti-Truth are far more of a threat to humanity than even the environmental concerns, wars, disease, famine, etc. because the rejection of truth and the fatigue from noise reduces every possibility for recovery or solution for all other threats. We cannot stress this enough: Truth, Love, and Energy are building blocks of your universe, both in literal terms and in terms of one's experience of existence. If one of these is rejected or denied or ignored, collapse is imminent. Ironically, Love nor Energy are under assault or in danger of being rejected. But Truth is in danger. Truth will exist with or without humanity, so when we say that Truth is in danger, we mean that humanity's trust and receptivity to the truth are in danger. In this pivotal year for humanity, the Infinite Soul candidates are all aligned by now and if there are Manifestations, the emphasis will likely be themed in Truth. Infinite Soul Manifestation probabilities are now at 88%. Humanity could resolve environmental threats and threats of war, oppression, division, economic collapse, etc, but if Truth is lost, so is the capacity to resolve these threats. We can delineate various areas of concern for humanity at this time, but this is the primary and key concern for those students who want to understand and help in contributing toward the shift toward breakthrough. If our students wish to help contribute toward patterns of breakthrough, we suggest the following: 1 - Remember that the Truth is simple. Truth is never complicated. It can be complex, but not complicated. 2 - Face your own Truths. Truth exists on a Personal, Community/Global, and Universal Level. If you tend to avoid your own Truths, it makes it easier to avoid shared and universal Truths. In other words, be honest with yourself about yourself. This means you must stop lying to yourself about even the most superficial of things, such as your degree of beauty, worth, and acceptability. These are qualities of a person that never have a single or conclusive truth. If you have decided you are ugly, you are ignoring the truth that many do not agree. If you have decided you are unlovable, you are ignoring the truth that many would not agree. And so on. But we also speak about the lies you may tell yourself in other ways, as well. 3 - Take a break from curated reality. Reality is a collection of truths that shape your perception. When your reality is no longer in your own hands, but in the hands of sources that curate what you read and see, you exist in a curated reality. Curated reality may or may not be truthful, but direct experience cannot be beaten. The State of the Planet this year is one that could be described as PRECARIOUS, but these turning points are simply growing pains. We survived many. We will open the queue now for 3 questions to start: ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Maureen: At this time, what do you see as the probability for each of the top 5 Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, one of which will be running for president against Trump, that they could/would beat Trump if they were to be the nominee? MEntity: It is the same probabilities for all: This currently stands at 58%. The reason it is the same probability for each is that it is not the candidate that determines this election, but the voters. It may be anticipated that one candidate over another may result in fewer voters or losing voters, but those who are voting for the corrupt King are voting for the corrupt King, regardless of any claim or assumption that they are weighing options. Maureen: Thank you!! NEXT Luciana: like you to comment on the political situation in Brazil. I see that people here usually idolize politicians and then the person's favorite politician becomes someone who can't be criticized. And if you criticize this politician the person who is a kind of fan of this politician thinks that you are against Brazil. And there are people who, I admit that I'm in this group, have lost faith in politics and think that it makes no difference who they vote for. Luciana: because it doesn't matter who the politicians are there for their own interest and nobody is interested in improving the country. Luciana: so I'd like you to comment a little bit on this scenario that I see in Brazil. MEntity: In the best and strongest of democracies, the cult of personality can wear away and diminish that democracy. Cult of personality requires that the truth be disregarded and when the truth is disregarded, everything becomes dependent upon that personality. Effectiveness may be diminished when there are cults of personality and corruption involved, but there are many ways in which one makes a difference. It will always serve you well to consider that there are ways to make a difference, even as you may be worried that no one cares or that you cannot make a difference. In other words, it does matter who the politician is. NEXT Royce: I am incredibly susceptible to infoglut and influence from others. This has added to confusing relationship patterns where I just add to the noise rather than have a fixed perspective, having a fixed perspective on what the truth is also feels so incredibly unnatural to me but I recognize many others don't seem to have that issue and it is obvious what the " right" perspective is. I want to join humanity and cut through the chaos of perspectives. You say that the truth is simple and that it does not harm but how could you help someone like me ( I assume there are others) who sees that simplicity in multitudes of perspective? What can a chaotic/confused mind do to trust one truth/path to focus on over another, even when other perspectives have their slivers of truth too? I want to be on the " right" side of the future but god I find it hard to trust one truth over another when there is so much we don't KNOW yet. The only answer that comes to me is " Play and choose anyway" when it comes to infoglut MEntity: From what we can see in your words, you are not speaking about the truth. You are speaking of something else. What is an example that confuses you so that we can more directly address this question? Royce: ok, let's say veganism. I have been vegan for 6 years now and it has always seemed simple and obvious to me but over the last couple years it has become less simple and obvious and I still choose it but I also am just adding to the confused noise when I speak on it. there are SO MANY truths around a subject like this Royce: and many leave because of that infoglut Royce: so how can you really trust in the midst of the noise? Royce: so that my voice is not messy but maybe useful again MEntity: We think we understand and will respond. Royce: thanks angel, I understand my question was a bit infoglutty itself MEntity: Veganism is when one actively chooses to reduce harm to others as much as possible, in particular, those animals who are subject to unnecessary and extreme cruelty and suffering. Veganism is another word for Compassion. Compassion is the choice to care for and reduce the suffering of others. The truth is that when one has a choice, one CAN refuse to participate in the cruelty and suffering of others. If one does not have a choice, one may or may not be able to refuse in that participation. But it will remain true that when one has a choice, one CAN. The rest of the noise is distraction. The path to how one reduces that harm is one that may vary among individuals, but this will still have no bearing on that simple Truth that if one has a choice, one CAN refuse to participate in or contribute to the cruelty and suffering. Royce: yeah , the spiritual takes and other teachings dealing with abstract " body needs" throw me for a loop the most but when i return to simplicity it usually is " because I have a choice" MEntity: As we said, the rest is noise. There are no justifications when one has a choice. Royce: thanks angels MEntity: This is an example of a simple truth. Keep in mind that when one has a choice, there will still need to be a path and those paths may vary in pace and possibility for how one can actively choose compassion. Choices build upon choices. There are no Sentient Species in existence who have to cause cruelty and suffering to exist. They may cause cruelty and suffering, but they do not have to. They have a choice. And every Sentient Species creates their path toward Compassion. This is called Soul Age. NEXT Brian: What would a breakdown vs breakthrough look like over the next five years? MEntity: We do not know. Bobby: lol Brian: LOL MEntity: Breakdowns on this scale tend to lead to a kind of reset of some form on a large scale. Breakthroughs on this scale tend to lead to leaps forward in ways that bring all of humanity closer. We can say that all of you will survive this either way, but we only know you in your futures that came from a breakthrough. We will conclude here for today. We have much more to say about this pivotal year and we will continue our discussion with you in further exchanges. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Hey everyone! As one of the first things I plan to do for the community in this time of great uncertainty, I am adding a Michael Speaks to the schedule for March 21st at 1pm Eastern. I know a few of you have used your hard-earned money to get a jump on Michael's insights for this pandemic and that is extremely generous of you. I don't want any of you to feel you have to do that, so I wanted to offer up this free/donation session. If you would like to help support the site, community, me, and more events like this, please consider donating here. MICHAEL SPEAKS: Pandemic 2020 MARCH 21st, 1pm EASTERN I will not be announcing this beyond this thread so as to keep this more intimate for our TLE community members and not a spectacle. SPECIAL GUIDELINES: Considering the focus that may be required for this session, it will be a specially-formatted session with 1 to 3 people designated to ask questions on everyone's behalf. APPOINTED QUESTIONERS: The students who will be asking the questions on behalf of the community will be announced here soon. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE: If you have questions that you would like to have asked on your behalf, please post them in the thread here. Be clear, be concise, be as direct as possible as usual. It is not guaranteed that your question will be asked. See you at 1pm Eastern on Saturday in the usual chat room! Troy
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. We understand the topic requested is about navigating collective and personal crises and we will speak on this a bit before opening the floor to your questions. First, we will define Crisis as any event or experience that overwhelms the Intellectual, Emotional, and Moving Centers to such as extent as to generate paralysis, panic, or pain. The Intellect can be overwhelmed and the Emotional and/or Moving Centers step up, or the Emotional Center can be overwhelmed but the Intellectual and/or Moving Centers step up, but when all three Lower Centers are overwhelmed, it is a crisis. There are various types of Crises, but the type of Crises that we see most of our students enduring over the past 1 to 3 years has been what would be termed an Existential Crisis. An Existential Crisis is the sudden shock or slow wave of conclusion that life and existence have no point or meaning. It is the stripping away of aliveness, spirit, and pleasure from nearly every element and layer of life. An Existential Crisis comes when there is a lack of answer or unsatisfying answer or unwanted answer to "what is the point?" Most fragments have an Existential Crisis during the 4th Internal Monad when they have asked themselves to define themselves on their own terms vs the terms taught to them. When one must decide who one is instead of being told who one is, it can throw one into an Existential Crisis as the responsibility of defining oneself on one's own terms can be daunting. The reactionary defense to this Existential Crisis can be to return to the familiarity of youth and try to recapture that in some way. This is why many who have a "midlife crisis" will suddenly return to inappropriately immature behaviors to resist "growing up" and defining themselves. The Existential Crisis that most of our students recognize as being in effect now is this very same rite of passage, or "internal monad" but on a mass scale. The shift between Young to Mature requires this process similar to the 4th Internal Monad. As humanity must begin to define itself on its own terms, rather than on the terms handed down by generations before them, it is quite daunting. It is already daunting to do something such as this in the individual life, but billions are now participating in some way in this collective shift. What you are finding is that the comforting foothold of familiarity and tradition and consensus and status quo are no longer accessible to any of you. Suddenly, everyone has a new standard for existence. Everyone has a new opinion about what is priority and what is meaningful. Suddenly, everyone is speaking up, standing up, stepping up. For those who refuse to grow, the resistance and defense will be to fight as hard as possible to return to what was familiar, unquestioned, traditional, "great again." For those who are listening and learning and willing to grow such as our students, the Crisis is one where you have pitted yourself against the masses, or feel as if you have been pitted against the masses. Suddenly, your familiar and comfortable ideas about who you are in your world are now measured against who you are in THE world. Are you doing enough, being enough, helping enough, paying attention enough, thoughtful enough, together enough, etc. And if you see no evidence of this vague "enough," then your entire existence, meaning, and value come into question. This is the older souls' way of reactionary defense. It is a regression into Young Soul tactics for motivation and meaning. You are using outdated methods of motivation and meaning in a new world where those tactics do not work. There is something comforting in berating yourself, pushing yourself, scolding yourself, diminishing yourself, being competitive, rewarding yourself, punishing yourself, even if this means losing and feeling loss. The world of winning and losing makes more sense to you than the new world of BEING. However Old your soul, you have never lived in a Mature or Old Soul world before. Old habits die hard, so to speak, and while you are willing to listen, learn, and grow, you are in an Existential Crisis because meaning has always been handed to you before, and now you know you must create it on your own. And to do this while everyone else is doing the same. At the moment it likely feels as if all of this is only relentless noise. And you are correct. But that is the noise of evolution. Many of you associate this Crisis with the shock and aftershock of the Presidential Election in the United States, but the Crisis began long before this around 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence was implemented. From that point the acceleration in instant global communication began. Instant and real-time communication on an ever more accessible and massive scale brought the breakdown in your little worlds and personal realities that were so cozy and familiar, even if with their own struggles. Climate Change, Political Conflict, Economic Disparity, Social Injustices, etc. existed long before the recent years, but you are no longer receiving bits and pieces about these subjects for easy dismissal or digestion. Now "everyone" is speaking up and "everyone" is listening. When you are subject to so much noise, you begin to shut down and move into Crisis mode. What we speak of today will not address every student's concerns or circumstances, of course, but this is a general state of crisis that we find among most of our students. What we can suggest as a general method for navigating this type of Crisis is to "digitally detox" on a regular basis, so to speak. We cannot stress enough how much our students might need to "unplug" and turn their attention to nature, but also to live at least one day a month, if not every week, AS IF everything is ok. This not a suggestion to ignore collective issues or personal issues, but that if you have the option to give yourself a day of simply BEING, it goes a long way in returning to your days of doing. We know we cannot resolve the nuances of all of our students' varying degrees of crises, but what we speak of today may help bring some insight from which to then expand later. We will open the floor now for questions for as long as our channel can. ****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN**** Wendy: Thank you Michael. I really resonate and see how I have been trying to use young soul tactics for motivation and meaning and want to move away from that but don't know what that would look like. Can you tell us more about creating our own meaning? MEntity: Mature Soul tactics for motivation and meaning tend to be "for the sake of." For example, loving for the sake of loving. Baking for the sake of baking. Playing for the sake of playing. Making money for the sake of making money. Watching TV for the sake of watching TV. In other words, the choice to participate in your life in any way is not motivated by payoffs and rewards, or avoidance of punishment. You do things because they are there to do. You enjoy things because you enjoy them. There is no need to justify or compare. You care because you care. You help because you can help. You take care of yourself because you need to take care of yourself. And so on. Wendy: Are there old soul tactics? Or is it all about the mature ones? MEntity: Alongside all of this, you also allow room for when you cannot help, or ask for help when you cannot help yourself, etc. The younger soul looks for meaning in advance of doing or being something, while the older soul creates meaning after or during the doing or being. The Mature Soul tactics are part of the range we would describe as "older soul" tactics. Wendy: Okay thank you. We can discuss Old Soul tactics for meaning and motivation in another exchange as the Old Soul tactics are actually no longer tactics. Next, UMA Uma: Hello Michael, I have been doing exactly what you suggest, unplugging from the news as much as possible, but navigating the nightmare reality show that fuckface has turned our world into is very tricky. Uma: Things seem to be moving quickly now, and I'm sure that impeachment is almost 100% likely. What is your number now for impeachment? And what about conviction in the Senate? what's the percentage of that likelihood? And what is the latest on the IS showing up? any change in that likelihood? Uma: Last time I asked the percentage for re election was higher than impeachment! I hope that has changed now. MEntity: Nothing has changed much since you last asked, but we can say that a significant update may be available near the end of December. We have no significant updates at the moment. Uma: Okay! Thank you. NEXT, Maureen Maureen: Michael, referring to you saying that “The shift between Young to Mature requires this process similar to the 4th Internal Monad.” What Stage of this Internal Monad are we in at this time? MEntity: This would be the equivalent of a shift between the 3rd Stage of REALIZATION and the 4th Stage of MANIFESTATION. The process is "stuck" at Stage 3 in terms of completion. The 1st and 2nd Stages were completed in the Positive Poles, but the 3rd is in the Negative Pole which has carried over to the Negative Pole of the 4th Stage. The shift to the Positive Poles is likely to come by March of 2020, but we will have to look again. Maureen: Thank you! MEntity: One more question and we must conclude after that. NEXT, DianeHB DianeHB: Going back to the move into crisis mode because of the overwhelming "noise," and urgency of the various global issues, what is your suggestion if it doesn't feel like one is doing "enough" because it seems like the issues we're facing are at emergency levels, and that allowing ourselves to "be" and do what we like isn't enough? MEntity: "Enough" will never seem enough until it is enough. Until then, "enough" is often an unknown quantification. In addition to this, one cannot measure one's individual ideas of "enough" against the collective need for enough. One can only know the limits of what one can contribute. If one wishes to ensure that one is doing enough, we can suggest that you are honest about your limitations and your strengths, and when you reach your limit, do or be a little more. We suggest this because you cannot determine if you have done enough, but you can always determine if you can do more. And it is okay if you cannot do more. It is better that you do well what you can do than to destroy your ability to do anything at all. Allowing yourselves to be and do what you like does not have to be in contradiction to doing and being enough. Honesty is vital for assessing if "doing what you like" is in contradiction to doing and being enough. The issues being faced are at levels that warrant such concern, but as long as it is possible, you must give yourselves days of joy and pleasure and community and kindness and rest as much as you give yourselves tasks and challenges and work to do. There is a reason there is True Work, True Play, True Rest, and True Study. All of these must be nurtured in some way even the most pressing of times for the greatest effectiveness. DianeHB: That makes a lot of sense. Thank you MEntity: We will conclude here for today. The collective consciousness is growing and evolving. The world is changing and for the better in nearly every way. Neither of these may seem true at the moment, but they are. One need only look back at the history of humanity to see that no setback ever stops your evolution away from chaos and toward beauty, away from violence and toward compassion, away from scarcity and toward abundance, away from oppression and toward freedom. Enough of you understand that what you contribute matters and this is what has "saved" humanity every single time. Sometimes we need to remind you. Sometimes that is all you may need. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    wow. i’m crying. as a Black woman and a human, i can’t express how absolutely wonderful this is to read. i can feel my ancestors smiling down on me and my people and all of us. let’s keep pushing!! wow. wow!!!!!!!!
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    I offered my own guess as to what this meant, but after reading all of the various speculation in this thread, I thought I'd just better ask them directly. Here is their response:
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    A GRAND THANK YOU! May I just take a moment to thank this community for recognizing that politics, human rights, science, spirituality, world events, health, activism, environment, sexuality, gender, animal rights, the arts, gaming, music, movies, books, etc., ALL fall well within the spectrum of studies of The Michael Teachings and, in fact, give us the opportunity for real-world application and implementation and validation for what we learn from this teaching? THANK YOU for realizing that spirituality and higher perspectives do not require compartmentalism and denial. Just feeling a wave of gratitude for all of you today.
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    Hello, everyone. I recently locked down a conspiracy theory blog entry and it may have come as a surprise, considering how freely everyone is encouraged and supported in their expression in this community. So I thought I should clarify why the entry was locked down and why conspiracy theories, in general, are not allowed in this community (except for laughs and eyerolls). No one is in trouble and no one did anything wrong. I just want to honor this shared space as safe from racism, and safe from breaches in credibility, trust, and love. RACISM & OTHER-ism One of the primary reasons for the avoidance of most conspiracy theories is because they are often started by, perpetuated by, or blatantly include some form of racism or xenophobia. They may not seem to be related, but they often are directly related. The post that was locked down was linked to a known racist and the entire site is well-known as a racist hotbed. The conspiracy theory may have been fun to talk about, but it is offensive to many of our community members and this is a safe space from the usual bullshit racism and xenophobia that bombards so many of us in our other social media. It's just not going to happen here. CREDIBILITY MATTERS HERE What I do for a living is already something that asks people to stretch their minds, hearts, and truths to consider the value of something that is channeled. I don't blame anyone for being skeptical of channeling. It is weird and wonderful and based on outlandish claims that we are somehow in contact with the dead, with mass collections of consciousness who are here to teach us. Right? That's already enough for people to process. But one of the things that works in our favor as a community and in my favor as someone who makes himself available and vulnerable in this field, is credibility. The means by which we get our information and insight here may be weird, but the information is sound. It holds up to scrutiny. It makes tangible differences in people's lives. Conspiracy theories undermine credibility on so many levels. If people are willing to consider the value of information that is gained through such unusual means, I don't want them to also have to wonder about our sanity and our ability to validate and discern and verify. TRUST MATTERS HERE There is a trust that evolves in a community like this where we hold truth and responsibility as high standards. Even the most outrageous information from Michael is archived and regularly compared to revelations in science, archeology, astronomy, etc. We don't just blindly accept what Michael says. But we also give weight to what Michael says because we trust each other to be responsible and discern and validate and verify. Conspiracy theories undermine trust on so many levels because they ask us to believe something without question. Conspiracy theories tend to twist the concept of questioning and discernment into something that goes nowhere and depends highly on authoritative voices to inform you. For example, the theories demand that you question everything... except what the theories claim. They take advantage of your need and willingness to question and redirect it against an unknown or vague enemy. Conspiracy theories prey on and perpetuate unwarranted distrust. LOVE AND FEAR MATTER HERE Conspiracies feed and nurture fear. They don't inform you. They don't offer solutions. They only make claims that are based in half-truths, gaslighting, or full-on lies and convince you that anyone who counters these is against you. They create invisible monsters to fear and a lot of times those monsters become represented by "others," which is often rooted in racism or other -ism, or as some vague "them" that has no face. This community is learning how to work with fear and love in ways that matter in the most practical and most magical ways, so if we start hosting conspiracy theory threads, we risk throwing into the mix a twisted and ugly exploitation of fear that serves no one. I hope all of this makes sense and that you forgive me for making the call to lock the thread. Thank you.
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS & NEW YEAR! LET'S DO THIS! Happy Holidays to everyone around the world who make TLE such a magical and resourceful and supportive and comforting place to be. I have to state loudly and proudly that the people of TLE are at the heart of what helped me ride through a mentally and emotionally turbulent year in 2019. I have had many different kinds of rough years so this isn't new to me, but who knew there would be so many different kinds of "rough years." And 2019 was a doozy, but I made it. We made it! So thank you for being the people you are and for adding so much to each other's lives. You make a world of difference. And we are going to live the hell out of 2020 and do our best to bring compassionate progress and powerful peace to our individual and collective lives. There are some fun and exciting things in the works for TLE if all goes as planned, so I'm really looking forward to 2020. I will soon post a list of new and improved events and changes that I think will be really meaningful for TLE! Thank you for enduring my rough times, my delays, my rants, my ups and downs... Thank you. Much love to all of you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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    Hey everyone! I'm checking in to let you know I'm alive and well and that I am getting back to work as soon as I give myself a bit of rest. For most of the year, I sit alone in my home for days on end with a great deal of my time in a trance and then Autumn comes around and I am rushed into a whirlwind of activities that really push my chubby little body! Suddenly I am surrounded by people and involved in great conversations and events at TLEGG and then we are off to NY Comic Con where I am on my feet and in a massive crowd for four days straight and then birthdays come all in a row and then the holidays... WHOOSH! Right now I am recovering (in a good way) from the TLEGG and Comic Con events that were such wonderful experiences this year. My soul is rejuvenated, but my body is getting grounded again. I will write up a separate post about these events soon. You know how there are experiences, events, and people who can drain you? Well, events and experiences like TLEGG do the opposite! They FILL you... even OVER-fill you... but when it is all over, that charge starts to drain and you begin to settle back into your normal state. It can feel surreal and sad and sometimes even depressing as that incredible charge drains back to normal. It's really important to let that overcharge be an inspiration and not just let it drain into the earth as sadness. So if you were at TLEGG or if you have any exciting events in your life, let the charge settle back into normal, but don't mistake that as a bad thing. Let that overcharged state burn off any blocks to your inspiration and passion and return to your life with strength and focus when you are ready. I will be back to work this week and doing my best to catch up with you and myself! Thank you for your love, patience, and understanding! Troy
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    ENERGY REPORT September 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) SEPTEMBER brings a slow but steady shift away from Realist Attitude and toward the exploration of Chief Feature of Self-Destruction. As September moves forward, we think there will likely develop a clear distinction between those in the world at large who have remained in the Negative Pole, Subjectivity, and those who have secured a fairly confident Positive Pole, Objectivity. Many remain in Subjectivity and will have a difficult time differentiating between “what is the truth” and “what is my truth.” Subjectivity only informs you about what is true for you, not necessarily what is the truth. Subjectivity tends to blind one to the truth and prompts one to uphold their own truths as more important than the truth. You may see this happening around you as individuals emphasize how they FEEL over what is TRUE. Subjectivity makes the intention, motivation, circumstances, and results of someone’s actions or choices less important than how someone feels about those intentions, motivations, results, or circumstances. For example, when in Subjectivity, the reality and truth of those who are immigrating are less important or not as important at all compared to how people feel about immigration and immigrants. When in Subjectivity, the reality and truth of a child coming out as gay to his parents are less important or not as important at all compared to how the parents feel about homosexuality, sin, and disappointment. When in Subjectivity, the reality and truth of the challenges in one’s life are less important or not important at all compared to how one feels about those challenges. Subjectivity rejects information. Objectivity invites information. Much of what has grown to become “internet outrage” is born of Realist Attitude in the Negative Pole, Subjectivity. The truth and reality of a situation are less important or not as important at all compared to how one feels about that truth and reality. As September moves forward, it may become quite clear who has decided to reject information in favor of how they feel and who has decided to invite information regardless of how they feel, both in the world at large and in your personal life. Realist Attitude is on the Axis of the Moving Centers and most of what is considered “feelings” are, literally, feelings. They are reactions or responses in the body. Emotions are not the same thing as “feelings.” Emotions are all about perception, but how one Physically reacts or responds to what is perceived is what generates “feelings.” For those who insist on feelings over the truth, the impact of Self-Destruction may come fairly intensely over the end of the year. Self-Destruction is on the Axis of the Intellectual Centers, so Self-Destruction often comes as a rejection of or lack of Insight, or information. With a rejection of the truth and rejection of insight and rejection of information and all emphasis on feelings, it is quite difficult to navigate. In most cases where Self-Destruction shows up, there is a spiraling implosion or an escalating explosion leading to a breaking point that becomes a means of self-punishment or a wish to punish others. We will speak more to Self-Destruction as October arrives, but if any of our students are feeling a slow or escalating trajectory toward punishment of self or others, even if unintentionally, we can suggest now that you do your best to shift your attention to THE TRUTH, not your FEELINGS. Remember: your feelings are a PART of the truth because they tell you how you feel about what you have perceived or learned or experienced, but they are not THE truth or the whole truth. If you seek to evolve, be open and willing to see the greater reality of which you are a part. This means honoring your feelings, but not defining everything only by how you feel. This will likely be quite important as our students move toward more and more conscious choices necessary for shifting the personal and collective world toward more desired directions. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): September 5th - 10th -- Energy Shift -- EMOTIONAL EVALUATION -- As September begins, many of our students are likely checking in with their emotions and assessing the health of those emotions. Have they been blocked? Are they overflowing? Are there storms brewing? Is there a leak? Is there a drought? Have they been put on ice? We use the metaphor of water here as there are likely symbolic events in the personal and/or collective world involving water that are a part of this emotional evaluation. [note: as this report comes after a hurricane, we note that this was part of the energy shift we describe] On the other side of this shift is likely a realization regarding the necessity for dealing with blocked or neglected emotions. September 19th - 21st -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - This marks a first shift toward or away from Self-Destruction on a large scale. If there is a shift toward more collective Self-Destruction, it is likely being demonstrated in some way during the Nexus. If the Nexus window is fairly quiet and/or showcases a moving and meaningful event, the shift would likely be away from Self-Destruction. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER SEPTEMBER: FEELING IS NOT THE SAME THING AS HEALING - When one depends entirely upon “feelings” for navigation, reality, truth, intuition, guidance, decisions, the past, the future, etc, there will likely come a point where you realize you have cornered yourself into a very isolating existence. It can be quite painful and exhausting to do the work of rising above one’s feelings so that they are a PART of reality, not reality, itself. It is vital and meaningful to honor and include feelings as a part of any experience and navigation and healing, but if the only thing that matters to you is how you feel, it can be a powerful block to any real healing. Let yourself feel, but also, ask what is real.
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    @Troy Michael, and Team-TLE, Thank You so much for this timely delivery! I made this picture today of one of my apple trees, this tree was ripped apart by elk and dear, woodpeckers destroyed most of its bark, gypsy moth invasions etc. It didn't hardly bloom anymore for the last 5 years, and once two years ago it had two apples. Look at it now, this tree after all of its hardships is in alignment with breakthrough!!!
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    You all have made me cry. Bobby and I had a cathartic, emotional day all day yesterday and we think it was good for us. All kinds of stuff came up and we just sat together and cried. Not even for reasons we would think. We can handle the stress of financial strain and the stress of isolation, but it's the overwhelming sense of what is happening to everyone, not just us. And it all triggered all kinds of weird, old stuff, like the death of his mom from when he was a teen and my near-death in 2007... so weird and unexpected. But it was healing. I love all of you and hope we can create some community events soon that will help bring some relief, calm, love, connection, and inspiration to everyone. Thank you all for caring so much. It is truly moving.
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    U.S.A., New York, New York City March 16th, 2020 This is getting scary. I'm not going to lie. I'm scared. Just a broad anxiety of uncertainty. A part of me is anchored and calm and trusts that this will not be as bad as it could have been, but another part of me is like... brace yourself, girrrl. This is gonna get rough. Maybe it is my sensitivity as a channel and I am just picking up all of the anxiety around me, but I know I have my own, as well. But yeah, I'm scared. I own it. As the city shuts down, my mind can't help but wonder about the consequences and the impact on everyday living for the next many months. I know we can survive this, but it is also a break in the chains of everyday living that can be exploited and trigger catastrophic collapse. I fear what our fake president will do to take advantage of all of this and postpone or cancel the next election. I worry about the use of Martial Law. Right now, it is expected that children will not even go back to school this year. Restaurants are closed, venues are shut down, social spaces closed, grocery store limitations, etc. My boyfriend is now relegated to working from home, which is a good thing, but a reminder of how serious this is. My younger neighbors are fleeing the city to return home before they are trapped here away from their families. It's unsettling to have my neighbors leave their plants with me because they don't know when they will return. We have stocked up on some pastas and rice and beans and protein bars, but it's not a lot. If there is a break in the food supply chain for NYC, we would be in big trouble. The streets are getting quieter, but still pretty busy. The feeling in the air is like it was after 9/11. Like a forced calmness over a terrified chaos. It was announced here in NYC that we should just assume we have already either contracted or come in contact with the virus. It is spreading that fast and that powerfully. They are no longer testing for or tracing or tracking. It is too far out of our hands. Now we just try to slow it or stop it. 2020 is now a huge part of history. Michael said we were heading toward a Turning Point. This is it.
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    ENERGY REPORT August 2019 2019 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Artisan (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Flow → Acceptance/Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Observation → Passion/Reserve (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-Destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST brings with it a deeper dive into Realist Attitude that may launch August into rough territories of the heart and mind as the negative pole continues to be emphasized. Realist Attitude is about seeing “what is,” and learning how to navigate through what is by keeping in perspective the whole picture, but when Realist is in the negative pole, Realist Attitude still sees what is, but loses the ability to see the whole picture and can no longer navigate through what is, and gets trapped in it. Rather than having the broader context, distance, and Objectivity of the positive pole, Realists in the negative pole fall into Subjectivity and this often means that “everything hurts” because they can only see what they can see. This can often lead to the creation of a loop of Subjectivity that assumes that what one sees is all that there is, and a process begins where the person in Subjectivity looks only for more evidence and support for what the Realist has decided is “what is.” We see August pushing deeper into this Subjectivity with even the most conscious of students having a difficult time seeing beyond what they see as “what is.” On a larger scale, you may see this play out in various ways that reveal how others see “what is” and how they work hard to continue to insist on their version of “what is,” or they do little to change what they have deemed as being “what is.” Groups will continue to form around their versions of “what is” and either push for more proof of what is, or resign to “what is.” On a more personal scale, our students may be feeling something similar in their own perspectives and philosophies about “what is” true about their lives and be locked in Subjectivity. What we can suggest to our students is that you must consciously choose to see more than what you see as “what is.” There is no magic or passive way about this. You must make that choice. You may not be able to see beyond what you can see at the moment, but you must make the choice. This means “sliding” to Cynicism, the partner Attitude on the same Axis. Cynicism is all about contradicting “what is” and being willing to see “what isn’t.” This does not mean making things up or seeing false realities, but being willing to see what you cannot so easily see. For example, if you see yourself as lonely, this is fair and valid, but it is not all that is true. No matter how much you insist on it being true, there are other factors and people and perspectives and actions and communication and care that can relieve loneliness. Contradicting your loneliness does not mean you are not lonely, but it opens a door to a broader possibility. The above is also helpful for looking at the world, politics, relationships, etc, that may sometimes be locked into Subjectivity in 2019. If you find yourself spiraling into a perspective of yourself, the world, relationships, etc. that convinces you that this is just “what is” and that you cannot change it or you find yourself looking for more evidence to support “what is,” you may be in Subjectivity. Some of our students may find that none of the above is relevant and that they have been able to sustain a distance and Objectivity that allows them to see all of what is. We can only suggest to these students, if they choose to do so, that they consider helping others to see more of what is so that they are not lost in Subjectivity. It is not helpful to insist on or preach or tell people that there is more than what they can see, but one can gently invite them to consider that there is more. And we do the same now to all of our students who may be locked in Subjectivity. There is more than what you see as “what is.” There is more. There is always more. There is more than loneliness, more than destruction, more than hate, more than violence, more than war, more than pain, more than illness, etc. Being willing to see more does not mean ignoring what is, but means that you allow and invite and create more to be alongside what is. For example, a catastrophic natural disaster may strike a population and there is no denying that this is “what is,” but it can be a life-saving choice to be able to see recovery, healing, resilience, kindness, community, etc., as part of the greater truth of what is. Be willing to contradict your accurate but limited perspectives and invite, create, or allow more so that “what is” does not consume you. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): August 1st - 5th -- Energy Shift -- EXTREME AGITATION - August starts off as June and July, but at a more extreme degree of agitation. Some of this agitation may be an undercurrent, but there will likely be an obvious extreme of agitation that triggers a burst of reactions. We can only suggest “riding this out” and getting to a more calming break around August 9 - 11. August 9th - 11th -- Energy Shift -- COMFORT - We see a short window of emphasis on comfort, kindness, patience, celebration, honor, etc. during these dates that may be on a personal scale or collective scale. AUGUST - NO NEXUS HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER AUGUST: REALITY IS MORE THAN WHAT IS REAL - Reality is not only made up of what you have determined is true, but includes what you do not know to be true, what you have ignored as true, and what you may find as a new level or angle of a truth you already know. Many of our students are quite open to reality beyond what they know as real, but this tends to be true only to a certain extent. Some of the most painful perceptions you may have about yourself, life, relationships, the future, the past, etc. can often be a resignation to “what is,” or a devoted and persistent effort to gather evidence to support only what you have known as “what is.” Be open. Be willing. Be Real.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we respond to the request from Troy to shed some light on the deeper inner processes that are happening for our students, particularly those who may be struggling more. In general, it is fair to say that every Chief Feature that could be triggered has been triggered for nearly every fragment extant. When this happens on such a scale, the world can seem to be upside-down, surreal, leaving you feeling deeply disconnected, even as you go about familiar routines. The first insight we would share with you is that when such an unexpected event happens and leaves one lingering in a persistent state, your Centering tends to shift. In most cases, this shift is a reversal of your Primary and Secondary Centering. When you have lived for so long in one way, this flip can put you immediately into the Negative Poles of Centering. This means that the world will suddenly seem overwhelming, too loud, drowning out inspiration and making no sense at all, leaving you struggling with REASON, the negative pole of the Intellect. You then put yourself back into the world with no voice, as the Emotions have no voice. You are left with the emotions and your only means of bringing yourself back into the world is through Sentimentality, or desperately looking for something or someone to represent your voice. If each of you take a look at the negative poles of your Centering, flip that Centering, and then consider how you now navigate the world and how you put yourself back into the world, you may see validation for your sense that things are "upside, down." This one simple key can help you to recover the awareness and tools to make more conscious choices in navigating and being in the world. One way to help you put your flipped Centering in perspective might be to say, "I AM STRUGGLING TO PROCESS [insert negative pole of of new primary] and GENERATING [insert negative pole of new secondary]. e.g. I AM STRUGGLING TO PROCESS REASONS AND GENERATING SENTIMENTALITY. I AM STRUGGLING WITH SENTIMENTALITY AND GENERATING FRUSTRATION. I AM STRUGGLING WITH FRUSTRATION AND GENERATING REASONS. Etc. Discuss among your fellow students the range of details that have been shared regarding these negative poles for more insights into how your flipped centering is in effect. The sentences we gave above are baseline words, but can be customized to make more sense to you, such as "I am struggling to make sense of everything [reasons] and attaching myself to anything of comfort [sentimentality]. In light of the above, none of you have been wrong for sensing that your world, particularly your inner world, has been turned "upside, down." This same experience happens on a private and individual level when recovering from trauma. Your solution and relief to the above Traps are to either consciously choose the Positive Poles as often as you can, or choose the to add in the Tertiary Centering's Positive Pole. For example, if you are stuck in a Trap of the Intellectual/Emotional Negative Poles, you would want to bring in PRODUCTIVITY, the Positive Pole of the Moving Center. NOTE: this technique is to be used as a form of healing, not escape. You are not in need of being fixed and you are not in danger with your centering flipped. It is simply new to you to sustain for such a length of time. Bringing in the conscious choices and/or the aim for the Tertiary Centering is a solution and relief, but not an escape. Before we continue, we would ask each of you if you find validation in this idea of your centering being flipped? ***OPTIONAL RESPONSES*** Uma: I can see it, but I don't feel like that has happened to me personally. Luciana: I'm not sure how to evaluate my case... I think for example my frustration is against the pandemic... and moving is my third center I don't know if it applies aq Royce: not too sure. I am emotional center with intellectual part. the closest I can validate the flip is almost dedicating my entire life to delivery, phone apps , sleep and rehashing old guilt ( seems like comfort to me) Wendy: I sense it is happening but I don't understand enough to be clear. Brian: Yes, although I actually feel like I'm doing better during the pandemic and only had a slight disorientation in the beginning. Perhaps that is because I'm used to the flip for reasons you've mentioned and focused more on being productive to help Brandy: I am in the intellectual part of the emotional center, and can relate for sure - definitely in terms of seeking comfort, and also in how good I feel when I set aside trying to reason it all and just go do something productive. Ro: I'm definitely taking advantage of compassionate and gentle Productivity. Brandy: Nice Eric: My question on that would be if this flip is the same across the board or is it affecting some more than others because of the patchwork nature of this event Bobby: I've been very busy with work so seems more productive but I can see unnecessary reasoning coming into play with some things Brandy: Encouraging gentle productivity in myself makes me more inclined to do it, since moving is not very strong impulse for me, but very healthy for me. Diane and Tex: I think I was definitely flipped the first 2 months of the pandemic, but I've been emphasizing my Moving center the last month and feeling a lot better Eric: i.e. if it's more pronounced in those going through a more stressful or more upended situation compared to those less directly affected MEntity: We would add that all of you will relate in some way to all of the terminology that we use to describe the negative poles because you still have every center in you and the terms are broadly used outside of our system. Regardless of your centering, you will know frustration and you will try to reason and you will attach yourself sentimentally. However, we are speaking about a fundamental shift in how you take in your experiences and how you put yourself back out into the world. Brandy: This is inspiring me to go for more walks in nature - just get my body moving - listen to birds, smell blossoms, get out of my head Ro: that's wonderful, Brandy!! Uma: Yes, i feel more and think less these days Ro: same Uma Brandy: Thank you Ro Kasia: I really relate to what you've described Michael, and how disorienting it is when how you've always experienced the world is no longer how you experience is, and all during a pandemic, no less Wendy: I feel like my productivity is all out of balance now, and it's something I really depend on. Now everything takes twice as much effort and enjoyment of accomplishments is missing. MEntity: To EricM, we can say that there are degrees of intensity, yes, but nearly everyone has been affected. Even those who are protesting when they would otherwise not move to take a stand. Their centers are flipped and they are Moving when they would otherwise, not. This is, in great part, why many are seeing a rise in outward behaviors that are disturbing and unsettling. Brandy: I can definitely relate to that wendymae59 Jeroen: I am Emotional Centered / Intellectual Part. I can relate to struggling with Reasoning in terms of understanding people in my life and ongoing events relating to the pandemic. Juni: @wendymae, same-this much free time would normally have my house spotless and a lot more things/projects organized but I just can't seem to get started on anything bigger than everyday stuff, mostly, even during days when I have more energy Jeroen: Productivity does seem to help. Jeroen: Brandy, the walks in nature help me too. I have been doing quite a bit of that. Brandy: Yes, can relate to that Juni - I've been trying to figure out why I feel so much more inertia than usual - why just getting my dishes done feels like a mountain sometimes Brandy: that's great Jeroen I need to make it part of my daily routine. Really need routine right now too. Brian: Michael, how long does this flipped effect last? Is it temporary, just for the duration of the pandemic, or permanent? MEntity: To wendymae59, we can say that if Productivity is your Tertiary Centering's Positive Pole, it will be helpful to understand Productivity in terms with which an Old Soul can relate. Most of you know Productivity as defined in Young Soul terms, but the older soul experiences the use of energy in different ways. Maureen: Oddly, I noticed this yesterday... I asked my husband a (big) question about the "why of Trump" and he kept on answering me and I got confused because I "knew" all the answers he was giving me. Then I shook my head (I'm feeling quite dull these days) and realized I had asked him a rhetorical question. I hadn't even thought whether it was or wasn't when I asked the question. It was more out of frustration. I’m ending up with feeling that I have to accept that so much isn’t making any sense these days. Wendy: I'm emotional/moving part though so isn't Intellectual my tertiary? How would that work? MEntity: There are many who have been forced by limitations or restrictions of the mind and/or body and they have had to come to terms with how their Moving Center's Positive Pole works. (we will circle back to your specific question in a moment) For those who have accepted and seek to manage and build upon their so-called limitations and restrictions, the Positive Pole is something understood as "spoons," a term that has become familiar as a way to describe knowing one's limits and being kind in response to those limits. The concept of "spoons" is derived from an anecdote that each of you can search for on your own, but the concept is entirely valid. In short, "spoons" describes how much energy you energy have to give to the day, to others, or to yourself. For the older soul, Productivity is not about how MUCH you get done or how MUCH you produce, but about how well you feel at the end of your day. Brandy: I love that Micheal MEntity: We suggest that this concept be explored as a new way to bring you into the Positive Pole of your Moving Centers. We can elaborate more on this in further exchanges, of course. This concept allows you to get done what you can when you can and not expending extraordinary amounts of wasted energy on guilt, shame, frustration, and policing of yourself. In response to your specific question, Wendymae59, your flipped centering would be I AM STRUGGLING WITH FRUSTRATION AND GENERATING SENTIMENTALITY, or I am struggling with frustration and seeking comfort. My solution and relief are found through Insight. Insight is the capacity for one to see or intuit the essential truth of a situation or person. Put another way, the willingness for one to see differently from how one is seeing or used to seeing. Wendy: Thank you that is so helpful Michael MEntity: Before we conclude today, we will also quickly offer up the consideration that all fragments have now had their Tertiary Chief Features triggered to some degree that is greater than usual. In addition to this, ALL of you are experiencing the collective Chief Feature of Self-Deprecation, or the fear of being invisible, being inadequate, ineffective, not being able to make a difference or do anything right or good enough. We have never seen all of our students in the same Chief Feature for so long at the same time before. You and we are moving into unprecedented territory and we will continue this discussion in further exchanges along the way with you. For now, we can suggest that you explore how you may be experiencing your Tertiary Chief Feature, which the Chief Feature that triggers reactions and defense in the body, as well as consider how you are navigating Self-Deprecation along with everyone else. We know that many of you do not know your Tertiary Chief Feature, so we can suggest for now that you trust your own assessment. Your Tertiary Chief Feature tends to be reflected in how you FEEL in reaction to events. We know that most consider emotions to be "feelings," but we speak of the literal feeling that moves through your body in reaction to events. We will dedicate time with all of you to explore this soon. We must conclude here for today as our channel is losing focus. He is working on managing his "spoons." Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    Throughout most of this I have bounced solidly between weeping tears of gratitude and weeping tears of pain. I'm not sure where I stand or what is to come for me but I am overwhelmed with emotion each time I really let myself absorb everything that is happening. I'll probably write a longer blog post at some point but a few of my thoughts are as follows: 1. I never understood the scope of the indignity that was living under white supremacy until this moment. I had somehow absorbed racism and anti-blackness in the same way my afro can take on the smell of the food I'm cooking where other people will notice but not me. The denial of my humanity and the profound hatred for my body, my blackness, was stitched into me so finely that it is only now that I realize that it wasn't part of my package. That some form of self-rejection isn't simply the "base model" of being Black. 2. I often think of the phrase Black Lives Matter and why it has taken on a different meaning for me than it did when it first emerged in 2015. I can only credit my own profound spiritual transition for this, and of course, Michael. Because I'm starting to realize that black lives don't just "matter" (of course they do), but that black lives have Meaning. We Michael Students know that the quest for and relationship to Meaning is one of the more complicated and exhilarating aspects of being incarnated. It is as if every day I discover some new profound aspect of Beauty in the choice to search for Meaning through blackness. I'll have more eloquent thoughts about this at some point. 3. The mix of resentment and appreciation I feel towards "good white people," whom I have a very complicated relationship with, as someone who is often put into the category of "good black person." White people have almost always felt comfortable around me, and have been able to treat me with at least a larger modicum of respect than black people they deem "bad". After all, I speak well and I understand their jokes, I consumed all their pop culture growing up so I get their references. This has kept me safe from most overt experiences of racism but I have been assaulted with a low hum of racial microaggressions throughout my life that warped me, feeding my Arrogance dragon until it was heavy and it could sit right on my chest - stifling me from sharing my truth and being myself. It's been a lot to unpack this, and I've been able to do it with some great friends I've made who have made me feel heard and appreciated, even through misunderstandings and mistakes on both sides. For that, I am so beyond grateful I can hardly speak. So, that's where I am at least consciously. There's a host of other things going on in my mind about the political aspects of this moment. As a leftist I can't help but laugh (a bit bitterly) that we spent all that time hand wringing over revolution and it's happening anyway. There are conversations happening now that I cannot believe are being taken seriously and if I had to gauge it, I would say we landed rather firmly in breakthrough. The noise and drama will give way to the quietly powerful voices compassionate leaders who are able to stand in the gap between the rage and hurt and the fear of progress. We as Old Souls have the potential to start and facilitate conversations that can calm this moment in our own circles, that might ring out to lives even beyond the ones we know. We can do this. We are doing this.
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    This has my head spinning. I KNEW this!!! I was going to ask about George Floyd!! I knew he wasn't "just a pawn". I knew there must have been some kind of "agreement" on his end especially in 2020 with the Goal of Submission and all the other significant Overleaves. For those who don't know, Nelson Mandela was a Magnetic Server (6th Level Old). Here's a LINK to his Overleaves. Janet: Hello Michael! What causes a 6th level Old Soul to become magnetic -- or not? That is, what defines which fragments become magnetic? MEntity: It is a cumulative process that tends to rise from lifetimes where the fragment has affected many lives that then affect many lives. As "word gets around," so to speak, about a consistent source of beneficial impact, that fragment is "activated" as Magnetic. The state of Magnetism is a kind of Philanthropic Karma. Those fragments who generated these effects upon the lives of others without conditional intention or particular awareness create a kind of imbalance that then generates a necessity for addressing. The Magnetic phase is a way for one to finally recognize and gain awareness of how one's actions and choices have cascading ramifications. This is why it is during the 6th Level where Karma is addressed. Even "good" Karma. ~~~ From Geraldine's Validating Michael website: Magnetic Kingdoms During my recent blogs on community, Martha added the answers she'd received from Michael on the topic of "Magnetic Kingdoms" in her comments, and I briefly touched on them. Meanwhile, she also posted to her blog on TLE, links and/or the material, which garnered quite a few comments. Troy is still reacting through his Self-Deprecation CF, and I think there might be others who have not taken the time to really think through what Magnetic Kingdoms are; so, I'd like to address this topic more in depth. From the Kingdoms article, the following serves as a good definition: Kingdoms are the created gatherings, focus, and work of fragments who share a common, specific goal within the physical plane across time. Kingdoms are created by a fragment who has decided to take on the task of leading that transformation. Kingdoms consist of approximately 5,000 fragments that are generally confined to the Energy Ring to which the leading fragment belongs. The fragments who gather from across the Energy Ring and are not limited to any Cadre or Entity within that Energy Ring. The entire concept of Kingdoms is based on a VOLUNTARY organization that evolves from a shared realization gained through individual experiences from across several lifetimes and the cohesion to act as a group in implementing a realization. In highly simplistic explanation: Across your own lifetimes your Personalities and Essence may have noted on several occasions about an experience within the physical plane that you have decided “would be great” if it could be implemented. Eventually a fragment will “announce” to the Energy Ring that it is intending to focus on a specific implementation over time and fragments then “sign up” to be a part of that shared experience of implementation. Fragments who take on the task of leading a Kingdom take several lifetimes to “set the stage” for the eventual emphasis of that Kingdom. Not all fragments will choose to be a part of a Kingdom. As we said, it is entirely voluntary and simply a means of gaining experience in yet another specific way. After the “stage is set” and the fragments have all settled into an understanding of who is in the Kingdom, then the leading fragment enters what we refer to as its “magnetic” phase. The “Magnetic Phase” of the leading fragment begins and is completed throughout and within the entire Soul Age of 6th Level Old. The leading fragment can be any Role, but depending on the Role, the Kingdom will be colored by a very specific context. When a King takes on the task of being a Magnetic Old King, it takes on the emphasis of REUNION. Magnetic Old Kings emphasize an effect within their Kingdom of a “final gathering”, or a reunion among the entities of which they have been strongly connected. This Reunion usually has an emphasis, or theme, of experiences that help contribute to that reunion, but regardless of the theme, the end result will be in that of Reunion. Those who are a part of a Magnetic Old King’s Kingdom will then feel compelled upon their own to emphasize a drop in all barriers within their own circle of contact as a means to encourage Reunion. Reunion, then, will be the means through which that Kingdom’s theme is implemented. A Magnetic Old Server will emphasize the context of COMFORTS. Those fragments within a Server’s Kingdom will feel compelled to emphasize some means of offering a specific means of comfort in a profound way to their circle of contact. Magnetic Old Artisans emphasize the context of PATRONAGE. A Magnetic Old Artisan’s Kingdom will then focus on a specific creativity to which all will contribute as support. A Magnetic Old Warrior’s Kingdom will emphasize ADVOCACY. Those within an Old Warrior’s Kingdom will feel compelled to take on the challenges of expanding the RIGHTS or Freedom of those within their circle of contact as a means to implement that Kingdom’s theme. The Magnetic Old Scholar’s Kingdom has its emphasis in INVENTION. Those within the Old Scholar’s Kingdom will participate in establishing an INVENTION or in the support for an Invention’s DISCOVERY, all within the context of that Kingdom’s theme. Sages who become Magnetic Old Sages have an emphasis on MENTORING. Those who are a part of a Magnetic Old Sage’s Kingdom, regardless of the shared theme, will begin to feel compelled to act as a Mentor within their own circle of contact as a means of implementing the specific theme of that Kingdom. A Magnetic Old Priest will emphasize TRANSFORMATION. Those fragments within the Priest’s Kingdom will feel compelled to personally invest in the transformation of those fragments within their circle of contact as a means to implement that Kingdom’s theme. I would add to that fairly forthright explanation that Kingdoms appear to be part of the process of Entities, Cadres, and Energy Rings gathering and sharing experiences of being Old souls as we push towards cycling off. The reason that the Magnetic leader is Old 6 is that level is a "work" level. In other soul ages, it's the karma-balancing level. And, while during the Old-6 level, there may be some remnant karma left, it's mostly self-karma. As I said to Troy in a private response, being part of his magnetic kingdom has absolutely nothing to do with him being "special," or whether we want to move to NYC to gather at his feet, or that he has any hallmarks of being an adept or guru. It has to do with a task, or agreement -- him channeling Michael clearly and coherently, and us pushing for more answers on what the Michael Teachings are all about. He has gathered students who are insisting on followup answers to all of the incomplete or non-expanded answers that Michael has given over the past 30 years. Many are paying money to ask "general" or non-personal questions in private sessions. Some, like me, are pushing for complete information on the entire human timeline, including all of the Infinite and Transcendental Souls, all interventions, and a sense of human design's evolution. Others, such as Maureen are pushing for applying Michael to Astrology. Martha is pushing more for specific application over multiple lifetimes, how relationships have evolved, including through parallels. Others want to expand the snippets about extra-terrestrials, other dimensional beings, and other lifeforms. None of us seem to be drawn to Troy because we've put him on a pedestal. In fact, he drives most of us to outright irritation and frustration much of the time. We are well aware of his very human qualities. We see him going through his own 4th Internal Monad, experiencing his CFs, his negative poles, just like the rest of us. There is no "Master/Acolyte" relationship for any of us. However, by the same token, we feel we've validated a great deal of what he has channeled, and that which we've not validated, we keep asking for more information. There is nothing "WooWoo" or special about Magnetic Kingdoms. They are a process that most will participate in as they move into their Old Soul ages. They are a relationship of accomplishment that will help bind the casting groups of Entities, Cadres, and Energy Rings together. Just as we participate in various agreements and relationships that span time with our Cadences, Traveling Companions, Task Companions, Tri-Bonds, Support Circles, and External Monadal partners, so, too, do we participate in Magnetic Kingdoms. Just as Martha knows she's part of several other, currently inactive, kingdoms, I imagine that I, too, have a couple planned out. But, for this lifetime, and maybe another one, I'm in Troy's Magnetic Kingdom and working on the Michael Teachings. I'd love to see a couple of my concurrents join in.
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    TEMPORARY CHANGE TO SESSION FORMAT: Due to the stress, anxiety, and disruptive nature of events in NYC during this pandemic, all currently-scheduled private sessions are being converted to email sessions until further notice, and only email are available for new appointments. If you have not already been contacted about this, you will be. A personal email will be sent to you with instructions. WHY THE CHANGE? This will allow me to work outside of my scheduled hours to maximize my quality time for focus and channeling. Please be patient and please forgive this inconvenience to all of us. Public and group events will still be live channeling events. This will also help me to catch up on all backlog faster. 20% PANDEMIC DISCOUNT: Times are going to be very tough in the weeks or months ahead. My fiance just got furloughed, which means our household income has dramatically come to a halt. We will be filing for unemployment ASAP, but that will cover very little. We aren't unique in this situation and I want to be as helpful as I can with what little I have, while also trying to keep our TLE community expenses paid and stay afloat in my personal life. We will get through this. If you are scheduling a new appointment, please feel free to use the following code for a 20% Discount. Use the code during the checkout process. If you do not need this discount, please save it for when you need it. PANDEMIC DISCOUNT: BREAKTHRU2020 This is good for 20% off of 30-Minute (2Q) or 60-Minute (5Q) Sessions. Thank you for your understanding and kindness as we do what we can to get through this together. Troy
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    "The Truth and Consequences of unchecked and ignored oppression became the unapologetic and crystal clear message that was streamlined into a momentum that has changed the future for everyone. It is not over, but the trajectory is clear and your lifetime is witnessing the very start of a very real world of racial equality. There may always be obstacles and issues, of course, but the Power has shifted and there is no going back." Reading this gave me goosebumps. And tears.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Luciana: Michael you were asked once “What communal truths do we Americans have that are distinct from other countries / cultures?” And one more time was asked about Canada .. I would like to ask the same question about Brazil. MEntity: Some examples might be: THE WORLD IS DANGEROUS. EVERYONE IS EITHER A FRIEND OR A THREAT. FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING. CHANGE IS BAD. PEOPLE ARE INHERENTLY BROKEN AND NEED FIXING. RELIGION IS THE ONLY ANSWER. These are not particularly unique to Brazil, but we see them as fairly prevalent. NEXT Kurtis: Hi Michael and Troy, today I'd like you to elaborate more on the Venusian Nature. You've previously said that it has the poles of -Evasive and +Sensual, and needs Affection to be healthy, but that there are also polarities within those polarities. Could you tell us those "mini polarities" and how they can play out in terms of avoiding or creating affection? MEntity: EVASIVE would have the polarities of +protection and -denial and SENSUAL would have the polarities of +harmonious and -uncanny Evasive may be generated as a way to protect the self from the unknown or as a way to deny the known. Sensual can be a way to generate mutual harmony or create an odd creepiness that has to be adjusted. NEXT Connor: Why hello, Michael. Do pranks exist on the Causal Plane? Have you ever pranked (or been pranked by) another Entity, and can you describe what the prank was? MEntity: You may be pleased to know that "pranking" and even "teasing" continue to exist in the high planes. Humor continues among the planes, though it does get more refined or nuanced and moves far into the subtle and/or morbid. We once experienced a "prank" when our teachers from the Mental Plane explained that while there is no perfection, there is perfect imperfection. They "one day" explained that this perfect imperfection had become imperfected and it was undoing the planes around us, spreading like a virus to undo existence. While we are not gullible, we did take them seriously and asked many questions. While we do not fear, we did brace ourselves for nonexistence. This would have looked the equivalent to you of watching the elderly stare into space and wait. And though no one has bodies for laughter, this was a hilarious "hazing" from our teachers. Connor: That's fucking hilarious. MEntity: We only have a very crude means of describing humor using limits of words, so the above may seem odd, but it is the best combinations of words we can find at the moment to describe this experience. Trust is implicit and unquestioned in the high planes and this can look like gullibility, but because there is no threat or danger from the "teasing" we willingly "fall for" some of the "pranks." NEXT Uma: Hello Michael, This has been quite a year. Thank you for all your help in navigating it. Generally, from your perspective, does it look like we are on the more positive trajectory? And more specifically, what can you tell us about the Nexus/Convergence we are currently experiencing? What parallels are merging? And any update on the IS? Thank you. MEntity: We would say that there is a "holding pattern" at the moment and that we will have more information in January, and even more in February. By March we will likely have details for whatever is most likely "locked in" for the year regarding the subjects in question. For now, the holding pattern is the equivalent of a pause to "see what happens next." During this "pause" there is a great deal of room for maneuvering and aligning and calibrating in a way that aims in a direction of appeal to the collective consciousness. It is also a pause to consider the effects of the reaction to recent events and whether moving forward can be handled confidently or more delicately. As for the Nexus, one does not require Causal Plane vision to see that there is a shift in a direction that reflects the more accurate reality of collective consciousness, which is to move forward together, not collapse further into destruction. This does not mean there will be no challenges, in fact, they may be escalated in small instances with large consequences, but the collective shift is in favor of evolution and progress. Uma: I sensed that, and it is good to have your view of it. MEntity: The end of your 2019 may still have some challenges in store that are examples, but whatever the consequences of those events, one can be certain that it does not reflect the masses. NEXT Bobby: I wanted to ask a question about black holes and in particular, the supermassive black hole that is at the center of the galaxy known as NGC 1277. It is believed to have a mass of 17 billion of our suns and being the largest discovered so far. What sort of consciousness makes up such an object and what is being aimed for there. Connor: Ooh nice question. MEntity: There is much more to be understood by your scientists and by us about what are now referred to as "Black Holes," but we can say that what is understood at the moment is a fraction of a fraction of what these are. In response to your questions, what are seen as "black holes" could be considered nodes or processing points that exchange and balance energy between dimensions. This is not "dimensions" in terms of planes of existence, but physical dimensions within your own Plane. The universe you know is more like a cube that has stacks or a sphere that has pores like a large sponge. Energy generates among these moves about through various means such as "black holes" and act as regulators. Though consciousness is involved in nearly everything in existence, this is a mechanical function. We are trying to describe something that is outside of the realm of comfort and terminology for this channel, but it is a glimpse. Some are major and some are minor in their functions and this has to do with extraordinary events that scale well beyond the scope of any one lifetime of observation. We can discuss these and more "mysteries" of the universe in a dedicated session if that is of interest. Bobby: Cool, thanks NEXT Miizle: I would like to know if growing vegetables in greenhouses has any health effects on us, lacking UV light for example. I am planning a massive greenhouse trying to go self-sufficient as much as possible and wondering if i need to plan opening windows to let UV light in as it doesn't seem natural for plants to not have any. (any covering materials I have seen so far are all UV blocking) MEntity: "UV light" can be artificially introduced and managed if there are concerns, but in general, there would be little effect on the plants or your health. UV light is a kind of bonus, if you will, but is not required. If it can be introduced artificially and managed properly in terms of plant exposure and timing, you might see benefits, but without it you may not notice a differences. Miizle: Nice MEntity: In short, it is safe for you and the plants, but some exposure can be "nice" for both plants and humans. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    ALL BACKLOG HAS NOW BEEN COMPLETED! ALL SUPPORT TICKETS HAVE NOW BEEN COMPLETED! I cannot express adequately the relief that comes when I finally catch up with myself and my work! Thank you to everyone who has been so patient, so kind, and so understanding, even if you were frustrated. Thank you all for giving me the room I needed to recover from whatever was happening to me over 2019 that affected so many areas of my life. Out of nowhere, I started feeling better and better and my focus and energy and mood improved exponentially over the course of a week or two. This allowed me to dive into Support Tickets and Backlog and get everything done that was in the queue to be addressed. I look forward to staying on top of my new schedule and nurturing a healthy balance between my personal life and my channeling life. I know I will have my ups and downs and I will get behind on work again at some point, but I also know that I always catch up and I learn a little bit more about how better to manage my work, play, rest, and study. IF YOU HAVE AN OUTSTANDING SESSION, please open a Support Ticket. It is the only way to ensure that you will receive your session if it has been missed. Again, thank you for your patience and compassion for me in whatever way you have had to share those qualities with me. I appreciate it more than I can express. NOTE: WHOLENESS OF SOUL COURSE - The WoS Course was affected by my depression and distraction as well, and I am in the process of posting several new chapters that should catch us up with where we should be by now! I am very excited about that!
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    Troy shared this afterwards that probably explains it: Oh that’s probably because Michael can’t get through to us if we are in survival mode. There needs to be some level of stability, prosperity, and survival distractions at a minimum.
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    MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Maureen: Michael, in August 25 – 30, 2014 we experienced a Major Convergence. This is how you described it in an ASK Michael on August 23, 2014: Maureen: “The Convergence next week is of a branch of the species/sentience that branched in the mid to late 1700's CE in which the United States was not founded. Maureen: This convergence will likely move the United States out of its seat of power fairly (relatively) quickly over the next 20 to 50 years, or escalate it to a heightened position beyond all comprehension. Neither of these scenarios are "good" or "bad," but has a spectrum of possibility built in across the board. Maureen: An uprising "recently" overturned all these forces and a Constitution was implemented similar to the one you know for the United States. At the point where the United States is "born" is next week.”” Maureen: My question: How does our current time, right at this moment, reflect that Major Convergence especially with the Impeachment Trial of the president of the U.S. going on, and so many people in the U.S., Trump, Trump’s Administration, Republican House and Senate, Trump supporters, doing everything they can, in their power, to dismantle and make impotent the American Constitution? MEntity: What drew this convergence was the trajectory that had all related parallels moving toward a power play for what you know as the United States. In those parallels, the trajectory was leading toward the implementation of a first President not getting off to a great start as many factors were still being "ironed out" and blind spots were being brought to light, especially when the election would bring the least-favored of candidates into power. As that trajectory was very similar to "this" trajectory, the convergence was generated. At this point, they are the same "reality" and the same issues are being worked out, including the overhaul of an election process and more safe guards moving into Constitutional law that would keep this from happening again. This process of tending to blind spots and surprise flaws in the system are being worked out and they will either lead to a dismantling of power or a rise in power. Maureen: "a dismantling of power or a rise in power" for whom... either side or is one favoured? MEntity: We were speaking of the country as a whole. All will rise or all will not. Maureen: That gave me a chill. NEXT Janet: Michael, will you speak briefly about coronavirus, now spreading in China and beginning to make appearances around the world, including the US. Causes (metaphysical)? Is this likely to be a cause of mortality worldwide or something that will come and go quickly without major mortality impact? MEntity: In terms of its physical and metaphysical causes, they are the same as most diseases that originate from the enslavement of animals: deep disconnection with nature. Nearly all animal-borne viruses that jump to human rise from a disregard for the well-being of creatures. In physical terms, this is caused by poor conditions and high stress from the animals suffering. In metaphysical terms, reception to the virus rises as humans distance themselves from the suffering caused. All forms of slavery will have repercussions on all involved and will never be capable of being sustained. We cannot determine the extent to which this may be spread, but we can say that mass spread of disease still remains high as a potential cause of reduction of humanity's population. We do not think that this particular virus can gain footing, but we cannot be certain at the moment. We can say that more will come if there is not a leap in conscious awareness and a healing of the disconnect of humans from nature. As for those individuals who have received this virus, it is not personal to them. There are some illnesses that are about humanity and not the individual. The receptivity is fairly high for everyone and is a matter of proximity for receiving. NEXT Kurtis: Hi Michael I have a bit of a fun question for you today. Kurtis: You told Geraldine before about several "non-merging parallels" such as some that branched from the Civil War; from the Black Plague; from the Rise of Christianity with a later Mergence with Parallels in the 1980s that experienced record Stalker-Murders and Suicides; from Humanity not being pushed into Nomadic Behavior and just living in Local Nature; and from Virtual Reality being discovered as a Solution to War and Consumerism. Kuris: So I'd like if you could tell us a few more "Non-Merging Parallels" in our Anchor Timeline and when they branched off. MEntity: There is a branching off from around 1970 following the success of the lunar landing. The "space race" escalated and became priority. It is likely that these parallels will merge with "yours" at some point over the next 100 to 200 years, but in those parallels that have branched off on their own, life has extended to your moon and is "currently" expanding to Mars. NEXT Becca: Hi Michael! In a session Cong shared with us you said the collective Turning Point coming up in February is "a result of collective effects that would begin to show up in tangible ways." Can you expand on what those "tangible ways" might look like? And what we can do to bring positive effects to the Turning Point and help steer humanity toward a breakthrough? MEntity: The tangible ways we speak of will be clearer to us after the Turning Point of February, but we can say that it is likely to show up in a rise for a "call to action" that brings more people together for a cause than we have ever seen. Something "clicks" in those who have the power to bring about beneficial change it is no longer a daunting task, but simply a matter of conscious choice to make a difference. We cannot predict details, but in every sentient species there is this hallmark turning point where the majority come together as a collective power to shift the direction of humanity in ways that benefit as many as possible. There will be resistance and there will be rejection, but it does not stop this progress. All of the above is dependent upon the willingness of all who have the capacity to choose differently. It will happen, eventually, if not in 2020, but 2020 looks likely to bring that shift. NEXT Brian: Hi Michael! I recall years ago you had mentioned during a TLE Great Gathering that from your perspective, we are all already dead and our future history is written and thus known to future incarnations of us. There is currently a debate going on in the scientific community as to whether the universe and reality as we know it is just an elaborate simulation. A meditation practice that I've recently started on up makes the claim that our reality isn't truly real and that the physical world and everything we experience and perceive is only a projection of our mind, and even then, it is a false projection. What truth (if any) is there to these concepts? What is the nature of reality? MEntity: What you describe are half-truths. It is true that ALL that you experience is received through a complex and beautiful biological system that interprets data into what you consider "reality," but it is also true that there is an independent reality that exists with or without your interpretation. For example, if you were to dive into the ocean as a metaphor for reality, you would experience it as terrifying, exciting, delightful, relaxing, scary, cold, warm, full of life, full of threats, etc. But it would still just be an ocean without you. That is how "reality works." You dive in and decide what it is, even as it is its own thing without you. Even the hard data received can be overridden by your interpretation. For example, there are those who are attacked by sharks and return to the ocean with their wonder and awe still intact, while others will never return. It is the same with the hard data of reality. There are those who will "never get what they want," but still find awe and wonder in the pleasures and challenges of life, while others will "get everything they want" and never accept the pleasures and challenges of life. This is why there are theories that this is all a simulation. It is much easier to accept that reality is something imposed rather than something that is interpreted. It is true that there are false projections/interpretations, but this is not a default state. False projections/interpretations rise from what we describe as Chief Features and these can create an incongruous experience with reality. As for what we said at your little gathering, it is true that all of you are dead in the future and we can pick and choose different potential lines that extend from you now, but it is also true that your deaths and your futures are not written, yet. The futures we can see are potentials for you, not already set. We are in all of your potential futures. So are you. NEXT Uma: Hello Michael, I was wondering if it is really true that no two snowflakes are alike. It seems like a difficult hypothesis to validate. Uma: Can you give us current probabilities for the removal of fuckface from office and for his re-election? MEntity: It is not true that no two snowflakes are alike, but it is true that no two snowflakes are EXACTLY alike. It is true of humans, too. It is true of nearly every creation. As for probabilities for removal from office, we see this at 38% at the moment. As for re-election, we see this at 19% at the moment. Both of these are fairly low at the moment, but could change. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    @Troy, thank you so much for the follow up. I said to a friend last week that it's been a little bit like (and forgive this metaphor), but similar to using a public restroom and hovering over the seat vs using the bathroom at home and being able to relax and feel comfortable. I never realized that I'd been "hovering" in my own skin, not able to quite relax, quite "sit down", never quite feeling at home or at peace. A perpetual sensation of trying to hurry up and rush out of this dingy, smelly space. Now I'm finally starting to relax in my skin, to see a human being in the mirror, realizing that this body and this existence isn't something I have to hurry through. That I can kick up my feet, so to speak, grab a magazine, I'm truly and finally home.
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    Here on the tear bandwagon with you all. Guess we're all processing the truth of the changes we know are coming. Happy tears are the best tears! I've felt for a while, ever since the beginning of June, that the protests and riots were transforming our future for the better. It's just felt bright and light, whenever I look at it now. (I'm definitely in the camp feeling momentum, by the way.)
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    Session Type: POF Date: April 22, 2020 Hello, Michael. Over the course of several sessions, I would like to ask you about my Grand Cycles with Essence Mates that you have shared with me previously. (Inspired by Uma and a session I read from Maureen) You shared the first Essence Mate I know of as a fragment of your own Entity. “One fragment of our Entity was an Essence Twin of yours in your 2nd Grand Cycle.” Would you describe this 2nd Grand Cycle we shared as Essence Twins, the life cycle, significant things learned, the species, and planet? Is there a lifetime shared in the Grand Cycle that might have led to a significant contribution to the species? You previously shared my role as Sage in this 2nd Grand Cycle. MEntity: This 2nd Grand Cycle would have been one in which the Sentient Species was bipedal reptilian and was highly philosophical and creative. They lived rather closely with the Astral Plane. This species communicated only through the use of color, either that which emitted from the body or that which was carried on the person as a kind of palette for use when exchanging. Communication would come in a multitude of ways using surfaces and skin to paint expressions and ideas. It may seem as if the use of color might be limited as a language, but not only does the spectrum of color make for a rich language, but the species could also hear color, so the music that was generated was quite complex. The entire planet was a technicolor wonderland of sound. Jeroen: That is fascinating being able to communicate and hear color. I have had some dreams of a bipedal reptilian species earlier in my life but I am not certain if it is related. MEntity: The species evolved over time to live lives "straddling" the Astral and Physical Planes so that the dynamic of their world was constantly shifting based on mood, emotional processes, etc. MEntity: The planet naturally generated what would look like massive shards of flat glass that were once used as a means of communication and archiving, but eventually these natural structures had their crystalilne energy harnessed in a way that created a constant sort of "holographic" layer on the world that augmented experience. Many who lived in that Grand Cycle have carried some of this forward into your current Grand Cycle and are trying to implement something similar that is called "AR" or "Augmented Reality."
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    @Troy!!! Oscar and I want to express our gratitude and compliment to the accuracy and consistency of you in channeling Michael. We found examples from as far as 16 years back, where the same question asked, in different times, from different people, was answered by Michael via you, in the exact same wording!!!!! Thank YOU TROY for Your Great Work!!
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    This is wonderful to read that humanity is moving in a direction where there is racial equality and the dismantling of oppressive forces. It does seem more and more like the direction is leading to a breakthrough for our species. I wonder if recent events change the probabilities for whether the Infinite Soul will manifest or not.
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    "At this point, we see all of our students moving toward a Breakthrough. This experience matters to you in ways that you have not begun to consider in terms of its impact on the rest of your life. We know of no student who does not want to and who is not actively willing to be a part of creating what comes out of this. All of you have a choice, and we have no investment in what your choice might be, but we have not found a student who is opting out. Even our most overwhelmed and confused and depressed students are in a deep search for what to make of what is happening on such a scale." This made me cry. Also, a turning point generated 300 years back? Wow. So... probably between 1687 when Isaac Newton published "The Principia Mathematica" and 1715 when Louis XIV of France died. That was the start of the Enlightenment. 1689 also marked the first treaty between Russia and China then. The Treat of Nerchinsk. The first Steam Engine was also made during this time, setting up the foundation for the Industrial Revolution. "There may come to be a domino-effect in a clear and distinct alignment among many who are aiming for a Breakthrough in this Turning Point. This means pronouncements from authorities in politics and other arenas in life, along with your own friends and family, to bring about important changes that would support a Breakthrough." Excellent Great report Troy! To Breakthrough!
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    OMG, finally a true breakthrough, and dismantling of oppressive power structures!! Eventually none of the old order will stand unscathed. Thank you Troy!!
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    Thank you @Troy so much for delivering this. @Luciana Flora you have to stop seeing yourself just as an isolated Personality, and embrace the fact you are an Essence, part of many groups, part of your entity, your cadre, and all the bigger establishments, part of Tao just the same as all the rest of us and the rest of the humanity. You singling yourself out this way is so pointless. Do you want a breakthrough? I'll answer that for you: Yes. This means your intentions and actions are contributing towards a breakthrough no matter how much your cheaf features keep shouting in your head that you're different. End of story (or begininning, or middle, or all of it).
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    There have been many pandemics in Human History, like the 'Spanish' Flu or Black Death. Around 1,000,000 BC, a pandemic was responsible for destroying Humanity's first major global civilization practically overnight. Even if this current pandemic is not nearly as bad as others, I think it still prompts some deep part of us to 'remember' those much more harrowing experiences from the past, and that will contribute its own layer to the anxieties.
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    Of course you're scared! I'm glad you're stocked up for now, hopefully things won't get worse. I am worried for your country as well, the situation gives horribly good excuses for potentially long-term horrible choices... I'm also hoping to get rid of our stupid right-wing government soon... one of these guys is over 70, currently safely sitting in his manor and keeps publicly spitting out stupid stuff like it's not a crisis, just a mild flu, apply vodka socks and goose fat... I really hope he catches the virus just for the irony of it! Fortunately we have a very smart and caring (female!) president and competent health authorities who give proper advice. There's a special crisis phone now in addition to the emergency line as worried people have been overcrowding the latter. Borders are closed, many stores only operate as web stores for now and appreciate orders/bookings for the future. I'm not scared here yet, keeping calm even though I probably have the virus, with very mild symptoms. My entire translation bureau is working from home now as I usually do. I am slightly worried for my mother who is 75 and had several cases of pneumonia in her lifetime, hopefully she won't catch this bug. My daughter misses her grandma terribly but we're keeping them apart for now, thankfully there's Skype and Facetime. The good side of this: I am seeing so much grass root activism! One guy offered to take care of the elderly in his area as he's already taking care of one, anyway. IT people are gathering/repairing laptops for students who need to study from home and for GP-s who do home visits and need to log in to our digital health care system. People are posting ideas how to support local businesses and entrepreneurs and creating platforms to connect those who can help to those who need help. One town just declared they're not charging the parents for kindergarten for two months as most kindergartens are closed anyway, only one is open for the children of medics and emergency responders. I hope we can use this Turning Point for the better of the planet and all of us on it.
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