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    This one really speaks to me! My husband's mother abandoned his family when he was around 13, and he has never recovered from it. She moved to another state and left him and his sister to be raised by their father. She always loved her children but was not in a good enough state of mental health to really care for them properly. My husband has never dealt with this properly and has never forgiven his mother. I see a lot of depression, anger, fatigue and laziness in him and it's nice to know where it's coming from. I wish I'd known this 15 years ago because I became really resentful and internalized most of his behavior as some sort of shortcoming on my part. Sadly he still refuses to get help.
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    There is a good deal here to think and reflect on. All of it. This part really struck me: “With each lifetime, the varying Personalities of an Essence gain more and more experience for Essence to “digest.” Essence then uses that information to create and design new Personalities that progressively allow more Manifestation of Essence. This progression is cyclical and contextual so that every Soul Level and Age reaches its capacity for Manifesting Essence and then starts again with the next Level and next Soul Age. Every Soul Age will have at least one truly “enlightened” Personality relative to that Soul Age. Our point being that you do not have only one end point of evolution. Every step of your evolution is a step in your evolution.”
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    I'm really struck by M's definition of self reliance. This is something I've always valued highly, but my definition has not really included conscious trust of myself. In my last session M said I have always trusted myself unconsciously, but it was time to do it now in a conscious way. I'm moved practically to tears at the prospect of befriending my fear. I'm so glad to be a part of this course at this very moment in my life. Thank you @Troy everyone here on this journey.
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