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    By the way, my BF Bobby is actually with him tonight at a big Pride Gala along with Christian Siriano and the Queer Eye Boys and more... he's rubbin' shoulders with movers and shakers!
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    MikeClev asked about Bob Lazar and posted it a while back (I'm not sure of the date or format.): [MikeClev] I would like to ask next about the story of Bob Lazar. He claimed to have worked in the 1980s at a top secret facility he called S4, near Area 51 in the Nevada desert, his work allegedly involved studying one of nine ET craft and technology in a hangar dug into a mountainside. He claims to have seen documents explaining the origin of the craft. He describes an antigravity propulsion system in some detail. Which parts of his story are true, if any? [MEntity] The Scholar in question appears to have some validity to his story in terms of what he was informed about, but most was not experienced in-person. His tales are a mix of embellishment, misinformation, and some facts. The parts that appear to be true are a mix of some documentation regarding the crafts, speculation for how they work, and some details of location, but most of this was informed to him, and not directly experienced.
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    "Is it only me that wants peace, not conflict?" @Mike Cleverly, you are not alone in this. A couple of years ago (2014 perhaps?) I suddenly felt I can no longer stand being so close to the defense sector as I was through my marriage. Wasn't the main reason for my divorce, but part of it, certainly. I'm still quite exhausted from the past 7-10 years of my life, which have been intensely emotional, but I try to do my part towards a more peaceful world. I open doors, smile to children and their tired parents, etc. I'm even getting a bit tired of sarcasm -- who knew that was possible!
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    Thank you so much for posting the lyrics, too!!
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    This music is really beautifull!!
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    After his dance of joy and freedom turns to a bloodbath by a mass shooter and then after his beating on the street that leaves his family fighting and forgetting him... comes the most painful part for me: the drowning out of our existence by the arguing and fighting among others over whether we have a right to exist at all. That punches me in the gut as I watch his face because that's exactly how you have to navigate it all. You just have to look straight ahead and stay strong. This isn't unique to the LGBTQIA+ community. So many from marginalized groups know this feeling.
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    Thank you. You are not alone! Thinking of you and your upcoming election. It does affect all of us.
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    I love the brass, funk, and power in this song. So good!
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    @DanielaS Have you ever seen the 'The Interview'? Katy Perry's 'Firework' is featured heavily in that movie. Every time I hear it, I think of Kim Jong Un dying in a fiery explosion.
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    @Mike Cleverly, I always hear this song in my head when I feel like giving up... but I don't 'cause I have PERSISTENCE as my True Personality. From your country mates: Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush) ♥♥♥
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    Very interesting to read your experience. I could probably have moved into the defense sector, there are several sites near me. The pay for being in the killing business is better than my current pay in the healing business in a hospital. I have a friend who worked for the Ministry of Defence near Bath, he told me the money was great, the work was easy, but he told me he was procuring stocks of bullets to ship out to our forces in the Middle East. The quantities were in the millions. Millions of rounds of ammunition. If even one of them kills a person I wouldn't want to be in the chain of people who took money to make it happen. No, there's no part of the military I could be happy to work for, not even office jobs. If it was a case of the survival of people around us, as in World War 2, that's a different matter. I fell into my current job by accident, but it's actually perfect for me. I am part of the chain of people fixing people up and sending them back out into the world again.
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    Thank You @Mike Cleverly , great voice and lyrics! In a time such as now, everything that keeps us up is sooo necessary, take good care of Your Beautiful Self. Reading Michael December Energy Report everyday helps me too and of course a lot of MUSIC!!!
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    Hi ! @Bakwe Chokoe I'm not into kpop, but into BTS, hehe! To me they are a whole new genre. A Movement, even!! :') 😄 and I also enjoy kdramas from time to time ❤️ lovely lighthearted plots and endearing characters. @Becca the Student I also think he meant South Korea 😄
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    Loved Pinnochio. Do you mean South Korea? I’d think North Korea wouldn’t be too into learning English.
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    Not a massive K-Pop fan but I had weird isolated phases of watching K-drama's (Pinocchio was good, never finished it though)... But Just a few second into the song and it reminds me a little of ONE OK ROCK's Clock Strikes Off topic: My cousin and a friend are both teaching English in North Korea at the moment ❤️
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    Wow this was... mesmerizing. It felt just like a profoundly whole body moving piece of music for me, but through dance. I remember all of the comments on the Try Guys Episodes involving Eugene said that he was just so hot (to both guys and girls). I can't help but agree. Beautiful inside and out. Ditto on what @Kasia said.
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    This is beautiful and painful to watch, and had me in tears by the end. Eugene has always been my favorite of the Try Guys, but I had no idea he was such a talented dancer and artist! Thank you for sharing this, @Troy. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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    I love this song. I've been a fan of them since love yourself tear came out ♡
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    The way she sings "Are we crazy?" while looking so happy always makes me laugh.
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    @CurvyWords Finally listened to Pendulum. I get why you like it. It's a reference to the eternal grand cycles we all go through, and how we're safe no matter what, where, how. The continual shift between negative and positive poles.
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    “Firework” always brings a tear to my eye
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    Kurt this is one of my favorite songs! I cry when I listen to it too. If you like this I highly suggest "Pedulum" by her which is also on this album. I think you'll love it!
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    Love the sweetness of them. But then there are shows like "Signal". 😉 I love consuming media and art from other cultures. As a writer, it's fascinating to see the difference in tropes and story technique throughout the world. It's inspiring. With Korea, as a female writer, it's especially nice to see what a landscape of predominantly-female screenwriters looks like. (Korea's TV writers are mostly women.) It helps that Kdramas tell a full story in only one season. It's not as involving a commitment as, say, watching Stranger Things or Game of Thrones. @Rosario, it's funny, I don't consider myself a big kpop fan either. I was impressed with BTS's performances on late night TV, etc., but that was about as far as my interest went until about a month ago, when a friend got me into a group called GOT7. It's funny how you describe that BTS feels like a Movement to you. I feel like Korea has such an interestingly interactive way of promoting their artists. I can see the seeds of what the Michaels say is our future (doing away with privacy) in how kpop idols promote themselves. With American artists I like, I tend to like them because of the music. Or, in Beyonce's case, because of her dancing, her incredible voice, and her poise (a lot of her actual music isn't to my taste, but I adore her artistry). With this kpop group I've gotten into, I got into them because I liked their music and dancing (kpop dancing is insane)... but what really seems to be resonating with me is their candidness and care. They're very funny, and it's clear they truly enjoy each other's company. So though I got into them for their music, and I love pretty much all of their B-sides, their place in my life acts more as support than as muses (musicians are usually muses for me). When I've had a bad day, or when I feel bogged down in all that's awful in the world, their fun and funny Sage energy, or their loving care for one another, act as a healing antidote. I think without that interactive, reality-show-like Korean promotion that lets me get to know them, I'd just add them to my playlist and leave it at that.
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    This video WRECKED me. It was so beautifully done. @Troy , same regarding the ending with everyone yelling and arguing. It's such a prevalent theme in our world today. So much arguing, so little change. Makes me wanna flip tables then go hibernate until folks get their heads out of the sand. *hugs to everyone*
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    Thank you for this lovely song. Your voice is truly beautiful.
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    According to Michael's layout of likely potential outcomes for the future, one of the major probabilities (though not the most likely) is a catastrophic impact event. I don't think that's shaping up to happen in our timeline, but presumably one of these asteroids' trajectories is/was different in other parallels.
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    I loved this show and can't remember a moment when it wasn't enthralling. The story is gripping, engaging, heartwarming, terrifying, mind-bending, and all sorts of other adjectives along a full spectrum of experience. I frequently find myself mentally returning to it, remembering a great scene, or some excellent dialogue, and can't wait for the many questions I now have to, hopefully, be answered in season 2! I'm so happy that these kinds of smart tv shows are available now. The world might be going to shit, but at least we're well entertained!! ?
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    I just finished the show -- I thought it was incredibly deep and thought-provoking. What struck me the most was this current of intimacy that runs between the characters -- it felt so familiar, like the intimacy I have with some of my closest friends and those who were at the TLE gathering. I loved that the four boys and teacher were each a "type" that would've been shallow and stereotypical in other films and shows, but their stories and struggles were explored and they were these complex and real people that chose to be vulnerable with each other. I read some interviews with Brit Marling (I get the same sort of vulnerable, intimate thoughtfulness from her as from the show), and in one of them she explains why the story was set in a Mid-West suburb. I'm so impressed by her (and the show's) exploration of the spirit in the mundane and seeing beyond the obvious. This is a real Spiritualist film, and it taught me a lot about being comfortable with the unknown (which is difficult for someone with Stubbornness).
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