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  • The practice of nostalgia, or the experience of nostalgia, is an emotionally intelligent extraction of the past. It is a way of remembering the best of what was experienced, of remembering the Core or the Heart of what was experienced. And while it may seem silly, or superficial, or easily dismissed, Nostalgia is quite powerful in helping to remind you that while things may have been as bad as they were, there was always something of value at that time that contributed to what might be considered the good of your life.

    • Source Material: TLEGG 2019 MICHAEL SPEAKS Channel Name: TROY TOLLEY

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    • TLE12

    Oh, I like nostalgia a lot. When Michael described how it looks like when I am manifesting Essence, they also used the word nostalgia:

    "When you spike, you do not question your value or point in life, but see it as something wonderful and amazing and you find awe in even the worst of your experiences.

    There can often be nostalgic waves that come when spiked or Being Essence, seeing the life from a most eloquent emotional perspective.

    There is a vague and kind sense of forgiveness and acceptance."

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