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[updated with new information as of AUGUST 26, 2016]


By ordering a session, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:
...you understand that the channel may have to reschedule or delay your session at "the last minute" for any number of reasons that may interfere with the quality expected of your channeling session, and that you would prefer to receive a delayed session over a compromised session.
...you understand that if you have asked for a "surrogate" for your session, your privacy is of highest priority, and is secure.
You also understand...
...that if you do not receive your session OR a new appointment time immediately, that you will submit a SUPPORT TICKET
...that a single post to Support or a single email to TeamTLE is enough and that a response will come as soon as possible, but not necessarily immediately.
..that your session may be delayed or rescheduled for various reasons, but that you WILL always receive your session, with the best quality of channeling as a priority over timing.
...that delays and rescheduling may come due to random life circumstances, a need to rearrange the work schedule, or delays due to an unacceptable quality of channeling that some days can bring due to health, mood, demands of life, etc.
...that Troy would rather send your session to you delayed and of the highest quality, than on time and compromised in quality, and that you trust Troy's judgment of the quality of his channeling.
...that your session is important, and that any delays are only intended for the benefit of the quality of your session.
...that if your session is on the Session Tracker, then Troy is aware of it and will get to it.
...that if you have submitted an email to support or a post to the Support Forum, then Troy is aware of it and will get to it.
...that channeling is a skill and an art, and the business of providing it as a scheduled service sometimes requires a great amount of flexibility and patience from you.
...that you may receive credits that can be used for further services to show appreciation for your patience in any delays, but there are no refunds.

You will receive additional information after securing your appointment that allows you to actively track your session so you know it is on the schedule and when it is being done.
Thank you for your understanding, kindness, and patience! Troy & TeamTLE


TLE SURROGATE REQUESTS can be made for certain live sessions so that someone from TLE will sit in for you to receive a report or profile, etc. This is indicated where available. This can be good for those who cannot sit in for a session because of other obligations, time zone differences, etc. A transcript is emailed to you immediately.

NOTICE: a 3% Fee is added to your order to help offset the fees required by PayPal.

ORDER CONFIRMATION: If you do not receive a confirmation of your appointment from BOTH PayPal AND Appointy, or your ordering process was confusing, or there is a technical glitch, please initiate a Support Ticket ASAP!


Although the calendar will offer you prompts through your ordering process, here are the basic Instructions:
1) Check out the giant list of services on the main page of the services calendar. To read details about that service, hover your cursor over each service for details (click "more" to expand)
2) Place a check in the box of the service you would like to order (please order only one service at a time)
3) Scroll to bottom and click NEXT
4) Navigate the calendar to find a date and time you would like to schedule your service
5) Confirm!


NOTE: (if you are ordering more than one service, please start a new order separately or the calendar will try to squeeze everything into one day, which will severely limit when you can schedule)
NOTE: (First-time users will be prompted to register with Appointy, so don't be alarmed! Your order is temporarily saved as you do that!)

6) After order is placed, you may now SECURELY complete and confirm your purchase using your credit card or PayPal!
7) Check your email for confirmation and instructions for your appointment


f you have questions previous to your placing an order, please submit a ticket to SUPPORT and I or TeamTLE will respond ASAP. Please be patient. We are a tiny team!


IF YOU SCHEDULED A PROFILE: Your profile will be emailed to you. Your profile may not be received on the same day as the appointment. Please forgive any delays.

IF YOU SCHEDULED A PRIVATE CHAT: please arrive on time at the Session Chat Room 

It is advised that you explore the chat room well in advance to make sure it works fine for you. You will be directed to a private chat room created just for your session at that time.  Your session time starts upon contact with Troy. Going into trance can take up to 5 minutes. Once Michael is present, you may begin with your questions.  Michael will respond to your questions in the chat, and will indicate when they are completed in their response so that you aren't wondering if there is more.  Feel free to interject and direct the conversation, even Michael is not done with a response! It's your session! You may discuss anything! Keep in mind that any requests for profiles can take between 15 and 30 minutes. If you scheduled a themed chat, please keep your questions specific to the theme. 

IF YOU SUBSCRIBED TO MINI ENERGY REPORTS: if you did not choose to have a TLE "surrogate" sit in for the receipt of this report, please arrive on time at the Session Chat Room. It is advised that you explore the chat room well in advance to make sure it works fine for you. You will be directed to a private chat room created just for your session at that time.  LIVE REPORTS are minimal in interaction, and all discussion is limited to the subject of the report.

IF YOU SCHEDULED A PRIVATE GROUP EVENT: please arrive on time at the Session Chat Room

It is advised that you explore the chat room well in advance to make sure it works fine for you. You will be directed to a private chat room created just for your group at that time. You will be instructed from there.

IF YOU NEED TO RESCHEDULE your appointment. Please log in to your appointy account via the tiny link at the bottom of the services calendar, then go to "my appointments," and reschedule from there.


NOTICE: Channeling is a sensitive skill, so some days go better than others due to a number of reasons. To ensure that your session is of top-quality channeling and clarity, your session may be rescheduled for a better day. If your session is delayed, please trust that you WILL get your session. If your session is on the Session Tracker, I am fully aware of your session. You will be notified as soon as possible if your appointment requires rescheduling or delay. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding if anything is delayed. There are no refunds because you will *always* receive what you ordered. Credit and discounts may be given in place of refunds as a thank you for your patience.


Please do not hesitate to contact TLE SUPPORT to make arrangements with you for your session, if you think you will have trouble with the fees asked here. We will work something out, but please be flexible and patient.