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  1. MICHAEL SPEAKS "Mother and Child" From Conception to the Completion of the 1st Internal Monad March 24, 2013 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We may begin our responses to your questions. We understand the emphasis on an initial topic. However you have arranged this to be explored, we are ready. [GeraldineB] Hello, Michael. I have a large somewhat formless topic about pregnancy and how it affects both the mother and developing fetus all the way through the first year of life for both of them. To paraphrase the Paul Simon lyrics, "Mother and child, a family reunion" might be the title. For many women pregnancy is a time of obsession, hormonal washes, physical issues, expectations and fears. It's as impacting as a full Internal Monad is to many others. Plus, during that same time period of physical, emotional, and mental changes to the mother, there are similar ones occurring to the developing baby, including processing of over half of the stages of the first Internal Monad pre-birth. So, it's the entire combination of mother and child -- a woman's insights and sensitivities due to pregnancy, and are there ongoing discussions with Essence due to the pregnancy, are agreements being rewritten if the original plans changed, i.e., not the same Essence is going to incarnate into the baby than was initially planned for. We know that many plans and agreements are made between Essences, but choices made by the prospective mother can alter those. Similarly, when a baby is born early, how does this affect plans and agreements? It's simply that we don't know much about the entire process that happens from conception onwards nearly as well as we know about dying. There are hormonal washes that affect the zygote (and mother). There can be twins created but one dies and reabsorbs. Many women suffer huge letdowns or postpartum depressions due to the hormonal flipflops and unmet expectations. How much does being pregnant during a time of danger and heightened fears affect the unborn developing fetus? To start, may we have the "7 Stages of the 1st Internal Monad," similar to the other ones I've requested? I realize that not all of these subtopics are framed as questions, but we're seeking a holistic or comprehensive approach to the topic of mother and child from conception through the first year of life for the baby. Your response should elicit far more additional questions than can be answered in a single session. :) NEXT (your cue to take over, Michael) MEntity: The process of birth and death are similar in that each has a gravity and momentum that is quite difficult, if not impossible, to halt, slow, or reverse. As with most processes, these are quite crude and given over more to the gravity and momentum in the earlier experiences of the process, and then this evolves to include more conscious awareness and choice, interjecting higher probabilities for halting, slowing, or reversing the experience. In other words, in earlier Soul Ages, there are rarely Agreements necessary or in place, and there is rarely a sense of choice in the matter, so that a birth is either obligatory, or a product of survival tactic. In later Soul Ages, and in developed cultures and societies, the element of consciousness and choice comes to be prioritized over gravity and momentum, moving away from obligation and survival. The Seven Stages of the First Internal Monad We will share the details of the 1st Internal Monad, which may shed light on this process as both a matter of gravity and momentum, and as one that evolves to include choice and consciousness. Keep in mind that as one moves through the 1st Internal Monad, most of this is being done BEFORE physical birth. Only the final stage is fulfilled post-birth. However, as with all other Internal Monads, if any of the Stages remain in the Negative Pole, so do the subsequent Stages, rendering that Internal Monad incomplete until all Stages have moved into the Positive Pole. For the most part, the mothering host is passive in this event, evolving from complete passivity (obligation, survival motivations) to active passivity (embracing the consciousness and choice involved, while allowing room for this new life) The first Stage, then, would be INITIATION, with the Positive Pole being CONCEPTION, and Negative Pole being ORCHESTRATION. As we are sharing these through Troy now, we may find the words to require refinement at some point, but these are quite acceptable. This might be considered the Stage of the Zygote. As with all Positive and Negative Poles, there is always "entrance" through the Negative and a move through to the Positive. Therefore, Orchestration is always necessary for the Conception to be. The Positive will always be inclusive of the Negative, but if the move into the Positive is not made, then the Negative tends to exclude the Positive. Orchestration is "negative" in that it still a division, a manipulation of parts, a maneuver of all into alignment with this intention. When those parts come together, there is Conception. Those parts include a massive amount of considerations that the Personality may boggle to comprehend. In the earlier Soul Ages, these considerations are usually left to the gravity and momentum of biology, so as long as the mother is in any way open, Conception can come to be. In later Soul Ages, probabilities, astrology, past lives, genetics, geography, fellow fragments, Cadre and Entity mates, and so on, come to be considered as part of the Orchestration, and only then can Conception come to be. Conception, then, is basically the acceptance and success of what has come to be Orchestrated. In other words, Conception does not occur if that first pole of the first stage is stuck. Once Conception is successful, then the move into the second Stage can begin through INTROSPECTION. This Stage of Introspection is marked by a Negative Pole of INVASION, and a Positive Pole of FORMATION. The First Stage is primarily a function of biology and Essence, but Personality, or the mothering host has not come into full awareness or comprehension of this process, yet. This Stage of cellular division begins as Invasion because there is now a separate consciousness/Essence working with the materials of the mother's body. This is necessary, but eventually comes to be embraced as Formation, the Positive Pole. If this Stage remains at Invasion, there tends to come the first of many challenges, not only for the developing embryo, but for the mothering host, as well. This Stage leads into the 3rd Stage of REALIZATION. This is, usually, the first time the mothering host comes to realize she is pregnant. Though one can detect pregnancy very early in the process, this is actually when it is REALIZED, not just known or suspected. This is marked by a Negative Pole of DISRUPTION, and a Positive Pole of AWARENESS. Disruption can take the form of realizing the impact that having a child will have on the life, either in immediate or long-term ways, but can also include the point where the rejection from the mothering host is instilled, either through abortion or rejection of the position as nurturer. This Stage reveals the formation of the Embryo. Even if pregnancy is known quite early, a sonogram, or definitive physical sensation, usually attends the Realization of this Stage. Disruption will always be a part of pregnancy, but if it shifts into Awareness, it can continue smoothly. Awareness is when the negotiation with the host Personality is secured. In earlier Soul Ages, this is where obligation or resignation to survival or religious motivations tend to take over, and the Awareness is within that context. In later Soul Ages, this is when the Personality of the mother, her Essence, and the Essence/s involved with the Embryo, come to allow room for this event in the life. Awareness is then based in CHOICE, not obligation. This has no bearing on the intention to release for adoption. If this choice is determined as part of the Realization Stage, the Essence knows this, and it may actually have been intended. However, if this Awareness is not secured, it can lead to resentment from the Disruption, either by the mother, or by the child, if eventually born. Because birthing is so dependent upon passivity by the mother, part of the entire point of the 1st Internal Monad is to gain a greater understanding of its host and to work WITH that host. If this is not done, the Stages can either be interrupted, or remain in the Negative Pole through birth. In other words, it is part of the evolving process of birthing to learn how to move beyond Invasion and Disruption to work with the plans, hopes, fears, and body of the mother. The 4th Stage If the Embryo forms, and Realization has come, whether left in the Negative Pole, or moved through to the Positive, it will now begin to move toward MANIFESTATION. This Stage is parallel to the gestational period, and is marked by the Positive Pole of PRESENCE, and a Negative Pole of DIVISION. Division is necessary for the recognition that a new life is actually growing and forming, and that this growing and forming life is dependent upon another. If this Stage remains in Division, then it can build upon resentments, and usually falls into obligation. Depending on the Soul Age of the Essence being born, this may lead to a kind of exploitation of the mother for the sake of just being born if a younger Soul Age, but will lead to a halting of the process if an older Soul Age. Even if the mother has determined to allow the pregnancy, if it is from obligation, the older Soul would rather move on to more willing hosts. However, that is not always the case, and if probabilities, geography, genetics, etc. are more important for the greater intention of the life, even the older soul will continue. By this time in Soul Age, the capacity for choice is present, and even if the Personality begrudges the birth, it is known that it was chosen. Otherwise, the mother can terminate. The Positive Pole, PRESENCE, is reached when both are not just aware of one another, but accept the realization, the physical presence. The 5th Stage This then moves on into CONTENTMENT, or the embryonic period, marked by DEVELOPMENT in the Negative Pole, and MUTUALISM in the Positive Pole. Development is, basically, the natural gravity of biology fulfilling a momentum. Development will happen, unless stopped. Even if the pregnancy is unwanted, Development will happen. Development moves into Mutualism when both begin to experience the benefit, or potential benefit, of their mutual efforts, acceptance, and presence. The 6th Stage If the baby has continued to survive into the second trimester, then MAGNETIZATION begins. This is marked by a Negative Pole of COOPERATION, and Positive Pole of AGREEMENTS. Cooperation here is either a path into Agreements, or another form of tolerance for the invasion, disruption, and/or development of the previous Stages. Cooperation is minimal in communication and exchange between the Personality and any Essences or bodies involved. Agreements begin when all are on board, so to speak. Agreements can have been made long before this point, but this is when they come to be more substantiated, adapted, and updated with all involved with the Life Plan. Those who will be a part of the life from birth through death are alerted, and begin their draw toward the fragment attempting to be born. For those further into the life, the "marking of their calendars," if you will. The 7th Stage The final Stage of the 1st Internal Monad, EMANATION, begins in the third trimester, and is marked by a Positive Pole of VITALITY and a Negative Pole of DISINTEGRATION. The actual birthing process is symbolic of this Negative Pole, as the breaking of the placenta, cutting the umbilical cord, and separation of baby from mother comes into full Emanation. To this point, Essence has only been able to manage the process, but could never Emanate through the body. There is never an Essence "in" the body of any stage of a birth, until the first breath outside of the body. Upon first breath, there is the bonding and anchoring, and the body begins its activation as representative of Essence. If all Stages to this point have been in the Positive Pole, then that first breath is one of Vitality. If any previous Stage remains in the Negative Pole, then the body begins its life in a state of Disintegration. Disintegration can be literal, but can also be a process of further division from the mother as it prepares for adoption. The new body has up to three years to reach Vitality. If a child has not moved into that final Stage of the 1st Internal Monad, death is almost always a result. In the best of environments and circumstances, with the most willing and loving of parents, this can still be the case. The Internal Monad process is a personal process, not one that can be altered, hindered, or helped by those around the individual beyond what is allowed. This can also be reflected in the experience of "postpartum." If the baby has not breathed in Vitality, it can leave the mother grieving. Or angry, resentful, and experiencing her own version of disintegration. If you are alive and attending this gathering, you have probably completed the 1st Internal Monad successfully. Disintegration can also be a stage when there is a shift from the managing Essence to a new Essence. A kind of "walk-in" process, which can then shift into Vitality after. Though the Personality is already "programmed" into the body, it does not come fully-formed upon birth. It is activated over time. For the first three years, the child reflects the parents' or caretakers' overleaves and fears. Until the 2nd Internal Monad begins, the Personality of the child is fairly latent. The Personality comes to be activated more between the 3rd and 7th years of life. Follow-up Questions and Answers We will turn this back over to you for the more specific questions that were not helped by the delineation of this process of birth. [Jana] Why can't some women conceive, despite nothing being physically wrong or at least not detected? I have read many times that there can be "blockages" to feminine/mothering energy, so the child cannot survive. Is there truth to this? And variation on this — some women seem unable to have male babies — again I have read that relationship to men on the whole may be a problem in the mother — is there truth to this? Correction - sometimes they may conceive, but have a miscarriage, sometimes they don't conceive at all, i am asking about both. MEntity: It is dangerous territory to render the capacity for one's biology to be more in control of the individual than it is. We spoke of "gravity and momentum of biology," and this does not go away, even for the most enlightened, conscious, and aware. The capacity to give birth, to sustain birth, the leaning toward genders, etc. are a part of the genetics, and not (usually) having anything to do with the choices or "blockages" generated by the Personality. There is scathing in the Physical Plane that will always have to be factored into the practice and art of Choice, but these cannot always be anticipated. Scathing can be as obvious as losing a leg, to the realization that the body cannot or will not birth. Scathing is our term to describe any friction that brings about challenges to any of your relevant bodies. Beyond the simple nature of biology, there can be a multitude of nuanced causes for those who have challenges to birthing. For instance, one may have fallen prey to the imprinting and pressures to procreate, but the body cannot betray the truth. That fragment may not (really) want to have children. There are times when the timing is off for all, or some, involved, and the process is delayed, altered, or removed as an option to accommodate this. There is no one answer for why one has challenges to pregnancy, or to how that pregnancy is fulfilled, but we can say that it would be rare that it was simply a matter of "blockages" to "energy." If that were the case, babies would never get born at all. [Jana] I think the "fragment may not really want to have children" is what I was asking about - whether that could stop it. (despite physically trying obviously:) MEntity: It can, yes. But it would have to be a fundamental truth for that fragment to the point where the body represents this. Bodies cannot lie. That is not to say that one who has an unwanted pregnancy actually wanted one, but that it was not a fundamental truth for that fragment to not have one. As a society and culture evolves, the options for fulfilling Agreements with other Essences for birth move well beyond the necessity for biology of a mothering host. The pressure to birth, or to impose birth, begins to be alleviated. Those who are born by any other means beyond biological host, such as through cloning or test-tube births, the 1st Internal Monad shifts to BEGIN at first breath, and is completed over the 1st 3 to 7 years of the life. [Jana] that was my alternative question :-) MEntity: CORRECTION: If there is any formation of a body over time before first breath, the 1st Internal Monad is processed as usual. If there is cloning involved, then the process is shifted to be for the first 3 to 7 years of the life. By "cloning" here, we mean in the more advanced processes of replication, not the slow route known now. [Question] How was the IM process for me? I'd expect the uterus be slightly hostile considering I killed her in a past life (accident!) and is there anything left effecting present time? MEntity: As we said before: if you are alive and attending this session, you completed the 1st Internal Monad successfully. The uterus of a new Personality would not reflect or represent a relationship from a past life. By the time a body is capable of sustaining a healthy pregnancy, that body reflects the genetics, biology, and nature of that Personality, not any past Personality's genetics, biology, or nature. [Question] unless there are agreements to do so? MEntity: For the sake of a group format, we will not address your personal history as a zygote or embryo, but we can say that you successfully completed that 1st Internal Monad. [Comment] ok that's enough then :) MEntity: Yes, there can be Karma involved, which can eclipse everything. [Bobby] I'm thinking specifically about a nephew of mine, Cody, who died of SIDS at day 80 post birth. What was at play here either with him specifically or if you care to comment on SIDS generally? MEntity: "SIDS" is often a result of an incomplete 7th Stage of the 1st Internal Monad. There can be many causes or symptoms of this, but it is only one of many ways the incomplete Internal Monad can show up. We know of no valid case of "SIDS" that was not a matter of remaining in Disintegration. The Essence withdraws for any multitude of reasons, and if no other Essence steps in, the body will stop. We can comment more on the details of this individual in another format, but there would seem to have been some timing/geography issues for that fragment that made a difference. [Bobby] ok, will do [Brian_W] Michael, could you discuss briefly on the meaning of a birthmark, if there is one? MEntity: This is one of the few ways that Essence has an option for packaging information from a past life that might be relevant to the intentions of the current life. There could be a system described for helping to interpret birthmarks in some general way, but for the most part they are much like dreams in that the symbolism is ultimately relative to the individual. In a very general sense, birthmarks tend to refer to fairly recent lifetimes. Those that are on the legs or below the waist tend to represent unfinished actions/goals. For those birthmarks above the shoulders, they tend to represent unfinished thoughts, philosophies, ideals. For those on the torso or arms, these tend to reflect unfinished or interrupted relationships. Those birthmarks that can be easily hidden tend to be more subtle in gesture and symbol, while those that are more obvious or difficult to hide, there may be a decided focus on the unfinished. From Essence's point of view, these are beautiful methods of communication, but it is easily forgotten how a giant bruise across the face is more than just a clever reminder to complete work on ideals. That is the nature of the "double-edged sword of forgetfulness" that is inherent in life between the Physical and non-Physical. When you are "here," you so easily forget your immortality, and while "there," you so easily forget your temporary pains. [Ingun] I want to ask something about the difference between men and women. In lack of better words, it's only the female body that has a “baby making machine”, and the ability or potential to fulfill a pregnancy. Is there or what is the difference in operating of the centers/chakras and/or the energetics of the Body and between Essence and the Body in men and women? Can you explain to us something about the difference. Have women higher capacity or access in any way due to the ability to go through a pregnancy? MEntity: There is some difference, but not much. There are a multitude of sentient (and non-sentient) species who are not limited to two sexes, or one sex holding the power of birth. Only within the structures of society will there be any difference in terms of power and process, even in terms of the use of Chakras. To attribute a special power to the female who can give birth is about as useful as attributing great meaning to a man who can create a company. We are not diminishing the position, power, or meaning of birthing, but we are simply not attributing anything spectacular or unwarranted to it. A female can give birth without any active participation, while a male cannot create a large company without full, active participation. That does not make one less or more than the other. Just different. Birth and pregnancy is a biological gravity for a species. It is no more or less magical than the growing up of the body after birth. However, there is something to be said for the fact that Human bodies are divided into representations of 100% Female or 100% Male Energy, in terms of how those energies manifest in biology. Without an Essence, a "male" body is 100% Male Energy. Without Essence, a "female" body is 100% Female. This is also known as Focused/Creative. Outside of the imposition of the Essence Ratio, it only means that Female Energy must Focus Creativity, and Male Energy must Create Focus. In other words, birthing is a kind of Focus of 100% Creativity/Female. Starting and running a company is a kind of Creativity for the 100% Focus, or Male Energy. We are being highly simplistic here, but our point is that none of this describes one as having more than the other, but that all have not only the inherent qualities of the body, but the inherent qualities of Essence, blended into a uniqueness that is then further made unique by the choices of the Personality. We must conclude here for today. We must say goodnight here.
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