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Found 3 results

  1. Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN *** VIP: hi Michael VIP: Does diet have any effect on the ability to access the higher centers, or the ease with which, access to the higher centers can occur? (I understand that the higher moving center is designed to be easy to access as-is, so if it makes no difference with regard to that one, I would like to know about the other two higher centers.) Accessing the Higher Centers is accessible to all under any and all circumstances. They are designed as accessible and functioning regardless of condition of the body or state of consciousness. They must function or the body dies. However, there is a difference between these Centers functioning in default, and when one consciously begins to access these for use as tools beyond their default. For most, and for many lifetimes, these Centers are only accessed consciously during extreme conditions, duress, and intense situations. Profound pain in the body, "heart," or "mind" can open one to these Centers in conscious ways. Profound pleasure in the body, "heart," and "mind" can open one to these Centers in conscious ways. Access through extremes of pain or pleasure are forms of intervention in the life, and are not only misunderstood and misinterpreted, but this kind of access can lead to addictions, escapism, fetishes, etc. Other ways that these Centers are accessed are through Laughter, Tears, and Happiness. When there is access through these, they can range in degrees of awareness and consciousness, from subconscious to full consciousness. The reason these Centers are so accessible in so many ways is because there is no interest in a design that withholds higher functioning from any individual based on their choices, behaviors, conditions, health, etc. With all of this being said, when one begins to seek understanding and use of these Centers in conscious ways, then the degree of conscious use and value can be dependent on several factors that hook into many elements of the life. In such cases, then diet becomes vital. We can speak of "diet" in broad terms here to include various ways in which one consumes as a means of "feeding" oneself. This can be food, relationships, entertainment, exercise, etc. For example, if one has compartmentalized one's food diet to the point of ignoring the impact it may have on health, other creatures, other people, and the planet, then that compartmentalizing affects how well one can access a Higher Center. If one is abusive in relationships, or abused, where one's confidence is fed, then one has limitations on his or her conscious use of a Higher Center. The equation is rather simple: The more conscious one is in various areas of the life where one seeks to feed oneself, the greater degree of conscious access one has to the Higher Centers. VIP: thank you Michael! NEXT, Claire ClaireC: Hello, Michael. Can the recently deceased see/observe/follow us in our daily lives here on earth from the Astral Plane? I am curious if they can reassure themselves that we are doing "alright", or whether they cease to care about life on earth after death, or if their only means of doing so is through Essence contact while we dream? Claire, those who die have varying degrees of access to the Physical Plane in much the same way that those who are incarnated have access. Most who die have access only through mediators. In the same way that you have channels and mediums, so does the Astral Plane have those suited for helping open and connect to the Physical Plane for others in the Astral. The younger the soul, the more dependent on these portals. The blur between the Astral and the Physical is not the limitation, but the consciousness and maturity of the Personality/Essence. In the earliest lifetimes, the panic of being out of a body is so strong that rebirth is nearly immediate. If birthing is not available, the Infant Souls can "crowd" around those who are more naturally tuned to the Astral, and this can become problematic. We can speak to that another time, but we say this because in the same way that there are those who act as mediating portals in the Astral, there are those who are channels, psychics, mediums in the Physical. In both Planes these fragments act as beacons. For simplistic purposes we will refer to Physical Plane fragments as Beacons and Astral Plane fragments as Portals. ClaireC: So, some mediums who speak to the departed are legitimate. Yes, there are legitimate mediums, but far fewer than claimed to be. Most Astral fragments get much of their information about their loved ones and after-death impact through reports from those who act as Portals. There are entire networks set up for this. But as the soul ages and consciousness allows for the blur between the Astral and Physical to be straddled, then the individual is far more capable of continuing presence among those who continue to live. This begins to be more steadily possible around the 7th Level of the Young Soul Age. If you know a Mature or Old Soul who has died, then his or her sensed presence is probably legitimate. Otherwise, it may be felt through a proxy. Neither is better or worse. But what happens even for the older souls is that it is found to be surprisingly difficult to communicate with or interact with the living. This is primarily because the living are quite limited to the processing capacity of the brain, and this machine is more often than not focused on a very finite sliver of reality. Those who are dead are no longer confined to the processing capacity of a brain and are using what you might understand as similar to "cloud technology," where fragments pool processing capacity So they can "see" and feel you more easily than you can see them, and while this may not lend comfort to the living, any direct communication you offer to any deceased individual will be heard or relayed to that individual. So while the deceased can "hang around," most do not because they have their own processes to tend to, and even when they can hang around, it can get quite lonely quickly, so it rarely makes sense to continue. It helps all involved when all parties grieve and grow and continue forward. That is more comforting in the long run than remaining in invisible efforts to comfort. These are "big" questions this evening. We do not know if we can address all of them, but we will try. ClaireC: Thank you, Michael. This validates my own experience. NEXT, Kurtis Kurtis: Hey Ms, I'd like an elaboration on the Jovial Health today. There's absolutely no info on it. The Jovial Body Type manages the homeostasis of the body, the dynamic equilibrium of functions. This is related to the posterior pituitary. When the Jovial Body Type is healthy, it is like a vast city of moving parts that work together and function in terms of balances and imbalances so that the the whole is benefited by any changes. When the Jovial Body Type is unhealthy, it is like this vast city breaks down in communication and the needs of one area begin to overshadow the needs of another, the equilibrium is lost, and various parts of the system are not willing or capable of contributing to other parts. In many instances where there are imbalances, there is bloating, blood pressure issues, water retention, and in extreme cases there can be tumors. Because the Jovial Body Type manages the release of Oxytocin and Vasopressin hormones, it is one of the reasons the Jovial Body Type can come across as so approachable, cuddly, lovable, and can be a very real factor in how that body ends up in positions of rulership/leadership. Kurtis: aighty thanks M :) NEXT, Peter PeterK: Do large prime numbers play a role in the design or structure of the Universe? There are Prime Factors involved throughout the mathematics of the universe, and some of these result in versions of Prime Numbers, but they are not particularly adhered to or referenced as a guide for the structure of the universe. It is fair to say they do "play a role," but Composite Numbers and other vastly creative mathematical dynamics are at play. NEXT, Brian. BrianW: Hi Michael. Could you please discuss how to learn and practice healthy self-love and how to overcome rejection of aspects of the self? To practice healthy self-love AND to overcome the rejection of aspects of the self is most directly and immediately remedied by CHOICE. By this we mean that you are not being forced to hate yourself. You are not required to hate yourself. You are not required to dislike yourself or reject parts of yourself. The act of avoiding self-love and the act of rejecting the self is a choice. And one can always make a different choice. So the first and most effective strategy will always be found in those moments when one realizes he is being mean to the self, is being critical and hurtful or scared and then CHOOSING not to do that. Because this is so simple, it is often not that simple. In other words, it is often too simple a solution for many to accept. So it is made complicated and messy and drawn out because one is often taught that love must be earned, it must come as a reward, it must come through permission, and it cannot possibly be "right there," ready to embrace. BrianW: If I may follow-up, could you provide some information on recognizing when one is being critical or hurtful towards themselves in the first place? CHOICE must be followed by ACTION, though, and this is where many get "lost." For a moment one can choose to love the self and to stop the rejection, but this is fleeting because the choice must be made again. And again. And again. Until it is as natural as the hate or apathy had come to be. Each of you here can stop right now, simply stop, and feel the difference between the moment before, and the one RIGHT NOW where you choose love. Just love you. Just accept you. You are fat, you are poor, you are confused, you are alone, you are struggling, you are searching, you are overwhelmed, you are uncertain, you are so many things, but none these exclude you from the choice to love. Your fat, confusion, losses, overwhelm, frustrations, etc, can all be helped by that love. We are not calling you these things above, but we know that many of you use these terms for yourselves, and you can continue to use them if you wish, but they will never be enough of a reason not to love. Never. Brian, one of the easiest ways to know if one is making a choice for love versus a choice for fear is if one is FEELING. It does not matter what you feel, it is THAT you feel. You will feel a spectrum of feelings across a lifetime, and none of these determine how accessible one's access to love may be. Your sadness, excitement, grief, joy, pleasure and pain are your efforts to Love while bumping into things. Eventually you find ways to maneuver so that you no longer bump into things, but embrace them, and that is what most think of as "love," but all of it is love. It can change everything in an instant to know that however bruised you are, broken your heart is, and exhausted you might be, that this is because you are practicing Love. True Love is an Art. Agape is an Art. You will know if you are being hurtful when you are not benefited by your criticisms. Criticism is important. Judgement is natural. Neither of these keep one from loving. Neither of these keep one from being loved. To avoid criticism and judgment is to avoid Loving and Being Loved. This may seem counterintuitive, but one grows and evolves into confidence and wholeness by questioning, criticizing, judging, discerning, assessing, and while these can be used in hurtful ways, they are not inherently hurtful. Consciousness cannot evolve without using those tools. The key is both in how constructive the criticism is in its being given and in how constructive the receipt of that criticism is. You can be critical of your status, your body, your state of relationships, and this is just information about how you feel. It is an opportunity to assess whether these are things you seek or wish to improve, to change, or to evolve. And none of this has anything to do with how much or how fully you can love. So ask yourself if your criticisms are only said to hurt you, or are they said to inform you. This is the same question that can be asked when criticism comes from others. If it is only to hurt you, then that is that. It is useless. It is not yours. If is hurtful because you resist it, then you can choose to receive it differently. The hurt is not the indicator so much as the intent and receipt. Even when someone says something only to hurt you, your receipt of it can transform it toward benefit. Kurtis: that's true So feel it all. Keep feeling. Allow it all. And let criticism inform you, not hurt you. This is Love. Loving is messy, and you will bump into many things along the way toward better embrace, but we know of no soul who regrets even the worst of pain on that path toward love. NEXT, Bobby. Bobby: The Chief Feature emphasized for next year was Self-Destruction. I was curious how this plays into the Presidential Election cycle for the US that will be underway around that time of year? Break out the probability computer if you wish :) We can only say that we think there is high probability that both ends of the spectrum will be played out in Sacrifice and Suicide. There is an implosive pattern in place here that looks to sustain its momentum through 2016 toward Self-Destruction. This will likely be a pivotal year in whether the younger souls rise in great rebellion against the shifting paradigm, or there is a shift toward embracing it. October through December will be "interesting times," indeed. We will conclude here for this evening. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. Michael Speaks - October 22, 2016 - WORLD & CURRENT EVENTS Open Floor Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand there is an "open floor," so we open the floor now: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN Yes, Diane. DianeHB: Can you give us probabilities of Hillary or Trump winning the election? At this point the probabilities are high for the Warrior to win by a rather striking majority, but we also know there is a high wild card probability for the derailing the momentum. This is a rather unique scenario full of variables that cannot be calculated in with any certainty. This election is a symbolic continuation of the Mature Soul shift and the retaliation and resistance to this shift will either dissipate rapidly or escalate shockingly. With or without a win by the Warrior, the above will still be built in to the results. NEXT DanielaS: The July 2016 Energy Report said there would be a Nexus Divergence on July 29th: "This nexus appears to be focused on branching off those parts of those who are interested in an escalation of conflict toward greater war." Did this nexus occur and can you describe what is happening in some of those parallels that diverged as they pertain to the United States? Yes, the Nexus occurred. There are variations on how those have progressed, but 3 variations are fairly prominent. In one theme there is a successful assassination of Hillary Clinton. In another theme there is the natural death of Donald Trump before the election. In another there is a successful election of the Warrior, but shortly after the Nexus came the first organized wave of violence. DianeHB: Jesus Though the election was successful, the conditions on the other side are the same as the other two scenarios. The dismantling of stability in the United States is drawing up opportunities for China and Russia to coalesce into a power that will likely bring collapse to the United States. NEXT Janet: What can you tell us about the man Elon Musk? I wonder if he has a life task or agreements associated with extending human life beyond earth. You said that ‘the “hyperloop” is the reference most often used as the origins of success for later “portal” transportation design’, and Musk has proposed a transportation mechanism called the hyperloop. Does his design play a role in the later portal design? This fragment is part of a rather large, interlocking of Configurations with this very Task. It is not so much about the design of the hyperloop that is connected, as much as the technology that sparks new breakthroughs. The reason it is cited as an origin is because of the surprise breakthroughs regarding magnetic fields, gravity, and electricity that expand the capabilities for harnessing and combining in ways that bring exponential growth in transportation. These may not be the proper terms, but they are what we can deliver through this channel. He is a "mad scientist" with a vision and vector for fulfillment that may not be fully appreciated until long after he is reincarnated again. The Life Task is "to secure a bridge/connection/form between the known and unknown." NEXT Bobby: Assuming the sucessful election of Hillary, looking forward into the next 4 years, what can you share with us as far as some highlights of probabilities to be looking for around any successes and difficulties her administration and our country will be facing? This will greatly depend upon the dissipation or escalation in reaction to the shift. In the "best case" scenarios there is a begrudging acceptance of the benefits that are rapidly implemented in ways that directly care for even the most resistant of fragments. The rapid sense of security is quite calming to those who are in resistance and this helps soften the shift toward unprecedented prosperity that opens up even more immediate paths toward a Resource-based economy. This is the breakthrough path. In the "worst" case scenarios, there is breakdown of all civility and security to such an extent that Martial Law is called into effect in many areas, but even this goes awry as many within the protective forces are part of the retaliation. DianeHB: Is there something we can do to help move toward breakthrough? You are already doing it, as far as we can tell. Those who are aiming for a breakthrough are deeply passionate and even pained by the weight of upholding this vision. There is an equally passionate and pained weight of vision from the rejection of the shift, but while both "sides" are holding the vision, the majority are in favor of breakthrough and that collective force is really quite tangible in its effects. However, while both "sides" are holding a vision fueled by emotion and intellect, it is action that will make the difference. When a majority of a collective consciousness holds a vision, it can be strong in its force, but it must be anchored in action to secure that vision. If a majority holds a vision but does nothing, and a minority holds a vision and does something, the action will double the force of the minority vision. In addition to doing, there is what you do that makes a difference. Though action can double the force of a vision, what that action is can diminish the effects or amplify them. For example, if the reactions from those who seek breakdown is high, but focused only on violence, the vision will "burn up" quickly and be lost. If the actions of those who seek breakthrough are compassionate, informative, and willing to forgo conveniences and familiarity for the sake of the vision the effects can be "unstoppable." So what we can say to the question of what you can do to help move toward breakthrough is to keep holding the vision, even as it is painfully heavy against the weight of resistance, and do something to give life to that vision in your actions. DianeHB: What do you mean by "willing to forgo conveniences and familiarity"? What we meant, Diane, is that many presume that there is not much one can do but wait it out, or just opt out, or hope for the best, but you can vote, you can educate yourself so you can confidently respond to challenges to your vision, you can make personal changes in your life that may seem inconvenient but they support your vision of a healthier world for all. For many it can seem quite inconvenient to step any further beyond the comforts of an opinion or curiosity. We say that in order to take actions that support a vision, you will almost always have to inconvenience yourself because current patterns of familiarity feed old ideas, so to change patterns, you change actions. NEXT ConnorB: In a previous Michael Speaks on May 14th, 2008 you described the ongoing ensoulment of the Gorillas, placing the number of Sentient Gorillas at approximately 24. Eight years have passed since this session, so may we have an update on the progress of Gorilla ensoulment? ConnorB: Can you also see if any Sentient Gorillas are dwelling in Virunga National Park, within the Democratic Republic of Congo? We see the count at this point having rather quickly expanded to being around 300 Sentient Gorillas. These are spread across the various species and subspecies as exploration continues regarding poential longterm viability. ConnorB: Holy moly ConnorB: Sounds like the rest of their energy ring got the memo. Permanent anchoring of the Sentience is more likely than ever. And, yes, there are several holding Sentience in the Republic of Congo. They are beginning to "stand out." NEXT PeterK: My question is motivated, in part, by a previous question mentioning the hyperloop as well as a previous answer mentioning martial law. Has the United States constructed a secret military network of underground tunnels equipped with high-speed magnetic levitation trains? If so, who designed this tunnel and train network, who constructed it, and who funded it? We know of no such thing. There are "secret" levels of military, technological development, and networks of transportation that are below ground, but we see no transportation as described. Funding comes from private and public sources. It is not a sinister operation as far as we can tell, but is a typical layer of a powerful society that often evolves from interests for staying in power. Some may argue about who this serves, but while all aspects of such hidden layers of a society are not so altruistic, most intent is for the preservation and advancement of that society, which includes the benefits for its people. NEXT Maureen: You may have already answered this through Diane’s question about what we can do to move towards breakthrough. I’m feeling, as are so many others, much anxiety around what is going on in the U.S. I do what I can to add my voice of reason and love into the mix, some days even taking on Trump trolls so that others who may feel cut off know they are not alone, but the anxiety continues. Maureen: What more can we do at this time as Older Souls to help out, to help others, and to help ourselves, as well? Reduce the anxiety. Worry is distrust, and Anxiety is distrust, amplified. It is fair to be uncertain, but uncertainty and anxiety are different things. Allow room for your uncertainty, but soothe your anxiety by pulling from the depths of your knowing that all of you will either be okay or be in for some range of challenges. Anxiety and worry will not change this, but Trust changes your relationship to any direction. In other words, calm down. Maureen: LOL DianeHB: LOL sevemanalo: LOL The reason this is useful is because anxiety layers itself in layer upon layer and when you need your energy for either moving forward smoothly, or moving forward through challenges, the energy is packed with static, bursts, and confusion that then further interfere with your path. If you can embrace uncertainty without anxiety, or calmly, then you are no longer generating a surplus of energy that stacks in layers of static that must be released in some way at some point. When approaching uncertainty with calm, you are able to generate energy as you need it, as it is necessary to share, and to allocate it more effectively. Imagine the difference between calmly sorting your keys as you make your way into your home in the dark vs panic and shaking as you drop your keys and scramble in fear to delay unlocking your door. This is true on levels of your movement forward well beyond the use of your hands. And that calmness is one of the ways in which an older soul can help contribute to collective moves forward through challenges or progress. We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  3. Assuming Clinton and Trump have a deep karmic relationship; what will Trump do after he balances his karma with Clinton by playing a major role in achieving the presidency?
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