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Found 2 results

  1. Ask Michael - January 7, 2018 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Crystal: Hi and happy new year Michaels! Can you comment on the possibility/ies for a woman president of the US in 2020? I feel we should choose one! MEntity: It is now 100% possible for a fragment of female identity to be President of the United States. As for the probabilities that this will occur in 2020, it currently stands at around 88%. Crystal: Hooray! MEntity: Keep in mind that being female does not guarantee enlightenment. A female candidate is likely to be pushed and supported by the less inclusive and anti-progressive Party, as well. Pat: Good evening Michael! When a human in a Bonding Agreement adopts an adult animal, that body was probably hosting another Entity Mix previously, so all the experiences will not be applicable for the new “inhabitant”. How is it solved, so that the new Consciousness doesn’t miss out on life-long experience relating to the aspects of their own Stage of Bonding and development of Emotional Centre? Thank you MEntity: The stages of bonding for the consciousness of animals works a bit differently and is not anchored to the experiences of the body. If an animal shifts in consciousness to accommodate a relationship that comes late in the life, then the new consciousness mines the experiences stored in the body and uses what is interesting and useful, but can discard all of it, as well. We rarely see a complete discarding of the data. In addition to this, the consciousness may be at a point in its progression that a complete lifetime is not necessary for the animal to gain a missing experience or element that then completes a stage. In that case, a few years of bonding at the end of a life can be enough. Because animals have a hive consciousness, or hive souls, they are not as compartmentalized. The life of a body that has had a certain set of experiences is considered carefully and integrated (if useful) for any change in consciousness and late-life relationship. Does this address your question? We are not certain we received your question clearly. Pat: Oh yes! It is exactly what i was wondering about. Thank you Michael! Mizle: Hi there Michael, I would like to ask a further question about vaccination safety. I am interested in ways to prevent the potential damage and what a parent can do in preparation, if they choose vaccination. I'm guessing timing can be quite important, so other than obviously choosing a time when the child is not sick, i'm wondering, since vaccination damage and autism, and then again autism and incomplete 2nd IM are connected, if it would be correct to assume, that vaccinating becomes significantly safer after the child has completed their 2nd IM…? MMR is usually given right before or during 2nd IM at 15 months…. Thanks!! MEntity: Timing is important, but it will always be a gamble. The theory and use of vaccinations are valid, but it will always be the case that a single solution does not work for everyone. The higher the population, the higher the number representing even a fraction of a percentage who may be affected adversely. In most cases, you do not need to be concerned with timing or dangers of any significance when it comes to vaccinations. However, there can be "bad batches" or an individual may not respond well, etc. If a body will respond adversely, the timing matters because the more developed the individual immune system the more likely it can respond to any negative effects of a vaccination. Knowing if a body will respond adversely is currently not explored to any degree that could help prevent the harm done. Mizle: Assuming then a parent can't do anything really, maybe immune boosters or something at best. MEntity: Genetics and Nutrition are far more important to consider than whether to vaccinate or not, at least in terms of developmental challenges. At this point there is no known way to guarantee that a vaccine or lack of vaccine is a better or safer choice than the other. The variables in an individual life are so vast that even we would have difficulty calculating an individual probability. This is why it is such a difficult decision for a parent. We can say that when in doubt, look to the patterns of history, not speculation. History has a solid pattern to observe that reveals success and safety more often than not. However, the same can be said of those who refuse vaccines. The numbers of successful and safe refusal of vaccines are about equal in consideration. As for timing, if vaccination can wait until beyond the 2nd Internal Monad (individual mobility), it can be ideal in terms of allowing the body to gain its full consciousness on its own terms, but this delay is entirely dependent on the quality of current environment, climate, genetics, nutrition, etc. In short, we do not have a simple answer beyond directing you to use the tools available to you for making your choice, such as large scale data that reveals patterns of success or patterns of harm, along with your assessment of the quality of your current environment and quality of nutrition, and genetic vulnerabilities. Uma: Hello Michael, I would like to know the Soul Age/Level, Role/Casting, Cadre/Entity for Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel investigating trump, and if there are any karmic or other connections between them. If possible I would like the probabilities for impeachment/resignation and also for criminal conviction/prison for trump and his kids. I would appreciate knowing anything that would make this drama more understandable or easy to navigate. Thank you. MEntity: The fragment in question is a 7th Level Young Warrior-Cast Scholar from Cadre 11, Entity 3. There is Major Karma between these fragments involving Betrayal and Abandonment. When fragments address Karma during the 7th Level, especially as part of the transition into Mature Soul, there is an effort to shift away from simple reversal of scenario. For example, rather than killing someone who killed you, he saves your life in another life. It does not always go so well for the Young Souls who are new at the more creative Karmic Balancing. The "plan" was for the Scholar to show "sincere and authentic loyalty" to the King as a means to balance Betrayal and Abandonment in another life. This is showing up a bit differently than expected as the Scholar is, indeed, showing sincere and authentic loyalty to the King. It just so happens that this sincere and authentic loyalty are naturally devoted to upholding the King's authenticity and accountability. This relationship and Karmic balance would not have looked like this had the King not succumbed to his Imprinting. Probabilities for Impeachment are at about 58% at the moment. Conviction and Imprisonment stands at about 22% for the King and at about 18% "for the kids." Luciana: I read on that site that autism would be the result of an incomplete second internal nomad. However autism nowadays has several degrees. So I would like to know if this would be true even in the milder cases of autism such as Asperger's syndrome. What would lead to an incorrect diagnosis in the case of milder autism? MEntity: A failed 2nd Internal Monad tends to be hooked into any degree of Autism, but is not always causative, but is correlative. They are symptoms of each other. Sometimes the early onset of autism can affect the 2nd Internal Monad, and sometimes the struggles of the 2nd Internal Monad can bring about some degree of autism. A failed 2nd Internal Monad is correlative and causative of many developmental challenges. In the case of Autism it is both because "autism" is not a singular or definitive diagnosis. Early onset of autism tends to be the result of a mix of genetics, nutrition, and environment. In many cases of "autism, you simply have an Artisan or high Artisan elements in the Personality, particularly in the milder cases. Having one term represent such a broad umbrella of symptoms and degrees makes it difficult for us to carefully correlate or suggest causation, so this is a valid and important question that you ask. Did we address your question? Luciana: yes MEntity: FINAL QUESTION Connor: Hi Michael! Coming in November of this year (to a theater near you) in the United States are midterm elections, in which all seats in the House of Representatives and ⅓ of the seats in the Senate are up for reelection. There has been a lot of murmuring about an oncoming “Blue Wave” backlash to Trump’s bungling of his presidency which will flip control of Congress to the Democratic Party. What are the probabilities for this occurring? MEntity: The probability of United States Congress shifting into control of Democratic Party in November currently stands at 64%. The year ahead has too many variables for a higher percentage, but this is fairly high in light of that. Connor: Both Houses of Congress, you mean? MEntity: We are looking at both, yes. Did this answer your question? Connor: Yes it did. Thank you. MEntity: Good evening to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
  2. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Maureen: How do our other sentient “selves” in other Grand Cycles experience their IMs, EMs, etc. Do they (or do we as them) experience duality/polarity in order to grow in awareness and consciousness? MEntity: Monads exist across all Sentient species. Internal Monads are always relative to the length of a lifetime and affected by Soul Age. External Monads are universal and while there may be variations unique to a species or phrases used to describe them as unique to a species, the 30 "Classic" External Monads are the same across all Grand Cycles and Sentient species. More directly responding to your question, yes, there is always the duality and polarity as part of the process of growth, awareness, and regaining of consciousness. This is because those states are inherent in the Physical Plane and that is where every Sentient species incarnating in any Grand Cycle begins the return Home. NEXT Johanne: Please can you talk about the Deer working group: their working theme and how I can/did contribute (broad term). Any people here, from TLE or close to me also in that Working Group? MEntity: DEER Working Group is one of the first Working Groups set as part of what we would describe as POD ONE of Working Groups. This Working Group is Configuration Seven of Pod One. All within this Configuration are focused on COMPANIONSHIP. All Working Groups in this Configuration are themed in ideas around the intimacy that builds from routine, familiarity, and proximity. In the case of DEER, the theme focuses on CAUTIOUS SENSITIVITY. Deer Group is all about the experiences of navigating with full vulnerability and innocence, but with the capacity for great awareness of boundaries and necessary caution. This is the Group that helps each lifetime and others within the lifetime to remember that vulnerability and kindness and play are strengths. They teach that vulnerability and kindness and play are not invitations to others to harm or take advantage. They teach that the reason vulnerability and kindness and play can be strengths is because they have clear boundaries and limits that must be honored. We will leave it to you to assess how you may have contributed further to this Working Group, and we can say that there are a handful of Deer Working Group members as part of "TLE." NEXT Luciana: I would like to know the soul age prevalent in Brazil. The amount of old soul here. And if such a mature paradigm is happening here too. Because I sincerely see almost nothing of the paradgma mature soul in Brazil. It's a lot of corruption and it seems to me that politicians only want to get rich. They do not want to improve the country. MEntity: You are correct. There is an entrenched paradigm of rulership and culture that is rooted in Baby and Young Soul Ages. The paradigm shift is between Baby and Young. There is a large Mature Soul population, but they are immersed in the drama and intensity that the Baby and Young Soul paradigm provides. There are small pockets of Old Souls in Brazil. Old Souls make up approximately .00001% of the population, around 21,000 in total. As the greater paradigm shift of the planet continues to take root in Mature Soul Age, this will help bring relief and direction to Brazil, eventually. The dominate Soul Age of a planet will affect all Soul Ages. NEXT Uma: In July, you said in response to a question re fuckface treason: Uma: The situation is currently quite volatile and unpredictable with probabilities ranging between accelerated action over the next 3-6 months that resolves the situation and returns collective momentum to a healthy trajectory, to continued endurance and collection of evidence that may take years, to disruptive devolution of democracy on a scale unseen before, to nothing in particular ever "bad" happening despite the extreme threat and urgency and all returns to "normal" in a few years, etc. Uma: Can you comment if any of those scenarios is closer to happening now than at that time? Could this election turn things around so that maybe the IS coming is averted? MEntity: The probabilities that have come to be most emphasized of those described in July are now "actions that resolve the situation and returns collective momentum to a healthy trajectory" vs "disruptive devolution of democracy on a scale unseen before." The middle grounds are all but gone, though because they still exist as probabilities, we cannot rule them out. Probabilities can shift in an instant. We can only see the current trajectory from your moment now. It is true that this American Mid-Term Election will be a Turning Point that indicates the direction that would likely affect, at least, the next 5 years or so in terms of return to healthy trajectory or bracing for and working to divert extreme disruptions. We do not see any indication of alteration for Infinite Soul Manifestation at this time. NEXT Miizle: Hi Michael, my question is about photocatalytic oxidation as a method of eliminating harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and other VOC's. I'm interested in a 1% solution of nano-sized titanium dioxide that could be used as a spray-on coating on most surfaces in the house, turning them into air-purifying surfaces when UV light is added. Miizle: wonder if this would be a safe way to make homes healthier for chemical sensitivity sufferers, children and pets (well, everyone really), and if it is among the more efficient ways (apart from renewing surfaces etc). Thank you!! MEntity: In response to miizle: This is a direction that we see comes to be beneficial in about 3 years, but from what we can see, it requires more experimentation and testing that would allow for a clearer picture of both the benefits and the potential dangers or failures. We would suggest keeping this on your radar, so to speak, and look for research and experimentation that covers a wide range of scenarios and time frames. Miizle: oh ok so the products available now are not something you would recommend to be used? MEntity: If you do not mind being a part of the experimentation, then that is your choice. Otherwise, keeping an eye on the development and various testing scenarios would be useful. We do not see this as a viable solution at the moment, no. There are "hidden" dangers that are still being sorted out. NEXT Bobby: I realize that Essence is always the student of yours whereas with Personality, it can be hit or miss. So what I'm curious about are the dynamics between you and our Essences as far as your teaching works. Would you describe the manner in which this takes place? You once mentioned to someone in a POF "We also wish to note here that the Priest has updated us that there are now negotiations for crossing paths in March of 2019, if possible" so it appears that perhaps real time communications are at play at that level then? MEntity: The greatest difference between our relationship with you and your Essence is only in terms of "real time." Your Essences are in contact with us as they please and we are always available. Personalities are not always in contact with us and cannot always access us or understand us or even want to know us. That being said, every Personality your Essence will ever have is a student of ours and eventually works with us in some way, even if only after death and Review. Your Essence is vast and while it is technically true that we are in regular contact with your Essences, certain Personalities come to be representatives of your Essence and they work with us on behalf of your Essence. They attend classes, study, help update and communicate, act as guides or points of contact for other students, etc. In many cases our relationship with you as a Personality is left to be its own unique thing, and Essence stays back, so to speak. Essence can update us regarding negotiations, Agreements, Life Plans, etc, but the Personality is our focus because this is how your Essence learns. Not from us. But from you. NEXT Diane_and_Tex: From Tex: I have noticed a slow progression from total isolation in the feeling of Baby souls and Young souls, to inclusion in Mature souls, to openness in Old souls. After taking MDMA, everyone was felt by me to be existent in a love substrate, and their lives to be whirlwind creations within this "soup" of love consciousness. Are we actually this love consciousness? Is matter composed of it? MEntity: We can take this question and one more after this. Yes, Tex. That is a fair assessment. There is nothing NOT of Love. There is a great deal of forgetting and fear, but this will never negate or destroy that substrate of Love that bonds every bit of matter that exists. This is why "Love Wins," even if it takes time for the forgetting and fear to fade. Forgetting and fear can diminish and completely vanish from a universe, but Love cannot unexist. Love will always prevail, not because it squashes or destroys fear and forgetting, but because Love knows that fear and forgetting fade back into the "soup" of Love. Love is the gravity of relationships, planets, orbits, galaxies, universes, molecules, etc. This is not poetic. This is simply true. There may be more scientific terms used to differentiate these various forms of gravity, but all of it is Love. NEXT Gloria: The apartment community I live in has residents that dislike me intensely and the work I do to rescue abandoned felines. Basically their hearts are closed to distressed animals.I have a feline, Gray Boy, who has lived outdoors for most of his life and who I saved from starvation. He has been in my care for four years. I am working on helping him to adjust to indoor living, though no guarantee he will accept living inside 24/7. My concern is his safety, as he is considered an undesirable. What can I do to keep him safe and mitigate the rancor towards him and me? MEntity: From what we can see, you can only do what you are already doing. He can and likely will acclimate to indoor living if enough time and patience is afforded him. You are correct in that there is no guarantee of his safety or even of your own, but probabilities look quite low for any harm or danger at the moment. We cannot speak to that conclusively, of course. You are already quite informed about how to nurture his acclimation, but we can suggest that there are olfactory elements that can be added to the environment through various diffuser methods that can help soothe the Instinctive Center, if these are not in use yet. Gloria: Thank you! MEntity: You cannot control the reactions of others, so our suggestion here is to either continue navigating this as best you can with as much kindness and patience for these "feral people" as possible, and/or offer invitational education to the community to help them find a common ground with your motivations. They may not understand your love and care for felines, or the sacrifices you make for their well-being, but they may relate to how your work helps improve the community, if you can find an angle for this to make sense to them. We would have to work more directly with you for further depth into this personal scenario, but this is what we can suggest for now in this format. Gloria: Thank you! MEntity: We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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