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Found 3 results

  1. ASK MICHAEL - Live Channeling April 6, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley [Joeyann] How can you tell what I'm doing did the original Michael group set up the commune that they were talking And reading transcripts from 1973 and 74 there are going to set up a commune and I'd like to know if that was completed [MEntity] The talk of communes was that of the channels ideals at the time, and not our own. We had, nor have, any intention for encouraging or "setting up" a commune. Communes are an ideal that is appealing to many, particularly of those shifting from Young to Mature and into Mature, but for the Old Soul, it can be "hell." [Joeyann] Thank you that is how I pictured it myself [MEntity] This is not to say that there are no Old Souls in communes, but many of these only pass through these as sanctuaries for healing and respite, but not as a long-term investment. Of course, we are speaking in terms of what is currently understood as a template for what a commune is. This template is based on the shift from Young to Mature. The older soul ideal for a commune would be quite different. [David_Wlk] Hello Michael... And on Michael communities in general... would you be able to speak about Michael communities into the potential future, choosing to gather in particular environs around the world, with a particular interest in Australia as a safe haven. [MEntity] Are you asking if there are Michael students in Australia who can gather? If not, please phrase a question. [David_Wlk] Not so much about now - But for gatherings of M students there, or elsewhere, in the future. And why...? [MEntity] In terms of future gatherings, and locations for gatherings, this is entirely up to the students. We do not direct these. We merely "show up" if invited. [David_Wlk] I'm interested in places of gathering - safe havens into the future... [MEntity] Anywhere that there are those who are not preoccupied with survival struggles would be ideal. There must be, at least, some sense of safety created and sustained among those who would gather. Location is secondary. Beyond the obvious places that might be dangerous, there are any number of locations that could be described as inherently stable and safe. If you are asking us to pick a place, we would not do so. We are not limited to location, and we prefer to leave the assessment of safety up to those who are directly experiencing the challenges and pleasures of the Physical Plane for arranging locations. [Juni] There is a fair amount of information about C1E7 about how it is the "sweetheart" entity. As time allows, what is characteristic about its counterpart, C2E7, along with perhaps a Theme or Task for this particular Entity? Please summarize or expand for what you think is most useful/informative/helpful. [MEntity] First, all Entity Sevens would have as their Positive Pole that of INCULCATION, and as a Negative Pole that of ECLECTICISM. The variation of Essence Roles in any given Entity then colors how those Poles are manifested among the members. While Cadre 1, Entity 7 is primarily Servers and Priests, with Artisans, Cadre 2, Entity 7 is primarily Priests and Servers, with Scholars. Those slight variations lend very different "flavors" or colors to each of those Entities. In general, those from Cadre 1, Entity 7 tend to dance a finer line between chaos and order, whereas those from Cadre 2, Entity 7 tend to dance a fine line between isolation and understanding. The Scholarly infusion among the members seems to bring about a great need to understand, to make sense, to KNOW, and if this is not the case, these members tend to recoil in isolation, observation, and distance. This means that the repetitive themes (inculcation) for most members of Cadre 2, Entity 7 are those that push through everything that is confusing, overwhelming, and disorienting. These members will keep repeating and repeating an experience, scenario, relationship, lifetime, etc. until there is that understanding, that confidence in knowing. This may sound difficult, but it is the Positive Pole. It is how these members move toward expansion and evolution. It is a preferred path, despite its challenges. When in the Negative Pole, these members tend to feel fragmented and conflicted, divided among various facets of the life in a way that can sometimes feel fraudulent or as an imposter. This is Eclecticism here. It is a process of learning that is piecemeal, so to speak. A little bit here; a little bit there, but nothing comprehensive. This means that this Entity has had its fair share of members having "gone crazy," or struggled with mental stability. This is not exclusive to this Entity, of course, but it is a pattern among the members. For that reason, we might consider describing this Entity as having a theme in SANITY. The delicate and often difficult maneuvering through lifetimes for these members can be as wild and as fun as they can be implosive and crushing. [Kurtis] Hi Michael, I just love this description of the Server Casting that I found you wrote: [Kurtis] Server Casting might show up as a default, keen awareness of the needs, feelings, and behavior of those around you, sometimes to the extent of distraction. It might show up as a sensitivity and kindness that wishes only the best for others, while being rather frustrated, or even infuriated, with those who are inconsiderate and disrespectful of boundaries. It might show up as being in a position among friends and family that is more often than not turned to for insight, help, nurturing, availability, and understanding. [Kurtis] This was your answer to one of Al's questions a while back, and many have said these hold true who are Server Castings, so I was wondering if you could write the same format above, but for the Warrior Cast. [MEntity] Warrior Casting might often show up as a default keen awareness of sincerity and authenticity in various experiences or people in the life. This Casting would tend to gravitate toward those who generate meaningful challenges to the Personality so that there is no sense of complacency or apathy. This attraction to those who might bring this honesty, authenticity, and challenge can mean that many fall short of the expectations of this fragment, and there may easily come a system of navigation that comes to be based on presumptions and prejudices. This, then, becomes a wall through which those who seek intimacy will have to "prove" themselves to the Warrior-Cast, even if that Warrior-Cast does not realize this is in place. This can bring about a rather dismissive stance from the Warrior-Cast that would, eventually, have to be addressed by that Warrior-Cast if the desire for authenticity and honesty outweighs the actual experience of it. The above is just one of many ways we can respond to such a question seeking elaboration, but this will suffice for now. [Bobby] I wanted to follow up on the information that you provided Anna regarding her cat, George. For clarification purposes, were you saying that every cat "body" on the planet is experienced through a different Entity? If not, would you elaborate a little more on how that works? Before, I had just thought that a single Entity experienced through ALL cat bodies on the planet [MEntity] Bobby, while there is far more collective awareness among those who are participating in a non-sentient species, the higher the medium is in the tier of Kingdoms, the more individualized the consciousness involved. Domestic Cats and Dogs are of the Higher Mammal Kingdom, and are, therefore, quite a bit more fragmented in consciousness. Until there is full Sentience, however, that fragmentation still remains with full access to, say, "Cat Central" that is, the field that sustains Felines. [Bobby] so cat central would be comprised of the individual Entities then? [MEntity] In a sense, yes. Let us offer the following as a means for clarification. In terms of moving through the 7 Kingdoms of a Physical Plane toward (potential) full fragmentation and Sentience in a particular species, it works much like this: Oceanic/Mineral Kingdom = Entire Design; Vegetation Kingdom = Energy Rings; Insect Kingdom = Cadres; Cold-blooded, Bird, and Lower Mammal Kingdoms are variations of Entities; Higher Mammal Kingdom is quite varied, but tends to be a single Entity or members of a single Entity. The higher the kingdom, the more attached to the individual bodies. The lower the kingdom, the more one acts as caretaker, or "deva" for an entire species or large group within the species. So "Cat Central" is more like an Akashic Records for that species to which those who are experiencing the species contribute. We often use the term "hive soul" for non-sentient incarnations because a body, group, or mountain can be "home" to a multitude of fragments/entities/cadres. So the Entity experiencing you through your cat is experiencing its entirely unique experience. It is not that your cat is simply one set of eyes among millions through which a crowd is experiencing. By the time there is the breakdown to incarnations as entities in a Kingdom, there is a cycle of lifetimes experienced with that particular species. For instance, an entity that is experiencing CAT, will have 7 Cat lifetimes. The incarnational cycle is 7 lifetimes for mammals. So there will be 7 as cat, 7 as dog, 7 as cow, 7 as pig, etc. Eventually, this movement of consciousness begins to fade for a planet and the multitude of species begin to die off. This is particularly true when there is little viable means for access to any other species as Sentient. If the Sentience of Gorillas can stabilize, more species will spring into Sentience for other Designs to follow. Otherwise, there may have to come an extinction of Humans, first. [Bobby] Ok, thanks. We'll definitely follow up on this with more specifics in the near future. I think it's fascinating. [Jana_K] Hello Michael, could you please talk about how Flow gets itself into positive poles through sliding to other Goals? Or how Flow can generally benefit from sliding to each of the different goals? [MEntity] Jana, Assimilative Overleaves almost always require the use of another Axis to move to its own Positive Pole. Though it is possible for the Neutral to move within itself, it is simply, nearly impossible. In the same way that any other Overleaf must tend toward the Positive Pole of its partner on an Axis as a way to return to its own, the Assimilative depends on this same process. Though the Assimilative Overleaves have access to the entire range of Overleaves in its category, habits do tend to form in regard to the particular challenges and interests that the Personality is developing for that lifetime. So one person's Flow may gravitate toward Growth as its means of return to a Positive Pole, and to the Inspiration Axis in general, while another may gravitate toward Acceptance, or the Expression Axis, as its means of return. In that regard, it is quite helpful for those in Flow to look at the life in terms of what may be a pattern for experiences at any given time. There will larger arcs and smaller arcs of experiences, so this would need to be considered, as well, but one can usually tell if the current emphasis is on a larger or smaller arc. So if your life patterns tend to be emphasizing a struggle with meaning, value, reflection and projection (inspiration), then your Flow would want to move to Growth or Re-evaluation as a means of return to Freedom. If your life patterns tend to be emphasizing a struggle with contribution, participation, effectiveness, and movement, then you would likely want to move your Flow to Dominance or Submission. If your life patterns tend to be emphasizing struggles with making confident choices, blockages to intimacy, feeling present, and/or making a difference, then your Flow might want to move toward the Expression Axis as a means of return to its Positive Pole. The above are generic phrases to reference those Axes, and should not be considered definitive. We wished only to give examples for how one might assess where Flow may consciously or subconsciously move when in light of particular patterns in the life. The more consciously one can associate the patterns of the life with various key elements of an Axis, the more consciously one in Flow can then use the Positive Pole of one of those Goals to then help return to Flow's own Positive Pole. [Janet] Will you please provide information on Artisan Casting similar to what you just gave Kurtis for Warrior Casting? [MEntity] Artisan Casting might often show up as a default keen awareness of integrity and self-awareness among those with whom this fragment shares experiences and relationships. This Casting would tend to gravitate toward those who are consistent in "who they are" and are quite clear in their motives. From what we have seen, it can often drive an Artisan-Cast fragment to infuriated tears when others are not cohesive in their sense of motivations or ideals. This means this Casting will tend to gravitate toward those who are quite comfortably-defined, but flexible, in where, how, and who one is as individual, but when this comes to be few and far between, the Artisan-Cast can start to simply make up backstories for all of the participants in the life as a means to bring that sense of consistency. What happens, then, can be a falling into paranoia, gossip, and over-analysis, particularly when that Artisan-Cast cannot seem to get his or her bearings on the motives or ideals of a person or project. Depending on the path of the Artisan-Cast, he or she may then gravitate toward challenging people and experiences that provoke discord, and then this Casting will figure out how to bring harmony.
  2. Michael Speaks 080909 Open Floor [QUESTION] Are there 7 or MORE different types of kingdoms operating on earth -- ie; humanoids, elementals, faeries, angels, etc., and, blendings of them & if so, is this connected to DNA; or what are the 7 kingdoms on earth at this time; like minerals/plants ? etc., it would be nice to know more about this earth, we have all chosen to share together; without plants - we can't breathe, without minerals-we do NOT have good health - so; we must all be interlinked, in some way. [Michael Entity] What we describe as "Kingdoms" are the levels of development of chakras, centering, and sentience within various groups of lifeforms within a planetary system. There are, indeed, 7 Kingdoms. The association of "elementals, faeries, angels, etc." are seen a bit differently from our perspective, but there is some validity within these more mythical interpretations. Ocean and Mineral Kingdom; Vegetation Kingdom; Insect Kingdom; Cold-Blooded Kingdom; Bird Kingdom; Lower Mammal Kingdom; Higher Mammal Kingdom. These are the 7 Kingdoms of Earth's Physical Plane in terms of sentient development and exploration. For each Kingdom there are a multitude of Energy Rings, Cadres, or Entities working within those Kingdoms as a form of support, creativity, and direction for that kingdom. All Sentient Humans have explored each of these Kingdoms before incarnating into the Human cycle of lives. In earlier stages of a planet's hosting Sentience, the Energy Rings, Cadres, and Entities managing these Kingdoms are far more obvious, especially when Sentience is living closely with any one of those Kingdoms. These Energy Rings, Cadres, and Entities managing the Kingdoms are not taking form, but exploring or directing the development of that Kingdom, and when sensed by Humans, are often interpreted into mythological forms. So while we would not say that there is a literal line of faeries or elves or elementals, we would say that these interpretations are not wholly inaccurate to how the non-physical energies work within a Kingdom. Human imagination fills in the more elaborate, magical parts to account for the lack of practical understanding. However, we would say that the imaginative stories serve a practicality in itself, in that it hands down a personification of these energies so that Humans can work with those energies in a way that "makes sense" to them. As a planet's dominant Sentience matures, and the influx of new Sentience slows or stops, so does this network of forces that nurture your planet's kingdoms. At some point in every Sentient species' development, these forces stop taking care of the planet, and the dominant species must then do the work of caring for the planet. It is not unlike the way your own bodies are cared for by forces greater than your own until you reach a certain age, whereupon you must then take care of yourselves. To that point, we say that the realms of faeries, elves, elementals, angels, etc., (however you interpret these forces) are waning, and the shift of responsibility is upon your species now to pick up that line of care and nurturing for the planet and its Kingdoms. [QUESTION] What are the 7 levels of the mind? [Michael Entity] If we define "mind" as that realm of cohesion among all bodies (emotion, intellect, moving, and the higher counterparts), we would could then describe these 7 Levels as: Tangibility; Symbolism; Comprehension; Transition; Telepathic; Intuitive; Wholeness. These 7 Levels could be described many ways, but these are the words we can get through this channel at this time. We will elaborate a bit on each, as well. Tangibility might be the level of Mind that brings cohesion through what can be touched and is tangible. Symbolism might be the level of Mind that brings cohesion through interpretation of symbols as represented in events, patterns, and behaviors. Dreams might be included here. Comprehension might be the level of Mind that grasps the concept of probabilities and the true impact of Choice. Transition might be the level of Mind that that brings cohesion through grasping the patterns of the past and how this contributes to the present. The level of Mind that can change directions and pivot based on what has been learned to date. Telepathic levels of Mind might be the cohesion that is brought through the recognition and application of the 3 levels of Truth (personal, global, universal) as a means of connecting to other Minds. Intuitive levels of Mind might be the cohesion that is brought through the transcendence of logic and reason, to the direct perception of the larger contexts of any situation, event, or people. Wholeness levels of Mind might be the cohesion that is brought by the capacity to absorb, adapt, and embrace any variations on reality, experiences, and directions brought about by the self, others, or the free-unfolding of life. [QUESTIONS] Is Tangibility also what one might term "creating reality"? [Michael Entity] We would agree, though this phrase could be said of any level of Mind described above. Specific to Tangibility, it might be said that Tangibility would "create reality" through the limitations of what one can DO with what one HAS. To put that another way, it could be said that Tangibility is the level that says, "I can create with this hammer because I have a hammer" whereas another level of Mind, such as that of Comprehension, might say, "I can create with this hammer, but I can also get a saw and drill and materials so that I can create even more." The average fragment extant is now in Transition levels of Mind. Our average Student is in the Telepathic levels of Mind. [QUESTION] Hello Michael. Can you talk about the difference between Faith vs. Trust, particularly in regards to Life or "The Universe"? Michael says blind Faith is a negative pole thing, but I have trouble seeing how Trust in something as intangible as "The Universe" is not the same thing as Faith. Please elaborate? [Michael Entity] We see the difference between Faith and Trust as vast. Faith inherently asks of you not to question, and further to turn a blind eye to any discrepancies between what you expected, intended, or wanted vs what you experience. Trust, however, is based in experience that has already been gained, and allows room for questions and redirection from the less-desirable. This is not to say that people will use these words in the same way that we define them; in fact, many use these words interchangeably, with Trust being the more "new age" replacement for Faith. There will always be steps forward into the unknown that require Faith or Trust, depending on your preference. However, Faith would be a free-fall jump into the unknown, whereas Trust would allow for you to use tools that are familiar to you, and allows for a discerning eye along the way. In short, Faith is resignation; Trust is participation. [QUESTION] Yes, I suppose my question has much to do with how to "Trust" the unknown. [Michael Entity] If you are moving into "the unknown," then the Trust that one can pull up would come from experiences that are relevant to the current step into this unknown. For instance: The unknown may be lying ahead, or around you, but it is almost certainly the case that you have stepped into the unknown in your past, as well. Trust, then, could come from the fact that you survived the unknown before, so it is possible that you can do that again. Trust could come from the fact that despite your steps into the unknown, you know of resources for support and guidance that can help you along the way. Trust does not ask you to hope for the best; it allows you to help create the best, as best you can, if you choose to do so. Keep in mind that Surrender is also a form of Trust, which is the recognition of forces larger than your capacity to control, but you know you can do your best to navigate within those forces. For instance, you may not be able to stop a hurricane, but you can Trust that you can do what you can do to protect yourself in that context. [QUESTION] This may be a long shot but I thought worth it if Michael can comment on it, otherwise, you can move on to the next question: I would be interested in Michael's thoughts on something known as the webbot project run by Cliff High at www.halfpasthuman.com. This project appears to have the capability of taking a sampling of the global consciousness and predicting future events. Is there something analogous to a bow shock wave which travels forward and backward in time as a result of major future events that can be picked up on by our global consciousness in the present which permits us to glimpse these future events before they happen? If so, is this due to an awakening in our consciousness as our Earth passes through the galactic plane and its exposure to higher energies? [Michael Entity] As consciousness grows, so does the capacity for recognizing patterns. As the capacity for recognizing patterns grows, so does the capacity for anticipating patterns. As the capacity for anticipating patterns grows, so does the capacity for defining patterns. As the capacity for defining patterns grows, so does the capacity for altering patterns. As the capacity for altering patterns grows, so does the lack of necessity for recognizing, anticipating, defining, and altering. With that in mind, we would say that the theory is fairly sound, as you describe it, though we would not attribute it to any effect from a "galactic plane" or "exposure to higher energies." It is simply a matter of evolved learning and observational capabilities. Your Species no longer throws rocks at the moon during an eclipse, or spears at thunder, not because of some cosmic shift, but simply because eventually someone realized it was silly to do so. By extension, the patterns that are in effect that can be observed in collective consciousness are real, and while the capacity for recognizing, anticipating, defining, and altering these patterns are at various points of development among you, Humans are well on their way to predictive capabilities that would be on par with weather reports. They would need adjustments and updates as each moment/day passes, but could be fairly accurate to a similar degree that weather reports are accurate. Once the patterns of consciousness are found to be legitimately and relevantly connected to patterns of weather, Humans would reach a new paradigm of awareness about the future, past, and state of collective consciousness. [QUESTION] In MFM, it was mentioned that Carl Jung was one of the “mavericks” of psychology in that he incorporated “mysticism” into psychology, which so few westerners given credence too. Of course there are many schools of psychological thought regarding counseling individuals. Psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral theory, humanistic/existential theories are but a few examples. Given that psychology, at least in the west, is still so concerned with “measurable” scientific facts, how can one really tap into the ‘spiritual’ while still being “accepted” by the scientific community? Of course, assuming this is possible, or even desirable for that matter. I know of the work of Viktor Frankl, Ernesto Spinelli and the aforementioned Carl Jung; but it seems they are still largely disrespected by the psychological community. Can Michael provide insight into this topic? For example: who are the “psychological mavericks” of the 21st century who are (or may be in the near future) on the cusp of making real progress on the process of counseling the WHOLE person, spirit included, rather than merely some fragments (no pun intended) of the personality that most of the “scientific” theories like psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy seem to emphasize? I realize this is several questions in one, so it should be noted that I’m not looking for specific answers to each part as much as I am looking for concepts or psychologists to investigate regarding spiritual counseling or what is also called existential or phenomenological psychology, as I feel that counseling one while incorporating the spiritual can potentially do more lasting good than a lot of what passes as psychological intervention currently. Of course this is all speculation on my part, but was curious about Michael's input nonetheless. Sorry for the lengthy question; tis the curse of my scholary-ness I think. [Michael Entity] In terms of practice, there are many who incorporate "spirituality" into whatever method of Psychological Counseling they use, as long as that spirituality is translated into useful terms for the one being counseled. Others incorporate spirituality in a way that is simply an undercurrent within the terminology of the psychological method. For most who truly wish to help another, it is nearly impossible to avoid some form of spirituality, though it is useful to keep this to a minimum until the more tangible elements of the psyche have been explored. Though this channel is limited in terms of psychological theories and descriptions, we can say that Gestalt Psychology is close to "spiritual" within the limitations of the psychological field. We will add that as the Mature paradigm settles in, so would the expansion of concepts within the realm of Psychology. For now, if one were looking for counseling, we would suggest being less concerned with the method, and more concern with your resonance to the individual counselor. We would also add that this division of spirituality from counseling goes both ways, so to speak, in that if one were to go to a proclaimed "spiritual counselor," the more tangible elements of the psyche might be ignored just as smugly as the less-tangible are ignored in Psychology. [COMMENT] definitely true, and there is certainly plenty of literature about the more tangible aspects. [Michael Entity] Those we might consider to be "mavericks" are publicly unknown at this time, but if all moves forward as intended, would most likely rise to awareness within the next 20 years or so. We can also suggest looking back at our 7 Levels of Mind. You would see quite clearly where any psychological theory or method might fall, and this would give you a fair gauge of the higher levels of counseling or theories that might be available. The "mavericks" we see who may move psychology forward to include higher levels of Mind, if you will, would be those who move the field to embrace the Telepathic levels. Currently, it appears to us that most theories and practices remain at Transition levels and below, which do work for most. Good Day to each of you. Goodbye.
  3. This question was originally posted by NTRAIN on 11/24/08. So, I've read a bit about Michael, and I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find elsewhere on the boards. My apologies if these have already been answered. According to Michael, what's the deal with animals? Do they have souls? Are there different levels like there are in humans? What about differences between species? How about plants and microorganisms? The world's population is estimated to grow to about 9.5 billion over the next 40 years. Most of the growth is expected to come from in the poorest and least educated countries. Presumably, these new persons will be younger souls. Is this correct? Is there any reasoning behind why there should be this influx of younger souls? Isn't the trend supposed to be an overall maturation of human souls? What does Michael have to say about artificial intelligence? If we were able to someday create viable AI that was indistinguishable from that of a human, would there be some kind of soul involved in that AI? Is real AI just impossible because of some limitation in that regard? FROM MICHAEL: Consciousness that is not committed to a sentient species for an incarnational cycle are free to explore and experience all forms of existence. All who are committed to a sentient species for an incarnational cycle already explored to their "hearts' content" before making that commitment. Outside of sentience, so to speak, physical life on a planet could be described as having 7 Kingdoms, or Levels. Consciousness can explore those levels/kingdoms sequentially and eventually commit to a sentient species of that particular planet. In lower kingdoms, consciousness is not quite differentiated and moves in masses (Compositions/Arrangements/Spheres/Rings), whereas the higher kingdoms then begin the process of more differentiated groups of consciousness (Cadres/Entities/Cadences). In the lower kingdoms that include such categories as Plants, Insects, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, and Lower Mammals, consciousness explores as "hive souls." This is often literally seen as hives, fields, herds, schools, and flocks, etc. Bodies move as a group and consciousness moves easily among all of those bodies with little differentiation. References to "devas, faeiries, and nature spirits" are referring to these forms of consciousness. In higher kingdoms that include high levels of intelligence, emotion, complex tool use and the raising of young, such as can be found in many domestic animals, the consciousness becomes far more differentiated, often down to a single Cadence (group of 7 fragments of one role), and will incarnate at least 7 lifetimes in that species. The higher mammals will incarnate as intimately with a sentient species (and most often with the same sentient fragment over time) as possible so as to learn from that sentient species and determine whether to commit to that sentient species, or not. The 7 Kingdoms are relative to the development of the Chakras/Centers that will be required for Sentience, if that is eventually chosen. The 7 Kingdoms/Levels are: Oceanic/Mineral (Instinctive/root) Plant/Vegetable (Higher Moving/sacral) Insects (Moving/solar plexus) Fish/Reptiles (Emotional/heart) Birds (Intellectual/throat) Lower Mammals (Higher Emotional/brow) Higher Mammals (Higher Intellectual/crown) The growth of the Human Sentient population is almost to its maximum in terms of body/essence ratio. There are nearly as many bodies on the planet at this time as there are fragments still physically incarnating. We doubt it will reach over 9 billion, unless there is a spike in the number of Essences incarnating in simultaneous bodies within the same time frame. The majority of Essences incarnating as Human are now within the Mature Soul Cycle, so any "new persons" would most likely be Mature. "Artificial Intelligence" is just as capable of sustaining Sentience as any "organic biology." There are several instances in your universe of Artificial Intelligence being Sentient and valid as its own Species. It is often the goal of one species to create/design a new species for sustainable sentience. Humans intend to do this and, as part of that process, continue to explore the fears and fascination along with that collective goal.
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