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Found 3 results

  1. OMW - Sep 4, 2010 - Your Turning Points Troy Tolley, Channel (Note: Two things stand out about this transcript: 1) it triggered huge responses from the participants; so, the questions aren't as well organized or integrated as some other transcripts -- I left it "as is" in order to keep the emotional tone; 2) this topic really integrates well with the more recent "Doing versus Being" workshop held in January, 2011. glb) MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We have been asked today to speak about what Troy describes as a "Turning Point" that each fragment may, or may not, have within a lifetime. We will first define "Turning Point" as "the unequivocal, historical comprehension that a correction of course on a Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and/or Spiritual Path is necessary and possible as a result of a particular, pivotal experience or choice." We will further define "correction of course" as meaning "a direction of active preference of path that includes improved health for one or more of the bodies, as opposed to a passive presumption of a path that is not nurturing for one or more of the bodies." A "Turning Point" usually shows up within a life when the original intention for the life is being cut short by the death of one or more of the bodies. And by "bodies," we do mean the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual Bodies, or more accurately, "layers" of the Body. When one of these bodies nears death, and the original intention did not include that death or exit point, then a Turning Point is generated so as to give the entirety of the Body (all layers/bodies) a chance to recover and correct the course of the life. Usually that correction of course is drastic because it is in contrast to the momentum that was leading to death. Each "layer" or Body can experience death, even as the other layers continue beyond that death of one body. For instance, a fragment can experience the death of his or her Emotional Body while continuing Physically, Intellectually, Spiritually. Even when the Physical Body dies, one can continue to "live" through the Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual bodies, and this is most-often reported as a "haunting," of course. Regardless of their lack of tangibility, these bodies are ALL of the Physical Plane in terms of material as a medium for Essence. These materials are not yet understood entirely, but may best be understood by you as various densities, or frequencies, that make up the entirety of The Body. Your Body is made up of these densities, or frequencies, from densest to finest: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, and these are "encased," so to speak, in the matrix that might be called the Etheric Body, which acts as a generator, bridge, and template. Each of these are subject to the scathing that is inherent of the Physical Plane, and thus can be harmed, injured, or die. However, as long as the Etheric Body/casing is intact, not only is the presence in the Physical Plane still intact, but so is the Personality, as the Personality is biological, or more accurately, it is a part of the Bodies. As we said before: a "turning point" is a potential result that comes from the near-death, or death, of one or more of the Bodies. [Geraldine] Please describe what the physical body looks like if any of the other three bodies die. MEntity: Therefore how to prevent a Turning Point becomes increasingly interesting to Essence as it grows older, since keeping all of the Bodies healthy also becomes increasingly interesting to the soul. One of the ways to prevent a Turning Point, ironically, is to CREATE a Turning Point. More accurately said, it is how to create one Consciously, as most Turning Points are created unconsciously. [Deb22] Is this not what I did — created a turning point — by taking that recent, extended trip to SE Asia. To the unknown, to being alive because my bodies — the emotional, intellectual and spiritual were nearing death? MEntity: Deb, we would agree. The difference between creating a Turning Point consciously vs unconsciously is profound in terms of catalysts, but equally as profound in terms of impact. It could be said, then, that the Positive Pole of a Turning Point is Transmutation and the Negative Pole is Desperation. One end is fueled by Choice whereas the other end is fueled by Survival. One end is created from conscious recognition whereas the other end is created from unconscious realization. For instance, they are the difference between stating, "something has GOT to change" vs "Oh my god, I almost died." [Deb22] What is hard is the next step. I have the momentum but it is of a different texture — stillness versus movement. It is exciting but scary. Any suggestions.? My turning point felt conscious — was it? MEntity: If you are interested in this workshop with us, you have probably stated at some point: "something has got to change." Or you have experienced a Turning Point already, and just want to understand that process. We will make time for personal questions in a more organized exchange coming up. As we mentioned before: a Turning Point comes from the near-death, or death, of one or more of the Bodies. When there is a death of the body, or layer, as long as there is a denser body alive, then the finer body can be "brought back to life." In other words, as long as the Physical Body is intact, then any "death" of any other body can be revived, revitalized. We will define "death" here as "having no active, functioning presence." There are, literally, those whose Emotional Bodies are dead in that regard. As are there some whose Intellectual or Spiritual Bodies are dead. It is not inaccurate then to say that a Turning Point is a Resurrection. Within context, there is validity to the concept of being "born again." Each Soul Age tends toward certain bodies having more trouble surviving the life than other bodies. [Karine] When resurrected, does the body that died come back exactly the same as it was, or is it different than it used to be? MEntity: Karine, it is transmutated. It is always in a higher form if it is resurrected; if the Turning Point is utilized. The Infant Souls tend to have trouble keeping any of the Bodies alive. Baby Souls have the hardest time keeping the Spiritual Body alive. Young Souls have the hardest time keeping the Intellectual Bodies alive. Mature Souls have the hardest time keeping the Emotional Bodies alive. And Old Souls have the hardest time keeping the Physical Bodies alive. Keep in mind that "alive" and "death" here are not entirely literal. For instance, the Older Soul has a hard time keeping the Physical Body "alive" in the sense that we already defined: "having no active, functioning presence." Older Souls are most-prone to hiding away their Physical Bodies from the world, in other words. They have evolved to such a state of spirituality, of spiritual strength, that the emphasis of life tends to move away from Physical presence, and it takes a lot more effort to be alive as a Physical Being. Being "alive", as in, "having active, functioning presence." This helps explain a great deal about much of the turmoil and terror that can often plague the Old Soul. It also helps explain the distractions and overcompensations of the younger Soul Ages. For instance, as the Baby Soul has the hardest time keeping the Spiritual Bodies alive, they tend to have the most resurrections of the Spiritual Body, or an emphasis on being "born again" on that level. The Older Soul often requires this same kind of profound turning point, but on a Physical Level. Therefore, many Older Souls will have their Turning Point generated when in the face of Physical Death. Though it would be difficult to validate, we can say that Older Souls tend to have the "close calls" with physical death more often, proportionally, than other soul ages for that reason. Ironically, they are also more likely to create a Turning Point unconsciously than the other Soul Ages, with Baby Souls being most-prone to creating Turning Points from a conscious intention than other Soul Ages. Before we move further into this topic, and into more personal territory, we now invite you to ask questions about the topic in general, or to comment on your sense of validity about what we have shared so far. [Maureen] Based on this discussion: How does "Energetic Healing" take place/work and what can be done to strengthen it's effect on all the "Bodies/Layers?" [Geraldine] What can cause the "death" of one of the intangible bodies? [Martha] Can you tell if another person has a "dead" body? [Maureen] Lights are on and no ones' home! MEntity: In response to Maureen: Most "Energetic Healing" is fairly useless without the implementation of a counterpart that might be called an "anchor" for a circuit to be fulfilled for that level of healing. [Karine] are the bodies related to the Centers? MEntity: For instance, Physical Healing, which is the most obvious form of healing, has a medium that is tangible in such forms as medicine, bandaging, and active monitoring of the wound. [Deb22] Can you please amplify the response to Maureen's question? What would be a counterpart, an anchor? MEntity: "Energetic" Healing most-often refers to more intangible techniques for providing an exchange of energy for the intent of healing various levels of the Body. However, regardless of the finer body, or the lack of tangibility for the healing, there still needs to be an "anchor," or a counterpart that helps to generate a circuit between healer and healed. [Maureen] What do you mean by anchor - counterpart? MEntity: For instance, the "laying on of hands" or the use of touch, in general, is powerful as an anchor, or counterpart, to many "energetic" healing techniques. [Maureen] From your perspective, what actually takes place with an energetic healing? [Deb22] What about a geometric grid with the elements, the bodies, the directions-- creating a mandala implementing those forms? MEntity: Other examples might be: good conversation as a counterpart to Intellectual Healing; affection as a counterpart to Emotional Healing; the use of symbols, either imaginary or tactile, are quite powerful. For example: if one were to use "at-a-distance" healing as a means to help someone, it would help for that recipient to have a symbol for help in completing that circuit. This could be assigned by the healer for the recipient to visualize or duplicate, or chosen by the recipient for the healer to focus upon. A person carrying a stone that is the anchor for healing energy from a healer is much more likely to receive and benefit from healing than someone who was simply told that the healer would "send" some healing energy. [Martha] whats an anchor for Spiritual healing? [Maureen] With "Hands on Healing" - what can be done to strengthen its effect so it lasts longer? Or has a permanent effect? MEntity: In response to GERALDINE: the death of the Emotional Body can come from emotional overwhelm, self-loathing, abandonment, emotional abuse, etc.; the death of the Intellectual Body can come from Intellectual overwhelm, extreme loss, unprocessed grief, excessive disappointment, philosophical abuse or mindfucking, etc.; the death of the Spiritual Body can come from overwhelming demands of life, lack of capacity to comprehend beyond your own needs and wants, extreme displacement of identity for the sake of compromise and order, etc. [Geraldine] a-ha -- all of those negative poles pile up [Maureen] The North Koreans must suffer from all these the death of the Physical Body, besides the obvious literal death, would come from extreme rejection of physical life, repulsion for the functions of the physical body, terror in realizing the fragility of the body, profound desperation to feel safe, profound misunderstanding that the vastness of the universe equates an insignificance of the self, etc. MEntity: In response to MARTHA: it is often difficult to determine if one of the bodies is dead, but if one is sensitive enough, one can often feel that sense of "emptiness" in a person on the relevant level of Body. [Deb22] What is the interrelationship between the 9 needs and the death of the bodies? MEntity: Some symptoms of each body's death might be: Spiritual Death - addiction, capacity to murder, willingness to enslave or oppress; Intellectual Death - lack of ethics, profound disregard for boundaries, profound lack of concern for the Effects of one's Cause. Emotional Death - extreme depression, apathy, paralysis of isolation (feeling trapped/alone when not trapped/alone) Physical Death - squalor, poor hygiene, extreme wishful thinking (extreme entitlement) In response to KARINE: yes, these Bodies are related to the Centers indirectly, as the Centers are related to the Chakras. Though our channels and students often presume that the Centers are synonymous with the Chakras, we do not use the term Centers to represent Chakras. Therefore, these Bodies are directly related to the Chakras, but indirectly related to the Centers. We use the term "Center" to describe a Personality's "Center of Gravity," and while this can be seen as an extension of the Chakra, it is not about the Chakra, itself. [Maureen] What part does Auric Hygiene play in "warding off" the death of a "Body"? MEntity: So, for instance, a Personality may be Emotionally Centered, but his Emotional Body is "Dead." This would mean that the fragment still navigates life based on attraction and repulsion relative to Inspiration (emotion), but has closed down any vitality to his Emotional Body, hence having "closed down" his Heart Chakra. [Deb22] What is the interrelationship between the 9 needs and the death of the bodies? MEntity: In other words, his other bodies may still move through life in relation to what is or isn't inspiring, but his Emotional Body has cut off contact with his Essence. In response to DEB, we did elaborate on the Anchor/Counterpart, and can do so further if that was not enough. [Karine] so a body's death is basically the rejecting of essence? [Deb22] I was referring to our primary needs: Freedom, Adventure, Exchange, Expression, etc. and was asking for the correlation [Martha] that's a big question Deb [Deb22] I realize that but I think it is most relevant to our discussion MEntity: We are responding to the questions as we see them in order above. We suggest a halt on the questioning now until we have responded to each that has already been posted. [Geraldine] I don't think Needs applies to this -- we'll never get to issues about how to do up a Turning Point consciously at this rate MEntity: We explained what a "counterpart" and anchor is in relation to energetic healing, but the short answer would that a counterpart or anchor is a specific symbol or tangible object that acts as a medium for the energy that is being transmitted for healing purposes. Those symbols and objects are completely subject to the creativity and sense of personal relevance between the healer and healed, and are not specific to the different bodies. We are now to Maureen's question of "what actually takes place during energetic healing?" Whether Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual, any healing is a corrective frequency relative to that body. More specifically, it is a return to order from chaos, or alignment from disarray. When we say that it is a return to order from chaos, we say that in terms of relativity. What may be order, or beauty, to one person's body is chaos to another's. [Martha] Can we hold more questions until we hear about how to consciously create a TP? we're going to run out of time MEntity: For example, what an Older Soul sees in a Baby Soul's being "born again" is "ugly" compared to the beauty the Baby Soul actually experiences in that healing. [Deb22] Suggestion: Why can't we continue this topic next month? It is clear, it is massive. MEntity: Keeping this in mind can help when one acts as a healer, either professionally or as a friend. Healing is something that must be determined by the recipient, not the sender. (We can respond to the remaining questions above, and still cover the "how to" part of our discussion, if everyone has approximately 30 minutes remaining to participate.) [Maureen] OK [Martha] ok [Geraldine] ok [Karine] alright [Deb22] ok MEntity: In response to Deb regarding Mandalas: yes, this would be included in our explanation that symbols are counterparts/anchors for healing. In response to Maureen about hand-on healing and length of effect: We would have to say that it is often wise to consider healing as a matter of "treatment," rather than as a form of miracle. This means that, in most cases, healing is a process, not a product. Each recipient would require different different numbers of sessions, and different degrees of focus for the healing. This is something that would be determined based upon the needs of the individual. In response to Deb regarding the 9 Needs: to the degree that one's Needs are met is a fairly accurate degree to which the bodies are healthy. The less one satisfies his Needs, the more one will degenerate in relation to that Need, depending on how one has prioritized that need and its necessity to satisfy. Though the different Needs could correlate to the different Bodies, it is more accurate to say that for EACH Body the 9 Needs MUST BE SATISFIED to some degree for that Body to be healthy. So, for instance, the Emotional Body will have its Tier of 3 Primary Needs to satisfy, but will still need all 9 to be healthy. In response to Karine about the body's death being a rejection of Essence: No, the Physical Body's death is not always about the "rejection" of Essence, but it is always a result of Essence withdrawing or being blocked from the Body. Death or the Turning Point of any Body is motivated by either Transmutation or Desperation. Therefore, when the Physical Body dies, it can be from the positive morphing into another step of its evolution, or from desperation that might lead to something like suicide. Of course, we can elaborate upon all of our responses as necessary, but we will now speak about the "how to" part of our exchange with you. If any of you can look at any part of your life as represented by the Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual) and have found yourselves stating that "something has GOT to change," then you may be in need of a Turning Point. If you are in need of a Turning Point, then it will either happen as a result of Desperation as that particular level of life, or Body, is threatened or dies, or you can choose to generate that Turning Point on your own, and on your own terms. The reason most fragments rely on Desperation to generate a Turning Point is because it is "easier" in that it feels as if it is something that happens TO you, rather than FROM you. And therein lies the difference: consciously choosing/creating a Turning Point means that is must come FROM you, not TO you. One does NOT need to be near death, or dead, in that Body in order to generate a Turning Point. When one is consciously creating a Turning Point, it is not dependent on which Body is near death, but can be based upon your Overleaves and the inherent strength and weaknesses of your own design. When a Turning Point is generated, either consciously or unconsciously, it is a profound redirection of DOING, BEING, HAVING, or KNOWING. These correlate to the Axes of the Overleaves. DOING=Action BEING=Inspiration HAVING=Expression KNOWING=Assimilation If one might choose to consciously create a Turning Point, then one might look at his or her Overleaves and see which Axis is lacking the most emphasis. This would be your first clue or step in generating your Turning Point. For instance, if one is not a King or Warrior, and does not have Submission/Dominance, Perseverance, Aggression, Cynic, Realist, Moving Centering, or a Mars/Venus Body Type, then it might mean that you would most benefit from DOING SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. If you are lacking in the Inspiration Overleaves, it might mean that you would benefit most from starting to BE SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. Lack of Expression Overleaves might mean it would benefit you to HAVE SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. Lack of Assimilation might mean KNOWING SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. DOING something different is probably the most obvious in terms of what one can do to generate a Turning Point. BEING something different would mean profoundly changing the dynamics of your behavior to reflect what it is that inspires you. BE THAT. HAVING something different would mean profoundly changing what it is that you take/receive from the world around you. KNOWING something different would mean profoundly changing how you interpret your experiences. Of course, no Turning Point can be completed without ALL of those being addressed: Doing, Being, Having, and Knowing. But your Overleaves can help you to see where you might need to start, first. The fact may be that your true Turning Point would come when you reach the KNOWING part of the equation, even if you start with the DOING part. So keep this in mind when you begin your steps. Based on what we have just shared, do each of you understand your Overleaves enough to see what might be your own first step in a Turning Point, if you chose to consciously create one? [LisaC] yes; mine would be Doing [Martha] I think so (Seeing as how I have almost NO action emphasis) [Karine] mine would be doing, too MEntity: And the rest of you? [Geraldine] I think everything hinges on "how I interpret" things [Maureen] I have a mix [Karine] Should one also take a look at what overleaves they are sliding to? (if some of them are on the neutral axis) MEntity: Karine, no, the primary Overleaf should be the primary means for determining this, but we can say that the "sliding" can help to show what area might be a next step in the process. [Karine] ok [Deb22] I did what I always do, DO, but now that I have done; I am BEING. Where am I in my bodies' resurrections? [Geraldine] I'm a little curious how one would DO before one KNOWS? [Martha] I know I need to do something different, but I don't know what it is [Maureen] I walked on "Fire" before I knew MEntity: As we said, all parts of the process will have to be addressed for a complete Turning Point, but a first step is always necessary. In the case where DOING may be addressed before KNOWING, it would mean that it is obvious that certain actions are generating certain results, which would either mean DOING something else more specific to the desired results, or the halting of the Doing that is causing the undesirable results. The reason this might work better for those lacking Action Overleaves is because those Personalities rarely "Know" something (as in, being able to interpret things differently) until they DO something that breaks a pattern. It is not necessary for one to "know" what to do differently, but to DO something profoundly different is the key. This may be as obvious as doing the opposite of what you would normally do, or just doing something "different" for a change, as in taking a random trip, or breaking out in dance in the moment. Keep in mind that for each of these, they are a spectrum: Doing/Not Doing; Being/Not Being; etc. Sometimes the profundity is in the NOT. One way to keep yourself "on your toes" regarding your starting point of Transformation is to mark your more familiar moment with "Maybe I'm Wrong." For instance, "I have to do it this way because my situation demands that I do it this way." "But maybe I'm wrong about that." "I know it means this because it's obvious that it means this." "But maybe I'm wrong about that." "I want this and need this because I've earned it and deserve it!" "But maybe I'm wrong about that." "I am a big loser." "But maybe I'm wrong about that." If you find that you are frustrated with your direction on any level, it will truly help you to consider that you may be wrong. Suggesting this to yourself can help you to spark your creativity in finding other solutions and directions. Keep in mind that a consciously-created Turning Point is a slower process and one that requires your active participation. Putting a coin of effort into the slot of Doing will not immediately generate a jackpot of success from Being, Having, and Knowing. Your sequence of steps is just a suggestion, and we have already pointed out where to start, but where you will end is often suggested by the Axis where your Overleaves are most concentrated. [Martha] I have been very frustrated lately, wanting to DO something but not knowing what — this should help MEntity: A final thought for you consider is that the force that will keep each step flowing into the next, and generating results that will lead to Transmutation, is FOLLOW-THROUGH. [Geraldine] damn -- but what if I have a CF of procrastination? [Martha] (you're gonna knock Troy out of trance) [Geraldine] (just trying to make Michael laugh) MEntity: There is no Chief Feature of Procrastination, but the humor is not lost on us: we would suggest in response to this that if one is plagued by Procrastination, then one actively create a structure or relationship of Accountability. Accountability is the only solution for Procrastination. With all of this background information, and insight into your Overleaves as a tool for change, we think each of you can set in motion your own Turning Point, if you choose to do so. [Karine] how long does it take to create a successful Turning Point? a few months/years? does it depend on the situation? [Deb22] My bodies — the emotional, the spiritual, the intellectual are experiencing profound changes since my trip to SE Asia. I have the momentum but it is of a different texture. Exciting, but scary. Stillness versus movement. Any suggestions that can help? MEntity: We will respond to these final two questions, but must conclude after that. Karine, the length of time it takes is always relative to the effort, and the magnitude of redirection that is sought. If one wants to take better care of her body so that it moves into a natural state of health, then that can take effect almost immediately; but if one would like to redirect from a career of law enforcement to a career in ballet, it might take more time and commitment. Deb, our best response to your question is to suggest that you now LISTEN TO YOURSELF. That is key in your sustaining your momentum. Listen. And, of course, Follow Through. We must conclude here. If further, more intimate discussion is required, we suggest arranging a follow up discussion/chat within the month that may help. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
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    The Nine Needs

    Posted by TROY on April 16, 2009 I'm posting this here because the subject came up in a private session and I don't think I see this article already archived here, so I wanted to post it for reference. Enjoy! THE NINE NEEDS (concept originally presented through Jose Stevens) This article is heavily influenced by an article by Jose Stevens from his web site a long time ago. As I read it, the channeling came through and some of the terms I left, some were changed, some were paraphrased. This would be an article I feel is co-written with Michael, rather than channeled entirely from Michael. This was written/channeled, I think, in 1997. MICHAEL/Troy Early in a lifetime, most the time by the age of three, you will have selected your Primary 3 Needs that will shape your sense of fulfillment for the rest of that life. All experiences will be judged internally by the values of your particular Primary Needs. The more your Needs are fulfilled, the happier and smoother life seems to run. To the extent that they are ignored or challenged, there will also be a sense of lack and discontentment, frustration, and resentment. It is wise to remember that these Needs are SOLELY your responsibility to fulfill. In fact, they CANNOT be fulfilled by any other individual. To finally be able to name your Needs and see the effects of their fulfillment or lack thereof, will lend great freedom for the other areas of your life to unfold. In examining these Nine Needs, we would suggest creating three tiers, or categories, rating each as you read them as “Vital”, “Important”, and “Not Important”. Some of you will know right away, while others may have to spend some time to consider. In the end, it is the 3 Vital Needs that are to be regarded as most relevant to your daily behavior and sense of fulfillment. Sometimes it is necessary for Essence to forego a certain Need that is usually Primary (or Vital). For instance, a Primary Need of Adventure may be dampened if a person is jeopardizing their physical existence, or if that Need is seriously removing any input for the Need of Security. Even if Security is not normally a Primary Need, it is still a Need that requires attention to some degree. ALL Needs must be met, but they are met in order of importance to you as Personality. If you find a particular Need is drastically unfulfilled, evaluate what Need is being drastically highlighted in your life presently. Most likely an answer can be found in a Need you usually don’t find that important. As in the case with the dampening of Adventure, there may be a balance being sought through extra emphasis on Security for a while. It is helpful to know the Needs of your friends and loved ones since you may find what they have been striving for as experience is actually in direct opposition to your expectations of them and your own basic Needs. Being able to address these differences creatively can be immensely healing. We suggest each of person in a relationship list what kinds of events are personally fulfilling to each Primary Need and then inviting the other to participate. Those with obviously-opposing Needs will usually experience high intensity and lack of satisfaction, even resentment toward each other, if they unwittingly assume the other is to provide the fulfillment of those Needs. When you impose on another the requirement to fulfill your own Needs, difficulty and struggle will inevitably result. Notice each Need has 7 Degrees to fulfillment and a positive and negative pole. Your Needs will seek to be fulfilled even if it is sought destructively. Acknowledging where you usually rest in your sense of satisfaction can give you a reference for where you can consciously seek greater degrees realization. We remind you, there is nothing “wrong” in manifesting your Needs destructively, but to achieve the more expanded degrees seems to create the greatest ecstasy for Essence AND Personality. When you read about the Needs, you will notice that physical age and soul age will have a great deal of influence on the degree to which the individual accesses fulfillment for their Need. For instance, an Infant, whether physical or in soul age, will tend toward the 1st Degree of the Need for fulfillment. We will also add that the Infant through Mature Soul Ages tend to only reach the degree of their Need relative to the number, as in Baby Souls can usually only reach the 2nd Degree of fulfillment, while Mature Souls can reach the 4th Degree. Old Souls can usually reach any of the degrees, striving for any of the final three degrees (5-7). Physical age will still have a strong relevance to the degree, though, for any soul age. As we said before, evaluate your own Primary Needs, making a commitment to taking care of them, yourself, thus providing space for others in your life to fulfill their own. We will add here that any community, nation, or organization will find varying degrees of success to the extent that each Need has an avenue provided for the group to access for fulfillment. Seeing that all Nine Needs can be provided options for fulfillment for the group and easily accessed can strengthen any group of individuals or family, helping to create peace and empowerment. Here then are the Nine Needs: SECURITY: +Trust -Fear This person needs to KNOW they will be OK. They do not like to take risks; they love to be sure, and find fulfillment in planning, creating order, investigating options. For instance, they would not leave a job before having a steady and secure new position, maybe even overlapping the jobs briefly just to secure themselves. The Positive Pole results in a trust that your life in the hands of a higher part of you and that all will work out beneficially on some level. The Negative Pole would create an avoidance of all new experiences without total assurances, never acknowledging or exposing you to progressive, natural changes in the life. 7 Degrees of Security: “security found in…” 1. Blind Faith 2. False Hope 3. Tradition 4. Theories 5. Reliable Sources 6. Experience and Intuition 7. Tao (God, all-that-is) ADVENTURE: +Presence -Drama This is the Need for intense stimulation, adrenaline rushes, new experiences, risks. This person would be in a constant state of “Awake”. Positively, this would give a person a true sense of the Moment, being present in an experience completely. Negatively, this Need could be unhealthy creation of patterns just for intensity, drama only for the sake of stimulation, and drinking, driving, spending excessively. 7 Degrees of Adventure: “adventure found in…” 1. Destructive Drama 2. Glamour/Addictions 3. Sensory excitement (sex/drugs/entertainment/travel) 4. Stimulation of Mind/Learning 5. Inner Revelations 6. Essence Contact 7. Enlightenment/Total Presence FREEDOM: +Independence -Noncommittal This is the Need for unrestrained experience, mobility, and spontaneity. This is very different from Adventure, since this Need does not require stimulation, just lack of confinement. Positively, this Need would be experienced as a person truly free of cultural and environmental constraints, self-directed, and fluid. Negatively, this Need would lend a person to be unreliable, irresponsible, and/or avoiding true intimacy. 7 Degrees of Freedom: “freedom found in…” 1. Destructive Irresponsibility 2. Aimlessness 3. Physical Liberation 4. Mental Liberation 5. Emotional Liberation 6. Choosing freely 7. Realization of True Unlimited Potential (Peace) EXPANSION: +Prosperity -Cancer This is the Need to make things grow on all levels. This Need is always building on, adding on, and seeing the bigger picture or plan. This expansion can be seen in the work, the home, the business, the property, the family, etc., of the person with this Need. The growth is mostly tangible and evident on a physical level for all of these things. Positively, we can see true prosperity when there is satisfaction with each stage of growth pursued. Negatively, we find greediness, impatience, insatiability for the next stage. 7 Degrees of Expansion: “expansion manifested in…” 1. Physical Tumors/Cancerous Growth 2. Random Accumulation 3. Sprawling 4. Idea Stretching 5. Emotional Growth 6. Transformations/Transmutations 7. True Prosperity/Total Appreciation POWER: +Authority -Authoritarian This is the Need to have influence, exude confidence, invite responsibilities, and have final decisions. This person would love most to be in control. They may find themselves drawn to those in power positions. Positively, this Need can create a great teacher or a person who leads with the best interest of all involved. Negatively, this person is a tyrant, a dictator, and even abusive. 7 Degrees of Power: “power manifested in…” 1. Crushing Opposition 2. Oppressing self/Others 3. Controlling Self/Others 4. Guiding Self/Others 5. Consciously Choosing 6. Building Spirit/Morale 7. Personal Spiritual Power EXPRESSION: +Creativity -Lies This person has a Need to be seen, heard, felt, and acknowledged for their creative contributions, whether in dress, communication, or arts. This is inspiring to others since it may help them se what possibilities there are for their own expression. In the Positive Pole this Need would draw from creativity for the healthy benefit of self and others. Negative Pole aspects would be in the demanding of attention, monopolizing, being tasteless, shocking people without reason or quality. 7 Levels of Expression: “Expression through…” 1. Total Destruction 2. Acting Destructively 3. Infamy 4. Work Projects 5. Entertaining 6. Art 7. Renaissance ACCEPTANCE: +Openness -Manipulation This is the Need to be loved, nurtured, cared for, included, and obviously well received. We all want to be loved, but this is a person who requires symbols and expressions to gauge their position in other’s lives. The positive pole can bring openness and invitation to others and to self, while the negative pole can bring on dishonesty, manipulation, and ingratiation as a means to avoid rejection. 7 Degrees of Acceptance: “Acceptance found in…” 1. Ingratiation 2. Pleasing Others 3. Tolerance 4. Conditional Love 5. Causal Love 6. Unconditional Love 7. True Agape COMMUNITY: +sharing -indiscrimination This is the Need to be with people for whatever reason. This might be seen by creating a family, being tribal, being highly social. The positive pole would lead you to share space, feelings, and interests. The negative would bring indiscriminate contact just to avoid being alone, leading to shallowness and superficial social behavior. 7 Degrees of Community: “Community experienced through…” 1. Desperate Contact 2. Intense Neediness 3. Fraternizing 4. Socializing 5. Mutual Closeness 6. Intimacy/Communion 7. Unity EXCHANGE: +Wisdom -Gossip This person has a Need to exchange information, energy, goods, something considered of value when with people. There is greater satisfaction when interacting only if there is valuable, mutual exchange, otherwise contact seems pointless. In the positive pole there is greater knowledge, teaching, learning being shared. In the negative pole there tends to be slander, pointless gossip, and distortion of information shared. 7 Degrees of Exchange: “exchange satisfied through…” 1. Slander/War 2. Gossip 3. Idle Chatter 4. Trade/Barter 5. Mutual Profit 6. Understanding 7. Teaching/Learning
  3. OMW - Mar 15, 2014 - The Nine Needs Channel: Troy Tolley Previously Posted Article on The Nine Needs [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin discussion with you regarding the chosen topic. One of the reasons the Nine Needs is a fairly important dynamic to understand about yourself, others, and any community or civilization, is that these Nine Needs WILL be fulfilled, in some way, some how, even if destructively. The more conscious one is of these Nine Needs, the more one can direct oneself to more constructive ways of fulfilling those Needs. Needs are a dynamic specific to being incarnated, and having a Personality and Body. These Needs become distracting motivating factors within a lifetime, if not addressed. These Needs will trump all other motivations, if neglected or rejected, and while they may not be obvious, you are always seeking for these to be fulfilled. You are the only one who can fulfill your own Needs, but as you form in groups of 2 fragments or more, there comes a new layer of Needs that are about group fulfillment, and how that group's Needs are fulfilled. And in the same way that these Needs will be fulfilled, even if destructively, on an individual level, so it is also true in groups. There are 7 "degrees" or levels of means for fulfilling a Need. Levels 1-3 are unconscious means for fulfillment. Level 4 is a subconscious means for fulfillment. And Levels 5-7 are conscious. When fulfillment is done unconsciously, it will tend to mean that this is either a neglected or rejected Need. When fulfillment is done subconsciously, it will tend to mean that this Need is not a priority, but is not a distraction, either. When fulfillment is conscious, it simply means that this Need is fulfilled AS NEEDED, but is not necessary for constant struggle for fulfillment due to rejection or neglect. In other words, the more one rejects of neglects a Need, the more pervasive and constant that Need. When we have spoken to our students about these Needs, we have pointed to a hierarchy of tiers that describe a set of 3 Primary, 3 Secondary, and 3 Tertiary Needs. That hierarchy tends to be based on a hierarchy of assessment based in priorities. In other words, if someone feels he or she has a strong Need for Freedom, then that would be a Primary Need. For Needs that are not such a priority, they would drop to a lower tier. This is just one way of assessing one's Needs. By order of priority, which can fluctuate depending upon circumstances and agenda. What we will suggest to each of you today is to assess your Needs, not based in tiers of priority, but in order from most unconscious to most conscious. This may be similar to your orders of priority, but may not. Keep in mind that the more unconsciously fulfilled a Need, the more obvious and tangible it can tend to be, and often in more destructive or distracting ways. For example, many fulfill Expansion through physical tumors and cancer. This is a literal symptom, and is not random. If Expansion is rejected or neglected, this is one of the most direct effects. This symptom can also be symbolic, but having just as destructive an effect. For example, gangs in neighborhoods can become a kind of cancer and tumorous growth for a community that has not provided adequate means for teens and families to grow. For your convenience, we will post the basic spectrum for each Need now. SECURITY: +Trust/-Fear 7 Degrees of Security: "security found in" 1. Blind Faith; 2. False Hope; 3. Tradition; 4. Theories; 5. Reliable Sources; 6. Experience and Intuition; 7. Tao (or, full allowance of your magnetic, gravitational, and confident path of impulses) ADVENTURE: +Presence/-Drama 7 Degrees of Adventure: "adventure found in" 1. Destructive, Exaggerated, Reactionary, Manipulative Drama; 2. Glamour/Addictions (losing the self in stimulation); 3. Sensory excitement (defining the self by experiences of a rush); 4. Stimulation of Mind/Learning; 5. Inner Revelations; 6. Essence Contact (finding pleasure in seeing beyond superficial differences); 7. Enlightenment/Total Presence (never losing the sense of self, even among those who cannot see or experience your truth of being) FREEDOM: +Independence/-Noncommittal 7 Degrees of Freedom: "freedom found in"; 1. Destructive Irresponsibility; 2. Aimlessness; 3. Physical Liberation (material stability); 4. Mental Liberation (thinking for oneself); 5. Emotional Liberation (emotions are had, but the emotions do not have you; not being controlled by emotions); 6. Choosing freely (recognizing the power of choice in every instance); 7. Realization of True Unlimited Potential (True Peace with one's choices) EXPANSION: +Prosperity/-Cancer 7 Degrees of Expansion: "expansion manifested in" 1. Physical Tumors/Cancerous Growth (literal or figurative); 2. Random Accumulation (hoarding; entropy of your spacel clutter); 3. Sprawling (accumulations affect other people); 4. Idea Stretching (challenges are allowed that expand your awareness); 5. Emotional Growth (time is embraced as a way of organizing and processing experiences); 6. Transformations/Transmutations (experiences are used to make a difference); 7. True Prosperity/Total Appreciation (Meaning is embraced as the point of Growth and experience, rather than attached to all of the "things" that helped you grow and expand) POWER: +Authority/-Authoritarian 7 Degrees of Power: "power manifested in" 1. Crushing Opposition (destroying your designated enemy); 2. Oppressing self/Others (restricting choices and actions); 3. Controlling Self/Others (using guilt, manipulation, regret, shame, rules, etc.); 4. Guiding Self/Others (seeing and sharing solutions); 5. Consciously Choosing (owning the results of choice); 6. Building Spirit/Morale (choosing encouragement); 7. Personal Spiritual Power (full permission to choose without fear of a "wrong" choice) EXPRESSION: +Creativity/-Lies 7 Levels of Expression: "Expression through" 1. Total Destruction, Meltdown, Breakdown; 2. Acting Destructively (publicizing one's destruction, meltdown, or breakdown in hopes of being seen or heard) ; 3. Infamy (being defined by destructive behaviors); 4. Work Projects (crafts, collaborations, career, etc); 5. Entertaining (bringing laughter and levity); 6. Art (authentic originality, honesty and innocence in expression); 7. Renaissance (expansion or transformation of standards and assumptions) ACCEPTANCE: +Openness/-Manipulation 7 Degrees of Acceptance: "Acceptance found in" 1. Ingratiation (groveling, apologizing, losing oneself to the expectations of another); 2. Pleasing Others (programmed by presumed or obvious expectations of others); 3. Tolerance (feigned acceptance while hiding prejudices); 4. Conditional Love (upholding Acceptance based in mutual benefit); 5. Causal Love (recognition of the impact of another or the self in ways that understand the greater benefits that override any pain); 6. Unconditional Love (allowing one to be as one is); 7. True Agape (fully empathizing with another; true affection) COMMUNITY: +Sharing/-Indiscrimination (or Communion) 7 Degrees of Community: "Community experienced through" 1. Desperate Contact (longing, aching, pining, loneliness); 2. Intense Neediness (pushing oneself on others, ignoring all social cues, forcing others to tend to you, narcissism); 3. Fraternizing (bonding only with those who share in familiar experiences or history); 4. Socializing (expanding beyond the comforts of familiarity); 5. [MEntity] Mutual Closeness (kindness); 6. Intimacy/Communion (inclusion); 7. Unity (full embrace of differences as facets of a whole) And, finally: EXCHANGE: +Wisdom/-Gossip 7 Degrees of Exchange: "exchange satisfied through" 1. Slander/Provocation; 2. Venting (sharing of anger or frustration); 3. Idle Chatter (small talk); 4. Trade/Barter; 5. Mutual Profit (benefit exceeds what was exchanged); 6. Understanding (grasping different or opposing perspectives); 7. Teaching/Learning (living as example, or allowing others to inspire) We know we have shared these in various forms over the years, but we share them again, here, so that we can elaborate a bit in ways that may be more relevant to this context of exploring your Needs. What we suggest for each of you to do, then, is to look as honestly as you can at these Needs, and list them from the most unconscious to the most conscious in terms of how you see these are fulfilled in your life. You do not have to do this here. Take your time and look at these over the next few weeks for a full and accurate assessment. However, at this time, if you feel inclined, we invite you to share any concerns or questions that might help your assessments. QUESTIONS [GeraldineB] When are Needs "chosen" and are they changeable over a lifetime in terms of importance? [MEntity] Needs are built into every lifetime and Personality. These are built in as a way to draw fragments toward experiences and relationships. Needs are a form of inherent magnetism that is essential to the whole experience of what is considered to be "life." The complete set of Nine Needs is a defining factor of Sentience, and the more complex an organism, creature, or species, the more of these Needs are in place. However, for non-sentient Species, it is rare that all Nine are in place. So your Needs are ALWAYS active. However, their place in terms of priority or consciousness does fluctuate over a lifetime, depending upon the Personality and its experiences. Needs are not "chosen," then, by the Personality. [GeraldineB] OK -- I understand [ClaireC] I'm having a lot of trouble assessing my most "unconscious" needs. Are they unconscious because they are being fulfilled, or because they are not being fulfilled? [MEntity] The best way to assess the level of consciousness relative to a Need is to look at the symptoms described by the 7 degrees. If you note more familiarity with the lower 3, it is likely being fulfilled unconsciously. As we said: Needs are ALWAYS fulfilled. So it is merely a matter of fulfillment in terms of unconscious (reactionary and destructive), subconscious (auto pilot, comfortable), or conscious (through active choice and sometimes challenging). Next, Maureen. [Maureen] I have my assessment finished. I think I should wait until we can share (what we have individually) as a group. [MEntity] Is that a question? [Maureen] No [Maureen] I'll pass [Janet] At the moment, I don't have any need listed below level 4 based on the symptoms you gave. Is this perhaps associated with having completed the 5th IM? Also, it seems that the needs I've listed at the lowest levels are those that I seem to be 'working' on lately, though I haven't noticed this until now. Is that how the needs bubble up for attention? [MEntity] Yes, and Yes. [Janet] Easy answer! Thanks! [MEntity] The more conscious one tends to be, the more one tends to manifest Essence and True Personality, and this means the more one will tend to fulfill Needs from the conscious tier. This is not always true, but often is true. [Maureen] I have a similar assessment too, Janet. I only have one at Level 4+. [MEntity] The pattern tends to be that the more one is fulfilling one's Needs consciously, the more one tends to be Manifesting Essence and True Personality. However, Manifesting Essence and True Personality is not a guarantee that one is fulfilling Needs consciously. That is because, for many, consciousness must come first, and then be applied to the Needs. This is why we think it of benefit to understand these Needs and how they function as a permanent factor in your life. These are not complicated or dependent upon anything but your effort and choice for fulfillment, and can be a rather rapid means of cascading consciousness to all parts of your life so that True Personality and Essence can Manifest. If you find that your Needs are being fulfilled from 4+, this does not mean they will not drop to below that point any longer. [Janet] Is level 7 fairly rare? [MEntity] However, the more one can sustain fulfillment at 5+, the less-likely one will succumb to any lower fulfillment for any length of time before returning to consciousness. Janet, not rare, but often not "as fun." Many hold off on the final degree because it is often a point of no return, stripping all lower levels of any excitement or submersion. [DianeHB] Why is that? [MEntity] For instance, if one were to sustain the 7th degree of Exchange, it is often simply not as fulfilling to Slander someone, or to tolerate Small Talk. Only the range between 5 and 7 remain of interest. That is not to say one cannot fall below that, but it is simply an empty experience or feels "wrong", "icky," or "gross." Does this make sense? [DianeHB] Yes [Maureen] This is making so much sense Michael [MEntity] What we suggest for each of you as a follow up to this discussion is to share your assessments in your discussion thread, and explore further. We must conclude here for today.
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