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Found 8 results

  1. OMW - May 19, 2012 - Accepting The Unacceptable Channel: Troy Tolley The Preliminary Set-up/Preparation [CocteauBoy] ONE. Write down three things that you find unacceptable. There may be more than that, but pick three very clear things that you find difficult to accept. Make sure these are things that you come across a lot, too. Not something abstract and horrific that is obviously, universally difficult to accept, like child sex rings (unless that is directly relevant to you), but something relevant to you. [CocteauBoy] Take a moment to do that. (Note: Use syntax of "I find it unacceptable that . . .") [CocteauBoy] "Unacceptable" here means "something or someone who prompts negative (as in, constricting) reactions in you in a way that you feel you have trouble recovering from." [CocteauBoy] That "something or someone" can be yourself, too. [CocteauBoy] TWO. Okay, so here's part two: [CocteauBoy] List one thing that is unacceptable to you in each of these categories: The World; Other People; Myself. However you want to interpret those. Sort your original list to see if it fills these, but if not, make sure you pick a new one for that category without one. [CocteauBoy] IF you did name names, you have to translate that into what it is that bothers you about that person. Note: This is ONE list of up to six items, but can be less due to overlapping items. Beginning of Channeled Michael [MEntity] Keeping your list in mind, we will share with you what we think might be helpful for "accepting the unacceptable," what it means to accept, what the path is to true acceptance, and whether it is always the valid choice to make. [MEntity] To begin any discussion on Acceptance, we must discuss the elements involved with Acceptance. [MEntity] Acceptance is a Higher Intellectual function. It is the "highest" functioning Center of the body, and is the gateway for Essence to move into the high planes over its evolution and return to Tao. [MEntity] However, True Agape, or True Acceptance, requires all elements, or Centers (or Chakras) to be functioning in the Positive Poles for that state to be achieved. [MEntity] This is nearly impossible while Human, or while in a Body. There is almost always a Center teetering toward the Negative Pole, even on the best of days, as there is a spectrum involved in the living of life, and there is no need for one to exist only in the Positive Poles. The Negative Poles are important and useful. [MEntity] This is why we encourage the aim for Agape, but we also know that it is rare to experience it. To truly Love is not what most know as Love, or Agape. [MEntity] However, the aim for Agape is a valid aim, even if rare in reaching it, because the aim for Agape means that every single layer of your life is then aiming higher, aiming for wholeness, aiming for health, aiming for prosperity, aiming for whatever has been deemed beneficial. That single aim affects everything. [MEntity] Aiming toward Agape ensures that every aspect of you, both the most "negative" and the most "positive" are aiming in the same direction, and including everything known and unknown in the life. [MEntity] Aiming for Agape is also the most effortless direction to aim, despite the rarity and difficulty of experiencing it at the highest levels. Agape is the gravity that will take you "home." [MEntity] It is our most natural state. [MEntity] But it is also the most buried and remote in our consciousness so that we must work through the layers to unfurl it, so to speak. [Maureen] Michael -- wouldn't Agape (Acceptance) be associated with the Higher Emotional Center rather than the Higher intellectual? Am I missing something? [MEntity] In our system, it is an Cardinal, Expressive Overleaf that resonates to the Higher Intellectual Center, or Truth. There is a reason you may find resonance with the Emotional element, which what we will speak to now. [MEntity] Love is the Highest Truth. [MEntity] Regardless of one's Goal and overleaves, Acceptance will still be a part of the life. It may not be emphasized as the challenge, but it will be a part of the life. In the same way that one will grow, even if Growth is not the Goal, so will one Accept, even if that is not the emphasis. [MEntity] So what we will do today is speak to the most pervasive element involved in the hurdle to Acceptance. [MEntity] For most, this would be the Emotional "element" or the Emotional Center. [MEntity] This is because one can know the truth of something or someone and still not Love, or not Accept, because of the Emotional Centering's pull into Sentimentality vs Perception. [MEntity] The Intellect can often grasp the truth of something while the Emotions cannot make sense of it. We think each of you know of this experience. [MEntity] This is because the Intellect, when functioning properly, simplfies, reduces, and synopsizes events, people, and self so that the bare bones or structures are all that are necessary for understanding and accepting. The rest is unnecessary. [MEntity] The Intellectual Centers, both Lower and Higher, can sort through everything to find that structure or core and this is known as Insight and Truth, when they are in the positive poles. [MEntity] This is not to say that the Intellect is immune to issues, but in the context of our workshop today regarding "accepting the unacceptable," the Intellect can often already be on board, while the Emotions are not in any mood to accept what the Intellect has accepted. [MEntity] This is because the Intellects use a linear language, or linear understanding, such as words, for its processing. The Emotions have no words, nothing linear, and its language is highly symbolic. [MEntity] This world of symbolism is highly effective when it is in the Positive Pole of Perception. This is the capacity for one to "know" something based upon perceiving, and bypassing all logic or intellect. It is holistic in its processing, so that all components or aspects of a situation, person, or self are comprehended in a moment. [MEntity] In the same way that a swatch of color can convey much more than a single English letter, so can Emotions convey whole concepts. The world of dreams is an Emotional world in that way. The Astral Plane, or Emotional Plane, is the same. [MEntity] Perception is the immediate comprehension of that symbolic language. [MEntity] It is also the allowance for shift in that symbolic language. [MEntity] All language is dynamic, and if not allowed for nuances and variations, it can become useless and ineffective. [MEntity] Sentimentality, then, is the attachment to symbols, or the attachment to symbols, or the attachment of meaning to symbols. [MEntity] As a simplistic example, the color RED is often immediately meaningful in one way or another, such as meaning STOP, or HALT, AGITATION, EXCITEMENT or WARNING, or it may mean PASSION, LOVE, ANGER, or it may mean REWARD, such as the red of harvested fruits, etc. [MEntity] For one to truly grasp the meaning of a symbol, the larger context must be considered. [MEntity] When walking through a red apple orchard, one does not see STOP, WARNING, AGITATION, as one might see on a road with many Stop Signs, and one does not see PASSION, INTIMACY, LOVE, as one might find while walking through a red rose garden, etc. [MEntity] You would see apples. Fruit. Harvesting, Reward. [MEntity] So while the color has powerful meaning in itself, the context clarifies that meaning. [MEntity] But when Sentimentality becomes involved, one begins to attach rigid meaning to the symbols of life. [MEntity] So your meaning of Red will mean RED in any circumstance. [MEntity] This is what happens when you have come across the unacceptable. You are seeing your Red, and its meaning, alone. [MEntity] You have turned the event, person, or aspect of yourself into a symbol that has no room for new meaning. [MEntity] Or for alternative meaning, at least. [MEntity] So the greatest pitfall in your efforts toward increasing Love in your life tends to be where you have locked down the symbolic meaning of events, people, or self in a way that you feel justified in keeping locked down. [MEntity] Before we move on, is everyone following this, and does this ring valid for you? Do you have any questions so far? [Janet] I think it rings true. I am trying to figure how it applies to some items on my list. [Maureen] Great so far Michael [Bobby] yes [MEntity] Your lists will come in handy as we continue. [GeraldineB] I had a "bingo!" on the difference between intellectual or linear and emotional symbolism being perception -- will need to chew on it [MEntity] We will continue now. [MEntity] For greater understanding of your Emotional navigation, imagine that it is your way of moving about in life with no eyes. [MEntity] Your Emotions, then, need to reach out, to touch, to feel. This is simplistic, but effective in making our point. [MEntity] When you feel something that "feels good," it is an immediate knowing that it feels good, and it is often embraced. When you feel something that does not feel good, it is an immediate knowing that it may be dangerous and you might push it away. [MEntity] Knowing that something feels good, or not, is not the truth, though. [MEntity] The fur of a Grizzly bear may feel amazing, but it will not keep your skull from being chewed. The burn on your hand from the hot skillet while you cooked has no bearing on the quality of the meal you will consume after. [MEntity] In short: YOUR FEELINGS ARE NEVER THE TRUTH. [MEntity] Or rather: never the whole truth. [MEntity] Your feelings are what you experience ABOUT the truth, but they are not the truth. [MEntity] Consider any important relationship in your life: one day, you may not feel close at all, and another day, you cannot imagine your life without that person. Your feelings change. They are not the same thing as the truth. [MEntity] Good days, bad days, good relationships, bad relationships, are determined by your feelings about those things, not by those things, themselves. [MEntity] This is why one person can find such agitation with something or someone, but another person finds no charge at all, because the symbols are different, and the feelings generated are different. [MEntity] The actual situation can be exactly the same, but the feelings vary wildly. [MEntity] This is also why "the truth" is often so slippery, because many are referring only to their feelings as a basis for what is true, and not the truth, itself. [MEntity] What we are sharing with you today is not just about your list, but about your list as it reflects you. Because our discussion with you today is about the ultimate aim: Self-Love. Everything that is experienced internally or externally in terms of being "unacceptable," are clues as to where and how you will want to aim your capacity for Self-Love. [MEntity] We realize it has come to be cliche, that "one can only love another if one has learned to love oneself," but we will clarify this as being true that one can only love or accept another to the extent that one can love or accept oneself. The extent to which one is incapable of loving oneself can often be revealed in those areas where one cannot accept. [MEntity] So we will state here that Self-Love is built upon one's capacity for accepting all of the fluctuations in the Emotions that make up how you know yourself at any given moment. [MEntity] In other words, it is vital that you allow room for ALL of you. DEFINITIONS [MEntity] We will go further here to expand on some terms: [MEntity] Perception might be defined as that part of you that can transcend the confines of Space, Time, and Logic to grasp the essential and nuanced nature of the self, another person, experience, or event. [MEntity] Sentimentality might be defined as that part of you that remains attached to the definitions already determined for yourself, another person, experience, or event, often determined only by your own past. [MEntity[ Perception is based in a state of NOW, if you will, while Sentimentality is rooted in comparisons that takes one outside of Now. For instance, Perception knows that if you are sad right now, it is okay because another "now" comes along, and you know you are not always sad. Sentimentality compares sadness to happiness and seeks to escape Now by longing for the past when happy, or the hope for a future when happy again. [MEntity] It is not in the comparisons that there can be trouble, but in use of comparison as the distraction away from the self, relationship, experience, or event. [MEntity] Perception allows you to avoid being trapped by symbolism. It knows that just because you are feeling sad, that it does not mean you are sad. You are experiencing Sadness. That is all. You also know that when you are Happy, it is not permanent; you will still have bad days. Perception "knows" this. [MEntity] You are incarnating for the point of Being, and that means you would naturally include a spectrum of Being, not one end or the other, if there is such a thing. [MEntity] To that end, whatever you feel, is a PART of who you are, right now. It is not the entirety of who you are. It is not the truth of who you are. [MEntity] And so it is that what you find unacceptable is only a PART of whatever is unacceptable. It is not the truth, nor is it the entirety of that which is unacceptable. [MEntity] There is so much more. [MEntity] If you wish to accept that which is unacceptable, then, you must start with yourself in that experience, and with your feelings in that experience, and know that you cannot accept the unacceptable until you allow yourself NOT to accept it. [MEntity] Accepting the unacceptable starts with accepting your lack of capacity to accept. [MEntity] This irony is a quick short-circuiting of the wheel that can perpetuate terrible feelings in unacceptability. [MEntity] When you accept your own lack of capacity to accept, your energy can shift toward expansion, rather than defense. [Maureen] Acceptance of your own Un-Acceptance leads to "eventual" Acceptance? [GeraldineB] Well, at least to your perception of your unacceptance [Maureen] yes [JanaK] because in that you are accepting yourself (not accepting) [GeraldineB falls off her chair howling with laughter] [JanaK] lol [Maureen] :) [MEntity] Yes, but naturally, not magically. [MEntity] This is because at the heart of this element where acceptability can get trapped is the capacity for compassion and empathy, and one must generate compassion and empathy for the self before extending that to another. [Bobby] This rings true to some degree like the mode of passion does. I see things that I don't like/accept but I don't have to take them personally. [MEntity] For example, many who suffer loss may focus on trying to accept that loss, but the key is not in aiming toward accepting the loss, but in aiming toward accepting your struggle to accept the loss. This may seem a fine line, but it is not. [MEntity] This goes back to the symbolism of the Emotional Center. [MEntity] The Emotional Center, when Sentimental, cannot differentiate very well between the self and the symbol, and it can cause great agitation, grief, and reaction if the symbols do not behave within the confines of how they have been defined. [MEntity] In other words, The World should behave in certain ways because that is how you determined your world should be. Other People should behave in certain ways because this is how you presume you will show up for others. You must, yourself, behave in certain ways that fulfill your symbolic identity. [Maureen] It can get really tricky [MEntity] But in the same way that you will have good days and bad days and ALL of those are yours, so will there be "good" people and "bad" people, but they are your people. There will be challenging people and harmonious people, because you are those things, as well. There is a spectrum, not a fence to cross, or to herd everyone over. [MEntity] What tends to perpetuate a lack of acceptability is the lack of effort to Be Present. [MEntity] This is because it is considered a threat to the self if the symbol is given any validity, especially if that symbol is behaving outside of what you have deemed acceptable. [MEntity] For instance, to Be Present to the fact that there will be people at war, even if you prefer Peace, means that you feel you would have to, essentially, accept war. [MEntity] But the key here is in accepting that there will be people at war, not in accepting war, itself. [MEntity] There will be people behaving badly around you, based on your standards, and they will exist with or without your accepting them. [MEntity] To Be Present, however, does not mean you have to remain in an uncomfortable or painful situation, but that you accept that there are people who are okay with what you are not, and that you have the right and the capacity to choose not to be a part of it. [Janet] Ok, now I think I'm getting it. [MEntity] To Be Present simply means that you bring your consciousness to the moment and can make a choice from there. Being Present is a first step toward Intimacy, and is a form of it, in itself. [MEntity] And Intimacy is the first step toward Essence Recognition, which is often the key to freeing one another from the symbols that bind you. [MEntity] Essence Recognition is the stripping away of all symbols, including the current body and Personality, to resonate with the Essence of another. It is the truth. The whole truth. It is Love. [MEntity] Keeping in mind that Love, and Essence are spectrums, so that Essence Recognition is inclusive of that spectrum. The unacceptable is included. And this, paradoxically, generates a kind of acceptance that can undo any reactionary cycles of defense that were previously in place against the unacceptable. [MEntity] For example: [MEntity] We have said this before, but one does not have to remain in a burning house to learn how to love it. [MEntity] Being Present means being able to make the choice to step outside of the danger or impact that can very well harm you. It is not a denial, avoidance, reaction, rejection, or a confusion between the house and the fire. [MEntity] The Fire is a PART of the experience of the House, but is not the entirety of the House. [MEntity] Making the choice not to burn with the house is not the same thing as not accepting the fire, or not accepting the house. [MEntity] You accept that you wish not to burn, but that the fire exists, and that the house is being transformed by it. This is acceptance. [MEntity] It is allowing room for all of these symbols to dance, to move, to change, to interact, and to BE. Being is not defined by predetermined meaning, but by context, creativity, and evolution. [MEntity] When you look at your list of unacceptable things, then, these are areas of your life looking for new meaning, new freedom, new perceptions. [MEntity] These are your blind spots. [MEntity] These are the things you have touched and determined are "bad" only because of how they felt in the dark, so to speak. [MEntity] Your feelings matter, but they are not the whole truth. Your life reflects you, but it reflects everything, not just you. It is the whole truth, not just the pretty parts. [MEntity] Bring our consciousness to the equation, make your choices in how to navigate these difficult challenges, but make room for more than the symbolic conclusions. [MEntity] To put the final empowerment into place for accepting the unacceptable, we will say that if you still deem something unacceptable, it will be helpful for you to know that you are right. You will always be right. No one can take that away from you. No matter how awful you have determined something to be, or how wonderful, you are right. Because it is your experience. [MEntity] And when you change your mind, or change your heart, you will be right again then, too. [MEntity] Giving yourself that freedom to be right can help you to remove the necessity for recruiting others to support your condemnation of a symbol, or to justify your not being accepting of something or something. [MEntity] If you are already right, then the only thing left to do is to navigate. But as soon as you bring in your presence, your consciousness, your navigation begins to include a greater context, and when a greater context is included, your ideas of "right" begin to expand and become more inclusive. It is not a sad day when you realize that "everyone is right." QUESTIONS and REMARKS [MEntity] Before we conclude with a clear synopsis, and offer suggestions for how to move the unacceptable into being acceptable, we will take your questions about what has been shared, so far. [MEntity] If that is a possibility, and your choice, of course. Acceptance is not dependent upon what is possible, or in what you should do, or not do, but in your capacity to allow for that which IS, even as it may be compared to what it should be, or was. [MEntity] Acceptance is not apathy. [Janet] That's what I was getting to. Thanks. [Bobby] I would add the question: why do we care so much what others think about things we either do or don't do? [MEntity] For example, we know our channel is highly passionate about Animal Rights, and this has made his list of "unacceptable" things in The World. Accepting that there are violations and suffering imposed upon the innocent is not the same thing as resigning from making a difference. The acceptance removes the reactionary, defensive element, and allows for conscious choices, which are far more effective, such as through education and exemplifying alternatives. [Janet] That's understandable. Mine was Fox News. And fear-based politics in general. [MEntity] Accepting that this "news" exists does not mean that it is your news, or that it is the truth about the world. It simply means that you allow room for it for those who want it and need it. They want to be as right as you do. [Janet] And I accept that. [MEntity] Accepting that it exists does not mean resigning from countering it, or making known a more fact-based resources. [MEntity] It simply means that it no longer triggers you, causes defense, or reactionary divisions that cannot allow for it to exist. This is a part of the world that does not reflect you in any obvious way, but we can say that its spectrum between gullibility and some feverish impulses to condemn may be familiar from within yourself. [Janet] Yes, I am finding that most things that set me off have some connection to things I do myself. [MEntity] This is what we meant by the Emotions feeling the surface and rejecting the content. On the surface, this prickly subject is obviously unappealing and has no bearing, but beneath that is the innocence that you feel is exploited, and that you wish to heal from your own past. [MEntity] This is often the core of most of what is unacceptable when it comes to the Older Soul: the healing of, and return to, Innocence. [Maureen] My husband doesn’t do the dishes – “when” I want him to. This seems so silly -- but it drives me crazy. [JanaK] you have just spoken for millions of people [MEntity] The Old Soul is the Infant Soul, exalted. The tantrums are more refined and justified, but that which "drives one crazy" is often used as permission for tantrums. [MEntity] The unacceptable is often built from the need To Be Right, and is a rejection of Innocence in some way, both of which need serious attention and healing in most cases. [MEntity] Your husband is Innocent. It is simply not as important to him as it is to you. You have blurred him into your symbolism for who you are, and it is not his job to symbolize you. [Maureen] I can see that - LOL [MEntity] Accepting that his priority for doing dishes is different from yours does not mean that you lose your own, but that you now have a choice: allow him to do so on his own, or do it when you want to do it. No one is out to hurt the other by being oneself. [Maureen] So funny -- he's told me as much Michael SUGGESTIONS [MEntity] Here are some suggestions for each of you to use in your days and weeks ahead when working with the unacceptable: [MEntity] Beyond bringing your own Presence into the equation, practice "realizing" the presence of others. In other words, return them to being people, to being real, to having their own pasts, their own ideals, their own validity; return them back to themselves. Remind yourself that this person cares about something, too. It may not be the same as you, but he or she cares. Remember that this person tries to love someone, too, and that he or she struggles with letting himself or herself be loved. [MEntity] Remember that you feel the way you do because you care, too. And because you try to love, and to be loved, as well. You matter. They matter. So return them from the land of symbolism and give them back to themselves, as you must do for parts of yourself, too. [MEntity] This helps return your Perception back to a bigger picture, not just the tunnel-vision of reaction and condemnation. [MEntity] Another suggestion is to extend this "realizing" into what we call "practicing vividry." [MEntity] This is simply the enhancement of the moment of experience into a moment of awe. [MEntity] It will not matter what you are doing, or where, but it is the sudden realization that you are present, that your skin exists, that there is light on your face, that there are textures touching you, and that there is a temperature, and that you have a face that has a tongue and mouth and eyes, and that your hands and arms exist, etc. It is the filling up of everything within "reach" with your conscious awareness. [MEntity] Bringing you and your environment to life through vividry is a powerful way of comprehending just how sleepy you may get in your movement through your days. [MEntity] One need not be consciously and constantly aware like this at all times, of course, but for you to be able to call upon that at any moment is vital for moving your into Self-Love and acceptance of others. [MEntity] This is because one can have a very difficult time accepting the unacceptable if one is asleep, as it is much like being in a dream where one feels that the symbols happen without rhyme or reason, and that there is not much one can do but to report on them. Waking up changes this. [MEntity] And finally, if you were to do this "waking up" before going to bed at night, it can carry over into your days in even more natural ways. Practicing Vividry just before retiring into sleep can help remind you that your day was a specrum that supported everything that is You. [MEntity] That would include the unacceptable. [MEntity] Extend this vividry to beyond the moment so that there is a realization that your bed, your linens, your home, and everything in it came from "somewhere," and that a lot of effort and creativity and generosity and even pain and suffering went into all that is a part of your days that you take for granted. [MEntity] You will not know what went into everything that got to your home tonight, but it is there now, and it is a part of your days, your nights, your comforts, your challenges, etc. [MEntity] Accepting that these things are in your home does not mean that you cannot deal with them effectively, help transform them, or even remove them. [MEntity] And that is how the unacceptable is in your life, as well. It is a part of the package of what your life is, and accepting that does not mean that you cannot deal with them effectively, help transform them, or remove them. [MEntity] We do have much more to say on this topic, of course, but we think this is a start in helping each of you to, at least, soften the effects of the unacceptable, and then to begin the efforts of accepting from there, all the while aiming for Agape and Self-Love. [MEntity] We must conclude here for now. [MEntity] Good day to each of you.
  2. SUMMER-BLINK - Cocteau Twins LYRICS *blooming heart* How do I feel about myself? I try, I am resourceful I contribute I belong when I contribute I don't have to be perfect I'm accepting myself as I really am I'm feeling love for my successes Thank you for showing me respect (I think yes) If I measured all of my self-respect (I'm doing a fine job) I think yes I'm doing a fine job I'm accepting myself as I really am I'm feeling love for my successes Thank you for showing me respect (I think yes) If I measured all of my self-respect (I'm doing a fine job) Thank you for your encouragement (I think yes) found my love of self-improvement (I'm doing a fine job) *blooming heart* I think, yes I'm doing a fine job Thank you for showing me respect (I think yes) If I measured all of my self-respect (I'm doing a fine job) Thank you for your encouragement (I think yes) found my love of self-improvement (I'm doing a fine job)
  3. Atteindre votre But Traduction d’un atelier avec l’Entité Michael (EM) le 15 novembre 2014 Canal : Troy Tolley Source anglaise : https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/193-omw-nov-15-2014-reaching-your-goal/?tab=comments#comment-365. Texte adapté du livre anglais « The Book of the Books », 2018. Entité Michael (EM) : Bonjour à chacun de vous. Nous sommes ici, maintenant. Nous pouvons commencer. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes invités à parler des Buts, en mettant l’emphase sur comment chacun de vous, individuellement, remplissez votre But. Gardez à l’esprit que le But est précisément cela. C’est un But. Cependant, comme pour de nombreux buts, la cible visée continue toujours d’évoluer de façon exponentielle tant que l’objectif demeure. Il n’y a jamais de ligne d’arrivée pour un but conceptuel. Il y a des buts tangibles et des buts conceptuels. Les buts tangibles sont toujours alimentés par des buts conceptuels, et les buts conceptuels sont toujours atteints à travers des buts tangibles. Notre système met l’accent sur le But Conceptuel, ou But abstrait, et ressemble plus à un état à atteindre avec une certaine satisfaction, au cours d’une vie. Par exemple, le But de la Croissance ne sera jamais atteint au cours d’une vie, sauf en termes de comment l’individu dont la Croissance est le But trouve ce cheminement satisfaisant. Bien que le But ne décrive jamais la Personnalité, il est inhérent à la biologie d’une Personnalité parce qu’il fait partie de ses Attributs. La raison pour laquelle le But ne décrit jamais la Personnalité c'est parce qu’il est un But. Il n’est pas déjà réalisé. Il n’est pas déjà un état inhérent à cet individu. Cependant la motivation est inhérente, ce qui signifie qu’en comprenant son But, on peut comprendre presque tous les aspects de sa vie et pourquoi ils sont générés comme des expériences. Pour chaque But, il y a ce que nous pourrions appeler les 7 « versions » ou états qui décrivent où l’on se situe dans ce qu’on vise pour ce But. Ces 7 versions ne sont pas nécessairement linéaires et sont les mêmes à travers les vies, les Âges de l’Âme, les Niveaux et les Personnalités. En d’autres termes, une Âme Nourrisson dans sa première vie pourrait rencontrer toutes ces versions d’un But. On ne peut pas rejeter le But. On ne peut qu’atteindre ses différents états, en visant à partir des pôles positif ou négatif. Donc, quelqu’un en Acceptation travaille TOUJOURS sur l’Acceptation. Quel que soit votre But, voici les 7 versions (états) : PAR DÉFAUT — Tendances/Résistances C’est celle où penser, remarquer ou ressentir à propos de son BUT demande le moins. C’est le Par Défaut. Les expériences s’accumulent et l’Essence les trie plus tard. Par défaut, il y a des tendances générées dans la vie à cause du But, et ces tendances peuvent ou non être remarquées, mais parfois on y oppose de la résistance. Quand il y a de la résistance, il y a de la douleur. La vie « semble » amener des tendances vers l’Acceptation, la Croissance, le Flux, etc. et on les navigue ou on les combat. Quand on fait l’expérience de la vie comme un état constant de douleur pour le corps, c’est que le But fonctionne probablement dans l’état Par Défaut. C’est le moyen de navigation le moins conscient. Ce n’est pas une « mauvaise » chose, mais une réalité du spectre de notre conscience. DÉCISIONS — Direction/Déni La prochaine version d’un But commence à inclure une conscience plus attentive à la façon de naviguer avec les tendances Par Défaut. Cela se fait par des DÉCISIONS. On commence à remarquer que l’on peut décider à partir de ces tendances. C’est là que l’on commence à apprendre à dire non à une direction. Tous les fragments apprennent à dire non avant d’apprendre à dire oui. Ce n’est pas la même chose que le Choix. Nous reviendrons plus tard sur le concept de Choix. Les Décisions pavent la voie aux Choix. Donc du côté positif, on apprend à dire non de façon à inclure plus de conscience à sa direction, mais certains peuvent tomber dans la tendance à dire non à tout, niant complètement leurs tendances dans la vie. Quand on constate qu’on est dans un état constant de NON qui empêche les expériences, alors on est probablement dans cette version de notre But. DIFFÉRENCE — Prévoyance/Apathie C’est quand on commence à remarquer les tendances dans notre vie d’une manière qui nous donne le sentiment de pouvoir faire une différence dans ces tendances. Il ne s’agit pas seulement d’arrêter une direction, mais de la changer. Ceci permet d’avoir une vision de l’avenir, de planifier, de considérer les conséquences. Quand les Décisions donnent l’impression que l’on regarde dans des directions où il y a des embranchements sur notre chemin, la DIFFÉRENCE commence à créer ces embranchements. Il s’agit de la première version du But où l’on commence à se sentir responsable du chemin et de l’état du But. Ceci peut être un peu écrasant et la Personnalité peut se dégager de cette responsabilité en tombant dans l’Apathie. C’est là que l’on présume que « ce qui a à arriver, va arriver » ou que « c’est la volonté de Dieu » ou en termes plus actuels de « laisser cela à l’univers ». Ce sont des formes d’Apathie. Elles ne ressemblent pas toujours à ça, parce que les mots peuvent sembler poétiques ou savants, mais ils sont un désengagement de notre responsabilité à créer. EFFORT — Volonté/Limbes Il s’agit de la version du But où les tendances ralentissent énormément sans la participation consciente de la Personnalité. Les expériences ne viennent pas, les tendances sont répétitives, familières et il y a très peu de « nouvelles » choses qui font leur apparition dans notre vie. Pour la première fois, le But requiert votre participation pour la génération d’expériences. Ceci signifie que l’on doit Vouloir faire l’Effort, pour générer activement des expériences. Beaucoup trouvent cela décourageant et tomberont dans des tendances familières qui apportent très peu à leur vie en termes d’expériences, et leur vie tombe alors dans les Limbes. PARTAGE — Intimité/Conflit Il s’agit de la première des versions du But où l’on commence à graviter, intentionnellement ou non, vers ceux qui partagent le même But. Trouver un terrain d’entente dans des expériences aide à apporter de l’Intimité. Le But devient alors une sorte de terrain de jeu partagé par deux ou plusieurs personnes. Cependant, cela peut également venir avec un grand investissement dans son But de sorte que l’on perd la capacité de se lier avec ceux qui ont un But différent, ou même avec ceux qui n’abordent pas notre But de la même manière. Cela mène alors au conflit. Certains des plus grands conflits peuvent survenir parmi ceux qui partagent le même But. DÉFI — Enthousiasme/Frustration C’est la première fois que votre But commence à être véritablement mis à l’épreuve par des forces extérieures. Vous maîtrisez probablement votre But à ce stade, connaissez ses tendances, êtes prêts, partagez, etc., mais « tout » semble se mettre en travers. C’est la première fois qu’il n’est pas « facile » d’obtenir un certain sentiment d’accomplissement de votre But. Ce n’est plus seulement une tendance par défaut qui fait obstacle à votre But, mais c’est une tendance qui semble vous faire dérailler de tout sens de direction relié à la réalisation de votre But. Du côté positif, ce sont l’optimisme et l’enthousiasme qui vous gardent ciblé sur le But. Les Obstacles sont abordés comme un moyen d’atteindre un nouveau niveau du But, et non comme un moyen de le faire dérailler. Du côté négatif, la frustration peut venir, on peut se sentir vaincu, déprimé, en colère et supposer que rien de ce qu’on fait ne peut nous aider. Plutôt que de négocier votre chemin et de faire appel à la créativité, vous continuez à faire les mêmes choses encore et encore tout en vous attendant à des expériences/résultats différents. CHOIX — Création/Indulgence Maintenant, votre But est dans un état de Choix. Vous savez que vos décisions pavent la voie à vos choix, vous assumez vos choix qui créent vos expériences et vous utilisez la créativité pour tous les obstacles, difficultés, défis, etc. L’indulgence est une forme passive de Choix en ce sens que l’on reconnaît que l’on n’a peut-être pas le choix en tout temps, et on le sait, et on est d’accord avec ça, car le choix est actif là où il peut être. L’indulgence peut tomber dans des états de paresse, mais la conscience est tellement présente à ce stade que, même si la paresse n’est pas préférée, elle est assumée comme un choix. Résumé S’il est vrai que ces versions/états ne sont pas séquentielles, elles se construisent les unes sur les autres; toutefois l’on peut être dans n’importe laquelle de ces versions à tout moment. Une fois que vous atteignez le CHOIX, cela ne signifie pas que vous ne retomberez pas, par exemple, dans le Par Défaut. En effet, la Personnalité est réinitialisée à chaque vie. C’est du nouveau. Ce n’est pas une progression. La Personnalité est conçue à partir de la progression de l’Essence, et plus la Personnalité est consciente, plus l’Essence est impliquée dans sa vie, donc il y a évolution, mais la Personnalité peut « revenir en arrière », contrairement à l’Essence. Il est difficile de revenir en arrière, même pour la Personnalité, mais cela peut arriver et cela se produit. Souvent. Plus l’Âme est âgée, plus cela devient difficile. Nous allons maintenant ouvrir la file d’attente pour vos questions concernant ce que nous avons partagé jusqu’à présent, et demander à chacun de vous de partager où vous pensez être dans votre propre version de votre But. LA FILE D’ATTENTE EST MAINTENANT OUVERTE Janet : À un moment donné, vous m’avez dit que 12 Décisions peuvent conduire à un Choix qui crée un embranchement ou un moment pivot dans la vie. Y a-t-il un lien entre ces états et cette corrélation avec le nombre 12? Et je pense que j’ai atteint au moins le PARTAGE mais le CHOIX semble correspondre aussi. EM : Janet, les 12 Décisions qui mènent à un Choix décrivent comment le processus du choix est généré dans n’importe quel aspect de la vie. Les versions du But décrivent comment on progresse dans la capacité de choisir par rapport au But : d’une approche passive ou moins consciente du But à une approche plus active ou consciente. En d’autres termes, les 12 décisions du choix seront toujours en vigueur, avec ou sans conscience ou éveil actif. Les versions du But décrivent donc une sorte de processus d’appropriation des décisions et des choix relatifs au But/aux expériences. GeraldineB : Comme je vis avec une détérioration articulaire, de l’arthrose, qui semble également héréditaire, je ne vois pas la corrélation entre votre énoncé « Quand on fait l’expérience de la vie comme un état constant de souffrance pour le corps, c’est que le But fonctionne probablement dans un état Par Défaut », et mon état actuel dans l’utilisation de la Discrimination. EM : Nous pourrions être plus clairs en ajoutant « OU que le But a probablement fonctionné dans l’état Par Défaut pendant une très longue période. » Lorsqu’il y a douleur chronique, c’est toujours une indication d’une grande résistance à « quelque chose », et c’est souvent relié à des expériences générées par les tendances par défaut du But. Plus la douleur est intense, plus ça fait probablement longtemps. Les douleurs émotionnelles et physiques peuvent être le résultat de plusieurs années de tendances, et cela peut prendre autant d’années pour les inverser ou pour s’en libérer. La douleur intellectuelle ou spirituelle peut aller et venir assez rapidement et est souvent davantage représentative d’expériences plus locales de la Personnalité dans le temps. GeraldineB : Ai-je expérimenté la Discrimination plutôt comme un rejet pendant longtemps ? EM : Oh, oui, Géraldine. Le rejet et rejeter ont été le Par Défaut pendant de très longues périodes. Gardez ceci à l’esprit : votre douleur physique est maintenant une douleur physique. Cela peut vous aider de comprendre ce qui a conduit à cette douleur chronique, mais une fois qu’elle est physique, il est valide de la traiter simplement en termes physiques. C’est pourquoi cela devient physique : pour donner de la tangibilité à l’intangible qui était difficile à gérer à l’époque. Vos traitements, votre soulagement et prise en charge sont tout à fait pertinents pour le passé. Il n’est pas nécessaire de déterrer les anciennes tendances pour gérer la douleur actuelle. La douleur actuelle est un langage symbolique qui parle de cette douleur et de tout ce que vous avez besoin de savoir à son sujet. Nous ne disons pas cela pour décourager tout examen plus approfondi, mais il y a un sens à la douleur. Elle est ici, maintenant. C’est là que vous voudrez être aussi. GeraldineB : Douleur = langage symbolique ? EM : Oui, la douleur est un langage du corps. Elle parle toujours de notre résistance à un certain niveau. Même si cette résistance est seulement celle de la peau qui résiste à une piqure. Plus la douleur est chronique, plus les tendances dont cette douleur parle sont grandes. GeraldineB : Une digression : est-ce également vrai pour toute la douleur dont souffre Troy ? EM : Oui, Troy n’est pas exempté, bien sûr. Sa douleur est liée à un manque de soins attentionnés. Ceci est souvent représenté par son manque d’apport en d’eau. Le manque d’eau et d’hydratation génère la plupart de ses problèmes, et ceux-ci témoignent de sa résistance à permettre des soins attentionnés. Peu importe qu’il puisse embrasser consciemment l’idée. Il s’agit d’une tendance qui remonte à il y a longtemps et qui parle à la personne « la plus importante » de sa vie qui l’a torturé, et ainsi il la porte d’une façon insidieuse en négligeant l’apport d’eau, une force vitale pour le corps. Nous ne pouvons pas parler davantage sur ce sujet pour le moment. Claire2 : Je pense que je suis à Défi, oscillant entre Enthousiasme et Frustration. Dernièrement, je suis très consciente d’avoir choisi « de ne pas » me laisser aller à être frustrée, mais j’ai du mal à maintenir mon Enthousiasme. Je deviens très consciente du Choix, mais je ne sais pas toujours quels sont mes choix. EM : Claire, c’est une question importante. Si l’on découvre qu’on se trouve dans une version négative du But, des solutions peuvent être trouvées dans la version « précédente ». Dans ce cas, le retour au PARTAGE est vital. Vous voudrez tendre la main, créer des liens, générer et entretenir l’intimité avec les autres. Votre enthousiasme viendra de ce défi, de ce retour à quelque chose qui vous manque, qui est l’intimité. Si vous sentez que l’intimité fait déjà partie de votre vie, alors vous pouvez vous tourner vers elle comme un lieu pour votre enthousiasme. Profitez simplement d’être avec vos proches. Cela vous aidera à maintenir votre enthousiasme élevé, votre frustration basse, et à garder votre esprit ouvert et créatif pour quand vous verrez d’autres choix. Si vous sentez que le Partage/l’Intimité fait défaut, alors que cela soit le défi sur lequel vous vous concentrerez. Trouvez cela. Créez cela. Permettez cela. Encouragez cela. KittyMac : Je n’arrive pas encore à connaître et à comprendre le But de Discrimination, tant en général que dans ma propre vie. Je me reconnais dans la plupart des 7 versions que vous décrivez de sorte que je ne peux pas nécessairement dire où je suis en ce moment. Est-il possible d’être partout comme ça ? Ou suis-je simplement en train de m’aveugler pour ne pas voir où je suis vraiment ? EM : Nous pensons que vous pourriez aimer la vérité que « oui » est vrai pour vos deux questions. Tout d’abord, ceci n’est pas inhabituel pour ceux qui sont en Discrimination. La Discrimination peut être décrite comme étant essentiellement comment la Personnalité apprend à choisir, à raffiner les choix et, le plus important, aimer les choix. Ainsi, lorsque l’on n’a pas atteint un certain degré de raffinement du choix, alors tous les choix/directions semblent valides et pertinents. Ainsi, le spectre des versions du But ressemble au spectre qui est vous lorsque vous apprenez à choisir et à raffiner vos choix. La Discrimination consiste à apprendre à dire non et à le penser. Ne pas seulement dire non pour dire non. La Discrimination peut constater qu’elle dit oui à tout jusqu’à ce moment-là. Mais ce sentiment de pertinence pour toutes les versions du But peut aussi être le symptôme d’une personne dans l’état d’EFFORT. Quand on est dans l’Effort, on regarde dans toutes les directions pour avoir des conseils, de la considération, des commentaires, des idées, etc. afin que la Volonté puisse être mise derrière l’Effort. Jusqu’à ce moment-là, les Limbes peuvent ressemblées à un éparpillement et un étalement entre les différents états. Lorsque vous participez à l’Effort, vous vous engagez automatiquement dans une direction qui ressemble davantage à un mouvement vers votre But. Cependant, tout cela étant dit, il est toujours vrai que l’on trouvera de la pertinence et de la familiarité avec toutes les versions d’un But si l’on est vivant et conscient assez longtemps. SUITE… EM : Parce que chacun de vous peut se déplacer dans ces versions de votre But, il est utile de comprendre toutes les versions, puis de noter où vous en êtes. Tel que décrit à Claire, si vous trouvez que vous êtes dans le pôle négatif de votre version du But, regardez la version précédente pour savoir comment retrouver un sentiment de progrès. Si vous trouvez que vous êtes dans la version négative du Par Défaut, retournez à CHOIX et dansez entre la Création et l’Indulgence comme un moyen de vous sortir de la résistance. Vos « devoirs » ne sont donc pas seulement d’explorer ceci sur le plan de votre propre approche de votre But, mais de regarder autour de vous pour voir si votre compréhension des versions du But peut vous aider à comprendre les gens dans votre vie, votre monde. Nous avons donné notre avis. Nous pensons que chacun de vous savez assez bien où vous vous trouvez à un moment donné, et puisque cela fluctue, et que ce n’est pas particulièrement une progression où l’on s’arrête, il est plus logique que vous évaluiez cela par vous-même. Nous savons que Troy nous a invités à commenter où chacun de vous se trouve dans votre But, mais il ne savait pas que nous décririons ce processus comme étant non statique et moins linéaire. Nous pouvons répondre à vos questions. Maureen : J’ai eu beaucoup de mal à « accepter » ou à composer avec l’état de santé de mon mari et son déclin et sa mort éventuels. Mes niveaux d’anxiété « habituels » ont fortement augmenté et la dépression est apparue. Je pense que je me suis éparpillée, mais je suis récemment (je pense) passé au DÉFI. Je veux me libérer du DÉFI de la situation et passer au CHOIX au sein de mon But d’Acceptation. Je veux entrer dans un état de Véritable Acceptation et ne pas résister à ce qui est inévitable, pour nous tous, dans la vie. J’ai reçu un message clair il y a quelques semaines alors que je conduisais. J’ai entendu : l’anxiété est de la résistance. EM : Premièrement, il est important de noter que là où l’on est dans son But c’est là où l’on est. Il ne s’agit pas d’échapper à une version pour passer à une autre. Vous êtes dans une version de votre But parce que c’est le domaine sur laquelle vous travaillez, ou comment vous travaillez sur ce But. Le Défi est exactement là où vous êtes parce que vous êtes au milieu d’un grand défi. Accueillir ce défi est la seule voie à suivre. Vous n’êtes pas au mauvais endroit parce que vous êtes mis au défi. De plus, si vous vous trouvez dans la version négative du Défi, alors cela indique votre besoin de revenir à l’Intimité, de tendre la main, de vous connecter, d’être plus proche de quelqu’un. Vous êtes sur la bonne voie. Avoir de la difficulté à « accepter » la douleur, la maladie ou la mort d’un être cher n’est pas une faiblesse. C’est la vie. C’est naturel. Ce sont des défis, peu importe où l’on se trouve par rapport au But. Vous visez trop haut lorsque vous visez à accepter la mort, la douleur et la maladie. Ceux-ci ne nécessitent pas votre acceptation. Ils n’apportent ni avantage ni paix à vous ou au concept que vous les acceptiez. Seule la conscience doit être acceptée. Que ce soit sous forme de sentience, d’êtres chers ou de toute créature de raison ou de sentiment. Acceptez votre bien-aimé. Votre compagnon. Acceptez-VOUS. Le reste prendra soin de lui-même. « L’anxiété est de la résistance » est vrai, mais pour aller plus loin, l’anxiété est une résistance à la confiance ou un déni de la confiance. L’anxiété est la douleur de la méfiance. La vie est comme une personne pour ceux qui l’aiment. Donc, quand la vie fait du mal à un être cher, ou à soi-même, c’est un choc, cela semble personnel, cela incite à se méfier maintenant de cette « personne ». VOUS avez expérimenté la vie. C’est tout ce que vous avez expérimenté. VOUS n’avez jamais expérimenté la mort. Vous ne pouvez pas faire confiance à la mort. Vous n’avez aucune expérience de la mort. Pourquoi voudriez-vous vous forcer à faire confiance à quelque chose dont vous n’avez pas l’expérience ? La vie est ce en quoi vous avez confiance. Vous la connaissez bien. Peu importe que votre Essence ait eu des centaines d’incarnations. Chaque incarnation ne connaît que la vie jusqu’au moment où elle meurt. Elle ne connaît que très brièvement la mort. La vie ne vous a pas trahie. On peut toujours lui faire confiance. Mais la mort viendra. Elle est aussi inévitable que la respiration l’est pour vivre. La seule façon de basculer dans la confiance de la mort est de savoir que la mort est à l’Essence ce que la respiration est à la Personnalité. Vous connaissez l’Essence. Vous faites partie de l’Essence. Vous pouvez faire confiance à l’Essence. Et, éventuellement, elle prend son souffle. Elle doit respirer pour vivre. C’est comment vous êtes en vie et pourquoi vous mourrez. Mais c’est aussi comment et pourquoi vous n’aurez jamais de fin. Nous savons que la mort et la perte sont douloureuses. Nous n’avons pas oublié. Mais nous pouvons vous assurer que, même s’il n’y a pas de « paradis » au sens propre du terme, et que l’au-delà est moins romantique que l’imagination ne le souhaiterait, « vous » continuez. Nous sommes une entité intégrée avec des millions de Personnalités qui s’agitent parmi nous. Elles ne s’en vont pas. L’intégration n’est pas la même chose que la désintégration. Cependant, pendant que l’on vit, vivons. Pendant qu’un proche malade est vivant, laissons-le vivre. Quoique cela signifie, et cela pourrait signifier quelque chose de terrible ou de beau. C’est la vie. Rendez votre confiance à la vie et vous retrouverez votre confiance envers votre bien-aimé, vous-même, l’Essence et l’existence. Ce retour de la confiance peut aider à soulager votre anxiété, mais pas votre lutte. Pas vos défis. Ils sont là, peu importe comment vous les regarderez. Regardez-les différemment et l’acceptation viendra. Nous devons conclure ici pour aujourd’hui. Mais nous continuerons à nouveau. Comme vous tous, peu importe quand arrivera le jour de votre conclusion. Au revoir, pour le moment. Cela sera toujours « pour le moment » pour n’importe lequel d’entre vous. Tableau récapitulatif des Versions du But Version/ État Pôle positif/négatif Description sommaire Par Défaut Tendances/Résistances Les expériences s’accumulent et l’Essence les trie plus tard. Décisions Direction/Déni Conscience plus attentive à la façon de naviguer avec les tendances Par Défaut. Différence Prévoyance/Apathie On commence à remarquer les tendances dans notre vie d’une manière qui nous donne le sentiment de pouvoir faire une différence dans ces tendances. On commence à se sentir responsable du chemin et de l’état du But. Effort Volonté/Limbes Les tendances ralentissent énormément sans la participation consciente de la Personnalité. Le But requiert votre participation pour la génération d’expériences. Partage Intimité/Conflit On commence à graviter, intentionnellement ou non, vers ceux qui partagent le même But. Défi Enthousiasme/Frustration Votre But commence à être véritablement mis à l’épreuve par des forces extérieures. Choix Création/Indulgence Vous savez que vos décisions pavent la voie à vos choix, vous assumez vos choix qui créent votre expérience et vous utilisez la créativité pour tous les obstacles, difficultés, défis, etc.
  4. Good Morning Troy Am a new member and was a bit hesitant to write to you...but I guess seeking guidance is always welcome in this forum:) I have been learning and understanding my Michael chart and the teachings only for a few months now. My role is priest , casting 6/6/2 with the goal.of acceptance...(channeled by Dave gregg)... A lot of it deeply resonates with me..but am.struggling to truly understand how to apply acceptance in a very real life situation of accepting someone in our life whose life choices no.longer work for ones true self. While I have reached a stage of accepting he is who he is, I also accept that it no.longer serves me to have him in my life. Does one take a path of honouring our true self and remove this.person from.my life though it will hurt someone else as collateral damage? Do we go ahead with our decision to let go with the belief that in the end it is every individuals own path and if some one gets hurt for.no fault of.theirs that is also a part of their journey? and how does one take this decision if the person being hurt by the decision is a child ?
  5. There's a young lady at my work (24 years old) who is very bright and sharp-minded, but has a lot of drama and ups and downs. She has now changed positions twice within the company because we love her and want to keep her, but when the drama is high, she ends up skipping too much work and becomes a drain on other people. I don't have her profile channeled, but she is probably a Sage in Passion mode. A lot of her problems stem from not being able to handle conflict and not wanting people to be upset (and some of it is just lack of experience). For instance, when she was the customer service rep, a job she hated, she would get horribly stressed out when dealing with upset customers, and she would turn around and get angry with coworkers who made the mistakes. When she was the executive assistant and we had her do phone screenings of prospective new hires, she would work too hard to make them happy rather than actually screen people. Now she works for me as the purchaser, and I've noticed her getting worked up about the company not going with through with a purchase because she had become friendly with the salesperson. I had a realization a couple nights ago that this was probably -Ingratiation, negative pole of Acceptance. I try to reason with her sometimes, but logic doesn't always help her feel any better. For any of you out there with the goal of Acceptance or who live with those that have it - do you have any suggestions on how to work with someone who's in the negative pole?
  6. MMW - September 16, 2017 - Understanding YOUR Overleaves MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We will suggest further clarification of this format for this topic: We encourage our students to never become complacent with knowledge. There is no end point to learning, as far as we know. There are plateaus upon which one would explore a focus on application as a means to gain experience, but one must continue to move to another plateau. The overleaves tend to be a point of re-entry for most of our students and they quickly become a foundation upon which all other elements of the teaching are built. It is often assumed that once one grasps the general idea of overleaves and their details then there is no more to learn, but continued learning is vital for this teaching to remain alive and valuable to you. A discussion such as the one posed for today is not a revisit to Overleaves, but a continuation of learning. There are 7 paths of continued study in our teaching or any other subject of deep interest: EXPOSURE, EXPERIMENTATION, CHALLENGES, APPLICATION, MEANING, SHARING, TEACHING. Application is the assimilative stage and can be inserted anywhere in this map. Many of our students will choose a path of study and then move into Application, but not move to another path. Most of these terms should be fairly self-explanatory, but we will briefly elaborate before opening to questions. EXPOSURE - the initial introduction to any new concept or new angle on a known concept. EXPERIMENTATION - questioning, testing, observing, exploring that new concept. CHALLENGES - the concept is met with conflict, conflicting experience, confusing experience, debate, doubt, and found to not work as expected. MEANING - the concept is finally owned, understood, and its value clear to the student. SHARING - you see the concept could be valuable and meaningful to others and seek to find ways to share your knowledge as insight, guidance, advice, or introduce others to the concept for them to explore on their own. TEACHING - the student now lives with the concept fully integrated so that simply existing becomes a model for the concept and others can see the effects and influence of this teaching with or without actual introduction to terminology or details. APPLICATION - the concept is at a resting plateau as other concepts are explored and pieced together with it. The sequence of learning tends to be in this order, with Application inserted as necessary. More accurately, this is the Sequence of Continued Study. Once one has reached a Teaching stage, it is always likely that a new angle will come on what was previously thought to be fully understood. Today we will focus on your questions and then you may see where you fall into the Sequence of Continued Study. We open the floor now to your questions about any Overleaf and any context. FLOOR IS NOW OPEN Johanne: Is APPLICATION = plateau, a halt in the sequence? MEntity: Not exactly a halt, but a slowing down. Johanne: You said: choose a path of study and then move into Application, but not move to another path. What is this path? MEntity: Application is a kind of resting point give one the room to see where one has been, where one is, and where one might go next in studies. Johanne, that path would be relative to the individual. For example, many of our students enter at Exposure and this is quite inspiring and exciting, and then move into Experimentation as a way to understand themselves better in light of this new terminology, and then will move into Application because she feels she now has a basic grasp on what her own Overleaves mean. She remains in Application and does not move on to Challenges because she feels understanding herself to a certain extent is all that matters. Johanne: Ok, I got it clearly. Thanks MEntity: NEXT, Lucianna. Lucianna: I would like to understand more about passion mode. When, for example, I think it's the family problem. This would be an manifestation of the negative pole of passion mode, the identification. Or is it something else? MEntity: Luciana, we ask that you clarify what you mean by "I think it's the family problem." Lucianna: I mean me. I always had the feeling that the biggest concerns of my family. The worst of the bad parents was about me and my future. I had some difficulty at the beginning of school life. And some difficulty getting a job. This raised some concern as to what I would get. And I already felt like being the family problem. Lucianna: I wrote some things wrong MEntity: We understand. Yes, Passion is involved here, but the core of the pain comes from your Acceptance, the Goal. Your challenge and motivation in this life is all about Acceptance. One of the most painful and beautiful things you will learn with a Goal of Acceptance is that Acceptance is not the same thing as APPROVAL. Lucianna: ok MEntity: You may never receive the approval you seek, and you may not approve of how your family behaves or supports you, but you can accept them and they can accept you. The pain comes from when you feel you must be different, to be something better, to be something more, to meet some condition of expectation in order to be accepted. Lucianna: yes MEntity: INGRATIATION is when one assumes that one should comply to the expectations and standards and conditions of others as a way to be accepted. INGRATIATION is also when one expects others to comply to expectations, standards, and conditions before being accepted. Lucianna: I see MEntity: What you will learn with the Goal of Acceptance is that your loved ones are also human and have their fears, their wishes, their worries, their hopes, etc. and they can be messy in how this is expressed if they are about you. If they express frustration with you, or disappointment, or higher wishes, or worries about you, this is not the same thing as being accepted or rejected. Others will always have their own ideas about what you can do to be a better person or have a better life. Listen to them and use what inspires you, but if it does not inspire you, it is not for you. It is not about you. Passion Mode can add to the pain because it can feel as if the criticisms from loved ones is about you as a Being. Though it is not always clear, loved ones often mean to criticize actions and choices, not the person, not the innocence and beauty of the person. Lucianna: yes, I understand MEntity: It is up to you to learn the difference between messy criticism and hurtful insults. If you determine it is only hurtful insults, then you have every right to establish your boundaries. If you determine it is simply messy criticism, then you can use that when it is useful, and discard it when it is not. We must move to another question to accommodate group dynamics, but the response above is a start in helping to understand your family dynamics better. NEXT, DIANE Diane: Pat posted not too long ago that she has a hard time figuring out the roles/overleaves of family and long-time friends. I've noticed that I have the same experience of having a hard time discerning overleaves of family, and some I’ve had profiles channeled that I can't validate easily or at all. I'm wondering if this is because I grew up with them and are used to seeing them a certain way, because they behave in certain habitual patterns around family (which I do too), because they're behaving according to imprinting...or what? MEntity: Your assessment is correct. Through this channel we deliver that which is on record in the Akashic. Those Manifesting Essence and True Personality are quite rare, particularly when in family or social dynamics. The tendency is to immediately present the most presentable persona, and/or the most protective persona. What can help in validation is to start with the ATTITUDE. This tends to be the most difficult to hide for long if there is interaction of any depth. It can also help if you design a set of Overleaves that describe how you understand and experience the other person. Let this stand as your interface for understanding them until they are more revealing of their True Personality. The above suggestions are for when the information delivered in channeling is fairly accurate, but there may also be instances when the information is distorted or incorrect. A Student will always have to consider that possibility. Diane: That helps, thank you MEntity: NEXT, JOHANNE Johanne: I am working as a team with 2 other people. We are not fully functionnal because one seems to me to be in the negative poles of her discrimination goal and realistic attitude. The two others: we are both in acceptance goal; for attitude: one is pragmatic and one is spiritualist. How such 3 set of overleaves could work better together or how to help each other to get out of the negative poles? The 3 of us are in observation mode. We all have arrogance in one of our CF. Johanne: to be brief, you can focus just on the discrimination: how to help go from the negative to the positive MEntity: REJECTION comes when one does not want to make a choice. One tends not to want to make a choice when the choices are not appealing, or when the choices are unclear, or one does not want the responsibility of choice. It is "easier" to simply reject than it is to do the work of Refinement. REFINEMENT is a state of responsibility for choice, the work of understanding and clarifying and questioning. Sometimes the process of Refinement for Discrimination can look like the Negative Pole to others who do not use the same process for making choices. If the individual is in the Negative Pole, there will be no effort to understand. If the individual is working through a personal process and is simply being difficult for those who have a different process, then it is likely not the Negative Pole. Those in Discrimination, even in a sustained Positive Pole of Sophistication/Refinement, can often be deemed "difficult." Johanne: ok, may be it is the process that is hard on us (acceptance). Very hard on criticisms. MEntity: Yes, this is Good Work: to consider if you are the ones implementing defenses against something that you do not like or understand. Acceptance can quite easily fall into the assumption that others or the self must comply to make things easier. Johanne: Having a realistic and a spiritualist working together is a bit of a challenge too MEntity: Many times it is not about easy or difficult, but about listening and compassion and patience. Johanne: Very right indeed MEntity: Experiencing challenges is something you can work with. Even when all are in the Positive Poles there will be challenges. It is only when Fear becomes the currency of exchange that you lose the capacity to move forward together. Johanne: I will remember that ! MEntity: It can be helpful to announce and clarify that each of you bring a strength of perception to the collaboration and that you welcome all of it. Make time to hear each other out. But make it clear that a process must be in place that is acceptable for final decisions, even if you do not like that final decision. Acceptance and Discrimination will always benefit from the experience of "being seen and heard." That is at the heart of either of these Goals. Johanne: thank you! MEntity: NEXT, BOBBY Bobby: With my Mode being Perseverance and the fact that our Mode is how we relate one on one, would you perhaps speak about how exactly you see that I do that with this Mode and what obstacles come to the surface most for me when I attempt to use it? MEntity: For Perseverance, "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" is a motto to live and die by. No amount of talk or presentation or explanation cuts it for Perseverance. You have to see results. This is true of how Perseverance relates to others and to the self. Bobby: Poor Troy MEntity: Perseverance despises weakness and insecurity and excuses, particularly when they are only used as a means to avoid Right Action. Perseverance learns about himself and others by constantly assessing the value of ones Actions. This can lead to relationships that are full of scrutiny toward your own Actions or lack of Actions, or can lead to relationships where attention is focused on others and what they are Doing or Not Doing so as to avoid your own insecurities, weaknesses, and excuses. Eventually, when Essence is Manifest and True Personality is present, the pitting of the self against others, and the pitting of the self against the self, comes to an end. Perseverance shifts into unity and combination of strengths to help fill in for weaknesses, not out of resentment and obligation, but from true vulnerability and responsibility. Weaknesses are no longer despised, but are healed. Actions are no longer assessed in terms of superficial standards to comply with expectations, but are assessed in terms of HARMFULNESS. This is the difference between UNCHANGING and PERSISTENCE. UNCHANGING is not about moving forward, but about holding someone or the self back. UNCHANGING is about locking someone into their flaws and insecurities and not letting them grow until they show some sort of acceptable remorse, guilt, shame, etc. PERSISTENCE is about moving forward, flaws, insecurities, frustrations, and all. You Persist. You learn how to carry everything and keep moving forward. This is true for yourself as well as any relationship. You draw the line if there is HARM. Bobby: Would you see it as it exists currently at the Application, Sharing or Teaching stage? MEntity: You are in SHARING. Bobby: Ok. Thank you! MEntity: FINAL QUESTION: Maureen Maureen: What are true abrading Overleaves? MEntity: All Overleaves in the Negative Poles. All Overleaves on an Axis. Overleaves with numerical values that add up to more than 7. For example, the Exalted Action Axis carries an inherent value of 7 and will tend to have the most abrasion with other Overleaves. A King must learn very quickly how to work with this natural state of abrasion. It is what hones the King into a great leader. The Exalted Inspirational Axis has an inherent value of 6 and can be quite abrasive to all Overleaves not associated with Server (1). The inherent bond of a set of Overleaves on an Axis that "adds up" to 7, such as Re-evaluation (1) and Growth (6) also comes with inherent abrasion by being on an Axis together. This makes for a kind of yin/yang dynamic that helps the personality "slide" between these as necessary. It is a misnomer for us to use a King as an example above. We speak of the Axis that are King Overleaves. Abrasion is rarely between Roles, only the Overleaves and how they are used. We will conclude here for today. There is more to learn. There is always more. And we encourage our students to continue banking their questions for when the time is determined by you as ready to ask. Allow your plateau of Application to be useful, but you will always move into another stage or path if you wish to continue studies. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  7. This material was taken from a private session originally posted on January 22, 2011. Q: I'm a little concerned of our daughter, as she's become really shy outside the circle of the closest family and friends. She's been a very strong-willed toddler, and when she was younger I would've never imagined she'd be a shy child, but now she is. I wasn't shy as a child, so I have troubles relating to her feelings. What would be the best way to deal with this now, to encourage her, but at the same time make her feel it's okay to be shy? MEntity: We see this as a stage of her developing consciousness that is simply particular to her way of becoming aware of "Other." It is only just dawning on this fragment that "other" is not always a safe or familiar extension of "mother, father, or me." This is natural. Shyness, in this case, does not appear to be based in fear as much as it is in the beginning of her Overleaves being ignited. A child "grows into" Overleaves, and though it takes approximately 7 years for this to be completed, the various Overleaves begin to manifest at different times. During the 2nd Internal Monad, the first of the Overleaves will begin to manifest, and this will set the stage for the general arc of the entire lifetime. For instance, if the Attitude sets first, then the life would take on a more philosophical or Intellectual tone, whereas if the Mode is activated, then the life may bring more emphasis to the themes of relationships and intimacy, while the Goal would bring a life focused more on the gaining of experiences for the point of that Goal. This first activation usually happens during the 6th Stage of the 2nd Internal Monad as Autonomy is being realized. In this case, the Goal has been activated, and this means the reality of the spectrum of Acceptance has now been comprehended to some meaningful degree. The 2nd Internal Monad is already a rather fragile process, with a great need for supply of security and value from caretakers, and when a child activates a Goal of Acceptance, then that supply is in even greater need. Bringing to her a sense of safety when she needs it is exactly what she needs, and upon securing that realization that she is safe, she will then begin her own methods for how to Accept or Be Accepted. Emphasizing her value to you, to herself, and to the world, can also help to expand the sense of self-esteem, which would then help her to move more confidently through the challenges of Acceptance. Your own history that lacked shyness is because of your igniting your Attitude first, which gave you a very early, quick, and clear perspective of what and who you were in relation to others, allowing for a more solid sense of self.
  8. Ask Michael Live Chat October 5, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley 12:22:07 PM ClaireC: Hello, Michael. There have been studies conducted on the power of group prayer and meditation that would indicate that sick people who are prayed/meditated for have higher recovery and healing rates than those who do not receive prayers. Can you explain what is happening here, are the results of the studies incorrect or is it truly beneficial to pray/meditate for someone who is seriously ill? MEntity: The context of the kind of "prayer" and "meditation" has a profound effect upon the outcome of such studies. First, if there are religious elements involved, the effects are often quite contrary to beneficial. If the recipient is aware of the prayer, there can tend to resignation to some idea that some power will save the day. This resignation is different from the surrender that one might have to the trust of medical care or nurturing. Resignation is a disconnect from the life force. So religious prayer is often more harmful than beneficial. MEntity: If the fragment is not aware of the prayer, it has little effect. ClaireC: How about TM? ClaireC: That's not religious. MEntity: When "prayer" and "meditation" is moved outside of the realm of religious resignation to a higher power for saving the day, then there can come to be some benefit. If the recipient is aware of the intent of another's prayer or meditation, the Personality may allow in this subtle networking of nurture. MEntity: This subtle networking will never override the individual's capacity for healing, nor usurp it, or impose healing, but the individual can harness that nurturing for the sake of healing. ClaireC: I'm thinking more in terms of the patient "receiving" healing energy. MEntity: If the individual is not aware of the intent of these more beneficial prayers or meditations, there is little effect. MEntity: The patient never truly passively "receives" healing as much is the patient lets the network of nurture become a kind of safety net of strength and support. MEntity: In other words, kind words of encouragement directly to the fragment vs informing the fragment that kind thoughts and feelings are similar. MEntity: What happens when there is benefit is that there is Cording, and the Cords (energetic bonds of resonance/communication among fragments' chakras) act as a safety net, but not as miracles. MEntity: It should be noted that one cannot cause illness or harm from "prayer" or "meditation" either. MEntity: If one's well-being were so easily affected by the thoughts and feelings of others, many would not live long. 12:42:31 PM cfalde: Diane posted a channeling a few years ago about improving eyesight in later years. You stated in there that those born with poor eyesight were beyond that discussion. Please briefly discuss. MEntity: Some eye conditions are a result of poor light, poor muscle strength, improper use, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, overuse, repetitive conditions, etc. so these can often be helped and even reversed. However, those with genetic conditions may not be so easily helped with mere vitamins and exercise. It would be the equivalent of saying that a person born with no leg could grow a leg just by taking a vitamin or dancing more. It does not work like that. cfalde: True. MEntity: However, there are improvements to altering even the effects of one's genetics, and as these improve and one has access to the capacity for altering these, then one is not confined by those genetics. MEntity: In that case, one could seek out competent professionals who are offering benefits of altering the effects of genetics. At this point, there are few options, but they are improving. MEntity: Replacements of parts of the eyes seems to be the most common possibility at this point. cfalde: lasik and other therapies too. MEntity: Correct. 12:50:46 PM Janet: When a nexus occurs and parallels merge, what is the effect on the memory of a personality who existed in both parallels? Are any memories lost or changed due to the merging of parallels? Or would the merged personality retain memories of experiences from all original parallels? MEntity: Janet, all memories remain intact, but depending on the more immediate necessity and environment, one will transpose over the other. In other words, whichever memories serve the new timeline best will come to the surface. However, there are times that may come later when a conflicting/contradictory memory will come up, and this can be perplexing. It is not a "perfect" system because all memories need to be accessible for the variations of choices. Janet: Oh that’s what I thought — that choice was still key. MEntity: If one set were to be wiped out, it would not be fair to that parallel Personality, but because these remain intact to some great degree, they can come to be bizarre artifacts in memory. MEntity: Some illnesses of memory, such as dementia, can bring up a multitude of parallel memories that seem random and conflicting. MEntity: But are, in fact, often quite "real." 12:58:29 PM Maureen: I've been wondering recently whether or not one can have true (not blind or naïve) acceptance, without "understanding" (...of whatever). Many of us, not just those of us with the Goal of Acceptance, would like to learn how to best, or to better, move towards more Acceptance (+pole Agape). Also, I’ve been noticing how it feels to accept or to not accept – when I experience “acceptance” it feels more expansive and open-ended while non-acceptance feels more conclusive or closed. Your comments please. MEntity: There are 9 Circles of Acceptance that help one to understand the variations in how one learns to Accept. The outermost, or 9th Circle, is the most anonymous and "blind," with a sense of allowance for differences, distance, difficult variations and obstacles to intimacy. For example, you do not have to know every fragment from a culture you have no sense of resonance with to accept that these are "people, too." MEntity: As the Circles grow "closer" to the center where you are, then the importance of intimacy, resonance, and understanding grows. MEntity: It is not that it grows so much as it simply becomes more personal. MEntity: It is still intimacy, understanding, and resonance when acceptance comes in the 9th Circle, as well, but it is from the broadest grounds of empathy you have. MEntity: You can accept that people who are vastly different, far, and stranger to you are still Human and that you are related in such a way because you know you are Human and that you are also strange, distant, and different from others, too. MEntity: The Positive Pole of Agape for Acceptance translates into an "affection." MEntity: One can only have affection for that which is accepted. MEntity: All fragments outside of your 9th Circle will not have a sense of affection about them or for them. MEntity: Every fragment can only truly accept into the 1st Circle one to three fragments at a time, but this does not mean one is not accepting. There are 8 other Circles where one arranges one's capacity for acceptance. MEntity: For those with or without the Goal of Acceptance, the aim for Agape/Affection is always relevant. To do so, one would always seek to choose any possibility of empathy over defense. MEntity: Choosing empathy does not mean condoning, and choosing empathy does not mean putting someone in your closer circles of acceptance. But even if that person can be put into your 9th Circle, you are doing well. 01:19:56 PM brian_: Hello Michael, could you please give a larger description of the Solar body type nature? MEntity: The Solar Body Type Nature is as equally consuming as it is giving. It is a delicate economy of taking and giving. There is a kind of transparency in the Solar Body Type that prompts it to find and fulfill identity in or through those who "orbit" about her or him. MEntity: They can be experienced as a constant source of energy, enthusiasm, and delight or as a volatile and overwhelming heat that must remain distanced. MEntity: Aside from the Lunar Body Types, these are the most immature and underdeveloped of the Body Types, in that there is a kind of dependency upon other Body Types for the sense of position and place. MEntity: The Solar Nature can be as child-like and innocent as it can be childish and temperamental. MEntity: Because the Solar Body Type can be so attractive as a source of energy and enthusiasm, they can also be subject to great projection and expectation by others. MEntity: The Solar Nature tends not to be able to hide very well in a life because of the equation of giving and taking in relationships, events, experiences, etc. There would likely always be those who expect of the Solar Nature, and the Solar Nature may find she or he expects of others. MEntity: Because of the rather consuming nature of Solar, its presence is often rather minimal in any combination, only serving as an Active/Positive redirecting of energies for variation of combining planetary influences. 01:40:15 PM Kurtis: Hi Michael, I'd like further elaboration of the Saturnine Nature please, much like last time with Venusian and Jovial and this time with Solar. thanks MEntity: The Saturnine Body Type is the only other Active/Positive body type, and as such is quite focused on rather optimistic, broad visions of DOING. It is correlated with the Priest for this reason. Those with a Saturnine Body Type in Nature will tend uphold grand visions against which all of existence is measured. This generates within them a rather painful streak of demanding perfectionism. MEntity: Saturnine Nature often almost desperately craves a sense of vertical movement, growth, change, evolution, and so even when the life is without challenge, there is a constant barrage of interpretation that there is challenge. MEntity: Even if the body is not tall in terms of a Saturnine Appearance, a Saturnian Nature will bring a sense of "tallness" to the perspective of the individual so that there seems to always be a towering ideal that is carried above the heads of everyone around the body. MEntity: The Saturn Nature can easily fall into a kind of sanctimonious stance in the life, if not careful to consider if his or her challenges are valid. MEntity: The Saturn Nature will always do well to determine if he or she is being challenged, or if he or she is simply being challenging. 01:58:21 PM MikeClev: Could you please expand our knowledge about Saturnian as Health Body type? Thanks. MEntity: The Saturnine Health aspect of the Body Type comes in relation to the anterior pituitary, which, like the Nature, can be regulator of growth, or stunter of growth, or an accelerator of growth. MEntity: In its healthy states, Saturn helps the body to manage all functions related to growth, including reproduction. This gives the body a great range of endurance and longevity due to this management of energy and hormones as they are used by the body. MEntity: In its unhealthy states, Saturn can move out of regulation and into inhibition or overproduction, which leads to issues of instability in the infrastructure of strength in the body. This can show up as high levels of stress and even bizarre and distracting sexual urges and compulsions to help "burn off" the energy. MEntity: Unhealthy Saturnians tend to carry about a kind of "seething" range of unexpressed anger that can wreak havoc on the body. MEntity: In healthy states, it can be one of the most productive body types of all, as it can endure great treks of focus in the use of the intellect, body, and/or emotions. MEntity: But because of that durability, the Saturnine Health can end up having to learn how to say no, how to be clear, and own his or her strengths AND weaknesses. MEntity: Or there can come to be cumulative consequences on the health. 02:07:45 PM Carlotamaria: Hi Michael, I would like to ask if you could explain the Love Monad as completion of a Heart Link. MEntity: The Love Monad can take as many lifetimes as it takes and is under no restriction for timing. For the Love Monad to be completed, the fragments involved will revisit in symbolic (and something literal) terms every Monad that has led up to the Love Monad. So the fragments will revisit the Master/Slave, Slovenly/Meticulous, Matedness, Parent/Child, Hopelessly Loving/Hopelessly Loved, etc. MEntity: These passages through the ingredients of experiences that are leading toward full, unconditional love, would come as arguments, misunderstanding, impulses, compulses, all moving the relationship through toward a full embrace of the best and worst of one another, as well as the self in relation to that person. MEntity: Eventually, the Monad comes to a close when each has come to realize that there is nothing that "matters" more than the truth of the other's existence. MEntity: In other words, all of those experiences came and went, but each of you stayed as a consistent element of existence, and this is truer than the temporary dichotomy of any version of your relationship. MEntity: We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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