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Found 8 results

  1. NOTE FROM CONNOR: Thank you everyone for your patience. I never use software for the transcription. Feeding the audio into transcription software would result in dozens of mistakes because Troy's audio was a bit choppy during this session. There were a lot of dropped or partially cut off words which I had to reconstruct using context clues and by repeating the sound byte over and over to catch syllables of missing words. This is actually the most time-consuming part of transcribing - I could have skipped the detail work and typed all of this up within a day, but such a transcript would have been riddled with gaps. In almost every case, I was able to figure out the problem spots, but sometimes, wherever in the transcript it says [UNINTELLIGIBLE] or [AUDIO LOST], I was unable to determine what was said. So if anyone else made their own audio recording of the event and is able to determine what was said in those instances, please let me know in the comments or by TLE direct message and I will make the edits. *** *** *** *** Michael Speaks in TLEvr on Loneliness, Depression, and Anxiety 13th August, 2022 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Okay. Hello to each of you. We are here now. Our delivery may start off slow, as this subject is heavy for Troy, and it may take more effort to move through that density. But we are here now. Hello to each of you. We have been asked to speak on the subjects of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, and offer any insights that we may have from a metaphysical perspective. And by ‘metaphysical perspective’ what we can offer is something deeper, more insidious, below the surface of the more acute and local causes for these experiences. There will always be more acute and local causes for these experiences, and be lonely for obvious reasons because of the distance between yourself and others, be depressed because of lack of fulfillment, sense of contribution, or anxiety over a lack of control. Underneath all of this, we can say that there are Sentient-wide causes that are being tapped into, and you do bring in loneliness, anxiety, and depression. LONELINESS MEntity: This first layer of Sentient-wide patterns, if you will, traces back to what we have referred to as the Great Wounding. We’ll speak about this, but we know that it will not seem to be something that one can really use to help themselves. We offer it as a baseline understanding of this pattern throughout all of Humanity. The Great Wounding traces back to your first experience of being displaced as a species. Though only a fraction of our Sentience was a part of that displacement, your transfer from Sirius to Earth cascades through the entire collective or Sentient species. To be disrupted in life is already something you are familiar with how it has an effect on you. To be disrupted as an entire species, to the extent that you must completely leave your home and make a new life somewhere else – you may be able to understand how this has resonated, carried forward, throughout the species for eons because of this deep, profound wounding of not being wanted. It does not matter that there was another species to come forward – in fact, several species to come forward, helping this process of displacement so that you were safe. That matters, but the initial wounding of not being wanted as a species in your own home created profound scars in the core of your being. So at the core of loneliness, the very baseline metaphysical level of loneliness, is this that is being tapped. That you were not wanted as a species in your own home. Your own habitat. Your original bodies. Everything was taken away. NOTE FROM CONNOR: There was a thirty-second silence here which everyone felt, and when Michael resumed speaking, it was clear that Troy had been weeping. On rare occasions, Troy (not Michael) will laugh or cry while in trance. This usually happens as a result of Troy "peeking in" to some extent on whatever Michael is saying. MEntity: We may have to navigate emotional reactions in the body of our channel. Not all species experience loneliness. It is a foreign concept. Many Sentient species have never felt the depth of displacement that your species has. But all Sentient species will go through a period of distancing from themselves and their sense of affection during the Baby and Young Soul stages of development for the species collectively. So for the period of time that your species has been evolving through the Young Soul Age, everything at the core of this displacement, wounding, is exacerbated. There have always been times when people felt lonely. There have always been times when people felt depressed. There have always been times when people felt anxiety in your species. But your Baby and Young Soul stages brought this front and center as a core identity. It was built upon and perpetuated in your societies, your cultures, your religions, and your politics to such an extent that it is not even recognized as a force that shapes you. Built into your religions, built into your politics, governments, society, through the Baby and Young Soul stages of your development of your species is the deep desire for another force, for an outside force, to save you. Rescue you. Take care of you. So on top of the deep wounding from the displacement the Baby and Young Soul stages brought into near-personification in creating gods, governments, politics, where each of you are hoping someone else does something to show that you matter. In religion this is obvious by the creation of gods who are watching out for you or punishing, and so forth. Politics, or governments that need to watch out for people, and dole out punishments. But for those of you who are older souls, you did not find yourselves exempt from the indoctrination of need for Other, or someone to care enough to make your life better, rescue you, save you. This is often played out in dynamics between yourself and your parents. The dynamic that you share with your parents has a profound impact on the individual life personifying this deeper wounding. The relationship with your parents, your caretakers, matters in how you feel in terms of your connection to others because so much emphasis is on the responsibility of something or someone else to take care of you. This is not a bad thing. It is just information. It is just insight. Because we suspect that many of you are not consciously aware of how much this dictates how close you feel to others. If you have suffered any form of wounding and distancing between a caretaker or parent, it stays with you in ways that are not easily healed by maturity. There has to be a conscious effort, a conscious awareness, that allows you to meet others as equals. Not as saviors. Not as replacements for a home world, sense of home, replacements for a parent. It may not seem obvious to you that this is something that might affect how you relate to others. It does. This is played out even more cruelly – we do not use that word lightly – there is a cruelty to this in the position that is placed upon yourself to be chosen by those whom you choose. There are many instances where our students, surrounded by love, surrounded by caring, surrounding by nurturing, still feel lonely because the person they chose did not choose them. There is a dangerous dynamic evolved out of the Baby and Young Soul stages regarding this preoccupation with being chosen – being chosen more specifically by those whom you choose. It does not matter if a stranger comes up and is nice to you. It does not matter if people around you, family, care about you. It does not matter if you are surrounded by a community who continually remind you of how much you are wanted and welcomed. When that one person you chose does not choose you, loneliness comes to the front. Loneliness begins to define you. We share all of this with you because these are what we would consider metaphysical elements of this experience of loneliness that is at the deepest core of who you are in a way that you may not have explored. By exploring this, looking at this more closely, you may be able to free yourself from that dynamic with your conscious effort, conscious choice. It does not you will, might, change this dynamic, but it does mean that you have more tools to work with helping yourself. As we continue to explore the other subjects of depression and anxiety, we’ll have a wide range of options that help you to dynamically change these experiences into something that passes, or something that you may have that does not have you, that is not your identity, that no longer has to be at the core of who you are. It is okay, for instance, to feel sad. And to feel angry. Feel happy. Feel lonely. To feel depressed. And anxious. But when those become the core identity of who you are and something you must carry as a weight, that is when these tools may come in handy to help move it a little bit out from you to have a more whole sense of yourself in that one moment. So our point is that we may not be able to offer insights that will free you entirely of loneliness, but at least it does not have to be at the core of who you are as an identity, making your choices, shaping the way you determine your value. DEPRESSION MEntity: Depression builds on loneliness. The core of depression is cognitive dissonance. We are sharing with you many things that are obvious that may not have been obvious in the context of how we are sharing it today. Each of you suffer from cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization of your emotional bodies, because you have to. Your world, your cultures, your societies, and your access to more and more of this forces you to fragment yourself into various parts that must handle different things, or processes, so that by the time some of you have taken on what you can, you are literally left in the corner of who you are with all of the rest of you scattered about, disconnected, trying to manage all of the input that has been taken in. Cognitive dissonance keeps you from having a full perception of reality. It filters reality. It is a protective device. It allows you to participate in your society’s economic systems, shutting down the part of you that knows it steals life force from you to participate in it. It steals your creative force that steals your passion that it exhausts you. In order to participate in your world, you have to be able to function. And the way that you function is by breaking apart yourself so that you can go to work. Then there is the part of you that can play. Then there is the part of you that can love. Having all of these parts usually functions fairly seamlessly and can be a way for you to be a multifaceted individual who can move around these facets. When the facets become distanced from each other, this is when depression can start to come in. When you are so fragmented that you have basically left yourself alone from yourself. The core of depression we have shared with you that is helplessness. And helplessness then moves into anger. Then anger moves into rage. And when that rage has no place to go, it turns into depression. This is all about being fragmented to such an extent that you do not know how or where all of the pieces are. How to bring them back together. How to be whole again. As we said before, there are acute causes for depression, and local causes. Maybe incidents and specific events that cause depression. What we are speaking about is the depression that leaves you broken for quite some time and becomes a part of your identity. In other words, it is normal for all of you to feel depressed at some point. It is simply a form of processing. When it becomes identity to the extent that you must navigate around it for an extended period of time, this is the depression that we are speaking about. The fragmenting we are speaking about. Then this can lead to your anxiety. ANXIETY MEntity: Anxiety is built on depression and loneliness. It is a combination of loneliness and depression. Anxiety is born of depression and its fragmenting. Anxiety comes when there are too many fragments to keep track of to the point that all sense of control is lost. Panic sets in. The sense of holding yourself together, even if it is this one shard left of who you are, is at the core of anxiety. It is your attempt to just remain in existence. Yes, it could be about controlling circumstances around you, or caused by a triggering effect of an event. But if anxiety has come to be a part of the force that is your identity, you must navigate regularly because you are holding onto everything possible to simply exist. Holding onto the last part of yourself. The good news is there are solutions all around you for helping to navigate this. To recover. To heal. It may take effort. It may take conscious willingness. It may take time. The solutions are fairly simple. And they start [UNINTELLIGIBLE] either you are more identified with anxiety [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it all starts, or the Great Wounding of the loneliness. So what we suggest in terms of dealing with this and transforming it at the core is to start with addressing the part of you that is waiting to be chosen by that whom you have chosen. Instead of limiting your sense of emotional/intellectual fulfillment to a very specific individual or circumstance or position, it is time for you to claim your right to be here. Be here. Be in your body. Be on this planet. Be in this time. You are not visitors. You are creators. One of the things that gets stripped from you, as you grow in a society and culture that has nurtured such loneliness, depression, and anxiety; is your right to be here. To be exactly You. One of the first places for you to start bringing that sense of integrity to your existence is to begin to give that to others. And we are not speaking only of other people. We are speaking about the plants around you. Bugs around you. Material that was made from resources around you. Air around you. The weather. You are so deeply connected to this world and to everything that is manifested in it, but so disconnected from it because you feel no right to exist here, or no right to be here. This distance nurtures that core of loneliness and that wounding. So our first suggestion is to look at the plants. Look at the animals. Look at your relationship to the space around you. How you use water. How you bathe. How you take care of yourself. How you think about the existence of anything else. This may seem silly, but if you stop and think about it, we suspect each of you could very easily identify how you deny the existence, or not acknowledge the existence, of a wide swath of that which does not exist because you are waiting for your right to exist. We are inviting you to take it all in. When you look at a plant, it is not something that is simply there. It is a living organism. When you interact with an animal, you may find yourself feeling affectionate. You may like how it makes you feel, but it is an individual in existence; not for you, but for itself. Being with you is part of the gift of that experience. Try to shift your dynamic in how you exchange with the environment around you in a way that acknowledges the existence of other things and people on their own terms. That plant is being as “plant” as it can be. We are using plants as an example because they are often fairly readily available for you to practice in acknowledging your connection to something other than yourself, has no capacity to choose you, that you can still acknowledge having a right to existence alongside you. The validity of its existence. Its brilliance of existence. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] full spectrum. Because when you do this, it starts to get a little bit easier for you to do that for yourself. You can begin to collect the parts of yourself that you separated from you because you thought that they needed to be fragmented away from you to protect you. They are You. They exist. Safe. Part of your wholeness. It is you that goes to work; not a part of you that goes to work. We know you cannot change the systemic issues of society and culture and religion on your own or overnight. That is not the goal here. The goal is for you to reclaim and celebrate your core right to exist on your terms and then to build from there as best you can. Existence is not something that you must earn. And the love in your life, your fulfillment, is not something that is a reward for being good, being a certain way. We are offering a reminder to you. That is all we can do. We will open the floor now for questions. We will do our best to respond to them with meaningful insight where we can. Moonfeather: Hello? MEntity: Hello. Moonfeather: I just want to say “Thank You” for what you said about connecting to the environment. I’m gonna cry because this is what I’ve been doing for the last year since I’ve got my house. I’m just spending time trying to connect with my piece of land, with my house, with my pets, with my trees, planting new things. I’m trying to deal with what’s growing, the critters that come around, and the birds, and it’s been really healing for me. And I find that when I go out and try to be with people, it just feels like I’m putting on an act and I feel a pressure to be a certain way, to sort of be happy when I’m really like a low-key kind of person that kinda comes in, like, more on a low-key level. And I feel like I have to be on, you know, when I go out in public, an act, like I have to be, like, “put on a happy face” kind of thing. But I have been finding just so much, I don’t know, realness in just being by myself with my land and my house and I just want to thank you for mentioning that because it’s just been so important in my life right now, so, thanks. MEntity: Yes. You are recollecting all the parts of you that you’ve left across time. This has been… [AUDIO LOST] The inclination to put on a happy face for others is not because you want to be fake. It is because you care about others. It is not a violation of who you are to want to present yourself in a way that you think might make others feel good. That is all the motivation that is there. It is not about having to change who you are. It is actually revealing who you are. You like caring, like to be a presence that brings something more than distraction or discomfort. So in your way, your sense of or need to put on a happy face is just your way of saying that you care about the person that you are with. So you must then decide whether that is more important to you or if you can find a balance that will assess a person who may or may not need for you to be in a position to offer them happiness, to remind them someone cares. To have that in your “Arsenal of Care,” if you will, you need it. So rather than having to choose one way or the other, we suggest that you be yourself, and have your happiness in your pocket for those moments where you feel like someone might need it. Otherwise, there is no need for you to carry that burden. Does this make sense? Moonfeather: Yeah. I think I just need time when I’m with people to assess them. And I’m pretty quick at assessing them. So it just takes a little bit, like thirty seconds, but I don’t always get that, but it’s nice for me to have that little bit of buffer when I meet somebody because I can pretty much tune into… If I need to… I know what you’re saying. I just need a few seconds when I meet them. Yes, thank you. MEntity: You make the choice your own because you feel pressured into it. It is not your job to heal everyone. It is your strength. It is not your job. Moonfeather: (laughing) I’m a Server! MEntity: Yes, that is why we are clarifying the differentiation. It is a strength, but it is not a job. Moonfeather: Okay. Yes. MEntity: It is there when necessary, but not as a way to protect yourself. Not as a way to distance yourself. That is not healing. We will take the next question. Kasia: Hi Michael. I have a question about a recent response that you gave to Christian about a feeling of being done, and an openness… So, it was an openness to death and a readiness for death. And I wanted to ask you how that compares to depression. I ask this because I’ve been feeling it recently, and it’s been a really strange and almost scary thing. Because it’s not related to suicide, it’s not related to wanting to end the life, but it is a feeling of completeness that is kind of scary to face in the middle of a lifetime. And then I’m wondering if that’s related to depression where it’s a negative, or if it is actually just a feeling of “Okay, well I think I did everything I wanted to do, and maybe this is a good time to exit.” So I wanted your thoughts on that and any kind of feedback you can provide to help get through that for anybody else who might be experiencing something similar. MEntity: The older your soul gets, and with information that may come from a teacher such as ourselves, you can become quite intuitively aware when you are nearing an exit point. And many of our students just passed through a period of time where their exit points, one of their exit points, deaths, had been scheduled and was up for examination. This is intuitively navigated. It is not something that we can point out or say “Here is when your next one is.” Exit points come up regularly and are assessed as to whether they are going to be used or not. For the older soul, this can sometimes be sensed. It can cause an assessment process that affirms or denies the level of fulfillment with the life. That is one layer that could have been at work here. The other layer is that your world is currently in a position where mortality is in the face of every single one of you. There is not much happening in the world that is not threatening your existence. You are reminded daily of worst-case scenarios. You have a pandemic. You have a climate crisis. You have war. You have civil unrest. All of these things are going to contribute to your assessment. Whether there is an exit period or not, or whether this is a life you want to continue or not; when there is so much weight leaning towards this point of “What more can I do?” in this kind of circumstance, what more can I accomplish or experience compared to what I had planned to experience. This assessment is going to leave you feeling out whether you cannot complete the overall general trajectory of the life and how comfortable you would be with being done if you had to go. If you died from the pandemic or died from war or died from climate catastrophe. So those two factors probably played a big part in this experience for some of you. We saw this happening on quite a wide scale for our students all through the beginning of this year in particular because of those two factors. There were quite a few of you assessing your exit points, quite a few of you assessing your mortality in the face of overwhelming threats, and then for some of you it was the combination. So could depression be a part of this? Of course. Our response to your question would be that this assessment is separate from that. Someone who was not even depressed may have experienced it. Does this answer your question? Kasia: Yes, that does. Thank you because, like I said, it was scary and I guess it made me wonder whether you said that depression is something you can go through but not to take on as an identity, and the depth of this was just so intense that, I mean, like I said, it was unique and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that. So thank you for clarifying that. That made it a lot more clear to understand what was at play. MEntity: Yes. Old Souls learn through Terror. When you come across a new experience such as assessing your own death as a Personality and saying, “Oh, yes, I could be dead,” can be quite terrifying. Especially if it is hooked into depression, or depression is the context with which you explore this, because it may feel as if something is happening to you, but what is happening is simply that you are that aware, yourself. You can consciously make this assessment. It is quite helpful to know this because it may happen again, and the next time you will know that this is an assessment period. This is what happened to you and most of our students. That the assessment revealed to you “Yes, I could go now,” would be done. The fact that you are on the other side of that, if someone goes to the other side of that, it is because they are not done. They have plenty more to do and there is a part of you who found a creative path forward. We would say that most of you who do make it to the other side of this will tend to find a sudden burst of creativity, enthusiasm, energy that helps to move you into the patterns that have been revealed moving forward. So we would suggest nurturing those as best you can and exploring those because they came up for a reason. They came up as a response to your assessment, and you found your path forward. You are here to stay. Kasia: Thank you. And I just wanted to say for anyone else who did experience it, it was surprisingly… The intuitive level of it was really… There was a deep sense of knowing that everything was going to be okay. Which, even despite the terror, was helpful and very calming in its own way. But yes, thank you for all of that. MEntity: Next question. Sharvari: Hi Michael. I was just wondering what kind of advice you had on coping with depression in an immediate environment that is toxic? Or especially one that you can’t really escape or change in any way with the tools that you have at your disposal? MEntity: Yes, that is a challenge. You are surrounded by influences that are repeatedly causing what we described earlier as the acute effects, or local effects. All you can do is to navigate this as best you can and to rely on your resilience. Resilience is the core, must become the core, of who you are in those circumstances. There must be the choice, if it can be made at some point, to change the environments for your well-being. Of course, while you are in those circumstances where you cannot leave, you must contend with the forces that are lingering experiences. You must rely on your resilience. So rather than letting depression become the core identity, it can be helpful for you to claim your resilience as your core identity. You will do this. You can get through the next day. You can handle it. You can make the choices that do not protect yourself in ways that are emotional and intellectual at the very least. That input from others is not in some way destroying your sense of who you are. This is difficult. We do not in any way mean to minimize those kinds of circumstances. It will depend on your resilience. Your capacity to uphold the right to your whole self, your identity, on your own terms in the face of circumstances or people trying to take that away. We do not know of any easy way through that, other than your resilience. Every day is something that must be taken on as an individual experience processed. Every day you must get through to the next day. We know that is not a solution. We know that is not an answer that is particularly helpful. But it is a reminder that you can do it, that you matter, and the strength, the force, helps you to do it. In addition to this, if it’s possible, seek external help. That is so vital. We have said before that in many circumstances of depression, it is something that requires intervention. This cannot be done if someone does not know. So from the depths of your depression, you must find that moment, that strength to reach out and ask for help, if you can find it, because that intervention may be necessary. We would have to assess specifics of any individual’s situation that you are describing for a response. But in general, your resilience, the strength of learning your identity, and seeking help are the three things that we can suggest in general. Sharvari: Sure, I guess I was asking because… Going through something like this over time really wears you down and makes you really tired. I can personally feel that this is going to affect me in the long run. I can tell that right now because I’ve done that before. So, I don’t quite know how to get through that part of… Like, I know that my behavior right now – being resilient, you know, putting one foot in front of the other – is necessary, but I can also tell that there is so much that is happening to me that is really gonna need a lot of unpacking in the future, and that’s not a very encouraging thought. MEntity: Yes, you bring up a very valid point in terms of processing. They’re quite difficult to process what you are being bombarded with in a way that is meaningful while you are in it. That is valid, if we heard you correctly, that there is a lot that will have to be unpacked after the circumstances. This is important to understand that it is okay for you to let that be the case. It is okay for you to get to the other side before you do your unpacking. You do not have to figure it out. You only need to figure out the next day, now. You only need to figure out what drinks are required right now. Unpacking is something that will come later AND will come with a strength that you have that is freer than the strength that you have now. Did we understand your comment? Sharvari: Yes. And thank you. That actually helps a lot. Yeah, letting it be, and just, you know, putting it on another date, and also a comment about how you will have more thoughts later than you do now. MEntity: Yes. Sharvari: So, thank you so much. MEntity: Yes. Imagine a tree has fallen. It’s heavy enough that it is weighing you down, but light enough for you to keep pushing it up. You must hold it. Keep it from crushing you. While you are in those circumstances, you simply must rely on your strength and resilience. You can figure out why the tree fell later. We are throwing out an analogy to help you understand with more clarity what we described. While you are in it, your strength and resilience are the most important. After the tree is no longer having to be held up, after the depression and the circumstances and the people have removed themselves, then you can best process what happened. We will take the next question now. We have focus for one or two more before we wrap up. Christian: Hello Michael. This is Christian. I know we have talked about this subject quite a bit over the years in my efforts to heal from lots of different things. First of all, a lot of the things that you said, it starts to make a lot more sense now, on the other side of a lot of this. I guess the main question that I kind of have is… It was described to me by my therapist as being that part of depression is located with sadness because I made the comment to her that it feels like the depression will never leave. Like it will always be there. She said part of that is because it’s tied with sadness, and obviously if you’re not feeling sad because something sad happened, in her eyes that would be a very serious issue that we would need to address. I’m just wondering if, is it just that we can minimize it? Or is it that we can eliminate it? Or is it just that there’s more work to be done? I’m just curious as to, can we get to a point where it’s just “not there” for those of us who have had it as part of that personality? MEntity: Yes, it’s possible. It is possible to eliminate it altogether without avoiding it. By that, we mean it may occur again, but it can be regenerated entirely so that it is like an experience that is quite distant from you that is not hovering or an undercurrent. It is possible. However, it is not easy. And especially as you described for those who have had this as a part of their pattern for most of their existence, it would be quite difficult to let it go to transform it, because there is some level of affection for it. We do not mean that in some twisted way, that you “like to feel bad,” but it does become a part of an identity in a way that develops an affection in the same way that one you may know who is quite difficult, annoying, even quite challenging, but you love them. You love them anyway. Each of you have come into your existence with the core of your intentions to love. It is not a lighthearted, whimsical thing you take on as individual fragments. Your intent is to love. This extends to the worst parts of you. Parts of you that are the most challenging and difficult, and the most annoying and debilitating. And so you may find yourself with a certain amount of affection for the part of yourself that you least [AUDIO LOST] to identify with. So if you start to recognize this as an affection, it’s your willingness to accept. It’s your willingness to love. It is no longer something that is fought, moved, something to allow. Then it is no longer something to protect yourself from. It is a thing you understand. Does this make sense? Christian: Yes. And it also makes me laugh a little bit because at one point I was writing up a blog post talking a little bit about this. And I got a vision in my head, as I was talking about depression, of sitting in this room and looking over, and on a dog bed that was way too small for it, was a giant black dog that was Depression. And with what you just said, that just really made me kind of laugh. So I do see what you’re talking about. I understand that. Thank you. MEntity: This is a positive thing. This is a healing thing. Because if you cannot transform it, if you cannot free yourself from it, you might as well love it. This is because, if you can love it, it loses its disruptive power over you. It becomes not about it defining or controlling your identity, but more about being a part of you that you have to navigate. So we say this is a positive thing because it is one of the solutions for these challenging experiences that come to you and shape you. And sometimes you cannot, will not, reject those parts of you because for many, many years, however debilitating they were, it is very difficult to reject the thing, however ugly that protected you. And by protecting, we do not mean that they were effective, or that they actually protected you, but the dynamic is often a relationship of protection developed as a response to threat. Though it is seen as a protector, you develop a relationship with that part of you in a way that at times you can only love. Next question, and final question. ConnorB: Oh good. Hello Michael. MEntity: Hello. ConnorB: So, since you brought up Sirius… So, if I were… I’ll put it to you this way. If I were writing the Human story, the Great Wounding you were talking about, from the displacement, it wouldn’t fully heal until Humans at some point go back to Sirius. Maybe that’s right, maybe that’s wrong, but either way, it’s going to happen at some point. Would you mind giving us a little glimpse of what that looks like? MEntity: It looks like what you are experiencing in your world now. You are shifting out of a paradigm that is shaped entirely around displacement, looking for a savior, being chosen, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] …and so forth, which has exacerbated the Great Wounding. What is happening as you shift into the Mature Soul Age is that you are reclaiming maturity as an individual. It’s a consciousness that it can exist anywhere in its own space, in its own time, its own right. Do you see this playing out on an individual, even a generational level, where there is a refusal to participate in the systems that have been in place for quite some time? It does not matter if they are being mocked, accused of laziness, or accused of fragility. They are holding their own. They are stepping up and reclaiming their right to exist how they exist and in a way that they seek to exist. So the healing of the Great Wounding comes when you are no longer looking for someone else to make your life better. Work with others to make your life better. Stand with others to make your life better. But you are not looking for someone else to make your life better. You are not participating in systems that are imposed on you. You are creating systems that care about everyone involved. So, over time, and this will take time. It will take collapse of some sort, in some way, to bring this overhaul of your societies and your governments and religions, but healing will come because enough have decided you are worth existing in your own right. You do not have to return home. You simply need to become home. That is what we are seeing in many of our own students and students of others who begin to bring to the dynamic through the conversations in your world right now. You are asking what it looks like? This is the beginning of what it looks like. You are on your way back home, and it was always with you. We will bring our exchange with you to a close now. And we did our best to address a rather difficult and broad concept that has many ways of showing up for you in your individual lives. We do not imply that what we have shared is in any way helpful for relieving your experiences, but it is there for you to examine and see if it does. It is simply another angle of insight, another layer of insight that can always be something useful. With that, we will head out, and goodbye. Bye. Various Students: Thank you, Michael. Bye, Auf Wiedersehen, etc. Troy: Are my hands gone? Various Students: No. Nope. They’re there. Troy: Oh, I guess I was so idle, my controller went to sleep so my hands like all got vibrated. Hey everybody! Kasia: Thank you, Troy, that resonated! Troy: Oh, hey Raul! Raul: Hello. Troy: Alright, how depressed are we? Who cried? Kerrin: I gave up sugar and I don’t have depression anymore. Cyprus: I cried the whole time. Troy: You cried? Cyprus: I cried out loud. Like, ugly cried. Troy: If you’re on PC, wiggle your head if you cried. I cried! I rarely cry. I’m so sorry – I disrupted the channeling because there was something, I don’t remember what it was, but it hit me and I was like “Ohhh lord, what…?!” Get back out of the way. Kasia: Feeling that we’re unwanted in our home, I think. Troy: Oh yes. Kasia: That’s when I noticed, like, “Yeah, that’s gonna hit.” Troy: IT DID! Oh my god. That’s what it was. Something like that.
  2. Below are some quotes and links I've collected to sessions on TLE with the topic of Depression: Are Pleasure, Pain, Happiness, Sadness etc. States of Mind, or are they Illusions? - March 2000: [nemo999] What are the most common states of mind? Pleasure, pain, depression, sadness, happiness, attention, boredom … are these states of mind or are they illusion? [Michael_Entity] This set of descriptions are only conveniences to describe whatever a person interprets as their reality in the moment. They are highly subjective and can refer to either illusions or what you have called ‘states of mind.’ They are all ‘real’ to a person experiencing. The definition of ‘illusion,’ or Maya as we prefer, is in the apparent indulgence in a ‘truth’ that is subjectively inappropriate for the fragment. There are some Maya that are shared collectively, some that are individual. Despite the fact that Personal Truth will render all of these experiences “real”, we will share a little of our perception. Depression from your list can be considered a collective ‘illusion,’ and one that is a deep indulgence in Maya, though very ‘real’ when inside of it. Depression is a resigned stance toward the life, an emotional suicide based on one or more of the Chief Features. This is not a judgment. When one is in Depression, we differentiate this from Grief. Depression is literally the consistent and insistent effort to reject the life. If Depression is being experienced, acknowledge that you are where you are in your experience, and ask for help. Depression is one of many Maya that creates a situation where intervention from outside forces is required. Pain from your list can be either Maya or “real”, but is always a symptom of resistance or friction, which we do not see as inherently good or bad, merely resistance to some Growth. Pleasure is always a symptom of higher awareness and connection to Essence. Sadness can be either, though if tears are involved, recognition of a truth on some level is occurring. If there are no tears, this is most likely a form of Depression. Boredom is always a symptom of Maya and is a literal self-lie to remove responsibility. When Boredom is indulged in, you are living in a space of time that was created from want of “having more time”, then when it arrives, you seek to fill it. This all happens because creation on the Physical Plane is denser and slower, therefore the space and time sought “shows up”, but sometimes out of synch with your faster moving mind. Making a note that Boredom is a sign of forgetting your original intentions can help make more of that time. It is not required, of course, that you continue with your original intentions, but release the judgments about EXPERIENCING the slowing of time and take a moment to stop. When we say this is a self-lie to remove responsibility, we mean this in terms of being able to respond, not in terms of discipline. The Nature and Origin of Depression, July 2001: [ClaireN] Would Michael please comment on the nature and origin of depression and any suggestions to overcome it? [Michael_Enitity] The nature of depression is in the insistence to resist the life force of that life, a resignation and emotional suicide. Its origins, of course, are in the Chief Feature of the individual. Depression is one of a few, but serious, experiences wherein the life is learning much about ASKING for help. There is no other solution for depression except in the asking for, acceptance of, and openness to help. Depression is usually the result of severe neglect from sources expected to be foundations for that fragment. In nearly all cases we have seen, there is a consistent belief that the fragment is utterly alone, which is linked directly to the removal of or lack of a profound source within that life. Depression is Grief without Truth. Grief is the healing of Truths realized, but depression is the lack of realizing those truths. Although herbal and synthetic substances can balance the chemical makeup of the brain to allow other thought processes, they are only temporary tools. The fragment must learn to reevaluate where in the life a true source can be counted on, namely the self, which can then be extended from there. This reevaluation requires outside support, though, and it is not a weakness to allow strong compassion and empathy to come into the life when depressed. We will clarify “source” here as meaning anything that fragment has labeled consciously or unconsciously as being an archetypal, literal, or symbolic Mother or Father. Though this topic can be delved into far more, this is a relevant and appropriate response for now. From Michael Speaks, April 2004 [mdfsage] What can we do for folks who are caught up in depression, physical pain, pulling back during this period? [Michael_Entity] Depression is inwardly-directed anger. It is a lack of self-permission to feel or express that anger, and the anger is usually rooted in a lack of permission to experience a basic Right. During the next month or so, it may be a healthy opportunity to gently encourage steps toward some basic Rights one might have deemed “wrong” to pursue or allow. In terms of physical pain, this would require a more specific look at the individual. For people who may be linking depression, physical pain, and “pulling back”, all together during this time, it can be most helpful to ask the individual what he/she wants/needs. This may not be an easy question to answer. It may be of help for you to keep in mind the 7 Basic Rights of any Sentient Being. If you can help bring the experience of that Right to a person who has resisted it, then healing can be profound and quick. Troy will include the details in your transcript. The 7 Basic Rights Tending To Your 7 Basic Rights Depression versus Joy, Nov 2007 [AnnH] According to Abraham, it’s difficult for us to go from depression to joy in one step. It’s said that moving up the emotional scale is more beneficial. Can Michael add to this? [AnnH] More beneficial as in truthful, helpful, fewer expectations. [Michael Entity] We would agree with what has come through the source known as “Abraham.” We have rarely seen evolution occur in “one step,” but have seen all forms of growth or healing as being in steps as part of a process. What we can do to add to what you have already found as beneficial is to describe our observation of the process for movement from the state of depression to the state of joy, but we would caution that it is not a linear process with a conclusive state, but the progress from depression to joy is a natural cycle of experience while having a body and reaching joy does not mean one is then exempt from the troubles of depression. It is not necessary to avoid or “heal” depression, nor is it necessary to seek only a state of Joy. What will tend to bring a wholeness to the life is the awareness of who “you” are even as you experience those fluctuating feelings. Depression is merely an attachment to one state of feeling and identifying entirely with it, rather than differentiating oneself from the experience of that state. This would be true of joy, too. Joy is a PART of life, not the goal of life. Depression is a PART of life, not a condemnation. In light of that, our process would be one that describes a process of detachment and a broadening of consciousness, rather than that of a healing or escape from a state of feeling. We will describe this in the final transcript, but the time allotted now does not allow for that. [NOTE FROM TROY: this will come soon, but I have to work on it. It should be done soon!] Anxiety and Depression, March 2014 [Larissa] Anxiety seems to be a growing struggle for many these days. I understand that anxiety relates to fears/focus on the future while depression is a focus on the past. For a person who has difficulty identifying that they are in fact competent and understanding ‘why’ they feel overwhelmed/anxious/fearful, what tools can we use for ourselves or to assist a person in uncovering contributors to anxiety and help to shift our/their anxiety from a negative and debilitating concern to one that can be more easily understood and navigated, and eventually leads to our/their “recovery” (for lack of a better word), neutrality, or and/or healing? Any additional insight you can share on the topic is welcome and appreciated. MEntity: First, we will say that Depression can also be about the future, but is a more resigned position from that of anxiety. Anxiety would like to regain control, while Depression may have resigned that there is no control. In both cases, an underlying issue is the same: one cannot find themselves in any position of beneficial influence in their internal stories, images, possibilities, etc. The conditions you describe could be more of a syndrome than a mood, so it is also important for us to note here that a response from us in broader terms may not be able to address the mix of issues that contribute to one's anxiety or depression. In general, the healing measures that can help would begin with a return to some semblence of control. Since both Anxiety and Depression are about helplessness, it can be beneficial to direct the attention toward some area in which that person can rekindle his or her sense of control. Often that redirection of attention can be in the most surprising of ways that then cascades a return to confidence across the spectrum. For example, arranging a bouquet of flowers in a vase. This may seem useless, but that focus on such beauty and how one can enhance it with some nurturing moves, can be quite healing. Or an effort to smile. This can seem useless, as well, but making the concerted effort to smile, and then holding that for 30 seconds, can help ignite the sense of levity and energy that would be useful for dealing with the anxiety or depression. So, as a general response, we can only suggest here that ANY return of participation in ANY action that brings a sense of contribution and control is useful here. We would suggest not dismissing even the silliest or most "useless" of efforts. These add up. Add 5 of these little events to the day of one who is depressed or anxious, and it can turn around that day. Other suggestions: petting of animals; playing with children; repairing something minor; singing the "abc song;" counting; making time to sit under a tree; etc. Other links: Depression is another form of anger..... MMW - Post Turning Point Empowerment, Oct 2016 Anxiety, Depression and Healing Dreams, December 2014 (Maureen) My Wounding, March 2017 (DanielaS) Fear of Seccess, Depression and Honouring Your Trust, Apil 2018 (SharvariJ) Jeroen's session from May 2018 has for instance some info on the difference between grief and depression Private session, Nov 2019 (Christian) My Depression, Sept 2021 (Tincha)
  3. [Extracted from Ask Michael: November 2014] Brian: Hi Michael. How can one create an effective anchor to ground themselves during anxiety or stress? MEntity: There are two ways to do so, Brian- internally and/or externally. It would always do one well to nurture the internal grounding, first, considering that external forms are not always accessible, but it is helpful to identify external forces for grounding that one can use for support. Internal grounding methods to counter stress and anxiety would vary from individual to individual, but one can turn to the Attitude for help in determining methods for help with anxiety and stress. When one is anxious or stressed, it is often a result of falling into the negative pole of one's Attitude. The key to grounding for recovery from that stress and anxiety can come from the positive pole of the partner Attitude. For example, the Spiritualist has fallen into BELIEF. Anxiety can come from deciding what is true over knowing what is true. When one decides what is true without knowing what is true, it can be quite precarious in terms of anxiety and stress. To help the person in BELIEF to move back into VERIFICATION, the use of TRANQUILITY (the positive pole of Stoic) can be key. Internal Tranquility can come in the form of conscious breath, stopping all action, closing the eyes, and visualizing flying or floating. External Tranquility can come in the form of a bath, a conscious shower, with the flow of water moving over the body coming into focus to help dissolve the hardened beliefs that are causing stress. Then the Spiritualist can ask himself or herself again, "is this really true, or do I just think it is?" From that grounded space, Verification can come.
  4. ASK MICHAEL - OPEN FLOOR March 2, 2014 Channel - Troy Tolley [DianeHB] From Kurtis: Hi Michael, I'd like to ask for elaboration on the Realist Attitude, Reserve Mode and Perseverance Mode within the time allowed. Such as how the Negative and Positive Poles function, as there isn't much on any of those traits. If there isn't enough time for 3, that's fine too, then we can just elaborate on the Realist Attitude and Reserve Mode. MEntity: The Realist Attitude is the Exalted, Action Attitude. Attitudes describe a base philosophy through which life is interpreted. In this case, the Realist interprets life through the larger patterns of experiences that have proven to be trustworthy. These experiences tend to be tangible experiences. Anything outside of that collection of tangible patterns and experiences is not considered to be "realistic." This is not to say that the Realist is not open to new, tangible experiences that would build upon previous tangible experiences, but that if it is not already within that range, it is simply not trustworthy. In other words, if it is worth questioning, then it is not "realistic" to count on it. This can tend to leave the Realist with a very refined, but broad, net of what is considered trustworthy and "real." When the Realist is in the Positive Pole, OBJECTIVITY, it means that there is no investment in what is that range of tangible experiences. That Realist is open to all experiences, and if it moves into that range of trust, then so be it, but if not, then so be it. The Positive Realist simply sees WHAT IS. The Realist in the Negative Pole, SUBJECTIVE, starts to become invested in what is wished to be real, what is expected to be dependable, and what is longed for. Their interpretation of experience then shifts outside of its range of trust, and moves more into that state of investment. It is no longer about WHAT IS, but about WHAT IS NOT. And the effort to turn WHAT IS NOT, into WHAT IS. RESERVE MODE is the Ordinal, Inspiration Mode. Modes are how one RELATES, and the HOW of fulfilling the Goal. If Passion Mode is the approach to relationships and to fulfilling the Goal through the freeing of emotions, then Reserve Mode is the approach to relationships and to fulfilling the Goal through the refinement of emotions. Those in Reserve Mode are acutely aware of their feelings and the energy that flows behind those, but are quite selective about what is shared or released or put into use. If you think of emotional energy as a kind of fuel, then those in Reserve prefer to use their "fuel" only when it is necessary, efficient, or relevant. So those in the Positive Pole, RESTRAINT, will find strength in the building up of this energy for those uses where it is more necessary, efficient, or relevant. It is a kind of allocation process, and not one that is intent on ignoring or rejecting emotions. However, if Reserve falls into the Negative Pole, then this allocation process falls away from the strength of Restraint, and into INHIBITION. Inhibition is the same process, but with only the intention for protecting the emotions, or protecting one's "fuel." Considering the queue of questions, we will move on from here to the next question. [Larissa] Anxiety seems to be a growing struggle for many these days. I understand that anxiety relates to fears/focus on the future while depression is a focus on the past. For a person who has difficulty identifying that they are in fact competent and understanding ‘why’ they feel overwhelmed/anxious/fearful, what tools can we use for ourselves or to assist a person in uncovering contributors to anxiety and help to shift our/their anxiety from a negative and debilitating concern to one that can be more easily understood and navigated, and eventually leads to our/their “recovery” (for lack of a better word), neutrality, or and/or healing? Any additional insight you can share on the topic is welcome and appreciated. MEntity: First, we will say that Depression can also be about the future, but is a more resigned position from that of anxiety. Anxiety would like to regain control, while Depression may have resigned that there is no control. In both cases, an underlying issue is the same: one cannot find themselves in any position of beneficial influence in their internal stories, images, possibilities, etc. The conditions you describe could be more of a syndrome than a mood, so it is also important for us to note here that a response from us in broader terms may not be able to address the mix of issues that contribute to one's anxiety or depression. In general, the healing measures that can help would begin with a return to some semblence of control. Since both Anxiety and Depression are about helplessness, it can be beneficial to direct the attention toward some area in which that person can rekindle his or her sense of control. Often that redirection of attention can be in the most surprising of ways that then cascades a return to confidence across the spectrum. For example, arranging a bouquet of flowers in a vase. This may seem useless, but that focus on such beauty and how one can enhance it with some nurturing moves, can be quite healing. Or an effort to smile. This can seem useless, as well, but making the concerted effort to smile, and then holding that for 30 seconds, can help ignite the sense of levity and energy that would be useful for dealing with the anxiety or depression. So, as a general response, we can only suggest here that ANY return of participation in ANY action that brings a sense of contribution and control is useful here. We would suggest not dismissing even the silliest or most "useless" of efforts. These add up. Add 5 of these little events to the day of one who is depressed or anxious, and it can turn around that day. Other suggestions: petting of animals; playing with children; repairing something minor; singing the "abc song;" counting; making time to sit under a tree; etc [Tyrone] Ok: About the Mormon/Latter-Day Saint church: Would Michael say that the current portrayal of Joseph Smith's life is generally historically correct? As in mainly, what were the events surrounding the time when he reportedly was shown metal plates and translated the book of Mormon? (Was it something like higher plane beings, extraterrestrial contact, wishful dreaming, actual gold plates, Urim and Thummim, etc?) MEntity: There is very little that is accurate regarding the life of the fragment known as Joseph Smith, though much of that inaccuracy was perpetuated by the fragment, himself. This was an early Mature Priest, Artisan Cast, in Acceptance, Passion Mode, an Idealist, with double Arrogance. His zealousness compelled him to bring about his ideals at any cost, even if that meant lying. There was no channeling. The source was directly of the imagination of the fragment. With that being said, his intentions and ideals appear to have been "good," even if colored by the imprinting and paradigm at the time. The aim appears to have been toward some ideal of agape, but became mired in mythologies that ended up promoting this agape as an insularity, instead. [Philip] About the Zeta information. Is this to be taken seriously? Is this channeled material? MEntity: There are many variations on what might be phrased "zeta information." Are you asking of this, in general? And are you speaking of the off-planet species that this tends to refer to? [Philip] What I am seeing is about a Planet X and a pole shift on earth. Yes, off planet species MEntity: Your question is quite broad, so our response will be, as well: to take the information you are coming across seriously, or not, is up to you. We cannot make that choice for you. In terms of a group of off-planet species generally referred to as "zetas," this has gone wildly into the realm of symbolism, and not accuracy. Though there are species that are similar to the descriptions often offered, the use of "Zeta" to group them is about as accurate as describing Humans, chimpanzees, and apes as "American." The symbolism of these aliens have come to be the replacement for what were once considered demons. In other words, they are a modern construct of personified fears, in many instances (not all). The species referred to, in general, are not as sinister as are often depicted. In terms of "Planet X" and a "pole shift," there is some validity to the fact that there are "planets" in trajectories that could be worrisome for Earthlings. Though we are not certain as to when any of these may be of necessity for concern, we do not think it is any time soon. As for Pole Shifts, these occur all of the time. They are not unusual. The pole shifts often referred to as being on a scale of massive destruction or change has never happened. We know that it is possible, but highly unlikely. [Juni] How is it possible to tell the difference between (and validate) when one has had actual contact/conversation with others while sleeping versus it being "just a dream" and is there cording happening when it's the former? MEntity: If you dream about a person, you are most likely in some form of contact with that person. Even your sex dreams about a celebrity are "real," in that regard. The Astral Plane is not restricted to known or appropriate relationships, and this is why you might even have sexual dreams about a family member. In the Astral Plane, sexual exchanges are not exploitative or ugly. They are forms of nurturing, support, and resonance. This is often carried back into the waking state as disturbing or distracting, because of the rules of relationships in the Physical Plane, but one can simply let them be what they were, and not impose temporal concerns on them. The Physical Plane is not burdened by those Astral relationships/contact, beyond the memory of the person dreaming, and what he or she chooses to do with that. In most cases, it is quite specific to the need of the dreamer, and not the one dreamed about. We emphasized sexual exchanges here, but we speak of any exchanges. And, yes, Cording does get involved. In most cases, the Cord would have had to have been in place already. If you dream of communication with someone you know you know in the dream, but do not know in waking state, it is often the case that you simply do not have a current incarnation that can reference that fragment very easily to you. If you dream of an exchange with someone who is faceless, or is vague, it is often an exchange with some facet or extension of yourself. [ViP1] Hi Michael, I have a couple of questions about Essence attributes. First, do the frequency and focused/creative energy ratio of an Essence remain fixed across all of the Spark's grand cycles? Or are they chosen anew, from scratch, at the beginning of each grand cycle? Second, do the roles in Essence have frequencies of their own (separate from the frequency of the Essence itself?) I have read from another channeler's channeling of you, that the roles do have such frequencies, ranging from Warrior (lowest) to Priest (highest), and that the frequency of a Role implies how "solidly" a Personality of that Role would be in touch with and connected to the tangible world around them (the lower the frequency, the more connected). Is this valid? MEntity: In response to your first question: Yes, Frequency and Focused/Creative Energy is locked across all Grand Cycles within a universe. These are the very unique "signatures" that identify a fragment with or without a Role. Once that signature is claimed, that fragment is capable of being recognized and identified, even upon return to the most conclusive oneness that is Tao. The Roles, however, also carry their own frequency, but that is only in terms of inherent characteristics that are then overridden by any individual Essence. So there is validity to the fact of more solid Roles, and less solid Roles, and that solid or less solid effect is a generality in each lifetime. However, the more one Manifests Essence, the more one's own Frequency begins to override any solidity or liquidity. In earlier Grand Cycles, the Frequency of the Essences will tend to gravitate toward the range that is inherent in the Roles, but as one's number of Grand Cycles rise, the differences between the Frequency and the inherent range of the Role can be quite drastic. Those who are in False Personality will tend to be experienced and be navigating based on the default of the Role. Those who are in True Personality will tend to be experienced and be navigating based on the Frequency of Essence. Between lives, and in terms of Review, the default of the Role will tend to be the case in the earlier lifetimes, and then, eventually, the Essence's own Frequency is owned and used. The above is meant in the context of how one processes experiences. However one processes experiences, the Frequency will still be static. [brian] Hi Michael, could you describe what Narcissism is in relation to the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies and how to reduce or eliminate its causes and effects, both internally and towards others? MEntity: Narcissism, in relation to the different bodies, would simply be a matter of contexts for where narcissism is upheld. It would not be much different in any of those contexts, though. Narcissism is often an extreme of either Arrogance or Self-deprecation, and is developed as a means of protecting what has come to be accepted as the most fragile thing in one's life: THE SELF. Those in extreme Self-deprecation or Arrogance where valid narcissism has developed will tend to have a very difficult time hearing, or listening, to anything that contradicts their conclusions; will have a very difficult time focusing on anything other than the preservation or serving of the self; will actively or passively refuse to accept that any social rules or contracts are applicable to them; will often hear any insights or suggestions for help to be merely criticisms and insults to them; will tend to default to the distraction of blame of anything other than the self for what goes awry in the life; and will tend to consider any instances of helplessness, anger, or depression to be the cause of someone else. Or something else. So the key for addressing this, even though it is an extreme, is the same for addressing any issues of self-esteem. It can be a long road to recovery, but the individual would have to come to terms with the fact of fragility in others, as a way to recognize the strengths within the self. This is because the one thing that locks those in Self-deprecation or Arrogance away from confidence is the idea that they are somehow less than what another person wishes them to be, or more than what another person can handle. To address someone in Narcissism, we would have to discuss with that person, specifically, the more detailed suggestions that could help that are relative to the causes of that person's fears. In general, though, the narcissist can start by allowing his or her fragility, and honoring that fragility in others. [brian] Is it possible for someone in Narcissism to actually care about others, even if they have difficulty expressing it appropriately? Or are they truly "in it for themselves?" MEntity: The irony here is that this can then become a source of empathy and strength that no longer requires defenses. Brian, that tends to depend on Soul Age. The younger souls tend toward this condition as a form of near-erotic love and admiration for the self as a way to compensate for that which feels makes him or her so different from others. Older souls will tend to go in the other direction, despising themselves, and desperately seeking to be rescued from the trap of those differences that define them, thus creating many inappropriate scenarios, or constant crossing of boundaries. This is not to say that the narcissist does not care, but that the caring is often conditional on how well it distracts the narcissist from his own disgust. So the older narcissist would want to begin to treat himself or herself with the same eagerness to care and nurture and love as he or she would any other person. [wyatt] Why are there identical pyramid structures erected in various ancient civilizations when historical records haven't indicated the civilizations have had contact with each other previously? As in Mayan mexico and indonesia/bali/Cambodia [MikeClev] (China...) MEntity: Wyatt, the ideas for the architecture was from off-planet species, and those were shared among those civilizations, even as those civilizations were disparate. That is the general answer we can offer. There are nuances, and variations, of course. [wyatt] will the off planet species strike again? MEntity: We would not describe it as "strike," but yes. Wyatt, our idea of "soon" may not be accurate to the Physical Plane, but we have yet to see a probability over the next 50 to 100 years that does not include contact with off-planet species on an open and wide scale. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
  5. Janet

    Anxiety and Depression

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: March 2014] [Larissa] Anxiety seems to be a growing struggle for many these days. I understand that anxiety relates to fears/focus on the future while depression is a focus on the past. For a person who has difficulty identifying that they are in fact competent and understanding ‘why’ they feel overwhelmed/anxious/fearful, what tools can we use for ourselves or to assist a person in uncovering contributors to anxiety and help to shift our/their anxiety from a negative and debilitating concern to one that can be more easily understood and navigated, and eventually leads to our/their “recovery” (for lack of a better word), neutrality, or and/or healing? Any additional insight you can share on the topic is welcome and appreciated. MEntity: First, we will say that Depression can also be about the future, but is a more resigned position from that of anxiety. Anxiety would like to regain control, while Depression may have resigned that there is no control. In both cases, an underlying issue is the same: one cannot find themselves in any position of beneficial influence in their internal stories, images, possibilities, etc. The conditions you describe could be more of a syndrome than a mood, so it is also important for us to note here that a response from us in broader terms may not be able to address the mix of issues that contribute to one's anxiety or depression. In general, the healing measures that can help would begin with a return to some semblence of control. Since both Anxiety and Depression are about helplessness, it can be beneficial to direct the attention toward some area in which that person can rekindle his or her sense of control. Often that redirection of attention can be in the most surprising of ways that then cascades a return to confidence across the spectrum. For example, arranging a bouquet of flowers in a vase. This may seem useless, but that focus on such beauty and how one can enhance it with some nurturing moves, can be quite healing. Or an effort to smile. This can seem useless, as well, but making the concerted effort to smile, and then holding that for 30 seconds, can help ignite the sense of levity and energy that would be useful for dealing with the anxiety or depression. So, as a general response, we can only suggest here that ANY return of participation in ANY action that brings a sense of contribution and control is useful here. We would suggest not dismissing even the silliest or most "useless" of efforts. These add up. Add 5 of these little events to the day of one who is depressed or anxious, and it can turn around that day. Other suggestions: petting of animals; playing with children; repairing something minor; singing the "abc song;" counting; making time to sit under a tree; etc.
  6. OMW - Nov 15, 2014 - Reaching Your Goal Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. MEntity: Today we are asked to speak on the subject of the Goals, with an emphasis on each of you and how you, individually, are fulfilling your Goals. MEntity: Keep in mind that a Goal is exactly that. It is a Goal. However, like many goals, the mark will always continue to move exponentially as the aim continues. There is never a finish line for a conceptual goal. MEntity: There tangible goals and there are conceptual goals. MEntity: Tangible goals are always fueled by conceptual goals, and conceptual goals are always reached through tangible goals. MEntity: Our system emphasizes the Conceptual Goal, or abstract Goal, which is more like a state to achieve within the lifetime to some satisfaction. MEntity: So, for example, the Goal of Growth will never be reached within a lifetime, except in terms of how satisfying the path is to the individual aiming for Growth. MEntity: Though Goals never describe the Personality, they are inherent in the biology of a Personality because it is a part of the Overleaves. MEntity: The reason Goals never describe the Personality is because they are Goals. They are not already achieved. They are not already an inherent state for that individual. MEntity: However, the motivation is inherent, which means that by understanding one's Goal, one can understand nearly every aspect of the life and why it is generated as an experience. MEntity: For every Goal, there are what we might describe as 7 "versions" or states to describe where one is in aiming for that Goal. MEntity: These 7 versions are not necessarily linear, and are the same across lifetimes, Soul Ages, Levels, and Personalities. In other words, an Infant Soul in its first lifetime might see all of these versions of a Goal. MEntity: One cannot reject the Goal. One can only achieve its various states, and be aiming from the positive or negative poles. MEntity: So someone in Acceptance is never NOT working on Acceptance. MEntity: No matter what your Goal, here are the 7 versions/states: MEntity: DEFAULT - Patterns/Resistance MEntity: This is the least one has to think, notice, or feel about his or her Goal. The Default. MEntity: Experiences are gathered and Essence will sort them out, later. MEntity: By Default, there will be patterns generated in the life because of the Goal, and those patterns may or may not be noticed, but sometimes they will be resisted. MEntity: When there is resistance, there is pain. MEntity: The life "just happens" to bring patterns of Acceptance, Growth, Flow, etc. and one navigates this, or fights it. MEntity: When one experiences the life as a constant state of pain for any of the bodies, the Goal is probably functioning in a Default state. MEntity: This is the least-conscious means of navigation. MEntity: This is not a "bad" thing, but a reality of the spectrum of awareness one is. MEntity: DECISIONS - direction/denial MEntity: The next version of a Goal begins to include more conscious awareness in how to navigate through the Default patterns. This is done through DECISIONS. One begins to notice that one can decide from within those patterns. This is where one begins to learn to say no to a direction. All fragments learn to say no before learning to say yes. MEntity: This is not the same thing as Choice. We will return to the concept of Choice later. MEntity: Decisions pave the paths to Choice. MEntity: So on the positive side of this, one learns to say no so as to bring more consciousness to one's direction, but some may fall into the pattern of saying no, altogether, completely denying one's patterns in the life. MEntity: When one finds that he or she is in a constant state of NO that precludes experiences, then he or she is probably in this version of his or her Goal. MEntity: DIFFERENCE – foresight/apathy MEntity: This is when one begins to notice the patterns of the life in a way that brings about a sense that one can make a difference in those patterns. This is not just about stopping a direction, but changing it. MEntity: This brings about a sense of the future, planning, considering consequences. Where Decisions feel as if one is looking at directions where there is a branch in the path, DIFFERENCE begins to create those branches. MEntity: This is the first version of the Goal where one begins to feel responsible for the path and the state of the Goal. MEntity: This can be a bit overwhelming and the Personality can check out from all this responsibility by falling into Apathy. MEntity: This is where it is presumed that "what happens, happens" or "it is God's will," or in more new age terms, "leave it up to the universe." MEntity: These are forms of Apathy. MEntity: They may not always look like that, because the words can seem poetic or acknowledging, but they are a removal of one's responsibility from creation. MEntity: EFFORT - Willingness/Limbo MEntity: This is the version of the Goal where the patterns slow tremendously without the conscious participation of the Personality. MEntity: Experiences do not come, patterns are repetitive, familiar, and there is very little making its way into the life that is "new." MEntity: For the first time, the Goal requires your participation for generation of experiences. MEntity: This means one must be Willing to make the Effort, to actively generate experiences. Many find this daunting and will fall into familiar patterns that bring very little to the life in terms of experiences, and the life falls into Limbo. MEntity: SHARING - Intimacy/Conflict MEntity: This is the first version of the Goal where one begins to gravitate, either intentionally or unintentionally, toward those who share in the same Goal. MEntity: Finding common ground in experiences helps to bring Intimacy. The Goal, then, becomes a playground of sorts for two or more to share in. MEntity: However, this can also come with a great investment in one's Goal so that one loses the capacity to relate to others who have different Goals, or even to those who are not approaching your Goal in the same way. MEntity: This leads to Conflict, then. MEntity: Some of the greatest conflicts can come among those who share in the same Goal. MEntity: CHALLENGE - Enthusiasm/Frustration MEntity: This is the first time your Goal begins to truly be challenged by external forces. MEntity: You probably own your Goal at this point, know its patterns, are willing, sharing, etc, but then "everything" seems to get in the way. MEntity: This is the first time it is not "easy" to reach some sense of accomplishment of your Goal. MEntity: It is no longer just a default pattern that challenges your Goal, but it is pattern that seems to derail you from any sense of direction related to fulfilling your Goal. MEntity: On the positive side of this, it is optimism and enthusiasm that keeps one aiming for the Goal. Obstacles are embraced as a means of reaching a new level of the Goal, not as a means of derailment. MEntity: On the negative side of this, Frustration might come, feeling defeated, depressed, angry, and assuming that nothing you do can help. MEntity: Rather than negotiate your path and enlist creativity, you just keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different experiences/results. MEntity: CHOICE - Creation/Allowance MEntity: Now your Goal is in a state of Choice. You know your decisions pave the path to your choices, you own your choices that create your experience, and you utilize creativity for any obstacles, difficulties, challenges, etc. MEntity: Allowance is a passive form of Choice in that one recognizes that one may actually not have a choice at all times, and knows this, and is okay with this, because choice is active where it can be. MEntity: Allowance can fall into states of laziness, but consciousness is so present at this point that, even if the laziness is not preferred, it is owned as a choice. MEntity: While it is true that these versions/states are not sequential, they do build upon one another, but one can be in any of these versions at any time. Once you reach CHOICE does not mean you do not fall back into DEFAULT, for instance. This is because the Personality is reset every single lifetime. It is new. It is not a progression. The Personality is designed from progression of Essence, and the more conscious the Personality, the more Essence is involved in the life, so there is evolution, but the Personality can "go backwards," unlike Essence. MEntity: It is difficult to go backwards, even for Personality, but it can happen, and does. MEntity: Often. MEntity: It becomes more and more difficult the older one's Soul Age. MEntity: We will open the queue now for your questions regarding what we have shared so far, and ask each of you to share where you feel you may be in your own version of your Goal. MEntity: QUEUE NOW OPEN Janet: At one point you told me that 12 decisions can lead to a choice that creates a branching or pivotal point in the life. Is there any connection between these states and that correlation to the number 12 Janet: And I think I have reached at least SHARING but CHOICE seems to match also. MEntity: Janet, the 12 Decisions that lead to Choice describes how the pattern of choice is generated in any aspect of the life. The versions of the Goal describe how one progresses in the capacity to choose relative to the Goal; from a passive/less-conscious approach to the Goal to a more active/conscious approach. MEntity: In other words, the 12 decisions to choice will always be in effect, with or without consciousness or active awareness. MEntity: So the description of the versions of the Goal describe a kind of process of ownership of decisions and choices relative to the Goal/experiences. GeraldineB: Since I live with deteriorating joint damage, osteo-arthritis, which seems to be hereditary, too, I don't see the correlation between your statement “When one experiences the life as a constant state of pain for any of the bodies, the Goal is probably functioning in a Default state,” and my current state in using Discrimination. MEntity: We could be clearer in adding "OR the Goal has probably functioned in a default state for a great length of time." When there is chronic pain, it is always indicative of great resistance to "something," and this is often related to experiences generated by the default patterns of the Goal. MEntity: The denser the pain, the more time was likely involved. GeraldineB: Was I experiencing Discrimination more as rejection for a long time? MEntity: Emotional and Physical pain can be results of years of patterns and take as many years to reverse or release these. Intellectual or Spiritual pain can come and go rather quickly and is often more reflective of more local experiences of the Personality in time. MEntity: Oh, yes, Geraldine. Rejection and Rejecting was default for great lengths of time. GeraldineB: And, while I can't see the exact causative patterns right now, I know I didn't finish either my 4th IM or 5th IM in positive poles until into my 60s GeraldineB: thank you -- will cogitate on this MEntity: Keep this in mind: your physical pain is physical pain now. It can help for you to understand what led to this chronic pain, but once it is physical, it is valid to simply deal with it in physical terms. That is why it becomes physical: to give tangibility to the intangible that was difficult to manage at the time. GeraldineB: OH!! MEntity: Your treatments, relief, management are exactly relevant to the past. MEntity: One does not need to unbury ancient patterns as a means to deal with current pain. MEntity: The current pain is a symbolic language that speaks of that pain and all you need to know about it. GeraldineB: Pain = symbolic language? MEntity: We are not saying this to discourage any deeper review, but there is a point to the pain. It is here, now. That is where you would want to be, too. GeraldineB: As a digression, is this also true for all of the pain Troy suffers? MEntity: Yes, pain is a language of the body. It always speaks of one's resistance on some level. Even if that resistance is only that the skin resisted a puncture. MEntity: The more chronic the pain, the greater the patterns of which that pain speaks. MEntity: Yes, Troy is not exempt, of course. His pain is relative to lack of nurturing. This is often represented by his lack of intake of water. Lack of water and hydration generates most of his issues, and these speak to his resistance to allowing care. It does not matter that he can consciously embrace the idea. It is a pattern from long ago that speaks to the "most important" person MEntity: in his life torturing him, and so he carries this forth in an insidious way through neglecting intake of water, a life force for the body. MEntity: We cannot speak further on this subject at the moment. Claire2: I think I am at Challenge, fluctuating between Enthusiasm and Frustration. Lately, I am very aware of choosing "not" to let myself become frustrated, but am struggling to maintain my Enthusiasm. I'm becoming very aware of Choice, but don't always know what my choices are. MEntity: Claire, this is an important question. If one finds he or she is in a negative version of the Goal, solutions can be found in the "previous" version. MEntity: In this case, returning to SHARING is vital. MEntity: You would want to reach out, bond, generate and nurture intimacy with others. Your enthusiasm would come from this challenge, this return to something you miss, which is intimacy. MEntity: If you feel that intimacy is already a part of the life, then you can turn to that as place for your enthusiasm. Just enjoy being with those close to you. This would help you to keep your enthusiasm up, your frustration down, and keep your mind open and creative for when you do see other choices. MEntity: If you feel that Sharing/intimacy is missing, then let that be where you focus yourself as a challenge. MEntity: Find that. Create that. Allow that. Nurture that. Claire2: Yes, thank you, Michael. This is valid advice. KittyMac: I'm still coming to know and understand the Goal of Discrimination, both in general and in my own life. I recognize myself in most of the 7 stages you describe so I can't necessarily tell where I am right now. Is it possible to be all over the place like that? KittyMac: Or am I just blinding myself to seeing where I really am? MEntity: We think you may enjoy the truth that "yes" is true to both of your questions. KittyMac: LOL Yes, I enjoy the truth of that answer. So how can one best unblind oneself? MEntity: First, this is not uncommon for those in Discrimination. Discrimination can be described as being all about the Personality learning how to choose, refining the choices, and most importantly, liking the choices. So when one has not reached a certain degree of refinement of choice, then all choices/directions look valid and relevant. So the spectrum of versions of the Goal look like the spectrum that is you as you learn to choose and refine choices. Discrimination is about learning to say No, and meaning it. Not just saying No to say No. So Discrimination can find she says Yes to everything until then. MEntity: But this sense of relevance to all versions of the Goal can also be a symptom of one being in the state of EFFORT. MEntity: When one is in Effort, she is looking in all directions for guidance, consideration, input, insight, etc. so that the Willingness can be put behind the Effort. Until then, Limbo can be like being scattered and spread thin among the various states. KittyMac: Now that sounds recognizable. MEntity: When you put in the Effort, you would automatically snap into a direction that would look more like movement toward your Goal. MEntity: However, with all of that being said, it is still true that one would find relevance and familiarity with all versions of a Goal if one has been alive and conscious long enough. MEntity: CONTINUING... MEntity: Because each of you can move around these versions of your Goal, it is helpful to understand all versions, and then just note where you are. As described to Claire, if you find that you are in the negative pole of your version of the Goal, look to the previous version for insight into how to move yourself back into a sense of progress. MEntity: If you find you are in the negative version of Default, circle back around to CHOICE and dance between Creation and Allowing as a means to move you out of resistance. Bobby: oh so you had to go and use the "d" word, didn't ya? MEntity: Your "homework" then is to not just explore this in terms of your own approach to your Goal, but look around your world to see if your understanding of versions of Goals can help you understand people in your life, your world. MEntity: We made our statement. We think each of you are fairly clear on where you might be at any given time, and since these fluctuate, and is not particularly a progression where one settles, it makes more sense for you to assess this on your own. We know Troy invited us to comment on where each of you are in your Goal, but he did not know that we would describe this process as non-static and less-linear. MEntity: We can take your questions. Maureen: I’ve been having a really hard time “accepting” or processing my husband’s state of health and his eventual decline and death. My “usual” anxiety levels have risen sharply and depression has shown up. I think I have been all over the map but have recently (I think) moved into CHALLENGE. I want to break free of the CHALLENGE of the situation and move into CHOICE within Maureen: my Goal of Acceptance. I want to move into a state of True Acceptance and not resist what is inevitable, for all of us, in life. I got a clear message a few weeks ago while I was driving. I heard: Anxiety is resistance. MEntity: First, it is important to note that where one is in one's Goal is where one is. It is not a matter of escaping one version to move to another. You are in a version of your Goal because that is the area you are working on, or how you are working on that Goal. Challenge is exactly where you are because you are amid great challenge. Embracing that challenge is the only way through. MEntity: You are not in a bad place because you are challenged. In addition to that, if you find you are in the negative version of Challenge, then it speaks to your need to return to Intimacy, to reach out, to connect, to be closer to someone. You are right on track with this. MEntity: Having difficulty "accepting" the pain, illness, or death of a loved one is not a weakness. It is life. It is natural. These are challenges no matter where one is in regard to a Goal. MEntity: You are overshooting when you aim to accept death, pain, and illness. These do not require your acceptance. They are of no benefit or peace to you or to the concept for you to accept these. MEntity: Only consciousness need be accepted. MEntity: Whether in the form of sentience, loved ones, or any creature of reason or feeling. MEntity: Accept your loved one. Your mate. Accept YOU. The rest takes care of itself. MEntity: "Anxiety is resistance," is true, but to expand upon that, anxiety is resistance to, or denial of, trust. MEntity: Anxiety is the pain of distrust. MEntity: Life is like a person to those who love it. MEntity: So when life hurts a loved one, or the self, it is a shock, it feels personal, it triggers one to distrust that "person" now. MEntity: YOU have experienced life. That is all you have ever experienced. YOU have never experienced death. You cannot trust death. You have no experience with death. Why would you ever force yourself to trust something without experience. Life is what you trust. You know it well. It does not matter that your Essence has had hundreds of incarnations. Each incarnation only knows life until it dies. It only knows death very briefly. MEntity: Life has not betrayed you. It can still be trusted. But death will come. It is as inevitable as breathing is for living. The only way you can shift into a trust of death is to know that death is to Essence as breathing is to the Personality. Maureen: Thank you. MEntity: You know Essence. You are a part of Essence. You can trust Essence. And, eventually, it takes its breath. It must breathe to live. It is how you are alive, and why you will die. But it is also how and why you will never end. MEntity: We know death and loss is painful. We did not forget. But we can assure you that, while there is no "heaven" in any literal sense, and while the afterlife is less romantic than the imagination might wish for it to be, "you" continue. We are an integrated entity with millions of Personalities milling about among us. They do not go away. Integration is not the same thing as disintegration. MEntity: However, while one is living. Live. While a loved one who is ill is alive, let him or her live. Whatever that means, and that might mean something terrible or beautiful. That is life. Return your trust to life, and you will find your trust returning to your loved one, yourself, Essence, and existence. MEntity: That return of trust can help relieve your anxiety, but not your struggle. Not your challenges. Those are there, however you decide to look at them. MEntity: Look at them differently, and acceptance will come. MEntity: We must conclude here for today. But we will continue again. As will all of you, no matter when your conclusion to a day comes. MEntity: Goodbye, for now. It will always only ever be "for now" for any of you.
  7. Note: This session completes a 3-part topic. See Part 1 and Part 2. October 7, 1999 Troy Tolley, Channel Dreams and Symbols 3 of 3 [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. One moment. As Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] shared, we will begin by taking questions in reference to our Energy Forecast first. You may begin if there are questions. [Luna2ne] It sounds like this month is a clearing process for all of us? Before we begin work on this year's platform, and the platform for the next 1000 years? [Michael_Entity] In part, yes. It is not new though. This is no different than any other period of release. The difference now being only that there will appear to be more to release or consider or realize before moving forward. In truth, it is simply a heightened projection of meaning placed on otherwise ordinary events. You are moving into an Instinctive Centered year, and this month being the “new year” for you Older Souls, it is your first movement toward that. We say “this being the new year” in reference to this month, October, on your calendars. What would normally be a simple process, mild depression, or “the blahs”, even spaciness, will now be laced with what we called Grief. Not all you of will shed tears as a result of this process, but your bodies will certainly shed truths and import the foundations of new ones. Hence, the connection to the “next thousand years” and platforms. [MaryBV] We are all remembering our dreams this week. Is Michael referring to these when they talk about death and endings? In other words, do we need to close our past before we can move ahead to a new level of awareness? [Michael_Entity] We would not say ‘close’, instead, we would say embrace. Many of you find your pasts to be the only validity of your being. This is a distraction from your potential. We do not pass judgment, we only speak in terms of what is sought by Essence. As you, as Personality, become ever more blurred in differentiation from Essence, memories flow in dreams, in thoughts, and in fantasy, all stemming in some way from the foundations of who “you” have been. There will come a lifetime for all of you (as Essence) where full cognitive awareness of most lives, loves, and immortality is accepted, making that life the pivotal life that ties up the culmination of all that Essence seeks in this Grand Cycle. For some of you, this life is that life. For others, this life is being AFFECTED by the life that IS that life, even if in your “future” or “past”. In either case, validation is necessary on multiple levels in order to evolve. This validation will come through the sound and personal realization of the “past” and what that has contributed to your being. When we have spoken of this period of time being of Grief, it is the absorption/dispersion of long-held truths that have been generated by various selves in this life and others. This may happen in dreams. Rather than being distracted by the memories, or held in the “past” by them, the truths will be released/absorbed as PART of “you” and this could be one of your most freeing experiences then. So we say “embrace”, rather than “close”. Though we are not prone to humour as you might perceive it, we do find it humourous in your cultures to be preoccupied with weight gain, while on the Essence Levels you are always seeking to grow “bigger”. This is, after all, an expanding universe. [Azure362] Can you expand upon how the physical body will shed truths and import the foundations of new truths? [Michael_Entity] Yes. We include in the “physical body” also the environment in which the physical body resides. This would include its relationships, its foods, its health, its interactions; it’s sensation of textures, etc. If anything is rare in this process, it is the potential for this to be a period where you feel “reset”. This past year has had little substance if examined in retrospect, at least in terms of time. It was passed through quickly due to the Centering of the year. This year has acted as a literal, material filter. What will be happening throughout the month is a cleansing of that filter, an examination of what has come to pass, and a sense of freedom as this filter is freed from obstacles. We lack a better analogy at this point, but it will do. So when we say “shed truths”, it will be that which has remained in your ‘filter”, not working. When we say “import foundations for new truths”, we speak of the freedom that cleansing will have and the room gained (the filter cleansed) for new truths to reside, ‘stick with you”, so to speak. We would suggest each of you turn inward and/or look outward to find two truths that have changed for you on each level. Personal, Global, and what truths you have come closer to that are Universal. It may be revealing to see where you have become freed. On the more specific physical level, our statement literally means that some of you will change certain physical attributes in accommodation of your process. Illness may occur, or healing, whichever is more adequate to explore the new truths. Changes in diet, changes in feelings toward others, changes in how you sleep, etc. All symptoms of your personal realizations, releases, and possible grieving. The most obvious we can see occurring and prevalent is in the complete esteem each of you might have as you experience YOU. With or without external references for value or validation, each seems to have a sense of self that is sturdy and stands strong, even if alone. This is unusual, even for some of our oldest students. In short, you all seem to be loving yourselves more. We will begin the topic then. LEVELS OF DREAMING: ASTRAL LEVELS Astral Levels of dreaming are the territory of Essence. Astral Levels of dreaming are entered through one of the three lower centers, the Emotional, the Intellectual, or the Action. This is all entered from the Instinctive Center, where all dreams originate. In this state, rather than each event, object, or person being symbolic (as in the Symbolic/Instinctive Level), these become more “real”, at least to Essence. There is still an element of Symbology here, as symbology permeates almost all levels of being. Instead of the symbology representing facets of SELF, the symbology represents facets of SOUL. Where the psyche of the Personality gets to explore itself in sub-personalities while in the Instinctive/Symbolic Level, the Astral Level allows the Essence to explore itself through the actual Personalities of various lifetimes. It is in this Level that you resolve emotional Karma, strike up Agreements, update plans, engage past lives, etc. When entered through the ACTION entrance, this level is marked by great activity of course and environments become prominent. This is where you notice more WHERE you are. This is the facet where past lives are mostly played out. This is with exceptions though, and is not static, just more common. This facet is used for the “past” because Essence is more easily able to manipulate environment to resemble scenarios recalling lives as another self. The EMOTIONAL facet is the entrance where most resolution, healing, or comprehension occurs between present self and past self, or self and another fragment. It is marked by impact on you even upon waking. The Emotional Entrance of the Astral Level is marked by impact on the waking state more than other entrances. Though you may find it difficult to differentiate which actual Center is being experienced in the dream, we find these marked differences an easy way to identify if you choose. In the Emotional entrance, you scream, you fight, you cry, you laugh, sometimes even waking experiencing the same. The INTELLECTUAL facet is where you learn. This is where you, as Essence, gather information, gain insights, process the Cycle to that point, and make plans, agreements, and set up Karmic engagements. This is marked by a sense of being in what you interpret as “school”. These then are brief explorations of the three lower center entrances making up the ASTRAL Level of dreaming. We remind you that this is an evolving body of information through this channel and others and we suggest reading all transcripts to grasp the continuity. We will take questions now. [ksh] Does the soul exist on different levels i.e. the Tao level, astral, casual etc? [Michael_Entity] Yes. Of Course. Would you like to elaborate on your question? [ksh] Can we connect with those souls? Do they have a separate intelligence? [Michael_Entity] Intelligence as you know it is no longer a factor on some Higher Levels. We remind you we use “higher and lower” only as a convenience, not a truth. [ksh] How do we communicate with them ? [Michael_Entity] These “higher” parts of “you” (and by “you” we mean Essence) do not have a sense of separateness, though to “you” as Personality, of course, you would seek contact AS IF it is separate. Some of our own channels are working with “you” on this level as even we speak now. For instance, our channel known as Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] to you is working with his own collective Energy Ring as a consciousness. This would be likened to your future selves, collective. We do not have a “how” at this point to share within this space. We may address this in another context later. But yes, “you” exist on all of those levels and can be accessed. [Sandra51] Questions directed to the topic of the Levels of Dreaming. [Suzee] Is the feeling of anxiety present in dreams part of the emotional entrance? [Michael_Entity] This would depend on certain factors. Anxiety can sometimes be the waking state’s interpretation of any level of dreaming. Upon leaving a dream, the waking personality might infuse its present uncertainty on the memory of the dream, even if not actually felt within the dream. Aside from this possibility, anxiety would be more the result of being in the Emotional entrance, yes. More often though, as we spoke of, the waking INTELLECT that cannot reason the Emotional entrance’s experiences creates the anxiety AFTER waking. [FloorDog] The Element water is commonly associated with the astral. I’m curious as to the meaning of water in astral dreams, especially large bodies? I find in many dreams I seek them out and take pleasure in immersing myself in them, especially surf. Would you say this is the action entrance? (assuming they are astral in nature)? [Michael_Entity] If the element of water is to be interpreted symbolically on its own, it is most likely within the Instinctive Level. If it is part of a landscape of the Astral, which can be differentiated by the thoroughness and detail of the landscape/environment, then it is part of the Emotional elements of the past or present explored. It is safe to assume, if the Level is clearly Astral, that any element (predefined in your culture) that relates to a Center is that Center being explored WITHIN the context of that Level of dreaming. For instance to be submerged in WATER (emotional) in a ACTION environment (with the landscape and scenery being the prominent factor), then it might be safe to assume you are exploring the emotional part of the moving center. We will take personal questions now to the best of our ability at this time. It is advised by Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] that you consider the group and time constraints. [TCB] You mentioned about the energy ring consciousness, What was my dream about the ‘energy ring’ with Barry, and some others, that I didn’t recognize? [Michael_Entity] This was a personal definition, different than ours, speaking of the connections between yourself and presently incarnated connections. It is information about your Configuration. A Septant. This may be validating or not, but we are limited in what is available about this dream at this time. [MaryBV] I would like Michael to comment on the memory of my kneeling on a cold, stone floor in a cathedral surrounded by my women. What life am I remembering and is this an example of a past life memory done through the emotional astral entrance? I don’t need a blow by blow account, just a very brief comment. [Michael_Entity] This would be the ACTION entrance, Astral Level. This is a valid lifetime memory accounting for that life’s experience of its Overleaves as parallel to this life. The women, as we see it, were all the selves from past incarnations and future sharing the same Goal. That life is the pivotal advisor for the “best” expression of the Goal. [Sandra51] Personal Questions… Nemo999 [nemo999] Thanks, how can I let go of negativity [Michael_Entity] You cannot. We would rarely say something that appears so condemning, but it is a truth in your universe that it must be explored as a path to what you might call your “positivity”. What you call “negativity” presently are simply judgments on the process. You are merely EXPERIENCING. If there is resistance to experience, “negativity” results. In your case, we suggest you listen carefully to feedback. There is little listening happening in your life, only sensitivity and defense. Remind yourself that you are safe, if you wish to hear your world’s answers to freedom. [nemo999] How then can I see that I am safe? [Michael_Entity] By choosing to see through your own eyes. Someone else taught you to feel insecure and vulnerable. That was their truth, not yours. This month may be your month to turn that around. It is no longer necessary to pay homage to another’s idea of you. In every instance, stop to determine if you feel ‘safe’. If you do not feel safe, DECIDE to feel safe in your decision, even if not completely convinced. It is a start. [Azure362] My back has spasmed out like it used to do over 20 years ago. This seems to be a “repeat” lesson of sorts or is it a truth I am resisting, or shedding, or what? [Michael_Entity] It's simply an old truth revisited. It is not a repeat lesson. It is one you never realized you “kept around” for good measure. It has always lurked in your background as a means for “excuse” if needed. You have determined that it is no longer valid through your revisiting. It will pass, if we are correct in our perception. Your intake of water will help on the physical level. This is in relation to your material world, security issues and finances. It is time for you to rest assured you are safe on that level. [Luna2ne] What is my brother’s family Ikon? What is my family Ikon? [Michael_Entity] Brother: “the extravagant” You: “the Satellite” We do not profess that this is accurate as we would need to focus more on you directly. This might be only a facet of the Ikon. [TCB] Septant configuration. What are we doing, life task work? Can you elaborate just a bit? [Michael_Entity] Yes, only slightly; conscious validation of essence contact seems to be the task, or part of it. Again, we are limited in this context for deeper explorations. Again, this is a start. We will now conclude. Goodnight.
  8. Michael Speaks Live – Open Floor August 22, 2015 Channel: Troy Tolley Topics: Old Souls Learning through Terror Was Sept. 11, 2001 as Claimed? Positive Thinking Cynic Blind Spot Mata Amritanandamayi aka Amma ViP: You have said that old souls learn through terror, but it is so incredibly difficult to think when one is terrified, especially if one is already susceptible to panic or anxiety attacks. What is it that an old soul does or can do under such mental conditions that produces learning? MEntity: The terrors that an Old Soul faces are quite existential. The learning comes because these fears are faced consciously. For instance, it is one thing to decide that life has meaning (Mature Soul), and quite another to realize that you are the creator of that meaning (Old Souls). This is terrifying. The inner conflict between meaninglessness and meaning then take on a terrifying state because the existential questioning of whether there is meaning without your meaning means there is no real meaning at all. This is an example of the terror of the Old Soul and in understanding such a terror, you can likely see how there is no way around the learning that comes with these experiences. Keep in mind that we speak of the soul/Essence learning here. The Personality may ignore or evade or fight or resist or panic or embrace, but the learning will still come. The panic and terror that the Personality may already be susceptible to may be very different from the terror of which we speak. Some issues such as those are due to experiences, choices, and reactions of the Personality and may be wholly unrelated. ViP: I see. MEntity: Anxiety attacks are the result of control issues or chemical floods that must be managed. These are reactions. They are of the body. They are defenses. The terror from which the Old Soul learns may provoke those reactions, but they are separate things, and those of the body require a different context of learning, such as how to manage the reactions, how to balance the chemicals, how to breathe and think clearly. Those are more immediate lessons learned relative to the body and current Personality, but the terrors that face the Old Soul prompt a learning that is permanent and carries forth with the soul. Geraldine: Hello, Michael. This is being asked with “some” humor. Having recently watched the movie Zeitgeist and its review of the events leading up to and following the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center, I want to ask: was in a major way part of what has become the conspiracy theories – a false flag operation by our own government and/or industrialists? Somehow, you've not answered this very specifically within the TLE group. I understand there was a LOT of chaos in other Michael groups after it, though. I WANT THE TRUTH!!! MEntity: The official story is wrought with deception and misinformation, and while we are still unclear as to the whole of "who" implemented this event, we do know it was not orchestrated by those officially faulted. It is clear enough to us that it was orchestrated from "the inside." We are not making a prediction when we say that this will be made known. There are several who are desperately wounded by the weight of their knowledge. GeraldineB: This I would imagine MEntity: False flag operations were involved, yes. GeraldineB: how deeply deeply disturbing and ugly MEntity: The compartmentalization of implementation was key to this event in that after-the-fact those who were not intentionally involved were then put in positions of compromise as they realized how they contributed. GeraldineB: now, THAT's a mindfuck MEntity: We are not seeking to stoke the conspiracies, as many of them are quite outlandish and delusional, but there are key elements that are quite obvious as validation that there was more involved than the official story. royceputsout: Hello michael, One of the only sure fire ways I really know of getting into the positive poles is the simplistic 1. allowing my painful parts to exist 2. building on that by putting focus on thoughts that feel better, are more inclusive, positive, see MORE. This works until I begin to fear my absolute delusion that I am becoming one of those " positive thinking" new agers. Yet, this method works. So to break my fear of being delusional , can you shed light on how one might FEEL the difference between a " positive" thought and a positive thought that is in alignment with essence. The only one I can think of is that the " positive" thought doesn't feel that good and the POSITIVE thought feels ON, ALIVE, like ME. The method is terrifyingly simple, but in other words, i just do not trust it yet and want to. MEntity: One key way to determine if your "positive thinking" is beneficial or harmful is if that positive thinking helps you to escape dealing with life. It is one thing if it helps you to take a break from the stress of an experience, but quite another to escape from responsibility altogether. If the positive thinking helps you to deal, then they are positive. If they help you to avoid, they are probably not positive. If they help you to deal in a new way, a different way, that is also of benefit. Sometimes that new way or different way is less tangible, and not directly or immediately obvious. For example, simply nurturing positive (inclusive) thoughts will already have its positive effects, but those effects may require your participation for full implementation. Many who struggle to control outcomes can do more harm than good by being so tightly entangled with the potential and probabilities of life. When these individuals surrender that control and invite Essence in to participate, it is not a practice in avoidance, it is an invitation to expand in your possibilities and potential. If you are faced with a pressing issue, you may find that you have little control over it, and it can be of benefit to be positive and trusting as you stumble along. This is not escapism. It is a means of keeping parts of you free to do the work that your conscious mind may not know (how) to do. It is similar to a mathematician working out a formula and finding no solutions, only to dream the solution after falling asleep. royceputsout: yes, to me focusing on the inclusive thoughts is all about bringing more of myself into the world. I asked because it seems really like the only way...even if it's not our attitude, we still need to shift into inclusive thoughts to even put our goal into its positive poles. i mean this is all discussion for another time but learning to trust the more inclusive thoughts feels relevant in all cases. MEntity: It is the only way. That is part of the dynamic of Essence Recognition, which is the only means of evolution. Essence Recognition is not limited to being between fragments, but within the self, as well. When you include all of you, there is Recognition. There is evolution. Kurtis: Hi Michael, :) I'd like to continue with my previous series of Qs on how the Cynic appears/acts in social situations. NOTE: At the end of session: MEntity: CLARIFICATION: Troy misread Kurtis' question and we responded in terms of the Blind Spot. – Social Situations will be another time. MEntity: The Cynic, basically, sees the world in terms of opposing the obvious or appearances or common assumptions. The Cynic knows there is almost always more than meets the eye. The Cynic, then, is always looking beyond the surface, always willing to look in the opposite directions, always interested in the contents, not the packaging. This is Contradiction. When in the Positive Pole, the Cynic simply Contradicts the obvious. This is similar to questioning, doubting, and allowing room for being wrong. However, when the Cynic falls into the Negative Pole of Denigration, it is because he cannot accept that what is known is all there is. The simple truth or the lack of complexity can trigger Denigration, or the breaking down of something or someone beyond its capacity to break down. It is Contradiction for the sake of contradiction rather than as a means to know more. The Cynic learns that sometimes, and more often than not, there is nothing more, no hidden or secret meaning, no blind dichotomy. Something or someone is simply what can be seen, experienced, and known. So the Cynic questions and then that is that. However, the Cynic can develop a Blind Spot that prompts them to continue questioning, continue breaking something or someone down, and this turns into an Obsession. Some of the most outlandish conspiracies are perpetuated by Cynics in Obsession. Denigration is seen as a necessary evil that is noble and important to impose, even as it means making up and stretching facts beyond recognition. The Spiritualist and Cynic are similar in their fall into "beliefs" in this regard. Kurtis: huh interesting PeterK: Does the Astral Plane have equivalents or analogues of the following concepts: day/night, work/play, awake/asleep? MEntity: Yes. The Astral is strongly linked to the Sentience and its primary planet, so a great deal of its nature is similar, particularly in the lower and mid levels. This is not a static atmosphere, but is optional. Many opt into it as a means of helping to stay in sync with time as it exists in the Physical Plane. Particularly as it relates to the primary planet of incarnation. And because the incarnation process is still greatly in effect for those in the Astral, the familiarity is quite comforting. Though there are no Physical Bodies that require rest, there is still a valid benefit to rest, and this is primarily in terms of Emotional rest. There is work that is both in terms of individual work on personal projects, and work that is contributed to communities. Many of the innovations and inventions of the Physical Plane come from the work that is done in the Astral, first. Play is quite familiar, and can come in any form, except with far fewer restrictions on possibilities, of course. There is even "weather." All of this is collectively generated and sustained, and contributes to the evolving understanding of how our consciousness is linked. Maureen1: Michael, who is Amma? Is Amma a “saint” as some have suggested, “simply” a healer, a transcendent soul such as Mother Meera, or something else? This is what is written about her on her website. Maureen1: “Mata Amritanandamayi is known throughout the world as Amma, or Mother, for her selfless love and compassion toward all beings. Her entire life has been dedicated to alleviating the pain of the poor, and those suffering physically and emotionally. Maureen1: Throughout her life, Mata Amritanandamayi has embraced and comforted more than 34 million people. Amma inspires, uplifts, and transforms through her embrace, her spiritual wisdom and through her global charities, known as Embracing the World. When asked where she gets the energy to help so many people, she answers: "Where there is true love, anything is effortless." MEntity: The fragment in question is a 7th Level Mature Server in Submission who is kind and compassionate. The culture from which she comes is quite relatively restricting in terms of possibilities for females, so her status is in part due to her own devotion to her cause, but also because others see their potential reflected in her. If she could be lifted to a state that transcended the limitations of culture, then that may be a path out for others. Her behavior and choices are that of a Server in Submission in the Positive Poles, but the status and more magical effects granted to her are greatly dependent upon projection. If this same fragment had been born in the United States, she may very likely have been a well-known doctor who was not known on a large scale. But the culture from which she comes is always quite eager to escalate and elevate those deemed a meaningful status. Though not quite the same, there is a "celebrity" mentality involved that can "make a star" of someone even as they exhibit quite normal behaviors. While the Young United States may elevate Paris Hilton for exemplifying the ideals of Young Souls, India will do the same for those who exemplify the ideals of the Mature. This worked for the Server as she can now teach what she has learned as a Mature Soul.
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