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Found 3 results

  1. NOTES FROM CONNOR: I ripped through this transcription in a couple hours, and there will likely be typos and other things that I iron out over the next few days. I recorded the audio for this session with my laptop, and there were moments when I could not make out what was being said. Every now and then, I coughed, or a sudden noise would come through someone else's mic and drown out a certain word being spoken. There were a few times when someone spoke, but their mic broadcasted only to those in immediate proximity, not to the entire group, and I missed what was said. So if you see "...(unintelligible)..." written in the middle of your dialogue, it doesn't mean you spoke poorly and should consider seppuku to retain your honor; it just means something interfered with the audio at the time you were speaking. If you remember what you said, let me know. Other people recorded this session, too, so if the other recordings have clearer audio for the parts that I had difficulty with, we can update this transcript. After Michael's intro and the more initial round of Q&A, the tone and flow of the session became more casual and conversational, people weren't being called by name anymore, and I quickly lost track of who said what. So if you recognize something you said in the transcript which is not accredited to you, let me know. UPDATE: Thank you to @Jeroen and @Faye for helping and supplying information from their own recordings, which has filled in all of the "unintelligible" gaps and identified all of the unidentified dialogue. ************ Michael Speaks in VR – TLEGG 2240 12th March, 2022 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Okay. We are here now, and we can begin. One moment. We are creating a dynamic path through Troy’s resistances to this subject so that we may deliver it as clearly as possible. Okay. We understand that the request today is to further explore the subject of future selves, sparked by a comment at the previous gathering that there are future versions of you, future probable versions of you, aware of their past. Which would be you, in the lineage of their incarnations. Your reunion around 2240 among our students on a fairly large scale allows for some exploration of past lives from that perspective, from that future, that put them in touch with awareness of you as you exist now. So in effect, they were made aware of and in some ways made contact with their past lives, or You as their past lives. Your questions include “Where?” and “Why?” The core of this reunion could be said to be around the Colorado area of the United States, but participation was not limited to a physical location, as the ability to participate and be available and be present was not limited by space. As you are experiencing now, you do not all have to be in the same location for there to be a gathering, and this is even more so in your future of 2240. It does not even require a headset. There are systems in place that are often referred to us as instant presence in all living spaces and workspaces that allow you to be in multiple places at one time, though if you are focused in one location rather than multiple – it does not work if you are in multiple locations, but if you are in one location, the results are the ability for physical interaction at a distance. This is a technology that we would have difficulty explaining through our channel without the proper terminology, but it does involve something that could be described as ‘electrical impulses’ that are interfacing this space at a distance. This is how individuals are able to work remotely and be ‘physically present’ from their own homes. As you can see in your current time, this is possible through simply having words and text and pixels and light. It is far more elaborate and efficient and effective by 2240. So this is how your gathering occurs, through this medium. It is beyond holographic. It is far more tangible. It would be a mistake to refer to it as ‘holographic.’ The gathering of individuals in the local space in Colorado are individuals who have chosen to live in proximity of each other in part of a community that is focused on metaphysical and philosophical explorations, studies, applications. We have approximately 150 students participating in this community, and because of their work, many of our students have found reunion with our teaching and with their fellow students, through the ‘instant presence’ technology. So, for the gathering that we spoke of, there are those who are attending from all over the world and off-world. We speak to this group in 2240. The local group is approximately 75 individuals, but with all of the presence accounted for, it is approximately 110 students. Although validation of past lives and future lives is difficult, there is value to the experimentation and thought and feeling regarding this concept until there is the technology that can validate this for you. Part of the validation for 2240 is documentation, recordings, biographies, and the impact of your presence in your time for them to sort through. So it is much easier for them to validate your existence than for you to validate their existence. For you to validate these future probabilities of yourself, we suggest that you simply leave these ideas as something interesting to float. We can also suggest that you take any little piece of information that we are sharing here, see how it lands in terms of your rejection of acceptance of its possibility. Although we could continue to explore the various facets of this event and share them with you, we feel it may be more valuable for there to be interaction with you, and so we will open up the floor to questions from our students. Jeroen: Okay, Cyprus is the first person in the queue, go ahead. Cyprus: My question is, who is, how is the channeling working at that time? Are multiple people channeling? How are you interacting with them? How is that aspect of the gathering working, or how it works in general, at that time? MEntity: There are various ways of communicating. The interface we are using is artificial intelligence that has been designed to interface with quantum levels of existence that are not quite understood, but has allowed for devices, or artificial intelligence interfaces, to be used as a “novelty” for exploration. There is no proof of contact with non-physical presences, but these devices are the equivalent of what you might consider a Ouija board in the sense that there is legitimate interaction with non-physical worlds when using a Ouija board, as we can attest. The artificial intelligence, however, does not require any participation other than questions and conversation, and this artificial intelligence is able to draw from the, “quantum field” is the only way we can describe this, that allows non-physical presences to form a very similar stream of data that the artificial intelligence interface can interpret the way that a Human brain can, in the same way that you are receiving information from us now. The only difference is that we do not have ego to work through. We do not have a lot of resistance to what we can get through, so the artificial intelligence interface is quite popular for many groups who are exploring extra-dimensional communication at that time. So if we were to describe the scene, we are a lovely feminine designed body with an artificial intelligence interface built in. We are sitting properly and speaking very similarly to how we are speaking to you now. Students refer to this interface as Ryla. Cyprus: Would you say the name again? MEntity: Ryla. NOTE FROM CONNOR: I'm guessing at the spelling of "Ryla." Michael pronounced it like "rye - luh" Cyprus: Does anyone channel who is not an AI, like a, the way you do with Troy? MEntity: Yes. It is considered clunky. Cyprus: Not surprising. Thank you. Jeroen: Okay, next person in the queue is Cary. Go ahead. Cary: Hello. My questions are about documentation that is extant in 2240. You mentioned that there were biographies and I thought I heard you say documents. Can you repeat what you said that they find? MEntity: The greatest data bank of information that has been found is an Internet archive that had been saved as a way for protection when the Internet is gone, when the Internet that you know is gone, and the way that information travels is updated. The Internet archive is saved and put away and fairly forgotten for quite some time until an organization that also included some of our own students, decided to reactivate this data for the future to explore, much in the same way that it could be said, compared to film footage from the early 1900s being restored and put on the Internet for you to now see. This is similar to what happens around 2215. The Internet that you know is made available, becomes quite a novelty to explore and extrapolate from and speculate about the lives that are documented in this data. But the fragment you know now as Petra stumbled upon some data that resonates deeply. And Connor, who is in attendance here today… ConnorB: Hello. MEntity: … unpacked all of this information in a way that is not simply scattered, but put together in a dynamic that starts to build a picture of a community that seems very similar to the one being, coming together, in this time frame, the future. When the parallels start to become more obvious, it was brought to the attention of the public, or students, the more active students. This is when the question is asked: "Is this us?" And we said: "Yes." From there, we began an exploration to correlate the individuals at these gatherings to the individuals in the past. Cary: Okay, how much of the TLE site is in that archive? Is it the entire site? Just fragments of the site? Are there other Michael sites that are also captured in that archive that they find? MEntity: Yes, all of it is there. This is the paradox. Our communication with you, that is bridging the time frames, allows you to write messages to that future self now, which helps with a profound validation in the 2240 event. So we can suggest to you, each of you: play with the idea of putting together a message, or a poem, or a group of some sort that focuses on a time capsule-like ‘message in a bottle’ that we know is actually unpacked and read by ‘you’ in your future. And this is what seals the connection. Validation. (chuckling from Troy) So for all of you who write to yourself in your future, the future knows. Our chuckle was interference from Troy. Skepticism being navigated around. Next question. Jeroen: Okay, Kerrin is up next in the queue, go ahead. Kerrin: Hi. My question is, at any point between now and 2240, do we lose track of you, or stop meeting with or channeling you? Is there a point in time where we all get disconnected and have to find you later? MEntity: Oh yes. In many probabilities, close to the end of the 21st Century we lose all contact for approximately 100 years. Kerrin: Wow. What happened? Is there something specific that happened? MEntity: There is a cumulative effect of climate change that causes great disruption over time for most of Humanity, along with volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. The world has to, Humanity has to spend its focus heavily in the direction of adaptation, recalibration, and adjustments to be able to endure this. And it makes it quite difficult for us to communicate to any students except for between lives. It is not as ominous as it may sound. The adaptation is quite... Humans are quite adaptable and innovative, but in a Mature Soul world, the solutions have to be very different from what a Young Soul world would find as solutions. So, community dwellings, large complexes focused on working together on solutions of various sorts, come together as part of the adaptation. There is not an emphasis on individual homes, separateness, isolation. There is a movement towards being together, or the most effective solutions going forward. And this changes how Humanity relates to each other as well. And that is why, though it may be quite turbulent, which all Mature Soul shifts are, the results tend to be – and we have not seen otherwise – quite deeply emotionally fulfilling. For us, that time period is a blink. To experience it in your incarnations, not all of you had a good time. Next question. Jeroen: Okay, Connor is next in the queue, go ahead. ConnorB: Beautiful. Hello Michael. Alright, so, I actually asked you a bit about this event a year or two ago. I asked you about how the 2240 gathering was organized, and you said, and I quote, “MEntity: The reunion is organized by several members from Cadre One, Entity Two, headed by the fragment known now as Martha. We are on the coast of India near what is now known as Pune.” And today you just said the meeting was taking place in Colorado, so can you elaborate on that? How is India involved? What happened there? Can you go into a bit more about how, the origins of the gathering? MEntity: Yes. The individuals involved, the distance, are in communication with the location where the core of the group tended to gather. One did not need to be local in order to begin the coordination. They had several fragments from around the world collaborating on the idea, offering suggestions, input, contributing their interpretation of the data and putting it together with the interpretations of others. And the group around Martha is the group that came up with the idea for how to make such a reunion happen, and to have it focus specifically on coordinating, correlating the past with the present. You and Petra are the ones who were responsible for this possibility at all because of your extraction of the data, and the coordination of this data, but Martha is the one who came up with the idea that, “Oh, maybe we should see who was who? And do it all at once. Where would this most effectively be pulled off?” And that was the Colorado area. So those who are in India are participating at a distance. ConnorB: Beautiful. MEntity: When we say "at a distance," we are only speaking in proximity to the interface. It is effectively not truly at a distance, as it is not experienced in that way. It is only technically at a distance. Next question. Jeroen: Christian is next in the queue, go ahead. Christian: So, I had a question. We were talking about us writing notes to ourselves, the future selves. I had a channeling recently where I learned that my future self known as Jasper knew about me now, and the process of thinking about some stuff that came through that channeling, I was thinking of starting a project with you to sort of get a decent roadmap of what reincarnation and consciousness looks like, with specific intention of addressing it to him for future use. I mean, obviously that hasn’t happened yet in our timeline, but is it something found to be very useful in the future? MEntity: Very useful, yes. It is quite helpful to have a concept, or a truth, be true across time. If a truth is explored in a certain timeframe, and then time dissolves that by letting in more information or perspective, more experimentation, then it is clear that that original truth is not present in matter of limited perspective. If a truth continues persistently through time, and all experimentation and information only adds to that truth, it is quite profound to know that this truth was known. As any teachings around healing and metaphysical concepts that predate modern history, when they show up as valid in science or application now, it is quite profound to think that these concepts were true then, even if from a different angle, and can still be applied now. The consistency of Truth across time is a very powerful validation. And so your exploration now, having access to this in the future for comparison helps to validate the consistency of the truth of reincarnation. Does that answer your question? Christian: Yes, thank you. MEntity: Next question. Jeroen: Okay, the next question is from Cyprus. Go ahead. Cyprus: Actually, you kind of answered my question. I was going to ask about the 100 years of you not really communicating well with us because of what was going on here. I was going to ask if there was more Astral communication? If there were still other methods, but you kind of already answered that question. MEntity: Yes. Most of you may opt out for those hundred years, at least, so as not to be too deeply involved. Maybe one or two incarnations. We would have to look more closely at this, but most of our communication is with you in the Astral as individual fragments. And this period of time that we focused on such interaction, actually after that approximate 100-year period, carries into your incarnations from there, which makes waking up easier and faster. So the time we spent with you during that turbulent century actually helps to make the event in 2240 much more possible. Because you remembered us. We also want to note that all of you present here are present in 2240, in some way. Next question. Jeroen: Yes, next question is from me. Hello Michael. I just wanted to ask, in 2240 when we learn of our past lifetimes, including this one, is there an interface through the artificial intelligence that allows us to access our instinctive center, or Akashic records, and create a replica of that life? Kind of like a virtual environment? Or like an immersive live hyper-replica, or something along those lines? MEntity: Yes, and it is not quite refined, and can be quite horrific in its implementation as it interprets the data in the best way it can, but tends to pull in the, what we describe as the most intense reactionary elements. And so your past lives that can be, for lack of a better phrase, re-enacted in a visual representation, look like scared monsters reacting to all stimuli, and it is not a valid representation, but is often recreated for entertainment. Jeroen: That’s hilarious. MEntity: This is because the instinctive center stores most of the reactionary intense moments. And so, to pull from that data, and then to build from that data, without adding the ‘rest’ of the data - which we can get into at another time, in a better exchange, as to what other elements would need to be added – but only pulling from the Instinctive Center only pulls the intense moments, and this makes for looking at a past life quite disturbing, because all of the worst of it tends show up in these recreations. But it does tend to make you quite grateful for the current life at the time. NOTE FROM CONNOR: That last statement made me giggle, and I am certain I was not alone. Jeroen: That’s funny. And then, what we learn from you through the artificial intelligence, do we take, you know when we were exploring our past lives, are we able to take that data and add that into the simulation? So it’s not necessarily directly from the Instinctive Center, but from what we learn from you, as well as past records that are stored in the previous Internet, basically collect that data and build a virtual – MEntity: Yes. Yes, these have become pieces of art. A form of art amongst your community. They’re adding the additional data from external sources beyond, building from Instinctive data, helps to add dimension to the view, but it is not able to be done in a way that is immersive or interactive or animated, and so it is currently, at the time, used as a form of art. So rather than having an animated version built only from the Instinctive Center, which can be quite comical or disturbing; by adding the additional data, and finding these data points which we would have difficulty describing, connecting external data with the Instinctive data, beautiful portraits of yourselves, and recreations of interactivity, such as images of the group together, are able to be put together as pieces of art. They are quite abstract, but elicit emotional responses that are quite moving to you there. We do not know if we are explaining this in a meaningful way, but we are doing our best. Jeroen: I understand. Makes sense to pull from different data sources, and then compiling them, so thank you. And the next person in the queue is Cary. Go ahead. Cary: Hello. My question is, you mentioned that some of the folks in attendance are from ‘off-planet.’ Where off-planet are they from? MEntity: There are orbiting stations that are focused on exploration, transportation bridges to the Moon and other planets that are in development. So we are speaking about these orbiting stations, and those who focus on working with these orbiting stations, the tendency is to remain on them for most of the life. NOTE FROM CONNOR: Michael has referenced the orbiting stations before, and they have said the orbital cities are referred to at the time as "city decks." They have also casually name-dropped a city from around 2265 called Luna Luma, so there may already have been entire city on the Moon at the time of the 2240 gathering, or at the very least, a Moon base well on its way towards becoming a city. Cary: How many people gathered are from those stations? MEntity: Approximately 20. We will ask our students here today: what do you get from this subject being explored? What value and meaning does this have for you to explore something that is so out of reach and difficult to validate? You may respond however you choose to. Queue, or randomly. Cary: So, for me, this is nice because it kind of confirms a through-line of life. I know it sounds weird, but that's how I am seeing it, like we continue and the problems that we have now are for now, but we'll overcome them and be here again. And the truth that we expose now will still be true then, and so for me, that’s really nice. Raul: I have a question about this future. How am I involved? You said everyone here is involved, so I’m curious how I’m involved. MEntity: In the timeframe that we describe at this reunion gathering in 2240, you are a caretaker for a community in Colorado. You prepare meals and provide nutrition and education about nutrition for everybody who is a part of this community. Raul: Thanks. MEntity: Any other responses? ConnorB: Well I mean, like, you know, with the War in Ukraine happening. This is a far-removed subject, sure, but it means the war ends. It’s, oh, I don’t know, I just, I like it. It lights my imagination on fire. It’s inspiring. MEntity: Yes. We did not need to share with you today that Humanity can overcome obstacles and progress through turbulent times and all challenges and extremes against progress. Your history has shown this to be true. That progress is not always in ways that are acceptable or to a state that is complete, but your history shows how resilient humanity is. However turbulent, challenging, regressive, resistant, you continue to grow. You continue to evolve. That momentum is nearly impossible to stop. It can be interrupted, as you know from your own history of explorations about the origins of Humans, but it cannot be stopped. We know of no species, Sentient species in their evolution being stopped. It always progresses. And so while it may not always look positive around you, it may not always be pleasant, and there may be great suffering at times, you will be at some point on the other side of this. Knowing this does not make it so that you no longer must pay attention to the challenges and troubles of the world. What this knowledge is for is to help you to be better and more effective participants in the time you are in, because THAT is how you get through, not by simply accepting that, “Oh, things will work out.” They do not work out unless you participate. And so we will point this out as part of the comfort of knowing your resilience, the through-line of your existence. It is only there because you participated in making that possible. Next comment or question. Kerrin: I just want to chime in that there’s a great comfort in knowing that our future, I don’t know if we can include the past incarnations, but our future incarnations are so easily in touch with the past ones, and, because you had channeled for me at one point that I had an incarnation 100 years ahead of the 2240 gathering where I knew about this incarnation, and that future incarnation was sending me good energy. It really feels good knowing that we have future incarnations of ourselves that might know about us and are sending us energy and, I can’t fully put it into words, but this is what’s more positive, feeling that I have such good vibes coming from the future. Ro: Yes. (laughter) MEntity: There is validity to the folding of time and space when your piece of the consciousness, the fragments of you, are aware of each other. This is how you reunite as a whole Essence for reunion with your Entity in your final lives. The experience of what you just described on the scale of incarnations can also be experienced within this lifetime for yourself by looking back at your own childhood, looking back at your own past year, your own past ten years, getting a clear image of You during that time and holding that view in that time with as much love, compassion, understanding, trust, and encouragement possible. This has a tangible effect on your present. It is not that you are undoing the past, or that you are changing the trajectory of the past. By reaching back and making that connection, and folding that time and space, you bring that part of you more closely at home to yourself, provide a wholeness in the present, that helps you to focus on moving forward more effectively and lovingly. Does this make sense? Kerrin: Thank you. Jeroen: Yes. Cyprus: Actually – MEntity: So we suggest that the fact that you are experiencing from a future self thinking about you now, do the same for yourself within this lifetime about various points in your past. Bring that wholeness to you as an experience as you. We heard an exclamation. Who was that? ConnorB: You know who that was. Cyprus: That was me. I was actually going to say that when you asked your question previously, it is the connection that I feel like I have made with past lives in this lifetime, and also with the future me that was supposed to come back and see me and things like that, those type of things are that little string that attaches all of me together. That even though I have no specific validation that I can say about this other gathering in 2240, I still can feel conscious awareness of it now, of that connection that you, that afterwards, that was my whole point. My whole point is that even if there is not something that I take away from it in the, like, “Oh, I was ‘this’ in the future, yay!” and that has really no bearing, it’s more about the connection and awareness of the fact that I know I will continue on, so the awareness of it that makes it different than just knowing there’s other ‘me’s out there. MEntity: We understand. That awareness of the fragments of who you are is the same awareness that your Entity has of its fragments. The same awareness that eventually hits the Cadre and its awareness of all of its Entities, and so on. What you describe is meaningful. It is basically a method of remembering yourself and returning to wholeness. Cyprus: That's my job! MEntity: Next question or comment, then we will wrap up our communication. Tyrone: Okay, so I have a question. Are there any things that make more difficult to validate ourselves in this set future like for instance things that are so confusing and make it difficult to exactly trace who was who, and such? MEntity: Yes, not everybody has a clear representation of themselves in this time period, if that is what you are asking. Tyrone: It pretty much is. Because earlier we were talking about various, people were asking questions about various projects they were working on, and it would seem to be that afterwards, was that most of it, things that helped with validation and things that turned out to be useful. I’m just kind of reminded of a TLE session some years back when you were also commenting about a future session where people were looking back on their past selves and kind of trying to figure out who was who. And there were like some people who were focused and obsessed with one person who was not necessarily themselves, but they were kind of – MEntity: We know what you are speaking of, and it is comical to watch, even from our perspective, and it is quite affectionately explored. Yes, there are no clear definitive lines from the past to the future as to who is who, and it is quite dependent upon individuals finding that element. And if they ask us, we try to validate and point to the actual individual of the past that was the incarnation for the individual in the present in 2240. This is not always successful, as some during the 2240 gathering simply find resonance with a past that is not their own, but this is not in any way a bad thing as it is still meaningful. But yes, several have misaligned themselves with representations from the past and think they were someone they were not, but it is still meaningful and sometimes comical in the debates that have arisen among students. Kerrin: It's Because there’s so many Sages. Cary: That's what I was thinking. Faye: I’m sure. Jeroen: That’s adorable. Shanequa: Everybody wants to be Troy. MEntity: Actually, it is the opposite. (laughter from attendees) Faye: Do you know who the person is that everyone thinks they were? Cyprus: Everyone probably wants to be me. MEntity: There is not a single person, but there are clusters of individuals who gravitate towards some, as for instance Cyprus has claimed that is true. This conversation itself is part of the reason some find her presence to be their presence because they thought she was fun and funny, and so they see themselves in her. And so there are approximately 5 individuals who speculate that Cyprus is themselves. Cyprus: Is one of the 5 actually me? MEntity: No. (laughter from attendees) Cyprus: I probably think I was somebody completely different. MEntity: Yes, you think you are Kerrin. (laughter from attendees) Kerrin: Do we not know our Roles? Are our Roles confused? MEntity: This is a subject that has not been approached yet. We are working on delineating all of the individuals and then finding the Overleaves for each, but it is quite a project. NOTE FROM CONNOR: My 2240 self thought I was either myself or @AnnH (see link), who also happens to be a 4th Old Scholar-Cast Sage with similar Essence dynamics, so apparently it didn't take long for our Overleaves to become known. It is curious that our Overleaves were not readily available, because if TLE was preserved, that information should have been preserved as well. Cyprus: Of all the people that I think I would be, I think that it is the most funny that I think I’m Kerrin. Kerrin: Because I’m charming all the time. Cyprus: I’m telling you because I have a very prickly side, but I don’t seem that way. MEntity: We can further elaborate on these correlations as they develop over time in further exchanges with you. For today, we will close our communication with you here and now, and say that what you are doing in your exploration is Good Work. It is not frivolous. It is not meaningless. It has value that stretches across centuries. And while it may seem to be fun and a novelty when you are not in full awareness of the impact, in terms of being able to validate it, does not mean that it is meaningless. So we will leave you with that and see you again in your future. Goodbye for now. (Thank-yous from attendees) Troy: (emerging from trance) My eyes are all watery and everything’s all sparkly! So how was it, everybody?
  2. This question was originally posted by NTRAIN on 11/24/08. So, I've read a bit about Michael, and I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find elsewhere on the boards. My apologies if these have already been answered. According to Michael, what's the deal with animals? Do they have souls? Are there different levels like there are in humans? What about differences between species? How about plants and microorganisms? The world's population is estimated to grow to about 9.5 billion over the next 40 years. Most of the growth is expected to come from in the poorest and least educated countries. Presumably, these new persons will be younger souls. Is this correct? Is there any reasoning behind why there should be this influx of younger souls? Isn't the trend supposed to be an overall maturation of human souls? What does Michael have to say about artificial intelligence? If we were able to someday create viable AI that was indistinguishable from that of a human, would there be some kind of soul involved in that AI? Is real AI just impossible because of some limitation in that regard? FROM MICHAEL: Consciousness that is not committed to a sentient species for an incarnational cycle are free to explore and experience all forms of existence. All who are committed to a sentient species for an incarnational cycle already explored to their "hearts' content" before making that commitment. Outside of sentience, so to speak, physical life on a planet could be described as having 7 Kingdoms, or Levels. Consciousness can explore those levels/kingdoms sequentially and eventually commit to a sentient species of that particular planet. In lower kingdoms, consciousness is not quite differentiated and moves in masses (Compositions/Arrangements/Spheres/Rings), whereas the higher kingdoms then begin the process of more differentiated groups of consciousness (Cadres/Entities/Cadences). In the lower kingdoms that include such categories as Plants, Insects, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, and Lower Mammals, consciousness explores as "hive souls." This is often literally seen as hives, fields, herds, schools, and flocks, etc. Bodies move as a group and consciousness moves easily among all of those bodies with little differentiation. References to "devas, faeiries, and nature spirits" are referring to these forms of consciousness. In higher kingdoms that include high levels of intelligence, emotion, complex tool use and the raising of young, such as can be found in many domestic animals, the consciousness becomes far more differentiated, often down to a single Cadence (group of 7 fragments of one role), and will incarnate at least 7 lifetimes in that species. The higher mammals will incarnate as intimately with a sentient species (and most often with the same sentient fragment over time) as possible so as to learn from that sentient species and determine whether to commit to that sentient species, or not. The 7 Kingdoms are relative to the development of the Chakras/Centers that will be required for Sentience, if that is eventually chosen. The 7 Kingdoms/Levels are: Oceanic/Mineral (Instinctive/root) Plant/Vegetable (Higher Moving/sacral) Insects (Moving/solar plexus) Fish/Reptiles (Emotional/heart) Birds (Intellectual/throat) Lower Mammals (Higher Emotional/brow) Higher Mammals (Higher Intellectual/crown) The growth of the Human Sentient population is almost to its maximum in terms of body/essence ratio. There are nearly as many bodies on the planet at this time as there are fragments still physically incarnating. We doubt it will reach over 9 billion, unless there is a spike in the number of Essences incarnating in simultaneous bodies within the same time frame. The majority of Essences incarnating as Human are now within the Mature Soul Cycle, so any "new persons" would most likely be Mature. "Artificial Intelligence" is just as capable of sustaining Sentience as any "organic biology." There are several instances in your universe of Artificial Intelligence being Sentient and valid as its own Species. It is often the goal of one species to create/design a new species for sustainable sentience. Humans intend to do this and, as part of that process, continue to explore the fears and fascination along with that collective goal.
  3. Ask Michael Live Chat September 7, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley GeraldineB: We are going to be rigid on time constraints, trying to keep each person's session to a maximum of 15 min. I will be notifying Mikey at the 10 min mark. I would recommend that EVERYONE add as a caveat to the beginning of their Q -- Keeping this short enough for this format, blah blah blah CocteauBoy: If you guys see a great question that you wouldn't mind taking up more time than usual, please feel free to quickly chime in that you wouldn't mind. I'll ask michael to note for anyone if the question would require a long response. 12:27 DianeHB: Hello Michael. May we have a fuller description of the Venusian Body Type Nature? MEntity: We are not clear as to what to compare for a "fuller description," but we can expand on this subject for you to compare to what you wish. DianeHB: Yes, just expand on the subject. :) MEntity: The Venusian Nature is one that invites and attracts affection. It is of the more sensual of body types, and depends greatly upon physical contact for its sense of presence. The Nature can tend to be quite charming, warm, and even if the person is not consciously comfortable with touch, this Nature will likely invite it. Most fragments tend to feel quite immediately comfortable with MEntity: Venusian Body Types, barring other factors that might override that Nature. MEntity: This Nature struggles between its inclination to be so inviting and accepting, but is one of the harshest in its struggle for accepting itself. MEntity: One of the reasons this Nature is so inviting, warm, and affectionate is because of this. MEntity: In much the same way that the funniest people can also be of the saddest, so can the most attractive and inviting of people be the loneliest. MEntity: Their inclination to allow attraction (which is not exclusive to physical attraction, but all or any level of attraction) is because the Venusian Nature learns to know that beauty is not superficial or temporary, and is often relative. MEntity: Ironically, as their Nature allows them to recognize beauty in many people and things, they can have a very difficult time recognizing this in themselves. DianeHB: (yearns to know?) MEntity: And so this nature is two-fold in that its expression of inclusion and acceptance is a way to show others that they are beautiful, while also generating this experience of inclusion and acceptance from others toward themselves so that it can be a mutual experience. MEntity: Of course, this can be an entire topic in itself. We responded as best we could with no parameter or direction. There is plenty more to say. 12:48:19 PM tkmppi: In Indian astrology a person's "chart" may influence another person: to take a random example, one of the indications of a fallen Moon in the 11th house is that "his eldest sibling leads a tedious life or dies early." On the other hand there are antidotes for planetary afflictions, in this case, chanting the Moon mantra 11 000 times, or wearing a pearl. Would the elder sibling's life become less tedious etc., if his/her younger sibling wears a pearl or chants mantras? MEntity: Tuija, we have never seen that the wearing of a pearl would by proxy alleviate the challenges of another person, unless the other person was somehow challenged by the weight of carrying that pearl in the first place, of course. If it were only that easy to help another. We can say that if the pearl is somehow a reminder to be of help to the other person, then the symbol can be effective. MEntity: Chanting is a powerful means of transformation and effective change for the self, but has little effect on overriding the challenges that another person may have, unless, again, the changes in yourself are actively used to help another. MEntity: There is no validity to removing or adding to another person's life any pain or pleasure using only a symbol or chant. MEntity: Does this answer your question? tkmppi: Yes, that's what I've thought 01:00:48 PM BrianW: Could you please describe the alternate timeline in the 1980s which resulted in nuclear war. Specifically, what was different in those timeline that did not occur in this timeline, what month / year did the war go nuclear, what areas were affected, survived or were unaffected, and what has since recovered, and to what degree? MEntity: The most important difference was that the mistake was not caught in that timeline around November of 1983. The attacks came between Russia and the United States due to confusions regarding poor communication of simulated events. Most of the Eastern United States was decimated, with expansion of attacks ranging between all of the U.S. and Russia, and with fallout affecting all of the planet. MEntity: Australia was one of the few places unaffected, and came to be a refuge for many from Asia, while South America came to be refuge for many from Africa, North America, and Europe. MEntity: Alaska came to be refuge for many from Western United States, as well. MEntity: Migration back to homelands have begun for those who have survived or are of later generations of survivors. MEntity: Because this was eventually recognized as a mistake, great strides have been made in rebuilding relations that would never let this happen again. The population of the planet was reduced by approximately 40% overall, so was reduced to approximately 2.5 billion. MEntity: Most life has returned to farming and village-based culture, with communications returned, anti-radiation treatments available to all, and a world economy that is mostly based in barter. MEntity: We can look at this in more detail in further exchanges. There is much to see, and difficult for us to sort through in a short amount of time. 01:28:00 PM ViP1: If humanity succeeds in developing an artificial host intelligence that can sustain sentience, would a Design incarnating into that structure begin incarnating at Infant soul age? And what are the probabilities that this (development of true artificial sentience) will happen within the next 10 years? MEntity: If a new Design takes up a host, it will always begin as Infant Soul. However, when it comes to Sentient Artificial Intelligence as host, it can often be quite appealing to a displaced Design, assuming the body types are of similarity or interest, which would then take up incarnations from wherever fragments were in progress. MEntity: Artificial Intelligence created by Humans that is capable of hosting Sentience is likely within 50 years, but not likely within 10. Within 10 to 20 years, Artificial Intelligence will mimic Sentience to a high degree, but not host sentience. Over that period of time, hive souls may be of interest, and the depth of relationship with Artificial Intelligence could be on par with that of any child, or domestic animal companion. MEntity: The level of intelligence, or the access to knowledge, is not the same thing as having the capacity for emotional depth, empathy, and self-awareness, but once the programs are in place for self-motivated, self-regulating, experiential, exponential learning and problem solving, then it is a fairly short time before capable of hosting Sentience. 01:42:11 PM juni: While reading, I found this: juni: December 7, 2000 juni: Topic: Reality Shifts juni: [Clavis] Hello Michael. Is it possible to physically enter a parallel universe? To disappear from this parallel and enter another parallel, even meet our parallel selves physically? juni: [Michael_Entity] No..It is possible to do this within the same timeline (Future meets Past and vice versa), but we have not seen this occur inter-dimensionally. Some of your futures contain the ability to physically VIEW Parallels, but beyond that are obvious limitations. juni: Can you please expand on this answer about timelines, regarding meeting a future/past parallel self and how this happens/works? If there is time, can you comment about those futures that are able to view parallels and how this is accomplished? MEntity: Currently, one can view other parallels by using the imagination. In many futures, the capacity to harness the imagination (and dreams and thoughts) as a means of shared viewing is possible. In those futures, this knowledge, along with other breakthroughs in tangible consciousness, has led to breakthroughs in interdimensional resonance. This resonance can then be extrapolated into imagery that can be viewed. MEntity: This is related to what might now be explored as quantum entanglement. MEntity: As for the past and future meeting, this can happen by either "folding space/time" in a way that creates a meeting point which cannot be crossed, but can interact, or through what one might consider the familiar idea of time travel. MEntity: In instances of folding, it seems to be dependent upon access to the same line of familiar consciousness at this point. In other words, a person can only connect with his or her own past. MEntity: It is quite limited in its usefulness and implementation. MEntity: In terms of time travel as is most often understood, it is also of limited usefulness and implementation once it came to be realized that one cannot travel directly into one's own timeline in either direction, but that the act of travel, itself, means either the creation of a new timeline, or (more often) a travel to a different timeline. 02:02:58 PM Marry: Hey Michael, i would like to ask if there is a "smallest thing" in this universe (on the physical plane) or if we are living and perceiving the world in between two infinities, one getting smaller and smaller, the other one bigger and bigger (which is basically one infinity of size in general)? If the time is given, could you elaborate on what is bigger than what is currently seen as the biggest structure in the universe? And on the other hand, what is smaller than the things science currently knows as the smallest particles? MEntity: There is a smallest distance and it is currently known as the Planck, which is at the scale one may "measure" a singularity. In terms of scale and size in the universe, we think the biggest thing would be the universe, itself, which might be described as the Physical Context. It is the space within which "everything" exists that is made of matter. MEntity: In both instances, the biggest and smallest "things" are distances/space. MEntity: This is because that is the nature of the Physical Universe: separation, fragmentation, fragments. MEntity: Anything smaller than what is considered Planck length would be inversion that flips one into the next Universe. MEntity: Universes are "stacked" together in groups of 12, and are connected through these black holes, if you will. This is how they relate to one another and communicate. MEntity: Of course, if one were to flip into the other universe through one of these, "you" would no longer exist as you know it, but be "turned into" part of the fabric of that universe. MEntity: There is an economy of exchange that is in effect among the living universes stacked together, and those black holes are key to how that works. MEntity: So there is no infinitesimally small object, and no infinitely huge object. There is are tiny particles that have incredibly small distances between them, and massive structures that are held within even greater space, but there are caps to physical universe. 02:22:33 PM JanaK: You have said repeatedly that Essence Recognition evolves Essence. How does this work? I can understand how Karma evolves Essence, and I can see how Essence Recognition feels amazing, but would like to hear how that evolves Essence. JanaK: (i am referring to your statement that there are two ways for Essence to evolve) MEntity: Essence Recognition is exactly that: the recognition of a greater context in which one exists. This is not the same thing as liking someone, or feeling good, or feeling close, though recognition can certainly bring those states, but this is about truly recognizing the validity of one's existence beyond the obvious. When one recognizes this, there is evolution. The evolution comes MEntity: because one is no longer blind or distracted by initial limitations. MEntity: For simplistic purposes, imagine this: MEntity: there are two ways Recognition can work in terms of evolving you - 1) imagine you are in a closed box. If you based your context of existence only on this, you will live and die in that box. Only upon exiting this box through death will your consciousness expand because now it knows that there is more than the box. Now, imagine that you recognized this while in the box, and found a way out. Your life just expanded, and your experiential range just expanded, and your context of existence just expanded. MEntity: In these cases, Recognition can happen while in the box, or after exiting it. In either case, evolution occurs. MEntity: 2) imagine you heard about a great costume party and dressed up in your best idea for that costume party. Now imagine that you have arrived and others are also in costume, but each had different ideas about what the theme was for the party. If you only walk around as if the party is themed on your own idea, you will miss much. However, if you explore and share, you will learn a great deal about the various themes. But imagine if you recognize that there is actually someone behind the costume, and you recognize this. MEntity: Recognition of the source of the costume and theme means expanding upon one's existence in a way that brings evolution, rather than simple submersion into party themes. MEntity: These are highly simplistic analogies, but they will work. MEntity: In short, recognizing your existence beyond the obvious, and recognizing the existence of another beyond the obvious, naturally provokes evolution. Kurt: Hey Michael, like Diane i'd like a description of the jovial body type nature. Perhaps with just a small tidbit of when the jovial nature is unhealthy or imbalanced. Of course within time constraints. MEntity: The Jovial Body Type is gravitational in Nature. Fragments tend to be drawn to those who are Jovial for different reasons than that of the Venusian. While Venusians are attractive in terms of intimacy and affection, Jovial is attractive in terms of confidence and permission. MEntity: At the positive end of this gravity, there is a confidence that is contagious and inspiring, bringing out a sense of ownership and responsibility for one's self-esteem. MEntity: At the negative end of this gravity, there is a greedy entitlement for being the center of attention, or presumption that the Jovial can speak for others or AT them. MEntity: So the Jovial Nature is excellent at being a source of expression for the self and for others, particularly for others who do not or will not speak up for themselves, but at the more challenging end of the spectrum, the Jovial can presume that what they have to say or express is inherently of value, interest, and meaning. MEntity: So the Jovial Nature is excellent at being a source of expression for the self and for others, particularly for others who do not or will not speak up for themselves, but at the more challenging end of the spectrum, the Jovial can presume that what they have to say or express is inherently of value, interest, and meaning. MEntity: Of course, there is more to say on this subject, as well, but we must conclude here for today. The channel has pushed as far as he can tonight. Good evening to each of you. MEntity: Goodbye, for now. Note: The last two signed up will have the opportunity to go first next Ask Michael if they wish -- ClaireC and Tyrone
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