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  1. OMW - May 7, 2011 - You and Your Subpersonalities (5 hour session) Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here now. We can begin with the topic requested. We understand the topic to be that of Subpersonalities. This is a subject that is more relevant than may seem to be, at first, because our entire Overleaf Personality System is actually designed for helping one understand the PARTS that are the WHOLE that is greater than the sum of those parts. Though most of you experience yourself as a consistent "I," "you" are actually a collection of fragments of Personality that moves and grows and morphs and rises and falls throughout the lifetime. In the same way that your Essence experiences a wholeness that is greater than the sum of its collection of Personalities throughout time, so does a single Personality experience itself as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, which are Subpersonalities. A Subpersonality is an aspect of the self with its own self-image, going so far as to even have its own posture, gestures, behaviors, feelings, etc. Subpersonalities are a part of every Personality. There is no Personality that is a single entity. In our earliest communications, you may find that we refer to each of you as having "fragments," as well as referring to each of you as a fragment, yourself. This is because there is a paradox at work in this universe: that every ONE is MANY. There is nothing that is a single, whole, pure "oneness," yet every fragment is a part of a singular oneness. There are several ways one can visualize this, even from within your most-dense and separated Physical Plane dimensions: one way is through the fact that every solid object in your universe that your body can bump into is, in fact, a collection of particles that spring into a shape that you see/experience as whole, solid, one. And even those particles can be "broken down" into parts. From where we are, we cannot see a conclusion to the truth that there is a ONENESS of which we are all a part, nor can we see a conclusion to the MANY-ness that makes up that Oneness, and we cannot see that conclusion in either direction, so to speak. In other words, we know that there is an even greater oneness beyond even what we consider TAO, and we know that there is more many-ness beyond the subatomic particles, etc. At this point in our experience and knowledge, we do not know if there is an "end" to that in either direction, but we suspect that there is not. As the soul ages, this begins to be suspected, as well, at least in terms relative to the conceptual universe. The sense of self becomes aware that it is comprised of parts, and then that sense of self is aware that it is a part of a greater consciousness that is humanity, and so on. In various systems, these parts are described. Such as in our Overleaves, and in that which is Astrology, or even in Archetypes. Depending on Agreements, each of you will eventually find the teaching and the teachers that will help to bring an awareness of these parts, and then to bring about a synthesis of those parts. That process of synthesis within a lifetime for the Personality is a precursor to the gathering of entity members that will be the synthesis of that entity. Every Essence will have, at least, one lifetime that completes that synthesis, holding within its consciousness the awareness of parts that have become the whole that is greater than those parts. This can happen at any point, with any Personality, but this happens in different ways for different Soul Ages. Every Soul Age will have this experience of synthesis relative to its degree of consciousness, but it is within the Old Soul Age that this synthesis is experienced on a massive scale that goes even beyond the Personality. There is not a particular Level within the Soul Age that this happens, but once it happens, it becomes a rather "addictive" aim for any subsequent Personality. We qualify the term "addictive" because that is not quite an accurate term; it would be more like an uber-challenge or task as an undercurrent for every subsequent life. In our work with Troy, we shared the details of this for every Essence Role in what was titled "The Great Lesson," if you wish to explore that further in the context of this synthesis "addiction." [See Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (3 of 3).] To understand that you are comprised of Subpersonalities that make up your sense of self is a first step toward synthesis. Because of the complexity of this infrastructure, we will approach it from several directions today that may shed light on this concept from different angles so that you have a choice in how to go about your personal path toward wholeness. First, we will share insight from within our own teaching, and then expand to other familiar systems that are not in conflict with our own. To continue defining and elaborating on the concept of Subpersonality, we will say that every Subpersonality is born from WANTS and NEEDS. Every Subpersonality is a grown from a WANT/NEED and then a RESOLUTION of those Wants/Needs. Depending on the abundance of or lack of resources for that Want or Need, certain Subpersonalities may become more obvious than others. Every Personality has a minimum of 3 Subpersonalities and most have about 12, but there is no limit. In most cases, these 12 will rotate to the "surface" in groups of 3, depending on the state of the life. Regardless of the number of Subpersonalities, there can only ever be 9 SEEDS that might be at the core of a Subpersonality constellation. In other words, for example, 1 Seed can have 3 variations of Subpersonality. These "Seeds" are actually NEEDS/WANTS described by "The Nine Needs." SECURITY, ADVENTURE, FREEDOM, EXPRESSION, POWER, EXCHANGE, ACCEPTANCE, COMMUNION, and EXPANSION. So, for example, the Seed of Security could bring about a Subpersonality that develops around Blind Faith as a form of Security, as well as a Subpersonality that develops around False Hope as a form of Security, and one that develops around Tradition as a form of Security. Every NEED/WANT must be fulfilled within a lifetime to some degree, and the process of fulfilling those Needs/Wants is done through the development of Subpersonalities. Depending on the degree of consciousness a Personality develops for dispersion among Subpersonalities is the degree to which a Need/Want is fulfilled. We will define consciousness here as: an understanding of consequences. Or more accurately: a comprehension of consequences as a result of actions (or choices). The Older the soul, the more likely the higher degree of consciousness of the Personality, but that is no guarantee, of course. Wants/Needs can be described in many ways, and this is how Subpersonalities are born in so many ways, depending on how one understands his or her Wants/Needs. Regardless of how one understand his or her Wants/Needs, they will ALWAYS go back to one of the 9 Seeds/Needs. For instance, if a person feels lonely, and craves the intimate touch of someone who loves him or her, then a Subpersonality may develop around this Want/Need, but at its core will be the Seed of, maybe, Security, or Acceptance, for instance. For purposes of clarity during this discussion, we will use the term SEED for these usual "9 needs" terms, so as to keep the confusion minimal, even though they are all rather interchangeable terms. Every SEED, then, has a dimension of WANT, NEED, and RESOLUTION. Those three dimensions will always exist for every Seed. A person may describe something as a WANT, but there will always be a Need attached, and then the means for resolution of them. A person may describe something as a Need, but there will always be a Want attached, and then the means for resolution. We will differentiate the terms here by stating that a WANT is a creative and conscious path for fulfilling a NEED. NEEDS will ALWAYS be fulfilled to some degree, but to the degree that this is consciously fulfilled is the degree to which one is using Choice. So our first practice for you to use in helping you understand your Subpersonalities, and what might exist within you, would be to use this system of reflection. We will delineate a means for doing this now, and then discuss this with you. What you would want to do is look at this delineation of potential Subpersonality constellations that can grow from these 9 Seeds. Start with 1 to 3 of these Seeds/Needs that stand out to you as prominent in your life, either currently or overall, and then look to one of those degrees of fulfillment that is a part of each Seed/Need, and see where in that spectrum of fulfillment a Subpersonality may be existing/functioning for you. THE 9 POTENTIAL SEEDS of SUBPERSONALITIES, and the degrees of conscious function for each: SEED OF SECURITY: Functioning/Fulfilled through Blind Faith, False Hope, Tradition, Theories, Reliable Sources, Experience/Intuition, Tao (absolute trust); SEED OF ADVENTURE: Functioning/Fulfilled through Drama, Addictions, Physical Stimulation, Mental Stimulation, Revelations, Essence Contact, Enlightenment (full implementation of personal philosophies); SEED OF FREEDOM: Functioning/Fulfilled through Irresponsibility, Aimlessness, Physical Liberation, Mental Liberation, Emotional Liberation, Conscious Choice, Peace (absolute awareness of full potential); SEED OF EXPANSION: Functioning/Fulfilled through Illness/Cancers, Accumulation/Hoarding, Sprawling, Realizations, Inspirations, Transformations, Prosperity (absolute gratitude); SEED OF POWER: Functioning/Fulfilled through Destruction, Oppression, Control, Guidance, Confidence, Ethics, Compassion; SEED OF EXPRESSION: Functioning/Fulfilled through Insanity/Total Delusion, Recklessness, Infamy, Projects, Entertainment, Art, Renaissance (rebirth); SEED OF ACCEPTANCE: Functioning/Fulfilled through Ingratiation, Subservience, Tolerance, Conditions/Conditional Love, Causal Love, Unconditional Love, Agape (true affection); SEED OF COMMUNION: Functioning/Fulfilled through Desperation, Neediness, Fraternizing, Socializing, Mutuality, Intimacy, Unity (spiritual resonance); SEED OF EXCHANGE: Functioning/Fulfilled through Slander/War, Gossip, Small Talk/Banter, Trade/Barter, Mutual Profit/gain, Understanding, Comprehension (true teaching/learning). First: which ONE to THREE of these Seeds could be said to be prominent demands (needs/wants) in your life, and to what degree within that/those seed/s do you feel you function/fulfill? An easy way to assess this is to look at the list of Seeds/Needs and fill in the statement: "I know I could not live without _______" For most of you, at least one of these would stand out. For instance, some of you would "die" if you did not have Exchange in your life on some level. The Need for Exchange is a driving force that MUST be actively fulfilled to some degree, and this would be a Seed for one of your more obvious Subpersonalities. [Geraldine] Michael -- It appears that each function moves from negative pole to positive pole in steps -- so, each of these subpersonalities would be similarly defined? MEntity: That would be correct, and those "poles" would be degrees ranging between unconscious to conscious. EVERY NEED will be fulfilled, even if unconsciously in some way. As you can see, the more conscious the fulfillment, the more active and conscious one must be in the process. And by definition, this would mean comprehending the consequences of the path to fulfilling that Need. We now ask for volunteers to share what may have come up for him or her in reading these, or ask your questions that may be required for clarification so that you may assess yourself. [Geraldine] and one can choose more than one term in a Seed, right? (i.e., have more than one subpersonality) MEntity: Yes, Geraldine. There may be a Subpersonality that has been born from the Seed of Exchange, and one functions on the level for managing Small Talk, while another manages Mutual Gain. [Geraldine] SEED OF EXPANSION: Illness/Cancers, Accumulation/Hoarding [Geraldine] OK I'll start as I have ongoing physical health issues that really do define me (my mobility) -- but I would have thought Accumulation to be a security issue [EricM] SECURITY: False Hope, Reliable Sources, Experience/Intuition [Diane_H] Security: Reliable Sources, Experience/Intuition [EricM] FREEDOM: Aimlessness [Diane_H] also Theories [AnnH] Acceptance: subservience, tolerance, condit/uncon love [Geraldine] SEED OF EXCHANGE: Gossip, Small Talk/Banter, Understanding; but, I was able to find 1 or more per seed, too MEntity: Geraldine, Security does not require MORE, so Accumulation, while possibly being tied to "things" that bring Security, is about the emphasis on MORE. [Geraldine] ok -- then I have that under control as I severely limit the urge to hoard [AnnH] What is the definition of causal love? MEntity: Yes, Geraldine, we think that most who are in this group will be able to find, at least, 12 Subpersonalities. Causal Love is the comprehension of the effects of Love, and the intention behind those effects. It could also be understood, then, as Intentional Love. In other words, it is the practice of loving, even if that loving includes not loving - knowing that loving is inclusive even of the struggle to love. [Jill] They all stand out [AnnH] Michael, are the SEEDS related to the degrees of fulfillment as discussed in Wholeness of Souls course? [DavidB] Power: Control and Compassion. Though I frankly see something of myself in most of the seeds. MEntity: A scenario might be in someone's intention to "love" someone so as to help that person, to heal that person, to always "be there" for him or her, to set an example for what loving looks like and feels like, and so on. It may not be unconditional, because it is usually contextual. [AnnH] yes, that makes sense [Geraldine] OK -- so, it can be for just one person, not the world in general [DavidB] also Acceptance: Conditional Love [AnnH] but causal is different. [AnnH] causal is modeling love for a particular person. MEntity: Geraldine, it can be either. [Geraldine] It's part of the negative to positive pole slide -- contracted to expanded [AnnH] that makes sense! [Geraldine] all of these terms are MEntity: Ann, Causal Love can be a modeling of love for a particular person, but more importantly it is the Intention that differentiates this kind of Love from another. [Jill] I'd like to know how many I have [Martha] Adventure: Essence Contact, Revelation, Enlightenment MEntity: To go back to our example: to love someone by "always being there," is a Causal form of Love, but this will not mean you always Love this person outside of your intention to express that Love by "being there." [Martha] and Expression: art, renaissance [AnnH] expression: entertainment, art [EricM] ah, so then for me Acceptance: subservience and causal love [DavidB] I seem to slide back and forth on the Freedom spectrum. looks like I have more than one sub there. ? [Martha] and expression: entertainment [AnnH] Freedom: Emotional Liberation (or rather I struggle with it) [EricM] Freedom: Aimlessness [Martha] exchange: small talk, understanding, comprehension [ClaireC] Adventure, mental stimulation [Martha] community: socializing, mutuality, intimacy [DavidB] hehe. I guess we're complicated, to put it nicely. Lol [Maureen] I have one over-riding one right now : SEED OF EXCHANGE: Mutual Profit/gain, Understanding, Comprehension (true teaching/learning). MEntity: TO CONTINUE.... NEXT: Look at this first assessment (which may change with further understanding), and circle (figuratively or literally) only those that are most-obvious and without question. You may have decided on a few, but there should be at least one that is without question. Keep in mind that you WILL find many among these descriptions, and all of you here appear to have, at least, 12 Subpersonalities, and some of you have many more. What you would want to do for the sake of this workshop is to determine just one to start with, so that the next steps can be better understood, and then you may go back and work with more. We see several examples being posted, so we will ask for one more listing, for the sake of clarity in the next steps: Pick ONE SEED, and ONE DEGREE OF FUNCTIONING that seems to stand out. List that now. [EricM] Freedom: Aimlessness [Geraldine] Exchange - comprehension [Maureen] SEED OF EXCHANGE: Comprehension (true teaching/learning). [Martha] expression: art [DavidB] SEED OF POWER: Control [ClaireC] Seed of Adventure: Mental Stimulation [Jill] Seed of Security: False Hope [AnnH] Security: Theories [Diane_H] Security: Reliable Sources MEntity: NEXT: NAME this Subpersonality. This name may come suddenly, because it has always been there, or it may come creatively. [Geraldine] Sparkette [AnnH] Bubblehead MEntity: In naming this Subpersonality, there are two most-effective ways of doing so: affectionate names or comical names, or a combination. [DavidB] Controlling Craig? ? [Jill] Pauline MEntity: Even if your comical or affectionate name is "normal," but triggers that context, such as "Pauline." [Geraldine] as in "perils of. . ." [EricM] jack MEntity: Or "Craig," with the playful descriptor. [Maureen] Apple of my Eye [Diane_H] I want to call mine "Mom". lol [ClaireC] Daring Diva MEntity: NEXT: Once you have settled upon a name, GIVE IT LIFE. What we mean by this is: this Subpersonality exists, whether you are conscious of it, or not. It WILL function/fulfill its Seed Need for "you" in some way, whether you like it, or not. [AnnH] Actually, mine does not like the name Bubble Head, she'd rather be Serious Sally [Martha] Bernadette [Geraldine] Then, I guess you'd better rename her, Ann [AnnH] She's Serious Sally [AnnH] David, I just sort of imagine her in my mind MEntity: By "Giving It Life," you will have moved through the second stage of synthesis for yourself on your path to wholeness, and stepped into the third stage: Acceptance, and Cooperation, respectively. Giving these Subpersonalities "Life" means using your Imagination; using your creativity, which inherently draws from many parts of you, contributing to the process of synthesis. [Geraldine] Sparkette is my spark of brilliant intuition, a fragment of a fragment, a piece off the ole block, Sparky (Essence). [DavidB] I just spoke to that aspect of myself that feels the need to control others and situations and informed it that I acknowledged its existence and was naming it Craig for now. [EricM] Jack is laughing, since his name came from "jack of all trades, jack sparrow" etc MEntity: The 5 Stages toward Synthesis are: Awareness, Acceptance, Cooperation, Integration, and Synthesis, itself. The key for most of you here would be in the Cooperation Stage. The Awareness and Acceptance part are rather "easy," but it is in the Cooperation that the "fun part" begins. So, NEXT: To Cooperate means that when this Subpersonality appears, "you" become aware of this, and develop a means for communicating, understanding, and then implementing. Communication with this Subpersonality can be as playful and as creative as you make it, as long as this is followed by Understanding. By this we mean that the Communication bears meaning. It is not simply to make light of the Needs/Wants of this part of you, but to help him or her, because he or she ONLY EXISTS FOR YOU. As YOU only exist for ESSENCE, so do your Subpersonalities only exist for YOU. As we said, these Subpersonalities are born from Need/Want. You HAVE Subpersonalities, but you are NOT the Subpersonalities. Your Essence HAS Personalities, but is NOT the Personalities. This may seem paradoxical, because it is, but with a little creative thinking, this is not perplexing. When we say that the "whole is greater than the sum of its parts," it is a reference to this paradox of oneness vs many, and how the many actually generate what is this oneness. An easy analogy might be: To say that a Garden is one of the single flowers within that Garden would be inaccurate, but the Garden could not exist without the many single flowers. And so it is that "You," as a Personality, are the Garden that is the many flowers that are your Subpersonalities, and equally so is your Essence is the Garden of every bloom that is a Personality in its collection of incarnations. We think the Garden metaphor is appropriate, because "you" are the Gardener, and the tending to those flowers/subpersonalities in more and more conscious ways is what evolves you. Using the 9 Seeds, you can explore yourself in a way that might reveal to you these various ways in which Subpersonalities run things for you, and then you can communicate with these, develop an understanding, and then implement that understanding through choices and decisions. Keep in mind: The lesser the degree of fulfillment for a Seed, the more it is only a NEED, which means it will be fulfilled by any means possible, even to its own demise. The higher the degree of fulfillment for a Seed, the more it is a WANT, which generates creative and conscious paths to the fulfillment. This is because the greater the degree of consciousness, the greater the capacity for comprehending consequences of Choice. This means, if your Subpersonality is further down in the degrees of fulfillment, the more likely "you" will have to bring patience, kindness, nurturing, etc., to your Cooperation with that Subpersonality. The further down the degree of fulfillment, the more likely that Subpersonality is locked into a certain time frame, or age range, from "your" past. Part of your "Cooperation" then would be in helping to bring that Subpersonality up to date, up to speed, and to educate it, enlighten it, show it that there are other ways. [DavidB] so different subpersonalities can be at different levels of fulfillment with the same seed, but all of them can evolve to the seed's highest level of fulfillment? MEntity: We will answer your question in a moment, David. Our next bit of information may help answer that on its own. It is never helpful to reject these parts of you that behave in ways that you know are not so enlightened or empowered or appropriate. The further down in the degree of fulfillment, the more distinct and dominant the Subpersonality may be, especially within the contexts of fulfillment for that Seed. The further up in the degree of fulfillment, the more ethereal, and amorphous that Subpersonality may be, with the fulfillment of that Seed being almost an inherent foundation for the life. The further down in the degree of fulfillment, the more likely there are distinct and separate Subpersonalities functioning on different levels for that Seed. The further up in the degree of fulfillment (5 and above), the more likely there is no distinction for different levels, but a more slippery or wavering fulfillment of various degrees within two or three degrees. The 7th Degree of fulfillment is a product of synthesis in itself, and all Subpersonalities for that Seed that have ever existed now "collapse" into a single entity, so that this Seed now would either have only one representative, or so integrate with "you," that there is no sense of identity there. [AnnH] Can there be different levels of fulfillment in different situations? In other words, can I, for example, have a subpersonality who experiences conscious choice and another who experiences mental liberation, given the situation? MEntity: Ann, yes. As long as there is no 7th Degree of fulfillment for that Seed, then various Degrees could be fulfilled in various contexts. But once the 7th Degree is reached, it "spreads" into every scenario. Communicating with, Understanding, and then Implementing Understanding for any Subpersonality brings a Seed closer to True Fulfillment/Function. Cooperation can come in many forms, but we can say that if your Subpersonality appears to be from 3 Degrees or below for a Seed, then HEALING is necessary as a form of Cooperation. Cooperation can come in many forms, but we can say that if your Subpersonality appears to be from 5 degrees or above for a Seed, then CREATIVITY is the foundation for your Cooperation. Healing may include Creativity, and Creativity may include Healing, but using those differentiating terms can help your focus of Cooperation. The 4th could use either. We can conclude here, or take questions based on what we have shared, or we can continue into how your Natal Chart in Astrology may give you clues for even greater understanding of your Subpersonalities. [Geraldine] Since there are many parallels where we exist, I assume these personalities also have both the existing subpersonalities that they had at time of divergence, but also ones created subsequently. When a convergence happens and brings in these other subpersonalities, what problems can this cause? MEntity: Subpersonalities are managed in much the same way that Personalities are managed when it comes to Merging and Diverging: the more harmonious move together, and the more discordant generate divergences. If the Personality of one Parallel has a multitude of Subpersonalities that are dominant and in conflict with another Parallel's Subpersonalities, a merging will not happen. If there are minimal differences, then those conflicting Subpersonalities either become a more complex dimension of the Personality, or one of them "gives," so to speak. For example, if 10 of the 11 Subpersonalities of two Parallels are similar enough, then the 1 Subpersonality (from each Parallel) would go one of three routes: move the count of Subpersonalities to 12; merge into each other as a more complex version; or one would absorb the other. Since Subpersonalities rise and fall throughout a lifetime, however this merging would happen is not a very relevant or obvious factor in a parallel merging. [Maureen] Michael – this is uncanny! You have described CBE (Core Belief Engineering - a brilliant psychotherapy process I have worked with) – to a ‘T’ right down to the way you would ‘talk to’ or ‘treat’ a Part, all the steps, the synthesis, etc. Is this a coincidence or is there some ‘collusion’ that goes on at your mid-causal ‘strategy sessions’ ? MEntity: What we have described can be described in many ways by many teachers, and this is less about coincidence and collusion than it is about the nature of truth. Subpersonalities exist as a matrix for Personality, and so it goes that this would be realized in many different ways by many different Personalities at some point, even if called by as many different phrases and titles. No teacher's teaching is ever truly original, but a conglomeration of integrated experiences that were gained from their own learning and teachers. Astrology and your Subpersonalities: We are not Astrologers, and we do not pretend that Astrology can easily be superimposed over our Overleaf System or our Teaching, but as mentioned before: the nature of truth is that it can be found to be consistent from many angles. Because Subpersonalities can be rather evasive in working with, we described the 9 Seeds as a map for helping you to find them within you, but your Natal Chart also holds fairly specific, concrete, and valid clues as to how and where your Subpersonalities came into existence, and this does tie a bit into our own system of Overleaves and terms. First, your Subpersonalities are of biological origins. They may seem to be figments of your imagination, or parts of the psyche, but they spring from the Physical. And this makes sense, as "you" also spring from the Physical, or biological. Personality is a biological, or genetic, construct at its base. Consciousness RISES from this base matrix within a lifetime, and then the "you" that you carry forward from the life is what "you" recognize as "you." Before "you" recognize yourself as "you," you are only ever a SEED. We used the term "seed" earlier for describing the 9 Needs/Wants/Seeds that generate Subpersonalities from within the Personality; Now we briefly use this same term to describe the biology that gives birth to the consciousness that becomes "you." You may think "you" exist before you are born, but that is not the case. Your Essence exists. And your Essence's idea for "you" exists. But "you" create YOU. And that is how Essence evolves. In the same way that your Subpersonalities evolve You. Wheels within wheels. Part of how your Essence creates you is by using Astrology. The planetary arrangements at the time of your conception and the time of your birth, both, play tremendous factors in what is potential within your Personality. Most of the influences at the time of conception are focused on the development of the Body, while the influences at the time of birth are focused on the Personality. In looking at your Natal Chart, the first three Houses are what would be described as the First Quadrant; the next three would be the Second; the next three, the Third, and 10, ll, and 12 are the Fourth. If one were to think of the Natal Chart as the garden we described earlier, the Planets "sprinkled" among this are the Seeds at birth. Those Planets in the First Quadrant, if any, would be those that develop almost immediately and build as a kind of core for the lifetime. These usually indicate the Subpersonalities that will require the most healing, often carried over by themes from other lifetimes, or Karma, etc., and so the life begins building those, first. Those Planets in the Second Quadrant might describe the Subpersonalities that would spring to life after after the 2nd Internal Monad and into the 3rd, and would be most obvious in realms of relationships, family, contributions, etc. Those Planets in the Third Quadrant might describe those Subpersonalities that spring to life during the 4th Internal Monad, and would show up most obviously in your chosen relationships, and your sense of identity as it relates to "the world." Where the Second Quadrant relates to default relationships (family, etc), the Third relates to chosen relationships, which may include family, but is often friendships, long-term matedness, partnerships, etc. The Third also includes the sense of relationship within, or to the self. And the Fourth Quadrant would house Planets that represent the Subpersonalities that might spring to life in the 5th Internal Monad, or in the sense of place in the cosmos, humanity, the earth, etc. Any Planets below the horizon, or in Houses 1-6, would be those representing more unconscious or default Subpersonalities that either eventually dominate, or evolve, and these often start at the lower end of the degrees of fulfillment (1 to 4). Any Planets above the horizon, or in Houses 7 - 12, would be those representing more obvious, or conscious Subpersonalities that may behave almost seamlessly with "you," fulfilling degrees of 5 or higher for any relevant Need/Want/Seed. This might become obvious when looking at the symbolism, as those Houses below the horizon describe contexts that are usually already in momentum before consciousness has a chance to build, and therefore must build up from within those contexts. To the degree that your Planets are below the Horizon is the degree to which your Essence probably intended very specific plans for "you." Many who are in a 6th Level will find a bulk of Planets below the Horizon, for instance. With some creativity, some of you may find correlation between the known Planets, their symbolism, and the 9 Seeds we already described, but if you cannot find correlation, that is to be expected. These are different ways of mapping, so they may not correlate easily. Before we describe the Planets as they symbolize the influences that become your Subpersonalities that become "you," we will ask now if there are any questions about what we have shared so far. [DavidB] What could be said of Essence's plan for someone with a majority of planets above the horizon? For example, 9 of my 10 are. I'm asking generally, of course. MEntity: If the bulk of your Planets are above the Horizon, it may indicate the degree to which the overall life was "unplanned" to any degree of detail, which means those with the bulk above horizon might often feel that the life is either a meandering and wandering, or with a momentum and no one really driving. However, to the degree that a Quadrant is dense with planets is the degree to which that area of the life might then "kick in" the "plans" that may have been most-intended. [Martha] so loaded 3rd quad hits during 4th IM MEntity: If a Quadrant is completely free of any Planets, that Quadrant is often as a major emphasis for the life as a major context, free from biases and influences and Subpersonalities. [DavidB] Do you have any particular house system in mind to divide 1st quadrant from 2nd and 3rd from 4th? MEntity: We know there are various House Systems, so we suggest experimenting and using the one that makes sense to you, as they are all symbolic, and what resonates with you is yours. For instance, our Channel, Troy, has Houses 10 through 12 free, which allows us to come through to a degree that is free from most anything "Troy," as he is focused elsewhere in his life. [Maureen] So if someone has a 'loaded' 12th house - their 'real' work might 'kick in' during the 5th IM? MEntity: Maureen, that would be one way that it shows up, but it may also be said that it would "kick in" within the context of contributions to humanity or the bigger picture, and does not require the passage of the 5th Internal Monad. Though, often, those with a density in 4th Quadrant do find the clarity and sense of purpose during or after the 5th Internal Monad. [AnnH] If I have houses 2-5 free, what would that mean? MEntity: Again, when a Quadrant is empty, it usually becomes a non-charged, but major underlying theme throughout everything. Biases and Subpersonalities will not affect that Quadrant. [Maureen] My first Quadrate could be considered 'empty' - how would that show up? MEntity:In your case, Maureen, it might be said that the perception of the inner self, the core of a person, their wounds, their past, their needs for healing, etc., can be seen as crystal clear to you. You just "know." [Geraldine] My 3rd and 4th are nearly empty -- it's like I should have died long ago MEntity: The density or lack of Planets in a Quadrant has no bearing on how long the life will be or should be. They are contexts. And while some activations occur in the context of linear progression, activations also occur in the contexts of categories/relationships. [EricM] So then a packed first quadrant would then suggest many subpersonalities dealing with the core or the self, or a heavily planned lifetime? MEntity: Both. It would most likely indicate that, at least, Essence's idea for this lifetime was to deal with patterns that are across lifetimes, and the Subpersonalities required for this would get a head start, very early in the life. We point out here that your Astrology gives you an idea for what Essence thought was a good plan and idea for this life, and what YOU did with that can be a very different story. NOW, on to the Planets and their symbolism. First, the Sun will represent the True and False Personality, or how the Personality will show up in terms of manifesting Unity or Division, or Love vs Fear, or Essence vs Defenses, etc. Depending on where your Sun is, it can give you insights into how you run the whole of "you." This would be the "I" of you. It is often a meeting or battling ground, and indicates the aim of synthesis, for the Subpersonalities for the lifetime. Using our channel's Sun Sign as an example, we could say that all of his Subpersonalities meet, battle, and evolve relative to his Sun in the Second Quadarant of default relationships, in his 6th House as it is ruled by Aquarius. Translating this would mean that most of Troy's Subpersonalities battle or harmonize as they work through the default relationships that contributed to their births, and this is then played out in the realm of his Health, Responsibilities, and True Work/Life Tasks. We will not describe the contexts for each individual House at this time, but a quick glance at the system can give you insight as to where your own Subpersonalities battle or harmonize in your life. The House that the Sun is in would give you that insight. The Sign would give you the aim of Synthesis for the lifetime that these Subpersonalities would bring. For instance, Troy's would find Synthesis through the higher qualities that are Aquarian, which includes humanitarianism, equal rights, sharing of knowledge, wisdom, etc. The rest of the Planets would describe the Seeds, in the context of Astrology, that were planted as potential developments of Subpersonalities for the Personality. Keep in mind: Those Planets BELOW the horizon indicate Subpersonalities that probably already exist, and have existed from childhood, and have either evolved in status or remain problematic. Those Planets ABOVE the horizon indicate those Subpersonalities that may have developed mid-life, or in broader contexts of chosen relationships and relationships to humanity or spirit. The MOON can indicate the most unconscious of your Subpersonalities, where your greatest potential for True Personality could come, and is loosely relevant to the Seed of EXPRESSION. In other words, the Moon indicates what truly motivates your presence in the world, and often this is unconscious, but when it becomes conscious and accepted, this becomes a path for True Personality. The Subpersonalities that arise from this are usually relevant to Expression, and indicates the most sensitive of Subpersonalities. If this Planet is below the Horizon, it probably means you developed a sensitivity early in life regarding your Expression in the world, and this sprung forth Subpersonalities as a result. If this Planet is above the Horizon, it may be something that did not come into question until later in life, or at least it did not become a matter of awareness until then. We will speed through the rest more briefly, as we know this class has gone long. MERCURY indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXCHANGE, and relative to your ATTITUDE as it began to show in you. VENUS indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to COMMUNION, and relative to how your MODE functions in you. MARS indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to ADVENTURE, and how your Goal functions for you. JUPITER indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXPANSION, and the pursuit of creating meaning. SATURN indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to SECURITY, and those that arose to implement your Chief Negative Features. URANUS indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of The Truth in your life, managing your Higher Intellectual Center, and relative to POWER. NEPTUNE indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of Love/Agape in the life, managing your Higher Emotional Center, and relative to ACCEPTANCE. PLUTO indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of BEAUTY (or identifying patterns within chaos), managing your Higher Moving Center, and relative to FREEDOM. Putting together what we have shared today, then, can help you to understand the fragmentation that is within you in a way that is not seen as "broken," but is seen as the very matrix from which "you" spring, and that to care for those fragments is to care for you. To communicate with, understand, and implement that understanding of those fragments, or Subpersonalities, within you is to reach within for the wholeness that would then allow you to reach beyond you in ways that may never have been thought possible, or even imagined. In effect, this is what Essence does for every Personality in the end. And it is only then that the Cycling Off occurs. Cycling off cannot occur without Essence fully comprehending a profound depth of Truth, Love, and Beauty that is the entirety of its path through every Personality, who, each, gave rise to the possibility for that very Truth, Love, and Beauty. And so it is that a relative profundity is experienced by any Personality who understands what gave rise to its very consciousness within the lifetime. And we will conclude here for today.
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