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Found 24 results

  1. KurtisM

    Uranus in Taurus

    I was thinking of posting this in the Astrology Club, but I think it makes more sense to make it a public topic. For those of you that don't know, Astrology is an ancient art that specializes in reading the celestial bodies of our solar system and beyond to reveal patterns of synchronicity about what your soul/essence sought for you to explore yourself through- and between what happens on Earth & why those things might happen. --- Modern Astrology and Horoscopes often just use your Sun Sign to convey who you are in this life. But Astrology as a whole is about all of the bodies in our solar system and how they mathematically & musically come together to create the parts of us that become greater than the sum of the whole. Whether that whole be you, another, a country or our Earth. Each Planet moves through 12 Signs based on where its coordinates are in the Sky. When you receive a Natal Chart, it shows you where the Sun, Moon and all the other planets in Astrology were at the moment of your birth. These co-ordinates can then be interpreted to reveal the potential of your life. However, once you're born, the planets keep moving through the sky, and over the course of our lives they continue moving through the signs, helping to show you what evolution may come at different stages of your life based on where the planets are then. The planet URANUS is a very slow one. It revolves around the Sun in 84 Earth Years, so it takes roughly 7 Years to move through each sign of the Western Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.) Because it's one of the planets that moves so slowly, it helps to define/influence a large window of time. --- Uranus in Astrology is a planet that represents eccentricity, shock/surprise, disruption, revolution, truth and power. It reflects how it was found- as a planet discovered beyond Saturn, beyond the naked eye, beyond what was considered to be the limit of the measurable universe in ancient times. So it's about surprising truths that come out of nowhere. As Uranus moves through each Sign, it disrupts, shocks, shakes-up, revolutionizes and empowers/disempowers the qualities of that sign. Uranus is currently in ARIES, and has been since 2011. Different people will interpret Uranus being in Aries as meaning various things. But in general you can say it shakes-up what Aries represents. Aries is about EMERGENCE, EMERGENCY, INDEPENDENCE, SELF, SELFISHNESS, SELF-ASSERTION, SELF-DISCOVERY, INDIVIDUALITY, SPARK, FIRE, BIRTH, LIFE, PIONEERING SPIRIT, ADVENTURE, IMPULSE etc. I think you get the kind of energy that Aries is. Uranus in Aries will tend to bring shocking new truths about the above that empower/disempower the individualism of everyone alive. You can probably see how this may have occurred for you. On May 15 2018, Uranus moves out of Aries and into TAURUS. Taurus represents PRESENCE, ESTABLISHMENT, STRUCTURE, FORM, BODY, VALUES, RESOURCES, SURVIVAL, SELF-VALUE, SENSUALITY, NATURE, MOTHER EARTH, RIGIDITY, POSSESSION, POSSESSIVENESS, TANGIBILITY, MATERIAL, PATIENCE, ABUNDANCE, FERTILITY etc. Taurus is like the child that has been born and is now attaching itself to things of the physical world. As Uranus moves into Taurus soon, all of these qualities will be shocked awake in ways that are empowering or disempowering. And because Uranus is an influence on whole cohorts of people, these will be about disruptions in all of the values+resources that have fundamentally established our world. This includes food, water, clothing, physical security, housing, shelter, money, the 5 Senses etc. --- If you look at the larger patterns of the world you will see that there are many factors leading to turning points in all of the above. We have LAB-BASED MEAT & the RISE OF VEGANISM. We have the severe droughts and floods in the world that are rendering the basic necessities of life inaccessible. Look at the WATER CRISIS in Flint; Michigan- Cape Town; South Africa & the Lands of the First Nations for example. We have the looming FINANCIAL and perhaps ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. As well as the RISE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY. We have the FALL OF CAPITALISM, and the 1% sneakily or overtly working against its demolishment. We have the need for a RESOURCE-BASED ECONOMY rising in prominence. We have VIRTUAL REALITY transforming the basic way we interact with the world through our 5 Senses. We have the glaring and growing divide between the RICH AND POOR, or the TOP AND BOTTOM CLASSES. We have the discussions and plans that must be put into place to reduce or reverse the EFFECTS OF HUMAN-INDUCED CLIMATE CHANGE on the whole planet. So I wanted to make this article so we can discuss how Uranus in Aries has affected us, and of the changes and truths to come as we move into Uranus in Taurus.
  2. OMW - Jul 21, 2012 - Personal Cycles of Life MEntity Channel: Troy Tolley Began 9:56 AM 7/21/2012; Ended 2:37 PM 7/21/2012 (Approx. 4-1/2 hours) The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan. [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin with a discussion about the nature of cycles and the potential benefit of understanding these. In every Universe, Planetary System, Planet, and its various life forms, there are cycles in effect that affect all who are a part of that dynamic. Many of these are obvious and observable, and many are on such vast or minute scales they are either missed, or nearly impossible to be concerned with from the Personality's point of view. Today we will discuss with you as many of the cycles that are relevant to the Personality as we can thoroughly discuss. The cycles of relevance tend to develop systems around them as a means to help measure them and track them, such as Astrology and Numerology, which are both valid systems for such things, when applied in legitimate ways. We will not go into the effects or measurements of such cycles that are most obvious, such as the hours of a day, seasons, lunar, etc., except in how they may apply to the cycles of relevance we will discuss. It is not that these more mundane cycles are not relevant, but that they are more useful as markers than as having actual effects. They are more reflective, than causative. There are 12 Cycles of Relevance, as we will call them for now, that may be of use to each Personality for understanding the cycles of his or her life. These are not predictive cycles, in terms of telling you what to expect in detail, but can be predictive in terms of their emphasis. Considering these as predictive only of emphasis in context is a more useful way of understanding these. For example, you know what time tomorrow will come, and that it indicates a new day, and that these days can be measured, mapped out, and counted on, but you cannot predict what each day will contain. To start, we will look at the most intimate of the Cycles: your Relationship Cycles, Comprehension Cycles, and your Life Plan Cycles. Relationship Cycles (Astrology and M/F Energies) Relationship Cycles are often run by your Male/Female, or Focused/Creative Cycles as measured by the ratio of "male to female" energy in your Essence as it is then reflected more mundanely in the Body. Bodies without Essence are either 100% Male/Focused Energy or 100% Female/Creative Energy. As Essence moves through a Body, the body shifts in dynamic to reflect the ratio inherent in the design of your Essence. Until the 2nd Internal Monad is completed, the Body tends to hold its emphasis relative to the gender of the body. After that, the ratio shifts to reflect Essence. Once the hormonal wash that often accompanies the 3rd Internal Monad is activated, then the Relationship Cycles, or M/F Energy Cycles are in effect. Regardless of your Male/Female Energy Ratio, your Relationships will tend to play out the cycles of both Energies, and because your Bodies are directly involved with relating, the body tends to reflect those cycles in fairly tangible terms. Before we elaborate, we will point out here, as an important aside, that there are 3 measurements of cycles that tend to be the most relevant and meaningful, at least in our system. These are measurements, or counts, of 7, 9, and 12. Measurements, or counts, of 7 are relative to Propulsion Cycles, or Evolutionary Cycles. It is a propelling force. Measurements, or counts, of 9 are relative to Completion Cycles, or Wholeness Cycles. Measurements, or counts, of 12 are relative to Expansion Cycles, or Empowerment Cycles. So in terms of your Male/Female Energy, both of these are in effect through your body, regardless of gender. Your Female/Creative Energy works in cycles of 28 days, divided into two cycles of 14 days, with the first cycle being an Inspirational/Emotional Cycle, and the second cycle being an Expressive/Intellectual Cycle. If one has a female body, this can often be measured in terms of the cycles of ovulation and menstruation. If one has a male body, this can be more difficult to measure, but can most often be measured in terms of "mood," as the Expressive/Intellectual Cycle can tend to be the most telling for both genders, as both will either be comfortable in their skin and social during that cycle, or "bitchy," sensitive, and reactionary during that cycle. The more moody and sensitive the Intellectual/Expressive Cycle, the more that individual is working through honesty and trust issues with the self or with others, and finding the voice for that. The stereotypical woman "PMS'ing" is an example of this, as the Intellectual/Expressive kicks into high gear for "getting out" what normally does not get a voice. Men do the same thing. Two weeks of every 28 days during these Creative/Female Cycles helps to relieve the body and the Personality of restrictions on otherwise suppressed feelings, thoughts, words, etc. [Bobby] Does the indicator you gave me, Transiting Moon opposite Natal Sun, match this 14 day period? [MEntity] Not necessarily, Bobby, but may be an indication for various individuals. Though these cycles are valid in terms of measuring by days, they can tend to fluctuate for various reasons, and some "weeks" may be shorter than others, or some cycles may go longer than normal, etc. For most, the cycles are most simply noted by when you notice you are inspired vs when you are suddenly moody "for no reason." The Male/Focused side of the cycle of one's Energy Ratio moves in cycles of 54 days, divided into 3 sub-cycles of 18 days each. Those sub-cycles are an Action Cycle, Expressive Cycle, and Inspirational Cycle. These sub-cycles can be most notably observed by their corresponding names, in that the Action cycle is quite active, sexual, aggressive, more outward in focus, and the Expressive Cycle is more thoughtful, communicative, expressive, and the Inspirational cycle is sleepier, more introspective. These two cycles, and their sub-cycles, are both moving through you at different paces, so that the mix and match of energies is constantly in flux. Combine this with the mix and match of others around you, and there is a great dance of energies happening among you at any moment. This adds a great amount of variation and variety to all forms of relating, and thus this is why we refer to this as your Relationship Cycle. Male/Female Energy Ratio describes how one navigates the life in terms of seeking balance, and this applies to relationships, as well. Depending upon where you are in your cycles, this tends to bring in a balancing set of cycles from others, or similar cycles. Taking responsibility for where you are in your own cycles can help you to relieve others of the responsibility for balancing you out. However, it can also help you to allow others to be in your life as a way to help you balance those out. Regardless of gender, if your ratio is higher on one side than the other by more than 65, then you may tend to relate more, and require balance more, in regard to that cycle. It may also be the side of the Ratio that is most easily revealed to you in observation. So if you are in a male body with higher female energy, you may actually sense your cycles of inspiration vs expression even more obviously than your male cycles of action, expression, and inspiration. Keep in mind that the expression and inspiration cycles overlap in terms for male and female energy, but their implementations are quite different. The male expression and inspiration cycles will be about structure, planning, and all other "focused" qualities, while the female expression and inspiration cycles are far more fluid, open, unstructured, and "creative" in quality. We realize this is a great deal of daunting information and we are only on the first of cycles to consider, but each will progressively require less detail, and we will continue to increase in speed of delivery. To help make the information we have shared so far useful, here is a quick synopsis of what to do: If you are female, make note of your ovulation/menstruation cycles. This can help you map your Creative Energy cycles. If you no longer ovulate or menstruate, or if you are in a male body, you can make note of when you feel the most inspired, with ideas flowing, and visions upheld, and increases in dream lucidity for when you are in the Inspirational cycle of the Creative Energy. You can also note when your mood turns in a noticeable way toward being sharper, more sensitive, brooding, or "moody," mind racing, and a sense of "facing or saying the truth" (even as it may be completely inaccurate), which may indicate the Expressive Cycle. Both of these cycles tend to be about one's mood, so keeping an eye on those distinct patterns can be helpful. Are you in the mood to construct, or in the mood to deconstruct, may be the easiest question to ask in mapping this. If you are male, you can map your male cycles by noting when you find your scent to increase, your sexual urges are amped up, and your distraction with attraction is obvious. This would mean you may be in your Action Cycle. Mapping from there could be fairly easy. This is also the easiest way for those in a female body to note where they are in a male cycle. As it is distinctly "male." Those with high male energy, whether in male or female bodies, may find it easier to note when they shift into sleep mode, introspective and maybe even escapist. This would be the male cycle of Inspiration. We know that these may be difficult to discern, but once one has found a mark, the rest is "just math." From there, you can actually mark your calendars for a general mapping of your cycles so that you will know the most sensitive spans of time, the most aggressive, the most exhausting, etc. This is an amazing way to get to know your body in a way that you may never have paid attention to before. How you feel in your body affects your relationships. Understanding the cycles that affect how you feel in your body, then, can help you to understand your relationship patterns. You cannot map everyone's cycles around you, and you do not have to do so in order to gain understanding. Giving yourself permission and understanding when you are in a cycle that is prompting you to be introspective, sensitive, and expressive helps you to keep from blaming others for your mood, your feelings, etc. It also frees you from expecting others to understand you when you have not done the work of understanding yourself. This, in turn, helps you to not blame others for their moods, processes, and states because you now understand that there are cycles involved that are beyond the control of the individual, except in how one understands and manages these. Offering understanding and insight when someone is in a rough cycle can be much more beneficial than offering disgust and anger. For those working on relationships of any kind, whether in a project, or in a marriage, this first, most-basic Cycle of Relevance can save the day, when it is understood. Noting these on your own is the most efficient means of getting into the accuracy of the cycles, but if one wishes to compare this to Lunar and Martial Transits, there may be a pattern unique to you that helps map these cycles. Lunar being relative to Creative/Female Cycles, and Martial being relative to Focused/Male Cycles. The patterns these make in Astrology are not on the same scales of measurement as the cycles of the energies, but you may still find some correlation that is useful. Before we move on to the next Cycles of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions. [Bobby] what exactly is it about any planet that matches these energies.. I know it isn't gravity [Bobby] if the answer for this is too long, just say so and we can come back to that another day ? [MEntity] The use of planets in Astrology is purely symbolic and relative to the developing Sentience and its exposure to, or awareness of, a planetary system. The planets are reflective of cycles in the psyche, bodies, etc., but are not causative. For instance, Mars Retrograde does not cause electronics to break down, or communications to falter, but, instead, reflects when the psyche is more attuned to, and affected by, those areas already weakened in that context. Think of the planets as various flashlights. In the same way that they reflect light in the sky as relative to your perspective, they also reflect patterns back as relative to your perspective. [GeraldineB] Are biorhythm charts a good way to monitor these particular cycles? [MEntity] If one wants to use a biorhythmic calculator for monitoring cycles, it is a good idea to do so, but only if there are calibrations made for what you observe vs what is calculated. For example, you may find that when the calculator reads that your Inspirational/Emotional cycle is critical, that is when you feel the most inspired. Noting this, you can then translate the calculator to accommodate your cycle in a more meaningful way. One would need to watch the calculator vs personal observation for at least 3 months to see what patterns are in need of translation. [GeraldineB] if they don't volunteer -- you said you'd biorhythms in more detail (but I see their cycles are completely different, too, other than the one 28 day) [MEntity] As for biorhythms: these can be used in the same was as Astrology. There are distinct measurements already locked into the patterns of biorhythms, as in Astrology, and therefore some pattern correlations may be found if observed long enough. In the same way that you can measure your M/F Energy cycles in a scale of weeks and not hours, it may take some larger arcs of observation to see the correlations that can be measured by these other systems. Biorhythms will come in handy for monitoring another Cycle of Relevance coming up (Comprehension Cycle -- see next topic) [Maureen] This is all very interesting Michael [MEntity] As we discuss each Cycle, we will mention any correlating system that is most relevant and helpful for monitoring that Cycle. Comprehension Cycle (Frequency and Biorhythm-like) Next up is your Comprehension Cycle. This is directly related to your Frequency. This is not an easy pattern to map, but a pattern that is easy to observe in effect. This oscillation not only describes how Essence processes experiences, but also describes how this is reflected in how the brain gathers, processes, and archives experiences. In fact, all of which we are describing to you, in terms of Cycles of Relevance, is reflected in some circles of known Physics by the term "oscillation." For example, the Relationship Cycle and all of its breakdown between Male and Female Cycles is what might be explored further as a "coupled oscillation," whereas the Frequency is a "harmonic oscillation." And then there are "driven oscillations," which we can correlate to other Cycles. The Frequency describes one's rate of comprehension. It does not describe one's capacity for comprehension, simply the rate of comprehension. This is the rate of speed through which one converts experience into knowledge. Understanding one's rate of comprehension, or Frequency, can help one to free the self and others from forcing comprehension when it simply cannot come faster than expected. To understand this spectrum of Frequency, we will describe the more obvious extremes of high and low, first. A higher frequency Essence and fragment will tend to be similar to one collecting shiniest objects of experience, first. They can collect many, and this contributes to a wide range of knowledge, as they have collected from so many directions. However, to thoroughly comprehend a single experience, it must be returned to, over and over, working through the "duller" levels, until there is comprehension. Each level uncovered is like a level being brought into the light (shiny enough). A higher frequency person might be similar to one who notices the beauty of the light reflecting off of the bumpers of several cars, and comprehending in a flash that these vehicles are truly beautiful, before realizing they are standing in the middle of traffic about be run over. Their cycles are fast, but brief, and broad. They may be "run over" several times before comprehending all that is involved with crossing a street. This does not make them slow learners. Learning and comprehending are not the same things here. Collecting experiences that contribute to wisdom is Comprehension here. Because experience can tend to have many layers for comprehension, having a higher frequency or rate of comprehension can help to gather a great many experiences at once. When one has a lower rate of comprehension, or lower frequency, it means that one is more likely to focus on one experience, and all of its layers, before moving on to other experiences. This might be similar to the person standing at the edge of a street of traffic "forever" before actually crossing the street. But when they do, they will probably not be hit by a car. They notice all of the shiny, but also the rubber, the pavement, the patterns of driving, stopping, etc. Each layer is thoroughly taken in AND THEN put together at once as Comprehension. Once there is Comprehension for a lower frequency, it is fairly complete in the explorations of layers. However, it can take a long time for that movement through layers to finally come into a state that allows for comprehension. [Maureen] Michael -- being at mid-range -- I feel like I'm all over the map -- it's mess some days. Sometimes I get hit by cars -- sometimes I don't. ...and I like to play in traffic. [MEntity] So while the higher frequency may be run over a lot more, he is crossing a lot of roads along the way. And while the lower frequency may be stuck at the side of a road for a long time, he may never find he is run over. These metaphors are crude, but helpful. Another way to understand this is to think of how one might work through an onion. The higher frequency will slice off what it needs and eat the sandwich into which he intends that slice to go. The lower frequency may peel the onion, layer by layer, working through blinding tears, so that the entire onion can be used in its soup. Those in the mid-range will tend to lean in whatever direction is most natural for the experience. The Frequency, or Comprehension Cycles, are basically Cycles that be described as those of Distraction (higher), Interaction (mid), and Attention/Extraction (lower.) Those who are Distracted gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Those who are Interactive (able to pivot more easily between Distraction and Extraction) tend to gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Those who are Extractive, tend to gain experiences by paying attention, and therefore gain wisdom that way. Societies tend to move in these cycles of comprehension, as well, relative to the dominant Frequency of that culture. For instance, much of the occidental world is in a Distraction cycle, so a great deal of its comprehension is gained through distracting avenues (reality tv, twitter, social media, abbreviations, etc.) Understanding these variations in Cycles of Comprehension can bring great relief to the individual and groups aiming for collecting experiences for wisdom. Those who are autistic or "ADHD" or "ADD" tend to have higher Frequencies, for example. Before we move on to the next Cycle of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions on Frequency and the Comprehension Cycle. [GeraldineB] No, I think I "get it" at this point -- may have followups in the future [Maureen] I just realized that mid-range is a really great frequency to have as a therapist Michael -- Thanks! [GeraldineB] I'm mid-range, too (55) I think -- anyway it helps to keep me balanced [GeraldineB] it's when I get Passion as a Mode that I go nutso ? [Maureen] LOL -- me too! [Maureen] I guess [MEntity] This is why there is such a limit within the range of your Frequency point, because there is really no altering one's rate of comprehension. It is not necessary for everyone to be at the same rate of comprehension, or sharing the same Cycles of Comprehension, but there will always be a necessity for understanding and bridging the differences. [Martha] I'm 40 but love social media and I multitask a lot [MEntity] If our symptoms of Frequency are out of synch with your experiences, we would suggest looking at your Frequency point again. It may be incorrect. [Martha] Troy got 40, Jose Stevens got 30 [MEntity] We think you are hit by cars much more than you remain standing by the road, if you will. [Martha] maybe it's 6th being level? [Martha] being 6th* [Maureen] What is Martha's Frequency then? [GeraldineB] I dunno -- I think Martha is extra careful due to an even higher frequency child [Martha] she's 78 [Maureen] Your daughter doesn't make you "multi-task" and like FB Martha! [MEntity] If you relate more to the higher frequency symptoms, we would suggest a correction of Frequency. [GeraldineB] well, what frequency do you see for her, Michael? [Martha] no she doesn't, Maureen ? Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology) [MEntity] Next up is the Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans. We will look at that for her if that is requested, but for now we would suggest a process of validation, first. If the information here is cause for correction, Martha will probably know. [Martha] I feel like I process big stuff slowly but can handle lots of things going on all the time [Martha] I don't know if that make sense to anyone ? [MEntity] Her mid-range is not unbelievable to us. [GeraldineB] maybe she IS a 40 but functions closer to 55-60 to cope with others [MEntity] That is correct. [Martha] may be why I need to get away from people regularly ? [Maureen] my Sage sister is at 80 -- and she's like that Martha [MEntity] The Cycle of Life Plans is fairly easy to map and to measure, and has a direct correlation to Numerology. This is one of the few Cycles that has such a direct means of measuring and mapping of it. Every life moves in cycles of completion, which are mapped in cycles of 9. However, this is not the case of the first year of life counting as a first count of 9. Instead, one would use Numerology to calculate his or her "Life Path Number" as an indication of where in the cycle one has entered into this incarnation. Using the known birthday and year is enough. It is not necessary for this to be accurate to an actual birthday, if that is not known, such as in adoption. It is the adopting of the birthday and year that is significant here. This calculation is probably familiar to most of our students as adding all of the numbers of your birth month, day, and year, and then continuing to reduce those numbers by addition until there is a single number. Using Troy as an example, with January 20, 1968, this would be 0+1+2+0+1+9+6+8 = 27, 2+7=9. Using the interpretations already set in Numerology, one can get a sense of what Essence was planning for this current lifetime, and where in its cycles of exploration it might be. To understand where you are within that greater context, then one would use the month and day of birth, added to the current year. So for Troy this would be 0+1+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 8. [GeraldineB] Michael -- since my adoption was completed when I was 7 years old -- and I can't remember the date, what would I use? [GeraldineB] just the current extrapolation based on Day/Month/current year? [MEntity] We suggest using whatever you have been using as your birth day, month, and year overall, since having to choose one. [GeraldineB] ok [MEntity] What we are doing here will be applied to a different Cycle we will describe in a moment, but doing both now is helpful. Troy, then, would be described as having a Life Path Number of 9, but is in an "8 year" of his Cycle of Life Plans. We invite each of you to share your results, as well. [Maureen] I'm a birth 6 in a 10 or a 1 year [Maureen] does the 10 become a 1? [MEntity] Always reduce to a single digit. [GeraldineB] apparently, I am 5 birth and 2 current [GeraldineB] and both Martha and Diane had to leave [Maureen] Is there any significance to being a Priest and having a 6 Lifetime? [Maureen] Or being a Sage and having a 5 Lifetime? [MEntity] Maureen, no, because you will also have every other number as a reference over your incarnations. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] sorta like Astrology -- you're probably never gonna duplicate any birth chart again [MEntity] What matters here, for now, is your number as it reflects your Cycle of Life Plans, or "personal year" number in Numerology. [Maureen] OK [MEntity] This Cycle is based on cycles of completion regarding themes, and anything related to those themes. These themes are described by the overall Life Plan/Path Number. Exploring the interpretation of your Life Path Number in Numerology, and where you are in your Cycle of Life Plans, can shed great light on the layers of themes being explored within the lifetime. In terms of where one might be in a Cycle of Life Plans, the numbers might be easily referenced as: 1 = Initiations/Beginnings; 2 = Cooperations/Nurturing; 3 = Productions/Expansions; 4 = Focus/Troubleshooting; 5 = Respite/Playtime; 6 = Intimacy/Resonance; 7 = Analysis/Learning; 8 = Empowerment/Harvesting; 9 = Reflection/Closure. These keywords are suggestions, but you may find other interpretations that resonate more. [GeraldineB] And this would be for the birth number? [MEntity] These keywords, then would be used to describe where you may be in your exploration of the theme described by your Life Path number. [Maureen] would concurrents be a different Life Plan number -- or the same? Aren't they usually the same Theme? [GeraldineB] yea -- I'm on a theme with my concurrents -- Revelation [Maureen] would the numbers also describe your Life Plan number? [MEntity] In answer to Geraldine: Life Path Number = MM+DD+YYYY of birth; Cycle of Life Plans = MM+DD (of birth) + current year YYYY [GeraldineB] ok -- that clarified it [MEntity] In response to Maureen: Concurrents may share a Life Path Number, regardless of when each was born, as the math would be what matters, not the numbers, but where one is in the Cycle of Life Plans might be different. [Maureen] I can see that [MEntity] There is no consistency that we can see in terms of those being the same across concurrents, though. [Maureen] so the same "theme" would be expressed through the Life Path Number -- but the different experiences would be collected for Essence through different Cycles of Life (i.e. what number year you are in)? [MEntity] The keywords we used above are relative to the shorter cycles within the Life Plans, but are not fair to the greater arc of the actual Life Plan. So being in an 8 year has a different context than being in an 8 lifetime. Think of the year number as the Casting and the "Role" as the Life Plan/Path number. Troy, then, would be described as being in an 8-Cast Year for a 9 Lifetime. This is yet another crude way of explaining, but it works for now. [Maureen] OK [GeraldineB] I cannot validate that my "Life Plan" number of 5 (Respite/Playtime) resonates at all with how my life has gone [MEntity] We suggest that you look up "personal year number" vs "Life Path number" when exploring your numbers here. [Maureen] OK - Thanks [MEntity] Geraldine, that is our point. A 5 year is very different from a 5 lifetime. [GeraldineB] I'd have to look closely at the 2 (Current) -- it seems a lot softer than I am (but I've got to look at it in context of my now Personality) [MEntity] We will help each of you in this for now: Give to us your Life Path Number (based on your entire birth date) and your Personal Year Number (based on your month and day added to current year). We already described the numbers as part of the Cycles of Life Plans (based on current year), but we will now describe the Life Path Numbers (based on birth year): [Maureen] Life Plan Number: 6, Personal Year Number: 2 [Maureen] Correction: Personal Year Number: 1 [GeraldineB] lol -- ok there we go again -- Life Plan Number 5 [MEntity] LIFE PLAN/PATH NUMBER THEME KEYWORDS suggested are: 1 = INDEPENDENCE/STRENGTH; 2 = INTIMACY/SHARING/PARTNERSHIPS; 3 = CREATIVITY/SOCIALIZING; 4 = GROUNDING/STABILITY/ENDURANCE; 5 = CONSTANT CHANGE/FLEXIBILITY/EXPANSION; 6 = HARMONY/PEACE/HEALING; 7 = SEARCHING/CURIOSITY/OBSERVATION; 8 = HAVING/LEADING/CONFIDENCE; 9 = ABUNDANCE/HUMANITARIANISM/HIGHER PURPOSE [Maureen] That is great Michael! [GeraldineB] that actually resonates [MEntity] Comparing these simplistic keywords between the Path Number and Year Number may help validate, but exploring each further in the context of Numerology can help expand upon that, then. Taking the numbers you offered: if Geraldine is in a 5 Lifetime, then the themes would be around Change/Flexibility and Expansion, but if she is in a 2 year, then it would mean that that greater theme is now being explored through having to work in Cooperation and using Nurturing. [GeraldineB] good, that makes sense for me [MEntity] This means that approximately every 9 years, the theme of 2 = Cooperation and Nurturing repeats itself in a new layer of the Life Path of Constant Change/Flexibility/Expansion. Maureen would be in a 1 cycle of new beginnings and initiations aimed at helping further explore her themes of Healing/Peace/Harmony. Keep in mind that we are referring to a completely different system from our own, but it works here in understanding this Cycle of Life Plans. [Maureen] that makes sense for me as well Michael [MEntity] We might more accurately describe these numbers, then, as Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans. Again, the only number relevant to the Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans is the "year number" based on the current year. The Life Plan number (based on birth year) is a part of a greater cycle we will describe in a moment. [GeraldineB] Is it possible to have a quick answer as to why someone like Holmes, the man who just killed 12 people and wounded 56 others would deviate so far from any of these descriptions? [GeraldineB] These would appear to be purely "positive pole" [MEntity] In response to the question regarding "negative" lifetimes, it would be correct to assess that these are more neutral, or aspiring, themes, but each can fall into negative states. A 5 Life Plan can bring great growth, expansion and flexibility for the individual, but can also fall into wreaking havoc, chaos, and suffering upon others. The craving for stimulation either attracts the constant change, or imposes it. We will not go into all of the negative states, as this is thoroughly covered in competent Numerology texts. REMAINING CYCLES As we have gone extensively beyond the time frame of this workshop, we will describe the remaining cycles briefly. The three cycles we already described are the most-immediately useful, with tangible references and impact, if you choose to understand and map them. Those first three cycles describe patterns that emerge as a result of what Essence infused into the life before "you" were born, and how those emerge. You will always have a choice in how those play out, regardless of their repetitive emergences. We realize, however, that it would not be useful to add on the remaining cycles, but to leave this exchange with the focus on the three that have been discussed. We will cover the remaining in another way through this channel. The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan. The next tiers are the: CYCLES OF EXPANSION, which include one's Cycles of Learning/Resistance; Cycles of Harmony/Discord; and Cycles of Creativity/Destruction; CYCLES OF PURPOSE, which are Cycles of Humor, Cycles of Discipline, and Cycles of Focus; and finally CYCLES OF DISCOVERY, which are Cycles of Healing, Cycles of Surrender, and Cycles of Acceleration. (Note: Since this session went 4-1/2 hours, Michael and Troy decided that the other Cycles will have to be done at some future time. Maureen and I have already discussed it with Troy -- hopefully, we'll be setting up another session in August that isn't an OMW, but will continue with this Cycle information. glb)
  3. July 15, 1999 Troy Tolley, Channel Parallels and Processes [Michael_Entity] We are here. We will begin in one moment. What we will do is discuss the Parallel Shift coming up and respond to any questions you may have about it. Then move into another area if time permits. We remind you that the window appears to begin on a larger scale starting the 17th, with the actual shift window for most being on the 19th, and continuing through the 29th. The reason for the extended time window is due to the nature of the Community Shift. Some within your circle may begin or end their own version of the shift at a different point than yourself. A solidifying factor for this shift can be seen astrologically. We do not practice astrology, but a quick glance at some events at the end of the month and the beginning of the next should provide some insights from another angle. The process of passing through the parallel shift is in three stages; a Triad: Negative/Positive/Neutral. Though some may reverse the Negative and Positive phase, the process always moves to Assimilation/Neutral as a conclusive factor. It is rare to begin in the Positive. What we will describe can be experienced on all three levels of shifts, Individual, Community, and Global Levels, so this can be applied at other times than this shift currently unfolding. The window indicated by us through our channels is always the general window of the “positive” phase. It is most easily identifiable and marked, while the first and last thirds of the Triad are less defined by time. In the Negative phase (Phase One), Personality begins going through what some may consider a drop in energy, a sleep-like phase, sometimes depression or simple disorientation. This is what may easily be considered sedation of the Personality. This is caused by a more “horizontal” flow of energy and a time in which Personality must sustain itself on a basic instinctual level. In most cases there is a sense of disconnection from Essence, a sense of “just getting through the day”, and/or the dream state takes on a vivid life while the waking state seems gray or less-than. This is all due to the evaluation process occurring by Essence. Essence is “looking in” on all parallels, evaluating where energy has been utilized by all aspects of itself to date, in all of its manifestations, measuring this against several factors. During this first phase many “realities” are being generated in a potential state. Personality is in a state of sedation, so to speak, since this takes much energy that is usually available on a daily basis for creativity by the Personality, and redirecting it in a very specific manner. The very end of the Negative period is marked by a swift uplift in energy, a shift of sorts internally, marking the end of the exploration by Essence and an inclusion of Personality in the process. This is usually where Personality now suddenly feels inspired, senses potential on a vague but motivating level. This is where Personality will then make final decisions in what directions to go through the shift, selecting from the potentials generated by Essence. Shortly after this, the Positive phase begins (Phase Two). The window for the actual shift in parallels occurs during this phase. This phase is interpreted/experienced differently by different Roles and is further affected my Attitudes and Centering. In general, the more fluid Roles (Priests, Sages, and Artisans) can feel giddy and inspired, confused, but uplifted and energetic. The more solid Roles (Scholars, Kings, Warriors, and Servers) can feel slightly agitated, introverted, “serious” and feel a need to focus. The more solid Roles will usually find “projects” that focus the energy for this period of time or find sexual arousal distracting. This is their way of “staying in the body” during the shift. The shift tends to find an individual feeling scattered and this is not particularly comfortable for a solid role. This is all highly general, but accurate for the most part. Once the shift is finalized (and an astrological event usually parallels this), depending on the individual or community or planet (relative to the type of shift) the fragments settle into their new vein of experiences. This third phase can take as long as individually required, though it is usually within 60 days from the shift. During this phase you begin to experience that which is “next on your agenda” as determined by Personality and Essence. We will stop here and ask for your responses, validations, etc. Any questions. [Jn] Are these shifts “cosmic” events or determined by Essence or groups of Essence (community)? [Michael_Entity] They are determined by Essences, individually, and/or collectively. For instance, the Cetaceans have their own parallel shifts. The highest level, the global level, is more likely to include all of sentience on that planet. [Jn] So do the shifts happen mostly during Internal Monad periods? Like the 4th IM? [Michael_Entity] No, shifts happen all the time. More individual shifts may occur during personal revelations, but that is individually determined. Each year, there are an average of 4 Individual Shifts, 2 Community Shifts, and one Global Shift. They are all built upon by “decisions” that lead to the major “choices”. [aa] Can personality’s desires and wishes influence essence choices regarding a shift? [Michael_Entity] Personality is entirely influential. In fact, parallel realities would not be a necessity if not for the dynamics of a Personality. This is the Tao’s way, and Essence's way, to accommodate the wishes, creativity, and even rejections of Essence from the Personality. Just previous to a shift, however, a momentum has already begun long before by your Personality’s day-to-day reactions to experiences, your decisions, your thoughts, feelings,… all this is fed to Essence as factors for consideration. Once the Negative phase has begun (Phase One), most of what is considered for your “future” parallels is already “collected”. As you begin as an older soul to recognize these shifts, processing them more consciously, there may be a tendency of the Personality to want to “be a part” of the shift by trying to “influence” it through focusing at that time, etc. It is actually more empowering and influential a perception to consider your daily reactions, responses and decisions are what “matter” in terms of creating your future, not the window for the shift. We know of some Personalities being anxiety riddled at the nexus points, “hoping” they pick the “right” parallel. This is completely invalid. Once the shifts begin, Personality is in a space where surrender is the most empowering strength. There are some things the Personality was not designed to do. Trusting Essence is the primary challenge for the Personality during a parallel shift. [Jn] For Global shifts, all sentience on our planet experienced the shifts, but what about alien visitors here? Do they participate? I am curious to know if our shifts (parallel universes) have effects on other planets (or vice versa). [Michael_Entity] There are actually 7 levels of shifts that occur or are possible in the Universe. We remain dealing with only these basic 3 shifts until more off-planet concerns are a factor. We will discuss the fourth level at the end of this year. In answer to your question: If there would be an alien visitor, it would participate in the shift relative to this planet as well, yes. Your local shifts for your planet affect other planets only to the extent that off-planet exploration is utilized. For now, other civilizations off-planet would have more influences on your planet, than the reverse. Next question… [La] So far, most of what you’ve told us would apply to the Individual Shift, but I’m unclear as to the dynamics of a Community Shift? [Michael_Entity] The primary difference is that MORE of you are shifting together in one context. It still occurs individually, without exception, but there is a factor of agreement in a larger circle. This means that a group of fragments have agreed on a future that would like to be experienced in terms of interaction with each other after evaluating Agreements, Karma, contacts, Sequences, Vectors, etc. When done on the Individual Level, after a shift you may view many things differently, feel different motivations, all of which seem detached from the perceptions of those around you. You will notice that in a Community Shift or Global Shift, more media is involved, more gatherings, more impact FROM others or ON others around you. Each Community shift usually has a theme. This shift is specifically about manifesting True Soul age on a Psychological Level. The mundane effects of this are in the loss of people or the gain of people in a significant way in your personal support circle. This is why we spoke earlier of the window being a longer time frame; to accommodate the actual Individual shifts involved. If there are no more questions about the shift, we will take a question from each of you. Depending on its nature, we will respond to it tonight. [aa] I had a dream where images were flashing in too fast to recognize. Was this some sort of “processing”? About twenty images in a sequence of flashing. [Michael_Entity] We would think so. This is not unusual. The Dream State becomes a meeting ground for Essence and Personality for some considerations of potential futures. This is usually the “uploading” of certain experiences that have not been “updated” for Essence evaluation. You may experience them as if they are being fed to “you”, but this is natural since they are moving to a conscious level from your Centers where they were stored previously. It may be assumed that Essence is involved in all activities and experiences and “knows all” while you are incarnated, but this is just not the case. Essence, of course, is involved on all levels, but in many cases “allows” the Personality its own terms for much of its life. The Personality will report or check in or make contact when wanted or needed. This contact can easily be sustained so that Essence is purely manifest, but we rarely see a Personality interested in this except in extreme trauma. [Dd] What does the maxim: You create your reality NOT entail? [Michael_Entity] Though this is a rather “large” question, we can assure you that most mistake this as the Personality’s potential, when it is not. The Personality is highly limited in its “creation” of reality. Personality, though, is the highest consideration by Essence in terms of what DECISIONS Personality has made for a length of time. Essence takes these factors into consideration as the Essence creates reality. The Personality is a sensory unit for the Physical Plane, and though it has the definite potential and goal for pure manifestation of Essence, allowing Personality a co-creative stance, it will always be Essence that creates the actual reality. This is why we encourage Essence Contact. The more consciously involved “you” are (as Personality) with Essence, the more influence on Physical Plane manifestations and abundance. A missing link in many endeavors for “creating your reality” is in the lack of actually “asking” for what you want directly to Essence. It is most often “left to the Universe” or “released” to a vague source or “God” for its manifestation. The most irresponsible and indifferent mantra we have seen used by Personality in reality is, “It will happen if it is supposed to happen”, or similar. We say “irresponsible” in its true sense, not in the judgmental manner this word usually entails. Since Essence (and certainly the Tao) does not “think” in terms of “supposed to” this lends little direction to an event and what results is usually another opportunity for Chief Feature manifestation. [Dd] So has the Seth material been largely misinterpreted much like the words of Christ were? [Michael_Entity] There is no such thing as misinterpretation. Nothing can be misrepresented or misinterpreted; only individually perceived. It is an individual determination and based on relativity. What is seen as “misinterpretation”, at least in this context, is more a frustrating need for validation of that individual perception. This has been the contributing factor behind most religious conflict, in fact, most conflict. [Dd] We all yearn for the truth. [Michael_Entity] It has never been the “words” themselves that contribute to the situation, but rather the need for validation externally of the words as seen individually. We are being truthful when we say that all is true on some level. Reminding yourself of the three levels of Truth (Individual, World, and Universal) can alleviate many distractions with conflict. All of the material from Seth is valid and applicable. If it is to be used for personal exploration of power and conflict, then it is still serving the students. We would suggest looking beyond the surface to what the personal challenge is. We do not see it involving philosophy, but simple self-karma. We will take another question, then conclude. [By] First, as I understand it, essence can split off and create alternate or parallel realities so it can experience different “what if” scenarios – right? [Michael_Entity] This is a valid angle, yes. [By] Then can through some form, say meditation, can I contact essence with intense desire that it try something else and then when it is finished, it will merge the split off fragment back and at some level I will benefit from the learning of the fragment? [Michael_Entity] You already do this; it is inherent in the process of a life. It does not require meditation. Frustrations, reactions, responses, decisions, emotions, thoughts, ideas, etc. all contribute to the diverging/branching of parallels. The merging is based on a quantity of similarities in certain parallels and the lack of need for individual realities. “Benefit” is gained on many levels. A drive to have children might spawn a reality where that is the choice, lessening the drive in “this” reality so as to focus on other agenda. Benefit can also be more consciously gained through simple visualization and if you prefer, meditation. Visualize what “you” are like in a reality that has done or is doing or having, etc. what it is you are seeking. We have spoken on this many times, stating that your imagination is all that is needed for this exercise. Though we realize it is highly mistrusted, the imagination is the highest frequency owned by a body and extremely empowering. In your visualization, choose a simple habit, style change, or activity that “you” do “there” that you do not do “here”. In the replication of this in your reality, you will create a link, or bleedthrough, helping to direct a manifestation. [By] So that the direction to try a different existence comes from me and not from essence as such? I have trouble distinguishing between “me” and “essence”… [Michael_Entity] We have said before, but will here say again, that the dynamics of Parallels is designed to accommodate both the Essence’s AND Personality’s development of a life. The “direction to try a different existence” comes from both Essence and Personality, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in complete discord with each other. Essence will never interfere with the ideas of a Personality however removed they are from the “original plan”. There is plenty of “room” for “all of you” Another reason for parallels is that Essence CANNOT experience all of the Physical Plane while the Personality IS of the Physical Plane, therefore, Personality has an “edge” on what is important, needed, or wanted. Personality gives the Essence a source of “feedback” from the Physical Plane so as to make more and more complex, elaborate and meaningful choices as Soul Age progresses. [By] I guess “I” am a creation of essence so if “I” wish essence to try a different scenario, then it is the same as essence doing it. Or am I getting confused here? [Michael_Entity] There is really no need to distinguish between “you” as personality and essence since as older souls you are seeking alignment more and more. [By] ok, I think the subject of who can initiate the creation of parallel realities is a little clearer for me now, thank you. [Michael_Entity] If there is confusion in your life, it is best to assume yourself as Personality. This will allow a clearer path of communication to Essence when important. A sense of knowing and trust for the next moment or experience being felt may be considered being in Essence. Either way, there is the same amount of impact available on reality. It is merely within the acceptance or resistance of this that a challenge can occur. We will conclude here.
  4. Michael Speaks -- Open Floor Chat July 10, 2011 [Diane_H] What is the cause of autism/asperger's syndrome (a milder form of autism) from your perspective? [MEntity] From what we can see, Diane, as these are syndromes, there are multiple causes that come together to generate the symptoms that are called "autism" or "asperger's syndrome." As this tends to be a developmental syndrome, we think it is partially explained, in many instances, by the Goal of Re-evaluation for the Personality. It is simply one of the many ways that an Essence can create a Personality with a re-evaluatory aim for the lifetime. There are lifetimes that are physical re-evaluations, emotional re-evaluations, and intellectual re-evaluations. There are a multitude of ways for helping to bring that Goal into focus for a lifetime, and these conditions are ways to do that. [Diane_H] Are they generally planned before birth? - the syndrome [MEntity] With physical "causes" that may be difficult to pinpoint, but range from genetics, to deficiencies in diet from the mother, to post-trauma, to vaccination issues (which are legitimate concerns, regardless of claims for safety), to simply being slow development, to being complete misdiagnoses. The Goal of Re-evaluation appears to make up approximately 40% of the legitimate cases, with physical "causes" ranging across the suggestions above; with 30% being slow development phases, and 30% being complete misdiagnoses due to the methods of expression that a Personality may implement that are simply not satisfying to those around him or her. Those relative to the Goal of Re-evaluation would have been planned, but the others are developmental, and not always planned. We do not have the terminology through this channel to convey a specific response, but we think that the legitimate cases, regardless of original causes, would be dealing with synaptic or neural issues that can be treated. [Oscar] I would like to know if Lloyd Pye's theories have any ground. As such, are some hominid races (pre-Homo Sapiens) still alive on Earth today, and what were the races of the parents of the so-called Starchild, of which he has the skull in his possession? [MEntity] This Scholar known as "Lloyd" appears to have some footing in his theories, and though there are flaws and embellishments that are unintentional, we think it is worth exploring for the sake of concept. We do not see any of the "pre-homo sapiens" at this time. We also think the label of "star child" is a misnomer. [Brian_W] Hi Michael. The term "subtle energy" has been used quite frequently lately and many of us are curious, from a physical standpoint, what frequency and energy range does it fall under on the electromagnetic spectrum for us to detect and harness it? Does it propagate on, parallel to, or perpendicular to the existing electromagnetic spectrum? [MEntity] We may fall short again in terminology through this channel, but we can say that subtle energies fall just beyond the range of what you would call Electric and Magnetic Fields and frequencies. At this point, we know of no reliable means for detecting these without a living system involved, such as the musculature responses of a human body, which convert these into something observable, and without considering the concept of a empty space, or a vacuum in the calculations. We do think it is valid to consider subtle energies as being a kind of "vertical" energy vs the "horizontal" energy of observable energy. All subtle energy would require conversion, if harnessing or directing it were to be an aim. We are doing our best to convey the details through this channel, and we would suggest continuing to ask these questions in different ways at different times to help in generating a clearer picture. [Maureen] I have 3 planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) in my 12th house. It is often described as being the house of isolation, hospitals, i.e., retreats of any kind, BUT I find this incongruent with the overall description of what it means to be “above the horizon”, usually pointing to “exposure” of sorts, for any planet placement. What is Michael’s take on this? What is the “true” meaning of the 12th house in Astrology? [MEntity] We would not qualify our response as clarifying the "true" meaning of the 12th House of a Zodiac, but we can say that it is A truth. As Astrology is a system of symbols, the flexibility of meaning and "truth" can accommodate a great many perspectives, maturities, and contexts. Our perspective of the 12th House, in terms of the Natal Zodiac, tends to be that this is where issues of collective inheritance comes in, with the planets emphasizing how these would be brought through the Personality. By "collective inheritance" we mean that which is a collection of imbalances, ideals, woundings, and/or patterns that are relative to a group of past Personalities of your Essence (past lives) or relative to those who your Essence intends to include as part of the current life. For those who lean toward an emphasis of Healing within the lifetime, either of the self or others, there can be a tendency for planets to populate this House. It could be called "The House of Healing," for that matter. When the Sun is present, we would think this is relative to SELF; with Venus present, it would indicate realms of Intimacy; and with Mercury present, it might indicate the realms of Communication. Each of those areas may come with built-in challenges that prompt a development of techniques and methods for Healing. This is a highly simplistic response, but a good start for consideration. [AnnH] I've been observing a great deal of divisiveness on many different levels. In the US overall, on my job (administration vs. faculty/staff), among friends, and in the MT community. Is this the tidy up from the June platform, or the movement into Pragmatist in July (sliding to Skeptic/Cynic), or just what I'm focused on? [MEntity] The emphasis of collective energy has shifted toward the Attitude of the year, which we see as Pragmatist. The first phases of emphasis tend to bring up the Negative Pole, and in this case, issues relative to perspectives rooted in Dogma are going to surface. The means through which to secure Dogma appear to be through the use of Cynicism and Skepticism, as Pragmatist perspectives slide into those. This means that some securing of Dogma will come in the form of Denigration and Suspicion. This is being played out currently in the United States over the "debt ceiling" and the divisive dogmatic maneuvers of those involved with that. In short: it is "not you." It is the world, in general, and everyone who is participating in the world in any way is going to find exposure to their own, or others', Dogma. The moment you notice another person or group as having a problem with their perspective because of their strict adherence to one acceptable pattern, we would suggest, first, exploring whether this is noticed for the sake of bringing to light your own Dogmas. That is not always the case, of course, but it is a healthy pause to make in the process of interpretation. We will have more to say about this, and suggestions for solutions, when Troy posts our Energy Report. [Geraldine] Due to some fairly fundamental differences between some parallels on earth, are there some Energy Rings that only incarnate into those parallels after they've become very different? Do all Essences in the same Energy Ring incarnate into all of the same parallels for a shared experience? [MEntity] Because all of one Design, or in fact, all within an entire Universe, begin "together," there is ultimately that "trunk" that will bind all of us. No matter how many branches will come from that trunk, ALL of us will share at least that primary binding/winding of realities that are similar enough or the same. However, there are no rules to the variations of branching, and one Entity, one Cadre, one Energy Ring, and any combination, can branch off into its own experimentations, with no other fragments involved at all, or at least not involved in any meaningful way. By "not involved in any meaningful way" we mean that your Essences are vast in their capacity for being present in any parallel at any time, so if, say, an Entity wants to explore one extremely experimental version of a timeline, it can appear to be populated by as many as necessary, but these would, in "reality," be props. There are multiple, solid versions of timelines for your cycles of incarnation by the time your Essence cycles off. Parallels exist up to and through the Causal. We have parallel versions of ourselves, as well. However, by this Plane, these versions become accounted for, and become a part of the integration process before moving to the higher planes. If it were not for these parallel versions, Entities would not have the opportunity for exploring the 6th and 7th Soul Ages. For instance, there is a parallel version of our relationship with you where we are incarnated as Transcendental, and you are a part of our audience there. In short: yes, there are many variations for how an Entity, Cadre, Energy Ring etc. cycle off, and part of the progress through the Astral and Causal Planes is the recollection of those variations. [Bobby] You've mentioned that the Chernobyl incident was one where alien intervention occurred. Did the recent Fukushima incident also precipitate such an intervention? If so, what sort of interaction is taking place? [MEntity] The Chernobyl event was one that included prevention, with some amount of hope that this would help move nuclear development down in priority, as it is quite unstable as a resource on a planet with shifting crusts. The impending destruction at Fukushima, however, is not being prevented, and is, as far we can see, even being encouraged, as this may end up being one of the "hard lessons" that caretakers may consider necessary to allow, much like eventually allowing the child to burn his hand so that the danger is fully comprehended. There are no interventions at this time, that we can see, at least. [jesuislulu] After researching about the more personal nature of Triads from my last POF session I came across a question regarding working groups....I cribbed this question from the Library as it resonated with information from previous sessions regarding my times in the Mystery Schools..... SO. Regarding your description of working groups as “a configuration of fragments working on esoteric themes begun in Alexandrine schools….,” this struck a cord with me. Could you elaborate a bit more and I’m not asking for details, but can you confirm whether I am part of such a group and if so, what its esoteric theme is? [MEntity] Yes, your Essence is part of such a Working Group: The Owls, who focus on a form of constant and persistent questioning until "satisfying" answers are collected. Owls may be associated with the sound of "hoo," but this Working Group asks "why." [MariLynn] there has been a recent trial decision in the Casey Anthony case, and the drama of it seemed to captivate the entire US, perhaps beyond, and I was wondering if this woman did have something to do with her daughter's death, as in guilt but, what can we take away from this drama, ie. what can be the "bigger lesson" for people? [MEntity] We cannot answer definitively whether this Artisan killed her Sage child, though we do see some record of awareness of from the Artisan that indicates her presence at the time. We cannot answer definitively because this is a Karmic issue that does not allow for access until the ribbons are burned, or at least those Essences involved are done locking down those records. When Karma is involved, particularly when it is still active, either in formation or balancing, the records are "locked down," so to speak, because to relay any details about a Karmic situation via any method other than one's own Essence, can incur Karma. Giving an intentional or an unintentional "heads up" about Karmic Ribbons can alter the entire dynamic of a lifetime for many involved. And while we would not be in danger of this through answering your question for you, we still cannot answer that question until those records are clear. There is no "big lesson" in the drama that has unfolded for the public, other than one that each chooses to interpret from the scenarios as one plays out "what if" or "if I were..." games with speculation, but we can say that this case symbolizes the growing shift of maturity away from glamor and fame for sake of glamor and fame, and the growing disgust with such seemingly blatant displays. [tkmppi] Do others of the 9 Pillars have 7 alternatives as True Home does (wilderness, ocean, etc., with the usual M math I presume)? If so, what are they? [MEntity] It is valid that each of the True Work, Play, Study, Love, Core, and Gift can be delineated as having 7 categories for each, but these would not be as personalized as our choosing more specific terms from within those categories. For instance, True Work *could* be described as being the same as your Goal, but this would lend no insight into that specific Life Task, or methods for implementing that Life Task, even as it may fall under the broader umbrella of Growth, Acceptance, etc. Or True Play might be understood as relative to your Attitude, and your means of forming Expression; or True Study as relative to your Mode, and your means of igniting Inspiration. True Love tends to be relative to the Level within Soul Age. True Core tends to be relative to Soul Age. And True Gift tends to be relative to Chief Features (or the means through which one transcends or transforms the Chief Features). We can delineate these in more detail at another time, but this is a start. [Jana_K] I have been watching a programme called Catastrophe on Discovery Science. It seems like the fact that life is possible on earth is only thanks to seemingly endless amount of "accidents" that have happened. Collisions of a specific type, in a specific order, with specific consequences, eruptions, freezes and so on. It seems like an awful lot of coincidence, because all of these events in the order they have happened have lead to making conditions for life possible. In addition to that, our planet is in a number of "Goldilock zones". Again - more and more unlikely coincidences. It seems orchestrated. Is it? By whom exactly? How? [MEntity] The means for which "life" is possible seems far more profound when the "perfect scenarios" are retrofitted to what is living at the time, but it is often the other way around that "life" begins. Or put another way, the definitions of "life" are often limited by the lifeforms defining it, and what is "perfect" for that lifeform is not perfect for another. Life exists in many forms in many ways, and the "Goldilocks Zone" for humans is very different from those who are silicon-based, for instance. What tends to happen in the creation of a Universe, from what we gather, is that the initial process is rather random in its formation, but eventually patterns emerge, much like a painter might splatter paint across a canvas and eventually find images in that pattern. The dominant patterns that begin to form throughout the universe then become the media through which "life" and Sentience will choose to evolve. In other Universes, some patterns may be more prominent than the carbon- and silicon- dominant universe we exist within. There are three dominant bases in this universe, but we do not have the proper word for conveying the third, in addition to carbon and silicon. There are more than three, overall, but those are the dominant bases. In other words, BECAUSE those bases developed as the most prominent pattern, Sentience used it, rather than the bases being determined, and then the universe having to shape itself around those parameters. [Paulyboy] How have other traveling species managed interstellar travel? Propulsion seems to have many difficulties around it (time dilation, energy requirements towards the speed of light, sheer distance, etc.), so perhaps bending space/time and "hopping" may be more the route to look into (I'm not really sure). What directions, openings, ideas, leads, principles, etc. would be a good aim for further opening of exploration and questioning of this topic in the future, given the vocabulary of the channel? I'd aim for the schematics and construction manual for a warp drive or TARDIS (/chuckle), but I doubt this would be quite the setting for that. Thanks! [MEntity] The concepts of folding space are valid, though not quite understood when put into current paradigms dependent upon propulsions. The "folding" of space that is used by many species includes the disassembling of matter from one point in space to the reassembling of matter in another. When the emphasis of exploration focuses on this method, the cascading of possibilities and potential might then lead to farther off-planet explorations. [Paulyboy] Sort of a teleportation type technology? [MEntity] It is a variation on that concept, yes, but rather than either a "beaming" or a "folding" acting as separate concepts, they come together. In most instances that we can see, the "beaming" comes first in development, and then the "folding." We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you.
  5. OMW - May 7, 2011 - You and Your Subpersonalities (5 hour session) Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here now. We can begin with the topic requested. We understand the topic to be that of Subpersonalities. This is a subject that is more relevant than may seem to be, at first, because our entire Overleaf Personality System is actually designed for helping one understand the PARTS that are the WHOLE that is greater than the sum of those parts. Though most of you experience yourself as a consistent "I," "you" are actually a collection of fragments of Personality that moves and grows and morphs and rises and falls throughout the lifetime. In the same way that your Essence experiences a wholeness that is greater than the sum of its collection of Personalities throughout time, so does a single Personality experience itself as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, which are Subpersonalities. A Subpersonality is an aspect of the self with its own self-image, going so far as to even have its own posture, gestures, behaviors, feelings, etc. Subpersonalities are a part of every Personality. There is no Personality that is a single entity. In our earliest communications, you may find that we refer to each of you as having "fragments," as well as referring to each of you as a fragment, yourself. This is because there is a paradox at work in this universe: that every ONE is MANY. There is nothing that is a single, whole, pure "oneness," yet every fragment is a part of a singular oneness. There are several ways one can visualize this, even from within your most-dense and separated Physical Plane dimensions: one way is through the fact that every solid object in your universe that your body can bump into is, in fact, a collection of particles that spring into a shape that you see/experience as whole, solid, one. And even those particles can be "broken down" into parts. From where we are, we cannot see a conclusion to the truth that there is a ONENESS of which we are all a part, nor can we see a conclusion to the MANY-ness that makes up that Oneness, and we cannot see that conclusion in either direction, so to speak. In other words, we know that there is an even greater oneness beyond even what we consider TAO, and we know that there is more many-ness beyond the subatomic particles, etc. At this point in our experience and knowledge, we do not know if there is an "end" to that in either direction, but we suspect that there is not. As the soul ages, this begins to be suspected, as well, at least in terms relative to the conceptual universe. The sense of self becomes aware that it is comprised of parts, and then that sense of self is aware that it is a part of a greater consciousness that is humanity, and so on. In various systems, these parts are described. Such as in our Overleaves, and in that which is Astrology, or even in Archetypes. Depending on Agreements, each of you will eventually find the teaching and the teachers that will help to bring an awareness of these parts, and then to bring about a synthesis of those parts. That process of synthesis within a lifetime for the Personality is a precursor to the gathering of entity members that will be the synthesis of that entity. Every Essence will have, at least, one lifetime that completes that synthesis, holding within its consciousness the awareness of parts that have become the whole that is greater than those parts. This can happen at any point, with any Personality, but this happens in different ways for different Soul Ages. Every Soul Age will have this experience of synthesis relative to its degree of consciousness, but it is within the Old Soul Age that this synthesis is experienced on a massive scale that goes even beyond the Personality. There is not a particular Level within the Soul Age that this happens, but once it happens, it becomes a rather "addictive" aim for any subsequent Personality. We qualify the term "addictive" because that is not quite an accurate term; it would be more like an uber-challenge or task as an undercurrent for every subsequent life. In our work with Troy, we shared the details of this for every Essence Role in what was titled "The Great Lesson," if you wish to explore that further in the context of this synthesis "addiction." [See Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (3 of 3).] To understand that you are comprised of Subpersonalities that make up your sense of self is a first step toward synthesis. Because of the complexity of this infrastructure, we will approach it from several directions today that may shed light on this concept from different angles so that you have a choice in how to go about your personal path toward wholeness. First, we will share insight from within our own teaching, and then expand to other familiar systems that are not in conflict with our own. To continue defining and elaborating on the concept of Subpersonality, we will say that every Subpersonality is born from WANTS and NEEDS. Every Subpersonality is a grown from a WANT/NEED and then a RESOLUTION of those Wants/Needs. Depending on the abundance of or lack of resources for that Want or Need, certain Subpersonalities may become more obvious than others. Every Personality has a minimum of 3 Subpersonalities and most have about 12, but there is no limit. In most cases, these 12 will rotate to the "surface" in groups of 3, depending on the state of the life. Regardless of the number of Subpersonalities, there can only ever be 9 SEEDS that might be at the core of a Subpersonality constellation. In other words, for example, 1 Seed can have 3 variations of Subpersonality. These "Seeds" are actually NEEDS/WANTS described by "The Nine Needs." SECURITY, ADVENTURE, FREEDOM, EXPRESSION, POWER, EXCHANGE, ACCEPTANCE, COMMUNION, and EXPANSION. So, for example, the Seed of Security could bring about a Subpersonality that develops around Blind Faith as a form of Security, as well as a Subpersonality that develops around False Hope as a form of Security, and one that develops around Tradition as a form of Security. Every NEED/WANT must be fulfilled within a lifetime to some degree, and the process of fulfilling those Needs/Wants is done through the development of Subpersonalities. Depending on the degree of consciousness a Personality develops for dispersion among Subpersonalities is the degree to which a Need/Want is fulfilled. We will define consciousness here as: an understanding of consequences. Or more accurately: a comprehension of consequences as a result of actions (or choices). The Older the soul, the more likely the higher degree of consciousness of the Personality, but that is no guarantee, of course. Wants/Needs can be described in many ways, and this is how Subpersonalities are born in so many ways, depending on how one understands his or her Wants/Needs. Regardless of how one understand his or her Wants/Needs, they will ALWAYS go back to one of the 9 Seeds/Needs. For instance, if a person feels lonely, and craves the intimate touch of someone who loves him or her, then a Subpersonality may develop around this Want/Need, but at its core will be the Seed of, maybe, Security, or Acceptance, for instance. For purposes of clarity during this discussion, we will use the term SEED for these usual "9 needs" terms, so as to keep the confusion minimal, even though they are all rather interchangeable terms. Every SEED, then, has a dimension of WANT, NEED, and RESOLUTION. Those three dimensions will always exist for every Seed. A person may describe something as a WANT, but there will always be a Need attached, and then the means for resolution of them. A person may describe something as a Need, but there will always be a Want attached, and then the means for resolution. We will differentiate the terms here by stating that a WANT is a creative and conscious path for fulfilling a NEED. NEEDS will ALWAYS be fulfilled to some degree, but to the degree that this is consciously fulfilled is the degree to which one is using Choice. So our first practice for you to use in helping you understand your Subpersonalities, and what might exist within you, would be to use this system of reflection. We will delineate a means for doing this now, and then discuss this with you. What you would want to do is look at this delineation of potential Subpersonality constellations that can grow from these 9 Seeds. Start with 1 to 3 of these Seeds/Needs that stand out to you as prominent in your life, either currently or overall, and then look to one of those degrees of fulfillment that is a part of each Seed/Need, and see where in that spectrum of fulfillment a Subpersonality may be existing/functioning for you. THE 9 POTENTIAL SEEDS of SUBPERSONALITIES, and the degrees of conscious function for each: SEED OF SECURITY: Functioning/Fulfilled through Blind Faith, False Hope, Tradition, Theories, Reliable Sources, Experience/Intuition, Tao (absolute trust); SEED OF ADVENTURE: Functioning/Fulfilled through Drama, Addictions, Physical Stimulation, Mental Stimulation, Revelations, Essence Contact, Enlightenment (full implementation of personal philosophies); SEED OF FREEDOM: Functioning/Fulfilled through Irresponsibility, Aimlessness, Physical Liberation, Mental Liberation, Emotional Liberation, Conscious Choice, Peace (absolute awareness of full potential); SEED OF EXPANSION: Functioning/Fulfilled through Illness/Cancers, Accumulation/Hoarding, Sprawling, Realizations, Inspirations, Transformations, Prosperity (absolute gratitude); SEED OF POWER: Functioning/Fulfilled through Destruction, Oppression, Control, Guidance, Confidence, Ethics, Compassion; SEED OF EXPRESSION: Functioning/Fulfilled through Insanity/Total Delusion, Recklessness, Infamy, Projects, Entertainment, Art, Renaissance (rebirth); SEED OF ACCEPTANCE: Functioning/Fulfilled through Ingratiation, Subservience, Tolerance, Conditions/Conditional Love, Causal Love, Unconditional Love, Agape (true affection); SEED OF COMMUNION: Functioning/Fulfilled through Desperation, Neediness, Fraternizing, Socializing, Mutuality, Intimacy, Unity (spiritual resonance); SEED OF EXCHANGE: Functioning/Fulfilled through Slander/War, Gossip, Small Talk/Banter, Trade/Barter, Mutual Profit/gain, Understanding, Comprehension (true teaching/learning). First: which ONE to THREE of these Seeds could be said to be prominent demands (needs/wants) in your life, and to what degree within that/those seed/s do you feel you function/fulfill? An easy way to assess this is to look at the list of Seeds/Needs and fill in the statement: "I know I could not live without _______" For most of you, at least one of these would stand out. For instance, some of you would "die" if you did not have Exchange in your life on some level. The Need for Exchange is a driving force that MUST be actively fulfilled to some degree, and this would be a Seed for one of your more obvious Subpersonalities. [Geraldine] Michael -- It appears that each function moves from negative pole to positive pole in steps -- so, each of these subpersonalities would be similarly defined? MEntity: That would be correct, and those "poles" would be degrees ranging between unconscious to conscious. EVERY NEED will be fulfilled, even if unconsciously in some way. As you can see, the more conscious the fulfillment, the more active and conscious one must be in the process. And by definition, this would mean comprehending the consequences of the path to fulfilling that Need. We now ask for volunteers to share what may have come up for him or her in reading these, or ask your questions that may be required for clarification so that you may assess yourself. [Geraldine] and one can choose more than one term in a Seed, right? (i.e., have more than one subpersonality) MEntity: Yes, Geraldine. There may be a Subpersonality that has been born from the Seed of Exchange, and one functions on the level for managing Small Talk, while another manages Mutual Gain. [Geraldine] SEED OF EXPANSION: Illness/Cancers, Accumulation/Hoarding [Geraldine] OK I'll start as I have ongoing physical health issues that really do define me (my mobility) -- but I would have thought Accumulation to be a security issue [EricM] SECURITY: False Hope, Reliable Sources, Experience/Intuition [Diane_H] Security: Reliable Sources, Experience/Intuition [EricM] FREEDOM: Aimlessness [Diane_H] also Theories [AnnH] Acceptance: subservience, tolerance, condit/uncon love [Geraldine] SEED OF EXCHANGE: Gossip, Small Talk/Banter, Understanding; but, I was able to find 1 or more per seed, too MEntity: Geraldine, Security does not require MORE, so Accumulation, while possibly being tied to "things" that bring Security, is about the emphasis on MORE. [Geraldine] ok -- then I have that under control as I severely limit the urge to hoard [AnnH] What is the definition of causal love? MEntity: Yes, Geraldine, we think that most who are in this group will be able to find, at least, 12 Subpersonalities. Causal Love is the comprehension of the effects of Love, and the intention behind those effects. It could also be understood, then, as Intentional Love. In other words, it is the practice of loving, even if that loving includes not loving - knowing that loving is inclusive even of the struggle to love. [Jill] They all stand out [AnnH] Michael, are the SEEDS related to the degrees of fulfillment as discussed in Wholeness of Souls course? [DavidB] Power: Control and Compassion. Though I frankly see something of myself in most of the seeds. MEntity: A scenario might be in someone's intention to "love" someone so as to help that person, to heal that person, to always "be there" for him or her, to set an example for what loving looks like and feels like, and so on. It may not be unconditional, because it is usually contextual. [AnnH] yes, that makes sense [Geraldine] OK -- so, it can be for just one person, not the world in general [DavidB] also Acceptance: Conditional Love [AnnH] but causal is different. [AnnH] causal is modeling love for a particular person. MEntity: Geraldine, it can be either. [Geraldine] It's part of the negative to positive pole slide -- contracted to expanded [AnnH] that makes sense! [Geraldine] all of these terms are MEntity: Ann, Causal Love can be a modeling of love for a particular person, but more importantly it is the Intention that differentiates this kind of Love from another. [Jill] I'd like to know how many I have [Martha] Adventure: Essence Contact, Revelation, Enlightenment MEntity: To go back to our example: to love someone by "always being there," is a Causal form of Love, but this will not mean you always Love this person outside of your intention to express that Love by "being there." [Martha] and Expression: art, renaissance [AnnH] expression: entertainment, art [EricM] ah, so then for me Acceptance: subservience and causal love [DavidB] I seem to slide back and forth on the Freedom spectrum. looks like I have more than one sub there. ? [Martha] and expression: entertainment [AnnH] Freedom: Emotional Liberation (or rather I struggle with it) [EricM] Freedom: Aimlessness [Martha] exchange: small talk, understanding, comprehension [ClaireC] Adventure, mental stimulation [Martha] community: socializing, mutuality, intimacy [DavidB] hehe. I guess we're complicated, to put it nicely. Lol [Maureen] I have one over-riding one right now : SEED OF EXCHANGE: Mutual Profit/gain, Understanding, Comprehension (true teaching/learning). MEntity: TO CONTINUE.... NEXT: Look at this first assessment (which may change with further understanding), and circle (figuratively or literally) only those that are most-obvious and without question. You may have decided on a few, but there should be at least one that is without question. Keep in mind that you WILL find many among these descriptions, and all of you here appear to have, at least, 12 Subpersonalities, and some of you have many more. What you would want to do for the sake of this workshop is to determine just one to start with, so that the next steps can be better understood, and then you may go back and work with more. We see several examples being posted, so we will ask for one more listing, for the sake of clarity in the next steps: Pick ONE SEED, and ONE DEGREE OF FUNCTIONING that seems to stand out. List that now. [EricM] Freedom: Aimlessness [Geraldine] Exchange - comprehension [Maureen] SEED OF EXCHANGE: Comprehension (true teaching/learning). [Martha] expression: art [DavidB] SEED OF POWER: Control [ClaireC] Seed of Adventure: Mental Stimulation [Jill] Seed of Security: False Hope [AnnH] Security: Theories [Diane_H] Security: Reliable Sources MEntity: NEXT: NAME this Subpersonality. This name may come suddenly, because it has always been there, or it may come creatively. [Geraldine] Sparkette [AnnH] Bubblehead MEntity: In naming this Subpersonality, there are two most-effective ways of doing so: affectionate names or comical names, or a combination. [DavidB] Controlling Craig? ? [Jill] Pauline MEntity: Even if your comical or affectionate name is "normal," but triggers that context, such as "Pauline." [Geraldine] as in "perils of. . ." [EricM] jack MEntity: Or "Craig," with the playful descriptor. [Maureen] Apple of my Eye [Diane_H] I want to call mine "Mom". lol [ClaireC] Daring Diva MEntity: NEXT: Once you have settled upon a name, GIVE IT LIFE. What we mean by this is: this Subpersonality exists, whether you are conscious of it, or not. It WILL function/fulfill its Seed Need for "you" in some way, whether you like it, or not. [AnnH] Actually, mine does not like the name Bubble Head, she'd rather be Serious Sally [Martha] Bernadette [Geraldine] Then, I guess you'd better rename her, Ann [AnnH] She's Serious Sally [AnnH] David, I just sort of imagine her in my mind MEntity: By "Giving It Life," you will have moved through the second stage of synthesis for yourself on your path to wholeness, and stepped into the third stage: Acceptance, and Cooperation, respectively. Giving these Subpersonalities "Life" means using your Imagination; using your creativity, which inherently draws from many parts of you, contributing to the process of synthesis. [Geraldine] Sparkette is my spark of brilliant intuition, a fragment of a fragment, a piece off the ole block, Sparky (Essence). [DavidB] I just spoke to that aspect of myself that feels the need to control others and situations and informed it that I acknowledged its existence and was naming it Craig for now. [EricM] Jack is laughing, since his name came from "jack of all trades, jack sparrow" etc MEntity: The 5 Stages toward Synthesis are: Awareness, Acceptance, Cooperation, Integration, and Synthesis, itself. The key for most of you here would be in the Cooperation Stage. The Awareness and Acceptance part are rather "easy," but it is in the Cooperation that the "fun part" begins. So, NEXT: To Cooperate means that when this Subpersonality appears, "you" become aware of this, and develop a means for communicating, understanding, and then implementing. Communication with this Subpersonality can be as playful and as creative as you make it, as long as this is followed by Understanding. By this we mean that the Communication bears meaning. It is not simply to make light of the Needs/Wants of this part of you, but to help him or her, because he or she ONLY EXISTS FOR YOU. As YOU only exist for ESSENCE, so do your Subpersonalities only exist for YOU. As we said, these Subpersonalities are born from Need/Want. You HAVE Subpersonalities, but you are NOT the Subpersonalities. Your Essence HAS Personalities, but is NOT the Personalities. This may seem paradoxical, because it is, but with a little creative thinking, this is not perplexing. When we say that the "whole is greater than the sum of its parts," it is a reference to this paradox of oneness vs many, and how the many actually generate what is this oneness. An easy analogy might be: To say that a Garden is one of the single flowers within that Garden would be inaccurate, but the Garden could not exist without the many single flowers. And so it is that "You," as a Personality, are the Garden that is the many flowers that are your Subpersonalities, and equally so is your Essence is the Garden of every bloom that is a Personality in its collection of incarnations. We think the Garden metaphor is appropriate, because "you" are the Gardener, and the tending to those flowers/subpersonalities in more and more conscious ways is what evolves you. Using the 9 Seeds, you can explore yourself in a way that might reveal to you these various ways in which Subpersonalities run things for you, and then you can communicate with these, develop an understanding, and then implement that understanding through choices and decisions. Keep in mind: The lesser the degree of fulfillment for a Seed, the more it is only a NEED, which means it will be fulfilled by any means possible, even to its own demise. The higher the degree of fulfillment for a Seed, the more it is a WANT, which generates creative and conscious paths to the fulfillment. This is because the greater the degree of consciousness, the greater the capacity for comprehending consequences of Choice. This means, if your Subpersonality is further down in the degrees of fulfillment, the more likely "you" will have to bring patience, kindness, nurturing, etc., to your Cooperation with that Subpersonality. The further down the degree of fulfillment, the more likely that Subpersonality is locked into a certain time frame, or age range, from "your" past. Part of your "Cooperation" then would be in helping to bring that Subpersonality up to date, up to speed, and to educate it, enlighten it, show it that there are other ways. [DavidB] so different subpersonalities can be at different levels of fulfillment with the same seed, but all of them can evolve to the seed's highest level of fulfillment? MEntity: We will answer your question in a moment, David. Our next bit of information may help answer that on its own. It is never helpful to reject these parts of you that behave in ways that you know are not so enlightened or empowered or appropriate. The further down in the degree of fulfillment, the more distinct and dominant the Subpersonality may be, especially within the contexts of fulfillment for that Seed. The further up in the degree of fulfillment, the more ethereal, and amorphous that Subpersonality may be, with the fulfillment of that Seed being almost an inherent foundation for the life. The further down in the degree of fulfillment, the more likely there are distinct and separate Subpersonalities functioning on different levels for that Seed. The further up in the degree of fulfillment (5 and above), the more likely there is no distinction for different levels, but a more slippery or wavering fulfillment of various degrees within two or three degrees. The 7th Degree of fulfillment is a product of synthesis in itself, and all Subpersonalities for that Seed that have ever existed now "collapse" into a single entity, so that this Seed now would either have only one representative, or so integrate with "you," that there is no sense of identity there. [AnnH] Can there be different levels of fulfillment in different situations? In other words, can I, for example, have a subpersonality who experiences conscious choice and another who experiences mental liberation, given the situation? MEntity: Ann, yes. As long as there is no 7th Degree of fulfillment for that Seed, then various Degrees could be fulfilled in various contexts. But once the 7th Degree is reached, it "spreads" into every scenario. Communicating with, Understanding, and then Implementing Understanding for any Subpersonality brings a Seed closer to True Fulfillment/Function. Cooperation can come in many forms, but we can say that if your Subpersonality appears to be from 3 Degrees or below for a Seed, then HEALING is necessary as a form of Cooperation. Cooperation can come in many forms, but we can say that if your Subpersonality appears to be from 5 degrees or above for a Seed, then CREATIVITY is the foundation for your Cooperation. Healing may include Creativity, and Creativity may include Healing, but using those differentiating terms can help your focus of Cooperation. The 4th could use either. We can conclude here, or take questions based on what we have shared, or we can continue into how your Natal Chart in Astrology may give you clues for even greater understanding of your Subpersonalities. [Geraldine] Since there are many parallels where we exist, I assume these personalities also have both the existing subpersonalities that they had at time of divergence, but also ones created subsequently. When a convergence happens and brings in these other subpersonalities, what problems can this cause? MEntity: Subpersonalities are managed in much the same way that Personalities are managed when it comes to Merging and Diverging: the more harmonious move together, and the more discordant generate divergences. If the Personality of one Parallel has a multitude of Subpersonalities that are dominant and in conflict with another Parallel's Subpersonalities, a merging will not happen. If there are minimal differences, then those conflicting Subpersonalities either become a more complex dimension of the Personality, or one of them "gives," so to speak. For example, if 10 of the 11 Subpersonalities of two Parallels are similar enough, then the 1 Subpersonality (from each Parallel) would go one of three routes: move the count of Subpersonalities to 12; merge into each other as a more complex version; or one would absorb the other. Since Subpersonalities rise and fall throughout a lifetime, however this merging would happen is not a very relevant or obvious factor in a parallel merging. [Maureen] Michael – this is uncanny! You have described CBE (Core Belief Engineering - a brilliant psychotherapy process I have worked with) – to a ‘T’ right down to the way you would ‘talk to’ or ‘treat’ a Part, all the steps, the synthesis, etc. Is this a coincidence or is there some ‘collusion’ that goes on at your mid-causal ‘strategy sessions’ ? MEntity: What we have described can be described in many ways by many teachers, and this is less about coincidence and collusion than it is about the nature of truth. Subpersonalities exist as a matrix for Personality, and so it goes that this would be realized in many different ways by many different Personalities at some point, even if called by as many different phrases and titles. No teacher's teaching is ever truly original, but a conglomeration of integrated experiences that were gained from their own learning and teachers. Astrology and your Subpersonalities: We are not Astrologers, and we do not pretend that Astrology can easily be superimposed over our Overleaf System or our Teaching, but as mentioned before: the nature of truth is that it can be found to be consistent from many angles. Because Subpersonalities can be rather evasive in working with, we described the 9 Seeds as a map for helping you to find them within you, but your Natal Chart also holds fairly specific, concrete, and valid clues as to how and where your Subpersonalities came into existence, and this does tie a bit into our own system of Overleaves and terms. First, your Subpersonalities are of biological origins. They may seem to be figments of your imagination, or parts of the psyche, but they spring from the Physical. And this makes sense, as "you" also spring from the Physical, or biological. Personality is a biological, or genetic, construct at its base. Consciousness RISES from this base matrix within a lifetime, and then the "you" that you carry forward from the life is what "you" recognize as "you." Before "you" recognize yourself as "you," you are only ever a SEED. We used the term "seed" earlier for describing the 9 Needs/Wants/Seeds that generate Subpersonalities from within the Personality; Now we briefly use this same term to describe the biology that gives birth to the consciousness that becomes "you." You may think "you" exist before you are born, but that is not the case. Your Essence exists. And your Essence's idea for "you" exists. But "you" create YOU. And that is how Essence evolves. In the same way that your Subpersonalities evolve You. Wheels within wheels. Part of how your Essence creates you is by using Astrology. The planetary arrangements at the time of your conception and the time of your birth, both, play tremendous factors in what is potential within your Personality. Most of the influences at the time of conception are focused on the development of the Body, while the influences at the time of birth are focused on the Personality. In looking at your Natal Chart, the first three Houses are what would be described as the First Quadrant; the next three would be the Second; the next three, the Third, and 10, ll, and 12 are the Fourth. If one were to think of the Natal Chart as the garden we described earlier, the Planets "sprinkled" among this are the Seeds at birth. Those Planets in the First Quadrant, if any, would be those that develop almost immediately and build as a kind of core for the lifetime. These usually indicate the Subpersonalities that will require the most healing, often carried over by themes from other lifetimes, or Karma, etc., and so the life begins building those, first. Those Planets in the Second Quadrant might describe the Subpersonalities that would spring to life after after the 2nd Internal Monad and into the 3rd, and would be most obvious in realms of relationships, family, contributions, etc. Those Planets in the Third Quadrant might describe those Subpersonalities that spring to life during the 4th Internal Monad, and would show up most obviously in your chosen relationships, and your sense of identity as it relates to "the world." Where the Second Quadrant relates to default relationships (family, etc), the Third relates to chosen relationships, which may include family, but is often friendships, long-term matedness, partnerships, etc. The Third also includes the sense of relationship within, or to the self. And the Fourth Quadrant would house Planets that represent the Subpersonalities that might spring to life in the 5th Internal Monad, or in the sense of place in the cosmos, humanity, the earth, etc. Any Planets below the horizon, or in Houses 1-6, would be those representing more unconscious or default Subpersonalities that either eventually dominate, or evolve, and these often start at the lower end of the degrees of fulfillment (1 to 4). Any Planets above the horizon, or in Houses 7 - 12, would be those representing more obvious, or conscious Subpersonalities that may behave almost seamlessly with "you," fulfilling degrees of 5 or higher for any relevant Need/Want/Seed. This might become obvious when looking at the symbolism, as those Houses below the horizon describe contexts that are usually already in momentum before consciousness has a chance to build, and therefore must build up from within those contexts. To the degree that your Planets are below the Horizon is the degree to which your Essence probably intended very specific plans for "you." Many who are in a 6th Level will find a bulk of Planets below the Horizon, for instance. With some creativity, some of you may find correlation between the known Planets, their symbolism, and the 9 Seeds we already described, but if you cannot find correlation, that is to be expected. These are different ways of mapping, so they may not correlate easily. Before we describe the Planets as they symbolize the influences that become your Subpersonalities that become "you," we will ask now if there are any questions about what we have shared so far. [DavidB] What could be said of Essence's plan for someone with a majority of planets above the horizon? For example, 9 of my 10 are. I'm asking generally, of course. MEntity: If the bulk of your Planets are above the Horizon, it may indicate the degree to which the overall life was "unplanned" to any degree of detail, which means those with the bulk above horizon might often feel that the life is either a meandering and wandering, or with a momentum and no one really driving. However, to the degree that a Quadrant is dense with planets is the degree to which that area of the life might then "kick in" the "plans" that may have been most-intended. [Martha] so loaded 3rd quad hits during 4th IM MEntity: If a Quadrant is completely free of any Planets, that Quadrant is often as a major emphasis for the life as a major context, free from biases and influences and Subpersonalities. [DavidB] Do you have any particular house system in mind to divide 1st quadrant from 2nd and 3rd from 4th? MEntity: We know there are various House Systems, so we suggest experimenting and using the one that makes sense to you, as they are all symbolic, and what resonates with you is yours. For instance, our Channel, Troy, has Houses 10 through 12 free, which allows us to come through to a degree that is free from most anything "Troy," as he is focused elsewhere in his life. [Maureen] So if someone has a 'loaded' 12th house - their 'real' work might 'kick in' during the 5th IM? MEntity: Maureen, that would be one way that it shows up, but it may also be said that it would "kick in" within the context of contributions to humanity or the bigger picture, and does not require the passage of the 5th Internal Monad. Though, often, those with a density in 4th Quadrant do find the clarity and sense of purpose during or after the 5th Internal Monad. [AnnH] If I have houses 2-5 free, what would that mean? MEntity: Again, when a Quadrant is empty, it usually becomes a non-charged, but major underlying theme throughout everything. Biases and Subpersonalities will not affect that Quadrant. [Maureen] My first Quadrate could be considered 'empty' - how would that show up? MEntity:In your case, Maureen, it might be said that the perception of the inner self, the core of a person, their wounds, their past, their needs for healing, etc., can be seen as crystal clear to you. You just "know." [Geraldine] My 3rd and 4th are nearly empty -- it's like I should have died long ago MEntity: The density or lack of Planets in a Quadrant has no bearing on how long the life will be or should be. They are contexts. And while some activations occur in the context of linear progression, activations also occur in the contexts of categories/relationships. [EricM] So then a packed first quadrant would then suggest many subpersonalities dealing with the core or the self, or a heavily planned lifetime? MEntity: Both. It would most likely indicate that, at least, Essence's idea for this lifetime was to deal with patterns that are across lifetimes, and the Subpersonalities required for this would get a head start, very early in the life. We point out here that your Astrology gives you an idea for what Essence thought was a good plan and idea for this life, and what YOU did with that can be a very different story. NOW, on to the Planets and their symbolism. First, the Sun will represent the True and False Personality, or how the Personality will show up in terms of manifesting Unity or Division, or Love vs Fear, or Essence vs Defenses, etc. Depending on where your Sun is, it can give you insights into how you run the whole of "you." This would be the "I" of you. It is often a meeting or battling ground, and indicates the aim of synthesis, for the Subpersonalities for the lifetime. Using our channel's Sun Sign as an example, we could say that all of his Subpersonalities meet, battle, and evolve relative to his Sun in the Second Quadarant of default relationships, in his 6th House as it is ruled by Aquarius. Translating this would mean that most of Troy's Subpersonalities battle or harmonize as they work through the default relationships that contributed to their births, and this is then played out in the realm of his Health, Responsibilities, and True Work/Life Tasks. We will not describe the contexts for each individual House at this time, but a quick glance at the system can give you insight as to where your own Subpersonalities battle or harmonize in your life. The House that the Sun is in would give you that insight. The Sign would give you the aim of Synthesis for the lifetime that these Subpersonalities would bring. For instance, Troy's would find Synthesis through the higher qualities that are Aquarian, which includes humanitarianism, equal rights, sharing of knowledge, wisdom, etc. The rest of the Planets would describe the Seeds, in the context of Astrology, that were planted as potential developments of Subpersonalities for the Personality. Keep in mind: Those Planets BELOW the horizon indicate Subpersonalities that probably already exist, and have existed from childhood, and have either evolved in status or remain problematic. Those Planets ABOVE the horizon indicate those Subpersonalities that may have developed mid-life, or in broader contexts of chosen relationships and relationships to humanity or spirit. The MOON can indicate the most unconscious of your Subpersonalities, where your greatest potential for True Personality could come, and is loosely relevant to the Seed of EXPRESSION. In other words, the Moon indicates what truly motivates your presence in the world, and often this is unconscious, but when it becomes conscious and accepted, this becomes a path for True Personality. The Subpersonalities that arise from this are usually relevant to Expression, and indicates the most sensitive of Subpersonalities. If this Planet is below the Horizon, it probably means you developed a sensitivity early in life regarding your Expression in the world, and this sprung forth Subpersonalities as a result. If this Planet is above the Horizon, it may be something that did not come into question until later in life, or at least it did not become a matter of awareness until then. We will speed through the rest more briefly, as we know this class has gone long. MERCURY indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXCHANGE, and relative to your ATTITUDE as it began to show in you. VENUS indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to COMMUNION, and relative to how your MODE functions in you. MARS indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to ADVENTURE, and how your Goal functions for you. JUPITER indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXPANSION, and the pursuit of creating meaning. SATURN indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to SECURITY, and those that arose to implement your Chief Negative Features. URANUS indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of The Truth in your life, managing your Higher Intellectual Center, and relative to POWER. NEPTUNE indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of Love/Agape in the life, managing your Higher Emotional Center, and relative to ACCEPTANCE. PLUTO indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of BEAUTY (or identifying patterns within chaos), managing your Higher Moving Center, and relative to FREEDOM. Putting together what we have shared today, then, can help you to understand the fragmentation that is within you in a way that is not seen as "broken," but is seen as the very matrix from which "you" spring, and that to care for those fragments is to care for you. To communicate with, understand, and implement that understanding of those fragments, or Subpersonalities, within you is to reach within for the wholeness that would then allow you to reach beyond you in ways that may never have been thought possible, or even imagined. In effect, this is what Essence does for every Personality in the end. And it is only then that the Cycling Off occurs. Cycling off cannot occur without Essence fully comprehending a profound depth of Truth, Love, and Beauty that is the entirety of its path through every Personality, who, each, gave rise to the possibility for that very Truth, Love, and Beauty. And so it is that a relative profundity is experienced by any Personality who understands what gave rise to its very consciousness within the lifetime. And we will conclude here for today.
  6. I follow Rick's monthly astrological video posts and find them and him pretty interesting. I'm pretty sure that his Essence is in the Old Cycle and is likely a Michael Student. I find him to be a really great teacher when it comes to Astrology. He doesn't just give the facts but he does a really great job explaining the current situation too. Perhaps he's a Sage :) Anyway, this month, he did a really great piece on Saturn since near the solstice, it is changing signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Anytime a major planet like Saturn changes signs, it's a really big deal. If you're a Capricorn, you have my condolences! LOL His walk through on Saturn's history was very educational and worth a share, here.
  7. Role: King Casting: Server Soul Age: Old, 3rd Level Goal: Flow > Dominance/Growth Mode: Observation > Perseverance Attitude: Pragmatist > Realist/Spiritualist Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Male/Female Energy: 60/40 Frequency: 40 Primary CF: Stubbornness > Self-Deprecation Secondary CF: Arrogance Note: Today I re-read my natal chart reading that @Nick Sweeney (Babylove) did for me in 2012, and was astounded by how it was even more accurate in hindsight than it seemed five years ago. Five years ago I had just started going in a very intellectual direction of working with money, and while I had focused heavily on creativity in the past, it wasn't very relevant to my interests at the time of the reading. Of course, now I'm returning to it from a new perspective, and embracing the part of me that loves creativity, relationships, and pleasure. I still have a love-hate relationship with Flow, or the fact that I'm such a natural planner but I rarely stick to the plans I make for myself! If you guys want a professional, comprehensive interpretation of your natal chart and don't have the time or inclination to learn it yourself, I highly recommend Nick's services!! Natal Chart Reading for Diane By Nicholas Sweeney (Transcribed from a video session) June 22, 2012 You have Pisces rising, and Neptune, which rules Pisces, right on your Mid-Heaven. So Neptune and Pisces tell a very important story about you and the themes in your life. Neptune influence is very vague and foggy/misty and hard to pin down. Neptune represents everything that is not tangible reality, so it represents other realms, other planes. It represents spirit, the imagination. It represents whatever your conception is of the divine, or the cosmic. And it represents being a channel, like a tuning fork. So when you have Pisces as a rising sign and Neptune so strongly placed, it means that you’re like an open channel. You’re open to everything. At times, when you were younger, it was probably a problem because you’ve felt things, you knew things that weren’t necessarily your own. But you pick up on everything around you. You pick up on mass collective consciousness, trends in the collective, which is actually good for what you’re doing with the stocks. It’s a very psychic, very intuitive channeling impulse. Pisces rising is your persona. It’s how you present yourself to the world. When you were younger, you were probably very shy, very timid, and you had your own little world. Because Pisces is such a quiet, dreamy, imaginative sign, your inner world would’ve been rich. If you had any kind of outlet for creativity, you probably loved it – wherever you could channel that imagination and more inspirational aspects into, you probably really enjoyed. Having Pisces rising can also make you deal with Self-Deprecation. That timidness and passiveness can really make you doubt yourself. You bring a soulfulness and a kind of whimsical healing vibration into the room with you, wherever you go. You’re able to intuit, touch people at the level of their soul very easily, in a gentle, quiet, unassuming way. So Pisces is wonderful for healing/counseling work, and it’s wonderful for any kind of creative, artistic work. So when you have a water sign rising, one of your primary motivations as a personality, how you designed yourself at the personality level, has to do with emotional security. That’s one of your main motivations. Plus you have Cancer sun and Cancer moon, so that’s going to be amplified. Emotional security is very important to you. Specifically, where you go to get that emotional security, I look at the rulers of your rising sign. So traditionally, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, so I look to see where Jupiter is in your chart. Jupiter, traditional ruler of Pisces, is in your 7th house, which means you would look for that emotional security in relationships, in partnership. Your Jupiter is in Libra, which also amplifies that sort of relationship/other-orientation. Most of your planets are on the relationship side of your chart, so relationships, others, seeing others’ point of view, and learning about yourself through that reflection in the other is a big theme in your life, and how you gain your emotional security. The other place where you look to gain your emotional security, I look to the modern ruler of Pisces, which is Neptune, which is on your mid-heaven in the 10th House. The 10 th House is all about your highest goals and aspirations, and it’s an area of your house where you express and hold authority and power for everyone to see. So it’s the Capricorn house. It relates to your career, your profession, but really it’s about your vocation, your contribution in the world for all to see. It tends to be what you aspire toward, what you grow into. So there’s a part of you that really needs to be connected and plugged in to the world around you – to the culture, to the public in some sense. You need to have a sense that you are contributing something, and that you are expressing your authority and influence in some sphere of life that’s important to you. So when you put the two together, one of your strong motivations has to do with partnering up with people and doing work in a public way, having some kind of influence that has meaning to you. Neptune, which is in that house, is very spiritual, very compassionate. So it doesn’t mean that you want to be the CEO of a corporation. It’s more like you would want to use those Neptunian gifts in a powerful, meaningful way. So that means your psychic awareness, your intuition, your compassion, your sense of the spiritual and the divine, your creativity. I’ll get back to creativity since it’s the most important focus this time around. Diane: I thought I was going to have some kind of public contribution with my healing work, but it didn’t work out, and now I don’t want to be out in the public. Is that a phase? I have sense that Neptune and Pisces do things in a fluid, meandering way. So having Neptune in that position -- the zenith of your chart, like the sun at the highest point of the day – who you are is going to get out. It is going to get attention and somehow influence others and the world around you, even if it’s just in a small sphere. But it’s going to do it in a subtle, gentle, unassuming way. It’ll have to do more with spiritual realms and intuitive channels, and that sort of thing. It will happen, but you may get there in a kind of roundabout way, because Pisces and Neptune are fluid. When you try to plan things, usually it doesn’t work out so well. Pisces is a mutable sign, which means it is adaptable and flexible. It changes back and forth between cardinal and ordinal. It goes with the flow, and it takes on whatever environment it’s around, whatever people it’s around. That’s why it’s such a good psychic, it’s like a sponge. So when it comes to direction and planning, it can be a little tricky because it is so changeable and ephemeral. So oftentimes people with strong Pisces and Neptune, they sometimes feel like they don’t know who they are and what they’re supposed to do. Because, like you said, it changes. But the cool thing about it is that with Pisces, it’s such a strong spiritual connection that when you move into your heart, and you trust and surrender, then things unfold in a way that’s brilliant for Pisces. There’s a magic that Pisces can use. Pisces can really live intuitively, but you have to trust it, practice it, and use it. So that you can be guided to wherever you need to be, in the right place and right time, doing what you enjoy, once you really start to practice that surrender and trust. Pisces is very impersonal. It’s the last sign of the zodiac. It’s all about completely giving over what you have to give unconditionally as a service to the soul, to the collective. So the reason why Pisces can be a difficult sign is that it’s all about ego transcendence. And that’s really hard, because we have an ego and we need our ego and personalities. So the trick with Pisces is to be that channel and to let the personality manifest Essence and just completely trust and go and do without worrying about the specifics so much. It is a “high calling.” So your foundation, your most natural way of moving through the world is through that Pisces and Neptune. You have a lot of water in your chart, with the Cancer sun and Cancer moon. I get the sense that you really do have a strong connection to your guides. Whenever you are not sure, you can move out of your head and go into your heart, however you like to do it, to speak with your guides and get information however it comes. Whether it be auditory, you sense and you know it, you see things, symbolism, etc. I can even feel it right now – your guides are just all right there. And you have been using them all throughout your life without even knowing it. It’s just so natural to you wouldn’t even think they’re guides. All these little voices in your head or these messages you give, these feelings, these impulses – you have a lot of that. So that’s your persona. It represents your innate talents and skills, your most natural way of being. It’s like your vehicle, the doorway into you. But when you go deeper into you, how your personality is designed and how your Essence wants to manifest, and where you designed yourself to be focused in this lifetime, is all about the 5th House, which is the Leo house or the creativity house. Your North Node is in this house, and it’s in Leo. So if we look at your karmic dynamic – looking at your past lives that relate to this life, and what you’re bringing in from past lives to balance out in this life – you look to the 11th House in Aquarius. The 11th House in Aquarius has to do with being very much a part of a group and not standing out too much. Your creativity is used more for the group. So you tend to associate with groups, be part of a group where you feel like you’re with like-minded individuals. Together, you create something that has to do with high ideals for the world. But your own personal creativity gets sacrificed, because you’re so much part of a group. It’s hard for you to even move around outside of the group. In this lifetime, your North Node is in Leo in the 5th House and your sun and moon are in the 5 th House. Your sun is right at the edge of the 4th House and the 5 th House. In astrology, if it’s within 5 degrees of the next house cusp, we read it in the next house because it means you’re through with the activities of the house before and moving into the next house. So if you ever read any descriptions of sun in Cancer in the 4th House, you probably will relate to some of that. Which means you like being at home, you want to work from home, your home is very important to you, your sense of family and your rootedness, your foundation in life is very important to you. It’s very intuitive, inward, and soulful. You’ll probably relate to all of that, especially since your sun is in Cancer, but the area of life that really gets you jazzed up and makes you feel alive, shining, and radiant is the 5th House, which is Creativity – creative expression. It’s the joy of life. It’s those things you just love to do because you love to do them. It’s where your pleasure is, where your joy is, where you receive love. It’s romances, love affairs. It’s also children. It’s how you like to play. So it’s a very Sagey kind of influence. So for you, your creative expression and allowing yourself to play, have fun, to create, is the direction your essence wanted to go in this lifetime. So you’ve set up a lot of karma for yourself in that regard. So probably you have experienced in this lifetime a very strong need to feel creative. You probably at times felt like you weren’t creative, and that bothered you. Maybe you were upset by family or friends who you felt were somehow stifling you and not allowed you to follow your bliss, follow your joy, enjoy yourself, have fun. So I would imagine since you’re going through your 4th Internal Monad, and the sun, moon, north node are in the 5th house, you are probably rediscovering your sense of joy and passion in life, what you truly love, and giving yourself freedom to play and create and be creative. Let your inner child come out a lot more, to have fun in your life, and to direct and guide you toward those things that are going to be really fulfilling for you. I comment about how come I’ve always gotten tired of “artistic” or “creative” pursuits after a while. If I try to distill it down to its essence, cause it’s easy to talk about the cliché or stereotypical creativity. If we go to the core of Leo and the 5th House, it is about being yourself. Being yourself and being in a place of innocence – that’s what it’s really about. So really, it’ll be really personal to you, because It’s whatever makes you shine and feel whole, and feel like you are being who you want to be. So for you that could mean anything, not necessarily the arts – performing, writing, or something like that. As long as you’re following that path of being yourself, innocence, and whatever brings you joy. “Follow your bliss” is a good term. So bottom line for you is being yourself and how you are able to create in your life, how you use your life force. Are you using it on things that you would enjoy, that you want to do? Or using it on things that you think you should be doing that are not bringing you any joy? Of course, that’s an issue for all of us, but for certain ones of us it’s even more focused and critical. It’s like, if we don’t, then we will start to deteriorate and get sick at a faster pace than other people. So you’re going through your 4th internal monad. I imagine all those “shoulds” have started to fall into the background more and more, and your “coulds” are coming more and more up to the surface. You’re starting to play more, which is definitely what you wanted to do in this lifetime in a big way. Then of course, your sun and moon are in Cancer, so it’s not like you’re going to be bold and rash like Leo. There’s going to be a nurturing, sensitive, quiet, receptive quality to how you do your creativity. It’ll probably come in waves and cycles, because your sun and moon are ruled by the Moon. Your moon is very powerful because it’s in the sign it rules. The Moon is all about timing and intuition and trusting your own organic cycles of flow. So sometimes you’ll be at an ebb, and that just means that you are receiving from deeper parts of yourself and you’re assimilating, reflecting. And then you’ll have this flow, when all of a sudden you’ll create a whole bunch in a really short period of time. Whereas before it seemed like you weren’t creating anything. You might’ve felt like you were stagnating or something. That’s the moon in Cancer, which is all about cycles. It’s just like planting a seed, how it needs time to grow and blossom. Your creativity might work in a similar fashion. It can’t be pushed or forced. That also matches your Pisces and Neptune. So there’s divine timing for your creativity and projects and all of that. That’s where that trust comes in again. The Sun and Moon You know there’s the relationship between the sun and the moon in your chart. The sun is the conscious self, and the moon is the unconscious self. Some people like to think of the sun as your ego and the moon as your soul, though they kind of overlap and represent different aspects of the same thing. You were born right after a new moon, that’s why your sun and moon are in the same sign. This does give you, the way you approach life in general, an impulsiveness, excitement, new beginnings. Because you were born after a new moon. So whatever you do, you will tend to dive into it, be impulsive about it, or have this excitement and child-like enthusiasm. And you like to start new things and have these new beginnings going on in your life. So that’s also a key for you in terms of not getting stuck or letting your enthusiasm wane. You do have this innate ability to start again and create something new. You might find yourself changing a lot as you find these new beginnings, but it helps you to keep your enthusiasm and the energy going. If you think about it, that is the way a child is – they go from one thing to the next and everything is exciting. Everything feels good. They’re just finding new things to explore all the time. So I think you can use that whenever you get bored with something, or you feel like you’re going in the wrong direction, it’s not feeling right. You probably already have the next impulse of which direction to turn and what direction to work on next, what’s going to light you up and make you feel the creative energy flowing again. You probably constantly have things bubbling up into your psyche in terms of new energy, initiating things, new beginnings, paths to explore. Your chart is interesting, too, because you have a lot of planets scattered about. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was you have a lot of competence in a lot of areas. That resonated with me with your King role. You have a lot of focuses and competence in a lot of areas. It’s so funny because that can also make you sometimes feel like, “what the heck am I supposed to do? I can do this, I can do that, I can do this.” You’d be good at just about all of them. It seems to me like, with all of this mutable energy – mutable is the strongest mode in your chart, which means that changeable, flexible, adaptable energy – you will always be shifting and changing. Goal of Flow and My Chart Your goal is Flow, and your chart is set up so you’re gonna have to! It’s like you don’t have a choice. Believe me, I can relate! You just have to allow yourself that trust a permission to relax, to play, to explore, to smell the roses, to change direction when you need to. That’s what it’s about, navigating flow. But otherwise, you really can have a peace and freedom to just enjoy life and play. Things just come to you, that’s Flow too. We end up doing these amazing things and having these amazing times. But when we try to focus it and plan too much, and have these expectations of where it should go, then we stop that flow, that creativity. We get into inertia. Planning works in the short term – there are some things you can plan, especially when you feel that intuitive flow. But it seems like on the whole, you just can’t. It’s like wherever you think you’re gonna end up, you’re probably not gonna end up there. But where you do end up is going to be better than what you thought. You have so much Cancer, and your Mars, Mercury, and Gemini are right on your 4th House cusp. Your 4th house represents your parents, usually one more than the other. Since you have Mars, Mercury, and Gemini, you probably have one parent, mostly likely your father, who is very intellectual, very intelligent, and very forceful with their opinions and what they know. This influenced you a great deal. How Michael talks about the houses – this is your imprinting: strong, deep imprinting from your roots, your family. So I really connect to that imprinting for you and how that influenced you. He’s a very cerebral person, and I’ve always seen you as very cerebral until I looked at your chart! But you do have a very powerful mind. Your Mercury’s in Gemini – it’s in the sign it rules. So it’s very powerful. It’s very interesting – you have a very powerful moon and a very powerful Mercury, and they’re very different. So you may find yourself conflicted at times because you have this strong rational mind. It’s conjunct Mars, too, which means you have a forcefulness to your thoughts, ideas and opinions as well. But you’re very curious and open to learning new things. Especially being an older soul, you’re probably not so rigid with what you know. Gemini is all about perception and new perception. It gathers information. Gemini is the king of trivia. So there may be a lot of trivia that you just know because you pick up information. But specifically, where it would be focused is at the root of your being. So you’re probably very curious in gathering information when it comes to your origins, your roots, your family, exploring your imprinting, learning new things about your imprinting, and letting go what you need to let go of. You’ll always have a fresh perspective regarding your roots and where you came from, and you’ll always be updating yourself based on where you started from – seeing it in new ways, making new connections, learning new things about yourself. Some of it will be good. Some of it you’ll realize is good imprinting. “This helps me understand myself better, this is a part of me, so I’m going to keep it.” So your family, your roots will always be important to you with that Cancer influence and 4th house influence. Your creativity and finding the joy in life, letting the inner child out to play, is a focus and very important for you. Then of course that main theme I first talked about was relating to others. You’re probably very good one-on-one, which is why it made you a good healer and counselor. Anything you do that’s one-on-one, you probably get a lot of energy from that, because who you are, your creativity and your gifts, you can channel very well one-on-one. Being in a large group might be a bit much for you because of all that Pisces and Neptune. You’re like a sponge and it can be overwhelming, unless you learn to have your boundaries and strengthening your aura – learning what’s yours and what’s not yours. 7th House First I want to look at your partnership house where your Jupiter and Saturn are. So your 7th house represents your partner – those people you have commitments with. So not only your romantic partner, like Tex, but also if you’re working with a counselor or a lawyer, anything where it’s one-on-one represents the 7 th house. But most of the time we look here to look at our romantic partners. This tells me maybe a little bit about Tex. So you have Virgo on your 7th House cusp. Tex or anybody you’d be drawn to in a long-term relationship, because they balance the Pisces in you, that first house. So people you’d be drawn to would tend to be Virgo-like. You will also, as an older soul who’d be working on yourself, relate to a lot of Virgo qualities as well. But your partners will probably be that mirror for you. Where Pisces is very imaginative, dreamy, poetic, and fluid, Virgo is all about here and now, planet earth, very precise, exacting, very analytical. But they are very service-oriented like Pisces, and they want to be of service and to be helpful. They want to improve themselves and anything else. So the Virgo influence on your partnership house is all about perfection, perfecting, purifying. So health tends to be an issue, or work and service. But then you have Saturn and Jupiter in that house, which even more powerfully describe your partners. Jupiter and Saturn are opposite principles – Saturn is about contraction, form, crystallization, limitation, and boundaries, whereas Jupiter is about expansiveness, growth, encompassing more territory, faith, and trust. Saturn can be more fearful, on the negative side. So together they can really balance each other out, and you will probably find that your partners have a wonderful sensibility in terms of knowing when to use the opposites: when to stay still or to move, when to be alone or be with others, when to contract and when to expand. Saturn is the stronger planet between the two, because it’s exalted. It’s in Libra. I’ve found that everybody who had a Saturn in Libra can appear cold at times, but they’re not cold. It’s just that Saturn is a very mental planet, and Libra is an airy and objective sign, too. So when Saturn gets exalted, they’re all about discernment, details, analysis, and objectivity. So your partners will tend to have this Saturn quality very strongly, this strong mind. It is also a quality in you to the point that you have owned it and recognized it in yourself, otherwise it would be reflected in your partners. But it is a part of you. Astrology writers don’t usually write for older souls, but as older souls we would tend to recognize our shadow/our opposite a lot more. So you’d probably recognize those traits in yourself, but when you were younger you might not have. Probably the older you get, the more you own it. So that you don’t just pull it in through relationships. The 3rd House and Chiron Chiron is all about the wounded healer – your deepest wound and your deepest healing, and the healing that you have to give to others. Chiron in your chart is in Taurus, at the end of the 2nd House, which is the Taurus house, moving into the 3rd house. I get the sense that it’s more your 3 rd house where the wounding and healing is coming in. Chiron is very important because it has to do with wholeness, our journey from fragmentation to wholeness, and where we can focus so that everything in our chart can be expressed. Usually it means being a teacher, mentor, healer of some kind. In your chart, it’s in the 3rd house. What came to me was, the deepest wound you’re working through in your 4th IM has to do with when you were little, and you were in that stage where you were just soaking up information and learning how to integrate ourselves to our environment around us, to express who we are, to communicate who we are – the third house is all about communication. Something happened when you were younger that really made you doubt yourself around your communication and expressing yourself. So a wound developed there that will always make you very intensely aware of how you’re coming across to others – your expression and communication, and also your intelligence. So you probably felt when you were younger like you were inferior, like you had a learning disability or something to do with your intelligence, your mind. There may have been some challenging experiences or interactions with siblings that also had to do with some kind of wounding. So if we look the symbolism and that wounding, it also means you have the largest healing gift with that same area. So it’s your ability to communicate, express yourself, use your mind, your perceptions and what you know, your ability to learn new things and communicate what you learned. The 3rd house is where we find teachers, just like the opposite 9 th house, but in the 3rd house the teaching is more casual and day-to-day. For instance, you could be in line at the grocery store and all of a sudden a teaching comes to mind and out of your mouth, and they’re like, “wow, thank you. That really helped.” Or something like that. As opposed to a teacher in the 9th house, which would be like a guru or a non-physical teacher like Michael. So it’s almost as if it’s channeling 9th house – higher mind, philosophical awareness, spiritual awareness, those larger-context teachings – down to a form that can be shared with others on a very down-to-earth way. It’s really what your gift is when it comes to healing. As you move around in your environment, you probably enjoy being active and moving around – like public transportation, walking, bicycling. Traveling and moving around stimulates a lot of your awareness – you’re able to make connections better that way. And then you get to just share what’s in your head as your pass people, as you travel to and from different places. So what I find interesting with your concern about stock trading – it’s very detailed oriented. There’s a lot of information that you have to take in and assimilate. So that’s the 3rd house, too. The 3rd house is information exchange. It’s also the media, like broadcasting, anything that has to do with communications. I’m seeing a connection between Chiron and your 3rd house – communication and information. Your Chiron is in Taurus, which means grounding and being down-to-earth. So I can see that influence is what I’ve always got from you, interacting with you on TLE and also when you gave me that reading. It was gentle, right on the money, but it was so calm and down-to-earth. Nothing was fantastical and glamorized, but it was so resonant in a gentle, grounded way. And that’s what I think is Chiron in Taurus in the 3rd house – your ability to give information in a way that can be received. It’s practical in a very simple, quiet way. North Node Your North Node, which is the direction that tends to bring your fulfillment in this lifetime and balances out your karma, and the opposite 11th house, which is that creativity house, you have Venus conjunct your North Node. So whatever planet is conjunct your North Node is a planet that you will use in order to move yourself forward along your evolution. So Venus is a very important planet. I’m surprised that you didn’t stick with the arts in some way or something, because you have Venus in Leo on your North Node, and Venus is all about beauty, harmony, and creativity. She’s also about values, and she’s magnetic. She attracts things to her. Venus in Leo is just a warm, sunny heart that is so generous and so giving – in the positive. In the negative, it wants a lot of attention. It wants to feel loved and recognized. So you’ll probably relate to both of those things. But Venus is like a sun that knows how to love and give and be generous, and it comes from a boundless source. So there’s something there, too, for you, in terms of what can be fulfilling and move you along your evolutionary path. I guess the key words are beauty, harmony, and creativity, whatever that means for you. But the more consciously you can bring in those aspects into whatever you do, even in the smallest ways, then you’ll probably feel those avenues and pathways to manifest essence more, and to experience that happiness, creativity, and that life force flowing through you. Yod Configurations You have two planets that in aspect configuration on your natal chart. I’ve already talked about Neptune and Pluto. They’re part of what we call in astrology “the finger of god” or a Yod aspect. And you have two in your chart. When you have those, they tend to constantly push you and drive you to increase your awareness and to evolve the planet that’s at the focal point. For you, those two planets are Neptune and Chiron. Neptune is the focal planet of one Yod, which means you will feel a constant drive to master Neptune, which is that surrender, that flow, that trust, spirituality/mysticism – being completely conscious of who you are beyond this personality, surrendering to your soul guidance, etc. So you’ll constantly be driven to use your Neptune and master your Neptune. Also, you’ll be constant driven to use and master your Chiron, which is working on healing – yourself, first and foremost, and experiencing more of your wholeness. So that you’re able to allow that gift to come through that has to do with teaching and healing others. I have a feeling you’ll probably come back around to teaching and healing in some kind of way. That’s just my own little intuitive projection there.
  8. As I don't remember my exact time of birth, the houses that the planets are in might not be 100% accurate, but they should be close. Michael has told me that this is a heavily planned life, and it's related to the Old-5 Soul Age. ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Sage Casting: Scholar Cadre/Entity: 1/2 E-Ratio: 60M/40F Frequency: 88 Soul Age/Level: Old/5 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 219 Grand Cycle#: 10 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: Sage Cadre/Entity: 1/3 Status: male TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Artisan/female Role/Gender: Scholar/male PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Flow > Growth/Acceptance Mode: Passion Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Body Types: Lunar/Venus/Mercury Chief Feature 1: Mild Self-deprecation Chief Feature 2: Mild Arrogance
  9. 4th and 10th Natal Houses 4th House could be called: The House of ~ IMPRINTING (or Belonging) Astrological counterparts: Water (Personal), Cancer, Cardinal, Moon, #4 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, –The Resources, Roots of Self-Karma 10th House could be called: The House of ~ CONTRIBUTION (or Contributing) Astrological counterparts: Earth (Universal), Capricorn, Cardinal, Saturn, #10 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, +The Resources, Symbolism of Self-Karma, the House where the Body Type is influenced at the point of conception Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 4th House and the Natal 10th House. And…as you have been doing them as a pair please note: There is dispute over which parent rules which house – the 4th or the 10th. There is a convincing argument that the “shaping parent” is found in the 10th – the one who had the greatest influence on our societal development. While the more “hidden parent” – the one whose influence may have been less outwardly visible, but possibly stronger at an unconscious level – is found in the 4th. The 4th House traditionally rules everything that relates to the foundation and roots of our existence: home, family, ancestors and homeland. It is thought to be a deeply private house – the place where we can go to rest or recharge ourselves. It is said to indicate the beginning and end of all things, representing childhood experiences that give rise to an unconscious emotional experience of life, the vulnerability of old age, the process of death, and funerals. The beginning of the 4th house is the Nadir or the lowest point of the Natal chart. The Moon has been given natural rulership of this house. The 10th House traditionally rules your career, your public reputation, your worldly status. It suggests your optimum contribution to society, the qualities for which you'd like to be admired and respected. What you “make of yourself” is a 10th house matter. Claiming your authority is THE 10th house passage. Planets in the 10th and/or ruling the Midheaven suggest how authority figures are perceived and conditions the way their seen. It is thought to be an “inescapably” public house. The beginning of the 10th house is the Midheaven – the highest point of the Natal chart. Saturn has been given natural rulership of this house. Maureen: Please comment on the significance of my Moon being conjunct my Midheaven in the 10th House (opposed my Nadir, 4th House) – as a way to illuminate the function of the Houses. MEntity: The 4th House is an Intellectual House that can help describe those influences of imprinting that come from within the intimate or immediate circle. It can also describe the basic roots of Self-Karma that will then be played out in the world through the symbolism of the 10th House. It also helps describe how one thinks of himself beneath the surface of how he presents himself. The 10th House can describe the imprinting influences that come from outside of the immediate or intimate circle, such as those in institutions and communities. It can also help describe how one goes about presenting himself to the world (10th House) in comparison to how he feels about himself (4th House). The 10th House is Higher Intellectual, and is the process of extracting truth from the insights gained by the Intellect. It could be said that the 10th describes the path that may be created in pursuit of the truths that are important because of the ideas collected from the 4th. MEntity: Your Moon in the Tenth House might suggest that your pursuit of the truth is through the resonance and empathy gained by your own emotional experiences and wounding. In other words, you navigate to those who share in similar struggles, which is then met with a mix of repulsion and attraction, of course. This is because the navigation comes from the intention of using your own inner stories and insights to help bring truth to others, but you may find that they also have truths for you. The latter can sometimes be met with resistance/repulsion (hence, the opposition to the 4th). Understanding that the 10th House qualities not only lead you to those with whom you can share new truths, but also to those who can share them with you. MEntity: The 10th House is also where the Body Type is influenced at the point of conception, as the 10th House could be said to describe one's own ideas given form, be they in terms of career, or creating a life. 5th and 11th Natal Houses 5th House could be called: The House of CREATION (or Creating) Astrological counterparts: Fire (Social), Leo, Fixed, Sun, #5 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Moving Center ‘Energy’- in terms how it is used to secure the Life Force, –The Goal, The True and/or False Personality and how it is being manifested, and also – the challenges or strengths one has in allowing one’s Support Circle or the Development of Support 11th House could be called: The House of CONSTELLATION (or Uniting) Astrological counterparts: Air (Universal), Aquarius, Fixed, Uranus, #11 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Moving ‘Energy’ – the Utilization of Support developed in the 5th House, +The Goal, House where the Goal is held Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 5th House. The 5th House traditionally rules risk-taking, gambling, creativity, children and love affairs. It’s the House of joy, fun, giving love and spontaneous self-expression. Planets placed here would likely describe how we act out our child-like innocence and fantasies of our specialness. Please give your perspective on the Astrological 11th House. The 11th House traditionally rules “hopes & wishes”, groups, organizations, community, friendships and allies. In the 11th House we discover we are not alone in the world, we can experience the strength of a collective stand and the society of others. Planets placed here would likely show how well we “fit in to the group” or what type of group we would choose to “immerse” ourselves in. MEntity: We may respond to both questions as one answer to cover both. The 5th Natal House could be said to symbolize the Moving Center in terms how it is used to secure the Life Force. The 2nd House could be said to symbolize how the Moving Center is used to secure the Body's survival, but the 5th is what is then done with that Body. Maureen: As a follow-up question -- Would the 5th House then relate to the 3rd CF ? MEntity: In response to the follow-up question: As Chief Negative Features are developed as habits after the life begins, they are not natively described in Houses. However, a retrograde or opposing angle may give hints as to where and how the Chief Negative Features are developed. MEntity: Though correlations can be drawn between Houses and certain Overleaves, it might be said that the 5th House describes the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts, in terms of Overleaves. The True and/or False Personality and how that is being manifested. This is the House that also describes the challenges or strengths one may have in terms of allowing one's Support Circle. While the 2nd House might describe how or what one does to survive, the 5th House might describe how or what one does to feel alive. We remind you that our responses are abbreviated, and that no response on this subject should be considered complete while exploring it in this format. The 11th House, then, might be best understood in terms of being related to the Higher Moving Center. It is the House that represents how one is utilizing the Support gathered in the 5th House. The 5th House is the development of Support, while the 11th is the utilization of that Support. This House is also where information about the Goal is held. Maureen: in what way? MEntity: The Goal is the entire motivation for a lifetime and a Personality. It is action-based, and requires interaction with the world for fulfillment, therefore, it is the part of the Personality that ends up moving that Personality into the path of people. It could also be said that this is the House of Agreements and Configurations. In terms of "in what way" the House holds information about the Goal, that information would be revealed by what Sign rules the House, what Planets may be present, their Angles, and any other considerations relative to that House. The combination of factors would have to be interpreted as a whole, just as any other aspect of Astrological insight. Maureen: If there is time - for illumination - what is the effect of having my South Node in the 5th House / North Node in my 11th? MEntity: We cannot interpret your Nodes in any meaningful way in this allotted time , but we can say that this combination you describe suggests a process for the Personality to learn to remove or rise above the demands and expectations imposed upon your relationships, and returning them to states of pleasure, innocence, and playfulness. 6th and 12th Natal Houses 6th House could be called: The House of WHOLENESS (or Perfecting/Self Improvement) Astrological counterparts: Earth (Social), Virgo, Mutable/Cadent, Mercury, #6 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: Emotional Center ‘Love’, –The Plan, Ordinal/Inspiration: How one is Inspired 12th House could be called: The House of MERGENCE (or Merging/Healing) Astrological counterparts: Water (Universal), Pisces, Mutable/Cadent, Neptune, #12 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: Higher Emotional Center ‘Love’, +The Plan, Cardinal/Inspiration: How one Inspires Note: This was the first question – on the 12th House – that started me off asking Michael about all the Astrological Natal Houses. Maureen: I have 3 planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) in my 12th house. It is often described as being the house of isolation, hospitals, i.e., retreats of any kind, BUT I find this incongruent with the overall description of what it means to be “above the horizon”, usually pointing to “exposure” of sorts, for any planet placement. What is Michael’s take on this? What is the “true” meaning of the 12th house in Astrology? MEntity: We would not qualify our response as clarifying the "true" meaning of the 12th House of a Zodiac, but we can say that it is A truth. As Astrology is a system of symbols, the flexibility of meaning and "truth" can accommodate a great many perspectives, maturities, and contexts. Our perspective of the 12th House, in terms of the Natal Zodiac, tends to be that this is where issues of collective inheritance comes in, with the planets emphasizing how these would be brought through the Personality. By "collective inheritance" we mean that which is a collection of imbalances, ideals, woundings, and/or patterns that are relative to a group of past Personalities of your Essence (past lives) or relative to those who your Essence intends to include as part of the current life. For those who lean toward an emphasis of Healing within the lifetime, either of the self or others, there can be a tendency for planets to populate this House. It could be called "The House of Healing," for that matter. When the Sun is present, we would think this is relative to SELF; with Venus present, it would indicate realms of Intimacy; and with Mercury present, it might indicate the realms of Communication. Each of those areas may come with built-in challenges that prompt a development of techniques and methods for Healing. This is a highly simplistic response, but a good start for consideration. As a follow-up, at a later session, I asked the next question: Maureen: The 12th House: I find it incongruent with the overall description of what it means to be “above the horizon”, usually pointing to “exposure” of sorts, for any planet placement. Is it that planets that are placed in the 12th House could actually or potentially face such great “exposure” (being “above” the horizon) that the only recourse in “this life” is to seek retreat of some kind… so that healing can take place? MEntity: One of the only ways for healing to occur is through the exposure of wounding. Most are walking around exposing their wounds far more so than is realized. The 12th House helps to clarify that. The 12th House then is the exposed wounding, even if well-hidden. Healing is unnecessary without wounding, so there is a polarity, or dynamic here. Maureen: Thanks -- I've been wondering about that for years! MEntity: It can be a description of the patterns that have emerged in the life as a result of navigating with those wounds, but also the potential paths for healing. At another Session, to complete the pairing, I asked about the 6th House: Maureen: I started (last time) with the 12th House – this time I would like to hear your perspective on the opposite house – the 6th House. Traditionally it has been called the house of service/bondage, health and work with the more modern twist leaning towards personal crisis or transformation -- where you either suffer or grow. The 6th House can also refer to daily time and how we spend it. What is Michael’s take on this? What is your perspective on the 6th House? MEntity: In response to your question: it might be said that the 6th House is one where issues of Self-Improvement are of emphasis, which can show up all matters of the Self, such as health, career, work, how one experiences Time, and uses Time, and as such, refer to the use of Emotion. It might be said, then, in simplistic terms, that the 6th House is relative to one's Emotional Center and how that manifests in one's personal world, whereas the 12th House might reflect how one's Higher Emotional Center manifests beyond one's personal world. To expand upon that, it could be said that the 6th House describes how one is inspired, and the 12th House is how one inspires. Both are explorations of Inspirational qualities, relative to ordinal and cardinal contexts. MEntity: We have more to say, of course, but this is a start.
  10. KEYWORDS ~ How Truth, Love and Energy is expressed through each House Maureen: What is Michaels’ take on what to use as a simple word(s) for each Natal House? MEntity: You are asking for more a simplified, yet comprehensive, keyword for each? Maureen: Yes – Please! MEntity: Though there are a number of terms that could work, we can simply alter some of what you already have, then, so that you have a House of: Emergence, Reflections, Presence, Evolution, Lessons, Context, Imprinting, Contribution, Creation, Constellation, Wholeness, and Mergence, respectively. Negative/Positive Poles as applied to House Pairings Maureen: Is it possible or would it be of benefit – to have a NEGATIVE/ POSITIVE assigned to each Natal House? MEntity: As for polarities of each House: we would say that could be quite helpful, if it is understood that the base polarities are already intact with the opposing Houses (e.g. 12th and 6th). MEntity: Our own system is similar: The axes, themselves, are already positive and negative poles. Re-evaluation is the negative pole of Inspiration, while Growth is the positive, for instance. MEntity: It could be said as a starting point for your consideration that the 1st and 7th Houses are negative and positive poles of what contribute to the Mode; the 3rd and 9th of the Attitude; the 5th and 11th of the Goal; while the 2nd and 8th are of The Path; the 4th and 10th of The Resources; and the 6th and 12th are of The Plan. MEntity: The "negative" poles/houses would indicate those more solid and limited structures in the life with which the Personality must contend, while the "positive" poles/houses may indicate how and/or what is built upon that. Maureen: That's excellent Michael MEntity: Transits, and even Progressions, would indicate what part of the life, at the time, is being activated and explored. Maureen: more contracted (inward) times vs expansive (outward) as well – excellent MEntity: Understanding the planetary symbolism as they pass through each House can be quite insightful for the life unfolding. MEntity: For instance, the entire spectrum is explored subconsciously every 30 days in some way, and so knowing where one's Moon is can help understand the undercurrent of emotions and subconscious motivations at the time. Maureen: LOL Michael – "we" are truly in sync – I was just thinking about the Moon! MEntity: Each Planet is symbolic of Karma, either internal or external, and understanding these as they are activated around the Natal over the lifetime can lend insight into many internal and external dances with life. North/South Nodes, Chiron and Uranus Maureen: Michael on Astrology: My North Node is in Capricorn conjunct Chiron (11th house) – opposed South Node Cancer (5th house). How would Michael describe this influence in my life? MEntity: The Nodes refer to the Karmic dynamic range of the lifetime so that yours indicates the spectrum between Dependence/Co-dependence and Independence, and what that means for you. Chiron symbolizes where the greatest wounding might be, and as a result, the greatest healing, which in this case might be that wounding that comes from simply being different, rejected for "who you are" and the subsequent regaining/redefining of that as a means for healing and wholeness. There is no equivalent in our teaching, but we can read these symbols to some extent and translate them into our understanding. Maureen: Also Uranus is conjunct the South Node as well – and in opposition to the North Node/Chiron – any comments. MEntity: This makes sense as it is exactly that from which you seek to heal: from being a "freak," or from being legitimately strange and a glaring oddity; so there would be a tendency toward packaging the strange, the different, the unusual, into very acceptable packaging. The eventual understanding would come that packaging can only go so far in "hiding" the unusual, but can make a great deal of difference in making the unusual approachable. The extraordinary in the ordinary. However, in your case, it seems there will always be a "flair" to even the best attempts at "ordinary."
  11. Greetings all! Since there is interest in such things, I thought I'd post my own natal chart here -- along with my essence and personality dynamics. So here it is for the astrology minded folk to examine and enjoy. Make of it what you will! John Essence Dynamics Role - Scholar Casting - Server Soul Age - 4th Old Cadre - 1 Entity - 3 Male/Focused Energy - 75 Female/Creative Energy - 25 Frequency - 55 Personality Dynamics Goal - Flow (sliding to Discrimination / Acceptance) Mode - Observation (sliding to Reserve / Passion) Attitude - Pragmatist (sliding to Stoic / Realist) Center/Part - Intellectual / Emotional Primary Body Type - Saturnian Secondary Body Type - Martial Tertiary Body Type - Jovial Outer Planet Body Type - Neptunian Primary Chief Feature - Arrogance Secondary Chief Feature - Self-Deprecation Lifetime - 218 Grand Cycle - 10 Natal Chart
  12. A Note from Maureen: I am really excited to have gotten all this great new material on how the Michael Teachings can be applied to Astrology. One of the reasons is that it proves there is so much more to be learned from the Michael Teachings. The Michael Teachings are not an Active/Static Teaching – they are Alive! As I was editing the material I did think of removing all my questions so that we could just hear Michael’s voice. Then I quickly realized that they needed to be left in as the questions were needed – questions are needed – not only for context but because they are the other half of a fully-formed answer. You can’t have an answer without a question – just like you can’t have a conversation without talking and listening! That’s what makes The Michael Teachings, through Troy, so fresh and “alive” – it’s the questions! The Q&A process I went through – that we all go through with Michael – is a great example of The Michael Teachings being “Passive and Alive”. As Troy has said… "it is through our participation, our application, and our questions that the teaching stays alive and evolving." Maureen’s Questions were on: The Natal Houses and how they relate to the Michael Teachings, some examples through personal questions, and a little extra on Chiron, Uranus and North/South Nodes The Truth, Love and Energy of Astrology shows how The Michael Teachings can be applied to the House System (1 to 12) in Astrology. The Q&As were channeled over a one year period. The finished material is so long I decided to break it down into parts. Part One will focus on Houses 1 & 7, 2 & 8 and 3 & 9. Part Two will focus on Houses 4 & 10, 5 & 11 and 6 & 12. Part Three will focus on Keywords for how Truth, Love and Energy is expressed through each House, Negative/Positive Poles as applied to House Pairings and North/South Nodes, Chiron and Uranus. PART ONE ~ The Truth, Love and Energy of Astrology 1st and 7th Natal Houses 1st House could be called: The House of ~ EMERGENCE (or Emerging) Astrological counterparts: Fire (Personal), Aries, Cardinal, Mars, # 1 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Emotional Center ‘Love’, –Mode (as it relates to the Emotional Center), Casting, Self-Karma, sheds light on one’s Life Task 7th House could be called: The House of ~ REFLECTIONS (or Relating) Astrological counterparts: Air (Social), Libra, Cardinal, Venus, #7 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Emotional Center ‘Love’, +Mode (as it relates to the Higher Emotional Center), Karma with Others Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 1st House. The First House traditionally rules your overall vitality, your persona (how you look), how you interact with others, your overall approach to life. Some say it is the house most descriptive of your personality. The 1st House holds first Impressions – the ones you make on the world, and the ones the world makes on you. Also – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 7th House. The 7th House traditionally rules partnerships of all kinds to include spouses, business partners, clients, and even open enemies. My take on the 7th House includes all the references to relationships but it also includes seeing this house as a place where we “willingly” give away traits, qualities, etc. to others – until we mature and are able to claim them for ourselves. Our external search for partnering mirrors our own true search for self. Maureen: Also, time permitting, any comment on the placement of Neptune (Ruler of my Pisces Ascendant) in Libra, intercepted in my 7th House, with Virgo on the Descendant, would be appreciated. MEntity: We will combine our responses to both questions as they are so relevant to each other: We would say that the First and Seventh Houses in Astrology could be understood as contexts that relate to SELF and OTHER. Those terms listed respectively. To elaborate upon the First House, this might be a story of one's INTENTIONS as Identity. In that story, there may be insights into Imprinting that was chosen by Essence, but there may also be insights into how the Self sees the Self, or experiences itself. In terms relative to our teaching, it can also shed light on how one's Casting might show up. This House can also shed light on one's Life Task, as any Natal Planet here can give an indication as to the general theme and its challenges or support, as described by angles, etc. As for the Seventh House, this might be a story of one's REFLECTIONS as Identity, as how one interacts with, and relates to, others in terms self-awareness. If the First House is seen as one's imprinting and intentions, then the 7th House might be seen as how that plays out in the world, and how it is amplified or transformed. By "the world" here, we mean "relationships." In terms relative to our teaching, this House can also shed light on one's Mode. The First House can also be understood as lending insight into one's Self-Karma, while the 7th House might give some insight into Karma (with others). MEntity: In response to your question about the planets, if we understand your description and placements correctly, would tell the story of how you may have had to work through the fantastical ideals of perfection and beauty that you bring to the expectations of relationships, and your subsequent refinement of control issues regarding those expectations. With Pisces as the Ascendant, it would indicate a profound sensitivity and self-consciousness within, which is then expected to be regarded and reflected in your relationships. This would have set up several relationships as doomed to failure or turbulence for not living up to those expectations of considerate sensitivities that you can so easily access within. Over the years, this would have been part of the Self-Karmic processes of this life, and a balance between expectations and capabilities would eventually be gained, probably showing up as a clear awareness of boundaries, limits, and pointless efforts to control, giving you much more freedom because now you would have learned not to take others' choices too personally, while also not pushing your expectations when they cannot be met. MEntity: Of course, all of this is an abbreviation of the information and interpretation we may offer, but this is a start. 2nd and 8th Houses 2nd House could be called: The House of ~ PRESENCE (or Establishing) Astrological counterparts: Earth (Personal), Taurus, Fixed, Taurus, # 2 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Moving Center ‘Energy’, –The Path, Ordinal/Action 8th House could be called: The House of ~ EVOLUTION (or Sharing) Astrological counterparts: Water (Social), Scorpio, Fixed, Pluto, #8 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Moving Center ‘Energy’, +The Path, Cardinal (exalted)/Action Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 2nd House. The 2nd House traditionally rules your “personal” money, possessions and material resources and also rules the more intangible ownership of talents, self esteem and values. Also – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 8th House. The 8th House traditionally rules “shared” money, possessions and material resources including any joint financial ventures. Specific areas of focus may be Taxes, Inheritances, Death and Sex. Also, any comments on the placement of Mars and Saturn in the Natal House 8th House would be appreciated. MEntity: We will respond to both questions simultaneously, as they are two sides of the same coin, so to speak. Maureen: lol (”two sides of the same coin” - Michael is so funny sometimes -- the 2nd & 8th Houses are about money!) MEntity: Using our terminology for helping to understand these Houses is more effective in our conveying an "interpretation" than if we were to use a different teaching to describe these, even terms of Astrology, as that is not our teaching. With that in mind, we will say that these Houses might be the Moving and Higher Moving energies/Centers as they play out in terms of Natal insight and being activated in Transits. In simplistic terms, it might be said that the 2nd House describes the context in which resources support and protect the body/Personality, whereas the 8th House describes the context in which resources support the soul/Essence. Put another way, the 2nd House describes how the body/Personality secures its survival, and the 8th House describes how the soul/Essence secures its evolution. All of Astrology is Personality-based, so it is important to understand that, even when the soul/Essence is referenced, it is in terms of how this serves the Personality, or how the Personality is serving the soul. Some of the traditional terms for both Houses are interchangeable, but are in different contexts: for instance, Sex is involved in both Houses, but in the 2nd House it is in the context of procreation/survival/need, and in the 8th it is for union and pleasure, desire. Death is a part of both Houses, but in the 2nd House this is in terms how the body/Personality deals with conditions that can lead to death, or threats to the body, and in the 8th House this can refer to how the death of others affects the life or soul. The 2nd House is one of NEEDS, and the 8th is one of DESIRES. In terms that may seem more intangible, such things as Self-esteem, Talent, Values, are actually quite tangible, and are extensions of that Personality's concepts of RESOURCE and sense of survival, or security of the self. Self-esteem, for instance, is directly linked to the immune system. Going back to shared terms across the Houses: such things as Money are a part of both Houses, but the 2nd House is in terms of survival, or immediate need, while the other is in terms of transformation, or greater desires, which is why inheritances and taxes might be associated with that 8th House, as they reflect larger arcs. These might be said to be the Action Axis of the Natal Wheel. The 2nd House is Ordinal/Action, while the 8th is Cardinal (exalted)/Action. More can be said in further exchanges with you. 3rd and 9th Natal Houses 3rd House could be called: The House of ~ LESSONS (or Learning) Astrological counterparts: Air (Personal), Gemini, Mutable/Cadent, Mercury, # 3 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, –The Attitude(Ordinal Expression), The 9 Pillars 9th House could be called: The House of ~ CONTEXT (or Seeking) Astrological counterparts: Fire (Universal), Sagittarius, Mutable/Cadent, Jupiter, #9 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, +The Attitude (Exalted Expression) Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 3rd House. The 3rd House traditionally rules short trips, errands, your immediate neighbourhood, neighbours, siblings, grammar school, the acquisition and use of language. It seems to relate to how well we “adapt” to our immediate world. I associate the 3rd House with the lower mind, how we think, how we learn, etc. Symbolically I see the 3rd House as Magazines, articles or short stories. Also – Please give your perspective on the Astrological 9th House. The 9th House traditionally rules long journeys, world travel, adventure, the study of all religions, philosophies, mysticism, publishing, higher education/learning, mind/life expansion in general. It seems to relate to how well we adapt to the larger world, bigger ideas, all people, places or things that are “different” than we are. I associate the 9thHouse with our higher mind, complex ideas, how well we can extrapolate our ideas or expand ourselves. Symbolically I see the 9th House as lengthy stories, epics or sagas. Maureen: Also to elucidate the meaning of the 3rd House – any comments on the placement of Jupiter (in Gemini) in my 3rd House. MEntity: The 3rd House is another component of the Intellect and tends to govern how one develops the capacity to use immediate interaction, or feedback, as a means for navigating the life. It is how the Attitude functions in the life in ordinal ways, or in immediate ways. Looking at influences in this House can lend insight into how one interprets his or her day-to-day existence and world. In terms of the 9th House , it could be said that this is a Higher Intellectual component, and tends to govern how one develops the capacity for use of long-term arcs of experiences, meaning, and value as a means for navigating the life. It is how the Attitude functions in the life in cardinal ways, or in larger arcs to create personal philosophies. Looking at influences in this House can lend insight into how one tends to interpret his entire existence in the universe. Additional Material – Patterns within Patterns – given in this session: To help in seeing the pattern of Houses, we will clarify here that those Houses below the horizon resonate to Ordinal Centers of Emotional, Moving, Intellectual, Intellectual, Moving, and Emotional, respectively. In those Houses above the Horizon, continuing in order, the pattern is Higher Emotional, Higher Moving, Higher Intellectual, Higher Intellectual, Higher Moving, Higher Emotional. Maureen: patterns within patterns... Houses 3, 4, 9, and 10 will explore all of the components of the Attitude and how this shapes ones sense of meaning and presence in the world, internally and externally. This is a crude simplification, but fair for now. They are the explorations of Truths. We elaborate here for the point of sharing that those 4 components are Elemental, in terms of Astrology. MEntity: This may lend more insight in both directions of interpretation, as applying the corresponding Overleaf to those Houses can add dimension to your Astrological explorations, while applying the Elements to an Overleaf can also help to grasp dimensions of an Overleaf. Maureen: You said "those" 4 components -- what are those? MEntity: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water Elements. Maureen: Of course! So for instance -- the 4 houses mentioned are Air (3rd, Gemini), Water (4th, Cancer), Fire (9th Sagittarius), Earth (10th, Capricorn) -- and each of those respective houses relate to Attitude... I see MEntity: We will also clarify here, that while the 3rd and 9th explore the Attitude, it is the 9th House where the Attitude is more "technically" emphasized, while its counterpart, in Astrological terms, would be The 9 Pillars in the 3rd House. We are revealing patterns here that will make complete sense upon our work around the wheel of Houses. This is also new to Troy, so there may be some necessity for resolving discrepancies that may accumulate over our exchanges, if any. MEntity: As far as your Jupiter in your 9th House, this would indicate that your Philosophies, Truths, and Attitude are in a perpetual state of expansion and exploration in this lifetime, most of the time to your excitement, but sometimes to your detriment, in that it can be difficult to find footing, if you will. Correction: As far as your Jupiter in your 3rd House, this would indicate what we described above, but in terms much "closer to home," in that you feed into your philosophies and truths through interactions, personal stories, with a tendency to depend upon feedback. However, as Jupiter is in the 3rd House, then, it would mean that your circle of feedback continues to expand. Your resources for building your philosophies are constantly growing, or expected, or intending to grow. This would still affect the 9th House, as we described above, but more accumulatively, rather than so directly, if Jupiter were in the 9th. We are not Astrologers, but we have Astrologers in our archive of Personalities, of course. We are not generating a personal report here, as much as we are simply "plugging in" the parts of the equations to generate an example interpretation. In general, a person with Jupiter in the 3rd House, might grow quite restless if his or her input and resources for expanding truths and philosophy grow stagnant or restricted. MEntity: These are loose correspondences for the sake of creating bridges of understanding between systems, and should not be thought of as static, but they are fair correspondences.
  13. Nik's/ComeOnLetsGo's (tentative) Overleaves {role} Scholar {casting} King {soul age} 3rd-Level Old .:. manifesting 4th Level Mature {goal} Discrimination {chief obstacle} Arrogance {attitude} Skeptic {mode} Passion {body type} Saturnian / Solar {center} Moving Center, Intellectual Part {male:female energy} 93:7 {frequency} 42 {needs} Freedom - Power - Acceptance
  14. Christina Lily Pedersen

    Christina's Natal Chart

    I got so fascinated when I read the comments to the other Natal Charts - I have been interested in exploring this subject for a long time! So here is mine! I am an absolutely beginner, so I would love to hear your thoughts! Role: Artisan Casting: Scholar Soul Age: Old, 4th Level Goal: Flow sliding to Acceptance and Growth Mode: Observation sliding to Passion/Reserve Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Male/Female Energy: 35/65 Frequency: 85 Venus/Mercury/Saturn Primary CF: Arrogance Secondary CF: Self-Deprecation Teritiary CF: Impatience
  15. This is a website which contains loads of interesting information along the lines of esoteric astrology. I've only found the subject of esoteric astrology recently and it seems to dovetail nicely with concepts from the michael teachings. It might be useful for some older students to look at. I know old souls can actually be helpful to one another in a very real manner by sharing information like this. Here's a nice article about what is called the 'seven rays' in esoteric astrology: https://www.lucistrust.org/arcane_school/talks_and_articles/the_science_the_seven_rays Probably there is a lot of extraneous and wholly misleading information there as well, but that doesn't have to put one off from reading it. Remember to keep your discriminating sword's edge sharp and you'll cut through the chaff and find what is valuable easily.
  16. A while back, I asked member Nick Sweeney, one of our local astrologists, about how he defined each of the signs in Astrology. Before MBTI and The Overleaves System, Astrology was my major reference for personalities. Today, other than occasionally checking out a pretty valid horoscope site(for me anyways- it's generally been very accurate) and helping friends understand the system a bit more, I don't really feel a draw to Astrology anymore- but it was and still is helpful. So I wanted to share a quick list of descriptions and polarities I made for each of the signs a year ago(with the help of a bunch of cross-referenced astrology sites, personal experience, and NickS), just to see if they're generally valid. ARIES- Purposeful action for the sake of self-awareness + self-discovery. -Self-Involved: Quick-tempered, Ignorant, Impatient, Impulsive etc. (The -Aries removes everyone else from the equation and follows only their rules.) +Pioneering: Curious, Energetic, Courageous, Driven etc. (The +Aries stops forcing, and starts exploring. The +Aries includes everyone. When NickS said that the action of an Aries must have a purpose, it felt pretty valid to me.) TAURUS- Ground creative impulses into stable, enduring things/forms. -Rigidity: Possessive, Inflexible, Obstinate, Aloof etc. (The -Taurus just doesn't care, or doesn't realize they do- so they act without the comprehension +Stability brings.) +Stability: Grounding, Nourishing, Securing, Helping/Providing, Loyal etc. (Pretty self-explanatory.) GEMINI- Making connections to learn, understand, express; gathering info to see clearly. -Abstract: Anxious, Inconsistent, Disconnected, Speculative etc. (The -Gemini feels the pull between their conflicting thoughts and emotions- I've found they're the most polarized and inconsistent sign, and that they try to reconcile this with reason or aggression or detachment etc..) +Connecting: Adjustable, Sharing, Curious, Versatile etc. (The +Gemini brings insight through their connections+curiosity that helps bridge their duality.) CANCER- Creating an emotionally secure sanctuary to safely explore feelings. -Moodiness: Petulant, Indirect, Callous, Clingy etc. (-Cancers indulge in their emotions in unhealthy ways- they can be pretty damn paranoid too.) +Tenderhearted: Creative, Securing, Intuitive, Protective, Courageous etc. (+Cancers are emotionally strong and they tend to use this to reach out to others or within.) LEO- Be bold+creative and express you in ways that warm, motivate and uplift. -Self-Assuming: Assumptive, Dominating, Melodramatic, Possessive, Egotistical etc. (Especially when the -Leo's pride+sense of self is wounded, self-assumption can come in to protect them in a myriad of ways- from simple arrogance to taking charge to assuming roles for themselves to fit into/control.) +Integrity: Bighearted, Valiant, Flexible, Creative etc. (The +Leo is filled with exuberance, even if only felt from within.) VIRGO- Rigorous Self-Analysis; and Dedicating that to meaningful work/service. -Counterproductive: Exacting, Interfering, Perfectionist, Procrastinating, Denial etc. (The inherent drive to perfect can overwhelm the -Virgo when all they see are the negatives, shortcomings, burdens, frustrations etc. They will then use their drive for perfectionism as an excuse for their behaviors.) +Constructive: Helpful, Meticulous, Methodical, Enduring (Virgos are tireless workers and analyzers of themselves+others. This is all done for the sake of their work/service.) LIBRA- Creating relationships that reflect beauty, harmony and peace. -Irresolute: Vacillating, Theoretical, Judgmental, Avoidant etc. (-Libras seek to avoid displeasure/conflict and emphasize pleasure/calm, using/doing whatever they can to create such situations.) +Harmonious: Confident, Balanced, Resolute, Diplomatic/Co-Operative etc. (Pretty self-explanatory.) SCORPIO- Transforming yourself through seeing your inner intensities reflected back. -Intense: Compulsive, Obsessive, Bitter/Resentful, Unrelenting etc. (I think the -Scorpio is motivated+fixated from feeling helpless or powerless.) +Magnetic: Self-Transforming, Perceptive, Resourceful, Passionate/Motivated etc. (The +Scorpio, however is motivated to transform and heal.) SAGITTARIUS- Growth and understanding through flexible searching and adventure. -Irresponsible: Avoidant, Restive, Blunt, Inflexible, Aimless etc. (It's pretty clear that if commitment equates loss of freedom, this can result.) +Aspiring: Searching/Seeking, Unrestrained, Adventurous, Open-Minded Philosophizing etc. (The +Sagittarius has a direction/aspiration, and acts upon this to discover new wisdom, truths and possibilities.) CAPRICORN- Bringing what's inside you into your public role/contribution. -Tunnel-Visioned: Concealed Inner Turmoil, Controlling, Dismissive, Detached etc. (The -Capricorn is fixated upon the worth of their choices, often to the point that if those choices hold no worth they are ignored/dismissed/buried in favor of their more worthy goals/pursuits.) +Ambitious: Resourceful/Practical, Hardworking, Responsible, Helpful, Deliberate etc. (The +Capricorn materializes their ideas+impulses by following+building upon them. This is why they're hard workers, they are always climbing and building and structuring.) AQUARIUS- Sharing knowledge+ideals to liberate and progress to a higher potential. -Eccentric: Dogmatic, Alienated, Rebellious, Extremist etc. (The -Aquarius internally divides themselves- with no doubt they're eccentric, but they tend to undermine themselves for this, distance from others to avoid this, or put themselves above others to compensate.) +Progressive: Innovative, Humanitarian/Altruistic, Self-Embodying, Visionary etc. (+Aquarians communicate their ideals to bring radical movement in a positive direction. Many are reformers, and reach out to make a difference.) PISCES- Aware of being the vital sustaining force of your life- a part of the whole. -Excessive: Hypersensitive, Impressionable, Fantasy, Melancholic, Disillusioned etc. (-Pisces are hard for me to pinpoint, they're almost slippery- but I think that in general, they all want something/one inspiring to look forward to, to the point they lose themselves in that or become burdened by it.) +Empathetic: Listener, Intuitive, Chameleon, Charitable etc. (The +Pisces realizes that the realm of intimacy is highly important to them, and that contributing to something they care about is worthwhile. They're one of the more instinctual signs.)
  17. November 15, 2001 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor [Michael_Entity] We are here. Hello to all of you. We will begin with the requested “Energy Report” as it stands for the 17th through the 30th. As most have noticed, there is very little stability in the world these days, personally or otherwise. This is not due to anything “metaphysical” or supernatural; it is much simpler: your species is in conflict with itself on a scale that has never been able to be observed so clearly before. This has created a psychic reaction in the world, much like “ripples” moving out from two epicenters: New York City and the area around Kabul. Whether you want to “pay attention” to the events happening or not, you are affected. On a larger scale, this effect is found in strange distractions and bouts of confusing depression or grief or anger or agitation. This is because the effect is generated from a part of you that is inescapably human and feels the deeply moving drama that is happening within your collective. It is not uncommon, especially, for late mature to older souls to “feel the pain” of the species. Empathy and sensitivity is a mark of progress, not weakness. Many fragments have never even considered themselves as part of “humanity” until this event. Older souls can have the difficult path of reconciling their minority within a species they see little of themselves reflected in anymore. This can be a painful and humiliating route for many older souls; to finally admit their love for the very species they may despise. This is in keeping with the larger lessons of the older souls: to comprehend what appears to be paradox. On a smaller scale, this turbulence and instability is simply an opportunity to “shake up” your own world to look at what your new priorities are. Many of you have already decided these priorities and are now living within the path of choices and creation that are stemming from those realizations. We believe we can see, despite the world’s events, that most of the older souls are finding some great gratification in their pursuits. This will continue. Most of you have clarified a position in your life that now only needs your commitment. Depending on your personal energy levels and motivation, you will begin to manifest the very best of what you are seeking to accomplish. There will remain a dichotomy in your experiences with the balancing between processing the world events that create dread and anxiety, and the personal successes of your own life. Many of you feel dread and an ominous weight simply because you “know” the devastation is not over. Many more people will potentially perish and this is deeply affecting. Commend your empathy, process it in your own way, and maintain your focus on contribution to your life in ways that are fulfilling. Over the next two weeks it does appear to be another “spike” in the fears of your people, especially in the United States. We see two revelations coming to the surface and potentially some arrests or deaths that will reveal a great amount of potential destruction was diverted. This will lend a sense of relief or over-speculation. We cannot guarantee your safety anymore than we can predict your disasters, but we can see the energy fluctuating in ways that can be interpreted. This is our interpretation as we see it currently. Overall, the next two weeks do not hold anything more specific than the past several weeks. We simply wish to share a perspective that helps you comprehend what may be happening for you on varying levels. Questions on the Energy Report: [Leela] In the past 2 or 3 days, I have felt what I think is some kind of energy shift. 2 days ago, I was nearly crushed by a sense of inconsolable grief, the next day my boyfriend and I both had dreams about missiles, and then today, I suddenly felt things get somehow, nicer. I suddenly feel that things may get more gentle. What am I perceiving? Am I picking up anything outside of myself? [Michael_Entity] Yes, you are experiencing another Major parallel shift occurring around the 20th. Since most of what the shift is about has already occurred, the shift is simply a means to solidify. The upcoming Nexus is moving most of your parallels into more peaceful and empowering solutions for your current events, personally and globally. The shifts are averaged into a specific day they will most likely make impact on the species or planet, but for many older souls this shift will already be occurring. This will not relieve the feeling of dichotomy in that you have a life of potential substance and success to tend to, while dealing with the mourning and anxiety generated by younger souls, but the long-term focus appears to be freeing. You may believe us when we say that you are in the more peaceful of all the possible scenarios. This will not, of course, tame the drama. [ludmila] I’ve dreamt of birthing twins a couple of times with their lives in danger – does this have anything to do with the current situation? [Michael_Entity] Yes. Many of you are evaluating the varying potential futures or your own past lives wherein you felt similar anxiety. Your “twins,” in this case, appear to be your most distinctly divided perceptions of the world events. The part of you who trusts and the part of you who fears. Their “lives are in danger” as you integrate them. But we can also say this applies to your personal life, as well, since you are dealing with a dichotomy in how you are perceiving unfolding events there, too. This appears to be your way of managing these poles within. You are not required to choose one over the other. That is why you dreamt them as children, and not doors. [Dewliet] Do the potential “revelations” and “arrests” you mentioned previously have anything to do with the most recent plane crash in NY? [Michael_Entity] No. More with biologicals and explosives. [LoriA] Is the death and destruction that you talk about concern the war on terrorism or would that include the earth changes as well? [Michael_Entity] We include “earth changes” as well. For instance, the impact of the recent plane crash in NYC is one of many large groups of fragments leaving the planet without relation to the current larger “war.” Except in that those on that flight were energetically linked to the fragments of the World Trade Center collapses. [Kathryn] Are the fears that you mentioned specific to any one geographic area or part of society, or for the US population in general? [Michael_Entity] Fear is a world truth and many of your fears are shared, currently, regardless of society or geographic location. These fears are more generalized, though they are stronger in the epicenters and “fade” outward from there. We will move to OPEN FLOOR: [Elf] Is becoming a paraverbalist or a paraemotionalist over an average level simply a choice, or do some overleaves make it more effortless? [Michael_Entity] Centering can inhibit these or enhance them. Since Centering is merely a habit, this means anyone can adapt and develop these traits you describe. The Intellectual PART of any Center can encourage paraverbal abilities. The Emotional PART can contribute to paraemotionalism. And the Moving PART can contribute to parabehaviorism. A more accurate terminology for these, respectively might be: Paraverbal, paraperception, and parastrategy. Regardless of your primary centering, if you are able to access the appropriate PARTS, you can manifest these traits readily. What inhibits these is the negative poles of any Attitude. This inhibition may manifest as having no ability at all, or a misuse of the ability in ways that are harmful, such as manipulation. [JNelson] Is there any relation to Mature Soul Shift and the shift to the Aquarian Age or the Age of Horus spoken of in many occult circles? [Michael_Entity] Yes. Depending on the terminology of the teaching, the terms will still describe a shift on the planet that has been anticipated for many centuries. [Anne49] Can you tell us if the anthrax originated in the USA–if it was perpetrated by domestic terrorism? [Michael_Entity] Though not originally from the US, it has been here for some time, it appears. We do see this as related to the “terrorism” you saw manifested in the NYC attacks, though those who initiated it would be more likely claiming their connection, despite the lack of knowledge of the larger network that they exist. It is inevitable that there are smaller networks with idealistic views who align themselves with larger stances; even if they are not connected literally, they are connected philosophically. [Annette] Are we experiencing the opening of another dimension? I sometimes feel like I am experiencing things not of this vibration/dimension, i.e., I see things change or disappear right before my eyes and I’m trying to understand this. Thank you. [Michael_Entity] We would not describe your shifts as “opening of another dimension,” but the older souls may experience inconsistencies in the fabric of “reality” as the consciousness of the species is in such flux. This is not unusual. Depending on your focus within this life as an older soul, you may or may not perceive these discrepancies. Most of our students will see the surprising fluidity of “reality” as it shifts. What you do with that, is your choice. [Elf] You have said that the astrological chart of the moment of conception is more telling than the birth chart. Is there any reliable method of calculating the time one was conceived? [Michael_Entity] By observing the primary physical manifestation of the Body Type, you will know the planet at the Midheaven at birth. This can lend some clarity to determining the rest of the chart. If a Body is primarily Martial, this means Mars was near the mid-heaven, for instance. This can act as an extrapolation for the rest of the chart. Knowing the general time it took for the pregnancy, of course, will lend to that calculation. [silverback] Is the current sense of world unity a herald of a new age for governmental unity? [Michael_Entity] Yes, actually. We don’t believe the world will act as one under a single government, but the tenets of democracy are making their way throughout the world in ways that might help free fragments from oppression. We even see the Monarchy changing its policies over the next 20 years as a result of this. “This” meaning the current world evaluations and impact. [Kathryn] Companion animals take on overleaves of their main caregivers to express personality. Is it likely for one to take on overleaves of an ET if there is strong bleed through, and do they change these overleaves if their caregiver changes? [Michael_Entity] Yes to both questions. The shifts in expression, if an animal changes companions, can usually last nearly 7 months to a year. But we have seen the shift occur within 7 days, as well, depending on circumstances. [SusanSF] I’m feeling an urging, pull desire to get the students together in person, especially the entities. Do you see this happening and in a positive way for reinforcing entity commitments? [Michael_Entity] Yes. Within the next year, most of you with whom you share agreements in the “trueview” community will have met. Across the communities you attend, you will find yourself with most being able to physically meet you next year. Next year, in fact, most of you have Agreements to have a serious physical reunion of some sort. We believe many of you will recognize the “pull” you speak of. Between March and September of 2002, we are arranging many gatherings with most of our students. We will conclude here. Good night.
  18. Maureen's Overleaves are: 7th Level Old Warrior-Cast Priest from Cadre 1, Entity 5; a Realist in Observation sliding to Passion and Reserve Modes with a Goal of Acceptance in the Intellectual Part of the Emotional Center, and Chief Features of Stubbornness, Self-Deprecation and Impatience.
  19. Permission has been given by Troy Tolley to post this excerpt from an OMW on Subpersonalities held May 7, 2011. With OMW membership the entire transcript can be viewed in the OMW Group. For veracity - all questions and comments remain intact. Michael on The Astrology of Subpersonalities Quite spontaneously – at an OMW on Subpersonalities – Michael started to talk about Astrology. They described how the Natal Chart can be broken into Quadrants, how to “read” Planet placement by Quadrant, how Quadrants/Planet placement describes your “life work” and your “journey” through the Internal Monads. They went on to discuss the meaning of Planets placed above and below the horizon and the meaning/description of each Planet – all from The Michael Teachings perspective. MEntity: Part of how your Essence creates you is by using Astrology. MEntity: The planetary arrangements at the time of your conception and the time of your birth, both, play tremendous factors in what is potential within your Personality. MEntity: Most of the influences at the time of conception are focused on the development of the Body, while the influences at the time of birth are focused on the Personality. MEntity: In looking at your Natal Chart, the first three Houses are what would be described as the First Quadrant; the next three would be the Second; the next three, the Third, and 10, 11, and 12 are the Fourth. MEntity: If one were to think of the Natal Chart as the garden we described earlier, the Planets "sprinkled" among this are the Seeds at birth. MEntity: Those Planets in the First Quadrant, if any, would be those that develop almost immediately and build as a kind of core for the lifetime. These usually indicate the Subpersonalities that will require the most healing, often carried over by themes from other lifetimes, or Karma, etc, and so the life begins building those, first. MEntity: Those Planets in the Second Quadrant might describe the Subpersonalities that would spring to life after the 2nd Internal Monad and into the 3rd, and would be most obvious in realms of relationships, family, contributions, etc. MEntity: Those Planets in the Third Quadrant might describe those Subpersonalities that spring to life during the 4th Internal Monad, and would show up most obviously in your chosen relationships, and your sense of identity as it relates to "the world." MEntity: Where the Second Quadrant relates to default relationships (family, etc), the Third relates to chosen relationships, which may include family, but is often friendships, long-term matedness, partnerships, etc. MEntity: The Third also includes the sense of relationship within, or to the self. MEntity: And the Fourth Quadrant would house Planets that represent the Subpersonalities that might spring to life in the 5th Internal Monad, or in the sense of place in the cosmos, humanity, the earth, etc. MEntity: Any Planets below the horizon, or in Houses 1-6, would be those representing more unconscious or default Subpersonalities that either eventually dominate, or evolve, and these often start at the lower end of the degrees of fulfillment (1 to 4). MEntity: Any Planets above the horizon, or in Houses 7 - 12, would be those representing more obvious, or conscious Subpersonalities that may behave almost seamlessly with "you," fulfilling degrees of 5 or higher for any relevant Need/Want/Seed. MEntity: This might become obvious when looking at the symbolism, as those Houses below the horizon describe context that are usually already in momentum before consciousness has a chance to build, and therefore must build up from within those contexts. MEntity: To the degree that your Planets are below the Horizon is the degree to which your Essence probably intended very specific plans for "you." MEntity: Many who are in a 6th Level will find a bulk of Planets below the Horizon, for instance. MEntity: With some creativity, some of you may find correlation between the known Planets, their symbolism, and the 9 Seeds we already described, but if you cannot find correlation, that is to be expected. MEntity: These are different ways of mapping, so they may not correlate easily. MEntity: Before we describe the Planets as they symbolize the influences that become your Subpersonalities that become "you," we will ask now if there are any questions about what we have shared so far. DavidB: *** MEntity: Yes, David. DavidB: What could be said of Essence's plan for someone with a majority of planets above the horizon? For example, 9 of my 10 are. DavidB: I'm asking generally, of course. Martha: me too, 3rd quad is loaded AnnH: So is mine MEntity: If the bulk of your Planets are above the Horizon, it may indicate the degree to which the overall life was "unplanned" to any degree of detail, which means those with the bulk above horizon might often feel that the life is either a meandering and wandering, or with a momentum and no one really driving. DavidB: ok. MEntity: However, to the degree that a Quadrant is dense with planets is the degree to which that area of the life might then "kick in" the "plans" that may have been most-intended. Martha: aha Martha: so loaded 3rd quad hits during 4th IM Maureen: So if someone has a 'loaded' 12th house - their 'real' work might 'kick in' during the 5th IM? MEntity: If a Quadrant is completely free of any Planets, that Quadrant is often as a major emphasis for the life as a major context, free from biases and influences and Subpersonalities. DavidB: Do you have any particular house system in mind to divide 1st quadrant from 2nd and 3rd from 4th? MEntity: For instance, our Channel, Troy, has Houses 10 through 12 free, which allows us to come through to a degree that is free from most anything "Troy," as he is focused elsewhere in his life. MEntity: Maureen, that would be one way that it shows up, but it may also be said that it would "kick in" within the context of contributions to humanity or the bigger picture, and does not require the passage of the 5th Internal Monad. MEntity: Though, often, those with a density in 4th Quadrant do find the clarity and sense of purpose during or after the 5th Internal Monad. AnnH: If I have houses 2-5 free, what would that mean? Maureen: My first Quadrant could be considered 'empty' - how would that show up? EricM: heh, and my first quadrant is jam packed Maureen: :) Martha: my second is empty MEntity: We know there are various House Systems, so we suggest experimenting and using the one that makes sense to you, as they are all symbolic, and what resonates with you is yours. Geraldine: My 3rd and 4th are nearly empty -- it's like I should have died long ago Martha: lol DavidB: ok, thanks Michael. DavidB: I have a 4/5 split between the 3rd and 4th using Placidus. DavidB: with 5 in the 3rd. Diane_H: 8 of my 10 planets are mostly in the 2nd and 3rd quadrants. MEntity: Again, when a Quadrant is empty, it usually becomes a non-charged, but major underlying theme throughout everything. MEntity: Biases and Subpersonalities will not affect that Quadrant. DavidB: Neptune is alone in my first. :-) poor guy. Martha: it's alone in my 4th MEntity: In your case, Maureen, it might be said that the perception of the inner self, the core of a person, their wounds, their past, their needs for healing, etc can be seen as crystal clear to you. MEntity: You just "know." Martha: I saw you do that at Claymont, Maureen Maureen: :) MEntity: The density or lack of Planets in a Quadrant has no bearing on how long the life will be or should be. MEntity: They are contexts. MEntity: And while some activations occur in the context of linear progression, activations also occur in the contexts of categories/relationships. EricM: So then a packed first quadrant would then suggest many subpersonalities dealing with the core or the self, or a heavily planned lifetime? MEntity: Both. EricM: interesting MEntity: It would most likely indicate that, at least, Essence's idea for this lifetime was to deal with patterns that are across lifetimes, and the Subpersonalities required for this would get a head start, very early in the life. MEntity: We point out here that your Astrology gives you an idea for what Essence thought was a good plan and idea for this life, and what YOU did with that can be a very different story. MEntity: NOW, on to the Planets and their symbolism. DavidB: ah, yes. :-) Geraldine: (this pause makes me think all of this upcoming information is not only new but due to symbolism isn't easy to translate) MEntity: First, the SUN will represent the True and False Personality, or how the Personality will show up in terms of manifesting Unity or Division, or Love vs Fear, or Essence vs Defenses, etc. MEntity: Depending on where your Sun is, it can give you insights into how you run the whole of "you." MEntity: This would be the "I" of you. MEntity: It is often a meeting or battling ground, and indicates the aim of synthesis, for the Subpersonalities for the lifetime. MEntity: Using our channel's Sun Sign as an example, we could say that all of his Subpersonalities meet, battle, and evolve relative to his Sun in the Second Quadrant of default relationships, in his 6th House as it is ruled by Aquarius. MEntity: Translating this would mean that most of Troy's Subpersonalities battle or harmonize as they work through the default relationships that contributed to their births, and this is then played out in the realm of his Health, Responsibilities, and True Work/Life Tasks. MEntity: We will not describe the contexts for each individual House at this time, but a quick glance at the system can give you insight as to where your own Subpersonalities battle or harmonize in your life. MEntity: The House that the Sun is in would give you that insight. MEntity: The Sign would give you the aim of Synthesis for the lifetime that these Subpersonalities would bring. For instance, Troy's would find Synthesis through the higher qualities that are Aquarian, which includes humanitarianism, equal rights, sharing of knowledge, wisdom, etc. MEntity: The rest of the Planets would describe the Seeds, in the context of Astrology, that were planted as potential developments of Subpersonalities for the Personality. MEntity: Keep in mind: MEntity: Those Planets BELOW the horizon indicate Subpersonalities that probably already exist, and have existed from childhood, and have either evolved in status or remain problematic. MEntity: Those Planets ABOVE the horizon indicate those Subpersonalities that may have developed mid-life, or in broader contexts of chosen relationships and relationships to humanity or spirit. MEntity: The MOON can indicate the most unconscious of your Subpersonalities, where your greatest potential for True Personality could come, and is loosely relevant to the Seed of EXPRESSION. MEntity: In other words, the Moon indicates what truly motivates your presence in the world, and often this is unconscious, but when it becomes conscious and accepted, this becomes a path for True Personality. MEntity: The Subpersonalities that arise from this are usually relevant to Expression, and indicates the most sensitive of Subpersonalities. MEntity: If this Planet is below the Horizon, it probably means you developed a sensitivity early in life regarding your Expression in the world, and this sprung forth Subpersonalities as a result. MEntity: If this Planet is above the Horizon, it may be something that did not come into question until later in life, or at least it did not become a matter of awareness until then. MEntity: We will speed through the rest more briefly, as we know this class has gone long. MEntity: MERCURY indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXCHANGE, and relative to your ATTITUDE as it began to show in you. MEntity: VENUS indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to COMMUNION, and relative to how your MODE functions in you. MEntity: MARS indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to ADVENTURE, and how your Goal functions for you. MEntity: JUPITER indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to EXPANSION, and the pursuit of creating meaning. MEntity: SATURN indicates those Subpersonalities that may have sprung up relative to SECURITY, and those that arose to implement your Chief Negative Features. MEntity: URANUS indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of The Truth in your life, managing your Higher Intellectual Center, and relative to POWER. MEntity: NEPTUNE indicates those Subpersonalities arose as seekers of Love/Agape in the life, managing your Higher Emotional Center, and relative to ACCEPTANCE. MEntity: PLUTO indicates those Subpersonalities that arose as seekers of BEAUTY (or identifying patterns within chaos), managing your Higher Moving Center, and relative to FREEDOM. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MEntity: Putting together what we have shared today, then, can help you to understand the fragmentation that is within you in a way that is not seen as "broken," but is seen as the very matrix from which "you" spring, and that to care for those fragments is to care for you. MEntity: To communicate with, understand, and implement that understanding of those fragments, or Subpersonalities, within you is to reach within for the wholeness that would then allow you to reach beyond you in ways that may never been thought possible, or even imagined. MEntity: In effect, this is what Essence does for every Personality in the end. MEntity: And it is only then that the Cycling Off occurs. MEntity: Cycling off cannot occur without Essence fully comprehending a profound depth of Truth, Love, and Beauty that is the entirety of its path through every Personality, who, each, gave rise to that possibility for Essence to comprehend that very Truth, Love, and Beauty. MEntity: And so it is that a relative profundity is experienced by any Personality who understands what gave rise to its very consciousness within the lifetime. ADDENDUM: March 19, 2012: Maureen: I would like clarification on Michael assigning POWER to Uranus and FREEDOM to Pluto at Subpersonalities Workshop on May 7, 201. Please explain from your perspective how POWER fits with Uranus and FREEDOM fits with Pluto. MEntity: We would say that this is just a matter of context. As the Subpersonalities arise from a search for truth, the influence and symbolism of this planet <Uranus> is fitting, as it pushes for shifts in perceptions and insights. MEntity: Truth, or knowledge, then, tends to be empowering, bring about the capacity for more influential and effective presence. MEntity: Pluto, in this context, is relative to those patterns of transformations within the life that are freeing, or often symbolic or literal "deaths" that move one into a different circle of experience. MEntity: Once one is free from the confines of one pattern, the greater patterns can be seen, or Freedom arises. MEntity: That was part of our logic in associating these. Maureen: Great answer Michael. I really like it when context is broadened, it opens up our "view". Thanks MEntity]: Does this make sense to you, then? Maureen: yes it does MEntity: That is the teaching and lessons of the Old Soul: Context. MEntity: Context is "everything." MEntity: The same thing takes on completely different meaning when context is changed. A man with a gun on his back, aiming up at a man with a knife is different from a man on his feet in a mask with a gun aimed at a bank teller. MEntity: The gun is still the same, no matter where it is, but the context changes everything about the story of that gun. MEntity: The same can be said of any object, person, experience, relationship, etc. And this is the crux of our teaching. YOU - in context. The whole of you. In context.
  20. Originally published on April 4, 2012 From a Private Live Chat on April 4, 2012: Maureen: I can’t come up with any configuration that would put the Sun and Mercury AND Neptune in the 10th House at the Midheaven at my time of conception?? I do feel that my correct Body Type is Solar/Mercury/Neptune – so what am I missing? Maureen: I can go through ALL my iterations if you like – but perhaps you have a simple explanation so this can be reconciled?? MEntity: The dominant body type tends to be at the Midheaven at conception, but not all of the planets that symbolize that combination of body types. MEntity: Were you under the impression that all of the planets of a body type combination were at Midheaven at conception? Or have we misunderstood the base of your question? Maureen: Yes – I was under that impression. Maureen: Please explain how it works then – is it "complicated"? MEntity: No, it is not the combination, but one {planet} of the combination, which would then tend to be the dominant percentage, while the additional influences may then have angles that tie them together. Maureen: OK... MEntity: With no actual knowledge of the moment of conception, this can be difficult, but knowing the Body Type combination and the dominant percentage, one can then retrofit a pre-Natal chart by experimenting with the general time frame of conception, putting that planet around the Midheaven MEntity: Some of the inner planets, however, move quite rapidly, so even a retrofit cannot give an exact moment. Maureen: OK – I can see that Maureen: So Sun/Mercury/Neptune is my correct Body Type – as I have been given then? MEntity: Oh yes. MEntity: Do you have your percentages? Maureen: Yes, I do. Solar: 45%, Mercury: 53%, and Neptune: 2% MEntity: The dominant percentage would tend to be around the Midheaven at conception then. MEntity: There will be some connection around the chart with those planets representing the body type, so moving the dates and times so that there is a more prominent connection to the secondary percentage and so on, can help you to retrofit, as well. Maureen: Ok – I'm glad I asked Michael. Thanks! MEntity: Any more questions on that subject? Maureen: So we may choose to conceive at the best time for us to have the Body Type we want – for a specific life? MEntity: It is an art that develops over lifetimes, yes. At first, this is treated as the least important of details that then becomes honed as priority skill during the Young Cycle, when bodies are commodities and a means for status. This skill then becomes an art for a much greater context of the life. MEntity: At first, the effort is like throwing a dart at a moving target, but as the Essence evolves, the capacity for more consciously and carefully moving outside of the linear timeline allows for pinpoint precision. Maureen: Thank you Michael. I have enough now on Body Type info. :) UPDATE: From a Private Live Chat on April 12, 2012: Maureen: I still have a problem with how the Planets are “selected” during the conception process. There are other Planets in aspect in my Conception Chart that I can’t “explain away”. For example – around the time I was conceived – over the whole possible period – (for example) Saturn was in an exact conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter was conjunct both the Sun and Mercury. Do we "choose" some planets and "ignore" others – even if they are in aspect? MEntity: We will respond to your question, but will first ask if this is a valid profile for time of conception? Maureen: Yes, it is. MEntity: It is not so much that Planets are ignored, but that there are some are either in latency, in line, or relative to how they will support another particular energy/Planet in the bodytype. MEntity: When in latency, it may be a kind of energy that is underneath all of the others, and not technically a part of the bodytype, but one that has an energy that one might "slide" to, like other Overleaves. MEntity: When that is the case, it is usually in terms of the Nature or Health. MEntity: Meaningful angles with planets that are not technically a part of the bodytype can tend to be a kind of support for a planet, particularly when a far outer planet MEntity: This is a kind of support that often occurs, and this "support" can be anything from sources of challenge to sources of comfort and healing. Using your examples: MEntity: If Neptune Energy becomes difficult to manage, or starts to be ignored, you may have your Saturn support it. This might mean that the higher visions and unusual perceptions that can be represented by Neptune may require a kind of endurance and stamina to uphold them, and Saturn can do this. MEntity: Or rather, Saturn may symbolize the fact that you turn to endurance and durable people for support. Maureen: Yes I do – I prefer stable over "WooWoo" ! MEntity: Jupiter may then support the Solar/Mercury, or the core of your bodytype by symbolizing that your rejuvenation and vitality come from laughing, being around those who bring levity, and take on life in big ways. Maureen: I can see that as well. MEntity: We have much more to say about bodytypes and their Progressions and Transmutations, and those may factor into your interpretations, as well. MEntity: Bodytypes not only morph over a lifetime, but progress in a rather linear way over several lifetimes, and this can often be seen in the Natal chart in these apparent discrepancies. Sense will come of this over time.
  21. Originally published on March 22, 2012 I will follow-up with Michael to get more information on the Asteroids as this answer was quite truncated – but in the meantime this is a good start. Maureen: Please comment on the action of Asteroids in the Natal Chart and as well if there is much effect as they make their transition around the Chart. I’m specifically asking about the main ones – Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno – but comments on any and all would be appreciated. MEntity: These familiar asteroids are representative of components of the Creative or "Feminine" Energy side of the Energy Ratio. MEntity: This will take more than the time allotted for comprehensive exploration, but we will quickly state that Vesta is the Pleasure, or the Expressive, Ceres is the Nurturing, and the work of Nurturing, or the Action, and Pallas is the Healing, Resolution, or Inspirational aspect, and Juno is the Continuity, Commitment, or Assimilative.
  22. MICHAEL SPEAKS 091309 Open Floor [Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with Martha's question. [QUESTION] I'm curious about how Essences organize concurrents these days, with so many, in terms of ETs, TCs, etc. Seems like a lot of threads to keep untangled, can't wrap my brain around it. It's not "normal" in human history to have so many concurrents as we do now, is that right? Confused and curious. [Michael Entity] The "how" of organizing Concurrents is no less complicated than trying to explain the patterns of branching in a tree that is part of a forest; what you see as PART of the tree is, in fact, what IS the TREE. By this we mean the organization and branching is not complicated to the Tree, nor is the branching out in time and space complicated to Essence. The leaf's understanding of how it can exist as itself among all of the leaves would always have to go back to the trunk, so to speak, and understand that its "individual" existence is PART of its entirety, not its entirety. And so it is with you, as Personality. You can only truly comprehend the vastness of yourself if you comprehend yourself as a FRAGMENT of who you are. It is not necessary for the individual leaf to comprehend the entirety of the Tree for itself to be "whole," and it is not necessary for the Personality to comprehend how Essence functions across and through time. For those Personalities who wish to explore this comprehension, it can be done. Most of that comprehension would come through analogy and metaphor, but it can be done. For instance, the whole of who you are as a Personality is a fragment of your entirety in the sense that you think of as "fragmented." Most of you can comprehend the reality that your body is not just skin, or just bone, or just a finger, or a hand, or foot, or a tongue, or a cell. Your body is that entirety, though each of those things exist as themselves, too. "You" have no problem bringing your attention to your fingertip right now, or to the weight of your tongue, or to the tension in your cheeks under your eyes, or to your ears as you hear the ambient sound around you, etc. No part of your body ceases to exist by focusing on any one part, and "you" do not cease to exist, nor are you less-"real," when Essence is focused on other "you's." There is an awesome order and structure to the universe and we are in the process of comprehending this on larger scales than even we suspected while living from the Physical Plane. To help you glimpse how your Essence manages all of the versions of itself, ponder how your body is whole, while being all of its parts, and then apply that to the larger patterns of your Essence's existence across time, through time, and among many bodies as parts of its wholeness. For the more metaphysically adventurous: in the same way you know your entity members as individuals with whom you resonate and love and find, so is the relationship between you and other you's within your Essence. Your entity members are ultimately the same as you: just other versions our Entity. Your cadre again is the same, and so on. All of us, are You. On a more intimate and personal scale, "you" can also grasp how your Essence manages itself among so many bodies, concurrent, simultaneous, and linear, by seeing how easily you manage yourself through time. You do not exist MORE because you exist today vs yesterday, and you do not exist LESS because you do not yet exist tomorrow. You do not exist LESS when you are physically in an office, while daydreaming about lunch. You do not exist MORE when you finally get to lunch. You are simply where you are at the moment. It is the same for Essence, except the capacity for multitasking by Essence exceeds anything one Personality can do. On a more practical level of understanding, some comprehension can be had when thinking of the Concurrents as similar to how one might raise several children at the same time. Your children exist independent of you, even while being your creations and completely dependent. You have the arcing agenda of nurturing for the children, as well as the specific attention to those moments and individuals who require it. Yet, on a whole, this is your family, a whole body in itself. We realize this can seem a complicated line of thinking to comprehend, but we think what we shared here in these various ways of understanding can lend some insight to that reality. [QUESTION] Hello Michaels, in the Sept energy report ..."September 5th through the 7th is a NEXUS for many of our students, but just as many will experience their Nexus at various points (individually) over the days between the 15th and the 20th. This means some may be the 15th through the 17th, while others may be the 16th through the 18th, etc., but most will be around 3 days....This Nexus is a Community Nexus, which usually means that this shift occurs in pockets of time close together that eventually "add up" to the collective shift of your community. A "Community" would be anyone remotely meaningful within your social or family circle. If you communicate with that person, he or she is a part of your community. This means that those within your more immediate circle would most likely move through the Nexus together, or close together. Keep in mind that having contact with someone is not the same thing as communicating. Not everyone with whom you have contact, even on a regular basis, is someone with whom you communicate (engage in meaningful exchange)." Could you expand on this please, how has the energy changed from the May Nexus to now and how it pertains within this group? [Michael Entity] Though we know Troy and other channels refer to our sharing of perception of patterns as an "energy report," which is a valid description, we can also suggest that it be seen more as an "emphasis report." Following that line of thinking, a Nexus could be understood as a pattern leading to a growing emphasis, or into a scattering of emphases. In this case, with this month's Nexus, there is a scattering of emphases. Nexus points occur regularly, so they are not magical windows of transformative change, though they can be experienced as such during some years. The emphasis, or energy, of May was focused on relationships, and issues of surrender, regret, flow, resentment, and an overall examination of how even the worst of experiences/relationships are contributing to your life in potentially beneficial ways. The emphasis, or energy, now is focused on your internal philosophy about life overall, and what you can DO about fulfilling your ideals, dreams, desires, etc. How it pertains to this group is directly. Each of you are in some way participating in the energies/emphases of the world around you, so it would not surprise us if each of you are internally confronting yourself about your personal philosophy, or interpretation, of life and experience and self. This internal confrontation is the source of the Nexus. The questions that have come up within you will align you more with some people than with others, and this is why it is a Community Nexus. Not only is the questioning happening individually, but along with many who feel the same way, and the outcome of this would be a clarity of direction individually, which adds up when in a group. Most of you will have come to some sense of clarification about your life in a way that might be captures in the phrase, "I can do it!" and this would help to move you forward with an openness that draws you to those whose "doing" is compatible, supportive, and even directly and mutually benefiting each other. Of course, the divergent aspect of this Nexus is that there will also be versions of you who say, "I can do it! But I won't." and this will move groups together in directions of mutual grief, defeat, and general boredom as the comfort in the lack of will is chosen over the effort needed to follow your will. It could be said, then, that May was about grasping the fact that you are in a boat with others in a current that has others in their own boats, and that none of these can be completely controlled. September is about grasping the fact that you do have a means of steering, using an oar, motor, or even a stick if you have to. Just because one cannot control, does not mean one cannot navigate. For some of you, it is exciting to find that oar, and for others it may be a disappointing discovery because steering is not enough, and you preferred the comfort of justified complaint and confusion and may "accidentally" toss that oar off the side. Some simply find the current to be fine as it is. This is why we said in our report that the extent to which you determine the oar is of use is the extent to which your next three months might be relieved of the feelings of Impatience and Martyrdom. Choice is always the "oar." Or more accurately: Choice is always the "current," and Decisions are always the "oar." In terms of "cooperation" vs "isolation," we might use the words "wholeness" and "division," as "cooperation" implies an imposition. The only cooperation most need to be concerned with in a life is the cooperation among the various parts of oneself, or a sense of wholeness and trust, vs a sense of division and conflict within, with one "lazier," or frightened, or angry part dominating other parts. If you desire to DO one thing, but DO another, you are divided. Desire is your navigational alert to where all of you want to go, including Essence. And including the angry, lazy, resentful, and screaming, kicking parts, as well. [QUESTION] Michael has said that some parallels were VERY different than others and won't re-merge back into the total until well into the Causal. Can you give me several examples where history went off on completely different tracks, besides the nuclear war that occurred in one parallel back in our mid-1980s? I was told that I have several parallels that will never merge into this trunk or branch until we've all cycled off. I realize that each parallel considers itself to be the "true trunk." [Michael Entity] Not all parallels consider themselves to be the "true trunk." It is natural to live as if it is, of course, which is exactly how it is designed to be experienced. The older the soul, and the more exploration of this concept, the more likely the sense of such solidity begins to dissipate, which can make for some very interesting lifetimes for a Personality. When conscious awareness and observation of the literal shifts and changes in parallels are explored by a Personality, it can be terrifying and exhilarating. Much of what is experienced as discrepancies among parallels is ignored, briefly noted and then dismissed, or simply experienced as a private confusion. [QUESTION] Schizophrenia? [Michael Entity] In a very few cases, Schizophrenia might result, but that condition is more a result of an internal breakdown of communication among various sub-personalities assigned to different emotional components of the Personality. In response to your broader question: there are a multitude of parallels that have spun off at various points in your history to become fairly incomprehensible to the Personalities experiencing "this" parallel. Some of those examples would be: 1) Your world as a result of the North of America losing its Civil War, wherein slavery is still common, though with compassionate acts passed to protect the well-being of the slaves. The business of buying, selling, breeding, and exporting people has escalated to a scale fairly difficult to imagine or convey. 2) Another branch has emphasized a move away from all physical contact among people and focused on methods for sustaining that lack of contact, particularly through electronics, personal pods, and egg-shaped, stacked housing that holds only one person. "Families" are clustered together, but even babies are encapsulated upon birth and fed through a means that is built in to the pods. Procreation is done through laboratories and children are assigned. 3) Another branch has emphasized a taboo on "celebrity," which has become illegal. Those who gain notoriety beyond a certain population count face various forms of punishment, including death. 4) Another branch has never put to use anything beyond the use of natural elements as they occur naturally, or as close to "naturally," as possible, meaning that living is found in natural creations, such as caves, tree canopies, and some simple structures. There is no electricity and communication is only within shouting distance. The examples can continue, but we can safely suggest that if you can imagine it, it exists in some form. An aside: all parallels have access to each other through that single bridge: Imagination. Imagination is far more a tool than a novelty. The examples we cited today are examples of parallels generated from various points for specific, pivotal reasons: The first example is rather obvious and recent. The second from a point in time you might see as a time of the "Black Plague." The third originated from a Nexus around 2000 years ago as Christianity gained its footing and the taboo of self-serving positions in society were outlawed below the levels of the church, but another Nexus generated from a massive wave of suicides and stalker/murders in the 80s, merging into each other. The fourth from the impact of weather patterns not moving to any extreme to encourage nomadic behavior. The examples could extend into off-planet contact and integration of alien populations, to a parallel where only 4 bodies remain of your species. [QUESTIONS] Greetings Michael, my question is about the Internal Monads; following is from a private session with Troy: "In fact, the completion of Internal Monads in the negative pole are vital to the process of evolution for the soul. Each Internal Monad will have a lifetime with a completion in the negative pole before a completion in the positive pole....A successful completion of a Soul Level means the successful completion in the Positive Pole for ALL Internal Monads within one life. This can take several lives to figure out how to build through each Internal Monad relative to that Soul Level." Does every IM actually need to experience a lifetime apiece with each of the 7 IMs incomplete?! Any elaboration of this would be much appreciated. [Michael Entity] Before the late levels of the Mature cycle, it is fair to say that there is a completion in the negative pole for each Internal Monad as part of the evolution. After the 4th Level of the Mature cycle, this is no longer a consistency. In fact, before the 4th Level of the Mature cycle, there are often a multitude of Negative Pole completions of an Internal Monad before a completion in the Positive Pole. We speak in general here, but this is of such consistency that it is fair to speak so generally. There are exceptions to this consistency, but no rules. It simply seems to be the nature of how Essence builds upon experience. Many have heard the cliche that says one cannot appreciate the light without having experienced the darkness, and this is true for most for a long time, but eventually this is found to be an absurd concept. Any child can tell you that he or she does not have to drink soured milk to appreciate ice cream. And so it is that most of you eventually find your means of comprehending that does not require such fracturing, such pain, and struggle as a means to experience wholeness, joy, and ease. [QUESTION] In the later mature, and old cycles, is it necessary (usually) to have many lives to process the first 3 IMs? [Michael Entity] The variations after that point are across the board, so to speak. The variations become a matter of creativity, and not confined to any default. This is because the "negative pole" is experienced differently than before. It is not always experienced as a "bad" thing, or a painful thing, but as a matter of experience that brings as much benefit as any other, and it is not avoided anymore than it is preferred. It is simply a matter of choice, or a matter of allowing room for Personality to go as "awry" as it chooses. Some of the most exciting and creative adventures have been experienced by Essence through the Personalities who were the most "rogue." However, the negative pole does not always feel so great to the Personality. In older soul Personalities that are most rejecting of Essence, the Personality always suspects "something" is not quite valid in that rejection and keeps an eye open for Essence, which allows room for Essence to help navigate within that lifetime. [QUESTION] Hello, Michael. You have begun to answer these questions in many ways throughout this chat. Perhaps, though, you could elaborate more specifically. 1) Are you aware of another mid-causal teacher who calls itself Abraham? They teach about the law of attraction and how we create our own reality/experience. 2) How do your teachings about karma and essence choices relate to their teaching? They teach about how we create our own reality through our vibrational offering and how we can control much of what comes into our experience by guiding our thoughts in a certain direction and paying attention to how we feel. They teach that what shows up in our experience is always (without exception) a match to our vibrational offering. My main question is 3) How much can we "control" from this PERSONALITY perspective? For example: if essence wants to learn lessons about poverty, would I be able to co-create wealth by my conscious, NOW focusing of my thoughts and attention? [Michael Entity] In response to your questions: 1) Yes, we are aware of this entity, who acts as a "channel" themselves for other entities. The entity who is identified as Abraham is of the Astral Plane, however, and acts as a medium for Causal Plane entities who are the source of the teaching. 2) We find our teachings dovetail quite well with the source of Abraham's teachings, but we see some of that validity is lost in the translation through the channel and furthermore in the reception by the students. The emphasis on emotion and feeling is an emphasis of the Astral entity who is learning all about the dynamics of emotion on that plane, so that entity is teaching what it is learning, but leaving out some key elements that the Causal sources are offering. The emphasis on "vibration" is an Astral teaching, because that is the direct medium of experience in that plane, but this is a difficult and rather intangible term for most to find useful to any extent while Physical. It often leads to frustration and further division within the self as it seems this should be such an easy concept to harness and use. This is not to say that many do not "get it." Many do. But those who truly grasp the teaching also grasp the limitations. In answer to number 3: you have COMPLETE control over your lifetime as Personality. This is said, of course, with the caveat that "complete control" is meant in terms of CHOICE, and choice is often confined to certain parameters imposed by the nature of the Physical Plane, and the impact from others who choose to impact you. However, Essence NEVER imposes. Essence does not impose a lesson of poverty, for instance. Instead, it learns from the choices of Personality when those choices lead to a life of poverty. It is true that Essence may be curious or want to learn about poverty, but it does not impose those lessons. Essence may choose to be born within the conditions of poverty, but from there, the Personality is in control. Everything leading up to the first breath is the choice and creation of Essence. Beyond that first breath, everything is a result of choice made by the Personality. The entire concept of "lessons" is a misnomer, by the way. Essence does not impose lessons, and neither does the universe, god, or any other force. Instead, "lessons" are simply what one chooses to gain from an experience. Twenty children can be in the strictest of classrooms with the greatest of impositions to learn a certain subject, and all will leave having learned something varied, even if all of them can now add 4 plus 4. You can create what you want with this life, within the parameters of what tools you have, what tools you gain, with your intentions, with your call for help and your openness for support, and your use of energy in a direction that is aligned with your desires, and your willingness to deal with the obstacles that arise from within and without. [QUESTION] What are some of those key elements that are left out of Abraham's teachings? [Michael Entity] What is missing is too much to explore here, but can be summed up in being the Causal aspects. The equation of creation that requires Cause, Force, or Action to be a part of it. The emphasis from the entity known as Abraham focuses on vibration, thought, and feeling, with some emphasis on doing, but the doing is then stripped from the teaching in the recipients' interpretation as they are left presuming that reality is created merely from positive feelings and proper thinking. For those who realize that reality is not simply something you wish into existence around you, but is one that is generated from your force in the world that is generated through your acts of choice, and your choice in action, then the teaching can be of great use. [QUESTION] Are there any karmic scenarios that would make it difficult for personality to create what it wants? [Michael Entity] In answer to the reality of karmic scenarios making it difficult for personality to create what it wants: Yes, that is the nature of Karma, which is not only the interference of choice, but the intensity generated from the reaction to that interference. However, as the soul ages, some of what would have been a most karmic scenario simply becomes just another thing. For instance, in early lives if one were to lose his legs because of the impact of choice from another, this could effectively "end" the life and all of the intentions of Personality, but in later lives, this would simply be an obstacle that is tended to on the way to fulfilling those intentions and no Karma is generated. Of course, murder (the most extreme Karma) is difficult to overcome in terms of being able to be overcome by the Personality, so those Karmic scenarios are explored long before the concept of "creating reality" even comes into conscious possibility of a Personality. In other words, in most instances where Karma is the interfering force that limits the intention and choice of a Personality, they are experienced as part of the haphazard navigation of that Personality through a life, but when the Personality begins to conceive of creating reality from choice, vibrations, feeling, thought, to an extent that could be considered "metaphysical," then that Personality is usually beyond the influence of Karma to the degree that it could hinder all choices. [QUESTION] Thank you. Right now we are in a period of 'mercury retrograde'. All sorts of problems/issues involving communications, electronics, transportation, etc. are blamed on 'mercury retrograde'. How much, if any, does the 'appearance' of a planet revolving in reverse direction around the sun really have? Is this a real influence or is this a case of 'finding something because you are looking for it'? Or do we 'create' these incidents by our expectations? [Michael Entity] In the same way that our Energy Reports could be read at any point in the year and find some validity, so can the symbology of Astrological influences. Planets are symbolic representations of general emphases, but they are not literally the causes. Electronics, communication, and transportation issues can be found at any point in the year, as can, in our case, issues of emphasis represented by Goals, Relationships, Attitudes, etc. However, observing synchronicity among patterns, and extracting meaning from those patterns, is valid and an evolutionary perception. In other words, while Mercury does not cause electronic or communication issues, it does symbolize the period of time when awareness toward those areas of life can be most clear. Our Energy Reports do not tell you what will happen in your world, or what is causing it, but what is most obvious and capable of being explored with some amount of clarity, based on valid patterns we perceive. [COMMENT] Ok, so we 'find' those incidents because we are 'looking for' them [Michael Entity] Yes, to some extent that is true; the patterns of clarity in observation of those breakdowns coincide with the movement of the planet, so that "more" of them seem to occur during that time, but more did not happen, it is only that more of them are seen. Keep in mind that the symbology of Astrology is ancient, and the patterns were adapted long ago. This would be true of most planetary systems with different planetary configurations. "In the beginning" these forces were not as aligned, but as observations began to be noted and shared, the Sentient species begins to use the planetary configurations as a kind of clock that will extend through the existence of the species. Planetary configurations, or Astrology, could be said to help with the bridging between Essence and Personality in terms of "keeping track" and planning. The first place this is utilized is in the Body Types, as your Body Types are generated from planet closest to the midheaven upon conception of your body. [QUESTION] and that is more than 'coincidence' or just coincidence, that the patterns leading to those breakdowns coincide with the movement of the planet? [Michael Entity] We would not call any significant connection between the symbolism of Astrology and your real world experiences as being merely coincidence. [QUESTION] so the patterns are not caused by the planetary positioning but have been aligned in human thought to take advantage of the planetary positioning? [Michael Entity] That is close. We would not contain it to human thought, though. It would be more an Essence perception. It is a momentum that is utilized effectively. The clock is turning, so to speak, and Essence has learned how to use that clock for various aspects of creation of the life, Agreements, Karmic patterns, and potentials of Personality. Though this is extremely simplified, think of how the Sun comes up every day and how one times his or her life to work with that cycle. It is not that the Sun causes your day, or your experiences, but one does know that one can see better during the daylight, find sync with more people actively during the daylight, and rest, or play in the night. The Sun does not decide this or cause this, but it is used as a means to emphasize certain areas of life. And so it is with all of the planetary "influences." Mercury does not cause the breakdowns of electronics and communication, but it has been assigned as the symbol and pattern associated with your species exploration and emphasis of what it symbolizes. It is known to some that the more one truly studies Astrology, the less the influence is seen. This is similar to how one can find one is ruled by the momentum of the day's clock, or eventually see the clock as simply indicating opportunities and potential, but it is never the influence in itself. The recognition of patterns is a Higher Moving Center positive pole of Beauty, or Energy. As one recognizes patterns, one begins to comprehend that the current pattern is within other patterns. From the most personal level of omens and signs to astrology to "Michael Math" and beyond, the patterns are valid and exist. We can discuss this further as this then moves into discussion of fractals and their place in understanding the nature of reality. [QUESTION] What benefit is studying the Michael teaching now - from the point of view of future lives - if we shall presumably be completely ignorant of it then? In rare instances it may have helped to deal sensibly with a karmic etc. situation, but otherwise it seems to be mainly theory for most, and thus forgotten after this life. [Michael Entity] We cannot predict how a future life of yours will see a past life of itself, or what a future Personality will allow into its life that was gained from the comprehension you gain in this life, but we can say that the effort to gain comprehension of your life is not a wasted effort, because the concern is not about the future life; it is about you,now. Reincarnation is valid. Simultaneous (parallel) lives, Concurrent lives, Past lives, and Future lives, even "adjacent" lives (which we have barely begun to explore with our students) are all valid, but these have no bearing on what you choose to do for you. Now. In this life. No matter how many lives your Essence lives, this life is yours. It begins and ends in a profound way that is unique only to you and what you do between those points is your choice. However, in terms of how a future life might benefit from what you learn in this life, we can only use you as an example of a future Personality of your own Essence's past. You found us again. You are studying with us again. And you are using what you learn again. You found us faster in this lifetime than in other lifetimes, and you call us by a more accurate name this time. From our perspective, what "you" did as "Madge" or "Buford" in your past is clearly showing up as part of what "you" are building upon in this life. But we would also say that for most, this claim would mean little to the current Personality. [QUESTION] The teaching is mostly just words. [Michael Entity] The interpretation of our teaching as being merely words is a matter of interpretation and application. Some of our students do not choose to apply our teaching, but simply choose to study it, or explore it. For those who apply it, our teaching becomes something very different. All interpretations are valid, as far as we are concerned. We find the truth to be that "everything" is theory, or just words, until it is applied. Keep in mind that many children sit for hours in classrooms learning subjects that are of little interest or understanding of their real world application until they are in situations where that learning is activated and applicable within context. Learning CPR is something many may never have to apply, but the learning was not lost, nor was it merely "words," simply because it was not necessary to apply it somewhere in the future. Many things learned may never have any bearing on your current life in the end. For many of our students, the exploration of our teaching is a wide net that catches what might be used, and a lot of what might not be used within the current lifetime. We can only say to you that what you choose to explore, study, and/or apply is always added to Essence's knowledge, but we will never be able to "prove" this to you, and we would not wish to, anyway. What we wish to emphasize is that you have a choice. A choice in what to explore, a choice in what to apply, and if the power of your choice is the only thing any of you ever learn from us, you have learned what we came to teach. The rest of our teaching is simply our suggestion of tools for how to utilize Choice. We will conclude our session with you here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
  23. MICHAEL SPEAKS 021008 Open Floor [Michael Entity] : Hello to all of you. We are here. [QUESTION] : hello Michael I am curious as to places which project more powerful vibrations, any suggestions? [Michael Entity] : In terms of "projecting more powerful vibrations," we would have to say that there are various ways of responding to that question: there are "powerful vibrations" geographically that are relative to Sentience, relative to Cadres (and Entities), relative to Essence, and relative to Personality. The experience of a "powerful vibration" is contextual and based in resonance, more than what is being emitted from a specific location. If one is looking for an experience of a "powerful vibration," it would depend upon which level of resonance one is seeking, such as resonance to Essence, Personality, Cadre, or Sentience? For most, the experience is most tangible when on the level of Personality, but most "powerful" on the level of Essence. By this we mean that within a lifetime, you will go where your Personality chooses to go, regardless of any history beyond this life, and this resonance is tangible: you either hate where you live or love where you live; however, when looking beyond the obvious draw of Personality, there are places that resonate to Essence and this is "powerful," in that it triggers a vibrational harmony among all lifetimes relative to that particular area (or similar area) that Essence has experienced. Both of these levels of resonance would be determined on an individual basis and not something that could be said for any of you as a group, but we will say that much of what resonates on an Essence Level is closely related to the level of your Cadre, as many of your lifetimes are created in clusters together, geographically. In your case, it appears your Cadre could be said to find "powerful vibrations" emitting from such geographical locations in certain areas of what are known as "The United States," particularly in the "midwest" and "north-east" and "north-west;" Greece, Egypt, and Western Asia, but we are speaking in a highly-generalized way here. [RESPONSE] : not generalized Michael right on target thank You [RESPONSE] : Good question and answer! [Michael Entity] : This is a subject that could be explored even further in detail from the levels of what could be called "True Home" as this relates to resonance on Personality and Essence Levels, to the resonance on Cadre and Sentient levels, which then begins to include other star systems. [QUESTION] : Hello, Michael, thank you. I read an amazing book that tied your teachings of Roles, etc. into astrological charts. Great detail was gone into using the Nodes, Saturn etc. and how they reflect the CF's and much more. This work has been an inspiration for me and I wondered if there will be more work on using astrological systems with the Michael Teachings coming to us? Also, do you have any comments on using astrology within this context? Book was by Gina Lake.. [Michael Entity] : Any system beyond our own can often be used for "dovetailing" and cross-references, but we would always encourage caution in trying to superimpose systems upon one another. Though there are connections among all valid teachings, they are still completely different systems. In terms of Astrology, we find little resonance to our teaching beyond a certain degree of overlap regarding the unfolding the life. For the most part, Astrology can dove-tail quite smoothly with the explorations of Karma and Self-Karma, which would include the exploration of the Nodes and in particular, Transits across the Natal Chart. When we say that we find "little resonance," we will clarify here that even that little bit is quite a wide array and can be used as a valid overlapping. Natal Charts in Astrology speak of the potential of Personality, as does the Overleaf system, but the Overleaves as we describe them cannot accurately be superimposed over the planets and houses to any consistent or meaningful degree. To simplify what we mean here is to point out the trying to find a consistent way of overlapping a system of 7 with a system of 12; it is not impossible to find correlations, but only if explored loosely. If the Natal Chart is used alongside the Overleaf system as two different ways of looking at the same picture, then much is gained, but to superimpose them together would cause loss of validity and effectiveness in both areas. As mentioned previously, we find the exploration of the transits to be the most meaningful dovetailing with our teaching, as we have not shared to any great degree our system for mapping your karma, yet, but it is closely aligned with what is considered "astrology." The only valid astrological correlation that is directly linked to our Overleaf system is the Body Type, which is found at the midheaven at the moment of conception (not birth). Casting a Natal chart as relative to conception would give rise to a great deal of insight into the health, well-being, and maintenance of the Body. We do, however, realize that the moment of conception is not an easy detail to validate, but some amount of accuracy can be utilized by retro-fitting your Natal chart to accurately show the corresponding planet that relates to what you've deducted as your Primary Body Type as its corresponding planet sits at the mid-heaven. To summarize a bit here, we would say that Astrology is most aligned with our teaching when exploring the DEVELOPMENTAL aspects of a lifetime, such as Internal Monads, Karma, Self-Karma, but also in areas relative to any part of our teaching couched in a system of 12, such as the Circle of Support. For instance, comprehending the indications of your North and South Nodes can help bring about a deep awareness of your Karmic patterns, internally and externally. Watching the transits of planets across the houses can give an indication of what Karma is being emphasized at any given time. Observing the clusters of planets throughout the Natal chart can give great clues to how you utilize your Support Group. These are simplified examples. Again, this is a subject worth exploring further, but we believe this will be a fair amount of food for thought, so to speak, for now. [RESPONSE] : I will be excited to see the system for mapping our karma! Thank you so much for the insights. The correlating of numbers 7 and 12 makes a lot of sense. Thank you. [QUESTION] : Hello, Michael. I have a question about Support Circles. Since I've rarely had more than 6 people in my life since leaving my parents' house, is it possible to have Support Circle members serially? i.e., not all 12 at one single simultaneous time? Many individuals I've known over a lifetime are long ago and far away, and/or have crossed over. In short, what happens when it's quite obvious that one doesn't have anywhere close to 12 people in their life and rarely has? Oddly enough, connecting to the previous comment - my natal chart doesn't have half of the houses -- it's a very lop-sided chart. [Michael Entity] : Regardless of conscious or physical proximity to a Support Circle, it still exists and affects a life and personality, no matter how consciously or unconsciously it is resisted. When we say that it "affects a life," we do not mean that the energy is imposed upon you, but that it is an inherent network among all of you. You would not exist, otherwise, neither physically or as energy. Support is vital and "built-in" to the universe. How one utilizes a Support Group within any given lifetime is a completely different angle from which to explore the subject. Consider how often your hand is "aware" of the back of your ankle; or how often your torso makes the conscious connection between itself and the soles of your feet. Support Groups can be similar in that conscious use and contact is only a part of the possibilities, but the feet, torso, ankles, head, etc. are still a group; a sort of support group that is connected with or without conscious direction or conscious awareness of the benefit being reaped. We encourage conscious awareness only to the extent that one is interested in alleviating the tiring and exhausting position of pretending that she or he is an island among familiar souls. Even when resisted or when difficult to validate, your Support Circle is in effect on some level, and even when the fragments who could play the positions are ignored or rejected, there will still be the POSITIONS that can be filled by any passing soul (or event, for that matter). For instance, the primary source of intimacy in a life: the Love, Knowledge, and Compassion Positions can be and will be filled in some way, some how, by even the most fleeting of connections. In other words, there will ALWAYS be someone toward which you explore love, or receive love; there will ALWAYS be someone toward which you share knowledge, or receive knowledge; there will ALWAYS be someone toward which you show compassion, or receive compassion. The same can be said of the other Support Positions. They are not always obvious, and they are not always needed on such an obvious level, but when they are necessary, they are filled, even if by a passing stranger who smiles at you, or a tv show that makes you laugh, etc. For a fragment who might be stranded on an island and literally isolated from all contact with other humans, this fragment is still supported, though to a greatly-compromised degree, but supported, nonetheless, from energetic levels that might not be as obvious on the surface. Keep in mind that it is not unusual to have certain areas of the Support Circle dampened precisely as a means of provoking exploration in those areas. For instance, if someone were to see that her Discipline Position were not obvious and not showing up very effectively, it could easily be that this fragment is learning to define a new level of what Discipline means, and the lack of an obvious external support is provoking this exploration so as to better utilize it for a new Soul Level or Age. Support is a circuit and there is a big difference between Support and Dependency. For some fragments who have come to depend on the Support in a way that has begun to compromise responsibility, Support can show up as remaining out of sight so that the fragment can bring back a consciousness to the circuit. [QUESTION] : All choices are valid, but does it make sense to try to make more 'progressive' choices, and how does one identify such choices if it does? [Michael Entity] : We would ask that you define "progressive." [RESPONSE] : that furthers one's progress, development... [Michael Entity] : We have yet to see a choice that does not already do this. There are no choices that regress a personality or essence, but is always "progressive" to some degree and development. The only thing that can bring about an acceleration, however, is a bringing of consciousness/awareness to the process and ultimately this can only be done through Essence Recognition. For every moment of Essence Recognition (within a life or outside of it), evolution occurs, meaning that all that has come to pass is then organized into a pattern that adds to the development of the soul. Essence Recognition is the conscious awareness that expands beyond the limitations of logic, perception, and body to include the truth, love, and energy that exists beyond those limitations. So in answer to your question, we can say that ALL choice is progressive and furthers you, but those choices and experiences are "stored," so to speak, until those moments of Essence Recognition that then puts all of it into the broader contexts of existence. Essence Recognition is often saved for between the lives when the physical life is not such a distraction, hence the afterlife often being referred to as "review," since this is actually the Essence Recognition process, but all of you are capable of this during a lifetime, as well. For those who wish to practice Essence Recognition, one merely needs to actively choose to rise above the level of REACTION as a first step, and actively choose an encompassing view of oneself in relation to the lifetime, making that same choice when regarding others, as well. We do not say, nor do we imply, that one ignore the very human reactions of life, for those are a part of the point of being where you are, but we do say that when one feels inclined, one can choose to suddenly grasp the validity of one's SOUL as part of the experience. In other words, once one has learned to rise beyond Reaction, then one can bring Essence into the experience, grasping even on the most vague of levels that the life is beautiful, a creation, and that even the most repulsive of people around you are also very real beyond what can be seen, being just as beautiful, just as creative and "perfect" for the experience. As one can imagine, this rise above reaction can be very difficult while IN the lifetime, holding out for that recognition until the bodies and personalities are out of the way. But if one is interested in accelerating, then this would be what we suggest: Essence Recognition; the conscious awareness of the truth, love, and beauty of oneself, one's life, and those involved. The way one can identify if one has experienced Essence Recognition is when one feels utterly safe, unthreatened, and though there may be a lack of logic and detail to an experience, somehow one "gets it," and trusts the process. [QUESTION] : I have 2 questions now. I have been curious about the energies of the area that I have moved to. The answers to the first question give me much to think about so....what would be the star system that relates to the Manitou Springs area, (upper southwest area of the USA, at the base of the Pikes Peak region.) Lots of artisans, musicians, hippies here. [Michael Entity] : We would not say that a star system relates to particular geographical areas beyond temporary connections made by those extant at a given time. When we said that star systems were involved as resonant places, we meant this literally and in relation to Cadres and Entities as they began initial lifetimes in those star systems. In terms of the area you describe, it could be said to be primarily an Emotional Vortex, in that it houses several patterns of energy related to Inspiration, manifested in ways that range from the extremes of water-based weather to the balance of the Intellect through minerals and mountains. Another way of putting it might be that this area is Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part. The resonance here for many is based on an Essence Level. Beyond this, the broader region is Higher Moving in its effect, bringing to Personalities who need it, a resonance and awareness to the Beauty, Energy, and Patterns of the life. Regardless of Role, it could be said that the area attracts those who wish to rejuvenate their relationship to Inspiration through the process of grasping Patterns, Beauty in the life. Most who come to the area are rising out the ashes of chaos, seeking solace in some kind of peaceful order again. [RESPONSE] : that makes a whole lot of sense and recognition for me. [QUESTION] : would entity 7, cadre one...be from the Pleiades then? [Michael Entity] : Many from your Cadre (and Energy Ring) are familiar with the various species that could be considered a part of the "Pleiades," but this was not a home for you. Most who began off-planet would call the system related to "Sirius" to be home, but it would not surprise us if there are connections drawn to Cassiopeia and Pleiades, as these were strongly related to your reasons for moving to Earth in the first place. The "Pleiadians" would have preferred for your species to have simply been destroyed and your transport to a safe planet "out of the way" was the only alternative to your extinction. Pleiadians now, bitterly, work on repairing the Karma incurred from that interference. [RESPONSE] : wow, that is interesting! [RESPONSE] : hmmmmmmmmm [Michael Entity] : Many from Cassiopeia who were part of what would be akin to an animal rights network were responsible for protecting you and transporting you, though we will add here that several other systems were involved in that process. The network that saved your species is represented by several minorities across several systems and species, but Pleiadians were a primary force of interruption to your development within your native star system. Those who are strongly drawn to those labeled as "Pleiadians" are part of the healing between the species and probably find this information to be surprising, as the draw of the Karmic Ribbons are inherently laced with fascination and intrigue. [QUESTION] : when you say, species, do you mean, "humanoid?" [Michael Entity] : Most are humanoid, yes. Many are not. The most familiar to you would be those labeled as "big foot," (the primary race responsible for saving your species) and, of course, the large-headed, small-bodied, big-eyed typical "alien" that ranges from terrifying to fascinating, all of which would be humanoid. [QUESTION] : Thank you Michael. 2 of your channels mentioned about feeling something ominous might happen this year when they were channeling the year's energy report. 1 of the other channels said that there would be a mass exodus from the physical plane in March of this year. Are you able to give us any more possible details of this ominous feeling they had and could it be tied into the mass exodus in March, and would this give Bush the reason to put into play the Directive 53? Gosh... I hope I got that right. ;-) [Michael Entity] : Our channels are exposed to our process of exploring probabilities when looking at your year ahead and when those probabilities are higher for something uncomfortable, it can feel ominous, even impending. We cannot predict for you when or what will happen, but we can say that there is a rather high probability of 3 disasters or catastrophes that could easily lead to mass exits (3000 or more fragments) from the physical plane, providing just the opportunity needed for those who wish to extend power in politics. When we say that the probability is high, it is above what might be described as 25% probability, which is quite low when put into perspective, but considering that these are always a part of the probabilities of a time frame, usually showing up at about 2%, then you can see why we would call 25% rather high. [QUESTION] : What probable causes could implement the mass exodus? [Michael Entity] : There are 9 scenarios, grouped in threes, with one of the nine showing up, or one scenario from each: 3 related to assaults on United State's government ranging from assaults on landmarks to assaults on political figures; 3 related to "natural disasters" ranging between a biologically contagious outbreak to extremes of elements; and 3 scenarios related to war, ranging from civil to world. ALL of these scenarios are included in the 25%, which helps further to put this information into perspective. Again, these are not predictions, but our interpretation of patterns as we see them unfolding based on momentums. To help put these probabilities into even clearer perspective, consider each probability as being a wall toward which one is driving a car at a certain speed: the scenarios described are the various walls toward which you are now driving at about 25 miles per hour, within a 100 mile strip, so to speak. Scenarios for a smooth transition of presidency into an unprecedented revolution of consciousness across the planet are currently standing at 60%, or 60 miles per hour at 100 miles away from that wall. We will also point out that it is not just momentum and speed (percentage) that factors into the "drive" between a point in time and a wall (probability), but how well one is paying attention (conscious) during that drive. Even at 60 miles per hour, one can easily "hit the brakes," or veer off course, and even at 25 miles per hour, one can hit the wall "before you know it," if no one is paying attention. We will conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
  24. MICHAEL SPEAKS (Europe Online) 051307 OPEN FLOOR [Michael Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here with you. [gramail] To what extent can one detect a person's essence and overleaves from the physical appearance - and to what extent are these masked by astrological, genetic and environmental influences? [Michael Entity] Overleaves are biological and can be seen to some extent with a keen eye or moreso with a scientific eye, but not so readily as to be able to translate the Overleaves into a visual system. All variations of Overleaves are inherent in every biological creation of Essence, but only certain characteristics "rise to the surface" for use in the life. Certain codes are initiated during the formative years of a body (the first 7 years or so) and as those overleaves take hold, so can some of the biological attachments associated with the available gene pools of the time. There are some parallels where the dna is able to produce an output of code that is synchronized with a system that is similar to, or is actually, our Overleaf System, and personality issues can be dealt with in this manner. For the most part, the visual expression of a body is limited to the 3 facets of the Body Type Overleaf, and to that extent, is the only Overleaf that can be "seen" with any accuracy. All other Overleaves would be enhancements or challenges within that structure, depending on the fragment's use of those Overleaves in various cycles of the life with that particular body. Overleaves in relation to Astrology: The body type is found at the mid heaven upon conception of the body. If one can cast a chart in the appropriate way, one would be able to see the astrological influences that helped choose the primary body type. The natal chart is a map of potentials for that particular body type, which can include a number of potential overleaf combinations, though, in most cases, this can be easily broken down to see an emphasis on some combination of Inspirational, Expressive, Action, or Assimilative Energies, using the elements as a reference. Genetic influences do not mask overleaves, but give expression to the Overleaves over time. Environmental influences have more to do with the fragment's process of opportunities for learning how to choose, and how he or she chooses how to learn, more than it has any influence on the Overleaves, directly. [merlyn] I have been feeling a great sense of fear / angst as of late, I am not sure why exactly and I am fairly sure it isn't all coming simply from me, so I am curious, is this me picking up on a general fear that seems to be pretty pervasive in the world at the moment and if this is the case, how does one deal with it? [Michael Entity] All fear that a fragment may feel at any time is HIS or HER fear, not the world's. Owning the fear you feel is a step toward understanding its message to you. Fear is merely the part of you wishing to protect you, so there is something that is being interpreted in some way as a threat to you. If you feel that this is a vague fear that has something to do with the world at large, it is more than likely a fear that has to do with your sense of helplessness in the scheme of things, and your wish to protect the world from harm. [pauli] that is contradictory to some other channeling i have read (NOTE FROM TROY: I would love for pauli to elaborate on this? thanks!) [Michael Entity] Many of our older students carry this sense of dread, terror, and fear as an undercurrent and this is often dismissed as a sensitivity to the world's plight of the times, or it is nobly carried around as if it is doing more good than harm by keeping the fragment awake to the vagueness of threat. In truth, it is a very personal interpretation of the world as you relate to that world. It is not THE truth, but a personal truth that is being explored. For many of you, this undercurrent comes from two sources: one is the personal sense of helplessness against the vastness of the world, and the other is from the teetering inclination to draw upon your ancient wisdom and experience to bring a soft trust to the world in a new way. This is terror in the real sense of the word for our older students. To choose to trust the process of the world, to bring a sense of peace to your daily living, even while some parts of the world remain locked in their chaotic challenges, and to find an effective way to still contribute in a meaningful way, can be terrifying. The first steps toward choosing trust can often feel as if one is giving up to some delusional ideal, and this brings up all levels of personal distrust that remain for the fragment to process as self-karma. Trust is based on experience, not on blind faith, or delusional ideal. The trust that you would be choosing is based on your sense of Essence having been through a vastness of experiences that have all found their peace and resolution, and knowing that every single fragment has tended to choose that path in the end. It is a choice to trust your fellow fragments in their own process of learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn. Again, though, before one can gain the benefit of choosing trust, it will always be a good idea to look at the vague fear on a very personal level, so one can see what one is wishing to protect oneself from. The way to deal with the general anxiety brought upon by this fear is to, one, own it and let it be yours. As long as it is seen as something imposed upon you by some sensitivity or world energy, then one is missing the point and can be consumed by it. Let it be yours and then you can do whatever you wish with it. Next, allow it. Let yourself be afraid so that the message is clear about what it is you wish to be safe from. Next, discover the truth of the reality of the threat. How much is anticipation and how much is actual threat? If you are in the realm of anticipation, then you have choice, and if you have choice, you can choose to soothe your soul with some facts about the reality in which you exist now, not the one that you anticipate filled with threat. And then to choose Trust. [butterfly syndicate] In 1995/96 I experienced a very intense phase of opening up which ultimately lead to my moving to the UK and also to a brief phase of clairvoyance. Could you please explain what exactly was going on with me at that time, and especially what or who the being was that I met in a dream and that had so much energy I could not be embraced by it for long. thank you! [Michael Entity] It appears to us that you simply, finally, opened up to Essence. This can often spin the life into an alignment that would have been in place long before the moment of that opening. Previous to the point you recognize as so pivotal, it appears that much of your life was sought to be lived from Personality without the co-creativity of Essence. This is not uncommon. [Llawryf] LOL! Yep, happened to me too. [butterfly syndicate] Thank you! [Michael Entity] Living the life only from Personality is not impossible and is quite often preferred in earlier soul ages, but as your soul age came into manifestation within the life, so did your Essence, so Personality blossomed into an embrace of the life in a new way. [butterfly syndicate] But I do not know my soul age [Michael Entity] Living completely as Essence within the Physical Plane is not possible, and there was an inclination to embrace this energy to an extent that was a bit overwhelming and daunting to the Body and Personality. As the Body and Personality adapted to the realignment, life returned to "normal," but with a new possibility and a reference point for the feeling you may call upon again when the presence of Essence is wanted to be felt more directly. It is not that your Essence is not with you at all times, but Personality can tend to block the energy that would be felt as Essence. You do not have to know your Soul Age to grow in Soul Age. Many are growing and evolving on your planet who will never know this system. [gramail] Thanks! Can you make one suggestion for how I can improve the quality of my life over the next week? [Michael Entity] There are many suggestions we could give and to choose one is arbitrary, but what we can do is encourage you to complement this suggestion with your own observations and self-knowledge. In fact, that is the crux of our suggestion as we can see it for your energy over the next week: to embrace your self-knowledge as a resource, not as an invitation to debate. In the week ahead, it may come of great use to remind yourself that "there is no need to defend myself." This will allow room for your standing in your self-knowledge, instead of standing alongside it as protector. [gramail] Thanks very much, appropriate advice! [Michael Entity] The sense of alignment inside as your feel the confidence of your perceptions, and merely express them or keep them to yourself as personal knowledge, may be a key for a pleasant experience in the week ahead. Good evening to all of you. We will close here. Goodbye.
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