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Found 3 results

  1. MICHAEL SPEAKS Open Floor 020809 [Michael Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here now. We will begin with Geraldine's question. [Geraldine] Hello, Michael :) My question has to do with the term non-linear and incarnations. In discussion groups some are saying this means that incarnations work like time-travel. For example, one might live one incarnation in the 20th Century and then the next one in 6,000 BC with the corollary that one could live different Soul Ages in any time. However, I've noticed that no one get channeled as experiencing a future life for the "now" incarnation. I've interpreted it to mean that lessons learned, agreements completed, External Monads completed, or karma earned and burned isn't dealt with in consecutive lives, but more in a hopscotch manner. Could you elaborate on what non-linear incarnations means? [Michael Entity] Only upon the later stages of the Old Soul Age do non-linear incarnations become of any interest, and that is usually because there is little Karma with which to contend. However, previous to that Age, the process of incarnation is fairly linear, at least from your perspective. The non-linear aspects come into play in terms of evolution and comprehension, though. This non-linear aspect is because some concepts and experiences have to be pieced together for comprehension and evolution, and often those "pieces" are scattered across incarnations. This is similar to how a 50+ year old might have a current experience and suddenly grasp a concept that relates back to a childhood experience, collecting the "pieces of experience" from across time, so to speak. Comprehension and evolution is not always linear, but the process of incarnation is. We will clarify that this is not a "rule," but it is simply the nature of the universe. We are able to share our teachings because there is such order. Fragments are not popping in and out of time lines and incarnations to any meaningful extent outside of that natural order. [luluaussi] does that mean the comprehension of these lives/lessons is accessible via this non-linear aspect as a "review" or assimilation? [Michael Entity] In response to luluaussi: if we understand your question correctly, comprehension can come linearly or non-linearly. The combination of completed experiences and the digestion/assimilation of those experiences brings comprehension and evolution. [Geraldine] So, Old souls you reached in Sumer would most likely be cycled off now. [Michael Entity] Geraldine, very few, but some, Old Souls from "that far back" do still exist within incarnations. [Geraldine] Thank you for the clarification of linearity. [luluaussi] yes thank you! :) [DianeH] Hello Michael. Could you talk about the energy of Persistence (positive pole of Perseverance)? i.e. What does it mean? What does it feel like? How do we consciously access it (or slide to it for those who are in Aggression) to assist with completing projects? [Michael Entity] The Positive Pole of Perseverance can be most simply described as "not giving up." It really is that simple. It is an Action overleaf, so the emphasis is on the tangible, including "feelings." It is a conscious practice in DECIDING, which means always knowing that a next step is involved. Perseverance is a Mode, so the emphasis here is on RELATING. This means that a tangible action in relation to a person or goal is described. When one is in the negative pole of Aggression, which is Belligerence, one has simply lost patience and has focused on the limitations of time. To slide to the positive pole of Perseverance, one remembers that time is not as much a constraint as NOT Doing something is. [luluaussi] oh boy do I get that! [DianeH] Me too, LOL. [Michael Entity] So the Belligerent person, rather than flailing about maniacally, will focus the actions into a Decision, or next step, and this will pull them into the positive pole of Perseverance, which, of course, pulls them back into Dynamism, Aggression's positive pole. Dynamism is basically the management of various parts of a system in a cohesive manner. The reason Aggression falls into the negative pole is similar to why a juggler might drop the dynamic juggling of objects: usually the person over-thinks and does not allow for the body-consciousness to flow, or is distracted. [DianeH] Yes, this is very helpful. Thank you! [Michael Entity] One more thing to add, however, to complete the analogy, is that the sliding from Belligerence (the dropping of objects, but the continued flailing of arms) to Persistence, is like the juggler realizing she must actually pick those objects back up (Persistence) to return to juggling (Dynamism). [luluaussi] In the most recent energy report, you said: "Many fragments move through the life carrying the weight of the past with the distraction of the future, finding little reconciliation between them, and these equally-opposing forces create a pressure that leads to Inertia. In a Moving Centered year, these areas of inertia may become painfully or delightfully apparent, allowing for opportunities of release into freedom." Could you elaborate on this and give guidance as to any fragments that could assist in understanding how to use current opportunities ? [Michael Entity] Imagine you are holding two very long ropes, one in each hand. The past is pulling the rope in one direction, while the future is pulling in the other, both equal in power of direction and strength. You are in the middle of this, arms outstretched, standing still, anchored. This is Inertia. Many know this experience, and it is not always a whole-life inertia, but may be in certain areas of the life. This year's Flow may reveal to many where these areas of Inertia are in the life. [luluaussi] yes definitely [Michael Entity] With the Moving Centered year in effect, the realization might be likened to the person in the middle finally trying to pull one or both arms, let go of one or both ropes, or some other action that releases one from this inertia. This release might be painful or delightful. If painful, it is because often the strain of the pull is not realized until the release. If delightful, it is the realization that this pain is a growing pain of sorts, and can be used as strength, not loss. [luluaussi] yes events occurred that were a delightful release of old pain [luluaussi] how does one keep equilibrium so that one can move out of inertial energy and find growth? Feel a bit at sea by these events and want to make the best possible use of the creative energy. [Michael Entity] We would suggest a focus on your own Goal, as described in your personal Overleaves, as a helpful way to maintain a sense of direction during these first few months of the year. In response to the question of any fragments that could assist in understanding how to use current opportunities, we could suggest the fragment known as Barack Obama, the current President of The United States. This fragment is exemplifying the shift from Inertia to Freedom. His exemplification is not without its obstacles and trials, which is inherent in any effort and not to be a sign of failure or limitation. [Tom] Hello Michael. My question is with regards to Ram bahadur Bamjan (AKA the “ buddha Boy” of Nepal) and the year 2012. He has been said to have meditated for months at a time within the jungles of Nepal without food or water. The media attention upon this boy caused him to leave the area saying he would return in six years (which amounts to his return in the year 2012). To my knowledge, he has only been seen a small handful of times since 2006 when he made this claim. As usual, I have a handful of questions relevant to this matter. Is this someone that may be a Transcendental Soul or a fragment looking to “sign on” for Infinite Soul manifestation or maybe something much simpler ( for example: a boy being taken advantage of by someone else for money, fame, etc.) As a side note: does the 2012 date have any significance for an Infinite Soul manifestation (or anything else for that matter) or is this just another date folks point to as “apocalyptic” (like 2000) merely because it’s a common thing for humanity to count down to an apocalypse of one sort or another? [Michael Entity] We know of the fragment about which you ask. The claims are exaggerated and misrepresented, but not maliciously. There are usually reasons for showcasing such things in certain cultures for the sake of continued inspirations and "hope." Food and water are provided, though those providing it under cover do consider the portions "not counting." We would not describe the situation as one where the child is taken advantage of, but we also do not see much validity in the claims, at least on a physical plane level. In American culture you have tabloids that report on celebrities in a way that is parallel to the reports from within Nepal about this child. Most "news" is orchestrated, distorted, or exaggerated for effect, except in the case of the child in question, the effect is intended for inspiration, not entertainment. As for 2012, we do not see it as having any more significance than any other year, especially since the calendar calculations are quite "off" in terms of the Mayan Calendar, but it will not be a year without elaborate events, particularly as the self-fulfilling prophecy is in high probability among many expecting (creating) events. Your questions are more alike than separate, considering "2012" could be said to be a global version of the child in question: a mysterious and unavailable, lending excitement, hope, anticipation, etc. Something to "look forward to." There have been many "2012's" even within your own lifetime, from planetary alignments to harmonic convergences to y2k's, etc. The difference with 2012, however, is that it appeals to ALL Soul Ages, not just one, so that the Baby's project Rapture, the Young project disasters, the Old project elaborate metaphysical events, and all converge in a way that we see as unprecedented in recorded history. [Tom] certainly an infinite soul would be something to look forward to. It'd be nice to hear from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, heh but I doubt there is a specific date the infinite soul would be "planning on" [Michael Entity] Tom, the Infinite Soul was a high probability for manifesting previous to 2000 CE, but as human consciousness shifted and has evolved in a way that does not require "intervention," the Infinite Soul probabilities have declined drastically. This is Good Work. [Tom] ahh, I see [Geraldine] When you grow up, you don't need Daddy quite so often [Michael Entity] However one interprets the world and its events at this point, everything is pointing toward evolution, comprehension, and Maturity, even if the shift and implementation is rocky, it is in effect full force. [luluaussi] so in working in concert with one another we lessen the need for that type of intervention and therefore collectively are doing Good Work? [Michael Entity] Yes, luluaussi. We would agree with your metaphor, as well, Geraldine. [luluaussi] I see:) so glad to be in this boat. [Tom] I think I agree with your assessment Geraldine; of course much more now than say 4 years ago when bush was re-elected...I was thinking "daddy" need to step in a kick some metaphysical ass. LOL [ocean-cheryl] Hello Michael. Lulu's question was similar to mine, in that I find myself stuck second-guessing the past, even as I wish to create a better future. Present issues bring up things that I thought had been long resolved, creating a feeling of insecurity. Do you have any specific suggestions for accepting and releasing the "rope of the past", so one can move more confidently into the future? [Tom] sorry to interrupt, but just wanted to say thanks for your answer Michael! [Michael Entity] Cheryl, when one realizes that one has not resolved issues from the past, it only serves to hold on to them longer when one chastises oneself for not having already resolved them. You distract yourself with the self-chastising or exasperation and do not simply allow for the reality to be dealt with. It is the equivalent of a friend "bringing things up again" as you roll your eyes and begrudgingly give your attention to her or him. You are simply not present at that point, or at least, there is a delay in your presence. When issues from the past come up "again" it would do you well to remember that if it is up again, it never left. It would also do you well to remember that these things are not imposed upon you, but are a part of your life, a part of your creations, choices, fabric, and are just as valid as any efforts to create a better future. In fact, often when one decides it is time to focus on creating a better future, it can become daunting to find the anchors that are in place that have kept you from doing so all along, but your attention to these is Good Work. It is not punishment or failure. [luluaussi] like the "flaws" found in a handmade rug, see by some as undesirable but are part of the intrinsic beauty that is the rug? [ocean-cheryl] yes, the irregularities are what makes it unique [luluaussi] and do nothing to diminish the beauty of functions either [luluaussi] not sure if that was on point but the image popped into brain... [Michael Entity] It would not be amiss to use the weaving, or crocheting, as an analogy for your process. If a stitch or loop is left out or tangled, it is often desireable to return to that stitch or loop, even if it means unraveling to that point, just to ensure the pattern is to your liking. [ocean-cheryl] lol, my knitting is right here and i just did exactly that a few moments ago [luluaussi] guess I was looking over your shoulder [luluaussi] :) [ocean-cheryl] lol [Michael Entity] Often the overall fulfillment of the intended pattern is more rewarding than the frustration of returning to the tangle. It may be annoying in the moment, but if you choose to return to it, it is because you feel the reward of the finished creation is important. [luluaussi] and oh what a beautiful pattern... [Michael Entity] So our response to your question would be to remind yourself of that overall reward and fulfillment and that your attention to issues of the past is a part of your creative process. [ocean-cheryl] you could not have used a better analogy.... and i need to remember that often I am the only one who knows where the flaws are [Michael Entity] We have more to say about repetitive patterns arising from the past, but will return to that subject at another time. In the future. [ocean-cheryl] thank you so much [meredith k] The rug analogy is really beautiful. This is my real question anyway. Am I in love, lust , friendship, commitment-phobia, delusion, nostalgia, politics, false hope or all of the above with said person. To make it general, how can we tell what is what better in interpersonal relationships? What is weird is that I have danced with him before, in this life, and he feels like a woman in a man's body to me, which I like. So I also think in some way we are working on healing or homophobia, so who knows. You guys? [Michael Entity] The questions you ask are ones that we cannot answer. The meaning between two fragments is one that is defined specifically by the fragments experiencing the relationship. If you are "in love," allow it. If you are delusional, continue exploring for truths. If you are nostalgic, enjoy the references. If you are dealing with phobias, continue to raise your consciousness and confidence. One person can create, nurture, and/or define any meaning he or she wishes to have for a relationship, but if one wants to SHARE meaning, it is always best to communicate and define that meaning together. We would say that if one is confused about the nature of a relationship, attraction, and definition then two things may be at work here: Either not enough experience, or there is a discrepancy between what is expected and what is experienced. If lack of experience is the case, then the solution is simply to continue sharing experiences and communication until meaning can be defined. If discrepancy is the issue, then the solution is to be clear about what one wants and to eventually describe this to the other party. If you are unclear about what you want, then the priority is for that to be determined before imposing meaning or expecting definition from the other. [meredith k] that is a lovely answer, I hear patience, reality, communication and self knowledge, honesty thank you [Michael Entity] Often the meaning of a relationship is "left in the air" because of fear, so one party waits for the other to give a sign as to what the meaning is and then the other will adapt or leave. But it is healthy and fair to share your ideas about a relationship, knowing that these ideas may change even as you voice them. [meredith k] absolutely the case here, lots of fear, unfortunately, waiting for the other to give signs. this is good advice also especially knowing that these ideas change as you voice them that is very important for me to hear. [Michael Entity] For the most part, specific to your relationship in question, we would suggest that you enjoy the adventure and exciting anticipation, but also to remember that you are a co-creator of the relationship, not just a recipient of the other's approval. [tkmppi] "Nicknames are part of false personality. Sometimes even the false personality of the parent and not of the soul itself. The parents often give the child a name with a social significance, then promptly change it." This quote from Messages from Michael has been discussed recently, in different groups, without getting much anywhere. What does it actually mean? Isn't "a name with social significance" already a part of the parents' false personality? [Michael Entity] Names, in general, are a part of the False Personality in many cases, not just nicknames, so you are correct in that the last part of our statement is synonymous with the first part. They are simply addressing two different dimensions of the same situation. The original name, when chosen for social significance, is usually pre- birth, while the other is post- birth . The post- birth nicknaming is usually a more specific aspect of False Personality than the pre- birth naming. Nicknames can be generated by the fragment, itself, as he or she moves into society, thus we pointed out that post-birth nicknaming can come from the parents, and not just from the fragment (soul) itself. [sandy] I recently read some information about a previously unmentioned TS. Could Michael elaborate on what a TS is and how they manifest? Also if they don't mind could Michael tell us again who the TS's have been? [meredith k] thank you guys, so good to be around this energy again [Michael Entity] A Transcendental Soul is our way of describing an incarnation of one fragment representing the collective knowledge of its entire cycled-off Entity. They "manifest" in the same way that any other fragment incarnates, with a birth , internal monads, life, etc. However, they are free from any Karmic Ribbons, though not free from Self-Karmic explorations, since Personality and imprinting is still involved. We have described through our channels about the "manifestation" of the Transcendental Soul, and by this we describe the individual's realization of that direct connection to his or her Entity on some significant level. However, this "manifestation" is not much different from any of you realizing your own Essence and "manifesting" this. It is not a magickal or specifically elaborate ordeal, but it does change the nature of the life to a great degree. [Geraldine] You've also stated that every Entity uses a TS as a teaching method -- and there have been many cycled-off Entities -- why so few TS that are known? [Gerber] Is Barack Obama a TS? [Michael Entity] Barack Obama is not a Transcendental Soul. He is an extraordinary fragment to many, but no more extraordinary than any of you. The context of his life may showcase his Essence in a way that many of you will not be showcased, but that does not diminish the extraordinary in the ordinary of any of you. [DianeH] So that mean the TS does not displace a fragment like the IS? [Michael Entity] Manifestation of the Transcendental Soul could be described as "displacing the fragment," and we have described it as such through some channels, but this simply describes the fragment shifting from that individual focus to the collective focus, representing a whole, and not just a part. [Gerber] Thank you Michael- I asked that question because Mr. Obama seems unusually aware of the collective needs of his societies ( both immediate and seemingly universal). [Michael Entity] Gerber, this is the nature of a Priest in the positive poles. Oprah Winfrey would be another example of a Priest in the positive poles. The hallmarks of Transcendental Souls are the lack of sexual activity, lack of affiliation with any organized religion, and an emphasis on some form of social revolution, even if only in a relatively small circle. They actually do very little to bring about the revolution but their presence is enough to spark it. The Priest who is Barack Obama holds none of these hallmark traits. [Gerber] Then they must be rare indeed. [sandy] Does this mean that you, Michael, could be born one more time? [Michael Entity] Sandy, yes, we will incarnate as a Transcendental Soul in at least one parallel. All Entities do so. [Gerber] Please explain the use of the word "parallel"- parallel universe perhaps? [Michael Entity] Yes, we used the term "parallel" to mean a parallel version of incarnations relative to Earth. [Gerber] Thank you- and are there a limitless number of these? [Michael Entity] Gerber, it could be said that there are limitless numbers of parallels, though they could be counted. [sandy] So in our parallel the TS's in recorded history are? [Michael Entity] Gandhi is a clear and relatively recent example of a Transcendental Soul. Socrates, Confucius, Mohammed, Zarathustra, are other examples of Transcendental Souls. These are the only ones we know of in recorded history that may be known to you, as well. Contributing to the list of Transcendental Souls among our channels and students are those souls who have contributed in ways similar to a Transcendental Soul, but are not Transcendental Souls. It may not come as a surprise to some of you that so many cannot accept the extraordinary from the ordinary. In fact, many fragments are capable of what the Transcendental Soul effects. In addition to the names we listed above, many Transcendental Souls have come and gone without notice on global scales, but are tremendously effective in villages, communities, family lines, societies, etc. The impact can be a cumulative, slow, long-term effect fulfilled by many with little recognition brought to the originator of that social revolution. We will conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
  2. NYC Live: On Current Events July 14, 2011 Note from Janet: This session was transcribed by Elaine and Eric from a live recording. MEntity: We are here now. It will take a little bit of time for us to come through smoothly, so bear with us if we pause in awkward moments in our responses. Hello to each of you. We understand the context of our exchange with you today will be current events, and what we will do first is speak to you a bit about that context so that the parameters of discussion are more defined, as well as having some dimension added to the context. We would define current events as anything that is happening in the world on some scale that is relevant to you now. In fact, it might be more accurate to call them relevant events rather than current events, because the time frames for events that are relevant for you are not necessarily so current, and of course our perception of what is current is very different from yours. The reason current events are something worth exploring is because they often give insight into what is happening with your species and with your collective consciousness. There are a lot of things happening in the world and only a portion of those come to your awareness, and now that there are so many avenues with which you can access information and current events, it is even more telling what it is that comes through to you. You are no longer just dependent on radio stations or limited broadcasts or even word of mouth, but you can actively go out and find information. What you seek and what makes its way through to you has some bearing on your world view, and where you find yourself in relation to the rest of your species. Often, current events, or events happening in the world, are polarized in their meaning and they play out the extremes in a way that we can most simply describe as the spectrum between love and fear. So what you are drawn to usually resonates to issues that you are working on relative to your capacity to love, and issues that represent your issues relative to your fears. Usually the things that fall in-between those personalized holes doesn't make it through to you or, if it does, is dismissed. And so looking at what you are drawn to in the media — and this would include films, this will include music, this doesn't just include the news – can give you great insight into where you are in your participation with humanity, and how you find yourself represented in the world. In general, a lot of what makes the news and becomes relevant to you makes the news and becomes relevant because it plays upon the three levels of truth that we have talked about in the past. The more collective a species becomes, the more cohesive it becomes. Or, in other words, the more it matures in soul age collectively, the more it begins to examine its truths on a personal level, on a global level and on a universal level. So a great deal of what happens in the media and in the news and what you are drawn to represents your process of those three levels of truth, what it means to you personally, how you understand what it means to everyone else, and how it represents the more universal truths such as love and fear, and truth itself, and energy or beauty. So with that in mind as a foundation for looking deeper, as we look at the various subjects you might bring up we might circle back to what we just shared to give examples. And with that, we'll open the floor to questions from you about current events, and you may ask in whatever order comes from your group. [Comment] Well okay, so I would like to know if Casey Anthony killed her daughter and, if so, why? MEntity: At this point we cannot answer that question any more accurately than you can. The Intensity of such dynamics that are being played out, especially when it comes to karmic dynamics, are difficult for us to read because we do not have access to the details of an individual or a group's Karma until it is played out, until it is completed. The reason we do not have access to it is because it could incur Karma for us to provide that information for people who are in the middle of it. And therefore, not only is it not accessible in many cases, but we also refrain from exploring it to any extent that might incur Karma. We cannot incur Karma from where we are. [Question] Are any of us in the room involved in this Karmic event? MEntity: No, but that will not change our ability to access it. When a situation is unfolding that is within the process of burning or creating Karmic ribbons, our access to the details is quite limited. For your information or for those involved, this is because ... for instance, imagine that you have a karmic ribbon with another fragment who owes you, so to speak, a murder. If we were to share with you that you have a karmic ribbon with an individual who owes you a murder, the impact on your psyche could potentially be to such an extent that it generates a ribbon between us, or at least the channel and you, do you understand? [Comment] Yeah, I understood that from before when we had the issue where we obviously had Karma. MEntity: However, we can answer questions around the question of if she did or did not and we can say that this is a Karmic situation that is playing out, which is one of the reasons why it is such a fascination for the public, because it does resonate with not only the human drama in general, but those who have gone through this before in other lives. They are watching to see how others process this. It is quite interesting for most fragments to watch, to see how another group plays out such an intense drama. For the older souls, we would say that this subject has not been so interesting because you have “been there, done that.” You have murdered your children, you have accidentally killed your children, you have accidentally been killed by your parents or caretakers, and you're rather neutral about the subject. Those who are not so neutral about it, and are polarized, have probably not played out both sides of that scenario yet in terms of incarnations. We cannot say whether she killed her daughter or not, but we know that she was involved to such an extent that this appears to be a ribbon that is burning, a burning of a ribbon, as part of the dynamic that we can see. Within a short period of time — 6 months to a year — included in this dynamic is a confession that will clarify everything, because that is part of what we can see as the flip side of the original initiation of this Karma. The why of it we can answer as well, that it does not appear to have been intentional, the death itself. And that is the best we can do with the details. [Comment] Thank you. [Question] Can you comment on the unrest in China, some of what we've been seeing a lot of (protests) recently, and also in the context of the transition of the leadership, and their path towards democracy. MEntity: For quite some time that particular area of the world has been where most of the Servers have been incarnating, and things have been fairly passive in that regard. Cultures such as the United States have been lacking the incarnation of servers, which has contributed to some of the breakdown of family and the redefining of family, and this is part of what happens when a culture is shifting or emphasizing the Young Soul consciousness. The Young Soul paradigm is “I can do it myself,” and so Servers do not have a great deal of positions to be in except to be subservient. Not all Servers are interested in simply being subservient or exploited, and Young Souls can tend to do this. So Servers moved away from the United States, for instance, as it went through its Young Soul phase, and congregated in China, or at least in that general area. However, as the United States begins to mature and shift into Mature Soul consciousness, the Mature Souls then shift the paradigm from “I can do it all myself” to “Let me do it for you,” or “Let me help you.” As the empathy begins to spread, Servers find a more comfortable position again in that kind of paradigm. And so more Servers are coming back to the United States and leaving China. However, those Servers who are still in the incarnational process in China are part of the whole reason for the unrest and uprisings, because the exploited Server either falls into a passive category, and moves into being exploited, or they get, for lack of a better phrase, pissed off, and would begin to lash out and begin to pull the rug out from underneath those who previously depended upon them. Servers know more intimately and in more specific detail what it is that those around them need. It is simply built into the design of that essence. And so if the Servers are maturing in consciousness to a point where they have realized that there is a need for, say, democracy or more freedom, less exploitation, then they will work in that direction to inspire that in those around them. So this is a revolution of Servers that we see unfolding in that area. So many may see the Server role as only being of service, or of a following nature, but they are responsible for some of the major shifts in paradigm because they make up most of the population of the planet. This shift will occur. It is moving towards a Young Soul culture of intolerance towards any kind of restrictions, any kind of cap on the capacity for success, any kind of control over the desires and cravings of those who are incarnating. And so the shift is moving towards a Young Soul paradigm, and that part of the world, as far as we can see, in momentum may rise to what the United States have been for the past many years. [Question] So as a follow up question then. Is it valid to view the momentum of LGBT rights in America and recognizing the importance as part of that shift into the Mature Soul phase? MEntity: Yes. You'll see the Mature Soul paradigm begin play out, as, for instance, represented by your leader, the Priest, Barack Obama, who is a Mature Soul and is using Mature Soul tactics for progress, which requires a great deal of compromise, deliberation and consideration of all aspects and all needs. And so some who have criticized his methods or his tactics and criticized the lack of drive or force are simply seeing a different way of leading. It's going to set a standard for others as well, as the Mature Soul paradigm takes effect. Leadership will no longer be about dictatorship making choices for others, but hearing from all sides and making a choice in the best interest of the most that can possibly be accommodated. Therefore, you will see that in smaller pockets happening around the country, where, in a Mature Soul paradigm, the rights of groups become vital because the consciousness no longer allows for the division, that discrimination in the sense of prejudices. It does not fit into that awareness anymore, because if the Mature Soul rejects you there is a visceral response to that. There is a rejection of the self there is a rejection of a part of you. So to embrace differences, to embrace diversity, to embrace the rights of those around you, is a way of also becoming more whole and of nurturing your own sense of wholeness and evolution. So, yes. [Comment] There was my question. I was gonna ask about why he is so damned wishy washy and not getting anything done for the Democratic Party. MEntity: Yes, it is simply a different method of leadership. Mature Souls do not lead through force. It is through communication, often compromise. [Comment] Well, yes. He's compromised right out of a lot of things MEntity: That is the negative side of negotiation for the Mature Soul, the compromise. We're trying to find the right word for describing the other end of that spectrum, which is something along the lines of harmony. Compromise in this case would be the loss of, or at least the perceived loss of, something for the sake of a group. However, when the negotiations are more harmonious, those losses are not seen as losses. They are perceived as small prices to pay for. [Comment] But unfortunately, he is negotiating with people who are much more Baby Soul oriented, Young Soul oriented, that are demanding and ridiculous, and so … MEntity: That is a valid perception. [Comment] Why thank you. So it's like he is working with a set of rules that he is trying to apply, but since they are playing with their own special set it is like he's just getting stomped on in a lot of ways. So do you think that it will be perceived … because a lot of people are concerned that he won't win the next election. I think he will, but a lot of people think he won't because he's pissing off the left by not doing anything for them, that they want done, they voted him in for, and then the right is just whackadoodle shit. MEntity: Everything that this Priest is doing is more calculated than might be obvious to those who perceive it from a distance because the Priest in the positive pole is compassion, and that translates into empathy. That sense of empathy can be its own curse as well as its own blessing, so to speak, and so the empathy is driving this fragment to explore what is important to everyone. And that can take time, to hear everyone out and to make sure they are heard and understood. But it can also give clues as to what can be done on a larger scale that will allow for the greatest good, or the highest good, because the Priest aims for the highest good, whatever that Priest has decided is the highest good. A Mature Priest will have a hard time imposing a highest good without hearing from everyone involved. [Comment] He only gets 4 years (unclear) MEntity: That is the only obstacle: time. This is a race against time for this fragment because this fragment may find himself in a position where he has to draw lines that are extremely uncomfortable and counter to his intentions. [Question] Otherwise he won't get another 4 years to keep going and working on it? Are you saying that when it gets closer to the election he is going to have to do more things to show he has a pair? MEntity: We would not phrase it in that way. [Comment] But I would. MEntity: We would also say that that would not be from what we can see as this fragment's motivation. It would be more to get done and into place those things that matter, even if it meant not having another 4 years. So the motivation would be to do what can be done in a limited period of time. If that ends up being to the liking of those who will vote, then that may bode well for the election in his favor. And while that is a concern, of course, he would not draw the line just to prove something. It would be, from what we can see, motivated by the concern that if the line were not drawn then those things that were intended would not be done by whoever took his place. [Comment] So it sounds like he is a pivotal president because of the shift in soul age at this time. MEntity: Oh yes. [Question] So he is thinking more about laying groundwork for much farther in the future than just his presidency? MEntity: We would agree with that. For instance, going back to the rights of homosexuals and transgender and so forth, the methods that are being allowed to unfold on their own are securing rights in a way that would be much more difficult to remove if someone would choose to do so in the future. There were options along the way that could have imposed or enforced rights, but the encouragement for the population to choose those is a much more effective means of securing them than to enforce them or to impose them. [Comment] I see what you are saying. MEntity: Yes. [Question] Along maybe a similar line, we're supposed to be shifting into a Mature Soul paradigm in the United States, but it is funny hearing it sometimes because in politics it's gotten so much more partisan. And also, when we look at just the pop culture, the pop culture feels like it has degraded over the time. We used to have movie stars and cinema, and now we focus on Jersey Shore and Paris Hilton. It feels like the culture is becoming more materialistic and more simplistic. And again, with the political spectrum, it feels like it is becoming more self-centered. And I understand that part of that may be the more access to information, so I would be curious to hear how much that is affecting it, but also, how do we reconcile that in terms of understanding that we are shifting into a Mature Soul paradigm? MEntity: Every transition is going to have, especially a major transition, will have two dynamics at play. One will be the reaction to that shift and the attempts to stop it, and so that is being played out in politics. The amplification of the Baby and Young Souls who do not want things to change are obviously going to be contrasted more obviously against the change that is coming inevitably. And we say inevitably, not because it is something fated or destined, but because evolution is difficult to stop. Momentum is difficult to stop, and once you learn or mature you can't unmature. You can't unlearn. You can't lose that compassion and that empathy that is gained. And that spreads. So the contrast is the one element or the one dynamic that is being played out. The other is that, in a transition, one of the ways the transition can take root is by using the very familiar world from which the transition is coming. So as your media, or your entertainment, moves towards more “reality TV,” it is stripping away the glamour that was the Young Soul paradigm portrayed in movie stars and the romanticizing of those movie stars — stripping away the entire Young Soul glamour – and moving towards reality: more intimate, more accessible, more personal, which is the Mature Soul paradigm. But in order to introduce that, or to make it acceptable, it is being pulled in and focusing on the Young Soul characters willing to play that. And so while the paradigm is shifting towards more intimate, more real, less glamorized, less protected, less private, it is still being played out with Young Soul values. Do you understand what we are saying? [Comment] Yes. MEntity: And so while it may look like what's being emphasized is the Young Soul paradigm, it is being emphasized through a new lens which is the broader paradigm that will eventually find new characters. For instance, politics itself is a breeding ground and a meeting ground for Baby and Young Souls. Mature and Old Souls have no interest in politics, because it is dominated by Baby and Young Souls. However, as more examples show up in politics to show how that context can be played out in a different way, it will draw in more Mature Souls who are willing to realize that, “oh it doesn't have to be played by those old rules anymore, it can be played by new rules.” And so you will see more and more Mature and Old Souls showing up in politics. The same with your media or entertainment. While the emphasis now is seeming to be, in a lot of ways, ludicrous, obnoxious Young Soul behavior, that will grow tiresome for a while. But, it will have gotten on board the Young and Mature so that, when it shifts in focus, they will be watching. [Comment] Crafty. [Comment] Interesting. MEntity: It is also just a natural progression in a Mature Soul culture. The concept of privacy begins to degrade. In a Young Soul world, privacy is extremely valuable and extremely protected and fought for. In a Mature Soul, and especially in an Old Soul world, privacy isn't of a concern at all, because the concept of privacy falls away when there is no more shame, no more concepts of judgement, no more division based on differences, no more exploitation based on individual values. There will always need to be some measures of practical protection when it comes to individuals and your participation in the world. But the emphasis on privacy starts to fall away. So reality TV, or all of the contrived versions of reality, are still playing out that idea that all of you are being watched, all of you are willingly exposing yourselves in such things as social media. This is another step in the direction of the Mature Soul paradigm [Comment] He says as the camera is on him. [Comment] That's interesting if you think about Facebook and tweeting in that kind of context. That's a breaking down of privacy MEntity: Yes. And once again, a Mature Soul concept for instilling something is to have those participating voluntarily bring that into permanence. So such media as Twitter, Facebook, social media in general where the world is participating and willingly doing so, willingly revealing from the most meaningful to the most minutia of their lives … the concept of privacy begins to fall away and it was done so willingly. [Question] My question concerns the US food supply and what is being done to it: pumping the meat full of antibiotics, and genetically modified foods. If it is making humans more sick, and if the government is behind this deliberately, and if they're possibly in cahoots with the big Pharma companies, to get them sick and then sell them their drugs. [Comment] I think they are in cahoots MEntity: And that would reveal something about your participation and place in humanity. We do not see such a sinister element involved in that cycle. But, there is a phrase, or a cliché, that is something like, “the road to hell is paved by the best intentions,” and that would be one of the ways to describe some of what has come up as a cycle in your food industry. Genetic modifications, hormones, antibiotics, all of these had good intentions to some extent to make things more or less perishable, to make them easier to transport, to make them grow where they wouldn't normally grow. This is good. That is something that is seen as helping. However, there are long term effects that do take a toll when those things are ingested over time. What we've seen in parallel versions of the food industry, or in other planetary systems where food issues exist, is that these were short term solutions and, in the context of things, it would be in this case as well. It doesn't work for very long that these things are injected into or modified, but they do help in certain parts of the world during certain periods of time. Having that as a backup is something important for every sentient species to have at their disposal. But, to rely upon it becomes a problem and does begin to undermine the health systems of those participating over time. One of the shifts that we see occurring over a period of time is the return to small local farming and an emphasis on the importance of that, so that what can be grown in certain areas is then locally provided as much as possible. The abundance of what can be grown locally is much more than what is being speculated. At this time, the only reason why it is not sometimes seen as viable is because of the profit that can be made on lands in different ways, and the fight for who gets control of those lands. But once it becomes realized across the board that every city or every localized area must have its own food source to the capacity that it can, there will probably be, in least in these other versions we've seen, designated areas for that to be provided. So, in answer to your question, no, we do not see that this is a conspiracy. However, it is a perpetuated good intention that is not of benefit in the long run and will probably … anything that goes in that direction eventually collapses, and we see that it is on its way out. It will peak and then be stored as a possibility for certain contexts, but not something relied upon. At this point, each of you have the options of what to purchase for your food intake. The more your choices move towards the local and truly organic and so forth, the more that helps to instill it as a part of the paradigm. [Comment] Farmer's market here we come. [Question] My question is more about our relationship to nature and the planet. And it grows from all of the current events surrounding the Japan earthquake that created alarm about the nuclear reactor and the possibility of nuclear waste going into the air and the atmosphere, into the ocean, back into the earth and into the ground. And more recently here, with the Exxon Oil spill in the Yellowstone River up north, and how that is not being maintained and controlled, to, from a political standpoint or an industrial standpoint, an overproduction of things such as oil rigs and the whole oil and gas industry. It's globally saturating our planet and is exhausting our fuel supplies, and, to a certain extent, all of this kind of planet harvesting is affecting the climate. And I am not gonna say that things like global warming and the shifts in climate are completely man made events, because I know that weather patterns and climate patterns are a thing a planet goes through cycles of, millennial cycles. But, I think we are expediting or accelerating some of these cycles. So, I guess I have two questions. The first question is: I know there is a debate as to whether or not other technologically advanced societies or civilizations have been here, and for whatever reasons they died out or left or whatever. I want to know, have any of them or did any of them experience similar situations — a sort of rape of the natural world — and how did they deal with those issues as they surfaced in their civilizations? The second part to my question is: is it inevitable; is it inherent in a society's evolution? As you become more industrialized and more technologically advanced, does that have to pair with the destruction of the planet? Can you evolve without actually having to take away all of your planet's resources? MEntity: Yes. Otherwise species would not be able to finish their cycles. But, it is also not particularly uncommon to exhaust resources and have to move to another planet. That is something that some species end up having as an effect on their native environment. To try to answer your questions in order, ask them again one at a time. [Question] The first one was: if there were other civilizations in earth's history, did they also encounter circumstances of using up earth's resources too quickly or harming more than helping as they evolved? MEntity: Yes. The — what some have deemed mythological — civilization of Atlantis is a fairly recent example of what can happen when resources are exploited to an extent that they become taken for granted, or misunderstood, or misdirected. That was a pocket of Young Soul dominated culture. We realize that some romanticize it as an advanced civilization, but technological advancements are not necessarily parallel to maturity. That group of Young Souls found themselves in a position where their primary resource, which we will just refer to as power because we do not know if we have a term to describe it — it could be understood as parallel to nuclear power — found themselves in a position that literally destroyed everything. So it has happened before. A great deal of those who perished at that time are responsible for the development of the United States as a country. As part of the cyclical group karma — which is a valid concept as well; Karma can be created and generated in groups and then rebalanced in groups — they are finding themselves in positions to see examples of other disasters in the world based on the loss of control over power, or the taking for granted of the power, or the misuse of it. At least at this point, we are seeing the United States as at least establishing a momentum towards alternatives ahead of other countries as a way of “saving” or “revitalizing” the country instead of losing it, as happened in Atlantis. So it has happened before. And yes, the more a society is focused on subtle energies as a resource – or an implosive type of energy resource versus a combustible or explosive energy — as long as one or the other is emphasized as a primary source of power, it will almost always lead to some form of collapse or destruction. What hasn't been done in your species yet is the combination of the two to an extent that brings that balance as required that you would recognize as being in harmony with nature. So as more credibility is given to such advanced concepts, which were provided by such fragments as Tesla in the past, and experimented on again without the restrictions of Young Soul values, and freeing up energy to be much more available to those participating in it, then the balance may come and your species would stabilize a great deal in terms of its resources and the sharing of those. We do not know if we've completely answered your question. So we'll ask you to ask the questions again or to — [Comment] Well, you sort of answered my second question first when I was asking: in order to advance technologically or industrially, does a society have to basically use up or misuse natural resources? And I think you said no that's not the case. [Question] So, if there are species who had to leave their home planet in search for another one, can they still be Old-Souled? Were they just not very intelligent or practical, if they had to leave one planet to seek refuge on another, or can even the older souls make that mistake and have to suffer the consequences of it? MEntity: By the time a species has moved to an Old Soul paradigm, there is usually a great shift in emphasis of what is important for the day to day life, and no longer are such power resources necessary. So you would find, on planets where the population is primarily Old Soul, very humble dwellings, going back to very simple resources, living off the land, or living in an environment that has already mastered the balance between the types of resources that are available: the implosive and explosive. And so it is very rare that an Old Soul-dominated culture is in any position to have to leave. By then it has learned how to live. However, in a species such as yours that is primarily shifting from Young Soul to Mature, if something were to happen to affect your world, you would, of course, be a part of that as an Old Soul. That is where the importance of parallel universes comes to hand, because for instance, in the 1980's, there was nuclear war in one of your parallels. All of the fragments who were involved in that nuclear holocaust are tied to that parallel and working on rebuilding the planet in that version of reality. However, those of you who were in that reality who perished because of the wars that broke out simply do not return to that, but find a different version of reality to continue on. And so, even if the Young Souls “screw things up,” or the Baby Souls push and push until there is no more room for anyone to be free to be themselves, the older souls will find other versions of reality to continue their explorations. So in answer to your question, or to simplify, Old Soul cultures would not, or we have not seen them, be in that position where they would have to leave a planet. [Question] There is a question from Geraldine. She is asking about the concept of peak oil, which is defined as the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. She is asking if it is real and if it has already occurred. MEntity: Based on available or found resources, and the technology available to access those, yes that is a valid concept. However, that can shift if the technology shifts and if the means for extracting it, or the locations for extracting it, are found. So it is not a static concept, but it is a valid one within certain definitions or in certain context, and at this point, yes, there would be a decline after reaching a certain peak. However, as we said before, any time the emphasis is on one or the other resources for power, that peak will be reached and collapse. This would be an example of it. And though that peak can be extended or altered over a period of time, it is certainly not infinite. In this case, just the idea of peak oil is helping to prompt alternatives to come forth before reaching collapse, and this is one of the dynamics in place that are helping the fragments involved from Atlantis to find solutions before “too late.” Did this answer your question? [Question] I guess it did. To expand on that a little bit, I am curious about the concept of fracking: how they have been pushing to allow fracking in upstate NY. They've been trying to buy out landowners to allow them to drill for oil and gas; there's supposedly a great supply up there. So the backlash against it is because it's obviously very harmful to the environment. [Comment] And the concern is that, there are a lot of natural aquifers and water storage underground, and as they frack, the oil and gas then penetrates the water supply which then makes its way to our populations. [Question] Just the damage to the earth the (unclear) that they are doing up there just seems wrong, I think. MEntity: We do not use such terminology as “wrong” or “bad,” but we will say that it certainly is a detrimental impact and one that can only be stopped by the gathering of Mature Soul consciousness to take that on. You will find scenarios like this popping up in certain contexts where the power of Mature Soul consciousness or Mature Souls coming together can make a difference. We don't see this practice that you're describing … we see that it will be rather short-lived, because the impact is so obvious and so unwanted that the alternative is better. The alternative of running out of all of that is better than losing everything. Rather, the alternative of running out of those fuels is better than losing more vital fuels such as water and land. So that choice will be supported by the Mature Souls more than likely and taken on and righted. We say righted only in the sense that it will be put into the Mature Soul context where more is considered than just taking. Of course, that is not a prediction, it is only what we see as a natural momentum that would come up. [Question] We've all been talking recently or for a while about how poorly education is just, I mean, it's just going down into like ridiculous. Sometimes I think, “am I just a bitchy old granny, or is it really that people just don't know shit anymore?” I mean, it's just been so (unclear) to speak and then I'm thinking, “well maybe language is just evolving in a way I don't like,” you know? So, I mean, sometimes I do think is it … not is it “just me,” but is it that I am not evolving the way it is, or is it something that maybe will be corrected someway, like we'll go back to kids actually learning stuff and knowing things and not just how to push a button with their finger, or touch a screen. MEntity: Keep in mind as we talk to you about these subjects you're questioning where your perception of it is and your interpretation of it, so that you can gain insight into how you feel about your part in humanity regardless of what our response will be. [Comment] Yeah, I've established my crabby granny status. MEntity: In any transitional period of time, the concept of education is going to change. What has been in place for a long time as far as the methods for teaching, the methods for learning, and what symbolized knowing, or what symbolized being intelligent, is itself in a process of changing. In that transition, there are going to be some generations that are affected. [Comment] That's such a polite way of putting it. MEntity: However, the transition is simply adjusting to what's important, what is defined as important for a culture and defined by what is necessary. A great deal of what used to be necessary to carry around with you in your brain is no longer necessary to carry around because it can be carried around in a device. This is not to the detriment of the brain, or to the detriment of intelligence. It is simply a different way of accessing the same information. [Comment] But your phone goes dead. Your brain doesn't turn off. MEntity: Yes. However, a great deal of what is necessary to know, if your device were to go dead, would still be accessible, because what you need to know, you learn, and what you need to know is relative to your environment. [Question] Can't one argue, though, that part is not just about filling your brain with data, with information – i.e., equal knowledge – but the process is just as important? So if people are no longer learning about, or synthesizing, or drawing conclusions, or absorbing information in a way that they can convey it back out in their own terms … if they're no longer doing that because they have devices that can store information, or they have internet pages where they can go to access information, isn't there something still being lost? Isn't there an exercise there that still takes you to a higher level that's no longer being used? MEntity: The cycle that's happening right now is the shift from an emphasis of what we would refer to as the “century of debt” in the past — and we will elaborate on this at another time, but you just ended a century of debt as a platform for the world — moving into a platform that we would describe as a “century of choice.” We're speaking of arcs of experiences or themes that are a part of your species, your entire collective consciousness. So the movement is going away from debt, or even a debt-based economy, and shifting toward a resource-based economy, resource-based world, which will take some time to implement. But also, there are two things that have been a detriment, or a source of detriment, to a great deal of the population of humans as the shift into the new century has happened, and they are population and information. These two forces are probably the most detrimental forces working against humans. There is not enough, or at least not the means to provide enough, for everyone, and information flow is of such a constant that the capacity to process it is being lost. So your perception is valid. However, it ties into the evolution of humans where choice is becoming the important factor to consider. So while there is a wall or a wave of sources of information coming into a person's life, they will need to pick and choose and learn how to discern from that ocean of information. Right now you are still at the beginning stages of having that kind of access, so there are not a lot of models for how to do that. For those of you who came from a period that the discernment was already in place for you, where you were taught certain categories, you developed a brain function that allows you to do so even now to some extent. You're able to compartmentalize, focus, and choose what is important to you from the wave of information and let the rest of it go. You do not have to consume it all, and therefore what you are taking in often becomes integrated over those raised within the past twenty years or so, who may have some difficulty with that, because the world became available and there were no compartments or categories or methods for organizing that information taught. Even if it was being taught in one area of the life, as soon as those children were outside of the context of that order, it was available immediately as a wall of information again, or a wall of exposure. And so it ties into the evolution of humans and the consciousness of humans to take responsibility for choices that are being made. Again, this ties into the Mature Soul consciousness in that choices become important to consider in terms of their impact on others and their impact on yourself, not just whether they are convenient. So on the one hand, these are detriments to humans, but it is also the playground for experiences that will be one of the only ways that humans will grow up and take responsibility for choices. [Comment] How joyous that we get to be here for the beginning. And all the morons going crazy, going “Weeee! We can do whatever we want!” MEntity: There is more truth to what you say than you realize. The population growth at this time is of such a magnitude because most essences wanted to see how this shift was going to go down. [Question] Does it look like we're going from debt-based to resource-based right now? MEntity: Not yet, but the seeds are planted. In almost all probabilities that we can see, in order for the species to continue here, at least, the emphasis for a resource-based economy has to be worked out. [Question] What would that look like? MEntity: We do not know if we can describe it in a way that can convey it accurately. But, in the world where the economy — and we say that rather symbolically — is built up around a resource-based paradigm, the willingness to cooperate and contribute is amplified by profound leaps. In a resource-based economy, the natural resources — not only of the land, not only of the continents, not only of the world — are tapped into in a way that accommodates that resource rather than simply imposes on it or takes. Individuals also begin to develop that enthusiasm so that what you are good at you give, rather than just plugging yourself into a cog or a machine that makes your society run. You help to create or contribute in a way that expands on what society means and what your culture is evolving. Materials, power, and food is all distributed based on availability, rather than debt, which is based on who can afford it. [Question] So it's more like Star Trek? MEntity: Yes. [Question] Is there a way that we can make that transition without war, because, when you say that, I can just imagine this social upheaval and the blood that will be spilled In the process. Is it possible to transition in a peaceful way? MEntity: Oh yes. It's possible. It's always possible, but it depends on the education of the masses. [Comment] Oh that's going to be a problem. [Comment] Oh dear god. [Comment] It's going to be a while. We're a long way away from that. MEntity: If more Mature Souls move into positions of authority, then the Young and Baby souls who are around, who may object to it, naturally find themselves listening to those in authority. And the more Mature Souls who are in authority, the less conflict there is in authorities, and therefore they will align themselves quite naturally to whatever the authorities are saying is in their best interest. However, in this transition you are seeing more of quite a few Baby and Young Souls in positions of authority saying what the world needs and what's important. That has been in place for so long that there is an alignment with that that will be difficult to break, but not impossible. So we would think that, if there were a smooth transition, it would probably be another 50 to 100 years before anything were obviously established in that regard. However, because there is so much resistance there will probably be a reality, or version of reality, where a form of collapse occurs of civilization to an extent that the rebuilding is where the resource-based comes up from those who then can move to positions to make it happen. In that case, it would be approximately 20 to 50 years. [Question] In terms of organically growing practice, how do you avoid situations where organic farming increases the possibility of food contamination, such as the various strains of E. Coli? MEntity: One thing that we cannot do is tell you how to protect yourselves from every possible scenario of scathing that happens while being physical. So while there will be risks involved with such practices as organic food choices, they will make their way to you in no different a way than a car accident would, and in no different way than illness would, in the sense that you will still be creating your reality through your choices, through your own effects on your immune system, through your capacity to be alert and so forth. So we cannot say what will protect you from E. Coli or other threats in organic foods other than any practices of hygiene that could be in place to help prevent this, such as washing these food resources. But, those types of threats will still be there simply because the physical plane includes, as a part of the game, so to speak, the possibilities of scathing, which we use as a term to describe any kind of physical harm or emotional harm. [Question] Geneticists are getting exciting and yet dangerously close to recreating dinosaurs. Is this something that will actually come to fruition? MEntity: We've seen it, yes. It’s already been done in some versions of your timelines. The implications of it extend quite far into a great deal of medical or physical/biological benefit. When this is accomplished in those versions of reality, the emphasis moves towards the benefit, or at least those have moved toward the benefit of that capacity. However, there is, of course, the novelty aspect of it that helps to generate the funds for the more beneficial part in some instances. This is a good example of how your media, especially in terms of films or even books, plays out scenarios for humanity that actually have happened or potentially could happen. The film Jurassic Park comes from a fragment who is rather adept at peeking in among other parallels and seeing what could happen and drawing fiction from that, because there is a parallel where that similar type of amusement park occurred. [Question] What are the benefits of having dinosaurs? MEntity: We did not say there would be benefits to having dinosaurs. [Comment] They said that the medical or genetic process by which we can recreate dinosaurs would yield to us some sort of advancements or research benefits. [Comment] Oh! I was confused, I'm sorry. [Comment] Discoveries will happen along that path. [Comment] But, because billionaires want their pet dinosaurs, they'll throw billions at the program that will develop the benefits. [Comment] That part I got, I was just thinking: what was the benefit part? MEntity: There are some parallels you wouldn't necessarily recognize, if you were to leap into them as being familiar versions of earth. In the parallels where this has occurred, the incarnational process has moved from requiring birth, and the physical growing up part to be involved has shifted to some degree to simply choosing a body, because fully grown bodies will be.... [Comment] That's like from the Twilight Zone MEntity: Another fragment who can explore the various parallel options. [Question] So they would choose just fully grown cloned bodies? MEntity: Yes. The birthing process would simply be a matter of waking up in the body. Of course, regardless of how a fragment is birthed into a body, whether it be a fully grown body that has been cloned or genetically grown, there is still almost always a seven-year adjustment period that the fragment, or the essence, or the consciousness must go through in adjusting. Even in your current parallel, your current world, across all parallels, the capacity to walk into a body is rare, but still a choice that is made so that, if you are done with your body, the body doesn't have to die with your leaving the body, but another essence can step in. These are referred to as walk-ins, and the walk-ins still take seven years to adjust to being in that new body. [Comment] My friend Ryan was a walk in. And he doesn't remember most of anything of his childhood, like during seven years a big chunk of his childhood (unclear) [Comment] Was he in a coma then or just one day he woke up as a different person? [Comment] He had gotten sick as a child. MEntity: Yes. The walk-in process requires the body to go into some sort of altered state for that to occur, so that's usually in a traumatic experience, illness, coma, and so forth. But our point is that there is still a growing up process that must be experienced; it's just different. [Question] So dinosaurs won't necessarily be a bad thing? MEntity: No. It is only a novelty that these might seem such a strange possibility. But even in this parallel, you live with creatures on the planet that you will never come in contact with or be affected by. And so it is in those parallels where these have been capable of being generated or built. Many only see word of, or rather media coverage of, these rather than ever come in contact of them. We don't see any instances where there are rampages or takeovers. [Comment] No Planet of the Apes. MEntity: And quite short lived as well. As with many dangerous directions that humans take, once it's established that it can be done, it is often not returned to. [Comment] Is that why they don't cure any diseases? “Oh we could, but nah.” [Question] Can you specify how it is a danger to humanity that once we discover a process we don't return to it? MEntity: No. What we were trying to convey is that sometimes some of the more dangerous directions that are chosen, such as atom bombs or the regeneration of dinosaurs, are established as having been accomplished, and in that establishment there is no need to return to it as a resource or as a constant. It is much like a child who has been told that the stove is hot. The child will still want to touch that stove until it's proven that it's hot, and once it's burned realizes “Oh, I don't have to touch that to know that it's hot.” So does the human species, or any sentient species, often do something dangerous and destructive and then say “Oh, we don't have to do that again.” Do you understand? [Comment] Yes MEntity: So it is not dangerous in itself to go in that direction, or dangerous not to. We were describing the fact that those things deemed dangerous are often not returned to. And so the creation of dinosaurs is a short-lived experiment that proved it can be done and then is focused in a direction that is more beneficial and less about novelty. We will wrap things up then here with a round of one personal question apiece, and we will see if we can get responses for you. You may begin. Personal Questions Excluded
  3. TruthLoveEnergy Radio 11-2-08 Thanks to OceanMoon for the transcript. *** Hello, and welcome to Truth Love Energy Radio, where we get out our tools for understanding, nurturing, and building our Universe using the Michael Teachings. The most basic foundation of the Michael Teachings is that we are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. For more information on the Michael Teachings, please visit TruthLoveEnergy.com and check out the basic introduction so you too can join in with the growing number of students from around the world. On today’s show, we will discuss older souls and politics. So take a few deep breaths, center yourself, and get out your dialing fingers because we’d love to hear what you have to say. 646-200-0772. I’m your host and resident Michael channel. Enjoy the show. Hey, gang! Troy and Michael Speaks is back on the air after a long, long hiatus and we’re now called Truth Love Energy Radio. I decided to change the show’s title to reflect more of an emphasis on the information and away from me and the actual channeling, because there’s not going to be any live channeling during these shows that are live, because it’s a little bit too complicated to run things and channel. Plus I think this suits the nature and the direction of the show and keeps the branding kind of consistent among the various offerings from TruthLoveEnergy.com. Now, if you’re new to the Michael Teachings, and to this show, again, just check out TruthLoveEnergy.com for a basic introduction so you can get more out of our discussions here, or just google “Michael Teachings” and you’ll see a world of information come to your fingertips. Without a basic introduction, some of our discussions might sound like we’re playing a big game of Dungeons and Dragons, so study up, and it’ll all start to make perfect, practical sense. 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And if you were already logged in, and you don’t see the chat room, just refresh the page, because now it should show up. So anyway, today we’re going to be exploring the overleaves of the major candidates, the hopes and fears we share as participants in and observers of the upcoming US presidential election, and we’re going to explore ways that the older soul can contribute to a better world for the self and for others. I can’t believe the presidential election is two days away. And I know some of you may be rolling your eyes that yet another talk show is focusing on the election, but I mean, come on, it’s one of the most important historic elections of our time. And I know that it’s been said before, but that’s why I’m saying it is ONE of the most important. Every election is important but never have we had a woman running, and not only a black man running, but he’s now on the verge of presidency. That’s amazing! It’s very exciting. And if you don’t find some amount of awe in that, then you’ve probably let yourself become jaded. And maybe today’s show will help you jumpstart your enthusiasm again, who knows. We’ll be bringing in callers onto the air soon, so hang in there when you do call. You’ll be able to hear us, like I said, but we won’t be able to hear you until we introduce you, so be patient. I’d like to have today’s discussion focus on at least three elements, the essence and the personalities of the key candidates, and how those might play into the shifts in consciousness happening in the world. I’d also like to focus on our hopes and our fears as they are exposed by these shifts and changes in our world, and how we address those, and I’d like to focus on what we can do as older souls who are not so interested in the drama, the turmoil, the fear, the disruption. To not only feel a part of the world, and not so isolated, but also what we can do to contribute to what we might see as a brighter, healthier, embracing, inclusive, peaceful path for not only ourselves, but also our loved ones and the world. So, before we get into the show, I did want to talk about the information shared from Michael that suggests that we as a species are moving through a shift in awareness and consciousness. And this shows up in a lot of different ways, so it’s not an unfamiliar concept to a lot of you, because it’s talked about across the board in a lot of different teachings. But in the Michael Teachings, it’s a shift that’s described by a shift in predominant Soul Ages on the planet. And a person’s Soul Age basically describes not only the amount of experience a person’s soul or essence has accumulated over lifetimes, but also where one is in comprehending and digesting those experiences. One soul age is not better than any other, any more than a forty-five year old is better than a five year old. They’re just different perspectives based on different experiences, and collections of experiences. So, for more details about the soul ages, the basic intro at TruthLoveEnergy.com is a good start, and recently a wonderful creative person by the name of Terry Binning, put up her take on the introduction to soul ages in video form at YouTube. So if you just do a search for “Introduction to Soul Ages” or “Soul Ages”, it should come up, and it’s kind of a quick and dirty introduction, but it’s really lovely, and a lot of people are finding it to be very helpful, so make sure you check that out. So currently we’re shifting from what is called a Young Soul Paradigm, into a Mature Soul Paradigm. That basically means that the world has been populated mostly by what Michael would refer to as Young Souls for a very long time, and now many of those Young Souls are evolving into Mature Souls, bringing the population of Mature Souls into higher and higher numbers. And so with the population of Mature Souls growing, this is causing a shift in paradigms. Now this has taken over two thousand years, so it’s not a quick process. But the Young Soul Paradigm is basically a focus on… from gathering experiences that are focused on getting the most out of the physical plane, so the emphasis is on material gain, competition, winning, having, and it’s kind of like the teenage of our souls. And sometimes this shows up as being greedy, oppressive, selfish, and exploitive. So it does show up in both positive and negative ways. The Mature Soul Paradigm is more about realizing that the material plane is not all there is, and kind of looking up and saying, “Who am I? And what does this all mean?” And you start to look for your place in the world, how you fit into the world and into relationships. And it’s important to connect and empathize with not only your fellow human beings, but it becomes important to recognize the emotional realm of other species, and our place in caring for the planet, and that we’re all in this together. So the world starts to shrink into what feels like a global village, and we realize the impact of our choices upon each other. So this can show up in kind of a negative way, as being a lot of emotional turmoil, a lot of drama, a lot of intensity, and anything that really helps to break down and bring the emotional realm into focus, so that we can all start to empathize and connect. So from about 1987 to now, the world has been shifting more and more away from the Young Soul perspective, and into the Mature Soul perspective, putting into wider and wider effect our concerns about the planet, about animals, and about other countries, about our shared resources, about our rights, and the rights of others, and breaking down barriers and coming together as more cohesive, involved, caring, and responsible species. So, we’re in the early stages of this shift, relatively speaking, so we’re going to see a lot of Baby and Young Souls kicking and fighting against the shift, but the paradigm is pretty much already in place. And now it seems we’re on the verge of really, truly beginning to see the Mature Soul paradigm really take root, and begin to implement what that means. So, that’s the gist behind why this election may very well be a key in that evolution of our species collectively. But please understand that this is just a short program, and you should explore this concept further in other places. There’s no way I can really cover all of it, in all the nuances and details here. So, ok, first things first, without further delay, I would like to introduce my panel for the day. <music> First I’d like to introduce Sandy the Sage. Sandy: Hi! Troy: Hi, Sandy. Sandy: I love the theme music! Troy: And here comes Cyprus the Sage. Cyprus: Hi. Troy: Hi Cyprus. How do you like that? I got you guys a little theme song going. Cyprus: Yeah, slightly creepy. Sandy: I thought it was kinda cool. Troy: Cute! Sandy: It was ponderous. Troy: I like it to be fun. And I worked hard on picking out that little theme. Sandy: I have no doubt. Troy: I can just see you guys… Cyprus: I know what went through your head! Sandy: Yeah, me too. Troy: Thank you guys for being a part of the show today. I’m having trouble navigating everything so, I don’t know. Sandy: Troy, I still don’t have a chat room, and I even logged out and logged back in. Troy: I have a chat room here, and Ann’s here, a lot of people are here. So, you might have to refresh the page. Sandy: I refreshed, and then I logged out. Troy: Well, shoot. I don’t know what to tell you. I hope that you can find it. Sandy: Don’t worry about it. Troy: You’re on here, and that’s all that matters. I’ll try to keep my eyes on the chat room. So, let’s just dive right into the major presidential and vice presidential candidates’ overleaves, ok? So, I’m gonna read these off, and then we’ll talk about them. Vice President Joseph Biden, one of the Democratic candidates, is channeled as a Second Level Mature Sage, in Growth, with Perseverance and Skepticism, with a chief negative feature of Arrogance. Barack Obama, who is Fifth Level Mature, a Priest in Growth, with Caution and Idealism with Arrogance. And, the Republican candidates… Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, she’s a Second Level Young Warrior in Dominance with Perseverance and Idealism and a chief negative feature of Stubbornness. And John McCain, Sixth Level Young Sage in Dominance, with Perseverance and Pragmatism, with chief negative feature of Self-Destruction. And for you guys listening who don’t know what these words mean, the introduction will really help. So check that out. So, first things first. If you look at these overleaves, and if they’re accurate, and keep in mind that different channels are possibly going to get different sets of overleaves for various reasons. One is just inaccuracy, and lack of clarity in channeling, the other reason is because there are basically three interpretations, one is like a public persona, one is like a private persona, and then there’s what Michael refers to as the Akashic Records overleaves, whether we see them that way or not, they’re on record that way in the Akashic Records. And, one is not more helpful than the other, so just take these with a grain of salt and use them if they make sense to you. If not, you can mix and match them with the other channels’ overleaves. But these are the ones that I received. So, if these overleaves are accurate, what do you guys notice first about these candidates? Cyprus: The Republicans are in Dominance. Sandy: There’s a lot of Sages out there. I guess only two, but still, two out of four, that’s fifty percent. Troy: There you go. And, what did you say Cyprus? Cyprus: There’s a lot of Dominance in the Republican ticket. Troy: Yeah, another thing that I notice is that the Republican party, we talked about this earlier off-air, that the Republican party seems to be really dominated by a lot of Young Souls, which makes a lot of sense, because it’s the party that’s really kind of been exemplifying everything that we think of as the Young Soul Paradigm. And I’m looking at the list of Republicans that were originally running candidates, and I don’t see any… Cyprus: No, they’re all Young, I already looked. Troy: Let’s see, Ron Paul is a Mature Soul, and I think he’s the oldest of all the Republicans. Cyprus: Oh yeah, Ron Paul. Sandy: And he’s First Level Mature, which mostly you’re pretty still much manifesting Seventh Level Young, at that age, aren’t you? Troy: They would still be an appeal to the Young Souls, but definitely trying to implement some more Mature Soul concepts. Cyprus: But wasn’t he the most normal Republican? Troy: He’d be the closest to maybe taking away the religious hijacking of the Republican party. And then the Democratic party, I’m noticing… Cyprus: Mature Soul. Troy: Yeah, a lot of Mature Souls, Kucinich is the oldest one, he’s up there, being an Old Soul, but he’s the only one in the Democratic party that were nominees that I can think of, or that were major ones. Sandy: Yeah, well, he never had a chance to start with. Troy: We’re not quite ready for an Old Soul in the White House again, I’m sure a lot of people aren’t. Ok, so that’s one of the patterns I’ve noticed. And so, I wanted to go into, let’s see where we are, to the question of whether we are “doomed” or not. And this is coming from a question that I think Leela posted in the Forum, and I wanted to read the response to this so we can discuss it. This is directly from Michael. We can discuss this, how we feel about this, ok? So, she asked, “Are we truly doomed to another 4, 8, more years of what we currently have, with a different face? How are things looking at the moment, knowing it could change in the next moment?” So Michael says, “We cannot answer your first question with any amount of accuracy, especially within the context of “doom”, as we do not see any probability that could be described as being doomed. You are a creative and durable race of Sentience and can find ways to work through or around disappointing or devastating directions in politics toward an agreed-upon ideal.” “In answer to your second question, we can say that the probability is high that a majority of personalities will not be happy with the results of this election, regardless of who wins, because inherent in the position are high probabilities of backlash. The next president has a high probability of being known as a ‘President of Disaster’ or Collapse, as the population roils in reaction to various events. Our point in sharing this is to say that it will not matter so much WHO wins the next election as much as it will matter HOW the public responds. In one direction there are high probabilities of Civil War and an uprising of currently-stabilized groups of violent Baby and Young Souls, while in another direction there are high probabilities for complete breakdown of economic and social infrastructure through chaotic uprisings and protests among currently-stabilized self-righteous Late Young and Early Mature Souls.” “We continue to state that the unfolding of this election still holds quite surprising factors that we cannot predict or even see in the pattern of consciousness as probabilities, such as the bringing in of the fragment known as ‘Palin’. This was not planned on any level beyond an immediate, scrambling defense from among those who support the candidacy of the fragment known as ‘McCain’.” “A secured, technical shift into a Mature Soul paradigm for the United States and the World is the highest probability of all, but how this plays out is possible across a spectrum ranging from all-out violence and upheaval to ecstatic bliss among the populations.” So, I don’t want to go into all these various probabilities, but I like how they ended this response by saying that “Acknowledging your fears and concerns as legitimate, but still choosing a conscious emphasis on Trust, Inclusion, and Love as just as strong a legitimate potential among humanity could help to drive a new direction into higher probability. Whatever is chosen, created, or allowed, we see your Sentience as having the capabilities for navigating through it to the ideal, eventually.” So, what do you think the ideal is? Sandy: Well the last time we both talked at the same time, this time we’re both so polite we’re not talking. Go ahead, Cyprus. Cyprus: You go first. Sandy: Well, I don’t really know what the ideal is. Star Trek? You know, where everything is taken care of, and everybody gets to do jobs they enjoy, and things they’re good at… of course that’s the ideal, that whole Venus Project thing that we looked at. I definitely think that would be ideal but I don’t really know how you would go from a system of currency and what we have now to that type of a system. I don’t know how you would integrate it. It would have to be an all-at-once event. I don’t know how that would happen. I’m just not that smart. Troy: Well, we’re not talking so much about the process as about the ideal. What do we think of as a positive outcome from this coming election? As representatives of older souls who are, you know, we’re a minority in numbers in terms of the Michael teachings, but we don’t misrepresent an ideal that a lot of people share, regardless of soul age. Like peace, it would be great. I think a lot of people are ready to just get along. A lot of people are tired of the divisions, and the oppression and the exploitation, all of these things. So I think the ideal must include those things. Sandy: Well, I would think that one of the things that I really have hope for, and want for, is that Obama wins in a really big way, because our country has been very divided, the elections were so close, and sorta stolen, and, you know, with the person getting the most votes not actually being the president. All this has really divided our country. And we need to come together again. We need somebody, we need the country to seem more unified, and if one person gets a lot of the vote, we’re more likely to feel like we’re in it together as opposed to feeling like we’re completely divided. You’re either red or blue, and that’s it. So I’m really hoping for that, and I do have more of a feeling of, a good feeling, more of a positive feeling in the last few weeks than I have had in a while. And I feel very good about the potential. I mean, the world view of the United States will be immediately upon him winning, will be immediately better, in my opinion. Troy: Well, it will definitely shift. But before we go in that direction, I want to hear from Sandy, if she has an idea of what you think of as an ideal that we could potentially head toward. And if we could do it smoothly, that would be great. But what’s your idea of that? Sandy: Well I do agree to a great extent with Cyprus. I feel that it’s really important that Obama not only win, but win large. If he wins by the skin of his teeth, I would almost rather lose, because I think that would virtually guarantee an assassination attempt. Whereas a large win could say that to the world that America is still America, and we do care, and we do want change, and that we’re willing to do what it takes to get it. My idea of an ideal outcome is for the people to realize that we’re in this together and to get away from this, as long as it’s good for me, it’s good, I don’t care what happens to my neighbor. We need to go back to our roots, which is everybody looking out for everybody. Troy: Yes, definitely. That’s where I see people on the brink. It seems like we’re really really teetering on, well, as a whole I’ve seen this in my neighborhood, and just seeing it online, that people are on the brink of teetering towards embrace, and let’s all get along kind of mentality. Sandy: I think it can happen now, I really think the possibilities are there for it to finally happen. Troy: Oh yeah, and if it does, it’s going to take root like wildfire. But the other side of the teetering is toward “oh my god, we have to protect our own.” And a huge wedge of division that could possibly take a while to undo, because of this election. And I think there are lots of different ways we could have come to this point but I think that if we go in the direction of the big wedge, I think the process will be a lot more arduous and a little bit more tumultuous, if we go in the direction of “we’re all in this together” I think it will go a lot smoother. So which candidate do you guys think represents the direction of smoother versus the wedge? Sandy: Oh come on. Troy: It’s a legitimate question, some people might not think that. Cyprus: If someone does NOT think that it’s Obama, and thinks it’s McCain, they really ought to have their head examined. I mean, that’s not even thinking. I can’t even believe that people would be undecided at this juncture, or leaning in that direction, I mean I know it sounds harsh, but I just can’t even wrap my head around someone’s thinking that’s a better direction to go. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t even fathom it. Troy: Geraldine in the chat room has pointed out, which I agree with, that we’re not gonna know a winner on November 4th, and that’s really weird. Cyprus: I hope that’s not true. Troy: I really hope that’s not true as well, but when was the last time we knew that day? Sandy: Except for the last two that were stolen! If it’s a legitimate win, we’ll know that day. Cyprus: Yeah, we’ll know it that day. Troy: Well, I hope so, because that would bode well. And the only way that McCain will win, I think, is if it’s a very very close number which may or may not be… Cyprus: The only way that McCain will win is if they steal it. Sandy: That’s my feeling as well. Cyprus: Now I was thinking about something, I was talking with someone about Hillary Clinton recently, because you know I was a Hillary fan during the primaries, and a lot of people have been saying, you know Obama should have picked Hillary because then he would have guaranteed his win, and this and that, the Republicans wouldn’t have had a chance. And just recently I was thinking, you know I think it’s a good idea that he didn’t pick Hillary, even though I am a Hillary fan. Because it’s almost like, if he wins, this way he won on his own terms, without that Clinton machine boost, and it’s almost somehow cleaner, of a win. And more, I don’t want to use the word respectable, but you know, it’s just, it’s like he earned it completely on his own without taking what could have been an easy route, but may not have been the best thing. Sandy: Well, I just want to say when Obama wins, it’s going to be with a huge boost from the Clinton machine, because the Clintons have worked very hard to help get Obama elected. And the only reason that he didn’t pick her for the VP slot, and I do agree that it was a smart move, was because he’s got a better place for her in the cabinet, where she’ll do more. Cyprus: I agree with the fact that the Clintons obviously have helped Obama, because they’re Democrats. I mean, I saw Clinton with Obama earlier this week, and this and that, but it’s not the same thing as having them on the trail constantly and being the VP pick, saying well you voted for her before, and you can vote for her now, you know, it’s more like he had to earn those people back. Sandy: Hillary was here in red state Kentucky yesterday. Cyprus: Oh that’s exciting, did you see her? Sandy: No, I wasn’t able to go, she was in Louisville, and that’s pretty far from me. But it made me feel good that red state that Kentucky is, they haven’t written it off yet, and that Hillary was the one that they sent here to do it. She’s been on the trail quite a bit. She’s been a very visible and vocal presence. But frankly I think that as VP, she would have been able, it would almost be a reprise of her first lady role. Where in the Cabinet, she can have more stature and accomplishment, and areas of definite responsibilities that nobody can say, oh well, big deal, she was a Vice President, what do they do? Troy: Yeah, definitely. Cyprus: Sarah Palin doesn’t know what they do. Sandy: Well, no, she doesn’t have a clue and so she’s an ideal person for that role. And by the way, Troy, she is not the first woman nominee, she’s the first Republican nominee. Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic VP nominee. Troy: Oh, you’re right, thank you for correcting that. And Hillary is a great force to have on your side, to represent you, if she’s a Mature Warrior in Dominance and Perseverance. Hello! Cyprus: You saw that in her campaign. Troy: Yeah. Definitely. Sandy: You can see it in everything she does. Troy: And the Pragmatist attitude in there. So that’s really helpful. I’m not a big fan of Obama. Being the only option I can see as viable, my interest has grown, and warmed to that, obviously. I wanted to go back to what Cyprus said, or one of you said about it, being like a landslide win, or if McCain wins, it will have been stolen, and that very well may be true. But there are a lot of people… I watched the View, and that Elizabeth Hasselbeck, if she’s any indication of representing the Republican side of things, she gets quite a few cheers from the audience when she is speaking, in a way that I find to be very disturbing, in defense of the Republican party. So, I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s really that cut and dried. Cyprus: Well I do not think that no one, I mean, it’s unrealistic to think that John McCain isn’t going to get some votes. And I’m not even saying it won’t be close, I’m afraid that it will be. But what I’m saying is that what we need is a landslide. Because if we have a landslide then people will feel more unified, I think. However, that right-wing, whack-a-doodle nut job Hasselbeck is representative of a lot of people. And they’re gonna vote. But because of the way everything is set up, if we have more people voting, you know, that are Democratic, that are voting Democrat, we can win that state. So it’s not even if they vote, the Republicans, I mean we’ve talked several times about some people I know in Wisconsin, that I can’t even have a discussion with, I mean they’re completely insane, even though I love them. But Wisconsin still will end up being a blue state, so even though those people will certainly go out and vote in droves, they won’t win the state. Troy: How bizarre will it be, if Arizona is won over? Sandy: And they’re looking at it as being a good chance. Arizona knows what kind of a crook he is. Cyprus: And a lot of them have moved from the Northeast. A lot of Arizona people are transplants from the Northeast. Troy: So let’s move on to the economy, and how this is all going to play out. I wanted to read a couple of things that have been collected over the past month or so from the forum, from people who have asked questions about the economy, and discuss that. So, let’s see, the first thing is, someone asked, “Can Michael give some perspective on the current economic crisis? How do you see it’s effects for the future at this time?” And Michael said, “We cannot and will not predict,” blah blah blah, “but we can share our perspective of the patterns, as they appear to be unfolding at this time. Our perspective of the ‘crisis’ is one that we see as a ‘good thing’ in that it coincides precisely with the shift in Soul Age and in the Global Platform,” which is a whole other concept that I can’t get into here, but, a Global Platform, “from one of DEBT to one of CHOICE. The United States originated from Mature and Old Soul values and systems, but quickly fell back into the processes of the Young Soul paradigm because the Young Soul inhabitants under the older souls eventually began to run things. Now that the world paradigm is shifting into Mature Soul values and systems, it makes sense to us that structures based in Debt and Young Soul ideals would begin to transform. However, the process of a shift from Young to Mature has high potential for drama, as that is the nature of the Mature Soul, or at least part of the nature. The current economic crisis is moving to a global level because the global consciousness is shifting. Economy exists in physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual realms, so as one dominant structure shifts, all levels of currency and exchange will shift. Debt-based economy is no longer of interest to the majority of souls on your planet, but what kind of economy to move into has not been clarified or secured yet. Most simply know that something is not right, and something needs to change. The single most powerful medium for change for all fragments on the planet at this time is economic. No other medium could effect change and evolution to the extent that an economic overhaul could bring. This also makes sense to us as a planet moves out of a Young Soul paradigm. The dominant soul age uses the relevant, predominant medium as a transition. For instance, when the shift happened from Baby to Young Souls, about two thousand years ago, it was based in a religious medium.” Troy: So before I go on to the next part, what do you guys think of that? Does that make sense to you guys, does that ring true? Were you listening? Sandy: Well, I was listening, and some of it does. Then every time I think yeah yeah yeah I get it, then you said something that I thought, well, I don’t exactly get that. Troy: Ok, what would that be? Sandy: So I don’t know exactly where I stand on this. I do think that economics are going to have a large part in determining what this outcome is going to be. Troy: You mean, like, whoever wins, the economy is gonna be the medium for it. Sandy: It’s gonna be a large part of the driving force to that victory. If people don’t think that their economic situation is gonna get better, they’re not gonna vote for that person, no matter what. And again, living down here in red state Kentucky, I have heard a number of dyed-in-the-wool Republicans say that they can’t bring themselves to vote for Obama, and so they’re gonna stay home. They won’t vote against their economic interest by voting for McCain, but they can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, so they are just gonna not vote. I’ve heard it a lot more than I’ve ever heard it before. Troy: See, I think that’s gonna be a part of what contributes to the possibility of Obama’s loss, if that were to happen, that kind of mentality. That’s unfortunate. Sandy: If only that mentality is only in Republicans, it’s no harm. Cyprus: My dad has voted Republican in every election, and he’s voting for Obama. Troy and Sandy: Good for him! Troy: Well the point of this little piece that I read was that when a soul age paradigm shifts on a planet, it’s done through the medium of whatever was the predominant medium for the soul age that has been in place for quite a long time, so religion was a big part of the world paradigm when it shifted about two thousand years ago, so a religious basis was used. And now, it’s moved into economy, or money, being the predominant medium of concern in people’s lives, I guess you could say, or affects every single person’s life, so that’s the medium for the change that will help move us into a Mature Soul world. So, what I’m asking is, do you guys find that to be a valid concept? Cyprus: Well, yes I do, because it’s the thing that keeps people separated right now, is your financial status, what you’re able to do, what you’re able not to do. If you look at not just our country but the world, evening out that economy, evening out money, not in a communist way, but in the way where not just less than one percent of the population holds ninety nine percent of the wealth. That’s just not going to work going forward. And I’m making a big jump in assuming here, but in assuming a Mature Soul society where people, what is the Mature Soul thing, “I know how you feel,” you know, it’s not going to be accepted to have people starving, and people dying, and people not having medical care, and people not being able to have the regular, just the basic needs of survival, it’s not going to be ok. So money is how that would, money is the big contributing factor to that. Sandy: I agree with that wholeheartedly Cyprus, you expressed that very well. Troy: Yes, that, I think, is the point, is that since economy is... Sandy: Not that economics are money for it’s own sake, it’s the fact that people are no longer willing to see some people starve while other people are lighting their cigars with hundred dollar bills. Troy: Right. So I’m gonna go on and read the rest of this where Michael is talking about the economy in terms of choice versus debt, and see if that sheds any more light on the circumstances and possibilities. So Michael says, “Economy generated by Choice,” because someone asked what would that look like, let’s see what they asked exactly… “What is a Choice economy based from, perhaps prioritization of resources? Is the system the same but with a different emphasis, or is the system markedly different?” And Michael says, “An economy generated by Choice would be one in which each individual finds that which he or she is best at contributing and then does so because it feel good to do, create, and give that thing. This is then reciprocated by the joy others have found in discovering what they feel good about doing, creating, and giving.” “Access to all resources is based on personal need and not on hoarding. No one would tend to take more than is needed because the concept of competition has come to a close.” “ Competition is replaced with Contribution. Natural joy and fulfillment evolves from the emphasis on Giving, and not just on the Consuming. ‘Laziness’ is no longer a concern. Because it is comprehended that for one to Give or Contribute, it must come from Choice, not from obligation of expectation. This tends toward a community that sustains inspiration and enthusiasm, while honoring the fluctuating moods and choices of the individual.” “There are no debts because when one cannot, or chooses not to, give or contribute, he is seen as simply making a choice that will then be replaced with another choice at another time.” “This economy tends to begin with a leaning toward fields organized within contexts of NEED and WANT, with some amount of overlapping. For instance, foods, sanitation, water supplies, healing, teaching services, may fall into the NEEDS contexts, while arts, entertainments, invention, spirituality, may fall into the WANTS contexts. Of course, the overlapping occurs when one can see Art as a form of Healing, or Invention as a form of support for Sanitation, etc. The economy of Choice then tends to discover that everything is ‘needed,’ and that ‘want’ is a concept of the past when it was assumed that Want was less important than Need. In the evolved economy of Choice, it is quickly discovered that it is rare that one Wants more than one Needs, and that this is a relative concern best left to the individual.” “While there would still be pros and cons to this kind of economy (such as structure and consistencies), the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of health, happiness, and peace.” So, there’s more I’m gonna read in a second, but what do you guys think of that? Cyprus: Sounds like Star Trek to me! Sandy: Yeah, it really sounds very, like a very good description of the choices to come, and what the results are gonna mean. And I think this is when, sometimes Michael forgot what it’s like to be here. So in this particular case, I don’t. I think he really gets it there, and I really like what he has to say. Cyprus: The complicated part is the fact that, and maybe one of the reasons why the economy is just in the toilet, is because if people are very wealthy, they’re not going to be wanting to give that up. And they’ll feel like they’re giving up everything and other people are giving up nothing. So, if things happen, like catastrophe type things, that happen that take that away, and they don’t have that option anymore, and you can rebuild, ‘cause you have to basically rebuild and restructure everything, the people who are in power now are the people who have the money. Troy: Well, we’ve done it before, and we can do it again. We can begin. Sandy: You know, I’m an Idealist, and you know that colors what I think about at times, but in spite of that, I have to look at the fact that yes, the people in power, the people with the most money, who have the most to lose, are really gonna hate this kind of a change. But that’s when it’s important to remember that it’s only one percent of them. The ninety-nine percent are struggling everywhere. And I think that the change that we’re looking for isn’t to take everything away from that one percent. But it is to equalize the burden, and to take some of the burden off the lowest end, and move things more toward the middle. You know, we used to have worldwide, an upper class, a middle class, and a poorer class. More and more countries don’t have that anymore. There’s that one percent of rich people, and the ninety-nine percent that are struggling to survive. And they’re just not willing to do that anymore. Troy: Well not only do we have to keep in mind that one percent or so is with all the money, but if the value of money continues to lose its power, that’s part of what the process would be. So who cares if they throw a fight… Cyprus: That was my point. Troy: I personally… I’m just here to discuss these probabilities that Michael is talking about, but I as an individual don’t really know how the process would become implemented, or how that would go, what that would look like. But I know that it will probably start. Cyprus: Well I am not an Idealist like the two of you, but I think that it would be the best case scenario, obviously. And, I mean, who wouldn’t want to live somewhere where everybody got to do what they were good at, or what they wanted to do, what they had an interest in, what made them happy to get up and go do every day, and have everything taken care of, based on that. It sounds wonderful and utopian and I am totally on board with it. My point was maybe the reason we are having this economic crisis now, is because that one percent, even if there is only one, they can be a loud percent if they have all the money. And they’re not gonna just turn it over, and go, you know, let’s just give it to everybody else because it would be the right thing to do. It’s gonna be something where it has to lose its value. They have to have some incentive. There has to be some reason for them to want to change things, and that reason would be that what they have now doesn’t really count for anything. Troy: I want to share with you what Geraldine says in the chat room, she says, “I don’t agree that when poor achieve power, that it doesn’t include a driving urge for wealth. Every revolution has had this flip-flop.” And I think that’s true. Sandy: I think that’s true too, but I don’t think that’s the point. Troy: Yeah, I think that even if that’s the motivating power here, I think that it’ll eventually be a different form of power that’s utilized, in this case, in this shift that’s happening. Sandy: See, what I’m looking at, I don’t expect the poor to suddenly have power, because that’s kind of self-defeating. But I just think that more and more people are coming to realize that they don’t want to live in a world where anybody starves to death. Troy: Right, and when the poor, who have been suffering to some degree, or to any degree, have a higher sensitivity to empathize with other people, and I think it’ll be a lot more emphasis on sharing, in that regard. So, I want to go on with the next part, here… somebody asked, “On a practical level, how does a choice-based economy deal with money and concepts of trade and markets? I don’t mean stock markets, I mean actual markets. I ask because it’s hard to imagine, in real terms, what this would look like, since humanity has lived with market economies for a very long time.” And so Michael says, “Trade would still exist, but would be a matter of choice and comprehension, not rationing. Exchanges would be direct, rather than through the use of a controlling, irrelevant medium such as currency. A choice-based economy is a resource-based economy that does not rely on money. This may be a bizarre concept. But is it natural and a part of most evolving cultures at some point. In other words, a choice-based/resource-based economy would ask, ‘do we have the resources to provide what we need and want?’ rather than ‘do we have the money to provide what we need and want?’ Relying on resource as the factor for access and sharing frees up a massive depth of resources inherent within humanity that have rarely been tapped.” “We realize we are speaking in simplistic terms, and this is partially due to the fact that what we describe would require a much greater elaboration if we are to share the details of such an overhauling paradigm, and partially due to the limitations of this channel” Hello, that’s me. “and students for delivering and comprehending such a paradigm.” So, in that kind of economy, I’m done with the quote now, but in that kind of economy, one of the things that has come up, or one of the things I’ve heard people say, is that “well, if everybody had that kind of choice, then we’re gonna have this big wave of freeloaders, and people taking advantage of it,” and I think that that kind of concern is coming from our current paradigm, our current system that’s in place where people are forced to do things that they don’t want to do, that they don’t love to do, and that drives them to take advantage and exploit situations that make things easier for them, or at least that they think makes it easier for them. But in a world where things are given and shared, and what you contribute is based on what you’re good at, I think that would completely change the way we experience the concept of laziness and freeloading. Sandy: Leslie points out in the chat room (I finally got the chat room, by the way), that maybe a Mature Soul paradigm will break the cycle, and I think that’s exactly the point. If we’re looking at things from a more Mature Soul point of view, and empathy for one another, we’re not going to assume that everybody who isn’t at work today is freeloading. We’re going to say, hmm, wonder what’s going on in his/her life, wonder what they need. Troy: Yeah. There would be a lot more interest in helping people. And also, the whole concept of depression and illness and all the things that run us down, especially in the American culture, would shift and change, and health would be a priority. Our well-being would be a priority. So, all of this stuff, regardless of how it comes about, whether it’s dramatic, or it’s slow, or whether it’s an overhaul overnight, which I doubt will happen… but all of this is good, in the long run. And I think that if Obama is elected, that will be a very good sign. Sandy: I agree wholeheartedly. Troy: Now, two things that Michael talked about also, recently, in the Forum, and I really think this captures two sides of what’s going on here, kind of captures the concerns of the Mature Soul, and the ideals of the Old Souls that are helping bring this shift about, if you could put it that way. But they said at the end of the piece I just read, “We have suggested to read the works that are being explored and implemented by the King fragment Jacque Fresco, and we would suggest the same for our students. This fragment holds the greatest impact on what we would consider to be the future of your species.” So his name is Jacque Fresco, and he is part of the, he’s the one who holds this vision for what’s been called the Venus Project. And the Venus Project basically describes everything that Michael’s been talking about that we’re headed toward. And so this is one side, the ideal that we actually may be able to create and live in at some point, as a species. But on the other side of things is the concern that’s represented by Naomi Wolf. And she’s the one who put together a documentary called The End of America. And I want to read what Michael said about Naomi Wolf. She’s a “fifth level Mature Sage, King cast Sage, with a goal of Discrimination, a Realist in Observation mode, sliding to Passion, and a chief negative feature of Arrogance. The viewpoints shared by this fragment, while passionate and full of urgency, are valid. She exemplifies the use of Fear as a source of information or informative decision-making, and not as a source of reactionary defense. Her insights and urgency invite activism from those who are willing to participate in the potential revolutions ahead. Keep in mind that we have spoken of your current timeline running parallel to the timeline of Caesar Augustus. Comprehending this can help your collective consciousness implement what was learned before, so that it’s not repeated in the same way. What this fragment shares here is not new to us.” OK, so I see that Naomi Wolf is representing the positive side of our fears and concerns. She’s really delineated all the potential destructive measures that could come about from a handful of people who are in control. And there’s no conspiracy, it’s very informative, and it’s just about really upholding our constitutional rights and being informed and being aware. And I see that as a positive thing. And then Jacque Fresco, and all that work on the Venus Project, represents hopefully whether we go through a revolution or whether we go through a smooth transition. That’s where we are all ultimately headed, at least for the next phase. So, I’ll give you guys links and details to Naomi Wolf’s work and Jacque Fresco’s work in the show notes. But what do you guys think, panel? What do you think of those two sides of things? Not two sides, but complimentary perspectives there. Sandy: Yes, that is actually a very complimentary perspective, and I think they sound great. And I do think it’s going to be a gradual process, but I think that more and more people are gonna be getting on board. And I think that this election is going to signal, if it’s not stolen away from us, it’s gonna signal the beginning of real change. And if this election IS stolen away from us, I do think that there’s still going to be big change, but it’s going to be a lot more violent change because I think there could really be a chance of a civil war if we get robbed again. Cyprus: That is exactly what I was thinking, Sandy. If Obama wins, I think we have more of a potential or probability of going down the line of a smoother, more comfortable change. And if the election is stolen, which is the only way I feel McCain can win, then I really think the change will be extreme and revolutionary, as opposed to everyone getting on board. Troy: Now, did you guys watch the Naomi Wolf documentary? Cyprus: I did, yes. Sandy: I did. Troy: Did you find it to be informative, or terrifying and fear-based, or just a source of awareness? Sandy: I found it to be informative and terrifying. Troy: <laughing> ok Sandy: Not necessarily fear-based, but I felt that it was very informative, but I still found it to be very frightening. Cyprus: I, again, have to agree, I had that same thought. I don’t think that she does it in a fear-based way, but it really does ignite that core aspect of you when you sit there and you think, you know, what if that happens to me? And I have no recourse for anything, and my voice doesn’t count anymore? You know, I don’t have any rights anymore? I mean, it would turn our country into Germany. Troy: Old Germany, right? Cyprus: Yes. I was thinking in my head at the time I was like, when you were showing old footage of Germany before the war and before Hitler, and you know how they had open gay rights, and all these kind of things that you wouldn’t have really necessarily associated with Germany at that time? And they were probably thinking as these things began to happen, they were probably thinking oh, well that’s never going to happen to us, we’re obviously more evolved than that, and the people here matter, and that’s not going to happen. And that’s what I think that people here would, even as I was watching it I was thinking they are not going to actually let that stuff get too far. But once you’re taking the steps, it already IS too far. And you can’t get things back, and what if they make decisions where all of a sudden we don’t have the right to speak up, and to do anything, because when you do, then you’re carted away, never to be seen again. Sandy: It started already during the conventions. Troy: Yeah I know. And that’s what I was going to say, was that I think that one of the shifts that Michael has talked about as a key shift towards a Mature Soul world or paradigm, is the loss of privacy. And on the one hand that sounds really terrifying, and we do need to worry about that, but at the same time it works in our favor, because we’re able to document all of these things that are happening that we never would have been able to share before, and bring people to alert. So, there’s a certain level of privacy that we’re giving up in order to be able to bring attention to these otherwise covert operations that are happening right in the middle of America under our noses. And now we know. And now we gotta figure out what to do to stop it or to change that. Cyprus: I think that movie should be shown on all the channels, prime time. Troy: I definitely think so too. So if you’re listening to this show, definitely take the time. Go to EndOfAmericaMovie.com. That’s very important to watch. And don’t let it scare you, let it just inform you. And also, if you’re really interested in what you can do, then there’s a website that she’s put together called MyAmericaProject.org and this will help you to… I haven’t looked at it since, because she wasn’t done putting everything up, but it’s a list of things that we can do. Like we can actually make a difference in protecting our constitutional rights. And then if you’re interested in exploring the Venus Project, which is an amazing, beautiful design that’s very complex, and is really taking into consideration everything that would need to be in place for this transition to happen, TheVenusProject.com. Include the word THE. TheVenusProject.com . Check that out. It’s very inspiring, but it can also be depressing because it really showcases what we have as a potential in humanity, and that we haven’t been doing it. But that’s ok, you can’t look at it like that, you have to look at it as a direction we can possibly go towards. Those links will be in the show notes too. But I wanted to go on to the next part here, and see if this is informative, because I want this to be in the final archived show for people to hear. But there were some questions about Soul Age and government, and what those look like for different Soul Ages. And what it led to was, let’s see…. I don’t want to read all of it but I wanted to bring to a point something that we’ve had under our noses this whole time, that Michael, when we can’t really conceive of what it would be like to have a non-authoritarian government, where we shift into a world of choice and contribution. We’ve had that in our midst for the past ten years, whether we realized it or not, and that would be the Internet. Sandy: Oh, yeah! Troy: What has come from having the Internet, is a complete shift in so many levels of exchange that we can see how it could work. We can see the open source programs, the sharing of files… there’s nobody in charge. There’s nobody policing it to, you know, to some extent there is but, and it’s growing towards that direction, but it hopefully won’t go completely in that direction, but it’s a non-centralized government. It’s a non-centralized political system. And Michael says, when someone asked how are the Internet and politics related, Michael says, “Well, if politics is seen as a term to describe how a body of people govern themselves, and resolve apparent conflicts, then the Internet could be seen as a system of politics. In this case, as would be the case for an Old Soul world, Communication would be at the core of those politics, and the Intellect as economy.” So, I found that to be very fascinating. What do you think of this, as representative of potential that we’ve been working on this whole time? Cyprus: I never thought of that. Sandy: Me either. Cyprus: It’s very interesting. It seems to be accurate, I mean, it’s not far reaching. You don’t have to stretch, it’s right there. I just hadn’t thought of it. Troy: Yeah, and there’s so many people contributing freely, it is amazing how much you can get for free, legally for free, online, because of the resources that are available, and the tapped, freely given resources of the individuals participating. People love to give. They love to contribute. It’s so exciting, people are contributing videos, they’re contributing blogs, they’re contributing documentation, they’re contributing archives of reading material and references. I mean, there’s just everything there, at least on an intellectual level. And then of course that affects us in our daily lives, because we are able to use those as tools for change in our lives, if we choose to, or entertainment if we want to. It’s a beautiful reality, that we’ve had right there under our noses. Cyprus: Yeah, I definitely think that people are interested in sharing, especially if it is, you know when something’s not taken from you, when you’re allowed to offer it freely, there’s a really good feeling about that. And I think people do enjoy that, and benefit from it, both, from being the one who’s sharing. Not to mention, of course, the one who is able to use it. Do you know what I mean? Sandy: Yeah, I do, and I agree wholeheartedly. People are very much more willing to give something than they are to have it taken from them. Cyprus: Yeah. Or when you feel responsible for doing something, it’s different than saying, let me do that, or let me share this, or I’ve done this and I’d like you to see it. It’s more of a sharing, and that does really feel good, and the more you do that type of thing, the more that it expands your feeling. That just makes the entire world better, person by person. Troy: Well, Beryl, in the chat room, I think she’s asking a rhetorical question, but she’s saying, “Speaking of privacy, will the shift away from Young Souls end our celebrity worship? Get rid of the paparazzi?” And then Leslie responds, “Dream on.” Cyprus: No, People are too obsessed with that kind of stuff. Troy: Well, we can say that from this perspective, but what do you think it would be like? Would we really worship people who, on a level of, would we look at things from a perspective of status, in the future? In a world where we’re all sharing? Sandy: I don’t think it’s a matter so much of worship or status, but people are always gonna be curious. Cyprus: Also, what about appreciation? I mean because, for instance, someone who does something of a creative nature, you don’t have to worship a singer or performer, but you can appreciate someone so much, because what they do brings something to your life, so that appreciation can be interest, can be formulated into interest. If you saw Chris Garneau on TV, you’d be there watching, because you have an interest in it. Whether it was a paparazzi thing, or whether he was doing a show, because you have interest in him, you feel that his music brings something to your life, and adds to it. Troy; Well I think her question being more specifically about getting rid of paparazzi, I think it actually would, because the whole point of the competitive overwhelming paparazzi is for money. It’s for that currency. Instead we’d have people who do it well, and do it appropriately, in position, instead of people just taking it because it’s a competitive arena that they have to fight for the highest, or for the most money for the best photo. Cyprus: Well obviously, I wasn’t really thinking of it in the paparazzi aspect. Troy: Yeah, that’s why I was taking it towards that. But your theory is, I think, totally right. We won’t lose our fascination with our teachers and our healers and our entertainers. We’re not going to lose that, that’s a part of what makes the world amazing. Cyprus: Right, but maybe we would also be more of a respectful thing, you would have more compassion for the fact that they’re humans too. And treat them more like that, as opposed to some sort of caged animal that you want to poke at for your own entertainment. Troy: I think that the sensationalized aspect would probably die down, because we wouldn’t be so interested in that kind of exploitation. Like somebody, this is pure speculation, but I’m thinking somebody like Britney Spears would not even exist in a predominantly Mature Soul paradigm, because there would be intervention, there would be… it wouldn’t be a manufactured artist, and there wouldn’t be all these people competing for a field that was manufactured and created just for the attention and the money. So I think that the sensationalized aspect and exploitive aspect of celebrity would totally begin to die down. Cyprus: Yeah, it would be people who create for that reason, and not for the celebrity status. I mean, you can take anyone who is cute, and change their vocals, and dress them up, and tell them what to say, and do their hair, and make a star. Troy: Yeah, which is exactly what they do. If anybody has ever seen that footage where they actually took an individual who couldn’t sing, who was just pretty, and got a guy who churns out pop hits, like minute after minute, he can just make them up on the spot, and they turn them into hits, and got somebody who couldn’t play an instrument very well, and the software can completely transform voices, and put into key the singer and the instruments, and then they manufacture an identity and promote it. And now you have a pop star. It is so creepy. Sandy: And that’s not gonna change. Troy: I don’t think that would change right away, but I think that would change. Sandy: I don’t think it will ever change, because it’s entertainment, and people like to be entertained. And everybody doesn’t like the same thing. People who enjoy that are still going to enjoy it. Cyprus: But the difference would be, in a society where everyone brought what talents they have to the table, you would, if you weren’t a good singer than you wouldn’t be a singer. Sandy: Well yeah because the person who brings the talent to the table, the ability to make you look like a good singer, is gonna bring that talent to the table. And if there’s people that you appeal to, that’s not gonna change. Troy: Well, I think a level of honesty would become a part of our culture that’s not necessarily here currently. Sandy: In a lot of ways, but not in our entertainment. Cyprus: But those people can’t actually entertain. I mean, you can’t go see somebody like that person he was talking about where they, I saw that video where they completely transform that person, and made a pop hit. But you can’t go see that person perform, because they can’t. Sandy: That example is the one Troy’s using, but when he’s making this statement he’s talking about every pop star on commercial radio today. Troy: No, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking specifically about manufactured pop stars, not pop stars who are good at what they do and people like it, whether I like it or not, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the manufactured ones. The ones who actually can not sing live. Sandy: Ok, name one. Name one person who cannot sing live, who is very popular today, just give me an example of what you’re talking about. Troy: I’m not fans of them, so I can’t say. Cyprus: Sandy, I think he was bringing up something that we saw online, where they were showing what they can do. Nobody’s accusing anyone particularly of not… Troy: I can name one, let’s just go with Milli Vanilli. Sandy: They were found out, and it was ended. Their career ended as soon as they were found out. Troy: That’s my point though. That kind of thing has become a little bit more seamless, and image is what’s sold over quality of content. And I think that will shift. What was another group? I can’t remember who it was, I think it was CC Music Factory also had like a big, fat, black woman who sang the vocals, but they had a skinny, hot, big-boobed black chick do the videos, because they didn’t think that it would sell if there was a heavy black woman singing. And, I think one of the groups, I can’t remember which one it is, it’s a male singer, I can’t remember the group but I’m sure somebody listening knows, they also put a fake image up to represent the group, and meanwhile, it’s a big fat white guy singing. And they didn’t want to sell it, because they didn’t think it would sell. Eventually he came out, and he’s been selling just fine. So that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about, the discrepancy between what is being given, what is at the heart of the creativity versus what the packaging is. And I think people are going to prefer a more sincere, honest, creative contribution instead of these manufactured images. Cyprus: Right, because whether you like the music or not, there are plenty of people in all aspects of music, that can sing, and can perform, and have talent, whether you like their particular style is not really relevant, they have the ability to perform and they have the ability to sing. But I think what Troy is getting at, is the people who don’t, that it’s created, and that will be less appealing because it’s phony, and not real. Troy: I would love to have, as the show gets more, you know, now that we have a stable schedule, I would love callers to start calling in, and we have had no callers, so I am forced to use my caller transition tune with no callers. But if there were to be a caller right now, you would have been introduced with this lovely ditty. <music> Hi, welcome callers, we’d love to hear from you! I’m so glad you called! <music ends> Hi caller, what would you like to talk about today? Thank you for calling! I love that you called! Cyprus: Why were we forced to hear that? Troy: <laughing> Because! Because when people listen, they’ll be like, God, I would love to be introduced with that tune! Cyprus: I think they’ll be scared away. Sandy: I can’t believe that didn’t inspire somebody to call in right now. Especially Ann. Troy: Well now we’re almost out of time, but I want to go over a really important part of this whole show, which is, what can we do, as older souls, what can we do, I mean besides having conversations like this and really focusing on the Fear side of things, because it’s really important to realize that our Fear is not just to make us scared, it’s to inform us. Fear is a very vital and important part of our experience on the planet, and based on Michael’s information, it’s really helped a lot of people to realize that it’s not something to fight, it’s not something to ignore, it’s not something to get overwhelmed with, it’s something to use as a source of information. Because Fear, whether it’s warranted or not, it usually comes up as a sign that you feel a need to protect yourself. So paying attention to what you’re afraid of can help you to make better choices. Being conscious of your choices can help you make choices that are towards directions that you’d like to create, instead of hiding under fear. So, Fear is really important. I think that’s the really important thing to take away from this show, is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, if you’re feeling fearful, if you’re feeling a little bit out of synch with what’s happening in politics, that’s ok. Pay attention to what you’re afraid of. See if there’s information in it. If there’s nothing useful in it, then give yourself a little bit of room to make some choices anyway. The other thing that Michael has talked about that we can do as older souls in this Mature soul, Young to Mature Soul world in the weeks and years ahead is something that doesn’t come natural to a lot of older souls, because we’ve been around the block, we’ve been through a lot of different governments, we’ve been through a lot of different economies, we’ve been through a lot of different Soul Age cultures, so we’re a little bit tired of it. We get like, ok, that’s been fun, we’re gonna leave it to the kids now. But we still are a part of this world and we should be able to participate in it if we want to. And the best way to do that, if you want to make the world a better place, Michael has said emphatically, you just DO something. And that’s the element that a lot of us leave out, is the doing part. We meditate, we pray, some people pray, we think positive thoughts, we send energy, we focus on potential, but we don’t always DO something. So, if you look around your community, or your home, or whatever, wherever you have any kind of power, any kind of influence, any kind of capability of contributing, and just pick a few things to DO, that you think contribute to a better world, that’s really all you can do. What do you guys think? Sandy: I don’t know who said it first, but be the change you want to see. Troy: Who said that? Sandy: I don’t remember. But it’s been out on the Internet everywhere. Cyprus: I think it’s a president. Troy: Oh, I’m gonna feel really ignorant if I don’t really know, but I thought it was, um, oh the black president from… Sandy: Oh, Nelson Mandela? Maybe so, I don’t know if he said it first or not. But the point is, it’s true. Troy: Yeah, it’s true. If you have an ideal in your head, if you have a direction you’d like the country to go, or the world to go, then you need to participate and bring that into the world. Not just in thoughts, not just in emotion, but in choices, in activities, in just doing one or two things that you think actually make a difference, whether it’s volunteering, or whether it’s just deciding to treat people better that day, or whether it’s changing your diet and your choices in a way that helps contribute to less of a burden on the planet… whatever it is, that’s all that you can really do is to DO it, follow through with it. Sandy: The chat room says that it was Ghandi who said it. Troy: Oh my god, I’m sorry. You’re right. That’s who it was. And I’m so glad we had Tom in the chat room to clarify that. Thanks Tom. Cyprus: And everyone should vote. Sandy: Absolutely. Troy: Make sure you get out there and vote, and I would love to say vote for your, you know, it doesn’t matter just vote, but from this show… Sandy: This time it really does matter. Vote Obama! Troy: Vote Obama! Sandy: And if you can’t do it, stay home. Troy: I can’t guarantee that it’s the best choice or the right choice, I don’t know in the long run. We don’t get predictions from Michael, and we don’t care to, because we think of the future as something that we all create on our own and together, so it’s, there’s no guarantee. But based on what we have as information now, it looks like Obama’s the way to go. And I think that that’s a good idea. Cyprus: You’re very very tactful about the whole thing. I say vote for the right person. Vote for Obama. Sandy: I second that emotion. Troy: There ya go. So, let’s wind up the show, and I want to thank you guys for being a part of it. Thanks a lot. We have a couple of minutes left and this was a really great return to the schedule, so we’re going to keep this up and I hope we have some participation from other people next time. Sandy: So are we back again in two weeks? One week? Troy: No, first Sunday next month. Cyprus: Ok, so we don’t get carried away. Troy: In 2009, if we can fit more on the schedule, we will, but otherwise these will be the first Sunday. The first Sunday will be the live ones. Thank you guys! I’m gonna wind up the show now, and I’ll talk to you guys later. Thank you for being a part of the show, and I just want you to know, the reason why you’re on here is because you two have been regularly praised inb emails, because they love hearing your perspective on things. They don’t care about me and my work, they always rave about Sandy and Cyprus, Sandy and Cyprus. So I’m glad you guys are part of it. Alright, I’ll talk to you guys later! Bye Bye! <music> So thank you guys for tuning into TLE Radio, or Truth Love Energy Radio. <music> And if you’d like to learn more about the Michael Teachings, just pop over to TruthLoveEnergy.com, and check out the basic introduction, and go from there. Archived podcasts, along with CocteauBoyTV, and TruthLoveEnergyTV, which should start this month, and my always riveting personal blog and video log are also available there. So tune in every first Sunday now at 1 pm Eastern to participate in the live call-in show, so until next time… and remember, we are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. END
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