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Found 10 results

  1. People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help. It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back. These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Body Types. Body Types are named after the Planetary Bodies in our Solar System. It appears the literal planets somehow influence our genetic makeup in our bodies, and Essence chooses which to use for the growth of the lifetime. These Body Types do move in a sequence over lifetimes though: from Lunar to Venusian to Mercurial to Saturnine to Martial to Jovial and back to Lunar. Outside of the progression is Solar, named such after our lovely Sun. The Solar Body Type can be added to any mix in the progression. Here are four things to know about Body Types: Body Types fit into three categories. They might affect our APPEARANCE. They might affect our NATURE/PSYCHOLOGY. Or they might affect our HEALTH. Body Types are categorized as either Active or Passive. Active Body Types have an inclination towards doing and activity. Passive Body Types have an inclination towards being and passivity. Body Types are also categorized as either Positive or Negative. Positively charged Body Types are inclined to expansive perspectives and building upon. Negatively charged Body Types are inclined to constricted perspectives and breaking down into parts. Positive and Negative are not good or bad, they are more like magnetics. Body Types each have their own Primary Shame and Primary Joy as well. These influence how we behave, process and express ourselves in life. Each Body Type has its - and + Poles, and there are - and + Poles for each of those polarities as well. We do not know all of these smaller polarities yet, but I have attempted to explore them below. After all this is just an extrapolation based on everything we know so far. Note: These Transcripts are referenced for all descriptions below: Body Types: Foundation, Body Type Polarities and Primary Shame and Primary Joy. --- LUNAR BODY TYPE - (Passive and Negative Body Type) Those with a Lunar Appearance are most shaped by/seen for your ability to REFLECT light, much like the Moon does. You tend to look quite rounded, soft, fleshy, cool, clammy, pale, flat, babyish, with baby fat and strong body memory. (Reference: Venusian Body Type & Primary Shame) The -Pole here is PALLID. Pallid Lunars seem to shift from looking weak and feeble, like the thin, meager sliver of a Waning moon; towards quietly revealing a slim, fresh, newborn surface like the new Crescent moon. In other words: Waning to Slim. The +Pole here is LUMINOUS. Luminous Lunars seem to shift from looking fat, baggy and puffed up like a protruding, waxing Moon; to feeling bright and clear in a more plump, round, fullness like the Full Moon. In other words: Waxen to Full. Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from having familiar comfort foods and clothing. Forming bonds of close, dependable relationship. Honoring your body’s slow moving processes. Letting yourself be childish to free rather than shame energy. And reducing tension and heat by providing sources of calm. (Reference: Lunar Appearance and Shame- Childishness and Correlation of Lunar Body Type with Instinctive Center) Those with Lunar Nature feel the most struggle and strength over your sense of RESISTANCE. You tend to be more internally emotional, aloof, guarded, pessimistic, loony, often hiding tantrums to look competent until they’re suddenly revealed and processed. The -Pole here is CHILDISH. Childish Lunars tend to shift from clinging to sources of close familiarity and attachment to feel safe; towards pushing back against everything you hate being pushed into. In other words: Dependent to Rebellious. The +Pole here is UNATTACHED. Unattached Lunars tend to shift from relinquishing any attachments to others to simply be/do/grow on your own terms; towards feeling a profound sense of awe in what you’ve found out about yourself and your preferences through your loony resistances. In other words: Independent to Peaceful. (Reference: Lunar Nature's Psychology and Lunar Nature Body Type) Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from learning how to grow/choose on your own terms. Giving and receiving help and inspiration one-on-one. Opening up to play. Making mistakes and seeing you are still ok. And cultivating a vivid sense of awe for life, not just disgust or fear. (Reference: Lunar Nature: Cultivate Awe) Those with Lunar Health feel the most most imbalanced or balanced by your quality of physical, emotional or mental DIET (what you’re taking in on any level). When your diet is imbalanced, this affects the health of your Pancreas, which directly impacts your Blood Sugar levels and digestion. (NOTE: The Pancreas Gland releases: Insulin - stimulates the Liver to store Glucose as Glycogen, and stimulates muscle and fat cells to absorb blood Glucose and lower blood sugar levels to increase energy. Glucagon - stimulates the Liver to release blood Glucose from Glycogen storages into the blood, and raise blood sugar levels to reach the body’s cells. Somatostatin - inhibits various hormones including Insulin and Glucagon; generally slows bodily functions like growth, metabolism and digestion, and reduces blood sugar concentration. Digestive Enzymes - In the Exocrine part of the Pancreas, these are secreted to aid the digestion of proteins (Proteases), carbs (Amylase) and fats (Lipase) The -Pole here is RESIGNATION. Resigned Lunars shift from totally abdicating any responsibility for managing and processing the food or feelings you take in, as you're chronically fatigued; towards empowering yourself by removing yourself from dietary and relationship patterns and habits, that drain you. In other words: Exhausted to Clear. The +Pole here is SENSITIVITY. Sensitive Lunars shift from being totally overwhelmed and delirious due to constant ingestion or stimulation, leading to potential blood sugar issues; towards learning how to provide the necessary and healthy care and sustenance for your body to thrive. In other words: Overloaded to Nourishing. (Reference: Lunar Body Type in Health and Lunar Body Type - Health) Holistic benefits for this Health can come from regularly monitoring your diet and sugar levels. Being clear in your choice of food and relationships (rather than being abundantly picky and indecisive). And mindfully, rather than reactively soothing emotional disturbances. The Lunar's Primary Shame is of Intelligence: of not being seen as smart and intelligent enough by yourself or others (ie. being too childish, foolish, stupid etc.) The Key to Healing here is to let yourself be a silly child in life. To see the value, freedom and playful awe in/of your childishness as its own source of wisdom. The Lunar's Primary Joy is of Usefulness: of perceiving how you matter to another person/thing, and how they matter to you in a way that brings awe and inspiration. (Reference: Lunar Appearance+Shame- Childishness) VENUSIAN BODY TYPE - (Passive and Positive Body Type) Those with Venusian Appearance are most shaped by/seen for your sense of BEAUTY. You tend to look quite attractive, cuddly like a teddy bear, prone to weight gain, warm in body heat, tender, evocative, touchable, hairy, full-bodied. (Reference: Venusian Appearance) The -Pole here is SLOPPY. Sloppy Venusians tend to shift from looking slow, slack, messy and poorly kept together because you carelessly manage your body's needs and processes; towards letting go and relaxing into a kind of intoxicating pleasure. In other words: Messy to Relaxed. The +Pole here is VOLUPTUOUS. Voluptuous Venusians tend to shift from looking and feeling ugly because you seem grossly deformed and fat; towards being warmly loving and accentuating of your body’s big, beautiful form and cuddly curves. In other words: Obese to Shapely/Lush. Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from forming bonds based on consensual touch. Creating resonance with others and especially through harmonious environments. Providing treats through gentle, pleasurable self-love activities. And enjoying comfort foods and clothing. (Reference: Venusian Appearance: Healing through Affection and Venusian Appearance) Those with Venusian Nature tend to feel the most struggle and strength over your capacity for EMBRACING AFFECTION. You tend to be quite warm, attractive, charismatic, affectionate, touching, eager to be accessible, but with a kind of low self-esteem that is constantly questioning your beauty. (Reference: Venusian Nature) The -Pole here is EVASIVE. The Evasive Venusian tends to shift from deflecting and denying any effort from you or others to get close and reveal hidden or unknown beauty; towards protecting that which is important to you so that you feel safe and ok to move forward. In other words: Denial to Protection. The +Pole here is SENSUAL. The Sensual Venusian tends to shift from getting a bit too close for comfort to a point that feels oddly creepy; towards learning how to generate a common ground that is easy and harmonious. In other words: Uncanny to Harmonious. Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from recognizing rather than hiding and distorting your own beauty. Allowing compliments alongside criticisms. Embracing aloneness (being with all of yourself) rather than fearing loneliness. Learning how to give and receive touch. And hugging, cuddling, petting and comforting self/others when it is needed. (Reference: Venusian Body Type & Primary Shame, Venusian Body Type - Nature and Healthy Venusian Nature) Those with Venusian Health feel the most imbalanced or balanced by your sense of HARMONY. This would include Harmony in your levels of affection, vulnerability and calm. When Harmony is thrown off, this affects the Health of your Parathyroid, which has a direct impact on your Body's Temperature, Calcium management and Nervous system. (NOTE: The Parathyroid Glands release: Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)- regulates calcium levels by stimulating osteoclasts (which break down bone) to increase blood calcium, thus enhancing the functions of your muscular and nervous tissues.) The -Pole here is WEAK. The Weak Venusian tends to shift from feeling crippled and destroyed by the inability to bring harmony, collapsing due to devastating blows/shocks to your capacity to cope (this can show up physically as osteoporosis, cysts or unnatural calcium growths); towards being a soft and tender source of kindness to help you navigate these disturbances. In other words: Collapsed to Gentle. The +Pole here is ELEGANT. The Elegant Venusian tends to shift from feeling numb, drowsy and numbing out the pain with toxic pleasures; towards gracefully moving all parts together into a desired form. In other words: Numbing to Graceful. Holistic benefits for this Health can come from learning how to manage your Parathyroid by building your calcium levels. Managing nervousness and anxiety, particularly from embarrassments around how you’re being seen. Being kind as a bridge to healing difficult self-image or body-image issues. And creating unity, harmony, intimacy and common ground, even amidst inner or outer shame, shock, conflict and differences. (Reference: Venusian Health: Calcium and Calm and Venusian Health) The Venusian's Primary Shame is of Appearances: of not looking or being as you’re expected or expect yourself to look/be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. The Key to Healing here is to embrace yourself and own the beauty in who/how you are; because if you love, see and recognize the beauty of/in you, that beauty is not affected by differences, conflict, time, distance, external standards etc. The Venusian's Primary Joy is of Affection: of giving and receiving beautiful, intimate and touching forms of love and kindness on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. (Reference: Venusian Body Type & Primary Shame) MERCURIAL BODY TYPE - (Active and Negative Body Type) Those with Mercurial Appearance are most shaped by/seen for your rate of SPEED. You tend to look quite quick, short, trim, compact, restless, growing quickly but then stopping early on in life, with expressive facial and hand gestures. The -Pole here is NERVOUS. Nervous Mercurials tend to shift from looking paralyzed into tense, fearful and agitated states; towards looking restless and constantly moving and zipping around. In other words: Tense to Restless. The +Pole here is AGILE. Agile Mercurials tend to shift from being so sharp and quick, you change form, direction and location too quick for people to catch up; towards looking quite open, fluid, mindful and and flexible in how you change energy, shape, direction, location etc. In other words: Sharp to Limber. (Reference: Mercury in Appearance) Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from flexible diets, activities and clothing. Mentally intriguing sensations and environments. Bonding through close, talkative relationships. Regular self-expression. Being quirky and inventive. And any form of meditation or concentration. Those with Mercurial Nature tend to feel most struggle and strength over your exploration of ARGUMENTS. You tend to be quite quick-thinking, flighty, detective, expressive, sharp, snarky, opinionated, like a sly trickster, always internally or externally conversational. You are always thinking about things. The -Pole here is SLIPPERY. Slippery Mercurials tend to shift from disguising their true feelings and intentions through misleading words/behaviors; towards being able to adapt to any situation by relying on their resources to navigate through confusion and uncertainty. In other words: Deceitful to Adaptable/Flexible. The +Pole here is WITTY. Witty Mercurials tend to shift from being quite biting, snarky and caustic in their expressions, breaking down anyone they disagree with; towards expressing a sense of playfulness in how they communicate in a way that is insightful and fun for all involved. In other words: Caustic to Playful. (Reference: Mercurial Nature's Psychology) Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from learning how to make sense of things. Solving puzzles. Brainstorming. Slowing down to focus on and form one thing or thought at a time. Meditating when overanxious. Adapting to challenges. And having or creating great conversations. (Reference: Mercury Body Type Nature) Those with Mercurial Health are most imbalanced or balanced by your quality of EXPRESSION. When your expression is frustrated, this then affects the Health of the Thyroid, which directly impacts your Metabolism, Body Weight, Nervous System and Energy Levels. (NOTE: The Thyroid Gland releases: Triiodothyronine(T3) - regulates body temperature, metabolism, muscle control, digestion, brain development, bone maintenance and heart rate along with T4. Thyroxine(T4) - works with T3, but less potent and longer-lasting. Calcitonin - regulates calcium levels by opposing PTH: suppressing osteoclasts(which break down bone) and increasing calcium excretion through urine.) The -Pole here is SHORT-CIRCUITING. The Short-circuiting Mercurial tends to shift from malfunctioning, due to an incapacity to continue managing and expressing several panicked, confusing and over anxious strands of thought (potentially leading to Hyperthyroidism if chronic); towards bypassing ineffective paths of expression and just jumping straight to the point about what's kept inside. In other words: Breakdown to Release. The +Pole here is GROUNDED. The Grounded Mercurial tends to shift from feeling stunted/blocked in expressing what needs to be expressed, in ways that build up as lethargy, depression and communication issues (potentially leading to Hypothyroidism if chronic); towards developing a clear, calm and strong line of communication. In other words: Suppression to Circulation. Holistic benefits for this Health can come from learning how to regularly express thoughts/ideas, rather than hold them in. Navigating blocks in ideation and creativity. Finding outlets for expression. Simplifying and clarifying thoughts and feelings. Pacing your expression. And discerning fact from fiction. (Reference: Mercurial Body Type -- Health, Mercurial Health and Mercurial Health: Express Yourself) The Mercurial's Primary Shame is of Desperation: of expressing what’s important for your healing. Instead of expressing that which is needed to be expression, you try to endure through, cover up or make sense of these perplexing and disturbing things that bother you on your own, so as to not be, feel or express desperate and helpless behavior. The Key to Healing here is to own your feelings and choose how to express yourself and your current issues; working with where you are and who/what you have with you now to move/build on. The Mercurial's Primary Joy is of Debate: of circulating new thoughts and ideas into and out of your body/life to form greater innovations, conversations, perspectives and arguments. (Reference: Mercury Body Type and Primary Shame) SATURNINE BODY TYPE - (Active and Positive Body Type) Those with Saturnine Appearance are most shaped by/seen for the LENGTHS you go to across space and time. You tend to look tall, angular, lean, durable, slow, deliberate, standing out above the rest, and exerting great effort and responsibility. The -Pole here is GAUNT. The Gaunt Saturnine tends to shift from looking absolutely drained and distanced from life, becoming cold, frail and lanky; to looking quite pleasantly lean and trim, as you conserve your energy and inspiration for when it is best needed. In other words: Distanced to Lean. The +Pole here is RUGGED. The Rugged Saturnine tends to shift from looking daunting, angry and towering over all others, with body parts that overshadow others; towards looking quite prominent and tall, with inspiring and guiding postures or motions. In other words: Daunting to Guiding. (Reference: Saturnian Body Type in Appearance) Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from forming bonds of strong, reliable relationships. Engaging with heavier, utilitarian diets. Choosing proper clothing and foods per the most appropriate context. Putting great effort, courage and motivation into challenging endeavors. And working on long-term projects that can share inspiration. Those with Saturnine Nature most feel struggle and strength over your capacity for continued ENDURANCE. You tend to be quite judicious, visionary, exacting, durable, always feeling you know better, and holding towering ideals that stand above everyone. (Reference: November 25 2018 Michael Speaks) The -Pole here is PERFECTIONIST. The Perfectionistic Saturnine tends to shift from passively expecting others will reach your standards, refusing anyone and anything that does not measure up (even if passive-aggressively); towards actively demanding and pushing yourself and others towards those standards. In other words: Dissatisfied to Challenging. The +Pole here is JUST. The Just Saturnine tends to shift from always seeking to be right, and sitting in standards of sanctimonious righteousness at the expense of being sensible or helpful; towards helping inspire self and others towards those ideals and experiences that are just right for them. In other words: Righteous to Sensible/Proper. (Reference: Saturnian Nature) Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from engaging in productive efforts that are meaningful to your growth. Discerning whether you’re being challenged by others/things, or just unnecessarily challenging to them. Drawing from inspiration within, rather than expecting or forcing it to come from other people/events. And learning how to slow down, pace, pull back or stop pushing when necessary to return moderation and continue cultivating inspiration (rather than achieve perfection at the expense of happiness). (Reference: Saturnian Body Type in Nature and November 25 2018 Michael Speaks) Those with Saturnian Health are most imbalanced or balanced by your capacity for physical, emotional or mental GROWTH & REPRODUCTION. When your capacity to grow and produce is impeded, this affects further affects the Health of the Anterior Pituitary, which directly impacts your Body's Hormonal Waves, Infrastructural integrity, Sex Drive and extremes of mood and energy. (NOTE: The Anterior Pituitary Gland releases: Growth Hormone (GH) - regulates body composition, body fluids and stimulates the growth and repair of all tissues (especially bone and muscle). Adrenocorticotropic-Releasing Hormone (ACTH) - stimulates the Adrenals to release Glucocorticoids(ie. Cortisol) in response to stress levels. Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - stimulates the Thyroid to release T3 and T4 to regulate your metabolism. Luteinizing Hormone (LH) - stimulates the Ovaries to produce Oestradiol and engage ovulation, and stimulates the Corpus Luteum to produce Progesterone for pregnancy and fertilization in women; stimulates the Testes to produce Testosterone in men. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - stimulates ovarian growth and regulates menstrual cycle in women; stimulates sperm production in men. Prolactin (PRL) - stimulates lactation, breast development, fertility, sex characteristics and paternal behavior, and regulates fluids, sexual satisfaction and immune response.) The -Pole here is EXTREMISM. The Extreme Saturnine tends to shift from extremes of stunting all growth and productivity through drops into chronic frustration, seething anger and fatigue; towards escalating all growth and productivity during strides of inspiration. In other words: Stunting to Acceleration. The +Pole here is DURABILITY. The Durable Saturnine tends to shift from an endlessly exhausting, stressful tolerance and painstaking endurance of challenges to the point that all inspiration is drained; towards a resilient capacity to navigate your fuel and needs along the way to producing grand long-term ideals and projects. In other words: Endurance to Resilience/Longevity. Holistic benefits for this Health can come from learning how to own your strengths and weaknesses. Saying no, rather than enduring too much you can't handle. Being clear about your boundaries. Translating sexual or creative impulses into results. And discerning between what’s a forced obligation vs chosen responsibility. (Reference: Saturnian Body Type in Health) The Saturnine's Primary Shame is of Talents: of not being important or unique enough, and instead being perceived as standing out for something you don’t want to be, and then acquiescing to that, hiding from and ignoring it, or compulsively pushing to be seen differently and more meaningfully. The Key to Healing here is to bring yourself back to what matters most to you about you, and then be that unapologetically: becoming the main source of your inspiration. The Saturnine's Primary Joy is of Implementation: of creating meaning and inspiration through exponential effort and result: essentially, putting into effect what projects or relationships matter to you. (Reference: Saturnian Body Type -- Primary Shame) MARTIAL BODY TYPE - (Active and Negative Body Type) Those with Martial Appearance are most shaped by/seen for your quantity and quality of ENERGY. You tend to look red, freckled, spotted, taut, firm, square, coarse, bold, muscular and constantly active. The -Pole here is COMPULSIVE. The Compulsive Martial tends to shift from withholding and enduring great pressure, just waiting to boil over in a rash frenzy; towards a release of activity and energy that is deeply compelling and attractive, even sexy. In other words: Pressured to Irresistible. The +Pole here is ALIVE. The Alive Martial tends to shift from just barely functioning to get by, only by constantly moving and never stopping; towards being full of vibrant color, energy and sensation, lit up by the experiences of the world. In other words: Moving to Vibrant. (Reference: Martial Body Type - Appearance) Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from regular physical activities and contact (ie. sports, martial arts, stunts, hugs, sex etc.) that keep energy moving. Lots of eustress. Forming bonds through shared physicality. Strong skin care (Martial skin burns easily). And experiencing raw, intense textures, colors, foods and sensations. Those with Martial Nature most feel struggle and strength over how you manage WHAT NOT TO DO. You tend to be quite focused on restrictions, prone to anger, fiery, blunt, confrontational, and with strong stress tolerance. The -Pole here is IRRATIONAL. The Irrational Martial tends to shift from reactively exploding into recklessly angry, dangerous and confrontational behavior; towards perceiving when breaking rules & taking risks may be healthy, helpful and necessary. In other words: Reckless to Daring. The +Pole here is DEDICATED. The Dedicated Martial tends to shift from being extremely strict and micromanaging about limits; towards finding causes you love to devote yourself to, and gently reminding yourself and others of their limits to work within. In other words: Strict to Disciplined/Devoted. (Reference: Martial Body Type -- Nature) Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from learning the difference between risk and recklessness. Learning how to let self/others do things on their own (even if they’re told not to) so they learn not to do them. And patiently empathizing with different stress levels and breaking points. (Reference: Martial Body Type -- Nature) Those with Martial Health are most imbalanced or balanced by your quality of and capacity for STRESS MANAGEMENT. When your capacity to manage stress goes out of control, this affects the Adrenals, which directly impacts your Body's Nervous System, Fight or Flight Reflexes, Energy Levels and capacity for regulation. (NOTE: The Adrenal Glands release: Catecholamines (ie: Dopamine, Adrenaline and Epinephrine) - increase heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and blood sugar to initiate the fight or flight response. Mineralocorticoids (ie. Aldosterone) - manage blood pressure through mineral and water content. Glucocorticoids (ie. Cortisol) - regulate metabolism, blood sugar and bone formation, and inhibit inflammation, swelling and immune responses so the body can sustain action if wounded. Androgens (ie: Testosterone and Androsterone) - differentiate the male and female sexes.) (Reference: Martial Body Type in Health) The -Pole here is BURNING. The Burning Martial tends to shift from constant extremes in temper, anger, stress, anxiety and fight vs flight reactions; towards investing the fuel you have into vigorous physical activities that outwork stress and boost joy. In other words: Inflammation to Invigoration. The +Pole here is PERPETUAL. The Perpetual Martial tends to shift from prolonged endurance of stress or frustration that creates a deep burnout and exhaustion; towards managing your fuels so you can sustain yourself through life's challenges effectively. In other words: Burnout to Sustainability. Holistic benefits for this Health can come from any form of de-stressing. Owning the responsibility for and processes of your sexuality/gender to allow physical and sexual energy to flow freely. Balancing dietary extremes. And regularly engaging in enjoyable forms of movement (ie. exercise, stretching, sex, laughing, snacking, hydration etc) to provide fuel, create energy outlets and combat depression or lethargy. (Reference: Martial Body Type - Health) The Martial's Primary Shame is of Demands: of requiring more than is obvious or offered to be satisfied. This can be triggered when you find you’re the only one with these demands, or are expected not to talk about them, leading to great anxiety or stress that is contained until it no longer can be. The Key to Healing here is to identify and allow your demands, but put them into perspective by asking if who/what’s around you can really fulfill them. Then you can ask and search for more appropriate resources/people that may better support and move with you. The Martial's Primary Joy is of Sex: of moving in unison with someone/thing outside of you (through intercourse, dance, exercise, shared tasks etc.). You find through this a profound release of pressure, sharing of energy and rhythm of coordination and resonance. (Reference: Martial Body Type -- Primary Shame) JOVIAL BODY TYPE - (Passive and Positive Body Type) Those with Jovial Appearance are most shaped by/seen for your amount of VOLUME. You tend to look big, wide, large, solid, thick, hairy, with hearty expression/gestures, and great cellular space for storing memories, thoughts and stories you gain over the life. (Reference: Jovial Body Type in Appearance and Jovial Body Type in Health) The -Pole here is OVERWHELMING. The Overwhelming Jovial tends to shift from looking morbidly overstuffed, ballooning and swelling into others spaces; towards looking loosely packed (fatter, rounder and fleshier), with a sense of jolly pleasure that shares and expands, rather than invades space. In other words: Swollen to Bountiful. The +Pole here is GRANDEUR. The Grand Jovial tends to shift from drawing attention to certain body parts and expressions that unpleasingly overshadow the presence of others; towards being well-developed, with a densely packed, strong herculean bearing that owns the space around oneself. In other words: Bulky to Magnificent. Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from forming many gregarious social bonds. Hearty diets. Having lots of pleasure. Activities focused on the effects of your gravity (ie. bodybuilding, sports, leadership, teaching, performances). Colorful, spacious environments adorned with personal valuables. And owning and sharing your space, life and rights with others you love. Those with Jovial Nature most feel struggle and strength over your desire for and management of CONSUMPTION, needing to maintain a dynamic balance between what resources are available and what/when you can consume. You tend to be larger than life, expressive, confident, freeing, lenient, with a strong drive for pleasure. (Reference: Jovial Nature of Consumption) The -Pole here is INDULGENT. The Indulgent Jovial tends to shift from an entitled expectation that you can take and say whatever you want, as you're the center of attention and all must find your expression valuable and interesting; towards inspiring self and others to own their right to having harmless pleasures and joys. In other words: Entitled to Permissive. The +Pole here is JOYFUL. The Joyful Jovial tends to shift from taking/forcing joy by making fun of others or yourself in harmful, unpleasant ways that seek to avoid pain in order to "keep your head above water"; towards expressing a kind of confident self-esteem that gives and spreads joy by infectiously inviting others to share their joyfulness as well. In other words: Obnoxious/Pretentious to Confident. (Reference: Jovial Body Type in Nature) Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from speaking up for self/others when needed. Learning how to manage inner/outer resources and fuel reserves responsibly to conserve or boost energy as needed. Honoring limits. Giving other bodies and values space. And discerning between joy that comes from false pleasure (harmful stimulation) vs true pleasure (harmless/mutual benefit). (Reference: Jovial Nature of Consumption) Those with Jovial Health are most imbalanced or balanced by your sense of physical, emotional or mental HOMEOSTASIS. When your balance is disrupted, this affects the Posterior Pituitary, which then impacts your Body's capacity to Regulate extremes of Air, Water, Pressure etc. (Reference: Jovial Body Type in Health) (NOTE: The Posterior Pituitary Gland releases: Oxytocin - stimulates uterine contractions and lactation in pregnancy for women, and sperm and testosterone production in men; also stimulates empathy, maternal behavior, generosity, arousal and orgasm, positive social interaction, pair bonding, and in-group favoritism. Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH, aka: Vasopressin) - regulates blood pressure, blood fluid and mineral content by affecting water retention in the kidneys; also stimulates aggression, pain relief, pleasure seeking, risk taking, social memory and pair bonding.) The -Pole here is ASPHYXIATION. The Asphyxiating Jovial tends to shift from feeling crushed by overwhelming life experiences, causing great thirst, depression and anguish; towards overextending yourself in efforts to take in or give out more of your life force, leaving you suspended and in need to reverse operations. In other words: Deprivation to Suspension. The +Pole here is VITALITY. The Vital Jovial tends to shift from trying to nurture neglected and essential parts of the body/life to prevent death and build whole-body strength (such as tumors, bloating or water-retention); towards inspiring a capacity for wholesome expression and expansion of all parts. In other words: Attention to Expansion. Holistic benefits for this Health can come from creating balance in or between imbalanced extremes. Learning prioritization. Being and basking in the present moment to be with all parts of you/others. And tending to all of your life and body mindfully and appropriately, without over or under-emphasizing parts. (Reference: Jovial Body Type in Health) The Jovial's Primary Shame is of Indulgences: of indulging in the pleasures of your life/body as a reckless, dangerous and mindless addiction; indulging in them as a deep dark and hidden secret facet; or rejecting the desire for these pleasures all together to be more “productive”. The Key to Healing here is to own your rights to pleasure, so long as they don’t harm; making light of anyone’s expression that those pleasures are offensive, wrong, ugly or taboo. The Jovial's Primary Joy is of Specialization: of drawing attention from yourself and others to those unique and well-developed physical, emotional, mental or spiritual qualities you love in yourself. (Reference: Jovial Body Type -- Primary Shame) SOLAR BODY TYPE - (Active and Positive Body Type) Those with Solar Appearance are most shaped by/seen for your quality and quantity of LIGHT. You tend to look androgynous, pure, fine, delicate, sparkly, silky, airy, seeming distant/oblivious but surprisingly aware of others and the environment underneath the surface. The -Pole here is ETHEREAL. The Ethereal Solar tends to shift from looking extremely frail, distant, insubstantial and too eerily perfect for the world; towards attracting presence, attention and awe from a distance for your elegant, delicate finesse. In other words: Insubstantial to Delicate. The +Pole here is RADIANT. The Radiant Solar tends to shift from looking overcharged with such blind, saturating energy that you must be distanced from; towards brilliantly dazzling as a radiant, sunny beam of energy for all around you. In other words: Hyper-charged/Abrasive to Brilliant. (Reference: Solar Body Type - Appearance) Physical benefits for this Appearance can come from more sunlight. Building a strong sense of spirit and trust. Lighter diets. Watching flowing or dazzling textures and motions. And any activities or people that spark awe, fascination and curiosity in you. Those with Solar Nature most feel struggle and strength over your capacity for COMPREHENSION. You tend to be quite transparent, curious, delightfully energetic, child-like or childish. The Solar finds your sense of identity/place by gravitating to others, and tends to face a lot of expectations and projections because of its continual supply of energy. The -Pole here is CLUELESS. The Clueless Solar tends to shift from being confused, lost and blindly gullible to anyone’s expression and guidance; towards being extremely curious and delightfully fascinated to know more about the wonders and mysteries of life. In other words: Foolish to Curious. The +Pole here is INNOCENT. The Innocent Solar tends to shift from projecting high expectations of hope and promise that often fall profoundly short; towards finding and building a more natural trust and confidence in your and other's actual capabilities and goodness. In other words: Hopeful to Trusting. (Reference: Solar Body Type -- Nature) Psychological benefits for this Nature can come from any form of learning, sharing, exploring and experimenting that satiates your curiosity. Building trust and confidence through life experiences. And always letting your inner child’s knowing and light shine in the face of crisis/challenge. Those with Solar Health are most imbalanced or balanced by the state and strength of your IMMUNE SYSTEM. When your levels of Trust and Confidence are disturbed, this affects the health of the Thymus, which directly impacts your Immune Response and Energy Levels. (Reference: Solar Health) (NOTE: The Thymus Gland releases: Thymosin - stimulates youthfulness and innocence & transforms white blood cells into T Cells that migrate to Lymph Nodes to fight disease- particularly building up immunity in childhood.) The -Pole here is DISINTEGRATION. The Disintegrating Solar tends to shift from chronic autoimmune issues that eat away at your trust and confidence, eroding any strength you have left over long spans of time; towards massive, volatile explosions that release a great deal of energy, in order to clear out processes. In other words: Deterioration/Abrasion to Explosion. The +Pole here is SPIRITED. The Spirited Solar tends to shift from a kind of emergency-level rapid fever or high impact event that whisks away the body's life force; towards the reinvigoration of abundant, contagious surges of energy, confidence and enthusiasm that uplift your sense of trust and confidence. In other words: Disappearance/Fading to Revitalization. Holistic benefits for this Health can come from building self-esteem, confidence and trust in self, others and life to stay healthy. Listening to music (especially chakra tones) to return presence and vitality. And anything that physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually boosts immunity and longevity, especially if one is chronically or alarmingly sick. (Reference: Solar across Appearance, Nature, Health) The Solar's Primary Shame is of Needs: of needing more than you will admit or ask for (in terms of help, touch, sex, rest, play etc.). This leads to the complete rejection of your body’s needs, or the complete distraction with other things, such that you continue to feel needy, unfulfilled and lonely. The Key to Healing here is to let your needs inform you about paths to more health and happiness, rather than think they’ll distract you from your preconceptions and expectations of what should bring health/happiness. You must trust and opening up to who/what may help you fulfill those needs by sharing life, energy and support with them. The Solar's Primary Joy is of Wanderlust: of exploring and losing yourself in the bliss and thrill of life’s wonderful physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences. (Reference: Solar Body Type and Primary Shame)
  2. MICHAEL SPEAKS 091309 Open Floor [Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with Martha's question. [QUESTION] I'm curious about how Essences organize concurrents these days, with so many, in terms of ETs, TCs, etc. Seems like a lot of threads to keep untangled, can't wrap my brain around it. It's not "normal" in human history to have so many concurrents as we do now, is that right? Confused and curious. [Michael Entity] The "how" of organizing Concurrents is no less complicated than trying to explain the patterns of branching in a tree that is part of a forest; what you see as PART of the tree is, in fact, what IS the TREE. By this we mean the organization and branching is not complicated to the Tree, nor is the branching out in time and space complicated to Essence. The leaf's understanding of how it can exist as itself among all of the leaves would always have to go back to the trunk, so to speak, and understand that its "individual" existence is PART of its entirety, not its entirety. And so it is with you, as Personality. You can only truly comprehend the vastness of yourself if you comprehend yourself as a FRAGMENT of who you are. It is not necessary for the individual leaf to comprehend the entirety of the Tree for itself to be "whole," and it is not necessary for the Personality to comprehend how Essence functions across and through time. For those Personalities who wish to explore this comprehension, it can be done. Most of that comprehension would come through analogy and metaphor, but it can be done. For instance, the whole of who you are as a Personality is a fragment of your entirety in the sense that you think of as "fragmented." Most of you can comprehend the reality that your body is not just skin, or just bone, or just a finger, or a hand, or foot, or a tongue, or a cell. Your body is that entirety, though each of those things exist as themselves, too. "You" have no problem bringing your attention to your fingertip right now, or to the weight of your tongue, or to the tension in your cheeks under your eyes, or to your ears as you hear the ambient sound around you, etc. No part of your body ceases to exist by focusing on any one part, and "you" do not cease to exist, nor are you less-"real," when Essence is focused on other "you's." There is an awesome order and structure to the universe and we are in the process of comprehending this on larger scales than even we suspected while living from the Physical Plane. To help you glimpse how your Essence manages all of the versions of itself, ponder how your body is whole, while being all of its parts, and then apply that to the larger patterns of your Essence's existence across time, through time, and among many bodies as parts of its wholeness. For the more metaphysically adventurous: in the same way you know your entity members as individuals with whom you resonate and love and find, so is the relationship between you and other you's within your Essence. Your entity members are ultimately the same as you: just other versions our Entity. Your cadre again is the same, and so on. All of us, are You. On a more intimate and personal scale, "you" can also grasp how your Essence manages itself among so many bodies, concurrent, simultaneous, and linear, by seeing how easily you manage yourself through time. You do not exist MORE because you exist today vs yesterday, and you do not exist LESS because you do not yet exist tomorrow. You do not exist LESS when you are physically in an office, while daydreaming about lunch. You do not exist MORE when you finally get to lunch. You are simply where you are at the moment. It is the same for Essence, except the capacity for multitasking by Essence exceeds anything one Personality can do. On a more practical level of understanding, some comprehension can be had when thinking of the Concurrents as similar to how one might raise several children at the same time. Your children exist independent of you, even while being your creations and completely dependent. You have the arcing agenda of nurturing for the children, as well as the specific attention to those moments and individuals who require it. Yet, on a whole, this is your family, a whole body in itself. We realize this can seem a complicated line of thinking to comprehend, but we think what we shared here in these various ways of understanding can lend some insight to that reality. [QUESTION] Hello Michaels, in the Sept energy report ..."September 5th through the 7th is a NEXUS for many of our students, but just as many will experience their Nexus at various points (individually) over the days between the 15th and the 20th. This means some may be the 15th through the 17th, while others may be the 16th through the 18th, etc., but most will be around 3 days....This Nexus is a Community Nexus, which usually means that this shift occurs in pockets of time close together that eventually "add up" to the collective shift of your community. A "Community" would be anyone remotely meaningful within your social or family circle. If you communicate with that person, he or she is a part of your community. This means that those within your more immediate circle would most likely move through the Nexus together, or close together. Keep in mind that having contact with someone is not the same thing as communicating. Not everyone with whom you have contact, even on a regular basis, is someone with whom you communicate (engage in meaningful exchange)." Could you expand on this please, how has the energy changed from the May Nexus to now and how it pertains within this group? [Michael Entity] Though we know Troy and other channels refer to our sharing of perception of patterns as an "energy report," which is a valid description, we can also suggest that it be seen more as an "emphasis report." Following that line of thinking, a Nexus could be understood as a pattern leading to a growing emphasis, or into a scattering of emphases. In this case, with this month's Nexus, there is a scattering of emphases. Nexus points occur regularly, so they are not magical windows of transformative change, though they can be experienced as such during some years. The emphasis, or energy, of May was focused on relationships, and issues of surrender, regret, flow, resentment, and an overall examination of how even the worst of experiences/relationships are contributing to your life in potentially beneficial ways. The emphasis, or energy, now is focused on your internal philosophy about life overall, and what you can DO about fulfilling your ideals, dreams, desires, etc. How it pertains to this group is directly. Each of you are in some way participating in the energies/emphases of the world around you, so it would not surprise us if each of you are internally confronting yourself about your personal philosophy, or interpretation, of life and experience and self. This internal confrontation is the source of the Nexus. The questions that have come up within you will align you more with some people than with others, and this is why it is a Community Nexus. Not only is the questioning happening individually, but along with many who feel the same way, and the outcome of this would be a clarity of direction individually, which adds up when in a group. Most of you will have come to some sense of clarification about your life in a way that might be captures in the phrase, "I can do it!" and this would help to move you forward with an openness that draws you to those whose "doing" is compatible, supportive, and even directly and mutually benefiting each other. Of course, the divergent aspect of this Nexus is that there will also be versions of you who say, "I can do it! But I won't." and this will move groups together in directions of mutual grief, defeat, and general boredom as the comfort in the lack of will is chosen over the effort needed to follow your will. It could be said, then, that May was about grasping the fact that you are in a boat with others in a current that has others in their own boats, and that none of these can be completely controlled. September is about grasping the fact that you do have a means of steering, using an oar, motor, or even a stick if you have to. Just because one cannot control, does not mean one cannot navigate. For some of you, it is exciting to find that oar, and for others it may be a disappointing discovery because steering is not enough, and you preferred the comfort of justified complaint and confusion and may "accidentally" toss that oar off the side. Some simply find the current to be fine as it is. This is why we said in our report that the extent to which you determine the oar is of use is the extent to which your next three months might be relieved of the feelings of Impatience and Martyrdom. Choice is always the "oar." Or more accurately: Choice is always the "current," and Decisions are always the "oar." In terms of "cooperation" vs "isolation," we might use the words "wholeness" and "division," as "cooperation" implies an imposition. The only cooperation most need to be concerned with in a life is the cooperation among the various parts of oneself, or a sense of wholeness and trust, vs a sense of division and conflict within, with one "lazier," or frightened, or angry part dominating other parts. If you desire to DO one thing, but DO another, you are divided. Desire is your navigational alert to where all of you want to go, including Essence. And including the angry, lazy, resentful, and screaming, kicking parts, as well. [QUESTION] Michael has said that some parallels were VERY different than others and won't re-merge back into the total until well into the Causal. Can you give me several examples where history went off on completely different tracks, besides the nuclear war that occurred in one parallel back in our mid-1980s? I was told that I have several parallels that will never merge into this trunk or branch until we've all cycled off. I realize that each parallel considers itself to be the "true trunk." [Michael Entity] Not all parallels consider themselves to be the "true trunk." It is natural to live as if it is, of course, which is exactly how it is designed to be experienced. The older the soul, and the more exploration of this concept, the more likely the sense of such solidity begins to dissipate, which can make for some very interesting lifetimes for a Personality. When conscious awareness and observation of the literal shifts and changes in parallels are explored by a Personality, it can be terrifying and exhilarating. Much of what is experienced as discrepancies among parallels is ignored, briefly noted and then dismissed, or simply experienced as a private confusion. [QUESTION] Schizophrenia? [Michael Entity] In a very few cases, Schizophrenia might result, but that condition is more a result of an internal breakdown of communication among various sub-personalities assigned to different emotional components of the Personality. In response to your broader question: there are a multitude of parallels that have spun off at various points in your history to become fairly incomprehensible to the Personalities experiencing "this" parallel. Some of those examples would be: 1) Your world as a result of the North of America losing its Civil War, wherein slavery is still common, though with compassionate acts passed to protect the well-being of the slaves. The business of buying, selling, breeding, and exporting people has escalated to a scale fairly difficult to imagine or convey. 2) Another branch has emphasized a move away from all physical contact among people and focused on methods for sustaining that lack of contact, particularly through electronics, personal pods, and egg-shaped, stacked housing that holds only one person. "Families" are clustered together, but even babies are encapsulated upon birth and fed through a means that is built in to the pods. Procreation is done through laboratories and children are assigned. 3) Another branch has emphasized a taboo on "celebrity," which has become illegal. Those who gain notoriety beyond a certain population count face various forms of punishment, including death. 4) Another branch has never put to use anything beyond the use of natural elements as they occur naturally, or as close to "naturally," as possible, meaning that living is found in natural creations, such as caves, tree canopies, and some simple structures. There is no electricity and communication is only within shouting distance. The examples can continue, but we can safely suggest that if you can imagine it, it exists in some form. An aside: all parallels have access to each other through that single bridge: Imagination. Imagination is far more a tool than a novelty. The examples we cited today are examples of parallels generated from various points for specific, pivotal reasons: The first example is rather obvious and recent. The second from a point in time you might see as a time of the "Black Plague." The third originated from a Nexus around 2000 years ago as Christianity gained its footing and the taboo of self-serving positions in society were outlawed below the levels of the church, but another Nexus generated from a massive wave of suicides and stalker/murders in the 80s, merging into each other. The fourth from the impact of weather patterns not moving to any extreme to encourage nomadic behavior. The examples could extend into off-planet contact and integration of alien populations, to a parallel where only 4 bodies remain of your species. [QUESTIONS] Greetings Michael, my question is about the Internal Monads; following is from a private session with Troy: "In fact, the completion of Internal Monads in the negative pole are vital to the process of evolution for the soul. Each Internal Monad will have a lifetime with a completion in the negative pole before a completion in the positive pole....A successful completion of a Soul Level means the successful completion in the Positive Pole for ALL Internal Monads within one life. This can take several lives to figure out how to build through each Internal Monad relative to that Soul Level." Does every IM actually need to experience a lifetime apiece with each of the 7 IMs incomplete?! Any elaboration of this would be much appreciated. [Michael Entity] Before the late levels of the Mature cycle, it is fair to say that there is a completion in the negative pole for each Internal Monad as part of the evolution. After the 4th Level of the Mature cycle, this is no longer a consistency. In fact, before the 4th Level of the Mature cycle, there are often a multitude of Negative Pole completions of an Internal Monad before a completion in the Positive Pole. We speak in general here, but this is of such consistency that it is fair to speak so generally. There are exceptions to this consistency, but no rules. It simply seems to be the nature of how Essence builds upon experience. Many have heard the cliche that says one cannot appreciate the light without having experienced the darkness, and this is true for most for a long time, but eventually this is found to be an absurd concept. Any child can tell you that he or she does not have to drink soured milk to appreciate ice cream. And so it is that most of you eventually find your means of comprehending that does not require such fracturing, such pain, and struggle as a means to experience wholeness, joy, and ease. [QUESTION] In the later mature, and old cycles, is it necessary (usually) to have many lives to process the first 3 IMs? [Michael Entity] The variations after that point are across the board, so to speak. The variations become a matter of creativity, and not confined to any default. This is because the "negative pole" is experienced differently than before. It is not always experienced as a "bad" thing, or a painful thing, but as a matter of experience that brings as much benefit as any other, and it is not avoided anymore than it is preferred. It is simply a matter of choice, or a matter of allowing room for Personality to go as "awry" as it chooses. Some of the most exciting and creative adventures have been experienced by Essence through the Personalities who were the most "rogue." However, the negative pole does not always feel so great to the Personality. In older soul Personalities that are most rejecting of Essence, the Personality always suspects "something" is not quite valid in that rejection and keeps an eye open for Essence, which allows room for Essence to help navigate within that lifetime. [QUESTION] Hello, Michael. You have begun to answer these questions in many ways throughout this chat. Perhaps, though, you could elaborate more specifically. 1) Are you aware of another mid-causal teacher who calls itself Abraham? They teach about the law of attraction and how we create our own reality/experience. 2) How do your teachings about karma and essence choices relate to their teaching? They teach about how we create our own reality through our vibrational offering and how we can control much of what comes into our experience by guiding our thoughts in a certain direction and paying attention to how we feel. They teach that what shows up in our experience is always (without exception) a match to our vibrational offering. My main question is 3) How much can we "control" from this PERSONALITY perspective? For example: if essence wants to learn lessons about poverty, would I be able to co-create wealth by my conscious, NOW focusing of my thoughts and attention? [Michael Entity] In response to your questions: 1) Yes, we are aware of this entity, who acts as a "channel" themselves for other entities. The entity who is identified as Abraham is of the Astral Plane, however, and acts as a medium for Causal Plane entities who are the source of the teaching. 2) We find our teachings dovetail quite well with the source of Abraham's teachings, but we see some of that validity is lost in the translation through the channel and furthermore in the reception by the students. The emphasis on emotion and feeling is an emphasis of the Astral entity who is learning all about the dynamics of emotion on that plane, so that entity is teaching what it is learning, but leaving out some key elements that the Causal sources are offering. The emphasis on "vibration" is an Astral teaching, because that is the direct medium of experience in that plane, but this is a difficult and rather intangible term for most to find useful to any extent while Physical. It often leads to frustration and further division within the self as it seems this should be such an easy concept to harness and use. This is not to say that many do not "get it." Many do. But those who truly grasp the teaching also grasp the limitations. In answer to number 3: you have COMPLETE control over your lifetime as Personality. This is said, of course, with the caveat that "complete control" is meant in terms of CHOICE, and choice is often confined to certain parameters imposed by the nature of the Physical Plane, and the impact from others who choose to impact you. However, Essence NEVER imposes. Essence does not impose a lesson of poverty, for instance. Instead, it learns from the choices of Personality when those choices lead to a life of poverty. It is true that Essence may be curious or want to learn about poverty, but it does not impose those lessons. Essence may choose to be born within the conditions of poverty, but from there, the Personality is in control. Everything leading up to the first breath is the choice and creation of Essence. Beyond that first breath, everything is a result of choice made by the Personality. The entire concept of "lessons" is a misnomer, by the way. Essence does not impose lessons, and neither does the universe, god, or any other force. Instead, "lessons" are simply what one chooses to gain from an experience. Twenty children can be in the strictest of classrooms with the greatest of impositions to learn a certain subject, and all will leave having learned something varied, even if all of them can now add 4 plus 4. You can create what you want with this life, within the parameters of what tools you have, what tools you gain, with your intentions, with your call for help and your openness for support, and your use of energy in a direction that is aligned with your desires, and your willingness to deal with the obstacles that arise from within and without. [QUESTION] What are some of those key elements that are left out of Abraham's teachings? [Michael Entity] What is missing is too much to explore here, but can be summed up in being the Causal aspects. The equation of creation that requires Cause, Force, or Action to be a part of it. The emphasis from the entity known as Abraham focuses on vibration, thought, and feeling, with some emphasis on doing, but the doing is then stripped from the teaching in the recipients' interpretation as they are left presuming that reality is created merely from positive feelings and proper thinking. For those who realize that reality is not simply something you wish into existence around you, but is one that is generated from your force in the world that is generated through your acts of choice, and your choice in action, then the teaching can be of great use. [QUESTION] Are there any karmic scenarios that would make it difficult for personality to create what it wants? [Michael Entity] In answer to the reality of karmic scenarios making it difficult for personality to create what it wants: Yes, that is the nature of Karma, which is not only the interference of choice, but the intensity generated from the reaction to that interference. However, as the soul ages, some of what would have been a most karmic scenario simply becomes just another thing. For instance, in early lives if one were to lose his legs because of the impact of choice from another, this could effectively "end" the life and all of the intentions of Personality, but in later lives, this would simply be an obstacle that is tended to on the way to fulfilling those intentions and no Karma is generated. Of course, murder (the most extreme Karma) is difficult to overcome in terms of being able to be overcome by the Personality, so those Karmic scenarios are explored long before the concept of "creating reality" even comes into conscious possibility of a Personality. In other words, in most instances where Karma is the interfering force that limits the intention and choice of a Personality, they are experienced as part of the haphazard navigation of that Personality through a life, but when the Personality begins to conceive of creating reality from choice, vibrations, feeling, thought, to an extent that could be considered "metaphysical," then that Personality is usually beyond the influence of Karma to the degree that it could hinder all choices. [QUESTION] Thank you. Right now we are in a period of 'mercury retrograde'. All sorts of problems/issues involving communications, electronics, transportation, etc. are blamed on 'mercury retrograde'. How much, if any, does the 'appearance' of a planet revolving in reverse direction around the sun really have? Is this a real influence or is this a case of 'finding something because you are looking for it'? Or do we 'create' these incidents by our expectations? [Michael Entity] In the same way that our Energy Reports could be read at any point in the year and find some validity, so can the symbology of Astrological influences. Planets are symbolic representations of general emphases, but they are not literally the causes. Electronics, communication, and transportation issues can be found at any point in the year, as can, in our case, issues of emphasis represented by Goals, Relationships, Attitudes, etc. However, observing synchronicity among patterns, and extracting meaning from those patterns, is valid and an evolutionary perception. In other words, while Mercury does not cause electronic or communication issues, it does symbolize the period of time when awareness toward those areas of life can be most clear. Our Energy Reports do not tell you what will happen in your world, or what is causing it, but what is most obvious and capable of being explored with some amount of clarity, based on valid patterns we perceive. [COMMENT] Ok, so we 'find' those incidents because we are 'looking for' them [Michael Entity] Yes, to some extent that is true; the patterns of clarity in observation of those breakdowns coincide with the movement of the planet, so that "more" of them seem to occur during that time, but more did not happen, it is only that more of them are seen. Keep in mind that the symbology of Astrology is ancient, and the patterns were adapted long ago. This would be true of most planetary systems with different planetary configurations. "In the beginning" these forces were not as aligned, but as observations began to be noted and shared, the Sentient species begins to use the planetary configurations as a kind of clock that will extend through the existence of the species. Planetary configurations, or Astrology, could be said to help with the bridging between Essence and Personality in terms of "keeping track" and planning. The first place this is utilized is in the Body Types, as your Body Types are generated from planet closest to the midheaven upon conception of your body. [QUESTION] and that is more than 'coincidence' or just coincidence, that the patterns leading to those breakdowns coincide with the movement of the planet? [Michael Entity] We would not call any significant connection between the symbolism of Astrology and your real world experiences as being merely coincidence. [QUESTION] so the patterns are not caused by the planetary positioning but have been aligned in human thought to take advantage of the planetary positioning? [Michael Entity] That is close. We would not contain it to human thought, though. It would be more an Essence perception. It is a momentum that is utilized effectively. The clock is turning, so to speak, and Essence has learned how to use that clock for various aspects of creation of the life, Agreements, Karmic patterns, and potentials of Personality. Though this is extremely simplified, think of how the Sun comes up every day and how one times his or her life to work with that cycle. It is not that the Sun causes your day, or your experiences, but one does know that one can see better during the daylight, find sync with more people actively during the daylight, and rest, or play in the night. The Sun does not decide this or cause this, but it is used as a means to emphasize certain areas of life. And so it is with all of the planetary "influences." Mercury does not cause the breakdowns of electronics and communication, but it has been assigned as the symbol and pattern associated with your species exploration and emphasis of what it symbolizes. It is known to some that the more one truly studies Astrology, the less the influence is seen. This is similar to how one can find one is ruled by the momentum of the day's clock, or eventually see the clock as simply indicating opportunities and potential, but it is never the influence in itself. The recognition of patterns is a Higher Moving Center positive pole of Beauty, or Energy. As one recognizes patterns, one begins to comprehend that the current pattern is within other patterns. From the most personal level of omens and signs to astrology to "Michael Math" and beyond, the patterns are valid and exist. We can discuss this further as this then moves into discussion of fractals and their place in understanding the nature of reality. [QUESTION] What benefit is studying the Michael teaching now - from the point of view of future lives - if we shall presumably be completely ignorant of it then? In rare instances it may have helped to deal sensibly with a karmic etc. situation, but otherwise it seems to be mainly theory for most, and thus forgotten after this life. [Michael Entity] We cannot predict how a future life of yours will see a past life of itself, or what a future Personality will allow into its life that was gained from the comprehension you gain in this life, but we can say that the effort to gain comprehension of your life is not a wasted effort, because the concern is not about the future life; it is about you,now. Reincarnation is valid. Simultaneous (parallel) lives, Concurrent lives, Past lives, and Future lives, even "adjacent" lives (which we have barely begun to explore with our students) are all valid, but these have no bearing on what you choose to do for you. Now. In this life. No matter how many lives your Essence lives, this life is yours. It begins and ends in a profound way that is unique only to you and what you do between those points is your choice. However, in terms of how a future life might benefit from what you learn in this life, we can only use you as an example of a future Personality of your own Essence's past. You found us again. You are studying with us again. And you are using what you learn again. You found us faster in this lifetime than in other lifetimes, and you call us by a more accurate name this time. From our perspective, what "you" did as "Madge" or "Buford" in your past is clearly showing up as part of what "you" are building upon in this life. But we would also say that for most, this claim would mean little to the current Personality. [QUESTION] The teaching is mostly just words. [Michael Entity] The interpretation of our teaching as being merely words is a matter of interpretation and application. Some of our students do not choose to apply our teaching, but simply choose to study it, or explore it. For those who apply it, our teaching becomes something very different. All interpretations are valid, as far as we are concerned. We find the truth to be that "everything" is theory, or just words, until it is applied. Keep in mind that many children sit for hours in classrooms learning subjects that are of little interest or understanding of their real world application until they are in situations where that learning is activated and applicable within context. Learning CPR is something many may never have to apply, but the learning was not lost, nor was it merely "words," simply because it was not necessary to apply it somewhere in the future. Many things learned may never have any bearing on your current life in the end. For many of our students, the exploration of our teaching is a wide net that catches what might be used, and a lot of what might not be used within the current lifetime. We can only say to you that what you choose to explore, study, and/or apply is always added to Essence's knowledge, but we will never be able to "prove" this to you, and we would not wish to, anyway. What we wish to emphasize is that you have a choice. A choice in what to explore, a choice in what to apply, and if the power of your choice is the only thing any of you ever learn from us, you have learned what we came to teach. The rest of our teaching is simply our suggestion of tools for how to utilize Choice. We will conclude our session with you here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
  3. [Reproduction of an article written by Troy in 2001. This content may be discussed within the forum topic that presents it. See Body Types: Foundation.] BODY TYPES Part One: Foundation Body Types are descriptions of the various aspects of the Physical Body as it relates to astronomical and astrological influences used in its creation. There are 7 basic Body Types: Lunar/Saturnine Mercurial/Jovial Martial/Venusian Solar These are paired on the Axis just like the Essence Roles and each Role resonates well with their corresponding Body Type, in general: Server 1 / Priest 6 Artisan 2 / Sage 5 Warrior 3 / King 7 Scholar 4 There are 5 additional Body Types used for very specific lifetimes, which we will cover later. Our Body Types are the closest to our Essence's "idea" of who we are in a lifetime than even our Personality and Overleaves. Bodies are the Karma for the Essence. Karma exists on several levels and most Karma is the result of being Physical and having a Personality, but the Essence has its own larger spectrum of Karma and Self-Karma. This is played out through the body that the Essence is profoundly linked to for a lifetime, as well as the Chief Feature. Karma is defined by Michael as "intensity" or "imbalance," which is what promotes the continuation of a Universe and growth. Karma is mostly created through the interference of choice, either in the Self or in Others. When Karma is created with Self, this becomes the larger Karmic journey of Essence. That is why Chief Feature and the Body are so fused and two of the greatest "strengths" behind False Personality. Interfering with our own choices may sound odd, but it's easy to see that when we make choices against what we truly want to do, we are setting up this wonderful game of imbalance and intensity (Karma). One of the first things an Essence learns to do, even before learning how to choose Overleaves appropriately, is to create Bodies. Each Body Type is "electrically" charged in a particular way in categories of Positive / Negative and Passive / Active. As you may have guessed, other Overleaves will either be in harmony with, or abrade with, the Body Type. Positive and Negative are almost literal in regard to Body Types: Positive Body Types come with inherent emphasis on a more optimistic, broader emphasis on life, focusing on expanding and building, growing, and embracing. Negative Body Types come with inherent emphasis on restlessness, dissatisfaction, narrow-focused and generally seeing the flaws and failures of life. Positive and Negative are almost literal in regard to Body Types: Active and Passive are also literal in regard to Body Types: Active Bodies are in some way preoccupied with DOING and dealing with the external world, while Passive Bodies are preoccupied with BEING and exploring the internal world. The combination of Active, Passive, Positive, and Negative are all in varying degrees throughout the Body Types. The most Passive-Negative Body Type being the Lunar, while the most Active-Positive Body Type is Saturnine. Solar, which is outside of the progression, is considered both Active and Positive. Lunar = Passive/Negative Saturnine = Active/Positive Mercurial = Active/Negative Jovial = Passive/Positive Martial = Active/Negative Venusian = Passive/Positive Solar = Active/Positive CREATING THE BODY There are three considerations the Essence makes when creating a Body: The primary physical appearance of the body (APPEARANCE) The primary psychological stance of the body (NATURE) The primary glandular resource of the body (HEALTH) Most bodies are comprised of two to three planetary influences, though there can be more or less. It is not uncommon to have the same planetary influences for two of the aspects. Keep in mind that all three aspects are intertwined and overlap. When you receive your Body Type, you will have a Primary Body Type. That would be the influence with the highest percentage of the two or three. Depending on your Karma, Agreements, life plans, etc., you will have your Primary Body Type rooted in one of the three aspects. For instance, you might have a 65% Venusian Primary Body Type, but it is not obvious in Appearance, but definite in your Nature, or your Health. A great deal of information about the Body Type of an individual can be found in the Astrological Chart of the CONCEPTION of the body, in the Mid Heaven. IMPORTANT NOTES: I will apologize in advance for not having completed my dialogue with Michael about the HEALTH aspect. Much of the information I have in this treatment of Body Types is based on accumulated information, but not necessarily from Michael. I'd also like to bring to your attention that I do not have the Body Types correlating to the Roles in the same way that most have them. If you care to bring to the discussion your arguments for or against this, that would be wonderful! I am very open, but I find the common correlation to be less relative to the Roles. THE 3 ASPECTS APPEARANCE The primary physical appearance is just that, how you take up space and appear in the physical world. Physical Body Type can be seen in one or more combinations of the SHAPE, SKIN, HAIR, and/or EYES. Here are some very simplistic physical keys for each planetary influence: LUNAR shape: rounded and fleshy skin: spongy, soft, very pale eyes: luminous, clear, light blue or gray hair: thin, light, straggly SATURNINE shape: tall and lean skin: rough, dry, maybe yellowed eyes: deep and dark hair: thick, dark, straight MERCURIAL shape: small, compact, trim skin: smooth, transparent, olive eyes: dark, restless, sharp hair: thick, black (or very dark), full JOVIAL shape: large, solid, fleshy skin: smooth, "healthy" pink eyes: expressive, clear, betraying hair: abundant, fine, brown to chestnut MARTIAL shape: strong, muscular, erect skin: thick, freckled, red eyes: large, bold, bright, maybe bloodshot hair: stiff, red, sometimes curly VENUSIAN: shape: voluptuous, shapely, curvy skin: dark, fine, velvety eyes: almond-shape, sympathetic, tender, dark hair: full, wavy, brown SOLAR shape: light, lean, fit, androgynous skin: clear, fine, pure eyes: sparkly, bright, large hair: thick, wavy, dark, silky NATURE The primary psychological stance of the body could be called your "body conscience." Think of the psychological stance as the basic, defaulted collective consciousness of the cells that contribute to your processing of life. Here are some very simple descriptions of the psychological stances: Lunar: internally emotional; aloof, pessimistic, secretive, wary, good for lifetimes dealing with one on one Inspirational contact (relates to Server/1) Saturnine: perfectionist, domineering, manipulative, judicial; good for lifetimes dealing with Inspirational issues for groups (relates to Priest/6) Mercurial: lively, deceitful, insecure, opinionated, artistic, expressive; good for lifetimes dealing with expression one on one (relates to Artisan/2) Jovial: Center-of-attention, jolly, entertaining, expressive, secretly shy, indulgent; good for lifetimes dealing with being in a central position of expression for others (relates to Sage/5) Martial: fiery, high-energy, angry, irrational, dedicated, impulsive; good for lifetimes dealing with actions affecting people one on one (relates to Warrior/3) Venusian: sensual, warm, charismatic, no self-esteem, inviting; good for lifetimes dealing with being open, approachable, and accessible to larger groups (relates to King/7) Solar: bright, spirited, airy, electric, childish, naïve; good for lifetimes needing to be in the center of everything. (relates to Scholar/4) HEALTH The primary glandular resource could be called its primary source of regulation of experiences, or the basic health of the body. It is also the primary potential for what will be used as a catalyst for "natural" death. Here are correlations of glands to Body Type: LUNAR: Pancreas (Islands of Langerhans); deals with the process of fuel and energy consumption/production in the body; if imbalanced, sugar-related problems SATURNINE: anterior pituitary; a primary, regulating stimulant for many of the other glands; if imbalanced, over- or undergrowth of body, and/or sexual dysfunction MERCURIAL: thyroid; deals with the center of communicating what regulates our bodies creating itself; if imbalanced, over-anxiousness, or lethargy JOVIAL: posterior pituitary; maintains the entire body's homeostasis; if imbalanced, loss of fluid maintenance and basic body functions MARTIAL: adrenals; a primary support for the system that enables strengthening and endurance, and amplification of body energy (emotion); if imbalanced, distorted pigmentation of skin, dwindling of body (Addison's disease), or muscle-shakes, bruising (Cushing's disease), distortion of genitalia VENUSIAN: parathyroid; deals with the regulation and processing of calcium in the body which supplies the information needed for muscle movement and bone strength; if imbalanced, spasms, extreme nervousness, softening and deforming of bones. SOLAR: thymus; produces and maintains immunity; if imbalanced, open to all disease FINAL NOTE: In addition to the 7 basic Body Types, there are three "eccentric" Body Types that an Essence can use for some of the more extraordinary lives. They are Plutonian, Neptunian, and Uranian. They are rare and specific. Plutonian is for lifetimes of great impact on a massive scale and is usually marked by unearthly features, with the hair or head being exceptionally striking. Neptunian is used for lifetimes of rare, exceptional psychic abilities, and is marked by the eyes in some striking way (even blindness). Uranian is for lifetimes of extreme eccentricity and can be seen in deformities, oddities of the body, and "freaks".
  4. KurtisM

    Jovial Nature

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: August 2018] Kurtis: Hi Ms I'd like to ask for more information on the Jovial Nature. You've previously said that this Nature's polarities are -Indulgent and +Joyful, and that at its core it is gravitational in effect, drawing people in because of its strong sense of permission and more striking confidence to speak up and show up. I would like to hear and know more about this nature then, including what its struggle and strength is. MEntity: The Nature of the Jovial Body Type has as its primary struggle and strength through the constant navigation of life in terms of CONSUMPTION, or the careful use of resources. There is a constant assessment of what fuels are available, and how those fuels work. This includes the more obvious fuels of the body, but there are also fuels of the Intellect and Emotion and "spirit" as well. While those with a Jovial Body Type may be "full of life and joy," they can also plummet into deeply exhausted extremes of fatigue and even despair and anguish. In the Positive Pole, the Nature of the Jovial Body Type has discovered and honors the delicate balance among resources, reserves, and the effective use of these. This allows for the Jovial to be Joyful, which acts as a kind of infectious quality that propagates energy. When one is joyful, the resources one uses are not simply burned up, they are amplified in a way that others can then carry forward and use. This is why the Jovial Body Type can be experienced as a sort of gravity that draws you in. In the Negative Pole, the Nature of the Jovial Body Type has not discovered or honored the delicate balance among resources, reserves, and the effective use of these. They have only learned how to survive, to get by, to fuel up enough to (hopefully) get to the next moment. This is not a fault of the Jovial Body Type, it is simply a process of learning that the individual must consider more than most body types. We describe this negative pole as Indulgent because in most cases where the negative pole is in effect the emphasis is on stimulation rather than joy. When the balance of resources have not been found, there can become a drive to simply "feel good" and this becomes a survival technique to some degree.
  5. Michael Speaks Live Chat Old Souls in Young Bodies April 25, 2015 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin on the subject of growing up an Old Soul in a Young Soul world. Time session started in Alaska: 12:36:10 PM GeraldineB: I understood "young body" vs "young soul world" MEntity: What we can share on this subject may apply in variations for anyone whose Soul Age is older than the dominant paradigm around the individual. A Young Soul growing up among Baby Souls may find some of this information relevant, for instance, but there would be distinct variations. Geraldine, we know Troy chooses the subject description, but we will speak in broader terms that include the young body, but also the Young Soul paradigm. The first thing that any Old Soul here will have remembered in his or her growing up is the experience of being out of sync with the world around him or her. This can sometimes be painful, or sometimes experienced as a fascinating curiosity, and sometimes as secret. Or all of the above. In all of the above, there will have been a strange state of being "of two minds." This is because there is the Old Soul that is valid and present, but it is being experienced by the new body. No matter how old one's soul is, you will always be "new" in every life. There is validity to the idea that "you only live once." This is true in that "you" as you know you now exists only as you now and will never exist as this you again. However, once "you" exist, you can never be destroyed. No matter how many lives you have, each Personality exists and continues to exist in some form as its own identity, even as it evolves to include the greater identify of soul and entity and cadre, etc. But every lifetime will start off as unevolved as every other lifetime. No one gets an advantage. It may seem as if the older soul will have its advantages over a Baby Soul because the older soul has greater potential for awakening sooner, but that is not a useful comparison. The older soul will still have to do the work of waking up, and it has a lot further to go in terms of fully awakening than the Baby Soul. The Baby Soul can only wake up to a point that is relevant to its evolution, and most of that awakening is based in the gaining of experiences. The Old Soul awakens, not primarily from the gaining of experiences, but from the remembering of them. It could be said that most experiences of the Old Soul are for the point of remembering, or for the point of waking up, not so much for the sake of adding more to its bank of experiences. This is not to say that the Old Soul does not gain new experiences, or that the Old Soul does not seek them, but that even if they are new, they serve the process of remembering. This is why when the Old Soul is in a young body that craves and drives toward new experiences, the Old Soul can be met with overwhelm, indifference, boredom, fatigue, or extremes. The Personality is entirely new and wishes to gain experiences, but as the consciousness of the individual grows, there is a sense that, "wait, I've done all of this before." And when met with painful experiences or poor choices or lethargy or obstacles, there is a sense that "I should really know better than this." The Old Soul that is awake in the young body can often KNOW the "right choice" and still fully, willingly, and against all better judgment continue toward an experience that is known will bring pain or trouble. This "being of two minds" can begin to feel as if you are watching yourself make "stupid mistakes" or make "wrong choices" as you crash and burn and know you did not have to. So why do you do it? Because it is the only way to return to wholeness. Your body/Personality cannot meet up with and host the vastness of your consciousness, your Soul Age, your Essence, until it is caught up with YOU, the greater YOU, in truly comprehending the variables of life. You can tell a child not to touch a hot stove burner many times, or not to stick a fork in a plug, and he or she may still do so, and even feel even more compelled to do so, because he cannot comprehend the impact of that choice. No matter how old you are, the Personality is similar. "Do not fall for the comforts of religion because they are false." "You do not have to be distracted by sexual gratification and securing one person as 'your own'." "You may have been here before, but you still must participate and work in the world." And all of these will be ignored. Because the greater you may know this, but "you" do not. Sometimes the Old Soul in a young body will shift toward the extremes and keep the life in a constant state of survival or struggle so that he, at least, has something to do that seems relevant. Many Old Souls fall into patterns that have the life teetering toward collapse because it is far more exciting than "just accepting" that life can be joyful, playful, fun, and intimate. The Personality takes over and runs amok like a child in a candy store of experiences. If the Personality continues to embrace Essence and grow toward consciousness, then he eventually has a moment where he "wakes up" and there is a distinct shift. But some Personalities do not sustain the sense of Essence, and they fall into deep, sustained sleeps that leave the life behind, or leave the life in a pattern of chaos. There is no guarantee that because one is Old, one is wise. The Old Soul is wise, but the personality can only be as wise as its own experience and as wise as its embrace of Essence. For all of our students who are fulfilling Agreements with us and under the age of 30, you are not fully awake, and it will do you a disservice to presume that you are, or should be. You are awake. If you know us, you are awake. This is not the same thing as fully awake. And there is no short cut. YOU MUST GAIN THE EXPERIENCES THAT YOU WISH TO GAIN so that you have a context for when you are fully awake. The "big secret" is, however, that no one can ever be "fully awake." You can only be as awake as you are. There is always more "awakeness." However, as you grow into your Essence, a merging of Essence and Personality happens that is unprecedented in the life, and you suddenly "get it." You get it that you are loved. That you are worth the life. That you are in no hurry. That you do not have to prove yourself. That you need not defend yourself or hide yourself or fear the demands of responsibility, discipline, and freedom. This cannot happen before you form who you are, and who you are is formed by what you bump up against. In our teaching, we refer to this as Friction. Sometimes Friction feels good. Sometimes it feels painful. Most of your painful Friction comes during the gap between Essence and Personality, while the pleasurable Friction comes as the Essence and Personality become "one." So, for those under 30 or 40, it is beneficial for you to not pressure yourself to be fully awake, or to "know better" or to do anything more than follow your impulses that are giving you the context or ground from which you and Essence can then stabilize and blossom. Many never get this far at all. The early bouts with painful Friction become too familiar, and there is false comfort in continuing those patterns. Lives that do not embrace Essence slowly or quickly diminish in energy that is life-sustaining. These lives will either tend to find stability (or try to find stability) in those who have landed in their own context, or they may slowly or quickly implode, or they may find clever ways to "run in circles" to keep from moving forward or backward in the life. And this brings us to anyone who is an Old Soul in a predominantly younger soul world. We can say that approximately 70% of the Old Souls on the planet are asleep in ways that generate patterns described above. To wake up among those who are asleep is very difficult. Imagine having a sleepover so that your living room is crowded with others who have decided to continue sleeping late into the day, and you wake up. You have many choices for what to do, but nearly all of them will disturb or upset those still asleep. No matter how delicately you navigate, you will disturb, bother, disrupt, or even provoke anger from someone asleep. Even if everyone remains quietly sleeping, you are in a state of constant self-monitoring so as not to bother anyone. You must concede to walk on eggshells or leave altogether. The scenario described above is not an exaggeration for what the Old Soul in a Young Soul paradigm feels. Bobby: I slammed a few doors ;-) MEntity: This is why so many opt to wait to wake up. Or even as others begin to awaken, they opt to comply to the pace and preferences of those awakening. Or they "leave." And by "leave" we mean this in a range between depression and checking out on the life, to isolation and loneliness, to suicide and dying. Bobby is close to understanding the solution. And this is one of the most difficult lessons that an Old Soul will learn: YOU CANNOT EXIST AMONG OTHERS WITHOUT DISTURBING THEM. We emphasize "EXIST" because we are not speaking of imposing yourself, or defensively navigating the life in antagonistic ways. Your mere existence will disturb others. IT IS SUPPOSED TO. We do not say the above as if you have a predestined role or function. We say the above because it is a practical description. If an adult walks into a room full of children, the children often notice the adult quite profoundly and react in some way that honors the adult or defies the adult. No Old Soul at this point in the collective evolution of your species can escape this similar scenario. You are not invisible. You can hide. You can isolate. You can deny. You can comply. But you cannot UNexist. You can be considerate of those who remain sleeping, but the pace and preferences of your life do not have to diminish to compliance and constriction. You do not have to "slam doors," but you can use doors, so to speak. You will not get through this life without disturbing others into considering where they are in the process of waking up. GeraldineB: And that's when a Sage-casted Sage has the most fun . . .making enough noise so someone else IS disturbed MEntity: So within the single lifetime of the Old Soul, you will "grow up" many times. Your Personality must gain experiences as a means to host the consciousness that is its Essence, and Essence must remember how to use what has been learned across all lifetimes. You are awake, but you continue to awaken. Others are awake, but continue to awaken. Many are asleep, and it is okay to disturb them. There is a difference between imposing yourself upon others, and BEING yourself. We will open the floor now to questions: *****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***** GeraldineB: I would like this statement to be expanded upon as I didn't know that Essence could forget: Essence must remember how to use what has been learned across all lifetimes. MEntity: That is a bit of a misnomer in that Essence does not forget, but once it is Manifested "in" the Personality and co-creating the life, there is a new dynamic in place. When the Personality is making all of the choices, it is one thing, and when Essence makes all of the choices, it is one thing, but when the entirely new Personality is now hosting an ancient Essence, "remembering" becomes key. Essence experiences what we have described as a "double-edged sword of forgetfulness." Because Essence knows it is profoundly safe and that the Personality that has come into existence will continue, it has none of the fears that Personality has because Personality is born of the biological and is linked heavily to survival in the Physical Plane. Most of the time, the Personality and body seek to survive at all costs, whereas this is not a concern for Essence. So Essence must "remember" this. As the Personality learns that it is safe, the Essence must remember how to navigate in an unsafe world. GeraldineB: I FELT that truth MEntity: Essence can often plan a life that is based on great ideals and intentions for what to experience and gain from a life, but then you are born and "you" are asking, "what the fuck?" DianeHB: lol GeraldineB: and will wail . . ."but I didn't assssssk to be born. . ." Juni: iol KittyMac: lol MEntity: This is one of the reasons it is so important for the Personality to have complete control over the life and its choices. Personality evolves its own reason for living. It does not live for Essence. But, as you awaken, you live with Essence, and eventually, AS Essence. GeraldineB: manoman . . .you're the hammer of truth today, MEntity MEntity: And as Essence is integrates into the life, the "remembering" is similar to how the adult must "remember" what it was like to be a child so that the child is best served and nurtured, and not treated as an ancient. This is not entirely difficult, but it becomes an art. Kurtis: I'm not sure how to ask this, but as an old soul in a young body, how does the body type play into this awakening? MEntity: Unless you intended to ask something completely different, how you asked this seems to be clear. The Body Type plays into the process of awakening in the same way as any other overleaf. The more dependent on the Negative Poles, the more likely the rejection of Essence. The Body Type associated with Nature would tend to hold clues as to how the body is processing experiences that benefit or deny consciousness. Bobby: I won't go so far as to say that it appears that luck plays a role in the awakening process but you have mentioned pivotal events before. Are these largely how this process comes into play then and are they pre-planned to some degree to help provoke the awakening process? MEntity: There are events in the life that are generated based on pre-life and in-life Agreements, as well as Sequences and Vectors that serve as trajectories toward events, but these can always be ignored, avoided, or abdicated, and even if fulfilled, the benefit or harm from these is often dependent upon the reactions/choices. Most events are not planned. This is mostly because choice is so primary to the benefit or harm of an event. In other words, that mugging was not "to teach you a lesson," nor was that break up, nor are your financial struggles, or your disappointments, etc. MOST events are merely a part of the package deal of incarnation and all of its variables. If you were to pull up the same scenarios for 10 different fragments, it will not have been luck or even the events that made the most difference. It will have been the choices in response to those events that made the difference. Does this address your question? Bobby: Yes, thank you MEntity: We will conclude here for today, then. Good day to each of you. We continue to awaken along with you. You are not alone. We say this not because we are so accessible, but because you have each other, too. Goodbye, for now.
  6. MMW - Jun 18, 2016 - The Health Of Your Lower Centers MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Babylove: Bonjour! ClaireC: Hello, Michael. DianeHB: Hello Michael MEntity: We have been asked to discuss the health of your "lower" Centers. We will begin with a quick review of these Centers. The "lower" Centers are thought of as the MOVING, EMOTIONAL, and INTELLECTUAL Centers. Though the Instinctive Center may be thought of as "lower," it is actually the meeting ground of all Centers, or the "hub," if you will. This can be confusing in terms of correlating to the Roles, but we will address this at another time. We will define "healthy" here as the Positive Poles of the Centers discussed today. We will define "unhealthy" as the Negative Poles. The discussion today will be about the Centers, not your Centering. In other words, your Centering merely describes your habitual and prioritized use of the Centers, but all of your Centers are working. So as we discuss a Center that is not a part of your Centering, it will still be relevant. MOVING CENTER: +Productive -Frustrative The greatest indicators of one's Moving Center Health is where one is in terms of patterns of Productivity or patterns of Frustration. When one feels as if progress is being made, there is Productivity, and this feels expansive. When progress is hindered, delayed, or halted, it can show up as Frustrating. The key here is not in a day of frustration or a day of productivity, but in the consistency of one over the other. The more you are frustrated, the more you are in the Negative Pole. The more you are productive, the more you are in the Positive Pole. It is the patterns that matter, not the pauses. There are times when a single event may come into play that feels as if it destroys progress or suddenly catapults one into progress after a long term of frustration. However powerful these single events are, it is the follow through, the larger pattern that will always matter most. If you have a tremendous breakthrough and then do not follow up on this, that pattern of frustration matters more than the breakthrough. If there is a tremendous setback, a blow to the life, to progress, it can seem all progress is lost, but it does not have to be. If the pattern of Productivity is upheld, then the blow to the life shifts into a curve, not a wall. Before we continue, we will ask you for your self-assessment of your Moving Center based on the above: ON A SCALE FROM 1 - 5, with 1 being full Negative Pole, and 5 being full Positive Pole, where do you think you sustain your patterns? Maureen: Maybe 3... PeterK: 2 DianeHB: I think I've been at 2 in recent months Johanne: I try to avoid frustration more than before so 3 Bobby: I think I tend to stay more Idealistic so even with occassional setbacks, I'm always hopeful of recovery so I think I'll go with a 4 Janet: Probably a 4 for me Babylove: 3-4 for me... Maureen: I have great lurches between extremes so it's hard to tell. MEntity: Now we will discuss this a bit more deeply for deeper assessment. Two factors are key symptoms to the overall patterns of use of the Moving Center besides the obvious Production and Frustration. Your relationship with your BODY and your SELF-CONFIDENCE. The relationship with one's Body and the state of one's Self-Confidence are the deeper elements that indicate the foundation of one's Moving Center. If these are in poor states, then all use of the Moving Center will be affected. In other words, no matter how Productive you may be, you will have a much more difficult time experiencing this as progress if you have a poor relationship with your Body and lack Self-Confidence. Full access to the Positive Pole of your Moving Center means having a healthy and loving relationship with your Body and a strong sense of Self-Confidence. If you give "100%" of your effort to success and progress in the life, yet despise your body and/or bombard yourself with self-doubt, you may only have access to about 10% of your energy. Conversely, if one has great confidence and love for the body, then the slightest efforts can yield tremendous results. Loving your Body means accepting it AS IT IS and as an accurate representation of you, even as you may seek to improve and maintain it. Self-confidence means allowing room for self-doubt, but making choices based on intentions, not on fears and defenses. USING THE SAME SCALE: Where would you place yourself in terms of Love/Acceptance for your Body? In terms of your sense of Self-Confidence? Maureen: 4 for Body and 5 for Self Confidence. PeterK: 2 for body, 3 for self-confidence Janet: I’ve come to the point where I’m pretty accepting of my body, but I’m usually too focused on things that interest me to pay much attention to how I take care of my body. Or not. So it seems you are saying that the most important part is to accept my body, and in that case I’ll choose a 4 for that part. And 5 for self-confidence. Babylove: 3 for both... Bobby: For the Body, I'd go with 5. For Self-confidence I'd go with 3. The average works out to the 4 I mentioned above. ClaireC: 4 and 4, maybe? Johanne: body: 4-5 now (not in the past); self-confidence: mostly 4-5 except in one area: 2 (where I get the most frustration) DianeHB: 3 for the body and 3 for self-confidence MEntity: To clarify: We asked for two additional assessments: for the body and for the confidence. This is separate from the original assessment. For those who may have read it differently. Janet - ignoring the body or being distracted from the body is different from accepting and loving it. We do not say this to challenge your assessment, but to help in your own assessment. In cases where one is "busy" and not focused on the body, it can either be from a need to distance oneself from the body by making efforts that push its limits, or can be because the body is thoroughly accepted and allows access to that energy that leads to being so busy. Maureen: Michael, do we have time today, in this session, for you to "review" each of our numbers or is that best left to each of us to work through on our own? I am aware that we need to work through the 3 Lower Centers today. MEntity: We intend to comment, yes. Maureen: Thank you ? MEntity: One way to determine if you are merely distracting yourself from your body, or that you are taking it with you and it is a resource, is your levels of energy. If you find you have extremes of energy, scattered energy, you may be ignoring your body. If you have even levels of energy that are there when you need them, you are likely quite inclusive and loving of your Body. If you think of the Polarities of the Center as the "skin" of the Center where one Pole or the other comes to the surface, and your state of relationship to the Body and your levels of Self-confidence as the blood, then the very deepest core of your Moving Center issues would be your PRIMARY SHAME. The bones. Where you are in your dance with Shame affect everything "above" that. Everyone has access to each Primary Shame, but the Primary Body Type tends to be the key to one's Primary Shame. Babylove: ...I think mercury body-type is shame around the need for healing... MEntity: LUNAR - Intelligence - the shame of not being smart enough JOVIAL - Indulgences - the shame of giving in to the pleasures of life and the body MARTIAL - Demand - the shame of requiring more than what is obvious or offered SOLAR - Needs - the shame of needing more than one will admit or ask for MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing SATURNIAN - Talents - the shame of not being important or unique enough VENUSIAN - Appearances - the shame of not looking or being as you are expected, or expect, to look Matching your Primary Body Type to your Primary Shame can shed light on some of the deepest wounding that you may carry that alters the quality of function for the Moving Center. If you do not find this at the deepest core of you, it means you have worked hard on this and have transformed it, or you are not looking deeply enough. If you have worked hard on this, you probably recognize it. Babylove: Michael, can you elaborate on the "desperations" for the mercurial bodytype? Maureen: Is it possible to have a blindspot with this where perhaps others can see it and you can't? ClaireC: Yes, that's what I'm also wondering. MEntity: These are universal obstacles built in to the Body Types. They are what might best be understood as unique "pockets" in the Body Type that collect experiences quite specific to that Body Type and there comes a point in the life where that pocket gets heavy, and/or must be sorted through and emptied. Babylove: Though I don't thoroughly understand what is meant by the "desperations" and the shame around expressing what is important for healing, I think I have definitely worked on this. ClaireC: Is it like being ashamed of asking for help, for instance? Babylove: I think that must be a part of it, for sure. Maureen: I know how "MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing" relates to me being a Priest, for example, pretty clearly actually, but I'm not so clear on how it relates to the MERCURY Body Type. MEntity: To respond to your questions: Desperation is the shame of not just needing to ask for help, but needing help at all. Mercurial shame will put on a brave face, pretend he is doing things to that are healthy, healing, and actually believe these things are helpful, but it will not address the shame of being the one who needs to speak up and admit to failure, to surrender, to ask for comforting. It goes very deep in this regard. It is often far below the surface, in the "bones" of effort, in the endurance and pride and push forward. Babylove: Ugh, yep, I recognize this. MEntity: It is not so much in the need, however, but in the Expression of that need. Maureen: I thought that was just a core "value". Now sounds more like it's a blindspot. DianeHB: I have it too, although it's better than it used to be. MEntity: Particularly in terms of its necessity for one's healing. Babylove: Yeah, Diane, me, too. I have worked on this. MEntity: For example, one may need special conditions for sexual pleasure, and rather than address this with a mate, sexual pleasure will either be diminished or avoided. Maureen - one's Primary Shame can be so hidden from the self and others that no one would guess it was a shame. However, when that is the case, it can often be spotted by others before you spot it for yourself. ClaireC: Is this shame where chronic stress springs from? MEntity: Claire - it can show up as shame for asking for help, but it can go much deeper into realms that seem to have no voice or obvious form. In any case, it is the DESPERATION that is avoided. Mercury does not want to be desperate. Claire - chronic stress can spring from any shame ASSESSMENT - 1) do you relate to the Primary Shame associated with your Primary Body Type? 2) Using the same scale, how much do you feel this may have been healed in this lifetime? Bobby: YES, 3'ish mostly from not accepting that my Demands can't always be fulfilled by those I wish them to be fulfilled by ClaireC: 1 - yes. 2 - not much. Johanne: yes I relate very much; 2) 3-4, I have felt an improvement recently. DianeHB: 1) yes 2) 3 PeterK: I do not know my Body Type. But based on the above list, I believe my Primary Shame is Appearances. It has been a very big problem this lifetime. On the healing scale: 1. Maureen: 1) Yes 2) 3-4 Janet: Definitely relate to Venusian. I recognize the statement about sorting through the pocket. I have become far more accustomed to NOT seeing the girl I remember in the mirror. Probably a 4 on healing. DianeHB: I ask for help eventually, but after feeling like I need to resolve issues myself first Babylove: 1)yes 2) 3 ViP: Apologies, I just joined and am still catching up with the transcript, I can start answering as soon as I've caught up. PETER - your bodytype mix is Lunar/Venus/Mercury. PeterK: Thank you. MEntity: MAUREEN - the reason this is associated with Mercurial Body Types is because Mercury Body Types tend to have the capacity to "figure things out on their own" very easily and when Mercury cannot figure things out, it can accumulate into shame. NOW - we will comment on each of you (except "ViP" for this round). It is important to note that older souls, and in particular Old Souls, have the greatest challenges with the Moving Center, even if Moving Centered or using the Moving Part. Babylove: oy MEntity: This is because the Moving Center tends to accumulate understanding about its nature and function only from actual action and movement, but as your Essence and Personalities move into more philosophical states of existence during lifetimes, the Moving Center is explored in its more subtle and expanded terms. The Moving Center does not merely manage movement and action, but all of your processing and movement of energy and resources, both tangible and intangible, obvious and subtle. The Old Soul does not tend to move away from immersion in the Physical Plane because she is "tired," but the Personality experiences this "being tired" because it is learning how to manage energy differently. When it was merely an equation of cause and effect, of physics, it was "easy." Hit the ball. Ball moves. But now you must be responsible, not only for the final form and action, but for the energy that fueled the action into form. Maureen: I agree, and thinking of the MECURIAL Body Type in relation to this, where do Old 6's, Old 7's (for example) and so on, go to for "help"? It's a conundrum I've thought about many times. I think that's why many of us show a preference for Causal Plane "help". It's the next (or next to the next) step up. Causal Plane help is a "greater" teacher, in our cases, literally. Babylove: I agree, Maureen, but I needed to ask for much more physical help for my healing...like holding and hugging...comforting... Maureen: ? Maureen: Good point, Nicholas. MEntity: All of you appear to have fair assessments of each of the areas we discussed. We do not disagree with your assessments. Here are our quick commentary for each of you in terms of your Moving Center and your capacity for greater health. We can discuss the details with you in further depth individually, but this is a start. Bobby - to move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that humor not be your shield. It often interferes with deeper wounding that requires your kindness. Often when humor comes up as a shield, it is an opportunity for you to shift into consciously kinder actions, either toward yourself, or for another. Babylove - to move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you allow yourself to "be a baby." Babylove: oy yes, always been a challenge for me... MEntity: Trying to uphold pride and persistence is important, but your healing that would free greater depths of energy would come from your being a baby. We mean this in as literal terms as possible. Even if alone. Cry, whine, throw a tantrum, pout, stomp off, Babylove: ok lol MEntity: Claire - to move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you continue to do what you are doing: embrace and create change. Your body has been starving for change, and it is here. ClaireC: I'm consciously working at this. Thanks, Michael. It's good to know I'm on the right track. MEntity: Diane - to move your Moving Center into greater states of health, we can suggest that you continue to do what you are doing: TRUST YOURSELF. DianeHB: Hmm MEntity: Janet - to move your Moving Center into greater states of health, we can suggest that you continue to do what you are doing: FEEL YOUR WAY FORWARD (even if you cannot see your way forward). Janet: Fits my platform: UNKNOWING. MEntity: Johanne - to move your Moving Center into greater states of health, we can suggest that you continue practicing Being Present, or LETTING PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE HERE. You have tremendous respect for power to the point where yours is treated with such reverence so that it is as quiet as possible. It is okay for you to be loud, to be obnoxious, to play, to be silly. Embarrass yourself. Johanne: lol MEntity: Maureen - to bring your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you STOP COMPARING. In truth, one cannot stop comparing, but the phrase is important as a means of catching yourself when you are in a spiral of comparisons that undermine your energy. Peter - to bring your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you LET PEOPLE LIKE YOU. This is an important phrasing because this does not suggest that you must do anything in particular but to be open to being liked. You are likable and lovable. Your Moving Center is crushed by the weight of your presuming differently. It is time for you to know you are loved and to behave as if you are. PeterK: [Tears] Maureen: I'll have to think on that one, Michael. ViP: Michael - if it still applies, my responses to the last Assessment were: relating to primary shame (for Venusian, as Appearance): Yes, very much so (I previously thought this was entirely an effect of primary CF Arrogance). Degree healed: 2 (Just in case it affects your comments.) MEntity: ViP - we know we stated that we would not offer a comment to you in this round, but this simply proves that we cannot even predict ourselves: Bobby: lol ViP: lol MEntity: ViP - To help you move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you continue doing what you are doing, which is KEEP TRYING. You have not given up. You have continued to nurture the higher energies of resonance and agape as your motivation for continuing forward in deeper relationship with yourself and to others. We use the phrase "keep trying" because that is how it feels. It is not easy. It is often painful, even slow, and the growing pains can be exhausting, but underneath that is that strength of healing that is in your "bones" of being. ViP: Thank you Michael. MEntity: We think that Troy was a bit ambitious in asking us to cover all three Centers, so what we will do now is open the floor to your questions and save assessment of the other Centers for another exchange. Digging deeply into the Moving Center today is vital and your living with the thoughts and feelings from today for a while can help in further assessments. FLOOR IS OPEN Yes, Claire ClaireC: In my case, will changes in my life bring about a "natural" lessening of the constant, underlying stress I am experiencing? MEntity: In the most enthusiastic "voice" we can convey, Hell Yes. ClaireC: LOL! MEntity: We say this affectionately and with enthusiasm because it reflects where your Essence is in this. The changes are exactly what have been missing that have led to such stresses. New stresses will arise, of course, but there is a difference between the stresses of "what to do next" vs "why do I even exist." Yes, ViP ViP: Hi Michael - in a previous session, you mentioned that the highest level of the self-karma that I still carry relates to not feeling any sense of progress, of not noticing the effects of the work that I do in fact do and feeling no sense of progress at all. (If I recall correctly - should be close to those words.) Is this related in any way to habitually being in the negative pole of the moving center (Frustrative)? Is it a cause, or does it simply reflect the self-karma, or something else? MEntity: The Self-Karma reflects the frustration, not the other way around. Self-Karma and Chief Features are reactions to wounding. They arise to teach and to protect. And yes, being the Negative Pole is deeply connected to the wounding. You have been taught that you are ineffective, weak, and that you must work hard to make up for this, rather than simply to do what brings you pleasure and happiness. Living on the terms of others can bring about resistance and shut the Moving Center down into Frustration. Giving rise to Self-Karmic issues and Chief Features that only seek to protect you from that pain. As you have begun to transform your actions to include your pleasures and happiness, you have begun to break the patterns that have been in place for so long. This is not to say you are free from those patterns, but they are "wobbling." ViP: Thank you very much Michael MEntity: Yes, Maureen Maureen: Michael, just to be clear on what you told me. I don't find myself in comparisons with the classic "others" (unless that's a blindspot) but I do often find I "compare" myself to an ideal, a standard, or an expectation that is within me. In other words it feels more personal than external. Is that what you see or am I missing something? MEntity: Maureen - we are not speaking of comparing yourself to others, though that is certainly included. The primary area of comparison that hurts you is in your comparing expectation to reality. Reality can knock you down for days because of this. By "reality" here we speak of the behavior of others, the differences in understanding and comprehension, the differences in what you would do vs what someone else might have done. The reason it can be overlooked is because all of it makes perfect sense because you are often right, correct. But it hurts you. Maureen: That hit a nerve. Now I'm crying. Babylove: {{{Maureen}}} MEntity: We can speak to you in more depth about this for healing, but simply knowing this can help you to stop for a moment and ask if it is productive. Yes, Babylove Babylove: If there is time, can speak a bit more on WHY and HOW being a baby will help me with my energy? I get it on some level but can't really see the equation... MEntity: We must end at the top of your hour, so we do not short-circuit our channel, but we will answer as quickly as we can. Babylove: Understood! MEntity: Because you are too controlling. You want to control yourself, control your trajectory, control your appearance, your practices, your results, your desires. It is not always an obvious state of controlling because you are so in control. Babylove: lol point taken MEntity: "Being a baby" is that moment when you surrender to forces that are within you and around you that make no sense, have no point, and simply move energy through you. You need to let the senseless energy move to make room for the more sensible energy. Babylove: Ok, I can work on being more aware of this...and the control. Thank you. MEntity: And we do not speak in terms of artistic or performed moments of expression, but full-on ridiculousness of being a baby. Babylove: Got it. MEntity: You had to give up a great deal of your childishness early in life. You learned how to bring forth the child within for healing, but he never got to be childish. He acted out, he got angry, he got sad, he got worried, but he never got to be pointless and for that to be ok. Let yourself be pointless. Babylove: I was JUST thinking this..that I never really got to be a baby...so that is why this would be so healing:-( MEntity: More so than you can imagine. Babylove: tears...you got another one, Michael. MEntity: We must conclude here for today. We think we have touched upon your Moving Center in ways that you might promote healthier functioning and deeper healing if you choose to do so. We wish to note that such elaborate discussions about what needs healing can leave one wondering just how broken he might be, but that is not the intent here. Each of you are in the home stretch of complete healing after a lifetime of work. Our point today is to help you see how far you have come. You are almost home. Goodbye, for now.
  7. Jana

    Jovial Body Type and Health

    [Excerpt from TT: 2015-12-06 Ask Michael] Kurtis: Hey Ms, I'd like an elaboration on the Jovial Health today. There's absolutely no info on it. MEntity: The Jovial Body Type manages the homeostasis of the body, the dynamic equilibrium of functions. This is related to the posterior pituitary. When the Jovial Body Type is healthy, it is like a vast city of moving parts that work together and function in terms of balances and imbalances so that the the whole is benefited by any changes. When the Jovial Body Type is unhealthy, it is like this vast city breaks down in communication and the needs of one area begin to overshadow the needs of another, the equilibrium is lost, and various parts of the system are not willing or capable of contributing to other parts. In many instances where there are imbalances, there is bloating, blood pressure issues, water retention, and in extreme cases there can be tumors. Because the Jovial Body Type manages the release of Oxytocin and Vasopressin hormones, it is one of the reasons the Jovial Body Type can come across as so approachable, cuddly, lovable, and can be a very real factor in how that body ends up in positions of rulership/leadership.
  8. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are now here. We will begin discussion and review of a topic that has been requested: Body types. We think that most of our students are familiar with the term, but it could be one of the least-understood terms in our system, and possibly the least-used in any practical way. We understand that for some of you this may come as review, but your questions may help to delve into directions you feel are of interest. First, we will share the structure of the Body Type system: For simplicity and consistency, we concentrate on the 7 Main Body Types that are also familiar to you in your Solar System: Lunar (moon), Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnine, Martial, Jovial (Jupiter), Solar. Those Body Types are relative to the axes within our Overleaves System and sit on those Axes in this way: Lunar (ordinal)/Saturnine (cardinal) = Inspiration; Martial (ordinal)/Venusian (cardinal) = Action; Mercurial (ordinal)/Jovial (cardinal) = Expression; Solar = Assimilation (Troy received a full-body massage today that has altered his chemistry to a degree that has not settled energetically, completely, so we are working through this as best we can.) The irony is not lost on us that this was done on a day when we are to discuss this topic. [Martha] a massage has that big an effect? [Bobby] are we not sure that for the Action axis, Venusian is ordinal and Martial is cardinal? [NicSweeney] just from the astro stand-point-mars energy is much more focused and concrete than venusian... [Maureen] Venus and Mars are the Action Axis MEntity: A massage has that "big of an effect" on one who never receives one, yes. And we are certain that Venus is Cardinal and Martial is Ordinal in this system. However, there are debates among the channels as to whether Venus is attributed to Sages, or to Kings, and whether Jovial is attributed to Sages or Kings. We will not look to resolve that in this session, but it is worth noting and exploring if you choose to do so. We will continue now. Body Types are a crucial part of the process of learning how to create a lifetime and Personality, and the Body Type is the foundation for every Personality. Choosing/Creating the Body Type lays the foundation for how the other Overleaves may or may not work in cohesion with the physical existence of that life. Your Body Type helps determine how energy is experienced and processed within the lifetime on a very basic level; so basic that is it is as taken for granted as the bottom of your feet, for instance. Each Body Type is electrically-charged, if you will, and that electrical charge is similar to how various countries have their own version of power supplies through wall sockets. This is a crude analogy, but helpful. Understanding one's Primary electrical charge can help one to care for the very basics of the life in a way that keeps that source of energy healthy and flowing with as little static, short-circuiting, and shock as possible. The more complementary the Overleaves built upon the Body Type's energy, the more likely one would would be without physical challenges, whereas one who has Overleaves that are electrically-polarized to the Body Type can sometimes have physical challenges as a part of the life. ALL of the Overleaves are "electrically-charged," so to speak, but it is the Body Type that manages all of the energy that is the Overleaves. These "electrical charges" are described by us in terms of POSITIVE/NEGATIVE, and ACTIVE/PASSIVE. A Body Type or Overleaf would be one of each: either Positive or Negative AND either Active or Passive. These terms are fairly literal in terms of how they manifest: Positive Body Types tend toward optimism, higher perspectives, expansion, growth, accepting, what works, strengths, etc. Negative Body Types tend toward scrutiny, detailed perspectives, contraction, halting, discriminating, what does not work, flaws, etc. Active Body Types emphasize DOING and interaction with the world, while Passive Body Types emphasize BEING and introspection. The Body Types are organized in a spectrum from the most Passive/Negative (Lunar) to the most Active/Positive (Saturnine). Outside of that spectrum is the Assimilative Solar, which acts as Active/Positive, as well, but not as extreme as the Saturnine. The Body Types relative to their Axes are paired as follows: LUNAR = Passive/Negative with SATURNINE = Active/Positive; MERCURIAL = Active/Negative with JOVIAL = Passive/Positive; MARTIAL = Active/Negative with VENUSIAN = Passive/Positive If one is familiar with the structure of our Overleaves System, then those same electrical charges can be extrapolated to the Overleaves on that Axis. For instance, the most Active/Positive GOAL is Growth. The most Passive/Negative GOAL would be Re-evaluation. The way these charges work with or challenge each other is through the observation of the Positive/Negative Charges. Two Positives or two Negatives will have more challenges than a combination of Positive and Negative. For instance, Lunar and Mercury inherently experience challenges. Or Venusian and Saturnine, both Positive, would inherently experience challenges. In terms of Overleaves, this would be the case for Overleaves NOT on the same Axis. For instance, if one were to have all Cardinal Inspirational Overleaves and a Cardinal Inspirational Body Type, this would make all of those charges Active/Positive, but they are on the same Axis and would not challenge each other. However, throw in Cardinal/Action Axis Overleaf of Passive/Positive and there would be challenge. When we say "challenge," we do not mean to say that it would be difficult. It may be more accurate to say that "friction" would be the result, which can often be difficult, but also quite pleasurable. Every fragment has a combination of Body Types. Most have a combination of 3 Body Types. But many have 2, with one playing a dual role in the 3 Primary contexts of the body dynamics. These three contexts are APPEARANCE, NATURE, and HEALTH. The Body Type is then proportioned among those three Primary Contexts. So if one has 3 Body Types, it might be Venus/Mercury/Saturnine, there would be a percentage in each, such as 60% Venus, 25% Mercury, 15% Saturnine. The higher percentage usually indicates the APPEARANCE, the second highest indicates the NATURE, and the third indicating the HEALTH. Appearance would be defined as how you physically appear in physical form. Each Body Type has its own unique characteristics that form in the body when Physical. This particular Body Type Context is usually indicated in the Natal Chart for conception where the planet is closest to the mid-heaven. Of course, casting a natal chart for conception is not easy, but can be done. NATURE is defined by that Body Type that has influence over the general character and behavior of the body when used in space and time. It is a kind of psychological stance, as it is how the brain processes the energies and experiences of that come through the body. This particular Body Type Context is not always physically-obvious, but most obvious in the default behavior of the body. HEALTH is defined as literal, in that this is the Body Type Context that indicates what major Gland is emphasized for that lifetime, and that gland can either be a strength or a weakness, depending on several factors. If one has only 2 Body Types, then one of those "rules" two Contexts. So a Solar/Mercury Body Type might have Solar ruling both Appearance and Health, while Mercury rules the Nature. [Brian_W] Couldn't it also be having Solar ruling Appearance, and Mercury ruling Health and Nature? MEntity: Yes. We gave one example. Understanding one's Body Type and their Contexts can help one to see how the body works with the GOAL, the ATTITUDE, and MODE. The APPEARANCE Context resonates with the GOAL; the NATURE Context resonates with the ATTITUDE; and the HEALTH Context resonates with the MODE. Using the "Electrical Charges" for comparing the Overleaf with the Body Type can lend one insight into what personal challenges one might have with himself or herself. [Bobby] which planet craves chocolate? :-) MEntity: For instance, if one has a Primary Appearance ruled by Venus, and a Goal of Acceptance, then that might bring one into a long-term challenge of accepting the Body's appearance, in general. This would be because both Venus and Acceptance are "positive" charges. In fact, this is one of the more challenging of all combinations in terms of body image because both are also Passive. In response to Bobby: no particular planet craves anything in particular, though different Health Contexts and their ruling Planetary Body Type do have diets that are more beneficial to that body. [AnnH] What are the glands associated with the Health Body types? MEntity: We realize we are running late in time, and we have hours upon hours of data that we can share about this topic, but we will open the floor now for questions one may have about this subject, regarding what we have shared, or the subject, in general. [Maureen] What would be the influence or effect of having 2% Neptune? MEntity: In response to ANN: We find that Lunar is relevant to the Pancreas; Saturn is relevant to the Anterior Pituitary; Mercury is relevant to the Thyroid; Jupiter is relevant to the Posterior Pituitary; Mars is relevant to the Adrenals; Venus is relevant to the Parathyroid; and Solar to the Thymus. In response to MAUREEN: There are 5 additional planets that come into play when creating a body: Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, what some have come to call Sedna, and the elusive binary of your Sun that is mythically described as Nibiru. [Brian_W] how do Sedna and the thus far undiscovered Nibiru come into play? MEntity: When one has any of these in the body type, they are usually in a small percentage, and tend to either be a part of all of the Primary Contexts, or in a 4th Context of Transcendence. These influences are highly specialized and unique and rare, but not always in a way that one might consider appealing or "special." [Maureen] How does the 2% Neptune play out? MEntity: When one has any influence from Neptune, it would be an influence that might show up as one who has the capacity for heightened fantasy, dreaming, day-dreaming, magical thinking that actually manifests, and even clear intuition, telepathy, or other psychic capacities. [Maureen] Would Healing ability come into play as well? [Bobby] so Priesty energy in other words :-) [Martha] Can you elaborate on "friction"? For ex, I have Solar for Health with Passion mode, both active/Positive but not same axis, so there would be friction. Am I following this right? MEntity: That would depend on how that individual decided to funnel his or her particular energies in that lifetime. It does not inherently bring healing capabilities, but it does help bring one's mind into a place that would allow for it. We will respond to those who have raised their hands, first: NIC would be next. [NicSweeney] What would the effects of URANUS be? [NicSweeney] Michael has said that the outer planet influence can be related to more "extraordinary" lives. Extraordinary in what way? [NicSweeney] sorry about that-the 2nd question is more important to me... MEntity: Those with any effects from Uranus would usually have some form of physical anomaly, and when extreme can show up as deformations, dwarfism, and events that cause deformities/amputations. Beyond the physical, this influence might show up as having a kind of funhouse, circus-like, kaleidoscope-like perspective of life in a way that allows for multifaceted interpretations. Those with any Uranus influence might be drawn to hallucinogens, or even hallucinate naturally, or drawn to such things as "journeying" in Shamanism using herbal boosts. The life, in the end, would have seemed as if the experience was almost psychedelic. Some extreme examples of this might be Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin. In more appealing manifestations, it has shown up as generating breakthroughs that shift paradigms for either the individual, or the individual and his or her network, or even countries. Examples of this might be John Lennon or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka OSHO. In response to the latter question: It is true that these outer planets are chosen as influences in more "extraordinary" lifetimes, and this extraordinariness may be relative to only the fragment and its sequence of incarnations, or show up as extraordinary in larger contexts that are obvious to others. In response to MARTHA: You would be correct in that there would be friction in this combination, reminding you that "friction" may or may not be experienced as difficult or pleasant. What it would mean to us is that if your Passion is not fulfilled, then the Thymus may find that it is either compromised or overcompensates. [Martha] hmm, I have autoimmune issues, lol MEntity: In other words, in your case, your Immune System is directly proportional in strength/balance to how you tend to direct your Passion. Or taking this further, proportional to how you tend to bring Passion into your relationships. In response to BRIAN: Sedna tends to be reserved for those who choose to be Transcendental Souls, and Nibiru tends to be a part of the body type for those who host the Infinite Soul. We say "tends to be reserved" because there is no rule in place about this, but we have yet to see an individual fragment choose those influences without being Transcendental Souls, or hosting the Infinite Soul. We think we have responded to all of the questions posed, and will close this discussion for now with the comment that this is only a fraction of the information available for consideration on this subject. We are here for further discussion about this in another exchange when asked of us. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
  9. Ask Michael Live Chat April 5, 2015 Channel: Troy Tolley Kurtis: Hi Michael, today i'd like to continue with the Idealist in a social situation. I especially liked your additions of "What did you expect" and other such phrases last time, so if you can include those I'd appreciate. Kurtis: The phrases were in the response to the Realist question btw, just to jog your memory MEntity: The Idealist in social situations is constantly measuring against an ideal. Both the self and others are being assessed, sized up, compared, measured, and calculated in ways that can be mind-boggling to those not an Idealist. Idealists can be of the most clearly and strongly-opinionated of the Attitudes, with some of the strongest arguments in support of those opinions and perspectives. MEntity: Idealists can tend to read the languages of your body in ways that go far beyond the use of your words. Idealists will often respond more to what was not said than to what was said, because Idealists can see/hear beyond the facades or measured responses. MEntity: Idealists are so prone to looking beyond what IS and into the projected patterns from what is, that they can sometimes be out of sync with the experiences of others around them. In other words, while others may see/hear exactly what is being said/shown, the Idealist is accessing dimensions that extend from there. MEntity: In the Positive Pole, there is Coalescence. This is the pulling together of the necessary parts that fulfill the ideal or the assessed pattern. MEntity: This means that the Positive Idealist may compare, measure, assess, and predict accurate patterns, but always remembers that there is more. There will always be more. This Idealist may be very clear and accurate in her understanding of the self or another person, but always makes room for variables. MEntity: The Positive Idealist is not conclusive. MEntity: This lack of conclusivity and room for variables is also what makes them of the most Naive, the Negative Pole. MEntity: Idealists will often "see the best" in you, in herself, even as there is neglect, abuse, and pain. MEntity: Idealists can, also, hold you or the self to a standard of expectation that is often unmatched, leading to another version of Naivety that is constantly pitting you against what SHOULD be. MEntity: So Naivety can show up here as the inability to discern what further parts might be necessary for fulfilling an ideal, or show up as the inability to see that there are no further parts so the ideal cannot be fulfilled. MEntity: Idealists will always tend to challenge your resting place for what is expected of yourself, themselves, and others. MEntity: As usual, there is always more to explore in these topic-length questions, but this can be added to the explorations. Janet: I believe you have said that after death the personality experiences -- for awhile at least -- whatever that personality expected to experience after death. So, for instance, if they believed there was no life after death, they would experience nothingness until they finally woke up and realized that there was something there after all. Janet: I am wondering about people whose personalities are more or less gone well before death. Those with Alzheimer’s, for instance, don’t show any trace of the beliefs the personality had before losing touch with reality, but of course it’s hard to tell what they actually believe when they are lost to the condition. Janet: Do those with Alzheimer’s or dementia experience their personality’s core beliefs after death? Or maybe even before death? Or do they become more in touch with the truth about what happens after death due to what I assume is more astral activity after the personality loses touch with physical reality? MEntity: Janet, many who die experience a very different death from what was expected, even if they professed to know what to expect. Death brings the truth to the surface. Many Personalities cloak their inability to comprehend death by embracing others' stories of death, or ignoring it, or distracting themselves. So even if someone professes to believe in a heaven after death, this heaven is not necessarily what is experienced because the Personality did not truly believe there is a heaven. Or a hell, for that matter. But it is true that when the Personality is truly invested in and believes in an after-death expectation, it is generated and experienced. MEntity: The after-death reality is as varied as cities in the Physical Plane, so the Astral is populated with "cities" dedicated to the more sustained versions of after-life. There even variations on themes, so that there are multiple "heavens" and "hells" to accommodate. They remain a hoot to visit. MEntity: As for those who disconnect from a life over a greater length of time, the realization and waking up is less about the after-life, but about the current life. MEntity: The etheric body loses its anchor in time, and is free to explore within the timeline of that lifetime. MEntity: Review tends to be the theme for most, as the life is replayed, revisited, and recreated. MEntity: This can leave the Body as an anchor point in time that is, quite literally, hosting for the Personality as it existed throughout the life. MEntity: All sub-personalities are freed. MEntity: It is both chaotic and beautiful, but "death" is not experienced until the body is no longer breathing. MEntity: As long as the body is breathing, or "alive," the Personality is, too. MEntity: Though the Personality is not anchored in time, it is processing the life, not the death. GeraldineB: This is from Brian: I'd like some basic level information on how can we recognize and stop thinking of things in terms of "black and white" / polarized thinking? MEntity: First, it is fairly impossible not to think in terms of "black and white," as duality is natural and helpful. We describe polarities for this reason. However, one way to help keep one from locking into one or the other is to always remember that one is inclusive of the other. There will always be one part of a duality that is inclusive of the more exclusive part. "White" is the presence all color, whereas "black" is the absence of color. However, it could be said that there is nothing inherently "wrong" with black or white, only differences in function or nature. MEntity: White reflects, and Black absorbs. Positive reflects, and Negative absorbs. Love remembers and Fear forgets. MEntity: So thinking in polarities is not the problem. It is when one does NOT think in polarities that the problems come. MEntity: In other words, if one thinks that one should only aim for light, then shadows will be terrifying. If one thinks that there are only shadows, then one cannot see. MEntity: If black is consuming your life, you are merely forgetting about what is reflecting, what is present, and what is color. If one only thinks that white is pure, then he is forgetting that white cannot exist as itself. It is a higher sum from the parts. MEntity: So when you feel as if you are thinking only terms of black and white, or polarized, remember that it is not the polarity that is the problem, it is that the polarity now presents you with the responsibility of CHOICE. MEntity: Choice is the color between the extremes of black and white. ViP: Do the body types influence how Centering operates, or vice-versa? For example, if a person has a passive/negative Nature body type, does that influence the types of forms or feelings that are generated from the Part of the Center that one habitually operates from? This was just to illustrate one possible example, but any more general explanation would be great as well. MEntity: Yes, there are some consistent correlations to consider, but they are only for consideration, not presented as rules: MEntity: Martial and Venusian TEND to require and generate TANGIBLE effects from the processes of their Centering, regardless of the Centering/Part. They tend toward the benefit of affection, touch, and seeing/feeling the impact of their presence. MEntity: Mercury/Jovial TEND to require and generate FEEDBACK from the processes of their Centering, regardless of Centering/Part. They tend toward the benefit of conversation, expression, and exchange of ideas. ViP: Are these in terms of these body types as Nature, or just based on which body type is Primary/highest percentage? MEntity: Lunar/Saturn TEND to require and generate ALLIANCE from the processes of their Centering, regardless of Centering/Part. They tend toward the benefit of mutual interests, raw honesty, and consistency. MEntity: All of the above are in terms of the Body Type that dominates, regardless of Nature, Appearance, or Health. MEntity: However, there will always be a mix. MEntity: The above are tendencies as described in very simplistic and short paragraphs, but you may be able to see the validity that can lead to more detailed exploration. Luciana: "Could you explain the potential reasons for unjustified fears in life, such as a fear of dogs despite not having been attacked or bitten by one?" MEntity: We cannot explain them with one explanation, no. We can suggest that phobias are often symbolic of deeper issues, or speak to imprinted ideas that have origins that are forgotten. Many phobias are as simple as having heard a loud sound at the same time as the object of phobia being presented for the first time. For instance, many who fear buttons do so because of the experience of MEntity: rushed buttoning of clothes while toddlers or younger. Many who are afraid of dogs when one has no obvious cause for it are afraid because a parent was afraid. These instances can register and remain intact as indications of threat, even as there is no threat. Many fear snakes, not because they have been threatened by snakes, but because "everyone" is afraid of snakes. MEntity: Some phobias are inherent in the Instinctive Center and activated by those around the individual through imprinting. Some phobias are taught. Some are deeply symbolic. Some are not relevant to the object of phobia at all, but the object just happens to work. For example, if someone has a fear of intimacy that is repressed, he might redirect this as an allergy to cats, denying his fear of intimacy. MEntity: Many who are afraid of dogs are afraid of people. MEntity: Dogs become the focus of that fear. MEntity: A distrust in people translates into this phobia for dogs. MEntity: One must deal with people on a regular basis, so the fear is repressed to a great degree and redirects toward "man's best friend," since this can quite easily play out the actual fears and distrust of "being bitten" by people. MEntity: This is because dogs have come to regarded as extensions of people. MEntity: It is then "safer" to fear dogs and to navigate around them than it is to cripple oneself to the fears and distrust of all people. MEntity: Some phobias come up because of triggers that resonate with past lives, of course, when that which is feared is somehow linked to harm or death that went unresolved. However, it will still be true that this is relevant to issues in the current life. Experiences from Past lives are not imposed on a life, but they can be activated by the current life. MEntity: The above are some broad examples to help understand the nature of phobias.
  10. MICHAEL SPEAKS (Europe Online) 051307 OPEN FLOOR [Michael Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here with you. [gramail] To what extent can one detect a person's essence and overleaves from the physical appearance - and to what extent are these masked by astrological, genetic and environmental influences? [Michael Entity] Overleaves are biological and can be seen to some extent with a keen eye or moreso with a scientific eye, but not so readily as to be able to translate the Overleaves into a visual system. All variations of Overleaves are inherent in every biological creation of Essence, but only certain characteristics "rise to the surface" for use in the life. Certain codes are initiated during the formative years of a body (the first 7 years or so) and as those overleaves take hold, so can some of the biological attachments associated with the available gene pools of the time. There are some parallels where the dna is able to produce an output of code that is synchronized with a system that is similar to, or is actually, our Overleaf System, and personality issues can be dealt with in this manner. For the most part, the visual expression of a body is limited to the 3 facets of the Body Type Overleaf, and to that extent, is the only Overleaf that can be "seen" with any accuracy. All other Overleaves would be enhancements or challenges within that structure, depending on the fragment's use of those Overleaves in various cycles of the life with that particular body. Overleaves in relation to Astrology: The body type is found at the mid heaven upon conception of the body. If one can cast a chart in the appropriate way, one would be able to see the astrological influences that helped choose the primary body type. The natal chart is a map of potentials for that particular body type, which can include a number of potential overleaf combinations, though, in most cases, this can be easily broken down to see an emphasis on some combination of Inspirational, Expressive, Action, or Assimilative Energies, using the elements as a reference. Genetic influences do not mask overleaves, but give expression to the Overleaves over time. Environmental influences have more to do with the fragment's process of opportunities for learning how to choose, and how he or she chooses how to learn, more than it has any influence on the Overleaves, directly. [merlyn] I have been feeling a great sense of fear / angst as of late, I am not sure why exactly and I am fairly sure it isn't all coming simply from me, so I am curious, is this me picking up on a general fear that seems to be pretty pervasive in the world at the moment and if this is the case, how does one deal with it? [Michael Entity] All fear that a fragment may feel at any time is HIS or HER fear, not the world's. Owning the fear you feel is a step toward understanding its message to you. Fear is merely the part of you wishing to protect you, so there is something that is being interpreted in some way as a threat to you. If you feel that this is a vague fear that has something to do with the world at large, it is more than likely a fear that has to do with your sense of helplessness in the scheme of things, and your wish to protect the world from harm. [pauli] that is contradictory to some other channeling i have read (NOTE FROM TROY: I would love for pauli to elaborate on this? thanks!) [Michael Entity] Many of our older students carry this sense of dread, terror, and fear as an undercurrent and this is often dismissed as a sensitivity to the world's plight of the times, or it is nobly carried around as if it is doing more good than harm by keeping the fragment awake to the vagueness of threat. In truth, it is a very personal interpretation of the world as you relate to that world. It is not THE truth, but a personal truth that is being explored. For many of you, this undercurrent comes from two sources: one is the personal sense of helplessness against the vastness of the world, and the other is from the teetering inclination to draw upon your ancient wisdom and experience to bring a soft trust to the world in a new way. This is terror in the real sense of the word for our older students. To choose to trust the process of the world, to bring a sense of peace to your daily living, even while some parts of the world remain locked in their chaotic challenges, and to find an effective way to still contribute in a meaningful way, can be terrifying. The first steps toward choosing trust can often feel as if one is giving up to some delusional ideal, and this brings up all levels of personal distrust that remain for the fragment to process as self-karma. Trust is based on experience, not on blind faith, or delusional ideal. The trust that you would be choosing is based on your sense of Essence having been through a vastness of experiences that have all found their peace and resolution, and knowing that every single fragment has tended to choose that path in the end. It is a choice to trust your fellow fragments in their own process of learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn. Again, though, before one can gain the benefit of choosing trust, it will always be a good idea to look at the vague fear on a very personal level, so one can see what one is wishing to protect oneself from. The way to deal with the general anxiety brought upon by this fear is to, one, own it and let it be yours. As long as it is seen as something imposed upon you by some sensitivity or world energy, then one is missing the point and can be consumed by it. Let it be yours and then you can do whatever you wish with it. Next, allow it. Let yourself be afraid so that the message is clear about what it is you wish to be safe from. Next, discover the truth of the reality of the threat. How much is anticipation and how much is actual threat? If you are in the realm of anticipation, then you have choice, and if you have choice, you can choose to soothe your soul with some facts about the reality in which you exist now, not the one that you anticipate filled with threat. And then to choose Trust. [butterfly syndicate] In 1995/96 I experienced a very intense phase of opening up which ultimately lead to my moving to the UK and also to a brief phase of clairvoyance. Could you please explain what exactly was going on with me at that time, and especially what or who the being was that I met in a dream and that had so much energy I could not be embraced by it for long. thank you! [Michael Entity] It appears to us that you simply, finally, opened up to Essence. This can often spin the life into an alignment that would have been in place long before the moment of that opening. Previous to the point you recognize as so pivotal, it appears that much of your life was sought to be lived from Personality without the co-creativity of Essence. This is not uncommon. [Llawryf] LOL! Yep, happened to me too. [butterfly syndicate] Thank you! [Michael Entity] Living the life only from Personality is not impossible and is quite often preferred in earlier soul ages, but as your soul age came into manifestation within the life, so did your Essence, so Personality blossomed into an embrace of the life in a new way. [butterfly syndicate] But I do not know my soul age [Michael Entity] Living completely as Essence within the Physical Plane is not possible, and there was an inclination to embrace this energy to an extent that was a bit overwhelming and daunting to the Body and Personality. As the Body and Personality adapted to the realignment, life returned to "normal," but with a new possibility and a reference point for the feeling you may call upon again when the presence of Essence is wanted to be felt more directly. It is not that your Essence is not with you at all times, but Personality can tend to block the energy that would be felt as Essence. You do not have to know your Soul Age to grow in Soul Age. Many are growing and evolving on your planet who will never know this system. [gramail] Thanks! Can you make one suggestion for how I can improve the quality of my life over the next week? [Michael Entity] There are many suggestions we could give and to choose one is arbitrary, but what we can do is encourage you to complement this suggestion with your own observations and self-knowledge. In fact, that is the crux of our suggestion as we can see it for your energy over the next week: to embrace your self-knowledge as a resource, not as an invitation to debate. In the week ahead, it may come of great use to remind yourself that "there is no need to defend myself." This will allow room for your standing in your self-knowledge, instead of standing alongside it as protector. [gramail] Thanks very much, appropriate advice! [Michael Entity] The sense of alignment inside as your feel the confidence of your perceptions, and merely express them or keep them to yourself as personal knowledge, may be a key for a pleasant experience in the week ahead. Good evening to all of you. We will close here. Goodbye.
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