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Found 11 results

  1. KurtisM

    The 7 Centers

    People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help. It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back. These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Centers. The "Center" is short for "Center of Gravity". It is that part of us that we revolve around and take in the life through. (Reference: You can read about this at 20150919 NWM - Your Center of Gravity) Unlike other Overleaves, all Centers are available to everyone. The Center we are given in our Personality Reports is our habitual tendency for taking in the world. But it isn't static. I like to think of it as similar to the road you choose to take when driving to work or school, haha. We also have a Part of Center. Once we take in the world, we then have to put it out of us in some way that others can then take in, like a reflecting or refracting light wave. So for example, if we're Intellectually Centered, we take in the world through thoughts about how it makes sense and can be put together or taken apart. But if we're Moving Part, we put this out through our actions. Our thoughts next lead us to take action, to move, to physically feel. The Center that is left out here is the Emotional, and this our center to return Balance. If we don't implement some means of balance, our Center-Part combo can feel like a trap that keeps us spinning in addictive patterns! --- INSTINCTIVE CENTER (References: Instinctive Center: Regulates Choice) Your Instinctive Center is your deeply rooted base of consciousness. It process life like a personal storehouse and "disk drive" recording and containing all of your unconscious, subconscious and conscious memories you gain. Anything that exists has an instinctive center- but such lifeforms as Minerals, Oceans, Light Waves, Bacteria etc. operate here on a daily basis. The -Pole here is best described as ANATOMIC, while the +Pole is ATOMIC. The Health of your Instinctive Center is governed/balanced by your capacity for choice, particularly conscious choice. -Anatomic instinct is what happens when you solely rely on your genetic or mechanistic programming to navigate life. So your range of choice is limited by and entirely dependent upon genetic codes and stimulation/friction, and your life is only ever assessing real or imagined threats in fearful, reactionary fight or flight self-preservation. This is when you live life in survival mode: whether that be physically (surviving by seeking to function- sensing your body isn't safe), emotionally (surviving by seeking lost meaning- feeling your heart isn't safe) or intellectually (surviving by seeking reasons- thinking your ideas/ideals aren't safe). HEALING To heal this damaged/blocked state, the most helpful means is to Call Out/Ask for Help (even of your self) as this reminds you you're not living alone in a vacuum and frees your energy to do, think or feel differently. Sharing in a similar struggle with others, or allowing for sources of balance, rest and revitalization as you go through struggles, can help in more intellectual or emotional self-preservation instincts as well. All of these are about infusing a mindful New Focus alongside the current stressful focus. A shift into +Atomic instinct means you're no longer dictated by only programming, fear and bumping up against stimulation/friction, as you allow the wisdom you gain through life to also inform your choices. So you're always growing your capacity for conscious, responsive and responsible choice-making & navigation in life. Even if there are limitations to your choices, or you don't like the choices available... you still consciously choose. In short: -Anatomic Instinct reacts and divides life into parts, while +Atomic Instinct responds and unifies you with life. THE 7 RIGHTS (Reference: The 7 Basic Rights) There are 7 Basic Rights that our instinctive centers secure: RIGHT TO EXIST - the right to be real and have life. RIGHT TO FEEL - the right to adjust your form to something else & feel/create intimacy, resonance and harmony through that. RIGHT TO BE FREE - the right to move, change and grow through your own free will. RIGHT TO NURTURE - the right to care & empathize in ways that reflect your capacity to love. RIGHT TO COMMUNICATE - the right to exchange ideas and truths through some form of language. RIGHT TO DREAM - the right to imagine, envision and see beyond your self, circumstances & present moment in time. RIGHT TO EVOLVE - the right to comprehend the larger context you're a part of. All beings in the universe have these rights, or are in the process of developing them- but only sentient species like humans, cetaceans and great apes are consciously aware that they have these rights. So a non-sentient Chicken may have its right to BE FREE violated & exemplify this through instinctive retaliation/resignation, but it won't know it has that right. Whereas a Human may have the same right violated, but consciously knows this & will choose how to react or respond from there. INSTINCTIVE MUSIC Each Center resonates with a different form of music. The Instinctive Center's music is not yet confirmed, but I think it is based around Instinctive noise. Lots of Natural Noises, such as rain, thunder, wind, waves, drains, crackles, chirps, buzzes, chattering voices etc. provoke our Instinctive Center. This noise can either invoke our fear reflexes if it seems eerie, unnatural and discordant, or our sense of trust if it seems normal, natural and intriguing. HIGHER MOVING CENTER (Reference: The Moving and Higher Moving Centers, and Parts) Your Higher Moving Center is your awareness of Beauty, Energy and Higher Patterns. Many access Beauty biologically through moments of Broad Laughter and Smiles, both inside and out: where one can view life through the eyes of humor, lighten up and not take everything so seriously. This is the most accessed "Higher State" in daily life because it helps us feel at one with the world, or ALL ONE. It engages when we see/experience something beautiful; or when we deeply resonate with someone. Energy is synonymous with Beauty here. As Energy is the vitality within everything that allows for all systems to work & directs the parts of any whole into beautiful motion/evolution- such as what we see happens in our bodies, societies, economy and pretty much everything else in the universe. Anything that has consciousness, feels their form in relation to others & moves in unison with a sense of harmony, resonance and intimacy has a higher movement. However, anything that reproduces new life through procreation or creativity has a well-developed use of this energy. The -Pole here would be DESIRE, while the +Pole is simply PURE BEAUTY/ENERGY. Forgetting Beauty creates CHAOS, while remembering it forms -DESIRE. When your Moving, Emotional & Intellectual Centers are in negative health, the Higher Moving is usually not activated as much to help you understand patterns, and defaults to CHAOS. (Reference: Kundalini) Chaos only sees random & disconnected scenarios of miracles/misfortunes in life. It does not understand your or anyone else's part in anything. Nothing makes sense to you here because you're frustrated by, sentimental about and constantly reasoning the events of life. When these Centers move into their +Poles though, life becomes fueled by strong, magnetic -Desires to recognize, create and draw towards being a part of greater patterns in life. Desire is never harmful or destructive like other -Poles though; it's only - because it is paving the path toward greater beauty through sparks and streams of productivity, perception and insight, but it does not yet recognize this. When the patterns you/others are creating are finally seen though, you start to feel connected by a profound sense of +Beauty and Unity that brings all parts into an interwoven tapestry. So you start to see the awesome role things play in the energetic network of your body, self, soul, world and universe. However seeing beauty doesn't always feel pretty- it can be very ugly and painful too, especially at first or if you've been resisting that beauty for a long time. Beauty will even see chaos as beautiful & harness chaos as fuel to comprehend or create something even more beautiful. This path to beauty could come through many things, such as: Processing life through painful and ugly Turning Points. Creating or Recognizing any form of Art. Biological Reactions of Laughter. Sharing a sense of Intimacy and Communion. Liberating yourself from Sexual/Creative Repression. Connecting with other realms & states of consciousness through Shamanic Practices. Tantra (blissful physical contact with profound awareness.) (Reference: Do some Spiritual Practices promote access to Higher Centers?) Ultimately, Beauty can only be accessed when the Moving Center is experiencing +Productivity, and the overall patterns of your days are fulfilling, satisfying & filled with an abundance of energy that you either rest/bask in, or allow to flow through you. To the extent that you can laugh with life shows your capacity to feel beauty and oneness in any moment. THE 7 STATES This isn't fully confirmed by Michael, but given that there are 7 facets of each other Center, this may be the case for Higher Moving as well. I think for the Higher Moving Center, these would be the 7 States of Energy/Matter that create beauty from out of chaos. Each state has a relative density, tangibility and identity unique to it, which can evolve & transcend into the next (or fragment into the last) through changes in capacity, pressure and temperature. In the Physical Plane these are well known to us as the Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma States. But there are also the Particle/Beam, Waveform and Pure Consciousness states as well. From what I have found, each Plane of Existence (Physical to Buddhic) sort of reflects these states of matter, and Michael has used terminology analogous as well. Physical being the most Solid; Astral behaving as a Liquid; Causal as a Gas etc. These states I think, can also reflect the process of evolving and waking up from rigidly constricting and separated unconscious awareness (solid states) to highly expanded and merging cosmic awareness (conscious states) in all parts of our life. Thoughts to ponder. HIGHER MOVING MUSIC (Reference: 20131124 Michael Speaks: Open Q&A and Yanni and the Higher moving Center) Each Center resonates with a different form of Music. In this case, we can access our Higher Moving Center's music by listening to/creating resonant music, where deep, clear reverberations sound in pleasing ways to evoke our desires. It can also be accessed through beautiful orchestrations, where layered harmonies build up and reach into sweeping crescendos. MOVING CENTER Your Moving Center takes in and processes life, things, people, events primarily through the body: in terms of your senses, ability to move/act in your environment with and around these things, and via the tangible energy pulsing through you in reaction/response to everything that happens. It's a navigation based on the density, activity and vitality of the energy flowing through your body and surroundings. Movement is the result of thoughts and emotions growing dense enough to become TANGIBLE. So for instance, our nonphysical intentions will translate into neural impulses that allow us to move, and our feelings can get so ingrained in us they result in elation, anxiety, stress or illness. How all this ENERGY is managed and directed is the state and health of this center. Anything that can freely move, act, change and grow has a body awareness- but anything that knows it wants to be free & choose in its own way has a well-developed physical body and capacity for extensive movement. Most Vegetation, Insects, Fish and Aves operate here on a daily basis. The -Pole here would best be called FRUSTRATION while the +Pole is PRODUCTIVITY. In -Frustration, your actions are not yielding results and fulfilling your intentions, so you feel hindered, halted and annoyed because you're managing your feelings and energy reactively. This can come through any number of seemingly useless/repetitive processes; such as sexcapades, masturbation, running errands, listlessness, restlessness etc. Which in turn has an intense effect on your self-esteem and body and leads to agitation, shame and chronic stress. In other words, your freedom of movement is restricted in an area/part of your life, because energy is blocked there, or you block your access to that energy yourself. When the Moving Center is wounded by this Frustration, it often forms from or leads to accidents, shutdown, suicide or homicide, and the physical effects this has on the body must be tended to. (Reference: Moving Center: Linked to Goal) HEALING (Reference: Health of Your Moving Center) The Health of your Moving Center lies in your PRIMARY SHAME, which is what affects your self-confidence in life, and your relationship with your body in terms of how it represents or reflects you, and how you treat it. Each of the 7 Body Types have their own shame too, so there are different blockages that can arise depending on your physical, psychological and glandular makeup. The means of healing this Center is to "Apply what you've Learned". Frustration occurs when you don't. This means you use your knowledge and experience to help inform your DOING, so you can release from the shackles of shame. A shift into +Productivity means you manage your feelings and energy actively and responsively so that it feels like progress is being made from your intentions. This in turn has a relieving effect on your self-esteem and body and leads to self-confidence and personal success. Your actions now show results. In other words, you ask and listen to what actions may be needed for letting your energy flow through you in some part of your life more freely: which is productive, resourceful and fulfilling. And this helps return you to your sense of joy, affection, resonance, delight and beauty. (Reference: Laughter and the Moving Center) THE 7 SENSES (Reference: Michael Speaks: Soul Ages and Levels) There are 7 Senses that our body experiences in our everyday physical reality: TOUCH - the sensation of Painful or Comfortable resistance to molecules. BALANCE - the sensation of adjustment to Forces in Momentum through Centering. HEARING - the sensation of detecting Discordant or Concordant vibrations in mediums. SIGHT - the sensation of perceiving Obscure or Clear reflections. ORAL (SMELL/TASTE) - the Revolting or Fragrant sensation of molecular forms/bonds. ORIENTATION - the sensation of finding Distractions or creating Alignment on the way through a path (ie: navigating, training and guidance). RELATIONALITY - the Disjointed or Coordinated sensation of all parts moving/existing together in the same space (ie: grouping, mapping and proprioception). MOVING CENTER MUSIC (Reference: 20131124 Michael Speaks: Open Q&A and Manifesting Essence through Music) Each Center resonates with a different form of music. In this case, we can access our Moving Center's music by listening to/creating Beats, Rhythms and other Tribal sounds, where the pulsing or swaying music encourages us to physically act and move our body. PARTS OF THE MOVING CENTER MOVING > MOVING Very few actually live from this combo habitually; but we do often access it in those times of PURE STIMULATION, physical ecstasy, and extreme, consuming and absolute pain. Simply looking at what you've learned from (thought) or how you feel about (emotion) this breaks the combo. MOVING > EMOTIONAL Anyone who accesses this combo is feeling an IMPRESSION from a physical sensation. So if/when you are Moving Centered, Emotional Part, you first take in life through the sensations and feelings of your body, environment and actions. Then you intuit and perceive how you feel provoked or inspired by those sensations, cravings and desires, simply living out your experiences by feeling through everything. And after doing so, you think of those feelings and their potential causes to derive insightful perceptions, ideas and plans that you can act upon now or later. If this pattern remains locked without Intellect, then you can easily get caught in a loop of (re)acting, feeling, (re)acting, feeling etc. And this can show up as rather reactionary, knee jerking and volatile behaviors that are absolutely irrational and never consider the logic behind what you're doing. Any Intellect that is allowed in will be used to -Reason, excuse and defend your feelings. But because you're unable to express and communicate how you feel in calm, controlled and honest ways, these thoughts violently explode out of you or implode into and weigh down on your mind. The key to balance is in Intellectual Meditation. This could come through cross-word puzzles and brain teasers, transcendental or focused meditations, learning new/different things, telling the truth, having a night of hilarity and comedy etc. The point would be that this helps you think through and express your feelings to calm down and gain some +Insight (not conclusion and defense). Such that you can clarify what's true of the situation vs how you feel about it, to help manage or change your reactions. MOVING > INTELLECTUAL Anyone who accesses this combo aims to assess their sense of and reasons for any MOTIVATION. So if/when you are Moving Centered, Intellectual Part, you first take in life through the sensations and feelings of your body, environment and actions. Then you analyze those sensations, cravings and desires to derive reasons, insights, strategy, plans and ideas from them- which you may even communicate, express and talk about. And after doing so, you reflect on that process to derive love, happiness and meaning about where and how you are with your self, body, others and life. If this pattern remains locked without Emotion, then you can easily get caught in a loop of (re)acting, thinking, (re)acting, thinking etc. And this can show up through rather heartless and insensitive actions that over-emphasize plans, strategies, control, isolation and anticipation. Any Emotion that is allowed in will show up as double standards, pouting, tantrums, breakdowns and behaviors that are easily offended, verbally combative, thin-skinned and defensive without ever listening. So even though you believe feelings are just pointless and confusing, your -Sentiments now justify your actions. The key to balance is in some form of Emotional Meditation. (Reference: Neglected Emotional Center) This could come through cathartic expression, actively listening to yourself/others, listening to music you resonate with, hugging, taking in beautiful scenery, having a night of tears and intensity at the movies etc. Ultimately, any awe that comes through seeing more meaning would help you embrace and explore your emotions. Such that you can better find/create a sense of inspiration, empathy and +Perception again. MOVING > INSTINCTIVE This Process automatically records all of the SENSATIONS that arise from your movement, activity, health and physical presence, storing them in your physical memory for future reference. So when needed, you can access and recreate the levels of vitality, productivity, pain and pleasure you felt at any given time. MOVING > HIGHER MOVING Here you take in life through your body's feelings and sensations, then release this to your Essence so you can feel being a part of the greater patterns of life. This is a sense of TOTAL TRUST. Really amazing sex, pure release, genuine outbursts of laughter, exhilaration, flow experiences (being in the zone) and blissful relaxation can trigger this combo. MOVING > HIGHER EMOTIONAL Here you take in life through your body's feelings and sensations, then release this to your Essence for understanding the greater contexts in life. This is a sense of TOTAL INCLUSION. Feeling both the physical and spiritual effects of self-love, self-confidence, nurturing, physically bonding with others, hygiene practices and feeling happy with your body can trigger this combo. MOVING > HIGHER INTELLECTUAL Here you take in life through your body's feelings and sensations, then release this to your Essence so you can sort your feelings into levels of truth. This is a sense of TOTAL AUTHENTICITY/HONESTY. Understanding the language of your body's chemical signals, health, cravings, desires, wounding, aches, pains and blockages can trigger this combo, bringing a sense of peace. EMOTIONAL CENTER Your Emotional Center takes in and processes life, things, people, events primarily through meaning and symbolism. Which means you experience in terms of how anything moves and inspires you, and bypasses your personal prejudices & logical assessments to reach a place of direct perception. It's a navigation based on like, dislike, hate and love, or in other words: attraction and repulsion. (Reference: Emotional Center of Gravity) A good thing to remember when it comes to Emotions is that they're never the whole truth, as not everyone will feel the same as you do about the same objects and symbols. They only tell you how YOU feel about the truth. They're personal truths, and may not ever align with what's true for your community, planet or universe. This is because The Truth is objectively and universally consistent, but how you feel is subjective and subject to change as you learn and know more. So if ever you feel confused by or attached to how you feel, it always does well if you can perceive the simpler truth of an event, person or experience to be as clear as you can. Anything that can nurture, care and empathize has emotions. But anything that seeks to consciously love and be loved, inspire and be inspired, has a well-developed emotional body and capacity for extensive feeling. Most lower and higher mammals operate here on a daily basis: such as Cetaceans and domesticated animals including the Canine, Bovine, Equine, Feline etc. The -Pole here would best be called SENTIMENTALITY, while the +Pole is PERCEPTION. In -Sentimentality, you become attached to people, things, places, times and experiences in terms of how they symbolically represent qualities that matter to you. You also rigidly define these things by locking them into static symbols, while never allowing them to grow and rejecting everything that tries to change them. (Reference: Sentimentality) ie: If you feel sentiment, you might lock yourself out from living meaningfully in the present, because you're fixated on what's lost/gone. Or if something happens, it will only ever mean *this*, and it can never mean anything else. Or if someone you care about changes the way they look or behave, you might wish and demand they go back to how they were before to make you more comfortable. (Reference: Poles of the Emotional Center) Whatever it is, if you feel it, then it must be conclusively true. Because emotions are always based in the past, you can easily come to Project and impose all of your emotional baggage onto your current experiences, events and relationships as well, playing out your personal issues over and over. When the Emotional Center is wounded by your Sentiments, it will simply believe and reinforce what your intellect has deemed true, logical and justifiable, no matter how painful or irrational that may be. (Reference: Emotional Center: Linked to Mode) HEALING (Reference: Health of the Emotional Center) The Health of your Emotional Center lies in your degree of HAPPINESS. This is seen through how much you love and accept yourself, how much you allow for all your moods to be OK for you to experience, how you let your past guide you, and how much you trust in vs reject anything you encounter. Because your Emotions (Sense of Inspiration) create or destroy your sense of Meaning in experiences and relationships, the more you can meaningfully relate with others and see yourself in them, or them in you, the more you can heal. A shift into +Perception means you differentiate your symbol from the object; seeing beyond all the definitions and meanings you/others impose on people/things, to get to the heart or essence of that person/thing. You allow for your symbols to grow, expand, be replaced and updated, which leads to a sense of happiness from trust. (Reference: Poles of the Emotional Center) ie: If you feel nostalgia, you infuse your moment with the lovely qualities of that memory, rather than let the memory consume and degrade the quality of your moment. Or if something happens, it might mean many things depending on the context or point of view, and that's OK. It doesn't need to be either/or, it can be and/both. This means you start to Reflect on your feelings. You learn from your past and allow the greatest potential to blossom from your present and future. THE 7 EMOTIONS (Reference: The Seven Emotions) There are 7 Basic Emotions, and each can be experienced in a negative, destructive way we feel provoked by and project upon others; or in a positive, constructive way that inspires us to reflect what that emotion mean to us. These may even mix together to create new emotional states as well: DISGUST - when we project -Loathing/Causticness or reflect +Humor/Preference because we're resisting what we're provoked and inspired by and wish to change it. SADNESS- when we project -Self-Pity/Patheticness or reflect +Honesty/Grief because we're trying to empathize with and through disappointments. ANGER - when we project -Blame/Depression or reflect +Motivation/Purpose because we're inspired to do something about our state of helplessness. TRUST - when we project -Distrust/Foolishness or reflect +Confidence/Awareness because we're provoked or inspired by the nature of what we see. JOY - when we project -Self-Indulgence/Obnoxiousness or reflect +Invitation/Inclusion because we're inspired to be fully present in having this moment's pleasures. ANTICIPATION - when we project -Agitation/Disdain or reflect +Enthusiasm/Consideration because we're inspired by what something could become & mean over time. SURPRISE - when we project -Resistance/Disregard or reflect +Playfulness/Adaptability because we're provoked or inspired to integrate a greater context revealed to us. EMOTIONAL MUSIC (Reference: 20131124 Michael Speaks: Open Q&A and Manifesting Essence through Music) Each Center resonates with a different form of music. In this case, we can access our Emotional Center's music by listening to/creating fluid, non-linear harmonies that are soothing, calming and may use vocalization as an instrument. PARTS OF THE EMOTIONAL CENTER EMOTIONAL > MOVING Anyone who accesses this combo acts on their feelings through ATTRACTION or REPULSION. So if/when you are Emotionally Centered, Moving Part, you first know and feel how you're inspired, provoked or resonate with another person/thing. Then you feel how your body processes the energy of those emotions and so you physically act on or react to those inspirations/provocations. After doing so, you think of those actions and their potential causes; deriving insightful perceptions, ideas and plans that might serve to help you in the next moment that comes. If this pattern remains locked without Intellect, then you can easily get caught in a loop of feeling, (re)acting, feeling, (re)acting etc. How you're processing your emotions over time starts to consume you, but because you aren't properly expressing this, your body amplifies this need for expression. So any intellect that is allowed will want -Reasons, justification and compensation for your feelings, plaguing you with agonizing, indecisive worry loops that result in complete overwhelm, shut down or avoidance. This can cause a blow to your ability to love, reflect and be inspired, as you continue to get agitated, frustrated and feel that things are endless/urgent so "Something must be done now!" The key to balance is in some form of Intellectual Meditation. (Reference: Shifting from Sentiment into Perception) This could come through cross-word puzzles and brain teasers, transcendental or focused meditations, learning new/different things, telling the truth, having a night of hilarity and comedy etc. The point would be that this helps you think through and express your feelings to calm down and derive +Insight (not conclusion and defense), so that you can clarify what's true of the situation vs how you feel about it, to help manage or change your reactions. EMOTIONAL > EMOTIONAL Very few actually live from this combo habitually, but we do often access it in those times of PURE MEANING, symbolic processing, essence recognition and any all-consuming sentimentality, nostalgia or emotion. (Essence Recognition means recognizing the Essence, Soul and Innocence of another beyond how they appear in the moment.) We experience this combo when we have a pure, unadulterated emotion about something, leading us to feel like we're living in a space where the passage of time is paradoxically instantaneous and eternal because it seems like that emotion is all that exists. Simply looking at what you've learned from this (thought) or can act on (moving) breaks this combo. EMOTIONAL > INTELLECTUAL Anyone who accesses this combo aims to DESCRIBE the rationale and nature of their feelings. So if/when you are Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part, you first know and feel how you're inspired, provoked or resonate with another person/thing. Then you derive reasons, insights, logic and ideas from analyzing those emotions; talking about and expressing what you're provoked/inspired by, and working to understand those feelings. After thorough thought and expression, you act on/do what you have gathered is best. (Reference: Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part) If this pattern remains locked without Movement, then you can easily get caught in a loop of feeling, thinking, feeling, thinking etc. You begin to reason about your sentiments over and over, which leads to fidgeting, agitation, distraction, restlessness, urges to escape into drugs or comforts etc. Because your thoughts can't analyze illogical feelings though, your body compensates by feeling too much. So any movement that is allowed in will show up as an over-stimulation that leads you to over-express and over-act, or an over-sedation that pushes you into depressing feelings that your efforts are no longer inspiring. This only serves to -Frustrate you. The key to balance is in some form of Moving Meditation. (Reference: Neglected Moving Center and Shifting from Sentiment into Perception) This could come through stretching, exercising, building, breathing, dancing, taking a long walk, sensual pleasures, attending to your health and material security or even breaking anxiety by finally taking a chance/risk you've been avoiding. Anything that gets you moving/doing will return your body & sense of energy into the equation in a way that you resonate with, allowing the results of that +Productivity to inspire you again. EMOTIONAL > INSTINCTIVE This Process automatically records all of your feelings and emotions about the AURA, atmosphere, meaning and tone of everything you experience: storing these in your emotional memory for future reference. So when needed, you can access & recreate the moods, sentimental attachments, direct perceptions and warmhearted responses you felt at any given time through your life. EMOTIONAL > HIGHER MOVING Here you take in life through your emotions and inspirations, then release this to your Essence so you can feel being a part of the greater patterns of life. It's a sense of TOTAL SURRENDER. Anytime you feel consumed by but also aligned with a force greater than you, you access this combo. There is a trust in always being safe here, no matter the conditions of your life, body, heart or mind. Examples might be the empowerment and clarity gained by taking in a breathtaking rainstorm rather than bitterly hating it. Or ceasing to struggle against having an illness to better find peace, trust and beauty in it EMOTIONAL > HIGHER EMOTIONAL Here you take in life through your emotions and inspirations, then release this to your Essence so you can learn to love the greater contexts in life. It's a sense of TOTAL HEALING. Anytime you therapeutically release old wounds, inspirations and provocations that haven't been resolved, while loving and honoring all of your messy emotions through this, you access this combo. EMOTIONAL > HIGHER INTELLECTUAL Here you take in life through your emotions and inspirations, then release this to your Essence so you can sort your feelings into levels of truth. It's a sense of TOTAL CONFIDENCE. This is where confidence and self-esteem are increased because you inspire yourself with accurate observations about who you truly are, and recognize how you truly feel or the messages behind your feelings. INTELLECTUAL CENTER Your Intellectual Center takes in and processes life, things, people, events primarily through thought and philosophy; in terms of how anything is expressed, formed, logical, makes sense or brings insight to you. It's a navigation based on linear understanding and rational analysis. (Reference: Intellectual Center of Gravity) The Intellect will always aim to form ideas for yourself & convey these ideas to others in some way. So it is the center that governs how you understand/verify any TRUTH that is expressed, be that something deemed true about you, others, the world, the whole universe etc. And as such, it's where you test out how thoughts and ideas affect/impact you and others, and even how honest you are about that effect. Anything that can share ideas and concepts in some way/shape/form of language has an intellect. But anything that desires to speak and hear the truth, with a clear freedom of expression, has a well-developed intellectual body and capacity for extensive thinking. Most Higher Mammals have access to this center on some level, but only a few species like Humans, Cetaceans, Great Apes, Bees and Elephants can operate here on a daily basis. All this in mind, the -Pole here would best be called REASONING, while the +Pole is INSIGHT. In -Reasoning, you think only to justify, rationalize and create facts that reinforce what you already know or have decided is true. You simply excuse, secure and defend the truths you believe, while unable to understand anything beyond your base of knowledge. (Reference: Intellectual Center: Function, Nature and Health) Reasons then, can easily become destructive and discouraged inner voices led by defense, lies, worries, jadedness, ignorance and closed-mindedness: particularly in the form of presumptions and prejudices. Reasons will even continue to claim/act as if a destructive lie about yourself or life is true, and dismiss anything not in support of this lie, even if you know there are greater truths or more constructive truths. Ultimately, when the Intellectual Center is wounded by your Reasons, it will try to further force justifications and explanations for things you don't get: creating falsehoods. (Reference: Intellectual Center: Linked to Attitude) HEALING (Reference: Intellectual Center: Function, Nature and Health) The Health of your Intellectual Center lies in the state of your INNER VOICE, which is seen through how you talk to yourself, how you express yourself based on and through what you believe to be true, and how much you "look beyond" and allow for more than what you know, see and decide is true. The healing of this Center means returning an inquisitive curiosity for Actively Questioning and Being Authentic. So it always does well when you move away from unquestioned philosophies, lying to yourself and others, living through false personas and evading any contact or socializing that could update your ideas. A shift into +Insight comes when you gain greater understanding, clarity & resolution from your thoughts and reasoning. This can only occur if and when you seek to invite, discover, uncover, realize and awaken to truths that were not previously considered or anticipated. All while supporting this process with your intuition, and an ever-evolving willingness to learn more than you know even if that means being wrong. (Reference: Intellectual Center: Function, Nature and Health) Insights then, are your constructive and encouraging inner voices led by rational thinking, constructive criticism, curiosity, problem-solving, creativity and open-mindedness. THE 7 FORMS OF INTELLIGENCE (Reference: Ask Michael - May 6 2018) There are 7 Forms of Intelligence or Ways of Thinking our Intellect can nurture, develop and evolve: INSTINCTIVE INTELLIGENCE - our urge to React or Respond based upon our level of conscious awareness. SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE - our capacity to transcend forms of Myopia through understanding Relativity. KINETIC INTELLIGENCE - our capacity to Clumsily or Elegantly coordinate the movement/sensations of our body to carry out tasks and events. RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE - our capacity to relate, bond and understand through Prejudice or Sensitivity. LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE - our capacity to connect and integrate basic, mathematical units of Information into Knowledge. MUSICAL INTELLIGENCE - our capacity to locate points of Dissonance over time & shift them into Harmony. COMMUNICATIVE INTELLIGENCE - our capacity to comprehend Distorted forms of language through increasing clarity of Translation. INTELLECTUAL MUSIC (Reference: 20131124 Michael Speaks: Open Q&A and Manifesting Essence through Music) Each Center resonates with a different form of music. In this case, we can access our Intellectual Center's music by listening to/creating linear, structured and patterned melodies that might use catchy lyrics/tunes to create or convey stories. PARTS OF THE INTELLECTUAL CENTER INTELLECTUAL > MOVING Anyone who accesses this combo aims to IMPLEMENT and REALIZE their thoughts/ideas into action. So if/when you are Intellectually Centered, Moving Part, you first analytically assess and think about how any event is expressed to you. Then you feel how your body processes the energy of those thoughts, and physically act on or react to what logic/ideas you've determined. After all is said and done, you then derive love, happiness and meaning from these experiences with your self, body, others or life by reflecting on how they move, provoke or inspire you. (Reference: Intellectual Centering and Part) If this pattern remains locked without Emotion though, then you can easily get caught in a loop of thinking, (re)acting, thinking, (re)acting etc. And this can show up as frustrated and frenetic behavior, over-analysis, worry, rage/anger and severe depression or defeat. This is because you always leave the consequences of emotions to be dealt with later, and feel like life is just a series of putting out endless fires or tying to balance many spinning plates. So any Emotion that is allowed leaves you feeling like you & others are defined by your actions or lack thereof, or that how you or they "show up" means something conclusive about you/them. Your -Sentiments and beliefs now start to cloud your plans and operations. The key to balance is in some form of Emotional Meditation. (Reference: Neglected Emotional Center) This could come through cathartic expression, actively listening to yourself and others, listening to music you resonate with, hugging, taking in beautiful scenery, having a night of tears and intensity at the movies etc. Ultimately, any awe that comes through feeling more would help you embrace and explore your emotions so that you can better find/create a sense of inspiration, empathy and +Perception again. INTELLECTUAL > EMOTIONAL Anyone who accesses this combo is assessing how they INTERPRET life. So if/when you are Intellectually Centered, Emotional Part, you first analytically assess and think about how any relationship is expressed to you. Then you intuit and perceive how you feel provoked or inspired by those thoughts, ideas and beliefs about relationships, simply living out your experiences by feeling through them. After all this, you get a good feel for what to do and then finally do that. However, emotions are mute, so you would tend to lack words for your feelings and simply emote (express/reflect through an emotional reaction or response), or communicate through behaviors and art instead. (Reference: Intellectual Centering and Part and Intellectual Centering, Emotional Part) If this pattern remains locked without Movement, then you can easily get caught in a loop of thinking, feeling, thinking, feeling etc. This can create a debilitating rise in anxiousness, obsession and overwhelm, as you endlessly listen to thoughts/ideas that generate feelings which are then tamed/sorted/managed etc. Any Movement that is allowed will either create a drop into numbness or a rise into senseless outburst. So this can cause a lot of restless fidgeting, shaking, angry explosions and/or sulky, tearful and depressed breakdowns to result that completely -Frustrate you. The key to balance is in some form of Moving Meditation. (Reference: Neglected Moving Center) This could come through stretching, exercising, building, breathing, dancing, taking a long walk, sensual pleasures, attending to your health and material security or even breaking anxiety by finally taking a chance/risk. Anything that gets you moving/doing will always revitalize your body & sense of energy as an expression of you and your plans. Thus your efforts can start to bring +Productive results and new insights again. INTELLECTUAL > INTELLECTUAL Very few actually live from this combo habitually, but we do often access it in those times where we simply express PURE IDEAS through systematic dissection, analysis, fact-gathering and conversation. (This combo appears to be the first seed of sentience: the ability to think about a thought/idea. "I think, therefore I am.") Simply perceiving how you feel about (emotion) or acting on (moving) this breaks this combo. INTELLECTUAL > INSTINCTIVE This Process automatically records how you FORM/VISUALIZE all of your thoughts and ideas about the expression of everything you experience: storing these in your intellectual memory for future reference. So when needed, you can access and recreate the images, beliefs and chain of justifications you thought at any given time. INTELLECTUAL > HIGHER MOVING Here you take in life through your thoughts and ideas, then release this to your Essence so you can feel being a part of the greater patterns of life. It's a sense of TOTAL AWE. This combo enjoys coming up with ingenious solutions to problems- constantly analyzing, seeing, expressing and creating beautiful, elegant, practical and logically consistent structures/systems: such as smoothly functioning economies, artistic symmetry, language, scientific laws etc. INTELLECTUAL > HIGHER EMOTIONAL Here you take in life through your thoughts and ideas, then release this to your Essence so you can fully love those thoughts you're processing. It's a sense of TOTAL KINDNESS and APPRECIATION. This combo shows how you learn to receive, comprehend and evaluate any events, people, things or relationships that bring greater opportunities to love, heal, share affection and envision your dreams. INTELLECTUAL > HIGHER INTELLECTUAL Here you take in life through your thoughts and ideas, then release this to your Essence so that you can sort your thoughts into levels of truth. It's a sense of TOTAL COMPREHENSION. Profound "Ah ha!" moments caused by logical thinking are the best examples of when we access this combo. HIGHER EMOTIONAL CENTER Your Higher Emotional Center is your access to Universal, Ultimate Love. Many access Love biologically through the pure Pleasure gained from them/others giving them Permission to BE. Anything that experiences time has a higher emotion, as time allows us all to include, process and integrate countless experiences into the flow of our life, so we can unconditionally love them. But anything that dreams, envisions and can see beyond the self & moment has a well-developed use of this energy. The -Pole here is best described as INTUITION, while the +Pole is simply UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Forgetting Love creates FRAGMENTATION, while remembering it forms INTUITION. When your Moving, Emotional & Intellectual Centers are in negative health, your access to Higher Emotion becomes muddled by feelings of FRAGMENTATION, division, separation, rejection, confusion & various rigid conditions that restrict and distort what/how love is and must be expressed. So life and love are not lived in wholeness, but split into disconnected and seemingly unlovable parts & pieces that leave you feeling lonely, empty, lost, confused and profoundly unsafe in the fabric of the universe; because of the frustrations, sentiments and reasons you hold onto that keep you locked in this state. When these Centers move into their +Poles though, you start focusing on how to support your aim for higher inspiration, inclusion and vision with your powers of Perception, Insight and Productivity. Thus you allow all parts of life (even the most ugly, messy, shameful and guilty parts you resist, shame, reject or fear) to come into being & reveal themselves, and then work to synthesize them into a bigger picture understanding. This means you use your -Intuition to navigate through all the discordant, divided, contradicting, threatening, confusing, chaotic and separate pieces that make up your self, life, events and relationships, to grasp the entire wholeness those parts make up & allow everything to just exist as a part of the whole. Intuition is only - because it must practice giving yourself and everyone else the space-time to process all these chaotic variables. But it is never harmful or destructive like other -Poles. (Reference: Higher Emotional vs Emotional Centers) So Intuition helps you use SENSITIVITY as a way to feel all of the parts in the picture and remedy/remove any symptoms of discomfort they show by treating them; as well as draw from SYMPATHY to put yourself in the position of feeling for & including others, even without fully relating to them. (Reference: More on Intuition & Love) But once that effort to love more occurs, the result becomes a path to a profoundly inclusive, +Unconditional Love that both understands all the parts of the whole & allows room for them to be more than they are. You then use COMPASSION to acknowledge any underlying suffering/struggle that you/others reveal, and accept that painful struggle will remain until the cause of that is alleviated and healed. All while building upon your sense of sympathy by deeply resonating with and understanding others as equals from a place of full-blown connection and EMPATHY. (Reference: More on Intuition & Love) This path to love could come through many things, such as: Bhakti (emotional devotion). Freeing your sense of Inspiration/Meaning by healing wounds. Embracing your Biological Sensations of Pleasure. Sustaining Eye Contact with other beings to reveal a depth & essence in them and between you both that goes beyond words. Giving, receiving and sharing Affection. Embracing the Unapologetic Validity of your and every other being's innocent existence. Developing a state of Total Agape for all. (Reference: Do some Spiritual Practices promote access to Higher Centers?) Ultimately, Love can only be accessed when the Emotional Center is living from a place of +Perception, and you're allowing yourself to feel a spectrum of emotions that cycle, shift and change over time. To the extent that you are happy with the state of your life shows your capacity to see and share love in any moment. THE 7 RINGS OF LOVE (Reference: Seven Rings of Love) There are 7 Rings of Love, with each encompassing & building upon the last: NURTURING - sustaining love for you, others and even events, despite all blocks to that: this is an unquestioned duty & obligation to care for and help things, even if they're unwanted. ALLIANCE - building love for you, others or events by adjusting yourself to find some form of common ground with them(even if false or forced). RECIPROCITY - receiving and giving love in the form of gifts from you, others or events, in ways that help you know you share a strong bond of connection; whether that's an attractive or repulsive bond. APPRECIATION - reflecting love for all people, parts and things that are different, foreign, unfamiliar and alien to you, by associating with & learning from them, and forgiving or permitting their diversity as acceptable/valuable. COMPREHENSION - seeing the truth that all parts in you, others and events play a part in the larger scheme, and allowing those to be present, and for that to be ok, without needing to change or fully understand them. ALTRUISM - finding unconditional love, empathy and compassion for the unique experience and understanding every person/thing in life has. AGAPE - the process of complete acceptance, peace and love evolved when you realize all of life is created by or allowed by you and others & that everything is perfectly imperfect in its own way. HIGHER EMOTIONAL MUSIC (Reference: 20131124 Michael Speaks: Open Q&A) Each Center resonates with a different form of MUSIC. In this case, we can access our Higher Emotional Center's music by listening to/creating healing music, where certain tones help us remember and recover our hurts, wounds and pleasures. We can also access it through loving vibrations that remind us of and align us with a greater sense of affection, inclusion, equivalence and wholeness. HIGHER INTELLECTUAL CENTER (Reference: Intellectual Centers, Objective Truth, Essence and a Travel message) Your Higher Intellectual Center is your access to Universal, Ultimate Truth. Many access Truth through biological Tears brought on by sudden, and often life-changing Revelations, which transcend all forms of subjective truth and instead aim for Objective and Universal Truth. Anything that can comprehend its experience has a higher intellect. But anything that knows it evolves in its understanding and maturity through life has a well-developed use of this energy. The -Pole here is best described as TELEPATHY, while the +Pole is simply ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Forgetting Truth creates ILLUSION, while remembering it allows TELEPATHY. When your Instinctive, Moving, Emotional & Intellectual Centers are in negative health, your access to the Higher Intellect gets lost in the ILLUSIONS of reactionary frustration, sentimentality and reasoning. Thus, you can easily become preoccupied with conceptualizing and identifying everything as separate things disconnected from you & from each other. You might even seek to subjectively prove or disprove everything on your terms conclusively, without addressing the larger more objective truths. The forgetting of truth tends to bring deceit, ignorance and lies. When these Centers move into their +Poles though, you consciously shift into greater states of productivity, perception and insight; living in ways that see beyond any lies, biases and illusions so that you can glimpse higher, more objective truths through forms of -Telepathy. Telepathy is essentially a state of heightened receptivity to what you convey through and what's conveyed to you beyond the accepted senses. Such as the truths uncovered in cross-species communication, synchronicity across time and space, psychic senses, using one's life as an example to others through patterns of choice/behavior & seeing their actual consequences, art, science etc. Telepathy is never harmful or destructive like other -Poles though. It's only negative because truth must first be accessed through some form of medium before it can be made visible, tangible and comprehensible. All of this opens you up to facing difficult truths about you, others, life etc. so that you can comprehend any layers/levels/facets of truth involved and begin to integrate everything you know so far into a sense of OBJECTIVE and UNIVERSAL Truth that suddenly transcends personal, global or universal paradoxes. These truths then can be built over time into larger infrastructures of context that help make sense of life's complexity without the need for reasoning, and help you profoundly comprehend the truth of your ultimate safety no matter what happens, because there are always more truths to find and know as you evolve. This path to truth can come through many things, such as: Cross-referencing information as a way to Validate. Freeing your Imagination to truly feel joy in your Innocence. Tears of Revelation brought on by processing difficult and unexpected truths through Shock & Grief as a way to move forward. Philosophical Explorations. Breaching Language Barriers. Being Honest rather than living a lie. Honing your Concentration into a Mindful Focus on what priorities matter most to you now, or into Mindless Mental Stillness that clears out what doesn't matter and isn't relevant. Ultimately, Truth can only be accessed when the Intellectual Center is uncovering +Insights, and the need to justify, excuse and reason is measured with how constructive & honest that is. To the extent that you feel at peace, or peaceful shows your capacity to understand and know the higher truth of any moment. 7 TIERS OF TRUTH (Reference: Yahoo TLE Article on Defensiveness and Parallels and Nexus) There are 7 Tiers of Truth, with each building the next & encompassing the last: PERSONAL TIER - any truth relevant to oneself, what things mean to you. (ie. You prefer staying in doors when it's rainy.) COMMUNITY TIER - any truth relevant to a group of people living together. (ie. We believe we should be polite to strangers.) GLOBAL TIER - any truth that affects an entire planet, what things mean for all terrestrial beings. (ie. Liquid water exists abundantly on Earth.) INTERPLANETARY TIER - any truth shared between planets. (ie. Erosion exists on both Earth & Mars.) SOLAR TIER - any truth shared by all lifeforms on all planets in a star system. (ie. Our Solar System is enlightened by a Class G Star.) GALACTIC TIER - any truth shared by all lifeforms in a galaxy. (ie. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.) UNIVERSAL TIER - any truth shared by all life forms in a universe, in all contexts of existence. (ie: Love, Truth and Energy exist everywhere.) NOTE: Truths can and do change and shift over time as we evolve through experience and knowledge. However, Universal Truths like love, truth and energy are absolute constants, so they don't ever change, but the Navigation and Understanding of them can. HIGHER INTELLECTUAL MUSIC (Reference: 20131124 Michael Speaks: Open Q&A) Each Center resonates with a different form of music. In this case, we can access our Higher Intellectual Center by listening to/creating choral music, where there's an arrangement of voices that overlap & express and share the same story. We can also access it through songs with philosophical tones, where we can explore higher truths about our body, self, soul, world etc. through the power of words.
  2. March 7, 2002 Troy Tolley, Channel Racism [M_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We understand the topic tonight to be “Racism.” We can begin by stating that we believe Racism, as it is understood, is simply a subcategory of a larger categorical rejection of, abuse of, neglect of, or dismissal of a particular group. We believe Racism is included along with Sexism, Species-ism, and other minor “-isms” within the larger context of “Classism.” Classism exists across the board, so to speak, and is included even within the sub-groups who claim to be victims of any particular “-ism.” To understand Racism, one must first understand Classism. Classism is not particular to any Soul Age as it might be guessed to be of Young Soul origin. It is not. Classism exists even within the gentler Old Soul communities, as well. We will define Classism as “the inherent need for identity that creates the illusion of division within social constructs.” Classism in not linked to particular Soul Ages because it is actually linked to particular Overleaves, which can be used in any lifetime by any Soul Age or Essence. Classism tends to be rooted in the interesting dynamic within a society as it is defined by the predominant Centering. In nearly all cases, the Classism moves in this direction: Intellect over Emotional over Moving. Inherent within Races, there ARE certain genetic inclinations that make that particular Race more potentially Moving, Intellectual, or Emotional in Centering. Naturally, the darker the pigmentation of skin, the more inclined that Race is toward Moving. The lack of pigmentation tends an inclination toward Intellect. This is NOT a rule, but an INCLINATION. We do not say, nor do we mean to imply, that there is a rule to define Centering based on skin color. In nearly all cases of Slavery and Racism within your history, the basis has almost entirely been based in differing Centers. When Centers are the same, the Classism moves to division based next on the PART. So, even within a society of intellectually centered Caucasians, the Emotional PARTs will usually take dominance over the Moving PARTs. This seemingly “natural” hierarchy is NOT VALID, of course, but is based in the vague longing toward “perfection.” Inherent in all fragments is that “longing”, however vague or clear. This longing is from the sense of separation and the apparent struggle to rise beyond that that seems to epitomize that separation: the Physical Plane. The Physical Plane is the most “separated” you will EVER be from anything; even internally there is the greatest rift you will ever experience as the division between “you” and Essence. If there could ever be an “original sin” identified, we believe it would be more accurate to identify the unconscious misinterpretation of the Physical Plane as a trap that must be risen above. By extension, this misinterpretation has manifested in many divisive ways. ALL “-isms” are a means to gain that illusory rise above what is most symbolic of what has trapped you here. If you examine your films, literature, history, you will find that most forms of SERIOUS praise and awards are given to those of intellectual stature. Frivolous forms of praise and awards are given to the more emotional categories of entertainment, charity, and the more moving centered sports. As we said that Classism is not exclusive to any Soul Age, we CAN say that the Mature Soul Age does the greatest work in alleviating as much of this as is possible within a Sentient Species. As can be seen in your world today, more and more methods of honoring all forms of Centering are coming forth and being taken far more seriously. With all of this being said, we must make it clear that Classism IS NOT a result of Centering, but a result of Fear, or Chief Feature. This fear is simply justified through the tool of Centering. The Exalted Chief Features will almost always be the dominant oppressor over the Ordinal Chief Features, many times despite the Centering. We will continue now with your questions for us. Otherwise, this is a strong foundation for beginning to understand the dynamics behind divisions within Class, Race, Gender, etc. QUESTIONS? [sam-nemo] What is the origin of races? How did they begin? I read a story in the Urantia book. [M_Entity] The origins of races is a grand topic, but we can say that we agree that the species eventually used by what is our Sentience began approximately 8 million years ago in what is now known as East Africa. [sam-nemo] To shorten the topic, did they pop up at one time or were they affected by genetic manipulation or alien experiments? [M_Entity] The varying Races had their development in part due to nomadic movement across lands, but more due to the genetic splicing effects when our Sentience moved to this planet. To respond to your question “in short,” we believe the “genetic manipulation” had more to do with varying Races than anything. Approximately 6 million years ago, the most dramatic divisions began. This was based on the genetic splicing and the care that the “aliens” had in creating the most effective and practical genetic bodies for the varying locations seeded. [MaryBV] How much of racism is based on bad past life experiences with or as part of a culture/people? [M_Entity] We would have to say that ANTI-racism is more indicative of past life experiences with or as part of a culture/people. Racism in its truest form is based in LACK of experiences. [Val] Please expand on the word “trapped” in your explanation and Exalted chief features, what is your meaning is? [M_Entity] We meant the word “trapped” literally, as in a confining and unchosen/unwanted condition of which there is great difficulty in escaping. The Exalted Chief Features are Greed, Arrogance, and Impatience. Because “you” exist primarily as “spirit,” the confines of the Physical Plane from the very beginning are quite uncomfortable and the challenges inherent to the Physical Plane are quite a shock to Essence. This affects the lifetimes in ways that are conscious and unconscious, leading nearly all extant to seek a vague sense of “somewhere else,” or “home,” be that in another person, a career, another location, or even another life, etc. This seeking eventually finds a balance and turns into “spirituality,” and eventually, as well, you realize you have never actually left “home.” [JNelson] Why would genetics predispose certain people towards certain overleaves? [M_Entity] Overleaves ARE genetic. Personality, while affected by environment, education, conditioning, is primarily based in genetics, in the same way a Body is. There is, literally, a gene that predisposes a Personality toward Intellect, as there is also a gene that predisposes a Personality toward Moving. We remind you that we say PREDISPOSES. This is overridden or flowed with as the life unfolds and choices and reactions are experienced. The Personality, even as it is defined by our system, is a biological description. In some parallels where genetic identification and manipulation is more accurate and acceptable, Personalities can be altered or at least identified and described quite early in a child’s life. This can and will be abused, of course, but as its more practical uses are found in some parallels it is a form of healing and/or preparation for a child’s life. [JNelson] So do fragments incarnate into specific bodies simply because they’re programmed with the desired overleaves already or would the fragment reprogram the overleaves itself upon incarnation? [M_Entity] The Overleaves are chosen first, as the Soul ages, and then the closest parental genetic pool is chosen to create the body. In early incarnations, predominate Essence dynamics usually determines the body a Soul uses, based on an already-defined Personality developing. For instance, a female body is 100% Female Energy (or Creative Energy) when a Soul is not using it. An Essence with predominantly Creative Energy in its ratio will be inclined to have female bodies in their earlier lives. Later, the Essence will more consciously choose against this as a means to learn balance and other various lessons. Eventually, the Energy Ratio can be used effectively regardless of the body’s gender. Infant Souls do not discriminate their choices of bodies as they would simply rather be born as soon as possible to escape the discomfort of being dead. Eventually, as the lessons of survival teach, they learn to choose and create more and more consciously. As the Soul learns, the creation of a lifetime and a body becomes an art form. If there are no more questions, we will say good night.
  3. OMW - Sep 4, 2010 - Your Turning Points Troy Tolley, Channel (Note: Two things stand out about this transcript: 1) it triggered huge responses from the participants; so, the questions aren't as well organized or integrated as some other transcripts -- I left it "as is" in order to keep the emotional tone; 2) this topic really integrates well with the more recent "Doing versus Being" workshop held in January, 2011. glb) MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We have been asked today to speak about what Troy describes as a "Turning Point" that each fragment may, or may not, have within a lifetime. We will first define "Turning Point" as "the unequivocal, historical comprehension that a correction of course on a Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and/or Spiritual Path is necessary and possible as a result of a particular, pivotal experience or choice." We will further define "correction of course" as meaning "a direction of active preference of path that includes improved health for one or more of the bodies, as opposed to a passive presumption of a path that is not nurturing for one or more of the bodies." A "Turning Point" usually shows up within a life when the original intention for the life is being cut short by the death of one or more of the bodies. And by "bodies," we do mean the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual Bodies, or more accurately, "layers" of the Body. When one of these bodies nears death, and the original intention did not include that death or exit point, then a Turning Point is generated so as to give the entirety of the Body (all layers/bodies) a chance to recover and correct the course of the life. Usually that correction of course is drastic because it is in contrast to the momentum that was leading to death. Each "layer" or Body can experience death, even as the other layers continue beyond that death of one body. For instance, a fragment can experience the death of his or her Emotional Body while continuing Physically, Intellectually, Spiritually. Even when the Physical Body dies, one can continue to "live" through the Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual bodies, and this is most-often reported as a "haunting," of course. Regardless of their lack of tangibility, these bodies are ALL of the Physical Plane in terms of material as a medium for Essence. These materials are not yet understood entirely, but may best be understood by you as various densities, or frequencies, that make up the entirety of The Body. Your Body is made up of these densities, or frequencies, from densest to finest: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, and these are "encased," so to speak, in the matrix that might be called the Etheric Body, which acts as a generator, bridge, and template. Each of these are subject to the scathing that is inherent of the Physical Plane, and thus can be harmed, injured, or die. However, as long as the Etheric Body/casing is intact, not only is the presence in the Physical Plane still intact, but so is the Personality, as the Personality is biological, or more accurately, it is a part of the Bodies. As we said before: a "turning point" is a potential result that comes from the near-death, or death, of one or more of the Bodies. [Geraldine] Please describe what the physical body looks like if any of the other three bodies die. MEntity: Therefore how to prevent a Turning Point becomes increasingly interesting to Essence as it grows older, since keeping all of the Bodies healthy also becomes increasingly interesting to the soul. One of the ways to prevent a Turning Point, ironically, is to CREATE a Turning Point. More accurately said, it is how to create one Consciously, as most Turning Points are created unconsciously. [Deb22] Is this not what I did — created a turning point — by taking that recent, extended trip to SE Asia. To the unknown, to being alive because my bodies — the emotional, intellectual and spiritual were nearing death? MEntity: Deb, we would agree. The difference between creating a Turning Point consciously vs unconsciously is profound in terms of catalysts, but equally as profound in terms of impact. It could be said, then, that the Positive Pole of a Turning Point is Transmutation and the Negative Pole is Desperation. One end is fueled by Choice whereas the other end is fueled by Survival. One end is created from conscious recognition whereas the other end is created from unconscious realization. For instance, they are the difference between stating, "something has GOT to change" vs "Oh my god, I almost died." [Deb22] What is hard is the next step. I have the momentum but it is of a different texture — stillness versus movement. It is exciting but scary. Any suggestions.? My turning point felt conscious — was it? MEntity: If you are interested in this workshop with us, you have probably stated at some point: "something has got to change." Or you have experienced a Turning Point already, and just want to understand that process. We will make time for personal questions in a more organized exchange coming up. As we mentioned before: a Turning Point comes from the near-death, or death, of one or more of the Bodies. When there is a death of the body, or layer, as long as there is a denser body alive, then the finer body can be "brought back to life." In other words, as long as the Physical Body is intact, then any "death" of any other body can be revived, revitalized. We will define "death" here as "having no active, functioning presence." There are, literally, those whose Emotional Bodies are dead in that regard. As are there some whose Intellectual or Spiritual Bodies are dead. It is not inaccurate then to say that a Turning Point is a Resurrection. Within context, there is validity to the concept of being "born again." Each Soul Age tends toward certain bodies having more trouble surviving the life than other bodies. [Karine] When resurrected, does the body that died come back exactly the same as it was, or is it different than it used to be? MEntity: Karine, it is transmutated. It is always in a higher form if it is resurrected; if the Turning Point is utilized. The Infant Souls tend to have trouble keeping any of the Bodies alive. Baby Souls have the hardest time keeping the Spiritual Body alive. Young Souls have the hardest time keeping the Intellectual Bodies alive. Mature Souls have the hardest time keeping the Emotional Bodies alive. And Old Souls have the hardest time keeping the Physical Bodies alive. Keep in mind that "alive" and "death" here are not entirely literal. For instance, the Older Soul has a hard time keeping the Physical Body "alive" in the sense that we already defined: "having no active, functioning presence." Older Souls are most-prone to hiding away their Physical Bodies from the world, in other words. They have evolved to such a state of spirituality, of spiritual strength, that the emphasis of life tends to move away from Physical presence, and it takes a lot more effort to be alive as a Physical Being. Being "alive", as in, "having active, functioning presence." This helps explain a great deal about much of the turmoil and terror that can often plague the Old Soul. It also helps explain the distractions and overcompensations of the younger Soul Ages. For instance, as the Baby Soul has the hardest time keeping the Spiritual Bodies alive, they tend to have the most resurrections of the Spiritual Body, or an emphasis on being "born again" on that level. The Older Soul often requires this same kind of profound turning point, but on a Physical Level. Therefore, many Older Souls will have their Turning Point generated when in the face of Physical Death. Though it would be difficult to validate, we can say that Older Souls tend to have the "close calls" with physical death more often, proportionally, than other soul ages for that reason. Ironically, they are also more likely to create a Turning Point unconsciously than the other Soul Ages, with Baby Souls being most-prone to creating Turning Points from a conscious intention than other Soul Ages. Before we move further into this topic, and into more personal territory, we now invite you to ask questions about the topic in general, or to comment on your sense of validity about what we have shared so far. [Maureen] Based on this discussion: How does "Energetic Healing" take place/work and what can be done to strengthen it's effect on all the "Bodies/Layers?" [Geraldine] What can cause the "death" of one of the intangible bodies? [Martha] Can you tell if another person has a "dead" body? [Maureen] Lights are on and no ones' home! MEntity: In response to Maureen: Most "Energetic Healing" is fairly useless without the implementation of a counterpart that might be called an "anchor" for a circuit to be fulfilled for that level of healing. [Karine] are the bodies related to the Centers? MEntity: For instance, Physical Healing, which is the most obvious form of healing, has a medium that is tangible in such forms as medicine, bandaging, and active monitoring of the wound. [Deb22] Can you please amplify the response to Maureen's question? What would be a counterpart, an anchor? MEntity: "Energetic" Healing most-often refers to more intangible techniques for providing an exchange of energy for the intent of healing various levels of the Body. However, regardless of the finer body, or the lack of tangibility for the healing, there still needs to be an "anchor," or a counterpart that helps to generate a circuit between healer and healed. [Maureen] What do you mean by anchor - counterpart? MEntity: For instance, the "laying on of hands" or the use of touch, in general, is powerful as an anchor, or counterpart, to many "energetic" healing techniques. [Maureen] From your perspective, what actually takes place with an energetic healing? [Deb22] What about a geometric grid with the elements, the bodies, the directions-- creating a mandala implementing those forms? MEntity: Other examples might be: good conversation as a counterpart to Intellectual Healing; affection as a counterpart to Emotional Healing; the use of symbols, either imaginary or tactile, are quite powerful. For example: if one were to use "at-a-distance" healing as a means to help someone, it would help for that recipient to have a symbol for help in completing that circuit. This could be assigned by the healer for the recipient to visualize or duplicate, or chosen by the recipient for the healer to focus upon. A person carrying a stone that is the anchor for healing energy from a healer is much more likely to receive and benefit from healing than someone who was simply told that the healer would "send" some healing energy. [Martha] whats an anchor for Spiritual healing? [Maureen] With "Hands on Healing" - what can be done to strengthen its effect so it lasts longer? Or has a permanent effect? MEntity: In response to GERALDINE: the death of the Emotional Body can come from emotional overwhelm, self-loathing, abandonment, emotional abuse, etc.; the death of the Intellectual Body can come from Intellectual overwhelm, extreme loss, unprocessed grief, excessive disappointment, philosophical abuse or mindfucking, etc.; the death of the Spiritual Body can come from overwhelming demands of life, lack of capacity to comprehend beyond your own needs and wants, extreme displacement of identity for the sake of compromise and order, etc. [Geraldine] a-ha -- all of those negative poles pile up [Maureen] The North Koreans must suffer from all these the death of the Physical Body, besides the obvious literal death, would come from extreme rejection of physical life, repulsion for the functions of the physical body, terror in realizing the fragility of the body, profound desperation to feel safe, profound misunderstanding that the vastness of the universe equates an insignificance of the self, etc. MEntity: In response to MARTHA: it is often difficult to determine if one of the bodies is dead, but if one is sensitive enough, one can often feel that sense of "emptiness" in a person on the relevant level of Body. [Deb22] What is the interrelationship between the 9 needs and the death of the bodies? MEntity: Some symptoms of each body's death might be: Spiritual Death - addiction, capacity to murder, willingness to enslave or oppress; Intellectual Death - lack of ethics, profound disregard for boundaries, profound lack of concern for the Effects of one's Cause. Emotional Death - extreme depression, apathy, paralysis of isolation (feeling trapped/alone when not trapped/alone) Physical Death - squalor, poor hygiene, extreme wishful thinking (extreme entitlement) In response to KARINE: yes, these Bodies are related to the Centers indirectly, as the Centers are related to the Chakras. Though our channels and students often presume that the Centers are synonymous with the Chakras, we do not use the term Centers to represent Chakras. Therefore, these Bodies are directly related to the Chakras, but indirectly related to the Centers. We use the term "Center" to describe a Personality's "Center of Gravity," and while this can be seen as an extension of the Chakra, it is not about the Chakra, itself. [Maureen] What part does Auric Hygiene play in "warding off" the death of a "Body"? MEntity: So, for instance, a Personality may be Emotionally Centered, but his Emotional Body is "Dead." This would mean that the fragment still navigates life based on attraction and repulsion relative to Inspiration (emotion), but has closed down any vitality to his Emotional Body, hence having "closed down" his Heart Chakra. [Deb22] What is the interrelationship between the 9 needs and the death of the bodies? MEntity: In other words, his other bodies may still move through life in relation to what is or isn't inspiring, but his Emotional Body has cut off contact with his Essence. In response to DEB, we did elaborate on the Anchor/Counterpart, and can do so further if that was not enough. [Karine] so a body's death is basically the rejecting of essence? [Deb22] I was referring to our primary needs: Freedom, Adventure, Exchange, Expression, etc. and was asking for the correlation [Martha] that's a big question Deb [Deb22] I realize that but I think it is most relevant to our discussion MEntity: We are responding to the questions as we see them in order above. We suggest a halt on the questioning now until we have responded to each that has already been posted. [Geraldine] I don't think Needs applies to this -- we'll never get to issues about how to do up a Turning Point consciously at this rate MEntity: We explained what a "counterpart" and anchor is in relation to energetic healing, but the short answer would that a counterpart or anchor is a specific symbol or tangible object that acts as a medium for the energy that is being transmitted for healing purposes. Those symbols and objects are completely subject to the creativity and sense of personal relevance between the healer and healed, and are not specific to the different bodies. We are now to Maureen's question of "what actually takes place during energetic healing?" Whether Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual, any healing is a corrective frequency relative to that body. More specifically, it is a return to order from chaos, or alignment from disarray. When we say that it is a return to order from chaos, we say that in terms of relativity. What may be order, or beauty, to one person's body is chaos to another's. [Martha] Can we hold more questions until we hear about how to consciously create a TP? we're going to run out of time MEntity: For example, what an Older Soul sees in a Baby Soul's being "born again" is "ugly" compared to the beauty the Baby Soul actually experiences in that healing. [Deb22] Suggestion: Why can't we continue this topic next month? It is clear, it is massive. MEntity: Keeping this in mind can help when one acts as a healer, either professionally or as a friend. Healing is something that must be determined by the recipient, not the sender. (We can respond to the remaining questions above, and still cover the "how to" part of our discussion, if everyone has approximately 30 minutes remaining to participate.) [Maureen] OK [Martha] ok [Geraldine] ok [Karine] alright [Deb22] ok MEntity: In response to Deb regarding Mandalas: yes, this would be included in our explanation that symbols are counterparts/anchors for healing. In response to Maureen about hand-on healing and length of effect: We would have to say that it is often wise to consider healing as a matter of "treatment," rather than as a form of miracle. This means that, in most cases, healing is a process, not a product. Each recipient would require different different numbers of sessions, and different degrees of focus for the healing. This is something that would be determined based upon the needs of the individual. In response to Deb regarding the 9 Needs: to the degree that one's Needs are met is a fairly accurate degree to which the bodies are healthy. The less one satisfies his Needs, the more one will degenerate in relation to that Need, depending on how one has prioritized that need and its necessity to satisfy. Though the different Needs could correlate to the different Bodies, it is more accurate to say that for EACH Body the 9 Needs MUST BE SATISFIED to some degree for that Body to be healthy. So, for instance, the Emotional Body will have its Tier of 3 Primary Needs to satisfy, but will still need all 9 to be healthy. In response to Karine about the body's death being a rejection of Essence: No, the Physical Body's death is not always about the "rejection" of Essence, but it is always a result of Essence withdrawing or being blocked from the Body. Death or the Turning Point of any Body is motivated by either Transmutation or Desperation. Therefore, when the Physical Body dies, it can be from the positive morphing into another step of its evolution, or from desperation that might lead to something like suicide. Of course, we can elaborate upon all of our responses as necessary, but we will now speak about the "how to" part of our exchange with you. If any of you can look at any part of your life as represented by the Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual) and have found yourselves stating that "something has GOT to change," then you may be in need of a Turning Point. If you are in need of a Turning Point, then it will either happen as a result of Desperation as that particular level of life, or Body, is threatened or dies, or you can choose to generate that Turning Point on your own, and on your own terms. The reason most fragments rely on Desperation to generate a Turning Point is because it is "easier" in that it feels as if it is something that happens TO you, rather than FROM you. And therein lies the difference: consciously choosing/creating a Turning Point means that is must come FROM you, not TO you. One does NOT need to be near death, or dead, in that Body in order to generate a Turning Point. When one is consciously creating a Turning Point, it is not dependent on which Body is near death, but can be based upon your Overleaves and the inherent strength and weaknesses of your own design. When a Turning Point is generated, either consciously or unconsciously, it is a profound redirection of DOING, BEING, HAVING, or KNOWING. These correlate to the Axes of the Overleaves. DOING=Action BEING=Inspiration HAVING=Expression KNOWING=Assimilation If one might choose to consciously create a Turning Point, then one might look at his or her Overleaves and see which Axis is lacking the most emphasis. This would be your first clue or step in generating your Turning Point. For instance, if one is not a King or Warrior, and does not have Submission/Dominance, Perseverance, Aggression, Cynic, Realist, Moving Centering, or a Mars/Venus Body Type, then it might mean that you would most benefit from DOING SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. If you are lacking in the Inspiration Overleaves, it might mean that you would benefit most from starting to BE SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. Lack of Expression Overleaves might mean it would benefit you to HAVE SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. Lack of Assimilation might mean KNOWING SOMETHING PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT. DOING something different is probably the most obvious in terms of what one can do to generate a Turning Point. BEING something different would mean profoundly changing the dynamics of your behavior to reflect what it is that inspires you. BE THAT. HAVING something different would mean profoundly changing what it is that you take/receive from the world around you. KNOWING something different would mean profoundly changing how you interpret your experiences. Of course, no Turning Point can be completed without ALL of those being addressed: Doing, Being, Having, and Knowing. But your Overleaves can help you to see where you might need to start, first. The fact may be that your true Turning Point would come when you reach the KNOWING part of the equation, even if you start with the DOING part. So keep this in mind when you begin your steps. Based on what we have just shared, do each of you understand your Overleaves enough to see what might be your own first step in a Turning Point, if you chose to consciously create one? [LisaC] yes; mine would be Doing [Martha] I think so (Seeing as how I have almost NO action emphasis) [Karine] mine would be doing, too MEntity: And the rest of you? [Geraldine] I think everything hinges on "how I interpret" things [Maureen] I have a mix [Karine] Should one also take a look at what overleaves they are sliding to? (if some of them are on the neutral axis) MEntity: Karine, no, the primary Overleaf should be the primary means for determining this, but we can say that the "sliding" can help to show what area might be a next step in the process. [Karine] ok [Deb22] I did what I always do, DO, but now that I have done; I am BEING. Where am I in my bodies' resurrections? [Geraldine] I'm a little curious how one would DO before one KNOWS? [Martha] I know I need to do something different, but I don't know what it is [Maureen] I walked on "Fire" before I knew MEntity: As we said, all parts of the process will have to be addressed for a complete Turning Point, but a first step is always necessary. In the case where DOING may be addressed before KNOWING, it would mean that it is obvious that certain actions are generating certain results, which would either mean DOING something else more specific to the desired results, or the halting of the Doing that is causing the undesirable results. The reason this might work better for those lacking Action Overleaves is because those Personalities rarely "Know" something (as in, being able to interpret things differently) until they DO something that breaks a pattern. It is not necessary for one to "know" what to do differently, but to DO something profoundly different is the key. This may be as obvious as doing the opposite of what you would normally do, or just doing something "different" for a change, as in taking a random trip, or breaking out in dance in the moment. Keep in mind that for each of these, they are a spectrum: Doing/Not Doing; Being/Not Being; etc. Sometimes the profundity is in the NOT. One way to keep yourself "on your toes" regarding your starting point of Transformation is to mark your more familiar moment with "Maybe I'm Wrong." For instance, "I have to do it this way because my situation demands that I do it this way." "But maybe I'm wrong about that." "I know it means this because it's obvious that it means this." "But maybe I'm wrong about that." "I want this and need this because I've earned it and deserve it!" "But maybe I'm wrong about that." "I am a big loser." "But maybe I'm wrong about that." If you find that you are frustrated with your direction on any level, it will truly help you to consider that you may be wrong. Suggesting this to yourself can help you to spark your creativity in finding other solutions and directions. Keep in mind that a consciously-created Turning Point is a slower process and one that requires your active participation. Putting a coin of effort into the slot of Doing will not immediately generate a jackpot of success from Being, Having, and Knowing. Your sequence of steps is just a suggestion, and we have already pointed out where to start, but where you will end is often suggested by the Axis where your Overleaves are most concentrated. [Martha] I have been very frustrated lately, wanting to DO something but not knowing what — this should help MEntity: A final thought for you consider is that the force that will keep each step flowing into the next, and generating results that will lead to Transmutation, is FOLLOW-THROUGH. [Geraldine] damn -- but what if I have a CF of procrastination? [Martha] (you're gonna knock Troy out of trance) [Geraldine] (just trying to make Michael laugh) MEntity: There is no Chief Feature of Procrastination, but the humor is not lost on us: we would suggest in response to this that if one is plagued by Procrastination, then one actively create a structure or relationship of Accountability. Accountability is the only solution for Procrastination. With all of this background information, and insight into your Overleaves as a tool for change, we think each of you can set in motion your own Turning Point, if you choose to do so. [Karine] how long does it take to create a successful Turning Point? a few months/years? does it depend on the situation? [Deb22] My bodies — the emotional, the spiritual, the intellectual are experiencing profound changes since my trip to SE Asia. I have the momentum but it is of a different texture. Exciting, but scary. Stillness versus movement. Any suggestions that can help? MEntity: We will respond to these final two questions, but must conclude after that. Karine, the length of time it takes is always relative to the effort, and the magnitude of redirection that is sought. If one wants to take better care of her body so that it moves into a natural state of health, then that can take effect almost immediately; but if one would like to redirect from a career of law enforcement to a career in ballet, it might take more time and commitment. Deb, our best response to your question is to suggest that you now LISTEN TO YOURSELF. That is key in your sustaining your momentum. Listen. And, of course, Follow Through. We must conclude here. If further, more intimate discussion is required, we suggest arranging a follow up discussion/chat within the month that may help. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
  4. Ask Michael Live Chat December 7, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley ViP2: How do neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, etc (and drugs which influence neurotransmitter production and handling in the brain, such as Prozac) fit into the spectrum of choice that is available to an individual? For example, if an individual is depressed and feels like there is only a small range of choices available to improve that situation, is taking such a drug a "useful" way to increase the available spectrum of choices? I suppose taking the drug is a choice in itself but I'm curious as to how one's mental condition, which appears to depend partially on neurotransmitter activity, influences or establishes the range of choices available in a given situation. MEntity: In response to the first part of the question: Though this topic is far more complex than the mere minutes we have here to respond, we will say that the primary effects that these neurotransmitters have is not so much on the range of choice, but on the AGREEABLE vs. DISAGREEABLE range of choice. When these neurotransmitters are in a healthy state, there is a tendency to be in a more agreeable state, which makes the range of choice accessible, but not necessarily indicative of a "good or bad" choice, as much as an agreeable choice. When these neurotransmitters are in an unhealthy state, there is a tendency to be in a more disagreeable state, which makes the range of choice seem more inaccessible, even if they are not, because any choice will tend to be opposed. Unhealthy states of neurotransmitters tend to incline one to reject, deny, or battle against options, even if the range is vast, while healthy states of these neurotransmitters tend to incline one to experiment, allow, and accept options of choice, even if the range is quite limited. In terms of influence, choice is still there, of course, even if it may not seem to be so. There is a difference between neurological processes that affect one's mood around the options of choice, and neurological processes that actually reduce the capacity to choose. When there are neurological influences that reduce the capacity to choose, then there is either self-karma taken on, or choices made for this individual become consequences for those who make the choices, not the one who is compromised. The latter would be similar to, say, how a baby or infant might require care, and how its capacity to choose is truly limited. Any choice on that baby's behalf is of consequence to only the one making the choice. We can alway speak more on this subject, but this is our response for now. ClaireC: Hello, Michael. In a similar, health-related vein, is there any validity to homeopathic medicine and the claims made by its practitioners? MEntity: Yes. ClaireC: Could you elaborate? MEntity: In most instances where homeopathic remedies have little effect, they are simply administered or taken incorrectly. One of the benefits of homeopathic remedies is that one cannot be made sick from them if there is a misdiagnosis or poor administration. But, as a whole, the claims and treatments of homeopathy are valid. This is a holistic means of treatment, best used for chronic issues and issues that require long-term treatment, while allopathic (or "western") medicine is best for emergencies. ClaireC: How does the mechanism work? MEntity: One of the ways in which one can validate the legitimacy of homeopathic remedies is that they work on non-human, non-sentient creatures. One does not have to "believe" in their effectiveness. They simply work. Veterinarians have turned to this source of treatment for many chronic ailments of animals. ClaireC: Any examples? MEntity: The means by which most homeopathic remedies work is through a kind of intense "stamping" of a molecular structure into the "memory" of water. There will come to be a better word/phrase for describing how this works, but the long and crude description is that the "essence" of molecular structure is stacked in the water in a way that is almost holographic, though not quite. Because it can be "stacked," the remedy may seem to be quite diluted when viewed through current technology, when, in fact, it is actually highly potent and concentrated. Examples for non-human animals can be seen documented for a number of ailments, from skin conditions to ear inflammations to digestive issues to neurological compromises, etc. Because there is no regulation of any significance for homeopathic remedies, and because the intake of dosage is so unfamiliar, many do not receive quality benefits, but if care is given in the selection of a professional, as well as in how one is using the remedies, profound benefit can come. ckaricai: Thanks, My question: The recent events in Ferguson, MO sparked protests all around the country. More people are opening up to the fact that people of color in this country experience a different America and it seems like emotions surrounding this fact are high for everyone...What can we do, rather what can older souls do--other than protest--to help move this country towards more racial harmony? MEntity: One of the first things that can be done by older souls is to stop pretending that one can understand the entirety and complexity of the subject. Not even those who are directly involved and directly affected can do so. It is an ancient wounding, and while current wounding can be addressed, the ancient wounding cannot. At least, not in any superficial satisfactory way. ckaricai: That seems pretty bleak MEntity: Ancient wounding of a people is valid. It is carried forward in the biological constructs of the Instinctive Center of any considered to be of that people. Even as the Essence brings forth its own Instinctive Center data, it is mixed in with the biology of the "race." While "race" is a social construct, and not a valid biological construct, those social constructs still carry an influence in terms of procreation and lineage. In other words, there is validity to "ancestral memory." However, the older the soul, the less dependency upon ancestral memory. The younger the soul, the more defined one is by ancestral memory. ckaricai: ...How then would african americans as a group move past that collective ancestral memory? MEntity: This is also true in terms of species, which is why there is an ancient wounding among all Humans regarding their place in the cosmos, related to the original relocation from Sirius. Our pointing to the fact that no one can truly comprehend the profundity and complexity of the ancient wounding is not meant to imply or sound bleak. It is meant to point to the fact that many speak AS IF they completely comprehend it, and offer opinions, ideas, and facts that speak only to a fraction of the pain. And this can tend to add to the pain. For the older soul, this inclination to presume a full understanding can be much easier to relieve than for the younger souls. As for the whole of the people in question, one of the ways for this to be healed is to allow for diversity within the whole of the people. ckaricai: I understand. Thanks for your answer. MEntity: One of the greatest internal setbacks of any oppressed group is the negative effects of solidarity. Solidarity is important and effective, but not if it is used as a means for not allowing variations in advancement and growth from within the group. Imagine a group of people seeking to escape a fire. In one scenario, everyone is linked, and shoulder-to-shoulder so that no one can get through the door. In another scenario, some will will get through the door before others, and some may have to wait a moment. This is a crude comparison, but it is simple in that it speaks to the necessity for moving beyond solidarity and into the active nurturing of diversity. ckaricai: That makes a lot of sense. MEntity: Again, this is not a full response, as the scenario is far more complex than this, but it is our best response to the questions in this format for now. MikeClev: Is there currently any other Sentience living in or visiting our Solar System (other than Earth's Humans, Cetaceans and a few Gorillas)? And, is there any NON-sentient life in our Solar System other than on Earth, for instance, on Mars MEntity: There is a great deal of non-sentient life in this system, but not sentient. There was Sentient life on Venus that has long-since cycled off, and there have been stations on Mars and Earth's Moon by non-Solar System sentience, but not as native species. Most of the species in this system would be classified along the lines of "extremophiles." MikeClev: If so, have signs of stations on the moon and mars been seen and recognised by scientists? MEntity: Oh, yes. Though they are not fully understood and debate continues, there are those who know without question that intelligent life has created structures beyond the Earth. Maureen: Is there any relationship, at all, between The Nine Needs and the Chakras / Centers? If so, what are they? I do understand that our time is limited today. If there is no relationship, I’ll pass on this question. Note: I know the numbers aren’t complementary (9 Needs vs. 7 Chakra/Centers) but as I have reviewed The Nine Needs I’m often left wondering if there is a connection as they’re both dependent on choices made that effect the fulfilment of the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Bodies. MEntity: First, think of the Nine Needs as being fulfilled through the use of the Seven Chakras/Centers. Any single Need can be fulfilled through the use of any combination of Centers/Chakras. Think of the Nine Needs as results, where as the Seven Centers/Chakras are functions. Maureen: That helps. MEntity: Results and functions can always find some correlation, even if the systems are different. But to draw strict correlations between the Centers and the Needs would be like drawing some significance from one set of directions to the grocery store over a different set of directions. The path to the grocery store is a matter of function/navigation. The grocery store is the point/result. Maureen: I see. Thanks Michael. MEntity: Correlations can be drawn between the grocery store and a path taken, but also between the grocery store and a different path. This is true of the Nine Needs and Seven "paths," as well. GeraldineB: I'm asking a Q on behalf of Kurtis who couldn't attend: Hey Michael, I'd like to ask for elaboration on the Jovial Body Appearance, and any celebrities that would show it off well, thanks :) MEntity: The Jovial Body Type, in terms of Appearance, is one that embodies density of intellect and expression. This body type is designed to carry and store a wide range of ideas, feelings, stories, anecdotes, memories, wisdom, and so has a great deal of "space" among its cells that show up as either loosely packed or densely packed. Those that are loosely packed, so to speak, are those that are quite fleshy, fat, round, and what many associate with "jovial." So while one version may be like "santa claus," the loosely packed, another may be like the "dumb bodybuilder." This is not to say that Santa is wise or that bodybuilders are dumb, but the stereotypes are there. There are origins of a "Santa" that was valid, but the the modern version is simply a result of clever marketing. In terms of more specific "celebrity" versions, there is John Goodman, and then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger. We must conclude here for today. As usual, there is more to say about each of these questions, but we abbreviate our responses to accommodate this format. These more abbreviated responses can be helpful in that they prompt incremental steps in contemplation and comprehension so that a topic can be fully explored with some base knowledge, if that topic is of interest for further exploration. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  5. Janet

    Centers of Gravity

    [Reproduction of NWM: Your Center of Gravity, with some participant interaction omitted[ MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we will speak on a topic that is one of our early pieces of the teaching that made it through fairly concisely during the 20th Century CE. Despite this clarity, the details have become simplified in a way that left behind a great deal of the layers and details that help add dimension to this piece of the teaching. This is the information on the Centers or "brains" of the body. We have said this before, but will say it again here for review: though the correlations between Centers and Chakras are virtually inseparable, the concepts are different. In other words, though the Chakras and Centers can be spoken of in interchangeable ways, Chakras describe the stationary locations/portals of energy as they function relative to the body, while Centers expands upon these and are not stationary or are not necessarily local to the body. One of the reasons we use the term "Center" is that it is short for "Center of Gravity." Center of Gravity describes an average location of the "weight" of an object, by which that object can then be understood in terms of its motion through space and time, as well as an even deeper understanding through how that object is bound in rotation around that Center of Gravity. The "object" here is most often understood as the self, but can extend to refer to events, relationships, time periods, etc. There is a "natural" or starting point Center of Gravity for each "Center," but these change over the lifetime. For example, the Emotional Center of Gravity is in the Heart, or rests in the Heart Chakra. Your Moving Center of Gravity is in the Gut, or the Solar Plexus Chakra. Your Intellectual Center of Gravity is in the throat, the Vishuddhi, or the Throat Chakra. Your Instinctive Center rests at the base of the spine and throughout the spine, or the Root Chakra. This is where they begin, their natural resting point, and this is because your Centering DEVELOPS out of these points. You are born with Chakras. You are not born with Centering. Chakras are the electrical currents or connecting points through which the dimensions of Essence animate and live the life. The Personality, then, develops from those points the Centers of Gravity. To understand the depths of Centering, then, you would want to understand that your Centering describes the "brain" with which you use to process life, or the Center of Gravity around which you "rotate" within yourself, and the PART tends to describe that which you then "orbit" around. For example, an Emotionally-CENTERED person tends to rotate/process within the self in terms of how things, people, events, life moves them, inspires them, and bypasses their prejudices and logic to get to a place of direct perception. An Intellectually-CENTERED person tends to rotate/process within the self in terms of how things are expressed, make sense, are logical, formed, and bring them insight. Now, look at these in terms of Center and PART. The Part tends to describe that which one likes to orbit around as input for the primary Center. But it also describes what one reflects back from the surface of one's self, if you will. So the Emotionally-CENTERED navigates and processes in terms of Inspiration, but its Intellectual PART means that this is both given back to the world in Expression and is taken in from the world of Expression. Think of your Primary Center as that which holds you together, and your Part as that which you tend to gravitate toward and around and reflect. Now, what tends to happen over the course of a lifetime is that your Primary Center of Gravity (and all of your Centers of Gravity) move out and away from the natural resting place in you, and you place these in other people, in events, in the past, in the future, in relationships, etc. So, rather than your Emotional Center being within you in a way that allows you to process on your own terms, you may have placed your Center of Gravity in your Mother, in your mate, in your career, etc. This means that you then begin to look to that which you have placed your Center of Gravity for how to process and navigate. So while you may be Emotionally-Centered, your Center of Gravity for the Emotions is in the PAST, and everything is processed in terms of the gravity of the past. It could be said that there are 7 locations beyond the natural resting point, or the SELF, in which one places one's Center of Gravity: HEALTH or the Material World; CARETAKERS or The Past; LIFE, or the forces bigger than oneself; INDIVIDUALS, or intimacy and relationships; THE WORLD, or the faceless OTHERS; THE FUTURE, or Unknown; SPIRIT, or non-specific dispersion. These are broad and overlapping categories, but can help our students to look at these areas where Centering may have a gravitational force. Keep in mind that even though you may be Emotionally-Centered, you may have several locations beyond you where there are Centers of Gravity for the Emotions. While it is not "bad" that one's Center of Gravity may beyond the self, it can be difficult for the older soul for this to be the case, because when one's Center of Gravity is in someone else, or in an event, etc., then SELF-AWARENESS IS LOST. For many, the Center of Gravity is a literal gravitational pull that draws one's attention on a regular basis. Does your Health take up a lot of your attention? Do Others take up a lot of your attention? Does your Relationship take up a lot of your attention? Do you find yourself stuck in The Past and comparing everything to that? Do you find yourself worried about The Future, or thinking that there are solutions found only in the Future? And so on. As you can see, none of these are probably unfamiliar to any of you because, regardless of your Centering, your Center of Gravity can be in many locations. To bring your Centers of Gravity back to the SELF is to bring your attention back to yourself. SELF-OBSERVATION is the only way. Self-Observation is Self-Awareness is the awareness of your part in the equation of all dynamics in your life. Self-Observation brings your attention BACK TO YOU, and therefore brings your Center of Gravity back to a resting place, to its origins. This is not to say that The World or your Health or your Past or The Future will no longer be relevant as factors, but that your emotions, thoughts, and actions will no longer be dictated by these. You will no longer rotate and process from within those external factors, but bring that rotation, that calm, that centering, that process back home to you. ... ClaireC: Michael, I am Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part. Although I am concerned about the Future, I feel the gravitational pull towards my heart most of the time. Would that constitute being self-aware according to your description, of bringing the rotation back home? MEntity: Claire, your question brings us to the next area we would have covered. It is important to differentiate between Self-absorbed and Self-aware. Self-aware is a sense of observation of how one is a part of the equation of dynamics in the life, whereas self-absorbed is cutting off of all sense of participation in the dynamics in the life, and a protection or defense of the self against those dynamics and equations. This comes when the Center of Gravity returns to the self, but is then protected or defended. We will leave to each of you to determine how self-aware or self-absorbed you may be, but the difference is usually in the sense of calm vs the sense of defense. To return to your question more specifically, we will say that if you feel that gravitational pull toward your heart, toward that resting place, but there is defense involved around your heart, then you may find that a return to self-awareness means allowing, inviting, and embracing one of those areas outside of the self that may have been the context for your hurt. If you find that the Center of Gravity in your heart brings a sense of calm, healing, and balance, then it is likely a state of Self-awareness. Your question prompts another piece of the puzzle, as well: Keep in mind that while each of you receive an indication for your Primary or habitual Centering, ALL Centers are active and working. So while you may be Emotionally-Centered, it may be that your Center of Gravity for the Emotions has returned to the heart, but your Intellectual Center of Gravity is in The Future. Just keep in mind the difference between that which dictates your processes (Center) vs that which your processes rotate around (Part). Diane_HB: So in the case above, the Future would dictate your thoughts but your feelings would be centered within the self? I'm not sure how this works. MEntity: Diane, it can go one of two ways: If there is Self-awareness, then the Emotions are processed on one's own terms, and this is then funneled into what one aims for in The Future. If there is Self-absorption, then the Emotions are still processed within the self, but in defense against and in reflection of the threat of The Future. To be clearer: reflected in what one THINKS and EXPRESSES into form about The Future. GeraldineB: I'm Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part. I interpret Rotation to be regular and/or constant movement, especially as one ages and expands experiences. While I've had severe Health issues and focus during this past year, in many ways I've avoided making it my sole Center of Gravity. ... MEntity: One's Center of Gravity tends to be drawn to places outside of the self for three reasons: TO ADD to the self (learn, grow, evolve, experience), to DISTRACT from the self (defense, fear, blame, anger, etc) or to BALANCE the self (healing, comfort, acceptance, understanding, etc). It is not a "bad" thing for one's Center of Gravity to be placed beyond the self. The dynamics of living require great fluctuation of location for the various Centers of Gravity. However, as one grows older in Soul Age, it begins to be more and more important to learn how to bring those home to the self in a way that allows one to be a conscious and aware participant in the life, and not just a receptor that will review later.
  6. January 6, 2000 Troy Tolley, Channel Conscious Connection to Essence Note: This series continues in Michael Speaks -- Conscious Connection to Essence (2 of 3). [Michael_Entity] We are here. One moment. Welcome to your New Year. We realize and understand the significance of this marking, as it is an ingredient of human sentience to measure time with great marks. It also marks the close of one of the more unusual “windows” for a Nexus (parallel shift), which has not gone unnoticed by many of you. As we move into this topic, “creating conscious connection to Essence”, we feel it best to have it an on-going discovery on your part, a journey of remembering, or a journey of re-connection. You will always “embody” or express Essence, even if only minutely. It is never a matter of “finding” Essence or seeking Essence, it is always about becoming CONSCIOUS of Essence. When you, as Personality, are lacking consciousness in direction or action, feelings, thoughts, etc., you are limiting Essence’s expression, but you can never truly limit Essence. You merely limit your personal intimacy with Essence. Essence will freely allow a Personality to run “amok” or fall into fear and pain, though these experiences are ALWAYS as a result of a Personality’s decisions. Essence inherently steers a life away from these, but Personality is invaluable to Essence and Essence can never know what “burns” unless at least ONE version of a Personality touches the “fire” so to speak. For those experiences, Essence is deeply grateful, even if it, itself, is inclined more toward what the nature of a particular universe is. In this case, your universe is EXPANDING, therefore Essence seeks expansion as well. Expansion is recognized in terms of pleasure, fulfillment, happiness, joy, and love… those things that give Personality pleasure are in synchronicity and alignment with Essence. This is so, regardless of temporary social mores, standards and judgments of the time. As we said, the journey toward enhancing your conscious connection to Essence will be paved with your own realizations, questions, and sharing. [debo] Regarding conscious connection to essence–If one is talking to essence and continuing a dialogue going during a day–is this as valid as meditating and connecting to one’s higher self? It seems too easy in a way. We will begin with the question posed by the fragment known as “debo” here. One moment. In answer to debo and her question: You have addressed a very subtle factor in many Personalities seeking conscious contact with Essence. Having and maintaining contact with Essence is always thought of in terms of something “other than” self; something more extravagant, more magickal, more ‘something’ than the Personality, itself. Therefore, it is many times assumed that contact with Essence must be marked by some kind of initiation, ritual, or euphoric sense of knowing, some complicated/complex passage. This is simply not true, though it certainly can be your decision if you require such meaning for your progress. What helps put things into perspective is that Essence not only CREATED you, as you know it, but also NEEDS you. You are its eyes, its heart, its hands, its feet, its face, and its fantastic world of physical sensation. It is blind without you. It is blind in many ways while dealing with the Physical Plane. As you are, in as many ways, without it. This means Essence listens to you with great depth of compassion, commitment, and interest. While Essence can see your larger contexts, your Agreements, your Karma, and many other factors that are not necessary for you, as Personality, to know, it innocently has no idea how important a good night’s sleep is, how important it is to you to be held, or how a bowl of cherries might make your day. You, as Personality, “feed” this information to Essence as you experience it. While some of you “speak” to Essence and continually co-create the life, many of you use your Instinctive Centered years or Instinctive Reviews (individually) for “uploading” or updating your Essence. Many of you may feel you “speak” to Essence to no avail, but we suggest that if you are feeling along these lines, you are not speaking to Essence, you are simply in need of more tangible and physical support. It is valid and important that you seek this out. Essence cannot magickally “rescue” you; it is as interested in your panic and plight. You are all capable of making changes in your life that you seek, and you are all capable of reaching out for others. When it appears Essence isn’t “listening”, try reaching out for or allowing a “spirit in the flesh” into your life. So, in answer to your question or comment, debo, it is usually quite a wonderful experience for a Personality to address its Essence on a daily basis, even if simply in words and thought. It teaches Essence about the more subtle aspects of the life. Otherwise, this is only extracted upon life review, or during Instinctive reviews. What we will be working toward in this journey, is a sense of Essence BEING you, not just being spoken to by you. We will speak more on this later as the class consciousness builds. [Barry] I’m wrestling with the phrase “creating a conscious connection to Essence”. Would you explain what you mean by “conscious”? Do you mean a waking knowledge of the essence that is us? How do we know when we have achieved this? Are there different methods of doing this best suited for each of us? [Michael_Entity] What we mean by ‘conscious’ here is basically a code word for “acceptance”. In many of your cases, Essence is distanced to a great degree, even if honored by you. Another way of describing this class topic may be “choosing to accept your Essence” and all that that implies. [Barry] You make it sound like that implies a lot…. [Michael_Entity] As you progress through this class, you have the opportunity to not only experience your Essence INTIMATELY, but to allow Essence to experience YOUR world intimately. The possibilities to blur your lines of differentiation are high. For each Role, there will be different paths, yes, and when you are maintaining a sense of Essence daily, it will be rare to find your world threatening, unsafe, unloving, or disappointing. This, then, is part of the symptoms that will allow you to “know” of your conscious connection. [Barry] We will be in a “state” of LOVE? [Michael_Entity] We cannot answer that yet as we would need to determine whether we are talking about the same thing. Most of you do not comprehend what Love is as a universal truth but usually refer to the sensations or peripheral counterparts stirred by connections and relief. We might suggest that the sensations are the first signs that you are near Love, but most have not grasped the reality and implications of what Love truly is. We will be outlining the Roles and their potential “paths” to consciousness as we build here tonight. We wanted to hear your questions tonight to help us better customize our interactions with you in regards to this topic. [MBV] I seem to have a hard time seeing through the haze of my Overleaves. Could Michael give me some examples of the artisan role in essence that would help me identify those qualities which is my essence speaking to me? Would these qualities be true for all artisans? [Michael_Entity] You have long survived as Personality “alone” and it is Good Work that you acknowledge your strengths as such. It is a confusion that Essence must be involved in all undertakings while you are Physical or it implies you are “lost”, but this is not true. The entire basis of parallel realities is to allow the Personality its varying versions and ideas about what the life “should”/”could”/”might” be like. Essence has it’s “original plan”, but it relishes in the creativity that a Personality might run with. In your case, Mary, you have “branched” and “branched”, so to speak, far from the “trunk” of your original plans, drawing in realms of extreme experiences that were not necessarily Essence’s “idea”, but are enriching your collective self entirely. You have now found yourself being drawn back into Essence after exhausting a creative path as desired by Personality. This is the motivation behind your questions and feelings. In this process, your first glances in recognizing Essence will appear to be “in a haze” as you have always as Personality been “your own strength”. You now seek Essence as a resource in addition to “you” as you know you. You will have to “get to know” Essence again. In your case, your “unruly”, giddy, untamed flows of energy are your Essence flowing and speaking. In most cases when you’ve “heard this voice” you funnel this energy “reasonably” or hold it off until “appropriate”, as this has become one of your strengths: to “behave”. As you bring more of your Essence in and your world starts to align to it, you will find the balance that will allow safety and peace, with no threat to your security built. For now and over the next three months or so it might be expected that you feel very disoriented, moody, extreme in emotion, as you relinquish some of your Personality’s precious and justified hold. We will address more of this privately and personally. We will also note here that there are, yes, certain qualities that each Role can recognize as being in Essence, but they are only references. It is always an individual discovery. In your case, you, as Personality, are discovering that you and Essence can “play” without getting into “trouble”. [debo] If we are maintaining a sense of Essence and are seeking joy and pleasure but instead feel disappointment, is this due to unrealistic expectation? How do we know what is a valid path for Essence to experience (our chosen source of) joy, and what is not valid? [Michael_Entity] If what you seek is being called “joy” and “pleasure” but ending in disappointment, then you are not perceiving the truth of that situation. Joy ends in Joy. Pleasure ends in Pleasure. There is no exception. If what you seek is based on the IDEA of joy or pleasure, you may want to reassess if the results are proving otherwise. Another valid consideration is that the situation may simply be a larger context than that which gives you joy and therefore must be examined in parts. For instance, to say you love to eat does not mean you enjoy the full, overblown sense after, or the gas, or the heartburn, etc. It may simply be a matter of altering the experience so the emphasis is on the joyful part, EATING, but with more conscious moderation so as to eliminate that which creates a less joyful or even disappointing end. You may enjoy eating, but not eating certain foods, or so much at a time. It usually only takes a moment, but certain commitment, to dissect or clarify exactly what it is that is pleasurable in the seeking, and how to adapt or alter those parts less appealing. “Unrealistic Expectation” does lead to disappointment, but this can be used to your advantage. If EXPECTATION is instead seen as enthusiasm, and DISAPPOINTMENT is seen as knowledge, then much is gained. This is an entire topic unto itself. As for the “validity” of a path for Essence: this is determined through your personal sense of happiness. In fact, that is the main question for the next three months from Essence as the Instinctive is moved through: “does this contribute to my happiness?” Happiness, at least in this universe, is a navigational tool for Personality. If you are unhappy, and you know it, this is good. This means you are honest with yourself. Being honest with you allows empowerment. Empowerment is implemented through planning. Planning is carried out through creativity and enthusiasm. Creativity and enthusiasm is sustained by seeking pleasure/happiness. Pleasure and happiness are guaranteed when being “present” in your life. Being “present” in your life means you are being honest. Though this is a crudely displayed path in words, with some examination you will see its merit. Each of these facets (6) revolve around a central concept that might be considered “living”, completing a septant for change. More on this later. [nemo999] I feel cut off from my essence; is it that I want to control it or I am not accepting/unhappy? [Michael_Entity] You are never truly cut off from Essence, but Essence can be cut off BY you as Personality, at least in terms of conscious connection. In your longing for Essence, it is doubtful you are cut off in any case; Essence responds immediately to any thought in its “direction”. In other words, it may not be Essence you seek or miss, but the “essence” of something else. Nemo, you have experienced losses that still require grieving. Grieving is acceptance of some “hard” truths for the Personality. It would not be amiss at this point in your life to “go back” to what you have lost, indulge in the grief as a process, allowing freedom for that energy, thus making space for something more. For now, it appears you are still hoping or holding out for a revision of a time since passed. You are not alone or cut off from Essence, Nemo, quite the opposite. You are a tremendously sensitive body, it appears, and your Personality and Essence will change your scenario when you are done with the feelings being explored. We remind you all that this forum is difficult to “skim” over your very important and personal lives, so we suggest taking our responses as PART of a larger response, not a complete response. We just do not, through this format and channel, have the space or time available to be effective for all of you on that level. To summarize, Nemo, determine what tangible thing it is in your life you miss. Your answers can be revealed in that. You are looking “UP” for answers when you might want to look “back”. [rion] When meditating I have at times felt a very loving presence which I interpreted to be Essence. However, people channel and are in contact with “other”. What is essence and what is “other”? How does one tell? [Michael_Entity] In all cases of channeling, meditating, etc., it is ALWAYS your Essence which makes first contact. In the same way that you cannot interact with “other” without a Personality while Physically extant, so too is it impossible to contact nonphysical “others” without Essence as the medium. In reaching out during meditation or channeling without specificity, you can rest assured it is Essence in some way. If you seek contact with nonphysical “others” specifically, Essence will act as medium. So our answer is, in creating specificity this allows you as Essence and Personality to differentiate the subtleties between self and other. This can be done only with practice, as many beginning attempts for contact with “other” are almost entirely based on filtering of many sorts. To understand this, observe your experiences when meeting a new stranger, physically, between Personalities. This will lend you insights into how you will differentiate subtleties nonphysically. For some, interaction with another person to determine “who” that person is may last a few minutes, for others a few years or more. In your case, you are adept at “reading” a person and this also spills into your explorations in the non-physical. We can also suggest you attach symbolism to what you know you want to contact. For instance, you can ask that Essence present itself as a certain colour, feeling or sound. This then would help you determine differences when touching other sources. [Sandra51] I understand that the Chakra system and Essence has a connection. Would you describe this in relation to the topic tonight? In a nutshell, ha ha. [Michael_Entity] We will touch on it briefly, but will get a more succinct transcript out for Otterly and your discussion list later. As you explore your conscious connection to Essence, you will also be heightening your sense of self as a Personality. As you explore your sense of self as a person, you will make more room for Essence in your life. It is a two way street, so to speak. In exploring yourself on either level, it is important to examine your “rights” as a physical being and your expression of those “rights” and/or the damage or interference to those “rights”. For each chakra, or Center, there is a basic “right” that the Personality must have tended to fully embody the Essence. We say “embody” as a convenience, as it is actually the opposite. YOU as Personality are embodied in Essence. You most basic “right”, relating to the Instinctive, is your right to exist, or be alive at all. The right to be real. This can also be said to be your right to “have”. Your second Center/Chakra must be examined in terms of your right to feel, experience intimacy, and create. Your third chakra/Center is examined in terms of your right to take action, or to make change. Another way to put it is your right to be free. Your fourth chakra/Center is examined in terms of your right to be loved, and to love. Your throat chakra, or 5th Center, is your right to the truth, whether speaking it, or hearing it. Your 6th chakra/Center can be examined in terms of your right to perceive, to have vision. This can also be said to be your right to dream, on all levels. And finally, your 7th Chakra/Center is your examination of your right to spirituality, or your right to ” inner knowledge”. Though we skimmed these, the slightest examination of these areas of your life can be revealing in what Centers/Chakras are not being cared for or possibly denied, thus blocking Essence. They may have also been damaged or imprinted with allowances from other fragments in the life. The three “lower centers” (3rd, 4th, and 5th) are all the most obvious and easily examined. They are the keys to balancing Personality. In fact, these centers can potentially be examined with a degree of accuracy, at least as a starting point, in your translating your personal Centering in your Overleaves. When looking at your Centering it might be said that your primary centering is the right you SUSTAIN, while the PART of the centering is the right you “FIGHT FOR”. We remind you that Emotional Centering is your right to feel, Intellectual Centering is your right to speak or hear truth, and Moving is your right to act out or make change. The Instinctive Center is always under examination and use so it is almost always in some form of distortion without conscious guidance. This is balanced through creating a daily balance among your “lower centers”. The “higher centers” (2nd, 6th, and 7th) are keys to your understanding your connection to Essence. With examination, if any of these centers appear to be limited or distorted through fear or imprinting, it will be your task to incorporate experiences which fulfill that level of your rights, if you choose. We will conclude here then. Goodnight.
  7. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2013] Hi michael, I have a question concerning OBJECTIVE art ( as stated by gurdjieff and OSHO) vs. Subjective art. What is your description of the differences between them and what centers are utilized? [MEntity] In terms that differentiate the arts as Subjective versus Objective, one is a function of an individual's subconsciousness, various layers of processes, including those that tap into collective consciousness, yet all of which are interpretative and rather metaphorical. Whereas the Objective is utterly its own, standing as itself, with or without meaning, metaphor, and relevance. When the Subjective is referred to as "soulless," it was not intended to mean "less than," but more to represent the perspective of Personality, the temporal. That art which is Objective is of Essence, or at least, of the Personality that is awake. Subjective art represents something. Objective art represents itself. Most of what passes as "art" is not of Essence, is "soulless," if you will. It is of Personality, and that is about as derogatory as saying that a single lifetime is the result of the choices of Personality, not necessarily those of the soul. All of the Lower Centers are involved when Subjective Art is created. ALL of the Centers are involved when Objective Art is created.
  8. Kasia

    Meditation, follow up

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: September 2008] [Question] You have told earlier about suitable ways to meditate for people with emotional/intellectual and intellectual/moving centering. What about the rest: intellectual/emotional, emotional/moving, moving/intellectual and moving/emotional? [Michael Entity] In nearly all cases for effective meditation, it is not so much about the Primary Center/Part, but about the Centering that is most often neglected. So an Emotionally-Centered/Intellectual Part, and an Intellectually-Centered/Emotional Part could both do well with a MOVING-CENTERED Mediation. Whatever your Centering/Part, you might find the most effective meditations to be in the realm of that third Center of Gravity that is not usually accessed. Moving-Centered Meditations can include anything that involves the Body, from taking a simple walk, to Tai Chi and Yoga to dancing the night away. Intellectually-Centered Meditations can include anything from crossword puzzles and brain teasers to such focused meditations as Transcendental Meditation, to good night of hilarity and comedy. Emotionally-Centered Meditations can include anything from a good listen to music that resonates with you, to cathartic expressions such as can be found in Primal Therapies, to night of tears and intensity at the movies. So a Moving Centered/Emotional Part or Emotional Centered/Moving Part can both do well to get out out the crosswords, brain teasers, or make their way to the nearest comedy venue. The point of meditation, in general, is to bring about a full functioning of all of the lower Centers, so it will always be most effective to focus first on that Centering that is most neglected. However, if one wants to just feel good and bring some awareness to one’s natural, habitual processes, one can focus on a meditation that is resonant to the Primary Centering. Rather than compile a list of meditations for each Centering, each of you can consider this fairly accurately on your own: if it tends to emphasize the Body, it can be used as a Moving-Centered meditation. If it tends to draw up and emphasize the Emotions or feelings, it can be used as an Emotionally-Centered meditation. If it tends to bring about emphasis on the Intellect or thinking, it can be used as an Intellectually-Centered meditation. The difference between an experience being just another experience and its being a meditation is AWARENESS. When you are dancing, listening, or laughing, for example, bringing your awareness to the moment can instantly turn it into a kind of meditation.
  9. Kasia

    What is meditation?

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- June 2008] [Question] What is meditation? Is it just silencing the internal chattering, or is something else involved? I recently had some personal advice in meditation from Michael, but trying to follow it, I started wondering what meditation actually is. MEntity: From our perspective, “meditation” is a word to describe the work through a triad that leads to adaptable balancing among all centers. This triad could be described as: EXAMINATION, IMPLEMENTATION, REALIZATION. We will describe this in detail now. First, a fragment would Examine the life to determine which Center is seeming least used, least effective, least understood, etc. For simplistic purposes, we will contain this to the 3 Primary Centers. So if one were to see that the MOVING Center is being used the least, or is the least effective, then this would determine the direction of IMPLEMENTATION. This would mean that your “meditation” would be of a Moving-Centered sort. Stillness or stereotypical concepts of “meditation” would not work for this fragment. This fragment could then Implement a moving meditation into his or her days. This moving meditation could be anything that includes the body and movement, which means that meditation could be anything from exercise to dancing to simple movements of the body while seated. Once a method has been Implemented, then the practice of this on a regular basis will lead to REALIZATION, which simply describes the effect of that particular meditation. In this case, a balance within the self that has taught the body how to call upon its moving center in a more effective way. The Implementation stage is the most important stage as it requires some amount of commitment for Realization to come about. The entirety of the experience from Examination to Implementation to Realization is “meditation.” In other words, Meditation is not simply a separation from your routines (examination), nor is it simply the clear focus of intent during parts of your day (implementation), nor is it just the benefits on the other side of implementation (realization). It is a triad of effort. [Question] what would be an example of using Emotional as the Center for Implementation? MEntity: Listening to music that stimulates the emotions could be good for some fragments, while watching dramatic movies could be good for others; still others might find a walk through beautiful environments to be a means for implementing Emotional; exploring art could be another example for some. [Question] So it doesn’t matter if I think of this and that during implementation, as long as I move? MEntity: The more consciousness one can direct toward that which is being implemented, the greater the Realization. So if one is implementing Movement, one can think and feel whatever one wishes, but allow the consciousness to fully embrace the body, the sensations, the experience of the movement as clearly as possible. It cannot hurt to be as focused as one can be on the implementation, but it is not necessary to block other natural elements within you. Those who experience the Realization will find that one can think, feel, and act in a way that each does not overshadow or block the other. This is another topic worth exploring, if our students wished.
  10. Just read this and wonder if in Michael terms this is a good way of engaging more than one center into a task. To create focus on more than just the intellectual/visual level. Superficially funny, but actually cool method :)
  11. April 1, 2004 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS (Online) [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin with the requested energy report. As has been explained in previous reports, this period of time will now begin to emphasize the energy described in terms of the “mode” for the year. In this case, it would be PASSION/RESERVE. Over the next three months or so we can see quite a chaotic pattern forming among humans, especially on an emotional level. Many of you who are older souls have already begun to sense this. The emotional climate of the planet will be more chaotic than usual because of the difficulty in reconciling Passion with the Goal of Re-evaluation; combining those energies with the energy of the Sage you will either find profound fun and wisdom in the year ahead, or high drama and high intensity. April through June may bring disorientation and feelings of being “out of synch”, with bouts of overreaction and/or repression. Most of our students will be finding this time as one that will uncover passions that have been repressed. In general, this is a year of revisiting agenda and intentions that have easily been overlooked in years passed. This will mean that an emphasis may come on all the “little things” that have not been experienced or passed over because of more pressing or “important” agenda. Over the next few weeks then, some of you may also uncover the resentment behind your “little things” you are finally doing for yourself. This may easily “throw you off” because it will be old energy being surfaced, much of it having been stored in you from quite early in this life. This may cause a period of non-specific depression or oddly-timed emotional bouts of release. It will be easy for you to assume our report to be a negative report, but this is not the case at all. Beyond the surface of these resentments, repression, and realizations will be the freeing of parts of you that have lacked permission to participate in this life for a long time. And we remind you that these “parts of you” are NOT obviously profound areas. For instance, it may “seem silly” that you finally take time to get a manicure and would really like to have one on a regular basis. It is not the act of having the manicure that is the issue. For each of you this act would mean something different. For some it might be a simple event that makes your body feel included in your appreciation of beauty. For some it may be about the freedom to spend those few extra dollars without judgment. For others it may be the socializing aspect that may come with the experience. The bottom line will be in whether this “little thing” encourages your feeling happy, nurtured, free, at peace, etc. We suggest reminding yourselves occasionally over the next several weeks that it is “naturally” an awkward time energetically. You may find you are clumsier, more forgetful, with electronics, databases, and appliances malfunctioning sporadically and your inner senses feeling less focused. We further suggest you remind yourselves of these three questions: Will/Does it help me be FREE? Will/Does it help me be HAPPY? Will/Does it help me be INSPIRED? If you remember to ask these specific questions of yourself when you might normally dismiss a “little thing” in your life, then you may find your energy remaining more balanced. Having a focus and a permission to experience these “little things” will return you to a greater sense synchronicity during this time of re-evaluation. You cannot keep all unpleasant life experiences from happening, and we realize there will always be larger issues, but you can manage to weave your energy throughout your life on a level that will adapt to fluctuations and growth. We will take your questions now. Q&A on E-REPORT [mdfsage] What can we do for folks who are caught up in depression, physical pain, pulling back during this period? [Michael_Entity] Depression is inwardly-directed anger. It is a lack of self-permission to feel or express that anger, and the anger is usually rooted in a lack of permission to experience a basic Right. During the next month or so, it may be a healthy opportunity to gently encourage steps toward some basic Rights one might have deemed “wrong” to pursue or allow. In terms of physical pain, this would require a more specific look at the individual. For people who may be linking depression, physical pain, and “pulling back”, all together during this time, it can be most helpful to ask the individual what he/she wants/needs. This may not be an easy question to answer. It may be of help for you to keep in mind the 7 Basic Rights of any Sentient Being. If you can help bring the experience of that Right to a person who has resisted it, then healing can be profound and quick. Troy will include the details in your transcript. EXCERPT about “RIGHTS”: As you explore your conscious connection to Essence, you will also be heightening your sense of self as a Personality. As you explore your sense of self as a person, you will make more room for Essence in your life. It is a two way street, so to speak. In exploring yourself on either level, it is important to examine your “rights” as a physical being and your expression of those “rights” and/or the damage or interference to those “rights”. For each chakra, or Center, there is a basic “right” that the Personality must have tended to fully embody the Essence. We say “embody” as a convenience, as it is actually the opposite. YOU as Personality are embodied in Essence. You most basic “right”, relating to the Instinctive Center, is your right to exist, or be alive at all. The Right to be Real. This can also be said to be your right to “have”. Your second Center/chakra must be examined in terms of your Right to Feel, experience intimacy, and create. Your third chakra/Center is examined in terms of your right to take action, or to make change. Another way to put it is your right to be free. Your fourth chakra/Center is examined in terms of your right to be loved, and to love. Your throat chakra, or 5th Center, is your right to the truth, whether speaking it, or hearing it. Your 6th chakra/Center can be examined in terms of your right to perceive, to have vision. This can also be said to be your right to dream, on all levels. And finally, your 7th chakra/Center is your examination of your right to spirituality, or your right to “inner knowledge”. Though we skimmed these, the slightest examination of these areas of your life can be revealing in what Centers/Chakras are not being cared for or possibly denied, thus blocking Essence. They may have also been damaged or imprinted with allowances from other fragments in the life. The three “lower centers” (3rd, 4th, and 5th) are all the most obvious and easily examined on a daily basis. They are the keys to balancing Personality. In fact, these centers can potentially be examined with a degree of accuracy, at least as a starting point, in your translating your personal Centering in your Overleaves. When looking at your Centering it might be said that your primary centering is the Right you SUSTAIN, while the PART of the centering is the Right you “FIGHT FOR”. We remind you that Emotional Centering is your right to feel, Intellectual Centering is your right to speak or hear truth, and Moving is your right to act out or make change. The Instinctive Center is always under examination and use so it is almost always in some form of distortion when without conscious guidance. This is balanced through creating a daily balance among your “lower centers”. The “higher centers” (2nd, 6th, and 7th) are keys to your understanding your connection to Essence. With examination, if any of these centers appear to be limited or distorted through fear or imprinting, it will be your task to incorporate experiences which fulfill that level of your rights, if you choose. END EXCERPT [SilverOne126] Does the feeling of unease (and general frustration) I’ve been sensing in others at work have to do with the build up to this shifting and complex energy period? How long may it continue? [Michael_Entity] It does appear to be linked. There is a general sense of things being extreme, with some hours feeling free and happy, followed by a sense of near-comatose sedation, followed by an unfounded want to cry. We only used those extremes as examples, but there may be many extremes experienced. This passionate, untamed energy is escalating and appears to be “stirring” more into April and part of May. Mid-may will most likely be a shift into more clarity, communication, and stability in the emotions. Old and Late Mature Souls will most likely begin feeling a bit more balanced toward the end of April. We remind you that all of this is uneasy energy is an opportunity to do “good work” in terms of uncovering outdated modes, beliefs, behavior patterns, dismissals, etc. Although appearing chaotic, this energy is prevalent because it is apparently necessary for human growth right now. Frustration will experienced as a by-product of denial. Those who are not making the moments to do those “silly things” may be more likely to have bouts of frustration and disorientation throughout their days. This is not a period of time to be overly concerned with controlling time or space. Those with Impatience and Martyrdom, if severely ruled by these Chief Features, may have the most difficult challenges in remaining calm. In fact, over the next three months one may find those with Impatience and Martyrdom being louder, more demanding, and more exasperated (and exasperating) than ever. For those with Impatience and Martyrdom, we would merely suggest that the next few months are a time where one can “safely” “kick up her heels” and occasionally state, “What the hell…” Let people Be, and let yourself Be. [upstate] like painting a lizard on your wall! [Michael_Entity] And to Lori, yes. If seeing that totem will benefit your space, internally or externally, then it may be time to say, “what the hell…” [Anla899] How do we deal with the fear of doing the “silly things’ like spending too much money? [Michael_Entity] Of course, we do not suggest you jeopardize your physical existence, but if you are remotely capable of gifting yourself or another through the means of money, then the experience will “pay for itself”. Your question does bring to light a very important factor in doing these “little things”: This is your time to experience those things, but some of you may easily use these events as a way to further convince yourself to remain constrained. In other words, you may decide to spend “too much money” and then feel the negative impact, “proving” to yourself that you are not free. We are not saying NOT to “spend too much money”, nor are we saying to be too practical, but we are suggesting that you wholeheartedly do whatever you decide and then be at peace with that decision. The point will be that you ENJOY IT. As a matter of maintaining perspective, most of your little things that you have avoided are not elaborate, complicated, or expensive. They are “little things”. If you are worried about spending too much money of a “little thing”, you may be missing the point. We certainly do not intend to encourage all of you to succumb to periods of chaos within the chaos, but we do state that there is a lack of order right now that can allow for many “little things” to be “fit in” to your days. As a side note: We have noticed that several of our students are feeling a rekindled inspiration to write, sing, paint, or otherwise express themselves. [H2OSprtlvr] When you give an energy report via Troy, is it specific to the members in attendance or for people on the East Coast or everyone worldwide? I ask only because some Michael channelers seem to give energy reports based on the region they reside in. [Michael_Entity] In most cases we interpret the energy in terms of the North American continent. If the channel directs this further we may then interpret more specifically in terms of those in attendance, or a country, or the planet. We are describing our work with Troy, but many of our channels are regularly more specific to a region and to those in attendance. Good night to each of you. We will now conclude.
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