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Found 5 results

  1. Ask Michael - February 5, 2017 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN ckaricai: Hi Michael and Troy. My question is about the energy reports. The overleaves seem random but I'm wondering if there is a pattern and if so what is it? It might be helpful for us to figure out what the overleaves will be ahead of time. ckaricai: Knowing if there is a pattern might help us also just understand the energy reports better as well. MEntity: There are patterns, but no obvious patterns because the point in time in which we "take a snapshot" and then the amount of time included in that snapshot are arbitrary. For example, if we were asked to give the Overleaves for "The Day," our report may look very different. Or if asked Monthly. A year with a start and end point is a matter of convenience that is based in a context that works because most Humans measure themselves in years. This is also true in terms of the groups we include when assessing these Overleaves. If we were to look at a single country then overleaves may be very different from the global overleaves of a year. The same could be said of cities, etc. ckaricai: Wow, I see how this would be a topic for a separate longer session. MEntity: However, that being said, the patterns that exist that are more accessible are the patterns of generation, implementation, integration, and review. Because most Humans measure their lives in terms of years, the collective patterns of GENERATING Overleaves, then IMPLEMENTING them, then INTEGRATING them, then REVIEWING the experiences gained from that set of collective Overleaves are cycles that are fairly stable and linked to the yearly cycle. These stages of the cycles of USE of Overleaves is far more stable than the Overleaves, themselves. We describe a set of Overleaves for a year, but because we are describing an "average" based on multiple algorithms that are not static, then the Overleaves for a year can actually change several times. We alert our channel if this happens, but it has not happened in long time. Once the Implementation Stage is active, most prefer to work with what has been Generated. But if a meteor were to strike in the middle of an Acceptance year, it may easily switch to a Growth year. Yes, we can discuss this as its own topic. It is a valuable question. ckaricai: Thank you ConnorB: Hello again, Michael! ConnorB: In a previous conversation, you described the Holocaust as having ‘traumatized Humanity in ways we have barely begun to explore with our students’. Can you expand on this, please? ConnorB: I imagine this topic probably needs a Michael Speaks or something, but this could help give us something to start with. (end of question) MEntity: There have been waves of atrocity and genocide across humanity several times in its Grand Cycle. However difficult it is to consider this, we (as Sentience) know this will be part of the growing pains of a species, particularly those with more mobility and tool-making capabilities. When the Holocaust came about, humanity had moved into a rather new and fragile position of collective intelligence and compassion that had only been stable in smaller groups. There was a Turning Point reached where humanity was on the brink of true peace that would, eventually, spread across the globe in ways that can only be fantasized about now. Children are born with deep compassion and sensitivity, and then this is hardened or removed or numbed by the imprinting and teachings of fear instilled by caretakers, society, culture, and experiences, but if the individual is open she can wake up and free herself from that imprinting and fear and define her life on her own terms that transcend the seeming demands of experience and the past, returning herself to a refined state of confidence in her compassion and sensitivity. This is true of humanity on a larger scale. As the consciousness of Humans began to wake up in greater numbers at the same time, a kind of matrix was in place that invited accelerated awareness for all within a time period. War had never been experienced on such a scale as that of World War 1. Humanity was shaken into a state of awake on a collective scale not seen before. Once one is "awake" it is nearly impossible to go back to sleep. It is very difficult to unlearn what one learns. A Turning Point was generated where Humanity was moving toward a collective choice toward collective compassion, or further entrench fragmented disintegration. The Holocaust was the result. ConnorB: I see which direction we chose. MEntity: It was Humanity's first real chance to grow together and it fell profoundly short of its potential. This is not said as a disappointment or judgment. It simply is what happened. This was not merely a falling short, of course, but a deeply wounding retaliation from those who preferred that humanity remain asleep. Surprisingly, the collective wound did not come from the Holocaust. It came from the realization that "no one" did anything to challenge or stop or collectively challenge the progressive momentum toward what would become known as "the holocaust." ConnorB: "No one" wanted to admit as much, either. MEntity: It is far more complex than that, but the core wounding comes from that disconnection from putting into action the necessary measures that would anchor peace and compassion. Only since 2015 did the collective consciousness determine to once again aim for that anchoring of peace and compassion. And your Turning Point has come again. And your challenge has come again. And your choices matter again. This may seem chilling or even rather theatrically and conveniently dramatic, but these Turning Points will continue to return every 50 to 75 years now until "we get it right." ConnorB: What can we say? We're committed. MEntity: This same pattern happens on smaller scales in cities, towns, nations and countries, and these are microcosmic opportunities that feed into the macrocosmic potential. We have more to say, of course. ConnorB: Thank you! Until next time. Maureen: Perhaps in life spans as well. 50 - 75 years is close enough to lifetimes. Nan: A big change in topic, but I have been considering material on body types that describes as "passive" the Lunar, Jovial, and Venusian types and as "active" the Saturnian, Mercurial, Martial, and Solar types. I am wondering whether a person's particular mix of passive or active body types has an effect on natural abilities for such inner work as meditation or dream study. MEntity: Yes, Nan, very much so, but not as obstacles, only as differences of terrain. Depending on one's Body Type mix, there may be some necessity for greater stillness while another Body Type mix may need greater movement, while others may need variation. Nan: The greater "active" in the mix the more need for movement? MEntity: Meditation and Dream Study are accessible by all with a Body, but some may need to groove a bit during meditation while others may need to focus and embrace stillness. The pattern TENDS to be that the more passive the body type, the more necessity for activity, and the more active body types require stillness, but wherever one is in that circle that binds active and passive, you will need both over time. We suggest using whichever feels more inviting because that is the path that is yours, and then as you need to move around the circle, do so. Nan: Thank you Juni: I was wondering if you could comment on Dorothy Parker's life and if we could have her role, soul age, and casting? specifically did she have some sort of agreement with MLK, with regard to comments? MEntity: Dorothy Parker was a Personality of the 5th Level Mature Sage-Cast Warrior who had a Life Task of "REVERSING THE EFFECTS OF ABSURDITY." She was attempting to balance a Philanthropic Karma with the Priest known as Martin Luther King. This did not succeed. Juni: Because of his death? MEntity: However, the Life Task was fulfilled through keen expression of observation. Yes, the death disrupted the effects of the intent. Uma: What would Michael say are effective ways to diminish the hold of chief feature both individually and collectively? and would this be part of 'getting it right'? part of 'anchoring of peace and compassion.' MEntity: First, we will say that "getting it right" is a phrase we used for convenience in its familiarity and we do not mean to imply that there is a "wrong." There is only evolution and this is a progress fraught with "wrong" because that is part of how consciousness learns and grows. And refines itself. On an individual scale the work of transforming Chief Features is a matter of effort to bring conscious choice to the equation. Chief Features cannot survive conscious choice. Though we can speak more specifically to each Chief Feature and to each individual struggling with a Chief Feature about tactics to transform, we can say that everyone can benefit from practicing conscious choice. However specific we get on any specific person or Chief Feature, it aims for conscious choice. Conscious choice is the result of RESPONSE where as unconscious or subconscious choice is often the result of REACTION. Ask yourselves if you are Responding, or if you are Reacting. One can change that dynamic immediately, as one gains practice in it. We have referred to this as Photography, or the practice of catching yourself in a moment as a kind of snapshot and observing it from a calmer perspective If you are in a moment where you can ask if you are Responding or if you are Reacting, you are already shifting toward Response and Conscious Choice. Sometimes you must acknowledge Reactions long after they have occurred, and then return to heal any impact from those Reactions by implementing new Responses. All of this work on an individual level contributes to the collective level. As long as you are checking yourself, you are contributing to the transformation, healing, and anchoring of peace. It can be tricky, but if you can help others to check themselves and return to Response and Conscious Choice, it is valuable. This can be tricky because there must be deep mutual trust and rapport for this to work. If you point out the flailing of a stranger, it can help further entrench them. However, if you are subject to any harm from an individual or collective whose Chief Features are rampant, then your efforts to resist, raise consciousness and encourage awareness is valuable even in the face of reactionary defenses. We must conclude here for today, though we suggest further exploration of some of these topics as students. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. December 3, 2011 OMW: Year Review MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here now. The workshop requested today is that of consciously reviewing your year of experiences so that you may carry with you into the next year that which is of benefit to you, and release that which is not. This process of Review happens on a Personality Level almost-yearly, but almost always subconsciously, and not with a great deal of comprehension. There are various levels of Reviews that happen, as signified by some of the planetary Returns in your Astrology, such as the Jupiter and Saturn Returns, and also by any collective Instinctive Centered Year, or major events and choices in your life. In short, Reviews are happening "all the time" in some form, but it usually takes a major event to truly bring comprehension of that Review. Unless you use your power of Choice to bring a Review into comprehension at will. The Review process that we will discuss today is one based upon your Choice, your willingness. It is a conscious Review. Time periods or recurring events (such as holidays) are excellent markers for taking a moment to Review, and the end/beginning of a year is usually quite significant to most. We will define "Review" here as: the process of awareness, integration and comprehension of experiences. Awareness is the Intellectual recall of experience. Integration is the extraction of meaning from experience, or the Emotional/Inspirational element. And Comprehension is the building from those experiences, or the Action element. What most lifetimes/Personalities tend to do is to leave a trail of experiences that are then gathered up only after the death of the body. The cliche that "people never really change" is based upon this, because most fragments while incarnated in a Personality really do not change in any discernible way, because there is a great lack of Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension of Experiences. Most lifetimes tend to be a series of consumed experiences that do not get fully processed. To put this into perspective: imagine that a lifetime equals 100% Experience. Most fragments, while in a body, are Aware of only 10% at most, Integrate only half of that 10% at most, and Comprehend even less. In other words: 90% of what is gained from a lifetime of Experiences comes AFTER the lifetime ends. A lifetime of experiences over a 70 to 100 year span bringing only 3% Comprehension leaves the Personality at the end of the lifetime feeling quite bewildered with "where the time went," what he or she did with his or her life, etc. If Review were a regular part of the lifetime in Comprehensive ways, or if this were considered a valid and vital part of educational systems, lifetimes would look very different. That being said, it is also a glorious luxury that a Personality is NOT required to Review. YOU get to LIVE. That is all you have to do, if that. It is not your responsibility, nor is it particularly appealing to go into Review on any regular basis during a lifetime. The opportunities are there, and sometimes they are vital (signified most of the time by near-death experiences prompting Review), but they are not required. However, as the Soul Ages, and the Personalities grow more and more conscious during the living of a lifetime, manifesting Essence more and more, the process of Review becomes quite an interesting prospect. YOU want to Review because YOU equals Essence. "You" always equates Essence, but not always consciously, which is the differentiation between "manifesting Essence" and not. Today, then, we will share with you ways that you can Review using tools that are useful as Personality, as well as methods that are used by Essence, usually reserved for after death. Before we go into those, we will first suggest the methods for settling into your Review. You do not have to do these during this workshop. Draw from memory at least 3 significant events of your past year. There are always 3 or more, whether you realize that or not. There a multitude, in fact, but in terms of memory, there should always be available at least 3 with which will come to AWARENESS. Divide your previous year into four sections of three months each (i.e., Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). To the best of your memory, determine in which section the events occurred. [Martha] event meaning some particular occurrence, or could it be some longer term theme/project etc? MEntity: Martha, "significant" is the key here. It could have been a moment, it could have been a project, it could have been a word, it could have been a day, etc. The degree of significance to you is what is important. By "significant," we mean that it meant something to you that stayed with you in some way. If it was a long-term event of significance, it can be noted as to where it began, but it can also be noted as to which sections it spanned. By just doing these steps, you have worked through the Awareness and Integration elements of Review. The next steps, then, will have more immediate significance and resonance, if this process works for you, as your examples can be worked with. A continuation on the Integration element: The four sections of the year are now labeled by the Overleaf emphasis that the season tends to bring with it. This may be different for those in the different Hemispheres, and whether the climate is rather steady, or not, there will still be these "seasons." For simplistic purposes, we will describe the climates where most of our students are, and this can then be translated appropriately. Jan-Mar=Winter=GOAL Apr-Jun=Spring=MODE Jul-Sep=Summer=ATTITUDE Oct-Dec=Fall=CHIEF FEATURES Obviously, these are not exact to the shifts in Seasons, and in fact there are more "seasons" when technically speaking, but this is a symbolic mapping that need not be confused with more technical differences. [Maureen] Is it your personal Overleaves in effect or is this only the "effect" of the yearly, transiting Overleaves? MEntity: In extreme climates that transcend the more "traditional" shifts in insolation for the year, such as closer to the poles and equator, we would still suggest dividing up your year for Review as suggested, as it is symbolic, as we said, but there are some differences in your process that we will address. There a multitude of ways to define "seasons" on the planet, so we will use this mapping that helps to cover the point of Review, rather than as a way to describing shifting temperatures and cycles of the planet, itself. In your identifying where in your "seasons" your significant events occurred, you have gained insight into which of your Overleaves was being activated as a primary process for that event. If your significant event occurred in Jan-Mar, it is directly and most-significantly linked to your GOAL. If your significant event occurred in Apr-Jun, it is directly, and most-significantly, linked to your MODE. And so on. To expand upon these: GOAL = the state or quality that every action in your life is aimed at comprehending. MODE = the method through which you access inspiration, and use that for developing Relationships. ATTITUDE = the means through which you communicate/express yourself to your world, and interpret the communication and expressions from your world. CHIEF FEATURES = the habits used to protect yourself from presumed dangers and threats to any of the above. All of this falls into the elaboration for Step Three, by the way. [Maureen] So if you went into "action" during the Oct-Dec time period -- would that be in "reaction" to your Chief Features? MEntity: We do not understand your question. [Maureen] If this time period is related to the CFs -- and you "act" or create at that time -- is this related to the Cfs? MEntity: No. When we get into examples, this may be clearer. Before we continue, we will take one of you as an example for how to utilize step three, and help you walk through the assessment. Who will volunteer? Just one, for now. [Maureen] me? MEntity: Yes, Maureen. [Maureen] do you want me to give you what I have? MEntity: Share one significant event and in what time frame it occurred. [Maureen] OBSERVATION, PASSION/RESERVE, REALIST, CFs (STUBBORNNESS, SELF-DEP, IMPATIENCE): People “insisting/wanting” to pay me Apr-Jun($), Jul-Aug(barter), Oct-Dec($). MEntity: So that we are clear: these are the same events of significance, occurring at different points in the year? [Maureen] yes - similar events / so the "same' – yes MEntity: This would then count as ONE significant event, even if it is cycles or repetition, and we would go with where it began: in the realm of your MODE. However, it will still "mean something" that it occurred in these other seasons, and we can address that. The arcing of significance, though, would be in that this is a Significant Event regarding Inspiration, your Mode, and Relationships. Our walkthrough with you will lead to step FOUR) Comprehension. What will lead to Comprehension, is the full Integration from step THREE, which is making sense of what this means to you. In this case, having the symbolic context of your Mode, Inspiration, and Relationships, it seems almost "too obvious" that this Significant Event is a process that is inviting you to relate in ways that bring the circuit of Inspiration to a wholeness in your Relationships regarding your services. It was an opportunity for you to Comprehend that your services have value that, while difficult to quantify, CAN be quantified in a way that helps that Comprehension. Therein lies the Comprehension, or Step Four: you are PART of the equation of value, not the entire equation, in a Relationship, in any terms of exchange. In terms of your own Mode of Observation, then, it would mean that this Significant Event should be glaring, obvious, and clear, and if it is rejected, you are not seeing clearly, or refusing to see clearly what is so obvious. [Maureen] I can see it – lol MEntity: Yes, you can. And by using this Review, you can then build from the Experience in a way that changes you, rather than hints at possibilities that you refuse, deny, or resist. Does all of this make sense to you? [Maureen] yes it does MEntity: Another example from another student is requested. Yes, Janet. Share as Maureen shared. [Janet] I participated in a dance competition in June, first in many years. I did not do well for a variety of reasons. But it haunts me now. I'm in Power mode. Might be my self-dep that alters my impressions of it now. MEntity: What part of June? The closer to July, the more one would want to consider the next" season" as well; in this case, the Attitude. [Janet] Mid-June. But I am Stoic. MEntity: NOTE: Any Significant Event that resides on the cusp of a "season" would do well to consider the context next to it. [Janet] And goal of Dominance to complete the sequence... MEntity: A fair span of consideration for a cusp is 3 days before the next context. In assessing your Significant Event, Janet, one would consider the event in context: in your case, in the context of Power Mode. Keeping in mind that "MODE = the method through which you access inspiration, and use that for developing Relationships," and that Power Mode is about relating through your degree of PRESENCE, we can begin to extract the significance of this event, or Integrate it. In this case, you went on full display, not only for others to see, but for you to see, just how PRESENT you are with yourself. Were you fully merged into the movements of your dance? Were you present with yourself *as a dancer*, or were you distracted by your past performances as a dancer, or your future assessment as a dancer? [Janet] Oh bingo MEntity: This is significant to you because it let you see where you are in your use of that Mode, in your use of Power, in your willingness to Be Present (in relationships). [Janet] So if you do not or cannot make full use of your mode, you may miss opportunities? Is this a way of evaluating how to approach future events? MEntity: And therein lies your Comprehension, or Step Four. That you fall into Oppression of yourself to protect yourself from the presence and power of others, rather than stand in your own Authority and confidence with whatever, however, and wherever you are with yourself NOW. [Janet] Very valid. And in retrospect all my previous good showings at comps made full use of Power mode. I see it now. MEntity: You will always make "full use" of your Mode. It is your Mode. It is functioning in one way or another, be it in Authority, or in Oppression. The key here is in your Conscious Review: continue to condemn your performance and lose all useful meaning (Integration) from it, or retroactively allow THAT PERFORMANCE to be OKAY. Take back your Authority, and bring yourself back to you (Presence), by understanding that it was its own performance, and not a defining moment the wipe out all other performances, past, future, or present. [Janet] A most helpful Review. Thank you. [Maureen] So is that how the CFs come into "play" -- at the end of the year? As we look back we "assign" a "negative" or "positive" reaction/response to our events? MEntity: Maureen, that is valid. The "season" of Chief Features tends to be when most do any kind of Review, but when done without Consciousness, there tends to come only a review of what went wrong, what needs to change, what you will do differently, etc. And then the cycle perpetuates in the new year. [Maureen] and I just saw Janet "shift" -- so if you allow yourself to shift from a "negative" to a "positive" view you can pull your OLs into the positive? MEntity: Yes, Maureen; it is an immediate effect. [Janet] But is it also valid to use what you know about the seasonal impact of the overleaves to prepare yourself for a coming event? MEntity: Janet, because this mapping is based in Review, it tends to be the case that it is only useful in retrospect, rather than in anticipation. [Janet] Ah. But I imagine some awareness won't hurt in the future. MEntity: However, knowing the "seasonal emphasis" can help you to gauge your anticipated events in a way that then allows for more immediate Integration from within the Experience. [Janet] I can see that. MEntity: For instance, had you known about this before your dance, you could have brought a consciousness to your dance that embraced your Power and presence. But that is also a realization that one can make at any time of the year. When your Reviews are only based upon what went wrong, what needs to change, etc, then it tends to be the case that your entire next year begins with Actions/Goals that stem from disappointment, failings, etc, and the stories repeat in many ways then. When you are RELATING, consider your Mode. When you are fulfilling intentions, consider your GOAL. When you are socializing and communicating, consider your ATTITUDE. and so on. What we have shared so far is a symbolic mapping of your Year in Review that helps you to bring Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension. Keep in mind that nearly all of what you have labeled as "significant events" comes with great benefit, if Comprehended. When there is lack of Comprehension, even the best of events can be dismissed. When Comprehension is involved, everything is amazing and beneficial. However, it is not lost on Essence that many events of significance simply cannot be Comprehended while within the confines of time and space, and in those instances, the freedom you give yourself NOT to comprehend (until you can) is a Comprehension in itself. To clarify our mapping of the year, the reason Chief Features are assigned to Fall, is that it is an Assimilative time of year, and therefore brings up the Instinctive Center, which often prompts fears. Assimilation is a process of filtering and organizing experiences, and this often means letting things die for the sake of rebirth, if you will. What we have shared with you is a process that is a crude parallel to how Essence Reviews an entire lifetime, except in far more detail and analysis, but your participation while from "inside" the life adds a level of profundity to afterlife Review that can only come from your participation now. Imagine the difference between walking a path through a grove of fruitful trees carrying a basket for collecting those ripened fruits, and taking time to eat many of them along the way, versus walking through that same path without a basket, and only carrying a few fruits in hand, able to maybe eat part of one along the way. The basket and the eating are your Awareness and Integration, which naturally lead to Comprehension, or a full basket at the end of the life. To continue with our metaphor, it would be similar to handing over whatever fruits are in your arms at the time, but leaving many uncollected. Some fragments "hand over their fruits" as their arms fill, and some just keep piling on top until older fruits drop off, and only recent fruits are then collected, or the other way around. [GeraldineB] What about the ongoing Reviews with Essence, i.e., the 7-year Review? MEntity: Geraldine, in most instances of Review, it is merely an uploading process, if you will, for Essence to sort through. It is not a Comprehension on the level of Personality. [Oscar] Do Scholars collect more due to their more frequent uploading? MEntity: Oscar, in keeping with the metaphor, Scholars come with their very own truck, but again, their collecting and uploading does not equate Comprehension. To share with you more creative, Personality-based Review, one can also use such things as intentional synchronicities, or oracles. Creating a layout for a Tarot Card reading of your year can be helpful. Looking at significant Transits in your Astrology can be helpful. Casting Runes, etc. [Janet] I'm sorry but what is an "intentional synchronicity"? MEntity: Janet, we used that phrase to describe the intent for a system of randomness to act as a representation or reflection of specifics. [Janet] Oh, like tarot cards or the like. MEntity: That is an example, yes. [hanna3175] iching! MEntity: Correct. Intentional Synchronicity. The intentional aspect is important, as it defines the circuit used for symbolic communication. Anything can be used when using Intentional Synchronicity. This is how dreams and omens can become significant to some. It is a valid means of establishing a language between Personality and Essence, or "the universe," etc. [Maureen] The question posed "creates" the answer -- that is why the "question" is so important -- even with you Michael! MEntity: Even the arrangements of toppings on a pizza can be "read," if there is a system defined/intended. Tea Leaf reading is no different from reading toppings on a pizza, for that matter. This process is a use of the Higher Moving Center, or the capacity for extracting Beauty. The ability to recognize patterns from within randomness. It is a skill that requires honesty, however, because it can also lead to "seeing" anything in everything. In conclusion today: By using the map we have described, and the steps for moving through Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension, you can begin your 2012 on a higher cycle, if you choose, rather than as a repeated cycle, or as an extended cycle. By "higher cycle" we simply mean that it continues to build upon what has come, rather than circles back to it. We will work with Troy in sharing in our next Open Monthly Workshop then just how one might start a higher cycle after a Comprehensive Review. NOTE: in your process of Review, we suggest taking your time, playing with various ways of understanding your significant event in terms of how it benefited you, and not simply making note of them and then discarding the process if it is frustrating. It can be daunting, we know, but it is an exercise of a "muscle" that is latent and fairly ignored, so it will not always seem easy or fun, at first. If you find you are not making any sense of your Review, or not getting to your point of Comprehension, as revealed by a sense of relief, "a-ha" moment, or enthusiasm, then set it down and come back to it later. Your life will still be there.
  3. OMW - Nov 16, 2013 - On Being Stuck Channel: Troy Tolley [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin discussion on this topic requested. [MEntity] This is described as "I Am Stuck." We understand the implications in that phrase and will address the variations that contribute to this experience in a lifetime. [MEntity] There are two ways that one can be "stuck." Consciously, and Subconsciously. [MEntity] Though the differentiation is sometimes subtle, it is rare that one can get stuck unconsciously (as opposed to subconsciously). In another discussion, we can clarify the differences, but for today, we will focus on the two ways that are most common, as well as most useful to you now. [MEntity] The only difference between being stuck in a conscious or subconscious way is your awareness of being stuck. When you prefer a different result from what you are getting, you tend to be stuck in a conscious way. [MEntity] When you are moving in patterns that do not serve your intentions, then it tends to be that you are stuck in a subconscious way. [MEntity] Therefore, when you have identified that you are "stuck," you have already made the first step into the only way to break a pattern: AWARENESS. [MEntity] We will return to this as part of your steps in a moment. [MEntity] Because there is complexity to Sentience and being in a body, the consideration for consciousness, subconsciousness, and even unconsciousness is not easy to delineate. Often, a pattern may have elements existing among all of these. [MEntity] As we help to delineate the concept of "being stuck" and the process by which to become "unstuck," we suggest keeping this mind so that you do not miss that there is, potentially, a network of elements connecting the more obvious to the less obvious. [MEntity] We will start with "being stuck" SUBCONSCIOUSLY. [MEntity] "Being Stuck" subconsciously is, in a more succinct term, a HABIT. [MEntity] A Habit is something that one does, even without thinking or feeling. These can be beneficial, and these can be harmful. [MEntity] A beneficial habit may be your routines for getting to work on time, or driving a familiar distance, or any routine that is helpful to you. [MEntity] Keep this in mind because "being stuck" is the difference between a habit that is helpful and a habit that is not. [MEntity] Many of your most unhelpful Habits come directly from the more insidious behaviors learned as protection as described the the Chief Negative Features. [MEntity] You may think they are eccentricities, behaviors that are social, behaviors that represent your "rights," behaviors that are acceptable, even charming or humorous. [MEntity] So when you are assessing your Habits to determine if they are helpful or harmful, it may be difficult to know. [MEntity] Is it helpful or harmful to gossip? Is it helpful or harmful to feel insulted? Is it helpful or harmful to give in to a craving? Is it helpful or harmful to just stay home again another night? It is helpful or harmful to complain again about yet another thing? [MEntity] The truth of the harm or help in these questionable habits, and many others like them, is a spectrum. The answers will sometimes be yes, and sometimes be no. [MEntity] For instance, gossip is not inherently harmful, but it can be used to harm. Feeling insulted is not inherently harmful as it can help you to recognize your boundaries, but it can be used as a form of manipulation and self-harm, as well. Allowing room for a craving can bring pleasure, but it can also be for a pleasure that produces more harm than good. [MEntity] And so on. [MEntity] Your means of differentiating between a helpful and harmful habit can be done in only one way: IT COMES TO YOUR ATTENTION. [MEntity] Once it comes to your attention, you can then discern if it is helpful or harmful. [MEntity] Think of your HABITS as something similar to Breathing. You may do it on a regular basis without thinking or feeling, but sometimes something smells good, something smells bad, or you may find you have trouble breathing, or that you feel a need to take a particularly deep breath at the moment, and so on. [MEntity] So if your gossip is more harmful than good, you will know it. If your craving is doing more harm than good, you will know it. If your staying in another night takes its toll on your sense of participation in the world, you will know it. If your pleasures bring more pain, you will know it. [MEntity] You can ignore the knowing, reject the knowing, be confused about the knowing, but you cannot UN-know it. [MEntity] Once your Habit has come to your attention that it is harmful, and you CONTINUE to do it, it is no longer a Habit. [MEntity] It is an Addiction. [MEntity] An Addiction is merely a Habit that you are aware of that can be broken, and yet you continue to do it. [MEntity] Keep in mind that one can be quite tricky in the process of assessing one's Habits and Addictions. [MEntity] For example, one might assess that the Habit of the routine for getting up in the morning and going through the rough effort to get to a job one does not enjoy is then an Addiction if one does not just quit that job. [MEntity] But that would not, necessarily, be the case. [MEntity] And this is for two reasons: [MEntity] ONE) when something is a Habit, it is most often devoid of emotion and thought. You just do it. A Habit is a lack of awareness/presence in what one is doing. As we mentioned before, this awareness is not always necessary, but once a Habit is in your awareness and you feel it is not serving you, then your awareness MUST BE THE DIFFERENCE. [MEntity] So if your routine in the morning for how you prepare and journey to work is brought to your attention as you groan, your very awareness can make that difference by bringing in something new to the equation. Because Habits are based in doing without thinking or feeling, then you would want to bring new thoughts and feelings to the experience. [MEntity] You may not actually need to quit your job. You may simply need to add new thoughts and feelings alongside the habitual ones. Alongside, I HATE THIS could be I HATE THIS, BUT I DO NEED THIS; or I FEEL SHITTY NOW, BUT FEEL GOOD THAT I HAVE SOME INCOME. [MEntity] This injection of intentional feeling and thinking can slowly, and sometimes immediately, shift you from being in Habit to being in CHOICE. [MEntity] TWO) one does not instill a Habit, or succumb to Addiction, unless there is a PAYOFF. [MEntity] Remember, a Habit is not necessarily an indication that one is doing something harmful to the self. This must be assessed by how that Habit comes to your attention. Your Habit is not an Addiction if it is determined that the payoff is beneficial. [MEntity] So your Habit in the morning routine for work may be able to use some injection of consciousness, but knowing that your Payoff is that you do this Habit for the sake of taking care of yourself means that you are not Addicted. You are simply doing what you have to do for an intended result. This Habit, then, is helpful. [MEntity] One does NOTHING without the motivation of a PAYOFF. [MEntity] That Payoff is the determining factor between what Habits become Addictions, and what Habits are serving you. [MEntity] When a Habit serves you in beneficial and healthy ways, it could be said that it is some form of LOVE. This is all that needs to be understood for you to keep nurturing the Habits that serve you. You go to work because you Love. You gossip to your friends as a way to bond, to vent, to heal, not as a way to harm, because you Love. You treat yourself to pleasures that do no harm because [MEntity] you can express Love this way. Your sense of feeling insulted is because you care enough about your well-being; you Love. And so on. [MEntity] You breathe, because you Love. [MEntity] We elaborate upon these subconscious patterns referred to as Habits because when they serve you well, they often go back into a state of Habit, even if you have injected some consciousness into them for a while as part of your assessment. [MEntity] Again, consider the Habit of breathing. You would not want this to be dependent upon your injecting conscious awareness into every breath, but it can be a beautiful experience to do so once in a while. [MEntity] So once you have determined that a Habit may simply have needed some attention, and you see that is serving you well, it can be left alone. [MEntity] When a beneficial Habit comes to your attention then, it is often for the sake of GRATITUDE. [MEntity] Bringing Gratitude to your beneficial Habits once in a while can be quite inspiring. [MEntity] We mention this because it can be much easier to assess and embrace the Habits you discover are serving you well, and if you nurture these, recognize their Payoffs, and bring Gratitude to them, the work necessary to transform the harmful Habits and Addictions can be reduced to half or less. [MEntity] This energy necessary for transformation of unhealthy and harmful habits is vital. [MEntity] As mentioned before, NOTHING is done without the motivation of a PAYOFF. This is not a selfish term. It is simply inherent in evolution, particularly in terms of consciousness. [MEntity] This is why there is a Goal as a primary part of a Personality. [MEntity] The Payoff you gain, or seek to gain, must be gained through a PROCESS. [MEntity] If your Payoff is gained through the beneficial and healthy Habit, it would be considered worth the Process, whatever that process may have been. [MEntity] As mentioned before, a Habit that you discover is beneficial and healthy is one that is some form of Love. These do not become Addictions because the results are intended, even if not necessarily preferred. [MEntity] However, when a Habit is brought to your attention as harmful and unhealthy, yet you continue to choose to do it, it is an Addiction. The Payoff is nowhere near what you intend, even as there is still a Payoff. [MEntity] This Habit, then, is motivated by some form of Fear. [MEntity] The key to transforming Addiction is in determining what the Payoff is that you are settling for, as opposed to the one toward which you intend. [MEntity] In most cases, this Payoff can be found in your personal Chief Features. [MEntity] Has it been brought to your attention that your constant complaints are not helpful, not healthy, and yet you continue? The Payoff could be that it serves your Arrogance, or your Martyrdom, or your Impatience, for example. Is your Payoff that it feels good to feel better than at least someone? Is your Payoff that you might get the pity that a victim deserves? Is your Payoff that it satisfies your panic at the loss of control over time? And so on. [MEntity] If you can assess that a Habit is an Addiction, then you can assess what the Payoff is by looking at your Chief Negative Feature/s. From there, you can find the keys to transformation toward your True Intentions. OPEN FLOOR QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS [MEntity] We will stop here to open the floor to questions regarding what we have shared, so far. After that, we will talk to a few of you as examples for how to transform toward your True Intentions. [Maureen] It is clear so far Michael. [GeraldineB] Michael, I think most would like that personal interaction -- so, can we move to that? [GeraldineB] If so, why not go in Alphabetical order, beginning with Brian? [MEntity] Of course. If all is understood, so far, then our responses will be more useful. [MEntity] Begin. [Brian_W] Hi Michael, I suppose my biggest habit / addiction that I have issues with is the lack of self-love [Brian_W] from what you have said, I know it feeds the Self-Dep, that feeling of not being enough / fear of being too-much [Brian_W] what steps might I take to start loosing it, even if its enough so that I can breathe and be more pleasant company to others, to invite people in my life rather than pushing them away? [MEntity] Before we respond to this, specifically, we must clarify the steps that we think are useful in any pursuit to transform an Addiction and redirect toward an intended Payoff. We will return to your question with a response after that. [MEntity] FIRST, as mentioned at the beginning, one must have AWARENESS. If there is no Awareness, there is nothing to work with toward transformation. [MEntity] This takes care of bringing THOUGHT back into the equation. [MEntity] If this Thought/Intellect is to be helpful, it must be from the Positive Pole: Insightful. Awareness that merely seeks to explain away one's actions is the Negative Pole: Reasoning. If you wish to change a Habit or Addiction, you must use Insight. Insight is the difference between using the past as a way to understand and affect the present and future, vs using the past as a way to excuse and secure the present or future. [MEntity] If you find that you are constantly using "Reasons" to excuse your behaviors, you will not make much difference. [MEntity] Reasons for the past can be quite legitimate, but if that is not used as Insight for affecting the present and future, you will remain stuck. [MEntity] SECOND, one must bring AWE back into the equation. [MEntity] AWE is the Inspirational/Emotional element that is often missing in a Habit. [MEntity] If you bring Emotion back into the equation, yet fall into Sentimentality/Attachment, you may find that you defend your actions, instead of change them. When it comes to Addiction and harmful Habits, Sentimentality is an attachment to what is already familiar. [MEntity] A simpler way to understand the negative uses of Intellect and Emotion when they are brought back into the equation, leaving you stuck, is to understand these as BLAME and EXCUSES. [MEntity] To truly bring Awe back into the equation along with Awareness, you would want to bring Perception to the equation. This means that you throw out what has always seemed obvious to you, what seems most apparent and immediate, logical, and even tangible. [MEntity] SEE PAST WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS SEEN. [MEntity] Do not worry if it makes sense to you, or that it conflicts with past experiences, or that you just know it will not work out. SEE PAST THIS. [MEntity] Be in Awe of the possibilities. [MEntity] Once you have brought Awareness and Awe to the equation of transformation for a harmful Habit or Addiction, it means no more blame, no more excuses. [MEntity] Only effort. [MEntity] Now that you are making the effort, you must continue to draw on Awareness and Awe because now you will begin to unveil your TRIGGERS. Triggers are the prompts to your Moving Center to do as was programmed, not as is chosen. [MEntity] Your Triggers are the equivalent of your Wounding. When you are triggered, you are hurting, even if you have numbed yourself to it. If you fall into harmful Habit and Addiction when Triggered, you are doing so because you hurt, and that protective behavior is your Payoff. [MEntity] Triggers, by the way, are the Instinctive Part of your Moving Center. [MEntity] Use your Awareness to note these Triggers. Use your Awe to see past them. [MEntity] Use your EFFORT to make a difference, to make a different choice, to make a choice at all. [MEntity] And those are your most powerful tools for transforming your harmful Habits and Addictions that keep you stuck: AWARENESS, AWE, and EFFORT. [MEntity] This process of transformation may take time, patience, and kindness, so you should be considerate of these factors if you truly wish to transform a pattern. [MEntity] For the most effective transformations, you would want to use your Awareness as a means to bring forethought to any situation that might have known Triggers. KNOW that you will be Triggered. You may not be able to avoid the Trigger. And that is when AWE can come in handy. SEE PAST THAT TRIGGER. With all the strength you may have in that moment, see past it to other possibilities. And then use your Effort to make a difference, however mimimal that may be. [MEntity] And, finally, ask for help. None of you must go through your transformations of habit or addiction alone. Support can be important, if not profoundly vital. [MEntity] And now we will return to Brian's question: SEE ABOVE. [MEntity] Next. [ViP1] I have a question, if no one else before me in alphabetical order does [MEntity] We feel that the above information would apply to most questions for how to, personally, approach the process of transformation. [MEntity] As we know there is such limited time for these grander concepts and applications, we try to share what will be meaningful to each of you as a whole. [ViP1] I think that as with Brian, most of this question may be addressed by what you just shared, but I can put it out there still. [ViP1] my issue is that I am addicted toward denial. [ViP1] If there is an issue that is likely to be painful that I need to actually take action on, I instead start looking in every possible direction for information, background, and guidance, ostensibly to understand the issue, and what I should do about it, better. [ViP1] And I do this, up to a point. [ViP1] But when it gets to a point where I don't need to ask any more questions of anyone or anywhere else, my wheels start spinning on what I've read, or heard, or, [ViP1] endlessly reviewing all of it. When in reality, all I am doing is looking for a way to point my head in the other direction and buy time to enjoy myself in blissful ignorance (or rather, denial) more. [ViP1] I have (some) awareness of it. I know it has gotten to a point where it is harmful. I know it comes from fear. And the payoff is delaying what I am sure will be painful. [ViP1] And it's not only in one area of my life. I am resistant to change, in general, to varying degrees (my tertiary CF is stubbornness.) [ViP1] But especially in situations where I have a personal emotional stake, I tend toward denial in a manner that historically tended to fit your description of a Habit (without feeling or emotion). [ViP1] Recently, I have become more aware of it, and I think this would now qualify it as an Addiction. As you described Triggers, I am fairly sure that this behavior is related to a trigger, but I am not sure what it is. [ViP1] What is the Insight, or how can I find the Insight, and bring it to bear, to stop denying and instead, simply think, reason, decide, and ACT? [ViP1] If this question is too long to answer today, that's ok too (end of question) [MEntity] It is not too long, and our response is applicable to Brian, as well: [MEntity] First, up to this point, you have been working with what you had to work with. Now you have something more to work with. This may not make a difference, but that is up to you. Allow for your AWE to come into play here. You are not bound to the past. You are not bound to only what you have known as familiar. You are now trying something new, different, a bit more encompassing in Insight and Perception. But in the end, it will still require your Effort to make the difference. [MEntity] Use your Awareness to note your Triggers. Really look at these. Allow for the wounding to surface. You may not ever know what that wounding was/is, but it will come. It may come in nothing but tears, or pleasurable relief, or bizarre bursts of laughter, but let it come. We cannot tell you what those Triggers are. You must discover and own these as part of you. We cannot do that work for you. [MEntity] Even now, in reading this, some of you may have wounding surface simply because you are conscious and caring of yourself in this moment enough to let it. [ViP1] i know what they are, i just don't want to admit it (as being the truth) [MEntity] We cannot stress enough: you do not have to know what the wounding was/is. You do not have to make sense of it or break it down or rehash it or unearth a memory. The wounding will surface. [MEntity] What you want to own is the healing. You already own the wounding. [MEntity] In the end, as a last resort, if you are fully aware of an Addiction, yet you continue to choose in that direction, remaining stuck, THEN OWN THAT CHOICE. [MEntity] This is your life. Your body. Your patterns. Your fears. Your path. Your evolution. Your choice. [MEntity] And owning that choice to remain in a pattern of addiction is THE MOST LOVING CHOICE YOU CAN MAKE. And this begins to make the difference. [MEntity] This breaks down the resistance. This breaks down the friction that is pain. [MEntity] This surrender may be the very key that breaks the pattern. [MEntity] Sometimes, being told what to do only serves to push you toward what not to do. Embracing what not to do brings back your curiosity for what TO do differently. [MEntity] Let yourself have your addiction, your spiralling patterns, your confusion. These are yours. No one can take those away from you. Only you have the right to do so. And you can. [MEntity] If you can sense even the slightest bit of curiosity for what other options there may be, then you can use your Awareness, Awe, and Effort to test out new directions, new choices. "Just to see." Only then will you know what your true choices were/are. [MEntity] This is enough. [MEntity] Even a slight taste of healing and transformation is often enough to spark the transformation process toward much greater payoffs than were ever considered possible before. [MEntity] But all along the way, each of you would do well to be kind, patient, and generous with yourselves. [MEntity] You will one day realize that you were never truly stuck. You were, and are, simply alive, living, and none of this was ever ugly. Just degrees of all that is life, and the choices you make within that. [MEntity] Good evening to each of you. We will conclude here for now on this subject. We think we will speak more on this, eventually. [MEntity] Goodbye.
  4. NWM - Aug 15, 2015 - Blind Spots of Attitude Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to you each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. ClaireC: Hi! Diane_HB: Hi Michael! MEntity: Today we will speak to the "blind spots" of your Attitude. Though we have clear delineation of each Overleaf in terms of polarities, there can come a time in the evolution of an Essence when all of the "tricks" of fear, Chief Features, and Negative Poles are exhausted as methods defense, division, and isolation. This can take many lifetimes to exhaust because every lifetime brings with it a new Personality, so all of these methods are still "new" every single time. Fearful choices and reactions can be used over and over and then overcome, only to be found anew in the next life. However, the older the soul, the thinner that "veil" is between the Personality and Essence, and you begin to live AS Essence. And Essence knows all of the tricks of fear. We speak in convenient terms here that may seem to personify fear as something independent from you, but that is not the case. We know you know this. As the Personality evolves in a lifetime, and particularly when studying and applying a teaching such as this, it can become quite obvious and clear when one is in the Negative Pole by definition, and choices can be made to remedy this. These means of navigation, choice, and self-observation are quite beneficial to reducing unwarranted fear. And while this can reduce the hold of Chief Features by up to 90% and beyond, it will not address the blind spots that each of you develop. These blind spots are your downfall. They are your bad days. They are your "people suck" scenarios. They are your "I suck" scenarios. They are your haunting undercurrents of pointlessness, or your ominous dread that you keep in check. In short, they are your means of evading responsibility for your fear. The fear we speak of will be relative to your Chief Feature, but we likely not speak to those today. We speak of the means by which that fear gets a hold and becomes acceptable to you in ways that perpetuate the hold of Chief Feature so that it is comforting, addictive, and "sensible." Before we continue: do each of you know your Attitude? Name your Attitude now, if you do. PeterK: Skeptic. Diane_HB: Pragmatist ViP: Spiritualist Maureen: Realist ClaireC: Spiritualist Bobby: Pragmatist Diane_HB: Troy/Geraldine are Idealists MEntity: Keep in mind that you may not like what we have to say today. Diane_HB: LOL ViP: hmm MEntity: We will prioritize details based on the Attitudes here, then expand into those that are not listed, if time permits. PRAGMATIST The Pragmatist, basically, interprets the world in terms of WHAT WORKS. The Pragmatist at his or her best has a keen sense of efficiency and elegance. We have defined "elegance" as that economy of energy that gives the greatest amount of return for the least amount of expenditure. When the Pragmatist is in the Negative Pole, it can be quite obvious as Dogma. The Pragmatist thinks that it is his or her way "or the highway," or they simply continue to repeat and impose methods that work for themselves even as they may not work for others. There are many ways that Dogma can show up, but it is often fairly obvious in that it is immovable and unwavering in perception. However, the Blind Spot can be far more "sensible" and more difficult to call out within the self as a Pragmatist, or for others to call out in the Pragmatist. Because the Pragmatist sees the world in terms of WHAT WORKS, their Blind Spot can be related to any area where they do not wish to do that work. If it is someone else's problem, it is THEIR problem. If it is not an issue that the Pragmatist struggles with, then it is a silly issue. If it is a struggle that the Pragmatist has overcome, then why cannot others do the same? The Pragmatist sensibly falls into Dogma by dismissing, distancing, and even denigrating the oh-so-inefficient struggles of others. The Pragmatist Blind Spot may then be described as INSENSITIVITY. It is the tiresome extra effort necessary to inefficiently empathize. Diane_HB: ? MEntity: Solutions to struggles seem quite obvious to the Pragmatist who is not directly involved with that struggle or that type of struggle: simply stop struggling. Do something else. Walk away. Do not respond. Let it go. When the Pragmatist finds this is his or her response to the struggles of another, it may be the Blind Spot in effect that allows him or her to justify Dogma. This is also true of his or her own struggles. There are times when this same policy is imposed upon the self. Why am I upset? That is so inefficient. I can just walk away and leave it alone. Or "suck it up." The emphasis shifts only to WHAT WORKS and away from the WHY of what is being experienced. Life is inefficient. Experience is not organized. It is messy. For the Pragmatist, the Blind Spot convinces him or her that if it is a struggle, if it is messy, if it is not efficient, it is not worth it. It does not work. As Pragmatists, if you find this oversimplification in effect, you are probably being blind to the messy depths of an experience that is either yours to experience, or yours to help another through. You are being Insensitive. Do the Pragmatists relate? Bobby: Oh yes! Diane_HB: Yes MEntity: SPIRITUALISTS The Spiritualist, basically, sees life as if it has never been seen before. There is an awe as an undercurrent to the basic philosophy of the life when at its best. The Spiritualist looks for signs, interconnectedness, resonance, and meaning in "everything." This is why they must VERIFY, the Positive Pole. So much of "everything" can be interpreted as messages, interconnectedness, signs, etc., that life can become a din of symbolism that drowns out all of the messages. When the Spiritualist is overwhelmed by the messages and meaning of life, they can retreat into an isolating system of BELIEFS that removes the noise of life, and simply decides what is true, decides what people mean, decides what will happen, decides what happened, and that is that. If the Spiritualist believes it, then it happened. That is that. Now the world is interpreted through that system of Belief, and the inconvenience of Verifying lets the Spiritualist simply decide what is true. This is the obvious polarization within the Spiritualist, and most older souls begin to realize this and make the effort to Verify. They do not let themselves simply decide what is true; they ask questions. They question themselves. They are OK with being wrong. They allow room for nuance and context so that nothing is only True or Not True. However, the Blind Spot then comes into play as these polarities come to be navigated more consciously. For the Spiritualist, this Blind Spot is EXCUSES. The Spiritualist can tend to justify his or her behaviors, attitude, and choices by deferring to "the universe" as the force behind the reasoning for those choices, attitudes, and behaviors. By "the universe" we mean circumstances, behaviors of others, obligations, responsibilities, expectations of meaning and message. Though all Attitudes may be use this method, it is often the Spiritualists who "leave it up to the Universe," or "we'll see what happens," etc. The Spiritualist takes a passive seat to the efforts necessary for choice. This allows two things: Beliefs to stay intact, and responsibility to be evaded. In other words, the Spiritualist may find that he or she always has an excuse. If the Spiritualist is upset, there is a "reason." It is not merely that he or she interpreted events through Belief. If the Spiritualist does not succeed at an expectation or intention, then it is "the universe" who decided this, not that the Spiritualist merely need alter or adapt efforts. And so BELIEF remains unquestioned. Do the Spiritualists relate? ViP: yes ClaireC: Oh yes. MEntity: IDEALISTS The Idealist, basically, sees life in terms of how it SHOULD BE, or how it can be improved. Though all fragments will navigate with some level of expectation, the Idealist navigates almost entirely based in expectations. Expectations are healthy. They are a means of navigation and help one to shape choices and actions and feelings in response to the possibilities of life. Both Spiritualists and Idealists are quite familiar with rocky terrain of expectation, but the Idealist takes this to a new level. The Spiritualist can tend to have expectations of the world around him or her as a means of navigating potential, but the Idealist can tend to generate expectations from others of himself or herself that the Spiritualist can avoid. The Idealist in the Negative Pole can be obvious in his or her naive approach to fulfilling an ideal. They set high expectations without considering the necessary components that need to be in place for coming together to fulfill the ideal. While the Spiritualist will make Excuses for his or her disappointments and failing of potential, the Idealist will COMPARTMENTALIZE. The Blind Spot, however, we will describe as REPERCUSSIONS. The Idealist, when in Naivety, will distance himself or herself from the Repercussions of failed expectations by using compartmentalizing. The Positive Pole of the Idealist is a Coalescing of parts that must come together to fulfill the ideal, so when the Idealist is in the Negative Pole, the parts become divided and compartmentalized so that the whole picture can no longer be seen, experienced, felt. The Repercussions are avoided, ignored, or distanced from the self. This is an insidious form of Naivety Troy can attest to his relating to all of this. As may Geraldine. REALIST The Realist, basically, sees life FOR WHAT IT IS. Sometimes "it sucks" and sometimes it does not. When the Realist is in the Positive Pole, it is not personal. They are OBJECTIVE. Life happens. Choices have consequences. Actions have impact. Feelings are important, but not the truth. The Realist knows all of this and interprets life and experiences accordingly. It can be quite obvious when the Realist falls into Subjectivity because then things become personal. The Objectivity is lost and Subjectivity is in effect. The distance and clarity is lost in favor of how personal something has become. When things get personal for the Realist, it is unnerving, disorienting, and even paralyzing, though sometimes a lashing out can occur to help force a false distance to return. By "personal" we mean that the individual can no longer see himself or herself as PART of a dynamic, but begin to see themselves as sucked into middle or as the focus of the dynamic The Realist in the Negative Pole can be quite obvious as their defenses tend to rise quite high. But as the soul grows older, the Realist can begin to recognize these defenses and transform a "personal" experience so that it moves from being Subjective to being Objective, and the Realist is returned to be a part of the dynamic, instead of the focus or center of it. But the Blind Spot of the Realist is INCONVENIENCE. The older soul Realist can navigate the precarious balance between Objectivity and Subjectivity, but heaven forbid you interfere with their convenience. This can "set them off" into Subjectivity faster than even your pressing and imposing problems that spill unwelcomed into their space. The more inconvenient you are, the more you can send the Realist into the Negative Pole. The more inconvenienced the Realist, the more he or she can feel he or she has been imposed upon in ways that lock them into Subjectivity. We do not say this mockingly. It is not a superficial term we use here. Convenience is a prized state that the Realist works hard to secure in his or her life. They know life can be hard, so they hone the life into ways, paths, and patterns that uphold the quality and benefit of convenience. This is a natural byproduct of having such an Attitude, and it is a healthy response to the acknowledgement of the range of experience that life can bring. Hardship and struggle WILL happen, so why not secure as many conveniences as possible to help balance that out. This helps the Realist, then, remain Objective. But it can become their Blind Spot, as well. If inconvenienced, Subjectivity can take hold, and then the defenses come up. Does the attending Realist relate? Maureen: Yes ClaireC: And the friend of the Realist too. ? ViP: ? Maureen: I can see all the Blindspots of the other Attitudes, as well. ? MEntity: If we are doing our job correctly, all of these will be clearly represented among you and around you. Diane_HB: I can see them ClaireC: Very clearly. MEntity: SKEPTIC The Skeptic, basically, sees life as if it to be inherently questioned and disproven. Put another way, the Skeptic sees life as something to Investigate. When the Skeptic is in the Positive Pole, the Skeptic is comfortable questioning assumptions, patient in his or her search and research for answers, and does not experience this constant questioning as anything more than a means to learn, understand, and build insights. The effort to disprove is not an effort to tear down, but to ensure that there is strength in the proof. The questioning is a means to flesh out meaning and depth, not to strip of value and integrity. The reason the emphasis is on disproof over proof is because there are far more claims in life than there are lack of claims. When the Skeptic falls into SUSPICION, he or she does not stop questioning or disproving, but does so from the premise that there are inherent and intentional deceit and hidden truths involved. The Blind Spot of the Skeptic, then, is DISSATISFACTION. This is a sense that nothing can truly satisfy the questions, the doubt, the investigation, and leaves the individual locked in Suspicion. The Skeptic can find that this Dissatisfaction is sensible and then continue in Suspicion, never truly learning or expanding in insight, but cycling through layers and layers of presumed deceit and lies and misinformation. This is another of the Attitudes that often has to learn that it is okay to be wrong, or that lack of solid validation and empirical evidence does not imply deceit. Does the attending Skeptic relate? PeterK: Yes, very much so. I have several files on my computer titled, "Investigation of ..." ClaireC: lol MEntity: We know we have not covered all Attitudes, but these are for those in attendance. We will now take your questions. We have about 10 minutes remaining. QUEUE IS OPEN ViP: Hi Michael, if a person slides from one Attitude to another, does that make them open to that Attitude's blind spot, as well as their own "native" blind spot? MEntity: The native Overleaf is key, but the additional Blind Spots can become double-blind spots. If you notice a Blind Spot that is not of your resting Attitude, you can use this insight to then see how that is serving that default Attitude. Bobby: Claire was forfeiting her question, so without elaborating due to time restraints, would you at least name the blind spot of the other two Attitudes: Stoic and Cynic? MEntity: STOIC - DISCONNECT; CYNIC - OBSESSION. PeterK: I often have trouble seeing possibilities. Is this related to my Skeptic blind spot? MEntity: Inherent in the Ordinal Attitudes is a more focused range of perception and interpretation. Inherent in the Cardinal or Exalted Attitudes comes the broader interpretations that require a greater sense of possibilities. Your focus is not a blind spot. You would not be able to truly Investigate if a wide range of possibilities were acceptable to you. It is a strength of Skeptic to narrow possibilities before they propagate into meaninglessness. This does not mean you will always find your answers, but it does mean you will have a greater probability of this than other Attitudes that may allow room for a wide range that is never validated. However, if Dissatisfaction has narrowed your sense of possibilities to such an extent that you are no longer searching for answers, but only searching for evidence to support your suspicions, then, yes, it can be related to that blind spot. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. Blindspot for STOIC was obtained by JanetE on 8/19/2015: MEntity: The Stoic, basically, sees the world as if it has all been seen before. Most things are not surprising. Most people are not surprising. Enthusiasm is not denied, but it is a prized resource that is used quite carefully. When the Stoic embraces the mundanity of life, there is a kind of TRANQUILITY that is embraced. Things and people are not required to be surprising. They are not required to entertain or be more than they are. There is a kind of peace in the familiar, rather than a boredom or resentment. This familiarity is not something that is clung to, but rather accepted as a force in life that is as meaningful as anything new and exciting. However, while the Stoic embraces the mundane, it is done so with the understanding that surprises will happen. They are as built into a life as mundanity. If the Stoic goes too long without a surprise, then the Attitude can fall into Resignation. If the Stoic is overwhelmed with too many surprises, then the Attitude can fall into Resignation. The Stoic, then, has her Blind Spot as DISCONNECT because she is either tired of the same old things being repeated and presented as if new and surprising when she presumes she already knows all there is to know or experience regarding that thing, or the Disconnect comes because too many new and exciting surprises are tossed into the mix that pushes the Stoic into Resignation. It becomes sensible to the Stoic to simply Disconnect, turn off, tune out, because it is all going to be the same things again and again anyway. It becomes sensible to the Stoic to simply Disconnect, turn off, tune out, because too much is too much and rather than navigate it, it simply needs to stop being the focus. When the Stoic finds she is tuning out, turning off, Disconnecting, it is likely because she has found it difficult to process too much of the same thing, or too much of a new thing. The return to Tranquility can come when the "too much" is removed from the equation, and is replaced with moderation, rather than shut down. In addition to this, the Stoic in Disconnect and Resignation can do well to remember Experiential Differentiation. This is the truth that, regardless of how many times one experiences something, there is always potential for that experience to bring something new, meaningful, and valuable. There is more we can say on this subject, of course, but this is a quick synopsis. Blindspot for CYNIC was obtained by Kurtis on 8/23/2015: MEntity: The Cynic, basically, sees the world in terms of opposing the obvious or appearances or common assumptions. The Cynic knows there is almost always more than meets the eye. The Cynic, then, is always looking beyond the surface, always willing to look in the opposite directions, always interested in the contents, not the packaging. This is CONTRADICTION. When in the Positive Pole, the Cynic simply Contradicts the obvious. This is similar to questioning, doubting, and allowing room for being wrong. However, when the Cynic falls into the Negative Pole of Denigration, it is because he cannot accept that what is known is all there is. The simple truth or the lack of complexity can trigger Denigration, or the breaking down of something or someone beyond its capacity to break down. It is Contradiction for the sake of contradiction rather than as a means to know more. The Cynic learns that sometimes, and more often than not, there is nothing more, no hidden or secret meaning, no blind dichotomy. Something or someone is simply what can be seen, experienced, and known. So the Cynic questions and then that is that. However, the Cynic can develop a Blind Spot that prompts them to continue questioning, continue breaking something or someone down, and this turns into an Obsession. Some of the most outlandish conspiracies are perpetuated by Cynics in Obsession. Denigration is seen as a necessary evil that is noble and important to impose, even as it means making up and stretching facts beyond recognition. The Spiritualist and Cynic are similar in their fall into "beliefs" in this regard.
  5. June 9, 2005 Troy Tolley, Channel Michael Speaks Online: Open Floor MEntity: Hello to all of you. We are here. As usual, we will respond to questions as they are presented to us in the order created from the queue. [H2OSprtlvr] Just last week on the news they showed a pod of orcas that beached themselves. Can you tell us why this particular pod ended up beaching themselves, since this is very odd for orcas to do? MEntity: We are not clear as to the details regarding any recent “beaching” of “Orcas,” but there is indication that pollution may have been the cause, altering the navigational capabilities. Though we are not clear as to whether this has to do with the Orcas to which you refer. Several species have become compromised in their navigational capabilities, due to the consumption of toxins that affect these senses, some of which create severe hallucinations. Unfortunately, we do not have more information specific to the pod in question, but we will continue to search as we work through the next questions. [Annsge] I would like to know about the secondary chief feature. I’ve heard that it affects the mode and/or it affects relationships. Is there anything in particular that is helpful in working with the 2nd CF? How does it affect relationships–and/or does it affect relationships more than the Primary CF? MEntity: We have spoken of the Secondary Chief Feature as affecting the Attitude and the Mode, depending on the context of the questioning. When we spoke of the Attitude being affected, there was less understanding as to how the Mode worked. The Mode is not one of the more understood Overleaves. We would, then, say that there are three tiers to the effects of a Chief Feature, making a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Chief Feature system. Primary Chief Feature affects the GOAL; the Secondary affects the MODE; the Tertiary affects the Attitude. It is NOT that there are three distinctly different Chief Features in your Overleaves, but that there are three AREAS in which a Chief Feature will be distinctly visible. Although these areas may very well have three distinctly different Chief Features, it is also quite common to have one Chief Feature rule all three areas. These areas, then, would be the areas of Self-Fulfillment, Relationship-Fulfillment, and Philosophical Fulfillment, or the Goal, Mode, and Attitude, respectively. The Chief Feature that affects the Mode is the Chief Feature that affects your experience of EXPRESSION. In addition, then, the Chief Feature that affects your GOAL affects your experience of ACTION, while the Chief Feature that affects your Attitude affects your experience of INSPIRATION. The Chief Feature that affects your Mode/Expression/Relationships is the Chief Feature that is used to protect you from INTIMACY. Your Mode describes not only how you express yourself internally and externally, but it also describes how you approach or repel Intimacy. When we speak of Intimacy, we are speaking of the spectrum of experience that could be described as SAFETY. In other words, the Chief Feature that is enlisted as your protector against Intimacy is doing so because you have learned that you are UNSAFE in your Expression and in your Relationships. We remind you that a “relationship” and “intimacy” is not exclusive to human interaction, but can include your sense of relationship to and intimacy within yourself, your aspirations, goals, etc. This subject can be explored much more deeply in a more appropriately provided format. We believe what we have shared is a good start. We, of course, have much to say on this subject. In terms of alleviating the effects of the Secondary Chief Feature, one would always find the quickest and “easiest” route to be through that of the Attitude. In ALL cases of Chief Features, the Attitude is the one overleaf that can dismantle them all. If one can find a conscious means to implement a behavior to bring the Attitude into the Positive Pole, one can dismantle the effects of the Chief Features in a powerful “domino or cascade effect.” [Note: I suspect Michael meant Third Chief Feature rather than Secondary Chief Feature in the paragraph above.] Using the Positive Pole of the partner Attitude on the shared Axis, one can then move directly into the Positive Pole of the original Attitude. For example: If one is an Idealist, one can move from Naiveté (negative pole) to Coalescence (positive pole) by using INVESTIGATION, which is the Positive Pole of the Skeptic. To explain this more personally: The Idealist sees life in terms of how it SHOULD BE. This often leads to Naiveté because he tends to believe he can or should do far more than he is capable of doing. The Idealist then piles his life full of obligations and improvements to the point of disappointment and sometimes to the extent of harming himself or others. He has not accepted that to get from point A to point Z requires the steps in between. This is a form of Naiveté. This “negative” Attitude then cascades throughout the Overleaves, weighing them down into the Philosophy of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT (or that everything should be “better”) without the means or method to do so. The Philosophy is not the problem; it is simply the lack of Coalescence that blocks this fragment. Coalescence could be defined as the culmination of several factors that can eventually manifest the Ideal. One can now see how INVESTIGATION might help an Idealist to dismantle his fears. If he would simply seek to understand (investigate) the steps required that would create his Ideal, he would not remain under the weight of Naiveté. Once he grasps and implements the process of realizing the Ideal, he is immediately back in Coalescence and free from Chief Feature. This same method can be applied to ANY Overleaf, but starting with the Attitude is the most empowering and immediately revitalizing because Attitudes are linked to the energy of Inspiration. Once the feed of Inspiration is returned to the Personality, most often “anything” can then be done. Next question [Tibtyc] Good evening, Michael. How can one speed up the work on karma, external and internal? I begin to realize that I have procrastinated a lot in my life. Also, in what way can the concept of Triads helps us to understand, and work on, karma? That is my question. MEntity: In answer to your first version of the question: One can “speed up” the process of Karma simply by doing it. There are no “shortcuts,” but there can be resistance, which can greatly delay the balancing of Karma. In terms of external Karma, all Fragments involved must be present, so a great deal of the “speed” of that process is dependent on group effort. [Tibtyc] Present on Earth? MEntity: If the Karmic scenario originated “on Earth,” then it is most often balanced in the same arena. There are exceptions, however, if the primary element of the Karma is Intellectual or Emotional. In terms of internal Karma (self karma), one merely need drop all resistance and choose to do the work that is required. In answer to your second version of your question: The concept of the Triad is tremendously helpful in approaching, processing, and integrating the experience of Karma, internally and externally. ALL KARMA is approached from either the Positive or Negative and is concluded in the Neutral. In MOST CASES, the Karma is approached from the POSITIVE, moved into and through the Negative, and finding resolution in the Neutral. We will clarify here that we are speaking in terms of Balancing Karma, not Creating it. If one were to think of the process of walking as the same process of balancing Karma, one can understand the Triad: A step is taken forward (Positive), there is an off-balance, mid-air moment that leaves everything dependent on one leg (Negative), with a final landing of both feet on the ground (Neutral). Karma is one of the many reasons so many relationships seem to go “bad.” They are initiated with an alluring, compelling magnetism simply to get the Personalities into the Karmic Sequence, which then allows the elements for the Negative phase to unfold. Often, when the Karma is balanced, there is no longer an interest in the relationship; the relationship is often just a means of balancing that Karma. For most Older Souls, there is little external Karma with which to deal, but a seemingly unending source of Self-Karma to endure. In terms of Self-Karma, we would say that to find conscious Neutrality, one must first determine the battle that is occurring internally and name it. In other words, if one has Self-Karma around Body Image, it will be helpful to define the Positive and Negative aspects that create the inner polarization, such as “I AM UGLY” vs “I AM BEAUTIFUL.” In all cases of Self-Karma, there are “two sides” to the battle. There is a perpetual conflict between The Truth and The Lie. The Neutrality comes only when one is capable of seeing the commonality between the two. In other words, the commonality between the concepts of “I am beautiful” and “I am ugly” is… I AM. The definitions beyond “I AM” are merely a means of dividing yourself. [Tibtyc] Sorry, what would Intellectual Karma be like? MEntity: Lying to an individual wherein he makes a choice that is affected by that lie can lead to Intellectual Karma. That is one example. [kittlekats41] thank you. I am curious about how much of what actually happens to us on earth could be considered truly accidental. How often does a true accident such as an unplanned injury or an unexpected illness or even environmental genetic damage cause us to make a significant change in our life’s plans – a change made ‘on the fly’ so to speak? And is this rate fairly constant or increasing with the greater degree of environmental damage our bodies now face? MEntity: In the true sense of the word, accidents DO happen, but only on the level of Personality. In terms of Essence, there has never been and never would be an accident. Personality CAN, but does not, anticipate everything, but Essence can and does. Even when Essence is “surprised” by an event that was caused by the choices of its Personality, the array of effect from a single choice can be easily seen, and it is not interpreted as an “accident.” [kittlekats41] Are all ‘unplanned events’ then foreseen by essence or essence just accepts what comes and rolls with the punches:-)? MEntity: There is nothing in your reality that isn't CREATED or ALLOWED by either Personality and/or Essence. Those are the only two methods of existence. You Create your reality or you Allow it. Most Fragments do not entirely Create or entirely Allow, but utilize a mix of both methods, leaving room for the so-called “accidents.” An example of the mix of Creativity vs Allowance is in that many Fragments focus their conscious, creative energy in the direction of Relationships, while leaving their Bodies unattended; guided only by the events that unfold around it (Allowance). The Older Soul eventually begins to have Personalities who share in the process of Creating the entirety of the life along with Essence, but many souls do simply resign the life to some higher force to direct all events, or specific areas. It would do all of you well to know that any “higher force” simply has no investment in your experiences beyond EXPERIENCE, so the life left “up to god” tends to be more like a “pinball” in a game dictated by unconscious drive, reactions, and the choices of others. All experiences are foreseen by Essence, but never rejected. Choice and Decision are the tools of Personality for creating its life. While Essence can see that an “accident” is about to occur, it is keenly aware that this “accident” is merely the result of Personality’s choices, decisions, creation, and/or allowance. This does not mean that one should then “blame herself” for all of the pain and accidents within the life, unless one believes that is the path of most interest, which is as valid as any other choice. What this knowledge does mean is that you are not trapped by any accident, regardless of your awareness of its approach. You simply make another choice. And continue making choices beyond that. You are never condemned by any event, accident, or situation, no matter how much time has passed or how recent the experience. You can always continue to choose, and choose again, creating within and beyond the apparent confines of the situation. [kittlekats41] thank you very much Michael. I didn’t see it when I asked the question, but your answer allows me to see that my question and your answer very much relates to my chosen ‘platform’ for this year – I just love synchronicity! [merri korman] About a year before an accident occurred, I dreamed it, yet when it presented, I didn't recognize it and proceeded anyway. It has led me down a really painful road and I am having trouble forgiving myself and moving on. Any help? MEntity: Many fragments are presented with information, insight, or intuition that is then dismissed and only upon retrospect seen as having been valid. This is simply a part of living and learning and experiencing. [merri korman] How can we shift into making better choices so we learn with grace and ease instead of pain? MEntity: The key to the forgiveness is in your moving your attention from the concept of having made a mistake, to the concept of your having simply made a CHOICE. You made a choice based on more than intuition and prophetic dreams. The path that you describe as having been painful was the path that you chose; not because you made a mistake, but because you were courageous. Many Fragments are given the clues and warnings of potential pain “ahead,” but they continue into that pain, not because they are stupid, limited, or making a mistake. They are simply making a choice. Many Older Souls continue to struggle with the battle between that of choosing Pain or choosing Pleasure. There is a deep belief in the nobility of Pain and a deep belief in the Sin of Pleasure. While we described you as “courageous,” we do not mean that you were more noble or “right” in your choice toward Pain, but that you are courageous enough to have known that you could seek Forgiveness on the other side of the experience. [merri korman] whoo yeah, but why is it so hard to see the courage and so easy to see the mistake, self-forgiveness? MEntity: Often, those who struggle with the concept of Forgiveness are simply meaning that they ache for someone to tell them that everything will be okay and that you are safe now. We tell you that, now, not as an act of consolation, but as a truth. We do not tell you anything that you do not already know, but we do act as a form of validation, and we can tell you that it is over, Merri. It is now your choice as to whether you are ready to be free, and you will choose when you are ready. We will continue this conversation with you in private. [Fyredeva11] Recently, conversation on TV3K has brought 9-11 back up and conspiracy theories concerning the events. My question is: did the planes that hit the towers bring them down or were there also bombs planted that the government knew about? Also, did a plane really hit the Pentagon? [upstaate] or was it a missile? MEntity: The towers in question were not brought down by the planes, but by explosives that had been in place for at least 24 hours previous to attack. It does not appear that your “government” knew about these explosives, but did have at least conceptual knowledge of an impending attack. [Fyredeva11] was it the Israeli Secret Service? MEntity: Although a connection could be found to the Israeli Secret Service, it would not have been of an official capacity. Those directly involved with the destruction were extremists. It is valid that a plane did crash into the Pentagon, but it does not appear to be of the same identity as that which was understood to have done so. [Fyredeva11] it just seems so convenient…giving our govt an excuse to go into Iraq MEntity: We would say that the attack was exploited as an opportunity, but was not created through a conspiratorial event. The greatest contribution to the events labeled as “9-11” was negligence. [Fyredeva11] why didn't these bombs make the news? MEntity: The materials used in the materials for bombing were of advanced and unheard of explosives. These materials appear to be under investigation by only a few who could recognize them as having explosive properties. [H2OSprtlvr] What steps can we take to overcome the blocks that keep us from doing what is good for ourselves? What prevents us from finding the “switch” inside of ourselves to turn on to get us to do what is right and good for us to do? Thanks! MEntity: There is no other “switch inside” beyond CHOICE. We remind all of you that it is more than a new age catch phrase that we say that you are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. [H2OSprtlvr] I knew you'd say that, but I can't make myself do what I think I'm choosing to do. I choose to lose weight, but find myself not following the program MEntity: Let us suggest that it is not “weight” that is the issue. It is Love. You would lose the weight if you believed it was an issue. Many fragments choose false goals as a means to fit into the current social game, but underneath this falsity is a truth that is implemented more powerfully, and that is that you love yourself more than you give yourself credit. The key then is not in losing the weight, but in honoring what your body knows is the truth, even if your heart and mind have forgotten. We have said this before to many of our students, but we will say it here, again: How can one expect the Body to adjust to your ideals under the pressure of criticism, hatred, and resentment? This can easily be likened to the limited ability of a child to learn math while being beaten with a ruler as he flounders. When you begin to see your exercise, health, and diet as GIFTS to your body, and not as PUNISHMENTS, you will find your motivation. [H2OSprtlvr] that’s very true. I need to wrap my mind around that. MEntity: It can be a powerful transformation for all of you to take a good, long look at your Bodies in a mirror and with as much heart as possible, honor it with your most loving approval. Your Bodies are not imposed upon you, but consider the fact that every cell, molecule, and layer is the most innocent level of consciousness that completely, utterly, absolutely believe in you. When we say “believe,” we use the word to capture the imagery, not the literal meaning. Quite often, weight is gained as the inner sense of resentment and criticism rises. This is often a direct result of the Body’s defense system against its annihilation. As “you” seek to escape its confines, “it” seeks to ground its source. Once you begin to be present, loving, and offering of gifts to the Body, its shape begins to reflect that Beauty, which is NOT ALWAYS within the confines of social definition, but ALWAYS within the perimeters of “good” health. In conclusion, when you find you are not choosing in the direction you feel is “good” or “right” for you, it is never outside of your reach to AT LEAST choose to love anyway. However controversial this statement may be, it is a truth that eating a bag of chips on the couch while watching TV can be as “good” for you as a run on the treadmill, when consciously offered as a gift and let alone to be just that. There are no rules.
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