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  1. I got a surprise today that has made my whole day giddy and emotional (in a good way). I was introduced to Chris Garneau many years ago through a friend who knew him and I have been a number one stalker fan ever since. I love him so much. There is something about his aching voice and abstract, poetic lyrics that just send me. He is definitely not for everyone, but for me, he is in my Top 5 artists. He has been so nice to me over the years as I went to every single performance in NYC. In fact, that is where I first met my fiance, BF Bobby. Our first date was an intimate Chris Garneau performance. Today, I got a facebook message from him reading "just in time for christmas!" with a picture of a package addressed to me. He then followed that with... "Here is the new album for you - a private soundcloud link. I don't know when it is coming out yet so just for your ears for now !! " I have been listening all morning!! It is so beautiful and fantastic!! For those of you unfamiliar with Chris, here are a few videos (official and just audio). You will love him or hate him, but he is a little piece of my tapestry. RUNT I have a deep love for lullabies for adults. Chris sings a lot of songs that are like lullabies for adults. This one makes me cry every time. RELIEF This is so my city. This reminds me of the best and worst of NYC and life here. I love this video. My favorite line is "I didn't come to see the city; I came to see it around you." BABY'S ROMANCE This is from when I first met Chris many years ago and fell in love OH GOD I can't share anything from the unreleased album, but this is from his most recent release. He is expanding in his voice and orchestration. I love it.
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