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Found 11 results

  1. I've been wanting to make this post for a while, but a mix of dread, anxiety, depression and procrastination dragged me down in getting there. No matter, I won't put it off any longer. I will post it now. The recent Russian Invasion of Ukraine made me incredibly pissed and disoriented. My body took it badly. The best I can do is try to create stuff that provides a healthy dose of optimism. I have no desire for whatever dumb authoritarian or apathetic future people think we will have, so I'd rather we change that. Hence, why not create an awesome resource and discussion board for Climate Action? Climate Action is a big topic in and of itself, but it is a necessary one, and if we want a brighter future, we all have to participate in climate action. It's inconvenient, but it's a reward in and of itself, not only for us, but for the animals and our Earth. I'm not exactly sure how to organize all the stuff I've compiled in an aesthetic and simple way that does not overwhelm, but I have done my best to do so within the constraints of a TLE Forum. I invite anyone to share articles, videos, films they have found here, and discuss their perspectives and personal choices/changes to make our world a better, brighter place. I have organized everything I've found into 6 Categories for now. They are color coded, though I understand color blind people may not find that useful, I still enjoy the colours breaking everything up into chunks. The articles and videos I share below don't necessarily mean I 100% agree with them, or that you have to. They are merely for the sake of sharing information and building plans and knowledge. --- VEGANISM From, The Vegan Society: "Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." VEGAN VIDEOS Veganism could save the planet. Here's why. Youtube video by activist Earthling Ed, presented as an animated infographic. The Truth About Plant Milks: Displacement of Indigenous People, Destruction & Deforestation. Youtube video by Earthling Ed. Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world). A 2020 video by Youtube Celebrity Mark Rober (he is not vegan just experimental). Here's why we need to rethink veganism. A video by Our Changing Climate. VEGAN ARTICLES Going Vegan and How it Helps the Environment. An article by Happy Cow. Removing the Meat Subsidy: Our Cognitive Dissonance around Animal Agriculture. An article by Colombia Journal. The Causal Relationship between Eating Animals and Viral Epidemics. This is a scientific article relevant to our Pandemic. "The Most Dangerous Single Source of Ocean Plastic No One Wants to Talk About" by Sea Shepherd. Describes fishing and its contribution to plastic waste. VEGAN FILMS Cowspiracy facts and sources. (There are A LOT of sources, but many are very important. I recommend everyone watch the film Cowspiracy on Netflix or Youtube.) Seaspiracy facts and sources. (Seaspiracy was made by the same producers as Cowspiracy.) What is Carnism? with Dr Melanie Joy - This is an Interview, but it's as long as a film so I'm including it here. From a Reddit Poster. --- MOVEMENTS The Venus Project. Our good ol' friend the Resource-based Economy. Prevent Year ZERO. A Manifesto for creating a Vegan World by 2026. --- Another page for Vegan World 2026! 2022 needs to be about Climate Action. An article by Livekindly. Scholars Strategy Network for connecting with Top Researchers in America. They have various articles on Climate Change, Pandemic Response, Environmental Protection etc. SOCIAL & POLITICAL PARTICIPATION How to contact your Elected Representatives (US Focused). Another one for Canadians. - I invite others to share some guides for their own countries! Halla Tomasdottir's TedX Speech on using our Voice, Vote and Wallet for change. How To Turn Climate Anxiety Into Action. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate and Ankur Shah. SOLARPUNK What is Solarpunk? TV Tropes page. How we can make Solarpunk a reality. A Youtube Video by Saint Andrewism and Our Changing Climate. The Fifth Sacred Thing by Jessica Perlstein www.jessicaperlstein.com --- PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION Designing streets for Everyone. An exploration of Universal Design in City Planning. Planned Obsolescence and why it still exists. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate. HOUSING Mixed-use Zoning. Why Sustainable Housing Matters. A video by Our Changing Climate and Aime Maggie. BUILDINGS Timber Buildings by Tomorrow's Build. - Similar Video: Wooden Skyscrapers: Sustainable? by Cambridge University. The new and upcoming Graphene Revolution by Tomorrow's Build. The Race to 3D-Print Our World by Tomorrow's Build. Talks about the challenges and promise of 3D printing. No Waste 3D Printed Housing. TRANSPORTATION Electric Cars are Not Sustainable and they're Terrible. Video by Alan Fisher. Why are US Cities car-based? by Alan Fisher. HEMP Why This Plant Could Save the World. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate discussing the wonders of Hemp. --- VIRTUAL REALITY CBC article on how we can use Virtual Reality for building Climate Awareness and Action. Using Virtual Reality to drive Social Change. - A similar article by Andrea Bomo on Linkedin. Virtual Reality in Healthcare. --- FROM MICHAEL Closing the Gap to Our Sustainable Future and Common Sense. Climate Change Solutions, Vegan lifestyle, Oppression, Revolution. Post by AnnaD. RELEVANT PARALLEL REALITIES Non-merging Parallels (2013) and Sessions on Bundles & Non-Merging Parallels (2021). These links discuss parallels from 1839 where everyone uses AR & VR that we are close to merging into. The Great Depression and a World of Abundance. This discusses parallels from 1930 where the Great Depression was averted, that have experienced great overhaul towards global prosperity. The Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability. This discusses parallels from 1980 where Reagan wasn't elected and focus turned to Environmental Security, which we are close to merging into. --- MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION On Mexico City's sucky Geography. On Japan's Geography. Singapore’s Bold Plan to Build the Farms of the Future by Tomorrow's Build. The time America almost stopped Climate Change by Climate Town. Industry 4.0 and Sustainability. Talks about the Internet of Things, Smart Homes etc. Radical vs Incremental Change. An article by Jenna Schroedel on Citizen lab. To close this post I'll add a bittersweet song by Nikkialiah about Humanity's addiction to violence and apathy. I really like it.
  2. Troy: Have a great session everyone! Bringing in Michael (and their 1050 taints). LOL how do I always end up there? Okay, so let's see what today brings... do we have a future as humans and will we keep our humanity? ******* ⓘ Troy is now known as MEntity MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. Troy has posed their question to us. We will respond. It may be of note that we do not have "taints." The short answer to the question of "do we have a future as humans and will we keep our humanity" is YES, OF COURSE. However, your world is changing. It is always changing so you may have heard this message all of your life and have seen it documented in history as if every major event marks a shift in your world, but the changes we speak of are cumulative and tend to be unnoticed until they are noticed. It is true that your world changes if a nuclear bomb were to drop or if a war breaks out or a pandemic spreads globally. There are always catalysts for change and they come often with some being major and global, some being minor and local, and some being more like speed bumps or steps. But the change we speak of today is about the changes that come over time to reveal an evolutionary shift, not just an event around which one must adapt. In our teaching, this evolutionary shift is described in the weight of the masses being more Mature Soul than any other Soul Age. This actual shift came rather quietly in the late 80's, marked by the "Harmonic Convergence" that was coordinated. It was not this event that caused the shift, but rather that it marked the shift. It is now 34 years later for you and the reality of that shift is becoming more and more obvious in ways that are not about a momentum that will carry you forward, but about a necessity for participation and contribution that will carry you forward. This shift began 30+ years ago as Young Soul ideas were used in a way that helped support Mature Soul concepts. The Young Soul paradigm was often about "me first" and it led to quite selfish and greedy and competitive positions in life as well as people finding themselves in positions of neglect, exhaustion, overwhelm, and being ignored, left behind, forgotten. The Mature Soul shift started to introduce the idea of "me first" in a way that encouraged CARE for the self as way to be better available to themselves and each other. A great deal of the "new age" movement then was about owning yourself, your reality, and taking responsibility for your own happiness, well-being, joy, etc. This allowed the Young Souls to find footing in Mature Soul concepts, but it also created a quite self-centric path of philosophy that has become quite problematic and harmful today. Many who are quite immersed in "the new age" of today are Young Souls, with some learning how to implement Mature Soul concepts and some continuing to simply impose Young Soul values. The reason we share all of this history is to give context to what is next for those who are participating and contributing to the world that is changing, not just in superficial or worldly ways, but changing in fundamental and baseline philosophical ways. It is a Mature Soul world now. To exist in this world means changing fundamental base assumptions about how the world works now. The world still has Baby and Young and Infant patterns at work, so they will always be there in pockets that are communities or countries, but as a WORLD, you exist in a Mature paradigm now. The future for humans, regardless of what it may seem at the moment, is quite incredible. We cannot predict the future, but we can comment on the higher probabilities, and most futures for humans are quite shockingly different from your history. Those futures stand as probabilities at the moment, which means that they do not exist as you know it. They are floating in potential states that require paths to them. These paths are created by you. And when we say "you," we mean YOU. Not the world, not the community, not a country, but all of you, individually. Because there is no such thing as collective patterns without the individuals who contribute to those. So the answer to whether there is a future for humans is a resounding YES, OF COURSE. We see no futures without humans in some form. But the futures with humans who continue to keep, nurture, and evolve their humanity do require the shift in assumptions about how the world works. It is still valid to continue the movement in awareness toward how best to care for yourself, how to self-care, how to treat yourself, give yourself a break, catch up with yourself, etc., particularly for those who are in positions in life where culture, society, family, or country weigh heavily and oppressively upon them. However, it is also time to put AS MUCH emphasis on how to CARE FOR OTHERS. It is the only way forward. All other paths die out. The only futures that exist with humans in some form and with humanity intact are those where humans began to see the planet as home, and its inhabitants as fellow earthlings, not nuisances and threats to ignore, fight, exploit, or destroy. We do not offer this with urgency or as an ominous ultimatum. We offer this as part of your learning how to choose, and choosing how to learn. You have a choice. You are learning how to choose. You are choosing how to learn. And choices have consequences. The consequences can be seen all around you now. They are not distant. They are not "somewhere else." They are not "someone else's problem." They are here, now, and everyone's. In a Young Soul paradigm, the base assumptions are that you are never obligated to be concerned with or worried about or focused on any other life than that of your own. This works beautifully for this stage of development in maturity for the soul as every Essence must fully differentiate and define itself before it can fully embrace and BE with others. Otherwise, the sense of self can be lost and consumed. The Young Soul stage ensures that no Essence ever loses its own stamp of self-awareness and identity that carries forward all the way home. The soul/Essence merges so profoundly in the higher planes that if this Young stage were never fulfilled, the Essence would be lost to oceans of thought, feeling, and consciousness. This has never happened. But this is why the steps taken to care for yourself are quite important and valid as you begin to care so deeply for others. But the quiet impulse to do better, be better, contribute more, participate, make changes, alter habits, etc. are all impulses that are inviting you to be IN the new paradigm and to help anchor it in ways that help those who come after you. Which, in truth, will be you, too. So the answer to whether the future for humans will include your humanity is: that is up to you. The efforts you make to ensure your self-care while you make the changes and efforts to care for others matter for the future of humans and humanity. On the smallest of scales, on the most individual of choices, it all matters. We will open the floor now to questions. ****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN**** Yes, Janet. JanetH: Michael I feel so deflated thinking all we can do is to care more for ourselves and others while the world burns. Is that it? Is there anything more concrete? MEntity: This deflation comes from having been imprinted by an outdated Young Soul paradigm. This is why it is so exhausting for many to consider caring at all because caring seems to mean either dramatic contributions that prove obvious and immediate benefit, or that it is empty and pointless and meaningless so why care at all. All of you are carrying the burden of this imprinting and it is no longer useful or necessary. JanetH: Food for thought. Thank you. MEntity: CARE BECAUSE YOU CARE. DO WHAT YOU CAN DO. These two things matter more than you may ever know while you are alive. From your position, you may not know the effect that your supposedly meaningless moment of kindness did to inspire someone else who had greater resources and strength to do what they can do. Donations matter. Aligning with causes matters. Speaking up matters. Educating yourself about others matters. Dropping defenses against changes that are uncomfortable and exploring the importance of those changes matters. JanetH: Thank you Michael. MEntity: You may not be able to stop the world from burning, so to speak, but that is not the goal. Controlled burning is an option. By this we mean that some elements of civilization, culture, and society are going to fall. They have to. It will not be pretty. And people may be hurt as this happens. The goal is to be in charge of creating new spaces, new ways, new paths that are there so that as things change, people have a place to land, so to speak. JanetH: That is a vision I can begin to grasp. Thank you. MEntity: It matters that you are not on fire. That is the goal. JanetH: Wow. Yes MEntity: NEXT BrianW: Hi Michael, could you describe specifically how humans on both an individual level and as a civilization will most likely change and adapt to the effects of climate change over the next century? What elements of civilization, culture, and society will likely fall, and what will take their place? MEntity: The greatest changes we have seen in nearly all futures is a move in two directions: controlled environments (architecture, design, materials, etc. that accommodate and help to reduce the harmful effects of the changes) and global standards (global government, economy, currency, policies, protections, etc.). The latter could never have worked in a Young Soul paradigm without exploitation, but in a Mature paradigm, the chances are quite high that the structure of power is one that sets standards that are valuable to all. These changes are only in the very beginning stages of consideration and might be considered fantasy now, but this shift begins to be taken more seriously around 2030 as a viable future. There are many threats to consider when implementing such a future, so there will likely be no overnight shift in this direction. However, housing and shelter and reduction of waste and more sustainable resources are all in the works of development now and will continue. The move toward more mobile, modular, and eco-friendly cities is on the rise and can save many populations over time. The elements that are nearly inevitable to collapse are religion, power and wealth disparity, debt-based economy, binary thinking, gender, social, and racial and status roles, power structures that are not focused on service, etc. NEXT (last question) Wendy: Is there a way for us to effectively fight the authoritarians taking over the world and not hate and fear our fellow citizens and governments that are making that push? How can we navigate this from a higher perspective? MEntity: Yes. The fight will be a fight, whether you hate or not. The fight is a fight because it is a fight. This will not change. The choice to fight and be a part of that fight, however directly or indirectly, matters. Wendy: It feels like we're losing and it's terrifying. MEntity: Hate indicates that which one profoundly does not understand. This is why hate is considered a "bad thing" and tends to be something one is to reject or avoid. But it is only information. For those who hate others because they do not understand them and refuse to understand them, this is a kind of hate that harms. For those who hate others because they do not understand them and they make every effort to understand them, this is a kind of hate that is justified. It is one thing to hate someone because they are different from you. It is quite another to hate someone because they are actively seeking to harm you. For those of you who hate those who are out to harm you, it is okay that you cannot understand this. It is not something that can be understood. Once you allow yourself permission to stop trying to make sense of it, the hate starts to shift into motivation, purpose, meaning, fuel. One of the reasons hate can be so consuming or exhausting is because one either continues to reject understanding when understanding is readily available, or when one continues to insist on understanding that which can never be understood. As for whether you are losing the fight or not, we know from experience as Warriors and Kings that winning and losing are only ever steps in directions that will always have next steps to consider. For example, in the United States the Civil War was won and slavery was ended. This was a win. A profound win. But this step has led to next steps of addressing racism and systemic oppression that have been allowed to flourish. This does not make the Civil War less of a win, but it puts into perspective that the steps continue. This is the same when there are losses. A loss is never permanent. Great changes and thrusts of evolution can come from losses. Our point being: one cannot measure the value of effort and contribution by the moments of loss or wins, or by the fears or hopes during a fight. It is the fight that matters. It is the next steps that matter. Always make the effort. Always take the next step. This is the way forward. The wins and losses are only information about what still needs to be done. We will conclude here for today. We will see each of you in your futures. Your humanity intact. It is okay to hate, fight, despair, and be worried, but it is also okay to love, to rest, to trust, to drink in the beauty of each other and your world because it is not going anywhere. Goodbye, for now.
  3. Amira Sa'Di

    Global Cooling

    Has there been any channeling on the shifting climates? I just watched a rather disturbing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbVtDa3DqRQ about a pending ice age. I know there's been reports that a grand solar minimum has been responsible for the dropping temperatures over the past winter or two, but this report was a bit over the top. I wonder what our global climate looks like from the perspective of the causal plane?
  4. So New Zealand has announced a Zero Carbon Act, proposed by James Shaw Green Party Climate Change Minister, to set carbon emission targets for New Zealand's Agriculture, Transport and Energy Industries. The trouble is, his Zero Carbon Act has no legal enforcement. For those of you who are not aware, New Zealand's main industry responsible for methane emissions is animal agriculture by a huge margin. Going VEGAN in New Zealand, will more than halve New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions. I am VEGAN. I wrote this as a press release, which has not been released in any of the news websites I emailed it to. Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon Emissions Act) Amendment Bill critique press release By Anna Dobson https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/document/PET_87778/petition-of-phillip-clarke-declare-climate-change-a-national?fbclid=IwAR3GuGf4ehoMr2dbUKxtpMXtrvOniPftd2BUKUgZrsftAU2XlU38dPgtDd8 There are 33 days left to sign the petition Sign Petition: NZ, Declare a Climate Emergency. 6129 people have signed and we need 16,000 people minimum to sign before June 30 2019. We are asking people to Declare a Climate Emergency as Guardians of Aotearoa, so our MPs will Declare a Climate Emergency and make the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill 2019 a coordinated new independent piece of legislation that requires amendments to the CMA, RMA and EEZ-CS Act so that the Agriculture, Energy and Transport Industries of Aotearoa are obliged to comply with legislation demanding that they limit their carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide emissions in their existing business activities, and in future activities proposed by permit/consent applicant/applications. All industrial short lived and long lived greenhouse gas emissions from the Agriculture, Energy and Transport industries will comply with enforceable carbon emission targets, and those industries greenhouse gas emissions targets are accountable to, and audited by, an independent regulatory authority with powers to penalise industries that fail to limit their emissions, and with powers to halt trading, fine and prosecute, industries that continue to flout carbon emission targets established in an RMA + CMA + EEZ-CS coordinated independent new zero carbon emission law, rather than the non legally binding Zero Carbon Act 2019 proposed by James Shaw. The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon Act) Amendment Bill proposed by James Shaw fails to go far enough in making the industries whom are responsible for, on an industrial scale, emitting most methane and nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, respectively, Agriculture, Energy and Transport, legally obliged, and legally accountable, to achieving their proposed limited emission targets. There is no independent Greenhouse Emission Target Regulatory Authority charged with enforcing legal compliance and prosecuting, non compliant industries, named in this new Zero Carbon Act 2019.There is no legislative requirement in James Shaw’s proposed Act, which makes Agriculture, Energy or Transport obliged to comply with emission targets proposed in The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon Act) Amendment Bill. The lack of legal compulsion in this proposed Act in obliging industrial compliance with limiting and achieving, each industries emission targets is obscenely conspicuous and is a failure of duty of care to tangata whenua, making this proposed Act hopeless. See excerpt below from http://www.legislation.govt.nz/bill/government/2019/0136/11.0/LMS183736.html Subpart 5—Effect of 2050 target and emissions budgets 5ZJEffect of failure to meet 2050 target and emissions budgets (1) No remedy or relief is available for failure to meet the 2050 target or an emissions budget, and the 2050 target and emissions budgets are not enforceable in a court of law, except as set out in this section. (2) If the 2050 target or an emissions budget is not met, a court may make a declaration to that effect, together with an award of costs. (3) If a declaration is made and becomes final after all appeals or rights of appeal expire or are disposed of, the Minister must, as soon as practicable, present to the House of Representatives a document that— (a) brings the declaration to the attention of the House of Representatives; and (b) contains advice on the Government’s response to the declaration. 5ZK2050 target and emissions budget are permissive considerations (1) A person or body may, if they think fit, take the 2050 target or an emissions budget into account in the exercise or performance of a public function, power, or duty conferred on that person or body by or under law (subject to other requirements that apply by or under law). (2) However, a failure by any person or body to take the 2050 target, an emissions budget, or guidance issued undersection 5ZL into account does not invalidate anything done by that person or body. We endorse the Climate Change Response Group Generation Zero’s submissionhttp://zerocarbonact.nz/assets/Uploads/Generation-Zero-Zero-Carbon-Bill-consultation-submission-July-2018.pdf Following excerpt from http://zerocarbonact.nz/assets/Uploads/Generation-Zero-Zero-Carbon-Bill-consultation-submission-July-2018.pdf Please sign and share this petition https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/document/PET_87778/petition-of-phillip-clarke-declare-climate-change-a-national?fbclid=IwAR3GuGf4ehoMr2dbUKxtpMXtrvOniPftd2BUKUgZrsftAU2XlU38dPgtDd8 to Declare a Climate Emergency in Aotearoa, to support Generation Zero’s Zero Carbon Bill Consultation Submission in favour of the current Climate Change Response Amendment Bill. Ok so if you even read that, thanks you deserve a medal, which is probably why it didn't get a Press Release, now in the intervening week when this petition has garnered as of today, 8200 plus signatures (at 15,000 parliament is required to Declare a National Climate Emergency), the Conservative NZ Political Party has somehow vetoed the rest of us Declaring a Climate Emergency. So, Declaring a Climate Emergency in New Zealand/Aotearoa is now fucked over by the (Farming interests) Conservative Political Party. New Zealand is a major agricultural animal slaughter provider. There is so much we could grow for edibles and industry that is plant based... so much.. Just when I dared to believe things may have been building some momentum in the right direction, this shit hits the fan. I really want to know how this shitfest ends. That is my question to The Michaels, How does this shitfest end? Who survives? And what hellscape are they surviving in? How the fuck are people keeping any sense of galvanised spirit up? Am I right in guessing we are all little divided silos of hope whose lights are faltering and go out at critical times? Whose lights go out when it would have been great if their lights were still on, beaming out to someone else that they are not alone and the light is being carried by someone who is stronger and can continue the vision of a Resource Based Economy where most people are eating and growing a Plant Based (VEGAN) diet? I feel like I am sinking and I beginning to wonder how much I care about a bigger picture if the bigger picture that I am putting my energy into i.e. Going VEGAN, which then means by being VEGAN one mitigates Climate Change, I walk to work as of next week as my house is that close by to work, is being fucked over again and again, by people who do not want to change. People can change, I won't be there to see it on the scale that is necessary to achieve Zero Carbon Emissions. This picture of Greta Thunberg is our collective situation. What are you doing about Climate Change? NON VEGANS, do you realise that Going VEGAN mitigates the major culprit of Climate Change? Agriculture is the main culprit in NZ, causing Climate Change. What are you doing to minimize Climate Change? I will keep asking for signatures to the Sign Petition: NZ, Declare a Climate Emergency - as the issue of Climate Change is beyond critical. Unfortunately none of you can sign it, as only @Miizle and I are New Zealanders. Only New Zealanders' can sign it. Life goes on apparently until it doesn't. First world concerns from a decent left leaning government. Thanks to @Juni for this very sad image of Greta Thunberg drowning.
  5. Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: January 12, 2017 Date: February 15, 2017 Excerpt from two separate private sessions, as linked above. ----------------------------------------------- MICHAEL It is vital for any surviving Sentient Species to, eventually, return to the organic structure that is inherent in any planetary dynamic of consciousness. There is a living structure of which you are a part and when you remove yourself from that structure, it is the equivalent of a blocked artery in a body, or a "closed" Chakra, or slow amputation of a limb, with Humans being the limb. There is a period of growth in a Sentient Species where it is "natural" to distance from that, which has always nurtured the species, much the way a teenager must distance herself from caretakers to learn her strengths and weaknesses and then return with greater understanding of the self. The Young Soul phase of evolution is the most distant Humans will ever be from that dynamic structure of life. During that phase, there are vital turning points that lead to either the collapse/extinction of the species and a necessary Karmically-loaded relocation to bodies that can help heal and avoid this from happening again, or the species rapidly accelerates in its return to the dynamic structure of life and takes a new stewardship role in its Maturity. What you describe is true: that your species need not learn any language or skills in communication with non-humans beyond the communication already established and working, but is ignored. There is no need for psychic bonding, affectionate exchanges, domestication, no need to even understand other creatures, beyond what they establish as their own design for living. Kinship is not necessary, but recognition of self-defined personhood is vital. All other levels of communication that might come, would be built from the acceptance of the premise that other species can already clearly and definitively communicate pain and pleasure at the very least, and suffering and joy from the more complex species. Your Essence, along with many of our students, are working privately or publicly in getting to that place in this lifetime or the next lifetime. Many of our students are contributing to a wave of education, inspiration, and practical application of what we describe as Affinity, which is the only term that can describe what "saves" a Sentient Species from the weight of their own distancing from the Life Structure. You are not just fragments of a living structure that is made of souls, but are bodies existing within a construct that is part of a planetary consciousness, and this must be understood for the species to survive. AFFINITY is a higher function and one that is accessible to nearly everyone, though it is rarely nurtured beyond the first tier. The First Tier is that of immediate recognition of SIMILARITY. There is little thinking involved. There is knowing. Nearly every Personality can see Similarity between himself or herself and nearly any other creature on the planet. The Second Tier is that of CURIOSITY. This is yet another Tier that is quite common among Humans in their Affinity for non-Human animals. Curiosity is the desire to learn more about that which is so similar, but different. The Third Tier is that of KINDREDNESS. This is when the Similarity and Curiosity come together in a way that recognizes Kindredness. This is the Tier when one no longer consciously or subconsciously differentiates value and worth based in species You can see these Tiers of Affinity at work among Humans who are eager to relate to animals and sees the deep similarities that clearly indicate feeling, thought, existence on their own terms, but that recognition is usually locked only to those species deemed socially acceptable to value. SIMILARITY is seen everywhere as marketing, children’s books and television, etc. are utilizing animals for teaching, relating, selling, humour, etc. CURIOSITY is seen everywhere as animal documentaries and animal companions, and even in the misguided visits to zoos and films with animal "actors." And KINDREDNESS is when you cross the line from defining oneself as merely a separate species, but as an Earthling with multitudes of animal brothers and sisters. As Affinity is a higher function, it is always available, but relatively few have moved Affinity into Kindredness. Because of fairly definite impending food shortages due to climate change and an inability to sustain farming in the current form, many of you are laying the groundwork and creating the network of support for when familiar foods begin to reduce in availability. This dramatic shift is likely within the next 20 years. That is why we mention that the current life is directly involved and can feel the urgency. If enough people cannot be moved into the more sustainable realm of consuming, then it may take a lifetime or two to recover. This is not a prediction or a doomsday scenario, but is a practical concern based on current patterns that have yet to be diverted toward more sustainable and pleasant paths.
  6. A trailer for a new documentary that will help change the world to a better place for all Earthlings.
  7. I watched this video just now and I thought it was very topical in the spirit of TLE activism. YouTuber Mexie speaks about the need to use imagination and inspiration in order to create a fairer and more sustainable world.
  8. KurtisM

    Earth 2100

    A while back, I think in either Grade 6 or 7, I got interested in watching videos about natural disasters, parallel realities & alternative futures. This interest eventually died off for a bit as I focused on other aspects of life, until the thoughts started to spark every now and then. The fact I felt inspired to research into these topics each time that spark came has gradually grown into a sense of resolve for living ethically, sustainably, healthily, and with a confidence in owning, liking and loving the choices I make. Recently, I've been connecting the dots with how all of the movies, video games, stories, documentaries and tv shows I've watched have often depicted bizarre dystopic futures for the human species. I never realized how so many of these stories recall collapses in the 1st Quarter of the 21st Century in their histories. Without having experienced them, I doubt I'd know anything about the world issues that plague us today & why we're in an imminent collapse phase of something. So I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn so much about our need to collectively change, through my entertainment. A few days ago I remembered a specific documentary but couldn't recall the name. It depicted what the World (well specifically America) could look like in the future if we don't change our ways & follow a worst-case scenario of convenience/complacency and self-preservation/oppression. Since I was only barely a tween when I first watched it, I didn't truly understand the issues it brought up, but it struck me for portraying a fictional character called Lucy as she grew up into this ruined, fearful world in the US & it was the first time I remember learning about the threat of global warming. It took me a while to search for it, but I eventually found it was called "Earth 2100". I decided to watch it again just to prod at any insights and connections to my past & thought I could share it here as a platform to discuss climate changes & how so many people deny our impact on the Earth. Interestingly from the memory of this documentary, I traced myself backwards in time and realized that back in 2007 I was involved on sites that sought to help children learn about energy usage and water availability through interactive games. I remember I took these games to heart & tried to implement their methods of reducing water consumption, electric consumption and gas consumption. But at some point I guess I just stopped doing that because no one else did around me, so I was never given any feedback, encouragement or reinforcement for my actions. Around the same time or a bit after, I was watching a TV show called "Life with Derek" and one of the episodes featured the tween of the family trying to reduce the house's carbon footprint and energy consumption as much as possible. But she did it to excess and to the point of micromanaging her family members. So she was encouraged by her parents to realize you can't control everything & she eventually stopped monitoring everyone's every action. No future episodes seemed to bring this episode up again or bring that tween back to environmentalism that I remember & so what I seemed to take from that episode was a subconscious idea that controlling energy usage would just end up being too limiting and controlling and it sort of caused me to veer away from those actions. Whether that was their intention or not, that was the moral lesson I took back. These have made me realize how insidiously we don't encourage or support people who take environmental, minimalist, sustainable and ethical courses of action. Because so many people don't understand the larger reality of human induced climate change going on, we often subconsciously distance from those who try to change the world or "respect" their choices but don't adapt/adopt them ourselves because it's too much to change our ways. I'm fairly certain I must have a stream of Parallels branching off from 2007-2011 or so that moved toward more environmentalism- and chose to join school clubs and classes to promote it. I wonder if that version of me has adopted veganism too. So much to contemplate...
  9. Although there are other vegan discussions here, I felt this video deserved a topic of its own. "Happy Healthy Vegan", a mid-late mature vegan youtube channel- posted a video mocking AllTime10's "10 Ways Vegans are Ruining the World" with a very informative, helpful and condensed summary of some of the best points veganism has for our future. Since the Ms especially state the 2020 IS will be centered around the consequences of climate change, I see that sharing and taking action on this truth is growing increasingly more important. I will post this on my other social medias too, but I don't have many followers. So perhaps any of you can share it where you are instead. I will also share this with family and friends, even if it hurts their ego- but it might be a bit difficult concerning the imprinting. In any case, I hope this video goes viral or just gets a lot of views. Because it's well-made and well-needed.
  10. January 18, 2001 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. This is Michael. One moment. As usual, we will simply start with an Open Floor. You may begin your questions. [Lights_Edge] In Quantum Physics there is the Orthodox Ontology to explain the nature of the world. This Ontology contends there is quantum randomness. It is used to explain why occurrences such as two hydrogen atoms excited at the same having the exact same proxy wave will emit a photon and return to their ground state at differing times. Is this quantum randomness truly random or is a force present effecting the differing outcomes? [Michael_Entity] Though there is an element of randomness built into the fabric of the Universe, it is not random when it is on the level of the Higher Moving Center/or Buddhaic Plane, of which this very “fabric” springs. There is a predictable “force” that has yet to be capable of being measured, contained, or conceived of by science, yet. From the current perspectives available, there does appear randomness, but a “force” will eventually be recognized. The theories behind what that “force” may be, presently, is limited. The depiction of “randomness” as a theory is simply an exasperated conclusion. [Kathie89] I have a question about Cadence Mates. Who has the closest ties: those in the same row on the same side of love, truth or energy, or those with the same position sharing the 3 different sides? Are there any cadence mates present tonight? [Michael_Entity] The closest ties will be those within the 7, whether you “see” them in rows or columns. The seven fragments comprising a single Cadence within a Greater Cadence. There are variations on the links and the definition of Cadence Members can be extended. For instance, a Cadre of Entities is a group of Cadence Mates, technically. Additionally, the first fragment of each Greater Cadence within a role is linked, as is the second, etc. The first fragment from a Cadence is also linked to the second cast fragment of the second Cadence in the second Greater Cadence, etc. This can be seen as a “diagonal” visual of links. The first fragment of each entity, regardless of Role is linked to the same fragments in the same position within their own Entities. 6 out of 7 times, these are Essence Twins. Though your Energy Ring does not follow the “Classic Model.” As far as Cadence Members being present here tonight, we do not have the focus available through this channel in this forum to look determine this. A little investigation on your part can determine this fairly easily. [Annette] When you gave Troy my profile, you mentioned an intimate connection between us when you were physical. Could you tell me more? Was I ever able to be of service to you and does this connection have an effect on why I am so drawn to this group? [Michael_Entity] We have a particularly profound link to you from over 10,000 years ago. Certain events of an Intellectually profound magnitude still affect an Entity while in the Causal. Though we cannot equate our resonance to some fragments still extant as “emotional,” there are events that we are still processing related to these fragments. In our case with your Essence, which we must differentiate from the Personality known as Annette, several fragments from our Entity learned some of our greatest lessons about “god” through you while we were physical. This greatly affected our pursuit and final cycling off. Since the effect was of a profound Intellectual nature, we are “affected” by this and respond to the resonance. This happens occasionally. We must note that this does not make a fragment more or less meaningful to us; we merely share the reality and nature of interaction as it comes about. [Barb] Good evening, Michael. We have been discussing lately the possibility of an Infinite Soul manifesting very soon (as in this month) in the form of a woman. Would you discuss the probability of this occurring? [Michael_Entity] Speculation of that nature can only be that, “speculation.” When the Infinite Soul manifests, it will be known without question. Considering the Infinite Soul is of the utmost compassionate and intelligent capacity, variations in manifesting can fluctuate at any moment. We can say with some degree of accuracy that the female who would host the Infinite Soul is alive, as is the child, who may manifest first. The probability of the Infinite Soul making itself publicly known within this month or the next six months for that matter is quite low. We say this based on our perception at the moment. We do not believe a manifestation would occur before end of 2001, at this point. [Dewliet] Hi Michael. In a recent session, you referenced a “time” when I had three bodies on this planet simultaneously. I'm wondering “when/where” fragments typically “meet up” with those types of “other selves” to assimilate and process information, and how this process differs from that of information gleaned from parallels. Do we have to “wait” until we reach the Causal plane before we learn what our “other selves” know? [Michael_Entity] When an Essence maintains more than one body within a time frame, they are treated as any incarnation would be treated. They are not the same as Parallel Selves, which exist within different dimensions, or frequencies. These are physical bodies within the same space and time. When one of the Personalities dies, it will process the life as would any other incarnation. Essence has a vast perspective and can either begin another life based on the experiences of that particular Personality's experiences, even while another body is still alive, or “wait” for the various bodies to complete that overlapping time frame before gauging a new life. In terms of Parallels, there not only parallel Earths and Lives, but Parallel Astral Planes and Causal Planes, created from the momentum of Entity choices, collectively. Parallels begin integration after the Causal. [MaryBV] I feel much “better” being in my skin these days. Could you comment on the energy around us at the moment, and have we turned a corner into calmer waters? [Michael_Entity] It would not be amiss to lend validation to the Centering for a Year. Last year was Instinctive Centered, giving rise to a great deal of agitation, fear, automatic reactions, and processing. This year, being Intellectually Centered (Troy's original channeling of Moving Centered is inaccurate) is far more comfortable for most of you. An Intellectually Centered year can lend a great deal of perspective to what has come to pass. If most of you “look” back over the previous year, for most it will “feel” as if it never was, or that it was passed through in a daze. Great changes were made last year that may have appeared to be deeply challenging, but now you will be able to “see” how much you have cleared and the room created in your life can start to move energy in ways that are more comfortable and appealing. We will add to our response to Mary that this was an incomplete answer, but more universally applicable. There are personal changes you have made in perception that have moved you to the Positive Poles of Personality, as well. Though it may not have appeared so during your process, your commitment has been Good Work. [mamajo] when were the great pyramid and the two following it built, if not at the same time in our timeline? I think he is referring to the fact that they might have been built by our future selves back in the past with the aid of extraterrestrial beings. [Michael_Entity] Yes, what you consider your “past” in several instances, was created from your “futures.” In the case of some of the Pyramids, these “were” created as a means for transportation by combined concepts of humans and “aliens” in your future. In “your” timeline, they are now a part of your past, but they are a part of your past because of a timeline that still links those structures to your future. There are several instances in your future where there is the building of practical forms of transportation between planets, the Pyramids being only one instance. Within 200 years of your future, the Pyramids are built into your past, as well as what is called Stonehenge. Much of what cannot be explained in terms of these structures being built is due to tools used from that time frame's future. The building of these structures is not a major global event in its occurrence in the future, by the way, and these structures are only more obvious and mysterious in your “past.” When it “became” relevant to create these structures from your future, the methods and implementation for time travel “were” done discreetly. The initiation of the entire sequence that leads to the building of these structures has already occurred in your current past, during what was called the “harmonic convergence” in the late 80's. In fact, the entire initiation of what has come to be called the “new age” is, in effect, directly linked in time to the initial event [in the future] surrounding the plans for the pyramids and Stonehenge. This is because the ideals and ideas that are eventually used were born of that time frame in the 1980s and are being built upon, especially from those who have concluded these structures could not have been born of what is known of the past. If your timeline parallel continues along a momentum that includes the need for the creation of the Pyramids and Stonehenge, then that timeline would experience a destruction of structures, hence leading to a “time loop” necessity for re-creating them to “try again.” It is hoped that the creation and proper implementation of these structures has secured a timeline that will allow them to simply remain a part of your mysterious history. The Great Pyramid as it sits in your current timeline helps to reduce the possibilities for catastrophic planetary quakes that, in the future, were found to have been a result of micro-cumulations that were found to have been able to be dampened and directed from that area of the planet if it had been caught in “in the past.” The Pyramid has a micro-effect, not only on the motion of the Earth, but on the movement of Time around the Earth. Most global land stability in your timeline in history can be attributed to the effects of the Pyramids that “were” built by going “back” to that most pivotal point in “the past.” Though extraterrestrial assistance is a part of this process, both those humans from “the future” and the species originating off-planet are experienced by the people of the past geographical era and time frame as “gods” and or “aliens.” Stonehenge and Easter Island are other power points upon the planet that benefited from large structures that were built as part of a kind of magnetic stabilizing network. The “charge” of these structures that was more obvious in the past has since worn off to a great extent, but the effects remain and can be measured. The bulk of land mass has been stabilized, but what has “yet” to be accomplished is a stabilizing force that carries over into the 22nd Century. The 21st Century in most parallel timelines with and without the stabilizing structures is still hit quite hard by climate and earth changes, but “so far” only those without the stabilizing structures have been met with near-extinction. Even in those timelines with the stabilizing structures placed in the past, the magnetic network falls short of sustaining through the final few “bumps in the road” manifested in the 21st Century, though they are tremendously minimized. In the timelines without these structures, it is in the beginning of the 23rd Century that the technology is available for affecting timelines. It “was” hoped that in the timelines where the structures helped minimize the catastrophes, the technology would become readily available in time for renovating and bringing “back to life” many of these stabilizing structures to help extend stability through the worst parts of the 21st Century, allowing for exponential growth that was not possible for another century in the timelines recovering from catastrophes. Though alien contact is quite usual for most humans in the late 22nd Century, it is only the simple genius of the Pyramid structures as gateways that allow for the combined forces of on and off-planet species to link from future to past, and to “go back” and help secure a more stable planet and timeline. So far, it could be said by us to be the greatest experiment we have ever studied of any sentient species we know of. We realize the nature of this scenario is fantastical, but there is more involved with your universe than is presently considered, except by some older souls. [Paulyboy] I have a question regarding video and role-playing games. These are two mediums which I enjoy ‘playing’ in. Are these simply things that we can “lose” ourselves in as opposed to doing our “life,” or could it be the life, etcetera? So I think the question is, is it something to “lose yourself in,” or are these mediums, and all the jazz about them, limited to a case by case appraisal? Personally, I have questions about this. [Michael_Entity] As with every other physical manifestation on your planet, these games are portions of the psyche, soul, and mind manifest. It is said that the brain's use is only approximately 10%, but this is not so. You merely need 10% for the use of perception and interpretation; 90% or so is used to generate reality. For instance, your physical means of communication is Telepathy manifest. Your film industry is dreaming, manifest. Video “role playing” has existed for as long as the human has existed. It is a means of grappling with the variations of the core Personality, giving rise to the sub-personalities with permission. Therefore, role-playing is Sub-personalities, manifest. Regardless of the depth or brevity of the “game,” its purpose remains the same. [Hector07] Is there ordinality and cardinality present as to cadre within an energy ring? If this is so, would it have four cardinal points, as in 1, 4, 7 and 10? [Michael_Entity] Cardinality and Ordinality no longer apply on that level, only Positions within the Support Group. [Barry] Earlier tonight, you said, “Though there is an element of randomness built into the fabric of the Universe, it is not random when it is on the level of the Higher Moving Center/or Buddhaic Plane, of which this very “fabric” springs.” My question is: there has been much debate throughout history on whether our fate is predetermined or if we have free will. It sounds like you are saying that the functioning or “fate” of the universe is predetermined. [Michael_Entity] We did not say that, nor did we imply it. We merely say there is an awesome order to events that, at this point, escape the perceptions of scientist and their tools. We do not imply predictability, either; simply that the theory of “randomness” is not accurate. On the level of the reality being explored, “Quantum Reality,” you are literally attempting to grasp the dynamics of the Higher Moving Center or the Buddhaic Plane. Of course, it is only a minute manifestation of it, but it is part of that fabric, nonetheless. In the grasping of the Higher Moving Center, you will fall into the Positive Pole of Beauty or the Negative Pole of Chaos. We do not imply that Chaos is incorrect, but that it is the relinquishing of recognition of patterns. Recognizing patterns, whether within the life or the level of Quantum Physics, is Beauty, or Oneness. Relegating an event to the theory of Randomness is lack of recognition of those patterns. The pursuit toward recognizing those patterns is part of all sentients’ eventual growth. Certain fragments, entities, and cadres will pursue this for the species. We will state here that because a pattern can be observed, either in probabilities or retrospect, does not remove the concept of “free will.” Consider your weather: It cannot be predicted, but you have entire television networks and time slots devoted to it and counted on. The patterns have been recognized and can be perceived. Knowing whether it will be stormy tomorrow or sunny does not remove your ability to choose, nor can the knowledge of the probabilities for weather be entire relied upon. [nemo999] What are the rules for giving us information? I don't believe we can just ask you for a cure for aids. Also, the scientific information seems to be limited to the knowledge of the channel and most people are not science types to ask about quantum physics or quantum gravity, basically some things we need to learn for ourselves not depend on channeling. [Michael_Entity] All channeling will be limited to some degree by the channel's level of education, insight, and soul age, but this can be transcended in many cases, depending on the self-esteem and beliefs of that particular fragment. The channel you know as Troy has little education in regard to history and geography, but prefers this, as this allows him a sense of validation when information transcends his own knowledge. This is one of the ma………………… [SECTION OF TRANSCRIPT LOST] He recognizes the limitations, while openly invites the transcendence. We do not limit our responses to you. We are only limited to your questions. If information is not available for a particular subject, which can be the case, we respond accordingly. We do not speculate, except in terms of probabilities. [nemo999] Would it be possible to channel a cure for aids for example? [Michael_Entity] This disease would have to exist first. What most seek in terms of a “cure,” by the way, is a removal of the lesson, which we are incapable of doing. What is sought as a “cure” in many cases is removal of pain, as well, which is not the cure. What we would suggest as a cure for something would not be orthodox or traditional, but an implementation of perception of self and other to a degree that extinguishes Chief Feature. Additionally, there is no “cure-all.” There will be foundations that can be shared as a basis in approaching an illness, but the individual would determine what the actual “cure” is. We will comment again that the fragment known as Louise Hayes has done Good Work in the progress toward “cures,” but has limited her presentation and practical implementation to a commercially acceptable scale. More work on that Task will continue through others and into other lives. We will conclude here. Good Night.
  11. DianeHB


    If you care at all about climate change and the state of our planet, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie. I like how it starts out with a simple question asked by a card-carrying, meat-eating environmentalist -- why do big environmental organizations never mention the fact that animal agriculture is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, causes of climate change? And the documentary follows his efforts to get satisfactory answers. There are lots of numbers and statistics, but also the journey of one man who supported organizations like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace and suddenly found himself stonewalled. It's the elephant in the room that environmentalists don't want to look at. Environmentalism and climate change is sometimes a very abstract topic to me, because I live in the city and don't see the places that are polluted and devastated. I hear statistics that sound overwhelming and end up tuning them out. It takes movies like this one to bring it a bit closer. You can watch the full movie here. It's also available on Netflix.
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