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Found 7 results

  1. Kasia

    Sages and Cording

    [Excerpt from Geraldine's Infant Soul Lifetimes] [GeraldineB] Since most of [a previous] Grand Cycle was spent without speech; how was being a Sage expressed? [MEntity] In response to your first question: we would not say "most of this grand cycle" was without speech, and we would also point out that organized and formulated speech in the modern context is not necessary for Expression. Before speech became formal or organized, there was Cording, which was a means of communication that was depended upon greatly by the species. Cording allows for entire concepts and feelings and images to be transferred between bodies. Cording is a kind of "elastic" thread of energy that attaches between bodies that interact. These are not magical, and can (eventually) be measured and quantified, but exist as literal frequencies that lock onto one another for various reasons. [GeraldineB] I've read the discussions and questions on Cording, but I'd never thought of it in terms of communication [MEntity] Because Sages tend toward more organized and formal communication, Sages tended to become ports for many to connect through. Sages could receive a muddled concept or idea or feeling, give it a clearer, cleaner form, and then transmit that to the receiver. [GeraldineB] Is this part of the purpose of 3 inputs -- especially early in the development of a sentient species? [MEntity] Sages were often the only reason a group survived when out gathering foods, as they could convey across a plain or hillside that danger was on the way. Yes, Geraldine, that would be valid. Artisans are more about giving personal form to expression, while Sages are more about translating expression into a form that can be received. So they became quite important "hubs" of communication for Cording. Yes, Cording is precisely for communication. Of course, being out of a body was not much different in terms of how this works as a form of communication, so acting as a Guide was just as meaningful. [GeraldineB] So, Guides can form a physical type of connection, similar to cording? [MEntity] We would call it a frequency, to keep from being too locked into an idea of "physical" as it is understood. It would be much like communicating to someone underwater, using a walkie talkie, if you will. There are many frequencies that can transcend the form taken by matter.
  2. Ask Michael - May 6, 2018 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. *****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***** Yes, Royce. Royce: Is there any validity at all with the NOFAP movement? Tried it for a bit, felt more in my body, creative...but still something feels silly about it all. Is there truth to directing sexual energy towards creative avenues? What does that even MEAN really? Thank you MEntity: The "NOFAP" movement has been called by many different names in various contexts from the realm of the arts or religions. This practice is mostly beneficial only in terms of self-discipline, which then translates into other areas of the life where it can be applied. When one consciously restricts access to something so easy to access and so pleasurable, the result can be one of higher disciplinary behaviors. However, there are many other ways to improve one's disciplinary mindset. For many, the self-restriction plays on unexamined guilt and shame and does nothing of benefit to the individual. Royce: Yeah. I was more curious regarding the avenue that was intented for redirecting sexual energy. How that even works at a base level. I see many people have tremendous guilt if they “ fall off the wagon” , which is ridiculous MEntity: It is meaningful to those who can create meaning from the practice, and it is meaningless for those who require no such restrictions to help bring self-discipline. As for the energy, this source is relatively unlimited and any restrictions or "redirections" are symbolic. Because the body does not have unlimited energy, the sexual pleasure can exhaust the body or place it in a state of recovery that can be distracting from productivity if there is indulgence, but this is not a matter of energy being depleted or in need of redirection. It is a matter of masturbation as pleasure vs masturbation as sedation or escape. Royce: Beautiful! My theory that losing sperm has nothing to do with losing energy is true...rather...escaping has everything to do with losing energy. Thank you! MEntity: For many, the process of productivity is entrenched in the paradigm of Punishment vs Reward so there is an investment with the assumption that there will be a payoff and reward, and there is compounded guilt or shame as punishment. It is an archaic system that older souls tend to outgrow. NEXT Cong: Hi Michael, what are some of the most likely technology breakthroughs that can be applied to day-to-day life within the next 10 years? Can you tell us which countries and organizations are leading in these areas MEntity: The most powerful breakthrough technologies that are most likely to affect and be applied in day-to-day life include: automated vehicles and drones; augmented reality that is wearable and alters the way information and communication are received and shared; inexpensive organ printing that allows for a bank of back up organs for those in need; interactive "smart" homes that are no longer self-contained, but networked to other homes of loved ones, friends, businesses/services etc. to allow for "instant visits" and interactions; instant gardens that can be planted and grown in nearly any climate and in any space that would allow for relief of dependency upon more complicated food delivery systems; waste reduction will continue to make an impact on daily lives as well as breakthroughs in energy technology that allows for massive storage and retrieval of energy in very tiny formats; in general, the individual participation in solutions will make a tremendous impact on both waste reduction and energy improvements with in-home systems that change how waste is processed along with wearable or architectural kinetic technology that generates power. The impact is a more intimate participation in solutions rather than as a participant who is distanced from the benefit. The Mature Soul paradigm is built upon participation. The systems that "protect" one from the benefit or harm of that system will continue to crumble and fail. There are too many powerful technological shifts of potential within the next 10 years, but we see the most powerful being in augmented reality, transportation/delivery systems, and food/waste/energy systems. These cannot be predicted with certainty as "everything" could simply collapse into darkness and reset humanity, but the current trajectory shows continued progression met with improved sense of responsibility. NEXT Kurtis: Hi Ms, you've spoken before about the 7 Emotions for the Emotional Center and the 7 Senses for the Moving Center. Kurtis: Could you then talk about the 7 Thoughts that stem from the Intellectual Center and their + and - Poles? I'm not sure what you'd call them, but basically the equivalent of the 7 Emotions for the Intellect. MEntity: We think you are speaking of the 7 forms of Intelligence for the Intellectual Center. These are fairly widely known and delineated in teachings well beyond our own, though we may have some differences and details to add to understanding them. In general, these 7 ways of Thinking come as: INSTINCTIVE, MUSICAL, KINETIC, RELATIONAL, COMMUNICATION, SPATIAL, and LOGICAL. These are basic forms of Intelligence that each individual develops and they are not specific to any Role but there can be a loose correlative association as Server, Artisan, Warrior, Scholar, Sage, Priest, and King. That correlation is by symbolic association only, not necessarily in terms of built in assets for a Role. Kurtis: Oh I didn't know they were related! Thanks. MEntity: We wish to be clear in what you deem "related." To what do you refer? Kurtis: Well, I knew about the 7 Intelligences but I didn't know they tied deeply into the Intellectual Center. Kurtis: I thought they would've been Instinctive, for instance. Kurtis: But having an Intellectual basis makes more sense I think. MEntity: Yes, they are the PARTS of the Center. Kurtis: I will have to look into & learn more about them in the future since I guess this is the end of my question time and we must move on. MEntity: Logic is the Intellectual Part of the Intellectual Center, and Musical is the Higher Emotional Part of the Intellectual Center, for example. We can delineate polarities in a dedicated session. NEXT Pia: When someone goes through a very painful life situation with another human for many years does it mean there is karma to be burned off? Is it necessary to go through the pain? MEntity: There is not always Karma involved in painful situations, regardless of how lengthy the scenario. There are many reasons one can remain in a painful relationship or situation, including fear, obligation, duty, responsibility, familiarity, safety, security, lack of insight or education, lack of power or clear choices, etc. Pia: How does one know the difference? If karma or the choices you list? MEntity: As for pain, there is never a necessity for pain, but it is built into the nature of existence and is a navigational resource. Pain indicates resistance of some sort. When one punches you physically or emotionally, there is impact and resistance and pain. Pain is information. Pia: You are correct, pain is resistance...so stuff just happens in this life? How does one access that it is from essence and not just life happening? MEntity: Karma will always have at its core the element of interference of choice. If your choices were removed or expanded to the point of interference, there may be Karma. In addition to the interference of choice is the lack of comprehension. There are many instances where one has the trajectory of choice interrupted but if there is understanding, there is no Karma. For example, if one had grand life plans and a loved one falls ill with a long-term terminal disease, this interferes with your choices, but it is wholly and completely understandable and Karma-free if that understanding is applied. Pia, it is true that "stuff just happens in life." This is called "Scathing." It is built into the gamble and risks of life. In many cases, painful events are often hooked into other more meaningful and beautiful events and for this reason many endure painful events for the payoff that comes in other areas of life. For example, if one wishes to get into shape and improve health, there are painful exercises of both body and mind that must be endured to get to the point of that improved health. The body and mind are benefited, but resistance was naturally involved in the process. Other examples are when one loves another person but that person has hurtful behaviors that you know love could heal. For some, the pain is worth the risk of helping that loved one. Pia: U are correct, there is a payoff, a heart opening ...how does one know the situation has gotten you further into knowing essence? MEntity: Without knowing the details of your scenario, we cannot speak to it directly, but we can say if you have endured a painful experience, what you take from it is yours. It is up to you what that is. It is not always clear what that is and it may take time to see how you use the experience in healthy ways. Pia: Thank you for your wisdom MEntity: If you are using your experiences to improve your perspective, your relationships, your choices, and your capacity to love, you are moving further into Essence. If you are using your experiences against yourself, using experiences to distance yourself from others and divide yourself within, to swear never to trust again or take risks again, you may be moving away from Essence. We have said before and will say many times: You cannot always control what happens TO you, but you can always control what you DO with what happens to you. FINAL QUESTION - NEXT Uma: When we return to Tao after our lifetimes on the Physical Plane, we go through all the Planes on our way ‘back’. Do we do the same on our way here? We usually start talking about 1st born Infant Souls, but have those newborn fragments worked through the Planes on the way ‘down’ to the Physical in any way similar to the way we do on the way back? MEntity: Yes, you are correct. This is related to the process we describe in terms of the 7 Kingdoms of any Physical Plane and its species/lifeforms as a process of fragmentation from Energy Ring to Cadres, Entities, and then individual Essences/fragments. Consciousness explores these Kingdoms from Planes relative to that Kingdom. The Oceanic/Mineral Kingdom is where consciousness from the Messianic Plane explores; the Vegetation Kingdom is Buddhaic Plane consciousness; Insect Kingdom is Mental Plane; Cold-blooded Kingdoms are Akashic Plane; Birds are Causal Plane; Lower Mammals are Astral, and Higher Mammals are now anchored individual fragments in the Physical Plane that has potential for Sentience. Sentience is the profound anchoring of individual Essence into space and time, now with the journey of remembering her way Home. Until a planet is identified for exploration, this process of moving "down" through the Planes does not begin. We can explore this in further exchanges, of course. For now, we will conclude for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  3. KurtisM

    Core Values of Sage

    [This material was originally posted by NickG as a private session transcript on May 18, 2016. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.] Nicholas33: Hello to you too Michael. When we had the session on manifesting essence you stated something along the lines of the role having core values as a foundation to build upon. You gave me some examples for the Sage but I was wondering if I can have the core values of the other roles as well. MEntity: Yes ... SAGE - Communication, Expression, Fun, Levity, Innocence, Teaching, Learning, and being a living example of One's Personal Philosophy. ... Keep in mind that these Core Values will be upheld in some way, even if they are upheld in desperate and unhealthy ways. These can be upheld in ways that serve only the self, serve only others, or serve a balance between the two. ### end of transcript ### Note: You may comment on the original post. See Core Values of the Roles.
  4. KurtisM

    What Sages WANT and NEED

    [Extracted from: NYC Michael Speaks: Wants & Needs of Essence Roles] MEntity: We understand that Troy has asked for us to discuss what we might describe as the WANT and the NEED of each Essence Role, so we’ve looked at this in a way that we hope will be easy to validate for each of you and your Roles. ... SAGES
. This may seem obvious, but the WANTS of a Sage, and the consciously motivating form of navigation throughout the life, is the want to COMMUNICATE. More elaborately, we would say “to be seen” and “to be heard.” We prefer the term “communicate” because, ultimately, it is not just about being seen and heard, it is about seeing and hearing as well. It is about creating that circuit of communication, that experience of exchange. So a Sage will always find, underneath all other motivations as a foundation, that want to communicate, to be seen and heard and to see and hear, to truly have dialogue, to truly have exchange. This should be quite obvious in terms of the Sage, but often what is subconsciously motivating a Sage, and what they NEED, is AFFECTION. More than any other Role, Sages crave affection the most. They benefit the most from physical proximity and touch and contact. This does not mean they want you to fondle them without invitation necessarily, but that they have, even more so than Artisans, a difficult time feeling present in the world. They may seem present, and they may seem quite aware of themselves, and they are, but it is difficult for them to not have some form of physical contact, some sort of physical proximity, if this goes on too long. Hugging a Sage is much easier than hugging a King. So when a Sage recognizes that he or she is subconsciously motivated by that need for affection, it could help explain a lot of why they gravitate towards certain relationships, certain scenarios. Even if they are completely out of their element, if that need is being fulfilled in that arena, or in that relationship, or in that exchange, they will gravitate towards that even over a great conversation, if that need is lacking. For the Sages among us, do you have comments or feedback? [Question] Well I have a question. So if you maybe are feeling like you aren't getting those things, or getting them … wait let me organize my question. So it would be easy to utilize, like, sex to get affection, but it's not really a very positive thing, and it would sort of be like the negative pole of it, if you're doing it really just to fulfill that need? MEntity: Not necessarily. Your judgment of it, of sex as a way of fulfilling affection, may make it less fulfilling. But recognizing that you may gravitate towards sex as a way of fulfilling your need for affection will help you to make choices that may be more meaningful to you in terms of fulfilling affection. [Question] I don't feel that it's unfulfilling. I'm just saying that I wondered if it was, maybe, not as positive, or if there would be a better way to obtain it. MEntity: We will say that if it turns into something that is a compulsion that cannot be controlled, and possibly moving into a form of addiction that is harmful to you, then yes, you might deem it to be a negative form of fulfilling that need. But if it is bringing pleasure, and is not harming, then it is a valid form of fulfilling that need. We want to remind you that we said, as you progress throughout your lifetime and you evolve your pursuit of your needs and your wants, the necessities for the degree of fulfillment will change. So then sex may not fulfill that need for affection at some point in your life, and you may have to either move away from that as the source and look to other sources, or move to become more inclusive of other sources, such as literally reaching out to those that are close to you, and hugging more, and snuggling more. We are not speaking in terms of affection only being in physical touch, but affection in our definition is about resonance, is about — [Comment] Intimacy? MEntity: We would not say intimacy in this case. We will say simply resonance: that you like who are with, that you like who you are when you are with them, which is often different from intimacy in this case. [Question] Does the craving for affection have anything to do with craving belonging, a sense of belonging? MEntity: That might be another way of describing what we were using in terms of being present, yes. The belonging is a little more emotionally charged than the term “present” in this case in terms of what we are trying to convey here. The Sage does not necessarily need to feel as if he or she belongs, but they often do feel as if they do not have a presence, that they are not seen and heard in a way that is grounded. We can't think of another, more appropriate word than “present.” Belonging could be a part of that dynamic of their definition of present, but there is a little bit more of an emotional charge to that term than what we would like to convey by using the word present. We will turn it to the Sages to ask if you find a difference between being present and belonging, or if you feel the differentiation yourselves. [Comment] Well I do. I don't think there's a huge difference, I think it's very subtle, because I feel like I belong in certain aspects. But remaining present in the times where I don't feel like I belong is very different, like at work or something where I'm around people that are very casual, as opposed to my close family. There is definitely a difference then. I don't feel as much of a belonging there, but I can feel present. [Comment] I think it's easier to be present when you feel that you are someplace that you belong. If you don't feel like you belong in a situation or in a place, then I think that, personally, yeah, you tend to go to the future or to the past — to imaginings, you know? MEntity: What you may have touched on then is an extension of what is required for them to feel present and that would be, in some cases, that sense of belonging. The reason why we differentiated is because we know many Sages and they do not necessarily need to feel as if they belong in a group of people for them to feel present. But there may be circumstances where that is a defining factor.
  5. ConnorW (Shazam)


    This material was obtained by Connor in a private session in 2017. Question: I'm curious what information and insight you can give me on my stutter as a Warrior-cast Sage. MEntity: Though there can be physical causes for stuttering, a great deal of the perpetuation or increased struggle with it can be due to more emotional and psychological conditioning. Most stuttering is due to a mix of blocked self-expression and an extreme distrust in that expression. This may not be your own distrust, as it may have originated by watching and learning from those who imprinted you, but it becomes your distrust after time. This tends to happen when sadness is not allowed to be expressed without shame, when crying is blocked or rejected, when sadness or crying is seen as a weakness. Ultimately, it is a state that refuses to listen to the self. Stuttering happens when there is a gap between what is wished to be expressed and how that is heard by you. This is true in emotional, intellectual, and physical terms. Because it is true on each of these levels, it can be treated on any of these levels and have a cascading effect across all bodies. Question: Bodies being the ones around me? Or the terms themselves? MEntity: For example, there are devices that allow for an auditory delay in the ear that allows as a kind of corrective measure, or synchronizing between expression and reception. Bodies as in your emotional, intellectual, etc. If you do not have access to such a device, you must do the work of listening and expression more actively. Often this means slowing down expression, slowing down thoughts, using various forms of expression (hand gestures, cues, etc) to indicate that it is important for you to pace your communication so that it is comfortable and clear to you. Allowing room to cry "for no reason" can help, as well, because there may be ancient wounds stored in you that can come up "out of nowhere" for you to process. This can be confusing and feel like "bad days" or low energy or depression, but it is likely these layers of sadness that were never fully allowed to be released. In addition to the above, there is singing and shouting that can help. These can be brought into expression randomly and for fun and help you to return to a confidence in your expression. Rather than see these as *just* for fun, see these as adding to your fuel of confidence and comfort with yourself. The more you include shame or self-consciousness in your mix of expression, the more out of sync you may find your expression. You may always stutter. You may always have better days and worse days. The key then is not in worrying about "fixing" yourself, but in embracing a range of comfort of expression that is YOURS. Others will navigate this just fine. Some may be less patient or have more difficulty, but you must consider your stutter to be nothing different from being a language in itself. If you spoke only English among Chinese speakers, you would not fault English or Chinese. You would understand that there is a difference and that it is simply your job to do your best to find a common ground for communication. As with differences in language, some people are less patient with those who do not speak their language and others are eager to find a bridge of comfort and communication. You can only do your part. The rest is not a reflection of your value or meaning or importance. It is a reflection of others. Continue the practice of honesty, speaking up for yourself, allowing room for sadness and slowing down your thoughts and listening more to yourself. These are the only things you can do on your own as a path toward comfort and confidence in your communication.
  6. Kasia

    What is Cording?

    [Excerpt from TT: circa 2011 Private Session HeidiTaylor] Question: What is Cording? MEntity: In the process of engaging in a relationship, Cording occurs. This is an energetic process through which one explores another person and communicates beyond the obvious levels of communication. Your energy centers, or chakras, reach out and connect to another fragment's energy centers, or chakras, and bind to some degree. This Cording, or bonding, brings about an energy exchange that is important and ancient. This is why intimacy is often difficult to describe or be made sense of because it develops on levels beyond the obvious, transcending the bodies and voice. MEntity: Though Cording can seem to be a non-physical means of communication, it is not. It is just another frequency within the physical plane, and it is as subject to certain laws as other means of communication. [SNIP] MEntity: Cording as a means of communication began long before language was in place. Communication was necessary as a part of the survival of a tribe, but often while hunting and gathering, any sounds of alert could easily bring about a quicker encounter with the danger, itself. Cording allowed for all members of a tribe to be alerted on a level that was not verbal. MEntity: All members of a family or tribe were networked with this kind of Cording. MEntity: Over time, the necessity for Cording began to change. As verbal expression and language grew, so did organized civilizations that could provide alerts to danger that did not immediately bring threat. MEntity: But Cording continued, evolving to a level of interaction that helped to find Agreements among the populations, to help keep mother and child in communication, even as the child grew and went to schools; for Karmic Ribbons to be burned, for Mates to "keep in touch" even as travel separated them, etc. MEntity: Cording happens in one of two ways: Intentional and Unintentional. MEntity: Intentional Cords, those you gave permission for having, are often visualized as coming from the front of your body. The cords that you find on your back are usually those from places you did not intend or realize wanted something from you, or were checking in with you. MEntity: Cords found on your back are sources of drain, of distraction. MEntity: Cords found on your front are important, sources of reciprocating energies, and intent.
  7. ENERGY REPORT October 2015 2015 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year) CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) OCTOBER marks the “official” shift of emphasis into the exploration of the Chief Features of the year. Stubbornness and Greed gain focus as the individuals and groups begin their reviews of the year, looking at what was accomplished, what was not, and how to prepare for a new cycle of effort and themes in the next year. Though the Chief Features have been in effect in some way all year, this period of time is when individuals or groups work to dismantle any patterns related to these Chief Features, or they entrench themselves further into the fears of these Chief Features. Stubbornness is the fear of change, of the unknown, the unfamiliar, and surprises. As Stubbornness comes into focus, individuals and groups will look at how the year was navigated in terms of surprises, the unfamiliar, the unknown, the unexpected, and change, in general. For most of our students, Stubbornness would be showing up in quite personal ways, often in regard to intimacy, close relationships, and those in proximity. Our students have probably had to navigate turbulence, challenges, and changes within their immediate lives, relationships, and events, but have been fairly pleased with the changes happening “in the world,” even if those changes are coming with a great deal of resistance. The younger Soul Ages would be more focused on the resistances to changes happening on a larger scale. For those who have had the most difficult time adapting and navigating changes during 2015 of any Soul Age, October will likely bring these patterns to resolution, or to a full-on confrontation that begins a path to resolution. That resolution will likely need or want to be in place before the new year begins. Greed is the fear of lack, of not having enough, of limited resources and access. Greed tends to fixate upon that which is feared to be lacking. For our older soul students, Greed has shown up over 2015 in more subtle ways that reflect lack of emotional fulfillment, lack of fulfillment of ideals, lack of acceptance, growth, love, intimacy, etc. Our students have probably had to look at where they are falling short, where they have lived with presumptions and assumptions, have had to look at any sense of entitlements, laziness, expectations, and irresponsibility. These qualities may have been reflected back to you in so many words from others, or from poor results, or from failed expectations, or during inconveniences and impositions that disrupted your assumptions and presumptions that “things should just work out,” but they are likely not as glaring and as obvious as the more material and tangible fears of lack that the world may be reflecting. The younger souls in the world are working out their fears around the lack of tangible resources, territories, access, and goods. All of these are related, of course. For those who have more obvious struggles with Stubbornness, the solution is ADAPTABILITY. You must evolve, you must draw from new sources, from old sources, and bring your flexibility into the picture so that you can move with the changes that are wanted and the changes that are not, and the changes that are small, and the changes that are big. An adaptability is a form of compromise, but a compromise is not a “dirty word.” It is an intelligent negotiation that considers all factors, both in terms of anticipated and unanticipated. For those who have more obvious struggles with Greed, the solution is COMMUNICATION. In most cases of Greed, “communication” is presumed to be one-sided, and that this is expressed as demand or need. It is valid and real that there is often scarcity in resources, both in terms of the tangible and intangible. Sometimes your loved one simply cannot provide the emotional assurances you require or demand. Sometimes your land will not produce the foods necessary for comfortable survival. Scarcity is a part of the landscape of incarnation and physical lives, so it is a natural occurrence that must be navigated. It is not easy, but it can be navigated. When the fear of this scarcity is in effect, then the capacity for communication diminishes. By “communication” we refer to a bi-directional circuitry that is upheld so that one not only expresses one’s desires and needs, but one knows if and when and how these can be received from the sources that are accessible. If these needs are intangible, you must not only express your need and want for what it is you seek, but you must pay attention and listen and forgive when the source is not capable of providing that which you seek. If these needs are tangible, then communication is just as important, even if the source is the land for crops. You must “listen” to the land and what it needs as a means for it to help provide what you need and if it cannot, you must move on. The same is true of people. If you only demand in panic and fear, you may simply push away or diminish or strip your resources so that they cannot provide, even if they could have at one time. Let us be clear that we are not speaking here in terms of desperation in survival and the cry for help. We are speaking in terms of when one has the capacity to choose, and the choice is for Greed. DATES OF INTEREST: October 09 - 11 -- ENERGY SHIFT - ENERGY SURGE - For many of our students, this energy shift may show up as a surge of energy that may bring anxiety, panic, worry, or it may bring with it enthusiasm, ideas, and excitement. Either way, it is a surge of energy that can be used and directed in whatever way works for you. October 18 -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - A branching of Parallels begins here as the first waves that lead to various parallels related to shifts in power among countries. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER OCTOBER: COMPROMISE IS INTELLIGENCE - The capacity to compromise in ways that do not harm yourself or another, and benefit both yourself and others, is a form of intelligence, kindness, compassion, and even agape. Compromise does not have to be one-sided, but it will tend to be one-sided if one side wishes to take more than the other is willing or able to give, and sometimes that is going to happen, but if you have the capacity and choice, mutual benefit can prevail. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Surprises are a part of life. They will happen. They are a part of the dynamic of evolution, and evolution is change, and not all change can be anticipated. If you allow room for the unexpected, even when it is profoundly disappointing, it can help you to regain your footing to a point where you can ride that change. It is not always going to be easy, and even the most flexible of students may feel stretched to capacity, but that flexibility helps. Change is not always “good,” and it is not always pleasurable and is sometimes even in the directions that may be harmful, so you must do the work of steering your changes as best you can. Change may not bring with it everything that you desire, but fearing change is what will keep you from any benefits that would ever have been possible.
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