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Found 11 results

  1. Michael Speaks: The Darkness Among Us December, 26, 2015 Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We can begin. We have been asked to discuss how one might navigate what seems to be the overwhelming "darkness" that can come from personal and collective events in your world. First, we will say that nothing we will say today will change the world, but what we can share with you today is a way to change how you see the world, and more importantly, how you see yourself IN that world. What we share today can help you to not only change how you see the world, how you see yourself in that world, but how you act within those parameters that are meaningful and practical to you. It is fair to describe the effects and forces in the world as "darkness," if that term is intended to describe a force or experience of limitation that challenges your force or experience of "light," or choice. In other words, if choice = light, and interference of choice = darkness, then the terms are fair. However, if the terms are synonymous with "good" and "evil," then the terms are useless. For there are forces that interfere with choice, and there are consequences that are experienced because of that interference, but these can rarely be simplified into terms such as good and evil, but the terms light and darkness are neutral. For many, the day (light) allows far more freedom and choice than the night (darkness), but neither of these would be considered good or evil, but simply more useful parts of each day and quite natural. We share this distinction because one of the first things one must do if one seeks clarity, effectiveness, and peace while navigating the forces of the world, one must resolve the apparent conflict between these forces. Understanding that night is not competing with the day, that the night does not swallow the day, and that the day can never truly destroy the night frees you from one of the first layers of intensity and stress that the navigation of life can bring. When you were younger souls, you may have thrown rocks at the moon to stop an eclipse, but you know now that you are safe, that there is a natural cycle, that you are not losing your Sun. As you grow older, the fear of an eclipse moves from the sky to your political and social arenas. You fear that the darkness is taking over the light, and your reactions are about as effective as throwing rocks at the moon. The truth is that the world will never be free of darkness, or "bad" people, or karma, or inconveniences, or destructive forces. But equal to this truth is that the world would be in no better position if there were no more nights, no more cycles, no more interferences to the broad light of day. What we shared here is the broadest context with which you can understand the dance between light and dark, between the forces that seem to benefit and the forces that seem to harm. You must have this greater context as a means to then focus more specifically on the details. Understanding this broader context does not mean permitting harm, but it does allow you to reduce the broad notion that all darkness is harmful. It is also helpful to remember that not all light is beneficial. Both darkness and light are neutral, and the effects, consequences, and experiences of these are dependent upon relativity, intensity, and proximity. In other words: your world would burn if closer to the Sun... Consideration of Relativity, Intensity, and Proximity leads us to the next important layer to explore in regard to navigating life/darkness/light. As you grow older, your empathy evolves, rises, expands, and encompasses more and more of life. Empathy is vital for evolution of consciousness. Without it, you do not evolve. It is impossible not to evolve one's empathy, but one can certainly stall or halt it for a while. Hand in hand with Empathy comes Sensitivity. Keep in mind that we say "hand in hand." Empathy and Sensitivity are different things, but they tend to be drawn to one another as tools for those who seek the path. Before one begins to evolve in one's Empathy, one tends to increase one's Sensitivity. Sensitivity tends to come from experience, and a great deal of experience that fuels Sensitivity is wounding. This is one of the reasons even an older soul will draw the line and halt or stall in one's increasing capacity for Empathy. This is because Empathy begins to equate Sensitivity equating Wounding. In other words, it hurts to care. What the older soul must, eventually, grasp is that caring FEELS GOOD. Empathy FEELS GOOD. Compassion FEELS GOOD. Sensitivity does not always feel good, but it is the tool used down the paths of Compassion, Empathy, and Caring. Returning to the concepts of Relativity, Intensity, and Proximity, it can change everything for you to remember that IF IT IS NOT HAPPENING TO YOU, THEN YOUR EMPATHY, CARING, and COMPASSION are not there to make you feel bad about or for others, but to motivate you to help. If you feel bad about events in the world, you care, your compassion is there, and your empathy is intact, but if you do nothing, or feel you can do nothing, or you make it about your sensitivity/wounding, then you will feel bad. 99% of what one feels overwhelmed by, upset by, angered by, frustrated with, etc. is not actually happening to you. This is not to say that you are not a part of the picture, or that you are not affected by events and forces well beyond your personal space, but that you are in a position that allows for greater choice and action than you realize or choose to implement. If it is not happening directly to you, then you can let your sensitivity lead you to Empathy, Compassion, and Caring in ways that feel good. And by "feel good" we mean that you can either make a difference, or acknowledge that you cannot make a difference. If you can make a difference, then make a difference. If you cannot, then you must trust those who can, will. For example: If you are overwhelmed by the mentality being fueled by the Young King known as Donald Trump, you can make a difference with your educated vote, or if you cannot vote, then you can encourage those who can vote to cast an educated vote, or you can focus on the trust you must extend to those caught up in the experience who are closer to it. If you are concerned about climate change and its long-term and short-term effects, then you have more immediate choices and actions you can take to participate in helping to reverse or alleviate the momentum of this force. If you are upset by the murder of a family by a father who "snapped," there is very little you can do to have prevented or helped with that scenario. If you are upset by a recent bombing that has occurred, or a recent mass shooting, you cannot always make a difference to have prevented these, but you must then decide if you can help, how you can help. And if you cannot help, you trust. If it is not happening directly to you, then you must consider if you can help, and if you cannot, then you must trust. And, finally: you cannot help everyone, every time. But you can always care. It becomes much easier to care, even if you cannot help, when you have helped where and when you could help. The world is neither overrun by darkness or fighting to sustain its light, but you are learning to care, and how to care without being consumed by your own wounding. When a Higher Moving Center or Moving Center are involved in a year's Overleaves, or in an event or person's overleaves, then the tendency for Martyrdom and Impatience can run high. The dance between Victimhood and Intolerance can be quite painful. There can tend to be more collective commiseration of frustrating world when these Centers/Chief Features are involved. When collective commiseration displaces collective help, the overwhelm and anxiety is perpetuated. Rather than add to the collective commiseration, you can harness your caring and share ways for others to help, if there are ways to help. When you share solutions, you increase the probability for your caring, and someone else's caring, to make a difference. If you do not know of any solutions, then asking for solutions can be as helpful as offering solutions. Commiseration can serve to bring people together, but if it ends with only commiseration, then the darkness of the world is not the concern of these individuals. It is their personal wounding that they seek to heal. If you find that you simply commiserate without any effort to help, then you are probably looking for help for yourself. And this can be quite a relief to understand about yourself. Because then you can get on with the more honest search for help, rather than the gamble of hope for healing through the pain of others. When you realize that it is your own wounding you seek to heal, you can then allow that healing. Not only does the world then begin to be brighter, but your load becomes lighter as you share it with honesty. So if something "bad" is happening directly to you, in close proximity, and with intensity, then you must ask for and allow help. We have covered a great range of concepts for our students to consider when pondering the overwhelming darkness that can seem to be in the world. Our intent is to help you to move away from throwing rocks at the moon, and knowing when and how you can make a difference. Because you do make a difference, even when you choose not to make a difference. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN ************ Yes, Brian. Brian: What techniques or exercises might we use to expand upon having sensitivity, empathy, and understanding? BE ALIVE. If you are alive, you are already immersed in technique and exercise for expanding your sensitivity, empathy, and understanding. However, we will say that as with every other "muscle" that is increased in strength, there can be pain along the way. Those who actively exercise tend to recognize that there is "good" pain. In our teaching, we tend to differentiate Friction from Resistance. What most experience as "bad" pain is Resistance. "Good" pain is Friction. Friction is the range that includes challenges, difficulties, obstacles, and the coming together of forces against one another to create an experience. Friction tends to build upon itself, bring expansion and growth, evolution, fulfillment, and pleasure. If one can begin to consider the difference between Friction in life and the Resistance to life, then one can change how one expands in sensitivity, empathy, and understanding. You cannot avoid Friction, and you are almost always the solution to Resistance. Navigating your life in terms of gaining as much as you can from your experiences vs resisting them with anger, frustration, and evasion can be the difference between the imbalance of darkness over light, and the comforting balance between the two. Most of our students do not need to learn how to be Sensitive, but what to do with that Sensitivity. And we will say that Sensitivity is an invitation to make a difference, if you can, and if you cannot, then let it matter that you care. Let it be enough. There are other areas of sensitivity where you can make a difference. You can always care, even if you cannot help. Next, Rosario. Rosario: Hello Michael. I think your answer to Brian's question applies also to mine: how would be the process from "darkness" to "light" in children/people recruited by ISIS militants? First, those who have been recruited would need to want to move away from that "darkness" and into "light." If they have been recruited through brainwashing by choice, then they have determined that there are solutions to their pain in what you describe as "darkness." When someone is brainwashed by choice, the only thing that can make a difference for that individual tends to be in the presentation of even more effective relief from their pain. In those cases, education, information, opportunity, etc. tend to be the means by which one can move from a darker place to a lighter place, if you will. When someone is recruited through mindfuck, then intervention tends to be necessary. Mindfuck is karmic and compelling, so even when intervention is offered, the person may reject the help. You may or may not have the means through which to help those who are recruited through brainwashing or mindfuck, but both require clear paths of information, addressing of pain and needs, and options for solutions. Those who are recruited entirely by conscious choice fall into the brainwashing category in terms of what would be necessary for help in expanding their choices and inviting different actions from them. Rosario: I see. Keep in mind that many who are labeled as "terrorists" are often just crude versions or reflections of greater superpowers who have become more refined at the same behaviors and actions in the world. The line is rarely distinct in the greater scheme of things. Next, Sevemanalo Sevemanalo: I'm wondering how what you've said today on light/darkness, can be applied to social justice work such as anti-racism work or youth rights? It can be applied in terms of doing what you can if you are able to help "from the outside," and allowing help if you are on "the inside." If you are directly affected by racism, then you must allow help, and if you are not directly affected by racism, but care, then you can help by asking how you can help, and listening to what help is needed. In cases where racism is addressed, it is vital that the request for help is seen as a strength, and that the offer of help is formed through listening to the requests. Next, PaulyBoy PaulyBoy: Hi Michael Entity. Most of us probably have some family or extended family member who is wrapped up in "Trump Mentality." To quote from earlier: "If you are overwhelmed by the mentality being fueled by the Young King known as Donald Trump, you can make a difference with your educated vote, or if you cannot vote, then you can encourage those who can vote to cast an educated vote, or you can focus on the trust you must extend to those caught up in the experience who are closer to it." How might we approach "encouraging those who can vote to cast an educated vote" when topics of "religion and politics" are often off the table when talking with family at gatherings? How might we approach this in a way where we might actually "get through" to some folks, and not just alienate them? Is this a matter or just letting them "make their mistakes" or "having their experiences and consequences?" and there's only so much we can do? Or do we have to let "them" come to "us," like you have to wait for the question to be asked? Wearing political-messaging t-shirts seems likely to provoke a fight without much of a discussion... I seem to be having some trouble with the question, so I hope the question is coming through, even if it somewhat conflicted and confused inside of me. "Gentleness, healing, song, and story" just came to me, and "be an example." I'm not sure if that was you or me or something else there. Maybe I just answered my own question for me. None the less, I am curious what your extended thoughts are on "reaching out" to folks in the Trump Mentality. Thanks! You can only invite education and choice; you cannot force or impose these things. We have learned this, ourselves, by working with all of you over the past 5,000 years. If you can have a conversation, then have the conversation. If you cannot, then you cannot. PaulyBoy: That is so simple it makes sense, even if I'm making a funny face and cracking up But the most effective way you can communicate in those instances is to A) know your facts B) reduce your reactions, and C) to offer the insight, not presume it should already have been gained. If you cannot pull off all three of these, your effectiveness diminishes relative to the strength of these three keys. PaulyBoy: Ooo, that last one really stuck out (not presume it should already have been gained. We are losing focus through Troy tonight and must conclude here. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. Carl Safina takes us inside the lives and minds of animals around the world, witnessing their profound capacity for perception, thought and emotion, showing why the word "it" is often inappropriate as we discover "who" they really are. And yet, we are wiping out the very animals we should celebrate; we are the flood coming for Noah's Ark. Carl leaves us with a difficult question: Do we have what it takes to let life on earth survive? Carl Safina’s work has been recognized with MacArthur, Pew, and Guggenheim Fellowships, and his writing has won the Lannan Literary Award and the John Burroughs, James Beard, and George Rabb medals. He has a PhD in ecology from Rutgers University. Safina is the inaugural endowed professor for nature and humanity at Stony Brook University, where he co-chairs the steering committee of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and is founding president of the not-for-profit Safina Center. He hosted the 10-part PBS series Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina. His writing appears in The New York Times, National Geographic, Audubon and other periodicals, and on the Web at National Geographic News and Views, Huffington Post, and CNN.com. Carl Safina’s writing shows how humanity is changing the natural world and what those changes mean for wildlife and for people. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
  3. MMW - September, 15, 2018 - Your Self-Assessment Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand today is a focus on self-assessment regarding various contexts and states. Suggestions that we know Troy listed include Happiness, Pain, Suffering, Peace, Compassion, Consciousness. What we suggest as our first step is to either come to an agreement on which of these you would like to prioritize. We will assess from there how to move forward. You may also suggest your own ideas for context or state. MichaelE: Consciousness and Compassion are a priority for me. Bobby: The C's for me too for now SFlow: Suffering, Consciousness, Pain but any will be fine with me Michael Maureen: Peace Uma: I'd like to understand self-assessing and how to approach any of those consciously Luciana: Compassion and consciousnes is fine for me DianeHB: Peace for me MEntity: We see our delivery was compromised in one of our sentences above. For the record, we meant to say: "What we suggest as our first step is to come to an agreement on which of these you would like to prioritize." This does not require new responses. The correction is only for the record. Part of your self-assessment has already begun in your response to what you prioritized. If you had a singular priority, it is likely that you are at a place in your life where that priority dominates your focus already. If you suggested multiple priorities, it is likely that there are demands on you from various layers or directions, either internally or externally, and you require multiple facets of you to be functioning at once. If you were quite flexible and passive in your suggestion, it is likely that you have taken a "back seat" in your life and are quite uncertain as to what you are doing or need to do. Though you are far more complex than these simplistic assessments, they are likely to still be relevant and specific to you. To be clear, for those assessed as taking a "back seat" in their life, this does not mean you are not participating in your life, but that you are likely in a more observational state regarding your life at the moment, Before we begin, do you feel these assessments regarding your preferred priorities are relevant? Uma: I do, for me MichaelE: Yes SFlow: Observational yes, passive wrong parallel.. Luciana: Yes DianeHB: Yes Maureen: Yes Bobby: Yes MEntity: Based on the combination of responses and flexibility, we will begin with a self-assessment regarding COMPASSION. For purposes of this self-assessment, we will delineate Compassion into 7 recognizable forms of compassion that you may see in yourself. You can then determine which form you find yourself resting in the most and which forms you tend to land in otherwise. You will see yourself in each of these forms, but your self-assessment today is to determine your resting form and your support forms that you visit frequently. It could be said that you will have a Primary State in which you rest as a means of navigating your life, in general; a Secondary State that tends to come up most often in scenarios regarding relationships; and a Tertiary State that comes up in relation to the world at large. You may find that the same form of compassion is used to describe all three of these states. There is no negative form of Compassion. There are only concentric forms of Compassion that widen. First, there is the SELF-PROTECTIVE form of COMPASSION. This is the circle of compassion that is not so much about self-preservation and survival, but about simply caring enough about yourself to care for yourself, to add to the quality of your life, to do the things you need to to do to improve the health of your various bodies. One can easily be in survival mode and not care about themselves or have compassion for themselves. In that case, the instincts have taken over and preserve the life, but Self-Protective Compassion CHOOSES to live, to care. You think about what is best for you and you aim for this, and you are willing to adjust and redirect your aim as you learn more about what is best for you. This is the only form of Compassion that is self-directed. All other forms of compassion build from this because when one learns to care about the self, the work of caring for others is built upon this. Some may argue that one can care about others and not care about the self, but that is an impossibility. One may still have destructive tendencies or take risks for others that harms the self, etc, but that has nothing to do with the care one has for the self. If you care about another person in any way, you care about yourself. Once you have learned to care about yourself, you then expand into Sympathy or Pity as a form of Compassion. This is a kind of experimental circle of compassion that does not wish to get involved or be involved but is learning to care about others. It is an acknowledgment and nod to your compassion, but not a dive into it. It could be said that it is only helpful for you and never helpful for the other person. Sympathy is your way of learning how to be more Compassionate, so it is an extension of the Self-Protective Compassion. It is prompted by external events and relationships, but does not affect or benefit anyone but you. This is vital for the development of the greater circles of compassion. The next circle would be CONCERNED COMPASSION. This is yet another extension of Self-protection and Sympathy in that you now are practicing playing with ideas for how to resolve and help others. Sympathetic Compassion acknowledges that others may be hurting, and Concerned Compassion bothers you that someone else may be hurting. It bothers you to the point where you play with ideas for how you could or would help or what you would or could do if in the same situation, but as with Sympathy and Self-Protection, there is no benefit for the other person. This is purely another developmental stage in your Compassion. Next is EVASIVE or OBJECTIVE COMPASSION. Evasive or Objective Compassion is the first form of Compassion that has benefit for the focus of Compassion and not simply for the development of your own capacity to care. However, it is a Compassion that hires, expects, or directs others to do the work of that benefit. This form of Compassion donates, uses hashtags, is vocal, is quite on board with the actions necessary to help another, as long as it does not affect you in any way. This is the first form of Compassion that benefits both the self and other. It allows you to remain safe while expressing your Compassion in a way that has beneficial effects for others. This is one of the most common forms of Compassion in any society that has collectively evolved into any initial form of maturity in both Soul Age and in capacity for True Personality. It is most often implemented on a wide scale in newly-forming Mature Soul societies. Next comes CONTEMPLATIVE COMPASSION. This is a form of Compassion that begins to blur the lines between the focus of Compassion and yourself. The lines between Other and Me soften and the first signs of Empathy begin to emerge. Now you begin to ask, "what if that were me?" but not from a position of "what would I do?" but "what would I feel?" CONCERNED COMPASSION plays with ideas about what one would do if in the same situation and this can often lead to the assumption that if a person is not doing what you would do then they are not helping themselves. CONTEMPLATIVE COMPASSION loses the expectation that a person behave just like you would and you begin to consider an experience from a different point of view. You no longer impose yourself over the experience, but integrate the other person into the dynamic. Contemplating what someone else might FEEL expands your capacity to see more clearly the range of what can be done to help. Next comes DECISIVE COMPASSION. You have now contemplated how a person might feel in his or her experience and you make a decision to help, you take action, you get involved, you are no longer an observer or contributor but a participant in the dynamic of compassion. You use your strengths, resources, freedom, power, kindness, choices, etc., to help. None of this is seen as taking away from you, but is seen as a natural position to take WHEN YOU CAN. The lines have blurred further between yourself and that which is the focus of Compassion so no action is seen as a loss to you, but an organic and natural response to one in need. And finally there is INTUITIVE COMPASSION that loses all division between the Self and Other and dives fully into Empathy where there is no longer a question, no pondering, no analysis, no hesitation regarding the choice and actions that will benefit others because these are known to benefit yourself as well. The dynamic network of life and value and caring is seen as something that can no longer be rationed and dispensed or based on willingness or convenience, but shifts into a "no-brainer" that when one CAN help one DOES help. This includes knowing when one CAN help and when one cannot help, there is full compassion for that, as well. This is not the same thing as choosing not to help or care, but about knowing that one CANNOT help. It is not based on convenience or willingness but on sheer capacity and resource. Summary of the 7 Circles of Compassion: 1) SELF-PROTECTIVE 2) SYMPATHY OR PITY 3) CONCERNED 4) EVASIVE or OBJECTIVE 5) CONTEMPLATIVE 6) DECISIVE 7) INTUITIVE MEntity: SELF-ASSESSMENT - Which do you feel is your PRIMARY STATE of Compassion by which you navigate most aspects of your life? Which do you feel shows up most in your personal relationships? Which do you feel shows up most in your participation in the world beyond your intimate circle? Maureen: INTUITIVE COMPASSION SFlow: Decisive, intuitive, Comtemplative Luciana: COMTEMPLATIVE COMPASSION I think it's all about that compassion. I often wonder how I would feel if it were me. But rarely then in action. Most of the time I do not think I can help anyone. Uma: Decisive/Intuitive mostly in all three MichaelE: Decisive Compassion DianeHB: I think I rest in contemplative and get into decisive from time to time Bobby: Evasive, Contemplative, and then Concerned (struggling with this though) DianeHB: Oh, looking at the contexts, I would say Intuitive for personal relationships and contemplative for participation in the world MEntity: In what way do you struggle, Bobby? Bobby: Oh, just trying to figure out which one fits more precisely in the 3 areas MEntity: We understand. It can be difficult, especially when honesty is included in the self-assessment. It requires quite a careful and close look at how often one determines compassion based on willingness and convenience. These are factors that can be difficult to see or accept that often dictate one's state of compassion. EXPANDING ON YOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT - Do you recognize these forms of compassion in your lives in terms of how they have come to stack upon each other and build upon each other? Do you take any of these for granted because they come quite naturally to you? SFlow: For me, they seem to come naturally, even though I find I don't have compassion for every one or every situation Uma: Yes, it seems to me that I rest in Contemplative and quickly move to Decisive or Intuitive when the need arises MichaelE: As I widen my sphere of compassion from myself to the world. That understanding helps me build to the next level for myself and so on out. I tend to forget that others do not have the same spheres of compassion that I do. Luciana: I think with me it comes naturally too. I see the previous forms in me somehow .. but I do not see me in action . DianeHB: I also think I go to Contemplative easily but often struggle with how to help, and my actions often end up in the Evasive/Objective category (on a world level) MEntity: Susan, we will address that in a moment. Based on responses here, we have two things to say: One is that once one has begun to develop Compassion, it cannot be undone. Once one has built upon one form of compassion to open up to more expansive compassion, one does not leave the previous behind. The other thing we would like to say is that as one progresses in one's form of Compassion, it becomes clearer and clearer as to which form of Compassion is most relevant and effective and meaningful to a scenario. In other words, even if one were to be resting in Intuitive Compassion, and ESPECIALLY if one were resting in Intuitive Compassion, then it will make sense to you that in some cases you must move to Self-Protection as a form of Compassion or Evasive Compassion in other scenarios. When you are facing dangerous, threatening, abusive, oppressive, painful situations or people, it is not required that you have compassion for these threats or abuses. The greatest compassion you can have in scenarios such as these is that first ring of Compassion, or Self-Protection Compassion. There may come to be a position you are in where you can expand to compassion for the abusers or threats, but this tends to only come when one is no longer abused or threatened. And you cannot get to that point before Self-Protection. Maureen: This makes sense. MEntity: It is not that you do not have compassion for those who do harm, but that you must build from a place of Self-Protection, first. This is not a lack of compassion, but a proper and healthy use of Compassion. Compassion cannot be abused or fail. If you have compassion, regardless of the form, it is compassion. This is also true of world events in which you simply can never be a direct part of in terms of helping. It makes complete and healthy sense to use the Evasive form of Compassion. It is the highest level of Compassion you can use and still be effective for those far beyond your circle. DianeHB: That makes a lot of sense CORRECTION: Objective Compassion. Evasive and Objective have the same effects, but Objective is more in terms of it being the most effective form of Compassion while Evasive is more in terms of it being the most protective. We cannot possibly cover the range of states for self-assessment in one session, of course, but we can say that while you are assessing your forms of compassion, you are also assessing your states of consciousness. Your state of consciousness is directly proportional to your state of compassion. One cannot be conscious without compassion. As soon as one learns to care, one has begun the evolution of consciousness. There is a broad spectrum of consciousness, so we must be clear here that we are not speaking in terms of that broad spectrum that would include all species or even all humans. Instead, we are speaking of a specific spectrum of consciousness WITHIN this broad spectrum of consciousness. All humans are conscious to some degree, but there is a specific range of consciousness that is tied to one's capacity for compassion. This is most often not activated until the Mature Soul Age. MichaelE: Does that mean compassion is not activated until the Mature Soul Age as well? MEntity: All fragments of any Soul Age are capable of kindness, nurturing, and self-preservation, but there is a profound shift when one activates the capacity for compassion. Compassion can be activated at any Soul Age, but it is most often activated in the Mature Soul Age because it is the first time one begins to consider how others FEEL. It is the first time one begins to feel the suffering of others as one's own suffering. It could be said that Compassion is entirely built from the capacity to recognize suffering and the actions necessary to relieve that suffering. The more one can ignore suffering and/or participate in the causing of suffering, the less one is conscious and the more restricted or absent the form of compassion. This is why each of you are so affected by not only your own suffering, but the suffering of others. Compassion begins when you recognize your own suffering. And then you build out from there to include intimate relationships and then extended relationships and eventually your compassion includes all species and life. Consciousness expands with Compassion because both of these states are all about a field of inclusion. Most of our students aim for Intuitive Compassion/Consciousness, but cannot rest there because it would mean recognizing the suffering of all species, ecosystem, environment, community, planet, etc and aligning the life to help as much as one can when one can. This is not an easy place for one to live until there are more around you who share in that same form of Compassion/Consciousness. If you aim for Intuitive or have assessed that you rest there, it is vital that you consider a network of support that shares in the responsibility that this degree of compassion and consciousness processes. Luciana: I don't think I'm in Intuitive Compassion MEntity: There is no shame in not being able to rest in that Intuitive state. The more alone one is in this form of compassion, the less it can be sustained. The greater your circle of compassion, the more it begins to aim for interdependence. This is one of the reasons behind "activism" and education regarding various scenarios in the world. MichaelE: If some people choose not to rest in Compassion where do they usually rest? MEntity: Michael, before one activates Compassion one tends to rest in a range of development/evolution that could be described as the CREATION/INVENTION states. This is where one focuses on creating/destroying, inventing/deconstructing, problem-solving, problem-causing. It is a process that evolves one's relationship with the life, but not necessarily with the self or others. It is not a black and white process of evolution, of course. There are natural stages that one must evolve through to get to a place where one can be conscious and compassionate at the same time. There are natural stages that one must evolve through to get to a place where one can be conscious, creative, and compassionate at the same time. It is a beautiful dance of sparks throughout the universe. MichaelE: I left out a word. I was referring to your comment about some of your students not resting in intuitive compassion. What other level of compassion is usual for resting? MEntity: Most of our students rest between Objective Compassion an Contemplative Compassion. Did that address your question? MichaelE: Yes. Thank you. MEntity: Your mistyped question was valuable, as well. Uma: Can you give an example of what you mean by this: It is a beautiful dance of sparks throughout the universe. MEntity: Uma, we are speaking of the evolution of sparks taking on Roles taking on Personalities that then evolve through various states of awareness, consciousness, creativity, and compassion. From "here," it is like watching the fireworks of neural activity in a galactic mind. Uma: thank you! that's an incredible image. MEntity: Every moment of compassion, creativity, consciousness quite literally lights up in an organic living record that we get to observe in the Akashic Plane. DianeHB: Wow MEntity: There is a similar visual tapestry of suffering and sorrow and pain, etc, and while it may never be accepted as true to you while in the Physical Plane, that tapestry is consistently less active than that of compassion, etc. Uma: mind blown again. MEntity: One of your greatest acts of compassion in any given life is the capacity to own that MOST of that life was neutral, "good," peaceful, loving, kind, etc. This is not true for everyone, but for most it will be true, regardless of struggles and challenges. Owning that empirical ratio of "good" to "bad" in a life is often resisted as if it diminishes your struggles and pain, but we suggest that your awareness of the ratio honors your life much more. Give yourselves a chance. It is never helpful to strip your life of the good as a way to better address the bad. We must conclude here for today, but we can suggest that these various states suggested for assessment can be scheduled for us to then elaborate upon and offer self-assessment exercises. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  4. A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it. It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry. If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this. But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage. To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place. Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.
  5. KurtisM


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: January 2017] MEntity: Priest energy is about inspiring the masses. The Positive Pole is Compassion and the Negative Pole is Zeal. Compassion is the capacity to open one's eyes to suffering and use inspiration to transform and heal this. Zeal is the capacity to close one's eyes to suffering and use inspiration to distract from or compound that suffering.
  6. Michael Speaks Live Chat Year in Review — 2014 December 27, 2014 Channel: Troy Tolley MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. When looking at any given period of time in terms of overleaves or patterns, one must always consider that, no matter how tightly the view, or how broad the range, those overleaves or patterns are a part of vast cycles and cannot truly be isolated. But for simplicity, we can look at a given year of time and its patterns, both in advance and in review, to help bring insight to the more immediate state of collective consciousness. Time has vast cycles that cannot truly be segregated, but this is also true of Essence in existence. The current overleaves of you are but description of a cycle of time as Essence, and that cycle of time cannot truly be separated out from any other cycle. But the fact that time cycles cannot be truly separated has no bearing on the fact that those cycles are made of cycles are made of cycles, etc. Decades are made of years are made of months are made of days are made of hours are made of minutes are made of seconds, etc. Those PARTS may add up to greater cycles, but those parts matter. Those PARTS ARE the cycles. Just like your cells ARE your body. The body would not exist without the cells, and your days, your months, your years, are cells in the bodies of time, if you will. 2014 was a particularly challenging year for many of our students and beyond our students. Priest years can tend to be that way. Everything that was or is taken for granted as a pattern, or that has been in momentum for a great period of time while in need of redirection or change, will come to the surface for awareness, redirection, change, or put in more relevant Priest terms: for orientation. In many ways, the Priest years emphasize this alteration of patterns in the most spiritual sense possible. No matter how physical, the patterns brought up are relevant to spirit. When this is done through Compassion, the year has great breakthroughs in patterns that had been blocked. Even if there is resistance or complaint, the changes are toward inclusion and built from empathy. When this is done through Zeal, the year will tend to have waves of mass deaths, illnesses, outbreaks, slaughters, and destruction of any efforts that encourage or support progress and change. This could be said of any year, but in Priest years, these events tend to stand out more. In fact, it is often not a matter of unique events happening relative to what Role the year is, but that the Role helps point out what is catching the attention of fragments at the time. In another year, the very same things that might move you in one will not phase you in another. Knowing the Overleaves for a year may not reveal to you the events of that year, but they can reveal the collective responses and meaning of events of that year. In general, events over 2014 for our students brought a lot of pain for our students. If not directly, then because of the empathy inherent in the Soul Age. Sometimes it may seem a bit "too much," and that the world is disintegrating. But what we see are growing pains, not disintegration. Much like the destructive teen who must outgrow his or her hormonal wash before thinking clearly, so does the world move through its tantrums and stomping and fighting before owning a position of maturity. The Ebola outbreak is yet another example of how the world is smaller and smaller in terms of shared space and connectivity, and this is often not as clearly exemplified than through the potential spread of deadly illnesses. This was not generated as a "lesson," but is another event that took on spiritual significance to many as it brought home the validity of mortality and potential collapse of civilization due to a single event. It has been quite some time since a "reset" of civilization, so when there are legitimate examples of possible scenarios, this plays on the deepest core of Humans' Instinctive Center because it is known that a "reset" is possible and potentially long-overdue. Isolating a part of the world, ignoring it, and presuming one is safe within the bounds of an invisible line of territory is still strong in the psyche of Humans when responding to threats such as this, but these events help to remind individuals that what is taken for granted is precarious. Like illness, the spread of ISIS is another example of the world growing smaller in terms of shared space and spirit. No longer is there a fringe group that can be kept at bay and monitored, but an ideology can spread like a virus, like Ebola, to infect in greater numbers locally, but also "jump" to weaker psyches across borders to act of their own volition, fueled by the ideology. The Internet acts as a kind of neural pathway among Humans, and it can strengthen healthy pathways or strengthen unhealthy pathways. What you "put out there" matters. This is not to say that one should only post sweet nothings, platitudes, doe-eyed kittens or "grumpy cats," but that what you "put out there" matters. This matters, not so much because of what is received or how it is received, but in how these reinforce and reflect your own neural pathways. What you "put out there" reinforces and reflects your pathways. YOUR pathways. Note how often it matters more to you to share what you wish to reinforce than it is for you to consider a challenge to that reinforcement. We point this out because it is relevant to how a year is shaped by the individual. It is not just true via the Internet, but in general. Unless you are directly touched by the major events of a year, they are concepts. You will use them to reinforce and reflect your spirit, your neural pathways, or they will challenge you. "The news," no matter how accurate or inaccurate, is fodder for reinforcing and reflecting or challenging. But we digress. We digress for the sake of pointing out that it is not just ideologies or viruses that can represent the shrinking of a planet and the threats of precariousness to civilization, but how one responds to these events in the world can be revealing in where you are in your own and your collective evolution. In terms of an Intellectual year, it matters what you THINK and EXPRESS about these things in terms of adding to the collective momentum. Because this is where you embrace or reject your part in humanity. The horrors of the world are yours. The beauty of the world is yours. The Nigerian School girls abduction, the disappearance of the Malaysian flight, the expansion of ISIS, the persistence of Ebola, the breakthroughs in US/Cuban relations, the rapid shift in marriage equality and immigration rights, as well as the Israeli conflicts with Hamas and the South Korean Ferry sinking, etc. these reflect the ZEAL or the COMPASSION that this year asked of you, if you will. These events are not happening outside of your reality. They are in your reality. If you were exposed in any way to any "news" that is happening in the world, then it was for you. However distant and conceptual the event, you would have either used it to reinforce, reflect, or challenge your ZEAL or your COMPASSION. We feel that understanding this is far more useful than dissecting these events into terminology. The more something mattered to you, the more it ties into this reflection, reinforcement, or challenge to "the priest in you." One of the reasons Sentience is slow to mature and can take 6 million years is because there is only a short range, acute circles of reflection, reinforcement and challenge to one's spirit. Once there are breakthroughs, either telepathically or technologically, allowing for access to a stream of world events that would otherwise never touch you, leaps in evolution begin. This is a fraction of a fraction of a taste of how the integration process of an Entity works on the Astral. You cannot "turn it off" there. Learning how to manage your intake of world events and your response to these is practice for how you will contribute to the exchanges to come among your Entity. Look back over the events of the year, both in terms of world events and personal events, and see which direction you went in terms of choosing ZEAL over COMPASSION/EMPATHY. Choosing Zeal would mean that you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened and you may have bristled up in defense with hostility or anger. Choosing Compassion would mean that when you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened, you remained comfortable in your center and responded as best you could with patience, information, invitation, and empathy. We suspect many of you fell into Zeal and felt quite "riled up" at points over 2014. If that is the case, it is not a failure. It is information about where you are in your evolution, and that means that you found where you remain in need of healing. For many of our students, looking into the blind spots of the life was far more important than reinforcing that which was already secure. As 2015 comes in the week ahead, many of our students will likely begin to feel the shift into the Higher Moving Centered energy that will weave through 2015. In a higher centered year, the default will often rest in the lower center, but will rise into the higher quite often. Though the calming effects of the Scholar will likely be felt alongside the Higher Moving, it is the Higher Moving that will settle in, first. If you feel the latter, it is likely a direct result of not having had many patterns in place that were your own, or that were under your control, so this "stirring up" is a "good thing." For those of you who may launch into blissful optimism, it is likely because you are coming upon the horizon line and finally being able to see a bigger picture again. It is not a sign that your work is done, but that you have some breathing room. We will open the floor now for a few questions. We can take about 3 questions. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN (3 questions) GeraldineB: During this past summer, we had a major convergence of two parallels. What are some specifics we might look for on how the integration is proceeding in both 2014 and 2015? Since there would be personal, community, and global truths emerging out of this – please look at global truths or integration indicators. Will it be part of the “bliss vs depression” scenario? MEntity: The major convergence that you speak of brought with it major polarization between "progress/inclusion" vs "entrenching/exclusion." This polarity is part of the "heart" of the continued shift toward true integration of Mature Soul ideals. If there is no entrenching and exclusion, those who are younger than Mature can "lose themselves." There are far more loving ways that this can play out, but it is playing out fearfully. For instance, there is no threat to any of the younger ideals by allowing progress. The ideals of the younger would continue to work well within their circles of experience. It is only because "the world is smaller" that many of these younger groups are lashing out as a means to sustain definition of themselves by imposing this on "the world." The bliss vs depression is more indicative of one's own integration and resolution between the divided parts within. The bliss comes from the willingness to embrace the struggles of that integration. The depression comes from the distraction of it existing in the first place. In general, the collective truths that must be accepted is that the world includes ALL of you, not some of you. ViP: Hi Michael, I would have expected Fukushima to be one of those global scale events that would have come into focus in 2014, but it didn't, compared to the others that you listed. Is that because Fukushima and its fallout are not as much of a problem as it previously seemed, or it just hasn't become obvious enough yet and hence missed the spotlight in 2014? MEntity: Fukushima's emphasis is likely to come to full scale awareness of any greater impact over 2015, in the Higher Moving-Centered year. In the Intellectually-Centered year, the emphasis tended more toward ideologies, expression, mystery, etc. over environment. In Higher Moving Centered years, "the Earth" and environment tend to come far more acutely into focus. Much has been done to deflect concerns, but 2015 will likely help to point out that there is no way to hide these concerns any further. Kurtis: I was wondering if you could give us a baseline of how the Scholar might operate in its poles (Knowledge and Theory) for this year. Like a "system" of sorts to gauge our progress? MEntity: A Scholar year tends to have a high emphasis on EXPERIENCE as the medium for collective evolution. This means that events tend not to seem so distant and conceptual, but often "hit home" in both figurative and literal terms. In Scholar years, it is difficult to hide from experiences, but for those who try, it will likely be behind a wall of Theory. A Scholar in Knowledge uses the past as a means to understand and expand into the present and future. A Scholar in Theory uses the past as a way to escape or deflect the present and the future. So if one finds he or she is deflecting, ignoring, resisting experiential navigation of the year, resorting to only what is already known, familiar, and presumed true, then one is likely in Theory. If one embraces experience, takes on new challenges, and allows room for risk, he or she is likely trusting in past experiences as a way to help navigate new experiences. We must conclude here for tonight. Good evening to all of you. We will have more to say about 2015 in 2015. Until then, we can say with authentic encouragement for each of you to have and create a happy new year. It may be a simple mark on the calendar, but it does mark a shift of invitation into psychological, spiritual, and physical possibilities again. Goodbye, for now.
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    Choosing Zeal or Compassion

    [Extracted from: Michael Speaks: Year in Review 2014) MEntity: Choosing Zeal would mean that you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened and you may have bristled up in defense with hostility or anger. Choosing Compassion would mean that when you felt your spirit, ideologies, expression, and beliefs were threatened, you remained comfortable in your center and responded as best you could with patience, information, invitation, and empathy.
  8. KurtisM

    Sense of Orientation

    [This material was originally posted by Maureen as a private session transcript on November 4, 2010. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.] Maureen: The sense associated with Priests is Orientation. I've never seen a description of this sense anywhere. How does Michael perceive this sense operating in Priest lives and to myself in particular? MEntity: This term was chosen to describe the capacity for the Priest to intuitively sense the appropriate direction for any fragment toward its Higher Good. It is simply a specific use of intuition, often activated by Essence Recognition. When one recognizes the profound validity of an individual beyond his or her present Personality, not only in terms of the current lifetime as it includes a past, present, and future, but including the possibility of a soul, this is Essence Recognition. The Priest has a keen capacity for being a compass, so to speak, for specific directions, or orientations. And those directions or orientations are relative to either the Priest's agenda or the search of the other fragment or group of fragments. All forms of Intuition include all or some of the basic Senses in a synthesis that combines and extends into a "new" or hyper- Sense. Orientation is one example as this combines the sense of Sight and Touch into a unique form of guidance. Orientation is an Active Sense in that it requires Interaction (a form of Touch) to fulfill the Vision (a form of Sight). How the Priest uses this Sense is a matter of Choice, and is played out between the Poles of Compassion and Zeal, with Compassion bringing Orientation through inspiring oneself or another to aim for the Higher Good that is the Vision, and Zeal bringing Orientation through imposing upon oneself or another the aim for the perceived Higher Good. ### end of transcript ### Note: You may comment on the original post. See Priest's Sense — Orientation.
  9. The concept of Choice is at the center of the Michael Teachings, but one thing that is often overlooked is the impact of our choices that go well beyond ourselves in ways that we are taught to ignore. One of those daily choices is our diet. It is the single most powerful choice that we make every day that has a cascading effect across the planet. Many believe that one's diet is a "personal choice," because why should anyone have any say in what you eat, right? But here's the difference: A Personal Choice has little to no effect on others. A Personal Choice does little to no harm to anyone or anything beyond yourself. This is the difference between your "personal choice" to scream FIRE! vs the choice to scream FIRE! in a crowded theater. It's the difference between the personal choice to drive your car vs driving your car on a sidewalk full of pedestrians. It's the difference between choosing a religion and imposing that religion. It's the difference between wanting something and stealing something. Because our dietary choices create supply and demand chains, the world adapts to this and creates a chain of cruelty and destruction or a chain of sustainability and compassion. Our diet impacts everyone and everything on the planet long after we enjoy a flavor. We are in a critical time that asks of us to re-evaluate our relationship to this daily choice. We have nearly total control over our dietary choices and it comes with a vast range of possibilities that can move us away from a destructive relationship with the planet into a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate relationship. Once you Make The Connection, it changes how you see, feel, and experience the world, your body, and your confidence in your part in the equation of our shared life on this planet. VIDEO REMOVED
  10. Hey there Everyone, I wanted to invite all of you for a discussion about what it means to be Vegan, how it is different from a plant-based diet, and the different reasons we choose to change our lifestyles. I am choosing to start this conversation here because I believe this is a safe-space where we can, hopefully, meet each other with tolerance and non-judgment, recognizing that we are all a PROCESS. What triggered this topic was the recent backlash that an inspirational role model of mine, Fully Raw Kristina, has received for wearing leather shoes during her New Years celebration. Exactly three years ago I started my journey of a vegan diet (which I came to learn over the years is very different from a vegan lifestyle) with the indirect help and support of Kristina through her inspiring videos. I have always been honest about the fact that my Truth is that I transitioned animal meats and animal by-products out of my diet primarily for health reasons because I was suffering from eating disorders for over 7 years (check out my blog with POF sessions from 2013), and secondly for environmental sustainability reasons (as at the time I was undergoing my environmental studies in pursuit of my undergraduate degree) after discovering through facts the impact that an animal-based diet has on our earth and its resources, not to mention climate change. Over the years, this diet has also made me more aware about our choices of steering clear of animal-based products from a more ethical stand point. That being said, I have struggled and still continue to struggle to untangle myself from all non-vegan products. For a long time, my priority was finding the ideal human diet -which consisted of years and years of research, studying books like Dr. Douglas Graham's "80/10/10" diet or Michio Kushi's "Macrobiotic Diet" etc. and experimentation with my own diet through a means of "trial and error". Now, after three years of having stabilized a vegan diet I am realizing that there are always greater depths of awareness to reach...for example, I was not aware that the list of non-vegan clothing extended much further past only leather or fur, and was not acceptable not because it required the death of an animal but rather because the harvesting of the by-product often resulted in unethical treatment or caging of the animals. This list includes: a) silk (because it is made from silkworm larvae), b) cashmere (made from soft undercoats of cashmere goats), c) angora wool (from Angora rabbit), d) alpaca/llama wool (from Camelids), e) down & feathers (90% obtained when birds are slaughtered), f) felt (made from compressed fibers, such as wool or fur), g) wool (from lamb or sheep), h) pearls (because they are produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk, such as an oyster). I felt extremely overwhelmed and slightly hopeless realizing that there are very few "natural" options of vegan clothing material, such as cotton, linen and denim, that do not include highly unnnatural oil or plastic-based materials like polyester, nylon or rayon etc. I felt overwhelmed because as you start looking around your house or the world, it seems impossible to escape all animal by-products, starting from jewelry, shoes, furniture, leather car seats, car tires, carpets made of wool...the list goes on. Like Kristina, I too have leather shoes, belts and old leather jackets that I had bought many years ago, long before I embarked on a plant-based diet. I keep them in my closet or in boxes, unsure of what to do with all of them, and whether throwing them out or giving them away to a non-vegan instantly rids me of any associations with the animal industry and therefore my "guilt". Three months ago I returned to my home country Lithuania afteer living in New York City for 6 years, and I feel like I have been flung into the past in many ways. For one, I am realizing how deeply-imbedded the leather and fur industries are in Eastern-European and post-Soviet cultures. I was shocked to see that one of the jobs that kept popping up through local job search sites, listed under categories of farming & foresty (closest category to my specialization) was fur animal farm care takers...that made it a lot harder to normalize the prevalence of fur fashion in our society. Fur coats or jackets with fur trim are everywhere, and the stores are lined with hundreds and thousands of racks of such products here. I have worn old fur and leather products that I have owned before over the past few years, but I try not to buy new products. However when my parents tried to force me to buy a new jacket because Lithuanian winters are extremely cold (ie. today it is -15 Celsius or 5 degrees F), and there were literally no options without fur trim, I felt trapped in a factory farmhouse and ended up having a panic attack in the middle of the center, refusing to buy anything at all after breaking down in tears. I have a huge black fur coat that has been hanging in my old closet, that stairs at me every day, and each day I choose to freeze rather than wear it because I don't want to go back into the past. What makes it harder is that I can get rid of these products from my closet, but I am currently living with my family of eastern european non-vegans and I find myself trapped and surrounded by it all...But in all honesty, what holds me back is not imprinting from society (as I have shed that during my 4th and 5th internal monads, I would presume) but rather some idealized idea of a primitive life. I associate fur and leather with warrior tribes, with Vikings and gladiators, with native american hunters...my imagination runs wild as I imagine myself as a warrior princess living in the wild....I recognize that my own biggest challenge is SHEDDING THOSE DELUSIONS and acknowledging that it is a very romanticized view of these products, that most of these animal by-products we see in stores are derived in cruel and unethical ways, that these animals are not shown any mercy or compassion, and that the outlook of the humans who take their lives do so without respect or gratitude for their spirit. We are not going back in time- we will never goi back to living the life of an infant soul where survival was our main lesson- and we are not meant to. We can't be Vikings anymore who pillage cities and kill foreigners without comprehending the sacredness and value of life...the warrior-spirit may have stayed with us from those lifetimes and we may feel like we need to to fight all the wrong in this world and to break the system, but we are PEACEFUL WARRIORS now. We no longer have the luxury to turn a blind eye and pretend that we don't know where the meat, the dairy, the leather or the fur is coming from...I have been GUILTY of this. I still sometimes am, but I am trying to bring LIGHT to those blindspots, and move forward even if only step by step. My point is that this world is transitioning, we are all undergoing our own process because we are ALL a PROCESS, life is a process...and we cannot meet each other with shame and guilt- we need to greet each other with ENCOURAGEMENT out of LOVE for each other, for our bodies, for all animals and for the earth itself. As Michael has said, encouragement is the most positive motivator as opposed to positive reinforcement (prize-motivated) or negative reinforcement (punishment-motivated)- the two forms that have been predominated in society for so long. I recognize my own imperfection, my blindspot towards leather (which I have been attached to throughout my life), but I need to be able to FORGIVE MYSELF for my shortcomings and try to move forward in order to become my HIGHEST SELF- to reach my GREATEST POTENTIAL. I am ready to acknowledge that these things bring down my vibration as a spiritual and sentient human being. I have met many young (old soul) vegans here who are embarking on this journey, and each of us has been integrating this lifestyle to different degrees but we never put each other down, judge one another or show intolerance in the form of aggressive fear-based commentary because we respect each others' journey. Just as we have to learn to respect that each soul, no matter how young, needs to go through their own process (just as we were once young souls) we need to respect where each of us are on our journey towards greater compassion. And I believe that is the only way. To be patient with ourselves and with each other.
  11. In a year of Compassion, this video is an excellent way to educate your friends, family, and acquaintances about the reality of "micro aggression" that plagues most who are not a part of the White, male, hetero, Christian power structure.
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