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  1. ENERGY REPORTMarch 20162016 OVERLEAVESROLE: Server (emphasized all year)CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year)GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar)MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun)ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep)CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec)MARCH begins the shift of emphasis from the Goal of the year to the Mode of the year. During these shifts in emphasis, there is either a ramping up of emphasis on the current overleaf or a softening and leveling out of emphasis. In this case, Discrimination is ramping up.Discrimination is the process of refinement of discernment and choice. In the Negative Pole, it is Rejection. The Negative Pole describes the lack of refinement of choice through refusing to choose at all or choosing by default what is left after rejecting everything else. There is no effort to choose, only to reject, and consequences are not considered. The Positive Pole is Refinement. This is the capacity to choose based on responsible consideration, active selection, and understanding consequences. We suspect it will be glaringly obvious how these Poles are playing out in your world over March.When Discrimination is so heavily emphasized, so can the weight of worry, anxiety, and agitation increase. This tends to come when you either do not trust your own choices, or you wish to control the choices of others. Or both.One way to help relieve this weight of worry, anxiety, and agitation is to focus on your choices and to work on your trust in these. Work on knowing why you choose, how you choose, and what your choices are. Work on understanding your motivation and learning to trust your process. This is not to say that you will not make “bad” choices, but the more you understand and trust your choices, the more easily it is to recover from any that do not serve you well. As for the choices of others, you cannot control these. You can only invite education, insight, consideration, care. It will be painfully apparent that many navigate from the Negative Pole of Discrimination and only make choices based in Rejection with no consideration for consequences. We say “painfully” apparent because many who make choices in this way cause harm to those who work hard to make conscious choices. Those who shift responsibility to others by way of Rejection can tend to increase the workload for those who are choosing consciously. This is one of the reasons so many tend toward Rejection. It is presumed that this is simply “easier” and that others will do the work of dealing with the consequences. What is not understood is how much harm this does to the self when one rejects the option to choose consciously.The Negative Pole of Discrimination is one of the most damaging to the bodies. The cumulative effect of Rejection takes it toll on the psyche, the emotions, the mind, the body. There is no moment of Rejection that does not hurt. This is cumulative, so the pace of Rejection can last a long time, but the effects are there, and even if not dealt with during the lifetime, it is dealt with after the lifetime. When an older soul has this as his or her own Overleaf, he or she can usually attest to this painful cumulation of effect from the Negative Pole. When Discrimination is in effect for a population or period of time, it can be quite obvious the toll that Rejection takes on that population. Because a population has a collectively cumulative pace, the toll can show up quite clearly.March looks to bring with it a clear look at the cumulative effects of Rejection. This is not imposed but is a natural progression for a species who is still learning how to choose consciously. This cumulative examination has happened on smaller scales in the past, but this is the first time it has been on a global scale. In other words, regardless of how much an individual has learned to refine his or her choices, Humans as a whole have been dismissing the responsibility of choice since arriving. The act of choice is fairly easy to consider in terms of smaller populations for those of similarity, but as the world has shifted toward global awareness and access to diversity and differences, the process of choice has not evolved with that access. To shift fully to the Mature Soul paradigm, the consequences of refusing to consider consequences, not only for yourself but for others and for the planet will naturally take the center stage. This is not a punishment, and we are not pointing to this as a form of shaming. It is simply a natural progression. It is a natural consequence. Some levels of consequence seem quite obvious to the older soul, such as how choices affect one another. The older soul has worked hard to consider those consequences to the point that it can be shocking that it does not come so easily to so many others. However, the older soul is still learning how to consider consequences that go beyond the self and others, and into effects that spread across time, space, creatures, environment, and creation. It is fairly easy to consider the consequences of a choice that might obviously harm your fellow human, but the older soul is facing its own consequences from lack of Refinement and dismissal of the responsibility of choice. For the younger souls, these consequences are playing out in ways that involve how people relate to people and the past. They must begin to look more closely at what has been handed down as truths and begin to dismantle those and build new truths to free them from being locked in the past. For the Mature Souls, these consequences are playing out in ways that involve how people relate to people and the present. The consequences of exclusion and irresponsible choices that affect others are fairly clear to the Mature Soul. The past growing pains are very clear and the Mature Soul is moving away from those. Now that Mature Souls are in a place to practice inclusion, they must learn how to include those who reject them. This practice in awareness and choice can leave Mature Souls locked in the present with no sense of progression or evolution as they simply lock horns, so to speak, and remain trapped in contentious arguments and debates. This new level of Discrimination now requires ever more Refinement, and the capacity to know when to effectively, usefully, and meaningfully say No. The Mature Soul is learning that boundaries are not walls, but are helpful structures to allow room for as many as possible. For Old Souls, these consequences are playing out in ways that involve how people relate to people and the vague concept of the future. The older soul, from late Mature through Old, tends to have fully freed themselves from beliefs handed down to them from the past, and are much more comfortable with allowing room for those who reject them, but now seek to understand the consequences of a choice made with regard for everyone and everything and the future. This means that the Old Soul is now learning how to consider the consequences of her choices in regard to people, the environment, the planet, health, other creatures, on collective potential, and possibility. All three groups described above are working on their own versions of Discrimination and their important new considerations. When this is happening on a small scale or on an individual basis, the work can still be challenging, but there are fewer distractions. However, when “everyone” is working on Discrimination, it can be quite chaotic because everyone is working on (or not working on) their own part of the spectrum of choice and consequence. In other words, the older soul will not get the younger soul to understand his consequences on the future. The Mature Soul will not get the younger soul to understand his consequences in the present. The Mature Soul will not get the Old Soul diving deep into the mud of conflict because he has “been there, done that” and is more concerned about the bigger picture of the future. And so on. As our students are primarily Older Souls, it can be of great relief to focus on your spectrum of choice and consequences. Yes, you can still participate in the process of collective choice, but when you stop considering the future because you are bogged down in distractions of those who are still learning to free themselves from the past or improve the present, you are not doing the work of creating the future. The older soul can focus on his or her choices regarding nurturing a preferred future, caring for the planet, caring for one’s dietary choices, caring for animals, caring enough about these things that you free yourself from the conveniences and trappings of the present. In other words, just because things ARE THE WAY THEY ARE, does not mean that is the conclusion. You are a part of evolution. You are a part of the future. You are the key to what will be here when you return. You are the future. You may be content to make your choices based only in how they serve your present, but you are locking yourself in time so that the wholeness of soul, the wholeness of you, the wholeness of existence is not considered. It may seem daunting and distracting, especially during a period of chaotic effort among so many to do their part in figuring out how to choose and free themselves from where they are locked, or when so many are falling into Rejection and remaining locked in time, but you will not move forward or help others move forward by only looking backward or down. They have their hard choices to make, and you have yours. If you are an older soul, you are part of the path forward. Your refinement of choices will tend to be in that larger context. As March unfolds, the energy of the Mode will begin to come into focus, and this year it is Caution. The beginning of emphasis always begins from the Negative Pole with many who will remain there and many who will seek to move toward the Positive Pole. We will discuss the Mode in further exchanges with you, but it will be helpful to keep in mind that a wave of Phobia will likely be in effect for the next 3 to 4 months. All overleaves are in effect for the year, but the emphasis and amplification of each come in these “seasonal” waves. The Phobia that is already showing up may only grow. We will do our best to suggest useful ways to navigate and transform this in the months ahead.DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate):March 17 -- ENERGY SHIFT - PHOBIA - a shift toward the emphasis on the Mode begins around this date and it begins with a look at unwarranted fears and the reactions and actions based on these fears. March 19 -- (mini) NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - This looks to be a minor shift that may be related to events generated by a high-profile event or person who represents the force of a population/collective. If this occurs, the effects would be in terms of narrowing paths forward.HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH:LOOK OUT, LOOK FORWARD - You cannot control how or where others are looking and how or why they make their choices. You can only get better at making your own. If you are distracted by the process of choice that others are making, it may be time to look at where you are avoiding the work of making refinements in your own process of choice. You can look out for the effects of choices others are making, but you can also look forward to considering the consequences of your own choices that you may be refusing to acknowledge.LEARNING HOW TO CHOOSE, CHOOSING HOW TO LEARN - You share a planet and a species. You do not learn at the same pace. You do not make your choices collectively until you do. You cannot force or accelerate this. You can only make your choices and live as a reflection of that responsibility for choice. You have learned the consequences of choices that lock you in the past or keep you stuck in the present, and now you are learning how to make choices that consider much more dynamic consequences in your future with yourself, your health, with others, with the Earth, and with your fellow Earthlings in their multitude of species in this life and beyond. Learn what you came here to learn. Raise your consciousness in your process of choice. This helps free you to navigate more effectively any impact that the choices of others may have on your life. TLE Host and Resident Michael Channel
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