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Found 3 results

  1. MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. We understand the topic requested is about navigating collective and personal crises and we will speak on this a bit before opening the floor to your questions. First, we will define Crisis as any event or experience that overwhelms the Intellectual, Emotional, and Moving Centers to such as extent as to generate paralysis, panic, or pain. The Intellect can be overwhelmed and the Emotional and/or Moving Centers step up, or the Emotional Center can be overwhelmed but the Intellectual and/or Moving Centers step up, but when all three Lower Centers are overwhelmed, it is a crisis. There are various types of Crises, but the type of Crises that we see most of our students enduring over the past 1 to 3 years has been what would be termed an Existential Crisis. An Existential Crisis is the sudden shock or slow wave of conclusion that life and existence have no point or meaning. It is the stripping away of aliveness, spirit, and pleasure from nearly every element and layer of life. An Existential Crisis comes when there is a lack of answer or unsatisfying answer or unwanted answer to "what is the point?" Most fragments have an Existential Crisis during the 4th Internal Monad when they have asked themselves to define themselves on their own terms vs the terms taught to them. When one must decide who one is instead of being told who one is, it can throw one into an Existential Crisis as the responsibility of defining oneself on one's own terms can be daunting. The reactionary defense to this Existential Crisis can be to return to the familiarity of youth and try to recapture that in some way. This is why many who have a "midlife crisis" will suddenly return to inappropriately immature behaviors to resist "growing up" and defining themselves. The Existential Crisis that most of our students recognize as being in effect now is this very same rite of passage, or "internal monad" but on a mass scale. The shift between Young to Mature requires this process similar to the 4th Internal Monad. As humanity must begin to define itself on its own terms, rather than on the terms handed down by generations before them, it is quite daunting. It is already daunting to do something such as this in the individual life, but billions are now participating in some way in this collective shift. What you are finding is that the comforting foothold of familiarity and tradition and consensus and status quo are no longer accessible to any of you. Suddenly, everyone has a new standard for existence. Everyone has a new opinion about what is priority and what is meaningful. Suddenly, everyone is speaking up, standing up, stepping up. For those who refuse to grow, the resistance and defense will be to fight as hard as possible to return to what was familiar, unquestioned, traditional, "great again." For those who are listening and learning and willing to grow such as our students, the Crisis is one where you have pitted yourself against the masses, or feel as if you have been pitted against the masses. Suddenly, your familiar and comfortable ideas about who you are in your world are now measured against who you are in THE world. Are you doing enough, being enough, helping enough, paying attention enough, thoughtful enough, together enough, etc. And if you see no evidence of this vague "enough," then your entire existence, meaning, and value come into question. This is the older souls' way of reactionary defense. It is a regression into Young Soul tactics for motivation and meaning. You are using outdated methods of motivation and meaning in a new world where those tactics do not work. There is something comforting in berating yourself, pushing yourself, scolding yourself, diminishing yourself, being competitive, rewarding yourself, punishing yourself, even if this means losing and feeling loss. The world of winning and losing makes more sense to you than the new world of BEING. However Old your soul, you have never lived in a Mature or Old Soul world before. Old habits die hard, so to speak, and while you are willing to listen, learn, and grow, you are in an Existential Crisis because meaning has always been handed to you before, and now you know you must create it on your own. And to do this while everyone else is doing the same. At the moment it likely feels as if all of this is only relentless noise. And you are correct. But that is the noise of evolution. Many of you associate this Crisis with the shock and aftershock of the Presidential Election in the United States, but the Crisis began long before this around 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence was implemented. From that point the acceleration in instant global communication began. Instant and real-time communication on an ever more accessible and massive scale brought the breakdown in your little worlds and personal realities that were so cozy and familiar, even if with their own struggles. Climate Change, Political Conflict, Economic Disparity, Social Injustices, etc. existed long before the recent years, but you are no longer receiving bits and pieces about these subjects for easy dismissal or digestion. Now "everyone" is speaking up and "everyone" is listening. When you are subject to so much noise, you begin to shut down and move into Crisis mode. What we speak of today will not address every student's concerns or circumstances, of course, but this is a general state of crisis that we find among most of our students. What we can suggest as a general method for navigating this type of Crisis is to "digitally detox" on a regular basis, so to speak. We cannot stress enough how much our students might need to "unplug" and turn their attention to nature, but also to live at least one day a month, if not every week, AS IF everything is ok. This not a suggestion to ignore collective issues or personal issues, but that if you have the option to give yourself a day of simply BEING, it goes a long way in returning to your days of doing. We know we cannot resolve the nuances of all of our students' varying degrees of crises, but what we speak of today may help bring some insight from which to then expand later. We will open the floor now for questions for as long as our channel can. ****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN**** Wendy: Thank you Michael. I really resonate and see how I have been trying to use young soul tactics for motivation and meaning and want to move away from that but don't know what that would look like. Can you tell us more about creating our own meaning? MEntity: Mature Soul tactics for motivation and meaning tend to be "for the sake of." For example, loving for the sake of loving. Baking for the sake of baking. Playing for the sake of playing. Making money for the sake of making money. Watching TV for the sake of watching TV. In other words, the choice to participate in your life in any way is not motivated by payoffs and rewards, or avoidance of punishment. You do things because they are there to do. You enjoy things because you enjoy them. There is no need to justify or compare. You care because you care. You help because you can help. You take care of yourself because you need to take care of yourself. And so on. Wendy: Are there old soul tactics? Or is it all about the mature ones? MEntity: Alongside all of this, you also allow room for when you cannot help, or ask for help when you cannot help yourself, etc. The younger soul looks for meaning in advance of doing or being something, while the older soul creates meaning after or during the doing or being. The Mature Soul tactics are part of the range we would describe as "older soul" tactics. Wendy: Okay thank you. We can discuss Old Soul tactics for meaning and motivation in another exchange as the Old Soul tactics are actually no longer tactics. Next, UMA Uma: Hello Michael, I have been doing exactly what you suggest, unplugging from the news as much as possible, but navigating the nightmare reality show that fuckface has turned our world into is very tricky. Uma: Things seem to be moving quickly now, and I'm sure that impeachment is almost 100% likely. What is your number now for impeachment? And what about conviction in the Senate? what's the percentage of that likelihood? And what is the latest on the IS showing up? any change in that likelihood? Uma: Last time I asked the percentage for re election was higher than impeachment! I hope that has changed now. MEntity: Nothing has changed much since you last asked, but we can say that a significant update may be available near the end of December. We have no significant updates at the moment. Uma: Okay! Thank you. NEXT, Maureen Maureen: Michael, referring to you saying that “The shift between Young to Mature requires this process similar to the 4th Internal Monad.” What Stage of this Internal Monad are we in at this time? MEntity: This would be the equivalent of a shift between the 3rd Stage of REALIZATION and the 4th Stage of MANIFESTATION. The process is "stuck" at Stage 3 in terms of completion. The 1st and 2nd Stages were completed in the Positive Poles, but the 3rd is in the Negative Pole which has carried over to the Negative Pole of the 4th Stage. The shift to the Positive Poles is likely to come by March of 2020, but we will have to look again. Maureen: Thank you! MEntity: One more question and we must conclude after that. NEXT, DianeHB DianeHB: Going back to the move into crisis mode because of the overwhelming "noise," and urgency of the various global issues, what is your suggestion if it doesn't feel like one is doing "enough" because it seems like the issues we're facing are at emergency levels, and that allowing ourselves to "be" and do what we like isn't enough? MEntity: "Enough" will never seem enough until it is enough. Until then, "enough" is often an unknown quantification. In addition to this, one cannot measure one's individual ideas of "enough" against the collective need for enough. One can only know the limits of what one can contribute. If one wishes to ensure that one is doing enough, we can suggest that you are honest about your limitations and your strengths, and when you reach your limit, do or be a little more. We suggest this because you cannot determine if you have done enough, but you can always determine if you can do more. And it is okay if you cannot do more. It is better that you do well what you can do than to destroy your ability to do anything at all. Allowing yourselves to be and do what you like does not have to be in contradiction to doing and being enough. Honesty is vital for assessing if "doing what you like" is in contradiction to doing and being enough. The issues being faced are at levels that warrant such concern, but as long as it is possible, you must give yourselves days of joy and pleasure and community and kindness and rest as much as you give yourselves tasks and challenges and work to do. There is a reason there is True Work, True Play, True Rest, and True Study. All of these must be nurtured in some way even the most pressing of times for the greatest effectiveness. DianeHB: That makes a lot of sense. Thank you MEntity: We will conclude here for today. The collective consciousness is growing and evolving. The world is changing and for the better in nearly every way. Neither of these may seem true at the moment, but they are. One need only look back at the history of humanity to see that no setback ever stops your evolution away from chaos and toward beauty, away from violence and toward compassion, away from scarcity and toward abundance, away from oppression and toward freedom. Enough of you understand that what you contribute matters and this is what has "saved" humanity every single time. Sometimes we need to remind you. Sometimes that is all you may need. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. Hello TLE, As you might know, the Cape regions of South Africa are going through a terrible drought. The dams are bone-dry, overuse of water is being taxed heavily, and my family across two oceans has heard of this on their local news. Newspapers and social media posts are filled with warnings about Day Zero, i.e., the day when we shall completely run out of potable water. Rains in the normal course are not expected until April/May, and looking at the patterns over the last two years, we can't expect the rains to save us. Even if we do look forward to a heavier-than-average rainfall, Cape Town simply can't last that long. Unlike the US or East Asia, the Cape isn't at the thick of things politically. The people here are mostly Mature Souls under a Baby/Young government. The country has good relations with the rest of the world. And now we're feeling the brunt of environmental changes that the world has been predicting for decades. Here's a humble request, for suggestions on ways to save water that are also cheap. I live in a student community and most of us are always broke, so we can't afford to install recycling equipment or contraptions that circle water from the shower into the toilet. We're already limiting the number of flushes to one per day per person, skipping baths every other day, and only washing clothes once a month. We're using wet wipes and recycled paper plates and wiping our dishes down before we wash them. If any of you can suggest any other measures that will help us postpone Day Zero for as long as possible, we will be very grateful. For more information and updates on the Cape Town Water Crisis, check out this website.
  3. August 24, 2003 Troy Tolley, Channel MICHAEL SPEAKS (Online) – Month in Review [MichaelEntity] Hello to all of you. We are here. As you may recall, we spoke at the beginning of the month about the energy moving through the collective consciousness. The energy reports we offer through each channel is usually relative to the channel’s vicinity, and in most cases this means the United States, and sometimes more specifically the regional area of the channel. We clarify this again because it is important to maintain perspective of that an energy report for another country can be quite different. The energy of the past month was one of emphasis on CALM and reminders of Being Safe. This did not, however, mean that nothing of any significance would occur during that time to challenge you, but simply that the energy would be prevalent at that time for choosing Calm over Panic. We believe the behavior during the “Black Out” of the north eastern regions of the U.S. and bordering areas of Canada exemplified this. It is clear that your masses are well into Mature Soul functioning as a collective. Rather than our sifting through world events for examination, we believe it is more important for you to direct us through this examination. We will begin taking questions from the queue, beginning with Marion. [Liiona24] There is a lot on conflict in my personal world some is directly involving me and some I am just in its path. How is this related to the months energy, yes I was safe! Yet can this be better handled, at work, personal all over… [MichaelEntity] In your case, Marion, you have chosen/created a life with a path that crosses many people who are in conflict. The original intent, of course, was for the experiences of guiding, counseling, directing these fragments. Many of our most devoted students have chosen this kind of path in the life, but with that kind of path work comes the “ebb and flow” of synchronicity. In other words, there are times you will feel as if you have a strong grasp on the events of your life, and other times that you realize you are quite tired, physically and otherwise. For some of you, the experience of not having a crisis to handle, or a conflict to manage, is quite close to feeling as if you no longer have importance or meaning in your life. Older souls tend to create patterns of crisis and conflict for 4 reasons: Boredom: Essence knows that one of the only ways to truly “stay awake” within a life is to sustain challenging experiences Familiarity: Personality becomes so accustomed to handling these scenarios that the momentum seems too daunting to even try to alter Purpose: Conflict and Crisis are a means for defining a unique sense of self TRUST: Essence and Personality allow the life to be a magnet for crisis and conflict because there is an inherent trust in the process of life, however tiring and overwhelming it may seem. For older souls, it is inherent in their nature to trust the process of life, even if unconsciously. Experience has shown that, regardless of crisis and conflict, you will “survive”. With the energy of August offering a space for Calm and Safety, it is not surprising that some of you would then take that as a window of opportunity to handle some of your more challenging conflicts. As for how you can “handle it better”, we can only suggest that you remind yourself occasionally that you are not responsible for every other person’s sense of fulfillment or needs. When you have over-extended yourself, it is always best to explore why you are doing so. If it is based in Guilt, then we suggest reading our article about Guilt written through Troy. We remind you that Guilt is invalid and is a tool of the Chief Feature. How clever to show Guilt if you fall short of your over-extending of yourself. Guilt is sidestepping the issue of what needs to be addressed. In your case, you are still honoring outdated boundaries that do not coincide with your more evolved perceptions. We will discuss the more personal aspects of your question in a private forum. [suz] I ask about the personal boundaries we each have to deal with…some that I didn’t feel I took on… [MichaelEntity] Your question is unclear, Suz. If you would like to rephrase and specify the question, we will respond. [suz] During the gals road trip, boundaries and other issues came up…my personal que is how that relates in the Whole picture? [H2OSprtlvr] Isn’t having Conflict and Crisis in one’s lifetime a means to personal growth, that beyond being bored, having purpose and trust or familiarity that would create the crisis, wouldn’t one also choose this for the purpose of growth? [MichaelEntity] You are correct. In more specific terms, we would refer to the state of growth as FRICTION. There is no amount of growth that occurs without Friction. Conflict and Crisis are forms of Friction. Friction can also be the experience of Pleasure and Fulfillment, Success and Satisfaction. Our response to Marion described the varying reasons one might continue to seek the more difficult methods of Friction. [H2OSprtlvr] Thanks for that bit about friction being about some positive things, because with the Goal of Growth, I have been told I won’t grow unless I’m in conflict and I really avoid conflict if I can. [MichaelEntity] We do not endorse one version of Friction over another. You will each discover the areas of your life that need varying versions of Friction for growth. We merely state that growth is not exclusively painful. [H2OSprtlvr] Thank you. I needed to understand that. ? [CCVARNER46] My 6th mature warrior cast scholar husband and tc has marked self destruction as a cf this life. Why did he choose this cf and what lessons, other than safety, is he to learn by battling rather advanced lung cancer? just diagnosed this month… [MichaelEntity] We feel that the word “lesson” implies something that has been imposed upon a fragment, which is never the case. If we use the word “Lesson”, we would mean this in terms of what the fragment may be inclined to EXTRACT from an experience. This forum is too limited to go into such a sensitive, personal topic, but we can state that it appears the Personality chose Self-Destruction as a Chief Feature because at one point in his life an important, idolized figure was either prone to illness or died of a self-destructive illness. It was then decided that there was some kind of value or integrity in taking on that similar path. Chief Features are not chosen by desire or consciously, they are chosen through habitual responses to certain events. In his case, it appears he learned that it was more important to “handle life now, and let it catch up to you.” His diagnosis coming in a month of potential calm will go a long way in how this experience will be treated. We will respond more personally in an appropriate forum for such a topic. [flimflamdamn] Can you please shed some light on the current global political situation? It’s very volatile, and the US’ place in the world is very strange right now – it seems that the dishonesty in our government’s behavior and intentions are very obvious now, but are people noticing this dishonesty? How will events in Iraq and Afghanistan, and any other relevant places (including the USA), play out in the near to mid-term? The contrast between my personal feeling of safety and my sense of the world’s chaos and suffering is immense these days! [MichaelEntity] The world has always been in some kind of “chaos”, but until recent decades, one could only read or hear about them. You are now capable of being subjected to the vivid reality of that chaos. Nothing is new, however. There are simply more people and more media. There has always been dishonesty among the evolving nations, as well. The greatest difference now, beyond the growth of media and population is the evolution of Soul Ages. [flimflamdamn] the stakes feel so high now [MichaelEntity] Your sense is valid in that there is a culminating climax that will change your world forever. In one hundred years or so, we will more than likely be stating that “there was a time when the world was dishonest and chaotic”. As we have stated in the past, a Mature Soul world has no privacy. There are no more closed doors in a Mature world and people learn and adapt to the reality that they are being watched. The implementation of “reality tv” on such a large scale is the first superficial symptoms of this Mature Soul truth. Your sense about U.S. Governmental intentions being more obvious and undeniable is valid. In the same way that religions are “tripping over themselves with revelations”, so are most outdated institutions, laws, etc. Those groups of laws, politicians, governments, religions, organizations, etc. that are not capable of adapting to Mature Soul truths will definitely “fall”. The attacks on the middle-east are part of irony of this Mature Soul shift. What you are seeing in that situation is the actions of Baby and Young Souls being funneled through Mature Soul concepts. The Young and Baby CANNOT fathom the contexts and perceptions of the Old or Mature, but they are feeling the pressures of the shift. Since the Young are in positions of power, and the pressures to eliminate suffering and oppression are stronger than ever, the Young simply “blow up” the troubled areas. This seems like a reasonable solution to the Younger Soul. Imagine a child who plays video games and is frustrated with the progress of that game. Hitting “reset” is a valid solution to that child. The Young see the world in similar terms. In more direct answer to your questions: yes, it is no longer a question for most fragments in your world that the United States government does not have the “purest” intentions. As far as the near to “mid-term”, we cannot predict, but we can suggest probabilities. After the end of September, our perception of probabilities will be clearer. Currently your world is moving toward a major global pivotal Nexus near the end of September. This will clarify the probabilities from the “soup” of potential that has been created from the reactions and decisions of fragments over the past two years or so. We will talk more about these probabilities in our energy report next month. We must conclude here. We realize our time is limited in this forum. We must conclude here. We realize our time is limited in this forum. We would communicate with you 'all night' if possible, but we are dependent on our channels who are dependent on rest. Good night to all of you.
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