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  1. September 5, 2002 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor [M_Entity] Hello, we are here. We understand the point of interest to be what is called the “energy report,” which consists of our perceptions of patterns found in shared consciousness within certain time frames and geographical locations as they impact individual and group potential choices. We will point out that we realize, to some, these reports seem to be highly practical and useable, while to others, the reports seem as silly as reading any “horoscope” in a national newspaper. We do find validity in the use of, and application of, the perceptions shared in the context of an Energy Report, but the use and practicality of the reports is dependent on a few factors. Our Energy Reports are only as useful as any other energy report, such as the Weather Report in your geographic locality. To the extent that actual, physical weather affects you, the Weather Reports in your area range from being vital for you, to being meaningless. Similarly, the Energy Reports we share are only as useful as your association with, and participation with, the collective energy we are speaking of. If you are inclined to be more psychologically or physically isolated, you will find less meaning in the reports. When we use the term “isolated,” we do not mean that in the “depressing” manner some may attribute to the word; we mean it literally, as usual, as in “free from external influences.” For instance, for some of the Older Souls, the perceptions shared in an Energy Report are meaningless when the Older Soul is striking a sense of independence in a life on some level from what they consider threats to his or her sense of freedom. Whether in a state of independence from, or in a state of high participation with, the collective energy of your area of the planet, the most practical use of the Energy Reports can be found in simply noting the patterns. YOU CANNOT RELY ON THEM, but you can use them as a reference, as with any other pattern of probability perceptions. When you note the patterns described, you may find you experience them internally or externally, and you may find that you experience them personally, or find yourself in a position to understand others who are experiencing the Energy. We share this qualification of the Reports so you can find ways to use them more than as a novelty, though you may choose to find novelty in the experience. We have no conditions on this exchange, of course. With all of that being said, we will now offer the Energy Report. As some of you suspect, yes, a shift in Energy has occurred in the past week or so, around the end of August. This shift was based in collective movement from a closed state of attempted healing, to a more open, vulnerable state of accessibility again, as you prepare for the end of the year and the shift at the end of September. When we say, “shift,” we usually mean this to reference a noticeable change in collective energy and focus, whether you take this as a shift in the concepts of Parallels or simply in the shift of shared ideals and perceptions. The shift at the end of August was a response to a need for closure for many fragments. Many on the planet in the past year have “lost” varying forms of relationships to the point of requiring Grief, while others have shifted their relationships into such a changed state as to render it “new,” implying a loss, even if this is not readily realized. Change always includes Loss in some way, so Grief can be a part of even the most joyous of occasions, as it is a means to process that Loss. This is why people cry at weddings and births, for instance. The crying, which is a biological reaction to Truth, is a tool of Grief, which is merely the acceptance of that new Truth, whether on a Personal, Global, or Universal Level. Over the month of September, the emphasis will be on Closure. This will require vulnerability and a high exchange of interaction to process collective Grief. Many of you may find yourselves in moments of depression and unshakable, vague grieving, seeming to be coming “from nowhere,” but this process is not relative to your daily environment at this point. Instead, the grieving may be your part of “carrying the weight” of collective Grief, as a means to help contribute to a release of the “old” and an acceptance of “new” truths, globally and personally. The new truths “in the air” this year have not been fully defined for each of you, but some of the truths suggested for acceptance include the truths of “vulnerability,” “the importance in choosing to Trust in the face of seeming threat,” “the truth of a shared planet with great amounts of pain that cannot be ignored anymore,” and “the fact that this has to change toward harmony.” We are not conclusively defining these truths we describe above, but defined them based on the collective consideration we see occurring. The shock of the United States being attacked has reverberated through nearly every soul involved on the planet at this time. While war and pain have always been a part of your species in some form, somehow, somewhere, the United States’ symbolism of strength and vulnerability has, for the first time, made a difference globally. That difference now is in the fact that once more, it has become even clearer that your species is a COLLECTIVE. The recent experience affected the world, and the patterns that led to the event started from all directions on your planet. Many are only now realizing you SHARE a world. Everyone lives in each other’s “back yard”. Ironically, due to the high amounts of Young Soul influences still in power, the means to move from Young Soul territorialism, competition, war, and division, is through its own means. The shift from one soul age to another is as much a process stemming from the passing soul age as it is from the soul age being incorporated. In other words, through the processes of what are hallmarks of the Young Soul contexts, the Mature Souls will take rise from that. Thus, a reaction to the events set forth last year from Young Souls are being SHARED as a means to draw people closer Maturely, rather than dismissed as “someone else’s problem.” With that being understood, it will help many of you to move through the rest of this year, let alone the next few weeks, as you realize that much of what you may be processing internally or dealing with externally may all be linked in some way to a collective process of grieving and acceptance of some great changes and new truths. We realize that there are always great changes and new truths, but it is the context that makes the difference. As mentioned before, there has always been war, there has always been threat, there have always been deaths on large scale, but NONE OF THIS has ever happened to YOU, collectively, NOW; therefore, the impact and reactions will be different. So, for the next few weeks, the keywords of CLOSURE and GRIEF may be helpful as you grasp to understand your own reactions and actions to the world and inner life. We emphasize that this is NOT an implication of some length of time of sadness, but that this process is much more of a possible celebration of change, once the reality of shared potential begins to set in. It would be suggested that each of you find ways to participate in groups more than you may have been in the past months. When we say this, we do not mean to simply be present in the group, but to actually BE A PART of the group, as part of its dynamic and rich sharing. Your agreements with those you have potential intimacy and exchange possible will begin to show up for you as you pass through September. As September closes, another shift will be occurring, but we will discuss this with you in more detail as that time arrives, if you choose. At this point, we will open for questions, if there are any. [ludmila] Does our group in particular have an agenda with shared griefs in losing loved ones? [M_Entity] We would not say that you have an “agenda with shared griefs,” but we can easily see that many of you have major life changes having been synchronized upon finding each other. The closer the Essences, the more inclined some of you will be toward synchronizing major events such as deaths and struggle and joy and celebration. This is especially true of those sharing Entities and Cadres. On another level, though, the synchronicity as experienced by many Older Souls at this time, is to bring a level of personal grief to the forefront of the life as a means to personalize the grief experienced collectively. Many Older Souls find the “rest of the world” to feel quite remote and even as you participate, there is a sense of division between you and that world. The personal grief along with the collective grief helps create a bridge for a shift on a much grander scale than if only one or the other were experienced. Of course, we do not say, nor do we imply, that deaths were set in motion simply as a means to heal a “bunch of strangers,” but rather that the consciousness of an animal companion or Essences participating in your life chose timings that did have some potential for this very thing. All Essences/Fragments and Consciousness, such as an intimate animal companion, does seek to have as much meaning in death as in life. [MaryBV] How is the energy effecting the President and Vice President? They seem out of control. [M_Entity] The fragments in question are trying to control a situation that is quite uncontrollable at this point. This does not mean it cannot be guided and managed, but it cannot be controlled. In the personal life of these fragments, the impact of opposing ideas, plans, pressure, and expectation are taking their toll. The fragment known as your President finds he is resorting to “puffing up,” rather than being as practical or graceful as he could be, if he could process pressure and possibilities better. At his most graceful, he is allowing the helpful influence of several other fragments who make up his Support Group, but at his worst, he is on his own, trying to establish his own independence in the middle of a mass event. [old] I felt this shift very powerfully...realized I had made a decision I have been wrestling with for some time – but wonder to what extent the impact was heightened by the 5th IM. [M_Entity] The means to differentiate is in that the 5th Internal Monad is INTERNAL ONLY, while the shifts occurring as part of the world are usually EXTERNAL. The 5th Internal Monad is a process of realizing Internally that you are complete or incomplete in your sense of accomplishing your Tasks attempted or not attempted in the 4th Internal Monad. In that process of realization, the emphasis is on how to now reap the joys of the life, to find recreation, to take time for you, to reclaim freedom. However that process takes is up to you, of course, but the process is internal, even if this leads to actions externally. The shift that is part of what we call the Energy Report is initiated EXTERNALLY and a result of influences, experiences, and observations in the outer world. Though this is initiated Externally, there will be Internal changes, depending on how you choose to adapt, resist, or assist the changes seen externally. A final consideration is a shift that occurs Externally, as part of a shift collectively, will be seen as more striking and surprising, than a shift from the process of an Internal Monad, which is a lengthy cumulative process. [LoriA] Is this energy shift the same across the country? [M_Entity] Yes, it is nearly global, though not entirely, such as Iceland being the most remotely affected. There will be effects seen in pockets of people and pockets of time, but by the end of September, nearly all of the planet will have closure to a sense of collectiveness. This does not mean solutions will have been found, but rather that a clearer definition and acceptance of your collectiveness will have been stabilized, more than likely. [LoriA] The mature souls rising are the countries saying no to war then? It doesn’t seem our [USA] mature souls are all that vocal? [M_Entity] The emphasis seems to have moved from protest to actual Action, which means the voices may not be heard, but the impact of choices in the personal life and community will web their way across the country and planet in ways that a cry against something cannot. Most fragments who cry out against something are usually doing so because of a seeming lack of choices or resources. Currently, many fragments are realizing that the smallest of actions and choice can make the difference between being happy and being harmful. This range of realization is new. This is not a new concept, but the actualizing of it is. [ShannonB] The news in this country is that the US government will soon invade Iraq, based on the idea that Iraq is stockpiling chemical weapons and building a nuclear bomb. Is there a genuine threat to the world from Saddam Hussein and Iraq, or is this just a fear or political opportunism on the part of the US military and the US President? Maybe in terms of percentage of probabilities? [M_Entity] It appears to be a valid threat. Though we do not have any channels or students involved directly with those participating in that drama, we do have access to records seeming to point to that threat being a reality. If it is not a reality, it is intended to be one, and this is enough for your government to feel justified in acting. There is as much political opportunism as there are valid responses to valid threats. The probability of invasion at this point, tonight, is still high, with 64% probability. However, we do see several fragments pressing for alternatives to invasion and war, and if these ideas can be implemented within a time frame acceptable by those who feel more immediately threatened, the percentage may drop drastically. This is part of the process during September, and if confirmation of invasion is not announced during that time, the probabilities have a high probability of lowering exponentially over October and November. [ShannonB] I meant not the probability of invasion, but the probability of mass destruction on the part of Iraq. [M_Entity] The probability of effects from the use of weapons, chemical or nuclear based, from the fragment Saddam Hussein or Iraq is at this point 28%. Within the factors considered for this probability, we include what appears to be Intentions, though these may not even be able to be carried forth. The response from the US on an emotional and collective level, along with the responses from many other countries in power, has at once intimidated all threats to the US and invited even more of a challenge and opportunity. We refer to the response to the attacks. If the next few months are handled well, the seeming stress of potential war or further attacks will continue to wane. We must conclude here, as our channel is finished working with us tonight. Good night. ADDITIONAL CHANNELING: If Shannon was asking about the probabilities of mass destruction TO Iraq: [M_Entity] This probability is currently 67% whether through destruction from outside forces or from within.
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