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  1. MMW - April 15, 2017 - Your Crystalline Bodies/Facets Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today's topic has two layers to it and we will likely focus on only one of those layers. One layer is the more applicable and useful layer that brings insight into the dynamic of evolution across incarnations. The other layer is the inner workings, geometry, and multidimensional visualizations that are necessary to understand how this works. We may address some of the latter, but will focus on the more applicable and useful layer. This is similar to saying that we will help you navigate to the light switch, but leave the discussion of the workings of electricity for another day. Every lifetime is microcosmic evolution from Infant to whatever the most-recent Soul Age/Level/Internal Monad was that was successfully completed. This is similar to how the actual body is conceived and grown in the womb, rapidly moving through every evolutionary stage of the Human Body to reach its most current state before birth. There is no lifetime that starts "in the middle" of evolution. Every lifetime "starts from scratch," if you will. There is no shortcut to the evolutionary replay in the womb, but the fluidity of soul and consciousness allows for a shorter and shorter return to one's most-recent position of individual evolution in spirit. When one is born, the only element that is carried over from another life is the Instinctive Center. It could be said that, of course, your Essence is a consistency, but because the Personality must remember to Manifest Essence, the Essence is not considered a consistency that is carried over. There are many lifetimes when Essence is completely rejected for the entire lifetime. But everything is recorded in the Instinctive Center and accessible to Essence at various points in the life and after the life, so nothing is lost. Today we are going to go a bit beyond the general data that is stored in the Instinctive Center that contributes to your themes, patterns, past life resonance, etc. In addition to this unbroken, consistent, persistent storage of experiences across lifetimes in the Instinctive Center is what we will describe as the "Crystalline Body." When one is fragmented in Tao your "spark" or Essence takes on a Role in the universe, a Role in Essence. This Role is your round-trip vehicle, so to speak, from Tao and back to Tao. Your Role in Essence then fragments into incarnations, or Personalities, across Physical lives. Your Astral Body then acts as your persistent vehicle that allows for the return to Essence between every incarnation. This is rarely mentioned, but your first incarnation does not always have any other bodies beyond the Physical and Essence. It is rare, but some first lifetimes do not have Astral Bodies at all. The reason is that they must be grown. There are templates in place in every Plane that "hold a place" for the anticipated evolution of all of your high bodies, but they are not born from your fragmentation. They are born from your evolution. The first formation of your Astral Body comes with your first inner conflict. Your Astral Body is generated from what we refer to as FRICTION. Friction is an inherent nature of the Physical Plane and dichotomy that invites inner and outer conflict regarding choice. In other words, your Astral Body begins to form with your process of that first choice. Depending upon the results of this, a crystallization begins in the Astral Body. That crystallization of the Astral Body forms in polarities in the same way that overleaves have polarities. That polarity of crystallization carries over into every lifetime. This helps explain further how your Essence is not all-knowing across your lifetimes, but is in a process of learning along with you. Your Essence has a higher perspective, but it is learning. It is has access to resources more readily than you may find yourself, but in the same way you are learning the where and how of your resources, so does Essence. Though optional themes are carried in your Instinctive Center that are triggered by choices of the current Personality, the crystalline parts of the Astral Body are your link to a more persistent layer of consciousness that has been growing across all of your lifetimes. It is not dependent upon the choices of the current Personality. And this is how you "wake up" faster and faster in your lifetimes. It is also how you find yourself having "issues" all the way up to your final lifetime. Crystallization of the Astral Body happens in ways that are Negative and in ways that are Positive. Negative Crystallizations are areas where one remains conflicted regarding certain Friction, and Positive Crystallizations are areas where one has resolved the conflicts regarding certain Friction. On a microcosmic scale, or within the parameters of a single lifetime, this is called Self-Karma. Self-Karma is always limited to a single lifetime. However, it is often generated from one's growing embrace of Essence and the Crystalline elements of the Astral Body. Self-Karma can be in place with or without consciousness in a lifetime, but consciousness is required for the Crystalline elements to activate. This is why when someone works very hard to reach a state of seeming enlightenment, or when one works hard with our teaching and puts into application all that is learned, evolving their consciousness in leaps and bounds, Manifesting Essence, suddenly and only then do you realize and face your ancient bullshit. Or realize and face your ancient immortality and bliss. Over many lifetimes the Positive Crystallization spreads to create a very literal form that becomes your Astral Body that is your vehicle to Cycling Off. The Negative Crystallization cannot carry beyond the cycle of incarnations and the cycle of conflicts and friction will continue until one truly resolves that conflict and lets the Friction serve ones evolution. Before we continue, we will check in with quick question: Is this making sense to you and does this expand upon your understanding of your evolutionary process? Uma:definitely! ClaireC: Yes DianeHB: Yes Bobby: You've got me really thinking now because you've shared that we also have a Causal Body so without going into detail about that, would something similar work this way "there" as well? Yes. All of your Bodies evolve out of the work of other Bodies. By the time you are an Old Soul all of your Bodies are active and evolving, creating your path of return Home. The higher bodies evolve just like "you" do. They have 7 stages of evolution relative to the Plane. The difference between the lower and higher planes in terms of evolution of the bodies is that the lower plane bodies evolve the higher plane bodies and as the higher plane bodies evolve from the work of the lower plane bodies, these higher bodies contribute more and more to the evolution of the lower bodies. It is a beautiful and wondrous circuit that evolves. Your higher plane bodies are not locked into "waiting" for you to "get to" the Mental, Messianic, and Buddhic Planes before the start of their 7 stages. All of this is in a beautiful fractal pattern. Janet: The term ‘crystallization’ may be creating a roadblock for me because it makes me think of physical crystallization, and so it makes it hard to see how Negative Crystallization is something that can be changed without shattering. If Positive Crystallization spreads to create the astral body, then is negative crystallization not really ‘crystallized’ but more like areas of the astral body that are still incomplete until the ‘ancient bullshit’ is worked out? In response to Janet: First we will define Crystallization as being a homogenous geometry of facets. When these are Positive, these are clear. When they are Negative, they are not. The Negative must shatter. And they will. Eventually, the Friction will come that shatters these to allow for clarity. The Positive crystallization that is carried into cycling off adds to the structure that is your Entity and further into what is your Cadre, Energy Ring, etc. This Positive Crystallization is vital because it is how you reunite in an Entity. It is a return to form that pieces together in ways that reveal the greater truths of existence. This Crystallization is not solid, but is a form, an infrastructure. You do not reunite just because your numbers match. You reunite because you return to a wholeness. When one carries Negative Crystallization into a lifetime and then activates it, the Friction begins that challenges that Crystallization. It is relentless. When we speak to you about your Negative Crystallization, the examples will help. Janet: Aha. Thank you. Uma: So, can you say that every choice contributes to either resolving friction or perpetuating friction, and as those frictions are resolved we move more and more into the Positive Crystallization and this feeds back into those choices? In response to Uma: Friction will exist with or without Crystallization. It is the nature of the Physical Plane and dichotomy. What happens over lifetimes is that as you resolve the conflicts related to various Friction, you generate these Positive Crystallizations that nullify the Friction as an issue. Think of it this way: Weather will always be a part of the Physical Plane. Imagine that it sometimes rains, sometimes even thunderstorms. A person is caught in the rain and "freaks out." The rain is merely a part of the dance of being Physical, but this person takes it personally and now when it rains he has decided that God, the gods, the universe, bad luck, etc. are just out to make his life miserable. Now, when it rains, he responds as if he has been assaulted. He leaves himself there. That is his resolution. It is a Negative Crystallization. Now, imagine he carries this into the next lifetime. He is awake enough to connect to this Crystallization and it rains again. He is inexplicably convinced of his bad luck and suffering at the hands of the universe or gods. He plants his crops and then there is a drought. Suddenly he is faced with further Friction that now questions whether Rain is a personal insult or is just something that is necessary for life. It rains and his crops are saved. His Crystallization that had concluded that rain was a personal insult is now shattered. He must address this. Eventually, he learns to work with rain and how to walk in it with an umbrella if he chooses not to be wet, and to be more playful if he ever gets caught in the rain, and so on. The rain will continue to come, but his Crystallization is now Positive and nullifies the Friction. This is a highly simplistic example, but will do. In more direct response to your question: yes. Uma: lol Are there further questions? Maureen: Michael, so, Positive Crystallization is the resolution of paradoxes, or seeming paradoxes, until we reach a perspective that can include the whole picture or the wholeness of (our) experience? Maureen: or experience(s)*. Uma: are you kidding? I have enough questions for Eternity! In response to Maureen: They are often paradoxes, but not always. Rain is not a paradox, there is nothing confusing about it or complex, but our example is pulled from "real life" because early lifetimes start with Friction relative to the new world of the Physical Plane and its wonders and horrors. It took you 3 lifetimes to work through your issues with the Wind. Maureen: LOL! I'm not surprised and now it's a True Rest. ClaireC: Everything is crystal clear to me. ? Maureen: ? Johanne: I think I get the idea although not all that crystal clear ? Uma: I was having 'flashes' of the fractals and 'the beautiful circuits that evolve'. And all from FRICTION, that annoying sensation! **** WORKSHOP/FEEDBACK **** Though you will have many layers of Friction in your life and have your Self-Karma and your Karma and simple preferences and dislikes, we ask you now if you can name a Negative Crystallization that you see as an obvious pattern of challenge that relentlessly asks of you to shatter it. We will help to clarify these, but your words are important as a launching point. Uma: Entitlement springs to mind Johanne: no, I cannot name a negative crystallization or see an obvious pattern of challenge Uma: not getting what I was promised Bobby: Justification for being is coming to mind first... subject to change though Uma: and feeling cheated Janet: We were speaking in the chat room about a dream you interpreted for me in a private session, and looking at that session now, I wonder if I have crystallization around the subject of freedom. ClaireC: I was just thinking last night about how "high-strung" I am, and whether that is physical or emotional and how to change it. Would this be a Negative Crystallization? Maureen: I think one of my last pieces, that I can see, is the conflict with rest or true rest for me and how to rest “properly”. It’s interesting (to me) that you said:” It took you 3 lifetimes to work through your issues with the Wind.” Does Diane have a response? DianeHB: I don't have anything obvious come to mind. Tex says his is hoarding. DianeHB: Actually I can think of something now - my preoccupation with where I'm going/the future might be a negative crystalization. We will comment/respond now to each of you. UMA: your assessment is valid, but we will describe it as FAIRNESS. It has Crystallized into issues that show in terms of entitlement, earning, deserving, etc, but it is all about Fairness. Unfairness is a part of life, like rain. It is not out to get you or harm you, but it does happen and it does hurt. Just like rain can wash away a town. Unfairness happens. It is the underpinning of Karma and Justice. Uma: I had that thought also, that FAIRNESS is a big one for me. It always has been, since earliest childhood memories. I can see it. Uma: And one of my pet sayings is: Life may be unfair, but people don't have to be. To shatter this Negative Crystallization you will have to embrace UNFAIRNESS as something that is not directed at you, but is a natural invitation to creativity, to strength, to truth, to networking and nurturing, and using your known resources rather than ignoring them and waiting for better ones. Uma: Thank you! JOHANNE: you described your Negative Crystallization in your own words. We will describe yours as related to THE UNKNOWN. You are sponge for knowledge and you transform your knowledge into wisdom, but part of that motivation for knowing comes from the sense that knowing somehow protects you from the Unknown, and when you find you are in an acceptable place of knowing, you no longer look. To shatter this Negative Crystallization you must keep looking. You must embrace the Unknown as not something to conquer or protect oneself against, but as an invitation for curiosity and playful discovery. NOTE: it should be presumed that if we are describing your Negative Crystallization it is one that you are well into working on and shattering. If you do not relate to or recognize what we see, then you have either shattered it, or we are wrong. BOBBY: your assessment is valid. We will describe it as a Negative Crystallization around PROOF OF LIFE. It is not just about justifying your existence, but proving that you exist. A Negative Crystallization formed that concludes one makes a difference that forgives the mistakes of one's existence. To shatter this Negative Crystallization, you would have to destroy the notion that you must be forgiven. You will not and never will be forgiven. And by "forgiven" we do not mean that someone eventually tells you this, but that your joy, your peace, your evolution is fueled by choice and creativity and curiosity rather than "making up" for something. When we say you will never be forgiven, we mean that nothing will ever be enough to address any Friction around "mistakes." Mistakes happen. They must be dealt with and you must learn from them, but they cannot remain an anchor to define the life. You do not prove anything. To anyone. Ever. JANET: your Negative Crystallization is directly related to your assessment. We will describe it as RESPONSIBILITY. Freedom is one of the most terrifying territories for one who navigates life by comforts and standards of Responsibility. Your Crystallization has deemed Responsibility as a priority factor for defining the self and for judging others. Irresponsibility is nearly evil. You will have to shatter your notions and standards of Responsibility as you move further into Freedom because Responsibilities are not only about obligations and skills, but about the capacity to respond. The safety and familiarity of standards, obligations, and skillsets will remain, but to go into the territories you seek to explore as a soul, you are expanding your understanding and compassion for what it means to be Responsible. CLAIRE: you are onto something with your assessment. We will describe your Negative Crystallization as being related to RIGIDITY. You have crystalized this notion that existence is acceptable and even safer if you simply stay within familiar parameters and people. This lifetime has shattered this. You have actively embraced that Rigidity cannot serve you any longer and you have seen the devastating effects of it and you have seen the subtle effects of it in your mental and emotional walls that have been being dismantled over the past year. The "high strung" element comes from your dance with issues of Control, either being in control or having someone be in control. And now you are not. Nothing is in control. You have surrendered. You are learning what it means to lose rigidity as a form of stability. And now you build a new world of truth and honesty and love that is the start of a new Positive Crystallization. It may not always feel like it, or look like it, but it is happening. DIANE: your assessment is valid, as well. Somewhere along the way of your incarnations it was Crystallized that safety only exists in the future and that the present is something to endure. This comes from a series of lives where imprisonment was explored. The only hope was "in the future." We will describe your Negative Crystallization as being related to THE FUTURE. DianeHB: That makes me cry This is your first lifetime looking at this so closely and you have shattered it. You have found, created, and nurtured your Present in such a way that you have never known Love so intimately and honestly. The Future a ribbon on the gift of the Present. DianeHB: I still feel like I tend to focus on the future, but not at the expense of the present. Maybe it's just a habit now. MAUREEN: your assessment is directly related to your Negative Crystallization, which we will describe as VIGILANCE. This is a Crystallization that demands and expects that you are the only one in the room with the wisdom and perspective to help save the day, because at one time, and many times, that was true. To shatter this Crystallization you are learning to trust the growing pains of evolution. You are able to hold the horrors and suffering of existence in the same hand as the beauty and innocence. Maureen: This is making me cry. You are learning to allow your fiery inspiration without it burning you out. You are learning that innocence and beauty are not mutually-exclusive from stupidity and idiots. Maureen: LOL Bobby: lol DianeHB: lol You are allowing yourself to stay on watch, but learning to know when, how, and why to make your moves. Not just learning to choose your battles, but choosing your battlecries. ************** All of the above are OUR assessment of a Negative Crystallization that has been with you for some time across lives and that you are addressing in the current life, most likely already having shattered it, and working to Crystallize in the Positive. You may not agree and you may find your priorities focused in ways we did not describe, and we are always willing to be wrong. This is a starting point for considering this new realm of understanding of your lives, your soul, your bodies, and the meaningful work you do on your evolution even when you do not realize it. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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