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Found 10 results

  1. Christian

    Nowhere Generation

    Work stuff has me feeling the cynic today. Knew Rise Against's new album was out so decided to listen. As GenX listening to this it describes so much of my experience and the experience of millenials and younger. We were called GenX because "you don't stand for anything" and other BS. Anyway. Lyrics We are the nowhere generation We are the kids that no one wants We are a credible threat to the rules you set A cause to be alarmed We are not the names that we've been given We speak a language you don't know We are the nowhere generation The nowhere gеneration, oh-whoa And one day All the walls will comе down All the doors will open All the roads will lead home But right now We are spiraling down And the longer we wait The further we go I know we're slippin' through the cracks now No place left on your map now to call home We are the nowhere generation We are the kids that no one wants We are a credible threat to the rules you set A cause to be alarmed We are not the names that we've been given We speak a language you don't know We are the nowhere generation The nowhere generation, oh-whoa And for your sweat you'll be rewarded They told us every day There's a land of milk and honey And it's not that far away But the finish line kept movin' And the promises wore thin And the smoke on the horizon Was the burning promised land In this place you'll still be somewhere But they sold it out from under us Our voices all ignored We are the nowhere generation We are the kids that no one wants We are a credible threat to the rules you set A cause to be alarmed We are not the names that we've been given We speak a language you don't know We are the nowhere generation The nowhere generation, oh-whoa And yet we climb these burning ladders Still we raise for them the hammers swinging low "And what exactly are we after?" They will ask and we will answer We are the nowhere generation We are the kids that no one wants We are a credible threat to the rules you set A cause to be alarmed We are not the names that we've been given We speak a language you don't know We are the nowhere generation Oh-oh (we are the nowhere generation) Oh-oh (we are the nowhere generation) We are the nowhere generation We are the nowhere generation The nowhere generation
  2. Jana

    Blind Spots of Attitude -- Cynic

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: August 2015] MEntity: The Cynic, basically, sees the world in terms of opposing the obvious or appearances or common assumptions. The Cynic knows there is almost always more than meets the eye. The Cynic, then, is always looking beyond the surface, always willing to look in the opposite directions, always interested in the contents, not the packaging. This is CONTRADICTION. When in the Positive Pole, the Cynic simply Contradicts the obvious. This is similar to questioning, doubting, and allowing room for being wrong. However, when the Cynic falls into the Negative Pole of Denigration, it is because he cannot accept that what is known is all there is. The simple truth or the lack of complexity can trigger Denigration, or the breaking down of something or someone beyond its capacity to break down. It is Contradiction for the sake of contradiction rather than as a means to know more. The Cynic learns that sometimes, and more often than not, there is nothing more, no hidden or secret meaning, no blind dichotomy. Something or someone is simply what can be seen, experienced, and known. So the Cynic questions and then that is that. However, the Cynic can develop a Blind Spot that prompts them to continue questioning, continue breaking something or someone down, and this turns into an Obsession. Some of the most outlandish conspiracies are perpetuated by Cynics in Obsession. Denigration is seen as a necessary evil that is noble and important to impose, even as it means making up and stretching facts beyond recognition. The Spiritualist and Cynic are similar in their fall into "beliefs" in this regard.
  3. Jana

    You And Your Attitude

    [Reproduction of Michael Speaks: You and Your Attitude] [M_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We understand the topic to be that of Attitudes as they are defined within our teaching. Of course, there are 7 Attitudes, as there are 7 of every other Overleaf in our system. The 7 Attitudes are the Neutral or Assimilative PRAGMATIST, the Inspirational Stoic and Spiritualist, the Expressional Skeptic and Idealist, and the Actional Cynic and Realist. The Attitudes are specifically your personal means to interpret reality. The Attitudes could easily be said to be The 7 Basic Philosophies, as much of what is our more complete system now has been found isolated in various teachings throughout the ages. Each Attitude can easily find a correlation of a philosophy, which can shed a great deal of light on your personal Attitude. The Attitude could be said to be the “pivot” or “hinge” within our Personality System around which all other facets of your Personality move. Because the Attitude is intrinsically linked to your Intellect, the Attitude can “make or break” your sense of peace, trust, wholeness, etc. Whether you are Intellectually Centered or not, you still have an Intellect, and that Intellect works hard to interpret and make sense of reality. So, too, does your Attitude. It will go a long way toward freeing you from the traps of the Attitude and Intellect if you understand that it is not necessarily “the point” to “make sense” of reality, because literally, it is the opposite: your senses MAKE reality. Though we say your Attitude “interprets” reality, it may be more effective to understand that your Attitude “filters” reality. Both are valid descriptions. Though an Attitude is far from an imposition, it CAN be a limitation if you find you are not able to function within your ;particular Attitude's full spectrum of use. It can easily be said that, from the absolute worst struggles, to the most trivial of frustrations, these experiences are directly a reflection of how you are using your Attitude. When your Attitude is in its Negative Pole, regardless of what that may be, you have determined that you have completed your need for input for your basic philosophical stance. When the Negative Pole of the Attitude is in control, reality loses its creativity and flexibility, and instead becomes a tangled mess that must be understood immediately, even if the means to do so have not even come to pass. We can speak generally of Attitudes because the basic experience is quite consistent; it is the HOW of it all that is different among them. For instance, an Idealist in the Negative Pole and a Cynic in the Negative Pole will both share the struggle of trying to understand something within a limitation of input, but the Idealist will “naively” bumble his way through, while the Cynic will use “denigration” to destroy anything outside his comprehension. In the case of the Cynic, we do not mean an attempt to literally destroy, but that the Cynic will actively fight to remove any contradictions from his determined perception. In the case of each Axis of Attitude, you will find when they are in the Negative Pole, the reaction of the Attitude is to eliminate the Positive Pole experiences. When the Stoic is “resigned,” he will use inspiration to lead others into resignation, to validate his own perceptions. The Spiritualist will use inspiration to impose his beliefs on others as strongly as possible, to remove the need for verifying his perceptions. The Skeptic will simply express strong suspicions, riling others into an insecure space of perception, to remove the need for investigation. The Idealist will naively take on lofty goals and intentions, either with or without awareness, setting himself up for failure, so as to remove the experience of coalescence, which is the bringing together of parts to make a whole. The Cynic will actively remove all that contradicts his own determined perception. The Realist will insist that her perceptions are based in fact, even against the strongest of feedback that she is inaccurate, so as to remove her from having to be Objective. In addition, the Pragmatist will continue doing things, thinking about things, expressing things, exactly as they have worked for her to her satisfaction, regardless of the fact that input is dictating that there are more practical ways for the same things. The reason the Negative Pole is so strongly interested in eliminating the Positive Pole experiences is because the Attitude is the “brother or sister” to the Chief Features. We speak of these traits with anthropomorphic descriptions, only for the sake of relating, but we do not wish for you to mistake this means of description as if these parts of you are a separate consciousness. We do not say that they are, nor do we imply that they are. Because of our limitation of time, we will quickly point out what we believe may be the most important concern for your understanding of the Attitudes. Since the Attitude can be your prison or your means to complete freedom, we believe that when you are struggling in any area of your life, the first place to look would be to your Attitude. In understanding your Attitude, you would clearly be able to see that you may be in the Negative Pole, but the fastest and most effective means to move yourself out of it, is simply to choose a different angle of perception. Since the Attitude, while in the Negative Pole, so intently seeks to remove the experience of the Positive Pole of your Attitude, the “trick” is to use the Positive Pole of the Attitude that shares your Axis. If the effort is made, within minutes your life can change; or at least your attitude toward it, which can then lead to changing your life. When the Spiritualist is lost in her Beliefs and continues to find she is blocked from real, fulfilling Verification of her perceptions, it can free her to “slide” to the Positive Pole of Stoicism, which would be Tranquility. When Belief is in control, there is usually a strong need to get others to share in the belief, even if you, yourself have not Verified its place in your life. When the Spiritualist slides to Tranquility, she relaxes and surrenders gently to her perceptions. This then allows her to Verify things for herself, instead of finding others to do it for her. On the other hand, the Stoic may have given up on his life, resigning, which is a passive stance to the life. If he were to slide to Verification, he would be able to find that much of what he has resigned himself to is not even valid anymore as an imposition. We may not be able to go through all of the Attitudes with examples, but we will note that the Pragmatist has the ability to slide to ANY of the other Attitudes as a means to free himself from Dogma. We will now take any questions you may have, so we can respond to you, rather than use your time teaching what may already be available in print. QUESTIONS [MDFSage_Val] Can you describe a “spectrum of use” for an Idealist, or is this more an individual fragment thing/issue? [M_Entity] An Idealist lives within the spectrum of being “cursed” and “blessed” with the constant want for improvement. The Idealist has such a wider vision of most things that he can see patterns where others cannot. Within those patterns, he can also see how they can be improved, manipulated, or altered for the better. The struggle then comes from the Idealist being able to see the big picture, but not putting the effort into defining the STEPS it will take to get there. Therein lies the spectrum from Naivety to Coalescence. An Idealist can see that he has potential to run a marathon, but instead of taking the steps to prepare, he simply, naively runs in the marathon, until he collapses from the pain he could have avoided. [Suzanne] Michael, How would be best for an idealist & a spiritualist to relate to each other, one expresses while the other inspires? [M_Entity] The Spiritualist will always interpret relationships in terms of how inspiring they are, while the Idealist will interpret the relationships in terms of how much improvement is coming from them. [Suzanne] Rather interesting, as it can compliment. [M_Entity] If the Spiritualist feels her relationships are not inspiring, or that she is not inspiring, she will lose interest. The Idealist must feel as if the relationships are somehow improving each other, or he will feel they are not worth it. [Suzanne] Thank you, I understand better now [M_Entity] We are using pronouns randomly, for the sake of grammar. We are not intending anything to be specifically assigned to a gender. [Suzanne] Understood that too, thanks. [M_Entity] The Spiritualist could be said to be “cursed” and “blessed” with the philosophy that everything has potential. Within that spectrum, you will find the experiences ranging from blind faith or belief to valid verification of those potentials. We will point out one last point for your consideration before concluding tonight. When you are in the Negative Pole of your Attitude, you may find you are behaving more and more like the Attitude sharing your Axis, or attracting, or attracted to, those who share your Axis. This is your inherent move toward balance in perception and even if this is done without awareness, it manages, at least, to continue to give the option of choosing how you interpret your reality. So, an Idealist may tend to be very critical and skeptical as a means to balance his Idealism; the Spiritualist may find she is becoming less and less emotional and more passive as she seeks balance for her Beliefs. We shared as much as we could within your time allotted. We have much more to say about this topic, of course. We will conclude here. Good Night to all of you.
  4. KurtisM

    Cynics in Social Situations

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - September 6, 2015] [Kurtis] Hi Michael, I'd like to continue as with last time on how the Cynic appears/acts in social situations. MEntity: The Cynic shows up in social situations as the person who "does not miss a thing." The Cynic sees what others do not see, and can be difficult to navigate in social situations because they naturally "throw a wrench" into the smooth social lubrication that is in place. Depending on the overleaves of the Cynic, this person may be more open about this, or more passive-aggressive about their perspectives that challenge the presumptions of others. In the Positive Pole, the Cynic usually sees no need to emphasize attention to what others do not see unless that attention is beneficial. Contradiction does not have to be offensive or derailing of social structures. Contradiction merely points out what is missed as a means to help. However, when the Cynic goes into the Negative Pole, this emphasis on what others may have missed is rarely helpful and serves only to undermine, or Denigrate. For example, if someone is being complimented on how beautiful she is, the Cynic may notice the spinach in her teeth. Everyone else has noticed, too, but may not say anything. The Cynic will likely say something. This information about the spinach in her teeth is simply information, but the Cynic can turn that information into a means to help, or a means to hurt. Pulling her aside to inform her is helpful. Stating, "well, you would probably look more beautiful without a tree in your front teeth" would not be as helpful. It is the same information, but the Cynic must learn how to deliver that information. Another way the Cynic can fall into the Negative Pole is if there is nothing of Contradiction to actually point out. Instead of allowing for the fact that there may be no Contradictions or need for Contradictions, the Cynic might then begin to make up contradictions simply for the sake of being contrary, to denigrate. This is the Attitude who can give the backhanded compliments, and the loaded statements that are cloaked in smug evasiveness like conversation bombs waiting for someone to step into. This is one of the Attitudes who can dismiss the responsibility of communication by saying that they are simply "telling it like it is," or "just telling the truth." When a person must qualify his or her social relationships with dismissive statements such as these, they are more often than not very clear about just how manipulative or irresponsible it is, and wrapping it in "bluntness" and "truth" seems to justify the lack of responsibility.
  5. [Excerpt from Energy Report: July 2012] As a cycle of pre-measured time unfolds, such as a year, it can be anticipated in understanding similar to describing and anticipating any Personality. Any system, such as another Personality system, Astrology, and even frequencies and meanings of color, could be used to describe these cycles of time, as they could also be used to describe geographical locations, communities, etc. because if there is a basic understanding of any system, it can be superimposed in a way that is quite useful and empowering. The greater the understanding of the system, the greater the understanding of that which is being superimposed upon. However, a vital, key awareness in any process of interpretation or superimposition is that “the map is never the terrain.” In other words, we can describe the year in Overleaves, Astrological terms, Color, etc, but that year will never exist through only those words; you still must live through the year as a way to know that year. This is true of any map. The ATTITUDE in our system of Personality is the individual's “map” of the terrain through which they will journey. It is your system of superimposition and interpretation. The Attitude is the lens through which one perceives, interprets, and archives his or her life, but IT IS NOT THE LIFE. When one looks at a map of New York City, it is not the same thing as walking its streets. When one looks at the stories of history books, it is not the same thing as having been there. When one looks through the eyes of his or her Attitude, it is not the same thing as what is being seen. We point this out because the shift in July moves in emphasis from the MODE to the ATTITUDE. Your Attitude is your collection of maps. One's Attitude is never just one map, but many, and always a collection that supports the same basic system of interpretation and superimposition that you are working to explore. This system is described by the name of the Attitude. One begins to collect maps of the terrain of their life soon after the 2nd Internal Monad, or when one actually begins to develop his or her own stable mobility. The maps used at 10 years old are very different from the maps used at 21 or 45 or 75, but they can be strikingly similar, with the maps building in extensiveness rather than in replacement, though a complete replacement of one’s maps can and does change, depending upon imprinting. As with our own Overleaf System, or any mapping system, the system of interpretation and superimposition is fairly neutral, and cannot determine the experiences that one will have when actually exploring the “terrain.” For example, the Idealist or a Spiritualist Attitude do not have an easier time, or a better perspective, than a Cynic or a Skeptic, but these different Attitudes do have very different systems of interpretation and superimposition; very different maps. One of the reasons we find that the cycles of a year move through an emphasis on the Attitude is so that all Attitudes may have a period of time each year to “see” the maps that may not be their own. We might compare this to one person becoming rather dependent upon a Subway Map of New York City, but then finding themselves looking at a map of walking tours through the Parks of New York City. It is not that one is better than the other, but having exposure to both (and more) can greatly enhance one's understanding of the city, and this can be said about your own exposure to the different Attitudes and maps that are used around you. You will always return to your own map, but there would come to be a sense of these other maps that can be carried with you and understood, even if not your default map. This allows you to understand the greater collective experience. To deny this expansion would be similar to someone describing New York City only terms of its Subway routes, denying all maps of waterways, Restaurants or Parks or Museums, etc. There is a necessity for multiple maps for a single terrain, because a single terrain offers up multiple layers of experiences. Your Attitude is not the truth, it is merely your means of exploring the truth. Soul Age often corresponds to the number of maps one can carry, if you will. The younger the soul, the fewer the maps, and the more invested and engrossed one is with the maps that are one's own. However, as the soul grows, the Personalities begin to carry around more maps, or put in terms relative to our Teaching, the Attitude expands. As the soul ages, its corresponding Personalities seek to understand more and more maps that are not one's own, and this is why we share the Energy Report. Understanding the collective world as it is being explored through a dominant, collective Attitude, helps one to expand upon one's place within the largest map of all, that eventually includes all of you.
  6. KurtisM

    Cynicism- Philosophy of Virtue

    [Excerpt from Energy Report: July & August 2011] Cynicism is ultimately a philosophy of virtue, or the capacity for discerning and living the truth through active opposition. When Cynicism is in the Positive Pole, opposition comes in the form of Contradiction, which is simply the bringing of attention to the flip side of the status quo, or the obvious. This Contradiction is solely for the purpose of presenting alternative perspectives so that the truth can be discerned. Contradiction is an invitation. When Cynicism is in the Negative Pole, it is no longer concerned with discerning the truth, but is more concerned with imposing one’s truth, which is automatically adjusted to be whatever is opposing and undermining the truths of others. This is Denigration. The cutting down of the opposition for the sake of countering his truth.
  7. [Excerpt from Energy Report: June 2016] The Cynic Attitude is the philosophy of living in accord with nature and opposing all conventions that interfere with one’s nature. The Cynic Attitude was born of our species’ very close relationship with the canine which has been in effect since before our transfer from Sirius System and is a term that is a nod to our origins in the “dog star system.” The Cynic Attitude is one that strives to live as inspired by the canine, with nature, reason, and freedom being the highest of priorities, and anything interfering with this is questioned, opposed, and contradicted. The Attitude exists with or without this history as its context for understanding and implementing it, but for Humans, this is how the term came to be and how we found a way to clarify the perspective of this Attitude. A canine can be quite keen on what is not right in an environment and bring this to your attention. Barking as a warning, as information, as indications of danger and even for the pleasures that might have been missed is quite helpful in its innocent alignment with others and the environment. So as the shift toward Cynic begins near the end of the month, it can be helpful to consider behaviors in terms of canine behavior. Are you “barking” as a way to bring attention to that which interferes with or promotes freedom, reason, and nature, or is there simply “barking and snapping” as a way to take a stand against something just to be against something.
  8. KurtisM

    Cynic Attitude and Polarities

    [Excerpt from Energy Report: July 2016 ] The Cynic Attitude in itself is not inherently unpleasant, but for those not familiar with it or are uncomfortable with contradiction, even the best of Cynic energy can feel inconvenient at best, but when Cynic is moving through the Negative Pole, Denigration, it can be an invisible, heavy weight that seems to strip the joy and life from everything and is exhausting. July begins with Cynic in the Negative Pole. This appears to be showing up as our students feeling a concerted effort to “stay positive,” to keep their vision intact, their ideals upheld, their sense of progress and joy sustained. It is likely not easy, and even if this evasion of this Negative Pole energy is successful, it is likely quite exhausting. Cynic energy is vital to the expansion and evolution of active intelligence and discernment when it is in the Positive Pole of Contradiction because pursuit of integrity and truth through questioning, challenging, and countering presumptions is healthy, but when Cynic energy moves through the Negative Pole it is the active use of intelligence to undermine or destroy integrity and truth. Denigration is countering and questioning and challenging for the sake of defending one's perspective, not for expanding or evolving in one's perspective. Denigration seeks to undermine, devalue, belittle, and destroy that which is questioned, rather than listen to answers or see the truth. What we are finding in patterns across July are many with even the best of intentions simply falling into Denigration, pursuing the take down and destruction of that which is questionable rather than pursuing the understanding of that which is questionable. Cynic looks for ways to transform and transmute the questionable. When this is through Contradiction there is an understanding of oppositions so that resolution and change can come in beneficial ways. When transformation and transmutation comes through Denigration, it is without understanding of oppositions, and simply aims for the removal or destruction of the opposition. With the Chief Feature of Self-destruction in force this year, and so much emphasis on the Negative Poles, the force of Self-Destruction is rising among many, even among our students. Those who may be prone to aligning with Denigration this year appear to be willing to “go down with the ship”, see themselves as making an honorable Sacrifice, or commit Suicide (figuratively and literally) as a means to take down that which is deemed opposing forces. From what we can see, this may turn out to be a year of unprecedented acts of Suicide, not only in the obvious figurative and literal ways, but in cascading impact. As July progresses, we do not see much levity in terms of how Cynicism will be used, so we suggest that our students do all they can to generate that levity and nurture it as a means to remain a part of the process of questioning and encouraging challenges to presumptions, but help yourselves and others to be less-inclined toward the gravity of Denigration.
  9. ENERGY REPORT September 2016 2016 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Server (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) SEPTEMBER brings the energy of Cynicism into full focus among most fragments who are incarnated at this time. Considering this is a year of collective Turning Points for most, it is not surprising that this is one of the few times in history when the Attitude for the year is shared across nearly the entire population of the planet. We have discussed the nature of the Cynic Attitude in previous July and August reports, and we would suggest a review of those details to help with September and the rest of your year to come. 50% of the population is looking fairly consistently through the Positive Pole of Cynic at this time, while 40% are fairly consistently adhering to the Negative Pole, and 10% are moving rapidly between the two Poles. This may seem to indicate that the Positive Pole may have a more obvious impact on the collective trajectory, and this would be true in the long-term, but in the short-term it may not be obvious. This is because the Positive Pole is inclusive and makes room for the Negative Pole, so while the dominant percentage is in the Positive Pole, it means that more room is being made for the noise of the Negative Pole. This dynamic of inclusion is important because the Positive Pole does not fight with itself. It seeks to understand, transform, heal, and love. For those who are unfamiliar with the power of this position, it may seem to be weak or overpowered, but it always prevails. Always. This may not seem true in smaller cycles and local focus, but in grander cycles and with broader focus the patterns are clear. However, because lives are experience in smaller cycles and in local focus, it is fair to say that 2016 is now rooted in the Negative Pole struggles that Denigration brings to the population. This means that Cynicism is now virtually locked in the Negative Pole for most to have to deal with and this means that an early and deep hooking into the Chief Feature of the year is highly likely to begin in September and then run out the remainder of 2016. With Denigration there is a constant degrading, devaluing, disparaging, disrespecting, defaming, and destructive perspective that informs the behaviors and choices of the individual in Denigration. Denigration is a perspective and stance of unnecessary destruction. The Positive Pole, Contradiction, is a constructive questioning and curiosity and an invitation to broaden or change perspectives beyond the obvious, but the Negative Pole is not interested in learning, only to oppose. This kind of immersion in destructive opposition invites and welcomes Self-destruction. Self-destruction is the fear of worthlessness, and a feeling that one has no worth or value unless dead or dying for the sake of someone or something else. Greed is the partner to Self-destruction. Greed is the fear of scarcity, and a fear that you will not get all that is owed to you by life and that your value and worth are not reflected in what you have, get, or take. If Greed is the fear of not getting enough, then Self-destruction is the fear of getting too much. An important factor to consider now is that Chief Features are not always private and personal. Chief Features show up in three ways: privately, provoked, and projected. Chief Features that show up privately usually need no prompting and exist as a personal struggle with the self. Chief Features that show up as provoked tend to show up in relation to other people who somehow tend to provoke you or be provoked into the dynamic of that Chief Feature. Chief Features that show up as projected are when you see others as exemplifying that Chief Feature and you take on the fight and fear of them as representatives. 2016’s Chief Feature of Self-destruction is primarily Projected, with some Provocation. About 35% of the 40% who are in Denigration are hooked deeply into Self-destruction, but are projecting this upon those whom they oppose and see them as necessary to destroy because they are “getting too much” and not worthy of life. 5% of the 40% are being Provoked or actively Provoking Self-destruction and while they are a smaller percentage, they are likely to be the most obvious because these are the fragments who will follow through to ensure that someone or something is destroyed. September may seem fairly similar to August, but may come with a new layer of anxiety and exhaustion. We encourage all of our students to do their best to hold and nurture their own perspectives and the collective perspective in the Positive Poles so that you do not lose sight of the larger patterns at work that *always* lead to greater inclusion, peace, love, and joy. Your planet hosts more love and peace than it has in a long time, and these growing pains are natural to any transition between Soul Ages and Paradigms. This is a Server year, and in the same way that dressing an open wound will come with pain for the necessity of healing, so do the open wounds of humanity come with pain in the effort to move toward healing. The process of healing requires bringing to the surface any infection for clearing, and it is not inaccurate to say that the infection and sickness of humanity is directly in focus now, but only for the sake of dressing and healing. It is ugly and messy, but important. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): September 9th - 11th -- ENERGY SHIFT - POWER VS POSSIBILITY - This energy shift is more likely to show up as a power struggle between sustaining optimism and possibility vs being torn between the weight of exhausting battle between destruction and construction. We suggest to our students to step back from the battle for a moment to remind yourself of beauty, possibility, and pleasures. The battle will still be there, but you may need this important break. September 26th -- NEXUS - BREAKTHROUGH - For those who are experiencing their Turning Point for this year and moving closer to breakthrough or breakdown, this Nexus is an emphasis on Breakthrough. For many of our students this may mark the period of time when you finally move into Breakthrough and leave the options of Breakdown behind. This may be subtle or obvious in effect, but a long-term effect no matter how it shows up. If you are not shifting into a Breakthrough, you may simply feel a tremendous release from gravity, a shift toward floating and freeing from the patterns of burden and demand and a chance to recreate yourself or refresh your perspective or relieve yourself of fears just for a while so that you can catch your breath and take on the rest of the year with vitality, creativity, and love. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER September: EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS WORTH IT - When you feel exhausted by the demands and distractions of a world in transition and growth, whether your personal world or the world at large, it is important to remember that it is worth it. This is a Truth. What you feel and see matter, but it is important to remember that they are in your control, not at the mercy of events and experiences. Remember to see the value, the worth, and the truth of growth, learning, and even pain. AM I BEING CONSTRUCTIVE? - When you find yourself in opposition or holding positions of questioning and challenging of assumptions, it is helpful to remember to ask yourself if your actions, thoughts, and feelings are constructive or only destructive. It may sometimes seem that destruction is the obvious solution, but in most cases of destruction of opposition there is always retaliation, return, and rebound. You do not fight Chief Feature, you heal it. You do not fight infections, you heal them. You do not fight your pain, you heal it. You may have to fight sometimes, and it is necessary at times, but the ultimate goal is the healing and this can only be done with the philosophy of constructive Contradiction.
  10. ENERGY REPORT June 2016 2016 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Server (emphasized all year) CENTER: Moving (emphasized all year) GOAL: Discrimination (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Cynic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Self-destruction (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE brings the end of emphasis on Caution Mode and the shift toward Cynic Attitude begins later in the month. In the final month of emphasis on an overleaf, the emphasis can tend to fade gently or amplify greatly. At this point, we see a shift away from amplification of Phobia, the Negative Pole, and a return to the Positive Pole of Deliberate. This will not be true “across the board,” but more so than has been in the past couple of months. Most of our students have now seen how the Negative Pole for this Mode shows up as events unfolded in the world and in personal circles where Phobia rises, unwarranted panic, defenses, irrational behaviors and thinking and feeling. And now you may begin to see a bit of the more-positive side of Caution in the Deliberate behaviors that show up as more carefully thought out, with clearer intent, and with some rationale behind them. What may come as a surprise is that clear intent and rationale are not always paired with kindness and “good.” The difference is in the irrational vs rational, not necessarily in the approval or appreciation of the end results. What this may mean is an amplification of Caution toward the Positive Pole, and based on this year’s patterns so far, this would likely show up as entrenchment and headstrong plowing forth with the clear intent that crashes up against many others with their own entrenchment and headstrong clarity of intent. One of the benefits of this Mode being moved to the Positive Pole is that regardless of clashing and crashing of various clear intentions and headstrong rationale, the more inclusive, loving, and beneficial of the behaviors would tend to prevail in the clashes. This is not a guarantee, but it does tend in this direction because when two variations of a Positive Pole meet up, the pattern that is greater in its inclusion would bring into alignment those with less inclusion. This will be more obvious on a larger scale, but in your personal life, you may find that this shows up as inner conflicts between very clear ideas about what to do next and how to do that. What you may find is that you go with the more inclusive, flexible, and gentle methods over any reactionary, defensive, or protective methods, even if the difference is very slight. This shift toward a Positive Pole at this point means this year may quite possibly “turn around” and move away from the spiral into greater and greater division, resistance, pain, and alleviate the effects that seemed imminent from the Chief Features at the end of the year. As Caution amplifies and the inner and outer clashing of intentions helps to sort out what is more inclusive, Cynic may come with only a brief emphasis on its Negative Pole and then move toward the Positive for its “season.” However, the “entry” into Cynic may come as quite rough and harsh near the 3rd and 4th weeks of June, and then soften as July arrives. The Cynic Attitude is the philosophy of living in accord with nature and opposing all conventions that interfere with one’s nature. The Cynic Attitude was born of our species’ very close relationship with the canine which has been in effect since before our transfer from Sirius System and is a term that is a nod to our origins in the “dog star system.” The Cynic Attitude is one that strives to live as inspired by the canine, with nature, reason, and freedom being the highest of priorities, and anything interfering with this is questioned, opposed, and contradicted. The Attitude exists with or without this history as its context for understanding and implementing it, but for Humans, this is how the term came to be and how we found a way to clarify the perspective of this Attitude. A canine can be quite keen on what is not right in an environment and bring this to your attention. Barking as a warning, as information, as indications of danger and even for the pleasures that might have been missed is quite helpful in its innocent alignment with others and the environment. So as the shift toward Cynic begins near the end of the month, it can be helpful to consider behaviors in terms of canine behavior. Are you “barking” as a way to bring attention to that which interferes with or promotes freedom, reason, and nature, or is there simply “barking and snapping” as a way to take a stand against something just to be against something. We will speak more to the nature of the Cynic next month, but the above may be helpful for you to understand and shift more quickly toward the Positive Pole as Cynic becomes emphasized. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): June 01 - 03 -- ENERGY SHIFT - ENERGY REDUCTION - A plummet in energy may be in effect for many of our students, starting off June as a bit disorienting and agitated. This drain comes only as a means to help “reset” a larger pattern that had been locked in Negative Pole spiral. This drain reflects a kind of stepping out of that greater collective pattern and generating an alternative pattern. Your new, inspired return to the building of more appealing patterns would likely be sensed around the 5th of June. June 20 -- ENERGY SHIFT - ENERGY SURGE - This Energy Surge is paired with the shift of emphasis toward the Cynic Attitude. It may come as a bit of a sharp spike in energy that would bring the usual agitation and heightened sensitivity, or as a sense of excitement for the prospects of a greater collective move toward the Positive Poles of the year. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JUNE: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE - For nearly every pattern and momentum in the universe that could be improved, evolved, changed, and healed, it is never too late. This includes the trajectory of universes and collective paradigms and personal projects and relationships. It is never too late. This is not merely a cliche, it is a Universal Truth. BOW “WOW” or BOW “OW” - As the energy of the Cynic moves into place, it will be important to note whether you or others are “barking” as a means to point to limitations and pleasures, or is the barking simply adding to the noise that harms clarity and vision and meaningful change. Sometimes this may be difficult to know, but one of the key tests for differentiating would be in the motivation. Is the motivation for the benefit of all involved, or is this merely a vehicle of angry defense and rage against something. In other words, it can be helpful to ask if the barking is FOR something or simply AGAINST something.
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