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Found 18 results

  1. Hello to each of you. We are here, now. Today we are asked to speak on the subject of cancer. We will begin by clarifying that our perception is not one of a practical and local doctor, and our information shared here is to be considered along with any acute perceptions within the Physical Plane that may prove helpful in navigating and understanding cancer. What we will address today is the broader phenomenon of cancer, and not the variations of named cancers. The types of cancers known are usually indicative of starting points, but all cancer is fairly similar in dynamic. Cancer is considered a disease because of its impact on the body and its seeming effect of turning against the host in a way that is lethal. However, cancer is grossly misunderstood as being only a disease, when it is, in fact, a defense. Cancer is understood as shortening the life or causing the death, and this is true to some extent, but it is the body's overcompensatory method of extending life. It may seem contradictory because of the prognosis for many cancers, but the cancer, ironically, does more to extend the life than it does to end it. Cancer is a response to extreme trauma in the body. This trauma comes in 3 primary forms: practical carcinogens, stress, and diet. Practical carcinogens are those known (and unknown) environmental elements that cause trauma in the body in a way that prompts cancerous growth. This would include such things as certain chemicals, pollutions, radiation, etc. These are causes in many cases, but more often than not they are triggers for activation of cancer that was long in the works before that trigger. This is why one smoker can develop cancer while another does not. In cases where the carcinogen is a "true cause," then the ratio of activation of cancer is fairly predictable. In other cases these carcinogens are merely triggers for activation of cancer more directly caused by the other two forms of trauma. Though it could be said that stress and diet fall under the umbrella of "carcinogen" in many ways, we differentiate these from the practical carcinogens because they are often far more insidious and accepted, though there is an argument that could say the same for pollutions and toxins in the environment. However one might navigate the world of toxic waste and pollution, it is much more difficult to note the degree of trauma one is causing from stress and diet. In other words, you can live as healthy as you can, live in the best of environments and close to nature, but if your diet and stress is not addressed, you are at risk for cancer. Along with higher exposure to practical carcinogens, the higher and more chronic the stress, and the more empty of nutrition the diet, the ratio for cancers increase in that population. Chronic stress and chronic intake of unhealthy foods traumatize the body in ways that are only very minimally understood. We know there is information that speaks to these concepts in terms of choice for health, but they are far more serious than that. They are at the core of what, eventually, kicks the body into an instinctive survival mode that resorts to cancer as its last effort to survive. By "chronic stress" we include self-condemnation , worry, anxiety, self-loathing, hatred, distrust, resentment, denial, delusion, depression, etc. By "chronic stress" we mean that these and similar states are upheld for more than half of your waking state, consciously or subconsciously. This kind of stress destroys the defenses of the bodies. We include the emotional, intellectual, and physical bodies here. We wish to make it very clear that one is not to blame for one's cancer if one has developed it. There is no relevance to blame. If a person were so upset that as he walked he tripped into traffic and was hit by a car, it would be useless to blame him or the car. It is the intersection of two completely separate trajectories that simply must now be dealt with. It is the same with cancer. The trajectory of stress meets with the trajectory of survival. The body wants to live. It is designed to survive. All auto-immune deficiencies, in fact, are efforts to survive, not to turn on the body. There is nothing that body does in any biological sense that is not for the intention to survive. Even aging is included in this, and worth considering discussing at some point as a topic. Stress as a cumulative trauma to the body destroys the defenses over time and cancer can develop as a final effort to survive without those defenses. Diet is the brother to stress, so to speak, and both go hand-in-hand in many ways. The more nutritionally-void the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. The more toxic the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. There is validity to the phrase "eat to live, rather than live to eat." Most modern cultures are lacking in two vital forms of education: how to eat, and how to manage resources. In fact, most are inculcated with diametrically opposed education that diminishes the life force. When the diet is doing more harm than health over time, and there is chronic stress in some form, both of which can be upheld with a great smile and a happy life, can result in cancer. All of this ties back to the Need of Expansion. The relationship of a culture to the Need of Expansion can reveal how at risk a society is for cancer. For many, Expansion is superficially fulfilled. Stimulation, distraction, hoarding, territorialism, etc. These are not the problem. They are part of the spectrum of Expansion. The problem comes in when this Need is not fulfilled to any degree beyond the 3rd Degree. For review, the degrees of expansion are: 1) Physical Tumors/Cancer, 2) Accumulation, 3) Sprawl/Territorial, 4) Conceptual Challenge, 5) Emotional Growth/Maturity, 6) Transformation/Transmutation, and 7) True Prosperity/Gratitude. Every known "cause" of cancer comes from this effort to fulfill the Need of Expansion. From the practical carcinogens of waste and toxins to self-loathing to unconscious eating habits that have no concern for consequences. Expansion is a Need that is often neglected, ignored, shamed, or overcompensated for. Models for those who fulfill Expansion have rarely been of help for education and understanding of this Need. What tends to happen then is the cumulative effects of false Expansion until there is collapse under the weight. And cancer forms. We wish to point out that we speak in broad terms today. We cannot speak to the variations on cancer and the individual or culture and their specific patterns, but we think this overview can be useful. What we speak of today is not to encourage a rise of Expansion to the top of your list for consideration as priority, but that it be included in your spectrum of Needs that you will seek to fulfill, whether you realize it or not. To help simplify the aim away from cancer and toward a true fulfillment of Expansion is to aim toward True Prosperity and Gratitude. True Prosperity is a management of resources in a way that does not dismiss them simply because you could have more or that you need more. Gratitude is the means by which one sustains fuel for enthusiasm and effort. For the older soul, Expansion is the Need to BE HERE. It is that simple. Yes, it is also the Need to grow, expand, evolve, etc, but this is most easily understood in the most intimate of terms when described as your need to BE HERE. You want to be here. You are here. You Are. This Need need not be only fulfilled by reaching false standards set by marketing, or reached through the consuming of foods simply because you can, or through the constant berating of yourself for not being more. If you choose to do so, take the next step upward in the rung of Expansion and challenge your thinking, challenge your notions, challenge your patterns of perception, challenge your habits, challenge your ideas and concepts. Reach beyond those handed down to you and build your infrastructure from active and conscious choice. There will always be risks in the Physical Plane around scathing, harm, and health, no matter what you do, but what you do does matter. This is especially true if already diagnosed with cancer. It is not just a biological reaction to help extend the life. It is an effort to overhaul the entire spectrum of bodies. There are very few who are diagnosed with cancer who are not thrown into a completely new effort to climb the rungs of Expansion toward Gratitude. For most who are diagnosed and move into remission or complete elimination of cancer, it is rarely due to treatments and remedies and far more to do with that successful overhaul. Treatments and remedies support that process, but cannot replace it. Many forms can be "cut out" or "cut down," but the risk of return is much higher if that overhaul is not completed. Sometimes there is a point of no return, but that overhaul is still vital for how the life will transition into Review. This was a particularly uncomfortable topic for our channel and we will close the discussion today without questions and answers. If there is interest, we can continue our conversation with you on this topic in further exchanges. We must conclude here for today, however. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. 12/12/2014 DianeHB: I recently came across the information that it is now widely accepted that a hormone called "insulin-like growth factor 1" (IGF-1), which is produced by the body in greater amounts when animal ("complete") proteins are consumed, speeds up the process of aging in adults and promotes cancer growth. To me this sounds like the biggest reason why large amounts of animal protein has detrimental effects on the human body in the long run, even though it is not the only reason. This information seems to corroborate with the epidemiological studies I've read, which correlated increase the in animal protein consumption with heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers in different populations. I'm wondering if this is the main reason why you've mentioned many times through Troy that animal protein is not optimal for the human body and that our level of consumption is the root of many diseases. MEntity: Responding to your next question: MEntity: The information you have cited is, indeed, a part of the picture of detriment to the human body in terms of consuming as a food source. Eating the flesh of creatures can be useful in terms of survival, but beyond this, the cumulative effects are detrimental. MEntity: There are a number of "reasons," though, that are not addressed in the information cited, but this information describes part of the syndrome of effects. DianeHB: There are a couple other detrimental effects I came across, but they're not as "big" as this one. One was the increase of acidity in the body, which causes the body to use calcium from the bones to balance the pH. DianeHB: Increase of acidity when animal protein is consumed. DianeHB: And another was the increase in uric acid (waste product from breakdown of protein) that is hard on the kidneys in large amounts. MEntity: Because of the current state of the industry, very little can be revealed, or is even pursued as knowledge, in terms of just how detrimental flesh is for the Human body, and how much it contributes to an array of ailments, genetic mutations, cancers, and immune deficiencies. It also contributes to social issues that undermine peace and harmonious means of communication. The effects go much further than immediate health. It affects collective health, as well. MEntity: What you cite is only the "tip of the iceburg." DianeHB: Yeah, there seems to be a lot of denial seeing as I've never heard about IGF-1 until now, and its effects have been studied for decades. MEntity: There is less-detrimental effects from "GMO's" and "processed foods" than there is from animal flesh. ### This content may be discussed in Diane's forum topic on the subject. See Diet is not a personal choice.
  3. Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN *** VIP: hi Michael VIP: Does diet have any effect on the ability to access the higher centers, or the ease with which, access to the higher centers can occur? (I understand that the higher moving center is designed to be easy to access as-is, so if it makes no difference with regard to that one, I would like to know about the other two higher centers.) Accessing the Higher Centers is accessible to all under any and all circumstances. They are designed as accessible and functioning regardless of condition of the body or state of consciousness. They must function or the body dies. However, there is a difference between these Centers functioning in default, and when one consciously begins to access these for use as tools beyond their default. For most, and for many lifetimes, these Centers are only accessed consciously during extreme conditions, duress, and intense situations. Profound pain in the body, "heart," or "mind" can open one to these Centers in conscious ways. Profound pleasure in the body, "heart," and "mind" can open one to these Centers in conscious ways. Access through extremes of pain or pleasure are forms of intervention in the life, and are not only misunderstood and misinterpreted, but this kind of access can lead to addictions, escapism, fetishes, etc. Other ways that these Centers are accessed are through Laughter, Tears, and Happiness. When there is access through these, they can range in degrees of awareness and consciousness, from subconscious to full consciousness. The reason these Centers are so accessible in so many ways is because there is no interest in a design that withholds higher functioning from any individual based on their choices, behaviors, conditions, health, etc. With all of this being said, when one begins to seek understanding and use of these Centers in conscious ways, then the degree of conscious use and value can be dependent on several factors that hook into many elements of the life. In such cases, then diet becomes vital. We can speak of "diet" in broad terms here to include various ways in which one consumes as a means of "feeding" oneself. This can be food, relationships, entertainment, exercise, etc. For example, if one has compartmentalized one's food diet to the point of ignoring the impact it may have on health, other creatures, other people, and the planet, then that compartmentalizing affects how well one can access a Higher Center. If one is abusive in relationships, or abused, where one's confidence is fed, then one has limitations on his or her conscious use of a Higher Center. The equation is rather simple: The more conscious one is in various areas of the life where one seeks to feed oneself, the greater degree of conscious access one has to the Higher Centers. VIP: thank you Michael! NEXT, Claire ClaireC: Hello, Michael. Can the recently deceased see/observe/follow us in our daily lives here on earth from the Astral Plane? I am curious if they can reassure themselves that we are doing "alright", or whether they cease to care about life on earth after death, or if their only means of doing so is through Essence contact while we dream? Claire, those who die have varying degrees of access to the Physical Plane in much the same way that those who are incarnated have access. Most who die have access only through mediators. In the same way that you have channels and mediums, so does the Astral Plane have those suited for helping open and connect to the Physical Plane for others in the Astral. The younger the soul, the more dependent on these portals. The blur between the Astral and the Physical is not the limitation, but the consciousness and maturity of the Personality/Essence. In the earliest lifetimes, the panic of being out of a body is so strong that rebirth is nearly immediate. If birthing is not available, the Infant Souls can "crowd" around those who are more naturally tuned to the Astral, and this can become problematic. We can speak to that another time, but we say this because in the same way that there are those who act as mediating portals in the Astral, there are those who are channels, psychics, mediums in the Physical. In both Planes these fragments act as beacons. For simplistic purposes we will refer to Physical Plane fragments as Beacons and Astral Plane fragments as Portals. ClaireC: So, some mediums who speak to the departed are legitimate. Yes, there are legitimate mediums, but far fewer than claimed to be. Most Astral fragments get much of their information about their loved ones and after-death impact through reports from those who act as Portals. There are entire networks set up for this. But as the soul ages and consciousness allows for the blur between the Astral and Physical to be straddled, then the individual is far more capable of continuing presence among those who continue to live. This begins to be more steadily possible around the 7th Level of the Young Soul Age. If you know a Mature or Old Soul who has died, then his or her sensed presence is probably legitimate. Otherwise, it may be felt through a proxy. Neither is better or worse. But what happens even for the older souls is that it is found to be surprisingly difficult to communicate with or interact with the living. This is primarily because the living are quite limited to the processing capacity of the brain, and this machine is more often than not focused on a very finite sliver of reality. Those who are dead are no longer confined to the processing capacity of a brain and are using what you might understand as similar to "cloud technology," where fragments pool processing capacity So they can "see" and feel you more easily than you can see them, and while this may not lend comfort to the living, any direct communication you offer to any deceased individual will be heard or relayed to that individual. So while the deceased can "hang around," most do not because they have their own processes to tend to, and even when they can hang around, it can get quite lonely quickly, so it rarely makes sense to continue. It helps all involved when all parties grieve and grow and continue forward. That is more comforting in the long run than remaining in invisible efforts to comfort. These are "big" questions this evening. We do not know if we can address all of them, but we will try. ClaireC: Thank you, Michael. This validates my own experience. NEXT, Kurtis Kurtis: Hey Ms, I'd like an elaboration on the Jovial Health today. There's absolutely no info on it. The Jovial Body Type manages the homeostasis of the body, the dynamic equilibrium of functions. This is related to the posterior pituitary. When the Jovial Body Type is healthy, it is like a vast city of moving parts that work together and function in terms of balances and imbalances so that the the whole is benefited by any changes. When the Jovial Body Type is unhealthy, it is like this vast city breaks down in communication and the needs of one area begin to overshadow the needs of another, the equilibrium is lost, and various parts of the system are not willing or capable of contributing to other parts. In many instances where there are imbalances, there is bloating, blood pressure issues, water retention, and in extreme cases there can be tumors. Because the Jovial Body Type manages the release of Oxytocin and Vasopressin hormones, it is one of the reasons the Jovial Body Type can come across as so approachable, cuddly, lovable, and can be a very real factor in how that body ends up in positions of rulership/leadership. Kurtis: aighty thanks M :) NEXT, Peter PeterK: Do large prime numbers play a role in the design or structure of the Universe? There are Prime Factors involved throughout the mathematics of the universe, and some of these result in versions of Prime Numbers, but they are not particularly adhered to or referenced as a guide for the structure of the universe. It is fair to say they do "play a role," but Composite Numbers and other vastly creative mathematical dynamics are at play. NEXT, Brian. BrianW: Hi Michael. Could you please discuss how to learn and practice healthy self-love and how to overcome rejection of aspects of the self? To practice healthy self-love AND to overcome the rejection of aspects of the self is most directly and immediately remedied by CHOICE. By this we mean that you are not being forced to hate yourself. You are not required to hate yourself. You are not required to dislike yourself or reject parts of yourself. The act of avoiding self-love and the act of rejecting the self is a choice. And one can always make a different choice. So the first and most effective strategy will always be found in those moments when one realizes he is being mean to the self, is being critical and hurtful or scared and then CHOOSING not to do that. Because this is so simple, it is often not that simple. In other words, it is often too simple a solution for many to accept. So it is made complicated and messy and drawn out because one is often taught that love must be earned, it must come as a reward, it must come through permission, and it cannot possibly be "right there," ready to embrace. BrianW: If I may follow-up, could you provide some information on recognizing when one is being critical or hurtful towards themselves in the first place? CHOICE must be followed by ACTION, though, and this is where many get "lost." For a moment one can choose to love the self and to stop the rejection, but this is fleeting because the choice must be made again. And again. And again. Until it is as natural as the hate or apathy had come to be. Each of you here can stop right now, simply stop, and feel the difference between the moment before, and the one RIGHT NOW where you choose love. Just love you. Just accept you. You are fat, you are poor, you are confused, you are alone, you are struggling, you are searching, you are overwhelmed, you are uncertain, you are so many things, but none these exclude you from the choice to love. Your fat, confusion, losses, overwhelm, frustrations, etc, can all be helped by that love. We are not calling you these things above, but we know that many of you use these terms for yourselves, and you can continue to use them if you wish, but they will never be enough of a reason not to love. Never. Brian, one of the easiest ways to know if one is making a choice for love versus a choice for fear is if one is FEELING. It does not matter what you feel, it is THAT you feel. You will feel a spectrum of feelings across a lifetime, and none of these determine how accessible one's access to love may be. Your sadness, excitement, grief, joy, pleasure and pain are your efforts to Love while bumping into things. Eventually you find ways to maneuver so that you no longer bump into things, but embrace them, and that is what most think of as "love," but all of it is love. It can change everything in an instant to know that however bruised you are, broken your heart is, and exhausted you might be, that this is because you are practicing Love. True Love is an Art. Agape is an Art. You will know if you are being hurtful when you are not benefited by your criticisms. Criticism is important. Judgement is natural. Neither of these keep one from loving. Neither of these keep one from being loved. To avoid criticism and judgment is to avoid Loving and Being Loved. This may seem counterintuitive, but one grows and evolves into confidence and wholeness by questioning, criticizing, judging, discerning, assessing, and while these can be used in hurtful ways, they are not inherently hurtful. Consciousness cannot evolve without using those tools. The key is both in how constructive the criticism is in its being given and in how constructive the receipt of that criticism is. You can be critical of your status, your body, your state of relationships, and this is just information about how you feel. It is an opportunity to assess whether these are things you seek or wish to improve, to change, or to evolve. And none of this has anything to do with how much or how fully you can love. So ask yourself if your criticisms are only said to hurt you, or are they said to inform you. This is the same question that can be asked when criticism comes from others. If it is only to hurt you, then that is that. It is useless. It is not yours. If is hurtful because you resist it, then you can choose to receive it differently. The hurt is not the indicator so much as the intent and receipt. Even when someone says something only to hurt you, your receipt of it can transform it toward benefit. Kurtis: that's true So feel it all. Keep feeling. Allow it all. And let criticism inform you, not hurt you. This is Love. Loving is messy, and you will bump into many things along the way toward better embrace, but we know of no soul who regrets even the worst of pain on that path toward love. NEXT, Bobby. Bobby: The Chief Feature emphasized for next year was Self-Destruction. I was curious how this plays into the Presidential Election cycle for the US that will be underway around that time of year? Break out the probability computer if you wish :) We can only say that we think there is high probability that both ends of the spectrum will be played out in Sacrifice and Suicide. There is an implosive pattern in place here that looks to sustain its momentum through 2016 toward Self-Destruction. This will likely be a pivotal year in whether the younger souls rise in great rebellion against the shifting paradigm, or there is a shift toward embracing it. October through December will be "interesting times," indeed. We will conclude here for this evening. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  4. Excerpt from [Ask Michael: December 2015] VIP: Does diet have any effect on the ability to access the higher centers, or the ease with which, access to the higher centers can occur? (I understand that the higher moving center is designed to be easy to access as-is, so if it makes no difference with regard to that one, I would like to know about the other two higher centers.). [Michael Entity]: Accessing the Higher Centers is accessible to all under any and all circumstances. They are designed as accessible and functioning regardless of condition of the body or state of consciousness. They must function or the body dies. However, there is a difference between these Centers functioning in default, and when one consciously begins to access these for use as tools beyond their default. For most, and for many lifetimes, these Centers are only accessed consciously during extreme conditions, duress, and intense situations. Profound pain in the body, "heart," or "mind" can open one to these Centers in conscious ways. Profound pleasure in the body, "heart," and "mind" can open one to these Centers in conscious ways. Access through extremes of pain or pleasure are forms of intervention in the life, and are not only misunderstood and misinterpreted, but this kind of access can lead to addictions, escapism, fetishes, etc. Other ways that these Centers are accessed are through Laughter, Tears, and Happiness. When there is access through these, they can range in degrees of awareness and consciousness, from subconscious to full consciousness. The reason these Centers are so accessible in so many ways is because there is no interest in a design that withholds higher functioning from any individual based on their choices, behaviors, conditions, health, etc. With all of this being said, when one begins to seek understanding and use of these Centers in conscious ways, then the degree of conscious use and value can be dependent on several factors that hook into many elements of the life. In such cases, then diet becomes vital. We can speak of "diet" in broad terms here to include various ways in which one consumes as a means of "feeding" oneself. This can be food, relationships, entertainment, exercise, etc. For example, if one has compartmentalized one's food diet to the point of ignoring the impact it may have on health, other creatures, other people, and the planet, then that compartmentalizing affects how well one can access a Higher Center. If one is abusive in relationships, or abused, where one's confidence is fed, then one has limitations on his or her conscious use of a Higher Center. The equation is rather simple: The more conscious one is in various areas of the life where one seeks to feed oneself, the greater degree of conscious access one has to the Higher Centers.
  5. ckaricai

    Type 2 Diabetes

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: February 2016] Question: Hi Michael. My question is about type 2 diabetes. I'm going to assume the metaphysical cause has to do with either anger or fear...but I'd like some insight into what would be a physical and/or metaphysical cure. whatever insight you can offer in the time allotted would be great. MEntity: There is some validity to your assessment that anger and fear can be involved, but it is more about the process by which one avoids intensity that can contribute to the condition. Whether it is feeling lonely, angry, frustrated, conflicted, challenged, fearful, unloved, etc. diabetes in its various stages usually reflects how the person processes those experiences. In most cases there is an effort to glaze over them, to mask them, to make them more acceptable and presentable, and especially if they are obstacles to attention or affection. At the heart of diabetes is a need to sustain a false bridge over the depths of one's feelings so as to accommodate the need for attention or affection. By "attention" we mean any acknowledgment in any form and this might be negative. Diabetes is reversible in most cases, but does require a strict management of conscious choice, action, and diet. For most, it is "easier" to manage the masking of pain in medicinal ways than in rewiring the psyche. We can explore this in further exchanges, but this is a brief synopsis.
  6. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 1999] [ksh] Could Michael tell me if big sugar and simple starch intakes affects my body? [Michael_Entity] Yes, of course this affects your body. [ksh] In what way. Am I more sensitive than others are? [Michael_Entity] It is sometimes an examination method through food that allows the body to accommodate more of your energy fluctuations as they arise. In some instances the body is INFLUENCED by external stimuli that then affects the more subtle emotional and energetic qualities of the Personality; in other cases, the body SEEKS stimulants that allow the body expression of the internal energetic fluctuations. For instance, those with higher Frequencies tend to crave more caffeine as a means to bypass the societal imprinting that suppresses their naturally “high” Frequency. Caffeine allows the imprinting that inhibits Frequency to be bypassed. It is the same with extremes in sugar cravings, starch addictions, and other food-related swings. In your case, you seek these foods as a way to process some emotional elements as they come up. Most of your cravings are linked to socializing issues and lack of fulfillment of the Community and Exchange need.
  7. OMW - Aug 17, 2013 - The Next Step Channel: Troy Tolley [MEntity] Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We can begin our discussion on the chosen subject. [MEntity] Based on the subject of interest today, we will share with you a way to understand the process and progress for any endeavor for fulfillment of a plan, ideal, vision, transformation, goal, relationship, career, etc. There is little variation among the processes and progresses of any aim. [MEntity] As with all processes and progression, there are 7 Steps or Stages. Many may already be familiar with these in a basic way, but we will expand upon these today in a way that may help you more directly in your own process and progress. THE SEVEN STAGES [MEntity] The 7 Stages are fairly simple: Initiation, Discernment, Stability, Disruption, Healing, Gratitude, and Neutrality. [MEntity] Anything or anyone to which you commit will take these 7 Stages for your process and progression into that commitment. There are rarely any exceptions to this. [MEntity] Depending upon the length of time in the commitment, these 7 Stages may be cycled through many times, indefinitely, in various degrees of intensity, demand, and obviousness. [MEntity] This is only in terms of COMMITMENT, not the fulfillment of the commitment. [MEntity] In other words, if you are trying to break a habit, that process is a commitment, but once that habit is broken, the commitment is fulfilled, and the stages end. [MEntity] If you are committing yourself to a long-term relationship, once the relationship is embraced, the stages of commitment are completed. [MEntity] You are "done" with the challenges of that commitment, the efforts through the stages, and there is usually no "going back" then. [MEntity] Are all of you familiar with these stages? [Diane_HB] Sounds familiar [Janet] I think so, but not in this context of fulfilling a goal [Nadine_AP] i think so [GeraldineB] I don't know how Stability and Disruption play out [Bobby] Stability would come before Disruption though? [GeraldineB] apparently [MEntity] We will expand on each, briefly: [MEntity] INITIATION - the start of the effort of commitment. [MEntity] We will use the example of the commitment to "lose weight." [MEntity] The idea then is to lose weight. It is the start of the general direction. [MEntity] DISCERNMENT - the clarification vital to the fulfillment of the commitment. [MEntity] The general idea is focused down to how one will lose the weight. A plan is made. [MEntity] STABILITY - the implementation of the clarified efforts necessary for the fulfillment of the commitment. [MEntity] The individual is now working out, dieting, and sticking to the goal. [MEntity] DISRUPTION - stability is shaken up by an outside force or internal obstacle [MEntity] HEALING - the disruption is addressed, confronted, dealt with in a productive and healthy way. [MEntity] The failing and setbacks over the holidays are put into perspective and taken for what they were (a matter of simple, joyful indulgence), and there is a return to the momentum of commitment. [MEntity] GRATITUDE - the appreciation of the necessity for all that has come to be a part of the process and progress of one's fulfillment of the commitment. [MEntity] This is when it is noticed that the efforts are "paying off," that the setbacks, obstacles, and challenges were only a PART of the process, not the derailing of the progress. [MEntity] The experience of the holiday distraction is learned from, and ideas more aligned with the commitment are decided upon for the next holidays, knowing that even a failing to do so will not be "the end" of the commitment. [MEntity] NEUTRALITY - the final fulfillment of the commitment, or a necessary break from the efforts of the commitment. [MEntity] That is a brief synopsis of the Stages of Commitment that are relevant to your understanding where you are in your own processes and progress of fulfilling a commitment. [MEntity] Keep in mind that, in terms of the subject of this workshop, your "next step" may be a part of one of these stages, and not necessarily parallel to the next stage. So, "next step" here does not mean "next stage." [MEntity] Your next step will be a customized and unique ingredient of the process and progress through these 7 Stages, and one fragment's next step is not the same as another's, even as all fragments do still go through all of the same Stages. [MEntity] Do you understand? [GeraldineB] no [MEntity] Geraldine, for example: [MEntity] The person making the commitment to "lose weight" may be in Stage 3, Stability, of her process through to losing weight. The Stage of Stability can last a great length of time. She or he may be on a roll with keeping up with exercise and thoughtful diet. As a PART of sustaining that Stability, it is not always a matter of doing the same things over and over. He or she may find that sticking to the diet and exercise is going well, but is now concerned about lack of variety, repetitive routines, and realizes he or she will probably lose momentum if stuck in such routines. [MEntity] This is not the same thing as Disruption, the next STAGE, as Disruption truly interferes with the momentum. Instead, this is a matter of this fragment determining the "next step" in terms of sustaining Stability. [GeraldineB] thank you, I get it [Maureen] It's like a "side-step" [MEntity] So she decides to move off of the treadmill and run the park's paths. She decides to learn more about what options there are for food choices. [MEntity] Her "next step," then, was to implement Variety. [MEntity] This will not stop the Disruption from coming, but that understanding of the necessity for Variety will be a final part of the set of ingredients when commitment is fulfilled and concluded. [MEntity] QUESTION FOR STUDENTS: can you assess where you think you may be in your process of commitment regarding your focus? [GeraldineB] I'm in Discernment [ClaireC] Initiation, for me. [Janet] I have a longer term goal. I think I'm in the Discernment stage and may be there for awhile. [Nadine_AP] I guess I'm more or less lost right now in my process - probably discernment. [Maureen] I'm "stuck" in Discernment -- I think. [Bobby] Even though mine seems like a fairly new endeavor, I feel like I've experienced all of these to some degree anyway [MEntity] If there are no more responses, we will continue. [Diane_HB] Disruption, I think [Diane_HB] Or possibly Discernment still [AnnH] I am stuck in discernment. [Maureen] popular stage... [Nadine_AP] lol [GeraldineB] we are good at plan-making, but not so good at execution [AnnH] I can find all kinds of ways I can't implement [Maureen] I can't even get my head around the plan... LOL [Nadine_AP] Maureen,same with me [MEntity] What we will share now is the greater dimensions of each of these Stages so that you can understand the underpinnings of each Stage. Comprehending the underpinnings of each Stage can help you to better clarify where you are in the process, and are keys to helping you move through the process with greater ease, helping you to both make breakthroughs and to clarify your next step. [MEntity] We might term these greater dimensions and underpinnings as STATES. [MEntity] So, Initiation is a STATE OF POTENTIAL. [MEntity] When you are in the Initiating Stage, you are in a State of Potential. Nothing is defined, refined, clarified. You are exploring your options and will tend to have your ideals, projections, and expectations intact. [MEntity] Think of this in the same way one might enter a relationship. This is the state similar to "falling in love." This is not to say that it will feel like "falling in love," but that falling in love tends to bring with it a great open-ended world of potential. [MEntity] Only the general intent is here. [MEntity] Many do not like to leave this State. [MEntity] Many will hold their intentions in this State for the entire lifetime. [Nadine_AP] I think I'm trying to pass from Initiation to Discernment then [AnnH] Yep [Maureen] I feel too shitty to be in Initiation ...it sure doesn't feel like "love". [Nadine_AP] oh, maureen, it doesn't in my case either! It's a little bit distressing, because I can see the potentials but can't figure out how to get there [Maureen] Unless it's the all-consuming, stalking kind... [GeraldineB] Maybe, you have to break your goal down into smaller chunks that ARE do-able [Maureen] That's the advice I give to Clients! [GeraldineB] LOL [Nadine_AP] I'm trying [GeraldineB] Healer, heal thyself [Maureen] LOL [MEntity] "Falling in love" is very different from Love. Falling in love may be experienced as a pleasant state, but it is full of projections, expectations, and ideals that make it relevant for comparison to the STATE OF POTENTIAL. [MEntity] If you prefer a different comparison, it can also be like the "world after graduation," or "the day with no plan," or for some of you, like entering a "haunted fun house in the dark." [Maureen] LOL [Diane_HB] lol [MEntity] We chose the comparison to "falling in love," but the STATE OF POTENTIAL also can be like "falling into fear." [Nadine_AP] lol...falling in love always felt like falling into fear for me... [MEntity] And then there is that. [MEntity] The STATE OF POTENTIAL is wrought with options and mixes and directions, all variations of Love and Fear. [Maureen] Michael -- do the Attitudes affect how one can get through the Stages? I can see how the Attitudes may play out. I'm a Realist -- I see so many factors that it’s daunting. [AnnH] Me, too, Maureen. [ClaireC] It's really easy for a Spiritualist to stay in Potential forever. [MEntity] Understanding the State of Potential can help one to do two things: reclaim yourself as the source of the creation of your potential, and then to consciously choose more toward Love. [MEntity] This removes the "falling" part, and helps to put you back into the role of Creator. [Nadine_AP] How could I consciously choose more toward Love? [MEntity] Nadine, we will address questions shortly so that we can address each of you more personally. We suggest noting your questions as we go along, so we can return to them with you. [Nadine_AP] okay [MEntity] So, for some of you in a STATE OF POTENTIAL, in the Initiation Stage, your next step is some variation on CHOICE. [MEntity] The most effective way one can move into a next step when in the Initiation Stage, and in a STATE OF POTENTIAL, is to SIMPLIFY. [MEntity] Bring everything down to the simplest of facts, focus, and intention. [MEntity] When in the STATE OF POTENTIAL, it is helpful to go silent, to be still, to stop all distractions, and sit down with yourself and your intention. [MEntity] Physically write down your intention and all of the scenarios or potential, and you will see that it may not be as overwhelming or daunting or consuming as you thought or felt. [MEntity] What tends to happen is that one is in a STATE OF POTENTIAL, in The Stage of Initiation, and then thinks that the Discernment Stage is what comes next. [MEntity] This is the equivalent of stating that you have realized you can choose whatever you want, but have no clue from what options are you choosing. [MEntity] This is quite similar to how the Internal Monads work, in that if one exits the previous state/stage in a negative pole, then the next will remain there, as well. [MEntity] So if one does not consciously assess what options are available, what directions are preferred, what ideal is of interest, what results are being sought, etc., then the Discernment Stage tends to only emphasize everything that is lacking in potential. [MEntity] The daunting aspects are highlighted. The intensity is heightened. The doubts are amplified. [MEntity] Imagine that you have decided you want to create a beautiful dress, but completely bypass the process of exploring and narrowing down the possible fabrics from which to choose. You now move into the next stage and it becomes emphasized what you have not done and cannot do. [MEntity] However, if you have your 10 fabrics out in front of you and then move into the next Stage, you can now Discern, choose the ingredients that will become the dress. [MEntity] That simplification effort in the first stage as a way to sort out the state of potential drastically changes the process of discernment that comes next. [MEntity] This is true of relationships, projects, transforming habits, etc. [MEntity] It can take many years for one to realize that there are vital, but few, criteria for what one truly expects from an intimate relationship. For many years the State of Potential is riddled with the chaos of fantasies, projections, wounding, all of which are then emphasized upon entering the Discernment Stage because the commitment will not work or be fulfilled without those elements addressed. [MEntity] When one has consciously owned the role of source and creator of his or her potential, and then sorts out what is of interest from all of that potential, and uses choice as a way to navigate away from fear and toward love, the Discernment Stage then becomes a matter of refinement, not discouragement. [MEntity] The Discernment Stage is a process of emphasizing What Will Work, and What Will Not Work in regard to the commitment. [MEntity] If the work of sorting has been done, then the emphasis will tend toward What Will Work, though both what will work and what will not are always explored to some degree. [MEntity] And just like the Internal Monads, if you find that you are in a Stage of Discernment overwhelmed with discouragement, you can "go back" to your POTENTIAL and SIMPLIFY as a way to help move you back into refinement and encouragement. [Nadine_AP]: How could I consciously choose more toward Love? [MEntity] Sometimes the experience of choosing more toward Love is so unfamiliar (at least in terms of consciously doing so) that it can be much easier to simply NOT CHOOSE Fear. [MEntity] By "not choose fear," we mean that you actively utilize fear as a source of insight and information, but not as a source of direction or conclusion. [Nadine_AP] yes, that makes sense! [MEntity] If you are worried about the pressures of finance while seeking directions of career, then you have the capacity to resolve the conflict between doing what you CAN do for the sake of income, even as you aim for a more long-term move toward what you love. [Nadine_AP] Wow, that helps a lot actually! [ClaireC] "Love is letting go of fear" (Attitudinal Healing) [MEntity] In doing something such as this, there is the choice toward love because you are taking care of yourself AS you create, rather than presuming that your taking care of yourself is a defeating move away from other options. [Nadine_AP] I understand. Thank you! [MEntity] We think this may be helpful to consider as a specific response for you, Nadine. We will continue on now for greater context for when you explore this further. [MEntity] Before we continue: how many of you feel you must return to the STATE OF POTENTIAL to SIMPLIFY and clarify? [AnnH] To an extent, yes. [Nadine_AP] I do. [GeraldineB] I don't -- I've got my goal as cut and dried as possible [Diane_HB] Not for the issue I have in mind. [Maureen] I need to return someplace -- because it's not working now... [Janet] No. I have written down my goal and I think I'm good. [ClaireC] I think I'm actually in Discernment now. [MEntity] Geraldine, the goal can be crystal clear, but this is only helpful if the projections, expectations, and fears have been addressed so that the Stage of Discernment is then encouraging, not discouraging. [GeraldineB] Let me clarify -- My Goal is to Stop Smoking. As part of my Discernment, I have a new month's prescription to take of Chantix, an aid to stopping smoking. Plus, this time, I've set a date: August 31, 2013. One of the reasons I'm going to push through this bad habit this time is due to health concerns; so, for me the "choosing with love," would be for myself. Should I add in a request for Essence and Guides to help? as in sending me positive thoughts when I'm wavering? [MEntity] We would agree with your assessment, but we added our comment for those who may think that the clarity of Goal is enough. The goal will draw one forward, but not necessarily toward a fulfilling conclusion, if the POTENTIAL has not been clarified for Discernment. [MEntity] We have gone into detail about this initial stage because this is where many may have to return as a means to move forward toward fulfillment of a goal, but we will quickly describe the remaining States as associated with the Stages. [MEntity] The Stage of Discernment has as its foundation a State of RECIPROCITY. [MEntity] While in the Stage of Discernment, the emphasis can splay widely between discouragement and encouragement, emphasizing what will not work, and what will work, often leaning toward one direction or the other, depending on the work in The Stage of Initiation. [MEntity] A key to the underpinning of this Stage is Reciprocity, or the circuit created through giving and receiving. [MEntity] What many tend to do in this Stage of Discernment is to shut down, recoil, hide, enter into waves of shame, embarrassment, or even instill a kind of taboo against the sharing of where one is in the struggle toward Stability. [MEntity] This is a Stage where many give up. [GeraldineB] oh, I know that one [Diane_HB] me too [Maureen] I;m too embarrassed to say "me too" -- LOL [Diane_HB] lol [GeraldineB] LOL [ClaireC] lol [AnnH] yep [MEntity] However, the STATE OF RECIPROCITY is enhanced through the practice of giving and receiving, helping others to do what you wish to do, joining with others in similar directions, asking for help in your progress, allowing the help, etc. [MEntity] In an intimate relationship, it is about addressing what has come as differences between you that describe what is working and what is not working. [MEntity] So for some of you in the STATE OF RECIPROCITY in the Discernment Stage, your next step is some variation on COMMUNICATION. [MEntity] The most effective way one can move into the next step when in the Discernment Stage, and in a STATE OF RECIPROCITY, is through SOPHISTICATION, the refinement of choice. This means you no longer simply react, do as you always do, or unconsciously push forward. It means you take a moment to think, to feel, to make a choice from consciousness, not defense or habit. [MEntity] The STATE OF RECIPROCITY and the Stage of Discernment is about learning, putting into effect, and implementing, all of which require communication and growing sophistication. [MEntity] Remember that the Stage may be completed, but the State carries forward, so RECIPROCITY will continue to be a part of the commitment, meaning that communication will end up being a vital ingredient in the fulfilled commitment. [MEntity] Giving and Receiving. [MEntity] More quickly then, the remaining Stages: [MEntity] The Stage of Stability is supported by the STATE OF KARMA, or CAUSALITY. [Janet] I actually think I'm in Stability rather than Discernment now. [MEntity] This is where one truly begins to see the results of actions and efforts, and those actions and efforts are tweaked, modified, corrected, observed, etc. [MEntity] Before this, most of the commitment was in a more idealistic place, while Stability brings with it the momentum and realization. [MEntity] Next steps here tend to be related, then, to EFFORT. [MEntity] And the effectiveness of that effort is supported by DEVOTION, which is the recognition that one's efforts are toward something of great value and worth. [MEntity] The Stage of Disruption has as its foundation a STATE OF SURRENDER. [MEntity] This is, basically, the embrace of the fact that "shit is going to happen." [MEntity] Sometimes there are forces greater than you that you cannot control, or that you allow to take control, in a way that interferes with your intentions. It happens. [MEntity] Next steps here tend to be related to HONESTY, and that honesty is supported by AFFECTION, or the capacity to empathize, be kind, gentle, patient, etc. [MEntity] The Stage of Healing has its foundation a STATE OF PRESENCE. [MEntity] This is where you own your mistakes, own your process, your responsibility, your power, your intention, your choice, etc. Blame and excuse are useless here, and you recover from what knocked you for a loop. [MEntity] Next steps here tend to be related to FORGIVENESS, and that forgiveness is supported by EVOLUTION, or the meaning that you attribute to your experiences. [MEntity] The State of Gratitude has as its foundation a STATE OF NON-ATTACHMENT. [MEntity] This is an ironic and paradoxical State where you begin to detach from that which has been a commitment, and experience it as a PART of you, not YOU. It is another thing, another person, another step, but they are a part of you, not YOU. [MEntity] Next steps here tend to be related to APPRECIATION, and supported by WHOLENESS, or the awareness of being greater than the sum of parts. [MEntity] The Stage of Neutrality is supported by the STATE OF MOTIVATION. [MEntity] This is where one re-examines motives and intentions from a broader perspective. [MEntity] When this comes between other Stages, next steps tend to be related to REGROUPING, digesting the experiences, and this is supported by STRUCTURE. [MEntity] When this comes as final stage/state, it is a an assessment for whether to cycle back through the Stages, or to build upon those original motivations, creating new structures from that. [MEntity] Knowing these descriptions can help you to understand where you are in the stages, what states have been carried forward, and what keys are necessary for next steps and the support for those next steps. [MEntity] Did your sense of where you are in your progress change by seeing the details for each stage/state? [Janet] Yes, absolutely. [ClaireC] Absolutely. [AnnH] not exactly. but i often get caught up in discernment, anticipate disruption and give up [GeraldineB] it enlarged [MEntity] Do you feel you can orient yourself better toward an encouraging process? [GeraldineB] yes, I do [AnnH] yes. [ClaireC] Yes, and to recognize progress. [GeraldineB] I can at least let go of past "failures" -- treat this as a brand new experience [AnnH] yes [AnnH] good point, g [ClaireC] Geraldine, think of it as a U-turn, not a failure. [MEntity] We will open the floor to your questions now, but we encourage each of you to assess your own progress and process. [GeraldineB] I did have an earlier question [GeraldineB] Question: Is there an advantage for setting a NEW habit versus breaking an OLD habit? [MEntity] Our response to this is Yes. Breaking a habit can always be included in the process toward creating something more beneficial, but to aim only toward breaking the habit can similar to stating that you wish to travel, but never getting off of the train. [MEntity] It is nice to have a destination in mind. [AnnH] I find I easily get disracted, hopeless and overwhelmed. What do I need to assess and at what stage? [MEntity] These are symptoms usually associated with not leaving the STATE OF POTENTIAL, and remaining in the first stage, or of leaving that first stage in a "negative" way to carry forward into further stages. This means that the solution is simplicity and choice. [MEntity] We do not seek to minimize the overwhelm or hopelessness or distraction by stating that the solution is so "simple," but we state this as a matter of those more challenging qualities being a part of the spectrum of possibilities from THE POTENTIAL, and they do not have be given such emphasis by choice. [MEntity] Note that these exist, that they are with you, but you do not have to choose them (as in, presume they are more important to honor than enthusiasm, willingness, importance, etc.). [MEntity] You may not feel you can choose against those emotions and surges in the body, but you can, and it is a matter of practice. It is your Right. [MEntity] For help in your next steps, it may be of benefit to consider the difference between honoring your feelings and feeding them. [AnnH] aha--lol, yes. [MEntity] Choose not to feed them. Let them remain, do not reject them, but do not feed them. As you make different choices, your feelings will eventually feed on what you choose, and this begins the transformation. [MEntity] So, your next step is to learn how to choose your food, and to choose who/what to feed in you. [MEntity] This is simplistic, but fair. [Maureen] I can't even formulate a question because I feel too discouraged at this point. I'm normally optimistic about most everything -- so this state is very uncomfortable for me. [Maureen] I guess that's more of a statement than a question. [MEntity] Then your next step would appear to be into the Stage of Neutrality. You must step back. [MEntity] Not only have you lost your Motivation, but you may have forgotten the value of the pursuit altogether. [MEntity] In this case, you would want to keep in mind that Neutrality is not giving up. It is not stopping. It is not failing. It is important. [MEntity] Your next steps then are to stop trying, but with the intent to regroup, not give up. [Maureen] That sounds good Michael -- I'm tired of trying. [MEntity] Yes, and that is okay. Again, it is your Right. It is not defeat; it is a Right. Stop. Come back to it. It will be there. [Maureen] Thanks [MEntity] In some cases, this Neutrality must be modified from complete halt to, at least, giving some amount of attention and effort to the aim, so that will be up to you to consider the ratio for what and how the direction is accommodated without so much consuming of the self. [MEntity] Our brief responses in this format are not entirely helpful or effective, so we encourage each of you to communicate further in private with us on your progress, if you choose to do so. [Diane_HB] I think I'm in Discernment with my goal of improving eyesight. I'm still having a difficult time finding a process that works for me...after 10 years of trying on and off. I think I'm not seeing enough of a benefit to work harder at it -- the practices (particularly the one about keeping my glasses off) conflict with my lifestyle and personality. But I don't like it when my eyesight starts to get worse, so I keep trying. Any comments would be appreciated. [MEntity] You are in the Stability Stage. Your commitment now is a matter of CAUSALITY, experimentation, tweaking the process of effort. In this Stage, you would want to customize what is being learned to accommodate how it best works for you. During this Stage, you may also find that your eye sight is not such a bad thing after all, and that you discover that your embrace of this as part of you is far more accurate to the healing you were seeking. [Diane_HB] Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I really need better eyesight. I just don't want it to get worse. [Diane_HB] Maybe that's what I can commit to -- maintenance. [MEntity] So your next step may be to continue your practice, your Devotion, but without the looming ultimate perfection or failure. [MEntity] Maintenance is a healthy term for how to move forward. [MEntity] We will conclude with a question from Claire. [ClaireC] Does one have to stick with a new programme until Stability is reached or not reached before abandoning it and going back to Discernment? e.g. a new diet? [MEntity] We would not say that one "has to," but that it is a valuable part of the process. If you come to Stability, you can always tweak, replace, or complement your efforts. [MEntity] For example, if one were to start exercising, the strengthening of the muscles and the stretching of the tendons can bring aching for quite some time, leading one to consider scrapping the intentions. But once stability is reached, it is realized that the aching was symptoms of benefit, and that the exercises can be altered, replaced, mixed up, etc., but not necessary to halt. [ClaireC] Yes, that's true. In the case of diet, it's not always evident if it's "working", I'm wondering how long changes in food take to affect Stability. [MEntity] Only if one finds that the path is harming the self does one want to consider halting the progress. [ClaireC] Okay, that's a good guideline. Thank you. [MEntity] In terms of diet, Claire, we suggest considering monitoring for any effects that are claimed as part of the result of the diet, giving it the amount of time you deem willing to give it. [ClaireC] Good advice. Thanks. [MEntity] Sometimes the changes caused by a change in diet are not always pleasant, at first, so understanding that a detoxifying process sometimes occurs can be helpful for some diets, and not scrapping the diet because one is suddenly with cramps and diarrhea. These phases tend not to last long. However, if you find a continued state of distress on the body because of a diet, you may [MEntity] want to, at least, move into Neutrality until you understand if it is harmful or beneficial. [MEntity] We agree that a change in diet can be difficult to monitor for benefit because the body is so adaptable. [ClaireC] True. [ClaireC] Some people claim to feel great on a diet of junk food. Then have a heart attack. [MEntity] However, there do tend to be physical symptoms that help to give feedback about how one is eating, and this can be helpful for monitoring long-term changes in effect from diet. Depending upon the diet, we would suggest educating yourself about the claims of effects from the diet, and counterclaims. [MEntity] And decide from there. [MEntity] Your next step, then, might be education about the claims and also the counterclaims, or the facts vs the myths. [MEntity] We must conclude here today. [ClaireC] Thank you for the great session, Michael and Troy. [Diane_HB] Thank you Michael! [Maureen] Thanks Micheal and Troy!! [Diane_HB] and Troy!! [AnnH] That was incredibly helpful. Thank you Michael and Troy [ClaireC] Really helpful! [MEntity] Good day to each of you. Regardless of what you decide to do in your next steps, the map we have described in the processes and progress, the states and stages, can be used as a reminder that you are not lost, not defeated, and not failing. You are moving forward as you can, and as you will. You are not done. [MEntity] Goodbye.
  8. A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it. It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry. If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this. But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage. To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place. Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.
  9. A documentary recently posted on "Plant-based News"- a youtube channel. It moved me to tears seeing a small community in Kentucky transform their health through Nelson Campbell's advocacy of a plant-based diet that returns power back to local farmers, local produce and natural treatments of disease through diet. As opposed to corporate farms, foreign produce shipped across miles of water/land and treatment entirely dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and manipulative misinformation.
  10. Michael Speaks - State Of The Planet 2016 1/23/2016 Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. 2016 appears to be a "turning point" year. We have spoken to some degree about how Turning Points show up in one's life, and this is similar, but on a collective level. A Turning Point is when patterns reach a point where the current direction is exhausted and is, virtually, a "dead end." You are then faced with the responsibility of creating or choosing a direction at some point that is pivotal to the life. In this case, it is on a collective scale. Of course, the notion of a "dead end" is only for help in understanding the way the Turning Point works, but there are rarely any true dead ends. The key elements involved in the Collective Turning Point for 2016 are: Energy Resources, Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Climate and Environmental healing, Information Management, Social Intelligence, and Diet. We share this not as an urgency to override your choices, but to point out that these things will turn in a drastically different direction than expected, with or without your participation. This Turning Point is not a sharp turn, so to speak, but relatively speaking, it is fairly sharp. Energy Resources as they are currently used are known to be beyond unsustainable. It is past the point of return. Implementation of alternatives is vital. This is likely to be a year where breakthroughs are made or announced that hint at a very different means of extracting, storing, and distributing energy. There are many alternatives accessible and viable for redirecting from dependence upon current resources. One of the ways that this Turning Point may show up is for individuals to opt out of collective resource distribution and implementing more ways for individuals to manage this themselves. As more opt out, those collective resource distributions will likely take the leap to more sustainable resources. Whether one opts out or not, the use of energy from whatever sources are necessary now require more consideration for how much one is wasting. We understand the magic of a light switch, but it is accessing a finite resource. It is not magic, nor is it unlimited. We may see restrictions being put in place on larger scales than ever to help reduce usage. In a Moving Centered year with such patterns in place, we would expect large and surprising outages of grids and networks over the year. Waste Management is at a turning point, as well. We expect this year to bring larger scale implementations of organic resources used in breaking down waste. This would be implemented in both oceanic and land. Or other large bodies of water, as well. The effects of climate change are in full force now. Little can be done to reverse it, but much can be done to reduce and redirect it. The culminating patterns of waste and climate change are not "pretty," but one surprising benefit to both in terms of healing is the sudden dive into Virtual and Augmented Reality over 2016. This year will be the first year that it becomes a reality that you can have many "things" without having those things. When augmented and virtual reality is feasible, societies tend to produce far fewer "things" and with less production, there is less waste, less toxic byproduct, less accumulation, less obsolescence. One device can replace a multitude of "things." One device can replace the necessity for travel, for use of fuels, etc. as your virtual realities can be shared "in the same room." These would not replace obvious necessities of travel and objects, but it would reduce a surprisingly significant quantity of things that would normally require production, storage, delivery, maintenance, fuel, energy, etc. Information Management is at a Turning Point. We use this phrase to describe the reality of information overload that plagues most psyches now. You are taking in more than you can digest. You are processing and filtering so much that you learn to invite tunnel vision and ignore everything outside of that tunnel. We think that 2016 will bring some revelatory ideas, software, and media tactics that can help adjust information flow to be at an individual's pace, and help reduce the "echo chamber" phenomenon that is compromising collective or social intelligence. Social Intelligence is dropping dramatically due to information overload, useless information, echo chambering, and tunnel vision. What we mean by "social intelligence" is the proactive effort to participate because one is a part of society, rather than recoiling from it and behaving counter to its collective progress. The more inclusive one is in his or her position in a society, the more socially intelligent that individual is. The more resigned from, or counter to, a society the less intelligent. We will clarify "intelligence" here to mean knowing how to function, participate in, and contribute to a specific context. Do not confuse intelligence with status quo or compliance. What we speak of here is participation, contribution, and function in the most inclusive ways possible. Which leads us to diet. We know that some may think this is bias from Troy, but we can only invite you to consider that it is not. Diet is nearing a Turning Point. The current processes and resources used for the collective cannot continue. If conscious redirection is not made, then the choice will likely be made for the collective in terms of explosive mass health issues. More of immediate concern than climate change, war, energy, or intelligence is consideration of one's diet. The Human Body is ill. If conscious redirection is not implemented, another "intervention" is likely to be implemented over the next 50 years. None of what we have shared above is ominous or "doom and gloom" or alarmist. It is simply time to consider these more seriously than ever, if you choose to do so. Changing how one participates in the world can be inconvenient, but we dare say that finding a new species is far more devastating, even from the highest perspective of Essence. Each of you are immortal and will continue with or without humanity or Earth, but you are Human and you are Earthlings. This matters. If there is any question as to whether this "blip" of experience in the grand scheme of Grand Cycles of Universes matters, we can say that it matters more than we can convey. You cannot control everything, but you can contribute to the patterns that gain control. Consider this year of Turning Point to be one where you can consider what to do differently that takes a stand for home in Humanity, for your fellow Humans, for your home on Earth, and for all creatures seen and unseen among you. This is not a distraction from the demands of your life. It is your life. The collective of which you are a part is not separate from you. You are that collective. That collective is you. Your most private moments contribute to that collective, not in the obvious ways, but in ways that shape how you interact, choose, act, and take or give among others. It is true that you will continue, regardless of how the next 50 years unfold. But part of a major turning point in the evolution of any Sentience is a move into ownership of responsibility for its own species, health of species, health of home, and care of fellow creatures. Your own bodies reflect this evolution. For many years, someone else takes care of you. If you are alive now, someone took care of you somehow for some extended period of time. Then, for many more years, the body does most everything on its own even if you fight it, abuse it, or ignore it. But at some point, the caretaking stops. And you must now consider your choices and actions more carefully. You must actually work on your health, your fitness, your vitality. You must make choices that you find directly benefit or harm. The body no longer just adapts. It is highly responsive and reflective of what you now do to take care of it. Or do not. And this is true of the species as it moves into Maturity. You no longer have millions of years of guidance and support from unlimited sources. There comes a time when the species must move beyond taking, and move toward taking care. Though we have plenty to say about 2016, the above gives an idea about how the year may feel and bring to attention. As we deliver Energy Reports, we will elaborate more specifically. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Yes, Nick. NickSweeney78: Bernie Sanders truly inspires me. It doesn't seem likely that he will win the election in this parallel. But in the parallels where he does get elected, is he able to lead the US to much needed reform along the lines of which he is campaigning? In most probabilities we see where this fragment moves into Presidency, we see chaos and civil war. What comes of this is further out in probabilities so that some are beneficial and others are not. This is based on momentum from this current point, however, and this can change depending on running mate, pre-negotiations with the House and Senate. In probabilities where negotiations are openly discussed in terms of effective change, rather than executive change, the turbulence is much lower. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent very different Turning Points, but both are extreme reactions to the necessity for change. The more extreme the implementation of change, the more turbulent. This is neither good nor bad, but simply a part of how the dynamic works. NickSweeney78: oy The fragment in question could lead the United States toward unprecedented reform, if he can find effective ways to implement these changes. The more forcefully, the more retaliation. The more patiently, the more sustainable the changes. He and Donald Trump represent Reaction, and this is always much more difficult to manage than Action. NEXT BookQuay: You said earlier that much can be done to reduce and redirect the effects of climate change, can you expand on what you mean by redirection in this context? Climate change will come with or without Human effects or causes. Human activity has accelerated this, however. Where the climate is today is where it "should" have been in another 1000 years or so. To help understand what we mean by redirection, imagine that a tsunami is imminent. It is already forming. But the communities have the power to both harness and redirect that event away from destruction and toward production. BookQuay: That's interesting. I never thought about redirection being an option So as the waves come, there are contraptions in place to capture the force and turn it into energy. There are people moved far from the danger. BookQuay: If we could figure out how to do that, it would be huge! Something similar can be the case for the momentum of climate change. Extremes of weather can be harnessed for energy. Changes in climate can be anticipated for changes in food production. And changes in energy consumption, waste, diet, etc. can quickly reverse the speed and extremes of climate change. BookQuay: Thanks for clarifying. That makes sense In other words, the "tsunami" will come, but it does not need to be a force of destruction. NEXT sflow: Hi Michael, can you please comment on what specifically is making the body sick and is this state of illness of the body the same in all regions of the world? Regardless of any individual Chief Feature, Arrogance is the Chief Feature of Human. This means that the most debilitating forces in humanity are that of defensiveness, shame, oppression, and insecurity. Or the extremes of behaviors to mask these. sflow: I see, I was thinking diet was a huge issue too There are only 7 ways to die, and Arrogance is Poisoning. sflow: ha I understand now Because Arrogance is so closely linked to Self-deprecation, it means that Illness is the other side. So Humanity could be said to be contending with both Poisoning and Illness as its greatest threat. This can come from any number of directions, such as mindless diet, blind exploitation, willful ignorance, disregard, etc. All of which may ignore consequences on the self, others, and environment in ways that build up immersion in poisons and illness. sflow: yes I am seeing clearer now Thanks Michael NEXT Juni: What specific foods are most swiftly beneficial to add to one’s diet and/or drop in order to heal, whether one is a)an omnivore or b)vegetarian/vegan? We have discussed this from various angles, and we invite students to collect those conversations to add to your discussion, but our quick response here would be that two differences can "change everything:" choosing foods as locally grown as possible, and reducing consumption of animal products. These two differences can be most immediately beneficial and noticeable in effect than most choices with the intent for effective healing and reversal of harm. Due to range of population on Earth, the first choice for local produce is not always easy or feasible, but it is included here if that choice is possible. Juni: Clarification: this go for things like spices too, and if something isn't available in your area is it better to just forgo it altogether? A lot of Indian food is vegan, but the spices needed to make them aren't local Though much can be improved regarding how spices are transported, they do not contribute to the issue of energy consumption like other foods. We would not included spices as a consideration unless they are known to come from exploitative means. Juni: Thank you, that's been bothering me NEXT JanaK: Is becoming vegan (and helping others to do so) the most effective contribution to reducing and redirecting climate change? How is flying (and cutting it out) in comparison? How is switching to electric cars in comparison? JanaK: (if this is too much then please just reduce to the first question) Of the three choices, the first is most immediate, effective, and easiest. We say "easiest" in that it is much easier to change how one thinks, chooses, and eats than it is to change how one transports oneself in any practical way across an ocean. And while millions will choose to fly, it is rarely a daily choice, let alone a choice that is made more than 3 times in a day. The combustible means for flying is also at a turning point, and new methods for propulsion will be necessary for flight to be viable. Electric cars are helpful to a greater extent than not, but the current models are still quite dependent upon similar quantities of resources, but with far less environmental impact. All of the above are helpful to consider if the choice can be made toward that which is less harmful, but if one were to list these in terms of priority, it would be in the order you listed. NEXT PaulyBoy: My original question on diet has been answered, more of less. Instead, can you elaborate more on energy consumption, and personal usage/storage? Is this like slapping some solar panels on a backpack to use to power your laptop? Please expand? What steps might we take in this direction? I'm using a computer right now tied into the grid, so that is using a finite resource (I love my computer and my games, but I feel a bit guilty). Ideas and such? Directions? New power sources/storage/etc.? Exciting! And Thanks so much! Your example is valid. This is where a great deal of "wearable tech" will likely move in practical ways over the year. Clothing that captures and transfers kinetic energy as power. Solar and wind capturing on small scales. In-home exercise options that act as power sources. Though these are not new, they are improving, and the mindset is in place for a full overhaul in how one chooses sources of energy. PaulyBoy: 0_0 Exciting ^_^ There is no need for guilt for uses of resources as you are familiar. However, as the options become more and more available, it would be beneficial to consider them, if you choose to do so. PaulyBoy: Ooo! I look forward to them! I try to go for more power efficiency, but I know that a souped-up-PC is still souped-up as far as power draw. Thank you! NEXT Bobby: Regarding the Moving Centered year and the more likely power outages/grid failures, what would most likely be the culprit of those things happening? The greatest threats are weather, "cyber" attacks, overloading, or "EMP". In that order (at the moment). Bobby: EMP, now that's a nice one. Did you mean via solar or man-made? Both. Bobby: lol Though we covered "serious" concerns in this discussion with our students, we only do so as a contribution to the process of evolving and expanded consciousness. It is not to scare you or worry you. It is no different from being told that it may rain or storm and that if you plan to leave the house, consider this possibility and make your choices accordingly. As with everything in our teaching, we encourage heightened awareness of the power of choice. If you have a choice, you can make a difference. And you do have a choice. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  11. The concept of Choice is at the center of the Michael Teachings, but one thing that is often overlooked is the impact of our choices that go well beyond ourselves in ways that we are taught to ignore. One of those daily choices is our diet. It is the single most powerful choice that we make every day that has a cascading effect across the planet. Many believe that one's diet is a "personal choice," because why should anyone have any say in what you eat, right? But here's the difference: A Personal Choice has little to no effect on others. A Personal Choice does little to no harm to anyone or anything beyond yourself. This is the difference between your "personal choice" to scream FIRE! vs the choice to scream FIRE! in a crowded theater. It's the difference between the personal choice to drive your car vs driving your car on a sidewalk full of pedestrians. It's the difference between choosing a religion and imposing that religion. It's the difference between wanting something and stealing something. Because our dietary choices create supply and demand chains, the world adapts to this and creates a chain of cruelty and destruction or a chain of sustainability and compassion. Our diet impacts everyone and everything on the planet long after we enjoy a flavor. We are in a critical time that asks of us to re-evaluate our relationship to this daily choice. We have nearly total control over our dietary choices and it comes with a vast range of possibilities that can move us away from a destructive relationship with the planet into a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate relationship. Once you Make The Connection, it changes how you see, feel, and experience the world, your body, and your confidence in your part in the equation of our shared life on this planet. VIDEO REMOVED
  12. Although there are other vegan discussions here, I felt this video deserved a topic of its own. "Happy Healthy Vegan", a mid-late mature vegan youtube channel- posted a video mocking AllTime10's "10 Ways Vegans are Ruining the World" with a very informative, helpful and condensed summary of some of the best points veganism has for our future. Since the Ms especially state the 2020 IS will be centered around the consequences of climate change, I see that sharing and taking action on this truth is growing increasingly more important. I will post this on my other social medias too, but I don't have many followers. So perhaps any of you can share it where you are instead. I will also share this with family and friends, even if it hurts their ego- but it might be a bit difficult concerning the imprinting. In any case, I hope this video goes viral or just gets a lot of views. Because it's well-made and well-needed.
  13. Some brilliant work here. Just published today. A society where raping women is the norm, and being a "consensual" is quite deviant. Edit: A very interesting take and angle, but yes, pretty uncomfortable at times. Please consider the subject matter for trigger warnings.
  14. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from My Body Types (Venusian/Mercurial/Lunar)] [Karine] What is my body type, and what are the ways to keep it healthy? MEntity: First, we think your Body Type is approximately 40% Lunar, 40% Venus, and 20% Mercury. Your Appearance Body Type is Venus, Your Health Body Type is Lunar, and Nature Body Type is Mercury. Of course, all of these will blur boundaries, so the concept here is one in which a context is "ruled" by a particular body type, but not exclusive of effects from the others. For instance, looking to Lunar for understanding your Health is a good start, but you may also find relevant insight from Venus or Mercury. In terms of your Health, monitoring the type and amount of fuel being processed for the body is a good idea, since Lunar is sensitive to how fuel is processed; thus the Pancreas is its primary portal of symptoms when it is unhealthy, showing up as potential "sugar issues," or diabetes at one end of the spectrum, and issues of chronic fatigue, exhaustion on the other end. This means that the monitoring of sugar intake, as well as caloric intake, relative to your body weight and lifestyle, are great methods for helping this Body Type stay alert, alive, and healthy.
  15. Originally posted on 2/4/2016 I eat a plant-based diet for health reasons first and foremost. Not because other reasons like animal suffering and overuse of resources aren't important, just that health is a more immediately relatable reason for me while the other reasons can become too abstract in the moment of decision-making. And I really care about health because Tex is 30 years my senior, and we want to keep him around as long as possible. Early last year I came across Dr. Michael Greger, who reads the latest nutrition research published every year and makes videos about the most significant ones. His videos, which are freely available on the Internet, are entirely about the nutrition research with very little interpretation. Before I came across him, I knew a few major reasons why consumption of animal foods is harmful and had planned on starting a list like this. Once I started watching his work, though, there were so many ways that animal foods harm the body that I couldn't keep up with my note-taking. But since this information is not widely known, I'm pulling this list together for the benefit of those interested. Healthy eating is not just about not eating meat, but also eating more whole fruits/vegetables/beans/grains, which is why eating vegan will not necessarily make you healthier if the diet includes too much processed food. But I'm only focusing on the harm done by meat eating here because people generally don't question that fruits and vegetables are good for them. Meat eating has also been a point of contention with some people about Troy's channeling on diet because he's a passionate vegetarian. I had doubts about it myself early on, when I was still eating meat on a daily basis. But the more research I did, the more consistency I found between Troy's channeling and the latest science. In fact, virtually all but the most esoteric parts of the diet channelings are consistent with the research. We've accept a lot more "whackadoodle" ideas around here with far less validation. Diet can be a touchy subject, so I understand the resistance. That doesn't mean I won't try to challenge it. A valuable thing I learned from Dr. Greger is that the food industry funds research to put doubt in people's minds about the damaging effects of dietary cholesterol, salt, and saturated fat (which are mainly found in animal products and processed food). And because people can be desperate to justify the status quo, manipulated research gets popularized in the media and repeated as "truth" even though they contradict hundreds of other consistent, better-designed studies. Here are a couple articles explaining the ways that research can be manipulated: http://nutritionfacts.org/2014/08/14/how-the-meat-industry-designed-a-highly-misleading-study/ http://nutritionfacts.org/2015/10/29/why-some-dietary-cholesterol-studies-fail-to-show-harm/ In no particular order, these are some of the most significant reasons I've found to avoid meat and animal foods as much as possible. These were all I could compile last weekend after paring down a lot of material. I'll add more as I have time. I've included brief explanations and links to the extended explanations and sources cited. ------------------------------------------------------------- Animal foods have much higher concentrations of environmental toxins and heavy metals from being higher up in the food chain. These toxins are collected in the fat of the animals, so animal fat consumption provide the highest levels of toxins. Highest concentrations of environmental toxins are found in fish. It takes the body about a year to detox mercury from the body, while it takes about 100 years to detox certain dioxins and PCBs. PCBs and dioxins have an estrogenic effect on the body, among other things. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/fish-and-diabetes/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-long-to-detox-from-fish-before-pregnancy/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/dioxins-in-the-food-supply/ PCB levels in food: highest concentrations found in fish oil, fish, and eggs. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/food-sources-of-pcb-chemical-pollutants/ IGF-1 - Our body produces the growth hormone IGF-1 in response to animal protein consumption. IGF-1 levels are naturally high in children while they're growing and drops to lower levels in adults. Higher levels of IGF-1 boosts tumor growth in adults. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/igf-1-as-one-stop-cancer-shop/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/protein-intake-and-igf-1-production/ Bacterial endotoxins in animal foods (mainly saturated fat) can get into the blood stream and cause inflammation. Endotoxins are not destroyed by cooking, stomach acid, or digestive enzymes. The body produces cholesterol to cover up inflamed areas in the arteries, leading to atherosclerosis. Over time, if the chronic inflammation does not stop, arteries clog up to the point of blockage. http://nutritionfacts.org/2012/09/20/why-meat-causes-inflammation/ Dietary arachidonic acid - Arachidonic acid is a molecule that triggers the inflammation process. Our body produces all that we need, and dietary intake of arachidonic acid increases inflammation. Chicken and eggs are the highest dietary sources. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/chicken-eggs-and-inflammation/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/inflammatory-remarks-about-arachidonic-acid/ Heme-iron (iron from blood) - Iron is a pro-oxidant and over-absorption of iron can oxidize cholesterol and increase inflammation. The body can regulate intake of non-heme iron from plants but cannot regulate heme-iron from meat. Higher intake of heme-iron is associated with higher risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-safety-of-heme-vs-non-heme-iron/ Neu5Gc - molecule from meat and dairy is used by tumors to trigger inflammation and promote tumor growth. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-tumors-use-meat-to-grow-xeno-autoantibodies/ http://nutritionfacts.org/2013/05/14/how-tumors-use-meat-to-grow/ Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) - thought to accelerate the aging process by cross-linking proteins together, causing tissue stiffness, oxidative stress, and inflammation; may play a role in cataract formation and macular degeneration, as well as damage tot he bones, heart, kidneys, and liver; may also accelerate the slow shrinkage of brain over time and contribute to cognitive decline. Highest levels found in meat cooked on high heat, such as roasted/fried chicken, fried bacon, broiled and pan-fried meats. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/glycotoxins/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/avoiding-a-sugary-grave/ ----------------------------------------------------- p.s. For those who are unclear about the the importance of reducing inflammation in the body, chronic inflammation is the primary agent behind the so-called "old-age" diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, cognitive decline, and to a large extent, cancer, for which western medicine has lots of treatments but no effective cure.
  16. DianeHB

    Meat, Wheat, and Dairy

    Posted by Nicholas to a Ning discussion on diet on 8/20/2010: [Nicholas made some caveats about this guideline being for him personally, but the information is consistent with later channeling about optimal diets for humans in general. - Diane] 1) Recently, I have been told that I should eliminate MEAT, WHEAT, and DAIRY from my diet. Do either of these foods have a negative effect on my health, and would it be good to eliminate them? {I had an ayurvedic consultation, and he told me to avoid the above and gave me a very specific diet...kichari everyday!}MICHAEL: We can say that if you were to continue ingesting these items as food sources, your body could most likely work with them in a way that would minimize their less-desirable effects. However, what you have listed are foods that have never been healthy for chronic consumption by the human species, and hav always been turned to as desperate bridges between hard times, scarcity, and nomadal periods before more modern times. In what might be seen as “modern times,” or much of recorded history, the items listed have slowly become primary sources of food, and that has taken its toll in many ways across many generations.In light of that, we would say that to continue eating, or not eating, these foods would be a simple matter of choice. In terms of their effect on the health of a human body, we cannot state that they are “healthy,” except in how they contribute to your survival during times of necessity.For a long period before recorded history, these resources were far easier to grab and take on the run than stationary, long-term nurturing and harvesting of crops and orchards, [wheat grew wild and plentiful] and for the most part, these foods have continued to exist within the “grab and take” status, having moved from the context of Survival to Convenience.If these foods are a chronic source of food, the effects would be less healthy than if they are sporadic sources. The consideration would be in whether you would like to move into a more conscious form of eating, or if convenience is a priority. Both choices would have their challenges, but in terms of health, we would have to say that reducing these foods from the level of primary intake would certain find long-term benefits for the body.2) My sense is that I can eat whatever I like (in terms of all the foods we eat in our culture at this time) in moderation and still have good health. Would you say this is valid?MICHAEL: We said this in our response to the previous question, and clarify that we do think this is valid.3) In general, what would be an optimum diet for me?MICHAEL: An optimum diet may not be convenient or appealing, due to cultural imprinting, but it would be optimum, and this would be one that has dark greens, legumes, and fruits as a primary source of nutrition, complemented with root vegetables, vegetable-fruits, and rices. Anything in addition to this would be in quantities lesser than the above, and would not interfere with optimum nutrition. {Obviously, these suggestions are specifically for me}
  17. [Excerpt from TT: 2016-02-07 Ask Michael Session] Question: What significant medical advances are humans likely to achieve over the next 50 years? Two of the most significant advances with the highest probabilities are Longevity and relief from nearly all disease. The average life span that retains the quality of life looks to be nearly 100 years with decline over the next 15 making the average life around 115 years. Essences are already taking into account the additional 30+ years of quality life. The relief from disease is less about medical advances and more about dietary changes that must happen for sustainability. We include this in medical advances, however, because alongside dietary changes are medical breakthroughs in technologies that move away from dependence upon drugs and more toward replicated cellular processes. We do not have the correct terminology through this channel, but it is close.
  18. Originally posted by Sophie on 9/21/13. Q: What would you consider the ideal daily dental care routine to keep teeth healthy and prevent cavities? I‘ve heard that there are other, non-invasive (i.e. no drilling & filling) methods for healing cavities. What it seems to boil down to is a low-carb, low-dairy diet. It also seems there are essential oils like tea tree or wild oregano oil which can be applied to afflicted teeth to stop bacterial growth. Can you comment on the usefulness of these techniques and/or name other effective approaches? Michael: Ideal, daily dental care is a systemic consideration, as the teeth are reflective of nearly all systems in the body. With that in consideration, dietary considerations are of the utmost importance, while topical care is of equal importance. Topical care of the mouth is fairly standard in that anti-bacterial washes, regular cleaning/brushing, and an open mouth are important. By "open mouth," we mean that it is helpful for the mouth if it has movement of air flow, and not just stagnant heat and moisture. If one does not speak a lot during the day, it can be helpful to implement breathing practices (just breathing in, blowing out) randomly throughout the day can help. Diet is important to consider, as well, and we think the suggestions you mentioned are valid, with the inclusion of sugars for consideration, as well, particularly in terms of remaining in the mouth. When there is a chronic condition and susceptibility to caries, it can be helpful to rinse more often than usual. Essential oils are valid for consideration, and can be quite effective and pleasant over time. Q: I do rinse after every meal/snack, and I still get cavities whenever there is a spot I can't clean very well. Michael: If you find "corners" and other parts of the mouth are being missed, it may be helpful to practice enduring a mouthful of treatment for a set period of time, such as 5 minutes of "swishing" that is more likely to reach areas that are difficult to reach. Q: what would I swish the mouth with? water? soap? [add.: I usually brush my teeth with soap; no, it doesn't taste bad as long as you don't swallow it] essential oil solution? Michael: Anything that has been effective, in general. This is different for different bodies for various reasons. We think the more soluble is helpful for holding in the mouth, while oils are helpful for more topical spreading. Q: Anything else to consider on this topic? How about "healing" cavities using such means? Is that valid? Michael: Invasive versus non-invasive is a matter that usually cannot be resolved in one direction or another in these cases. There tends to be the necessity for both. At this point, there is little to do to do heal a cavity without both invasive and noninvasive procedures. Prevention is the only key for now. Because the teeth are so connected to the rest of the body as a reflection of systemic strength or challenges, the treatment of them cannot be so easily said to be one thing or another, but there are some generalities, such as the cleaning and diet.
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