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Found 2 results

  1. ckaricai

    Eckhart Tolle

    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: May 2008] [Question] Oh, if i may, what Soul Age is Eckhart Tolle? [Michael Entity] Eckhart Tolle is a 7th Level Mature Priest with Artisan Casting, a Spiritualist with a Goal of Flow in Observation Mode, Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part, with Chief Negative Features or Stubbornness and Arrogance. He is from Cadre 5, Entity 1 with a Server Essence Twin.
  2. MEntity: Hello to everyone. We are here. We will respond to your questions now. We will begin. QUESTION: Recently in a private session Michael commented on dogs and how to best care for them, their purpose, and so forth [NOTE: see end of transcript for that piece]. It was quite informative. Would you please respond similarly with regard to cats? Thank you! MEntity: Again, we can share with you what we perceive as being a general consideration of priorities for the well-being of this domesticated version of Felidae, but we make it clear as well that these generalities may not hold true for all cats. As with domesticated dogs, domesticated cats are in a process of developing the Emotional Center. Part of the draw of domestication and relationships with human sentience is for that help in development. Though the emphasis for the dog and the cat are the emotional development, their approaches are vastly different. For the cat, the primary priority for its well-being is BIOLOGICAL STIMULATION. As we said for the dog, the physical well-being is an obvious priority, but we speak in broader terms. For instance, a cat's health can remain strong and enduring, even without a healthy diet, if biological stimulation is a part of the life, but if a cat has a healthy diet, but no biological stimulation, his health will suffer. Biological Stimulation could be said to include HUNTING, PLAYING, and VISUAL TREATS. We would refer to this category as PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING, even as it is fulfilled through Biological Stimulation. We realize that many may associate "psychological" with the intellect, but we use it here to refer to the emotional development and well-being. The next priority, of course, is PHYSIOLOGICAL WELL-BEING. In the same way we suggested this for dogs, it can also be suggested that higher grade foods are of benefit to the health of the animal. Adding "whole bodies" to the diet can increase a cat's sense of presence and well-being on a physical level as well, meaning the occasional treat of small fish or a catch of their own (such as a mouse). The next priority for some cats may be INTELLECTUAL WELL-BEING. For some cats there is a slight reach toward the use of the intellectual center and for these cats, "talking" can often be an important part of their day. We do not speak here of the noises made to receive foods, or to demand petting, but the EXCHANGE of sounds from one cat to another, or from one cat to a human. A final consideration is the same for cats as it is for dogs and that is the METAPHYSICAL WELL-BEING. This is a description of the bond that develops between a cat and a person, with the cat "taking on" symptoms and behaviors that are often reflective of the caretaker. As with most domesticated animals with which a human can bond, the animal becomes a kind of extension of the human in many ways, but especially emotionally. This emotional extension is usually most obvious in behavior problems or in physical ailments and symptoms. Again, we clarify that these things are not imposed on the animal, but are welcomed by the animal as part of its emotional development. However, it can bring much relief to the human and to the cat if this level of consideration is observed. Understanding that your cat's illness or bad behavior might be insights into your own well-being can bring much more education to the cat's emotional development than any correction or medicine. It is important here to not assume that you can save the life of a domesticated animal with whom you have bonded, or fault yourself for an illness or ailment of these beloved creatures. None of this is imposed on the animal. It is simply a part of the dynamic. It is wanted. We will add an additional consideration here: that the domesticated cat could be said to represent the Emotional Part of the Moving Center, whereas dogs are the Moving Part of the Emotional Center. That is a generality, but a fair one. QUESTION: If I may, for instance, when my family pet died last year because of a heart problem did that have anything to do with us as a family? In other words is there somebody's function that this dog was pointing us to? Would this have to do with pets' metaphysical well being? MEntity: Yes. In most cases an animal bonds to one person on that level and that is the person reflected in the animal's illness, but it can sometimes be the case that a "family dog" does, in fact, reflect the whole of the family. QUESTION: My Kitty in Mexico will I ever get him back? MEntity: We will respond, but we cannot answer with a predictive response; we can say that most domesticated animals with which a human bonds finds its way back to the same human for at least 7 of its incarnations in that species, whether within one lifetime or across lifetimes. QUESTION: How do we let go of judging others? I try so hard not to have those "He is so..." "She is such a ..." thoughts, but they pop in uninvited, like little snarky gremlins. I know that I am doing it and breathe and release the thoughts, but it is like my mind pops back and again says, "Yes, but she IS a ..." MEntity: One cannot "let go" of judging others. It is a natural part of Being. This is why we describe one of the Chief Negative Features as being "fear of judgment." It is not judgment that is the issue or obstacle, but the fear of it. However, one can learn to manage judgment to be a tool and not just a form of entertainment or defense. Judgment is an important part of any sentient being's form of navigation through life. This is one way to help with the problem of judging unnecessarily: to ask if it is helping you to navigate, or if it's just entertaining you or defending you. We use the word "entertain" specifically here, because however uncomfortable or negative one would like to think of those "snarky gremlins," they are often purely for entertainment, much in the same way a cat will hone its hunting skills by swatting at anything moving. Judgment is a SKILL. It requires practice. Most of you practice by entertaining yourselves through judgments of others and of things, but those judgments are not a form of navigation any more than the swatting cat is actually hunting. Seeing those judgments for what they are can help you to use the skill more effectively when applied as a form of navigation. You are taught that it is wrong to judge and that it is unhealthy, bad, etc., but as with many natural, beneficial elements of life, the problem lies more in the misunderstanding and misuses than in the element, itself. Fighting judgment as if it is bad only complicates the problem of developing the skill to be of benefit to you and others. For most, you are taught that it is wrong to judge because it is not your right, and if you develop the skill of judgment, then your skills of discernment and validation are benefited, and most institutions and religions can do quite fine without your fine-tuned skills of discernment. In addition to this complication of misjudgment, we have yet to see a person be able to "stop judging" without actually using judgment to judge the process. What we would suggest for those who wish to develop the skill of judgment is to simply clarify where that judgment falls in terms of its usefulness: Navigation, Entertainment, or Defense. Making a mental check mark next to the judgment against the mismatched colors of a woman entering the coffee shop as being entertaining can be helpful. Making a mental check mark alongside the judgments against a person that are voiced with intent to hurt as being a form of defense can be helpful. Making a mental check mark next to the judgments that allow you to maneuver your way out of difficult situations as a form of navigation can be quite helpful. Using your judgments to help refine and define your judgments will help you to build it as a skill, but using judgment as a way to suppress your judgments will only enforce the wriggling "gremlins" that do not disappear simply because you judge yourself. QUESTION: I am at a cross road in my life path. I am a healer and I don't know where to go in my life at this moment. I am thinking of moving to New Mexico, but in my heart I want to create and set up a healing center. Also who the heck am I really? What did I come here to do in this life? MEntity: Though we cannot respond to you in any way that is direct and personal through this format, we can say to the last question, in general, that you "came here" to do what you want. There are no assignments. There is only choice. There are ideas that Essence has before the life begins, but these are only ideas, not assignments or anything one could interpret as a "purpose." You are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. It really is that simple. In terms of "who am I, really?" we can only say that this question can never have a conclusive answer. All of the answers that we could give or that you could give would be indications and symptoms of who you are, but WHO you are is not so easily defined. You are a conglomeration; an ever-changing creation; a witness to the varying ways of being that you try on. In other words, you are who you feel and think you are at any given moment. If you are confused, be confused. It's not permanent. If you are lonely, be lonely. It's not permanent. If you are happy, be happy. It's not permanent. But these things are "who you are" at the moment. What most fragments do is spend more time on the past or future of themselves so that they miss the moment of who they are. That is all you can ever be: who you are in the moment. And it changes. To answer this more specifically, we would have to speak with you outside of this format, but we can say that your cross-roads is merely an opportunity for creating the path that you most wish to pursue. We would say that you are quite clear about what you wish to do, but simply fear the obstacles that might be ahead. Our telling you that you are "on the right path" will not remove those obstacles. The only thing that can help in clearing your path is your enthusiasm and trust in yourself as you take your next steps. We have more to say on this subject, if sought through another format. QUESTION: My question relates to rights of passage/sharing by way of personal road-map/or thesis with other fragments, while tapping into michael entity/another soul family/and, ultimately source/TAO collective group. On 10/25/07 i had a merging with my essence -- or my 3rd NDE (near death experience) in this life. Does this happen to all souls when they move from level to level (i.e.; in my case 6th old to 7th old ) -- do overleaves change at this point? I feel a need to write a thesis about the 6th level old. Is this a type of rite of passage all souls go through prior to embarking on the 7th old or next level of work? Reframing of 12 grand cycles to the 13 grand cycle that i am in -- so i do work authentically in alignment with prenatal agreements & incarnate amended agreements with self and with others? would it be normal here to discover the true root of your 1st incarnation and connect the dots, so-to-speak, to accomplish my life task? A book of truth on beginnings? pure-channeled from source/tao with help from michael / soul family / my soul family/ and source tao collective (to be specific). It appears groups operate with one another up there. MEntity: We see an unnecessary over-complication of events here, in general. It will always be the choice of the individual to complicate or simplify life, but we point this out as a means to help bring a response to your questions. Often, over-complication is used to replace the process of creating meaning. We bring this up for your consideration, but our response to the specific questions would be: When one shifts in Soul Age or Level within a lifetime, the shift can take up to 7 years to be fully in effect and Overleaves often change, however the change is usually in terms of axis, such as an Idealist moving to Skeptic, or a Goal of Acceptance moving to Discrimination. This is because Overleaves are biological and unless the body is altered to some significant degree, the Overleaves are already "built in," so to speak. If you wish to write a book, then it is up to you to fulfill that wish and the topic is yours for the choosing. To explore the origins, passages, and grander arcs of soul evolution is a topic many would find of interest. QUESTION: Oh, if i may, what Soul Age is Eckhart Tolle? MEntity: Eckhart Tolle is a 7th Level Mature Priest with Artisan Casting, a Spiritualist with a Goal of Flow in Observation Mode, Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part, with Chief Negative Features or Stubbornness and Arrogance. He is from Cadre 5, Entity 1 with a Server Essence Twin. QUESTION: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is said to suffer from an inability to recognize faces. it is almost too 'appropriate.' Any comments? MEntity: The condition that the princess experiences is often chosen as a method to help implement the Goal of Flow or Re-Evaluation. For some fragments it is a helpful method to remain present, and distant from concepts of identification. This can be turned into a positive or negative direction in terms of identification as one either sees the overall uselessness of being too defined by an identity, or begins to see oneself as the only "real face" in the faceless masses. QUESTION: What does a Fragment experience differently when born prematurely (with no major health issues) in contrast to a "normal" birth -- and why is this sometimes chosen? MEntity: The moment of the first breath is important to some fragments with very specific interests in the astrological configurations at the time. The moment of birth, whether delayed or premature or "on time," has great importance in terms of body type and general karmic configurations and plans. All fragments learn to consider the astrological configurations as part of the dynamic that helps or hinders the implementation of life plans, though both Infant and Oldest souls do tend to just "wing it." They do so for very different reasons. QUESTION: I have a question about ensouled species. Do Cetaceans predate the human ensoulment? And why have Great Apes become ensouled when they're on the verge of extinction? MEntity: Yes, Cetacean ensoulment predates Human sentience, though only in terms that are understood as "earth years." Both your species and Cetaceans originated in other star systems. Both Human and Cetacean species were on the verge of extinction upon gaining sentience. Part of how a species develops sentience is often linked to the refining of the species to a small population. When a newly-ensouled species shares the planet with well-advanced species, they usually inhabit completely separate mediums, such as Cetaceans living in the ocean while humans evolve on land. In the case with Gorillas, it is going to be an important experiment as to whether the consciousness of humans can expand to a degree that recognizes the value of life beyond its own species, especially as Gorillas begin to develop more obvious tribes. The ensoulment of Gorillas is still an experiment, but it appears to us that it will continue. The Energy Ring (12 Cadres) that is exploring the possibility of ensoulment in Gorillas has the first entity of each Cadre sending specific fragments into the experiment; the most cardinal-cast from each entity. The number of Gorillas with what you would call a "soul" have remained around 24. Several of these have made headlines. QUESTION: So, this might be an experiment that will expand elsewhere in the universe? Is this "how" Energy Rings are started? MEntity: It is not unusual for a species to be sentient-ready and for an Energy Ring to explore it and then "pull out." Energy Rings are formed long before the choice of a species is explored. If an Energy Ring rejects the species, or the species rejects the Energy Ring, it is free to choose another, or to find a similar species on another planet. An Energy Ring chooses a species and then works as a hive for that species to develop the species' intellect to a point where it can house sentience. We doubt this experiment will be abandoned. The prospects look enticing to both human and gorilla sentience as the sharing of land and habitat comes under consideration. QUESTION: Well, I'm most concerned about a loss of viable numbers and loss of habitat; we're not bringing in more infant souls for humans and Gorillas are very precarious MEntity: Your concern is valid. The Energy Ring working with Gorillas is making it a priority to encourage an enlistment of human interaction and inclusion as part of the means for the experiment to work. QUESTION: I'm very concerned with all of the environmental issues that affect Gorillas -- including too many humans! but it's an interesting idea to consider on being at ground zero for a beginning sentience MEntity: Though this is not a prediction, we see most probabilities having far fewer humans over the next century and having much more effective methods for harnessing energy and sharing resources. It may be a bumpy transition into the rooting of the Mature Soul Age on your planet, but it is happening. The implementation of Mature Soul values will most likely resolve everything you recognize as a threat at this point. We will conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye. "CALLED-IN" QUESTION: I have a question about "the joy of fantasy". This refers to what was termed "identification" and "imagination" in the Gurdjieff system. I often find myself "practising" a situation that is not yet here -- and might never come. Making pictures of things I should have said, will say, will do, will feel, etc. Often these are rather neutral pictures, that is, not very intensive. At other times they can be very dramatic, and also "romantic." Then I feel myself being "all over the place." not focused at all. It seems the present is devalued as "too boring, grey, uninteresting, pedestrian, etc." while the future (= a certain make believe fantasy about the future) is ALL that matters. I would appreciate feedback on this situation and how to move away from it, how to give the present more weight and reducing the hold of fantasies. MEntity: In this case it appears that the "identification" is in the thought that "I am... the future," or more precisely that, "I am... full of potential in the future, and safer anywhere else but now." We see this distraction with the future and past as a matter of safety and potential. Imprinting has left the distracted fragment with the notion that the only "place" that holds potential is the future and that "anywhere but now" is safer. For some fragments, the notion of enjoying the moment, of allowing the moment, is similar to "giving up," or admitting failure; giving permission to perceived mediocre content. Allowing oneself to get lost in the "joy of fantasy" or identification with the past or future is not inherently a problem when the present is given some validity and meaning. The moment (now) appears to lack any meaning or vitality, so the distraction is toward the future or past as sanctuary, but the irony is in the fact that by continuing distraction toward the future or past, the moment (now) suffers. Waiting for and looking for meaning will never come. Meaning is CREATED, not found. Meaning is defined, not assigned. Meaning is generated, not gifted. Consciousness is not static. It shimmers. It cannot remain in the moment, the future, or the past for any length of "time," before shifting to another angle. If one spends too much focus in the future or past, then awareness of the moment can tend to be created from tragedies, trials, turbulence, conflict, illness, etc.; anything to bring the focus back to a rooted moment. The body and the life dies in many ways without consciousness present in the moment. Being present would require a redefinition of NOW and that can only come through the realization that the situation is not an "either/or" situation. One can play in the future and explore the past as much as one wants, and still be present and alive in the moment. To redefine the moment, it can help for you to know that your active presence in the moment is a form of nurturing your future and healing your past. For one to be in the moment, one need only begin a practice in what we have called practicing "vividry." Randomly, as you feel the inclination, and more and more often as necessary, take a moment to simply watch the moment. Slow down your moment to see the colors, feel the textures, sense the smells, caress the thoughts, even amplifying the senses in that moment so that colors, smells, textures, feelings, thoughts are all heightened in vividry. Most of our students are amazed at how alive the moment is when this practice is applied. As one experiences this more often, then it can become a natural part of the day so that escape into the future or past is not necessary. The life, meaning, and presence you can bring to your moment, the more useful your past and future can tend to be, because the meaning of both the past and the future is generated from NOW. The meaning, potential, and safety of the future is meaningless until you "get there." The meaning, healing, and safety of the past is meaningless until you "bring it back to you." And you only exist now. DOG CHANNELING (included for your convenience): What is the best way to raise our animals, especially dogs, to live out FULL, HEALTHY lives. There is so much physical information out there, but seem all too conflicting, especially food sources and vaccinations. MICHAEL: While we can share with you what we believe to be a valid practice for raising your dogs to have "full and healthy lives," we cannot truly tell you a "best way," as this will vary from dog to dog, breed to breed, and species to species, of course. We can, however, highlight the 4 major areas of a dog's life that could use some consideration: 1. EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Canis lupus familiaris is a subspecies of an entire species (canidae) who is in the process of developing the Emotional Centers. With consideration toward this, it is accurate to state that the priority of any dog is its EMOTIONAL well-being over any other concern. This is why it appears that many a tortured or pained dog still seems "happy" and eager to be affectionate. Ingredients for nurturing and sustaining the emotional well-being of a dog could be said to be AFFECTION, INTERACTION, and POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT (reward) on a fairly regular basis. If these three factors cannot be provided daily, or several times a day, the dog suffers. Understanding the needs of a dog on this level can also help one to tolerate the same needs within a human. 2. PHYSICAL WELL-BEING It is a given that the physical being must be tended and nurtured as a means to sustain the flow of the Emotional well-being, and though this is not the priority for a dog, it is obviously just as important. For the most part, the higher the grade of foods provided, the better, of course. Often this is described as "human grade." We would agree that this is important for long-term health. By-products appear to be a detriment to many animals who ingest them on a regular basis, as well as the ingestion of newspaper, cement mix, leather, and wood pulps as the bulk of "protein" found in lesser-quality foods. A mix of wet and dry foods appear to be an important part of the emotional-physical mix of well-being, as a constant supply of the same form of food can be boring to many dogs, even if they appear to have grown used to it out of necessity. Important supplements to foods appear to us to have proven valid in terms of increasing vitality and health, such as the addition of olive oil or flaxseed oil to the foods on a daily basis. Preventative measures through vaccines appear to be fairly harmless, even if not necessary, but the more specific the breed, the more extreme the help or harm can be from these vaccines. In general, we would say they are important, simply because of the peace of mind they may bring and the removal of concern for any legal impositions. 3. INTELLECTUAL WELL-BEING An additional factor for many dogs who may have gained some access to an Intellectual Center is the necessity for PROBLEM SOLVING. If your dog shows elements of curiosity and eagerness to please, he or she is probably showing signs of a need for solving problems, which can range from the freedom to explore new, but safe, environments on a regular basis to extracting treats from special toys. Exposing the dog to anything NEW on a regular basis can do wonders for the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of a dog. Some may argue that their dog is terrified of new people and things, but this is either because the dog is not accessing the Intellectual Center to any degree, resorting to the Instinctive Center in those instances, or this dog was inadvertently taught that this fear pleases his human companion. Some human companions can find secret delight in feeling "special" to his or her dog. 4. METAPHYSICAL WELL-BEING An important dynamic to consider when caring for your dog as a companion is the fact that as the bond grows, so does the dog's inclination to process the companion's emotional experiences. There is no way to avoid this, or to protect your dog from this, as it is important to them to experience this, but it can shed light on some illnesses, ailments, and behavior disorders. This dynamic is usually limited to being between the dog and one human, but sometimes a "family" dog can take on the processes of 2 or more humans. For a person who takes this dynamic into consideration, the dog can be seen as an accurate reflection of what is happening for the human on emotional levels that may not have been obvious without the friendship of the dog. For instance, a dog who develops a serious skin condition might be processing the human's unexplored emotional sensitivity and irritation against the world. A dog who is aggressive or protective might be playing out the emotional defenses of the human, etc. Keeping all of this in mind can not only help heal the dog by addressing what it means for the human, but it can help the human immensely, which ultimately pleases the dog in a way that humans might not comprehend. The death of a dog to a disease or condition does not mean the blame is on the human, because dogs will always die of something, however, it can still shed light on some critical areas for the human to explore within his or her own emotional world. Beyond these basics, the rest is dependent on the observation and feedback within the specific relationship. -Michael
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