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Found 5 results

  1. I've been wanting to make this post for a while, but a mix of dread, anxiety, depression and procrastination dragged me down in getting there. No matter, I won't put it off any longer. I will post it now. The recent Russian Invasion of Ukraine made me incredibly pissed and disoriented. My body took it badly. The best I can do is try to create stuff that provides a healthy dose of optimism. I have no desire for whatever dumb authoritarian or apathetic future people think we will have, so I'd rather we change that. Hence, why not create an awesome resource and discussion board for Climate Action? Climate Action is a big topic in and of itself, but it is a necessary one, and if we want a brighter future, we all have to participate in climate action. It's inconvenient, but it's a reward in and of itself, not only for us, but for the animals and our Earth. I'm not exactly sure how to organize all the stuff I've compiled in an aesthetic and simple way that does not overwhelm, but I have done my best to do so within the constraints of a TLE Forum. I invite anyone to share articles, videos, films they have found here, and discuss their perspectives and personal choices/changes to make our world a better, brighter place. I have organized everything I've found into 6 Categories for now. They are color coded, though I understand color blind people may not find that useful, I still enjoy the colours breaking everything up into chunks. The articles and videos I share below don't necessarily mean I 100% agree with them, or that you have to. They are merely for the sake of sharing information and building plans and knowledge. --- VEGANISM From, The Vegan Society: "Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." VEGAN VIDEOS Veganism could save the planet. Here's why. Youtube video by activist Earthling Ed, presented as an animated infographic. The Truth About Plant Milks: Displacement of Indigenous People, Destruction & Deforestation. Youtube video by Earthling Ed. Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world). A 2020 video by Youtube Celebrity Mark Rober (he is not vegan just experimental). Here's why we need to rethink veganism. A video by Our Changing Climate. VEGAN ARTICLES Going Vegan and How it Helps the Environment. An article by Happy Cow. Removing the Meat Subsidy: Our Cognitive Dissonance around Animal Agriculture. An article by Colombia Journal. The Causal Relationship between Eating Animals and Viral Epidemics. This is a scientific article relevant to our Pandemic. "The Most Dangerous Single Source of Ocean Plastic No One Wants to Talk About" by Sea Shepherd. Describes fishing and its contribution to plastic waste. VEGAN FILMS Cowspiracy facts and sources. (There are A LOT of sources, but many are very important. I recommend everyone watch the film Cowspiracy on Netflix or Youtube.) Seaspiracy facts and sources. (Seaspiracy was made by the same producers as Cowspiracy.) What is Carnism? with Dr Melanie Joy - This is an Interview, but it's as long as a film so I'm including it here. From a Reddit Poster. --- MOVEMENTS The Venus Project. Our good ol' friend the Resource-based Economy. Prevent Year ZERO. A Manifesto for creating a Vegan World by 2026. --- Another page for Vegan World 2026! 2022 needs to be about Climate Action. An article by Livekindly. Scholars Strategy Network for connecting with Top Researchers in America. They have various articles on Climate Change, Pandemic Response, Environmental Protection etc. SOCIAL & POLITICAL PARTICIPATION How to contact your Elected Representatives (US Focused). Another one for Canadians. - I invite others to share some guides for their own countries! Halla Tomasdottir's TedX Speech on using our Voice, Vote and Wallet for change. How To Turn Climate Anxiety Into Action. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate and Ankur Shah. SOLARPUNK What is Solarpunk? TV Tropes page. How we can make Solarpunk a reality. A Youtube Video by Saint Andrewism and Our Changing Climate. The Fifth Sacred Thing by Jessica Perlstein www.jessicaperlstein.com --- PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION Designing streets for Everyone. An exploration of Universal Design in City Planning. Planned Obsolescence and why it still exists. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate. HOUSING Mixed-use Zoning. Why Sustainable Housing Matters. A video by Our Changing Climate and Aime Maggie. BUILDINGS Timber Buildings by Tomorrow's Build. - Similar Video: Wooden Skyscrapers: Sustainable? by Cambridge University. The new and upcoming Graphene Revolution by Tomorrow's Build. The Race to 3D-Print Our World by Tomorrow's Build. Talks about the challenges and promise of 3D printing. No Waste 3D Printed Housing. TRANSPORTATION Electric Cars are Not Sustainable and they're Terrible. Video by Alan Fisher. Why are US Cities car-based? by Alan Fisher. HEMP Why This Plant Could Save the World. A Youtube video by Our Changing Climate discussing the wonders of Hemp. --- VIRTUAL REALITY CBC article on how we can use Virtual Reality for building Climate Awareness and Action. Using Virtual Reality to drive Social Change. - A similar article by Andrea Bomo on Linkedin. Virtual Reality in Healthcare. --- FROM MICHAEL Closing the Gap to Our Sustainable Future and Common Sense. Climate Change Solutions, Vegan lifestyle, Oppression, Revolution. Post by AnnaD. RELEVANT PARALLEL REALITIES Non-merging Parallels (2013) and Sessions on Bundles & Non-Merging Parallels (2021). These links discuss parallels from 1839 where everyone uses AR & VR that we are close to merging into. The Great Depression and a World of Abundance. This discusses parallels from 1930 where the Great Depression was averted, that have experienced great overhaul towards global prosperity. The Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability. This discusses parallels from 1980 where Reagan wasn't elected and focus turned to Environmental Security, which we are close to merging into. --- MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION On Mexico City's sucky Geography. On Japan's Geography. Singapore’s Bold Plan to Build the Farms of the Future by Tomorrow's Build. The time America almost stopped Climate Change by Climate Town. Industry 4.0 and Sustainability. Talks about the Internet of Things, Smart Homes etc. Radical vs Incremental Change. An article by Jenna Schroedel on Citizen lab. To close this post I'll add a bittersweet song by Nikkialiah about Humanity's addiction to violence and apathy. I really like it.
  2. Cait

    Pandemic-related Dreams

    In light of the current pandemic, I can't help but wonder about how we are processing this within the astral and through our dreams. Last night I had a very wonderful dream about the pandemic (ironic, eh?) But I say wonderful because it included a hopeful solution, something along the lines of what Michael has suggested is possible if, as a result of a paradigm shift in the near future, we choose to create a resource-based economy. I assume this would be in opposition to regarding money as the value of trading objects, thus giving us even more creativity in navigating trade-relationships with each other and individuals in multiple countries. Imagine, just imagine! So, this dream. In the best I can extract it, I shall describe. It took place in my hometown while we were still in quarantine. It felt like we had been in quarantine for quite some time, definitely within an extension of months between now until the early fall. I live in a small town, and within the dream, the streets (as they are now) were pretty deserted. I was walking down the sidewalk with a friend of mine who lives a few blocks away. He was carrying a full case of canned tomatoes on his shoulder. We weren't talking much, and it was lightly raining. Within the circumstances of the dream, I remember feeling extremely light and free AND I was doing something - much different and strange in comparison to the constant nag of unnerved energy I have been feeling the past few days here. I could tell that rooted in the dream was this beautiful given circumstance of "equality of trade" which had led to this light energy I was feeling. The "equality of trade" was produced by a narrative that, within the dream, I recited to myself and talked lightly with my friend about to provide my waking self with context - which I will now explain, as I explained to my conscious self. Each town (or small-population-group) has taken stock of its resources in effort to establish a trading system. This is inspired by the light of the current lockdown that has displaced most markets, grocery stores, and systems of workers. Resources are stacked into 8-12 groups, depending on form and the provisions available within a town. These groups are organized by town representatives that the people have elected. *most of these representatives were not already in a governmental position, there was an emphasis on these representatives being ordinary and considered of the "late" working class* There are two representatives per population group who communicate with neighboring group representatives to discuss the resources in stock, over stock, or as needed as necessary within each group. These representatives then send volunteers to meet in person and actually trade the goods. Each town or group member is expected to volunteer, and each trade is set up to be "equal" regardless of previous or assumed monetary value. The true goods are the relationships and care that each individual are taking to ensure that everyone is well-looked after. In the dream, I was returning from a trade that my friend and I had just volunteered to do. Also note that there were only two people in the dream, one being me, and there was no emphasis on extreme social distancing or protection between each other. This leads me to think the dream did not see it valuable, or possibly the circumstance included the availability of more accessible virus testing. While it all seems imaginary, I think this type of economy would be incredibly simple to enact if all involved were in agreement. I woke up from this dream in absolute belief that it was real, so for a minute or so I was living in bliss. I hope this brings some light to those who need it
  3. Original question posted by Jon on 10/13/08. Michael recently spoke of our economy based on debt being replaced by one based on choice... what does an economy based on choice look like? What are the key differences? I guess that the debt economy is based on the idea that "you owe me... because I did something for you". What is a choice economy based off of? Perhaps prioritization of resources? Is the system the same, but with a different emphasis... or is the system markedly different? FROM MICHAEL: An economy generated by Choice would be one in which each individual finds that which he or she is best at contributing and then does so because it feels good to do, create, give that thing. This is then reciprocated by the joy others have found in discovering what they feel good about doing, creating, giving. Access to all resources is based on personal need and not on hoarding. No one would tend to take more than is needed because the concept of competition has come to a close. Competition is replaced with Contribution. Natural joy and fulfillment evolves from the emphasis on Giving, and not just on the Consuming. "Laziness" is no longer a concern, because it is comprehended that for one to Give or Contribute, it must come from Choice, not from obligation or expectation. This tends toward a community that sustains inspiration and enthusiasm, while honoring the fluctuating moods and choices of the individual. There are no debts because when one cannot, or chooses not to, give or contribute, he is seen as simply making a choice that will then be replaced with another choice at another time. This economy tends to begin with a leaning toward fields organized within contexts of NEED and WANT, with some amount of overlapping. For instance, foods, sanitation, water supplies, healing, teaching services may fall into the NEEDS contexts, while arts, entertainments, invention, spirituality may fall into the WANTS contexts. Of course, the overlapping occurs when one can see Art as a form of Healing, or Invention as a form of support for Sanitation, etc. The economy of Choice then tends to discover that everything is "needed," and that "want" is a concept of the past when it was assumed that Want was less important than Need. In the evolved economy of Choice, it is quickly discovered that it is rare that one Wants more than one Needs, and that this is a relative concern best left to the individual's choice. While there would still be pros and cons to this kind of economy (such as structure and consistencies), the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of health, happiness, and peace. Reply by Leela on October 24, 2008 On a practical level, how does a choice-based economy deal with money and concepts of trade and markets? I don't mean stock markets, I mean actual markets. I ask because it's hard to imagine, in real terms, what this would look like, since humanity has lived with market economies for a very long time. FROM MICHAEL: (in response to Leela's comment) Trade would still exist, but would be a matter of choice and comprehension, not rationing. Exchanges would be direct, rather than through the use of a controlling, irrelevant medium such as currency. A choice-based economy is a resource-based economy that does not rely on money. This may be a bizarre concept, but it is natural and a part of most evolving cultures at some point. In other words, a choice-based/resource-based economy would ask, "do we have the resources to provide what we need and want?" rather than "do we have the money to provide what we need and want?" Relying on resource as the factor for access and sharing frees up a massive depth of resources inherent within humanity that have rarely been tapped. We realize we are speaking in simplistic terms, and this is partially due to the fact that what we describe would require much greater elaboration if we are to share the details of such an overhauling paradigm, and partially due to the limitations of this channel (and students) for delivering and comprehending such a paradigm. We have suggested for Troy to read the works that are being explored and implemented by those within the kingdom of the Magnetic King, Jacque Fresco, and we would suggest the same for our students. In many parallels and vectors, this fragment holds the greatest impact on what you would consider to be your "future" as a species.
  4. Originally posted to eTLE by Ingun ______________________________ I've watched an austrian documentary on Martin Armstrong. It was very interesting and also very revealing in so many ways about what's actually going on behind the scenes. Many things he told are almost 'unbelievable', both about his life, what he has experienced personally, but also what he observes, perceives, has heard, knows and more. He has also predicted previous crashes in the economy, and talks about the bad influence and manipulations that is done inside debt-economy before and now by all the corrupt people playing a part in this. So check this out, it's really worth it :-) Here is his website: http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/ The story of Martin Armstrong: http://forecaster-movie.com/en/the-story/ Here is the movie, but it costs...: The Forecaster The next four years after 2015.75: http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/36790 I remember Michael Entity saying something about how this time in history is similar to the time of Caesar, and M. Armstrong also says "what Caesar faced, we now also face", and he also says that many books have been written about Julius Caesar, but never did he see any modern writing that detailed the Politician and major Economic Reformer that he was.More also on : http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/693-2/2012-2/anatomy-of-a-debt-crisis Here's an interview, starts at 57:00 - and ends around 01.38:00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRZTyaJvOk4 This link is probably not possible to watch outside Norway, and later probably not available any longer in Norway either, but I'll add it here anyway: https://tv.nrk.no/program/KOID22006615/oekonomens-dystre-spaadom (please move this discussion if there is a more appropriate place to add it) XXX This post was edited by Ingun at September 3, 2015 4:04 PM EDT
  5. Michael Speaks Channel: Troy Tolley November 11, 2012 [Mstudent_86] Hello Michael. I seek insights about the dragon/Chief Feature of Greed. What is good about it, what are tools to fight it and are there some particular difficulties and challenges in neutralizing it? Thank you. Ladislaus [MEntity] Greed is a Chief Negative Feature that describes how one defends oneself against the fear of lack. Greed develops when one is taught, or decides that there is not enough of something specific to share. It tends to fixate on one to three things. These "things" are more tangible in the younger Soul Ages, but as the soul ages, these fixations become less tangible, making the challenge of Greed both less likely to develop, but also the most difficult to transform, once developed. It is difficult to manage the fear of lacking something that is difficult to quantify. For instance, someone may fixate on fear of not enough Love. The definition of Love for this person is not only varied over time, but is difficult to quantify without conditions, negating the whole point, creating a perpetual spiral of fears. There is nothing "good" about any Chief Feature, but there is a Positive Pole, and in this case, it is described as Appetite. What this tends to mean is that the fragment has a constant filter on reality for the search for this thing that is lacking, or perceived to be lacking. [Mstudent_86] Could it help to revise one's view about "emptiness"? [MEntity] The finding of it will tend to trump many other things so that choices, reactions, pursuits will focus on obtaining that thing. Imagine this Positive Pole as the thing on your plate that you would always choose to eat, first. [Mstudent_86] what's "trump, folks? [MEntity] However, as this is a Chief Negative Feature, this eating is not for the enjoyment of it, but for the sake of keeping someone else from eating it, if you will. And this translates into how Greed's Appetite is motivated. Not for the pleasure of having, but for the sake of keeping it from being taken. (Trump is a term that is used to describe something that takes priority of importance and value over others - it is a term used in many card games) [Mstudent_86] thanks [MEntity] So while Appetite will help Greed find what it seeks, it consumes it just to keep others from having it. [Mstudent_86] Doesn't sound positive [MEntity] Positive is relative here. The Negative Pole is Voracity, which is when Appetite is not satisfied. At all. A kind of hoarding, indulgence, and a loss of control over one's choices as they are led by getting more and more, regardless of how much there is. Appetite is "positive" because it is satisfied when it has a taste, and there is little loss of control, but when that taste cannot have a break in satisfaction, it falls into Voracity. In other words, that which is pursued is consumed by Appetite, but when that which is pursued consumes YOU, it is Voracity. There is no "fighting" a Chief Feature, and it is not helpful to think of it as a slaying of a dragon, either, but to see this as any other source of information about yourself: a chance to listen, to care, to pay attention, to heal. Clearly, this is a topic unto itself, and we can continue this in further exchanges. [Maia] What will happen when most essences have cycled off? Are there going to be a lot less people in the world? Or will there still be many people like today except every essence that is left in the incarnated world will have more concurrents? Why would essences still want to incarnate and "learn" things when there will be so few other essences left here to interact with and there is much more chance to bump into your own concurrent? [MEntity] With or without this awareness, however, the final lives tend to be shared among a most intimate of Configuration of Essences who had always planned to remain, and they will help to extract and secure all of the final data from the matter of the local Physical Plane, and leave an embedded record of the species in some way. Imagine a peaceful night around a campfire, reminiscing, and this is often the feel we think is similar to those final days. In some cases, the species continues, but without Sentience, and these final lives are used to help to leave the species in as good a shape as it can be. But in over 90% of all cycling off of a Species, it has used many, many of its final years (if not many more, long before that) to have cared for a younger Sentient species. In the case of Humans, the relationship with Gorillas may prove to be that. [Diane_HB] The biggest problem looming over the US economy right now seems to be the 16 trillion dollar deficit. How do you see this being paid or resolved? What is the probable outcome for this extreme deficit? [MEntity] It would appear to be a "long road" for this deficit to be reduced, but it can fairly easily move into management rather quickly over 2013 with investments in such things as infrastructure, education, and health care, and reductions in military spending, all of which appear to be an aim for the Priest. Infrastructure and education are not just in terms of the obvious, but also in terms of how corporations can contribute through charitable acts on unprecedented scales. The paradigm is now primed for the most collaborative solutions possible, even as obstruction efforts would grow more tedious and strident. The probabilities are high that control over this will continue to grow, as it has been, and that a projected momentum would prove to be leading toward continued reduction. When the taboo of "outsourcing" and "taxes" is lifted, a more optimistic and accurate vision of the future would come to mind for most, as these things are not evil, or bad. Outsourcing is a transitional phase that is helping other countries to rise from unfathomable poverty, and to become contributing forces to the world in ways unprecedented, which tend to give rise to new waves of demand and work for those who feared the outsourcing. Because of the dynamic in place that is debt-based, this phase is rather painful, but is a natural evolution in a world that is so fragmented by riches, indulgences, debts, and poverty. The shift toward a resource-based economy would tend to come from either a complete collapse that would then require rebuilding, or from a long, painful process of evolution toward collaborative ideals that work with what is in place. Either way is painful, but one is a kind of crash and burn, while the other is like constant cutting. In much the same way that the Infinite Soul Manifestation has not come to pass because the maturity of humanity has taken up the responsibility for itself, so has an imminent collapse seemed to have become averted. For now. [Oscar] Hello Michael =) You've said that Essence uses about 1% of its energy/focus to manage all its Personalities. What is the other 99% used for? [MEntity] Everything else. [Oscar] cough, please clarify ;) [AnnH] LOL [GeraldineB] lol [Martha] was that a Causal plane rim shot I just heard? [Oscar] or I should say "specify" ;p [Oscar] Michael has Stand-up duty I gather ;) [MEntity] There are studies, management of Personalities retrieved who are now residing in the Astral, acting as Guide for others incarnated, constant processing of any data uploaded from the multitude of parallels, as well as from those past and future lives acting as time anchors, etc. Imagine yourself as you sit at your keyboard and engage with us, even as your cells divide, your organs function, your eyes blink, your stomach digests, your atoms spin, your shape in space is upheld, your brain processes, imagines, remembers, projects, etc. The actual focus on one thing is minute in relation to the collective processes and functions happening beyond that focus. It is much the same way when we describe this for a lifetime. It gets full attention from Essence, but Essence is functioning on vast scales that all contribute to that capacity to focus at all. [Oscar] What are those 'time anchors' you mentioned? [MEntity] Ironically, the older the soul grows, and the easier it is to Manifest Essence, the less focus is required because there is less division, less fragmentation. Personalities who are time anchors are those Personalities who remain "anchored" in key turning points over a cycle of lifetimes, and act as a kind of accessible portal into that time frame for Essence to "revisit" from its evolving perspective. They also act as a means for incarnating "in the past or future," outside of linear progression. These time anchors also act as a means for other fragments to experience and revisit great turning points in the species, if that fragment was not there "the first time." There are events in the progress of a collective Sentient Species that then become grand pockets of time anchors, if you will, and remain "alive" for many generations, if not for the entire cycle. Many wars are popular in that regard. As are many "utopian" or "golden" phases. Most of these are used as something that might be described accurately as observational portals, but some use these as a means to actually incarnate outside of a timeline. We can elaborate upon this in further exchanges. [Janet] During a recent POF you gave me this: "There are vortexes on the planet, 'power spots,' as a result of valid 'ley lines,' if you will, that tend to be gravitational points for Essences. … The ley lines of a planet tend to develop along the same lines of the geometry of sentience calling that planet, 'home.' The area of Greece was a birthplace for many archetypes of consciousness." What exactly are ley lines? Are they part of our world's design, or the physical structure of the planet? From the response quoted above, it seems they may be somehow created in association with activities or design of the sentient species? [MEntity] "Ley Lines" is an arbitrary term to describe a valid network of circuitry that exists as part of a planet's chakra system, if you will. In much the same way that a body is still alive, even if not sentient, so can a planet be. However, in the same way that a body then changes because of the Sentience, so does a planet, each reflecting the design of that sentience. Once Sentience becomes a part of a system, it must have a circuitry through which it can manifest and be sustained. This is immediately in place on a rudimentary level upon first incarnation of Sentience, and more often in place previous to that through the work done collectively exploring the Kingdoms of that planet. This circuitry is not imposed, but does evolve and change, and eventually degrade. The first structures are based in what is available, and this quickly evolves. In this case, the carbon molecule was used as the starting point. Cetaceans gave rise to some strengths in the network before human Sentience arrived, lending some comfort in the transition from the Sirius system. As incarnations unfold across the planet, then, this network grows in complexity and strength, based on civilizations, cultures, societies, that rise and fall. Imagine this circuitry as something similar to how an atmosphere works for the body. This must be in place for the body to function, and so this circuitry must be in place for the Essence. That atmosphere MUST be compatible with the body or it will die. This circuitry must be compatible with Essence, or it cannot incarnate at all. This circuitry acts as a kind of gravity for the soul, if you will. Over the course of incarnations, Configurations, Working Groups, Essence Twins, Task Companions, Entities, Cadres, Energy Rings, work to develop various points and lines in this network. That "work to develop" is simply a by-product of incarnation, and the use of the matter of that part of the planet as cycled through the body. This is how one might begin to then find oneself strangely attracted to geographical areas of the planet that have never been visited, or to be moved by those when visited. "Your" matter, literally, is a part of that region, a part of the cycling of matter local to that region. Exploring the carbon molecule and how it functions can lend insight into these "ley lines" and vortexes that is reflective of Human Sentience. We have more to say on this subject, of course. [brian] Hello Michael. Beyond the information already shared in previous sessions, could you give us more information about the various incarnations of the group of students currently known as "TLE" over the ages in terms of how we came to meet each other, how we came to interact with you, the nature and time periods of intense interaction with you, and who acted as the channels in each interaction? [MEntity] Each of you knew one another long before your first incarnations, as most of you are part of the same Energy Ring, Cadres, and Entities. In terms of your "first meetings" in incarnations, this would go back as far as 6 million years. Interacting with us came along the way, across our own incarnations, and those are numerous, varied in depth and meaning, as any shared collection of lifetimes would be. In terms of interacting with us as "Michael," and in terms of "intense interaction," we might include our work with you in our very early teachings in Mesopotamia, particularly when the survivors of Atlantis arrived. This disrupted a long period of peaceful, contemplative work with us, and it was our first time seeing our teaching applied in a challenging way. It was very exciting for us. To suddenly have this contemplative existence interrupted by a wave of those in need, but also a rather difficult and pained group, was not easy. Though it was being learned already, by the inherent nature of growing older in Soul Age, the first applications of our teaching were through simple compassion. Taking in these refugees, if you will, was powerful in its impact on our students' empathy, as the "memories" of leaving your own home world was called up in the Instinctive Center. It would not be until the 1800's that we would be "channeled" as you understand the term today, so we were limited for a great deal of time to working with the accessible Centers of those seeking to work with us. For us, this was easiest through the Moving Center, so that actions were helped to be brought to the attention of our students in ways that provoked contemplation about the higher perspective and impact of a choice. Over time, we would work in Intellectual and Emotional ways, as well, or Expressive and Inspiring ways, so that when we finally got someone to speak for us, all Centers could be used as harmoniously as possible. Our progression tended toward a Moving phase, Emotional phase, and then Intellectual in the 1800's. We did not "enjoy" the Emotional work as much, which could be said to have spanned from about 500 BCE to 700 CE, and then began more exciting work in the Expressive. That phase was rather "intense" because so much of it was riddled with wars that made it difficult to work with our students. Again, there is more for us to share, but we will return to this in further exchanges. We can take one more question. [GeraldineB] Are there any special mathematical resonances between ALL of the other identical Raw #s in one's entire Energy Ring (an expanded Cadence, such as Traveling Companions)? And what would this unit of up to 84 be called? [MEntity] Yes, there is a resonance that is unique in that regard. We might refer to these collections of resonance as Motif Mates. This is a specific recurring intent, theme, etc might be played out in a multitude of ways across these members. This is similar in how musical compositions are filled. The Energy Ring filled with beats, melodies, choruses, etc, if you will, but the various mathematical resonances will always have their own, unique orchestration. The music and math of every Sentience, both in terms of the breakdown, and collectively, is unbelievably beautiful.
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