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  1. Leela Corman

    How Do You Tell Who Your Entity Mates Are?

    Since this came up in a comment on a thread elsewhere here, I'd love to hear from the rest of you how you figure out when you're meeting an entity mate, both in person and online, since we so often find friends online these days. I'm C1E2 and I have definite feelings about my entity mates when I meet them. But I am having a hard time putting those feelings into elegant words; mostly I'm coming up with words that feel reductive and most likely not entirely accurate to every single person in my entity. However! I'm going to do it anyway, and hopefully people will add and share and expand, in whatever ways feel appropriate to their own entities and experiences. I crudely think of my entity as "The Punk Entity", which will make no sense to some people. To be really clear, I'm using the term "punk" in its broadest creative, social, and cultural meaning. I'm not talking about mohawks and spikes. I'm talking about the very vast subculture that sprang from that, but is so much bigger and includes so many other subcultures. My close entity mates all seem to have a connection with this underground way of living, connecting, writing, publishing, making music and art, and creating living spaces. I feel like they all have a signature that I'm having trouble describing, is it a color? A texture? Man, this part is a little frustrating, because I feel like I have access to something really cool that I want to share but I don't know how! The entity mates within TLE whom I've only met online, I've sensed a definite resonance with. It's like the way I feel whenever I meet anyone else who grew up in NYC in the 70's and 80's. We're like, "Oh, yeah. You know." God, see how inelegant and imprecise this is? I mean, you may be a C1E2 person reading this and saying, "But this has no resemblance to my life and interests!" There are roughly 1000 of us in each entity, surely we don't all like the same things. This leads me to think about cadences and greater cadences, and to wonder if we feel those cultural/aesthetic resonances within those moreso than with entity mates who might be "farther away" from us in the structure of our entities. This is a very crude beginning. I know others will have much to add and it will become more precise or at least more broad!
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