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  1. OMW - March 27, 2010 - Facets of Personality Troy Tolley, Channel Michael Entity: Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with our elaboration on the concept of each Personality having variations that could be described as "facets" that can each be described in terms of Overleaves. For every Personality, there are actually a multitude of Overleaves that could be used to describe variations on the Personality and its expression by the individual, and its reception by others. We think it is helpful to understand this as it not only helps in your personal process of validation of the Overleaves, but it puts the Overleaves in a context that can be helpful in unique situations involving your behaviors and experiences. There is only one set of Overleaves that are genetic, or True, and these are on record in the Akashic Plane. These are often the most difficult to access, comprehend, accept, and/or validate. The complication in accessing, comprehending, accepting, or validating the True Overleaves is due to the myriad of ways that an individual can choose to present himself or herself, and just as many ways for that individual to be interpreted by others. Those variations are NO LESS VALID in their meaning, usefulness, and accuracy, at least in the short-term, or within certain contexts. And ALL variations can be useful, meaningful, and accurate to the extent that one aims awareness toward the Positive Poles. A roomful of fragments with variations in Soul Ages, Levels, and vastly different Overleaves will all "get along" and find value in each other to the extent that the members of this group are in the Positive Poles of their overleaves. Not only do the Positive Poles bring a wholeness to the individual, but they bring a cohesiveness to a group. This does not mean that the group or the individual would be without fear, extremes, emotions, ups, downs, differences, etc, but that the skills and tools for navigating these experiences are consciously utilized. The difference between Positive and Negative Poles is really just the difference between Wholeness and Division, Conscious and Unconscious, etc. The irony that many students miss in the process of working toward True Personality, the manifestation of the Personality in the Positive Poles, is that the Positive Poles INCLUDE the Negative Poles. The Positive Poles do not move away from the Negative, nor do they rise above them, or any other means of separation; they INCLUDE them. So in the process of aiming for the Positive Poles, you will "circle back" to include the Negative Poles; however, in that experience from the Positive Poles, you would understand, accept, utilize, navigate, and embrace the reality of the spectrum of who you are, how you feel, etc. There will be times that you do not feel whole, do not feel aware, do not choose to take the higher road, etc., but when the Positive Poles have come to be a regular part of the Personality, then those experiences are seen for what they are: temporary, relative to the moment, and informative of your feelings, thoughts, presence. There is no sense of being consumed, overwhelmed, trapped. We start off explaining these Poles as that will be helpful when we speak to each of you about the Facets of Personality and what it means for you, and how to work with that information. For instance, your Personality from the Positive Poles does not fight or reject or rise above Fear, but asks what information is in that fear, and then weighs that against the validity of threat. If there is no threat, the fear is appreciated and released. If there is a threat, then it is appreciated for alerting you. It is equally "Negative" for a fragment to walk through the woods at night terrified at every cracking twig as it is for that fragment to walk through the woods with no concern or awareness for the safety of the Body. It is part of your design to protect yourself, and to embrace any teaching that encourages your diminishing that part of yourself, over increasing its skill and usefulness, is to embrace the diminishment of your faculties for discernment, choice, and intelligence. As we said, each of you have a True Personality that was designed by Essence, and further molded by your first 3 years of life. Only the Centering is part of that "molding," but it is fair to include that. Your True Personality is WHO YOU ARE with or without your consent, agreement, or expression of it. It is your genetic dynamic and the Overleaves as they stand on record in the Akashic Plane. In the same way that one may fight, reject, hate, reshape, cloak, or redirect attention from his or her body type that is not to his or her liking, so will the True Personality remain intact despite the same. From the moment of Birth, and often before, the PUBLIC FACET of Overleaves begin to form. You are what others want or see you to be. This can eventually shape into what we have described as your Family Icon (or ikon), which is a conscious or unconscious presumption of role to play within the family that you may find yourself fulfilling. That icon is generated from those around you, and accepted as fact until you eventually question that role. If that questioning process does not happen, then that role can carry on for the rest of the life, often tucked away and only brought out when back in the context of family, but there, nonetheless. You will also find generated for your Personality a societal icon, friendship icon, personal icon, intimacy icon, etc. which we will not get into today, but you will see how they play in what we have to share today. For the most part, your Public Facet then will reflect the means to which you are playing the roles expected of you, consciously or unconsciously. This Public Facet is flexible and changes in its Overleaves, since they are not "real" beyond the projection or interpretation of othes, but there is often a pattern that is consistent. If this Public Facet, or the role assigned to you over your childhood, is finally questioned and processed for release, then the Private Facet begins to develop. The Public Facet could be said to be firmly seeded, even if not fully developed, by the age of 3. Or during the 2nd Internal Monad. The Private Facet is firmly seeded during the 3rd Internal Monad, or during the late teen years. The Private Facet is born from how one WISHES to be interpreted in the world. The Private Facet is often one's method of expression for processing the entire 4th Internal Monad. To the extent of discrepancy that the Public, Private, and True Overleaves are from each other is the extent to which one may feel fractured, living multiple roles, experiencing divisions within, and frustrated with his or her experiences in the world. If those Facets are experienced as expressions or interpretations from the Positive Poles, this is experienced far more joyfully and practically than if they are from the Negative Poles. Consider an actor who grows up with 3 Facets firmly locked in place with vast discrepancies among them, but moves himself or herself into the Positive Poles as often as possible. This fragment is embraced for many years and lives a fruitful, joyful life, despite how differently he or she feels when alone, when with fans, and with family. Brooke Shields would be a good example of this faceted life, but without division. Now consider an actor who grows up in the same conditions, but moves through life in the Negative Poles, generating deep fractures within the Personality, eventually consumed by these and often ending in suicide or overdose. The recent death of Corey Heim is a good example of this. Or Michael Jackson. For most who are not in the spotlight as a famous actor might be, the pressure to resolve those conflicting Facets may or may not be so strong, but the older the soul grows, the more it seeks to resolve those conflicts and fractures. They are no different from the fracture or breaking of a bone, in many ways. It is the infrastructure of "who you are." And when "who you are" is fractured, mobility in life is just as complicated as when the bones are broken, fractured, or brittle. Sub-Personalities From these Three Facets come the birth of what we describe as Sub-Personalities. Sub-Personalities are generated from the "mating" of two Facets and are not complete sets of Overleaves, but are specialized functions that emphasize specific Overleaves. For instance, if your Public Facet is difficult to embrace from your family's interpretation of you, and you wish to express Private Facet, it can often be met with resistance, which prompts the birth of a Sub-Personality that will emphasize a compromise. This compromise might be the highlight of the ATTITUDE that all of you can agree upon (figuratively speaking), and thus you find you can function within that context as that Sub-Personality. Again, the more that one functions from the Positive Poles, the more easily this is managed and not experienced as an assault against ones Being. In fact, the measurement of fracture within your Personality, and the extent to which you function from the Negative Poles, can often be found in how, when, why, and where one feels the most assault against one's Being. This is not a "bad thing," but an informative means of self-awareness for navigating into the Positive Poles, if you choose to do so. EXERCISE - Our first question to you, then, would be for you to quickly assess yourself by sharing: ONE - to what extent do you feel frustrated, invisible, assaulted, imposed upon, or even in betrayal of "who I really am." TWO - and in what context do you find this to be the most obvious (work, intimacy, social, family, etc) You may answer the first question with: OFTEN, SOMETIMES, NEVER You may begin your responses. [AnnH] sometimes [Martha] often [Diane_H] Often in work and family [Kerrin] often/work [Martha] work and family [ladycat] never in all [Kerrin] and family too [Geraldine] rarely (sometimes) -- social, family [AnnH] sometimes/family [AnnH] and social [AnnH] (I'm like you, G. Rarely, but it happens) [ChrisLeBlanc] I have felt frustratingly invisible to my mom, unable to express all i can be to her in person and my spiritualist attitude finds little space for expression at most jobs I have done, although working the dance floor lights lately has been great fun. Michael Entity: We have said before that these Facets often contribute to the discrepancies among our Channels, as some channels are more inclined to deliver what the student wishes to be, while others may present how the student comes across. We find this to be as helpful as any other set of Overleaves, if the aim is for the Positive Poles, as there are no harmful or "bad" Overleaves that can be assigned. It is also an opportunity, not unlike every exchange with us, even through your most-trusted channels, to discern against your own wisdom and evolving experiences. These fractures and facets may be found in responses from among our different channels. We have much to say about how to go about retrieving Overleaves from us through various channels, and how to go about validating that, but we will speak about that in other exchanges with you. EXERCISE TWO - Now we would ask that you examine a single context in which you feel the most pain, frustration, gap, etc. between "who you are" and how you experience yourself in that context. For Catheann, who responded that she "never" feels a discrepancy between who she is and how she is interpreted or expressing herself, we can suggest that you lightly observe further to see if you may actually have an example, and if you still do not, then simply sit this exercise out. For those with discrepancies, we suggest that you ask yourself: "WHAT DO I LONG FOR IN THOSE SITUATIONS THAT I FEEL I CAN'T BE, HAVE, or DO?" [Kerrin] my single biggest frustration would be with coworkers who think I am "always angry" or can be mean Michael Entity: To be more precise with our language: "What Do I Long For In Those Situations Where I DECIDE I Can't Be, Have, or Do?" [AnnH] besides leaving? :) [ladycat] thank you michael can remember past times where i felt frustrated because what I had told someone was not validated until they paid a professional to say the same thing. realized that i could continue to speak truth without needing validation. [Martha] I wish my family could appreciate me for who I am, or that I could stop imagining that they don't [Geraldine] I simply feel quite different within my living neighbors peer group -- I guess I long for more compatible neighbors, i.e., all Michael Students rather than church-going Christians; I think we're different soul ages, too -- but I don't really want to change anything, either -- I accept things as they are or are within range of "norm." [AnnH] There are situations with a friend who I like very much, but I find her overpowering/controlling in certain situations. [Diane_H] With my family, I long for acceptance instead of needing me to be who they want me to be. [AnnH] And I'd like to feel less overpowered or like a side-kick. [Kerrin] I wish people (mainly coworkers) saw me for who I am just a little bit- but in a mainly young-soul environment, they just don't "get me" Michael Entity: To Ann: If leaving is what you long to do, but do not, then it is important to note this. However, if this is a situation where you choose to remain, then we would suggest looking beyond the obvious solution of leaving, and into what it is that you long for that would make staying more pleasant. [AnnH] I'd like to "shine" more and engage with people, when I'm with her, in ways I prefer. [ChrisLeBlanc] I find it nearly impossible to find permanent work that could bring me as much fulfillment as making music and yet my past experience and training have nothing to do with music [ChrisLeBlanc] i guess i've always tried to fit a mold for reasons other than those that bring me the most joy [ChrisLeBlanc] and now it's time to shed those unjoyful imprints [ChrisLeBlanc] sorry for sounding so scattered/unfocused - my one input has become taxed like crazy with children and family gathering around me now - sigh Michael Entity: The second part of Exercise Two then is to ask yourself: WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? This is not to provoke dismissal of your experience, nor to remedy it, but to generate insight. If "Why Is This So Important?" is difficult to answer, then ask, "HOW WOULD I BE DIFFERENT?" presuming your context aligned to your desires. [ChrisLeBlanc] I would hope to be able to focus without distraction from competing 'paradigms' on what I want to accomplish first of all, lol [Geraldine] It's not terribly important to me; hence why I'm quite content to be fairly reclusive and interact with the world in a way that is meaningful to me via the internet. [ladycat] connected to self worth [Kerrin] the opinions of these people really is not so important except that I find it hurtful to be thought of as hard or unkind when I am very much neither [Martha] it would be nice if I felt like my family was proud of me, and respected me. Is it life or death, no. [AnnH] I like to engage and have fun on my own terms. [Diane_H] I would feel more supported by my family. The only thing different would be I'd feel more at ease around them. [Martha] ditto Diane [ChrisLeBlanc] me three :) [Diane_H] Instead of dealing with having to tell them things they don't want to hear ;) [Kerrin] I really don't care what my family thinks of me- they don't really know me at all [AnnH] And mine sure isn't life or death [Martha] but it's around my family that I feel least able to be my real self, and it feels like I am forcing myself into a shoe that is too small when I am around them [ladycat] my lesson was when i finally told my mother who I was and watched the words come out of my mouth and right over her head. she did not hear me only what she wanted but that cleared me to always speak truth [Kerrin] I would say I "adjust my personality" according to what my family needs me to be [ChrisLeBlanc] yes 'dumbing down' is way too uncomfortable for this spritualist in growth too [ChrisLeBlanc] that sounds like some dynamic sub-personaltiy generation Kerrin [Kerrin] yikes! [ChrisLeBlanc] just in reference to what Michael have said above [Kerrin] maybe I should have been an actress [AnnH] I just clam up (under these social circumstances) and get crabby and bored [ChrisLeBlanc] yeah, feeling stifled sux [Kerrin] I found it helpful to move far away and only see family in short episodes where everyone stays pleasant. 2-3 hrs tops Michael Entity: There are two things we would say in response to your assessments: [AnnH] it's not a feeling of being stifled so much as I can't find a way in to connect with others when I'm with her. And I get resentful . Uh [ChrisLeBlanc] no way to 'bridge the divide' [Geraldine] I suppose, "Shut the fuck up!" doesn't work all that well, Ann? [AnnH] No. [Geraldine] Pity. :) [Kerrin] it probably would feel pretty good... [ChrisLeBlanc] i tried that with my mom, and she kicked us all out into a emergncy shelter for 41/2 months, lol [Diane_H] I actually like my family, but they don't know who I really am. [ChrisLeBlanc] probably should've waited till we had our own place first though, lol [Geraldine] do you think you know who they really are? [ChrisLeBlanc] yeah that's just it [ChrisLeBlanc] i love them forever [AnnH] There's nothing mean-spirited or even over-talkative, it's just that certain social interactions can only be on her terms. [Diane_H] Probably not [ChrisLeBlanc] but i wanna be so much more then there is space for in their cinsocusness sometimes Michael Entity: First, it will always be the case that you feel out of place and different and beyond the capacity for younger souls to comprehend, respect, relate, and admire you. To wish for them to comprehend you is similar to an adult wishing for a teenager or a toddler to relate to the adult perspective. It will always be that you must find the common ground that is within another, regardless of soul age, and build upon that. [Diane_H] Actually, I should probably amend my first answer to sometimes rather than often. I mainly get frustrated with my parent's expectations of me, and not so much with others not knowing me. [Kerrin] "respect" is the keyword I missed- it's more annoyance with not being respected than even with not being understood Michael Entity: To insist that a round peg be accepted by a square hole is inherently going to be met with resistance, pain, and frustration. Even if the only common ground between you is that pegs are "supposed to" go into holes, then that can be enough to bridge the gaps between you. [ChrisLeBlanc] well there would seem to be a lot of those mismatched pegs when it comes to soul age, are there better places than others in the search to find common ground? Michael Entity: That is highly simplistic analogy, but it is fair. We will address this first comment further in a moment. The second thing we would say is that it is important to remember that you are a part of the equation that contributes to the Facets of those around you. Your presumption that they should "respect" or "get you" when you have not done the same (even if you feel you have) is part of what contributes to the pain and division. For if you "respected" them, or "got them," you would understand their limitations, fears, inabilities, etc. We are speaking to all of you, though we use only a couple of quoted examples. Our point being that often the very problem of division and frustration and pain is precisely found in your issues found with the "other person." Whatever you find that the other person should do to help make the situation better is often the very thing you refuse to do. You have decided upon what their Public Facet is and left them there. You have not sought to go beyond the Public Facet until they have gone beyond yours. If you feel that you have gone beyond the Public Facet, yet still remain frustrated, then you have not gone beyond the Public Facet. Barring physical abuse, violation, or removal of your choice, your divisions are often a matter of refusal to embrace the truth of another. Refusal to embrace that person's capacity to Love, and method for Action. It is often touted among spiritual and new age circles that in order to be loved, one must love oneself, but we point out that this can only go so far. It requires practice in both directions. The capacity to which you can embrace the unlovable is the capacity to which you can embrace yourself, express yourself, and be yourself. It also goes that the more you are "yourself," the more invitation and opportunity for acceptable love, truth, and energy you bring to all exchanges. This is NOT to say that this will alter the behavior of those who are "difficult," but we can say that your reaction and response to that difficulty alters your experience of it, and therefore CAN alter the patterns of a person relating to you. It will always be helpful for you to remember that no matter how well you know someone, you are always filtering them through the Public Facet; through YOUR interpretation of that person. [Kerrin] I don't know if that's always the case. Sometimes the acceptance only comes when you can act, look and "fit in" with what others deem acceptable Michael Entity: We are not speaking of your being accepted, but of your finding the experiences acceptable. It will always be helpful for you to remember that no matter how much you are yourself, you will ALWAYS be experienced through the Public Facet, or others' INTERPRETATION of you. In short, you can only ever truly BE YOUR TRUE SELF with YOURSELF. [ChrisLeBlanc] we cannot share our unique perspectives on experience 'first hand' [ChrisLeBlanc] just share our experience of it Michael Entity: This may or may not extend into your outer world, or into your interpretations of yourself, but it is vital to remember that NO INTERPRETATION, OR PREFERRED EXPRESSION OF YOU, WILL EVER CHANGE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Ever. [Geraldine] Michael -- is this similar to auras -- one always perceives another's color through one's own color, too? i.e., through one's own public facet, too? [ChrisLeBlanc] and we certainly can't control how it will be perceived by others either - nice to know that nothing can change us from without Michael Entity: We do not say that as a means of comforting you, but as a point that beyond all interpretations and preferred expressions, you are still YOU. And all of those interpretations and preferred expressions are a PART of that. You are NEVER NOT YOU. [ChrisLeBlanc] that is truly profound, and profoundly simple Michael Entity: In response to Geraldine, not exactly. One is usually unaware of, or not privy to, the Public Facet, so it is not a filter in itself to how another is interpreted. Even when one is aware of how others interpret them, they are only aware of this by virtue of symptoms, not experience. One will NEVER be able to truly see oneself from another's perspective (until cycling off and reuniting within the entity.) [ChrisLeBlanc] when it becomes part of your existential perspective Michael Entity: One can gain clear accuracy in that interpretation, much the way one can empathize with someone's pain, even as that pain is not directly felt, but it will still not be the same interpretation or pain. There are three solutions to any painful or frustrating divides between yourself and another: ONE - remove yourself. This is often the quickest and most-immediate (though not always the easiest) solution. TWO - embrace your role. This only feels as awful as you resist it. The conscious embrace of your role within various contexts can help you to "be yourself" as fully as possible within that role. It will not destroy your Being, and it will not alter the validity of who you are beyond that role. This is an important option if there are consequences to breaking that role that you do not care for, but enjoy rewards from playing that role. This is not a betrayal of self, but an embrace of self. One way to help you understand this choice, and its importance as a valid choice, is in comparing it to your existence in the first place as a Personality in this lifetime. Your Essence must "squeeze itself" into a Personality that is infinitely focused in definition beyond what it is outside of the incarnational cycle. This is why we use the term "role." Your Essence can love beyond those limitations you set upon it, and even though you often reject the perspective of Essence, it would never abandon you, condemn you, or reject you. Essence does not require you to "get it" for it to feel the validation of its existence. There are countless lives lived through Personalities that will never know it had a soul. In that same way, as you grow older in soul age, you will come across these limitations and "roles" within your exchanges with others in a lifetime. The irony is in that you are now aware of the vastness of yourself and the possibilities beyond limitations, which was gained through the patience, embrace, and higher perspective of your Essence for your Essence Role. You were created in this lifetime by your Role from a place that comprehends its vastness more than ever. But in that realization of vastness and capacity for acceptance and love and Being, you now expect this from all contexts of your life and relationships without remembering the eons that it took you to get to this place. We realize the limitations on time, and all personal information will be sent outside of the chat. The personal responses we have are rather useless without these broader contexts. However, we may use Kerrin as an example in a moment. So option Two is to bring "pay forward" the kind of compassion and patience that allowed for you to get to a place where you even notice limitations, let alone the tangibility of potentials beyond those limitations. THREE - to be yourself. By this we mean that you leave it to others to deal with the consequences of your being true to what you feel best represents you. The key here is in realizing exactly what it means for you to "be yourself," and this may take more thought than you realize. For instance, are you more "yourself" to be argumentative and combative to get a point across, or are you more "yourself" to take a passive position and allow another to leave thinking he or she is "right." On the surface it may seem as if you are not free to be yourself because your perspective was ignored or lost, but in truth you were more true to yourself that you did not engage in useless combat. We would suggest careful examination of yourself in your most uncomfortable contexts to see just how true you are to the core of yourself, despite whether the varations on that core receive acceptance or expression. You may be surprised. In MOST instances of contexts where these frustrations occur, ALL THREE SOLUTIONS are available at all times, to be called upon appropriately. You may choose to sometimes leave, to sometimes compromise into a role, and to sometimes break out of that role to surprise with who you 'really' are. This is a whole person. This is a True Personality. This is the Positive Poles. To feel trapped in a context, or to insist on choosing one of the three solutions, is an indication of your division within, and the depth of your fracturing, or Negative Poles. Realizing that you can be Whole by being greater than the sum of your PARTS is a step toward your last lifetime. The Parts of you are True, Public, and Private. You cannot exist fully without embracing the reality and validity of all of them. And in that regard, yes, Kerrin, you can be an angry person, yes, Martha, you are radical crazy, yes, Diane, you are well-behaved, yes, Christian, you are "out there," yes Geraldine, you are unforgivable, yes Ann, you are a sidekick, and Catheann you have been a liar. This does not mean those interpretations are "true," but that they are true for someone else, and you cannot always control that. [AnnH] Just call me Hop-a-long Cassidy--or Ethel Mertz [ChrisLeBlanc] i'd be ethereal hertz, lol Michael Entity: You can always invite more accurate interpretations of you, but it would always do you well to see these as invitations, not as demands. What we can say is that there is NOTHING UNTRUE about others' interpretations of you. [Kerrin] I shall embrace the "Angry Redhead" Michael Entity: It is "true" within the context of your relationship with that person, and it is your choice in how to experience that. What we would say to you, Kerrin, is more that you find a way to appreciate the fact that these younger souls are keen enough to see beyond your surface and into your frustrations that bleed more into your life than you care to admit. It is not untrue that you are angry (feel helpless) in your work environment, and this is not easily hidden. Of course, this is exacerbated by having it called out as an identity, but it does not change the fact that this is the means through which some younger souls try to relate. Younger souls tend toward one-dimensional identities for one another, and once that is defined, it is difficult to transform. This is why it is frustrating to you, we would think. Because it is not so much that it is untrue, but that it is NOT the only truth about you, and that other truths that you find more pleasant might like to be acknowledged. [Kerrin] and I think the role doesn't help the situation Michael Entity: Again, we suggest the 3 solutions: remove yourself from the situations; embrace the role (which can often mean exaggerating it or "camping it up"); or display breaks from the role on your own terms. What we will provide for each of you outside of this chat is our interpretation of your most consistent Public and Private Overleaves, along with a commentary about what you shared as your most frustrating context. [AnnH] Dang! [Martha] when we ask Troy for a profile, is it the True overleaves you give? Michael Entity: Based on our understanding of Troy's schedule and patterns of behavior, we would suggest expecting this by Monday evening. [ChrisLeBlanc] i doubt it Martha - diving into the Akashic records is quite an involved and lenghty process from what i understand [AnnH] me, neither [ChrisLeBlanc] although i imagine Role in Essence and casting are pretty consistent Michael Entity: Yes, Martha, through this channel we retrieve what is in the Akashic Records. This does not mean that what is received is above question, but that the focus is for the Akashic Record. [AnnH] But maybe the channel has other things to do? [ChrisLeBlanc] k, i stand corrected :-) sorry to speak for you Michael Michael Entity: Most of our channels have not differentiated or questioned in the direction that clarified these facets. That is not to say that other channels do not receive the True Personality as on record, but that the variables are in favor of dependency on what has become comfortable for the channel, or preferable to the student. [ChrisLeBlanc] the facets and fractures of sub-personalities and public and private overleaves have clarified things wonderfully for me tonight :) thank you Michael Michael Entity: Some of our channels leave it up to whatever is most useful for the student at the time, and this has worked, whether it is the True, Public, or Private set. Ultimately that will always be the case for our clearest channels, even when the aim is for the Akashic Records set. We offer this differentiation only for your consideration and for your process of validation and discernment, not as a means to describe a hierarchy among channels. With this awareness in place, it would probably become easier to discern which channels depend upon physical plane cues for interpreting the Personality, which ones depend on your feedback for intuiting your Overleaves, and which ones simply leave it to us. [Geraldine] those needing photographs would seem to depend on physical plane clues Michael Entity: We would also say that accessing the Akashic Records is only a painstaking task for the Personality and Essence still incarnating. It is not complicated for us to access it. Our channels simply relay from the work that we do, and are not a part of the process. [ChrisLeBlanc] or when I was asked what i thought mine were first, that channel's were probably public overleaves Michael Entity: The more physical plane cues our channel uses, the more it is the channel intuiting or interpreting the Overleaves, which is just as valid and can be just as accurate as letting us convey our perception. [ChrisLeBlanc] oh, i had thought retrieving info from the Akashic was in fact a difficult skill your Entity was presently developing Michael Entity: We say that it is just as valid in the sense that it is still your responsibility to validate, and even when we share what we see as your True Overleaves, it is OUR interpretation of the records. You can never escape Interpretation or Expression. That is the nature of Existence. Accessing information from the Akashic is no longer a complication, but we continue to learn how to interpret the records. [ChrisLeBlanc] and expressing that interpretation through channels i imagine too Michael Entity: Access is "easy." Reading and Conveying is a different matter. [ChrisLeBlanc] that resonates :) Michael Entity: The Overleaves are part of the records we started with, so we no longer have any complications in reading those, but no matter how clear a channel is, or how well we can read/interpret, there will always be built-in distortions that affect transmission to a channel. That can be said of even your clearest modes of communication among you, as well. It is the nature of exchange. We remind you that channels who rely on physical plane cues and intuition does not preclude them from accuracy in discerning what would be your True Overleaves, especially if there is little discrepancy and division within you. We only differentiate this set as 'true' as they exist with or without your approval or acceptance, and include the Public and Private Facets as potential support rather than as troublesome nuisances. To conclude here, we will remind you of the most important part of what we have shared tonight: Your Essence Role gains wholeness BECAUSE of all of its parts (lifetimes/personalities), as you gain wholeness BECAUSE of all of the ways you experience yourself, see yourself, and find yourself reflected from others. And when you find yourself reduced to a PART, a Role, remembering that this contributes to the Whole may help you to lose your sense of being consumed by that role, or imposed upon, or trapped within. Allowing for you to more joyfully and easily slip into your next context, role, or part. In the same way that YOU exist within your Essence, rather than the other way around, so do the roles you find yourself in exist within the greater (or true) YOU, and not the other way around. And finally: gently consider moving beyond the concept of "Being Yourself," and into the concept of "Being Everything." Because by now, you have been. And many of those whom you find the most challenging are opportunities to gain more understanding about yourself, and to embrace parts of the experiences of your world that have been the most difficult to embrace. We have a different kind of humor than when incarnated, but we do find it "funny" that most of the most annoying of personality types and soul ages that our students find challenging now were some of their very own favorite personality types or soul ages. At some point, your Essence thought it would be interesting to revisit those Personality types and soul ages, and as you embrace more of your Essence, your life moves in directions originally intended by Essence. We know that many of our students can be condemning of the most obnoxious of teenagers, for instance, while having been one themselves within this same lifetime. If the same personality can forget within a lifetime, we point out that it cannot be expected of you to "remember' that some of the more difficult people around you are also a part of your "past." We will conclude here.
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