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Found 6 results

  1. [Excerpt from a private session on January 15, 2015] Question: What remaining issues need to be addressed in order to close out the Fourth Internal Monad? MEntity: There are almost always two elements that remain "floating" that extend this Internal Monad when one is "so close" to successful closure. These elements are part of the entire point of the Internal Monad. The elements related to the shedding of imprinting can come surprisingly easier than these final two. And those elements are: BE YOURSELF, and LIKE YOURSELF. These can sometimes be quite elusive. Just when one feels he or she is making strides, and actually liking the self, something challenges this notion and then you may find yourself angry, frustrated, berating yourself, blaming someone, distracted with defense, etc. The ultimate shift that comes after allowing oneself to BE oneself, and LIKING oneself, is that you lose all defense. You no longer react. No longer defend. We are not speaking in terms of responding to legitimate attack or harm. Defense is not a "bad thing" in and of itself. What we speak of here is retreat, recoiling, lashing out, resigning, helplessness, paralyzation, as a means of reaction to feeling threatened, with or without valid threat The "good news" is that this defense comes up BECAUSE you like yourself. So half of the battle is already won. The other half of the battle is when one realizes: there is no need for a battle at all. You can like yourself on your worst days. You can be yourself even when it is the farthest from what you would prefer yourself to be. Because ALL of it is you. There is no one pushing you to be something you are not. No one defining you anymore. Only you, your thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, and responses. If you overreact, feel frustrated, angry, then THAT is who you are. If you feel hurt, upset, depressed, then THAT is who you are. If you feel blissful, enthusiastic, playful, then THAT is who you are. None of it is ever NOT who you are. And when that spectrum of who you are is embraced, the defenses drop because "who you are" is no longer seen as being "caused" by someone else's behavior or actions. Keep in mind that one can BE who one is without LIKING who one is. And one can LIKE who one is without BEING who one is. For example, you may not like who you are in some contexts and situations, but you can BE who you are. This helps you to own who you are, which helps to return you to liking yourself. Or, you may find that you are able to LIKE yourself, but worry that you are not Being yourself. This is okay, too, because liking yourself helps you to learn to be even more than you thought you were. So Being and Liking are not mutually exclusive or inherently fused. ### end of excerpt You can discuss this content in Dawn's blog entry. See 4th IM Update.
  2. This material from a private session was posted on January 17, 2013. [Bobby] Last month, when I asked if I had completed my 4th IM or not, you responded with "we do not think it is completed. When issues of self-as-resource, or self-confidence, are cleared up, we think there may be rapid movement toward closure." Are the issues of "self-as-resource" and/or "self-confidence" unresolved 3rd IM issues that are holding up the 4th IM? What specifically am I doing or not doing that is keeping me from completing the current IM? [MEntity] The only reason you have not completed this Internal Monad is because you are not finished. It is not that you were blocking or delaying or dropping the efforts. It is, simply, occurring at your particular pace. There have been ebbs and flows of effort and retreat, but no interest in closing this without completion. What you are doing that is helping to contribute to the completion is the taking of responsibility for your self as a resource. The definition of "resource" has come to change over time, and the range of value has expanded to include tangible and intangible contribution and sharing. [Bobby] How exactly is it determined that it is ever completed then? Since this is a personality based IM, I would think there would be certain markers one could go by. [MEntity] It makes a difference if you contribute criticism, badgering, bickering, dismissal, distance, or if you contribute kindness, patience, laughter, playfulness, intimacy, ideas, creativity, and sanctuary. Those "things" count as much as any dollar, if not more. Though all contributions will have their importance for specific effects (you cannot pay rent with laughter, for instance), they are still beneficial resources that must, eventually, be appreciated. [Bobby] I see. So currently then the contributions are still weighted a little more to that negative end of the spectrum then? [MEntity] For most, the markers for completion of the 4th Internal Monad might be: One begins to appreciate one's innocence and the innocence of others, and drops the constant necessity for destructive criticism. [For me, I think this was the key] One begins to like oneself, and others, from a gentler stance that does not require defense. One no longer "hides." [Bobby] What would be an example of a way that I still "hide"? [MEntity] One feels as if there is a stable return to participation, contribution, and creation of the life. One tends to find that the life is flexible and adaptable, instead of fixed by any conclusions at any given time. We are speaking about markers for all who complete this Internal Monad, not specific to you. However, in terms of "hiding," this can be quite literal in that one avoids interaction with the life, or a complete indulgence in the life, so as not to truly be responsible for the life. Or, for the older soul, this can be much more subtle, such as contorting the self to match the expectations of others and to avoid "rocking the boat," or dealing with conflict, or hiding through the presumption that others contort to one's own expectations. In your case, we think your pattern was to "hide" in terms of retreat into the self to avoid conflicts or disappointment. Eventually, the completion of the 4th Internal Monad comes with a realization that disappointment is not the same thing as definition, and conflict is not the same thing as needing to be right or to win. [Bobby] The "to avoid conflicts" though seems to run counter to accepting another's innocence. I balance: do I allow them to be testy and nasty or do I fight back when challenged. I think I do a LOT less of the latter, now, but there is still some of that to some degree. [MEntity] The balance is simple in philosophy, but not always so simple in application. That balance is through lack of defense. If you feel yourself getting heated and reactionary, you are in a state of defense. If you find yourself disengaged and dismissive, you are in a state of defense. [Bobby] Ok, I'll keep on working on it. I have the rest of this lifetime to finish it, if need be ### end of excerpt You may discuss this content in the original post. See How does one determine completion of 4th IM.
  3. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Internal Monads] [MEntity] The 4th Internal Monad, or Rite of Passage, which is Manifestation, is initiated by one’s mid-life assessment as a means to determine the meaning of the life lived so far, and then calibrating the life to an updated course or path so that Essence may manifest. Part of that process and assessment means looking into the past as far back as childhood, and in that looking, finding all of the things that you determined have defined you, made you happy, that have fulfilled you as a child or teen, and then nurturing that same innocence in your life as an adult. A successful completion means truly liking who you are, and embracing the playfulness of your life as you move deeper into it as an embodiment of your Essence, or core Being. An incomplete 4th Internal Monad is often marked by an attempt to replicate the life that was once seen as so innocent, locking the person into a state that desperately seeks meaning, importance, and purpose.
  4. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2008] [Question] I want to know about the 4th internal monad and how one would know if they were on the way to manifesting their true personality [Michael Entity] The easiest way one can gauge whether one is moving forward through the 4th Internal Monad in a way that is a positive transition, or to gauge whether one has completed a 4th Internal Monad in a way that was in the Positive Pole, is to ask one, simple question: DO I LIKE ME? To the degree that a fragment can honestly say that he or she likes himself or herself, is the degree to which the 4th Internal Monad is being completed, or has been completed, in the Positive Pole. The Positive Pole of the entire 4th Internal Monad is Self-Realization, which is the experience of being present with who you are and generally liking who you are. The Negative Pole is Acquiescence, which is the feeling of being forced or succumbing to “who you are,” and not really liking who that is. In short, if you can answer the question DO I LIKE ME? with an answer of “yes” to any degree, then you are generally manifesting True Personality to that degree.
  5. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2005] [Tibtyc] Good evening. If I understand the concept of 4th internal Monad (and my life) correctly, I did mine twelve years ago. Or at least started it. That happened rather dramatically. Now my life has come to a halt, like the end of a road. Could this be my 5th monad? The Monads remind me of the acts in an opera, or the movements in a symphony. How to differentiate between 4th and 5th internal Monad, or Monads generally? That is my question. [Michael_Entity] The 4th Internal Monad has an emphasis on REGAINING INNOCENCE, or put another way, Growing Into Your Own Idea of YOU. The 5th Internal Monad has an emphasis on RECREATING YOUR LIFE, or put another way, HAVING FUN. Your life has come to a halt simply for the sake of your “catching your breath.” There are 7 stages to every cycle of growth whether described in terms of a Monad or in terms of a relationship; 3 Exalted stages, 3 Ordinal stages, and 1 Pivotal/Neutral point. The Pivotal/Assimilative/Neutral Point is a point that can be called upon at ANY TIME during the process of the other 6 stages. This allows the Personality to gain its footing after a particularly difficult stage, if necessary. It is also the point in which you finalize a cycle so as to gain the benefits of the whole process you just completed. Some would call this point THE VOID. We agree with that phrase. [Tibtyc] Is the 4th stage like catching your breath? I mean the Neutral point. [Michael_Entity] What you are describing as a “halt” is more like a moment or period of time much like having your foot between two rungs on a ladder; except that you have forgotten that there is movement. With your emphasis on the suspension between steps, you may feel you are at a halt or even terribly ungrounded or non-directional. But we assure you that you are never at a halt. [Tibtyc] Actually the “halt” only refers to outer aspects. And I keep thinking of the do-re-mi system, the octave, [Michael_Entity] The 4th stage within either of the Monads would be MANIFESTATION, or the stage of tangibility.
  6. This topic came up in our recent chat on July 13, 2009, and Michael mentioned that I would include a copy of some information about the 4th Internal Monad. This was channeled YEARS ago, so please be lenient with it. I think I need to go through an update some phrasing and grammar to match my own growth and clarity in channeling, but the gist is there. Enjoy! 4th Internal Monad +self-realization -acquiescence MICHAEL: The Fourth Internal Monad is the personal measurement between what was “planned” for the lifetime and what has actually been accomplished to date, and what might now be accomplished based on momentum from the current position within the life. This is where the Personality and Essence become “permanently” aligned or not. The Essence is either allowed freedom of manifestation or it is rejected as a source. To make simple sense of this Monad, it is the “regaining of innocence”. This is where you integrate the childish aspects of you into the adult version of your life as you have become. If major changes are to be a part of the transition to a “smoother” life, these changes can be drastic and threatening to the Personality as judgment may spring forth that its own decisions from the past were “mistakes”. In reality, the decisions were not mistakes; they were simply experiences. These experiences, however harshly judged, have led you to a place of potential self-realization. It is your choice to co-create the changes (the positive passage through the Monad), or to resign yourself to being overwhelmed (negative passage). If this Monad can be seen as an opportunity to free the “child within”, then much is gained in your understanding of how to remain in the positive aspects of the passage. The hallmark of positive passage through this Monad is in freeing yourself from what you think you SHOULD do and, instead, discovering what you love to do, in terms of external reality fulfillment. We remind you that you WILL move through the entire spectrum of the Monad, Positive Poles and Negative Poles, as you progress. It is as necessary as breathing "in" and "out". Reminding yourself that the point of the negative pole is a means to “look at” what you might want to change, upgrade, or accept, will do much in freeing you from severe reactions and Chief Feature "tricks". Those of you who have not completed the 3rd Internal Monad successfully (from the Positive Poles), you may find yourselves having to “go back” to the struggle of learning psychological independence before you can move on. The 3rd Internal Monad deals with the fragment comprehending their independence from the source that supported them through the first part of their life. It is not whether a fragment still depends on their source or not, it is simply whether they recognize they are not defined by that source. A person who would not pass completely though a stage within a Monad will live within that frame of reference for the remainder of the lifetime. Incompleteness, or Negative Pole completion through Monad 4 would find the person living in relentless self-examination and criticism of their choices, possibly reverting to the past as a source of blame for their behavior. This fragment will always feel unfulfilled. We remind you that this information is shared a map, not as another form of fear to be used against the self. If you are driving through a passage up a mountain-side and we would note that to certain routes would give your more challenge or diversion from the destination, this would not take from the absolute choices that you have. It is always possible to complete a Monad in the Positive Poles from any point within the life. You are never trapped beyond your willingness to progress.
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