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Found 3 results

  1. February 17, 2000 Troy Tolley, Channel (referred to as Otterly in the transcript) Open Floor [Michael_Entity] Yes, we are here. One moment. Tonight, we have an “open floor” and you will take part in shaping the topic terrain. You may begin asking questions in the format set for this forum. We are ready. [Nemo999] If I was to materialize on your plane what would it look like to me? [Michael_Entity] This is a difficult scenario to translate. There are no needs for physical eyes in the Causal Plane, therefore, as a human this “place” may still remain “invisible”. The closest scenario we can come to transferring the experience of the Causal to you is more in terms of your Intellectual “a-ha’s!”… the space where everything suddenly makes sense and is connected clearly. [nemo999] To me dreams are unclear and very hazy–what I picture as your plane of existence. [Michael_Entity] The Plane itself encompasses the Astral and the Physical, with the Astral and Physical simply being more condensed versions of the same energy. It would not be impossible then for you to experience Causality while Physical, but with a tremendous drop in frequency and in circles of realization. To describe it in Physical terms is not possible. It is intellectually based and therefore, as we said, those moments of clarity and insight become foundations and structures “here”. Take a moment one day and make a note of every person you pass; note that their life is filled, has its path and it crossed yours, briefly or deeply. Follow the thoughts that lead from each person and how they must move into spaces that you will never see, filling other lives as well, crossing other paths in brevity or depth. Continue this throughout your day in as solid a way as possible, retaining a count of each person and a brief inner comment on their reality. If you are able to do this for a full 24 hours and grasp the magnitude of your contact, crossings, connections, etc. You will have a moment where you have grasped a reflection of Causality. [nemo999] My picture is of dots of light, sort of a probability cloud of them. [Michael_Entity] A cloudy image will not suffice as a reflection; there would need to be comprehension. This is why it is a goal while Physical to BE Physical, not Causal. We note to you that you will have “plenty of time” to enjoy the Causal when you “get here”. We will still be “here” when you get here, in fact. [MaryBV] For the past couple of weeks, a small group of people have been working with Terri with Motherwave breathing exercises. It appears I have an energy block in my knees. Could Michael tell me what sorts of reasons energy can become bottled up in the body? What sorts of things might we do to keep our energy flowing unimpeded through the body? [Michael_Entity] We would not be able to comment on reasons for energy “blockages” with any meaning unless specifically about a person; the reasons are highly subjective. We can, however, say that on a larger scale this symbolizes where your FOCUS or LACK of focus is. The body is symbolic on a larger scale too, and the location has meaning. You would first determine whether this “blockage” is sensed as having “edges” or if it seems “muffled” and heavy. If it seems sharp or edged, this is an indication of having a seriously distracting FOCUS in that particular area of the life. If the energy seems muffled or cloudy and heavy, this is a serious LACK of attention in that area of the life. The KNEES are an area of the body where an individual deals with the false personality and Chief Feature. In examining this combined symbology, you may find you are either RESISTING looking at an area of the life being run by CF or currently in battle with the area of life run by CF. There are, of course, many other ways of perceiving the meaning of energy when sensed from an inner place, but this is our basic response. Do you have a further question about this? We will respond. [MaryBV] Is it usually this life that causes the energy to become bottled up, or does past life play a part? How does one know? [Michael_Entity] That is a subtle difference. We suggest that if it is coming up, it is certainly relevant within the present life somehow, regardless of past life associations. Each life has its own set of tools and parameters, even if some of its impetus and motivation stem from the “past”. It is always most meaningful to search your present first. The “past” may make more sense of its intensity or history, broadening the contexts, but only THIS life will find its solution. [mamajo] A while back in public chat, you said that to connect with the energy of our entity, we should try to visualize a “Michael central” in a type of meeting house. When I did this, I connected directly with your channel Otterly (who is an entity mate of mine), could you re-define the process for me, perhaps I was doing it wrong. [Michael_Entity] Are you speaking of connecting with your own entity, or us? [mamajo] Well, the context I understood it to be was my own entity, which would allow sharing and learning to take place. I’m not referring to channeling per-se, just connecting to the energy stream to aid in learning. I think I understood it to be analogous to astral school to be. [Michael_Entity] In either case, you were not “doing it wrong”. In fact, what you have energetically and symbolically deemed Otterly IS a “type of meeting house”. You can be more specific in your design, changing this to a literal visual house, or allow your inner picture to be what is more easily recognizable as a resource. By connecting to “Otterly”, this symbol can act as a very meaningful conduit, in this case for your own Entity OR in connection with us (since Otterly is connected to both). If you are distracted by your symbol of the “meeting house”, it is up to you to simply change that symbol. Otherwise, it is valid. [mamajo] Ok, so I didn’t do it wrong then, I thought I had done a “bad thing” there impinging on a “person's energy place”. [Michael_Entity] That is not a possibility. When you “call” on someone, even if specifically, the aspect you call to you, the energy that makes that up, is but an extension of the energy, specifically for you. It has no bearing on the core source and its experience of itself. This is why it is possible to dream of someone intimately without that dream being “shared” or remembered together and how you can “meet” Astrally without both having to be asleep. [Peepo] Why is the period of history we are living in like that of Caesar Augustus? [Michael_Entity] There are many parallels to that time frame, from the dynamics of Government to the culture, from the distribution of wealth, to the methods of taxes and welfare. That is a large topic and one with which we can delve into as a specific when the forum is focused entirely on the topic. We will say that the disruption of your leaders in the U.S. is the most important parallel having to be dealt with. The crux of this disruption has not come full circle yet. We will also note that this channel is not one of our best historians, therefore we are limited here. The parallels in culture are in the celebrations of art and creativity, freedom of expression, and an emphasis on peace. It is also in the development of care for all, not just the wealthy, including free basics in terms of shelter and food and clothing. These things are progressively becoming accessible in the U.S. We do have much more to say on the topic. We will continue at another time. [Deb] Will Michael explain the difference between want and need? [Michael_Entity] We find the differences between WANT and NEED to be profound: WANT is anything you are choosing consciously to ADD to your life, while NEED is anything you seek to FILL or SUSTAIN your life. There are certain areas of your life that are defaulted “pockets” seeking to be filled; these are NEEDS (food, shelter,…) There are certain areas of your life where a foundation is built and additions are sought (such as more relationships, more money, more or anything…), and that seeking is a WANT. There are always NEEDS and WANTS in a life and both add to the sense of searching in a life. NEEDS will always seek to be fulfilled first, at any cost. If they are not met, WANTS then become “dreams” unfulfilled or desperation, longings. [HectorO-C] I wanted to know if an update on the manifestation of the Infinite Soul was possible. [Michael_Entity] Since the beginning of this year, we have seen a tremendous drop in activity around preparations for a manifestation. The Infinite Soul will only manifest in a parallel or time frame when the Sentience is lacking direction and seeks assistance. A “surprising” factor in the last Nexus is in the detailed filtering of reality options that were leading toward more disintegration. This has created a lull in assessment, a pause, to see what humans will create over this year. It appears your species seeks more integration “on your own” than you might have anticipated. The novelty of having a manifestation may be exciting, but the indication that your species and the planet are transiting in Soul Age with little incidence is equally exhilarating to the soul. This can be likened to a teenager whose “father” threatens to pull over to make a point, but then the teenager making its own efforts to grow and communicate. So our update as far as we can see is a holding pattern. We will comment as this unfolds. [Barry] I am asking as proxy for another…. I am concerned with the future generations to come of our young. I believe that many are on the way to faster enlightenment, but still many are having a hard time. How could we as parents and adults help? I have a few ideas but perhaps you might validate or advise something? [Michael_Entity] Each generation of youth, as they mature and reach adulthood, has the same reaction to seeing the following generations of youth. What we would suggest is trusting in their processes. Those before you feared for you and you “survived”. This will not change for the next generation after you. This is more about your maturing than anything else; it is natural and part of your own growth. There is no “faster enlightenment” available now than there was before. We are unclear as to what you refer. The most any parent or adult can do is BE adults and parents, not seek to be saviors or heroes. Realizing your knowing more about the world and your place in it has made you no more or less “safe” will free you to shine as examples of trust, rather than teaching fear and false needs for protection and guidance. By assuming the children are in some form of vague danger in the world, this will be what is taught in your actions, if reaching out with that in your hands. Instead, seek the details of each child’s hopes, dreams, and levels of creativity and trust them, allow them to run with it. Provide as much childhood as possible, full of fun and activity and expression. Many of you interfere with a child’s natural development of confidence and competence by seeking to undermine them with good intentions. A child is as intelligent in its desires as you are. The greatest thing you can do collectively as adults is rally for changes in the educational systems. This is one of our own agendas and we are working with many in the system to change this. It is one of our intentions to redesign the contexts for education. This then is the only real tangible action that can be taken in terms of “generations”. If it is not your “calling”, then your only tangible action can be in creating a sanctuary for your children, creating lines of freedom for their expression, acting as examples of trust in life. In truth, each generation continues to “have it better” than the last. This has been the case for some time. We would not be here otherwise, ourselves. There must be an element of prosperity and peace in the environment for us to work with a channel and speak to masses. Otherwise, all are tending to Needs. [MaryBV] I am under the impression that a person’s aura fluctuates and changes quite a bit. Do the roles in essence have certain signature colors? Does your frequency have any determination in the color of the aura? [Michael_Entity] Yes, you are correct. Each Role can be said to resonate with the colors commonly attributed to the Chakras. It takes some practice to specifically “see” that level, but it can be done. Frequency creates the “hue” of that color. We remind you that as you are Physical, it is impossible to “see” another’s Aura without the colors of your own being used as a filter. If you hold a red film up to yellow, you will get a completely different color than if you held up a blue filter to yellow. Keeping that in mind, you may have to calibrate or adjust your perceptions so they can be interpreted properly. We will conclude here.
  2. NWM - Jun 20, 2015 - Generational Karma Start Time: 10:30 PDT MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. A generation is an approximate span of 20 years. Those who share in being a part of a generation are those who share in a fairly significant event that occurs collectively during one's 3rd and 4th Internal Monads. The topic of collective karma, or generational karma, is quite vast, so what we will focus on today are the more relevant and current generations alive as students. We can extrapolate from there in further exchanges regarding historical generations. Encompassing the concept of generations is a larger collective construct that we will refer to as AGES. Every "AGE" is comprised of 4 Generations. AGES progress in CYCLES. These Cycles correlate to the primary (and familiar) Axes of Inspirational, Moving, Expressive, and Assimilation. In that order. Every Generation, then, is defined by their unique progression through these Cycles. Cycles repeat in every Age, with 4 Cycles per Age, but Ages progress in sets of 5 that correlate to the Soul Ages. For example, one could be born during a BABY AGE in the MOVING CYCLE. Keep this in mind when looking at your past lives, or the current life, in terms of your collective identity/generation. As with every form of relevant term or description of who you are in a lifetime, as part of a collective, in a body, as Essence, etc. one may or may not feel defined by these terms or descriptions. And that leads us to the "Karma" part of the phrase Generational Karma. There are collective Karma that are shared on scales that are often only ever dealt with subconsciously or unconsciously, and resisted or embraced. Every Generation will have its INTERNAL and EXTERNAL KARMA. Your Generation's Karma, then, is often defined by two of the Cycles in your Generation. The Cycle into which you were born, and the Cycle during which your Generation is defined. The FIRST and THIRD CYCLES of an AGE are EXTERNAL, and the SECOND and FOURTH CYCLES of an AGE are INTERNAL. What happens, then, is that a Generation born during an External cycle then dies out during its Internal Cycle. A Generation born during an Internal cycle will die out during an External cycle. These External and Internal cycles are either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE in their nature. Every AGE begins with a Positive External, moves into Positive Internal, then into a Negative External, and Negative Internal. So, returning to our example, one may be born during a Baby Age, Moving Cycle, which is a Positive Self-Karmic cycle. We assure you that this will all make sense once we are done sharing the framework, and make further sense when it can be mapped out in a diagram by one of our students. Continuing... A Generation born in a world of External Karma will "come of age" during a cycle of Internal Karma. Those born during a cycle of Self-Karma, will "come of age" during a cycle of External Karma. Now, keep in mind that while the Karmic state shifts collectively between Internal and External every Generation, the Positive and Negative are back to back. So there are some Generations who are born AND raised during 2 Positive cycles, and another that is born into a Positive, but raised and matures during 2 Negative cycles. And others born during a Negative AND raised during Negative, and others born during Negative, and raised and maturing during Positive. Maureen: Michael, when appropriate in this session, would you give examples of some of the more obvious ones so we can see them more clearly. Examples always work for me. Janet: Yes. A lifetime example perhaps. So that we can extrapolate from that example. MEntity: This aspect is important for understanding why one Generation handles events as a whole very differently from other Generations, and why one Generation can be disgusted with another. Yes. We are teachers. We will provide examples, but examples would be useless before we share the framework. We know there is much to take in as we lay the foundation, but that foundation is why the examples will make sense. Maureen: Yes ...thank you. MEntity: Now that we have shared the framework, we can delineate the current Age of Generations, and all of the above will made more personal and relevant. The current Age of Generations is a MATURE AGE. What this means is that the defining effects from that particular group of Generations helps to bring that particular quality relative to that Soul Age to the planet in some way. "Baby Boomers" launched this Age. These qualities relative to Soul Age are not in terms similar to when we say that the planet is collectively shifting into a Mature Age. The latter is based on average soul age of the population incarnating. Regardless of the average Soul Age of a population, an Age of Generations is still Infant, Baby, Young, Mature, or Old. So, Infant Souls will be born during a Mature Age, for example. And when the planet is populated only by Old Souls, there will still be an Infant Age of Generations. We will return to these grander cycles of generations at another time. The current Mature Age of Generations includes "Baby Boomers," who launched this Age, "Generation X" born as the 2nd Generation of this Age, the "Millennials" or "Generation Y" born as the 3rd Generation of this Age, and the most-recent "Generation Z" or "Virtual Generation." To put the Karmic terms into something more personal, we will describe External and Internal Karma as World and Self, respectively. Baby Boomers, then, were born during a Positive World Karma, came of age during Positive Self-Karma, matured into adulthood during Negative World Karma, and are aging into Negative Self-Karma. This Generation would be those born between approximately 1943 and 1960. Generation X was born during Positive Self-Karma, came of age during Negative World Karma, grew into adulthood during Negative Self-Karma, and will age into Positive World Karma. Generation X are those who were born approximately between 1961 and 1981. "Millennials" were born during Negative World Karma, raised into Negative Self Karma, will mature during Positive World Karma, and age into Positive Self-Karma. This Generation would be those born approximately between 1982 and 2004. The Virtual Generation are those having been born around 2005 to present, and are born into Negative Self Karma. What tends to DEFINE a Generation is the cycle that is in place when that generation "comes of age." This is why, for instance, Baby Boomers, who were raised through two formative cycles of Positive Karma can have a very difficult time relating to the generation who comes after who are born into and raised during Negative Karmic cycles. It makes a collective difference. Before we continue, we will ask each of you which Generation you fall into based on the above? Bobby: Gen X Janet: Baby Boomer. ClaireC: Baby Boomer Liisa: Millennial Maureen: Baby Boomer VIP: Gen X DianeHB: Gen X but borderline Millenial DianeHB: Tex is a Boomer AnnH: I am 1957. Late Boomer. Since I am immature, I identified more with those younger. Maureen: LOL!! Ann Janet: Can I confirm: does the Positive External cycle = the inspirational cycle? MEntity: Correct, Janet. Janet: Thank you. VIP: Michael, could I ask you to further describe what "positive" and "negative" mean in this context? MEntity: ViP, we are using the terms in their broadest sense of Expansive vs Contracting. How that Expansion or Contraction is utilized may or may not appear to be, or actually be "good or bad." VIP: I see - in a similar sense as negative and positive poles then VIP: thank you MEntity: For example: the Baby Boomers came of age during "the 60's" and "70's" as a wave of conscious revolution, collective empowerment, and recreation, built upon the positive stability of their birth into a Positive World Karma when the United States moved into high levels of power. This leads us into another layer of understanding the collective cycles of Karma: Each Generation is dealing with Karma generated by another Generation, and creating Karma for another Generation to balance. There are four types of Generational Karma: Reactionary, Disintegration, Collapse, and Stability. Those born to Stability will tend to grow into a Reactionary generation who fights against that Stability. This comes from the Positive Self-Karmic wave that comes with that generation to encourage an overhaul of what has come to be accepted as the status quo or norm. Baby Boomers did this. The irony is that the Baby Boomers, then, must contend with what they end up creating as the new status quo and norm in their adulthood. Janet: Do these types correlate with the types of karma and move in that sequence? eg. external world karma = stability, followed by external self = reactionary? MEntity: Yes. Correction: Positive World = Stability; Positive Self = Reactionary Janet: Yes. Thanks. I’m building the diagram. VIP: so then they correspond further to Inspirational, Moving, Expressive, and Assimilation, in that order? MEntity: Yes. VIP: ok, thanks. MEntity: While a single Generation will have its own Karma to contend with, it will generate the Karma that a following Generation will then take on. The Karma GENERATED skips a Generation and falls to the next in line. For instance, Baby Boomers GENERATED the Karma with which Millennials must now must contend. Generation X GENERATED the Karma with which the Virtual Generation must now contend. So Baby Boomers have generated the Collapse that Millennials must contend. Generation X is working hard to generate the Stability that the Virtual Generation will grow into. Those born during The Great Depression and World War 2 generated the Disintegration that Generation X must endure. Those from World War 1 generated the patterns that lead to the Reactionary Baby Boomers. So every Generation will have its inherent Karma, and the Karma left by another Generation. The reason for all of this, despite its apparent complexity, is quite simple: EVOLUTION and EXPERIENCE. Having this rotational cycle not only allows for provocation of all Goals across all Personalities, but allows for Essence to learn to gauge time frames that are helpful for its own evolution and experience. Civilizations evolve along these same lines, and are born and die along these lines. We have spoken in vague terms over time about how civilizations parallel one another and that there are "corners" in time where civilizations "turn" that line up with other turns in history. This mapping of generations is a start to how that works. This is a densely-packed topic that may require a few sessions for unpacking, but this is a start, especially if one can visualize this. Once this foundation is in place, the greater meaning, depth, and practicality of this information can come through. For now, we must close for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. End Time: 12:51 PDT NOTE: The following link was provided by Janet as a reference point for this discussion: http://www.lifecourse.com/assets/files/gens_in_history.pdf NOTE: A follow-on session was held on this topic. See Generational Karma Q&A.
  3. NWM - Jul 18, 2015 - Generational Karma Q&A Initial Generational Karma transcript Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We will begin. We introduced the concept of generational karma as a pattern of cycles determined by significant events that tend to define a generation, affecting subsequent generations in terms how events are processed and managed collectively, repeating over time. The concept may seem rather complex, and while there are some nuances, it is fairly simple in the scheme of things. A generation sets a standard based on a previous crisis, against which the next generation rebels and begins to break down that standard, setting up the next generation's context of collapse, setting up the next generations necessity for setting up a new cycle of standards, and on and on. A stable generation > Reactionary Generation > Disintegrating Generation > Collapsing Generation > Stability >.... The reason we refer to this as generation "karma" is because the extent to which one contributes to the imbalance for the next generation, you will be born to a generation who must contend to similar imbalances. To that extent of simplicity, we will begin our open floor by asking if you can intuit, perceive, and validate these patterns? FLOOR IS NOW OPEN VIP: I'm not familiar enough with history unfortunately... but it sounds like it makes sense DianeHB: I think I can see these patterns based on US history...but not specific cause and effect DianeHB: Like how the Boomers generated the Collapse (I'm thinking in terms of the economy) that Millennials must contend Yes Bobby: Being a Gen-X'er, I'm not sure I can see how it was positive self-karma I was born into in order to get an understanding of the cycle you've described ClaireC: The Baby Boomers pushed a lot of boundaries, does that mean that we'll have to deal with some of those consequences when we re-incarnate? Maureen: Just a comment. I can see, over the years, that many people have understood this concept (at some level) as there are references , almost "doomday-ish", about what a previous or current generation is doing that will affect the next generation. Responding to Bobby: Many from the "X" Generation were born directly from, or somehow linked to (even as guides) World War II. Those who experienced extreme oppression, watched extreme oppression, lived in terror because of who they were, or who they knew, tended to choose to be born to the Generation who were generating a conscious revolution. The X Generation took this further by focusing on the individual, the freedom of expression, individual mobility and prosperity. Keep in mind that generational karma houses those who contribute to imbalance, but it also houses those who may have been affected by the imbalance, and even those who are simply interested in helping to balance and imbalance. Generation X brought forth the "culture wars" and postmodernism, breaking down the idea of the "establishment," helping to carry forward the rebellion of the previous generation. Maureen: That makes sense The positive self-karma showed up in terms of how the individual matters, how one person can make a difference. It was a shift away from the necessity to band together, and a shift toward owning individual responsibility as a means to bring change. These are simplistic examples, but they will do. Bobby: Thank You! In response to Claire: The way the generational Karma works is not so linear. If we number a set of generations as a set of 4, numbered 1 - 4, then the correlating previous generation would be 2 through 1. In other words, if you are the 1st Generation of a set of 4 Generations, your Generation is balancing out something relative to ANY other 2nd Generation. So, the first generation is balancing experiences from a second generation; a second generation is balancing experiences from a third generation; a third generation is balancing experiences from a fourth generation; and a fourth generation is balancing experiences from a first generation. Your generation may be balancing experiences from any period in history relative to the correlating generation that generated an imbalance. ClaireC: Okay, so it's not personal then? :) That is what is different about generational/Collective Karma. It CAN be personal, but its design is precisely for the effect that is on the collective consciousness. It is one of the ways in which Essences grow and evolve together and bring change within the Physical Plane. This kind of collective Karma can be rooted in race, religion, economic status, social status, geography, nationality, and those contexts act as media for groups of consciousness, not just individuals. VIP: Does this have anything to do with the collective energy that is described in the Energy Reports? I guess that has nothing to do with generations though. For instance, many Mature Souls were incarnating as "Black" during the Civil Rights Movement paving the way for Young Souls to then move forward into the freedom created. In response to Maureen: ClaireC: Thank you, Michael. That's a really good example. There will always be doomsayers of every generation, but this tends to grow in intensity near the beginning and through the 4th Generation of a set. The proof of collapse becomes evermore evident and feeds into fears that are based in limited contexts, such as religious prophecy, material insecurity, etc. During the 4th Generation, there will be validity to many of the claims, however distorted. For instance, the concern for economic structure is valid. Capitalism is dying. It will likely not last beyond the next 3 generations as a standard. "Destroying the planet" is a valid concern. The waste and irresponsibility of a prospering generation set precedence for a momentum of self-indulgence, convenience, and gratification born of "the 50's." "Boomers" tried to rebel against this, but eventually resorted back to the comforts of convenience. This is not uncommon. The planet will not be destroyed, but life as it is currently experienced is on a track toward severe alteration and devastating consequences. So while the world will not end, nor will it end because of some religious icon returning, or because of a rapture, the familiarity of what "the world" is like at the moment is legitimately at risk. Circling back to Claire's question: depending on the degree to which one may have contributed to this through neglect, indulgence, "looking the other way," etc. is the degree to which the likelihood is that one would incarnate during the recovery from the consequences of such, either in a linear fashion, or in another cycle that has a similar scenario. Maureen: I suspect that people my age will die before the "worst of it" and we will choose to be born, in the future, into a world that has vastly changed. That is what I see for me and many of us who are alive right now. In response to ViP: When we speak of the collective consciousness, in general, we are speaking about segments of the whole, or a combination of segments, but it is similar in concept. When we speak to our students, they are not of one generation, or when we speak of "the world," but there is still a collective at any given point in time or location. Maureen: I think that's why we are having Astral discussions, right now, on incarnating 75 years from now in China. So it is different, yes, and similar. VIP: Ok, thank you! The point of knowing about collective or generational karma is to know that you are in this together. That, no matter how divided you are by time, geography, race, religion, that you are working together in waves that generate a reality that has consequences and require responses. You are not defined by your generation, but your generation helps define the time. Are there further questions? PeterK: I believe that Native Americans looked 7 generations ahead when considering the impact of their choices, decisions, and actions. Including their own generation, that takes 8 generations into account, which is 2 complete cycles. Did the Native Americans have some awareness of generational karma? To a great degree, yes, but this began to be lost around the 1700's. This was the beginning of another Infant Age of Generations and Native Americans began losing a sense of history and future, going into a wave of wild abandon, destruction, and unprecedented expansion and exploitation of resources. The romantic notion of a peaceful and spiritual people is true to some extent, but not nearly as romantic as some would have it. Deforestation and pollution rose to unprecedented levels during that time, and the concepts of consideration for future generations was lost. It was a Young Soul wave that shifted toward territorialism, tribalism, competition, hoarding, warring, etc. This wave began approximately 8 generations previously around the late 1400's and exponentially grew as a popular place and people for Young Souls, eventually removing the sense of future and focusing only on the Having. Alongside this was the Baby and Young Europeans invading and spreading within the same territory. By the time the 8th generation came around, the sense of impending loss of a people grew. Young Souls lost their interest in living through a people who were no longer in power or spreading in territory, and it returned to being a Mature and Old Soul population. By the time the colonies declared independence, Mature Souls were returning to decimated populations and focusing a return to collective awareness and empathy. This has carried forward, but has been difficult. The sense of generational karma is returned, but is broader in concept than it was originally. There was a tremendous sense of responsibility before, but now there is simply a philosophical awareness. Maureen: Michael, is there more than one Generational Karma Cycle that is influencing many of us, from our TLE family, to consider being born in China, in approximately 75 years. Is there any connection to the influence of the time of Lao Tzu and the wanting to go back to China, where many of us where incarnated, in a past generation? The greatest draw for consideration of incarnating in China together is due to anticipated access to teachings, records, revelations, and technological powers that would help to return to studies similar to the height of humanism and taoism in a way that brings unprecedented philanthropy to the masses. Maureen: That makes great sense. Thanks, Michael. PeterK: Thank you for that very complete answer about Native Americans. The sense of limitation and eventual destruction, distortion, or loss of records feels important to return to and to expand upon in ways that help as was originally envisioned. And we will be there with you, of course. VIP: Are those plans strictly centered in China, or are surrounding countries like Japan, Korea etc being considered also? I've felt a tremendous affinity for Japan-related things lately that I can't really explain... Maureen: or India, where Bobby is currently looking at. By that time, we anticipate access through artificial intelligence. Yes, ViP. The national and political landscape will likely be very different in ways difficult to describe now, but if the trajectory of technology continues, geographical constructs will be moot. Ideological constructs replace nationality. VIP: I find that idea extremely cool You will no longer be bound to your location. Maureen: NOW, I'm getting excited. :) Presence can be in any place. This is already the case now, but in rather 2-dimensional ways. The shift into 3-dimensional access to anywhere changes everything. VIP: Michael, by artificial intelligence, did you mean direct access to you on the causal plane, via AI? Or did you mean access to the records that were lost? (I remember in another transcript you mentioned that machines had been developed in other parallels, I think, that could "channel" from the causal.) ViP, entire databanks of our teaching can be stored in artificial intelligence and communicated in ways that are similar to channeling, but if the leap in quantum sciences comes as anticipated, it would allow for our access to manipulate the artificial intelligence in ways that builds upon that database so that new information can come through, based in extrapolations. VIP: OK, I'm not sure I can quite imagine that but I'm double excited now :-) Artificial intelligence will likely gain the capacity to learn, but this will not give us access. What will give us access is a network based in what might currently be anticipated as "quantum entanglement." We can work with that. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. VIP: Thank you Michael and Troy Maureen: Thank you Michael and Troy!! PeterK: Thank you, Troy. Your abilities are amazing. ClaireC: Thanks to all who contributed to these great questions and answers DianeHB: Thank you Michael and Troy! Bobby: So much to look forward to. It's easy to see why we come back again and again and again :-)
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