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  1. NWM - Feb 21, 2015 - 7 Stages of Goal Channel: Troy Tolley 09:14:40 AM MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. Today we are asked to delineate the Goals in terms of measuring one's progression toward a state of fulfillment. To understand the nature of the Goal as an Overleaf, one must understand that there is no end to it, no final state, no ultimate state. There are only polarities, which describe a more objective state, and then there is your experience of those polarities, which are more subjective states. If there were an ultimate state, a Goal could only be used a few times across a few lifetimes. Because there are objective states, the nature of the Goal can be mapped and understood, but because there are subjective states, the same Goal for different people in different lifetimes can bring very different results and experiences. The polarities you see described by our system is objective. Any Soul Age and any Role can use that map for understanding the nature of the Goal. So, Acceptance will always have Agape as a positive pole and Ingratiation as a negative pole for all Roles and Soul Ages. But what "Agape" looks like, feels like, and IS for the Young Soul is very different from what it looks like, feels like, and IS for the Old Soul, because of the subjective state. And even among Old Souls, Agape can bring different experiences because of that subjectivity. So what we will describe today is an elaboration on the objective state because all of you can use that for understanding where you are in the fulfillment of your Goal. To fully understand the nature of a Goal, you must think in terms of a wheel within a wheel. Imagine a circle within a circle, or a donut, if you are so inclined. The inner wheel would be the mapping of the negative pole. The outer wheel would be the mapping of the positive pole. The space between the circles, or the dough of the donut, is the Goal, itself, or the neutral state. For some of our versed students, this mapping might make sense in that the Positive Pole will always be inclusive of the Negative, while the Negative will be restricted and exclusive of the Positive. There is no way for either pole not to be connected, but one is "inside" the other. The donut HOLE, if you will, is a kind of negative space, then. If we are inadvertently encouraging snacking, feel free to do so; the visuals will help. Bobby: lol DianeHB: LOL MEntity: Rather than seeing the Goal as a progression of steps that lead to an end, the Goal is more like a gear that either runs smoothly, or does not. It is your key to your motivation for the lifetime. It is how you use the fuel of experiences. The inner wheel/negative pole, then, is more like a gear that rotates and has a positive wedge, negative wedge, and neutral wedge. We know we are mixing metaphors and analogies, but it is rather necessary. There is no point in the life beyond the first 7 years when the Personality is not working on the Goal. But there does tend to be a "beginning," and that beginning tends to be within that inner gear, or negative pole. The positive and negative wedges of that inner gear are extremes. They are not polarities, but extremes in terms of how that negative gear/pole is functioning. The positive wedge is how that extreme shows up in the outer world, and the negative wedge is how that extreme affects the inner world. The neutral here is how one either brings balance to those extremes, or gets stuck in that gear/pole. GeraldineB: I really don't understand your analogy of using wedges -- the wheels are a good visualization, though MEntity: We are using the gear within a gear, and the parts of each gear because the fulfillment and experience of the Goal is not linear, and one's extremes "rotate" in terms of experiences from one extreme to another and into being stuck or balanced. The gears are always moving. We will build upon and replace this clunky visual in a few moments, but this is an important part of the foundation for understanding what we will share later. Beyond the negative gear/pole and its internal/external extremes and balance/locking parts, there is the Goal, itself. The dough of the donut. Or the space between the inner and outer wheels/gears. No matter where one is in terms of emphasis on the gears, the Goal is present, in effect. Whether one is in Ingratiation or Agape, it is still ACCEPTANCE. In other words, no matter how poorly one is fulfilling Acceptance or how well one is Accepting, the work is still being done on Acceptance. The outer circle/gear, also, has its extremes, its three parts/wedges that reflect the extremes in affecting the outer and inner world. And the balance. GeraldineB: ok -- I "got" wedges finally -- like a pie-chart -- sections of the round MEntity: Yes GeraldineB: I was thinking of a different type of wedge :) MEntity: NOW. To simplify and streamline all of the above, we ask you to toss all of those visuals aside. The gears and donut were only to point out the circular dynamic of each part, and how these function in non-linear ways. We may return to those visuals, but below will be a much cleaner way of understanding how the Goal is mapped, keeping in mind that it is NOT NECESSARILY LINEAR. Continue with the visual of concentric circles, or circles within circles, and this is the order in which a Goal can best be understood and mapped for personal assessment, We will list from the inner-most circle to the outer-most circle. 1 - INNER NEGATIVE EXTREME; 2 - BALANCE or LOCK; 3 - OUTER NEGATIVE EXTREME; 4 - GOAL; 5 - INNER POSITIVE EXTREME; 6 - BALANCE/LOCK; 7 - OUTER POSITIVE EXTREME What tends to be the progression through a Goal is Inner Negative/Outer Negative, Lock/Balance, Inner Positive/Outer Positive, Lock/Balance. This progression is only in terms of introduction through the Goal, but not a linear path that ends. In other words, one will tend to "enter" through the Inner Negative, and then move to the Outer Negative, find herself Locked in the Negative Pole, and eventually find Balance that moves her into Inner Positive Extremes, etc. but she may now easily cycle back to an Inner Negative extreme. ViP2: Is there an inner balance/lock (number 2) and an outer balance/lock (number 6), which are separate? Or are 2 and 6 the same state? MEntity: Visaish, they are different. When locked, they are separated. When in balance, they are connected. So, for example, if one finds balance between the negative extremes, she can now "slide" into the balance of the positive extremes. It may be more accurate to describe "balance" as "resolution." When there is a lock in place, the Goal functions like a gear that is stuck. Motivation starts to halt, and the effort required for moving forward tends to exponentially grow. ViP2: OK thanks, that helps MEntity: When there is resolution, or balance, the gears move again. Since we have used Acceptance as an example, we will delineate Acceptance, first. Though we expect further elaboration upon the terms shared, we will cover them quickly here so that they are on record. Elaboration can come over time. Corresponding to the concentric circles mapped above, we will delineate each Goal now. ACCEPTANCE Inner Negative = EMPTINESS LOCK/BALANCE = INGRATIATION Outer Negative = DESPERATION GOAL – Acceptance Inner Positive = BLIND PERMISSION BALANCE/LOCK = AGAPE Outer Positive = AMORPHOUS LOVE Before continuing to the other Goals, we will elaborare upon the circles above so that the later Goals can benefit from the understanding. Inner Negative Extreme is the very prompt that a fragment will use to launch into a lifetime of Acceptance. This is Emptiness. The most extreme negative of Acceptance is prompted by a sense of emptiness, no form, and s drive to create or discover that form. This is on an inner level and may or may not affect anyone else. When it shifts toward a negative outer extreme, it shifts into Desperation. Both Emptiness and Desperation are parts of Ingratiation, which is the idea that love must be found, earned, deserved. While Ingratiation is the Negative Pole of Agape, it can either be LOCKED or used as a means of passage into the Positive Pole. It may be helpful to think of this in terms of LOCKED/UNLOCKED rather than Locked/Resolution, but both will work because in order to unlock, one must ACCEPT this state of Ingratiation. As soon as one owns his state of Ingratiation, he is unlocking/balancing/resolving this state. Because he is now moving into a more inclusive state, a more positive state. However, as one progresses through Acceptance, there will tend to be a swing between the extremes of the Negative and into the extremes of the Positive. So as one moves away from Ingratiation, he will tend to leap into BLIND PERMISSION. Suddenly, his capacity to love means allowing himself to be, do, say, act in any way he feels motivated. Everything is excused, permissible, justified. He loses a sense of accountability because he is now "loving himself." And this is true. It IS a form of Agape. It is a form of Acceptance. But it is an inner extreme. He will then swing to the outer extreme of "loving everyone" as long as he does not really know them. Facelessness is one of the easiest ways to love. Again, it is still a form of Agape, but it is an outer extreme. It does not have to do the work of loving. He can then LOCK himself into Agape as Blind Permission and Amorphous Love, never truly knowing the fullness of Acceptance. Agape is unlocked and the extremes resolved when he can love in detail, as well as on a large scale. For some in Acceptance, Blind Permission can show up as loving only one or two or three people without question or accountability, but with no effort or interest beyond that. Many who are in abusive relationships can be locked in Agape as Blind Permission. QUESTION: are each of you following what we are sharing, and is this making sense to you? DianeHB: I think so ClaireC: Yes. AnnH: yes Bobby: mhmmm Janet: I think so. Maybe if you provide the stages of another goal so we can see if we can work it out. Most here have Growth. MEntity: We will move to Growth, then. GeraldineB: I think once started, we're going to need all 7 Goals for our full student body Janet: Well, and at least Geraldine and I would appreciate Discrimination and Dominance for ourselves today. Janet: Oh and Flow for Diane ViP2: I feel that this is making sense for me so far, yes - I'd like to apply what was explained for Acceptance to the other goals to understand more fully MEntity: Growth Inner Negative = ESCAPE LOCK/BALANCE = CONFUSION Outer Negative = RESISTANCE GOAL - GROWTH Inner Positive = STIMULATION/FRICTION BALANCE/LOCK = EVOLUTION Outer Positive = RECOGNITION Discrimination Inner Negative = LOATHING LOCK/BALANCE = REJECTION Outer Negative = IMPOSITION GOAL - DISCRIMINATION Inner Positive = EXPECTATION BALANCE/LOCK = REFINEMENT Outer Positive = RIGHTEOUSNESS Dominance Inner Negative = CHAOS LOCK/BALANCE = DICTATORSHIP Outer Negative = DISTRUST GOAL - DOMINANCE Inner Positive = WORTH BALANCE/LOCK = LEADERSHIP Outer Positive = ORDER Flow Inner Negative = DIVISION LOCK/BALANCE = INERTIA Outer Negative = DISTANCE GOAL - FLOW Inner Positive = DIRECTION BALANCE/LOCK = FREEDOM Outer Positive = CONTRIBUTION QUEUE OPEN: we can now take questions about these delineations, terms, or anything regarding the topic. Bobby: You said: Inner Negative Extreme is the very prompt that a fragment will use to launch into a lifetime of (fill in the blank Goal). Why is that? What is it that prompts this? MEntity: The Inner Negative of each Goal is an inherent quality in fragmentation. As fragments, there will always be these inner extremes. To activate a Goal for a Personality, Essence sets up prompts in the life that will play on those inner extremes as a means to jump start the Goal, the motivation of exploration and experience for the life. Because birthing is a manifestation of that fragmentation, it is easy to access these inner extremes quite early in the life, and even subconsciously. These wane in intensity as Essence evolves, but the validity of these qualities remain and can be used for every lifetime. AnnH: I am perhaps being too literal here. But for example in Growth... The Outer Extreme is Recognition. Whose recognition and how is it manifested? MEntity: In all inner or outer states, the term can be used to describe how you bring that to others, or how others bring that to you. For example, in RECOGNITION as an Outer Extreme, it can play out as either your receiving feedback that recognizes your evolution, but that your evolution is dependent upon that feedback, or it may show up as your evolution depending upon your recognition of the growth of others. In either way it shows up, it is about recognizing that you have grown, that you have evolved. AnnH: How does Righteousness for Discrimination work with this? MEntity: It is an "extreme" because the sense of evolution can often be locked until this growth is brought to your attention. Righteousness is an outer positive extreme because those in Discrimination learn that they truly are often RIGHT. But their idea of what is right can go to extremes in that they consciously or subconsciously shut out insight, input, and challenge. Their righteousness is upheld as a means of Refinement, but it can be locked if that righteousness is locked as the only standard, however accurate it may be. This can be experienced in the other direction, as well, when the person in Discrimination bumps up against the Righteousness of others. That input of Righteousness can either call into question that person's sense of Right, or prompt an impasse if that person's own Righteousness is upheld without flexibility. Are these making sense? Janet: yes ClaireC: They are to me. AnnH: Yes. AnnH: It helps to see the movement--how it slides around and is NOT linear. Janet: In general I think I recognize the states of Dominance. I just want to clarify one thing: For Acceptance you said that to unlock the negative pole, "one must ACCEPT this state of Ingratiation". Did you use the verb ACCEPT because the goal was Acceptance? For example, does the verb change to DOMINATE for Dominance? (Dominate a state of Dictatorship?) Or does the word ACCEPT apply to all? MEntity: The verb changes. Janet: Somehow that seems right. I can’t explain it, but this makes sense to me — at least in terms of my own goal of Dominance. MEntity: We will elaborate: DOMINANCE is the process of learning to use influence and presence. When you are in Chaos or Distrust, you are in extremes and Dictatorship seems to be the answer, or imposing absolute authority. To unlock oneself from Dictatorship, you must INFLUENCE, not CONTROL. You must DOMINATE your Dictatorship, or bring your presence and influence back into the picture rather than locking yourself away from the chaos and distrust through control or absolutes. In other words, take control over your control. Does this make sense to you? Janet: Oh yes. Absolutely. MEntity: We will conclude with this final question, and complete the delineation of the Goals outside of this exchange. ViP2: hi Michael - can you provide similar elaboration for Growth as you just did for Dominance in response to Janet's question? MEntity: Yes, we can. ViP2: Would you, then? :-) MEntity: GROWTH is the process of learning how to create meaning. When you are in Escape or Resistance, you are in CONFUSION. Or, rather, when you are Resistant or seeking Escape, CONFUSION seems to be the answer or solution. CONFUSION is the rejection of the consequences of choice. As long as you are confused, you cannot be held accountable for your choices. That is the theory, at least, when in the negative pole. Confusion can come when one does not like the choices from which to choose, or when one has generated so many directions of choice, it is terrifying to choose. To unlock oneself from Confusion, it can be helpful to GROW UP. GROWTH is all about creating meaning, but there is responsibility in the creation of meaning, so Growth is also about owning one's responsibility. In other words, your confusion is your own, not that of someone else's. Your confusion is yours to resolve, not to use for hiding until someone else makes your choices for you. So if you think in terms of GROW UP, this helps one to make even the most incremental of moves toward responsibility and this is Evolution. Does this make sense to you? ClaireC: Yes, it does. AnnH: Yes indeed. ViP2: Partly, but it feels like a fine line between growing up "from the inside", and growing up based on external/societal expectations. ViP2: Or not a fine line, but something that would require constant attention to not fall into. The latter wouldn't really be growing up, I think. ViP2: The former being growing up based on what one really wants, not what is expected from the outside. ViP2: Otherwise, it does make sense. MEntity: That may be because of the charged phrasing. We are not stating it as a shaming, but as a way to use the term GROWTH as a verb in helping you move out of Confusion. By "GROW UP" here we mean that YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE. USE IT. EVEN IF THAT CHOICE IS NOT TO CHOOSE. IT IS A CHOICE, AND YOU OWNED IT. AND THAT IS EVOLUTION. Did that help clarify? ViP2: Yes. I feel that I get that and it is inclusive, and not narrow in focus. ViP2: Yes, thank you Michael ClaireC: Excellent definition of Growing up. MEntity: We know Troy expected a linear delineation of the Goals in a way that could help navigate progress, but Goals do not function in such a way. We think our delineation will help each of you to understand the broad variations of how you have progressed in your Goal, cycled through, moved around, and how better to take actions to your liking and benefit so that your motivations runs smoothly. ViP2: Do the other overleaves/role/casting function in a similarly nonlinear way (for future questions?) MEntity: Each functions differently, and each is worth exploring in their delineation. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here, for today. 12:26:47 PM [Edit: added by Troy - Submission and Re-Evalutation] Submission Inner Negative = INVISIBILITY LOCK/BALANCE = SUBSERVIENCE Outer Negative = OBSESSION GOAL - SUBMISSION Inner Positive = FAITH BALANCE/LOCK = DEVOTION Outer Positive = INVESTMENT Re-evaluation Inner Negative = LONELINESS LOCK/BALANCE = WITHDRAWAL Outer Negative = REPELLING GOAL - RE-EVALUATION Inner Positive = SEDENTARY BALANCE/LOCK = SIMPLICITY Outer Positive = SENSITIVITY
  2. May 9, 1999 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you, we are here. One moment. We will get started with the “energy weather report” for the next couple of weeks, then take questions from the floor… Although we will be sharing what we see ahead as part of your patterns, we will bring to your attention that they are not “new” patterns, they are extensions of what each of you have taken on this year in general as Tasks. We were not able to communicate to several you through this channel in a regular format for some time, but this was not accidental, of course. We doubt highly that many of you would have found our interactions of any significance since you were inside personal intensives of your own. At this point though you are EXITING the work that it appears some of you were doing for groundwork in your lives, clearing paths for more challenging and Essence-driven work ahead. What has been happening thus far is the simple clearing of any patterns that will not work past August. Most of you consider January to be the beginning of the year, but for your Bodies, this is April. In that light, your “year” of most significance has just begun in terms of finding your footing. Over the next two weeks, the Older Souls will find themselves experiencing something “natural”, yet not usually pursued because of imprinting or False Personality. While it is “natural”, it is also unacceptable by cultural standards, but it will begin to hit you nonetheless, if you choose to allow it. What we are speaking of here is “neutrality”; a confusing, soft edged, surrender will begin to envelope those who are Late 6th Mature and Older. Depending on your surroundings and environment, those who are 4th to 6th Mature may feel it slightly, but it will be much more likely taken as depression or resignation. This is not a prediction, simply a notation of a strong influx of assimilation in store for most of you. It is much needed. Especially by those further West since GROWTH is a predominate energy this year, while the East is dealing with SUBMISSION (where to DIRECT reciprocal energy). We are speaking mostly of the United States, but will comment on any other countries if this is required later. As the next two weeks unfold, world events and dramatic events in general will begin to take on a surreal and objective feel. A few of you with whom we work closely have already begun to sense this movement. For those moved by this year’s early displays, and for those with “issues” that have been brought to the surface over the past couple of months, these should be settling and the lessons learned, at least in terms of your own lives. We do not see any of you in situations now that will be of any significance or distraction by August. The next two weeks is a coalescence of energy shared by Older souls to begin networking on a different level of communication. This does not mean you will be spared any world events, just that world events will seem more “right”, more a part of the bigger picture. It has been a while since any of you Older Souls have manifested your True Soul Ages, though it is attempted sporadically. What we would suggest then is to perceive these next two weeks through your “own” eyes and not the “world’s”; observe how this is happening for you. There are turns of events that most of consciousness on this planet has chosen for purposes that will Soul Age propel evolution in a direction that might be considered exponential. In that wake there is great intensity that any Essence’s Soul Age could easily become consumed by, thus disconnecting Essence from the experience while the Personality runs rampant and frightened. This will be your choice, one way or the other, but we bring this all to your attention since these next two weeks will allow you the opportunity to truly manifest your own perspectives and you may find they are quite liberating in the midst of certain events. We do not speak here of doomsday events, although we realize our statements seem ominous. We merely speak of events that False Personality may find quite attractive, while you as Essence and True Personality have other agenda to tend to. Here are some things to use as a checklist over the next two weeks: (these are symptoms of your moving more toward your own Soul Age perspective from a place that is merely a manifested perspective, or an imprinted perspective): 1. disconnection 2. distraction 3. dismissive We listed these symptoms in terms that appear to be negative, but this is where you will first turn as False Personality in reaction to your feeling more naturally your True Soul Age. While False Personality sees those symptoms first, Essence sees this: 1. Freedom 2. playfulness 3. evolution ….respectively. In terms of your Centers, the Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers are being refocused, respectively. In that refocusing, you can appear to be rude, uncaring, or rejecting, but this is only the first reactions of the False Personalities of others. What their own True Personality’s may find in truth is responsibility, purpose, and compassion. We cannot stress enough the minimal effect you have on any fragment’s life by accommodating. We would suggest you follow your impulses. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WEATHER REPORT? [LightsEdge] Floor is open to questions on the weather report. [IK] The emphasis on August … is this connected to the information I’ve been reading about the importance of August 11th/12th? [Michael_Entity] There is an influx of Community Shifts in Parallels at that time, yes. [Otterly notes: a “community” shift is a shift in parallels that happen on a group level, usually locally, in your community or within tribal units like your friends and family] But we are unclear as to the connection to what you have read. The dates, at this point, look to be synchronous. Elaborate, if you would like… [IK] This was in connection with the Mayan calendar, amongst other things. [Michael_Entity] Our own perspective could be considered a facet of validation for this highly pivotal month, August, but we are not using any reference other than our own. However, we do see a consistency. NEXT QUESTION. [Eg] Since i live in Iceland, I would like to know if you have any comment on the energy here in coming weeks ? [Michael_Entity] Iceland has more Growth than Submission, though most of the Older Souls are picking up on the Submission. In general, there looks to be lots of restlessness and this will manifest outwardly, publicly, as in demonstrations of some sort, while the Older Souls observe with interest. We would say that most of the “Weather” we’ve shared tonight would be applicable to you, particularly. NEXT QUESTION. [fg] Michael: “turn of events”…”propel evolution of consciousness in a direction that might be considered exponential”? Comments on ‘direction’? [Michael_Entity] The “turn of events” we said in reference to what is warring between NATO and Kosovo, it is highly combustible at this point. The “direction” is in reference to what has been passed on for several decades now by consciousness as a possibility for exponential growth [which is always traumatically painful to the Personality] and the influx of interest in a larger scale war is back. We do not predict war, but rather that this warring will become pervasive in many country’s lives. It is becoming personal; an Early Mature and Late Young Soul trademark. Does this help answer your question? [fg] yes. [Michael_Entity] NEXT QUESTION: [S9] Is there any different energy news for Canada? [Michael_Entity] First, Canada has more Submission energy being dealt with, rather than the Growth. Over the next two weeks the “weather” we shared is similar to what we shared already, except that several Young Souls are looking to make some impact. A small band of Young Souls have begun a Sequence bringing them to international attention and helping Canada to move to a different level of awareness, itself. In general, the basic “weather” is relevant to you, too. NEXT QUESTION. [lue] what about China, re: war. general soul age? [Michael_Entity] This is one of the most likely candidates for initiating something more “personal” in terms of war since the average soul age involved is Late Young to Early Mature. Conflicts and the voicing of opposition are already being heard. This will be one of the areas of interest for Older Souls to see played out against their own Soul Age perspectives. NEXT QUESTION. [S9] Does this small band of Young Souls live in the same location, that is city or province; are they connected, do they know each other and do they have the same goal or method of bringing this international attention to Canada? Is this in the next two weeks? [Michael_Entity] This is not occurring within the next two weeks as we see it, though we cannot truly predict. What we do see is that they are “connected”, they do live locally within proximity to each other, and they do share the same ideas for carrying out their Tasks. The Sequence is all we have access to and the next point in the Sequence includes a televised minor event that includes one of the Young Souls, a Warrior, making a plea for the search of a missing child. Once this is validated, you may have further questions. NEXT QUESTION. [S9] Are you able to say where in Canada this band of Young Souls live? [Michael_Entity] We do not have a specific city, though it is near Lake Ontario, near Toronto. Toronto will be the focal point. The area of origin is is South West of Toronto. NEXT QUESTION. [IK] I’m interested in the Submission energy and how this can be focused in an individual, not necessarily personal, way. Can you elaborate please? [Michael_Entity] When dealing with the Goal of Submission, whether as energy or as your own Goal, your question to help maintain focus is simply: “Is energy reciprocated here?” We offer this up as a guideline since energy MUST HAVE A CONDUIT. While directing your energy in a specific direction it is vital that all involved, whether this be internal and external parts of you, or between yourself and another, have ENERGY THAT IS RETURNED/reciprocated, IN SOME WAY. We are not referring to “investments” nor are we referring to “manipulations”, instead, in SUBMISSION, a circuit is created and the flow is beneficial and apparent for all involved. When in the negative pole, this circuit is not complete and what we called “investments” and manipulation” results. This is due to the defining factor of exchanged energy; if there is no conduit other than the source, the source can “burn out”, “short circuit”, so to speak, leading to Subservience to self or other. It is the task of those in Submission and those picking up on this energy this year to ask, “Is energy reciprocated here?” or more simply put: “Does this still feel good when I’m done?” We could continue on indefinitely with this topic as there are many levels and facets to explore, but this should provide a guideline for now. NEXT QUESTION [s0] Last week a tourist Duck boat sank here, killing 14 people, will you comment? Was energy cleared or anything like that? [Michael_Entity] We do not necessarily have any comments on this event, but in answer to your question, we do not see this as “a clearing of energy”, though we are unclear as to what you might be defining this as. However, this appears to have been an isolated incident in that all involved seem to have a “block” on any information for us. Information is not available in any meaningful way presently. This usually occurs when those involved are highly conscious of the situation and have immediately implemented assimilation of the event collectively, rather than individual adjustment, then review. We would have more comments later, if you choose to ask. And with that, we will end the session. Goodnight.
  3. ENERGY REPORT March 2015 2015 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year) CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) MARCH brings with it either a lifting of emphasis on the Goal, or an even more heightened awareness of the Goal for the year: Submission. For most of our students, we think this will move in the direction of heightened awareness. [review: Submission is the process of determining how and where one is most beneficial and received. It is a process of determining a full circuit between where and how one is giving and where and how one is receiving. In the Positive Pole, there is Devotion. This is the act of giving in a direction that is both well-received and replenishes you. In the Negative Pole, there is Subservience. This is the act of continuing to give in a direction that “benefits” only one part of the circuit, and does nothing to replenish.] As March opens up, many of our students appear to be ready to own their part in the circuitry or circle of giving/receiving. What we mean by this is that February appears to have brought with it a sense of awareness about what the individual is missing in terms of what is necessary to receive for replenishing, revitalizing, and energizing, and/or what is missing in terms of what is being given for benefit, care, and effectiveness. Becoming aware of these parts of the equation is one thing, and can lead to the mind and heart scattering in several directions as it tries to consider how to implement this balanced equation, but March looks to be about actually working on that implementation. March, then, is likely about your putting into action the ideas and ideals that came into your awareness in February. Did you realize you were putting off pleasures in favor of focus? Were you putting off focus in favor of pleasures? Were you ignoring others as a way to benefit yourself? Were you neglecting yourself as you benefited others? Did you avoid play in favor of work? Did you shun work in favor of play? Did you avoid action in favor of confusion? Did you avoid clarity by simply staying busy? Did you ignore responsibility in favor of self-pity? Did you defend against self-pity through obligations? And so on. The patterns of March may help you to feel a bit more space and time regarding your sense of what is needed, wanted, and what is important to you and to others in terms of giving and receiving in ways that are healthy. This includes even the most trivial of pleasures and the most daunting of tasks. March appears to be a pattern that is supportive of your saying, “JUST DO IT.” One of the issues faced by many of our students is the initial effects of Caution Mode for the year. While all described Overleaves for the year are in effect all year, we do describe these as having “seasonal” emphasis so that the Mode tends to come into emphasis around April. However, Caution Mode tends to stretch out a month more on either side of its “season.” That is the nature of Caution Mode. So there are many of our students who have already begun to feel the effects of Caution, and this may heighten from the middle of March, forward. We will elaborate upon Caution in the following months, but we will say here that as our students “enter” the edges of Caution, they are doing so from the Negative Pole of Caution, which is PHOBIA. This means that many of our students may begin to confront anything that irrational about themselves in terms of how they are relating to the Goal of the year, to each other, to themselves. Phobia is going to emphasize your aversions, your extremes, and your irrationality. As the month comes to a close and moves toward April, it may be vital to each of you that you keep yourselves in check, stay mindful, and help one another to stay aware if you fall into Phobia. The world may begin to reflect some chaos and extremes, itself, as March moves into April, May, and June, so it will be helpful for all of our students to not only keep their sense of replenishment, giving, and receiving healthy, but to rise above any reactionary irrationality and extremes. DATES OF INTEREST: Mar 04 - 06 -- ENERGY SHIFT - HIGH ALERT - This appears to be a window where individuals are snapped into focus, snapped out of a stupor, or suddenly realize that “something needs to be done” in relation to bringing balance to the cycle of giving and receiving. For some, this will simply mean a kind of surrender and a relief found in allowing that balance. For some, this may come as a shocking wake-up, a sense that something has been put off far too long, and/or that a dive into uncertainty is the only option. However this may be experienced, keep in mind that the energy here is all about CARING. It is about caring enough to do something. It is about caring enough to “give a shit.” It is about caring enough to make a change, take a risk, and maybe even break an unhealthy cycle. As for how the world might experience this shift, there may or may not be an obvious event that marks this shift into high alert for the necessary balance required to move forward in healthy ways. Mar 20 - 23 -- NEXUS - CONVERGENCE - a reunion of parallels that had branched around 1999 regarding the fear of technology. This set of parallels have been exploring a move away from dependency on technology, but has since returned to a sense of trust in it again. This Convergence may bring with it a balance between the acceleration of technological impact and the necessity for time and focus away from it, not in “black and white” ways, but in ways that bring balance. For example, rather than being constantly consuming and expressing through social media, time is made for actually reading a book, even if digital. Rather than rendering relationships to text-based exchanges, a heightened effort for using video and audio is inspired so that more meaningful exchanges can be experienced. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MARCH: RATION YOUR IRRATIONALITY - Allow room for your irrationality, fears, and concerns, but manage them consciously so that you are not driven by or overwhelmed by them. The reason it is important to allow room for them, to ration them, is because they are there for a reason, but sometimes that reason is unreasonable, and you cannot determine this if you simply give in to the irrationality. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STOP FAVORING - As the emphasis in March starts to bring to your awareness where you may be favoring one priority at the expense of another, do yourself a favor and stop favoring that one priority over the other. Find a way to give some movement, some action, some life to those areas neglected, ignored, or dismissed. This will help to keep your balance in giving and receiving.
  4. ENERGY REPORT February 2015 2015 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year) CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) FEBRUARY moves further into the Goal for the year, with a deeper look at Submission. Submission is the process of determining how and where one is most beneficial and received. It is a process of determining a full circuit between where and how one is giving and where and how one is receiving. In the Positive Pole, there is Devotion. This is the act of giving in a direction that is both well-received and replenishes you. In the Negative Pole, there is Subservience. This is the act of continuing to give in a direction that “benefits” only one part of the circuit, and does nothing to replenish. As February unfolds, this question of where and how you are giving and receiving will likely come more and more into focus so that you grow fully aware of whether you are being replenished, whether the direction you are focused is even benefiting, and if there is an authentic circuit, or full circle, in place. For most of our students, February will likely shift into a wave of inspiration that feels as if there is positive feedback showing that the necessary circuits for Devotion are in place, or there may come a wave of depression and anxiousness because it becomes clear to you, on some level, that you are not completing a circuit in some way, and that you have fallen into Subservience. Submission is an ACTION Goal, so this is not about just being inspired and devoted in some abstract spiritual way. It is a matter of what you are DOING that reveals your Devotion or your Subservience. Keep in mind that the wave of depression or anxiety does not mean you are focused in the “wrong direction” or on the “wrong things.” It simply means you are missing something in the circuit required for giving, receiving, and replenishment. For example, you may have a long-term goal that aims for success in a career of choice, but for now you are working as a waiter. You feel depressed and distracted as you feel the sense of Subservience. This is because you are missing a part of the important equation. You are missing the fact that your act of Devotion for caring for yourself ALONG THE WAY is just as important as the end-goal. Another example might be that you are in a relationship where you feel unfulfilled and Subservient, even as you know you love this person and that you are loved. This may be from your missing a piece of the circuit necessary to feel replenished. For some, this may be the element of communication and exchange of important feelings. You may love one another, but if communication is not involved, then you may feel this broken circuit. You remain because you do love this individual, and this individual loves you, and you continue to give, but because the replenishment is lacking, you feel in Subservience. For Submission to be fulfilled, one must always look at the circuitry of Giving, Receiving, and Replenishment. For those who feel enthusiastic and motivated, you likely have the circuits in place related to Giving, Receiving, and Replenishment. For those who feel down, depressed, unmotivated, it may be because you are giving where it is not being received well, you are receiving, but not giving fully, or you missing something that allows for replenishment. As February continues, examine the cycles of your giving, receiving, and replenishment, and see if you are missing anything in your circuits of Submission. DATES OF INTEREST: Feb 12 - 15 -- ENERGY SHIFT - BEAUTIFUL BREAK - In a Higher Moving Centered year, there are a number of shifts throughout the year that invite rest, relaxation, intimacy, and appreciation of Beauty. Over this Energy Shift, we can suggest that you take a moment on a number of occasions to just enjoy the moment, to notice something beautiful, to reach out in kindness, to allow intimacy. Feb 25 - 28 -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - a branching out of parallels based on choices made regarding Devotion vs Subservience and the healing of anything missing from circuits of Submission. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER FEBRUARY: ARE YOU MISSING YOU? - Often, when the older soul is in Subservience, it is because he has lost himself to the goal. He gives and gives without concern for replenishment, without concern as to whether anyone is actually benefiting, or he is giving only out of obligation, momentum, and familiarity. It is often the case that what is missing from the circuitry of Submission is himself. He may need to speak up, to step up, to shift gears, to rethink, to step back, to own his feelings, to question motivation, etc. When you are consumed by Subservience, you lose yourself, your point, and can even drown out the recipient. So check in with yourself to see if you are not contributing something to the circuitry. DOING NOTHING IS DOING SOMETHING - This month may prompt some lazy stretches of time, states of limbo, floating, and feeling as if there is not a lot being done. This is natural. This is okay. This is part of the equation that allows for energy to conserve, to move, to redirect. It is okay to embrace these days. Embrace them. The more one embraces these, the more they are replenishing, and not just distracting.
  5. ENERGY REPORT January 2015 2015 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Scholar (emphasized all year) CENTER: H. Moving (default to Moving) (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Caution (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Stoic (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness/Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JANUARY of 2015 comes in a bit quietly and subtly as the build into a Higher-Centered year begins. This subtlety and quietude is helped by the shift into Scholar and Submission for the year, as well. This will likely not last long as the year appears to be themed in Moving and Higher Moving patterns that can make for either a stream-lined and surprisingly fruitful year of change toward long-awaited states of harmony and beauty, or can fall into long-feared states of desperate frustrations and utter chaos. Regardless of which direction the collective consciousness moves over this year, it will likely be a profoundly-pivotal year on a global and personal scale. As the positive state of the Higher Moving Center comes up and out of the default patterns of the Moving Center, it comes like a gathering storm, or in the similar way that sexual and affectionate intimacy rises out of time, interaction, and familiarity. We speak of sexual and affectionate intimacy, a state of moving in unison and inclusion, not sexual urges for stimulation and release. The sexual and affectionate intimacy is a state that is whole and inclusive, while the sexual urges for stimulation and release are simply extensions of masturbation and the use of external props, and while this is not a “bad thing,” it is “negative” in the sense of its exclusion. We include the comparison of the gathering storm here, too, because there is a culmination of various factors that come about from multiple directions that converge to bring about a “storm,” or a powerful force that can be cleansing, destructive, healing, scary, exciting, beautiful, etc. The effects of the Higher Moving Center are similar to how storms function in that that storms are never just one thing, no matter how devastating the storm may seem, and no matter how beautiful and exciting the storm may seem. A storm, like affection and intimacy, includes the “good and the bad” of its effects and states. So as 2015 unfolds, there may come to be a sense of a storm gathering, and a sense of awe and beauty, that is both complex and far-reaching in its existence. If the year falls primarily into the lower Moving Center, the year will unfold as a series of typical activities that represent how one is dealing with frustrations, including symbolic (and literal) masturbation in politics, relationships, and personal goals that simply act as stimulation for distraction from the more pressing issues. We will check in on the state of the Higher Moving vs Moving Centered states as the year unfolds. For now, the build toward the Higher Moving is still in place. In a Moving/Higher Moving Centered year, look for weather, geographical, and environmental events to tend to dominate the provocation for change. This includes ones immediate environments, such as the home, the body, and the most intimate of relationships. As January opens up, the move into Submission as the collective Goal will likely become more obvious as it gains footing. Submission is adding to the moving elements of the year as it is an Action Goal. Submission is the process of determining where your energy is best directed and RECEIVED. It is a process of exploring where one is most-needed and most-effective. When Submission is in the Positive Pole, it is Devotion. It is an active contribution toward something that is receiving the benefit of that contribution. When Submission is in the Negative Pole, it is an active imposition one’s values in a direction that does not actually benefit from that imposition but is only to serve your own benefits, or it is exploitation of your values in a way that actually serves no one. This is Subservience. Subservience is not just about the one with the Goal being exploited, but can be about how the one with that goal extracts false benefit from others, as well. The key here is in the RECEIVING and the GIVING. If the action is not actually being received, it is being imposed. If the action is being taken through obligation, it is never truly given. No circuit has been made. What many of our students will be looking at as January unfolds is if their energy and efforts are being received well in the direction they are being given, and/or if they are actually being given or just being taken through obligation, shame, routine, with no one benefiting. With the Scholar energy coming in, a kind of detached, cool-headedness might be involved around all of this and throughout the year. Even as there may be startling realizations or events, the Scholar year tends to help minimize the drama. In the Positive Pole, KNOWLEDGE, our students will likely pull from experience as a means of keeping perspective, gaining insight, and exploring options, while if in the Negative Pole, THEORY, our students may decide what is true without having any basis of experience for this conclusion, making decisions and taking actions based from lack of experience. The latter is how one learns to make decisions based on experience, so it is not a “bad thing” to be in Theory and to take risks that then gain one experience that can be turned into Knowledge. However, sometimes the decisions and choices are to take no risk, take no action, and to remain locked in familiarity, which is one of the slowest forms of “death” for a Scholar. By “death” we mean that the life force slowly drains from them in ways that become reflected as a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of curiosity, a lack of effort, a lack of interest, a lack of openness and inquisitiveness. These Scholars “know what they know” and that is determined to be enough, even if it is painfully outdated knowledge. And so the year of the Scholar can be explored in such a way, as well, locked in familiarity, lack of enthusiasm and curiosity, distanced from the very life force that fuels you. DATES OF INTEREST: Jan 11 - 15 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Higher Moving Kicks In - The sense of momentum and the “gathering storm” would likely begin to be more obvious over these few days and then stay in effect, unless there is a collective rejection of this and a drop into the default Moving Center is anchored. Jan 22 - 25 -- ENERGY SHIFT - Enthusiasm vs Familiarity pivot - The combination effects of Submission and Scholar kicks in here with a pivotal window that may bring to light where you are in terms of your enthusiasm and use of the life force, or your settling into familiarity and sense of disconnect from the life force. By “life force” we tend to mean “Essence.” NOTE: no Nexus in January HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JANUARY: CURIOSITY IS A LIFE FORCE - If you find that you are losing your curiosity, you are losing your life force. If you are losing your life force, you are rejecting Essence. If you are rejecting Essence, it is only a matter of effort and choice for the return in the direction of the life force and curiosity. When you find yourself dismissing your curiosity and enthusiasm, DO NOT. It is that simple. Even if briefly, allow it. Play with it. Explore it. Even if only in your mind. Play a game of “what if” in the most positive ways you can. WHAT DREAMS MAY COME - Dream activity will likely move into high activity over January as the Higher Moving Center kicks in and stirs up the Instinctive, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers, rearranging and calibrating your Health, your Cording, Agreements, Sequences, and Vectors, etc. Tracking your dreams over January and through March may provide you with some bizarrely wonderful entertainment, at worst, and profound symbolic and prophetic patterns at best.
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