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Found 8 results

  1. KurtisM

    The 7 Goals

    People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help. It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back. These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Goals. The Goal is basically that part of you that you seek to work on, work towards, and it influences what you take from your life experiences. It is not something you are by default. So if you have a Goal of Flow, for instance, you are working on "going with the flow", and that is what you came here to experience. Having the Goal of Flow means you tend to be rather rigid, stuck, anxious and with some amount of control issues, and you are learning to surrender and flow. Each Goal can be reduced to a verb, as it is an action-based overleaf: To Re-evaluate. To Grow. To Discriminate. To Accept. To Submit (do what you're needed to do, where it's needed). To Dominate (take charge). To Flow. So just keep that in mind as you read. --- GOAL OF RE-EVALUATION (Note: Many of the transcripts I used for this summary were posted by a TLE Member that left and has deleted all their blogs since, so I have no way of linking those.) The Goal of RE-EVALUATION is the challenge of learning how to focus, process and work on only 1 or 2 Clearly Defined things, states or areas in life, rather than engage yourself with many distracting experiences. As such, those with this Goal may be more easily affected by the stress of natural environmental factors that are or feel restricting, or by low comprehension levels or developmental delays that bring about a greater necessity for breaking things down to simplicity over building them up into complexity. Re-Evaluation often lives with one foot in another world and is never entirely present in the moment, but rather lives life in a sort of high-functioning daydream state where time flows extremely fast or slow: out of sync with "real-world" events. This is due to how Re-Evaluation intently processes that busy emotional world we all have. The Negative Pole of Re-Evaluation is WITHDRAWAL. The Positive Pole of Re-Evaluation is SIMPLICITY. -Withdrawal settles in when you oversimplify your focus or activity to the point that you retreat from your life force and no longer feel alive. This then takes you out of your life so that everything just collapses, reduces and falls away until you feel comfortable enough to return to it again. Withdrawal is always prompted by a sense of LONELINESS, as you suddenly feel cut off from everything else in your life, living in a state of extreme isolation, or even with mental, emotional or physical illnesses or impairments that naturally, severely restrict your movement, environment and focus. Over time this shifts towards an extreme sense of REPELLING, as you internalize your loneliness and thus reactively draw away from other people and experiences to protect yourself, or find others reactively avoid you. (Reference: 7 Stages of Re-Evaluation) These states will keep cycling until you seek out and create something new that can evolve you out of the Withdrawal. SLIDING When you fall into -Withdrawal, you also automatically begin to feel -Confused by anything new in life. All the various potential paths of meaning and experience beyond what you know and find comfortable are resisted and distanced, because you are confused. To move into the Positive Pole of +Simplicity, you must +Evolve, and Evolution is about CREATING MEANING. This means you must self-reflect in ways that prompt you to see what paths in life might inspire you, or may potentially interest you. This helps you return to and participate in life again as you begin to engage more in the world you live in. (Reference: Re-Evaluation needs to Reflect) Another way to move into +Simplicity is to assess where you are withdrawing into directions and experiences that bring false comforts and keep you -Stagnating. Instead, it is important to take a look at those paths of thought, emotion and action that may liberate you into a +Freer and more meaningful state of living. A shift into +Simplicity means you cut away all the meaningless directions/options in front of you, so you can simply focus on and process those key issues/states/areas you are truly drawn to and which actually matter to you. You simply work through these with a sense of vitality, joy and liveliness that keeps you in touch with the world. As you work towards feeling calm, you open up to a SEDENTARY place in life, as you allow the process of sitting still with yourself and working on your primary focus (whether you do this for yourself, or others bring you into such a state). Settling in naturally also helps open up to greater SENSITIVITY as you become attuned to feeling all the subtle feelings moving through and around you, and try to filter through them to respond only to what’s most needed. (Reference: 7 Stages of Re-Evaluation) Eventually, the full range of Simplicity allows for the care and nurturing provided from around you, or drawn from within you, to create a space for peaceful focus and simply being, and this its own form of fruition. GOAL OF GROWTH The Goal of GROWTH is the challenge of learning to move from pursuing and seeking an elusive sense of meaning in life, to creating that meaning. Or put in other words: how to own your place as the creator of your life, and transform events and relationships into meaningful experiences that contribute to your evolution. (Reference: Growth = Pursuit and Creation of Meaning and Growth is not an Action Goal) The Negative Pole of Growth is CONFUSION. The Positive Pole of Growth is EVOLUTION. -Confusion ensues when you're overwhelmed and terrified to choose from too many open-ended choices or directions that force you to confront your responsibility for creating your life. Or it arises when you feel your choices are (or have become) meaningless and senseless to make, so you flounder & feel confusion, regression and recoil, not liking or uninterested in the options you have to choose from. Either way, you feel you’ve taken on more than you can process and more than you want in life, having left or ignored an ever-growing pile of overwhelmingly meaningless or deeply meaningful experiences to sort through. (Reference: Cycles of Growth) Confusion is always prompted by a need to ESCAPE from the responsibility of making choices, for whatever reason. It could be that you don’t want to make a choice on your own, or you want others to make them for you, or you wish to escape towards a choice that is not available or possible in the moment. Eventually, this shifts towards a sense of painful RESISTANCE because you continually avoid growing up and responding, hoping and waiting for some meaning or opportunity you desire to present itself to you and make things better for you. (Reference: 7 Stages of Growth) Your sense of success, satisfaction and aspiration in what you are doing suddenly feels as if it's failing, and this confuses you. These states will continue cycling then until you simplify and make a choice to grow. SLIDING When you fall into -Confusion, you begin to -Withdraw from the complications that you're actually desiring or needing to grow from. To move into +Evolution, it helps if you +Simplify matters, reducing your range of stimuli to return to your center. If you narrow your range of choices down to the most essential, and find those paths of choice that feel most relevant, meaningful and useful to your life, needs and lessons, you can take your next step. Simplicity is about ALLOWING NEW MEANING. (Reference: Using Re-Evaluation to move out of the Negative Pole of Growth) Another way to move into +Evolution is to realize where you continue choosing actions, reactions and paths that keep you -Stagnating in counterproductive confusion. So you might redirect yourself to new ways of living that relax you and help +Free your mind, body and soul to choose those paths of least resistance. A shift into +Evolution occurs when you draw towards what is meaningful to you, and thus choose what you feel helps you grow. It’s always prompted when you find yourself pulled up against people and experiences that cause FRICTION & STIMULATION, and whether that challenge/struggle feels painful or pleasurable, you choose to let it help you grow, subconsciously or consciously. This then shifts into a craving for RECOGNITION from others that says “Wow you’ve grown so much.”, so you then recognize how and when you’ve grown. Or it shows up as you Recognizing your growth only when you see others grow and say “Wow they’ve grown so much. Maybe I have too?” (Reference: 7 Stages of Growth and Relating with Growth) Both of these states will continue cycling until you realize that you’ve become dependent on the presence and feedback of others to feel and see your own growth. So you must eventually become the one responsible for seeing and fueling your own growth, shifting from growing by proxy, or passively growing through others, towards actively realizing and recognizing that your growth results from your own efforts. You choose to explore, create and nurture what moves you, and brings a sense of evolution, progress and meaning into your life, perceptions and relationships, no longer needing others or life to hand these to you, because you want to create it for yourself. GOAL OF DISCRIMINATION The Goal of DISCRIMINATION is the challenge of learning how to make better, more refined choices for yourself. Essentially it's the goal of developing your capacity to say NO to what you don’t want, but to mean it with integrity and honesty by first saying YES to something you do. Discrimination means setting many limits around people and events you/others wish to accept, but learning to give them space and time to be thoroughly assessed. All while moving away from any conditions you/others have for one to be rejectable, or for one to reject. As such, making QUALITY choices is of prime importance to this goal. (Reference: Relationships and the Goal of Discrimination) The Negative Pole of Discrimination is REJECTION. The Positive Pole of Discrimination is REFINEMENT. When you only focus on -Rejection, you are sloppy and messy in your rationale for saying no. You never consider the consequences of your choices because you lack any kind of finesse behind choosing them beyond jaded reasons or emotional biases. You simply resign from and refuse to choose responsibly altogether, usually because you don't want to make a choice or your choices seem unappealing or ambiguous. As such, you pretty much have to choose by default whatever "option" is left after you've rejected everything else. (Reference: Discrimination - Refinement of Discernment and Discrimination: Negative and Positive Poles) Rejection can also ensue when you experience a literal or symbolic rejection from others that leaves you rejecting them, or at the very least wanting to but not knowing how. (Reference: Distinguishing between Rejection and Sophistication) Anything against your will and right to say NO is met with hostility, excuses, defense etc., so you can come to feel quite pained as nothing in your life is ever truly embraced, allowed and comprehended. Either way, Rejection is always prompted by a sense of LOATHING, whether you feel this about the despicable form you and other people/events are taking, or others feel this way about the form you and your choices are taking. This then shifts into an incessant sense of IMPOSITION, where you carelessly impose your lofty standards of what’s unacceptable onto yourself or others, completely rejecting and discarding anything else, and even anything related to the things and people you reject. Or you continually confront the same impositions directed to you from others, wanting to say no to that. (Reference: 7 Stages of Discrimination) These states will keep cycling then, until you can gain a capacity to say YES to something you want and mean it, rather than always reject and try to find ways to say NO. (Reference: Discrimination: Learning to say NO through saying YES) SLIDING When you fall into -Rejection, you begin to -Ingratiate, conforming yourself and others into positions and perceptions that only ever reinforce your ideas of them needing to be rejected. Or alternatively, you experience so much rejection that you feel empty and desperately force acceptance out of you or others to counteract that painful rejection. To move into +Refinement though, you must +Accept and say YES to at least something in what you're rejecting. You cannot truthfully mean NO, unless you first say YES. For example, rather than rejecting an entire bag of grapes because a few are bruised, you would reject only those that are bruised, accepting the rest. To reject everything isn't responsible or refined, and it often throws the “baby out with the bath water”, as the saying goes. (Reference: Saying yes when you want to say no) Another way to move into +Refinement is to choose actions and experiences that help liberate you from your -Momentum of constant rejection. When you choose those paths and experiences that help you +Freely relax and flow with life rather than try to resist it, you can better refine your reactions to those things you find ugly and unacceptable. A shift into +Refinement means you rise above reactionary rejection when you want to say NO, and then bring clarity and sophistication to your acceptance of some part of what you want to reject, so that you and others can actually work with your intentions. You determine and choose what of your available choices you resonate with by working through your personal processes to understand, clarify and question what your best options are, as well as why to choose or not choose them (with all consequences considered). It could be said you find "the diamond in the rough" by consciously embracing someone/thing. (Reference: Discrimination: Negative and Positive Poles) As you own your Rejection, but then Discriminate its total validity, you realize the EXPECTATIONS you and others hold of each other’s behavior. This is either because you expect others (and life in general) will uphold their highest standards and behaviors while you work to refine your reactions to them; or because others standards, presumptions and behaviors naturally push you towards adjusting and refining your own. This then shifts into a sense of RIGHTEOUSNESS, as you either learn you truly are often RIGHT about your calculations, and uphold your newly refined standards while (sub)consciously shutting out insights, input and challenge to that. Or you bump up against the same righteousness from others, creating an impasse where you question your own sense of right and how flexibly you uphold your standards for what's refined. (Reference: 7 Stages of Discrimination) Both of these will keep cycling back and forth, until you come to see that you’re often too preoccupied with sorting through the circumstantial details, that you overlook or discredit the contextual Bigger Picture. Full refinement and sophisticated choice-making comes when you can sort through your decisions/options to see how they will affect you and all else around you over time and space, and how others choices can affect you and all around them. Through this scaling/shift in perspectives, you can then see who is most affected, who you most care about affecting through your choices, and where/how you can most affect the state and health of your body, self, life, world and relationships towards that quality state you desire. GOAL OF ACCEPTANCE The Goal of ACCEPTANCE is the challenge of learning how to make more loving choices in life. It's about growing in your capacity to say YES to what you do need, but to mean it with integrity and honesty by first saying NO to something you don't. (Reference: Learning to say YES through saying NO) Acceptance means giving many chances to people and events you or others wish to reject, but giving them space and time to be thoroughly loved. All while moving away from any conditions you/others have for one to be deemed acceptable, or for one to accept. As such, creating a sense of COMMONALITY is of prime importance to this Goal. The Negative Pole of Acceptance is INGRATIATION. The Positive Pole of Acceptance is AGAPE (aka. AFFECTION/RESONANCE). (Reference: Acceptance is about Affection) -Ingratiation ensues when you force yourself or others to falsely accept an incompatible or forced truth, while behaving as if that falsehood is the truth. So you either alter your behavior to fulfill other's terms, expectations and standards of acceptability by bending over backwards and doing what you think is necessary to be loved, to please, or be nice and liked (never allowing yourself to be truthful, and always trying to fit an acceptable mold). Or you expect others to accept, forgive and “get over it” when they're offended, regardless of if they actually mean it, ingratiating them to fulfill your criteria for acceptance as the only way for them to be approved (never allowing them to be truthful in their expression). (Reference: Using Discrimination to move out of the Negative Pole of Acceptance and Acceptance and False Courtesy) This is powerless, meaningless, empty and promptly ingenuine, and often done simply out of fear, pressure or rote. Acceptance begins to feel like a damaging, degrading and diminishing thing to work towards, because you're locked in the idea that love and acceptance must be conditional. Ingratiation is always prompted by a sense of EMPTINESS, a state where you sense you or others have no form, no love, no acceptance, and so you embody the drive to create or discover that form/love you or others seem to lack. This then shifts toward an extreme sense of DESPERATION, as your actions are consumed by this rush to hopelessly accept and be acceptable even if it hurts or harms you/others. So much so, that if you’re met with anything against your will to say YES, you express shock, dismissal, defense etc. because to reject or be rejected is too painful. (Reference: 7 Stages of Acceptance) Both of these will then continue cycling, until you can stop forcing yourself to say yes to everything, and start allowing for the expressions of “NO”. SLIDING When you fall into -Ingratiation, you begin to feel an urge to -Reject yourself or others growing within you, eventually acting on this compulsion as you become exasperated by forcing yourself/others into acceptable behaviors. To move into +Agape however you must +Refine, allowing yourself/others to say NO to that which is not in harmony with oneself, so that everyone can stand their ground with self-consideration. You can then better accept and express what's unacceptable, if you first know and surround yourself with what you feel is currently acceptable. (Reference: Using Discrimination to move out of the Negative Pole of Acceptance) Another way to move into +Agape is to choose actions and experiences that help liberate you from your -Momentum of constant ingratiation. When you can step back and relax from the pressure of forcing acceptance to just let things be for a bit, you can create a +Freeing space of peace and calm that may better know and sort out what is actually acceptable to you. A shift into +Agape means you bring kindness and acceptance to your own and other's rejections, while rising above any pressure or obligation that expects of you or them to say YES, accept, or be approved. As you own your Ingratiation and then Accept it, you may release from the pressure of conformity in favor of nurturing a truthful, genuine and unconditional path of acceptance that allows for any NO; all while also clearly establishing everyone's values, boundaries and parameters of what's acceptable and unacceptable. In this way, everyone knows where they stand and can more comfortably come together through or expand beyond those standards. (Reference: Learning to say YES through saying NO) So your Acceptance of all perspectives involved then begins to prove love is powerful and embracing, because it now reflects that you/others can, will and do stand in your truth. (Reference: Goal of Acceptance and Relationships) All of this helps you leap into an extreme sense of BLIND PERMISSION, because with the space and time you now give to your truth, suddenly everything you do, are, say feels perfectly excusable, permissible and justified. You simply love yourself now without question or accountability, and may even extend this permissive love to those closest to you, loving them no matter what they do as well. This then shifts over time towards an extreme sense of AMORPHOUS LOVE where you just affectionately "love everyone" without really even knowing them, because it is easy to see the best in the masses when they’re faceless. (Reference: 7 Stages of Acceptance) This capacity to love on a larger-scale feel far more fulfilling, but it doesn’t work to fully include and accept everything, until you can learn to love on Smaller Scales and work to accept the more ugly, mundane and personal aspects of life too. Agape resolves its extremes when you see the bigger picture and work through the details. Agape learns what to do or not do when choices/actions are unacceptable and harmful, knowing that just because someone is unacceptable, doesn't mean you don't accept them. Put simply: Acceptance isn't tolerance. (Reference: Self-Acceptance and Acceptance is not the same as Approval) GOAL OF SUBMISSION The Goal of SUBMISSION is the challenge of learning where and how your energy and dedication is best directed and given, as well as where and how it’s being received. (Reference: Submission requires a Circuit) It is about putting effort into things that matter, motivate you, make a difference and actively contribute to a personal, social or global cause. All while realizing that your sense of replenishment in your efforts is blocked or fulfilled by what you're DOING. The Negative Pole of Submission is SUBSERVIENCE. The Positive Pole of Submission is DEVOTION. -Subservience occurs when you continue to give & devote your energy in an unquestioned direction that isn't being well-received; exploits your values; or leaves you simply feeling obligated and unfulfilled. So you feel nothing is ever even gained from your efforts. It can also occur when you manipulate and exploit others into using their actions, dedication and obedience to serve only your own interests. You impose your values onto them. This is always prompted by a sense of INVISIBILITY, where you realize the actions and efforts you’re giving or producing are being unconsidered, ignored and unseen by life or others. Those actions are only taken by others through a sense of rote, guilt or obligation; or you render the actions and efforts others are giving as ineffective or insignificant to you, taking them in through a sense of rote, guilt or obligation. Invisibility then gives way to OBSESSION as you try to continue acting in ways that anticipate rewards from life or others, fixating your energy into making everything serve you, or serve another person/thing, until you effectively burn out or short circuit. (Reference: 7 Stages of Submission) These states will then keep cycling, until you realize you must focus less on rationing your energy, and more on prioritizing it. Such is because Subservience is usually unfulfilled because you cut off all fuel for yourself and give give give to everything and everyone else, or you cut off all fuel for others and give give give to yourself. You simply never stop to consider whether your actions are actually being effective, constructive and shared. SLIDING When you fall into -Subservience, you begin to lose your strength and power to -Dictatorship, as you no longer have any concern for how you're acting nor who/what you're acting on, and you simply take blind actions for the sake of your cause, without concern for their impact. To move into +Devotion, you must return +Leadership to your actions, realizing the impact (influence) of your choices and owning those consequences, so that you can direct your dedication or contribution toward those things, people and paths that are more receptive, energizing and reciprocating. Leadership helps you make your next step/decision with a trust in your responsibility for shaping your life, rather than expecting others to shape around you. Another way to move into +Devotion is to liberate yourself from patterns of action, giving or taking that keep you stuck in a -Stagnating Momentum of subservience. Instead, you can focus on those paths of least resistance that “give you the most bang for your buck” and help you feel a replenishing sense of +Freedom. A shift into +Devotion means you actively contribute to an activity or person that matters to you & that can receive the benefit of your caring devotion. All while you also feel effective, valued and replenished for your efforts. (Reference: Submission requires a Circuit) This happens as you submit to the reality that you’ve been Subservient, and so suddenly shift towards an exciting sense of FAITH in those paths and people that could be more fulfilling. Thus all the obstacles that short-circuited you and burnt you out start to break down and fall away, no longer seen as confinements in the light of your love for these new, improved ways. This then shifts towards a sense of total INVESTMENT in that path/person, as you take the time to build up your resources and direction, and devote all of your actions, efforts and energy in the expectation of greater profit and tangible results from your new opportunities and undertakings. (Reference: 7 Stages of Submission) These states will keep cycling as you find faith, invest, lose faith, rebuild faith, invest etc. over and over, until you consider adapting to all the fluctuations in energy levels, commitment, focus etc. that are involved in a cause, rather than just tunnel vision your focus. Submission is not simply about directing your energy toward completing single, elusive causes and achievements. True acts of Devotion always look at how all parts of your life can most elegantly and effectively contribute to the whole, and how a circuit of giving and receiving can be created so that all involved feel replenished by their position in and mutual contribution to the exchange without any part feeling exploited. So the lesson for those in Submission is to learn how to rebuild broken circuits with parts of your life (activities, causes, relationships etc.) that have been neglected or subservient, asking how you can give more fully to them; changing how you act so you can be received by others in a better manner/light; and finding what's missing from your sense of fulfillment that you can now act upon. For instance: you might realize the need for allowing self-care along the way to fulfilling your goal; speaking up/stepping up to return your power to the situation; the importance of communication in your relationship etc. (Reference: Submission must have a Conduit and Submission requires a Circuit) GOAL OF DOMINANCE The Goal of DOMINANCE is the challenge of learning where and how to lead, or where and how to manage a constant self-consciousness that you stand as & set an example for yourself and others. (Reference: Dominance in Older Souls) It is about getting tangible results out of your life experiences, but only by fully owning, exemplifying and embodying those causes/directions that matter to everyone, or every part of you, through your ACTIONS. The Negative Pole of Dominance is DICTATORSHIP. The Positive Pole of Dominance is LEADERSHIP. -Dictatorship occurs when you impose a state or direction of absolute authority or control over yourself or others in face of any sense of disorder. So any straying from or failure in fulfilling this state or pursuing this direction by you or others is met with punishment, collapse, blame, lament, exasperation or a deep sense of guilt and shame. Dictatorship can also set in if you refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of your choices/actions, and ignore the impact that your life has on shaping the world around you. So instead you force scenarios that are not true to be true (such as in something as simple as "I/You don't make a difference"), in order to force actions out of others on your behalf and bring about situations that shift responsibility onto anyone else while keeping you at a distance from what you don't want to face. (Reference: Dominance and More on the Goal of Dominance) This is always prompted by a sense of extreme CHAOS, and the need to frantically stay on top of the disorder and lack of coordination in your self, life or world. Which then shifts towards a sense of extreme DISTRUST in your capacity to lead as you resign and disconnect from your leadership status, oblivious or in denial of your impact. Or you hold distrust in those/that which you cannot seem to control, manage and direct properly: letting this lack of power over dictate your actions. (Reference: 7 Stages of Dominance) SLIDING When you fall into -Dictatorship, you make yourself or others become -Subservient to your causes, rather than a master of them. Your actions are no longer being given or received, and instead are just imposed, and there is no return resulting from your efforts that replenishes your health, relationships and perspectives, so everything just leaves you feeling consumed by a sense that routine, obligation and exploitation are the only way forward. To move into +Leadership, you must bring +Devotion to the process of applying &and creating your desires, and realize what can help you nourish the parts involved in your direction or cause, so that everyone/thing can feel replenished, and move forward together. Another way to move into +Leadership is to liberate yourself from actions and experiences that keep you stuck in a -Stagnating Momentum of dictatorship. Instead, you can choose those paths and relationships that help you relax, recollect yourself and create a +Freeing sense of peace that reminds you can be or become an effective leader again. A shift into +Leadership comes when you learn what you can and can't do, what you are and aren't responsible for, and what consequences can be caused or remedied by you. So you align your thoughts and emotions to own your stuff, issues, wounding, healing, opportunities, capacity to respond and capacity for discipline; all while recognizing your life is always a model and example for others that can inspire them to act in negative or positive ways as well. (Reference: Dominance) As you Return Control over your urge to control, you begin feeling a sense of WORTH in your actions again, as you align with where and how you can be most-effective, worthy and needed in your contributions to life, and where and how others can be too. You come to see that your actions and choices DO make a difference & DO have a huge impact in shaping your and others lives. This then shifts into a sense of ORDER, because you learn to delegate and guide your own or others actions toward the plans and intentions you've established for them; pulling together all of the resources, time and space you need based upon what's at your disposal. (Reference: 7 Stages of Dominance) These extremes of highly structuring your actions, time and energy do bring farther-reaching success, but often don't do the work of Fully Listening to everyone involved to see what may still be wanted/needed. Fully-realized Leadership does not just do things to or for others, but WITH others. It is aware of each part/person involved and their weaknesses, strengths and desires, and then assigns all of these parts accordingly with their pros and cons in great practice, care and consideration. (Reference: Self-Dominance) So you work to manage, support and provide for the people, things and parts of you involved in your aim for success, satisfaction and fulfillment, directing all aspects into a space of Common Ground or Direction of fulfillment that can bring about the best results and best move all forward for the benefit of the whole. GOAL OF FLOW The Goal of FLOW is the challenge of learning how to Navigate & Adapt to the flow of life, rather than strain to sustain control over its speed and direction. It's about knowing how and when to relax or surrender to forces you can't control, allowing for moments of rest and processing when needed, while still working within that by seeing what you can control through using the other Goals. As such, Flow is often fraught with anxiety, stress, control issues and panic. It is a navigation in self between feeling like "I WILL get there." and "No matter how hard I try..." The Negative Pole of Flow is INERTIA (aka. MOMENTUM or STAGNATION). The Positive Pole of Flow is FREEDOM. -Inertia/Stagnation ensues when you feel life is at a stand-still and you are running in place against the flow of events, stuck in a momentum that never changes. (Reference: Poles and Flow) So you feel you're obligated to mundane routines and doing "a whole lot of nothing", or you're simply feeling pulled & pushed in directions that you can’t control and resent to negotiate. (Reference: Experiencing Positive and Negative Poles of Flow) This is always prompted by a sense of DIVISION, where you, life and others are causing discordant divides in your will between following one path/choice/state or the other, or you have to constantly divide yourself to tend to all of life's parts and pieces. This then leads into a sense of DISTANCE, as you either distance yourself from anyone and everything that disrupts and obstructs your freedom to choose, or your sense of success and accomplishment in your goals and relationships seems to distance from you, and it suddenly feels futile to even fulfill. You simply aren't "going anywhere". (Reference: 7 Stages of Flow) You move in extremes between letting everyone/thing else be the navigator while you "hold on" or shut down into paralysis, constantly crashing into experiences and drowning in them. And then towards the other extreme taking complete control over the steering of your life with everyone else "hanging on" or left behind to your self-satisfied choices. (Reference: Goal of Flow and Relationships) You either feel like a fish trying to swim against the current, or a boat being rocked endlessly by the water that needs to slow down and stop and panics to control the waves. (Reference: Going with the Flow means learning how to paddle) SLIDING Flow can use any other Goal to reinforce your struggle against -Inertia or bring a sense of peace and +Freedom. Sliding to Re-Evaluation would mean you withdraw from all of life’s complexity and simplify to the key struggles, reducing your life, activity and focus in order to bring clarity to what you most want/need to feel more free. Sliding to Growth would mean you feel confused and overwhelmed by life’s complexity, turning your struggles of inertia into opportunities for meaningful growth that can free you. (Reference: Flow siding to Growth and Dominance) Sliding to Discrimination would mean you want to make better and more refined choices, so you’d reject various options & directions until there is a sense of resonance to some option as a means of bringing freedom. Sliding to Acceptance would mean you ingratiate yourself to accept your inertia against your wishes, or ingratiate others to accept your momentum against their wishes; eventually leading to the realization that you must remove these pressures so that you can let yourself/others be free and accept their own sense and parameters of freedom. Sliding to Submission would mean you look at what your struggles are actively amplifying & realize where you're exploiting others or being exploited into subservient paths and patterns; redirecting yourself to more replenishing directions and devotions where you can give and receive more freely and reciprocally. Sliding to Dominance would mean you take charge of your life and direction, dictating and pressuring your/others actions, roles and directions, until turning your challenges into opportunities for leadership and self-control that can return you back to a space of peace. (Reference: Flow siding to Growth and Dominance) (Reference: Flow: How to get to positive poles) A shift into +Freedom means you navigate the experiences unfolding in your life, riding the actions and reactions of yourself and others like a wave. At least as effortlessly as you can manage given your circumstances. You Surrender and ask where you've limited your Permission to be, do or feel, so you can find or create ways that you can be/do/feel more freely. Even if there are limitations in place that narrow what or how you can choose, you now have some footing to base yourself on. (Reference: Stuck in Negative Pole of Flow) This pulls you into a sense of DIRECTION, because suddenly you're moving forward again, looking forward to something and sharing this aspiring sensation within your relationships. Which then shifts into an external sense of CONTRIBUTION, as now you realize you can make small changes and efforts in your life that build up over time, creating a cumulative effect. You gain a greater capacity to more confidently navigate any challenges, or you become open- even if begrudgingly- to any new paths that may clearly present themselves or add to your life as an adventure or opportunity. (Reference: 7 Stages of Flow and Experiencing Positive and Negative Poles of Flow) While these extremes certainly bring more satisfaction, they don't quite realize that flowing does not equate moving through life with no impositions, complete peace or a lack of structure. Freedom adapts to & navigates the tides of life by trusting, choosing and creating the path of least resistance: able to change course, aim differently, re-calibrate etc. with great fluidity, flexibility and guidance. (Reference: Goal of Flow and Relationships) Sometimes this means surrendering to what you can't control, and allowing for rest and relaxation. And other times this means taking control, upholding a vision and pushing an agenda. Freedom knows both are progress, and can differentiate between what can and can't be controlled, while still making the most of that. (Reference: Goal of Flow and Passion Mode)
  2. MICHAEL SPEAKS Transcript 110909 Michael Entity: Hello to each of you. We are here with you now. QUESTION: Will Michael please comment on Drunvalo Melchizedek's claims and the flower of life seminar about mass ascension into Christ Consciousness around 2012? Michael Entity: We see this as yet another fantastical, yet attractive, interpretation of a rather insignificant, non-event for the sake of emotional and material capitalization. We say this as a matter of basic fact, and not to cast a negative light on such things. It is quite satisfying to many to have an imaginary end-point toward which to focus personal evolution, and 2012 has been co-opted, interpreted, and hung out as a banner of warning or hope by nearly every angle of spirituality. Simple questioning and investigation can often clarify these ominous predictions to show that there is no validity, so when one is quite willing to "play along" with these scenarios, one has determined that there is some kind of value in that game, or at the very least, a resonance to internal fears that are in need of addressing. As long as calendars exist along with Young and Mature Souls within a population, there will be impending doomsday dates to impose dramatic descriptions for undramatic shifts. QUESTION: Does that mean "ascended masters" did not create a Christ Consciousness grid around the earth and that there will not be a group "awakening"? Michael Entity: We would not be so conclusive as to say "no," but we will say that this interpretation and imagery is rather embellished. Some fragments find theatrical imagery appealing, and the personifications help some to open to support from non-physical guides. From many mythologies, templates are generated from the imagery and then fragments can use those to attract and funnel legitimate support, with entities and fragments playing the role offered by the template. For instance, there is no "Zeus," or "Goddess" per se, but one can use that template as a funnel for Astral fragments and entities to work through. The "ascended masters" are another network of templates that are used by multiple Astral fragments and entities. "Archangel Michael," for example, is not the same source for every group who works with that template. These templates act as accessible, larger-than-life roles within a fragment's life that helps one to connect or resonate to support and forces beyond the immediately-tangible. Even the Judeo-Christian "God" is merely a mythological template. We, ourselves, used the template of "The Sun God" in the Oracles of Delphi as a means to work with our students at the time. Once personification is involved with a non-physical teacher, or source, a template is born and up for grabs for people to use as a medium of contact with entities willing to play the role described by that template. In some cases, that template is used as a means for housing the divided elements of the incarnated person attracted to it. For example, our own name has become a template, and some who claim to channel us simply use that template to deliver their own messages and ideas in the hopes of validating their own perceptions, sense of value, while securing an audience and using the built-in credentials. QUESTION: Speaking of fantastical, yet attractive new aged teachings, does Michael consider A Course in Miracles to be a creation for the purpose of emotion and material capitalization? Michael Entity: We will say that there is personally-valuable information within Drunvalo Melchizedek's and A Course in Miracle's teachings, regardless of the validity of the information, and the use of highly-profitable marketing tactics. We merely responded with a random comment, as requested, and we do see the theatrics of 2012 to be purely for marketing, as that year has no significance in terms of any Mayan Calendar calculations. QUESTION: In Michael's observation/experience are the dramatic descriptions used for the polarity shifts and the earth wobble simply exaggerations for undramatic shifts? Michael Entity: Observations of potential, impending shifts, such as what has come to be known as "global warming," or "earth wobble," or "polarity shifts," meteor impacts, shifts in mass consciousness, etc, are valid to some degree, however, these kinds of events are not on a schedule that can be marked in any way that is predictable at this point, and most of these are shifts that would take longer than any single lifetime. We will add, though, that because of the amount of emphasis on 2012 by such a large mass of consciousness, we do see a high potential for "something" to be significant, though it would most likely be interpreted differently for different groups, depending on their view of reality. QUESTION: This will seem off the wall but I have a reason for asking it: I understand you do not predict so I am interested in probabilities. If an encounter had been planned in, say, oh the next 2 years by what would be considered to us "alien" in nature, it would seem like those plans would have already been put into place due to logistical reasons. Is there a high probability in say the next 2 years of alien contact here on Earth? If so, where would this species be coming from and what are their intentions? Michael Entity: Alien contact has already become a rather substantial part of your world, albeit in ways that are not obvious to the population. There are many reasons for its not being a part of the world-at-large, most reasons being that it is illegal, so to speak, by standards set among traveling species. "Official" contact is with small groups and has a long-term goal that is intended for slow reveal and acclimation, but there are problems that continue to come up for that plan, moving the debate toward a sudden reveal as being more practical. The debate of "sudden vs slow" has been on the table for nearly 30 years, regularly stalled because of world politics that reveal the inherent dangers that already exist among humans toward each other, let alone toward an off-planet species. Your species is seen as extremely vulnerable and dangerous, and nothing in recent history has suggested otherwise to sway the debate. QUESTION: Can you elaborate of the types of small groups? Michael Entity: Though we described the contact with off-planet species as "substantial," we will clarify that it has been minimal in the "official" contexts. The debates are among the off-planet species. There are no regular board meetings with Humans. The "official" contact has been made with military groups, as most already suspect. Tests and observations will continue in the forms of "crop circles" and through observing your media portrayal in both fiction and non-fiction of off-planet species, and various other ways, along with the debate. Those most interested in your well-being are the same circle of species who helped relocate your species here long ago as a means to protect you from extinction. Most of what we are conveying to you is incapable of being validated, so we do not ask you to "believe" us, as we do not ask this of you for any part of our teaching or sharing of our perception. QUESTION: My question concerns overleaves on the Assimilation axis in general, and the Goal of Flow in particular. Michael have said that you can shift from the Negative Pole of an overleaf by using the Positive Pole of the complementary overleaf on the same axis. But with Assimilative overleaves, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which Positive Pole would be most appropriate to consider depending on the situation. Is there a way to figure that out easily, especially in relation to the Goal of Flow? Michael Entity: We would first say that the Goal of Flow would naturally gravitate toward that which would help lead to Flow, without having to be so strategic, so our first suggestion would be to look at your personal history of choices that led to a sense of freedom. This would bring some personal clarity to your natural process. Next, we would suggest that when one wants to bring an awareness to the process of moving from the negative pole of an Assimilative Overleaf to the positive pole of another overleaf, you would ask yourself if your situation calls for ACTION, EXPRESSION, or INSPIRATION. Once that question has been answered in a way that feels fairly accurate, then one would ask if the situation calls for a focused or broader (ordinal/cardinal) solution. An easier way to interpret this line of questioning might be: Do I need to DO, FEEL, or BE something as a means to be Free? And does this require immediate focus, or long-range planning? For example, with Observation: Do I need to DO, FEEL, or BE something as a means to see with Clarity? And do I require immediate clarity, or a higher clarity? And finally, we would say that you could "throw a dart" at your Overleaf chart and any positive pole would be an effective path from the negative pole of your primary Overleaf. One CANNOT go "wrong" in choosing any positive pole for use in returning to a sense of True Personality and manifestation of Essence. ALL Positive Poles are resonant with every other Positive Pole, therefore allowing a move from one Overleaf to another with ease. QUESTION: Hello Michael, I know that several of us here today are Cadre 1 Entity 2, could you elaborate on how this cadre/entity is manifesting itself, what we are teaching in our current global community? Michael Entity: Cadre 1, Entity 2 appears to be manifesting itself, as usual, in the struggle and implementation of Stability over Balance. Nearly every fragment from that Entity over the physical age of 20 has "pulled back from life" in a way that is figuratively holding Balance in one hand, and Stability in the other. All Entity 2s struggle within the spectrum between Balance and Stability, and eventually the Entity, collectively, "gets it" and a wave of realization moves among the members. Currently, the majority of Entity 2 members of Cadre 1 appear to be in a state of limbo, unsure of how to go forward with Stability in "the real world." Withdrawing from life, so to speak, has given the glimpses of Stability that can now begin to make sense as feasible. How to bring that back out into the world of "living life" still escapes most of the members currently exploring this. What most Entity 2 members learn to do is the equivalent of placing two feet on a plank of wood that rests on a ball, teetering and rocking and rolling on that ball, feet planted squarely, and as long as one does not fall, it passes as Stability. However, all energy goes into just staying atop the ball, and this tends to be exhausting, and most eventually "fall" (get ill, have an accident, move into crisis) as a means to just get some rest, because despite the fact that those experiences are often traumatic, they at least offer a stability that is not a part of life when balancing atop the ball. Stability is when the ball is removed, and both feet are, figuratively. on solid ground. We describe this to you as a process, and not as one way being better than another. Many Entity 2 members will gladly state how exciting the Balance on the ball can be, and the "falling off" gives life meaning. Balance is a state that requires division within for the sake of managing the life. Stability is when the life comes into a state of wholeness that does not require compartmentalization, division, juggling, etc. We know many members of Entity 2 are extremists. Extremism is a form of Balance, going from one extreme to another on a regular basis. All or Nothing. Eventually the realization comes that life does not have to be "all or nothing." This spectrum of manifestation described for Entity 2 is not unfamiliar to many fragments who are not a part of an Entity 2, so this information may be applicable to you, regardless of your Entity number. However, our descriptions for Entity themes do describe the inherent, condensed, and consistent priorities of an Entity within a Cadre. Entity 2 of Cadre 1 is currently themed in the reality and implementation of "growing up," or being a "grown up," regardless of the age of the Personality. Stability, "growing up," and manifesting Soul Age, which has regularly been equated with something akin to death for many in Entity 2, is now starting to be seen as something appealing, even if that appeal is confusing. The teachings of Entity 2, then, could be described as themed in "how to sustain and nurture innocence and joy along with the process of maturing." QUESTION: Could Michael please comment on the experiences of Carl Jung as documented in his recently released “Red Book”? In particular, I'm curious to hear about how Jung induced the "active imaginations" as described in this book. Michael Entity: Jung merely observed a natural phenomenon of the culture of beliefs that are inclined toward personification, and in observing this, sought to harness it. We do not see any particular method for his inducing active imaginations, though he does appear to have developed cues to help, but rather he allowed room for that natural tendency in his therapies. This was revolutionary to some extent since these factors were not given any validity before his theories. We will also add that our channel has not read the book in question, so our comments are limited to our access to, and interpretation of, Jung's records. QUESTION: What are the 7 levels of 'true" mastery on the side of truth ??? ...is there a group collective consciousness occurring, as, well, as, a ...collective consciousness of all the assortment of 7 levels of a fragment ...(where one can tap into going back to an infant - to the current manifested age, ...and, even forward to the ultimate return to the tao) consciously, and, unconsciously- ...as, if past-present-future and now, are occurring in The Pivot of The NOW ? or, does love/and, energy also factor into the sum total (since, it is a trine/or trinity) 3 aspects of a cadre/entity Michael Entity: The 7 stages of Mastery would be the same for all fragments, and this might be described as the process that is the set of Overleaves called GOALS, or in words that are more relevant, such as Focus, Refinement, Commitment, Flexibility, Affection, Meaning, and Embodiment. We also add that these are facets, not stages. The experience of a fragment within the structure of Time can use "the now" as a pivotal point for accessing future and past, though not necessarily in any literal way. The experience of Time is an Emotional reality, so when one "goes back in time," one can affect the present by altering the interpretation an experience of the past. It is true that there is "only the now," and that it is a pivotal power point. In our teachings, we simply use the word "choice" in place of "the now," as Choice is the active element in the experience of time, past, future, and present. QUESTION: Hello Troy/Michael entity. I have a three part question that hopefully will be beneficial to the whole group. I had a personal experience not too long ago with the drug Salvia Divinorum. It is said that drugs like Salvia D and DMT take you to a "different dimension" and I was wondering what happened to me/where I went in my Salvia D experience, how exactly these type of drugs work, and if Michael believes these types of drugs (Salvia D and DMT) are beneficial to aid in the process of "spiritual awakening" because my experience with Salvia D definitely sent me down a path towards my current spiritual awakenings and also to the Michael Teachings. =) Michael Entity: Banging one's head into a wall, or dancing on a mountain top, can also bring a spiritual awakening, so we see all elements of life as potential tools for growth, including drugs. The drug in question appears to stimulate a combination that lowers inhibition and generates increased sensitivity to one's internal symbolism in a way that can be interpreted as "spiritual" and "safe" to explore. We see this as being a means to actively dream, so to speak, and those who actively explore dream imagery (without drugs) can easily share similar spiritual revelations. The use of the drugs in question would be a path of exploration one must choose to explore on one's own, but we can only say that results would vary among those who choose it. Drugs used for active "spiritual" exploration are often proportionally effective to the degree that one has become inhibited in the Personality. The more inhibited one is, the more profound the experience of the release from inhibition might be. In that regard, the choice to explore this option is valid, though one is never guaranteed a profound revelation by accessing what has become hidden. Often that access can be terrifying and even crippling to the life. QUESTION: Years ago in another Michael chat group, there was a lot of discussion about a time in Tonga where there were lots of us Michael students around. While I could certainly relate to the appeal of a beach lifetime, was this valid? I've not seen anything about this since. Michael Entity: It is valid that many students passed through that region in a group for a while as a means to explore Re-evaluation, but because of the nature of a simplified lifetime, it does not "register" high in the "memory" of a current Personality. QUESTION: Would the Michaels care to comment on the channelings of Muhammad, since I feel that it's probable he was a channel rather than what is accepted as a religious prophet. I'd also welcome the Michaels' take on the Islamic mantra "Lakum dinnakum, wallya din" - "to you be your way, and to me be mine" in the context of the push for Islam to dominate the western lifestyle via the enforced implementation of Shariah law which, by Qur'anic implication, should simply be passively available to those who choose to follow it rather than being a requirement. Michael Entity: This King-Cast Priest fragment represented the totality of one reunited Entity's perspective and was, indeed, a Transcendental Soul. We remind you that a Transcendental Soul, unlike an Infinite Soul, is still subject to Maya and Chief Features, and this fragment never rose beyond his Chief Features of Martyrdom and Greed. The imprinting from Artisans and Warriors around this fragment from their wounded views of their position relative to authority, and their lot in life, began the distortion of the teachings that were originally intended for a rise in confidence among the weak, poor, and helpless. The teachings began to attract those who resonated strongly to victimization and their fear of not having enough, turning the teachings into a path paved by resentment and defense, which continues to color the teachings to this day. The mantra quoted might be one of the few moments of clarity from the Priest's entity, but even this mantra was corrupted with a force that best be summed up as an addendum of "....as long as your way is also mine." Muhammad is one of 5 Transcendental Souls of the Common Era. One Transcendental Soul of the 5 who had any significant "positive" effect as intended was that of Gandhi. We will conclude here. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
  3. [This content was channeled by Troy and posted to the Yahoo group on March 4, 2008, as part of a discussion about the basics of the Michael Teachings.] MEntity: When one looks at our system of Overleaves and explores the concept of the Goal for a lifetime, it is often assumed that this trait describes an inherent quality of the Personality. For instance, a person with the Goal of Acceptance might mean that this person is an “accepting person,” but this may or may not be the case. More accurately, the Goal describes a direction of emphasis toward which a fragment intended to go in terms of experience for the lifetime, and describes the context through which those experiences will be filtered. In other words, the Goal describes the MOTIVATION behind a fragment’s actions, and the MEANING toward which he or she is trying to build a case. When looking at your Goal, it will bring great insight to consider it as being linked to every single action within the lifetime. Your Goal may not always be directly linked to your feelings, to your thoughts, to your spirituality, but it is ALWAYS linked to your ACTIONS. Everything you DO is in some way intended to emphasize your Goal. For fragments that tend to live the life unconsciously (for lack of a better term) the lifetime can still be viewed in terms of actions directly emphasizing the Goal, but Meaning will be applied to those actions after the lifetime has ended and is [in] review. For those who choose to bring some awareness to the lifetime and to the process of comprehending how one’s actions emphasize the Goal, it can be quite enlightening to view Actions of the life in terms of how it builds a case for or against your Goal. In other words, what do your actions MEAN? What are you DOING with your life? What are you DOING with your relationships? What are you DOING about your health, your wealth, your feelings, your thoughts, etc. What do you find to be the common theme among all of your actions as they relate to all elements of your life? Beyond the simplified description of seeing your Goal as a state to achieve, or as a basket in which you collect your experiences, it could be far more accurate to see your Goal as a quality of life toward which your actions seek to PROVE or DISPROVE. It could be said that a lifetime will be spent building a case FOR and AGAINST the Goal. Though one will tend to have an inclination toward proving or disproving, both angles are explored. Every action within the lifetime is a collection of evidence to support or refute the Goal. In most cases, the positive and negative poles of the Goal can give indications as to whether one is disproving or proving the Goal. For example, if one has a Goal of Growth, the positive Pole of Evolution will tend to prove that Growth is valuable and meaningful, whereas Confusion, the negative pole, will indicate that your actions are collecting experiences that prove that Growth is “not worth it,” overwhelming, senseless, etc. If one has a Goal of Acceptance, the positive pole of Agape can indicate that one is actively creating proof that love is powerful, embracing, and meaningful, whereas the negative pole of Ingratiation indicates a collection of experiences that show how Acceptance can degrade, diminish, and damage a person, seeming to be a meaningless experience. For those who choose to implement the Goal with some awareness, it can help for you to always ask these basic questions: 1. WHAT AM I DOING? 2. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME? 3. AM I PROVING OR DISPROVING THIS QUALITY OF LIFE? Keeping in mind that your Goal describes a QUALITY of life that ALREADY EXISTS toward which every Action is building a case for or against can bring about a great amount of liberation to your movement through the life. The Goal is not a destination or an accomplishment, but a comprehension. It is the process of adding Action plus Meaning, and then measuring where one is [in] relation to that Quality of life. ### You may discuss this content in the corresponding forum topic: Goals: Your Motivation and Meaning.
  4. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2009] [QUESTION] what is Michael's definition of real purpose / real task / real mission - is this something that is contractual between our essence/and, our fragment and, essence will come in to communicate it to us... it seems that this "real work" occurs for fragments between the 4th I.M. and, 5th I.M., does it have 7 levels of operation ??? and, if so, what are they ??? maybe some people do it before the 4th-and, starting of the 5th - and, do it throughout their lives [Michael Entity] We would think our phrase of "Life Task" may be of relevance here, and we would define that as "the original motivation for the physical form and for the dynamics of the Personality." There are no contracts in this case, but there are intentions and agreements that are helped along by Essence until the Personality is no longer interested. The Life Task is what Essence intended to experience in the lifetime through this particular Personality. What Essence intends NEVER overrides what Personality decides. Essence has no urgency for these intentions because it is fully aware of the fact that it can create another lifetime and body for trying again. In addition to the option for creating new lifetimes for the intent of a task, there are also parallel branches within a single lifetime where, more often than not, at least one version of "you" does co-create the life with Essence and fulfill the task. Essence will never impose its vision upon the Personality beyond the original motivation and design. Most Personalities can determine their Life Task quite easily because it is more often than not something they already do. The Life Task is a primary consideration in the design of Personality, so whether one experiences the fulfillment of that task, or merely develops fruitless habits and patterns, the clues would still be there. If one is not already doing something related to the Life Task, then clues are usually found in what one WISHES one were doing. It is valid that the 4th Internal Monad is usually the stage within the life when a fragment truly questions the alignment of self with soul, or life with essence, or path with presence, depending on the spirituality of the individual. There are 7 stages to the process of fulfilling the Life Task and they correspond to the 7 stages within the 4th Internal Monad. We will include those in the final transcript. [See The 7 Stages of the 4th Internal Monad.] [QUESTION] How is life task related to self karma. Are they the same? [Michael Entity] The Life Task is related to Self-Karma only insofar as Self-Karma is an obstacle to the fulfillment of the Life Task. They are not interlocked, but some fragments can find the distractions of Self-Karma to block or deflect any sense of fulfillment of the Task. Many are capable of managing both the Life Task and the work of Self-Karma, especially if the Life Task is in an unrelated life context from the Self-Karma. [QUESTION] Is there only one life task, or is there typically a bundle of tasks to be completed? [Michael Entity] Some choose to have an arcing Life Task with several tasks to build upon, but the concept of the Life Task is a singular context as a whole. It would help to think of the Life Task as a QUALITY sought to be experienced, much like the Goal is. In fact, the Life Task is simply a more focused detail of the Goal.
  5. [Extracted from Michael Speaks: June 2005] [Annsge] I would like to know about the secondary chief feature. I’ve heard that it affects the mode and/or it affects relationships. Is there anything in particular that is helpful in working with the 2nd CF? How does it affect relationships–and/or does it affect relationships more than the Primary CF? MEntity: We have spoken of the Secondary Chief Feature as affecting the Attitude and the Mode, depending on the context of the questioning. When we spoke of the Attitude being affected, there was less understanding as to how the Mode worked. The Mode is not one of the more understood Overleaves. We would, then, say that there are three tiers to the effects of a Chief Feature, making a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Chief Feature system. Primary Chief Feature affects the GOAL; the Secondary affects the MODE; the Tertiary affects the Attitude. It is NOT that there are three distinctly different Chief Features in your Overleaves, but that there are three AREAS in which a Chief Feature will be distinctly visible. Although these areas may very well have three distinctly different Chief Features, it is also quite common to have one Chief Feature rule all three areas. These areas, then, would be the areas of Self-Fulfillment, Relationship-Fulfillment, and Philosophical Fulfillment, or the Goal, Mode, and Attitude, respectively. The Chief Feature that affects the Mode is the Chief Feature that affects your experience of EXPRESSION. In addition, then, the Chief Feature that affects your GOAL affects your experience of ACTION, while the Chief Feature that affects your Attitude affects your experience of INSPIRATION. The Chief Feature that affects your Mode/Expression/Relationships is the Chief Feature that is used to protect you from INTIMACY. Your Mode describes not only how you express yourself internally and externally, but it also describes how you approach or repel Intimacy. When we speak of Intimacy, we are speaking of the spectrum of experience that could be described as SAFETY. In other words, the Chief Feature that is enlisted as your protector against Intimacy is doing so because you have learned that you are UNSAFE in your Expression and in your Relationships. We remind you that a “relationship” and “intimacy” is not exclusive to human interaction, but can include your sense of relationship to and intimacy within yourself, your aspirations, goals, etc. This subject can be explored much more deeply in a more appropriately provided format. We believe what we have shared is a good start. We, of course, have much to say on this subject. In terms of alleviating the effects of the Secondary Chief Feature, one would always find the quickest and “easiest” route to be through that of the Attitude. In ALL cases of Chief Features, the Attitude is the one overleaf that can dismantle them all. If one can find a conscious means to implement a behavior to bring the Attitude into the Positive Pole, one can dismantle the effects of the Chief Features in a powerful “domino or cascade effect.” Using the Positive Pole of the partner Attitude on the shared Axis, one can then move directly into the Positive Pole of the original Attitude. For example: If one is an Idealist, one can move from Naiveté (negative pole) to Coalescence (positive pole) by using INVESTIGATION, which is the Positive Pole of the Skeptic. To explain this more personally: The Idealist sees life in terms of how it SHOULD BE. This often leads to Naiveté because he tends to believe he can or should do far more than he is capable of doing. The Idealist then piles his life full of obligations and improvements to the point of disappointment and sometimes to the extent of harming himself or others. He has not accepted that to get from point A to point Z requires the steps in between. This is a form of Naiveté. This “negative” Attitude then cascades throughout the Overleaves, weighing them down into the Philosophy of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT (or that everything should be “better”) without the means or method to do so. The Philosophy is not the problem; it is simply the lack of Coalescence that blocks this fragment. Coalescence could be defined as the culmination of several factors that can eventually manifest the Ideal. One can now see how INVESTIGATION might help an Idealist to dismantle his fears. If he would simply seek to understand (investigate) the steps required that would create his Ideal, he would not remain under the weight of Naiveté. Once he grasps and implements the process of realizing the Ideal, he is immediately back in Coalescence and free from Chief Feature. This same method can be applied to ANY Overleaf, but starting with the Attitude is the most empowering and immediately revitalizing because Attitudes are linked to the energy of Inspiration. Once the feed of Inspiration is returned to the Personality, most often “anything” can then be done.
  6. Session on 7/7/2016 MEntity: Hello to you, Diane. We are here, now. We can begin. DianeHB: Hello Michael DianeHB: Michael, in my last session you mentioned: "There are definitive dynamics in the work place that arise as positive and negative roles/positions. Understanding how to navigate these as they arise can be quite empowering." Can you elaborate what these positive and negative roles/positions are? MEntity: There are a number of ways to understand the dynamics of a work place. In workplaces with fewer than 12, the roles can be best understood by looking to Configurations to match the number of fragments involved. In workplaces where there are more than 12, the dynamic shifts back to a default of 7 that reflects the overleaf system. MEntity: For workplaces involving more than 12, the tendency is for the descriptions of the GOALS to come into play. These do not necessarily correspond to the individual's own Goal, but knowing the Goal of an individual can help. The reason the individual Goal is not always as insightful is because of the closed system of a workplace. MEntity: In a closed system such as that, the personal Goals would still be intact and motivating the individual on a personal level, but behaviors in the workplace may reflect more of the sub-personalities that must come forth in order to be in that closed system. MEntity: To help differentiate these workplace roles from the Goals, we will describe them in a different way and you can correlate these to the corresponding overleaves. MEntity: THE FRAGILE ONE - this is the individual who must keep things simple in order to function. Complications, distractions, challenges, etc. can be very difficult for this individual to navigate. When expectations and tasks are clear and simple, they can be of tremendous help. Fragility is not a fault. It is a nature. If it can be honored, it can become a strength. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - FOCUS / NEGATIVE POLE - PANIC MEntity: THE CAREFUL ONE - this is the individual who watches closely, evaluates, assesses, gauges, and cares very much about the details. They will tend to offer feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc. and this can be quite helpful and insightful. However, it can "come across" as complaining, bitching, combative, and defiant depending on how that individual presents her assessments. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - INFORMATIVE / NEGATIVE POLE - UNDERMINING MEntity: THE EAGER ONE - this is the "people pleaser" among you who simply wants to be useful and effective. He is eager to please, volunteer, stay late, come in early, etc. However, because of this, he is also the fastest to fall into victimhood and shift into manipulation, guilting, resentment, and even anger. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - HELPFUL / NEGATIVE POLE - MANIPULATIVE MEntity: THE WORKER - this is the person who simply does his job, comes in, listens, does what is expected, quietly goes along, and leaves work at work. However, he is rightfully not willing to work outside of a job description, will not respond well to these requests or expectations, and does not do well when there is change, redirection, or upheaval. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - RELIABLE / NEGATIVE POLE - INVISIBLE MEntity: THE FUN ONE - this is the person who may or may not get the job done or done well, but who tends to receive a great deal of leniency because he is key to keeping up morale, levity, and spirits. However, he can also become easily distracted with this position of keeping others happy and either find himself as a counselor, performer, comforter, or just an obnoxious distraction that makes it difficult for others to focus. He may be first to come forth "on behalf" of others if there are problems. If his tactics are sound, he makes a great Human Resources counselor. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - HEALER / NEGATIVE POLE - DISTRACTION MEntity: THE INVESTOR - this is the individual who is deeply invested in the well-being of the company, and can often be in positions where his role is key to that success. The investment does not have to be in terms of money, but time, energy, passion, vision, etc. However, he can easily lose sight of the details and of the joy and original motivation and enthusiasm if he feels threatened. He can shift into a disconnect from the environment and the soul of the company as he focuses only on the survival of it. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - COMMITMENT / NEGATIVE POLE - DEFENSIVE MEntity: THE BOSS - this is the individual who is usually in a position as "boss," but is not always in this position in any official capacity. This is the individual who steps up and helps direct, manage, control and focus others toward the project or point at hand. However, because his role is one of control, he can sometimes become demanding, shaming, distant, dismissive, and take for granted the humanity of those who he expects to be focused and available. MEntity: POSITIVE POLE - GUIDE / NEGATIVE POLE - HURTFUL (or "ASSHOLE") MEntity: We know our time is run out here for this format, but this is a glimpse of these positions. There is more to say, of course. MEntity: Good day to you, Diane. Goodbye, for now.
  7. DianeHB

    Goals & Triad of Movement

    (Excerpt from Wholeness of Soul, Chapter 2, shared with permission) Movement can be said to be built from the triad of Action, Interaction, and Reaction. Life can be created or allowed through any point within that triad, but in any case, the ability to do so Confidently, and Without Attachment to results, will be the key to your more pleasant and pleasurable experience. Keep in mind that non-attachment is not apathy, nor is it a lack of desire. Non-attachment simply means that you acknowledge the inherent nature of change. GOALS & TRIAD OF MOVEMENT In most cases of the Ordinal Goal, the experiences of life will lean toward learning how to “REACT more Responsibly,” while the experiences of the Cardinal Goals will lean toward learning how to “ACT more Successfully.” Those Personalities who have the Goal of Relaxation/Flow will have experiences that lean toward learning how to “INTERACT more Navigationally.” We will define REACTION as your effort to minimize effects on you. We will define ACTION as your effort to maximize effects from you. We will define INTERACTION as the freedom from effort as a means to move with the fluctuations of Energy within the life. Reaction, Interaction, and Action can be done appropriately (positive) or inappropriately (negatively). When Reaction is appropriate, there is a RESPONSE to the Patterns within the life, like the use of an umbrella in an unexpected downpour of rain. Rain is a natural pattern in life, even if it is often unpredictable. However, how you respond to it often determines your experience of it. When Reaction to something as natural as rain is inappropriate, there is Defensiveness, such as anger, helplessness, and agitation at the rain’s effect on you. When Interaction is appropriate, there is NAVIGATION within the Patterns that are unfolding, much like a surfer on a wave, or the use of oars in a boat, but when Interaction is inappropriate, there is a crash into Paralysis, much like a sense of drowning in that wave, or losing one’s oars. When Action is appropriate, there is SUCCESS that is measurable and personally-fulfilling within the Patterns of the life, such as the fruits gathered from a watered crop, but when Action is inappropriate, there is a sense of Failure, as if one’s efforts meant nothing, such as might be the case if one were to find the yield from that crop not as expected. Appropriate Action does not undermine honest effort. POSITIVE > Responsible Navigation Success NEUTRAL > Reaction Interaction Action NEGATIVE > Defensive Paralysis Failure GOING TO EXTREMES Within all Goals there is a spectrum of experience that ranges across Reaction - Interaction - Action. Within that spectrum, there are extremes to which one might be inclined to fulfill his or her Goal that are counterproductive. In all Goals, the eventual point of balance will be in your capacity to REACT, INTERACT, and ACT effectively and appropriately, with confidence, trust, and non-attachment to results. If your Goal is Flow/Relaxation, you may find your “natural” counterproductive extremes lean toward Patterns of Inappropriate Interaction within events and relationships, so you may find an emphasis on your constantly learning how to Navigate, not control, the Actions and Reactions that are a part of life around you. Your increasing capacity to Navigate can then become the basis of more flexible and evolving definitions of Success, and improves your ability to Respond. If your Goal is Discrimination, Submission, or Re-evaluation, you may find you “naturally” lean toward Patterns of Inappropriate Reaction within events and relationships, so it could be said that there would be an emphasis on your constantly learning Responsibility (ability to respond) as a foundation for your definitions of Success, which then improves your ability to Navigate. If your Goal is Acceptance, Dominance, or Growth, you may find you “naturally” lean toward Patterns of Inappropriate Action over events and relationships, so it could be said that your emphasis is on constantly learning to define what Success even means to you in the first place so that you can build your foundation for understanding your Responsibilities, which then improves your ability to Navigate. Although we described the above as inclinations toward specific, inappropriate extremes relative to certain Goals, there are no rules to these inclinations, and one may experience any of these extremes, regardless of Goal. To help you examine further as to which extreme you may be inclined, regardless of your Goal, you can explore the following statements: When one experiences Inappropriate Actions, one tends to be disappointed in what one is GETTING OUT OF LIFE. When one experiences Inappropriate Reactions, one tends to be disappointed in what one is GETTING OUT OF OTHERS. When one experiences Inappropriate Interactions, one tends to be disappointed in what one is GETTING OUT OF ONESELF. People who are Responsible, Successful Navigators realize and behave in ways that recognize that WHAT YOU GET OUT OF LIFE, OTHERS, and SELF IS BASED ON WHAT YOU GIVE. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIE Some of you may delude yourselves into thinking that you “give and give and give” or “try and try and try” and you get nothing (or very little) in return, or that you are constantly imposed upon in some way that does not allow for your true nature to shine. This is one of your Great Lies to sustain the momentum of false security in the routine patterns of frustration in your life. The truth is: Your life is exactly as you need it; EXACTLY; without exception; including your defensiveness, your failures, your successes, and your responsibilities. This does not mean you like it or understand it. When you no longer need things the way they are (or think you need them the way they are), they can change. When you no longer want things they way they are, you can change them. There is something of value in your life AS IT IS, even with the effort and intent to change it. To interpret differently is to lie to one’s self. Unless there is another fragment, or group of fragments, who are creating a karmic imbalance by removing your ability to Choose, which would be in the form of some kind of imprisonment, torture, or death, then you have the ability to Act, Interact, or React in a way that can evolve in alignment with your wishes as a Personality and Essence. This means that any person who is undermining you, or any situation that is disempowering you, that you cannot describe as unlawful imprisonment, unsolicited torture, or murder, is a condition sustained ONLY by your participation in it. If you wanted things to change, you would change it. If you have not changed it, then there is some kind of value seeming to be gained from it. While this truth may seem harsh, it is, in fact, quite freeing. There is no fault here. No blame. Only a recognition of the nature of those undesired things in your life that could, can, or would change, but have not. You may not have control over many circumstances and conditions in your life, but you will always have control over your perspective of those circumstances and conditions, which is where the greatest and truest change exists. How you interpret your circumstances and conditions makes a difference. Being honest with yourselves about the investment you have in the supposed “worst,” or most uncomfortable, patterns of your life can be quite freeing, potentially unbinding your energy to move in ways that are far more genuinely alive, and beneficial for all involved. Some of your “worst” situations, conditions, or perspectives of those situations and conditions, may actually have a great deal of “payoff” for you in ways that you have not taken the time to explore because your Reactions are defensive. Or you may have the capacity to change your situation, condition, or perspective, or do things differently, but you have not made the effort because your Actions continue to be interpreted as Failures, instead of as processes of learning.
  8. MICHAEL SPEAKS Online 011308 [Michael Entity] : Hello to everyone. We are here. We've been asked to expand on the Overleaves in a way that might add more "dimension" and context for the practical use of the Overleaves, and we can do so. What we have shared about the Overleaves, in general, is "just the beginning." What we will share with you today is how these Overleaves "show up" in the basic contexts of your daily existence. What we will share is a way to be more aware of the Overleaves in a way that can be observed and then that overleaf can be more consciously utilized in other contexts where it might not be so obvious. We will start with the Goal. If you have ever wanted to observe your Goal in effect most clearly, this Overleaf is most obvious in the context of your EXTERNAL LIFE. By this we mean that this overleaf is what you use as your motivation behind all of your choices that are in relation to the external world, to life, in general. Within that context, it could be said that the Goal is the Overleaf that describes what you reach out for in the world in terms of experience, or more precisely, the Goal describes what you wish to bring back with you from your experiences. It does not ultimately describe HOW, or IF, but it does describe WHAT. For instance, if your Goal is Acceptance, this means any experience that is taken from your day can be traced back to that particular Goal and you would do well to see how this describes WHAT you sought in your choices throughout the day from the general contexts of your external life. It could be said, then, that the Goal resonates to the Moving Center and the Action Axis. We share this axis resonance with you as a foundation for future information we have to share, as well, because we will eventually go through each Goal (and mode, attitude, etc.) and what each overleaf means in light of this information. We also share these resonances, not only for future reference, but for your further exploration on your own as you draw connections and cross-references throughout these resonances. We will also include here that the Goal could be said to be your method of entrance into the world in terms of PROJECTS. In this case, we mean "projects" as a key term to help simplify the general point of your motivation for reaching out into the world of experience in the first place. Next, we will share about the Mode. In terms of the Mode, then, it could be said that the Mode is your entrance into your world of RELATIONSHIPS. If you want to fully understand how your Mode manifests, it can most easily be seen in the context of Relationships, or more specifically, in the world of INTIMACY. In this case, we would define "intimacy" as being your method of resonance to something beyond you. This is why the Mode is often described as "how you go about reaching the goal," because your relationship to experience (your Goal) is still a relationship, which is then described by your Mode. The Modes resonate to the Emotional Center and the Inspiration Axis. The Mode resonating to the Emotional Center implies accurately that Modes are about PERCEPTIONS, which greatly affect your interpretation of OTHER in relationships; Perceptions being the Positive Pole of the Emotional Center. Furthermore, the Modes' resonance to the Inspiration Axis will help shed light on the dynamic required for INSPIRATION and how that works for each of you, which we will discuss in future sessions about the Overleaves. It should be noted, as well, that we do not limit these Overleaves' resonance to the Lower Centers, but include the Higher Centers, as well, though we wish to focus on the Lower only for the sake of tangibility and practicality, not because the Higher Centers are excluded. In other words, it could be said that the MODES are how one might eventually manifest LOVE in the life, or the Higher Emotional Center. In addition, the GOAL might be how one could be said to manifest BEAUTY, or Energy, in the life, as it resonates to the Higher Moving Center. By "beauty" and "energy," in this case, we mean that one brings about a sense of pattern to experiences and begins to see this pattern as perfect and beautiful, not as random and chaotic, or imposed. Next we will speak of the Attitude. The Attitude could be said to be your entrance into the world of COMMUNICATION. If one were to see how this most displays itself, it is usually most prominent in the realm of SOCIALIZING, or any realm of exchanging information. The Overleaf describes how one communicates to others through the primary personal philosophy one has chosen for the life. It also describes how one LISTENS, or hears, in terms of Communication, as it is quite difficult to communicate outside of your personal philosophical stance. In other words, if one is an Idealist, it could be said that Communication is primarly going to lean toward the philosophy of IMPROVEMENT. It does not mean that one cannot exchange outside of that philosophy, but that when an Idealist is fully present, then communication is bent toward that philosophy, steering all expression and reception through the Ideal. The Attitudes, then, resonate to the Intellectual Center, and the Expression Axis. By association, this also means that the Attitudes describe how one communicates his or her TRUTH, as the Attitudes resonate to the Higher Intellectual Center, as well. It could be said then that all communication passes through this overleaf as a means to help evolve, question, develop, transform, update, etc. the concepts of Truth for the life. In that respect, one can see how this Overleaf can tend to be the most obvious in social situations, as that context can quite often bring to light how one expresses his truth, hides it, or protects it. Next, we will speak of the Role. The Role could be said to resonate to your INTERNAL LIFE. This is who you are "at the end of the day," when alone, and "catching up with yourself." This is the part of you used to make sense of "it all." This is the part of you that digests and stores the experiences, the communications, the intimacies of the day, year, and life. Remember that ESSENCE and ROLE are two very distinct terms, though they are used interchangeably, easily. This is why we speak in terms of "Role in Essence," as the Role is an overleaf that the Essence chose for the cycle of lifetimes. The Role resonates to the Instinctive Center and the Assimillative Axis as this is the part that carries over from lifetime to lifetime. It could be said to be the Overleaf that asks at the end of the day, "what does all of this mean to me? how does all of this contribute to my evolution? why did I make the choices I made?" This is also the very primary level from which ALL of your choices are made, whether in Projects, Intimacy, or Communication. The Role is from where you draw your consciousness as it grows from Experience, Relationships, and Socializing. And so it could be said that this is also the part of you that you bring TO your day; the constantly-refreshed version of you for the new set of experiences explored within the next day, month, year, and even life. Differentiating these contexts and how each Overleaf is showcased in these contexts can help bring about an awareness that one might not have had, before, in terms of grasping how his overleaves work in the day-to-day. Upon exploring these contexts, you can also look at where one might have "issues" or how one might resolve "issues" related to that particular context of life. For instance, if one is missing Intimacy within the life, one would look to the Mode for insights into how one might find resolution to the issues connected to intimacy and relationships. If one is feeling a lack of participation in the world-at-large, so to speak, and feels a lack of energy, an increase of frustration in the life, looking to the Goal can help in bringing insights into how to bring one back into a conscious participation again. If one finds oneself rejecting or uncomfortable in social situations, it could be of help to explore the primary truths, the Attitude, as a starting point for what motivates this division. We could go on with many different paths of examples, but we believe this will be a good starting point to offer within the time frame available today through this channel. We will include here that we have more to say in terms of how the Body Type, Centering, and Soul Age play into this, but these will be discussed in future sessions. [AnnH] : I am having trouble understanding how the assimilation axis overleaves operate in this context. Ex. my mode is observation: How does clarity vs. surveillance work in terms of relationships? [Michael Entity] : It could be said that, in terms of relationships, you are divided from the other, observing from a distance, removed, never truly intimate, but "surveilling" when functioning from the negative pole. In the positive pole, it could be said that you are able to drop the division between you and other and truly grasp his, her, or it's presence in relation to you. In other words, you allow OTHER to be seen and included in your vision, your clarity, rather than through a metaphoric plate glass window. When in Surveillance, yes, you can smile and nod and even make "googly eyes" through that window, but Other is never truly able to be seen clearly, to be present for you, to be within reach of true intimacy, because you are "keeping your eye on him, her, it," which, ironically, does not allow for as much clarity as one might think, because without allowing the Other to be fully present, you do not have all of the information available. For simplistic purposes, it could be said that Observation Mode is either at-a-distance, or up close (negative, and positive poles, respectively). We remind you that the entire spectrum described by an Overleaf is available to you and while the positive poles "feel" better most of the time, and allow for manifestation of Essence, it is also valid to utilize the negative poles as part of your experiences of a life as Personality. [Kathryn41] : How is casting incorporated into this scenario? Is it more reflective of 'essence's nature apart from the role and other overleaves? Does it even count as an overleaf, or is it more of the innate nature of essence? [Michael Entity] : We would not consider "casting" to be an Overleaf, but you are correct in seeing this as more reflective of an innate nature of Essence. Casting describes a mathematical relationship of your Essence relative to other Essences, and this does affect the Essence (and by extension, the Role) greatly, but not within the contexts we have shared today. However, we will say that we do have much to say about how Casting can be more tangibly explored within your days, and we will get to that in future discussions, if it chosen for pursuit. As a quick response, we will say here that the Casting is another context that helps bring about an understanding of how one relates, but from the Essence Level, not the personality level, and we would add that "casting" would include not just the primary position within the cadence, but the cadence numbering, itself, and the entity number. These three numbers can be discussed in terms of how one can bring a conscious awareness to how one exists as Essence in relation to other Essences. We already know this is a topic of interest and intend to delve into this with those of you who are interested. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
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