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Found 2 results

  1. May 9, 1999 Troy Tolley, Channel Open Floor [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you, we are here. One moment. We will get started with the “energy weather report” for the next couple of weeks, then take questions from the floor… Although we will be sharing what we see ahead as part of your patterns, we will bring to your attention that they are not “new” patterns, they are extensions of what each of you have taken on this year in general as Tasks. We were not able to communicate to several you through this channel in a regular format for some time, but this was not accidental, of course. We doubt highly that many of you would have found our interactions of any significance since you were inside personal intensives of your own. At this point though you are EXITING the work that it appears some of you were doing for groundwork in your lives, clearing paths for more challenging and Essence-driven work ahead. What has been happening thus far is the simple clearing of any patterns that will not work past August. Most of you consider January to be the beginning of the year, but for your Bodies, this is April. In that light, your “year” of most significance has just begun in terms of finding your footing. Over the next two weeks, the Older Souls will find themselves experiencing something “natural”, yet not usually pursued because of imprinting or False Personality. While it is “natural”, it is also unacceptable by cultural standards, but it will begin to hit you nonetheless, if you choose to allow it. What we are speaking of here is “neutrality”; a confusing, soft edged, surrender will begin to envelope those who are Late 6th Mature and Older. Depending on your surroundings and environment, those who are 4th to 6th Mature may feel it slightly, but it will be much more likely taken as depression or resignation. This is not a prediction, simply a notation of a strong influx of assimilation in store for most of you. It is much needed. Especially by those further West since GROWTH is a predominate energy this year, while the East is dealing with SUBMISSION (where to DIRECT reciprocal energy). We are speaking mostly of the United States, but will comment on any other countries if this is required later. As the next two weeks unfold, world events and dramatic events in general will begin to take on a surreal and objective feel. A few of you with whom we work closely have already begun to sense this movement. For those moved by this year’s early displays, and for those with “issues” that have been brought to the surface over the past couple of months, these should be settling and the lessons learned, at least in terms of your own lives. We do not see any of you in situations now that will be of any significance or distraction by August. The next two weeks is a coalescence of energy shared by Older souls to begin networking on a different level of communication. This does not mean you will be spared any world events, just that world events will seem more “right”, more a part of the bigger picture. It has been a while since any of you Older Souls have manifested your True Soul Ages, though it is attempted sporadically. What we would suggest then is to perceive these next two weeks through your “own” eyes and not the “world’s”; observe how this is happening for you. There are turns of events that most of consciousness on this planet has chosen for purposes that will Soul Age propel evolution in a direction that might be considered exponential. In that wake there is great intensity that any Essence’s Soul Age could easily become consumed by, thus disconnecting Essence from the experience while the Personality runs rampant and frightened. This will be your choice, one way or the other, but we bring this all to your attention since these next two weeks will allow you the opportunity to truly manifest your own perspectives and you may find they are quite liberating in the midst of certain events. We do not speak here of doomsday events, although we realize our statements seem ominous. We merely speak of events that False Personality may find quite attractive, while you as Essence and True Personality have other agenda to tend to. Here are some things to use as a checklist over the next two weeks: (these are symptoms of your moving more toward your own Soul Age perspective from a place that is merely a manifested perspective, or an imprinted perspective): 1. disconnection 2. distraction 3. dismissive We listed these symptoms in terms that appear to be negative, but this is where you will first turn as False Personality in reaction to your feeling more naturally your True Soul Age. While False Personality sees those symptoms first, Essence sees this: 1. Freedom 2. playfulness 3. evolution ….respectively. In terms of your Centers, the Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual Centers are being refocused, respectively. In that refocusing, you can appear to be rude, uncaring, or rejecting, but this is only the first reactions of the False Personalities of others. What their own True Personality’s may find in truth is responsibility, purpose, and compassion. We cannot stress enough the minimal effect you have on any fragment’s life by accommodating. We would suggest you follow your impulses. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WEATHER REPORT? [LightsEdge] Floor is open to questions on the weather report. [IK] The emphasis on August … is this connected to the information I’ve been reading about the importance of August 11th/12th? [Michael_Entity] There is an influx of Community Shifts in Parallels at that time, yes. [Otterly notes: a “community” shift is a shift in parallels that happen on a group level, usually locally, in your community or within tribal units like your friends and family] But we are unclear as to the connection to what you have read. The dates, at this point, look to be synchronous. Elaborate, if you would like… [IK] This was in connection with the Mayan calendar, amongst other things. [Michael_Entity] Our own perspective could be considered a facet of validation for this highly pivotal month, August, but we are not using any reference other than our own. However, we do see a consistency. NEXT QUESTION. [Eg] Since i live in Iceland, I would like to know if you have any comment on the energy here in coming weeks ? [Michael_Entity] Iceland has more Growth than Submission, though most of the Older Souls are picking up on the Submission. In general, there looks to be lots of restlessness and this will manifest outwardly, publicly, as in demonstrations of some sort, while the Older Souls observe with interest. We would say that most of the “Weather” we’ve shared tonight would be applicable to you, particularly. NEXT QUESTION. [fg] Michael: “turn of events”…”propel evolution of consciousness in a direction that might be considered exponential”? Comments on ‘direction’? [Michael_Entity] The “turn of events” we said in reference to what is warring between NATO and Kosovo, it is highly combustible at this point. The “direction” is in reference to what has been passed on for several decades now by consciousness as a possibility for exponential growth [which is always traumatically painful to the Personality] and the influx of interest in a larger scale war is back. We do not predict war, but rather that this warring will become pervasive in many country’s lives. It is becoming personal; an Early Mature and Late Young Soul trademark. Does this help answer your question? [fg] yes. [Michael_Entity] NEXT QUESTION: [S9] Is there any different energy news for Canada? [Michael_Entity] First, Canada has more Submission energy being dealt with, rather than the Growth. Over the next two weeks the “weather” we shared is similar to what we shared already, except that several Young Souls are looking to make some impact. A small band of Young Souls have begun a Sequence bringing them to international attention and helping Canada to move to a different level of awareness, itself. In general, the basic “weather” is relevant to you, too. NEXT QUESTION. [lue] what about China, re: war. general soul age? [Michael_Entity] This is one of the most likely candidates for initiating something more “personal” in terms of war since the average soul age involved is Late Young to Early Mature. Conflicts and the voicing of opposition are already being heard. This will be one of the areas of interest for Older Souls to see played out against their own Soul Age perspectives. NEXT QUESTION. [S9] Does this small band of Young Souls live in the same location, that is city or province; are they connected, do they know each other and do they have the same goal or method of bringing this international attention to Canada? Is this in the next two weeks? [Michael_Entity] This is not occurring within the next two weeks as we see it, though we cannot truly predict. What we do see is that they are “connected”, they do live locally within proximity to each other, and they do share the same ideas for carrying out their Tasks. The Sequence is all we have access to and the next point in the Sequence includes a televised minor event that includes one of the Young Souls, a Warrior, making a plea for the search of a missing child. Once this is validated, you may have further questions. NEXT QUESTION. [S9] Are you able to say where in Canada this band of Young Souls live? [Michael_Entity] We do not have a specific city, though it is near Lake Ontario, near Toronto. Toronto will be the focal point. The area of origin is is South West of Toronto. NEXT QUESTION. [IK] I’m interested in the Submission energy and how this can be focused in an individual, not necessarily personal, way. Can you elaborate please? [Michael_Entity] When dealing with the Goal of Submission, whether as energy or as your own Goal, your question to help maintain focus is simply: “Is energy reciprocated here?” We offer this up as a guideline since energy MUST HAVE A CONDUIT. While directing your energy in a specific direction it is vital that all involved, whether this be internal and external parts of you, or between yourself and another, have ENERGY THAT IS RETURNED/reciprocated, IN SOME WAY. We are not referring to “investments” nor are we referring to “manipulations”, instead, in SUBMISSION, a circuit is created and the flow is beneficial and apparent for all involved. When in the negative pole, this circuit is not complete and what we called “investments” and manipulation” results. This is due to the defining factor of exchanged energy; if there is no conduit other than the source, the source can “burn out”, “short circuit”, so to speak, leading to Subservience to self or other. It is the task of those in Submission and those picking up on this energy this year to ask, “Is energy reciprocated here?” or more simply put: “Does this still feel good when I’m done?” We could continue on indefinitely with this topic as there are many levels and facets to explore, but this should provide a guideline for now. NEXT QUESTION [s0] Last week a tourist Duck boat sank here, killing 14 people, will you comment? Was energy cleared or anything like that? [Michael_Entity] We do not necessarily have any comments on this event, but in answer to your question, we do not see this as “a clearing of energy”, though we are unclear as to what you might be defining this as. However, this appears to have been an isolated incident in that all involved seem to have a “block” on any information for us. Information is not available in any meaningful way presently. This usually occurs when those involved are highly conscious of the situation and have immediately implemented assimilation of the event collectively, rather than individual adjustment, then review. We would have more comments later, if you choose to ask. And with that, we will end the session. Goodnight.
  2. Janet

    2008 Overleaves

    FROM THE ORIGINAL MBLOG ENTRY: It's that time of year again to take a look at how Michael interprets the year ahead in Overleaves! YAY! Before listing the overleaves for 2008, I include below an old excerpt that helps describe how Michael assigns Overleaves to a year. I don't know if you guys know this, but some channels get in the Overleaves for the year as they relate to their particular group/community, or sometimes the entire region around the area of that community, and other times it is just relative to their nation or continent, and then some receive the Overleaves for the globe. All are valid, but I've tended to find the global overleaves to be most relevant for use in the year for more people and helps us understand what is happening outside of our doors and not just in our personal circles. For instance, California can have its own set of overleaves, while the United States might have another set of Overleaves, and the planet having yet another set of Overleaves. Sometimes they are a match, sometimes they are in conflict. This year there is a LOT of pockets of varying Overleaf sets within the global set, which the global set helps explain. If you'd like to know your local Overleaves, just let me know. MICHAEL'S STATEMENT ABOUT THE OVERLEAVES FOR A YEAR Our Overleaves system can be used to describe any collection of energies, ranging from the dynamics of the actual Personality to the general “mood” of a room, society, fictional character, theme of groups, or a planet’s general atmosphere of consciousness. In addition to this, when a block of time is selected, that time frame can be translated into a description of energies based on what we perceive as the momentum of events, consciousness, and choices that will POTENTIALLY contribute to that period of time. The Overleaves for a year, then, are our interpretation of those events, consciousness, and choices as we see that they are most likely to be brought to bear in your world. The more participating one is in “the world,” the more likely these energies will be of concern, though one’s inactivity does not exempt one from world or local energies, anymore than staying inside can take away the fact of a rainstorm. The rainstorm outside can have as much an effect on one inside as on one who is outside, depending on personal interpretations and experiences of that rainstorm. The very basic energy, or basic context, of a year can be described in two Overleaves: the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that can contribute to your year feeling "comfortable" or "challenged" during the year unfolding, depending on your own Overleaves and your method of participation in "the world." These two energies are most obvious in the first three months of a year, but their effects will remain steady throughout the year. In addition to these basic energies, the GOAL of the year will become implemented in those first three months, approximately. It can be said that ALL of the Overleaves we use to describe the year are in effect ALL year, but the particular frames of time described below are the "seasonal" emphasis of those particular Overleaf qualities. General “Seasonal” Energy emphasis: The ENTIRE YEAR is based within the energies of the ROLE and CENTERING. January through March implements and emphasizes the GOAL. April through June implements and emphasizes the MODE. July through September implements and emphasizes the ATTITUDE. October through December implements and emphasizes the CHIEF FEATURE. 2008 Global Overleaves ROLE: King Center: Emotional GOAL: Growth MODE: Perseverance ATTITUDE: Spiritualist CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURE: Arrogance MICHAEL: As the year of 2008 begins, so will the unrolling of the energy that we would describe as KING and EMOTIONAL energies. These energies will more than likely describe the basic context of the coming year, based on our observations of momentum and patterns for your planet. Most fragments intend for this year to emphasize a true shift in leadership, authority, and guidance on a global scale (and on a personal level), but with the exploration rooted in Emotional Centering, the shift might come at some cost to some degree for some who will be disappointed, with near-bliss for others who are not disappointed. In a King year, politics tend to be amplified in the media and brought to an important individual level, and since this appears to be an Emotionally Centered year, we imagine this process will tend toward being "very personal," with reactions and expressions strong in response to the shifts during the year. This could be said to be a year of EXTREMES, emphasizing strong divisions of stance and approach to almost everything, as this is a year of Growth and this would mean to us that everyone will be searching for, and creating, MEANING from their perceptions and experiences. Contrasts in Meaning can indicate Division and Herding will ensue as each person seeks to find the "like-minded" and merge with the sanctuary of that crowd. With Perseverance in the air, we would expect that very few will "back down" in their personal perceptions and meanings when confronted with a difference, leading us to observe high potential for gang wars heightening in activity, political chaos to rise and flow forth, and escalation of war, in general. With Spiritualist in effect for the year, it can indicate a great deal of energy generated from unfounded BELIEFS and the efforts to impose those beliefs upon others as a form of validation, rather than seeking the inherent validation of a perception through verification. This could be said to be a year of absolute redirection toward a potential that has yet to have been tapped among the populations of the globe as a whole community, or an extreme set back in entrenching the divisions among various populations. The same could be said among smaller communities and families as those in authority persevere, unchanging in their agendas even at the cost of those who are "below" him or her. What we've described so far has been based on the momentum as it stands at this very point, but it is still a high probability that shifts can occur in the directions that would be deemed more "positive." While extremes will most likely remain a factor of 2008, those extremes could be seen as defining lines among populations and communities as a means to more clearly bring to each what is needed and wanted, using the heart as a bridge across those differences and sharing resources, offering inclusions, and either moving into authority a person who can tend to these variations, or moving the current authority toward a broader consciousness that can then tend to all differences. In another Emotionally-centered year, it might not be surprising that floods, pipe breaks, dehydration, and other water-related issues come up for individuals and smaller communities. As this is not a Higher Centered year, we don't suspect any major disasters resulting from floods, but this could change. From our perception at this point, the highest potential for "disaster" in terms of flooding might come in the form of a dam bursting. This disaster would be relative to the consciousness generating energy around the planet and if the extremes move increasingly toward division and battle, a dam burst would not be surprising. Because of the King energy and the Emotionally-centered year, we also suspect that "discoveries" will be a major theme throughout the year, though many of these discoveries will have happened rather further in the past, it might be deemed that announcements are appropriate now. We say this because when the King is mixed with Emotional Energy, it tends to be important to expose "secrets" as a means to maintain peace. In other words, the more people know (or think they know), the less restless and intent they tend to be in attention toward the authority at hand. Highlights during the year for the Older souls might be in the exciting transcendence of current levels of communication between Gorillas and Humans; a dramatic display of compassion from a pod of dolphins helping a family; and potential resurgence of several papers that were thought to have burned in the fires of Alexandrian libraries. We speak of these not as a prediction, but as having high probability for showing up in your current year. For our students we can suggest as the year unfolds from January through March that most of your emphasis is going to move toward creating or uncovering meaning in your days, your relationships, your work, etc. It will suddenly seem a strong motivating factor to continue doing what you are doing because you realize that you truly bring meaning to your life through its implementation, or you shift directions drastically, finally saying YES to the directions that you know now can generate and support meaning for you. This is the energy of Growth as it brings into emphasis the Evolution that is possible in every experience. Evolution on this level can only occur if one has created meaning for the experience. If no meaning has been created, Confusion occurs. We can say to those who relate to the Confusing energies that we suggest defining what you wish to gain as Meaning from your experiences FIRST before trying to randomly find meaning imposed upon you in ways that make no sense. We see most of our students feeling a burst of "taking charge" of the direction of life and "standing tall" within the chosen context. For instance, those who wish to Love might find a strong emphasis on standing strong and stating with conviction, "I CAN Love. I Love." Those who might have been quieter and more humble in their display of skills and talents might now find the energy to "own" those skills and talents without downplaying or dismissing them, finding better footing for the direction one would like to go with those skills and talents. It could be said that they might now "stand tall" and proclaim, "This IS who I am! I bring this to the world for all of us!" For some, the emphasis might be on finally "standing tall" and doing what has been avoided for years, gaining the strength to proclaim, "I CAN DO and I WILL! I am SAFE!" Regardless of the emphasis, the potential for fulfilling intent is high during 2008 and we can encourage all of you to consider harnessing that energy for leadership, growth, perseverance, potential, and perception. As this century emphasizes more than ever the importance of CHOICE, it could be said that the choice this year for the globe is based in the decisions along personal paths that then lead to choices on larger scales between PEACE and WAR, literally and figuratively. -Michael
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