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Found 3 results

  1. MMW - July 15, 2017 - Understanding Synchronicity MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here now. We can begin. Bobby: We were just thinking about you. Funny that you would just show up! Janet: lol Maureen: ? VIP: ? ClaireC: ? MEntity: Today we speak on the subject of Synchronicity, though we see you are aware of this based on the humor. Synchronicity is a dynamic relationship with existence that arises from one's use of the Higher Moving Center in the Positive Pole. However, Synchronicity can occur all around you and it will amount to very little use if the Higher Emotional Center is not included. As this year is anchored in the Higher Emotional Center, it is a good time for examining this phenomenon of Synchronicity. Priest and Passion contribute to the support for expanding on the capacity for use of Synchronicity as tool. Any year is good for this exploration, but when the set of Overleaves for a year are supportive, it helps. The Higher Emotional Center is vital for the use of Synchronicity because Synchronicity is useless if you are not AWARE of it. The Higher Emotional Center allows one to be aware, to heighten awareness, to bypass logic and reason to see the patterns and truth of Synchronicity. The Higher Moving Center is the portal, so to speak, through which Synchronicities can arise as a pattern, but the Higher Emotional Center is what sees the pattern. Synchronicity is defined here in its original terms as a meaningful meeting of inner and outer events that have no immediate or discernible cause to bring the effect. There is a difference between Coincidence and Synchronicity and you are that difference. Coincidence is Synchronicity, but without MEANING. Patterns are unfolding in the universe in multi-fold and multi-layered ways that will naturally create observable coincidences on a regular basis. When these are curious, entertaining, noted, and a novelty they are usually just Coincidence. However, when there is a striking level of meaning in any way, you have moved into the dynamics of Synchronicity. Synchronicity is one of the most direct languages between you and your higher self or Essence, between you and other Essences, you and your life. COINCIDENCE = a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection SYNCHRONICITY = remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection that carries significant meaning to the observer You and your Higher Emotional Center are the only difference in the equation. The "meaning" that is significant in instances of Synchronicity are not forced. They are not a stretch. They tend to be immediately relevant and striking. Fragments tend to be most receptive to Synchronicities when they are under duress, stress, panic, in an extraordinary circumstance, or extreme bliss. This is because these are circumstances when the Higher Moving Center is most often ignited as a default guidance system. When one is struggling in life, or one is "in love," or when facing death or birth or illness, etc., there can be an Instinctive surrender to the greater patterns of the life in a way that opens to the patterns that might have meaning. Because "meaning" is always created by the individual, it can be confusing as to whether a Synchronicity is valid because it has meaning, or if meaning was imposed on the Coincidence. While the individual is always the creator of meaning, the difference between a valid Synchronicity and one that is not is if the meaning was already there. In other words, the meaning may have been created by you, but it existed before that moment. More importantly, the lack of causation is clear. For example: If you have been studying the phenomenon of UFOs and while in the check out lane of the grocery store a person bumps into you and apologizes, explaining that he was lost in thought about UFOs, this is Synchronicity. There is no apparent causation and there is inherent meaning. If you have been studying UFOs and are in a bookstore in the UFO section and someone comments on UFOs, this is barely a Coincidence, let alone Synchronicity. There is meaning here, but there is clear causation. If you are financially struggling and decide to use creative visualization to prompt access to solutions and prosperous paths, and then are suddenly offered an acceptable job that can help you, this is Synchronicity. If you are financially struggling and publicly share your sense of demise and fear, and someone offers to help, this is not Synchronicity. If your car slides off of the highway due to an ice patch and the driver of the tow truck turns out to be a Michael Student, that is Synchronicity. If your car slides off of the highway due to an ice patch and the car flips over and you survive, that is not Synchronicity. When it comes to what we will describe as "Extraordinary Synchronicity," it can be quite easy to incorrectly correlate certain causations with desired effects. For example, you are in a car accident and are rushed to a hospital where there happens to be the best surgeon on hand to save your life. This is Synchronicity. However, it was not the prayers of your Aunt Millie who caused this. Maureen: ? MEntity: Prayer, "leaving it up to the universe," "releasing to the universe," "if it is meant to be" are common false causations attributed to Synchronicity. In addition to Extraordinary Synchronicity, there is Everyday Synchronicity. Everyday Synchronicity is where one begins to bring awareness to Synchronicity that is outside of duress and bliss. Some of our examples above are Everyday and some are Extraordinary. The differences being only in the lack or presence of duress and bliss. Synchronicities can show up in your life in one of three ways: SINGULARITIES, STRINGS, and CLUSTERS. Singularities are those instances that are meaningful at the moment and stand alone as an isolated experience. Strings are a series of Singularities that add up to clearly define a theme. Clusters are Strings that have dimensions and layers within the Synchronicities that add great complexity to the theme. For example: We will use Troy's life for our example. Troy and his best friend moved into an apartment that was later discovered to be an illegal rental that would force them to suddenly move. This coincided with another best friend needing a roommate and these best friends then conspired to move in together without Troy's knowledge. Troy is suddenly homeless, but is "randomly" contacted by a Michael Student who happens to have a room available, which puts Troy in a position that would allow him to meet a long-time online friend who "happened" to be visiting. This friend was from The Netherlands and both quickly "fell in love," prompting Troy's deep desire to move to The Netherlands. He blindly moved to The Netherlands where it was immediately discovered that he had been living with a terminal illness. Troy had no health insurance, but because The Netherlands have policies in place to give the best treatment to immigrants regardless of lack of insurance, he survived his coma. He was given the best care he could get, the best circumstances for his recovery, and all of this was timed just in time for his return flight back to the U.S. where he would then be in recovery for two years, leaving him free to focus on what has now become "TLE." This is a Cluster. It is true that choices were made, actions were taken or ignored, etc., but that is moot to the Synchronicity and meaning that evolved from these patterns. Strings and Clusters are often only clear in retrospect so they are not easy to see or navigate while in one, but the key is not in being able to see Strings and Clusters as they are in progress. The key is in your being open to these. And that key unlocks in greater clarity and patterns when you allow for the value, usefulness and recognition of any Synchronicity. In other words, the more you practice paying attention to Singular, Everyday Synchronicity, the more your life opens to the Strings and Clusters that can work in seemingly magical and miraculous ways. They cannot be forced, so you need not do more than pay attention and use your Synchronicity as you see fit. A String or Cluster will ignite if necessary, but they are much less likely to be effective if you have learned to shun, mock, or ignore valid Synchronicity. In every step of the way in Troy's Cluster, he had to make choices and those choices were based in the trust of the Synchronicity. This is not the same thing as "everything happens for a reason," because that is an untrue statement. Trusting Synchronicity comes from an evolving trust in your own choices, not a relinquishing of choice to some unknown force. Synchronicity PRESENTS CHOICE, it does not DEFINE CHOICE. It is a process of working with the higher forces of our life, not a turning over of your life to those forces. ****WORKSHOP**** Do you remember your most-recent Synchronicity? Can you briefly describe it? Bobby: Yes... while listening to a song with the lyrics "one day I will fly next to you" as I was out walking, at that very moment in the song, I noticed a butterfly flying along side with me. It made me think of future potentials of being able to have that sort of connection with someone I don't currently have it with. ClaireC: I met a potential date on Thursday whose name is the same as my brother-in-law and his last name is the name of one of his dogs. DianeHB: Mine was getting two birthday cards (the only two I got) with mermaids on them, which is also the symbol on a Starbucks mug I was drawn to and inspired by. At the time of the synchronicity I was struggling with unhappiness with my work and wondering how to be the "me" that was symbolized by the mermaid mug. Janet: No really recent examples, but my move to Colorado was based on some synchronistic episodes. I feel that I’ve made numerous life decisions in cooperation with synchronicity. PeterK: My mind is drawing a blank on what might be the most recent synchronicity. But I do remember a significant synchronicity from 1997. I included an obscure computing language, PVS, on my resume. I almost didn't include it but decided to add it anyway. A woman in the Washington DC area just happened to be interested in this obscure language at the time. The short story is that she ended up offering me a job that I had for 14 years. MEntity: Maureen? ViP? Do you wish to share? VIP: I can remember that there were some that happened within the past few weeks, but the details escape me at the moment unfortunately, but there are some that occurred longer ago that I can remember more about. But there have been many times when I'm speaking with a certain person online or on the phone, that we speak the same word almost at the same time or I'll be thinking of something and she will say or make a reference to it at almost exactly the same time. Or I'll be reading something on the internet while talking and then a word I read will be spoken by her at almost exactly the same instant. Things like that. I don't know what the meaning behind it is, but it seems or feels significant in some way each time. VIP: Although what the significance might actually be, I don't know either. Maureen: I've been working through what my teacher "status" is since the shut down of my old teaching venue and I had the opportunity to meet a young woman who has been looking for a teacher. Someone like me it would seem. I'm not sure how this will pan out but it feels very expansive. She's very keen on the Michael Teachings. She sent me a note after reading Troy's Intro to the Michael Teachings saying: "Wow... I finished reading it last night and I was literally in tears. I have never felt more connected and understanding of something in my whole life. It really spoke to me, and now I feel like I have a whole different perspective on life." MEntity: When there is confusion around the value of a Singularity Synchronicity, it is almost always relevant to a larger pattern and may require allowing for more events to accumulate before the theme is revealed. This is especially true in terms of what may be deemed a series of unfortunate events because Synchronicity is not always pretty. The "everything happens for a reason" inaccuracy arose from the desire to trust series of unfortunate events. We refer to it as an untrue or inaccurate statement because choice must still be considered in the equation for the Synchronicities to String together or Cluster into a theme. It is fair to trust your choices in response to a Synchronicity, but it is important to own the responsibility of choosing. For example, Maureen did not have to remain open to other Agreements. She did not have to respond well to the meeting. She could have dismissed the meaning in the familiar impact of our teaching. Synchronicity does reveal the magic and miracles in life insofar as fully living as a multidimensional consciousness is magical and miraculous when witnessed. As mentioned earlier, if you are confused about the value of a Synchronicity, it may require being open to further installments in the String for the theme to be clearer. However, if 3 or more Singularities have occurred in a String, and the theme is still not clear, it is often a matter of resistance to the theme. For example, ViP is seeing the Synchronicity String but is either dismissing, downplaying, or resisting the Theme that is evolving from these exchanges. Sometimes the Theme is simple and not overly complicated, so it may simply be your way of indicating when you are truly resonating with and recognizing a significant soul in your life. The Theme may be that of RECOGNITION, then. If the Synchronicities are specific to certain topics, then you may wish to add these up to see if there is a topic that is the basis of the Theme. Bobby: Is there any sort of time parameter for singularities to play out to form strings, and then clusters? MEntity: RESPONDING TO BOBBY: No. There are time frames for various arcing themes in the life. Some Clusters are unknown until the life is over and the installments are spread across the entire life leading to the meaningful means of dying. However, that being said, Synchronicity patterns that are easiest to work with tend to be within arbitrary cycles such as "yearly." The more obvious Strings and Clusters are in approximately 6-month to 12-month parameters, but this information is fairly moot if one is already remaining open and aware of any Singularity. The Strings and Clusters will grow from the awareness of Singularities. The reason this topic is timely is because when there is great uncertainty in the world, the trust in Synchronicity and the choices that arise in response to each Singularity can help to guide, create, and shape your future paths toward more desirable outcomes. In addition to your awareness of Synchronicity is the necessity to learn how to READ your Synchronicity. By this we mean that as you begin to see more Synchronicity by being open to it, you may be overwhelmed with the assumption that you should do something with every Synchronicity, but that is not necessary. You must learn on your own to discern what the Synchronicity invites. It is always inviting choice, but not always action. For example, if you see another person reading the same book as you, it is not always an invitation to speak to the other person. You may try to strike a conversation, but if this goes awry or is met with awkward rejection, it is likely that the Synchronicity was more about the emphasis on the book and its subject rather than on meeting the individual. It is always okay to misread a Synchronicity. There tends to be room built in for your variable responses. *****QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***** We will open to your questions now. Yes, ViP. VIP: Hi Michael, is synchronicity always "positive", or indicative of some possible choice that is going to lead to more wholeness or inclusiveness or harmony? For example, if there are an abuser and an abusee that are in that situation because of karma or some agreement or monad, can there be synchronicity or recognition between them because of the significance of that connection, even though the situation itself is unhealthy? VIP: That is a somewhat extreme example, but I want to know whether synchronicity can occur even though the people involved aren't "helping" each other but rather playing out some prior agreement that is not necessarily "pretty". VIP: (I feel it can be tempting to assume that synchronicity or recognition must always mean getting more deeply involved somehow, although your comment about learning how to read synchronicity addresses that.) MEntity: In response to ViP: Synchronicity ALWAYS aims toward a "positive" outcome and is aligned with deep desires of the Personality and Essence toward full realization of those desires. However, many fragments generate very painful patterns in the life that aim directly away from their deepest desires. When one opens to Synchronicity, it often means tearing down and dismantling the patterns that were so entrenched and opposed to deep desires. And this can be terrifying, painful, ugly, and seem to be the end of the world. When one settles into patterns of contentment over patterns of peace, or settles into patterns of comfort in pain over patterns of fulfillment of pleasures, or settles into patterns of repetition over patterns of responsibility, etc., then Synchronicity can completely disrupt the life, generating a clean slate for choices that one can make toward deeper desires. However, remaining in an abusive relationship is not relevant to any Synchronicity. The abusive relationship is its own thing. If Synchronicity has led one to an abusive relationship, the invitation is not to remain in it, even if one's responses to Synchronicity have led one into it. The invitation will always be there to LEARN from it, but not to remain in it. So to answer your question more succinctly, not all events of Synchronicity are "positive" in appearance or pleasantry, but this tends to only be in cases where patterns require disruption as a means to create more desirable patterns. VIP: Thank you very much Michael MEntity: NEXT, Janet Janet: One continuing string of synchronicity is the frequency with which I pick up reading in my current Seth material -- sometimes after a lengthy hiatus -- and immediately find direct connection to a current topic of interest on TLE or in Michael teachings generally. Janet: I have assumed this string is just related to validation of Seth material vs. Michael material, but it's amusing how often this happens. Is there another theme to this string that I'm missing? MEntity: From what we can see, the Theme you assessed is exactly that: VALIDATION. One of the more significant means for True Validation is through Synchronicity. This is an important Theme for you because you explore quite intangible territories of teachings and while there may be difficulty validating in experiential terms, Synchronicity helps you to remain open and learning. NEXT, Maureen Maureen: So often when we see Synchronicity at work (or at play) it’s a completed circuit between the workings of our internal world and our external world. I can see that we must have extensive internal communication that works, at a high level of pattern generation and recognition within ourselves, just to exist. This would be seen or sensed as intuition, day dreaming, night dreaming, etc. Maureen: My question: Is Synchronization part of how we communicate within ourselves, whether or not we will see the materialization of these showing up in the physical world? MEntity: If we understand your question, yes, Synchronicity is just one way that this beautifully complex and wondrous multidimensional range of communication and force reveals itself and is ALL YOU. It is happening at all times. It is a default means of existence. It is the default means of interaction and communication with every other sentient and non-sentient consciousness within your range of interactions as Essence. Synchronicity is that moment of completed circuitry between the inner and outer, higher and lower. Maureen: Yes! MEntity: This is fully understood by Essence, but each Personality that exists within the limitations of the Physical Plane must learn his or her or their own language of Synchronicity. Synchronicity in the higher planes is simply known as Harmony, but in planes where time and space have some substance, Synchronicity is the hand of Harmony. Or the voice, if you will. LAST QUESTION: DianeHB DianeHB: Could you briefly comment on each of the personal examples of synchronicity that we came up with? MEntity: TO BOBBY: Your assessment is valid. It is a reminder of what you have unapologetically begun to dismantle in your life: a move away from the paradigm of Ingratiation and create a paradigm of Agape, or True Affection. Music plays a great part in your language of Synchronicity. TO CLAIRE: This appears to be pointing to the fact that this "new" individual is far more familiar to you than not. The relationship with your brother-in-law may indicate obstacles or resonance that may come. TO DIANE: The Theme here is all about your having always been a landlocked Mermaid, so to speak. You were always trying to run on dry land when you truly desired the depths of the ocean. Or more practically speaking, you have come to accept your deep desire for the watery medium of emotions and empathy and affection more than the dry land of intellect, information, and ideas. DianeHB: That makes me cry MEntity: JANET and PETER are self-explanatory and fulfilled, and we have commented on MAUREEN and ViP. We think we are complete in our response, then. DianeHB: Thanks! PeterK: Thanks! ClaireC: Thanks. MEntity: Embrace your Synchronicity, the choices they invite, and allow for the messy roads that may be necessary as you align with deeper desires. You can get there. You will get there. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
  2. Forget about the Pilates training or images of that. I can listen to this music for hours, and I do. It has very little vocals, and is so effortlessness and soft, with a nice flow, and it has some intriguing and surprising instrumental sounds and directions throughout all of it, and rythms. It's also nice to do some movement and dance to it. I find it very sensual and harmonic. I edited this and added the links instead, because then you can see the whole playlist. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRnyf2rQRwg&list=OLAK5uy_nQvIl0oy4bcXJuqdpbyTHVwQnxTinFvUw Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v6BE-9OjNc&list=OLAK5uy_k2BWw4nW5O6ezRjwMHdpDxWcH4HhOALfg
  3. [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: May 2005] [Fyredeva11] On another list, someone brought up the question of validity that 2 persons channeled as being in the same entity are ACTUALLY FROM the same entity, given that there must be tens of thousands of cadre groups each with Entity 1/5, for example. I ask this in skepticism of having so many channeled celebrities in our cadre. It seems to fall under the need for “specialness” you just spoke of. [MEntity] It is valid that many fragments channeled as being within the same Cadre and Entity are technically NOT, though the numbers used for convenience are identical. This is especially true of many “celebrities” (historical or current) who are identified as being from among the same Energy Ring as our students. This is simply due to lack of understanding the structure of sentience. Those we call our “students” are wholly limited to a group of 12 Cadres; an Energy Ring. We have approximately 100,000 students. This is not to say that others outside of our Agreements will not become students, but we speak of those with whom we have original [agreements]. [Fyredeva11] thank you…(I knew Michael Jackson wasn’t in my entity!) [MEntity] The confusion as from which Cadre and Entity a fragment comes could be clarified by including the Energy Ring number, but this is still a confusing concept for several of our students and channels. We say this more as a statement of the limitations placed upon the conveyance of the simplicity of the system, rather than as a statement of your ability to understand. For some concepts, our channels are simply limited or uninterested. In other instances, a clear distortion of the system is perpetuated, lending even more confusion to a rather simple construct. While including the Energy Ring number would help in clarifying specific Cadre and Entity, even the count of Energy Rings repeats. This means that an Energy Ring 3, Cadre 7, Entity 4, exists in multiples, as well. To help your understanding of the simple, yet awesome, structure of human sentience, here is how we are cast: 1 Ring = 12 Cadres 12 Rings = 1 Sphere 12 Spheres = 1 Arrangement 12 Arrangements = 1 Composition 12 Compositions = 1 Harmony (up to) 7 Harmonies = 1 Design ALL of a Specific Sentient species we refer to as a “Design.” There are never more than 7 Harmonies in 1 Design. This structure then extends and changes when including other Sentience. One can see why this is confusing to most, not because of complication, but simply by the sheer enormity of the visualization. Within all of this daunting information, it can safely be said that if you are studying our teaching, you are within the Cadres and Entities of the same Energy Ring, even if that Energy Ring is numbered differently through our different channels. Through this channel, we would call your Ring Number 2, Harmony 1. [Fyredeva11] Artisan flavored? [MEntity] It could be described as so, but this would be quite simplistic, if not explored beyond the assumptions. We are from Energy Ring 1, Cadre 11, Entity 4, Harmony 1. We are part of the same “Sphere” as our students. We are from Sphere 2. The previous Sphere 1 (12 Energy Rings) were part of what has come to be known as “Lemurians” or those less-physically dense, though they were still of “human” consciousness. The mathematical meaning of the numbers referencing your positions is more influential than whether you literally share the same Entity. [Fyredeva11] positions? [MEntity] Your resonance and compatibility among you are difficult to validate in terms of Entity and Cadre accurately. Being “wrong” about whether you are from the same Entity will not slow your progress. Yes, Positions. For instance, a 3rd Entity will still have a specific, mathematical meaning, regardless of its Cadre or Energy Ring. This mathematical meaning can often be the binding force between two fragments who are technically NOT from the same Entity. On the contrary, those technically within the same Entity may find absolutely no resonance during specific lifetimes, especially when interpreted through False Personality. Incidentally, Michael Jackson is in your Entity, Kerrin (Fyredeva11). Celebrity does not preclude a fragment from being our student. Only Choice can do that. [Annsge] So Michael J could have been a Michael student. [MEntity] Michael Jackson has been exposed to our teaching. The Personality known as Michael Jackson has chosen to abdicate Agreements with us for this lifetime, but this does not alter anything for his Essence. [Annsge] According to some in the Michael community, Jackson was Mozart. [MEntity] It often a mistake to assume that similarities between a past personality and those of a current personality validates a reincarnation. It is more often the case that a fragment creates a spectrum of personalities across a theme, rather than recreating the same for the convenience of recognition. [Fyredeva11] it just seems odd that if there are, say, a few hundred souls incarnate from an entity- that they would be so far removed [MEntity] Kerrin, in what way do you use the words “so far removed?” [Fyredeva11] I mean in so “different” a world. I guess Hollywood seems like a different world, in a sense. [MEntity] We remind you that our students, even among “your world,” are quite unique among themselves and often cannot relate.
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