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  1. 12/12/2014 DianeHB: I recently came across the information that it is now widely accepted that a hormone called "insulin-like growth factor 1" (IGF-1), which is produced by the body in greater amounts when animal ("complete") proteins are consumed, speeds up the process of aging in adults and promotes cancer growth. To me this sounds like the biggest reason why large amounts of animal protein has detrimental effects on the human body in the long run, even though it is not the only reason. This information seems to corroborate with the epidemiological studies I've read, which correlated increase the in animal protein consumption with heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers in different populations. I'm wondering if this is the main reason why you've mentioned many times through Troy that animal protein is not optimal for the human body and that our level of consumption is the root of many diseases. MEntity: Responding to your next question: MEntity: The information you have cited is, indeed, a part of the picture of detriment to the human body in terms of consuming as a food source. Eating the flesh of creatures can be useful in terms of survival, but beyond this, the cumulative effects are detrimental. MEntity: There are a number of "reasons," though, that are not addressed in the information cited, but this information describes part of the syndrome of effects. DianeHB: There are a couple other detrimental effects I came across, but they're not as "big" as this one. One was the increase of acidity in the body, which causes the body to use calcium from the bones to balance the pH. DianeHB: Increase of acidity when animal protein is consumed. DianeHB: And another was the increase in uric acid (waste product from breakdown of protein) that is hard on the kidneys in large amounts. MEntity: Because of the current state of the industry, very little can be revealed, or is even pursued as knowledge, in terms of just how detrimental flesh is for the Human body, and how much it contributes to an array of ailments, genetic mutations, cancers, and immune deficiencies. It also contributes to social issues that undermine peace and harmonious means of communication. The effects go much further than immediate health. It affects collective health, as well. MEntity: What you cite is only the "tip of the iceburg." DianeHB: Yeah, there seems to be a lot of denial seeing as I've never heard about IGF-1 until now, and its effects have been studied for decades. MEntity: There is less-detrimental effects from "GMO's" and "processed foods" than there is from animal flesh. ### This content may be discussed in Diane's forum topic on the subject. See Diet is not a personal choice.
  2. December 6, 2001 Troy Tolley, Channel Centers and Body Types Note from Janet: Although the intent for the topic was Centers and Body Types, no discussion of Body Types occurred. [Michael_Entity] We are here. Hello to all of you. We will begin with the Energy Report as we see it for the weeks of December 9 through the 22nd. It is, of course, not a coincidence that many of you have begun discussing the properties and personal experiences of the Centers, as many of you are shifting into next year’s basic Centering at this time. Though a year’s “Overleaves” are not defined entirely and are not static at any given time, there is an overall set that does appear to have influence over varying levels of consciousness, at least symbolically. In the case of Older Souls, that set of influences can begin to take place in the few months before the new year. We will also note an unusual phenomenon that is occurring for all of you: currently, in such a short time span between them, another larger Nexus Shift occurs. It is not uncommon for great shifts to occur throughout a year, but another shift is beginning on the 10th, and another in January/February, while this is all following the large shift in November. These shifts with little “breaks” between them are creating a great amount of shifting in levels of Energy among your Overleaves and your ability to participate in the world. There appear to be distinct days when your energy seems quite inspired and above normal, while the next few will find you seeming to be locked in an infinite stream of constricting thoughts and low energy. For some this will feel like “limbo,” while for others this can feel “manic.” The Center for the next year, at this time, appears to be Moving, with bursts of Higher Moving. Unless you are Moving Centered, yourself, this is going to begin to feel like a time of shifting into OBVIOUS manifestations of what you are DOING. (We remind you that our Energy Reports are not predictions, they are merely comments on patterns and how you might be able to use them or dismiss them.) Having a field of Moving Centered Energy as the context for a period of time can mean a great deal of attention would be coming to the body and its relationship to its environment. We are speaking of its Physical environment, which can translate into a range from its sources of stimulation, affection, and activity, to its ability to use the finer energies that make up and create the Physical Plane. Some of you may begin to pull out your old copies of teachings which focus on the concepts of “creating your own reality” and take a more active approach to reality than usual. While others may begin to feel overwhelmed by the “responsibility” that the Moving Centers imply while Physical. Besides the fact of what you call “the holidays,” a stronger and stronger desire to be with those whom you care for and feel part of will begin to be a priority. If these basic trends continues and the next year continues with the Moving Centered theme, we will be able to comment more accurately on how it might manifest. For now, a primary theme appears to be those points we just mentioned, along with a heightened awareness of your food intake and ability to literally move (health). We will conclude the report here and take any questions about it before we discuss the Centers. [Kathryn] Many of us, myself included, have been feeling very drained and tired or just down lately. Is this the reaction to this energy report influence? [Michael_Entity] We don't believe the Energy Report itself has any influence as such, but the Energy, itself, we are reporting about may very well be what you are responding/reacting to. For those who have any kind of health deficiencies, however minute, the Moving Center will markedly “force” the body into a position that is more inclined to facilitate recovery. This can be sleep, mental distraction, high activity, anger, etc., but it’s point is to facilitate recovery. Another important factor to consider is the inherent nature of any Nexus having a sedating effect on the Human body as realities shift and creativity on another level is affecting the body. You do “create reality,” and that still uses energy. Most of the time, that energy is being held preciously by the Personality for reasons it doesn't even understand. The sedation and “tired phase” allows the “grip” to loosen and your reality can then free up some energy for changes to be made. Most of you have your Personalities quite in charge of your lives, even if it doesn't quite “know” what to do. When a shift is needed and the Personality is choosing to work with Essence, the Personality will gladly concede and “take a nap.” At some point, in some lifetime, a shift will happen wherein the Personality and Essence are aligned enough that control is not shifted from one to the other, but is shared. If there are no other questions on the Energy Report, we will discuss CENTERING. We feel there is no need to introduce the Centering to you, as many of you are already fairly studied in this area of our teaching. We will, however, respond to all of your questions about this area so as to clarify and help with the application of the information. [MaryBV] How does centering affect memory? [Michael_Entity] ALL Centers have their form of Memory in storage and retrieval. The Intellect stores and retrieves memory in the form of Thoughts, Ideas, and is Visually interpreted. The Emotional memories are stored and retrieved in the form what are commonly understood as Feelings, Emotions, and are Aurally interpreted. The Moving stores and retrieves its memories in the forms of Health, Activity, and are Sensually interpreted. Each Center does affect how events are remembered; especially in the mixture of the Centering with the Part. The Intellect affects the memory with its level of beliefs and justifications; the Emotions affect memory with its sentimentality and attachments; the Moving affects the memory through its levels of vitality and productivity at the time. For each of these examples above, they are only part of how each Center may affect memory, and those factors always stem from the PRESENT (retrieval), not how or what was stored. Each Center is involved in Memory, of course, but the habitual Centering will affect how a fragment's memory is used habitually. Each Ordinal Center is referencing memory of the current lifetime and physicality. If more information outside of that realm is required or resonating, it is then drawn through the Higher of that Center. The Instinctive Center is the communication medium between the Cardinal and Ordinal. Since the Instinct/Assimilation is usually maintaining the task of protection of the body, most memory filtered there is decidedly fearful or not. This is why most long-standing memories are either decidedly joyful or painful. We can continue to extrapolate on this topic, but we will ask if we are answering your question appropriate to your intent. [MaryBV] Well, I should have asked also how the role plays into this, but that is probably a topic for a whole discussion. [Michael_Entity] The Roles play little part in how memory is used or affected, since each lifetime sets a new design for the body and the Body/Personality is the tool for memory. The Essence's choice of Overleaves is the most direct impact. Since Time is not a factor for Essence, it does not have the need for “memory” as it is experienced on the Physical Plane. [MaryBV] I see, so what accounts for smell/taste, etc., in memory? [Michael_Entity] Every Cell and Atom in your body has the ability to “remember,” which means it has the ability to re-create. When the Personality or Body calls on a memory to be reconstructed, it will call on these minute parts of self to participate. It is of no mystery that you can recall a scene in a movie, which is Visual, but it is no more a mystery for the other senses to have that ability to reconstruct, as well. [WickedBear] Could you discuss the fundamental differences between the two action centers? [Michael_Entity] The most fundamental difference is in that the Ordinal pertains to the immediate environment of the Personality and Body, while the Cardinal pertains to all that encompasses that. The Moving Center, then, would govern and process the events of the actual, Physical Body and its health, activity, manipulation of environment, etc. The Higher Moving Center would then govern and process those similar things, but as they pertain to larger patterns that include everything pertaining to the Essence. It could be said that the Moving Center is the manifestation/expression of that particular Personality's part in the Higher Moving tapestry of the Essence. [Elf] Is the Part of Center chosen about the same time as the Centering? And what is most influential in that choice? [Michael_Entity] Centering is chosen by the age of 3 in most cases, while the Part/Trap is a habit by the age of 7 (approximately). The most influential aspect of that choice is in the major theme then settled on for the lifetime as to how to process events. The Center/Part becomes the Body's primary strength and challenge, and sets the stage for relationships, health, and beliefs for the majority of the life. Depending on your Centering and Part, you will find that your PART/TRAP becomes the defining obstacle to hurdle in coming to peace with a lifetime. If the balance can be called upon for any Center, regardless of habit, then a great freedom is experienced within the lifetime. The first examination of this is in the 4th Internal Monad when the Part is either simply a Part, or continues to be the Trap. Most will find as the life progresses that the Part becomes the Trap, the more they ignore the need for that third Center to be incorporated. As part of the process for finding that balance, the neglected Center will eventually require attention. For those lacking in the Moving Center, then health, prosperity, material security, physical need for affection and validation can become stages for its balance. For those lacking in the Intellectual Center, then over-questioning, overwhelm, isolation, indecisiveness, and unacknowledged dependence on others for direction are examples of where the imbalance can show up. For those lacking in the Emotional Center, then alienation, hypercriticism, unacknowledged issues of rejection, can tend to be some of the arenas for balance. [Elf] Thank you. So the Part/Trap of Center is then somewhat a part of the Life Task? [Michael_Entity] Yes, the Centering/Part are intrinsically linked to the Tasks of the Life. Centering habits tend to define how the Personality uses its 4 “pillars,” of which the Life Task (True Work), is one of those pillars. Your True Rest is directly linked to the use of your neglected Center. Your True Work is directly relating to the Goal. The Centering/Part is not inherently a challenge to your Life Task, but it is a powerful definition of the path. And with that, we will conclude. Good Night.
  3. The following is from a private session on April 7, 2016 in which I asked about cavity care: [Me] So now I want to ask about Dental Health: Recently I was informed by several dentists that I have 3 or 4 small cavities on my teeth, but one dentist said he'd put them under observation to see what happens. I've also recently been reading on dental remineralization, and was wondering to what extent are teeth able to regenerate or remineralize, and how is that process aided or suppressed? [Michael] As for your health: Remineralization is valid and can be promoted with the use of commercial products or home remedies of choice. Cavities can be halted, and with various oral treatments such as "oil pulling" and remineralization, there can come to be some amount of reversal of the cavities. This depends upon the extent to which there is damage, but it is possible. Moving away from the use of fluoride-based treatments can be helpful. There was a time when fluoride was of some benefit, but it is not necessary and can affect the acidic balance of the mouth so that remineralization is suppressed. If you wish to improve upon and accelerate the remineralization process, it would require a serious avoidance of most sugars, or at least an increase in the cleansing of the mouth if sugars are consumed. [Me] That would include fruit sugars? [Michael] Refined sugars would be of more concern, but any sugars lingering in the mouth can be problematic, so even fruit sugars would do well to be monitored. Fruit sugars need not be avoided, but a rinse or brushing soon after consuming would be helpful. [Me] Also, one of the dentists suggested that there was a sort of point-of-no-return if the cavities get too deep (past the enamel and into the dentin layer) and he recommended filling them in. [Michael] The dentist in question is correct. It is not impossible for remineralization to help, but probably not to reverse the condition. If you wish to remineralize, it would simply be a matter of committing to a practice and monitoring the progress. Even if you were in need of repairs, this practice is beneficial and preventative. ### You may discuss this content in the forum topic of the same name. See Michael on Cavity Maintenance.
  4. The following is from a private session on April 7, 2016 in which I asked about cavity care: [Me] So now I want to ask about Dental Health: Recently I was informed by several dentists that I have 3 or 4 small cavities on my teeth, but one dentist said he'd put them under observation to see what happens. I've also recently been reading on dental remineralization, and was wondering to what extent are teeth able to regenerate or remineralize, and how is that process aided or suppressed? [Michael] As for your health: Remineralization is valid and can be promoted with the use of commercial products or home remedies of choice. Cavities can be halted, and with various oral treatments such as "oil pulling" and remineralization, there can come to be some amount of reversal of the cavities. This depends upon the extent to which there is damage, but it is possible. Moving away from the use of fluoride-based treatments can be helpful. There was a time when fluoride was of some benefit, but it is not necessary and can affect the acidic balance of the mouth so that remineralization is suppressed. If you wish to improve upon and accelerate the remineralization process, it would require a serious avoidance of most sugars, or at least an increase in the cleansing of the mouth if sugars are consumed. [Me] That would include fruit sugars? [Michael] Refined sugars would be of more concern, but any sugars lingering in the mouth can be problematic, so even fruit sugars would do well to be monitored. Fruit sugars need not be avoided, but a rinse or brushing soon after consuming would be helpful. [Me] Also, one of the dentists suggested that there was a sort of point-of-no-return if the cavities get too deep (past the enamel and into the dentin layer) and he recommended filling them in. [Michael] The dentist in question is correct. It is not impossible for remineralization to help, but probably not to reverse the condition. If you wish to remineralize, it would simply be a matter of committing to a practice and monitoring the progress. Even if you were in need of repairs, this practice is beneficial and preventative.
  5. Janet

    Health of Your Moving Center

    [Extracted from MMW: The Health of your Moving Center] [Note: The session was originally slated to cover all the "lower" centers but became a session focused on the Moving Center.] MEntity: We have been asked to discuss the health of your "lower" Centers. We will begin with a quick review of these Centers. The "lower" Centers are thought of as the MOVING, EMOTIONAL, and INTELLECTUAL Centers. Though the Instinctive Center may be thought of as "lower," it is actually the meeting ground of all Centers, or the "hub," if you will. This can be confusing in terms of correlating to the Roles, but we will address this at another time. We will define "healthy" here as the Positive Poles of the Centers discussed today. We will define "unhealthy" as the Negative Poles. The discussion today will be about the Centers, not your Centering. In other words, your Centering merely describes your habitual and prioritized use of the Centers, but all of your Centers are working. So as we discuss a Center that is not a part of your Centering, it will still be relevant. MOVING CENTER: +Productive -Frustrative The greatest indicators of one's Moving Center Health is where one is in terms of patterns of Productivity or patterns of Frustration. When one feels as if progress is being made, there is Productivity, and this feels expansive. When progress is hindered, delayed, or halted, it can show up as Frustrating. The key here is not in a day of frustration or a day of productivity, but in the consistency of one over the other. The more you are frustrated, the more you are in the Negative Pole. The more you are productive, the more you are in the Positive Pole. It is the patterns that matter, not the pauses. There are times when a single event may come into play that feels as if it destroys progress or suddenly catapults one into progress after a long term of frustration. However powerful these single events are, it is the follow through, the larger pattern that will always matter most. If you have a tremendous breakthrough and then do not follow up on this, that pattern of frustration matters more than the breakthrough. If there is a tremendous setback, a blow to the life, to progress, it can seem all progress is lost, but it does not have to be. If the pattern of Productivity is upheld, then the blow to the life shifts into a curve, not a wall. [Participant interaction omitted] Two factors are key symptoms to the overall patterns of use of the Moving Center besides the obvious Production and Frustration. Your relationship with your BODY and your SELF-CONFIDENCE. The relationship with one's Body and the state of one's Self-Confidence are the deeper elements that indicate the foundation of one's Moving Center. If these are in poor states, then all use of the Moving Center will be affected. In other words, no matter how Productive you may be, you will have a much more difficult time experiencing this as progress if you have a poor relationship with your Body and lack Self-Confidence. Full access to the Positive Pole of your Moving Center means having a healthy and loving relationship with your Body and a strong sense of Self-Confidence. If you give "100%" of your effort to success and progress in the life, yet despise your body and/or bombard yourself with self-doubt, you may only have access to about 10% of your energy. Conversely, if one has great confidence and love for the body, then the slightest efforts can yield tremendous results. Loving your Body means accepting it AS IT IS and as an accurate representation of you, even as you may seek to improve and maintain it. Self-confidence means allowing room for self-doubt, but making choices based on intentions, not on fears and defenses. [Participant interaction omitted] ... It is important to note that older souls, and in particular Old Souls, have the greatest challenges with the Moving Center, even if Moving Centered or using the Moving Part. This is because the Moving Center tends to accumulate understanding about its nature and function only from actual action and movement, but as your Essence and Personalities move into more philosophical states of existence during lifetimes, the Moving Center is explored in its more subtle and expanded terms. The Moving Center does not merely manage movement and action, but all of your processing and movement of energy and resources, both tangible and intangible, obvious and subtle. The Old Soul does not tend to move away from immersion in the Physical Plane because she is "tired," but the Personality experiences this "being tired" because it is learning how to manage energy differently. When it was merely an equation of cause and effect, of physics, it was "easy." Hit the ball. Ball moves. But now you must be responsible, not only for the final form and action, but for the energy that fueled the action into form. [Participant interaction omitted] We think that Troy was a bit ambitious in asking us to cover all three Centers, so what we will do now is open the floor to your questions and save assessment of the other Centers for another exchange. Digging deeply into the Moving Center today is vital and your living with the thoughts and feelings from today for a while can help in further assessments.
  6. KurtisM

    Health of the Emotional Center

    [Extracted from MMW: The Health of your Emotional Center] MEntity: Today we are asked to explore the nature, function, and symptoms of health for the Emotional Center. The Poles of this Center are the Positive Pole of Perception and the Negative Pole of Sentimentality. PERCEPTION is the capacity to rise beyond the limitations of Time, Space, Logic, and comprehend the essence or Essence of the self, others, or an event. SENTIMENTALITY is when one becomes attached to the limitations of Time, Space, Logic, as these exist symbolically as representations of the past or future. The health of the Emotional Center can most easily be seen in where one is in terms of Self-Love (self-acceptance), where one is in terms of the state of Relationships, and your use or rejection of Trust. The cumulative effects of the health of the Emotional Center can be seen overall in how Happy one is. It is important to understand the nature of Happiness, then. Happiness is not a forced or pursued state. It is a natural state that comes from allowing room for more than Happiness without rejecting Happiness. In other words, to be Happy means allowing room for being Unhappy. This may seem contradictory, but Happiness is a spectrum, a wide range of experiences. Happiness is an emotional stability that runs through all experiences so that sadness is ok, disappointment is ok, anger is ok, struggle is ok, setbacks are ok, not because they are easy, but because they have nothing to do with your capacity for Happiness. There are many who suffer and will tell you that they are Happy. This is not because they concede to or deny suffering, but because Happiness is HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES. Your experiences do not determine your Happiness. You do. There are two methods of use of your Emotional Center: TRUST and REJECTION. Happiness is possible in the worst of situations because you Trust. You bypass Logic, Time, and Space, and you navigate intuitively and with responsibility for what you often describe as your Feelings. Experiences do not determine your Feelings. Feelings determine your Experiences. When you are faced with challenges, differences, struggles, internally or externally, these are no different from weather. If it rains on 10 people you will find a range of interpretation for what that rain means and how it was navigated because of the health of the Emotional Center. For some it was just another bad thing to happen to them because they feel that bad things just happen to them. For some it will be a nice surprise that brings laughs and play because they do not mind surprises that inconvenience them. For some it will barely be noticed because they are prepared and knew that it would rain and they know that rain happens. It's not personal. None of these scenarios are right or wrong. It rained. It happened. But it was not the rain that determined the quality of experience. It was the difference between Trust and Rejection, or the difference between Perception and Sentimentality. This dance is true of everything you experience. If you are attached to a range of static symbols in your life, you will likely navigate Emotionally with Sentimentality and Rejection. It will be a process of constantly comparing against the system of symbols you have developed, and then rejecting that which does not comply to that set of symbols or counters that set of symbols. CLEARER STATEMENT: or rejecting that which counters that set of symbols. Your Emotional Center is how you experience Time. Perception frees you from the limitations of Time, and Sentimentality locks you in Time. In the same way that Happiness includes Unhappiness, so does Perception include Sentimentality. Perception allows room for the symbols, for the meaning that you develop as an emotional language that bypasses logic. However, Sentimentality locks down the symbols in time while Perception allows them to grow, expand, be replaced, updated, etc. You then carry with you a realm of living symbols that are not static, but are guides and informers. This means that the rain now has a range of interpretation, not just one or two. The wider your range of interpretation, your range of Perception, the greater your capacity to Trust. Trust is the process of using experience to guide you, not just defend or protect you. Trust frees your symbols to live with you, not against you or for you. For example, instead of Rain being your symbol for "the universe is always out to get me," it comes alive with a new range of surprise, neutrality, delight, awe, playfulness. If someone does not smile back at you when you smile, this may be symbolic of rudeness, specific rejection of you, a pointed attempt to undermine your good day, etc. If you are attached to that symbolism, a lack of returned smile can ruin your day. But if you Trust and free your symbols to expand, live, breathe, and grow, your Emotional Center can add that someone may not have noticed, someone may have his own insecurities, someone may have been daydreaming, someone may not be used to someone smiling, etc. All of you have an entire library of Symbols like this. They are all in your Emotional Center. And this Center is what you use when you navigate where there is no Logic, like intimacy, relationships, life, love, and self-love. This is the only Center capable of Rejection and experiencing Rejection. The Emotional Center is the Personality's closest relationship/path to Essence. When there is Essence Recognition, it is the Emotional Center. This is because it does not require logic, reason, or proof. It simply "knows," Perceives. The Higher Centers are how Essence stays connected to the Personality and Body, even when rejected, but the Emotional Center is how the Body and Personality embrace or reject Essence. The only True Emotional Pain is Rejection. Rejection is defense against Time, against Experience, and against Love, against Essence. Rejection is the only way to avoid Essence, not only in yourself but in others. And it is painful. Not only to you, but to Essence. Rejection is one of a very few experiences of pain that Essence can feel. When you reject each other, reject yourselves, reject your Essence, the cascading effects of pain are astounding. We share all of the above because it is important to note all of these elements when looking at the health of your Emotional Center. We will ask you a set of questions now. Answer these as best you can. Organize your responses relative to the questions to help our channel convey these to us. Wait for our set of questions to be posed in their entirety before responding. A - ON A SCALE FROM 1 to 5, with 1 being NEVER and 5 being ALWAYS, how would you rate your attachment to symbols. B - ON A SCALE BETWEEN 1 and 5, with 1 being PAINFUL and 5 being PLAYFUL, where would you say you are in the health of your most dominant Relationships? C - ON A SCALE BETWEEN 1 and 5, with 1 being PAINFUL and 5 being PLAYFUL, where would you say you are in the health of your most passing Relationships? D - ON A SCALE FROM 1 to 5, with 1 being ALWAYS REJECTING and 5 being ALWAYS REJECTED, where do you feel you are in your experiences of Rejection? [Participant responses omitted] ClaireC: "Always" is confusing. MEntity: Because feelings are not logical, we used "always" in terms of Emotions. One who is at extreme ends of the spectrum will feel they "always" are the ones doing the rejecting, or they are "always" the one being rejected. Between the two extremes would be your interpretation of degrees. 2 Mostly Rejecting, 3 Sometimes Both, 4 Mostly Rejected. [Participant responses omitted] MEntity: The above is a quick way to check in with yourself as to the truth of where you are in your use of the Emotional Center. It is a subjective truth, but it is a truth, nonetheless, and you may often find that your assessment shows your health to be better than expected, especially when going through a difficult or challenging conflict. Reminding yourself of the truth is a way to bring back Trust and Perception. This is more important than you may realize. Because the Emotional Center does not know the truth. It does not think. It cannot make proper decisions or choices. It can only "feel" and feelings are never the truth. One can make decisions and choices when led by Emotions, but Emotional Centering cannot factor in consequences. It only "knows" in terms of relating or not. The greater your range of relating, the greater your range of trust and perception. The more reduced and restricted your range of relating, the more reduced and restricted your trust and perception. In other words, you need not have logic and reason to Love. You can navigate your world based on what makes you feel happy and gravitate toward that which you relate, and that is how Emotions work well. The Emotional Center is intelligent about the art of Relating, but other Centers are better equipped for navigating beyond that, particularly in terms of logistics, decisions, and choices. You can let your Emotions inform you about how you feel, but your CHOICES need not be guided only by what feels good vs feels bad. For example: the Emotional Center may say "as long as we have Love, we can do anything" and this is true up to only a very specific point. You must also have food, shelter, clothing, negotiation skills, communication skills, etc. You may need a plan, you may need to work, you may need energy, creativity, etc. Love is the fuel of universes, but if you would like to experience this while in a body, you must allow your other Centers to do their work. When one is led only by Emotions, with choices and decisions only coming in terms of feelings, life is often quite exhausting, depressing, and disorienting. The Emotional Center, for instance, does not "like to work." Those who have the more difficult time of choosing to work just for the income that could then be used for further expansion of choices are usually of Emotional Centering. "But I don't like to work" is not a proper form of choice or decision. It is valid to make one's decision and choices based on this, but it is not proper in that it does not consider consequences. This is why a self-assessment at times can help to break one out of the blind spots of the Emotions, of your attachment to symbols, of comparing everything to your library of symbols, of your attachment to a moment in time, free you from navigating aimlessly based in only feeling. To know when you are being led by Emotions in your choices and decisions, it is often a trigger that you may be thinking or saying: I LIKE THIS, I LOVE THIS, I DON'T LIKE THIS, I HATE THAT. The vocabulary of the Emotional Center is Like, Love, Dislike and Hate. When you catch yourself choosing and deciding based on this, consider if it is necessary for consequences to be considered. For example: "I hate when it rains" is likely quite inconsequential. It may be inconvenient, but your like or dislike only tells you what you feel about rain. But "I hate to work" can have consequences and should be a process of choice that is not dictated by Emotions. It is okay to continue to hate work, but you may have to still do the work. And this is also how Essence Recognition works. When you are in conflict with another person, challenged in your relationship, it can be vital for you to generate a corridor for your Essences to reach one another if your Personalities cannot. When the Emotional Center is opened to recognize that there is a soul in another person, even in the most despicable of people and even in those who seek to harm you, Essence Recognition is the only way that there will be evolution beyond. You may carry on despising the person and even hating them, or even fearing them, but open that corridor for Essence to connect to the Essence of the other person. Not only does this free you from Sentimentality and Rejection, but it brings an energy to the exchange that makes a difference when you cannot. As you can see in current politics, when Emotions lead the way, chaos can ensue because consequences are not being considered.
  7. A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it. It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry. If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this. But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage. To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place. Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.
  8. [Introductory lecture from MMW: The Health of Your Intellectual Center] MEntity: Today we will look at the Intellectual Center and its function, nature, and health. The Polarities of this Center have the Positive Pole as Insight and the Negative Pole as Reason. INSIGHT is the capacity to reason, but with intuition. You may have noticed that the Positive Poles of the Centers are "positive" because they are no longer working alone. INSIGHT is when you can combine the intellect with the input of emotion in a useful way that transcends Reason. REASON is purely intellectual and cannot understand anything beyond what it already knows or finds true. INSIGHT recognizes that there is more to know than what one knows. Both of these polarities create a range of Self-Expression that is all about how one gives form to one's truths. So the health of one's Intellectual Center is often tied to one's relationship with Truth. Insight allows and invites the Truth, while Reasoning decides and defends the "truth." In many cases, Reasoning looks like "excuses." In many cases Reasoning tells you why you cannot do something, and Insight helps you figure out how. The Intellectual Center is a direct reflection of the health of your Self-Expression, your state of personal truths, and your degree of authenticity and sincerity. One of the easiest ways to determine the health of your Intellectual Center is in how you talk to yourself. The more constructive your inner voice, the more likely you are aligned with True Personality, the Positive Poles, and Essence. The more destructive, undermining, insulting, berating, guilty, sabotaging, defeated the voice, the further from healthy this Center is likely to be. This is not the same thing as saying "stay positive" or "do not think negatively." "Staying positive" is not the same thing as being constructive; in fact, "staying positive" can often have destructive effects. "Thinking negatively" can most certainly be constructive when it helps one to differentiate between possibilities, ideas, potential, facts, truths, etc. So it is much more helpful to use the range between Constructive and Destructive when determining if one is "positive" or "negative." The more destructive your inner voice, the more you have rejected your own Insight. The more destructive your inner voice, the more you rely on Reason. The healing that can come from knowing this differentiation is that you can now CHOOSE. The destructive voices were never your own. These were truths handed to you or seeded in you by others and you are nurturing someone else's fears, worries, and reasons at the expense of knowing your own truths, your own honesty, your own authenticity. When you navigate your life using the truths of others that are destructive to you, then you will find that you bump up against more challenges and apparent threats that you then feel necessary to defend. The Intellect is how you SEE, how you interpret the world, how you interpret everything. It hosts your Philosophy for life, and this is why the Intellect is tied to the Attitudes. And because your sense of safety and confidence is tied directly to how you see the world and see yourself, the Intellect and Attitudes are directly linked to the Chief Features. So, in effect, your Chief Features do the work of defending truths that are not your own, defending lies. Because the Chief Features' "job" is only to defend and protect, it does not do the work of looking beyond the threats that you see. They cannot know any differently until you do. This is why we speak highly of focusing on the healing of the Attitude as priority when one is ruled by Chief Features. And understanding the Intellect can help with this because Insight looks for the truth, while Reason hides from it. When you begin to look at any wounding and healing regarding the Intellect, you will likely be dealing only with Personal Truths which are relative, subjective, and subject to change. If your Chief Features are active, your Attitude and Intellect in the Negative Pole, you are essentially missing or rejecting more information and insight that would help return you to your own Personal Truths.
  9. Paulyboy

    So, Pneumonia

    So, Pneumonia. And some gratitude. After a week of triple-digit fevers, shortness of breath, tons of “goo” and related congestion, I bit the scary dollar-bullet and went to the doctor. I had already lost several days of working with the junior high and high school choirs on our music for our upcoming concert (I accompany on piano.) I had already lost a week’s worth of clients where I work as a massage therapist. I had to cancel a weekend gig, find a sub for my Sunday gig, and I have another big gig coming up on Saturday. So, if I could be mended fast for some money, the trade would be worth it at this point with all the work I’ve lost. While that’s the bargain I made with myself, apparently it had little bearing on my actual state of my body. A bunch of chest x-rays and related diagnostics later, I’m to be on another week of rest, no work, don’t infect anyone, take all these drugs, and here’s an inhaler so you have less chance of dying. As I was making the rounds of letting people know what was going on, I thought, “Well, damn, I’m kind of flattened, here.” Like, I can’t just “push through” some discomfort to “get things done,” I am instead in a position where I have to not do anything I’d normally be doing because I have pneumonia and that’s contagious. I work with lots of seniors, especially, and that’s a great crowd to be hacking-up-a-lung around. Because I’ve had to reschedule/cancel/find-subs for so many things, I am using this opportunity to first examine what I am doing with my day to day, and second to express my gratitude. Sunday morning, make the hour’ish drive to church. Rehearse with the choir and soloists. Play for Sunday service. Depending on timing, I can have lunch with one of my parents before I drive to the theatre to work in the box office selling tickets for whatever we’re performing. Evening off. Monday morning, bike an hour or so into town, play piano for the high school for an hour. Bike across town to the spa for 4 hours. See 3-4 clients. Bike to the local junior college. Sing in a community choir from around 7-10. Go home and sleep. Tuesday morning, get up extra early to bike to the junior high school, play piano for an hour, bike to the high school, play for an hour, practice two hours, play another hour, bike home. Wednesday morning bike an hour into town, play for the high school, bike to the spa, see 3-4 clients, bike to the local junior college for wind ensemble and happy French horn times from 7-10. Go home for sleep. Thursday is another extra early day, bike to the junior high, play, bike to the high school, play practice play, bike home, grab the car, drive up north for church choir practice in the evening, go home and sleep. Friday is bike into town, play for the high school, bike to the spa, see clients, bike to the theatre, work box office or play gigs. Saturday is either theatre work, music gigs, or the rare day off. It was exhausting just typing that up and trying to keep it all in the right order. So to actually get sick, really sick, means I have to talk to people involved with The spa The high school The junior high The church The church choir The community choir The community wind band The theatre So my phone is a cornucopia of texts and emails and “absence creation forms.” And here’s where some of the gratitude comes in. I am incredibly lucky to have the jobs I have. I am using both of my degrees (music and bodywork) in actual, real, I-got-paid-for-that kind of work. I have a “sweet! How did you get that job?” position working for a local performing arts space where I can duck in and watch the actual show for free if I want. I get really interesting gigs like The Follies and end up in interesting variety shows and such. On top of that, all of my employers have been super-chill and like, “Rest up and recover; don’t push yourself,” with this illness, with no push of, “Can’t you just take a bunch of drugs and mask the symptoms?” sort of thing. Thirdly, everything that needed a sub got a sub. People have been really compassionate and all sorts of “good luck” has shown up to “make things work.” We may even get the ghost story festival covered by another local storyteller. So, despite the publicity, I’m pretty sure I’ll just be trying to breath on Saturday, much less be telling ghost stories. https://pasoroblesdailynews.com/haunted-adobe-returns-san-miguel-weekend/76448/ Fourthly, my personal support circle has been just stellar. I expect it to be stellar, but I don’t want to take it for granted. From my fiancé driving me around and feeding me, to parental units offering to help cover some of the medical costs (all my parents are still alive and in relatively good health. Woo!) to friends bringing me ice packs and sending the random text of assurance, it reminds me of how lucky I am, and how grateful I am. But, I still haven’t slept in 6 days. If I start to drift off I choke and gag and that wakes me up. Also, the triple-digit constant fevers make for some interesting hallucinations. And the cat pee’d on the floor again instead of in her box. Gonna go take care of that.
  10. KurtisM

    Mercurial Health

    [Excerpt from private session, posted with permission] Paulyboy: Would the Michaels please comment on my body type, what it is, what that entails (Y'all have previously mentioned that my body type was a part of my high energy... I am assuming this is a part of my "multi fold energy levels" that won't be generally within the norm), and how I can better take care of my body, diet, exercise, etc. wise. I'm curious to see if I could similarly "optimize" things (from Nicholas's channeling) by eating lots of dark leafy greens, fruits, and then some legumes and rice, or similar, or what exactly was good for my body type (I'm assuming very similar, if not the same). I feel more exercise would be very good for me, but I haven't chosen to "exercise" that option so far. :/ Anyway, thanks :) MEntity: In your case, we think your Body Type is composed of Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnine and Neptunian. ... In terms of Health, the Mercurial is important to consider as it describes the emphasis on the Thyroid. Any Mercurial Body Type would do well to monitor the Thyroid. In this case, it can show up as a clear-thinking, excellent communicator, and high energy, but when not functioning well, it can show up as extremes between lethargy and anxiousness, fidgety, restless, confused, overwhelmed, as if "hopped up" on caffeine.
  11. KurtisM

    Solar Health

    [Excerpt from a private session, posted with permission] NicSweeney: I had my body type channeled as primary Mercurial, secondary Venusian, tertiary Saturnian... I do resonate with Mercurial... Not sure about the other two. So could you give me my body types and information about how to keep these particular body types healthy and balanced... specifically in reference to my unique make-up? MEntity: Yes, we can say here that you are Mercurial/Venusian/Solar. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary; or Appearance/Nature/Glandular. Your Tertiary Body Type is Solar, and this is directly linked to your Thymus as a medium of processing the status of your entire Being, in general. The Thymus is directly linked to immunity, and by extension to your overall state of self-esteem. This planetary influence in the tertiary realm usually shows up as someone who "never gets sick," but does tend to carry chronic issues for some length of time, or when they get sick, they "really get sick." More than other body types, this influence is an almost "real-time" reflection of where one is in terms of self-esteem, trust, and confidence in various areas of the life.
  12. KurtisM

    Venusian Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: August 2017] Kurtis: Hi Ms. Today I'd like an elaboration on the Venusian Health. There's not much info on it. MEntity: VENUSIAN HEALTH: When Venus is primary to Health, it means that the parathyroid is the primary gland system used for processing experiences that get to the level of the body. This tends to show up as issues involving body temperature regulation on the most common of days, and move into issues involving calcium growths or depletion or deposits, cysts, and some skin conditions. When Venus Health has become a factor, it tends to mean that the issues being processed are all about the blow to one's sense of access to others in terms of affection. Venusian Health tends to be affected by embarrassment and how others see them.
  13. KurtisM

    Mercurial Health: Express Yourself

    [Excerpt from private session posted as Body type information and influence of tertiary CF] <ViP1> Please give me my mix of body types with percentages, together which of them correspond to Appearance, Nature and Health. And, if there is any information specific to my body types that could shed light on why I easily fall into pessimism and despair when faced with challenges, I would appreciate some specific focus on that (and how to improve on it, to be more RESILIENT and POSITIVE, specifically, in the face of challenges where I cannot immediately see a solution.) <MEntity> The Body Type mix would appear to be Lunar/Venus/Mercury at approximately 15%/60%/25% respectively, as Nature/Appearance/Health respectively. ... In terms of Health/Mercurial, the management of health here can be fairly simple: EXPRESS YOURSELF. Give form to your thoughts, your feelings, and move the energy OUT of you, into the world. When communication is muted, compromised, shamed, then the development of issues related to the Thyroid can come into play. [ViP] I was just diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid a couple of months ago! I do not know more about it yet [MEntity] We think you may then validate that there is relevance here. There are physical ways to manage and heal the thyroid, which would you would do well to consider, but understanding the connection as it relates to your body types can help you to bring even greater effectiveness to any treatment or healing.
  14. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from My Body Types (Venusian/Mercurial/Lunar)] [Karine] What is my body type, and what are the ways to keep it healthy? MEntity: First, we think your Body Type is approximately 40% Lunar, 40% Venus, and 20% Mercury. Your Appearance Body Type is Venus, Your Health Body Type is Lunar, and Nature Body Type is Mercury. Of course, all of these will blur boundaries, so the concept here is one in which a context is "ruled" by a particular body type, but not exclusive of effects from the others. For instance, looking to Lunar for understanding your Health is a good start, but you may also find relevant insight from Venus or Mercury. In terms of your Health, monitoring the type and amount of fuel being processed for the body is a good idea, since Lunar is sensitive to how fuel is processed; thus the Pancreas is its primary portal of symptoms when it is unhealthy, showing up as potential "sugar issues," or diabetes at one end of the spectrum, and issues of chronic fatigue, exhaustion on the other end. This means that the monitoring of sugar intake, as well as caloric intake, relative to your body weight and lifestyle, are great methods for helping this Body Type stay alert, alive, and healthy.
  15. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from POF - Cat Update and Lunar/Venusian/Martial Body Types] Juni: I was told my body types are Lunar, Venusian and Martial. Which of these are appearance, nature and health and how do I keep them healthy? MEntity: As for your Body Types, we see the Lunar as Appearance, Venusian as Nature, and Martial as Health. Of course, these blur across the categories so that Lunar and Venusian are actually Appearance, and Venusian Martial are Nature and Martial Lunar are Health, but those are the primary correlations. ... The Martial Health would mean exercise. The Martial body needs to move, to get motion in through and out of the body. There must be some routine of circuitry made with all of the vitality that is basic to the body, such as movement, food, water. [Juni] I dance a lot, and I know I feel much better when I do. MEntity: Yes.
  16. KurtisM

    Mercurial Body Type -- Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - November 2, 2014] [DianeHB] Hi Michael, could you elaborate on the Mercurial Body Type Health like you did for Martial Health? MEntity: In much the same way that the Martial Body Type reflects an immediate translation of action/movement into form in the body, the Mercurial Body Type can reflect immediate translation of idea/intellect into form in the body. The Mercurial Body Type health correlates to the Thyroid, and is a communication system throughout the body, since the Thyroid regulates key hormones that relate to brain chemistry. For those with Mercurial Body Types of Health, it will be vital to these bodies to always express ideas, to communicate and share and exchange in ways that are not just to satisfy the personality, but to keep the body healthy. Mercurial Body Types are highly susceptible to degradation of health if expression is blocked, ignored, or distorted by misunderstanding or lack of capacity to be clear. Mercurial Body Types must keep the ideas and thoughts flowing in and out of the brain in a way that is as vital to that individual as the flow of blood in and out of the heart. For those who suffer from an imbalance of the Thyroid, it is often reflective of an imbalance in the life regarding lack of permission for expression, or lack of stimuli for ideas, or panicked and over-eager, hyperactive processes that cannot be expressed well. The Thyroid regulates key hormones relative how the brain uses these, which are adrenaline, epinephrine, and dopamine, so when these are out of balance, the body can start to take on weight alterations that reflect the weight of thoughts, ideas, expressions that are not moved out of the body. ---------------------------------------------- [Excerpts from one student's private session on September 23, 2008] MEntity: Tertiary Body Type: Mercury describes more of your Glandular Design (Health). ... MERCURIAL (general health): thyroid; deals with the center of communicating what regulates our bodies creating itself; if imbalanced, over-anxiousness, or lethargy
  17. [Excerpt from My Body Types] Janet: Today I would like to ask about my Body Types. [MEntity] ... we will offer this combination: Lunar - 40% - Appearance; Venus - 40% - Nature; Mercury - 15% - Health; Solar 5% (across all). Keep in mind that these are not distinct differentiations in any category. So Lunar may "spill" into Nature, and Venus may "spill" into Health, etc. Because you have Solar involved, the blurring among your body types in terms of influences and categories will be much higher than those who might not have Solar involved. In reading each of the body types we offered here today, you should, then, find relevance in nearly all categories for each. In other words, even for Mercury, there would be the small, compact, and trim elements that contribute to Appearance, even as it is primarily a Health factor. When Solar is involved there tends to be quite an extreme boost of longevity and strength of health, but this is often met with more extreme dips into health concerns, if there are any. For any concerns regarding health, then, one of the first considerations would be the immune system. Anything that boosters the immune system will be of benefit, of course, but in particular for those with Solar who have come to depend on fairly stable health for so long. And when those with Solar show any symptoms, the quicker to address those symptoms the better.
  18. KurtisM

    Saturnian Body Type in Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - October 5, 2014] [MikeClev] Could you please expand our knowledge about Saturnian as Health Body type? Thanks. [MEntity] The Saturnian Health aspect of the Body Type comes in relation to the Anterior Pituitary gland, which, like the Nature, can be a regulator of growth, stunter of growth, or an accelerator of growth. In its healthy states, Saturn helps the body to manage all functions related to growth, including reproduction. This gives the body a great range of endurance and longevity due to this management of energy and hormones as they are used by the body. In its unhealthy states, Saturn can move out of regulation and into inhibition or overproduction, which leads to issues of instability in the infrastructure of strength in the body. This can show up as high levels of stress and even bizarre and distracting sexual urges and compulsions to help "burn off" the energy. Unhealthy Saturnians tend to carry about a kind of "seething" range of unexpressed anger that can wreak havoc on the body. In healthy states, it can be one of the most productive body types of all, as it can endure great treks of focus in the use of the intellect, body, and/or emotions. But because of that durability, the Saturnian Health can end up having to learn how to say no, how to be clear, and own his or her strengths AND weaknesses. Or there can come to be cumulative consequences on the health.
  19. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type in Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - November 2, 2014] [Kurtis] Hey Michael, like last time with Saturnian body type health, would you please elaborate on the martial body type health? Thanks. [MEntity] Martial Body Type Health corresponds to the Adrenals of the body. This means that the Martial Body Type can be greatly affected by its capacity for management of stress. In fact, while stress is a factor for all body types, in the Martial Body Type, it is far more immediately converted into effects. Various forms of Catecholamines are released on a regular basis in response or reaction to experiences. This range of hormones are responses and reactions to stress. These tend to have the Martial Body Type health in a constant state of fight or flight, regarding experiences. Hormones that manage various minerals and water content of the body are connected to the Adrenals, and have direct effect upon the individual's blood pressure. Other effects from the Adrenals are reflected in the metabolism, as well as the differentiating processes between the male bodies and female bodies in Androgens. When this is balanced, the Martial Body Type is long-suffering, enduring, and can manage to navigate some of the most debilitating obstacles of health and existence. When this is imbalanced, it can show up as extreme lethargy, constant stress and anxiety, hyper-agitation and over-reaction, along with extremes of anger, temper, and depression. In some extremes, there can come to be a developed hatred and self-loathing for the body as it is represented by its gender, and this can lead to self-mutilation and rejection of the gender. Overall, the Martial Body Type is all about the physical manifestation of all energy that passes through that body, whether in thought or emotion.
  20. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type in Health

    [From Lunar Body Type Health by DianeHB] [DianeHB] Can you tell me about how the Health aspect of the Lunar Body Type works? Like what you gave for Saturn at the last Open Floor. [MEntity] Lunar Health is about the fuel of the body. In its most basic form, it would be in terms of diet. In its more subtle forms, it would be in terms of how the body processes emotions and thoughts. If there is any extreme for this body type, it can have difficulty in managing the input. [DianeHB] Oh, like eating disorders or emotional eating? [MEntity] This Body Type, then, tends to bring a bit more conscious awareness to the diet and to the sensitivity levels regarding feelings and thoughts. They can be emotional eaters, and tend to avoid emotions, or they can be rejecting and extremely picky or indecisive, not knowing what they want, but being abundantly clear about what they do not want, and being quite sensitive to relationships in much the same way.
  21. I have several chronic pain conditions, and was wondering if Michael through Troy has addressed this area specifically. Since I'm having a session tomorrow, I'll ask them about it. I recall seeing something on the ning TLE website about chronic illnesses. I don't know if it got transferred over. Does anyone know if that session transcript is here?
  22. Originally posted on 2/4/2016 I eat a plant-based diet for health reasons first and foremost. Not because other reasons like animal suffering and overuse of resources aren't important, just that health is a more immediately relatable reason for me while the other reasons can become too abstract in the moment of decision-making. And I really care about health because Tex is 30 years my senior, and we want to keep him around as long as possible. Early last year I came across Dr. Michael Greger, who reads the latest nutrition research published every year and makes videos about the most significant ones. His videos, which are freely available on the Internet, are entirely about the nutrition research with very little interpretation. Before I came across him, I knew a few major reasons why consumption of animal foods is harmful and had planned on starting a list like this. Once I started watching his work, though, there were so many ways that animal foods harm the body that I couldn't keep up with my note-taking. But since this information is not widely known, I'm pulling this list together for the benefit of those interested. Healthy eating is not just about not eating meat, but also eating more whole fruits/vegetables/beans/grains, which is why eating vegan will not necessarily make you healthier if the diet includes too much processed food. But I'm only focusing on the harm done by meat eating here because people generally don't question that fruits and vegetables are good for them. Meat eating has also been a point of contention with some people about Troy's channeling on diet because he's a passionate vegetarian. I had doubts about it myself early on, when I was still eating meat on a daily basis. But the more research I did, the more consistency I found between Troy's channeling and the latest science. In fact, virtually all but the most esoteric parts of the diet channelings are consistent with the research. We've accept a lot more "whackadoodle" ideas around here with far less validation. Diet can be a touchy subject, so I understand the resistance. That doesn't mean I won't try to challenge it. A valuable thing I learned from Dr. Greger is that the food industry funds research to put doubt in people's minds about the damaging effects of dietary cholesterol, salt, and saturated fat (which are mainly found in animal products and processed food). And because people can be desperate to justify the status quo, manipulated research gets popularized in the media and repeated as "truth" even though they contradict hundreds of other consistent, better-designed studies. Here are a couple articles explaining the ways that research can be manipulated: http://nutritionfacts.org/2014/08/14/how-the-meat-industry-designed-a-highly-misleading-study/ http://nutritionfacts.org/2015/10/29/why-some-dietary-cholesterol-studies-fail-to-show-harm/ In no particular order, these are some of the most significant reasons I've found to avoid meat and animal foods as much as possible. These were all I could compile last weekend after paring down a lot of material. I'll add more as I have time. I've included brief explanations and links to the extended explanations and sources cited. ------------------------------------------------------------- Animal foods have much higher concentrations of environmental toxins and heavy metals from being higher up in the food chain. These toxins are collected in the fat of the animals, so animal fat consumption provide the highest levels of toxins. Highest concentrations of environmental toxins are found in fish. It takes the body about a year to detox mercury from the body, while it takes about 100 years to detox certain dioxins and PCBs. PCBs and dioxins have an estrogenic effect on the body, among other things. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/fish-and-diabetes/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-long-to-detox-from-fish-before-pregnancy/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/dioxins-in-the-food-supply/ PCB levels in food: highest concentrations found in fish oil, fish, and eggs. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/food-sources-of-pcb-chemical-pollutants/ IGF-1 - Our body produces the growth hormone IGF-1 in response to animal protein consumption. IGF-1 levels are naturally high in children while they're growing and drops to lower levels in adults. Higher levels of IGF-1 boosts tumor growth in adults. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/igf-1-as-one-stop-cancer-shop/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/protein-intake-and-igf-1-production/ Bacterial endotoxins in animal foods (mainly saturated fat) can get into the blood stream and cause inflammation. Endotoxins are not destroyed by cooking, stomach acid, or digestive enzymes. The body produces cholesterol to cover up inflamed areas in the arteries, leading to atherosclerosis. Over time, if the chronic inflammation does not stop, arteries clog up to the point of blockage. http://nutritionfacts.org/2012/09/20/why-meat-causes-inflammation/ Dietary arachidonic acid - Arachidonic acid is a molecule that triggers the inflammation process. Our body produces all that we need, and dietary intake of arachidonic acid increases inflammation. Chicken and eggs are the highest dietary sources. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/chicken-eggs-and-inflammation/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/inflammatory-remarks-about-arachidonic-acid/ Heme-iron (iron from blood) - Iron is a pro-oxidant and over-absorption of iron can oxidize cholesterol and increase inflammation. The body can regulate intake of non-heme iron from plants but cannot regulate heme-iron from meat. Higher intake of heme-iron is associated with higher risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-safety-of-heme-vs-non-heme-iron/ Neu5Gc - molecule from meat and dairy is used by tumors to trigger inflammation and promote tumor growth. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-tumors-use-meat-to-grow-xeno-autoantibodies/ http://nutritionfacts.org/2013/05/14/how-tumors-use-meat-to-grow/ Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) - thought to accelerate the aging process by cross-linking proteins together, causing tissue stiffness, oxidative stress, and inflammation; may play a role in cataract formation and macular degeneration, as well as damage tot he bones, heart, kidneys, and liver; may also accelerate the slow shrinkage of brain over time and contribute to cognitive decline. Highest levels found in meat cooked on high heat, such as roasted/fried chicken, fried bacon, broiled and pan-fried meats. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/glycotoxins/ http://nutritionfacts.org/video/avoiding-a-sugary-grave/ ----------------------------------------------------- p.s. For those who are unclear about the the importance of reducing inflammation in the body, chronic inflammation is the primary agent behind the so-called "old-age" diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, cognitive decline, and to a large extent, cancer, for which western medicine has lots of treatments but no effective cure.
  23. DianeHB

    Meat, Wheat, and Dairy

    Posted by Nicholas to a Ning discussion on diet on 8/20/2010: [Nicholas made some caveats about this guideline being for him personally, but the information is consistent with later channeling about optimal diets for humans in general. - Diane] 1) Recently, I have been told that I should eliminate MEAT, WHEAT, and DAIRY from my diet. Do either of these foods have a negative effect on my health, and would it be good to eliminate them? {I had an ayurvedic consultation, and he told me to avoid the above and gave me a very specific diet...kichari everyday!}MICHAEL: We can say that if you were to continue ingesting these items as food sources, your body could most likely work with them in a way that would minimize their less-desirable effects. However, what you have listed are foods that have never been healthy for chronic consumption by the human species, and hav always been turned to as desperate bridges between hard times, scarcity, and nomadal periods before more modern times. In what might be seen as “modern times,” or much of recorded history, the items listed have slowly become primary sources of food, and that has taken its toll in many ways across many generations.In light of that, we would say that to continue eating, or not eating, these foods would be a simple matter of choice. In terms of their effect on the health of a human body, we cannot state that they are “healthy,” except in how they contribute to your survival during times of necessity.For a long period before recorded history, these resources were far easier to grab and take on the run than stationary, long-term nurturing and harvesting of crops and orchards, [wheat grew wild and plentiful] and for the most part, these foods have continued to exist within the “grab and take” status, having moved from the context of Survival to Convenience.If these foods are a chronic source of food, the effects would be less healthy than if they are sporadic sources. The consideration would be in whether you would like to move into a more conscious form of eating, or if convenience is a priority. Both choices would have their challenges, but in terms of health, we would have to say that reducing these foods from the level of primary intake would certain find long-term benefits for the body.2) My sense is that I can eat whatever I like (in terms of all the foods we eat in our culture at this time) in moderation and still have good health. Would you say this is valid?MICHAEL: We said this in our response to the previous question, and clarify that we do think this is valid.3) In general, what would be an optimum diet for me?MICHAEL: An optimum diet may not be convenient or appealing, due to cultural imprinting, but it would be optimum, and this would be one that has dark greens, legumes, and fruits as a primary source of nutrition, complemented with root vegetables, vegetable-fruits, and rices. Anything in addition to this would be in quantities lesser than the above, and would not interfere with optimum nutrition. {Obviously, these suggestions are specifically for me}
  24. Jana

    Jovial Body Type and Health

    [Excerpt from TT: 2015-12-06 Ask Michael] Kurtis: Hey Ms, I'd like an elaboration on the Jovial Health today. There's absolutely no info on it. MEntity: The Jovial Body Type manages the homeostasis of the body, the dynamic equilibrium of functions. This is related to the posterior pituitary. When the Jovial Body Type is healthy, it is like a vast city of moving parts that work together and function in terms of balances and imbalances so that the the whole is benefited by any changes. When the Jovial Body Type is unhealthy, it is like this vast city breaks down in communication and the needs of one area begin to overshadow the needs of another, the equilibrium is lost, and various parts of the system are not willing or capable of contributing to other parts. In many instances where there are imbalances, there is bloating, blood pressure issues, water retention, and in extreme cases there can be tumors. Because the Jovial Body Type manages the release of Oxytocin and Vasopressin hormones, it is one of the reasons the Jovial Body Type can come across as so approachable, cuddly, lovable, and can be a very real factor in how that body ends up in positions of rulership/leadership.
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