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  1. The following is from a private session on April 7, 2016 in which I asked about cavity care: [Me] So now I want to ask about Dental Health: Recently I was informed by several dentists that I have 3 or 4 small cavities on my teeth, but one dentist said he'd put them under observation to see what happens. I've also recently been reading on dental remineralization, and was wondering to what extent are teeth able to regenerate or remineralize, and how is that process aided or suppressed? [Michael] As for your health: Remineralization is v
  2. Janet

    Health of Your Moving Center

    [Extracted from MMW: The Health of your Moving Center] [Note: The session was originally slated to cover all the "lower" centers but became a session focused on the Moving Center.] MEntity: We have been asked to discuss the health of your "lower" Centers. We will begin with a quick review of these Centers. The "lower" Centers are thought of as the MOVING, EMOTIONAL, and INTELLECTUAL Centers. Though the Instinctive Center may be thought of as "lower," it is actually the meeting ground of all Centers, or the "hub," if you will. This can be confus
  3. KurtisM

    Health of the Emotional Center

    [Extracted from MMW: The Health of your Emotional Center] MEntity: Today we are asked to explore the nature, function, and symptoms of health for the Emotional Center. The Poles of this Center are the Positive Pole of Perception and the Negative Pole of Sentimentality. PERCEPTION is the capacity to rise beyond the limitations of Time, Space, Logic, and comprehend the essence or Essence of the self, others, or an event. SENTIMENTALITY is when one becomes attached to the limitations of Time, Space, Logic, as these exist symbolically as representa
  4. A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it. It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry. If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this. But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage. To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place. Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.
  5. [Introductory lecture from MMW: The Health of Your Intellectual Center] MEntity: Today we will look at the Intellectual Center and its function, nature, and health. The Polarities of this Center have the Positive Pole as Insight and the Negative Pole as Reason. INSIGHT is the capacity to reason, but with intuition. You may have noticed that the Positive Poles of the Centers are "positive" because they are no longer working alone. INSIGHT is when you can combine the intellect with the input of emotion in a useful way that transcends
  6. Paulyboy

    So, Pneumonia

    So, Pneumonia. And some gratitude. After a week of triple-digit fevers, shortness of breath, tons of “goo” and related congestion, I bit the scary dollar-bullet and went to the doctor. I had already lost several days of working with the junior high and high school choirs on our music for our upcoming concert (I accompany on piano.) I had already lost a week’s worth of clients where I work as a massage therapist. I had to cancel a weekend gig, find a sub for my Sunday gig, and I have another big gig coming up on Saturday. So, if I could be mended fast for some money, the trade would
  7. KurtisM

    Mercurial Health

    [Excerpt from private session, posted with permission] Paulyboy: Would the Michaels please comment on my body type, what it is, what that entails (Y'all have previously mentioned that my body type was a part of my high energy... I am assuming this is a part of my "multi fold energy levels" that won't be generally within the norm), and how I can better take care of my body, diet, exercise, etc. wise. I'm curious to see if I could similarly "optimize" things (from Nicholas's channeling) by eating lots of dark leafy greens, fruits, and then some legumes and rice, or simila
  8. KurtisM

    Solar Health

    [Excerpt from a private session, posted with permission] NicSweeney: I had my body type channeled as primary Mercurial, secondary Venusian, tertiary Saturnian... I do resonate with Mercurial... Not sure about the other two. So could you give me my body types and information about how to keep these particular body types healthy and balanced... specifically in reference to my unique make-up? MEntity: Yes, we can say here that you are Mercurial/Venusian/Solar. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary; or Appearance/Nature/Glandular. Your Tertiary Body Type is Solar, and
  9. KurtisM

    Venusian Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: August 2017] Kurtis: Hi Ms. Today I'd like an elaboration on the Venusian Health. There's not much info on it. MEntity: VENUSIAN HEALTH: When Venus is primary to Health, it means that the parathyroid is the primary gland system used for processing experiences that get to the level of the body. This tends to show up as issues involving body temperature regulation on the most common of days, and move into issues involving calcium growths or depletion or deposits, cysts, and some skin conditions. When Venus Health has b
  10. The following is from a private session on April 7, 2016 in which I asked about cavity care: [Me] So now I want to ask about Dental Health: Recently I was informed by several dentists that I have 3 or 4 small cavities on my teeth, but one dentist said he'd put them under observation to see what happens. I've also recently been reading on dental remineralization, and was wondering to what extent are teeth able to regenerate or remineralize, and how is that process aided or suppressed? [Michael] As for your health: Remineralization is v
  11. KurtisM

    Mercurial Health: Express Yourself

    [Excerpt from private session posted as Body type information and influence of tertiary CF] <ViP1> Please give me my mix of body types with percentages, together which of them correspond to Appearance, Nature and Health. And, if there is any information specific to my body types that could shed light on why I easily fall into pessimism and despair when faced with challenges, I would appreciate some specific focus on that (and how to improve on it, to be more RESILIENT and POSITIVE, specifically, in the face of challenges where I cannot immediately see a solution
  12. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from My Body Types (Venusian/Mercurial/Lunar)] [Karine] What is my body type, and what are the ways to keep it healthy? MEntity: First, we think your Body Type is approximately 40% Lunar, 40% Venus, and 20% Mercury. Your Appearance Body Type is Venus, Your Health Body Type is Lunar, and Nature Body Type is Mercury. Of course, all of these will blur boundaries, so the concept here is one in which a context is "ruled" by a particular body type, but not exclusive of effects from the others. For instance, looking to Lunar for understanding your Health is a good start,
  13. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type - Health

    [Excerpt from POF - Cat Update and Lunar/Venusian/Martial Body Types] Juni: I was told my body types are Lunar, Venusian and Martial. Which of these are appearance, nature and health and how do I keep them healthy? MEntity: As for your Body Types, we see the Lunar as Appearance, Venusian as Nature, and Martial as Health. Of course, these blur across the categories so that Lunar and Venusian are actually Appearance, and Venusian Martial are Nature and Martial Lunar are Health, but those are the primary correlations. ... The Martial Health would mean exercis
  14. KurtisM

    Mercurial Body Type -- Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - November 2, 2014] [DianeHB] Hi Michael, could you elaborate on the Mercurial Body Type Health like you did for Martial Health? MEntity: In much the same way that the Martial Body Type reflects an immediate translation of action/movement into form in the body, the Mercurial Body Type can reflect immediate translation of idea/intellect into form in the body. The Mercurial Body Type health correlates to the Thyroid, and is a communication system throughout the body, since the Thyroid regulates key hormones that relate to brain chemistry. For
  15. [Excerpt from My Body Types] Janet: Today I would like to ask about my Body Types. [MEntity] ... we will offer this combination: Lunar - 40% - Appearance; Venus - 40% - Nature; Mercury - 15% - Health; Solar 5% (across all). Keep in mind that these are not distinct differentiations in any category. So Lunar may "spill" into Nature, and Venus may "spill" into Health, etc. Because you have Solar involved, the blurring among your body types in terms of influences and categories will be much higher than those who might not have Solar involved.
  16. KurtisM

    Saturnian Body Type in Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - October 5, 2014] [MikeClev] Could you please expand our knowledge about Saturnian as Health Body type? Thanks. [MEntity] The Saturnian Health aspect of the Body Type comes in relation to the Anterior Pituitary gland, which, like the Nature, can be a regulator of growth, stunter of growth, or an accelerator of growth. In its healthy states, Saturn helps the body to manage all functions related to growth, including reproduction. This gives the body a great range of endurance and longevity due to this management of energy and hormone
  17. KurtisM

    Martial Body Type in Health

    [Excerpt from Ask Michael - November 2, 2014] [Kurtis] Hey Michael, like last time with Saturnian body type health, would you please elaborate on the martial body type health? Thanks. [MEntity] Martial Body Type Health corresponds to the Adrenals of the body. This means that the Martial Body Type can be greatly affected by its capacity for management of stress. In fact, while stress is a factor for all body types, in the Martial Body Type, it is far more immediately converted into effects. Various forms of Catecholamines are released on a regular basis in re
  18. KurtisM

    Lunar Body Type in Health

    [From Lunar Body Type Health by DianeHB] [DianeHB] Can you tell me about how the Health aspect of the Lunar Body Type works? Like what you gave for Saturn at the last Open Floor. [MEntity] Lunar Health is about the fuel of the body. In its most basic form, it would be in terms of diet. In its more subtle forms, it would be in terms of how the body processes emotions and thoughts. If there is any extreme for this body type, it can have difficulty in managing the input. [DianeHB] Oh, like eating disorders or emotional eating? [MEntity] This Body Type
  19. I have several chronic pain conditions, and was wondering if Michael through Troy has addressed this area specifically. Since I'm having a session tomorrow, I'll ask them about it. I recall seeing something on the ning TLE website about chronic illnesses. I don't know if it got transferred over. Does anyone know if that session transcript is here?
  20. 12/12/2014 DianeHB: I recently came across the information that it is now widely accepted that a hormone called "insulin-like growth factor 1" (IGF-1), which is produced by the body in greater amounts when animal ("complete") proteins are consumed, speeds up the process of aging in adults and promotes cancer growth. To me this sounds like the biggest reason why large amounts of animal protein has detrimental effects on the human body in the long run, even though it is not the only reason. This information seems to corroborate with the epidemiological studies I've read, which correl
  21. Originally posted on 2/4/2016 I eat a plant-based diet for health reasons first and foremost. Not because other reasons like animal suffering and overuse of resources aren't important, just that health is a more immediately relatable reason for me while the other reasons can become too abstract in the moment of decision-making. And I really care about health because Tex is 30 years my senior, and we want to keep him around as long as possible. Early last year I came across Dr. Michael Greger, who reads the latest nutrition research published every year and makes videos about the mo
  22. DianeHB

    Meat, Wheat, and Dairy

    Posted by Nicholas to a Ning discussion on diet on 8/20/2010: [Nicholas made some caveats about this guideline being for him personally, but the information is consistent with later channeling about optimal diets for humans in general. - Diane] 1) Recently, I have been told that I should eliminate MEAT, WHEAT, and DAIRY from my diet. Do either of these foods have a negative effect on my health, and would it be good to eliminate them? {I had an ayurvedic consultation, and he told me to avoid the above and gave me a very specific diet...kichari everyday!}MICHAEL: We can say that
  23. Jana

    Jovial Body Type and Health

    [Excerpt from TT: 2015-12-06 Ask Michael] Kurtis: Hey Ms, I'd like an elaboration on the Jovial Health today. There's absolutely no info on it. MEntity: The Jovial Body Type manages the homeostasis of the body, the dynamic equilibrium of functions. This is related to the posterior pituitary. When the Jovial Body Type is healthy, it is like a vast city of moving parts that work together and function in terms of balances and imbalances so that the the whole is benefited by any changes. When the Jovial Body Type is unhealthy, it is like this vast city breaks down in com
  24. December 6, 2001 Troy Tolley, Channel Centers and Body Types Note from Janet: Although the intent for the topic was Centers and Body Types, no discussion of Body Types occurred. [Michael_Entity] We are here. Hello to all of you. We will begin with the Energy Report as we see it for the weeks of December 9 through the 22nd. It is, of course, not a coincidence that many of you have begun discussing the properties and personal experiences of the Centers, as many of you are shifting into next year’s basic Centering at this time. Though a ye
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